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USE CASE 1 Goal in Context Scope & Level

1) Add person entry to the address book 3) Create follow-up information It simply Maintains person name, age, phonenumber, address Address book, summary

Preconditions We know name, age, phone- number, occupation. Success End Condition Failed End Condition Primary, Secondary Actors Trigger DESCRIPTI ON Entry for the particular person is successfully added in the address book. Address book is incomplete. Person filling in-details, company or any organizations who is maintaining address book. New person wants to fill-in detail. Step 1 2 EXTENSIOS Step 2a 2b SUBVARIATIOS 1 2 3 Action A new person wants to fill-in details. Person enters the record in the address book. Branching Action If not successful in completion of entry book, then incomplete. If any un-appropriate details are filled give appropriate details. Branching Action Person fills in details Organization details is to be added Create follow-up information

RELATED INFORMATI ON Priority: Performance Frequency Channel to actors OPEN ISSUES

Maintain records that are maintain people records, organization records and follow-up information. Top Maximum 15 to 20 minutes. Whenever the user wants to fill-in details. not yet determined What if user does not fill in mandatory fields? What if user gives same data, which is already stored in the database of address book? What if user gives information to a particular fields and mismatch occurs? release 1.0

Due Date ...any other management Information... Super ordinates Subordinates

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