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Filipino and Foreign Scientist and their significant contribution in the field of chemistry

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Svante August Arrhenius (1903) - electrolytic theory of dissociation. Lord Ernest Rutherford (1908) – disintegration of radioactive substances. Marie Curie (1911) – elements radium and polonium. Walther Hermann Nernst (1920) – thermochemistry Frederic Joliot and Irene Joliot Curie (1934) – synthesis artificial radioactive elements. Otto Hahn (1944) – fission and heavy nuclei. Edwin Matisson Mcmillan and Glenn Theodore Seaborg (1951) – transuranium elements. Linus Carl Pauling (1954) – nature of chemical bond and its application to the elucidation of the structure of complex substances. Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (1964) – pioneering the technique of x-ray crystallography used to determine the structure of important biochemistry substances. Robert Floyd Curl Jr., Sir Harold Walter Krotto and Richard Erreth Smalley (1996) – fullerenes. Luz Oliveros Belardo – extraction of essential oils, chemical and physical properties which are applied in herbal medication and creation synthetic flavors. William Padolina – phytochemistry like extraction of natural insecticides from indigenous plants, preparation of fatty acid derivatives, biogas generation from crop residues. Etc. Gerardo Janairo – for developing new routes to pharmacologically interesting organic compounds which has impact on the synthesis of antibiotics and analogs. Concepcion Lozada – generation of information and development of technologies that help in the reduction of post harvest losses of tropical fruits and vegetables. Fortunato Sevilla III – chemical sensors and biosensors used in the analysis and development of low cost instrumentation for chemical education. Elma Llaguno – organic pollutants in the environment and humic substances in soil, sediment and water. Julian Banzon – production of alternative fuels and in the extraction of residual coconut oil by chemical means rather than physical. Francisco Santos – nutritive values and chemical composition of local foods in the Philippines, which helped in detecting and solving problems associated with Filipino diets. Francisco Quisumbing – Quink ink, a quick drying ink with cleaning properties, used in parker pens. Gloria de Castro Bernas – Philippine plants in the management of cancer. Evelyn Mae Tecson Mendoza – molecular mechanism of plant resistant to pest and diseases, biochemical factors affecting nutritional quality and acceptability of plant foods and biochemical basis of the makapuno phenotype of coconut. Beatrice Guevarra – natural products especially alkaloid-bearing plants in the Philippine rainforest.