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Published by: Túlio Barata França on Oct 31, 2011
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The common word for ' to fuck' in Afrikaans is 'naai' or 'pomp'. sometimes.The Alternative Dictionaries The Alternative Acadian Dictionary r râper (verb. English word cunt. homosexual NOTE Very common.unless of course it's the reverse. a man can complain that "la râpure" offered by his wife is somewhat soft. as in a song by the more conservative but still mischievous group "Les Tymeux de la Baie". The movement of grating is of course analogous to a vagina grating or being grated by a penis. Example: Hy trek draad. remember that the "â" sound in all forms of Acadian French is definitely more posterior in the mouth than in standard European French.. usually intransitive) † to fuck NOTE to pronounce it. The Alternative Albanian Dictionary d debil idiot. "fourrer" does not have in Acadian the meaning it has in Québécois: as in Europe. Much like the t trek draad (split intransitive verb) † masturbate NOTE Literal translation: pull wire. and can easily be a source of fun when talking to naïve foreigners: "râper" has as a first meaning grating a mix of raw and cooked potatoes to prepare what's known as "une râpure" (rappie pie). the word is used primarily in the Baie Sainte-Marie area of Nova Scotia. wait until a bull penetrates your anus NOTE Once heard at a fishing port in Cape Town sit jou kop tussen die kooie se kont en wag tot die bull jou kom holnaai (phrase) ‡ Put your head in a cow's m moffie (noun) gay. thick NOTE used in very "polite" circles -6- . râpe et râpe" had little to do with actual potatoes. it only means "to put". The insult usage will be: jou poes you cunt or: jy is 'n poes . it might sound somewhat like "rope" with the "o" of "soap". vagina and wait until a bull penetrates your anus NOTE Once heard at a fishing port in Cape Town stokperdjie hobby NOTE Dutch: "stokpaardje" p poes ‡ cunt NOTE name for a woman's private parts. even used in south african english: jy is 'n moffie. The Alternative Afrikaans Dictionary f fok jou Fuck you NOTE This is a literal translation from English.you are a cunt s Sit jou kop is die koei se kont en wag tot die bul jou kom holnaai ‡ Put your head in a cow's vagina and j jou ma se poes † Your mother's cunt NOTE Very common insult amongst the Cape Coloureds. so JeanLouis Belliveau's song "Râpe.. To an English-speaking learner. you are a moffie. It can also be used to insult someone.

used between men. ~ CUS ‡ FUCK YOU NOTE USE ONLY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FIGHT . same usage as bitch in English. to someone who's asking for too much. bastard (slang). noun) bitch NOTE used in Syria. noun) vagina NOTE used in Syria. penis NOTE rather funny. IN A MIDDLE EASTERN BAR.The Alternative Dictionaries The Alternative Amharic Dictionary s ~ shele (adjective) ☺ bitch The Alternative Arabic Dictionary æ ~ anasi (feminine) woman.only heardfrom young Males in the middle east ~ biz breasts ~ boos teezee kiss my ass ~ charra alaik shit on you ~ chraa shit ~ cus ‡ FUCK YOU NOTE USE ONLY IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A FIGHT . ~ Gawwad † pimp NOTE Gawwad is used for person who is managing the whore house ~ ja-hosh jackass ~ katha ath nan Caress my genitalia ~ keefic (greeting) hello (egyption) ~ kul khara! † shut up! NOTE litt. The Alternative Armenian Dictionary a ander (noun) † dick. NOTE (both consonants are emphatic). IN A MIDDLE EASTERN BAR. not sure about other countries. male genitals. the H is a hard. masculine) fool.(often used in Tunisia) ~ nek ni ‡ Fuck me! NOTE Mainly Gulf slang but understood elsewhere ø ~ qaHbeh (fem. testicles NOTE Can also be used in phrases like "anderes al guzes?" (second e prononced unstressed -7- . NOTE used in palestine.tunesia and algeria) NOTE a funny word ~ TeeZ (n. with or without the as the a in English "about"). used between men. lady ~ atouche (masc. noun) penis NOTE used in Syria. literally "Do you also want my dick?".. not sure about other countries ~ ayir (a noun) † dick. homosexual ~ mibun (adjective) † gay person NOTE pronounciation: me-boon Is used to insult someone. ~ kus † cunt NOTE Usually used as a swear KUS UMAK (you're mother's cunt) ~ kus umak ‡ Your mother's cunt! ~ mamhoon (noun) queer..masc) † ass. ~ telhasi teezi (expression) lick my ass NOTE slang ~ yel-la hurry! ~ zabourah (fem. not sure about other countries ~ zib ‡ dick. feminine) bitch ~ sharmute (slang.: eat shit! Heard from young levantine men. noun.lebanon. the q is the glottal sound written with qoph in Arabic.penis. Levantine. aspirated sound.syria. bitch (masculine) ~ Teez (a noun) ass.asshole (not used in marroco.. but usually is pronounced as a glottal stop ~ sadikie † my friend ~ sharmuta (slang.

The Alternative Basque Dictionary a alu{a} (noun) vulva..osturag^.No comments are nessesary siktir (verb) ‡ Fuck off NOTE Pronounces [siktir].. noun) Shit NOTE There is no need to comment anything pokhuvu ye (expression) Piss off NOTE English equivalent is 'Do you business'.. Example: "Zure ama emagaldua da".. Usually dog means something dirty and not valuable.. asshole NOTE Used in anger or in jest between friends. da$$ag^ (mask. to have (anal or vaginal) intercourse with. but "kunel" does not have any other meaning The Alternative Azerbaijani Dictionary a anavy sikim ‡ Mother fucker NOTE Very strong expression. female genitals NOTE prononciation like English "boots" with a shorter oo. o Osturag^ (noun) † A fart NOTE Pronounces like [osturakh].noun) † Bolls p pokh (mask.. to have (anal or vaginal) intercourse with.noun) ‡ dick NOTE It is very clear. No other meaning s shinel (verb) † fuck. d da"ma"k (mask.The Alternative Dictionaries b buts (noun) † cunt. A despective term for homosexual men.Used ONLY in special cases. NOTE Literal translation is "Son/Daughter of a dog"or "Puppy". e emagaldu{a} † bitch NOTE Literally: Lost woman.shit. but "shinel" is also the usual (and correct in that meaning) word for "to make. but also to con NOTE identical in meaning to "kunel". Literally might be translated as . shit. k kabroi{a} (noun) jerk. cunt NOTE Used with the meaning of "arsehole". i it balasy / ku"chu"k There is no translation.noun) † Asshole NOTE No Comments.Sound [*] is like pronounciation if -ir i n English. to fabricate" k kunel (verb) † fuck. Go^t † Ass NOTE Pronounces like [g*t]. but also to con NOTE identical in meaning to "shinel".noun) † Bitch NOTE No comments is neccesarry. USAGE: Ala. You are a son of a bitch.Asshole is asshole everywhere. Almost exclusively used "anatomically". kaka zaharra shit -8- . Example of use: "Alu hori!" ("such an arsehole!") atzelari{a} (noun) † fag NOTE literal translation: one who does it from behind. "idiot". g ganjykh (fem. s sik (masc. Hey you. Literal translation "Eat your shit"..

verb phrase) ‡ child born from an unmarried woman. shit!'. spaniard NOTE Despective term used to describe someone who lives in the Spanish State (Basque Country . Often used in its literal sence. "mutil hori tentelapikoa da" (that boy is stupid) txakurra policeman NOTE Specially spanish policemen... NOTE Originates from "chuj" (see)..) ‡ whore. junk 2)thing.) ‡ 1)trash. Harriak ere mintzo dira! Oh! quelle paix!. sing. therefore very strong. Wish I had some on me now!!!!! popatik eman to bugger NOTE Literally: to give through the stern (the back) popatik hartu † to be buggered NOTE literal translation: to take through the srern (the back) example of usage: zoaz popatik hartzera! (bugger off!) l larrua jo (verb) † to fuck m maketo{a} (noun) † spanish. tense. Ex. "Maketoak Maketonian bizi dira" (Maketos live in Maketonia). This word means producing the smell as such when there may be and may be not the sound effect. Ex. 2nd person) pizdy. imperfect. Very often used to express disappointment as English 'oh. verb phase) ‡ to be beaten up NOTE Similar to "atrymać pizdy". masc. NOTE Also see "davać pizdy". fem.. Exs. item EG Kudy ty schavala hetu chujniu? Where did you put that thing. tense. -9- .. EG Za takuju chujniu ty atrymajesz (fut.hashish NOTE Word commonly used to describe cannabis resin.The Alternative Dictionaries kosto (noun) cannabis.Euskadi . he is a bastard sasikume horrek zera egin dit t tentelapiko (a) ☺ stupid NOTE To put it simple: someone who is not very intelligent. marikoi{a} (noun) † fag NOTE From the Spanish "maricon". блядзь ~ bliadz' (noun.meme les pierres l'affirment. 3rd person) pizdy. s sasikumea (noun) † bastard NOTE When someone has done something bad to you. б байструк ~ bajstruk [bajstruk] (noun. Ex. maketonia (noun) spain. perfect. yet pretty offensive.: Kali John spić. o Oi zer bakea!. Also see "dasci pizdziuliej" атрымаць пизды ~ atrymać pizdy (intr. jon bzdzić(pr. Also to be beaten up EG Toj chto pizdzić atrymlivaje (pr.tense) tak szto nivodny kamar navokal żyvy nie zastajecca.) † bastard NOTE Pronunciation: 'by-strook'. Those who talk shit get beaten. For such shit you would be beaten up.slut. Neither as common nor as strong as English 'bastard'. When John stinks. "mutil hori tentelapikoa da" (that boy is stupid) tentelapiko (a) ☺ stupid NOTE To put it simple: someone who is not very intelligent.not included for obvious reasons).bitch NOTE The most common sworn word.Literally "dog". бздзець ~ bzdzeć (verb) † to produce stinky smell from one's ass NOTE Does not nessessarily imply farting(with sound). fem. sing. Generally means a а атрымаць пиздзюлей ~ atrymać pizdziuliej (intr. z zakila † penis zulo cunt NOTE literally "hole" p pikutara joan (verb) go to hell The Alternative Belarusian Dictionary xуйня ~ chujnia (noun.. no mosquito around him stays alive. spanish state NOTE Simply: the place where "maketo"s (see above) live.

NOTE Offensive word. we will beat the shit out of ya! EG Za takuju chujniu u nas dajuć (pr. intr. bo jon liubić siadzieć i hliadzieć teliavizar. EG Mary hraje na dudcy-valasiancy sztodzionna. and therefore is very strong as such. going into arguments etc. one who is still a child to do something EG . tense. граць на дудцы-валасянцы ~ hrać na dudcyvalasiancy (verb phase) to give a blowjob To play a ж жопа ~ żopa (fem. What is the dickhead for.The Alternative Dictionaries used widely to connect words as English 'like'.damo (future tense. The word is used to express disrespect. NOTE This word is a shortened literary word "hamaseksualist" which has the same meaning. noun. Also see: "maskal'". żopy) † anus EG U Johna vialikaja żopa. AIDS.plural. NOTE Only those д дасци пиздзюлей ~ dasci pizdziuliej (tr.10 - . Mary dosn't know how long she is to start argument ETYM This word is derived from the word "zalupa".) † shit EG Ты гаўно! | Ty hauno! You're shit! NOTE Also may mean a worthless person.'you know'. NOTE The word is very common. noun. A. us. Kab ruka nie zyhodzila. impersonal) pizdy. to beat up NOTE Similar to "davać pizdy". dyk moża pizdzeć niama lady szto! Fucking Jew! Thinks when he put hairy trumpet. verb phase) ‡ who do not respect other nations use that word. zalupy) ‡ dickhead EG Q. Used very commonly.: żydy) † a Jew EG Żyd jabany! Musić akuliary naczapiu. NOTE Often used as a joke. гаўно ~ hauno [ɣaw'no] (noun. bo inaksz zabzdzisz (this verb has common root with bzdzeć{see}. John masturbates his dick every There is no a person in town that would go into arguments as easily as John. pl. verb phrase) ‡ to beat з залупа ~ zalupa (fem. EG Nie zalupajcia bo zaraz pizdy damo. John has a big ass because he likes to sit and watch TV. EG Mary nia vedaje kol'ki jana budzie jaszcze z hetym usim draczycca. Not to let up EG Budziesz zalupacca -. whereas the second form is used independently and means selfmasturbating (with no object added). The second form argument or we'll beat the shit outta ya now! (This is an example of a pretty rough conversaton) засранец ~ zasraniec (noun. For such shit you would be beaten up among the hand to slide off (the cock). John masturbates(himself) every day. 1st person) pizdy. залупацца ~ zalupacca (verb.) † a EG Szczyl'na zaczyniaj dzvery u sral'niu kali drystajesz.: hamaseki) homosexualist EG Nie jabisia z hamasekam -.) ‡ to look for a fight. perfect. most often used in its literary sence. Don't fuck with a gay -. дрыстаць ~ drystać (verb. noun. драчыцца ~ draczyć (verb). pl. драчыць. жыд ~ żyd (masc. imperfect. noun. "chachol". then this word gains its greatest sworn strength and abusive effect. If you're gonna argue.'kind of things'. (common joke) EG Niama u goradzie vialiczeiszaj zalupy czym John. close the shithouse door or else you will stink the house all over and make the neighbours deaf.padlovisz SNID. pl.'sort of stuff'.you'll catch indigestion. many of such shortened words become slangish. Q. "pszek" and "labus". day. neut. intr. When taking a shit when having в гамасек ~ hamasek [ɣəma'sek] (masc. The first form is used in conjuction with an object(of masturbation). masc. Compare: EG John droczycca(present tense) kożny dzień. Mary gives a blowjob daily.) † one who shit in his pants. Also see "atrymać pizdziuliej" дасци пизды ~ dasci pizdy (tr. pl.A. NOTE Also may mean a person who is looking for a fight. Navoszta patrebna zalupa? -. but is referred to the future) usiu chatu i agluszusz susedziej. Used in its literal sense as well. As it often happens. glasses on. sometimes serving as asubstitute for the proper word. may also mean 'to do something(usually something boring)'. NOTE This complex term is used commonly. draczycca (verb) ‡ to masturbate EG John droczyc'(present tense) svoj chuj kożny dzień. he can say fucking trash. Don't start going to do all that(read 'that fucking shit').

'labus'. pl. fem. Mary is a slut: she's fucked with everyone in підар ~ pidar (noun. EG My siadzieli i pizdzieli. impossible to be repared etc). піздзець ~ pizdzec' (verb. cunt to John. підарасіць ~ pidarasic' (verb. bitch). . Not suitable for common use in unknown media. this word is still used in some people's languages. The word "pidar" is a short form of "pidaras". Also used as a general abuse. but is a stronger curse because refers to the actual intercourse. 'pszek' and 'z*yd'. EG Maskali akupavali naszu ziamliu. NOTE This word means the soft cock. л лабус ~ labus (masc. punk. nie chaczu -.'chachol'. kali tabie nichto nie pytaje! You're such an idiot -. kudy ty shavau maje zapalki? You. wash. John likes to be fucked in his ass. they м маскаль ~ maskal' (noun.which is not a swear. that cannot be hardened as opposed to the one that does get hard. and has pretty much the same sworn strength. of complete breaking (failure) of something. The latter is followed by the word "pidaras". NOTE The best part of people does not use such a word under any circumstances. kurvy) † bitch.) † fag EG Ty.u tabie z*a niestajak. Mary showed her This word origins from the word 'Maskva' which means in Bielorussian the city of Moscow. pl. I'll have to vacuum the floor fuckin' again.) ‡ 1) to fuck in the ass labusy. Also may mean 'slut'. where did you hide my matches? NOTE Origins from the word "pedzerast". Unfortunately. (usually another male). NOTE This word is very abusive.tell fuckin' stupid stuff when no one asks you. NOTE This word originates in "pidaras (see)". maszynie! This vehicle is all done (badly broken.'bitch' or 'whore'.: pidarasy) † faggot ETYM town.jana perajabalasia z usim horadam.) ‡ 1) to talk. your cock is a "noodle". that doesn't get hard. da j hodzy! There is no people of ours in the train via Vilnius(Lithuanian capital). speak. NOTE Very offensive word. підарас ~ pidaras (masc. vacuum etc. If you're gonna talk shit you're gonna be п пиздаболь ~ pizdabol' (masc. You are still a diaper NOTE Very strong. pl. intr.The Alternative Dictionaries Ty jaszcze zasraniec kab kuryc'. noun. tell Mary. The Russians occupied our land. jabacca choczasz? -. this word means actions connected with conversation. к курва ~ kurva (fem. EG н нестаяк ~ niestajak (masc. Although originates from "pizda". NOTE Not used by people who respect the other nations. who has said or done something wrong. Mary calls John 'fucking faggot'. Sometimes the word is used just as an abusive expression applied to any male(doesn't work with a female) person. "noodle" EG Mary.adnyja 'piedzierast'(pederast).: labusy) † a Lithuanian EG Stems from a literary word U Vilniuskim ciahniku naszych niama -. EG Mary zavie Johna jebanym pidarasam.'z*yd' and 'pszek'.11 - . pidar. 2) to talk shit EG Budziesz pizdziec'-. pl.Nie. Also see "stajak".) ‡ cunt EG Mary pakazala Johnu svaju pizdu('u' is an ending).budziesz pizdy atrymlivac'. NOTE Very seldom used as an expession for female dog.pl.No. pl. This word also has a meaning of a (bad) end.: maskali) † a Russian ETYM polluted the whole place. EG John liubic' kali jaho pidarasiac'. slut EG Mary takaja kurva -. prydziecca pol pidarasic'. Fuck. but very often when speaking of a woman that sleeps with everyone. Also look under 'maskal''. 2) to clean. fool EG Nu ty i pizdabol! Pizdisz usialiakuju chujniu.: pizdaboly) ‡ beaten. Look also under 'chachol'. just the Lithuanians and that's all. which is a strong swear. X2) is used to express dissatisfaction with what someone says (said). We were sitting and talking. NOTE X1) is used as a substitute for the proper word. EG Bliadz'. tr. masc. пізда ~ pizda (noun. I don't want to. want to go for a fuck? -. since nationalistic hate is one of the most shameful sides of our lives.: niestajaki) soft Pizda nam! We are all finished! EG Pizda hetaj cock. znou zabrudzili usio pamiaszkanne. Most often used to abuse a person shitter to smoke. EG Mary takaja pizda! Mary is such a cunt(whore. noun. idiot. noun. noun. noun.

jon niby z*opaj dysza. John fell in a ditch. The word is used to express disrespect. am I . my prick is so hard now. noun. John is a kanavu. pl.The Alternative Dictionaries піздзічы ~ pizdziczy (adj. John always goes to shit he can speak for 5 hours with no breaks. (transitive meaning) NOTE Commonly used to express the actual urinating as well as a person's being afraid. pl. noun.) † urine EG Chulia ja pavinien admyvac' hetuja scaki?! How come am I supposed to We shall not yield the Western regions of the country to the Polish. police etc) EG Nu ty i suka! You are such a bitch (son of a bitch)! EG John suka .pl. John is extremely talkative because supposed to wipe my asshole with fingers? NOTE Not very common. noun.12 - .jon dakladau na usich u KDB. NOTE "Suka" means female dog. John talks too much because he can speak for 5 hours with no breaks. in fact. NOTE Used in the same way as the English translation. sometimes serving as asubstitute for the proper word. пярдзець ~ piardzec' (verb. Compare to "bzdziec". the one that "scuc'"(lit. NOTE "piardzec'" does not have the same meaning as "bzdzec'".pl. сцулі ~ sculi (noun. Also see: "maskal'". Also see "niestajak". pr..: pizdziuki) ‡ one five times a day. NOTE Only those who do not respect other nations use that word.) ‡ extremely talkative EG John vel'mi pizdziuczy bo jon moz*a pizdziec' pjac' hadzin biez perapynku. pl. EG Apracza perszaje pizdziuliny.: stajaki) hard cock EG Mary! Pajszli jabacca -. pl. The second meaning is especially popular in and around criminal media. szto mnie pal'cam u sraku liezci! Fuck! Nobody hung toilet paper in the shithouse again. doesn't fit through any door! NOTE This word is stronger than the English couneterpart "ass". Unfortunately.:svinni) pig EG Nu ty i svinnia. but used as a common curse. while "piardzec'" means to fart loudy ( not essentially with stinky smell ).: chachly) † a Ukrainian EG Chachly jaduc' sala. NOTE Not used by people who respect the other nations. not necessarily with a loud fart blow. you got. pl. сцаць ~ scac` (verb) † to piss(literal sense). intr.: Chulia ja pavinien admyvac' hetuja sculi?! How come am I supposed to wash all that piss?! сцуль ~ scul' (masc. pl.: sral'ni) † shithouse EG х хахол ~ chachol (masc. tense of "scac'). After the first blow. "Bzdzec'" means to produce the smell of feces. Literally means "stand". John zvaliusia u reports the others to the administration. сральня ~ sral'nia (fem. піздзюліна ~ pizdziulina (fem.u mianie zaraz taki stajak! who talks too much EG John pizdziuk bo jon moz*a pizdziec' pjac' hadzin biez perapynku. to fear way too much as if he breathes with his ass.) † urine NOTE Ex. Used pretty much in the same fashion as the English counterpart. сраць ~ srac` (verb) † to shit EG John zausiody idzie srac' piac' razou na dzien'. "z*yd" and "labus". and therefore is very strong as such. 2) rat ( one who blow (when fighting) ETYM This word has its roots in the word "pizda". You are such a pig.: sraki) † ass EG Nu i sraka u tabie. "drystac'". noun. пшек ~ pszek [pSek] (masc. but encountered often.: ïøåê³) † a Pole EG Nie addadzim zachodnija rajony krainy pszekam! rat: he reported about everyone to KGB. szto ni u jakija dzvery nia uliezie! What an ass the fuck you behave like a coward? Let's go beat the shit outta them! NOTE Means.: sculi) † coward EG Chulia ty jak toj scul'? Paiszli damo im pizdziulej! Why с свіння ~ svinnia (noun. сцакі ~ scaki (noun. this Bliadz! Znou nichto nie pavesiu tualetnaje papiery u sral'niu. but gramatically declined as a feminine noun.: pizdziuli) ‡ Mary! Let's go fuck. sing. John fart wash all that piss?! NOTE Same meaning as that for "sculi". NOTE Vulgar word. срака ~ sraka (fem.) 1) bitch. Can be used with both females and males. fem. noun. Most often refers to an inaccurate gross person. "chachol". NOTE This word means the hard cock as opposed to the soft one. a my jamo bul'bu. noun. стаяк ~ stajak (masc. The Ukrainians eat bacon whereas we (the Bielorussians) eat potatoes. Weaker than "kurva" but more common.) † to fart EG John piardzic' zaszmat -. pl. pl. піздзюк ~ pizdziuk (masc. noun. сука ~ suka (noun. pl. English "pisses") (3rd person. noun.

make love NOTE Barely a slang phrase.13 - . Although common. o vont da lippañ ur banne" : "Look at that old fart.) inebriation. loen flaerius ?": "Is that you that farted.: chujasosy) ‡ fucking. No comment. masc. masc. NOTE Like in the word draczyć(-ca). rather weak and old- . More gentle. Example : "Ma 'vefes ket bet mezvdall derc'h. This word has its roots in the word "chuj". NOTE A lot stronger than the English translations. doing nothing special. noun. you would'n be complaining about your hangover today" f foñsad (noun. Also look under 'maskal''. this word is used in its literal sence only. there's nobody but whores and thieves !". The (-ca) form may also mean to do something (boring)(look 'draczycca'). pl. "foñsad". fouzhañ to copulate. John likes to fuck Mary.) ‡ prick. NOTE Example : "Sell 'ta ouzh ar brammer kozh. and therefore very strong as such. John is gramatically a masculine noun. pl. d droug-blev (noun) hangover NOTE Also see "mezv". EG Jabacca -niczoha niama prasciej. your boob is open to the public! я ябаць (-ца) ~ jabać (-ca) (verb) ‡ to fuck EG John liubić jabać Mary. Lit: "Thunder bowl !". fuck!' you should use the word 'bliadz''. cycki) † breast(s). f.. хуля ~ chulia (interrog. it both means a female dog and a prostitute.'labus'. Unlike its counterpart. noun. cocksucker EG Nu ty i chujasos! You are such an asshole! NOTE This is not a gay slang. this word is very offensive especially when used directly.The Alternative Dictionaries word is still used in some people's languages. pronoun) ‡ why EG Chulia ty scysz? Paiszli jabacca! What do you fear? Let's go boob(s) EG Mary. Also used as an interjection : "Gast !" c c'hoari koukou (verbal phrase) fornicate. to copulate with sb. to make love to sb. sonny ?" g gast (noun. n'eus ken met gisti ha laeron !"(notice the rime in "aeron"): "In Landebaeron. brammañ † to make a flatulence (noisily). a zo labour difrouezh" : "A flatulence which is neither noisy nor stinky is a useless job". dick EG John zapytau Mary ci chocza jana pasasac' jaho chuj. The word is simply used as a common abuse. to fart NOTE Example : "Te eo 'n deus brammet. cock. plural 'gisti') † bitch NOTE As in English. even though it The Alternative Breton Dictionary b Boulc'hurun ! Good Lord ! NOTE Other translations : "Jesus !". "Pe oad out. etc. ц цыцка ~ cycka (fem. To say 'oh. to make love NOTE non-transitive verb. the equivalent of th French "Tonnerre de Brest !" or the German "Donnerwetter !". you stinky beast ?". around. "reorad". brammig ?" : "How old are you. he's going to the pub" brammig (noun) ☺ kid NOTE Frequently used talking to very youg children (3 to 6 years old). "Fouzhañ gant unan bennak". 'vefes ket o klemm gant an droug blev hiziv" "If you had'nt been pissed like a newt yesterday. although the first sense has now faded away. than the verb "fouzhañ". bramm (noun. "E Lannbaeron. хуй ~ chuj (noun. asked Mary if she wants to suck his cock. masc. There is nothing simplier than fuck! NOTE Used in interrogative sentences. the suffix (-ca) at the end makes the verb intransitive. who spends his time hanging fashioned. хуясос ~ chujasos (masc. piss NOTE See "reorad".) † flatulence (noisy) NOTE Breton proverb : "Bramm hep trouz na c'hwezh.'z*yd' and 'pszek'. brammer (noun) † sb. u tabie cycka baczna! Mary. though.

I piss my trousers " p Peoc'h da ma benn. "kaoc'h ki du !"= "a black dog's shit" karc'hat to shit NOTE verb. drunken to blindness. Several comparisons can be made to reinforce the strength of this adjective.) completely drunk NOTE Based on the adjective "mezv". : Be t Tripledie ! Gosh ! NOTE Lit: "Triple God !". "Shut your mouth and let your arse talk !". tu m'intéresses". silent to my head or my arse will shoot ! NOTE An expressive curse that means : "Shut up !" The Alternative Bulgarian Dictionary . depending on the degree of ethylism. stotañ (verb) to urinate NOTE Other spelling : staotañ. An interesting phrase because of the rime ("veg" & "preg"). "Mezv-mik" or "mezvpoch"=completely drunk. piss NOTE Based on the noun "reor" (arse). "mezv 'vel ur porc'hell" : drunk as a pig. "thunder bitch!") Of course. mezv (adj. : Talk to my arse.) urine NOTE Of common use when decribing a beverage : "Gast. Also referred to in several phrases.14 - . mezo.) inebriation.) drunk NOTE Also spelled : Meo. see : "Peoc'h d'am fenn. golly !". "Mab ar c'hast !":"You son of a bitch!". "Mezvmarv". meze. sevel da unan bennak (phrase) † to have an erection m Ma reor d'al laboused ! † litt : My arse to the birds ! NOTE An expressive curse. Also used with some nouns to reinforce the meaning : "ur reorad spe'ed. masc. it is also used as an insult : "Gast kozh !":"You old bitch !". "Kiss my arse" or "Go fuck a duck !" r reor arse NOTE masc. ur reorad ludu. Example : "Sevel a rae dezhañ pa wele he bronnoù lemm" : "He would have a hard-on whenever he saw her breasts" stot (noun.) NOTE Mainly used as follows : "Sevel a ra din.e. mezv-dall (& others : adj. ma benn 'zo klañv ! † litt. etc. Here are some of them with their literal translation : "Mezv-dall". noun of common use. pe ma reor 'ray un tenn ! † litt. ur reorad teilh" l louf (noun. "kerzh da garc'hat" kerzh da garc'hat † get lost / leave me alone NOTE As a strong insult. litt. Examples : "Mezv 'vel ur person". that coffee is not strong enough.:pissed as a vicar (completely drunk). ma tête est malade"="Cause toujours.The Alternative Dictionaries which can be translated as "Gee !" or "Blimey !" or "Bloody heck !". Example : "Bewech ma 'vezon mezv e stotan en ma bragou" "Whenever I get drunk. (for sb. Usually means : "I don't care what you say" k kaoc'h faeces NOTE also used when cursing : "kaoc'h !"=shit! . Mainly used in Leon. drunken to death. reorad (noun. Lots of phrases in Breton include rimes. n'eo ket ur banne kafe. cf. it could be translated as "Fuck off !". Preg d'am reor. the equivalent of "Kaoc'h ki du !" ~ "Shit !" Bigouden dialect. ha lak da reor da breg ! Shut up ! NOTE Lit. that's not coffee. that's horse urine !" i. masc. some other compounds can be made. Derivatives : "Gast ar c'hast":"Gosh. met stot marc'h eo !" "Gee. this noun literally means "a full bottom of booze". masc. "I got drunken at the breton céilidh the other day in Ploumagoar".) † flatulence (smelly) NOTE Example : "Hemañ 'n deus graet ul louf flaerius !": "This guy made a stinky flatulence !" s Serr da veg."Gast a gurun": "Bloody hell !" (lit. etc. my head is sick ! NOTE refers to the french "Parle à mon cul. sevel a ra dezhañ". "An deiz-all 'm eus paket ur reorad e fest-noz Plouvagor". pe ma reor 'ray un tenn !" for the "enn" rime. etc.

e.) ☺ big kamquats and money pockets NOTE Euphemism. take a shit NOTE Pronounced ah-see. sadnik ass s l lapai mi kura! † Suck my dick! NOTE This expression is extremely "expressive". Just not very nice. diu lay lo mo hail † fuck your mother's hole NOTE (adv. 1st-pers. diu lei.) † I need to shit.t. Used when playing cards as well. "lo mo" means "mother". the number 'eight'. with the "ah" nasalized and a singsong up and down. I need to Year festival and hence means auspicious omen. "lay" means "your". I need to take a shit NOTE Pronounced ah-see. To mess up. especially in front of one's parents ah si (verb.. meddle around.) v. 1st-pers.) + fuck your mother's hole! "diu" means "to fuck". diu2 (v. Kamquats (a kind of citrus fruit) and money pockets are gifts of the Chinese New . fuck you. The Alternative Cantonese Dictionary a ah si (verb. diu gau kui. diu2 (exclam. & adj. diu lei no mo. diu lay lo mo hail † fuck your mother's hole NOTE (adv. "hail" means "pussy". especially in front of one's parents b bat3 (v. e. This phrase is used immedately after someone speaks something ill or bad in order to counteract the curse.) † Fuck! NOTE Lit.15 - . screw it up or fuck it. to express anger or disappointment when something is screwed up.. not a superstition but a cynical reply nowadays. e.. fuck your mother.g.t. d dai7 gut1 le7 si7 (exclam. Although the English The Alternative Cajun Dictionary b bec mon chu (phrase) † kiss my ass NOTE It's fairly direct. "lo mo" means "mother".) ‡ to fuck NOTE 1. and it's pronunciation shouldn't strain an English speaker. sing. "hail" means "pussy".t. "lay" means "your". bat po.The Alternative Dictionaries b buba penis equivalent is quite innocent.g. with the "ah" nasalized and a singsong up and down. 2. nosy woman (or a 'bitch' in a stronger sense). sing. NOTE Usually goes together with "giving the finger". To have sexual intercourse with. to meddle with. Just not very nice. k kon da ti go natrese ‡ A horse should fit it into you. Used when angry or sexually aroused.) + fuck your mother's hole! "diu" means "to fuck". sei wei bat. in Bulgarian it sounds much more vulgar. NOTE p pischka penis NOTE used like 'buba' Used when you get really pissed.g.. nosy NOTE Lit. kur † penis. adj. used to describe a nosy person who meddles with any affair from the eight directions.) † I need to shit.

. 'tset ha tset ha' is to describe a person who are very ugly that really looks like the Penis! When you say 'tset' in Cantonese it is close to the number'seven' . adv. asshole. what the fuck. exclam. Hong Kong. To say a person being a 'hem ga tsan' means that he wastes (not necessarily a spendthrift) or screws the whole thing up and had better gone to eat shit. dick NOTE Same usage as leng2. The exclamation is milder and can be either used to blame oneself or others. 'pok gai' is used in an unfriendly way. cock NOTE Lit. a very useful swear word.i. fucked up (or as an exclam. e. a good-for-nothing s set9 tsi7 gei2 (v. e. leng2 (adv. cf. t tset ha tset ha stupid fool NOTE (adv. not commonly used as a noun. e. diu leng lei.. fuck you. e. ju hai. 'hem' means 'overall' and 'ga' means 'family'. can be inserted in almost any phrase (even with several times) to strengthen its vulgar sense and fluent the speech. foreigner.g. 'pok' means 'to fall or slip' and 'gai' means the 'street'.. & adv. used in the old days to demean foreigners who invaded China. strangely.).. au va! come on. dong NOTE Same usage as leng2.)..) † n. equivalent to the male sexual organ in a vulgar sense. leng2 (n.So people in Cantonese may also say 'lay go yeun hol seven!' which means you are very ugly! you also looks like the penis! tset9 (n. noun) Heavy petting.. tsi leng sin. ghost. noun) bully NOTE Literal translation: child abuser arrambada (fem. leng2.g. equivalent to the female sexual organs. diu gau lei. tsit tset. to eat oneself means to have sex with oneself. Are kidding? NOTE When you don not believe what a person is saying. & adv.g. gwai2 (n.g. pussy NOTE Lit.) ‡ in a fucking way NOTE Lit. person.. cf.) + stupid fool! 'tset' is the penis.) † penis.). n. as a verb. 1. to fall down on the street NOTE Lit. cf. foreign girl. slightly milder than leng2. stronger and more offensive than the male counterpart. & adv. Yau mo gau hai cho? What the fucking hell? hem7 ga1 tsan2 (n. cunt face. exotically NOTE leng2 (adv. h hai1 (n. with the same usage as leng2 but in a stronger sense. gwai mue. The Alternative Catalan Dictionary a abusananos (masc.) † in a fucking way NOTE Lit.16 - . a recent Hong Kong slang. 'tsan' means 'to produce' or 'profits' but oppositely means 'to bust' or 'shits'. & adv.i. slightly milder than leng2. now commonly used to indicate non-Chinese in a casual way and should not be regarded as a hostile racistic word.. noun) bump on the head. hai yeung. & exclam. Lit.g. pig pussy (which means a bitch).) † shlong.. v.. it is often used as a curse.. . e.The Alternative Dictionaries g gau1 (n. b balleruc (masc.. As a noun. more commonly used in Canton.) n.g. adv. often used when couples break apart. med leng yea. & v. & exclam.) ‡ cunt.) † n. gau leng cho. hai1 (fem.i. 'set' means 'to eat' and 'tsi gei' means 'oneself'. e. most commonly used vulgar adverbs in Canton. damn! NOTE Lit. Jo med gwai? What on earth are you doing (strangely)? p pok1 gai1 (n. can also be replaced by hai1 in a stronger sense. fucking crazy.) † masturbate NOTE Lit. fuck you. adv. e. castrate.g. used to replace all the vulgar adverbs to make a friendly speech. l leng2 (n. 2.) ‡ prick.

noun) † Dildo NOTE Its literal meaning is "consoler". he still hasn't returned the record I lent him". verb) † to bugger NOTE It can also be used in the sense of "bugger off" or "fuck off": "que et donin pel cul". I've heard my parents (respectable elderly peole. temerari) but Calb (Calvo) is not one of them. biruhi (noun) cold bollera (fem. come here!' cardar (intr. On the contrary. Such borrowings occur in Catalan but they are to be avoided when there is a Catalan word.: are really versatile word. It many contexts it nowadays means "cheeky person": "En Carles és un bandarra. verb) † to fuck carro (masc. encara no m'ha tornat el disc que li vaig deixar". .g. coco (noun masc. disappointment.) head // intelligent person NOTE En Txuli es un coco: Txuli is a very brainy guy//See also "tarro" collons (masc. There d donar pel cul (intr.ex:"va vindre cagant llets" (he came very fast) cagueta / cagacalces (fem. noun) dull-witted / dense brain c cagadubtes (masc. "five against the bold" class (verb) † Copulate NOTE Example: El que més li agrada es xingar. Good work !!! barrinar (intr. but in this case it can also mean "dickhead". "Carles is a slut. verb) to bugger NOTE See "donar pel cul". This meaning comes also as the second exception in the Diccionari de la LLengua Catalana (Encliclopèdia Catalana). cap-de-suro (masc. donar pel sac (intr. not bold NOTE The word calvo. Translation: What he likes the most is to copulate. no dirty slang) say on many occassions "Que barrines?" in the sense of "what are you thinking about ?" or "what are you up to?". sg. Calvo is probably a borrowing from what the Catalans call Castillian and we call Spanish. I am from Barcelona and I've never heard this word used in this sense. The word Bald in Catalan is Calb. probably because it is supposedly used by dissatisfied women.) girl aged 14 to 17 with big tits and little are a number of words for Bold in Catalan (e. noun) † The glans NOTE The Spanish word "capullo" is also used in Catalan. caracollons † Bollock face NOTE Despective word used to call attention from someone. noun) ass NOTE The anus or asshole is referred to as "el forat del cul" (literally. Collons de deu Testicles of God NOTE Phrase is mostly used in the Mallorquin slang. etc.The Alternative Dictionaries bandarra (noun) Bitch. 'Hi caracollons. it is not used as an insult. noun) someone who's hesitant or irresolute NOTE Literal translation: "shit-doubts" caganer (masc. It really has sense that in Mallorca the word is used as a slang for "fuck" since the literal translation of the word is "to drill". cul (masc. Not used. noun) † lesbian bollicao (fem. noun) dimwit capoll (masc.) car cascar-se-la † to masturbate cinc contra el calvo masturbation NOTE Lit. however. cony (masc. noun) Bald. Valent.. currar (verb) to work curt-de-gambals (masc. barbamec (masc. noun) a boy still without facial growth barrinar (verb) fuck (verb) NOTE . arriscat. nouns) coward calvo (masc.17 - . slut NOTE It can be used as a masculine or as a feminine form. admiration. noun) brat NOTE Literal translation: shitter cagant llets to do something very fast NOTE Lit:"shitting milks". which you use in the entries Cinc contra el calvo and Els cincs fantastics i is not correct Catalan. asshole). noun) female genitals NOTE It is also used as an interjection. As opposed to Italian. noun. bandarra (noun) † ass hole NOTE This word is the most used word in Catalunya to tell someone Asshole. sing: "colló") testicles NOTE It can also be used as an interjection to express surprise. You say it is slang from Mallorca. verb) † to fuck NOTE Common usage in the Mallorca island and Minorca Barrinar (verb) † to fuck NOTE it used mainly in the Menorca island. as an insult (like French "con" or English "cunt"). consolador (masc.

noun) ‡ vagina: "Venus Triangle" NOTE Pronounced [pharnakoo]. noun) † blow-job NOTE "Fer un francès": to give a blow-job. to throw. noun) † pussy figa-flor (fem. malparit!" els cinc fantastics i el germa calvo masturbation els collóns d'en Wamba † nay. Què els fots als teus? -Pastanaga I s'ho foten? -I tant -No fotis! (-What about your rabbits? -Bad. -. masc) † literrally "son of a pig" NOTE It has more or less the same value that "fill de puta" fill de verra (noun. to Cat&agrave. 'Although the light was broken. in Sueca (Ribera Baixa) to designate those men who like to take by the asshole. pediment NOTE Very popular sport played by couples in Spain. figa (fem. masc) † literrally "son of a pig" NOTE It has more or less the same value that "fill de puta" fogó † Passive homosexual NOTE Word used. † I shit on the fer un solo de flauta To masturbate oneslf with great dosis of art NOTE It is used when somebody masturbates herself/himself a lot fer-se la mà (trans. to annoy. noun) sameone with ferocious appearance. to steal. no se'm foten. to eat. fotre (transitive verb) to do. to fuck someone. noun) frail fill de puta son of a bitch NOTE See "puta".: et faré passar pel simaler. means "I'm gonna go do a river" ."Anit vaig lligar-me un tio al quarto fosc del Martin's i ens vam escórrer tots dos": "Last night I pick this guy up at the darkroom at Martin's and we both came". 'Hi. fill de verra (noun. Ex. verb) † to masturbate NOTE Used only in Valencian dialect.) stupid NOTE Used in the county of Pallars in the north west of Catalunya fer un riu (verb) to urinate NOTE "Vaig a fer un riu". paia!" that means "Let me touch your cunt. fogó' means in Sueca 'Have a nice day guy'. Commonly used by some basketball coaches. It's a word of very common usage: it may be used everywhere and its meaning is deduced from the context. What do you give them? -Carrots -Do they eat this? .The Alternative Dictionaries e El cony de ta mare ‡ The cunn of your mother NOTE Like an insult to get to hate person. follador fucker NOTE The persons who fucks has this name. frontó † Pelota court. masc) † literrally "son of a pig" NOTE It has more or less the same value that "fill de puta" fill de verra (noun. etc. verb) ‡ to ejaculate.18 - . man. to put. fato (adj. Female anatomic part located between the asshole and the female genitals. verb) † to fuck NOTE Can also be used as a pronominal verb: "follar-se algú". last night we were playing frontó' my dick into your mouth and into your cunt NOTE it's an awfully hard expression. Example:"Deixa'm sobar-te lo farranaco. enganxar un cego (verb) to get drunk NOTE Lit:"to stick a blindman" example:"L'Steve Wonder va enganxar un cego que encara li dura" (Steve Wonder got drunk and he still is) escalfabraguetes (noun) Person (male or female) who excites men but is not prepared to have intercourse NOTE It literally means "crotch-heater". You can see "follar as a verb(it is the action) follar (intr.Used mainly in les Terres de Ponent ( Sunset Lands of Catalonia) often preceeded by the masculin article "lo" (used also almost exclusively in the same region). they doesn't grow. preferently. masc) † literrally "son of a pig" NOTE It has more or less the same value that "fill de puta" fill de verra (noun.Oh yes! -It's exciting!) francès (masc. to cum" NOTE Also spelt as "escorre's".'s fig NOTE Without an special meaning. escalfapolles ‡ cockteaser escórrer-se (intr. et faré passar pel simaler (male noun) ‡ i'm gonna put grow. but inoffensive. (literally: to fuck) NOTE It's a very useful werb because it means a lot of different things. means "I'm gonna go urinate" lit. in which the balls bounces repeatly during a variable time. honey". noi.It's an expresion used to let the other peole know that you are REALLY angry. to cheat. mala puta¡ f farranaco (masc. It's like * of MS-DOS. Em cago en la figa d'en Cat&agrave. Some samples in a single dialogue: -I els conills? -Fotuts. For example: "Ves-ten al cony de ta mare. espantacriatures (masc.

) Boy or girl aged 2 to 4 NOTE Specially used when they wear very coloured coats (bright yellow or red) and they walk penduling theyr body in each pace (left right.) book lligar to cruise. Hugo Sanchez was a Real Madrid player for many years and it was a total ASSHOLE.The Alternative Dictionaries furnicar † to fuck jo et flic. NOTE When something could not be done. to pick (someone) up (intr.) llargar (verb) to leave a place NOTE "va llargar cagant llets"(he left shitting milks) llepar (trans. noun) ‡ blow-job manola (fem. Stupid. It is like to say: we missed! l lacasito (noun sg. v.) long hair NOTE It has the same meaning as "txolles"(see below). grenyes (noun fem. left right. "Grenyes" use to be very used. malparit born badly NOTE Very used when people gets hungry whith others mamada (fem. to suck cock. The real word for "long hair" (cabells llargs) is not used at all by people between 15 and 30. to pick someone up.sg. or as a gen. people of the other you nor me. and masc. noun) masturbation NOTE Used in the phrase maria (noun) marihuana NOTE "Tens maria?" means "Do you have marihuana?" marieta (fem. quina llet!". lleterada (fem. . noun) mob / riffraff gilipolles asshole NOTE This word is similar to "fuker". noun) gay male NOTE Used exclusively within the gay community. NOTE The English equivalent of "suck that dick!" would be "llepa-me-la!" Llepís A "fellatio" well done llet (fem. jo et floc ni tu ni jo tampoc (expression) neither g gallumbos underpants NOTE example. 2: to be very afraid NOTE example of 2:"en Joan esta hinyat amb l'examen de quimica"("Johny is very afraid to fail his chemistry exam") Hugo Sanchez ‡ Hugo Sanchez NOTE When somebody tells you H.) † To lick (a dick). Lluis Dick NOTE masc. h hamba 1:girl 2:girlfrend NOTE para bailar la hamba se necesita una poca de gracia hambo (noun masc) 1:boy 2:boyfrend NOTE example:"el hambo de la Maria passa maria"(Mary's boyfrend sells herb) hinyar (verb) 1: to defecate. NOTE It said when two people could not get something. ni tu ni jo tampoc (expression) Neither me nor you. side of the Ebro river NOTE Applied to some people who are gamarussos gentussa (fem."en Pere de la Cullera va anar a buscar bolets i enmig de la carretera li van caure els gallumbos"(Peter of the Spoon went to collect mushrooms.eric noun. is like Mother Fucker. noun) gay man maripili (fem. It has two possible uses: either as a proper name. noun) semen.Ethimology: is what Neil from The Young Ones use to say in the catalan translation of the series.. cum NOTE It literally means 'milk'.. noun) † ejaculation lletres (masc. noun) masturbation NOTE Used in the phrase manola (fem. in some contexts it can also mean 'luck': "Collons. addressing someone as "Maripili".sg.19 - . tio. but now many people prefer the newer word "txolles". In catalan there are other words with the same meaning as "Desgraciat". sg. pl. guarra † Female expert in Kamasutra guiri foreigner NOTE masc."cabró" or "mamó". verb) NOTE Also used in pronominal form: "lligar-se algú".fem.S. sounds rather campy. and walking down the road his underpants fell) gallumbos underpants gamarus (adjective) Silly. to designate gay men who are not particularly butch (ex: j Jo et flic jo et floc. m mal karma bad thing NOTE It is used when something dislikes somebody or when something goes wrong.

i. thinking they are crumbles. no em toquis els collons (expression) don not piss me example:"la Pili es una piha de merda" pilota (Fem.noun) † female genitals pastanaga (masc. to wank NOTE In some dialects (Valencia) "pelar-se-la" means "to be absent from a class".e. petó negre (masc. María. noun) show-off / cocky piu (masc. See also "maruja". It is considered as a bad phrase. pensant-se que són molles de pa. 2:drunken person NOTE This is the most widespread. and who speaks with a very distintive social dialect. nicknamed (in Spanish) Maripili. reach the sky and fishes could bite Saint Peter's balls. noun) Pennis NOTE In the popular valencian movie guide "Cartelera Turia". & noun) People who like to ostentate Literally "handkerchief" n no em toquis els collons don't piss me off NOTE Literal translation: don't touch my bollocks. accordingly the "j" is pronounced like in Spanish. It can also be used in a figurative sense: "fer-se una palla mental". "En peret sempre fa la pilota als mestres" ---> "Peter i always making the ball to the teachers. derived from the Galician nickname "Maruxa".The Alternative Dictionaries "una maripili". noun) good for nothing NOTE Literal translation: half-girl mocador (noun masc. piho/a (adj. no em toquis els collons (expression) don not piss me money. palla (fem. There is a rock band from Constant&iacute (Catalonia) called Els Pets ("the farts" or "the drunken ones"). noun) housewife NOTE This is in fact a Spanish word. but it's pronounce 'pajaritu'. Within the gay communi. literally "to have a mental wank". verb) † to masturbate. easily identified by its particular voice tone NOTE off NOTE It is said when somebody keep you bothering for a long time. the boss. petardo (masc / noun) A little girl.) † great mess. noun) lousy / dirty / wretched puta (fem. like a teacher. and like to bitch. † It should rain so much that water off NOTE It is said when somebody keep you bothering for a long time. maruja (fem. "El racó del piu" (Dick's corner). NOTE Found in a sexual Catalan dictionary (by Vilà). it literally means "black kiss". to speculate excessively over rather irrelevant issues. is the section devoted to XXX-rated movies. p pajarito (noun) penis (literrally: 'little bird') NOTE It's a Spanish word. noun) idiot pelar-se-la (trans. confussion NOTE Quin merder! What a mess! mitja-merda (fem. etc. pelicar (verb) to speak. noun) † watersports NOTE Designates the sexual practice in which one partner urinates on the other. this can sometimes lead to funny misunderstandings. noun) half shit mitja-nena (fem. bitch . are not particularly trendy.e. o orgia Everybody fuck !!!! orxegar (verb) vomit NOTE This type of vomiting is done after one has drunk too much in the county of Pallars in the north west of Catalunya.20 - . used and understood-byeveryone word for "fart". plogués tant que l'aigua arribés al cel i els peixos piquessin els collons de Sant Pere.ty it is used to refer to gay males who privilege domesticity. merder (adj. The second meaning is only knonw by the Catalan youth. specially to speak a lot pet (noun & adj masc sg) 1:fart./Name) Ball NOTE People who trie to be well seen by other people. i. ous ballocks NOTE As you can see it has the same meaning as "collons". "has vist aquelles maripilis?". noun) † rimming NOTE This term refers to mouth-to-anus sexual contact. poca-vergonya shameless pollós (masc. noun) whore. noun) fool parrús (masc. piltra (fem) bed pinxo (masc. The closest english equivalent is to ride the porcelin bus.) flag. This term derives from the female name Maria del Pilar. A suitable English equivalent would be Edna. pluja daurada (fem. it literally means "golden rain". noun) wank NOTE "Fer-se una palla": to masturbate. especially the Spanish flag NOTE pallús (masc.

. FIRE NOTE Specially used when askin for fire to somebody: "Tens txamusca?" literally "Do you have fire?" txinorri little. noun) stupid NOTE comes from the name of the amphibian Alytes obstetricans trempera (noun masc.." (".") r rasca (fem.and a long hair that covered your ears. sapastre (masc. Translation "Wake-up erection is not a real erection but a urination one.21 - . Catalonia is not Spain..) years (of age) tarro (noun) head NOTE In your HEAD they are fighting: estan lluitant al teu TARRO tenir els ulls a la brioxa (expression) to have the eyes ves-te'n a prendre pel cul (command!) ‡ fuck off NOTE Literal translation: go and take it up the arse. dick NOTE Xufa (earth almond) is a small tubercle from Valencian Country. x xarnego (noun.. "La trempera matinera no és trempera vertadera." The Alternative Chinese Dictionary . to taking a pee and no blowing (literally) NOTE It is said when somebody asks for time. called 'orxata' (orgeat) is extracted from the xufa. It even appears in a song by te Catalna rock band Els Pets:". The sentence has no other purpose. xona (female noun) † female genitals xoroiar (verb) to spy NOTE mainly used in the Menorca island. noun) threesome txamusca masc.) cold s sang a la figa i merda al cul (expression used in la Segarra) ‡ blood in the cunt and shit in the ass NOTE It is used when something it went wrong or when there is the chance that something is going to be wrong.The Alternative Dictionaries putot (masc.. noun) lout / tramp trio (masc. adjective) immigrant NOTE It refers mainly to immigrants from Castilia. The equivalnet in the insular catalan is: espiar. quina lleneguera! (expression) that sucks! NOTE It is said when something is boring.sg. noun) † Big slut NOTE This word (which applies mostly to females) is formes by simply adding an augmentative masculine suffix to "puta".) Erection NOTE A very well known La Trinca's song says . trinxeraire (masc.. adjective) Castilian immigrant NOTE It refers mainly to immigrants from Castilia. sobar (verb) to sleep v Ves a parir mones Fuck off NOTE Litteral translation: To go to breed monkeys t tacos (masc. A popular cold drink of white colour. small txitxarrero (noun) to go to the gynecologist NOTE txitxarrero comes from txitxi that means female genitals txolles (noun fem pl) long hair NOTE Very widespread and used currently. 'Would you like to taste my orxata?' out of the orbit NOTE it is used mainly in the Menorca island. It is way to joke. noun) darkroom NOTE Used in the gay scene.. torracollons † who which conversation don't contribute to arrive to good end a argumentation tòtil (masc. xarnego (noun." tres quarts de pixa i no em bufa (expression) a quarter q quarto fosc (masc.. xufa Penis. but it applies for people from Galicia and Andalusia..i unes txolles que et tapaven les orelles. és trempera de pixera.. noun) idiot / dope si ma mare fos Espanya jo seria un fill de puta (repulsive expression) if my mother were Spain I would be a son of the bitch NOTE That it means that the catalan people are not spanish.pl. but it applies for people from Galicia and Andalusia.

) † to fuck around NOTE derived from kurva. slut NOTE used same as in English. very common usage kouřit ptáka (verb phrase) † do a blow job NOTE lit. g gan4 fuck NOTE indicating a sexual intercourse BAD. fem. chou1 ni3 ma1 de bi1 ‡ Suck your mother's cunt NOTE Common in Taiwan.) † cunt NOTE self explanatory kurva (noun. faggot NOTE quite vulgar koule (noun. čurat (verb) ☺ to pee NOTE child language h honit ptáka (verb phrase) † masturbate (literally: chase the bird) NOTE c. d diao3 † penis NOTE Dick. gun3 dan4 ‡ to leave here quickly (saying by someone who is tired of another) NOTE verb h huai4 dan4 [noun] † villain. reflex. shit) chuj (noun.) † queer.22 - . Its subject is usually `I' and omitted. literally: bad egg. less offensive if used without an object.) † whore. The Alternative Czech Dictionary b buzerant (noun. child of uncertain ancestry NOTE j ji1 ba (noun) ‡ penis NOTE Cock. masc. neuter) shit. pl. to have sexual intercourse.) balls. ji1ji1 ☺ penis NOTE Pee-pee or wee-wee. fem.f. of unknown frequency in China. n nu nu (3) Tits NOTE Pronounced "New New" A very cute way of saying breasts. This is still the most offensive word in Chinese. Could be used to prefix another nuon to form a compound noun:'Diao3 Ren2'=asshole.The Alternative Dictionaries b bi1 (noun) ‡ vagina NOTE Cunt. fem. wastrel. It can also take an organ as the object:'Cao4 Ni2 Ma Bi1!' (See Bi1. possible criminal. Often used as a pure expletive in sentence:'Che3 ji1 ba dan4'='Bullshit'. but also as in English Fuck! if one screws up kurvit se (verb. Used of person who sleeps with anyone. however. 2.) This word only describes the action of a male. a slut c čurák dick čůrat. but strong m mastit lano (verb phrase) masturbate NOTE (grease the rope) mrdat (verb) to fuck mrdat (verb) ‡ to fuck NOTE 1. Very commonly used yet very offensive. honit si ocas honit si ocas (verb phrase) masturbate NOTE (hunt the tail) hovno (noun. NOTE c cao4 (verb) ‡ have intercourse with NOTE Equivalent of the English word Fuck:'Cao4 Ni3 Ma!' (Fuck your mother). whore. masc. crap NOTE used as in English (bullshit. cock.) ‡ dick. The most common term for penis. not to give a damn (mrda'm na to: I don't give a damn) k kakat (verb) ☺ to shit. It is.: smoke a bird (cock) kunda (noun. testicles NOTE verbatim: balls. poop NOTE child language . Not recommended if unarmed. penis NOTE quite oldfashioned. w wan2ba1 dan4 ‡ "turtle-egg" something like a cuckhold. literally: mixed egg hun2 dan4 [noun] † bastard.

meaning I don't give a damn šoustat (verb) † to fuck NOTE stronger counterpart of s^ukat šukat (verb) † to fuck NOTE weaker sounterpart of s^soustat o odpanit (verb."shepherd" pero (noun.23 - .) † pimp NOTE Literal translation: "herdsman". meaning that someone is really eager to do something." The Alternative Dutch Dictionary .) to deflower NOTE lit.noun) gay. Sometimes used also outside of erotic context.lick my ass. neuter) cock NOTE (feather) píc^a ‡ cunt prd (noun.very negative.) † fart NOTE the very result of farting. derogatory but continually losing its original.adj. fem. 'desk' Det bliver 200 dask.) cock NOTE (bird) v vejce (plural) testicles NOTE (eggs) vykour^it (verb) give a blow job NOTE (to smoke up) Vykur^ mi ho (vykursh mi ho) blow me z zmrd (noun. Women. do prdele . however it still remains a slang word with derogatory implications.transl. teply' (m. n nosserøv (noun. k knalde (verb) to fuck NOTE cognate with German "knallen. masc.) horny NOTE The most common Czech word for "horny". s skvaddernosse (noun) talkative balls NOTE It is very difficult to translate. prdel (noun.The Alternative Dictionaries n nadržený (adj. i. masc.: deprive a person of virginy t teplous^ (noun.: balls-ass. connotations.It is mostly used about people who talk a lot and really don`t have anything to say. queer. masc. s sra't (verb) to shit NOTE used also in Seru na to = lit. pantsy NOTE male homosexual p pasák (noun. onomatopoetic from the clapping of hands when handing money m malerhjerne (noun) painterbrain NOTE This word is used with a person that makes a seriously fuck-up g girls ☺ NOTE female girls girls girls (noun) females (noun) NOTE Different sex girls (noun) females (noun) NOTE Different sex.shit. money NOTE like engl. Not like 'you old fart'. insult of a male only r rychlovka (noun. fem. ass NOTE vyliz^ mne prdel . common gender) ‡ no english translation NOTE litt..) quickie (to have quick sex) NOTE (a fast one) The Alternative Danish Dictionary d dask (noun) cash. I shit on it.) † gay (man) NOTE Noun derived from the adjective "teply'".) arse. trans. masc. damn it pták (noun. used as m. person who constantly fucks everything up.e.) ‡ asshole (person) NOTE derived from the verb mrdat. musc.

afrossen to thrash NOTE Used when someone is giving a severe beating. afzeiken put down NOTE To shit all over. "Ik voel me afgezeken" meaning "I feel shit on (lit. scum bucket botergeil † very horny. this an archaic slang term (particularly in Zeeland) from World War II." balen to be fed up with one's designated task or more generally with the current situation NOTE This word was originally used by conscripts in the Dutch army. In larger towns in the Netherlands the local council often semi-officially designate an area on the outskirts of the town or near an industrial area where this kind of business is tolerated. A .) ass man NOTE Literally. aso An anti-social person NOTE A abbreviation of "asociaal" (anti-social). very lewd NOTE This word means literally "butter-lewd" and is only used for women. "ashtray". anderhalve man en een paardekop a very small audience NOTE This expression means literally "one man and a half and a horse head". when "as" was rendered as "ass" and "bak" as "back" or (in Dutch) "reet". afberen † to masturbate NOTE This is a mix of two expressions "aftrekken" and "masturberen". Also "In elkaar slaan" meaning "To beat up". It is usually a parking lot or a public park. befborstel. customers from behind an illuminated window NOTE This expression means literally "to sit behind the window". "baal" means "bale" or "bag". achter het raam zitten to work as a prostitute luring asbak (noun. de to go for a pee NOTE It literally means "to shake the potatoes dry" and refers to a mans testicles. The word "boer" (from which the English "boor" was derived) is used to build a number of Dutch words with a negative connotation. m." A combination of "boer" (farmer) and "pummel" (boor). afrukken † to toss off NOTE This word is stronger than "aftrekken". Anita (noun. de † a boor. The prefix "af" carries the idea of "taking something away" like the English "off". Example: "Moet je die Anita zien. pissed on)". It is used to express that a meeting or theatre performance is badly visited. afzuigen to give a blow job NOTE The word is derived from "zuigen". aftrekken to toss off NOTE The normal meaning is "to subtract" afwerkplaats A public place where street prostitutes b bagger schijten † to be very afraid NOTE The literal meaning is "to shit mud. Usually used in the expression "een beurt geven" (to fuck). besodemieteren † to deceive NOTE This word is evidently derived from "Sodom" which stands for corruption in Christian/Hebrew tradition. fem) A non-intellectual female person NOTE Pejorative use of the female first name once popular in Dutch working class. But. perhaps it is a reference to the work of carrying bales? bedonderen to deceive NOTE Derived from donderen (to thunder) because of negative associations. beurt † A fuck NOTE Literal meaning is "turn" or "turn out". Derived from "lebberen" which is a somewhat old-fashioned word meaning "to lick".24 - . hence "ass man". Bokkelul † Insult: jack ass. The literal sense is "to tear away" or "to rip off". aflebberen to kiss intensely in a public place NOTE Usually used reciprocally (elkaar aflebberen). Often used in conjunction with its male equivalent 'Johny'. then it became popular with school-children and now it is generally used. boemelen to go out boozing NOTE Also "Aan de boemel zijn" "To be out boozing".The Alternative Dictionaries a aardappels afgieten. boerelul † an asshole NOTE Literal translation is "farmer's prick" boerenpummel. an uncivilized peasant NOTE have sex with their customers NOTE The word means literally "finishing place". de (noun) moustache NOTE refers to the use of a moustache in stimulating the clitoris beffen to stimulate the clitoris with the tongue bekken to French-kiss belazeren to deceive besodemieterd zijn † to be out of one's mind NOTE This expression means literally "to be deceived" (see "besodemieteren") but has shifted in meaning.

" Dutch krijg de keleren NOTE lit: catch cholera! an Amsterdam phrase. dombo dumbo. referring to the domesticated buffaloes that plough rice-fields. e een beurt geven † To fuck NOTE Literal meaning is "to turn out. buffelen wolf down/gobble. very often used engerd geek (with someone) NOTE It literally means "To jump in the suitcase (with someone)" de pijp aan Maarten geven to die NOTE The literal meaning of this expression is "to give the pipe to Maarten". drooggeiler Someone who visits a red light district and d Da's kloten van de bok † That's very bad. Maybe a reference to the testicles as a precious part of the male anatomy and thus meaning something like "be careful! (with your balls)" de hoer spelen to work as a prostitute NOTE Literal translation is "to play the whore". buiten de pot piesen † to commit adultery NOTE The literal meaning is "to piss outside the pot" and it obviously can only be applied to men. droogkloot Someone lacking a sense of humour. NOTE Literal meaning is "dry testicle. So actually a euphemism for "to be a whore". rotten NOTE The literary meaning is "That's testicles of the goat" de ballen † Goodbye! So long! See you! NOTE The literal meaning is "the balls". een nummertje maken to fuck. heftige bass This music sounds really great! NOTE When you hear someting really great.25 - . opinions according to the circumstances. meaning in general "this is really nice". de pijp uitgaan † to die NOTE This expression means literally "to go out of the pipe". someone who changes his The word is used by pupils in the higher classes. Can also be used for other topics than music. de hond uitlaten to have a piss NOTE The literal meaning is "to let the dog out". Perhaps "Maarten" is "Sint Maarten" (Saint Martin) but this does not explain much about the origin of the expression. the first class being a "bridge" to different types of secondary education) and "pieper" (pipit. drol. de a pupil in the lowest class of a lyceum NOTE may be interesting to note that there is another expression with the same meaning that also involves a pipe (see: "de pijp aan Maarten geven). young chicken). to copulate een wip maken to fuck.The Alternative Dictionaries tentative explanation is that butter (being rather slippery) is associated with the vagina of a sexually aroused woman. idiot draaikont. del. you say ~. NOTE A combination of "droog" (dry) and "geil" (horny). Litererally it means "To live on the third floor's backroom". Perhaps the original expression was "De pijp gaat uit" (The pipe stops burning) or maybe there is some comparison of the soul leaving the body with smoke rising from a pipe? It f flamoes cunt. de koffer induiken (met iemand) to have a roll in the hay just looks at the prostitutes to get excited after which he returns home to masturbate or have sex with his own wife. to clean thoroughly" (a room for example). driehoog achter wonen to be badly housed NOTE Used to describe that someone lives in a shabby place. de a slut dit is zware space. pussy flikken to do NOTE "Hoe heb je dat geflikt?" meaning "How did you manage to do that?" . NOTE The literal meaning is "turning-bottom". stuff someones face buffelen to work very hard NOTE Apparently this word is derived from "buffel" (buffalo). broekhoesten to fart NOTE Litterally translated "to cough in your pants" broekhoesten to fart brugpieper. to copulate Eikel † Dickhead NOTE Literally meaning dickhead. de ☺ a piece of human excrement NOTE The original meaning was "something with a round shape" and with a considerable shift in meaning it seems to have entered the English language as "droll" with the meaning "amusingly odd". de an opportunist. It is a composition of "brugklas" (bridge-class.

I don't like what you did to me now" flikker A homosexual NOTE Although used by some homosexuals themselves in the Netherlands the word is not quite acceptable in some circles. greppeldel a slut NOTE Literally "The ditchbitch". Example: "Elke Johny rijdt een Opel Manta. Often used contiguously with "poen". It literally means "Whore-walker". de-word) bore NOTE Literally a gras maaien † moeder de vrouw "een beurt geven" gratenkut. Willem. gedoogzone an area where otherwise illegal activities establishment (usually a coffee-shop) NOTE In larger Dutch towns a "huisdealer" sometimes is tolerated by the local authorities as long as he does not sell hard drugs. to have an orgasm NOTE The normal meaning is "to finish. bottom NOTE Child language. geilneef (male) † a man who is always horny NOTE literally : horny cousin gesodemieter † trouble (with somebody) NOTE The etymology is the same as for "besodemieteren" godverdomme ‡ God damn it NOTE Strongest curse in Dutch graftak (noun. klootzak † son of a bitch NOTE Literal meaning is "testicles" h hoempert harde kak NOTE voor het eerst gebruikt door Wim van Nijssel in Scheepskamelen hoer † whore NOTE Can be made stronger by adding all kinds of deseases: "Vuile kanker-/tyfus-/tering-hoer!" meaning literally "Dirty cancer/typhoid/tuberculosis whore!" hoerenbuurt red light district NOTE In Amsterdam also known as 'de Walletjes' . Also 'Johnny' or 'Sjonnie'. hoerenloper whore-hopper NOTE Someone who often goes and has sex with a whore. Willem. Probably belongs to the slang of the city of The Hague. hoerig † slutty NOTE See also 'sletterig'. hufter (noun. male) A non-intellectual male person NOTE Pejorative use of the male first name once popular in Dutch working class. griet girl NOTE Very commonly used for girls. It is used for rather disgusting experiences like stepping in a heap of dogshit. k kanen † to eat NOTE This word belongs to the slang of the city of The Hague. klojo † bastard. wat je me nou toch flikt!" meaning "Goddamn. son of a bitch NOTE A corruption of "klootzak" klooien To bungle NOTE Derived from "kloten"? klootjesvolk † Middle-class people NOTE Literal meaning is "people with tiny testicles". galbak whiner NOTE "Willem is een galbak" meaning "Willem is always complaining" gat ☺ anus. Very offensive. Often used in conjunction with its female equivalent 'Anita'. klootoog dickhead NOTE Literally meaning "Testicle eye".The Alternative Dictionaries flikken to do NOTE "Godverdomme.26 - . Easy to get girl. an anus NOTE The literal meaning is "hole".) cad NOTE Etymology obscure. de (noun) ‡ a slut NOTE Literally: "fish-bone pussy". hol an arse. to get ready". kettingzeug. possibly an archaic form of "ripoff artist". j Je kunt/kan m'n rug op † No way! That's out of the question! NOTE This expression means literally "You can climb on my back!" (Implying probably"you can fuck me but I won't do what you want from me") Johny (noun." are tolerated by the authorities NOTE The literal meaning is "tolerating zone" The illegal activities usually involve drugs and street prostitution. Literal meaning is "hole". de (noun) † a slut NOTE Literally: "a chain sow (female pig)" klaarkomen to come. not necessarily pejorative. m. klerebeer naughty little bastard NOTE Literal translation: cholera bear. huisdealer a drugdealer who is connected to a certain g gadverdamme † bah NOTE This is evidently a corruption of "godverdomme" but is less strong.

More colorful." krentekakker cheapskate (noun. meaning "bull". Mafketel literally means "Weird pot". From "neuken". gawk o oetlul idiot. sperm NOTE This word is a colloquial diminutive of "kwak" (blob) and is consequently used for a small amount of sperm. to copulate neukstier (noun) † stupid stud bull NOTE Indicates a male with brawn but no brain. moron.27 - . kont. muts. het (noun) long hair in the neck NOTE Hairstyle worn by male members of the lowest social class. nicht a queer. lul † idiot. het † cum. kut † cunt. to copulate NOTE The original meaning is "to sew" and it is still commonly used in this sense. It is for instance used for a worker who reports small thefts or illicit absence of his co-workers to the boss. and is therefore considered a social failure NOTE This word is widely used in student communities. . Literal: "a carpet". The original meaning of both words is obviously "hole". arse) and "neuken" (fucking). op z'n hondjes doggy-style NOTE An adverbial expression used in connection with a certain sexual position (the way dogs do it). extremely bad NOTE Original meaning is "testicles". A (possibly archaic) derogatory term for a male chauvinist pig.) NOTE I do not know the origin of this slang word. It is only used as a noun or as an verb in the infinitive. "Vuile" means "Dirty". knor someone who gets everything wrong. prick lul-de-behanger † an idiot. and "stier". opkankeren † fuck off NOTE Same as 'oprotten'. Lit. Also used for indicating a male person of that class. "To cancer off" oprotten † fuck off NOTE Used very commonly: "Ach man. an arse NOTE This word is etymologically related to the English word "cunt". m. To make it a bit worse you could say "(Vuile) Rotmof" which uses "Rot" ("Rotten") as a preposition. always says matennaaier. op z'n sodemieter geven † to scold NOTE The etymology is the same as for "besodemieteren". l liefdesgrot pussy NOTE A poetic way of saying pussy. from the universal association of constipation with niggardliness. pussy NOTE Also used as an interjection like English "shit". arse fucking NOTE This word is a composition of "kont" (bottom. neuken † to fuck. although it's frequently used. de girl NOTE Mostly used for girl over 16 the wrong things at the wrong moments. having anal sex. bastard lul † cock. a clumsy person NOTE The literary meaning is "prick the paper-hanger" The word "lul" can be used for a moron so maybe the person indicated with tis expression was compared with a very unskilled paper-hanger? lulhannes clumsy person NOTE See also lummel/lul-debehanger lummel † clodhopper. Used as a predicate adjective. kuttelikkertje † a small dog for ladies NOTE literally : small pussy licker kwakkie. de girl NOTE Mostly used for girls over 16. kontneuken † anal sex. de someone who lacks "good-fellowship" at work NOTE The literal meaning is "mates-fucker". Literal translation is "Cave of love".) NOTE Literally. meaning "to fuck". (Amsterdam slang.The Alternative Dictionaries kloten † rotten. and is known to all former students as well. opgeilen † To arouse sexually (intentionally) NOTE A combination from "op" (up) and "geil" (horny). mof german NOTE Used to describe Germans during and after WWII. push/sod/fuck off" m mafketel weirdo NOTE ALso "Mafkees" where "Kees" is a traditional Dutch male name. a "raisin-shitter". NOTE A stronger version than just plain "Lul". n naaien † to fuck. rot toch op" meaning "Come on man. de a bottom. uninteresting asshole'. matje. muts. moron. Example: 'John is een suffe knor!' means as much as 'John is a boring.

The Alternative Dictionaries opsodemieteren † to go away (usually used in the pleurislaaier a jerk. piesen ☺ to pee NOTE This word is related to "pissen" which has the same meaning but sounds ruder. The literal meaning is "publicity-horny". Jan. poep ☺ shit NOTE Used for describing dog-shit "Hondepoep" or used by small children. voor zijn to kick someones ass NOTE This expression is generated by direct translation from English. de pimps NOTE A collective noun to denote souteneurs.hence this insult.g. male) † ass fucker. female) ‡ bitch. such as the Osdorp posse. pijpbekkie. ouwehoeren † to talk a long time about trivial matters. The normal meaning is "pot" or "jar" but the relation is obscure. NOTE Mostly applied to politicians and artists. E. a spreader of pleurisy NOTE A spreader of pleurisy was not very popular -. In other environments the second meaning is more common. potverdorie Gosh NOTE This seems to be a corruption of "godverdomme". Still. It is a very mild curse used by those who cannot or dare not use the "g." word. het ‡ a nice mouth for a blowjob NOTE Used in a pejorative way against women. pijpen † to give a blowjob NOTE Used commonly. raaskal toch niet" translated by "Oh man. asshole NOTE Literally meaning horsepenis palen to fuck NOTE It literally means "to pole" and refers to driving/ramming piles as in terms of contruction. prick r raaskallen rave.v. something that is done by certain Dutch rapbands. where it is used in the first meaning. reutelen to fart . Meaning is about the same.: "Hé. reetridder (noun. lit. Apparently older prostitutes are supposed to spend more time with chatting than actual sexual intercourse! p paal hard-on NOTE "Paal" literally means "Pole". NOTE This word is derived from "ouwe hoer" (old whore). portiekslet (noun. Apparently related to "pot" (female homosexual) but of unknown origin. it can very well be used. de † Skid marks (shit in underwear or on toilet) remsporen. gay.28 - . a lesbian NOTE Generally accepted in gay circles. ouwe rukker! Hoe gaat ermee?" (Hey. homosexual NOTE literally : ass knight remsporen. publiciteitsgeil Extremely keen on publicity. Paardelul † jerk. palen 1:to row fast. de † brown stains in underpants NOTE The literal meaning is "braking tracks" implying that someone did not quite succeed in controlling his bowels before a toilet could be reached. how are you?) ouwehoer † someone who likes to talk a lot about unimportant matters NOTE This word means literally "old whore" but it is applied to men! See the verb "ouwehoeren" for the possible etymology. slut NOTE literally : porch slut pot † a female homosexual. The normal meaning of the word is "paw" but the relation is obscure. "To salt off" ouwe rukker † son of a bitch (used affectionately though) NOTE Although the literal meaning of this expression is something like "old masturbator" (see: afrukken) it is not uncommonly used by men to greet for instance an old school pal they have not seen for a long time.d. poepen ☺ to shit NOTE See "Poep" poot † a male homosexual NOTE Generally accepted in gay circles. penoze. Jan. stop talking through your hat" reet ass NOTE Can be used very commonly: "Het can me geen reet schelen!" translated by "I don't give a fuck!" reet trappen. imperative) NOTE The etymology is the same as for "besodemieteren" opzouten † fuck off NOTE Used by people who don't like to use 'oprotten'. Lit. talk gibberish NOTE Used very commonly: "Ach man. "Die muts kan me toch lekker pijpen!" meaning "That babe gives great head!" pik † cock. Apparently related to "poot" (male homosexual) but of unknown origin. 2:to get laid NOTE This word comes from the rowing world.

the usual price for a prostitute's service. you dope!" t tapijtnek † house-fan NOTE Literally 'Carpet-neck' referring to the hairstyle of house-fans. "In z'n broek schijten" (to shit in his pants) means to be afraid and therefore "de schijterd" is the someone who is easily afraid.. It is probably a literal translation of the equivalent French expression. de a French kiss NOTE This word means simply "tongue-kiss". 50 guilders. Used when children do or say something unacceptable. a NOTE "Willem. Used as in 'Een lekker stootje . a masturbating dog. rukken (verb) to masturbate NOTE Fairly common slang. triootje. standje-69. female) whore. trottoir prostituée † slut NOTE Literally 'Pavement whore'. stront. stimulates the sexual organs of the other with his or her mouth. (Lit. As an interjection "shit" has become more important than "schijt". toeter a hand-rolled cigarette NOTE Also used as a name for a joint. schoft † bastard NOTE "Willem.) foul-mouth (noun. is een schoft van een gozer" meaning "Willem. stoephoer † bitch.. tongzoen. slettishly slik mijn zaad † Swallow my sperm NOTE often used by students when a jerk is talking to you snol. slempen to drink.29 - . "Toeter" literally means horn and refers to the shape of the cigarette. NOTE "Standje 69" (69 = negenenzestig) is obviously named after the resemblance of the participants with a 6 and 9 lying on top of each other. teringlijer (noun.a hot chick. vuile rotzak!" meaning "Willem.. the "missionary position" NOTE When not used in connection with having sex.The Alternative Dictionaries rothoer † whore NOTE "Hansje is een vuile rothoer" meaning "Hansje is a (rotten) whore" rotzak † bastard NOTE "Willem. filthy little one. excrement sufferd. het a trio (for having sex) NOTE This word is a diminutive form of "trio". which is how they used to call cancer. carouse slet. het a sexual position where each partner v vergallen to spoil NOTE "Willem heeft het voor ons allemaal vergalt!" meaning "Willem has spoiled it for all of us!" verkloten † to fuck up NOTE "Willem heeft zijn examen verkloot" meaning "Willem has flunked his exam badly. teef. jij sufferd!" meaning "Willem.) NOTE Insult. de † dope. prostitute NOTE corruption of "een tweede meier". m. de † a slut spuiten to ejaculate NOTE It literally means "to squirt off" and is probably derived from the German "abspritzen" standje Any position for sexual intercourse other than u Utrecht Stad van je leven NOTE Utrecht." verneuken to fuck up NOTE See also 'verkloten' viespeuk (noun." -.dirty jerkoff. de † shit. stadsie woar.) NOTE Literally. male) † jerk. asshole NOTE Literally : somebody who is suffering from "tering". Mainly found in The Hague. which literally is "half a meier". Also the german "scheisse" can be used as such. you dirty bastard!" Lit. stootje An attractive girl for fucking NOTE Derived from the word push. "Rotten bag" rukhond † masturbator. see also 'stoephoer' trottoirteef (noun. m. is a real bastard" schuinsmarcheerder † rake NOTE "Willem is een echte schuinsmarcheerder" meaning "Willem is a real rake" shit shit NOTE Borrowed from English and only used as an interjection. female) ‡ bitch. Literally: "to jerk". de † bitch temeier (noun. hooker NOTE literally : pavement bitch s schatje babe schijt{en} (noun {verb}) † (to) shit NOTE Used as the english equivalents. de a slut sletterig slettish. slut NOTE Literally 'Pavement whore' . this word has the entirely separate meaning of "scolding". Usage: 'Vuile rukhond' -.

transl. do not swear etc.: little part of cotton wool welzijnsmafia wellfare mafia NOTE Used to denote social workers. zakkenwasser dope. This expression is slightly rude but is acceptable in non-religious circles. weak person.' during the 70s ball † testicle NOTE Usually used in the plural. to copulate cannot be changed zeiker Someone who complains about trivial matters of things that cannot be changed zo fijn als gemalen poppenstront very pious NOTE The literal meaning is "as fine as ground doll shit". asswipe. asshole † anus. moron NOTE Used very commonly to designate a person as being incompetent. or when someone says something stupid and a smart retort is needed. coward NOTE popular word used to express a lack of respect towards someone's cowardice attitude." assfuck † asshole. ass boy. Usage: Not quite. detrimental person NOTE second meaning very common nowadays. 'Mary thinks that John is an asshole.' ass boy (noun) ‡ NOTE Derogatory term for male homosexual. 'John has a big ass. lit. vleesroos pussy NOTE Very metaphoric way of saying pussy. but not ugly NOTE it is a variation on the old dutch word 'wuft' which indicates that a girl doesn't have a strong moral on sex z zaadje whimp NOTE It literally means "Little seed".30 - . on a fool's errand NOTE A adverbial expression which literarily means "for Jan (John) Prick" voor Jan-met-de-korte-achternaam in vain. It literally means "Rose of flesh" voor Jan Lul † in vain. meddlesomeness. Not considered obscene today. to drink to excess.) boozer NOTE From the verp "zuipen". pray before every meal.' asswipe (compound noun) † toilet paper NOTE Not commonly used today." w Watje † Softy.The Alternative Dictionaries vingeren to stimulate the clitoris with the fingers NOTE The meaning of this word used to be "to finger" but nowadays it not advisable to use it in this sense. like a parking ticket asswipe (compound noun) † human male NOTE Used detrimentally. zeiken † to piss. implying ineffectiveness. hazy jargon and other negative qualities imputed to this profession. shithead NOTE Adj. The Alternative English Dictionary a arse bandit † HomoSexual NOTE John is an arse bandit Arsehole anus NOTE British equivalent of asshole arvo afternoon NOTE This word is used extensively in Australia and also in England in some places. ass buttocks NOTE Now acceptable term on US television. It literally means "Bag-washer". not necessarily effeminate b ball (verb) to fornicate NOTE Popular term in the US . "Whatever you say. m. when are you going to give me back the five bucks you borrowed from me?' aunty (noun) likable older gay male. asswipe † Worthless piece of paper. 'Hey. It is used for people (especially protestants) who go to church each Sunday. wijf girl or babe literally a bitch NOTE Although literally it means bitch it's not that strong anymore wippen to fuck. to urinate zeiken † to complain about trivial matters or things that errand NOTE A less rude deriviation of "voor Jan Lul" Its literal meaning is "for Jan with the short family name. Said in place of saying no. 'John has a big pair of balls. on a fool's Wuftje † not so very intelligent (mostly blond) girl. Zuigen suck NOTE is het bestrelen van een lollie met je tong zuiplap (noun. assfuck.

boiler ugly woman NOTE That bird is a right boiler boink (verb.' basket (noun) The visible shape that the male genitals around in the wind' followed by a slap and a thud as john hits the floor.' bitch an oppressive woman NOTE term has gained general acceptance in recent times. biatch?" biffy (noun. and intransitive) NOTE variation of jack off.' bastard (noun) † a despicable person. 'Mary gets turned on by beef. noncount) well-built male NOTE used by both the heterosexual and homosexual communities. count. transitive) Have intercourse with. the h can be silent. ie. original terms refers to 'female dog.' be on the rag (verb phrase) † have one's menstrual period NOTE stronger than 'period': 'Mary is on the rag." or sarcastically responding to something stupid said: "Okay.' bear (count noun) a hairy beefy gay male NOTE 'Both Mary and John like bears. blow your wad † To ejaculate. love. better sounding when pronounsed slower. I bet when you're in the shower with the window open." or as an observation of another's character (or lack thereof): "Hope is such a ball. words should be rung together. ball. as if the second l was the beginging of end. beat off (verb. 'John got laid at the baths last night. less offenssive today than a generation ago: 'Mary believes that John is a real bastard. Used less commonly.' NOTE current slang. the (noun." John made the beast with two backs with Mary last night. bob (noun) big ol bitch NOTE used to describe extremely obese women. definite) bathroom.. For example. as it alludes to a female being well packed and not very clean. baltic (adj.) cold NOTE mainly used in the phrase 'it's bloody baltic' bang (verb." This word comes from the reference to the testicle.' baths..' '*John and Mary banged all night. when she is present will invite quite a lot of abuse.' genitals NOTE using this term to describe an induvidual girls parts. blow job † fellatio NOTE Standard unacceptable term. berk an idiot (usually male) NOTE derived from rhyming slang (Berkley hunt. i. bell end † tip of the penis NOTE enlish slang. 'John beats off twice a night. can be used to desribe the body part or as an insult. a friend or an enemy. 'Mary has big boobs. eg: "What are you doing. transitive and intransitive) † jack off (verb. Etymology: Probably from furry skin of animal of similar name Pronounciation: Bee-vah beef (noun. bollocks .' biatch (noun) variant of bitch NOTE Can be used to refer to a male or a female.e.(for accent purposes). illegitamate male NOTE very common term. hey. transitive) † to fornicate NOTE Does not seem to have intransitive use:\] 'John banged Mary all night. cunt).' beef curtains (noun) ‡ offensive term for the female excitement NOTE John blew his wad when he won the lottery John blew his wad when he saw mary naked. "BARKley" bi (adjective) bisexual NOTE abbreviated form of bisexual: 'John is bi.' boob breast (female) NOTE Relatively acceptable today. count) † erection NOTE Term not heard much today: 'John had his first boner when he was ten. 'John likes to boink Mary. such as in "Don't be a ball. Show me your beaver. plural) gay steam bath NOTE common term for steam bath. vulgar. to indicate surprise or make in one's pants NOTE 'John has a big basket.' beaver (noun. your beef curtains flap . 'Mary. restroom NOTE Canadian term: 'Mary's in the biffy. trans.' beast with two backs (noun) the form of a couple during intercourse NOTE Often used with "to make.. 'Mary gave John a good blow job.The Alternative Dictionaries ball (noun) stupid or silly person NOTE Generally used in response to an unintelligent action. bollicks uk slang the chap is a bit balls. look out for the bob. though "Berkley" would normally be pronounced. slang) † Vagina NOTE Usage: Sexual slang. used to express shock.or a load of bolicks boner (noun.31 - .' bloody hell (b&lUdI hell) oh my gosh NOTE english slang.' 'John found Mary out to be a vicious bitch.' blow your wad To spend all of your money NOTE John took Mary out and blew his wad on an expensive meal.

butch (adjective) masculine NOTE Term used may be used in heterosexual community. not parlour room term: 'Mary lost her cherry when she was 14. plural) buttocks NOTE 'Mary likes John's buns. Term not commonly used today. carpet muncher (noun) a person who performs homosexuals NOTE used humnorously. cancer stick (noun. chief (noun) a stupid person NOTE You're thick . 'John passed out in the can. NOTE First meaning uncommon. they'll kill you.' chuck to vomit NOTE "I'm going to chuck. 'Mary is very butch. chode. count) † A cigarette NOTE John.' bush boogie (noun) ‡ black person NOTE very derogatory term referring to Blacks. built like a brick shithouse (nounphrase. NOTE A legal term in British and Canadian law. dickchode! You're a chode! choke the chicken (verb phrase) † to masturbate NOTE "Bill was choking the chicken while reading Playboy" chow box † Eat Pussy NOTE Can be used as a command Christacrutchian † An insult NOTE A bible thumping.' chicken underage male. chicken hawk Gay male who likes underage males. state of being verginal NOTE standard colloquial term.: Shut up.32 - ..' NOTE Very commonly used.10 can (noun) Restroom. count) whorehouse NOTE Not used as commonly as 'whorehouse': "John found out that Mary was earning 10 bucks a night at the local cathouse. NOTE Not used in the straight .e. NOTE See 'buggery'. or more technically know as a Backslidious Hypocritious:) and simply called a Chian!!!! chubby chaser male who is attracted to fat c cacker (noun) someone who cacks NOTE Used as provocative gesture to unsavoury characters: eg "Sod off you cacker Rawhide" camel toes vagina NOTE a vagina as seen through a tight pair of jeans or pants. and only means stupid or dumb chocolate cha cha † Have anal intercourse NOTE John and George danced the chocolate cha cha all night. but is frequent (or used to be) in the gay community. back sliding hypocrite. guy NOTE Very used in the States bugger (noun) One who copulates in the rectum. chodelick! Piss off. derived from their jungle origins." cherry (noun) hymen. 'Mary thinks that John is a chubby chaser.. and so is John. NOTE in order to win a favor.' chicken queen † gay male who is attracted to underage males homosexuals NOTE Used somewhat derogatorily. used by 'masculine' gay males. to butter someone up cathouse (compound noun. 'You're a chief' Not rude at all. which isn't as strong.' Alternative form of 'chicken queen'. buns (noun. room with a toilet (toilets). each one masturbating. buddy (noun) pal. Not to be confused with "chode". count) † An event where a cunninlingus group of males stand facing each other in a circle.The Alternative Dictionaries brown (verb) to sniff an asshole. buggery (noun) The act of copulating in the rectum. second meaning common in the military and other large organizational institutions.' Term can be used for males who have had their first sexual experience: 'John lost his cherry last night. NOTE Used in the gay world only. bum-bandit person (male) who bangs bums NOTE it should be quite clear in what circumstance(s) this word could be used bunghole (noun) † anus NOTE very popular usage among US adolescents due in large part to MTV's Beavis and Butthead. choad (noun) † penis NOTE Popular high school word. 'John considers himself a chicken hawk. Huhuhuhuhuh.OR -chode † dumb person. idiom) † well built physiologically NOTE 'John is built like a brick shithouse. can be used alone OR as a prefix OR as a suffix NOTE e.' bull dyke (compound noun) † masculine lesbian NOTE synonym for diesel dyke.g.i." chuck throw NOTE "to throw a ball" circle jerk (compound noun. if you keep smoking those cancer sticks the way you do.

cream one's jeans (verb phrase. cocksucker (noun) ‡ A fellator. intrans. The verb is irregular .' clipped circumcised clit ‡ clitoris NOTE abbreviated form of clitoris. Its origins refer to the US's period of slavery. NOTE The term is used in a deragatory and insulting way.' clap. NOTE "Did you get the . ejaculate NOTE Possibly from "to come" (i.e. the (noun.The Alternative Dictionaries community much except by young adoleschents who are first experiencing the joys of sex. not used much today.' cock ‡ penis NOTE This is one of the more common synonyms for penis. 'John takes part in a circle jerk every Saturday night. mass) feces NOTE Common term. NOTE Term used only in the gay community. but should not be used in parlour room conversation: 'There is crap all over the front yard!' crapper (noun. cunt ‡ woman NOTE A very offensive word refering to a woman.' Mary is sitting on the crapper. any male person.) defecate NOTE Like other similar neutral terms. intransitive) † ejaculate NOTE sometimes spelled as 'cum'. this one should not be used n parlour room conversation.33 - . Canadian term.it is conjugated like 'come': "John came this morning. count) A piece of leather (usually) worn around the shank of the penis NOTE It purpose is to enhance an erection.) defecate NOTE Like other similar neutral terms. trans. This word should not be used in the presence of women except politically uncorrect ones. crap (verb.e.' cock ring (noun.' cracker (noun) white person NOTE A term used toward white people. as in "John is cumming inside Mary". i. noun) † semen." come stain (noun) † Stain (usually found on one's underwear (or pants) NOTE In addition to its obvious meaning term may also refer to someone getting very excited over something: 'John creamed his jeans when he saw the nude photo of James Dean. give my condoms back to John.' cum (neutral. It is a BIG insult to any black person in America..) † to have anal intercourse with someone NOTE This terms seems to be passing into obscurity: 'John cornholes Bill once a month. count) restroom. singular) gonorrhea NOTE Common term: 'John got the clap at the tubs again. coon (noun) † black person cornhole (verb. count) A person in the closet. closet queen (compound noun. 'John bought a new cock ring and wears it on weekends. Its direct object is the goal of location: 'John crapped his pants. toilet NOTE Common term. not offensive. For more details about the sex fight game see the phrase sex fighter closet (noun. played between two women who fuck each other with their clits.' cocksmoker (noun) † A fellator NOTE Any male person. you goddamn cocksucker. crabs body lice found in the pubic area NOTE Old term. clit fight (verb) A sexual game between two women NOTE come stain out of the sheet?" "Fuck you .' This term became immortalized when the flush toilet was invented by a Mr.' crap (noun. 'John was a closet queen before he came out. this one should not be used n parlour room conversation: 'John craps twice a day.' crap (verb. not offensive.' sheets)created by the remnants of intercourse fluids." Also may be spelled cum stain. mass) Hiding ones gayness. although most Whites do not seem to be offended by this term.' Term came out of the closet in the TV film 'Tales of the City. Crapper. also used as a verb. NOTE Term originated as 'in the closet'. then 'out of the closet' to refer to acknowledging ones gayness: 'John was in the closet for a long time before he came out of the closet last year.' come (verb. trans. 'Hey. come stain.' Term has since been extended to refer to any skeleton in the closet. anything one is unwilling to be open about. but should not be used in parlour room conversation: 'John is in the crapper. Someone who is a real jerk. 'John has a small cock. it is widely used in the porn industry (vide porn video dialogues & titles). 'Mary found crabs in her pubes.' cotton picker (noun) ‡ black person NOTE Derogatory term for Blacks. to ejaculate). idiom) † to ejaculate in The sex fight game. stronger than 'bitch.' 'John creamed his jeans when he saw Bill's restored '57 Chev.

transitive) have intercourse with NOTE unoffenive slang term. Probably based on 'dipstick'. dildo (noun.S. NOTE Term originated in gay community. count) male person NOTE Detrimental term. (The purpose of this is to desensitize the woman so that sex is no longer enjoyable. idiom) ‡ NOTE A derogatory expression. This word made history when a chief justice who was being confirmed for the Court was said to be called 'Long Dong Daddy. d darky (noun) † black person NOTE This is used a lot by older white people when referring to any black person. count) A person who likes to dress homosexuals NOTE Used humnorously. Used when the speaker it annoyed about someting: 'John told Mary to eat shit. 'John like going in drag.' '*John and Mary were diddling. transitive) to have intercourse with NOTE This verb is used only transitively. Queen of the Desert'. Original meanings refers to a species of berry found in the Southeastern part of the U. dingleberry † shit that dingles from the hairs breasts NOTE I'd sure like to dutch fuck her. Common expression in Southwestern U. count) penis NOTE shouldn't be used in parlor room conversatin. Doesn't know shit from shinola † NOTE "Doesn't know nothing" or "Can't tell good from bad" or. drag queen (noun. dyke (noun. It is not as offensive as nigger. A older and more completeversion is "Doesn't know shit from shinola and thinks they are both fat meat. dildo (noun. 'John came back from India a curry queen. diesel dyke (compound noun. NOTE "Eat me. e-mail address surrounding one's asshole NOTE Not commonly known. Considered racist. dickwad (adjective) † someone who acts like a jerk. drag tends now to be used as a a humorous term or to the show business. dick (noun. 'Mary thinks that John has a funny-looking dink. pecker'. but considered offensive if used outside of the community. e eat shit (verb phrase. implies the person is a loser. and as a sacrifice to the Almighty Lord. drag (noun.' diddle (verb. 'Cross dressing' is more general and politically correct.' doo-doo (noun. 'Mary saw the doo-doo on the lawn. dong (noun) † penis NOTE Not as common as 'cock' or 'pecker'.' Dutch or Dutch Fuck † To fuck someone between the lesbian NOTE Term used humorously but considered offensive by lesbians. mass) dress of the opposite sex. Women in some Indian civilizations were circumcised as a ritual.S. having the foreskin of the penis. NOTE Males were circumcised back in Biblical times as a form of obediance.' cut circumcised NOTE seems to be more British than American. dink † penis NOTE Slightly cute form of 'cock.' . Asshole.' eddress (noun) electronic address.' dork (noun. originally childish.' cut (n) circumcised. but it is still has very strong undertones.The Alternative Dictionaries cunt cunt ‡ vagina NOTE Considered more offensive than 'fuck' today. See 'clipped. and a form of punishment. . in reference to a person. you fucking dickwad" diddle (verb. it has no specific meaning. NOTE Used as a derogatory term.34 - . 'Alice Springs never was the same after the three drag queens left. count) † masculine up in feminine clothes NOTE Term refers to those who do shows or like to be outrageously over dressed. count) male person NOTE derogatory term. curry queen † gay male who is attracted to East Indian dipshit (noun) † any male person.' Not to be confused with 'cross dressing'. it does not have the intransitive use that 'fuck' and 'screw' have: 'John diddled Mary. count) penis dork (noun. an idiot. mass) feces NOTE unoffensive term. is now widely used in the heterosexual community. count) fake penis NOTE Also the name of a town in Newfoundland. count) † lesbian NOTE Term used amongst lesbians. or the clitoris removed. Term immortalized in the movie 'Priscilla." Shinola was a popular brand of dark shoepolish.

especially effeminate NOTE literally refers to creatures of legend/myth such as the character 'Puck' in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream".. etc. fag stag (noun) heterosexual male who enjoys the Australian term. french kiss (compound noun) to insert tongue into mouth while kissing NOTE Common term today. Here.flange.) the act of french kissing NOTE Common term today.35 - .The Alternative Dictionaries f fag † homosexual male NOTE abbreviated form of 'faggot'.' fuck (noun) ‡ (no meaning) NOTE Term can be used with the definite article as a pure expletive in sentence another man's rectum and then eats all of what he has deposited NOTE Adam is a faltcher. this expression is almost neutral: 'John just farts along writing his thesis. transitive) ‡ to have intercourse with innocuous things or nothing at all NOTE hardly offensive today. faggot † homosexual male NOTE used by gays to refer to each other--often humorously. though rare above four. James was feltching me something fierce last night. vulgar. 'Mary is a fruit fly. company of homosexual males. unattractive woman who cannot get her own men so she hangs around gay men. This construction is productive." fart (verb.. NOTE Newly coined term. Though banned on American TV it can be heard on Canadian TV and radio in certain limited cases. in school.) a female who enjoys the company of gay fist fuck (verb. as there is a stereotypical image of a fat. it must have a conjoined subject: John and Mary are fucking. fuck (noun) ‡ the act of fucking' (roughly) NOTE Synonymous with 'piece of ass. flash your gash (phrase) ‡ Invitation for intercourse. fart (noun) † The gas passed while farting. used to make connection.er) (noun. 'John likes to french kiss Bill and Mary. felch ‡ sucking one's own semen from the anus of the most recent anal sex recipient NOTE yechhhhh feltch(ing. intransitive) † to spend time doing homosexuals NOTE An alternate form of 'fag hag'. fairy homosexual male. I think I'm going to be your feltcher.' 'That car in front of us holding up traffic is just farting along. Still not acceptable in parlour room contexts. transitive) ‡ to insert one's finger into a vagina or a rectum for sexual tittilation.' fruit (noun. fag hag (n. otherwise it is considered derogatory. intrans. flange (noun. For example. NOTE Can be derogatory. transitive) ‡ to insert a clenched fist into a rectum NOTE Not necessarily limited to the gay world. NOTE Term can be used to refer to a rectal digital examination: "John enjoys getting finger-fucked by his physician. 'Did you smell that fart?' fart along (verb.) † to do something very slowly. 'John likes the french kisses he gets from Bill and Mary. Slightly less derogatory than faggot. finger fuck (verb. flatuate NOTE less offensive today than in the past. "He's a fairy." fish (n) † Woman (women) NOTE Used by gay men in a derogatory sense. fruit fly a woman who likes the company of male without conviction NOTE Lkke other terms using 'fart'. NOTE not very offensive today. idiom) A condom with appendages on the end supposedly to give more sensation to the recipient. projecting or raised edge. NOTE men. count) homosexual male NOTE term not used much today. slang) † Vagina NOTE Usage: Sexual slang. intransitive) † to pass wind.' french tickler (noun phrase. used humorously. fuck (verb.' fuck (verb. In the last twenty years it has become more acceptable in various contexts.verb) ‡ A man who orgasms into someone. foursome (compound noun) four people involved in sex together NOTE Refers to any combination of gender.' fart around (verb. NOTE 'John screwed Mary with a french tickler.' french kiss (compound n. You can see her flange Etymology: From engineering . refers to the putatively offensive odor emitted by female genitalia . NOTE This word was once considered the most unacceptable word in English. intransitive) ‡ have intercourse NOTE See fuck (transitive).' 'John had a hot fuck last night.

i. fuck around!" fuck around (verb. Originally." fuck up (verb.: Mary told John to go fuck himself." fucked up (passive participle) to be using larger doses of drugs than normal such as alcohol or acid NOTE Used in the drug community for people who are tripping hard. NOTE "John's just fucking around today. idiom) ‡ NOTE Expression in response to an unwanted and undesirable action done to the speaker. If the reader can't figure it out. glory hole (compound noun) a hole in the ground maladjusted. NOTE "John's fucking Mary around all the time.e. 'John was the victom of a gangbang. fuck up (verb." "The customer expects up at 8am-. (1) "John really fucked his assignment up.be sure you have your shit together." get bent get fucked NOTE Said in a derogtory way. unless. Mary?' 'The fuck you say!' It can also be used with the definite article: 'Like fuck I'm going to date Mary tonight!' fuck around (verb. (2) to cause someone to become psychologically unstable.' get off ejaculate NOTE 'John finally got off when Mary shoved a dildo up his ass. prepare one's self NOTE "I wish Mary would get her shit together and quit letting Bill beat her up whenever he gets drunk.' glory hole (compound noun) † a hole in a partition something. transitive) ‡ (1) to make a mess out of an individual NOTE The group usually refers to males. transitive) ‡ To be somehwt fucking (adjective) ‡ (no specific meaning) NOTE term is commonly used as an expletive with a pejorative sense: 'John is a fucking asshole. (passive participle) ‡ (1) to be psychologically maladjusted. fucked up (passive participle) ‡ (1) to be psychologically dividing two toilets NOTE I'll leave the function of this hole up to the imagination of the readers.' get laid (verb phrase.' fugly (adjective) † short for fucking ugly NOTE "Damn. but not acceptable in polite society." (2) "John's parents really fucked him up. Why don't you go get bent! get it on have sex NOTE 'John got it on with Mary. he would have no gay buddies.' formerly excavated for mining. NOTE See fuck up (intransitive). No I am not talking to you Im talking to that Gangsta Bitch over on the corner get {one's} shit together correct personality deficiency.The Alternative Dictionaries initial position: 'What the fuck are you doing. that bitch was fugly" g gangbang (compound verb) to peform in a gangbang NOTE dishonest with someone. intransitive) ‡ do nothing imporant or 'John was gangbanged while in jail. term probably required a female subject. intransitive) ‡ go away NOTE Used an expletive to indicate to indicate mild annoyance: "Well.' gangsta bitch A female who is less than a woman. this expression has abouat the same meaning as 'get lost'. go away. presumably. asshole!" fuck oneself (verb phrase) ‡ get lost NOTE Outside of the literal meaning which few males can do. fucker (noun) ‡ One who fucks NOTE 'John is a squirrely fucker. he should consult his gay buddies. the reader is homophobic. passive) have intercourse NOTE Relatively common term. NOTE These glory holes have become overgrown with grass and weeds since . fuck off (verb.36 - . give a shit † to care NOTE Usually used with negative particle: 'John doesn't give a shit about Mary. intransitive) ‡ make a mistake NOTE See fuck (transitive). "John is really fucked. who hangs out with or participates with a crowd that is involved in gang activity NOTE Natolie is a Gansta Bitch. but either gender may be a subject today: 'John got laid last night. intransitive) ‡ go away NOTE Usually used as a command in an uncomplementary sense: "Fuck off. (2) to be a mess (of situations and certain objects) NOTE Derived from and generally synonymous with 'fuck up'. of course." fuck me harder (sentence.' get it up (verb phrase) † get an erection NOTE rather mild term: 'John got it up when he read Playbunnie.' fucker (noun) ‡ a male person NOTE Derogatory term: 'The little fucker stole 10 bucks." "John's project is fucked beyond hope. in which case. (2) to be a mess (of situations and certain objects) NOTE See 'fuck up'.' gangbang (compound noun) a group performing sex on nothing at all." fuck around (verb. fucked (past tense of fuck).

NOTE John: How's your hammer hangin' Joe? Joe: not too bad thanks for asking. transitive) to take unscrupulous advantage i itchy eye (noun) hemorroids NOTE another term for hemorroids referring to one of the symptoms.. There is a state park in the Sonora region of California called 'Glory Hole State Park' The name of this park must amuse all of the Bay Area queens who like to cruise around in the foothills. Greek † Anal Intercourse NOTE Mary likes to have it Greek. the word "honkey" was coined...' have (verb.10 hard-on (noun) † penile rection NOTE Most common of the synonyms for erection. you drive like a Negro (with no respect for other drivers). Unisex...'Mary asked John if she could give him head' herb (noun) A male. Thus. Sometimes it is spelled 'goddam': 'John is a god damn liar. Back in the day.. Example: John is such a hodgie! He showed his dick to me last night! honkey (noun) white person NOTE A rather humorous term used toward white people. An example of its usage is. 'John and Mary went down on each other. Groe (noun) † A Negro. go down on (verb phrase) † perform oral sex NOTE This term is not very commonly used today.37 - .Is considered very strong by the religious. "Hey Bobby. Used extensively in New England (USA). "John woke up with a hardon. NOTE head (noun) fellatio NOTE To give or receive. It is a very visual descriptive word which shouldn't need too much explaining. transitive) to copulate NOTE 'John had Mary last night. hummer † blow job NOTE current slang hung (adjective) to have a large penis NOTE 'Hung' has no comparative or superlative form. god damn † (expletive) NOTE Probably the oldest curse in English. I don't believe most Whites are offended by this term at all.The Alternative Dictionaries they were abandoned and pose a threat to unwary hikers. how's your hammer hangin'? (phrase) Used to inquire Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world. synonomous with dork hershey highway (noun) † lower intestinal tract surrounding the anus NOTE This word is very well known to gays." meaning. (most of the black female performers doubled as prostitutes) If the white men wanted to have sex with a certain black perfomer then he would honk his horn for her to come over to his car. hork To spit NOTE Used in 'Wayne's World'. or person of African descent NOTE A pejorative term for African-Americans.' Gob the knob † The act of performing fellatio.waiting for the black women that performed that night to come out.. some white men use to sit outside the Globe Theater in Harlem in their big American cars. Example: "You drive like a Groe." h hair pie vagina NOTE not as insulting as cunt for obvious reasons." have (verb. grostulation the contractions of the rectum during anal as to one's state of well being.. 'John is really hung..' j jack off (verb. or Negroes. derogatory. OR John: How's your hammer hangin' Joe? Joe: A little to the left and in the dirt. gook (noun) † oriental person NOTE Asians do not like this term at all.you want to ride down my hershey highway?" hodgie (noun) ‡ An openly gay man.' golden shower the act of urinating on another person.' '*John is hunger than Bill.' .. NOTE Originated from an individual named Sean Hodgson. Influences others by the showing of the penis etc. transitive) ‡ masturbate another person NOTE The direct object is a male.. though many persons of the collar have been heard to use it. 'Mary jacked John off since she wouldn't screw him.' sex NOTE from the English "gross" meaning disgusting or vile! gummer (noun) blow job from an old (toothless) person NOTE derived from "hummer" with alteration concerning lack of teeth in mouth: "Sometimes I wish Bert would give me a gummer. "I've got the itchy eye!" of NOTE 'John was had by the salesman. That symptom being the itching sensation of the sphincter.

she was surprised and said. john (noun) the client of a prostitute NOTE Becky was paid well by her john for the nooner. 'Jesus H. Jesus H. pronounced lubee-dough) loo watercloset. mass) † penis NOTE Unlike 'cock'. love juice semen NOTE Not commonly used: 'John squirted his love juice all over Mary. 'Mary woke up in the john.Used in the phrase. this noun can not be counted: *'John has a big meat. intransitive) ‡ masturbate NOTE (also transitive). john (noun) restroom. Proper Use is. He jayed my baseball cap! jerk off (verb. 'John knocked Mary up last week. look at the size of her knockers!" know {one's} shit be very competent NOTE "When it comes to plumbing. she was surprised and said. k kike (noun) † jewish person NOTE (rhymes with bike) knock up (verb. ex.' jugs breasts NOTE Mary has got a massive pair of jugs jungle fever (noun) Horny for black men NOTE Racially biased preference or sexual desire for black men by a white woman. Amer.' but: 'John has a big piece of meat. Presumably derived from a johns need for anonymity. is the krunk going to hit the fan" Used as an alternative to 'jack off' in both l lace curtains foreskin Libido {sexual instinct. plural) breasts NOTE Providence: more common in the United Kingdom than in North America Pronunciation: rhymes with talkers Etymology: breasts knock against each other when moving Example: "Ooooh.) v. Christ! You can't be pregnant!' jizz (noun) † sperm NOTE Common a generation ago." jay (N. jizzum (noun) † sperm NOTE Almost obsolete form of 'jizz'.' . "John doesn't know jackshit about women. restroom. "You got jungle fever?" threesome NOTE Implies John is fucking one person while getting fucked by another.' jackal to jack off NOTE (verb)ok to use in class (i have and teachers usually don't mind(just be care full)) jackshit (noun) NOTE "nothing". room with a toilet (toilets) NOTE Very commonly used." krunk (noun) Word used in place of dirty word NOTE Made popular on late night show by Connan O'Brian. When Mary learned that Debbie's boyfriend was black. When Mary learned that Debbie's boyfriend was black. The source of the middle initial is uncertain.) butch men in a row NOTE Term refers to butch or hunky men lined up at a bar or at tables along the wall in a bar or some gay establishment. In Britain in means to get someone up by knocking. "You got jungle fever?" jungle fever (noun) Horny for black men NOTE Racially biased preference or sexual desire for black men by a white woman. "What a load of krunk" or "Oh boy. def. this term is fading. which feeds by sweeping down to the ground and picking up morsels of food in that manner. but could be used in menage a trois with two men and one woman. transitive and intransitive) † masturbate NOTE knockers (noun. lust} NOTE John's Libido was high the first night he was alone with Mary. 'John jacked off after Mary went home. to steal NOTE [jei] etym. Term could be used by women in search of hetersexual guys. Used in the gay world. being replaced with 'come'. but could be said of men: 'John and Mary are both very loose' lop cock (compound noun) † Circumcised penis NOTE This term not currently in use. Bill really knows his shit. considered offensive by the religious.' lucky Pierre (compound noun) the middle male in a senses.' loose (adjective) † sexually permiscuous NOTE Origannly said of women. The men are obviously waiting to be picked up. Emphasis on "shit". It seems to have been used in the 30's and 40's. toilet NOTE British term: 'John has gone to the loo.' meat puppet (noun) penis. origin probably from the bird "jay". (Not common) NOTE "Do you want to play with my meat puppet? meatrack (noun.The Alternative Dictionaries jack off (verb. transitive) impregnate NOTE American term.38 - . Christ (name) † NOTE An expletive. m meat (noun.

'John has small nuts. 'mohter' has become so bad. idiom) † be patient NOTE used as a complement of 'keep.g.F.' n N. noun (count) the person involved in a nooner NOTE p pain in the ass (noun phrase) † nuisance NOTE Common expression in the heterosexual community: 'John is a fucking pain in the ass. Allison. nellie effeminate NOTE refers to males. even more so than "mother fucker. on the blob † it's that time of the month NOTE Used commonly when encountering foul mooded women.' muff diver † one who performs oral sex on a woman NOTE o oh shit! (expletive) † NOTE Expression used when an unexpected or undesirable event has occurred or is about to occur: 'Oh shit! Now I'll never get that paper done. Seems to be etymologically related to the Dutch word 'neuken (to fuck). 'John thinks that muff divers are repulsive. though could be considered offensive. Black people often use this toward each other in an insulting way. Ir shows intense anger of the speaker.: 'John got his tits in a knot and he kept them there.' This term could be the most offenseive expressed in the language.: 'John kept his tits on. 'have'. This is US East Coast lingo.39 - . .e. nooner." see The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary also provided by Hans-Christian Holm. that now spekaers of such dialects do one refer to eir mothers as 'mother.' pearl necklace (compound noun) † sperm surrounding one's neck after ejaculation NOTE This term comes from the straight community. 'John's mother found John's sheets full of pecker tracks.wazzzup?" However.. noun (count) sex at noon (during one's lunch break) NOTE Term usually refers to males who can't get away from home in the evening." It is commonly used by Blacks amongst themselves.The Alternative Dictionaries morning wood NOTE Erection of the penis first thing in the morning mother fucker (compound noun) ‡ A very gross person NOTE nudger † HomoSexual NOTE John is a nudger nut † testicle NOTE Alternate form of 'ball'.' pecker † penis NOTE almost as common as 'cock' pecker cheese (compound noun. mother fucking (adjective) ‡ (an expletive) NOTE Derived form 'mother fucker.G. etc. 'oh no. VERY strong word when used by any non-black person toward any black person. In certain dialects it has been shortened to 'mother'. non-count) ‡ phlegm NOTE Not used in polite company: 'Neither John nor Mary are into pecker cheese.. ma.little nigga.' 'Oh shit! We're gonna crash!' old fart (noun) † An older male person.' it is as offensive as 'motherfucker. it is a VERY.' orlando (noun) † rural black person NOTE This term refers to the "old-school" black person who does not keep current with the "gansta" styles of music or clothing. (acronym) † No Fucking Good NOTE Usage example: Your idea is NFG. but with still the same intensity in meaning. For more on the subject of "Black English.' nigga (noun) ‡ (see nigger) nigger (noun) ‡ black person NOTE This is probably the most explosive and violatile word in the English language.' one's tits on (prepositional phrase. NOTE Usually used humorously.' noonan dorky. very annoying person NOTE "My college roommate is a noonan. count) † Sperm left Term usually refers to males who can't get away over on a sheet or other similar object after masturbation is complete. 'keep. she's on the blob!' one's tits in a knot † be upset NOTE used as a complement of 'get'.' pecker tracks (compound noun. usually gay though not necessarily: 'John is a bit nellie. nookey (noun) † sex NOTE Spelling uncertain..' 'John's going out to look for a little nookey tonight. mom': 'John is a real mother fucker. NOTE Noun normally used in the plural." Derived from an ND freshman with the roommie from hell. nooner. etc. "Hey!. as in. but use a different term such as 'mama. a small clause.' from home in the evening. 'Mary is not fond of pearl necklaces.

count) † anal canal NOTE Not a common term: 'John likes to shove long slender objects up his poopshoot. have': "John got a piece of ass last night. Be careful! It can enrage those who are the recipient of this term.' phungky (adj.g.) cool. Non-desript hands in your pocket(s) NOTE "I was playing pocket pool with myself as I stood in front of her" poon tang (noun phrase) † vagina. plow (verb) aggressive insertive intercourse NOTE The passive partner can "get plowed" or "be plowed. I have to pinch one off." piss off (complex noun) † thing or person that causes one to be angry. 'John got pissed to the Gills at the White Swallow. Young punk. when Nick promised to "plow a few pertinent wives.g. idiom) † a fuck NOTE used as a complement of 'get'." It means that John pissed and pissed and pissed." The variant spelling.' pitch a tent in your shorts (phrase) To get an erection NOTE When John saw Mary naked he pitched a tent in his shorts. "I need to take a break. "John pissed up a storm.' poopshoot (noun.' .' pissed to the gills (adjective phrase) † very inebriated NOTE One of many expressions for inebriation. "John pissed Mary off. how's that game of pocket pool going?" pocket pool to play with yourself discreetly with your phrase describing the common position of the bumholerous fuckerous pinch one off (compound verb) defecate NOTE Expletetive reference by men to defecation. large piss flappers.t. At work Steve said. pee-pee penis NOTE Childish term. He's just a little piss ant. "Hey John." Usually has unintentional reading. pussy NOTE slang. "poopshoot.' period (noum) menstrual period NOTE standard colloquial term. intransitive) urinate NOTE Used fairly commonly today. It has transitive function similar to 'piss'. not parlour room term: 'Mary started her period yesterday. poop (noun. transitive) † make angry NOTE E. "John pissed his pants." (Also: to "pinch a loaf") piss (verb. NOTE Derived from the complex verb 'piss off': 'Mary finds John to be quite a piss off. Non factor NOTE "Don't worry about John.' poopshoot (noun. intransitive) † urinate piss ant (descriptive) a sheepish person. used by other races. as in "Up the old poop chute.40 - .The Alternative Dictionaries peckerwood (noun) † white person NOTE A derogatory word for white males. count) ‡ women's labia NOTE Very rude expression: 'John amazed at Mary's up dog feces NOTE A somewhat cutesy term: 'The people of big cities are expected to use pooperscoopers when they take their dogs out for a walk. count) small shovel for picking individual. (noun) † NOTE This term is pretty self-explanatory. count) † rectal canal NOTE Not commonly used today: 'John's got bugs up his poopshoot. pissed (predicate adjective) drunk NOTE derived from 'pissed off': 'John got pissed at the bars last night.' pillow biter more commonly known as a homosexual! NOTE pissed (predicate adjective) angry NOTE derived from 'pissed off': 'John was pissed after they threw him out of the bar. pee (verb. other spelling for funky NOTE e. Acceptable on American television.w.' piss up a storm (verb. piss flappers (compound noun.g. dude! piece of ass (nounphrase. mass) feces NOTE Relatively harmless term: 'Look at all the dog poop on the front lawn!' poop chute (noun phrase) anus NOTE the passage through which excrement travels. 'Johnny's pee-pee hurts. Litterally: to terminate the action of feces extrusion through the anus by contracting the muscular anal aperture. semi-idiom) † urinate for a relative long time NOTE E. piss (verb. possibly derived by analogy from "trash chute." does not seem to reflect the derivation of the word pooper-scooper (noun.' poor white trash or p.g." a phrase often used to describe the anus in the context of discussions of anal sex." pocket pool (noun) to stand with hand(s) in pockets and fondle penis/testicles NOTE Requires boxer shorts and pleated trousers.: Your new CD is phungky. transitive) † urinate in one's clothing NOTE E.' piss off (verb." Albee's _Virginia Woolf_ used plow in the active sense.

quim (noun) † Female genitailia NOTE (n)vulg. I am Ranching. not harsh.' red wings Preforming cunnilingus during menses NOTE To earn your "red wings" would be to eat pussy during menstration." 2)Political slant.' pull one's pud † masturbate NOTE As far as it is known. it is being used more and more in the gay community. quim nuts † used to refer to a particularly hanging vagina. psychotic NOTE derived from deranged postal workers who shoot people and then commit suicide "John went totally postal on me today. meaning comfortable female parts. person. "John was pulling the pin last night. red tide (noun phrase. "John is a Queer Activist. Queer (KWEER) ‡ 1)A Catchall word for someone who is Gay. redneck (noun) racist white person NOTE This term previously refered only to the rural prejudice whites. postal crazy. NOTE john said. orig. mainly used to describe male frustration at girlfreinds period i. meaning comfortable female parts. Judy. Bisexual.41 - . "ooh I could nestle in that quim tonight". orig in university campuses. like a fart queen gay male who is dominant and rather effeminate NOTE ejaculation NOTE To Ranch. john' 'nah mate she's on rag week' Rainbow Kiss when a menstruating female engages in reciprocal oral sex with a man ("69ing") and mixes his semen with her vaginal secretions and blood during a passionate kiss after orgasming in eachother's mouths." Originated in Birmingham slang. There is some variation whether 'pussy' refers to any cat or a female cat. missing a penalty kick. 'John was pulling his pud. angry. Scotland. but not a woman. 'been getting it regular with your bird eh. who have reddish necks (or a "farmer's tan"). Transgendered.The Alternative Dictionaries porch monkey (noun) ‡ black person NOTE A very derogatory term referring to Blacks. orig. honey I am going to Ranch.g.e. . This word is very common among the rural areas of the US. firm breasts NOTE Check out the rack on that chick! rag week (noun) † the week of the female period NOTE slang. mostly farmers. queer † homosexual male NOTE Once considered very derogatory. NOTE Often used in conjunction with the word 'excess': e." prick (noun. queef † a pussy fart NOTE i." pussy † vagina NOTE also refers to a cat. The "eater" would then have a "blood mustache". its usage has become a lot looser in the past few years and now includes any racist white. etc. I have Ranched. "ooh I could nestle in that quim tonight". "I had to get rid of the reestie excess" trans.' pubes pubic hair or pubic area NOTE Recent derivation: 'John found crabs in his pubes.e. not harsh. object or This term is used on construction with many other terms. reestie (adj) Describes unpleasant odour. Derived from the word quadraplegic. ranch (ed/ing) ‡ The action and content of a males q quad (noun) NOTE A very clumsy person. count) penis NOTE Just another word for it: 'Mary like's John's big prick. Lesbian.:"I had to rid myself of the unpleasant odour/object/person etc. 'pud' only occurs in this idiom. Scotland.g. idiom) † menstral period NOTE 'red' obviously refers to 'blood': 'Mary's red tide turns John off." quim † vagina NOTE less offensive term than cunt quim (kwimm) † Female genitailia NOTE (n)vulg.' pull the pin (verb) to masturbate NOTE Derived from pulling the pin of a grenaded.with reference to annual charity 'rag' week. an unpleasantly smelling encapsulation of gas excreted through the vagina. Ask for Dr."look at the quim nuts on her" whilst browsing through a crotch mag. Often used amongst friends when one makes an embarrasing play during a sports match. Oh. However. missing the backboard. e. or a straight "friend. NOTE For more information on a Rainbow Kiss call 1-800-***-**** M-Th 10pm-12am EST. r rack (noun) large.

It is often used as a expletive comment: 'Oh shit!' shit (noun." shitfaced (adjective) † very intoxicated NOTE 'John and Mary really got shitfaced down at the bar last night.caresses.' 'John thinks screwing Mary is fun. Sex fight can be played between members of the opposite or the same sex. parallel to 'fucking'. many subreferents. trans." shit (noun) † feces NOTE Very commonly used today..' rim job (n.' shitcan (verb) † NOTE To get rid of something.) ‡ to lick someone's anus NOTE 'Mary rimmed John's asshole. count) † a person NOTE Used dentrimentally: 'John is being a shit today.g." rim (v. they can use sex fight in order to find out what they will see.) † to lie to someone NOTE Perhaps not as strong as the verb 'to lie': 'John is always shitting Mary. It's played with kisses. screw off. "John got drunk and spent the whole night riding the porcelain bus. "Shitcan that paper.: John shit his pants. idiom) † really out of luck NOTE 'John was shit out of luck after he failed his course for the third time. riding the porcelain bus throwing up in the toilet NOTE Australian slang. intransitive) defecate NOTE Verb not used as much as noun.) ‡ the act of 'rimming'--licking someone's anus rump-shaker (noun) † the act of sexual intercourse NOTE example: John and Mary left to do the rump- shaker. If he/she does so. it has many.' shithead (compound noun) † a person NOTE Used detrimentally only.The Alternative Dictionaries rice queen † gay male who is attracted to Asian prick and/or cunt pushes and a lof of dirty talking to excite your sexual opponent in order to make him/her come first.' fight game NOTE A sex fighter tries to make his/her opponent come first when he/she is fucking with her/him.Sex fight can also be used in order to prove someone's superiority via sex.' shitfit (compound noun) † any kind of a small fit NOTE 'John had a shitfit when Mary dumped him for Bill. the meaning to be very astonished: "John shit his pants when Mary told him she was knocked up. the horniest this time. "Pirate Pat was playing with his Scallywag.) defecate in ones clothes NOTE E. For more details of this game see the phrase sex fighter. the winner decides. Considered racist. 'John is a real shithead." scat indulgence in feces NOTE Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world. 'Screwing' does not exist as an expletive. he/she is the winner of the sex fight game. shit (verb. screw around. sex fighter a man or a woman who likes to play the sex shit out of luck (preposition phrase?. He/she is the winner anyway. e. The loser comes first !Sex fight has nothing to do with S/M.t. transitive and intransitive) † fuck NOTE Can be used as a replacement for most functions of 'fuck': screw up.42 - . transitive) to take unscrupulous advantage of NOTE 'The used car salesman screwed John again.Sex fight can be played between two persons in order to find out who is the best in bed. strong . scallywag (noun) penis NOTE Origins unknown. It can be played between members of the same sex. dude. Sentences of this sort have in addition to the literal meaning. If they have a different oppinion for something they can play sex fight. It does exist as a gerund and a participle: 'John is screwing Mary.' shit on a shingle (nounphrase) chipped beef on toast NOTE homosexuals NOTE Used humnorously. In addition to its literal reference.g.' 'John had a hot screw last night.g if the man wants to see a basketball game and the woman wants to see a soap opera. shit (verb. screw (verb.' shit (verb.' sex fight (verb) A sexual game played between two US army term popularized during World War II. Richard was proud to be a sausage jockey. persons NOTE A sexual play in which each sexual partner tries to make his/her opponent come first. s sausage jockey † homosexual male NOTE used to desribe the act of bottom sex between two gays.bites.' screw (verb. He/she is better in bed than her/him.' screw (noun) † fuck (noun) NOTE Synonymous with 'piece of ass.Many times the final winner comes right after his/her opponent. E. trans.

plural definite) diarrhea NOTE Always used with the definite article: 'John has the shits.impling that she is cheap. slut (noun. idiom) ejaculate NOTE Not a parlour room term: 'John shot his load when he saw the nude photo of James Dean. sweet f. sissy † an effeminate male.' shoot one's wad † ejaculate NOTE Same as shoot 'ones' load: John shot his wad as soon as he stepped into the circle jerk. fuck all NOTE nothing." suck a fatty † Go suck a big fat dick! NOTE Usually used in the place of fuck you swedish homosexual NOTE One of several euphimisms for gay: 'John is swedish. a homosexual male NOTE The second reading is often used humorously by gays: "We're going to a sissy bar.' shitstain † NOTE (noun) stupid person. 'John and Bill sixtynined each other.' sixty-nine (compound noun) † perform oral sex NOTE This term tends to be used humorously. in bed. less offensive today than a generation ago: 'Mary thinks that John is one son of a bitch. "The weather over here is really shithouse!" It can also be used as an expletive. spooge sperm NOTE "When I got home from fucking my girlfriend I took off my clothes.spurt (verb) † masturbation (particularly when the cum spurts out) NOTE "John was playing squirt -nspurt last night. transitive and reciprocal) † very common term. shitlist (compound noun) † a hypothetical list of person skull fuck fellatio.43 - . count) † a loose and morally questionable whom one is angry at NOTE Used in the following ways: 'Mary is on John's shitlist. courageous in USA. This word's origins are derived from both the past and present state of hunting styles by African natives. you know. and damned if I didn't have dried spooge spunk semen NOTE Common in UK but spunk or spunky meaning plucky. 'John and Bill performed 69 on each other. NOTE Kristin gave Dino the skull fuck of his life during the Canucks game Saturday! slant ‡ someone of chinese origin NOTE considered to be very racist by Asians. shoot one's load (verb phrase.gummer.a to do today sweet fucking Jesus (phrase) ‡ expletive with no to reciprocally perform oral sex with a partner NOTE This term derived from the noun.' particular meaning.ugly and sexually active..' sixty-nine (compound verb."Jack has a stiffy cause Jill pulled her panties down. For example. surprise and generally feeling upset about something or .' (The number of people John is angry at grows) shits (noun.' shits (noun. plural definite) † any displeasurable woman NOTE Not as bad as 'cunt': 'John thinks that Mary is a slut' snatch † vagina NOTE less offensive term than cunt sod off (command) trying to tell someone you are not impressed by their presence NOTE Can be used as an alternative to "fuck off": "Look you arsehole. squirt -n.' (John is angry at Mary) 'John's shitlist gets longer. conveying annoyance." stiffy (noun) an erection NOTE An example of its usage is. sod off!" son of a bitch (noun phrase) † a despicable person NOTE situation NOTE Always used with the definite article: 'The weather is the shits today." sister platonic gay buddy of another gay NOTE Term not used by 'masculine' gays today: 'John and Bill are sisters. Somewhat stronger than calling someone a "shit" shitstain † NOTE (noun) stupid person. NOTE uk word.' shithouse (adjective) bad situation NOTE Australian and UK term referring to a situation that is not going right. Somewhat stronger than calling someone a "shit" shoot off (complex verb.blow job. slapper † abusive word for a woman.hummer..' sweet f.. intransitive) † ejaculate NOTE Same as shoot 'ones' load: John shot off as soon as Mary touched his dick.' spank the monkey (verb phrase) † to masturbate NOTE "John was in the bathroom spanking the monkey" spear chunker (noun) ‡ black person NOTE A very derogatory term referring to Blacks.a.The Alternative Dictionaries shithouse † outhouse NOTE 'John knocked the shithouse over while Mary was using it. eg.

" Usually has intentional meaning. Only has female reference. to be rude NOTE "John was dogging Jane all week because she wouldn't get in bed with him. (idiomatic verb phrase) † spot NOTE also used to indicate foolishness. as in words or actions toss my salad (verb. "John enjoys it when he gets tea bagged".' take a dump (ver phrase.' undesirable consequences occur as the result to something.' It has an intentional reading." take a shit (verb. semi-idiom) † urinate NOTE E.' threesome (compound noun) three people involved in sex together NOTE Refers to any combination of gender. "Can I toss your salad?". idiomatic) defecate NOTE Very non-standard colloquial term: 'John took a big dump last night.' 'John took a crap. with several automobiles up on blocks. being in a tight t take a crap (verb. Can also be used as an insult. . NOTE used in context 'John's a tosser' John is annoying trailer trash (noun) † NOTE This term is a little more descriptive than poor white trash." to swain (v.g. This word refers to American whites living in trailers with yard's full of trash and chickens. Tea Room NOTE a washroom where sex takes place (usually in the gay culture) telesis (noun) progress inteligently planned NOTE pacific telesis is the name of a company in California.' 'John took a crap in his pants.' take a piss (verb. if you don't have enough money to pay you'r going to get your tit in a wringer. ie.f. It is a very BIG insult in the US. but may refer to male nipple area especially if chest is not flat." tinkle urinating (of females) NOTE This term is usually avoided by females. "Toss my salad!"." "Mary was dogging Jane because she found out about her and John. none of which run. A purely technical term as in "My buddies and I made Mary a threeway woman last night. idiom) † defecate NOTE Synonymous with 'take a shit. This term is used mostly among older Americans. count) homosexual pickup NOTE 'John picked up three tricks last night. tittie breast NOTE Childish term for 'tit'. Rather. NOTE The verb here is fully inflected and can be modified: 'The shit really hit the fan when Mary told John she was knocked up. tit † breast NOTE Usually refers to female breast.) type of fellatio NOTE The act of sucking the testicles. "John took a piss. in a humorous sense. tar baby (noun) ‡ black person NOTE very derogatory term referring to Blacks. masculine) To enagae in anal intercourse NOTE Used by males in prison to engage in anal intercourse.' 'The shit always hits the fan when John calls Mary a dyke. "Mary tea bags real nice".The Alternative Dictionaries somebody. tit in a wringer (phrase) getting in a jam. NOTE Quite popular in the porn industry. and interesting because is the only phrase where "bollocks" is used in a positive way. The shit hit the fan. name of a pint of beer made by the Hobgoblin pubs. tosser † someone who one does not like. the dogs bollocks † excellent NOTE Probably from London.44 - . whereas "John shit his pants. tea bagging (adj. trick (noun. threeway woman (adjective noun) woman who lets the male gender be introduced orally. in her vagina and in anal intercourse. c. Can be used to refer gays urinating. They see it as a "clean non-gay" form of sexual pleasure. "John took a piss in his pants. NOTE Street jargon without expressedly blasphemical intention. titty fuck (noun) masturbation by inserting the penis between smooshed cleavage NOTE Another word for Dutch fuck." Note that "John took a shit in his pants" has an intentional reading. Inmates usually practice this with the aid of lubrication in the form of jelly or honey.) to spontaneously revoke or take back." usually has an unintentional reading. transitive) to mock or ignore someone. the expression is more or less generally functionalized as are "fuck" or "shit". similar to 'take a shit'. kind of like "Kiss my ass!".Example: "Man! Jill gave me the best titty fuck last weekend!" to dog (verb. This term is more acceptable than 'take a shit. idiom) † defecate NOTE Synonymous with shit (intransitive) "John took a shit.

The Alternative Dictionaries trick (verb.' trick (noun.' turd burglar (noun) male homosexual NOTE most often used in a derogatory and humorous manner twat † vagina NOTE less offensive term than cunt twink (noun. Amer.. I must be tripping. "What a wuss!" 2. smooth. dickwad! Piss off. count) a hooker's client NOTE 'Mary had three tricks last night. Even Mexicans call themselves Los Mojados ("the wet ones").. suffix that can be added freely to ANY word. tubs. stainwad! wanker † you are an arsehole. or simply. Although most people think so. She's trippin. trans. It follows or takes place of "Oops".' turd (noun. idiom) ‡ NOTE A deterimental term derived from 'up your ass'.." "She's wrong. plural) gay steam bath NOTE Used humorously. intransitive) 1.) n.. Border patrols can easily spot most illegals by wet clothing from crossing the Rio Grande. to be drunk 2. idiom) † masturbate NOTE to be in a bad situation with no obvious solution. w -wad † no real translation.. blond young NOTE derived from u up shit creek (prepositional phrase.' whiz urinate (verb) NOTE Probably taken from the sound a urine stream makes.' tripping/trippin (verb. v vertical bacon sandwich † labia NOTE Used to descride a particularly hanging vagina.45 - . The second usage refers to when someone makes a mistake. to be high off drugs wasted (verb. wicked pisser (noun) NOTE used in New England pronounced "wicked pissah" Descibing something very good or very bad. combination of the words "wimp" and "pussy" ex.: Shutup. Its logo was a white swallow (bird). wimp NOTE [wUs] etym. count) slim.. Its origins are derived from the Mexicans crossing illegally into the States.. and intrans. 'John wen to the tubs last night. sorry. i. the (noun. Wax the Dolphin † The act of male masterbation wee-wee penis NOTE children's term: 'Don't look at my wee-wee!' wetback (noun) hispanic person NOTE This term refers to all hispanics in the US.g. 'John thinks a little white swallow never hurt anyone. eg John thought that Debbies vertical bacon sandwich was the best he had ever tasted. whack off (v. sissy. asswad! Go away.) to have sex with a pick-up NOTE 'John tricked with three guys last night." It is mostly used by African-American groups and may not even be known outside of California. but it was forced to drop 'white'. Usage: when used without an article as in "This food is wicked pisser" it is taken to mean very good.' up shit creek (prepositional phrase. to not be thinking correctly NOTE The first usage is used more than the second. woody † Having an erection NOTE used quite often around males wordhole (noun) aka mouth NOTE Shut your wordhole choad! wuss (N. "John is really up shit creek now..' up yours (prepositional phrase. but certainly more so than 'shit': 'John found two cat turds on the floor. "I was a teenage wuss". idiom) † out of luck NOTE 'John was up shit creek when his computer crashed the night before his paper was due. when used with an article as in "Your job is a wicked pisser" its taken to mean something very bad. intrans. " water sports urination as a turn on NOTE Term not well known outside of circle and the gay world.) 1. NOTE an english word also to mean somebody who masterbates frequently . A bar there originally had this name. it is not a very offensive word to hispanics at all. Usage: "I've gotta take a whiz". willie tantrum NOTE "he's having a willie" wobbly pop (noun) beer NOTE on a hot day a cool wobbly pop sure goes down good. NOTE e. count) shit NOTE Not totally acceptable. "Oops. "I gotta whiz"." "Lucy wasted her car in the crash.) † synonym to 'jerk/jack/beat' off white swallow (compound noun) † semen NOTE Expression not very well known outside of San Francisco. to seriously mess up someone or something NOTE "John got really wasted at the party last night.

c^uro cum. Spanish "hijo de puta"). fuck in the arse k kaco † penis. fuck in the arse c c^iesulino prostitute. "filo" (son) and the affix "ac^" which denotes contempt (Comp. whore NOTE The literal meaning is "everyone's woman".). a moron m malc^astulino a slut NOTE This word means literally "contrary-to-chaste woman". kiss. merdo shit midzi † to perform fellatio on.' Or: 'John pulled a zoom-in on Mary last night.46 - . human sperm o onani to jerk off (oneself) onanigi to jerk off (someone else) p d patrinfikulo † mother-fucker pic^o † cunt publikulino prostitute.) From german : furzen s seksumi to fuck (intr. pugo † arse NOTE (noun) putinfilac^o † son of a bitch NOTE This is a combination of "putino" (whore).) ‡ to fuck off NOTE litt.a. have sex anusulo † arse-hole NOTE A combination of "anuso" (arse.' The Alternative Esperanto Dictionary a amori to make love. NOTE As in: 'Ew.k.The Alternative Dictionaries y Yasser (noun) † erection NOTE short for 'Yasser Crackafat' (Arafat obviously) coined by US soldiers referring to the buzz cuts common among the Asians. prick kaki ‡ to take a shit NOTE (kakaj^o = a turd) kojonoj balls v volupt{am}a lewd. close-up: a frighteningly sudden. to copulate sodomii to have anal sex sodomiigi to sodomize. horny The Alternative Estonian Dictionary . anus) and "-ulo" (person) kreteno an idiot. damne damned f Fek! † Shit! NOTE interjection feki † to shit NOTE (fekaj^o = shit [noun]) fiki † NOTE to fuck fingrumi (intr.) † to masturbate NOTE From "fingro" (finger) forfikig^i (intr. give a blow job to b bugri † to bugger. John kissed me last night. It was a real zoom-in. sometimes unwanted. This term was unexpected.: 'to become fucked away' frandzi † to perform cunnilingus on furzi to fart NOTE (intr. whore NOTE The literal meaning is "public woman". zoom-in (noun) a. z zipperhead (noun) † oriental person NOTE A very derogatory term for Asian people.

g. The word (middleclass) women tend to prefer when they have to refer to a penis. Mine vittu! Fuck off! (Liter. scumbag NOTE Originally the designation of a profession. in 2nd pers. somewhat stronger if used to refer to the adult organ. imperative) sniff! NOTE Important element used to make several important Finnish expressions of contempt or abuse: Haista paska! 'Sniff shit!' Haista vittu 'Sniff cunt!' Haista kusinen muna! 'Sniff a pissy prick!' Haista kukkanen.infinitive) † to fuck NOTE t türa (noun) † penis Everyday obscene language. or convinced that someone is putting you on.Ta tahab nussi{da}. prick NOTE neutral if used to refer to a child's penis.He wants to fuck. rowdy. literally Devil's whore. You're one fucking son-of-abitch. Pirkko made . . probably from "muna". .1. Pronunciation /nusssima/ p puts † cunt NOTE Pronunciation /puts´/(palatalized) n nussima (intrans. Especially effective in combination with mulkku 'prick. huora † a female prostitute. the word is also used in Finnish computer slang to mean 'floppy'. h haista (verb. w vitt (noun) † vulva.47 - . jonka lehmŠ eilen sši! 'Sniff the flower that the cow ate yesterday!' (A demure way of saying 'Haista paska!') haista vittu ‡ sniff cunt haistattelu (noun) insulting people by telling them to k kikkeli (noun) a little boy's penis. whore NOTE useful when insulting a woman by calling her Saatanan huora.an egg. Etymology unknown. either child or adult. kulli † dick. shlong kyrpä ‡ prick.verb. homo a gay male person. Etym.He fucks the woman.Go into cunt) The Alternative Finnish Dictionary b bölsiä (verb) † to fuck NOTE somewhat old-fashioned or small town/countryside slang j jumalauta ‡ (God Help) Oppositive euphemism to god (evil). exasperated.Go to hell. this word has undergone a pejoration of meaning so that it is now a common term of abuse. or trans. Eg.The Alternative Dictionaries m munn (noun) † penis NOTE Mine munni. cunt. wang sniff things NOTE This is general term referring to the use of curses beginning with 'Haista!' As in 'En siedä sun haistatteluas' "I can't stand your cursing at me by ordering me to sniff things!" Hevon vittu! ‡ Bullshit NOTE Literally 'Horse's cunt' Used when angry. Fuck off. m mela a big dick. homosexual NOTE commonly used also by gay people themselves. it can also be a strong insult when directed to a straight man in an expression: Saatanan homo! literally Devil's gay. penis' as in 'Sä oot yks mulkku jätkä' approx. l lerppu (noun) a penis that has just lost its erection NOTE Lierally 'a drooper'. . shlong. pussy NOTE E. a testicle Pronunciation /munn´/ (with palatalization) Ta nussib naist. juntti (noun) simple people NOTE city peoples expression for the dumb rural people jätkä (noun) lumberjack. literally: a pole that is used to propel a boat NOTE most common in underlined expression: Pirkko p:a:atti saada _melaa mekkoon_. The verb for calling someone with the name whore is huoritella.

to whack off runkkari (noun) wanker räkä (noun) snot NOTE Syö räkäs! 'Eat your snot!' is a common expression of contempt. I'm fed up. 'fuck off' vittujen kevät ja kyrpien takatalvi ‡ Oh fucking fuck! NOTE Most naturally used after the sentence initial 'Voi. Minua vituttaa! ‡ I'm pissed off! NOTE This literally means 'It cunts me. suoro (noun) a horse's or bull's penis NOTE Used humorously to refer to a larger than average human penis o Olen kyrpiintynyt.' NOTE Literally 'I'm pricked up.. literally 'Oh spring of cunts and cold spell of pricks'.. balls NOTE A recent borrowing from English.' The noun nainti refers exclusively to having sex.' w vedä käteen! ‡ go fuck yourself! literally masturbate. pieru (noun). :-) vetää käteen (verb) † masturbate. mulkku (noun sg.' It is one of the most common expressions of irritation in contemporary (urban) Finnish. not in erection. ‡ 'I'm pissed off. vitun äpärä † fuckin' bastard! voi helvetti † bloody hell voi vittu ‡ fuck this . contempt. naida (verb). an expression of extreme disgust. stondata (verb). paskat † shit Perkele! ‡ devil perse (noun) † ass. nainti (noun) to marry. also used as a euphemism for sexual intercourse in the expression antaa persettŠ 'to give some ass'.). an extremely Finnish way of telling someone to get lost. to fart NOTE Note derivatives: piereskellŠ 'to lay a series of short farts'. also used as a euphemism for sexual intercourse in the expression antaa persettä 'to give some ass'. NOTE very offensive. penis pillu † cunt NOTE used for girls between 18 . bullshit NOTE Literally 'shitberries' Used to express disgust. arse NOTE Refers to the buttocks.'.' muna dick. stondis (noun) † to have a hard-on. arse NOTE Refers to the buttocks.. pierŠhtŠŠ 'to fart suddenly' very offensive.) testicles. pieriä (verb) † fart.) NOTE The plural form refers to the entire assembly: Hän otti aurinkoa mulkut paljaana. NOTE p pallit (noun pl. paskan marjat † crap. :-) vedä käteen! ‡ go fuck yourself! literally masturbate. useful when getting unwanted suggestions. with shaft and testicles (pl. to have sex. Depending on whether the direct object is in the accusative or the partitive it has completely different meanings: Hän nai naisen. prick NOTE Usually means a cock that is in 'normal' state. mulkut (noun pl.The Alternative Dictionaries a decision of getting laid.25 pimpsa (noun) a little girl's vulva. 'He was sunning himself with all of his equipment bare. 'He is having sex with the woman. Hän nai naista.' The feminist equivalent of 'Minua vituttaa. useful when getting unwanted suggestions.) † penis (sg. stronger if used humorously to mean 'cunt' piru † devil r runkata (verb) † to masturbate. or exasperation. having sex NOTE This verb must be used with caution.48 - . 'He will marry the woman' vs. cunt NOTE Neutral slang in its original meaning.devil slerssi (noun) † cock. narttu bitch nussia ‡ fuck NOTE Yees hard-on NOTE The verb is used impersonally with the 'subject' in the adessive case: Mulla stondaa 'I've got a hard-on.). literally: Pirkko made a decision of getting an oar to her skirt. Can be used for an act of masturbation. penis s n saatana ‡ satan.' suksi vittuun! ‡ Fuck off! NOTE Literally 'Go ski into a cunt!' Culturally. wank NOTE Literally 'pull into one's hand'.inter perse (noun) † ass. or as an insult: 'vedä käteen!' approx.

comme un tigre (like a tiger). stuffy.. However. Do not use "baiser" to mean "to kiss" if you don't want to be misunderstood! bander (verb. insignificant or stupid person NOTE mildly offensive . literally 'brothel' NOTE better when preceded by 'putain de' bosser (v) to work NOTE Very commonly used expression referring to working at one's job. The proverb "l'habit fait le moine" (you judge the monk by his clothes. hopefully hard. of course. i. intransitive) to have a hard-on NOTE bander is commonly used for a bow drawn taut to let the arrow fly. the reverse would be quite possible: "débander".e. are expected to look very BCBG if they want to be successful. plural) † large.e. upper middleclass. branleuse (noun) † wanker. feminine. bloblos (noun. "Alors. conservative. French society hangs on to a large number of formalities that make the appearance of individuals (in terms of the language they use. bigornette (noun. and only mimicked popular forms of speech. the company they keep. although it can also be used in the negative (l'habit ne fait pas le moine)has some truth for most people. Bonjour je m'apelle Guillaume et je parle de MTL. BCBG Used to describe something very chic NOTE Acronym for "Bon chic. i. using vulgar language like the first female prime minister. It is likely that in an intimate setting Abélard might have said to Héloïse "je bande pour toi" (i have a boner for you).the clothes they wear. prick NOTE "Bitte" has the literal sense of "bollard". shit. which in contemporary French is "embrasser". tu débandes?" .negatively.. drooping b baiser ‡ to fuck NOTE This sense has almost replaced the earlier one of "to kiss". may have a similarity to a bow .. but in normal social intercourse it would not be considered appropriate to use any of those terms. the boobs NOTE The word can be considered somewhat vulgar . excessively formal. by and large. "bloblos" is a vulgarizing variation of a word found commonly in children's language. the source of milk.and. considering herself the most flat-chested actress in show business). Somehow the erect penis.the book by its cover). NOTE Prim and proper translates easily into bourgeois. bourré. used as an adjective.except to males drooling on big-chested women who obviously have not chosen the artificial firmness of silicone. hi. fat. an act of masturbation branleur. they might be considered akin to fishmongers. masturbation branlette ‡ a wank. BCBG (noun phrase.e pissed. translation: a fight. bite. noun) † chaos. mec. in particular. Originally used to describe high fashion. "lolos".) drunk NOTE lit: lit up attitudes they affect)incredibly important. but it can certainly be followed by a number of metaphors: bander comme un cerf (hard as a deer). on the whole.. bander is not used with a direct object. Now often used disparagingly to describe pretentious "yuppies". bon genre".49 - .and in the same setting she would be proud that he is "un bandeur". who was judged more by her appearance than by anything else. very BCBG.otherwise. fem) † cocaine/horse NOTE litt."Are you chicken?".i mi name is william and i call from montreal bordel (masc. In fact. Jane Birkin. both genders) prim and proper (literally). or the ultimate in good taste. Even though she was. is also used metaphorically for "to chicken out".just as in "tirer un coup" it is similar to a loaded gun. Female politicians. literally to become limp again. bitte † cock. commonly known as "du lolo". A particularly popular African wood with definite (and sometimes dangerous) aphrodisiac properties is know as "bois bandé".. Prendre de la bigornette. drunk NOTE [buRe] A very commonly used variation of "ivre" branlage ‡ wanking (noun).The Alternative Dictionaries The Alternative French Dictionary a allumé(e) (adj. Songwriter Serge Gainsbourg made ample use of "les lolos de lola" in his songs about dreamgirl Lola Rastaquouère (obviously not his wife. Edith Cresson.

clair comme dans le cul d'un negre ‡ clear as negro's of someone NOTE lit: to break someone's face Ex: Je casserai la gueuele à Jean -. me. when she answered during a scrum: "la bourse. a penis NOTE Is it because the opening at the tip is somewhat c caca ☺ poo. ass NOTE . noone uses the complete form "clitoris" for what most females consider the center of pleasure (unless they had the misfortune of coming from some African country where it's considered in poor taste to keep it). Putain. floors) NOTE a common verb that was used in a cryptic way by the first female prime minister of France. i. literally.a town where he became an essentially absentee mayor a few years later.no comment clair comme dans le cul d'un negre ‡ clear as negro's bald one with a turtleneck NOTE A large number of French males being uncircumcized. chatte † pussy NOTE Refers to the female genitalia. that she was too vulgar for the job. je me caille!: Shit.e. masculine) † The ass NOTE . feminine) clit NOTE Apart from medical journals. the can (US) cigare (noun. for the very sweet act of giving yourself pleasure. masculine) the Chinaman . and convinced the French. "Aller au charbon". masculine) coal NOTE "aller au charbon" is possibly to go down underground to mine it (which was common in several parts of France) or go to the cellar to bring some for the stoves. could have meant: going down to the level of "les charbonniers" (the coal-people). . The comparison between the penis and a cigar can even be found in more literary circumstances: in a scene of the novel Le Temps des Anges by Swiss-French ewriter Catherine Colomb. as some women will not only be able to smoke the joint. somehow. I'm cold! casser la gueule à quelqu'un (phr. which was quite short. French politics being a mysterious interplay between local (i. mec" (lick my clit.. but will also "avaler la fumée" (swallow the smoke. who deep down are quite conservative. used in: Ça caille!: It's cold.e." chinois (noun. i don't have any use for it). the vulgum pecus. as was common until the 1940s in many places. doo-doo NOTE Found in certain non-slang combinations such as "caca d'oie". cirer (verb. the expression "aller au charbon" was used by former prime minister Raymond Barre. "fumer le cigare" (to give a blowjob). Especially when she accused the British of being usually gay. cette putain de machine this fucking machine NOTE can be used in any phrase charbon (noun. and the Japanese of being bastards. cailler (v) to be cold NOTE Esp. the trots NOTE Diarrhoea chier ‡ to shit NOTE Also used in "tu me fais chier" ("you make me puke"). j'en ai rien à cirer" (the stock exchange. in kids' slang).I'm going to beat the shit out of Jean. a type of green. a banker cuts the tip off a Cuban cigar with his teeth. chiasse ‡ the runs. Chauve should be pronounced somewhat like "shove" in English....) to beat the shit out more like a slit than an actual hole? Whatever the cause.e. obviously the semen).50 - . unimportant) and national (i.and thinks about a Jewish friend of his.no comment clito (noun. or it's freezing! and. chiottes ‡ the bog (UK). It didn't help her political career.e.. the analogy is obvious between the uncapped penile head with the folds of the foreskin pulled back under the tip. our Chinese comrades are often put to good use with the metaphor "se polir le Chinois" (to polish the Chinaman). and a bald man wearing a turtleneck. and all the other voters who should have been flattered to have the president-proclaimed best French economist as representative.The Alternative Dictionaries brouter le cresson (verb) to perform cunnilingus NOTE Literal translation: "to graze the watercress. socialist Edith Cresson. when president Giscard d'Estaing forced him to be a candidate in a district of Lyons . Borrowed from the 19th century. The analogy can be pursued further in the latter case. you. as in "lèche-moi le clito. a very non-political politician recruited for his supposed economic skills. masculine) dick NOTE Commonly used in phrases like "couper le cigare" (to circumcize. transitive) to shine (shoes. man).i. Chauve à col roulé (noun phrase. supernatural) politics. A young lady will not hesitate in requesting a reasonably good lover to give the little toy a tongue bath.

in fact. etc NOTE Same sense as "encule". etc NOTE Insult towards a woman. e emmener Popaul au cirque (verb phrase) to take Joe Blow to the circus. as "mouille" indicates. It insists on the wetness of the slit that graces women's bellies. bottom NOTE Not as strong as in English as this word is also used non-offensively to mean the bottom of an object. "doudounes" is a nice. Derived from "enculer" (qv). foutre (verb) ‡ to fuck NOTE Rarely used except in "va te faire foutre!" (qv). to jerk around NOTE Commonly used. . For the circus. I'll fuck in the pus. Eg: "putain de merde!" ("fucking hell!"). to jerk around NOTE Commonly used. not by straight men looking for women. just like a dick. Except Popaul looks a bit already like the pink trunk of a tiny elephant . bastard.. Female form: "connarde"..as in "elle mouille" (she's getting wet). Example: "sans déconner!" ("no kidding!" or "no shit!") doudounes (noun. emmerdant (adj) † intensely annoying NOTE Example of use: "Que tu es emmerdant!" ("You really piss me off!" (ie "You annoy me intensely")).. wanker. especially one who is effeminate. Not every dictionary mentions this fact! fils de pute/putain † sonofabitch flic (noun. bollocks NOTE Testicles. masc) police constable. Take your scab out. etc NOTE Insult towards a man. This piece of information might be of some importance if you should visit France. bitch. con ‡ cunt. obsessed with breasts. well.51 - . Used exclusively by gay men. connasse ‡ cunt. étron turd NOTE Used in the literal sense of a piece of faeces. etc NOTE Insult used towards a man. Gay slang for "cruising".. feminine) † wet slit NOTE Commonly used when for some reason a male wants to use a slightly unpleasant noun for the genitals of a female hopefully one he knows well. "les nénés". fem. wanker. cop folle queen NOTE Term for a gay man. cramouille (noun. NOTE Popaul (also known as Popol) loves the circus. etc NOTE Insult towards a man. even wrote a hilarious short story about "le club des Robert". connard ‡ cunt. "les nichons". con ‡ cunt NOTE Refers to the female genitalia. couilles † balls. literally going down into the basement. Enlève ta croute que je swingue dans l'pus (phrase) ‡ d dans les vignes du Seigneur to be drunk NOTE lit: in the vines of the Lord. fucking NOTE Used after a noun as an intensifier. f fille a prostitute NOTE "Fille" is the normal word for "girl" or "daughter" but only if it is used with some kind of descriptive word as in "ma fille" (my daughter) or "une jeune fille" (a young girl). Other include: "les roberts".it's usually hidden at the junction of a lady's thighs. It is used as a comic sentence said to a girl from a man (or a lesbian). cul arse (US ass). Popaul enjoys the circus immensely.) looking for sex partners NOTE Literal translation: dredge. to fuck NOTE Refers to anal sex only.. the phonetically repetitive form probably influenced by the rise of creole words in European French). where the double-entendre obviously comes from the fact that Robert is a common first name. enfoiré ‡ bastard. Example of popular use: "Sans de'conner!" meaning "No kidding!" or "No shit!" déconner (verb) to trick. Literal meaning: "madwoman". Female form: "conne". enculé ‡ bastard. Derived from "cul" (qv). cunt.just like kids watching clowns and tigers erupt in laughter. de'conner (verb) to trick. bastard. unless he really despises her. NOTE It will shock litterally everyone within hearing distance. No male form. but also known to all as a tit. Needless to say. "Faire la drague": go looking for sex partners. Swiss writer Alexandre Voisard. shit.The Alternative Dictionaries Some men will respond to such a request by "descendre à la cave". feminine plural) tits NOTE There are numerous ways to call what the breasts of females. de merde ‡ bloody. relatively recent one (the 70s.. drague (noun. enculer ‡ to bugger. The preferred slang is "baiser" (qv).

primarily.52 - . grogniasse (fem. He committed suicide. the president launched into some stinging words against those who had "livré aux chiens" (thrown to the dogs) the "honor" of Bérégovoy. plural) the Redcoats (the m MALPT! (Expletive) Used to wish someone tremendous Red Flag. did not consider dignified enough to even mention in society. both left and right. took the sound beating of the socialists in 1992 as his personal defeat. hurl god (e) dildo gouine (feminine noun) † dyke NOTE A lesbian. equivalent to good luck NOTE Abbreviation for the phrase "Merde A La Puissance Treize!" which is translated as "Shit to the thirteenth power". or the flat and very BCBG "je suis indisposée". probably). "j'ai mes fleurs" (i've got my flowers .. to see how seafood impregnated French popular language. Used as a friendly term. "une maquerelle".. You would say "MALPT!" to wish him well! maquereau (noun. "cum" NOTE Derived from the verb "foutre": to fuck. Several politicians even went to jail. literally. symbol of success for him.. greluche and femme. .. has numerous periphrastic and euphemistic expressions to indicate female menstruation. noone but the cops and the courts uses it. but also for personal gain (primarily.and felt threatened when it was revealed that he had not only been involved in shady deals to please the president's friends. Examples of use: "On est foutu!" ("We're done for!". Gay slang for shooting cum on someone during sex. pouffiasse. a phenomenon that our male-dominated societies. a fish (mackerel). Other potential phrases include "Ma tante Rose a débarqué" (Aunt Rosie's arrived). even "la mère maquerelle".) ‡ sperm. masc. and male children were inevitably exposed to bloody rags in chamberpots or other sanitary fixtures. The image of blood leads automatically to "les Anglais ont débarqué" (the Redcoats have landed). "La voiture est foutue" ("The car is knackered/buggered/fucked (US)" (ie beyond repair)).. "j'ai mes ours" (i've got my bears). in his funeral eulogy. To be fair. journalists. "We're finished!"). "Donne-moi ton foutre" = Give me your cum. most women had to wear big chunks of linen between their legs. to screw up NOTE To ruin.roses. Not very nice. when female. "Je veux lecher ton foutre" = I want to swallow your cum. as any other language. A pimp is "un maquereau". to spoil. Pierre Bérégovoy. certainly reinforcing negative visions of menstrual blood. "I'm sick" in English and "Ich bin krank" in German. Un maquereau is of course. He meant.) NOTE French. were definitely marred by an endless list of financial scandals. foutre (verb) † to bugger up. Mitterand's last socialist prime minister. an unpleasant and ambitious yes-man who had become a reasonably competent but politically cloutless Finance minister. until recently.m) cop NOTE Urban language but don't say that to a cop. masculine.The Alternative Dictionaries foutre (noun. let's admit that Tampax and other tampons certainly changed the outlook on periods: until then. and. j jouir to come NOTE Used in the sexual sense k keuf (n. etc. noun) woman NOTE synonym to pétasse. masculine) pimp NOTE although the official word is "proxénète". after 14 g gerber (verb) † to puke. and. which proves how much the French loved the English. but in France.. years of presidency for François Mitterand. l la putain de ta mére ‡ You'r mother is a whore NOTE as "fils de pute" laisse be'ton Let it drop! NOTE [lEs'beto~] Verlan version of "laisse tomber" les Anglais (noun. it should not be enough for receiving a slap. an apartment in a luxury district of Paris. See also "merlan" et "morue". as the only member of the socialist elite who really had no advanced degrees and a popular origin). barf. Origin unknown. livrer aux chiens (verb phrase) † to sacrifice to raving dogs NOTE the end of the Mitterand régime. Example: a friend of yours is about to take an exam.

" How reversing this word produces "mec. rich or poor)definitely tend. salt.) † shit merdeux † crap(py). female genitals NOTE (Pronounced as noonn) commonly used as the word reffering to the female genitals. shit(ty) (adjs) merlan (noun. "les beurettes".The Alternative Dictionaries probably because fishmongers (particularly the female) were considered to have as colorful a language as mule drivers: "un langage de charretier" (a cart-driver's vulgar speech) is no better than "une langue de poissonière" (a female fishmonger's speech). and. masculine) hairdresser NOTE another word of maritime origin.000 strong) that racist French people despise as much as American racists despise(d) niggers at one point: "les bougnoules". This term has of course led to a lot of humorous doubleentendre. shit NOTE Local slang used in Bretagne.000. from the 16th to the 19th century. and "eu" is added morue (noun. serin (m). un (noun. o oignon (noun. melon (noun. une a woman. feminine) vulva NOTE Commonly used. moules. More descriptive (the female external genitals look like an open mussel. pronounced "may-naj-sha-twa". moules. The word in parentheses refers to the gender. masculine) † an equivalent of : a damn a few days. Mouffi ou Moufflarge ‡ A real fucking dick like a son of a bitch!!! moule (noun.. The syllables are reversed. and keep for all those periods when you had to eat fish). and their female counterparts. Not to be confused with un maquereau! meuf. feminine) † a low-level whore NOTE morue (originally cod). tapette (f). une femme NOTE [moef] This is the Verlan version of "femme". furthermore. (all nouns) They are synonyms of queer. and "eu" is added meuf. "les beurs". une femme NOTE [moef] This is the Verlan version of "femme". "les petits beurs". crap. just like it. "to parachute a Senegalese. to smell in the not-so-refined way of notso-fresh fish. pédale (f). poof NOTE Variant of "pede" (qv).and. especially among migrant population.". p papa ☺ dad parachuter un senegalais (verb) ☺ to take a dump. masc. Arab! NOTE A melon is obviously grown in hot.) guy. unwashed female genitals (and. Can also be abbreviated as "Ta mèreŠ" noune (common noun) vagina. dude. F. the ass or the asshole NOTE The reason for the analogy is probably that they're all round-shaped. une a woman. mec. je veux m'en aller maman. from the Middle Ages on (the only one you could dry. is a word referring originally to fish. when they are of Arab origin and French citizens (the nightmare of fascist leader Jean-Marie Le Pen!). found in print and rap music as well as conversations." pédale queer. gays. washing was not a priority of most French people.in fact. "les bicots". and somehow smell like it)than insulting (like con or cramouille for instance). in slang. homosexual. we can consider the whole or the part: "lui carrer dans l'oignon". be it cod or any other. . L'oignon is therefore the equivalent of "le cul". ménage a trois (noun) † threesome NOTE This term enjoys very popular usage in the States. "la morue" was obviously the most common fish. To be pronounced somewhat like "mool" for English speakers. grande folle (f).. like "merlan" or "maquereau". merde (noun. Used in a replacement for vulva in a normal non formal conversation." I don't know. "les ratons" . Mediterranean climates.. Literally. as in the late 19th century popular song "à la pêche aux moules. after n nique ta mère ‡ fuck your mother NOTE very common in the suburbs. It's very common.53 - . bloke NOTE Said to be the Verlan version of "homme. There are numerous words for the group (albeit 5.. masculine) onion . is to shove it in her (or alternatively his) asshole. Note that the "grande folle" refers more to a drag queen. NOTE Commonly used words for homosexuals. The metaphor is therefore easy to understand. The syllables are reversed.

shaggy. Acadians use "râper" (to grate). The phrase "en avant. Just like periods were only referred to in an oblique way. cow. "Je pète" but "Vous petez. duck NOTE although "un polichinelle" will be used in an amused way to indicate a kid. e.. although playing on the rhyming sounds of Simone and ramone..e. cow. "Elle est dans une situation intéressante" was quite common until the 1940s.. pédé † queer.e. crude speech was required. Gay slang for men with hairy chests or with moustaches or beards. Also used in senses such as "son nez pisse du sang" ("blood is pouring from his/her nose") poilu (noun. to fart higher than [one's] asshole NOTE Mon prof pète plus haut de son cul. coming and going. c'est moi qui ramone!".. this verb takes the grave accent in the "je/tu/il/elle/on/ils/elles" forms.m) cop (litt.. but the movement of "va-et-vient". to Literal translation: hairy. "Please.f) ‡ bitch. putain ‡ bloody hell!. NOTE Very common use. : chiken) NOTE Cops know this word but hate it ! pousse-crotte (masc. a screw NOTE the in-out movement of the penis into the vagina or the rectum is of course a natural metaphor for the movement of the chimney-sweeper's brush. fucking hell! NOTE As an interjection. otherwise. etc NOTE Derogatory term for a woman. a real hunk NOTE q queue † prick. s'il vous plaît.in other words. tart. polichinelle (noun. except maybe for country folk who might have used "elle est grosse" as for animals.= My teacher's opinion of his own abilities is exaggerated.and "elle a un polichinelle dans l'tiroir" was. repeat [that]. however. and still is. Literally. hore NOTE Very rude : use it to talk about some (bad) girl but never say it to the (bad) girl herself ! poulet (n. transitive) to sweep the chimney ." pipe (noun.The Alternative Dictionaries Pede Homosexual applied to men only. wee(-wee) NOTE "faire pipi": "to do/have a wee(-wee)/pee" pisser to pee. noun) ‡ push-shit NOTE homosexual . a common way to indicate that a lady is pregnant. but NOT in the "nous/vous" forms. associated with the grating of potatoes for "la râpure". f) † blowjob NOTE Faire une pipe: To give a blowjob pipi ☺ pee.in this case. Where the French use "ramoner". etc NOTE Derogatory term for a woman.g. the equivalent of "she's got a duck in the oven". or brought by "les cigognes" (the . faggot NOTE Derogatory term for a gay man.. she's pregnant." i.for men only :-) prendre son velo NOTE plonger (dans l eau) // to dive into the water (Didier est ce vraiment bien serieux??) putain ‡ bitch. as it goes up and down the chimney at the end of its rope or long rod..54 - . i.i. See "péter. the unwary foreigner will utter "Repetez. the full original expression is "elle a un polichinelle dans le tiroir". r ramoner (verb. well-bred people did not say about a woman (until the 1950s) that she was pregnant. Simone. indicate intercourse: it's basically a way to say "let's go!" with a little phonetic twist. cock NOTE Literal meaning: "tail" (cf Latin "penis" meaning "tail"). which has little to do with a tougher quality of genitals due to the Maritime climate of Eastern Canada.e. pute ‡ whore NOTE Short form of "putain" pute ‡ bitch. however. péter (verb) to fart NOTE When conjugated. s'il vous plaît. pouffiasse (n. "Elle attend un bébé" would even have been too crude for children: they might have known that "les bébés" were not born in "les choux" (cabbages). Short form of "putain"." péter plus haut que [son] cul (expression) to have an storks). does not necessarily. masculine) a puppet . to piss NOTE More colloquial than offensive in French. putain † whore." The verb "répeter" has an acute accent on the first syllable and should be pronounced that way. hooker NOTE Also used as an insult towards a woman. inflated opinion of oneself. Between males. See Acadian/Cajun dictionary for additional details. masc.) † a man who is a stud." which means "Please fart again" instead of "Répetez.

les u Un bonjour de Marwan A fucking hello from a dick v va te faire foutre! ‡ fuck off! NOTE Literally "go and get fucked!" va t'faire enculer chez les Grecs! (verb phrase) go get fucked up the ass by the Greeks! NOTE refer this one to the verb "enculer" (to fuck up the ass). t tante queen NOTE Derogatory term for a gay man. The same idea of a hard instrument. se palucher (verb. followed by "se branler". et vous vous foutez du reste" (You guys only want to shoot your wad and don't care about the consequences). masc. The word "service" in this case is a metaphor borrowed from table vocabulary (utensils. tea or coffee cup with cream and sugar). usually in an amorous battle on female battlegrounds. to pull. vous. "avoir la trique" (to be horny as hell). It is another version of "la veuve et les deux orphelines". vous tirez votre coup. tirer (verb. An unhappy pregnant lady may very well use it in a cynical way : "Oh. Handle with care ! turlute (noun. Tricks. tringle (feminine) † hard-on NOTE An erection. the very example of the poor definition French grammars give of reflexive verbs: an action performed by the subject upon himself. but "se palucher". trou du cul (abrev : trou duc') † asshole NOTE Is said for a (male) person you consider as ridiculous or stupid. "se faire tringler" (to be fucked). as in "la trique" (a fuck). The syllables are reversed. valuing highly the man-boy sexual relationship (women being there for reproductive purposes only). f) † blowjob This one is easy: most verbs relating to male (and sometimes female) masturbation. unless they are elaborate metaphors (see "chinois" for one)are reflexive verbs. Men are known to be fond of "tirer un coup" (to shoot their load). the obvious reference being to the hard and yet somewhat flexible qualities of the erect virile appendage. the normal male genital apparatus. like "tirer sa crampe" (literally. A bedroom may be referred to as "un champ de tir" (a shooting gallery). is the metaphor of a weapon shooting. but consider it primarily of use between males: ancient Greeks were considered the ultimate paederasts.) † a man with whom a gay man has had sex NOTE This word was adopted directly from the American slang "Trick" with the same meaning. trick (noun. the verb "tringler" being commonly used as a transitive verb: "il l'a tringlée" (he fucked her).e. can be found sometimes in popular phrases like the reflexive "se tirer la queue" (to pull on your putz).) party NOTE This is the Verlan version of "fe'te". it can also be used with other objects. slut se branler ‡ to wank. feminine) a boner NOTE la trique is a whipping instrument: "des coups de trique" could only be erotic in a sado-masochist context. based on "paluche" meaning hand. reflexive) to give yourself a hand job NOTE mecs. Another example of "Franglais". teuf (f.e. Used in the phrase "avoir la tringle" ("to have a hard-on"). i. service trois pièces (noun phrase) three piece combo NOTE it isn't hard to figure out what the three pieces are: the prick and its two balls. Unless we take the word. comes close as a common form for what priests and conservative psychologists came to call l'"auto-gratification" (self-gratification) during the 1950s. shooting to end your penile cramps). however. appears in a word phonetically quite similar to "trique" : "la tringle" (a curtain rod). i. Most common. as is taken metaphorically here. to masturbate NOTE Literally "to wobble oneself".55 - . that when the French want to get rid of a real . tringler (verb) † to fuck (see tringle) tringler (verb) † to fuck (see tringle) trique (noun. the final "e" is dropped and "eu" is added in place of of "e'". The word is used extensively by Renaud Camus in his novel. no wonder. then. transitive) to pull or to shoot NOTE The most common regular meaning of "tirer". "Tirer" is sometimes used alone. Literal meaning: "rod".The Alternative Dictionaries s salop / salaud † bastard salope † bitch. The most standard verb is therefore "se masturber". as in "rod" in English.

There are unfortunately less refined ways to indicate that ample knockers do not correspond to the French small-tit standard: "c'est une vraie vache (laitière)" (she's a real cow!). noun) † cunt NOTE Usualy employed by women in phrases like: -Vai lava-la cona: Bugger-off Non me toque-la cona: Stop to fuck me f fillo de puta (phrase) † son of a bitch NOTE This phrase is considered strong and it is usually pronounced with a lot of anger from the person who is saying it. y y'a du monde au balcon (verb phrase) what a set of knockers! NOTE French females are usually rather petites. noun) penis NOTE Normally used as an interjenction:"carallo!" To say "suck my dick" would be "chupa meo carallo". foder (verb) Fuck.e. Usually. and b)the penis of a lonely man. cona (fem. Pretty obvious if you already crossed a street in Paris. and it can also be . however. viande a pneus (driving expression) meat for tires NOTE pedestrian.The Alternative Dictionaries pain. and thre ideal standard for tits remains the champagne cup . reduced .a rather small format. i.in the ass. obviously fatherless. meaning you are a son of a bitch. for instance. Pretty obvious if you already crossed a street in Paris. Pretty obvious if you already crossed a street in Paris..The most common usage is in the sentence :Ti es un fillo de puta. a member of the female sex (or of any other persuasion) will come to the help of the poor triad and make "la veuve et les deux orphelines" as merry as can be. to have sex NOTE This is the Galician translation for the Spanish verb:joder. a common occurrence during the many wars of French history)being: a) the "guillottine". the machine made to cut heads at the time of the French 1789 Revolution. the poor testicles reduced to producing lonesome semen... as opposed to the ample breasts found on American women. "la veuve" can also be known as "la veuve poignet" (a widowed wrist. feminine) widow . i. the two better known apart from its original meaning (a woman left alone because of the death of her husband.. She usually has two children. they're sending him to the Athens of antiquity! veuve (noun. "Y'a du monde au balcon" indicates that she certainly has an ample chest to greet males with.56 - . It can be used as a verb meaning to have sex. viande a pneus (driving expression) meat for tires NOTE pedestrian. The Alternative Galician Dictionary c carallo (masc.e a widow-maker.It is somewhat analogous to "Es gibt Holz vor der Tür" (there's a pile of wood before the door) in German. Sometimes. "les deux orphelines" (the two orphans). wanked NOTE "La veuve" has several meanings in French. obviously the instrument of solitary bliss). Gurbe's game/private parts is/are interesting.a dick reduced to being viande a pneus (driving expression) meat for tires NOTE pedestrian.like a widow .to solitary hand pleasures. The Alternative Frisian Dictionary s spultsje (noun) 1) male genitals 2) game NOTE It spultsje fan Gurbe is de muoite wurdich.

) † to penetrate the ass NOTE "normal" way of fucking for gays Arschlecker (noun. buttocks NOTE can be used as an insult. intrans) † to ejaculate amtlich propper. trans. rauchen = to smoke -. der (noun. trans. trans.crap.57 - . der ass.Ethymology: Rauch = smoke. Arschlochkarte ziehen. m) ? NOTE literally: someboby who (tries to) tears open somebody else (girls usually) less often used in the femal version: Aufreisserin Der alte Aufreisser hat sie rumgekriegt! .) to approach NOTE to approach one or more persons (usually of the opposite sex) with sexual intentions Bert (masc.b. NOTE Also an out-offashion first name. it is widely used by Galician adolescents as well as older people.go away NOTE Often used by anoyed adults to people who are speaking rubbish The Alternative German Dictionary a abpoofen (verb.What will you do if the thing gets destroyed?! -. seperable prefix) to scold.. good in a cool way anbaggern (verb. trans. transitive. das anus. reflexive) to take a nap or doze off NOTE anscheißen (irreg. verb. detrimental person NOTE derogatory.. trans) same as "anbaggern" NOTE literal 'to dig on someone' anmachen flirt.The Alternative Dictionaries used as an exclamation meaning:fuck!. seperable prefix) to approach s.Literal translation: 'to smoke away' abschädeln † to booze abspritzen (verb.. abrauchen (verb) be destroyed. bescheißen (irreg. verb. anscheißen (irreg.) to give (sb) a bollocking NOTE mostly used in a nominalized form: Mein Chef gab mir einen Anschiß = My boss gave me a bollocking Arsch. verb.to produce excrement NOTE This word is similar to "mierda" in spannish and to"merda" in Italian l lacazan (adjetive) lazy NOTE Word describing people who are lazy and/or stupid v vai tomar polo cu fuck you/fuck off NOTE similar to portuguese phrase vay facer merda † go do a shit.This old fucker got her! b baggern (verb.b. NOTE to approach someone (usually of the opposite sex) with sexual intentions angraben (verb. m) † arse licker NOTE used as insult or as pejorative reference to somebody Arschloch. to get the blank Aufreisser.) to do the dirty (on sb. sep.fuck off. second meaning very common nowadays. explode NOTE Was machen Sie.) to reprimand s.hit.) to cheat NOTE literally: to shit (on sb. intrans. noun) † complete idiot. it is not that strong anymore. m merda (noun) † Shit. sep. die to be down on one's luck NOTE implies laziness. wenn Ihnen die Kiste abraucht?! .) NOTE da hast Du Dich aber anscheißen lassen = you were really done there . trans.or as an encourage for male to make a pass on shy girl: -Mach sie an!(literally:Make a pass!) anschaffen to work as a prostitute anscheißen (irreg.give the eye NOTE Usually used by younger people in schools when approaching the ooposite sex . verb. It is a widely spread word around Galicia. sep. not proper cocktail party diction. To the contrary. synonymously with 'Arschloch' arschficken (trans.) to report (sb) NOTE Er schiß mich bei der Polizei an = He reported me to the police anscheißen (verb. and even though some years ago could be considered strong.

d dicke Eier haben (phrase) ‡ to be (very. m) ☺ breech-loader NOTE also used as weak insult for male. quite poor NOTE Der Flug war ganz beschissen. very common Fotze.etc. street jargon. das nonsense. fucked up. He drank quite a lot of alcohol. passive homosexuals litteraly: charged from behind Hosenscheisser. der † Someone who always shits in stupid or boring person NOTE very colloquial. normally from behind. geiles Buch etc. obviously not too polite e Eier. geiles Auto. ein geiles Lied. affengeil. e.58 - . die (fem. tierisch geil. die ‡ vagina NOTE used also as injury for a woman Fresse.) money NOTE literal 'flakes'. In the 1980's there was a scandal in Germany when a member of parliament of the Green party was found to have done this to one of his famale colleagues. stupid talk geigen (verb) † to fuck NOTE literal translation: to play the violin geil (adjective) horny NOTE nowadays very widely used to express positive sentiments towards anything (ex. Flights heavily populated with such "tourists" were the so-called "Bumsenbombers.whore. nom. woman. lit: vomitsubstance göbeln (verb. etc. noun) † insult. blasen (verb) to give a blow-job NOTE usage: jemandem einen blasen bollern † to fuck braut.g.The Alternative Dictionaries beschissen † Shitty. maybe that's why it's an insult. sex with exotic women. stupid talk Göbelmasse. die (noun. very) horny NOTE literal 'to have big nuts (testes)' dummschwallen to talk nonsense Dumpfbacke (fem. Example: He.. Fischkopf (noun) "Fishhead" Somebody from the northern provinces Flocken. "dumbcheek". intrans) to vomit grapschen {= grabschen} to touch NOTE Used when someone touches another person's ass. der (noun. h Hinterlader. stupid talk Gesülze. oberaffentittengeil Gertrud † fucky girl. literally 'beerfucker' NOTE f ficken (transitive) to fuck NOTE Only used to refer to anal or vaginal penetration.b. stupid talk NOTE used in Hessen (Frankfurt and surroundings) Gebrabbel. When used by teens or twens also meaning: Very nice and cute girl. breasts. noun) † lit.) alcoholic drinks NOTE Er hat sich kübelweise Göbelmasse in den Kopp gekippt.). das nonsense. (obligatory orgasm) NOTE Usage: Er hat es ihr besorgt = He fucked her alright Beule. reproductive organs against that person's will. stupid talk Geschwalle.= The flight was really shitty. schau dir mal die Braut dort an ! --> Hey. group sex.bitch. against that person's will. die testicles NOTE Used in plural only.. der (noun) † Literally: "Fuckerbomber" NOTE g Gebabbel.die erection Bierficker (masc. pl. das nonsense. das nonsense. In the 70's and 80's many German men took tours to Thailand for the express purpose of living out sexual fantasies. die (noun) † face Fünf gegen einen masturbation furzen to fart could mean 'someone whose dick is so small that it fits into the opening of a beer bottle'.. Gesabbel. das nonsense. die (noun) bride NOTE General meaning: bride. dimwit.. their pants NOTE a common insult Hure whore Hurensohn † son of a bitch .. look at this bird ! Bumsbomber. der Tit-toucher NOTE Someone who touches another woman's breasts." See "Tripper-Clipper." bumsen † to fuck Busengrapscher. beschnitten circumcised besorgen † to fuck s. Stronger forms (only with this meaning): saugeil.

der (noun. erection Leck' mich kiss my ass NOTE Shortform of "Leck mich am Arsch". Krumbaschniedschie (mas. die † vagina moesen saft † cunt juice NOTE I fancy a pint of cunt juice Moos. noun) guitar klatschen (verb. The can. das Public men's room. In Bavaria also usable as expression of pleasure.ee.) money NOTE literal 'moss'. masculine) Clitoris NOTE Commonly used. der driver license NOTE literal translation: rag. noun) Informal greeting or harmless insult NOTE A bit of a cult in the Southwest of Germany. die (noun.) boobs. transitive) † to clap. das loo Klugscheißer. Example: Jabolo. female breasts NOTE see official lotto slogan 'ran an die möpse' n nageln (verb.. to beat up NOTE This word is used by right-wing gangs for beating up racial or ethnic minorities (Türken klatschen. to toke Kippe. transitive kotzen (verb. kiffen to get high. die (noun. n. intr.. die boring person NOTE literal translation: boring cheek orgeln (verb) † to fuck NOTE literal translation: to play the organ p Pappnase.ac. cloth. Slang.ed. einen Neger klatschen) Klo. stupid . die lath. das (noun. intrans) to vomit NOTE Kübel. noun) german potatoe pancake (Trier slang) kübeln (verb. but not offensive expression Nutte.die ☺ NOTE detrimental person . Roughly equivalent to the short form "clit" in English. NOTE This word made famous in the movie 'Taxi zum Klo. Klampfe (fem. feminine singular) cigarette NOTE Example: Hast du mal 'ne Kippe? Kiste.The Alternative Dictionaries i Ische girl or woman NOTE Used to describe one's own or somebody else's gilrfriend: ".) = bucket j Jabolo (masc. die (noun. used when the tits are big (Die hat eine große Kiste = She has big tits) Kitzler (noun. schaut die gu(a)t aus") k kacken (verb. Basically "Manta"-dialect (used by car mechanics and hairdressers) that she's flying the red flag: "ich bin krank".) to shit Kennsch de Wayne? {Wayne intressiert's?} † Who the fuck cares? NOTE Quite offensive if you say it to someone who's just told you something they consider interesting. transitive or intransitive) to copulate (with someone) NOTE literal:'to fix with a nail'.) money NOTE literal 'mice'. where in reality he is very obviously not clever at all knallen † to fuck NOTE Verb. funny. intrans) to vomit krank (adjective) sick (having her period) NOTE a common way for a woman to let a gentleman know person ochsen to fuck m Mäuse. tits NOTE esp. It could of course be lots of other things. m. surprise or even compliment ("Leck mi. pl.pl.html jemandem einen blasen to give somebody a blow job l Lappen.seine Ische". f. very common Möpse (noun. der smart ass NOTE refers to a person who talks like he is very clever. Schleim was geht? Fore more details check out the Jabolo Homepage at http://www. and she's less than enthusiastic). but not insulting (except for feminists). die whore o Ödbacke.) female breasts.uk/~ee3kv/jabolo.59 - . and only the context will make it clear (he's ready to roll in the hay. German driver licenses were once made of large (A5 folded in half) gray paper Latte.' Klo. very common Moese.

tits NOTE common. Tripper-Clipper. die ‡ shit Scheißhaus. der (noun. common. balls Sackratten lousy animals. twat NOTE rather nice discription for a pussy but should not be used in polite conversations.nisting at the balls. der (noun) † penis schwul gay NOTE Formerly derogatory. This has only a funny meaning.) erection NOTE einen Steifen haben = have an erection Strapse. die (noun. American automobile. Schlampenschlepper. die (noun. m) ‡ cocksucker Schwengel. group sex. die (plural) girdles strullen (verb.. pl. der erection Steifer (noun. means "that there are some chicks around" Schoßglatze. to drip). Schnecke. It is a combination with engl.. n. noun) † wanker NOTE Hessian term.60 - .) money NOTE no literal translation. der (noun) penis NOTE funny expression. offensive Pimmel † penis NOTE noun poppen to fuck NOTE used in a funny sense Poppstar (m. now used by gay people to refer to themselves.. Popstar. masc. intrans) to vomit NOTE Reiher. intr. der (noun) Pimp's car. sich einen to masturbate s Sack. of course considered offensive by feminists Schniedel. toilet NOTE literal 'shit house'. very common Pflaume. f. pudern † to fuck Pups.die ☺ NOTE detrimental person . Ständer. der (noun) † The "Clap" [gonorrhea] NOTE The term is related to the verbs "tropfen" (to drip) and "triefen" (to run like a fluid. die (noun.) chick NOTE Schau dir 'mal die Schnitte an! (Look at that chick!) schnitten nageln † to nail some chicks NOTE common slang Schnittenalarm (n.not funny Scheisse. Foxy Lady NOTE Hey.g.) handsome female persone NOTE literal 'snail'. der penis Schwanzlutscher. An old wreck. m. Obviously this has to do with the physical effects of the illness.) puderdose (fem.The Alternative Dictionaries Pappnase. abschrullen (verb) † to piss NOTE Example: Muss schrullen wie's Tier! Schwaadlappen (noun) cologne dialect for a person q Querfotze (fem. f. noun) pussy." NOTE Used to indicate a (usually) large. sex with exotic . Used as an insult by intolerant people. die (n. der testicles. noun) ☺ penis NOTE child language.) lit. literally t tackern to fuck Titten. der (noun.) † female genital region NOTE literal 'Prune'. r rammeln to fuck NOTE Rammler = male rabbit or hare rammeln † to fuck NOTE Rammler = male rabbit or hare reihern (verb.: baldheaded lap schrullen. nom) circumcision NOTE He is circumcised. Torte komm mal her zu mir! Tripper.) to piss NOTE used in a funny sense Only say it if you want to really offend a woman. not offensive Schnitte.) = heron (big fishcatching bird) Rottler (masc. but not suitable for public usage Schlampe.) female breasts. / Er hat eine Schoßglatze lit. e. die (noun. f. noun) ‡ Literally 'cunt going sideways' NOTE who talks endlessly NOTE Du bist mir aber ein Schwaadlappen Schwanz. der (noun. runterholen. das (noun. die † unorderly woman NOTE woman who neglects her appearance or her household duties or who fucks around. f. der (noun) † Literally: "Clap [gonorrhea] "slut dragger.) loo. m) a fart NOTE children's language Schnecke (fem. chickalarm. but offensive Torte Pretty Woman. noun) see poppen NOTE The person U R talking to should know the word 'poppen'. like those commonly seen in film scenes depicting pimps and their working girls.die (fem. clipper" NOTE In the 70's and 80's many German men took tours to Thailand for the express purpose of living out sexual fantasies. stupid person Patte.

("Damn!") "Thelw na tin gamisw" ("I'd like to screw her") "Ta gamisa" ("I messed up"). verpissen." Means stupid in a sloppy. etc. arhidi † testical. Uncommon. the g is soft. or ridiculous way. or it can be seen as an insult because it can also mean (you long haired loser wastoid) hyessou. shit NOTE In Greece. Moderately offensive word to refer to someone who is gay. wimp. z Zuhälter. in an American sentence.The Alternative Dictionaries women. intransitive) to masturbate NOTE alternative spelling: wichsen Wixer. seperable prefix) † to scold. to screw NOTE Frequently used in all kinds of circumstances. weisser Bart (male noun) † similar to pearl necklace. You looked scared enough to hyessie your pants. and deeply offensive on both counts. "Damned pigdog. hyesse [HYESS-oo. die gay. they would say "Ay hyessou. verb) † to flatten someone NOTE Er hat ihn weggeflext. backstabed them or in general has done something secretely against their friendship. intrans. Example: Gib mir mal die Tuete rueber . sich (verb) † to go away (literally: piss oneself away) NOTE Verpiß Dich! = go away! vögeln (verb." Greek-Americans in New Jersey and Atlanta. wixen (verb.Pass me the joint. usually imperative) † bullshit.like Arabic gh)) ‡ I fucked your cross NOTE Both obscene and blasphemous. means. die (noun) Joint NOTE The common way for young people to say 'joint'. Return flights were heavily populated with such "tourists" who were often exposed to. pronounced "o") † to fuck. thus insulting them. wie's Tier (expression) like an animal NOTE Very popular in the Southwest to emphasize what you say. jemanden (inf. alternative spelling: Wichser Wo hockt de Bus? † Who the fuck cares? NOTE Literally 'where is the bus?' v verdammter Schweinehund (neut. noun) idiot." Can be used as an expletive: "Ach! Verdammter Schweinhund!" or as an insult: "Du bist ein verdammter Schweinhund. and in various forms: "Gamw'to!" . absolute moron. transvestite NOTE used for "obviously" homosexual persons Tussi young girl NOTE geile Tussi: good looking girl w wegflexen.b. literally. See "Bumsenbomber. der † masturbator. Georgia often say "Hyesse" or. NOTE much more aggressive than 'anscheißen' The Alternative Greek Dictionary a adelfi (noun) homosexual (male). or long haired heavy metal fan NOTE This word is the term used to describe a person who belongs to the subcultural group referred to in English as Headbangers or Heavy Metal fans. HYESS-eh] (verb. h hevimetallaras headbanger. "hyessie. He knocked him over. asshole NOTE generally used as an insult. balls (singular) NOTE used very commonly by youths describing someone who has betrayed them." tuete.61 - .) to fuck (each other) NOTE very widely used in the 1970s and early 80s. transitive. to reprimand s. dodo NOTE Pronounced fair-DAHM-tir SHVINE-hoont. Used to someone who has really pissed you off (and is preferably smaller than you!) gamw (w stands for omega. if not infected with a social disease. intransitive) to masturbate NOTE the transitive usage with the original meaning 'to polish' as in "Schuhe wichsen" is falling into disuse. white {sperm} beard NOTE semen on one's chin after fellatio wichsen (verb." It is most often g gama stavros sou (phrase NB. It is a nice way to categirise someone. der (noun) A pimp zusammenscheißen (verb. revolting. sissy NOTE Literally means "sister"." as in. Tunte.

someone who masturbates frequently NOTE A very common word in Greek. s skata (explative) † shit t ti mano popi sekone rroosooza pootanis (phrase) † Your mother is a whore with the face of a gargoyle NOTE My friend's greek mother would say this to her when she (the monther. quite offensive against strangers! mouni (noun) † vagina NOTE Common. you can call k kargiola (noun) ‡ bitch. but slang. the letter "h" stands for eta. jerk NOTE Lit. mou katastrepse to amaksi!" ("He wrecked my car. feminine) pussy NOTE the sweet repetitive sounds of creole make a coucoune sound even more tempting that a standard pussy! g get maman ou (interjection) † fuck your mother NOTE common but strong insult usually used to bark at bad drivers in Port-au-Prince The Alternative Hawaiian Dictionary . whore NOTE Very offensive.The Alternative Dictionaries used as an expletive expressing disbelief: "Ay Hyessou!" munga a dude. and mungissa is the female form of the noun. and is pronounced "i". ti mouni einai auto?" "My God. it means they are a dirty piece of the lowest form of shit. Munga is usually the masculine form of the noun. Used freely among friends. will have to ask my greek friends. "of/from the cunt" The Alternative Haitian Creole French Dictionary c coucoune (noun. Or you can call your friend a munga or a mungaki as a term of affection.' Unsure of the spelling. refering to a bad-mannered woman who is supposedly. The Alternative Gujarati Dictionary c chootio (masc. or someone with an attitude problem NOTE You can use this word as an insult.62 - .looking for sex all the time. and to refer to someone who has done you wrong: "Ton pousth. "Parata tin kargiola!": "Dump the bitch!" koproskilo ‡ Dirtydog or dogshit NOTE The word kopro means shit and the word skilo means dog. m malakas (noun) † wanker. Use this word to insult someone. or an egoist. the son of a bitch!") poesty † faggot NOTE Pronounced 'poostee. Its modern meaning is just "stupid". or "incapable". p poesty † NOTE The correct form and spelling of the noun is "pousths". what a gorgeous woman!". Sometimes also means a messy situation: "Ta'kana mouni" "I screwed up everything". someone a manga if you think he/she is too full of themselves. adjective) † Dickhead. Today it is mainly used as a heavy insult. that is) was mad. or when the word is used sarcastically. should not be used in front of ladies! Can mean also a very nice woman: "Thee mou. Or it can also be slang for bastard.

cock NOTE Common slang word for penis ejaculating (coming) Lekh teda ‡ Go fuck yourself The Alternative Hindi Dictionary . but also when overprasing someon. eduardo . Tsafdina (noun. shit-kah (fem. starring a male dressed as the cliche female teacher. the feminine is 2 syllables with the emphasis on the second syllable. Koos ‡ pussy NOTE also used in phrase "Koos ummek". or just take them off your back. filth NOTE Everything that is a little bit dirty is reffered to as "Jiffa". I'm z Zayin † Dick. k Khappes mi ye'na'a'ne'a ot'kha! literaly means . tobleron . wound sh-tok(masc. Literally "May your house be destroyed.what a s sheretz mekori notef mugla an original creep with infect king!) NOTE often used in irony. your mother's pussy. menashes i Inahl Rabak Ars Ya Choosharmuta Go to Hell With your Fucking Father j Jiffa (masc. female) A teacher NOTE Originates from a host-show. haargaz the names of reudor t tembel stupid morron Tizdayen/tizdayeni ‡ Go fuck yourself NOTE Tizdayen to a guy/tizdayeni to a gal T'kharev betak † Drop dead NOTE Yemenite slang.. noun) garbage. neuter) White person. From Arabic l La'a'za'zel. phrase).. or less commonly much more sommonly as a reference to White people: The Haoles are taking over the islands. foreiner NOTE Literally means foreigner but is used kea † white k The Alternative Hebrew Dictionary b ben zsona † son of a bitch m Magneev Great! NOTE A very positive interjection e Eize melekh! you're great! (literaly means . curse hulio . aani gommer! (phrase) † Damn it.go y Ya Ben Sharmuta Son of a Hore Ya khatikhat khara ‡ You piece of shit! NOTE Said in anger or when talking about the dumb fucker whose your boyfriend Ya Man Maniak You Fucking Meniack ! search who will jiggle (rock) you! NOTE When you want to tell someone off.The Alternative Dictionaries h haole (noun.63 - . phrase) † shut up NOTE h hantarish lakerda the most favorite reudor menashes The masculine phrase is one syllable.

The expression literally means 'mental sock (ie. whore NOTE Again a term that originated on the streets and brothels of Bombay. Literally: the sound of the lower part of your bottom alfarhang (noun) fart NOTE A humorous word. handformed potatoe noodles resembling small penis. masc.64 - .suck asshole.dick choos . lund choos Suck my dick NOTE Lund . but it's funny. It is used because the consonants in it are the same. this word is often used to communicate a lack of testicular fortitude on the part of the object. bhen chowd Fuck your Sister NOTE This is the most common of the hindhi abuses. It is used because the vowels in it are the same.) gay NOTE This is used to swear at a person since the PC movement is not too strong in India. penis NOTE This is Bombay street slang. isn't it? . Even though it is accepted during conversations with friends k kuttiya (fem. consequently called angel's penis (literal translation) condition (often financially) NOTE This is a humorous expression. whores) NOTE Used commonly. eeder ao! bastard. where the transvestite community is rather visible. come The Alternative Hungarian Dictionary a a béka segge alatt (expression) † in extremely poor alfarhang (noun) fart NOTE A humorous word.The Alternative Dictionaries b behen chod (singular) sister fucker NOTE This is the most common of the hindhi abuses bhadwaa pimp (person who solicits customers for here! EG wo Amit haram zadah heh that Amit is a bastard hijda (noun) transvestite NOTE In Bombay. footwear)'. sing) ☺ bitch c chuutya ‡ cunthole EG tum chuutya ho you're an l lavDa (noun) ‡ prick. It means that sy or sg (often a county) is not too well off. derived from the streets of Bombay. gote balls NOTE pronounced as goat-aey often used in phrases like gote pe laath maara meaning kick someone on the balls or gote dab gaye (balls got squeezed). Literally: the sound of the lower part of your bottom angyal bo"gyo"ro" (descriptive noun) angel's penis NOTE Hungarian expression for hommmade. gote mu mein aa gaye (balls were in his mouth) meaning someone (usually male) was in deep trouble. it is the context it is used within that leads to its strength as an expletive. It is a loose equivalent of the English phrase "Take off your skirt". h haram zadah (noun) † gloss: illegal product. and is often used. agyilag zokni (expression) stupid NOTE This is a living example of the richness of the Hungarian language. It is used because the vowels in it are the same. The literal translation tells it all: to be under the frog's ass. g gaandu (noun. It's hard to explain why people compare sy's mental capacity to a sock. it is most frequently used to describe the nature of the object's mother or sister. The word itself is not offensive. but almost exclusively by males. trans: bastard EG haram zadah. m ma ki chut ‡ mother's pussy NOTE pronounced 'maa key chooth' madar chowd † motherfucker r randi (noun) † prostitute. Literally: the the sigh of the valve of your ass alfarhang (noun) fart NOTE A humorous word. probably derived from gaand which means ass.

Can take prefixes which change its meaning. Pronunc: bay-nah. Used by certain young people. Used to describe big. Pronunciation: 'boesmeh' brunyálni (intransitive verb) to piss. bizgentyû contraption. Use it freely.: Angels' skin anyád (one-noun expression) ‡ your mother NOTE Expression of discontent with sy. 'Hogy te mekkora balfasz vagy!' What a stupid sucker you are. Refers chiefly to the common soldiers' uniform. Be prepared for trouble when used. NOTE Very strong curse. gadget NOTE A funny Hungarian word. Describes someone who can easily decieved.' = Alex was ripped off in the supermarket. 'May God fuck you stinking wrinkled whore mother'. Usage widespread and varied. az Isten faszát (expression) ‡ the Lord's penis NOTE A widesprad Hungarian swear. my dear Alexander!" baszomfitty † whatever NOTE Replaces an unknown word or expression (preferably an object). you will be popular. though it's not used too often (unfortunately). leak NOTE Not a frequent verb. Count. you can always gain polularity if you use it between peolpe of the same age. bunyo' fight. balhe' scandal. this word has become quite popular. but it is quite funny. béna (adj) clumsy NOTE A widespread slang word. bolhay baromarcu' (adjective) † bovine faced NOTE used to talk about an irritating man. truncheon). boonyoh Literally: '(Do it to) your father's dick'. Literally: "I fuck the corner of your mouth. böszme huge. To mention sy's mother in Hungarian is very hurting. az isten bassza meg a bu"do"s ru"csko"s kurva anya'dat ‡ curse.65 - . don't use it to describe your friend's size. be van parázva (expression) be afraid NOTE This is a not too well-known expession. enormous NOTE Adjective. meaning: crippled. Though it is not considered as an 'ugly' word. A typical sentence: 'Sanyit átbaszták az abc-ben. A typical sentence: 'Úgy be volt nyomva... Ki köpött be a zsaruknak?? Who informed on me to the police? bemószerolni (verb) to denigrate sy NOTE Originally used by thieves.. useless. mint az albán szamár' . Baszom a sza'd sze'le't. corny object NOTE Things referred to with this word are often bought_ in markets. You can find the word 'segg' (arse) in the root of the word. 'Nagyon buli ez a póló!' This t-shirt is very cool. buli party. az anya'd ki'nja ‡ your mother's labours pain az apád faszát (expression) ‡ expression of refusal NOTE beköpni (trans. often streetfight or boxing NOTE Noun. if possible.he was as drunk as an Albanian donkey. Count. benyomni (intrans. Lit. avoid. as this is the part of your body that's used most when you learn. verb) to get drunk NOTE This verb is very often used among young people. Sanyika'm! (expression) Cheers! NOTE A friendly expression when drinking together. Literal transl. tell on sy NOTE The root of this verb (köpni) means to spit. Pronunc. Literally: to push in beseggelni (verb) † to learn sg NOTE This is a word used by students. trouble NOTE Noun. though nowadays it isn't used very often. bóvli (count noun) worthless. bokorugró (count noun) soldier NOTE Refers to a soldier in the infantry. On the other hand. baszódj meg (expression) ‡ fuck you NOTE Literally: get fucked. fuck NOTE Transitive and intransitive verb. Lit. They are often cheap. often in the expression: "Baromarcu' a'llat" "Bovine faced animal" pronunciation: /'baromartsoo/ Baszd Meg ‡ Fuck Off baszni ‡ to copulate. átbaszni valakit ‡ to cheat sy NOTE Transitive verb. Pronunc.. It reflects the monotonousness of the learning process. be van szarva (expression) † be scared NOTE Literally . jumble sales etc. cool stuff NOTE Two typical sentences to illustrate the two meanings of this word: 'Pénteken buli lesz nálunk' We are having a party on Friday. but accepted slang. verb) to inform on.: botoslujza (noun) policewoman NOTE This is a very funny word. clumsy things or people.The Alternative Dictionaries angyalbõr (non-count noun) military uniform NOTE A funny word. b balfasz ‡ sucker NOTE Noun. this is a very funny word. The litelal translation is Lujza (a female name) with a stick (that is. Used when one's very angry.

eccentric. trans. as they were said to have lived in tubes on the edge of cities. dilis (noun) ☺ silly NOTE It's not considered to be a strong word.66 - . and . an intr. The distorted and nowadays used hungarian version has a piquant overtone as it resembles the word for prick (fasz). dooma. and the full idiom would be "Fekete kutya take you with him!" The expression has artistic conotations. 'tchoy' cseho' pub. This is a very rude expression this way. Pronun.. The original word was "fassen". Use if you are really angry or have doubts about something. Not strong at all. Pronunciation: deeleesh duma (noun) talk (often idle) NOTE Pronunc. 'Már megint elbasztam!' I fucked it up again' elpatkolni † to die NOTE Intransitive verb. though it means stupid. An other form is entyem-pentyem. homeless NOTE This word was born (to my best knowledge) in the communist era. Tsiky heyzet csaj (count noun) girl NOTE This word is widely used and considered to be quite an acceptable slang word. c ciki Unpleasant NOTE Noun or adjective. and not derogatory per se. fazon man NOTE Count noun fekete kutya a black dog NOTE It is used in old Hungarian to send somebody to Hell. free. it is used to express the willing to go to bed. Orig.rdekes faszi "(he's an) interesting guy. Equivalent to 'gay'. verb.though officials denied it. fasza ‡ very good NOTE Adjective. i. haunt NOTE Count noun. Usage restricted to close friends. go around NOTE Not every Hungarian knows this . 'Na. Pronunc. Stronger than 'kinyiffanni'. refers to a bad place. durmolni to sleep soundly NOTE Intransitive verb.) to acquire sthg. go NOTE Tr. faszolni (verb. büdös stinking. dzsallni to walk. The root of the word is 'csõ' (tube). from the store of the army. when Hungarian soldiers had to understand german commands. fasz/faszfej † dick/dickhead NOTE Te fasz! (You dick) is quite a put-down. Verb: dumálni. your expense NOTE This word originates in austrohungarian times. though a bit stronger. An Englishman would use the word 'shit' instead. A very friendly expression. Can be used literally (itt büdös van = this place has a bad odour) or figuratively (nem kaptam egy büdös vasat sem = I didn't get a lousy penny' e elbaszni ‡ to spoil. lousy NOTE Adjective or noun. Pronun.: tchoevesh f fapicsa (noun) ‡ frigid woman NOTE Literally: wooden cunt fasz kivan! ‡ expression of discontent NOTE Lieterally this expression means the dick (penis) is out. "Ciki helyzet" means unpleasant situation Pronunc. not particularly strong term.The Alternative Dictionaries burkolni to eat NOTE A funny verb. Everybody knew that there were people who didn't work and had no permanent dwelling. as it is no longer used in the contemporary language.. not at d dagadt fat NOTE Adjective. Derived from the word 'fasz' (penis) faszi (noun) guy NOTE For instance: &eacute. e. eldzsallok a dizsibe' means Well. jallni dzsaval walk.so far. entyi-pentyi make love NOTE The expression has no literal meaning. meaning 'to cover' buzi † homosexual (male) NOTE Adjective or noun. implying (usually) low IQ or a proneness for making errors. screw up NOTE Transitive verb. but interestingly faszi is a fairly widespread. The "fekete kutya" is a Hungarian representation of the Devil. A word of gypsy origins. Homosexuals are looked down on in Hungary. meaning: to get sthg. I'm going to the disco. but we tend to use it to express that we are extremely angry. tshehoh csöves (noun) tramp. ruin." Obviously related to fasz "penis" which is a strong vulgarism. Pron. A typical expression with this word is 'dagadt disznó' which means fat pig. Denotes 'quickly and soundly'. These people were the 'csövesek' (tramps).

fene (noun. like in the commercial: 'Haver! Ez segít.be "go to hell". "Geci tanár" means "fucking teacher". gólya (count noun) a freshman at a college or university NOTE A funny word. pal NOTE Two meanings: to denote sy's friend (a haverom means my friend) or to express curiosity. literally: "may it be consumed by the franc". hekoosh húgyagyú (adj. The word also means "sperm" or "cum".he shit diarrhea in his pants. football NOTE Noun. interjection) hell. From francia "French. felnyomni valakit (transitive verb) to inform on sy NOTE Orig. fûbe harapni to die. NOTE Pronounced 'fosh'. Not considered to be rude. It is used because the consonants in it are the same. 'Egész nap gályáztam' I have been working like a dog all day.) very stupid person NOTE Literally: pissminded. "a francba!" "damn it. damn NOTE Literally: venereal disease. Literal transl. to . loud music. See also the similar word: franc with can be used in the same contexts. Very rude.e. húzós (adjective) cool NOTE Can be found chiefly in the expression 'húzós zene' or cool. 'fotsy' fõmufti (noun) important person NOTE Derives from an Arabic rank." since syphilis was often known as "a francia k&oacute. fene (noun. describes a very mean person. Cf. pronunciation: /'gen~ladah/. Derived from the word 'futball' (football) Pronunc. a nyu'lba. in case they have never heard of it! felcsinálni (verb) † make a girl pregnant NOTE Literally: to make up. The best translation would be fos diarrhea shit -. franc (noun. though. usage restricted.' Poor Steve bit the dust yesterday. geci ‡ cum or asshole NOTE Adjective or noun. No ruder than "hell" or "damn" in English are. Pronunc. ". cop NOTE Noun.' or Boy.If it is used as an adjective it refers to a person who is mean and treats you rather badly.és az orrodat is tisztíccsa. Usage corresponds with its English equivalent. Usage: Befosot -. 'Szegény Pista tegnap fûbe harapott.67 - .The Alternative Dictionaries would delight your Hungarian friends. A person who has piss in his head instead of brain.) ☺ sy/sg antipathetical NOTE Everything/Everybody that looks sit. be sure to remember the explanation. Most people wouldn't think of this etymology using the word. literally: "may it be consumed by the fene".. Count. interjection) hell. In phrases like "a fene egye meg" = damn it.. However. Literally: To push sy up. loose and runny. damn NOTE Literally: veneral disease. Pronounced as "ghetsy".i. interjection) hell. See also the similar word: franc with can be used in the same contexts. to bite the dust NOTE This expression literally means 'to bite the grass'. Other destinations can be used. the similar word: fene which can be used in the same contexts. literally: "may it be consumed by the fene". foci soccer. a bu'sba" "to the rabbit.be "go to hell".:military slang. Can be used as a lonely noun as well:Te geci=you bastard. fart NOTE Noun.r" = the French disease.: stork h hátvágánygáz (noun) fart NOTE A humorous word. it really helps when your throat hurts and it cleans your nose as well. who is always a nuisance." No ruder than "hell" or "damn" in English are. In phrases like "a fene egye meg" = damn it. gennyla'da (noun) ‡ shitbag NOTE literally: "a boxful of puss". excitement. Literally: the gas of the tracks on your back haver (noun) friend. The girl who has been "made up" didn't want to have a baby. fing † intestinal gas. The word derives from "genny" that means puss. However. hekus policeman. In phrases like "a franc egye meg" = damn it. Etymology: to work like slaves on a galleon. hu'zz a retkes picsa'ba! † Go to hell! hu'zzunk a faszba! (expression) ‡ Let`s quit! NOTE Literally: "let's dash into the prick". menj a francba "go to hell". menj a fen&eacute. ha fáj a torkod. g gályázni to work hard NOTE Intransitive verb. damn NOTE Literally: venereal disease. menj a fen&eacute. /ny/ is like /gn/ in "lasagna" genyó (adj. No ruder than "hell" or "damn" in English are. Hungarians tend to use it to refer to knowledge: 'Fingom sincs róla'=I haven't got the faintest idea about it.

kibaszni valakit. Absolutely the worst expression: "A kurva anyádat" (Your mother is a whore).v. kakaó volume (lit. lebaszni valakit ‡ to scold sy heavily NOTE Transitive verb. kurva'k fasza't! † whores' dick NOTE {interjection} mainly used by youth. 'Mi a kurva'k fasza't keresel itt?!' 'What the hell/fuck are you doing here?!' Kurvák vére folyjon patakokban! † The blood of whores i izompacsirta (noun) ☺ muscular man NOTE Literally k kacsa (count noun) gossip. sg NOTE Complex transitive verb.lni (verb) eat NOTE Example: menj&uuml.valamivel ‡ to treat sy unfairly NOTE Complex transitive verb. mint macskát szarni' = I told him or her to beat it. No verb can be formed with it.. Not too flattering. cocoa) NOTE This is a common word used among young people. kaja food NOTE Noun. means 'fucking' should flood. These versions are less strong. kicsicsázni (transitive vb) to decorate NOTE Theis verb refers to sg decorated or redecorated. hülye (noun or adj) † stupid NOTE Perhaps the most common Hungarian swear word. (Literally: I sent him away like I always throw the cat out to have a shit) kibaszni valakivel. Denotes the act of astounding sy by doing or saying crazy things.The Alternative Dictionaries the sorrowful" respectively. kanos horny NOTE Adjective. Military slang. Literally means 'juice'. and intr. kuss ‡ shut up NOTE A rude expression used when someone is really pissed off.). Deadly. Usually denotes recieving (lófaszt se kaptunk=we didn't get anything) . dough NOTE Non-count noun. NOTE Quite old expression. kibaszott † intensifiying word NOTE adjective. konosh Kapd be a faszom (at) † have my dick keri'te'sszaggato' strong booze NOTE Noun (rarely adj. Jól kibaszott velem a fõnököm!' = My boss gave me a raw deal.valamit ‡ to expel. 'Ferit kibaszták a munkahelyérõl'= Frank got fired from his job. 'Hogy mûködik ez a ketyere?' means how does this contraption work? kiakasztani to exhaust sy NOTE Intrans. (almost always) false news NOTE Original meaning: 'duck'. Refers to men chiefly. Don't use it unless you a have an Uzi cocked and ready to fire. Pronunciation: koosh l lé money.68 - . Pronounced 'koyo'. Used regularly to describe something insignificant or non-existent. rookie soldier NOTE Noun. chiefly a machine.: kilogram kinyiffanni to die NOTE Intransitive verb. bur refrain from overusing it even in frienly sorroundings.lni! "Let's chow!" From the noun kaja (q. fire sy.nk kaj&aacute. A typical sentence: 'Úgy lebasztak. vomit NOTE Tr.. 'Kibasztam. Pronunc." The word is of Gypsy origin. Pronun. verb. Pronounce: kitotcholni kivan a bele † very exhausted NOTE literal meaning: his bowels are out kopasz new recruit. Lit. 'Adj rá egy kis kakaót' means turn up the volume. ketyere (count noun) contraption NOTE A funny word to denote an object.) "food. original meaning: bald (adjective) Used also figuratively: 'Olyan kopasz vagy' means you're such a beginner kricsmi pub NOTE pronunc. kritshmi kuki (noun) ☺ penis NOTE penis of a child kurva † whore NOTE Quite offensive! Much worse than in (American) English. humorous because of the paradox. Widespread. Literally translated: fence ripper/breaker. kiló (noun) one hundred NOTE Chiefly denotes monetary unit. verb. mint a pengõs malacot' literally means I was scolded like a pig bought for a pengõ (old Hungarian currency unit) lepedõ (noun) one thousand NOTE Chiefly denotes monetary unit. usage similar to the English 'fuck' or 'hell'. Lit. It isn't very strong. 'kotcho' kaj&aacute. but not a deadly (sic!) verb either kitaccsolni † to throw up. Refers to strong alcohoholic drink.: bedsheet lófasz † horse dick NOTE Noun.

One is very angry with the other. See slavic languages "pizhda" or "pitchka" pilács ☺ lamp. considered rather strong. not too widespread. Very rude. ie. menj a halál faszára (exp. said. Thus some 400 years ago. but had a meaning about 400 years ago. "lopat a seggedbe" (i. vulg. very few people know it. The Turkish word for "stake" was "lopat". a stake in your ass). picsa ‡ Cunt NOTE VERY offensive. old soldier). the most frequent Turkish torturing/execution method was impaling. Elég vén volt. .: to kick the bucket or to anus NOTE Humorous expression. (verb) † to die. It has a very interesting history. Nun Manci´s horse kissed the dust. Also used as mintha élnél! (expression) hurry up NOTE This expr. plecsni (count noun) medal. experienced soldier NOTE Military slang. Hungary was under Turkish occupation for 150 years (from 1526 to 1686). pofa be † shut up NOTE A rude expression used when someone is quite angry pofátlan (noun or adj) † impudent NOTE Refers to a most annoying person. Paks being a little Hungarian town. öreg csocsesz (not translatable) p Paksi mogyoró † pieces of excrement stuck to one's m marha (noun) stupid. hogy megdögölj. In this form the phrase is meaningless. Example in context: -Te geciláda! Ideje. megfújni (transitive vb) to steal NOTE Literally: to blow. peelahtch Pina vagina. Literally: lick my ass. but I wouldn't use it in a Biology class. too well known for contemporary Hungarians. literaly means n nyald ki a seggem (expression) ‡ kiss my ass NOTE Explains itself. Az egy nagy marha. öreg csocsi. soft drink___ NOTE A funny word. wishing something very bad to his neighbor. 'Tele van lóvéval' means he is loaded with money. Liteally this word means 'faceless'. badge NOTE Something you get for some outstanding performance. No pederasty is implied. not very intelligent NOTE bovine. IF the folks "exchanging" it are friends! Otherwise very offensive. The unknown word "lopat" was replaced later by "lo'fasz" (horse's prick). As well known. Can be used as a verb as well (melózni). You can be qoite funny using it. alas. a word. light NOTE Noun. but normal when used for animals. unless used among friends or qualified by "kis" as in "kis picsa" (little cunt) which may refer endearingly to a little girl. in fact. -Dögölj meg! Kiss the dust! One means the other should go to hell. pussy NOTE Not very derogatory. raisin) NOTE Not a rude word but don't use it to describe someone whom you like. -Manci néni lova megdöglött. megdöglik.e. we use this transitive verb. Refers to a solder who spends his second term of his military service. Hey scumbag! It is really high time for you to kiss the dust. but not known nowadays. kiss the dust NOTE it is rather strong when used in context with persons we know. 'zs' is pronpunced as 'zh' megbuhera'lni to tamper with (verb tr. cattle. öreg rozmár (old walrus.69 - .Well. count. nyald ki a seggem (expression) ‡ NOTE short form: nyasgem o öreg (katona) an old. lo'fasz a seggedbe! (phrase) ‡ horse's prick into your meló work NOTE Non-count noun. It was rather old. Literally it means "Horse spit" lóvé money NOTE Non-count noun.) ‡ go to hell NOTE Literally: To send sy onto Death's Penis. Appears in the following expressions: öreg harcsa (old catfish.The Alternative Dictionaries lófasz a seggedbe † A horse's dick up your ass NOTE Sometimes used humorously. lónyál (noun) (fruit or other) juice. Etymology: literally means 'hazelnut from Paks'. mazsola beginner car driver (lit. a word of almost identical pronounciation. menj a picsába! (expression of dismissal) ‡ go to hell NOTE ass! NOTE This is one of the most popular Hungarian curses.) NOTE If someone of little technical knowledge tampers with an electric appliance. Originally a gypsy word. Pronunc. same meaning). a Hungarian.

tr and inrt) to kiss NOTE Long and passionately.. and the popular observation that vomits tend to contain this stuff. An annoying person. 2. pufajkás (adj. It's hard to explain why people compare sy's mental capacity to a pair of shorts. Comes from german "schmieren" (=rub) spila'zni (verb) to go fast NOTE Also used as a noun: "Spila van!". NOTE 1. E.girl with special.g. female genitalia NOTE The second meaning is less common. chatterbox NOTE This word is the direct translation of chatterbox. A disliked man. Verb: rizsálni. of r re'pakocka (noun) vomit NOTE Literally: "cubes of carrot". verb) to stare at NOTE A word often used in the translation of the Catcher in the Rye. t taknyos (noun.) person wearing an overcoat NOTE Persons. seggszelep-lehellet (noun) fart NOTE A humorous word. Also means girl. chatter NOTE Literally szopo'ssza'ju' (adjective) † 1. whatever the previous meal might have been. szövegláda (count noun) talkative person. sympathy) NOTE Used when sg unpleasant happens to sb you know. chatter NOTE Literally szófosás (noun) † idle talk. szarok bele ‡ I don't care NOTE Literally: I shit in it (I don't give a damn) szellemi rövidnadrágos (expression) stupid NOTE This is a living example of the richness of the Hungarian language. too: a contemptible person. but it's funny. Helyes kis punci. scrubbing NOTE Pronounced as 'sheekomiko' sitt (non-count noun) NOTE Pronunciation: sitt (non-count noun) prison. The expression literally means 'mental shorts' (check 'agyilag zokni'). punci (noun) ☺ pussy NOTE A playful name of vagina. meaning based on similarity.: segg (n) † 1. Though it literally means 'shit' Hungarian people use it to describe something of bad quality. Van egy tök szar autóm = I have a really bad car.jail NOTE Prunun. A poular satirical magazine has borrowed its name from it (Hócipõ). . "shooli".erotic lips s saller (count noun) a slap in the face NOTE Pronunc. I'm having a nap. It is used because the vowels in it are the same. who have been serving the communist regime. Literally: the the sigh of the valve of your ass sikamika (noun) the act of cleaning. isn't it? szófosás (noun) † idle talk. 'Na. reezha Literally: rice. verb. Do not overuse it. vomit NOTE intr. seggfej asshole NOTE The word "seggfej" literally could be translated as: "asshead" I found the English "asshole" as a word with close meaning. szunyálni to have a nap NOTE Intransitive verb. henceforth widespread. act stealthily NOTE When sy's up to sg bad. In 1956 the secret policemen weared the same type of coat when shutting people.. szar ügy! (expression) † Shit happens (exp. The right pronunciation is 'shoonnyognee' szar † shit NOTE Meaning differs from its English eqivalent. smárolni (verb. ro'ka'zni † to throw up. ass/arse 2. suli (noun) ☺ school NOTE Pronunc. Used as comment on horny girls. pöcs (noun) † penis NOTE Used in figurative meaning. Refers to a unpleasant. puhapöcs (adjective) † softdick NOTE Often used for people who suck. Often used in the form of "szarfaszú állat" (shit-dicked animal or fucking asshole in common English). 2. "Time to hit the road!" stírölni (trans. and intrans. Possibly impotent for girls & parties.70 - . annoying person. Pronunciation: /'repakotska/ ringyo' (noun) † bitch rizsa (noun) idle talk NOTE Pronunc.The Alternative Dictionaries pofátlan (noun or adj) † impudent NOTE Refers to a most annoying person. Liteally this word means 'faceless'. Refers to the immature state of sy. szarfaszú ‡ shit-dicked NOTE Adjective. this word is often used. szunyálok egyet. tele van a hócipõje (exp) (be) fed up NOTE The literal meaning of this expression is 'his/her snowshoes are full of it'. Comes from german "Schule" (=shcool) sunnyogni (verb) to walk. though.' Well. adj) † little child NOTE Literally: snotty. 'Az egész úgy szar. ahogy van' = It's not worth a piece of shit.

skin': to perform cunnilingus. mad person NOTE it refers to a very old man who is so old that he is mad. zharoo. Comes from german "Trottel" u ülgyûrûfütty (noun) fart NOTE A humorous word.The Alternative Dictionaries tök ☺ very. to "play karaoke" and refers to the similarity of a woman singing with a microphone and . NOTE This expression is literally translated as . Count. It means two person who are in love and they don't care about other stuff. largely deformed. main pantat (verb) † Heterosexual or homosexual anal intercouse. makan cacang kulit (noun or verb) To literally "eat peanuts made of skin': to perform or the act of performing cunnilingus. 'Lecsavarom a tököd(et)/tökeid(et)'=I'll rip your balls off tre' unpleasant. though milder) z zsaru policeman. If someone talk about something that he doesn't understand. Comes from french (german) "gendarm". cool. The Alternative Icelandic Dictionary a andskotinn † The Devil Haltu kjafti! Shut up! h helvíti! † damn! (hell) d djöfullinn † The Devil p pussa ‡ cunt. fuck off (lit.71 - . melaut sailing NOTE This word is usually used by the young people. absolutely NOTE Adjective. so people will them "melaut" m main karaoke To perform or the act of performing fellatio. Very common. It is used because the consonants in it are the same. Pronunc.a horse's dick in your ass -. 'Tök jó' means very good. tök † testicle(s) NOTE Noun.. pussy f fardu i rassgat † go to hell. go in an asshole) t tittlingur † penis The Alternative Indonesian Dictionary a auah gelap I don't care what you are saying NOTE This word is usually used by the young people. kontol (noun) † penis NOTE Used as both a noun and an expression of surprise. bad NOTE adjective trotyli (noun) an old. NOTE For example 'lofasz a valagadba' -. Literally: the whistle of the ring you are sitting on v valag ‡ arse. he will say that word. though not acceptable in a scientific debate. A very crude word for arse..is worse than 'seggedbe' (also arse. Used in singular or plural forms. makan cacang kulit To literally "eat peanuts made of k kontol (noun) † penis NOTE Used as both a noun and an expression of surprise. cop NOTE Noun. 'Tökön rúg' means to kick sy in the balls.

which is unused at present. possessed. 2) alliance.g. nach bhfuil seans = that there isn't a chance. streachailt leathair fucking("skin- i Is do/cha nach bhfuil seans ar bith ann † I suppose a ride is out of the question (rude or jokey way of asking someone if s/he'd like to have sex) NOTE Is docha = it is probable. The second meaning of the word. The second is the correct meaning. this adjective is often used by self-proclaimed polite persons instead of other stronger sentences.The Alternative Dictionaries n ngewe ‡ (verb) to copulate NOTE This word is used exclusively to describe the act of copulation. Being penetrated by the ass is a very big offence for average traditional sicilian men's proud. i. is a derogatory term used to indicate a practice frequently used in Italy by parties not to loose power. arruso" (in threating sense) should sound like "I' ll strip our face. NOTE Unknown etymology. "leather-stretching" NOTE used like verbal nouns: ta´ me´ ag bualadh craicinn p pog mo thón kiss my ass c caili'n a leagan suas (verbal noun construction) leave a s scaoil amach do bhoibili´n Go for it! NOTE word-for-word translation: push out your glans penis girl pregnant NOTE ta' si' leagtha suas = she's on the family way Cioch tit t d taim ag teacht † I'm ejaculating NOTE Literal translation: I'm coming Deanaim neamhshuim I'm having a shit NOTE Literal translation: I'm making bad jam!! The Alternative Italian Dictionary a allupato -a (adjective) sexually excited NOTE The adjective comes from "lupo" (wolf) and literally means: "starved as a wolf". "Giovanni e' arrapato" = "Giovanni is very excited". . The Alternative Irish Gaelic Dictionary b ba/ltai/ (plural) cunt. asshole".72 - .g. Also the superlative "arrapatissimo" can be used. "avere un amplesso anale" = "to have an anal intercourse" instead of "inculare". arruso/arrusa (noun) ‡ sodomy passive player NOTE Used in Palermo. "T' Taggh' a facc'. NOTE The adjective comes from Satan. E. ammucchiata (feminine noun) 1) orgy. which is the same of "allupato" (see). ar bith ann = at all in it hitting" resp. as general and strong offence. and at present is nearly only used with the first meaning. pussy NOTE I found this word by sheer chance in O Donaill's dictionary. 2) political arrapato -a (adjective) † sexually very excited. "political alliance". but it should be a boorish dialect word from the Gaeltacht bualadh craicinn. assatanato -a (adjective) 1) sexually excited. ex. E. Sicily. Note that a man (or woman) which is "allupato" often is also unlucky. NOTE The word comes from the verb "ammucchiare" that means "to heap up".e. It does not refer to the equivalent English expression of 'screwing around'. Don't know anything about its stylistics. anale (adjective) anal NOTE In vulgar language.

whore bagnarsi (transitive verb used as reflexive) to ejaculate in the sentence "figlio di buona donna". NOTE This is a more sounding form for "palle". stupid NOTE Expression used in middle Italy (Toscana. noun) † Homosexual man who likes to in one's underwear NOTE This verb literally means "to get wet". Also when used to indicate a girl. be fucked. "corpse". noun. battere (verb) to prostitute oneself NOTE usually "battere" in italian means "to beat" but "battere la strada"(lett. L' arte bolognese) ex. "woman who likes to give blow-jobs" Bocchino † to suck a dickhead Bofilo (masc) ‡ blow job. See also "cammello" and "ciospo". carità: per carità! for pity's sake! casci NOTE modo amichevole di rivolgersi ad un amico o conoscente. is a little stronger word with the same meaning. cazzata † a worthless or useless thing cazzata † (in plural) nonsense NOTE eg "Sono cazzate" ("That's bullshit") 2) brothel. to "son of a bitch". usato a palermo. i. mi si ingrossa la cappella = my glandis grows.)is a female who "batte" battona whore belino penis NOTE he have a big belino biga † cock NOTE Used in North East of Italy bocchinara ‡ promiscuous woman NOTE lett.glandis" cadavere (masc. Example: O budiùlo d'un Pisano! buona donna (adject. corresponding. NOTE The word. noun) Ugly boy or girl NOTE The word literally means "corpse". NOTE See "busone".The Alternative Dictionaries b bagascia ‡ bitch. oral sex NOTE Derived by omonimous "Bofill" cigarette holders.(in Italian cigarette holder means "bocchino" that means also "blow job") Used just in Bologna. noun) 1) unbearable noise or confusion. doo-doo caccati in mano e prenditi a schiaffi ‡ take a shit on your hands and hit yourself NOTE very coloured exprssion caciocappella ‡ secretion from the bases of the glandis NOTE lett. brinca † pussy bucaiolo (masc. bitch ? NOTE Insult used towards a woman. baldracca † whore ?.fem. cagare † to shit. NOTE At present the word is used nearly only with the first meaning. Literal meaning: "bitch" (female dog). in the meaning. that means "to defecate". that literally means "big ass(hole)" is frequently used in Veneto and in Emilia. noum) Whorthless thing NOTE The word comes from the verb "cagare". namely in Livorno. but can only refer to girls. this word is a derogatory synonym of penis. cow NOTE Insult towards a woman. noun) † Homosexual man who likes to be fucked. noum) Penis NOTE Not very used. that comes from Naples. carciofo (masc. c cacca ☺ poo. to defecate cagata (fem. "cheese . but the meaning is the same. the gender of the word must be masculine.g. noun) † whorse NOTE The words literally mean "good woman".e. (cfr. "stacciami un bofilo" = "make me a low job" boiata a worthless or useless thing bordello (masc. cagna † bitch. and are only used . + fem. noun) Ugly boy or girl NOTE The word literally means "camel". A little stronger as "boiata".)is a female who "batte" battere (verb) to prostitute oneself NOTE usually "battere" in italian means "to beat" but "battere la strada"(lett. The term "ricchione" or "recchione". Idiot. noun) † glandis NOTE Literally "chapel". against people of Pisa). Another Italian corresponding sentence is "figlio di puttana". and the term "bucaiolo". balle (fem. cammello (masc. Very common slang: e. budiùlo (noun) † asshole.73 - ."to beat the road")has the alternative meaning:to practice the prostitution on the road so "battona"(noun. busone (masc. Also "ciospo" (see) has the same meaning."to beat the road")has the alternative meaning:to practice the prostitution on the road so "battona"(noun.fem. plural) Testicles. that comes from Toscana. have the same meaning. cappella (fem. "Cadavere".

maily used in northern Italy. but in the present vulgar language is normaly used to refer to the penis that has an erection. used in central Italy (Toscany).The Alternative Dictionaries cazzimma (noun. shit NOTE Being branded a cuckold is very insulting to the Italian male ego.(modifier) NOTE Used after a noun as an intensifier. figlio di puttana † sonofabitch Literally "horned". femm. is maily used in northern Italy and comes from "culo".. But.. a screw (ie a woman considered as a d di merda † fucking (adj).e. the fruit of a legumiinose.. was used in the past mainly to indicate "though men". noun) Ugly girl NOTE The word comes from "cesso" + "rospo". balls (ie the testicles) NOTE See also "palle". che/dove/chi {etc} cazzo. femminuccia sissy NOTE Applied to effeminate boys or men. "stronzo di merda!" ("fucking bastard!". "it's hard to have it hard that lasts". "privy" + "toad" and is usually used in Lombardia. culattina (masc. noun) † Homosexual man NOTE The word. but is masculine. like a pair of horns. shit. as we say. chiappa cheek chiavare to screw NOTE Refers to heterosexual sex only. f fava dick NOTE lett. See also "cammello" and "cadavere". "puppami la fava" = suck my dick. culo arse (US: ass. An alternative and equivalent insult is the gesture of pointing one's hand towards the intended target with the forefinger and little finger extended. duro (adjective) That has an erection (with reference to sexual object or sexual conquest) NOTE Generally used by heterosexuals only. chiavata † a lay. as most female names in Italian. eg "macchina di merda!" ("fucking machine!"). The plural "coglioni" means "testicles". very derogatory.. that literally means "hard". effeminate NOTE Applied to gay men. irrespective of actual sexuality. NOTE The figurative sense is a pejorative term used as an insult. "shithead!") ditalino a wank (ie an act of masturbation) NOTE Applied to women only.. Note that the word refers to girls. ciucciami il cazzo † suck my dick coglione (masc. coglioni † bollocks. etc. fica (fem. figlio di buona donna (sentence) † Son of a bitch NOTE See "buona donna". completed with the diminutive suffix "ina" (i. cazzo † (figurative sense) prick. i.e. cornuto a man whose wife has been unfaithful to him NOTE the penis) NOTE This word. to indicate effeminacy. . NOTE A euphemistic form is "che (etc) cavolo. noun) † see "figa" figa † pussy. queen NOTE An effeminate gay man.. cornuto † bastard.e. NOTE The word can only be used in the singular with this sense.) attitude of cynical egoism However note that "culattina" is a masculine name. See also "culattina". i. "having horns".. as we say. but in the present vulgar language is normaly used to refer to the penis that has an erection.. was used in the past mainly to indicate "though men". See also "culattone". idiot. dickhead.e. checca (adj) camp. But. e. i. noun) † Homosexual very effeminate man NOTE The word. i. comes from "culo". "little") ending in "a".g. figa † a woman. that literally means "hard". and is derogatory.normally used in neapolitan dialect cazzo † (literal sense) cock. "it's hard to have it hard that lasts". cozza (feminine noun) Ugly girl NOTE The word literally means "cockle". ‡ what/where/who (etc) the fuck. ass. ass.. i. duro (adjective) That has an erection (with reference to the penis) NOTE This word. especially as a sexual object figa (fem. culattone (masc. "E' duro averlo duro che duri".. noun) Stupid." ("what (etc) the heck. "E' duro averlo duro che duri". used in the sens of "arse bandit". fanny) (You have.e.e. From "dito" meaning "finger".) NOTE Is not possible to find an english translation. ciospo (masc.74 - . NOTE This sense refers to the female genitalia. noun) † Attractive girl or woman.") checca (n) fairy. used in the sense of "homosexual man". prick.

‡ cunt. a wonderful university city in EmiliaRomagna. i. "big licker" exists. "fuck you!". i.e. "one who licks ass" lecchino (masc. are famous for seducing the foreign students by deftly caressing their penises by artful cunnilingus. The form "lofare". "to swallow".The Alternative Dictionaries figone (mas. i. noun) † Very attractive girl or woman. comes from the verb "ingoiare". Note that the word refers to female persons. g goldone † condom grilletto ‡ clitoris NOTE lett. ho voglia di un bel pompino con l'ingoio" = "Marta.) a man that say a lot of balls to blow job NOTE This word. NOTE This word is used in the zone of Rome and derive from "fracico" that in roman slang stands for very wet". Usually it is not very strong. queer NOTE lett. I want a good blow job with 'ingoio' ". in the same i incazzarsi † to get pissed off (ie angry) NOTE Based on "cazzo" (qv). but its strength depends on the sentence. e. flatuate. NOTE The word comes from "figa". now is also used by gay people to refer to themselves froscio queer NOTE A milder form of "frocio" used by gay men themselves. but is masculine. with only one "f" is also used. NOTE The word comes from the verb "guardare". "Marta. vagina frocio gay NOTE Once quite offensive.75 - . finocchio † homosexual. This phrase is used in the whole Italy with some changes :"fuori come un terrazzo. Me ne fotto di te -> I don't give a fuck about you fracicone (noun. "fennel" fottere ‡ to fuck NOTE Also used in "va a farti fottere!" ("fuck off!". mainly due to the very derogatory meaning of the verb "tirare" with reference to a female person. is too strong. ingoio (masc. A euphemistic form is "incavolarsi" (to get steamed up. noun) † flatterer NOTE Common in scholars/students language. . a wonderful university city in EmiliaRomagna. and is very derogatory. l l'arte bolognese (noun) † blow job NOTE Women in Bologna. finocchio † queer. leccaculo ‡ ass-kisser NOTE lett. where it is not strong. dai.e. NOTE The verb comes from "loffa". with the same meaning. to get worked up). that means "Are you excited?". are famous for seducing the foreign students by deftly caressing their penises by artful cunnilingus. and corresponds to the French "voyeur". make him important and look smarter then he really is. come on. noun) Person that prefers to look at sexual intercourses rather than to do them. that literally means "snail". fottersi ‡ not to care NOTE to fuck oneself. fregna . incoglionirsi † to get pissed off NOTE From "coglioni" (qv). i. The word literally means "little licker" and comes from "leccaculo". E.drugged or drunk NOTE The litery translation is "out as a balcony".e. "to look at". is mainly used in Lombardia. but usual slang. fem. Literal meaning: "fennel". ass-licker. but indicate a more (sexually) attractive girl or woman. that means "fart". for example the phrase "Ti tira la lumaca?".noun. lofare (intransitive verb) † See "loffare" loffa † fart loffare (intransitive verb) † To pass wind.e.In Rome yoy can often hear phrases like "ma che sta' a ddi' sto FRACICONE" fregna † pussy NOTE it's used in center Italy. but is stronger.masc. "la fregna che te ceca" Could pussy blind you! used in the city of Ascoli. "glove" guardone (masc. noun) ‡ deglutition of sperm during a meaning. The variant "leccone".g. fuori come un balcone (slang) out of mind.g. that doesn't exist as polite. "trigger" of a gun guanto condom NOTE lett. mainly in northern Italy. l'arte bolognese (noun) † blow job NOTE Women in Bologna.fouri come un pogiolo" The etymology is trivial because you know that a balcony is "out" of his buliding. faggot NOTE Derogatory term for a gay man not usually used by gay men themselves. lumaca (feminine noun) † Cunt NOTE This term. Literally "fennel".

dick NOTE It's used in center Italy (Rome.g. 2) stupid person. bullshit NOTE In the figurative sense of "nonsense". mannaggia! damn!. To lap in Italian means also to flatter with a purpose. "Che monta stanotte con Giuliana" = "What a 'monta' last night with Giuliana". It's used also to name funny a friend (Ciao Nerchia!!!) p Padulo † Bird "Padulo" NOTE The bird named "Padulo" flyes near your back L'uccello padulo vola sempre all'altezza del culo! palle guts. noun + fem. as referring to a sexual practice. NOTE I dont' know the etymology. "bollocks!"). dick NOTE Expression used especially at the South of Italy. E. monta (feminine noun) ‡ heterosexual intercourse NOTE This word. For the etymology see above. "big dick" mona † pussy NOTE Expression used especially in the North-East part of Italy. very derogatory. the object is the girl/woman who is "covered". "Giovanni ha . but is stronger. noun used as apposition) † Woman that likes teaching sex to teenagers NOTE Literally "school-ship". picio (masc. as a missionary. the word indicates the owner of the tool. nerve palle balls NOTE In the literal sense of "testicles". montare (transitive and intransitive verb) † to screw NOTE The verb can normally be used only with heterosexual intercourses. The word has the same two meanings as "pirla". Franco: they tell me you lap. The "nave scuola" is a woman. merdata † a worthless or useless thing NOTE From "merda" (qv). to get on someone's tits NOTE Literally "to break someone's balls".76 - . palloso -a (adjective) Very boresome NOTE The adjective can refer to persons or conversation. merdata † (in plural) nonsense merdoso † crap(py).g. that likes.. nonsense. montare (transitive and intransitive verb) ‡ to have an n nave scuola (compound: fem. It also means lies. Ascoli etc. "Paola e' cosi' giovane e ha gia' il manico" = "Paola is so young and already has a boy friend (who fucks her)". bollocks. The meaning should be evident. It literally means "to cover" and properly applies to animals. nerchia † Cock. "Ho voglia di montare" = "I want to screw". balls..g. noun) † cock NOTE The word literally means "handle". noun) cunt. slut NOTE Used pejoratively of sexually dissolute women or gay men minchia ‡ cock. literally means "covering" and applies to animals. patacca † pussy patonza pussy NOTE in a silly way pecorina (fem.g. palle: rompere le palle a qualcuno † to piss someone off.g. A joke.. E. E.The Alternative Dictionaries m manico (masc. noun) † 1) cock. Often heard as "che palle!" ("bullshit!". In this case. palle † balls. something or someone offensive or disliked or as an interjection. teaching sex to inexpert boys. "Giovanni e' fortunato. peter NOTE Literal meaning: "fish". shit(ty) (adjs) mignotta ‡ whore. for goodness sake! NOTE Commonly heard in Rome to express impatience or disappointment. but well known everywhere. noun) † sheep-fucking NOTE Literal meaning: small sheep 'Mario vuole sempre scopare di pecorina' pesce willy. Marco: It's all musse (plural). E. feminine organ NOTE mussa is a word of common use in the Liguarian dialect. approx between thirty and fourty. Note that the gender is feminine! minchione † a stupid person NOTE lett. mussa (fem. but very common everywhere. intercourse where the woman is on the man NOTE E. merda shit NOTE Used as a noun to refer to excrement.. If used as transitive. noun) † boy friend who uses his cock NOTE montato Luisa tutta la notte" = "John covered Luisa all night". manico (masc.. Alla sua ragazza piace montarlo" = "Giovanni is lucky: his girl friend likes to cover him".: "Giovanni si menava il manico mentre guardava il film" = "Giovanni was choking the chicken while seeing the movie".).

with the suffix "otto". noun) Very long and boresome thing NOTE porca madonna † Christ! NOTE Considered blasphemous. pipì ☺ wee-wee. mainly used in Lombardia. but in this sense it is masculine. The word.) "By Gosh!"(litterally "Pig uncle!" NOTE Used to avoid to say "Porcoddio!" a blasphemous expression that means "God-pig". "porca madonna!" (qqv) s sbattere † to fuck NOTE lett. E. pistolotto (masc. with the suffix "one". hooker NOTE Used in the literal sense of "prostitute" and figuratively to refer to a sexually dissolute person (male or female). Note that the polite term "pistola" is feminine. "to beat oneself". potta (fem. mainly used in Rome. NOTE Unknown etymology. pussy r recchione (ricchione) † homosexual NOTE lett. with the same meaning. the etymology is a mysterious thing). the word probably comes from the dialect "pirlare". noun) Stupid person NOTE Literally "pistol". meaning "big". "to beat" sbattersi † not to care NOTE lett.77 - . che . Also note that "pistola" with the meaning of "cock" in not used anymore. pomiciare french kiss NOTE (Very popular in Italy between young people) pompa blowjob (ie fellatio) pompino (masc. Very popular in Italy between 10-15 years people. rincoglionire † to became stupid NOTE Especially referred to old people. 2) stupid person. Example: "Quella ragazza ha la pipa bollente" = "That girl has a hot cunt". meaning "big". pisciare to piss piscio piss (noun) pisello ☺ willy (UK). and indicates a stupid person. It souds very similar to it. Me ne sbatto il cazzo -> I don't give a shit. meaning "to spin" (please. singular of "pippe". comes from "pistola" in the sense of "cock". The term "pistolotto". male masturbation. Porco zio (excl. Very popular in Italy between 10-15 years people.g. to smoke a pipe) pipa † Cunt NOTE Mainly used in Lombardia. "pipe". "big ear" regina queen NOTE Term for a gay man. especially one who is effeminate. fucking (adj) NOTE Used in combinations such as "porca miseria!". NOTE Very usual in Lombardia (region in the northern Italy).e. and can only refer to male persons. pro.'Fammi un pompino e succhiamelo tutto!' porca † bloody. don't ask how and why. pipa † masturbation NOTE lett. "porca puttana!".) "By Gosh!"(litterally "Pig two!" NOTE Used to avoid to say "Porcoddio!" a blasphemous expression that means "God-pig". bothersome person NOTE lett. used in Lombardia. "winkle") pistola (masc. noun) † blow job NOTE Fellatio . peter (US) NOTE Also as "pisellino" ("peepee". comes from "pippa". It souds very similar to it. pee pippone (masc. pirla (masc. Example of 2): non fare il pirla = don't be silly/stupid. noun) † ejaculation NOTE Often used to indicate a good (with reference to the quantity of semen and/or to the pleasure) ejaculation. sborra † cum (ie semen) sborrata (fem. porca miseria † bloody hell porca puttana ‡ fucking hell! Porco due (excl.From 'pompare' (to pump) . This word. noun) 1) cock. is more frequent.The Alternative Dictionaries pincare (intransitive verb) † To fuck. can only apply to heterosexual intercourses. noun) Very long and boresome thing NOTE q quaglia † girl. Example of 1): hai un bel pirla = you owns a nice/good cock. i. rizzarsi † erection NOTE Mi si e' rizzato il cazzo -> I had an erection rompiballe † nuisance. The word. Farsi una pipa -> to jerk off (lett. that in this case means "cock". "ball-breaker" ruffiano † a pimp NOTE used around Calabria and Southern Italy The word comes from "pistola". noun) pussy NOTE used in middle Italy (Toscany) puttana † (whore.

stronzata † bullshit (ie nonsense) NOTE Formed from "stronzo" (qv) stronzo turd NOTE Literal sense. It souds very similar to it. sbrodolata = a staining with consomme (outcome) . t Tarzanello (masc. that means "virgin".) "shit!"(litterally "Suck it ") NOTE Used in Bologna to avoid to say "Socmel!" a blasphemous expression that means "Socmel". The object of the transitive verb is the person that receives the blow-job. bitch NOTE Female form of "stronzo" (sense (ii)) (qv). as a "saw". Female form: "stronza". sega ☺ To play truant (only in the sentence "fare sega"). See also "ditalino". that means blow-job. slinguata (feminine noun) † French kiss NOTE The word literally means "tongue job" and comes from the verb "slinguare". You can understand why. NOTE The sentence "fare sega" is used in Rome and perhaps comes for to go at school and after to come back. spompinare (transitive verb) † to do a blow job NOTE The verb comes from "pompino". from sborra (cum) sbrodolata † faster than a sveltina NOTE etymology: brodo = consomme . Mainly used by young teenagers.. Also "sborata" with one "r". so literally it means "to deprive of virginity".78 - . scopata † a screw. slinguata (feminine noun) † French kiss NOTE The word literally means "tongue job" and comes from the verb "slinguare". Very useful in Bologna. sveltina = a fast action without any importance sverginare (transitive verb) ‡ to fuck a man that was not very strong. Word used in Calabria and Sicily for a fuck through the trousers' fly scopare † to screw. preceded by the privative particle "s".The Alternative Dictionaries bella sborrata! = what a good ejaculation!. Sorca cunt. Applied to men only. Very sconveniente and inheducate expression. in the northern Italy. meaning "without". sverginare (transitive verb) † to have sex with a boy that never did it NOTE For the etymology see above. scorreggiare † to fart sega a wank. I suppose. testa di cazzo † Cockhead NOTE Used to insult someone. slinguare (intransitive verb) † French kissing NOTE The verb literally means "to do a tongue job". Socmel! (excl. stronzo † bastard. Used by central-northern italian youth. without a really specific reason. cow. Litterally. sticchio ‡ pussy NOTE Expression used only in the South of Italy. it depends on the phrase. Smandrappata † A very fucking woman. sverginare (transitive verb) † to deflower (a girl) NOTE The verb comes from "vergine". corresponding to "to deflower".. just because you disagree with him/her tette † tits breasts. Note that the gender is masculine! stronza † cunt. The polite term is "deflorare". NOTE Used in the middle Italy (RIETI-LAZIO) Soccia! (excl. sveltina † faster than a chiavata NOTE etymology: svelto = in hurry . a lay NOTE A woman or gay man as a sexual partner. terrone South italian people NOTE So call with contempt north italian people south italian people. sborrone a very self concerned and show-offy person. "Scopa" means a broom. pussy spagnola [fare unaŠ] † To fuck someone between the never fucked NOTE For the etymology see above. English: Dutch Fuck . Not as strong as "fottere". to fuck NOTE Generic term for "to copulate". shit NOTE Refers to someone one does not like or finds offensive. It seems that only heterosexual men use this derogatory verb with reference to gay men. Mainly used by young teenagers. an act of masturbation NOTE Literally "saw". Obviously no corresponding polite verb exists. it derives from "Tarzan" the popular hero of the jungle. Mainly used by young teenagers.) ‡ "shit!"(litterally "Suck it to me ") NOTE pronounced as " soch-mael"Used just in Bologna meaning nothing more than a strong exclamation.) ‡ anus knot NOTE Means a twisted knot of ass hair and shit keeping it together. means "little Tarzan". NOTE Litterally: "do a spanish thing". Only used with reference to heterosexual intercourses.

don't use when unarmed c chipatama (noun) † penis head m musei (noun) a wet dream NOTE "mu" is the chinese character for 'dream'. trombare (verb) † to copulate NOTE used as standard expression in Tuscany. that comes from the corresponding meaning as applied to the penis. vaffanculo † fuck off NOTE Also the standard expression for disagreeing strongly with another vangare (intransitive and transitive verb) ‡ to fuck NOTE Literally "to spade". girl NOTE Used in middle Italy troia ‡ Whorse. Litteraly it means I'm going to hit you to death. E. the object is the woman who is fucked.. but this special sense refers to what the owner of the penis experiences. is very derogatory. whore NOTE Used in south Italy. venire to come (in the sexual sense) z zinne tits Zio cantante (excl. playing the trumpet v vacca (feminine noun) † Prostitute.. tirare (intransitive verb) † to have an erection NOTE Literally "to pull".79 - . and "sei" is the chinese d debusen † one who is physically attracted to fat people . The Alternative Japanese Dictionary b baka (adj) stupid NOTE Adjective.. noun) † bitch. NOTE Not usual in this sense. Used especially among gay men. zoccola (fem. slut NOTE A sexually dissolute person (male or female). e..g. "Ti tira la fregna?" = "Are you excited?". very attracted by the masculine attributes of a man. Only used to indicate heterosexual intercourses. kusobaba † old fart (female) NOTE Literally "shit old woman".g.The Alternative Dictionaries tirare (intransitive verb) ‡ To be sexually excited. the term "baka" means "crazy" and is composed of the Chinese characters for "deer" and "horse". NOTE The word literally means "cow". supposedly because a creature such as a "deer-horse" is absurd and therefore stupid. slag.. When used as transitive verb. NOTE The word literally means "sow". noun) † pussy. litterally. usually aged and coarse. bukkoroshite yaru zo (phrase) ‡ I'm going to kill you NOTE g gaisen † a person who is physically attracted to non- Japanese people NOTE pejorative garisen † one who is physically attrected to thin people k kuso † shit kuso shite shinezo! ‡ Die shitting! NOTE Not a nice thing to say. troia † (UK) tart. its literal meaning is "sow" (female pig). NOTE This meaning.: l'uccello mi tira. topa (fem. E.g. bakayarou † "asshole" NOTE Literally "you deer-horse". vacca (feminine noun) † Lustful woman. In this case the subject of the verb tirare has to be a derogatory term indicating the vagina. it means have sex in a funny and no-problems way. It souds very similar to it. peter NOTE Literal meaning: "bird". Pointing at someone and saying "baka" is like telling them they're an idiot. Very popular in northern Italy.. between 10-15 years people.) "By Gosh!"(litterally "Uncle singer!" NOTE Used to avoid to say "DioCane!" a blasphemous expression that means "God-dog".. with reference to female persons. kusojiji † old fart (male) NOTE Literally "shit old man". Ma tu si' proprio 'na zoccola! = you're just a bitch! u uccello willy.

The Alternative Dictionaries

character for 'sperm'; "seishi" is the whole japanese word for sperm

omonkuu (action verb) † oral sex (female) NOTE "omon" means honorific gate, and "kuu" is the verb 'to eat' like an animal eats

The Alternative Korean Dictionary
ano shipal † fuck off

imi shimi pet pojida ‡ your mother has a bald pussy

doltaegari † You've got a big fucking stone head. stupid

Jiralhanae † Literally means to become a retarded

You'd say this word to someone who is really

lunatic NOTE This word is used to describe someone
who is really fucked up mentally. Not too strong a word but it gets the point across. jotkara ‡ castration of male testicles NOTE this slang word is usually by men. no women want to use this word. this word has a very strong negative power.

fucking stupid. A moron. A piece of shit. A dumb ass. Dong shit NOTE Just means shit...nothing else....just shit. Dong shit NOTE Just means shit...nothing else....just shit.

The Alternative Kurdish Dictionary
ala rengîn Kurdish flag ("the colourful flag") NOTE f. kurh (noun) boy NOTE Not very deragotory word, but still insults the manhood of the recipient.

kur son; boy; guy NOTE the form kurh does not exist in standard Kurdish; sometimes this word is spelled kurr

serhildan rebellion, revolt, uprising, Kurdish intifada


The Alternative Latin Dictionary
cunnus (masc. noun) † cunt irrumo (verb) † receive fellatio NOTE Catullus 16 begins: pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo. = I will fuck you in the ass and have you give me some good head.

es agricola (phrase) directly, you are a farmer: you're a

leno (noun) † pimp NOTE Impudens es leno! 'You brazen pimp!' About the same as the American 'You fucking bastard!' levantibus godparents? NOTE Found in some German Genealogical Records.Raising up from the waters?

hick NOTE pronounced es-sa-gricolah

irrumator (masc. noun) † bastard NOTE literally, one who submits to fellatio, very insulting; used by Catullus to describe his commander in Bythinia, whom he didn't like, Poem 11

mentula (fem. noun) penis NOTE The commonest obscene word. NB!Penis was not obscene.

- 80 -

The Alternative Dictionaries

meretrix (fem. noun) † prostitute NOTE used by Cicero to refer to Clodia in the 'Pro Caelio;' from 'merero,' to earn; English derivative 'meretricious'

salarium † payment in salt [NaCl] NOTE salt [hallmarked] was a form of payment spucatum tauri (n) † bull shit NOTE literal translation; may not have been used by ancient Romans as much as by modern high school Latin students

Orcae Ita! Hells yeah! NOTE Pretty straightforward... Popular saying for highschool students...

perite (interj.) † Fuck off! Go away NOTE Literally: go through (to the netherworld)

The Alternative Latvian Dictionary
padirsenis ☺ + bastard literrally means "the one who's

su'ds (noun) shit! NOTE All-purpose expletive comment (making a mistake, hurting oneself accidently etc.). Pronounced "tsoodts" (rhymes with boots).

stinking shit, cos he used to shit in his pants. NOTE +
bastard literrally means "the one who's stinking shit, cos he used to shit in his pants". Is used to stress one's infantility, misery etc.

The Alternative Lithuanian Dictionary
Dievas God

rupuze toad NOTE Commonly used in the upper Kaunas area.

yeso christo † jesus christ NOTE it means a lot worst than just jesus christ.

The Alternative Macedonian Dictionary
da svrsi (duh svrshee) to have an orgazam, to cum da te ebam (duh tee aebam) ‡ may I fuck you NOTE UNISEX-everybody can say this to anybody. da te ebam u gz (duh tee aebam ou g'z) ‡ let me fuck da te seram (duh tee sae-ram) ‡ may I poop on you

It is used when a person is pissed off because

the one to whom those words were intented to screwed up something reeaaly bad. da ti go fukne konj (duh tee go fouck-neah koyn) ‡ may

you in your ass NOTE nly a man to man can say this.
However, don't say it! da te mocam od keramidi (duh tee mo-tsam odca-ramee-dee) ‡ may I pee on you from the roof NOTE Very strong, don't use it unless you are really pissed off (even then watch whom you are telling this to).

a horse stick his dick well into you NOTE If you don't
want your fascial description to be changed, DON'T USE IT!

- 81 -

The Alternative Dictionaries

gomno (gom-no) shit,poop NOTE It is not used like Americans use Shit!, ,but it is used to people (as a "compliment")

mrsulko (mr-soul-ko) snotty person, crybaby, coward

It means that the person to whom it is intented is

veeery immature in his actions.

picka ti mater (pitch-kuh tee mater) ‡ let me fuck your


mother NOTE This is the most common swear in
Macedonia pusi mi go (push-ee mee go) ‡ suck my dick pusi mi ja (push-ee mee ya) ‡ suck my pussy


lizipicka (leew-zee pitch-kuh) † pussysucker, suck up

пичка ~ pička (pee-tchkuh) † pussy цицки ~ cicki (tsi-tskeeh) tits

me pali (mae pa-lee) he, she, it turns me on

The Alternative Maltese Dictionary
lisba ‡ sperm in a lesbian mouth NOTE WARNING * THIS IS A SHITTY ENTRY *

zoblings † many , many penises NOTE real

The Alternative Mexican Spanish Dictionary
a viente! (interjection) † back at you! NOTE This is a very useful and common comeback used when someone is insulting your "madre"; see also "madre". It is basically a nonsense phrase that sames "same to you!" (Mexican slang). abadesa (noun, fem.) pimp NOTE This term refers to a female or male pimp. Its other meaning is "head of the house". It is pronounced "ah-bah-DE-sa". (Mexican slang). acostarse con rosemaria (phrase) to smoke marijuana

aguacates (noun, masc.,plural) testicles NOTE (lit) avocados; (Mexican slang) aguayon torneado (noun, masc.) (adj., masc.) †

testicles NOTE (Mexican slang)
albondigas (noun, fem., plural) † testicles NOTE This term literally means "meatballs" or "fishballs". It is pronounced "al-BONE-dee-gaas". (Mexican slang). alimentos (noun, masc., plural.) † tits NOTE Literally, this word means "food allowance" or "alimony". (Mexican slang) andar con el cutis flojo (phrase) to have diarrhea NOTE This phrase actually means...." to walk around with loose skin". (Mexican Spanish) andar con mal tapon (phrase) to have constipation NOTE This phrase actually means...." to walk around with a defective cork". This phrase is used as an insult when talking to someone who is uptight. (Mexican slang)

Literally...."to go to bed with rosemary" (in

reference to the herb). (Mexican slang) aduana (noun, fem.) whorehouse NOTE Also means "customs station". (Mexican slang) agarraderas (noun, fem., plural.) † tits NOTE This term is derived from agarrar (verb, trans.). Thus, this actually means "things to grab". (Mexican slang)

- 82 -

(Mexican slang). fem. It is pronounced "AHN-jail c calabazo (noun. masc. (Mexican slang) aracata (noun. chilito (noun. Spanish) chis piss NOTE As an interjection.) (adj. (Mexican slang) bastardiar (verb) to have sex outside of marriage NOTE This term literally means "to produce bastards".. (Mexican slang) avergallon (noun. fem.) marijuana NOTE It is pronounced "CHO-rah". it means.."to stir the powder". brothel NOTE (Mexican Spanish) e el de atras (phrase) † asshole NOTE (lit) "the thing in your bottom". (Mexican slang). (Mexican Spanish) aparato (noun.83 - . (Mexican slang) chingalo! (phrase) † fuck it! NOTE This interjection is derived from chingar (verb. (Mexican slang) chucha cuerera (noun. masc. masc.) penis NOTE (lit) apparatus.) to smoke marijuana NOTE Literally.) ‡ little dick NOTE pronounced "chee-lee-tow". (Mexican slang).) slut NOTE (Mex. (Mexican Spanish) cusca (noun. fem. (Mexican Spanish) angel de la guardia condom NOTE (lit) guardian angel. fem. has another meaning: "to stone to death". trans. In Mexico. chingate (verb) ‡ fuck you NOTE pronunced "cheen-gatay" (Mex.) † penis NOTE It is pronounced "chew-pear-SON". a very cus-toe-DIO". It can also mean "an old person ready for death.. (Mexican Spanish). Spanish). chora (noun.) condom NOTE bombear (verb.) (adj.) marijuana NOTE (Mexican Spanish) atizar coliflor tostada (phrase) to smoke marijuana NOTE Literally. who has little or no sexual experience NOTE As an adjective. (Mexican Spanish) aniz anus NOTE This term is basically a Mexican parroting of the word "anus". it can also mean "shh!" or "pst!". masc. ay joven! (interjection) † NOTE This is a popular comeback said in response to someone who is talking about their "dick". masc. (Mexican slang) colgados (noun.) masturbation of the penis NOTE see also vergallo.) (noun.) a young woman who is snobby and very frigid (not necessarily a virgin). fem. plural) † old tits NOTE This term refers to the withered titties of old ladies. As an adjective."Oh yeah. the small one!" (Mexican slang) ayotes (noun.. it means "tight" and "stingy"."to smoke toasted cauliflower"..) to reek of shit NOTE Also. masc. (Mexican slang) berreadero (noun.) to have sex outside of marriage NOTE This term literally means "to pump"." It is pronounced "CHO-cho". (Mexican slang) el sin mangas (phrase) condom NOTE (Mexican slang) g grifear (verb) to smoke marijuana NOTE (Mexican Spanish) . masc. (Mexican slang) angel custodio (noun. fem.. (Mexican slang) (lit) guardian angel. Watch out! A chilito is also a food item on the menu at Taco Bell. (Mexican slang) chocho (noun... trans. trans. masc. masc. fem. fem. Spanish) b bacalao (noun.. (Mex.) whorehouse.. It is pronounced "CHEEN-gah-low". however. (Mexican slang) atizar mota (verb. plural) † testicles NOTE This term literally means "pumpkins".). chocalate de fu man chu opium or pure heroin NOTE see also "chinaloa". it means to frustrate.The Alternative Dictionaries andar jineteando alazon (phrase) to menstruate NOTE The term "alazon" is a reddish-brown plant with sour juice. sexually experienced female NOTE (Mexican slang) chuperson (noun.) ‡ cunt NOTE (lit) codfish. More or less.) † slut.) † cunt NOTE (Mexican slang). masc. see also angel custodio.) buttocks or rump NOTE It is pronounced "cah-la-BAH-so". It is pronounced "AHNniece". (Mexican slang) apedrear (verb. trans. (Mexican slang) apretada (noun.. it is a BIG insult! chinaloa opium or pure heroin NOTE see also "chocalate de fu man chu". (Mexican slang).. masc.

) penis NOTE This is Mexican Spanish which refers to the penis as a "member" or a "limb". masc. (Mexican slang) madre superiora (noun.) marijuana NOTE (Mexican slang) motocicleta (noun. (Mexican Spanish) mecos (noun. masc. matraca (noun. to nauseate NOTE (lit) to roar.) female pimp NOTE (Mexican slang) malva (noun.) machine gun NOTE (Mexican street slang) mayate (noun. (Mexican slang) ir a la lucha super libre a calzon (phrase) † to have sex NOTE Literally. ir a rechinar la cama (phrase) † to have sex NOTE Literally.) very sexy man NOTE (Mex. fem. (Mexican Spanish)... (Mexican slang) mary (noun. fem. (Mexican slang) ir a desvencigar la cama (phrase) † to have sex NOTE Literally.) marijuana NOTE This term literally means "grass" or "herb". This term actally refers to the enticing taste of the tropical fruit."to wear down the bedding".. (Mexican slang) gumersinda (noun.The Alternative Dictionaries grifo drug-induced intoxification NOTE This term can also refer to someone who is constantly "strung out" on drugs.) † homosexual NOTE This word is equivalent to "faggot".) marijuana NOTE (Mexican slang) morisqueta (noun.) marijuana NOTE (Mexican slang) morrongo (noun. this means "marmalade of the smaller limb". fem.) marijuana NOTE (Mexican slang) mastuerzo (noun.. (Mexican slang) ir a un entierro (phrase) † to have sex NOTE Literally. this is the Spanish word for "raincoat". (Mexican slang). fem.) female pimp NOTE (Mexican slang) madrota (noun. It might not be wise to use this as an interjection since it also means "wet paint!".) (adj.) female pimp or head of the whorehouse NOTE Mexico has many "madamas" and also several nicknames for them. plural) † tits NOTE Its other meaning is "spot" or "stain". fem..) † dick NOTE (Mexican slang) mota (noun. masc. (Mexican slang) ir a hacer de las aguas (phrase) † to have sex NOTE Literally."to go make some water"."to go remove clothing". crude opium NOTE (Mexican slang) mamey † cunt NOTE It is pronounced "MAH-may". fem.) raw heroin. moravia (noun."to go break the bed". (Mexican slang) madrina (noun.. (Mexican slang) motor de chorro (phrase) marijuana NOTE (Mexican slang) mugir (verb. this means "motorcycle". (Mexican slang). (Mexican slang) ir a desgastar el petate (phrase) † to have sex NOTE Literally.."to go to the grave".. masc.. fem.) condom NOTE (Mexican slang) mango (noun.) marijuana NOTE This term can also mean stupid person. pronounced "ear ah pear-cu-DEER el coal-CHON". Spanish).) marijuana NOTE (Mexican slang) . (Mexican Spanish) manga (noun. however its more popular usage refers to the drug. masc. (see also "yerba") i impermeable (noun. fem.. fem.84 - .) marijuana NOTE Literally. masc. (Mexican Spanish) manchas (noun. fem. (Mexican Spanish) miembrillo (noun.) † semen NOTE (Mexican Spanish) mermelada de miembrillo † semen NOTE Literally. An example of its usage: "Chihuahua!!! Mire a ese mango!!!" mango de manila (phrase) sexy woman NOTE (Mexican slang) mariscala (noun.) female pimp NOTE (lit) mother superior."to go to a meeting". fem. (Mexican slang) l lina (noun.) female pimp NOTE It is equivalent to "madame". fem. fem.. fem. fem.) line of cocaine NOTE (Mex. (Mexican slang) ir a la junta de consiliacion (phrase) to have sex NOTE Literally.."to make the bed squeak".. intrans. fem. (Mexican slang) ir a percudir el cochon (phrase) † to have sex NOTE Literally. (Mexican slang) motivosa (noun. fem.. (Mexican Spanish) h hierba (noun. fem.) condom NOTE Actually.) to reek of shit. fem... masc. Spanish) m madama (noun..) marijuana NOTE (lit) speck."to tarnish the matress".

.) † dick NOTE (Mexican slang) rifle (noun. fem. Pinche fucking NOTE Mexican Spanish. "nigger". (Mexican slang) retozona (noun.85 - . solid. trans.) to defecate NOTE (lit) "to rule". (Mexican slang) quedada (noun. (Mexican slang) romper (verb. especially the males. (Mexican slang) revisar los interiores (phrase) † to have sex NOTE Basically.) † homosexual NOTE variation of quebracho. masc. (Mexican slang) rene (noun.) † homosexual NOTE also see quebrachon. be careful with this slang cognate... "deflower" NOTE Literally. (Mexican slang) remolino del pellejo (phrase) anus NOTE (lit) "the whirlpool in the skin". (Mexican slang) obstaculos (noun.) † asshole NOTE (Mexican slang) . masc. plural) testicles NOTE It is pronounced "ob-STAH-cu-los". (Mexican slang) rul (noun. blah!" or "Duh!" Literally it means "eighteighty". la † cunt (female genitalia) NOTE [panotSa] literally "sweetbread". However. It is pronounced "KayDAH-dah".) to have sex with a virgin. However. trans.). masc. (Mexican Spanish) quedar de encargo (phrase) to knock up. (Mexican Spanish) romper el tambor (phrase) to have sex with a virgin. fem. blah.The Alternative Dictionaries mula (noun. (Mexican slang) oregano chino (noun. Mexicans call African-Americans this word. You can't use that word on TV. mamar.) † cunt NOTE variation of mamey. Mexican dialect pendejo † idiot. It is a big insult to call someone "el rene". fem.) penis NOTE (lit) rope. (Mexican slang) quitarle al mondongo un peso de encima (phrase) to n nalga de angel (phrase) marijuana NOTE (lit) "a buttock of an angel". fem. see also oregano (Mexican slang) p panocha. Pronounced no MAH-mace defecate NOTE Literally.) † black person NOTE This is almost equivalent to the strong English word. fem. (Mexican slang) retazo macizo (noun. (Mexican slang) remame (noun. (Mexican slang) no mames (interjection) You're shittin' me... (Mexican slang) oregano (noun. (Mexican slang) nido (noun. (Mexican slang) quinto (noun. (Mexican slang) "deflower" NOTE Literally.) prostitute NOTE As an adjective. which means "to have a bowel movement". (Mexican slang) riata (noun. NOTE Literally translated. to get a female pregnant NOTE The literal meaning of this is "to find a job". NOTE In Mex.. macizo = stiff. masc. (Mexican slang) regir (verb.) † an ugly.. (Mexican slang) r reata (noun. masc. such as "Blah.. masc) marijuana NOTE (lit) chinese herb.. (Mexican slang) quebrachon (noun. old maid NOTE Its other meaning is "still" or "gentle". (Mexican slang) repisas (noun. masc) marijuana NOTE It is pronounced "oh-RAY-gah-no". to suck) Used very casually among Mexicans. masc. Don't suck me.) penis NOTE This is an example of direct Mexican parroting of the English word "rifle". trans. masc. this means "to bust open the screen". Spanish it is rather strong.) virgin NOTE The dictionary meaning of this word is "fifth". masc.) † impotent male NOTE It is a BIG insult to imply that a Mexican man is unable to have children. this means "frisky"..) † cunt NOTE (lit) nest or hiding place. this means "to go check out the insides". intrans. masc. fem..to break down". plural) tits NOTE (lit) shelves. fem."to empty out the intestines". q quebracho (noun. this means "to tear. plural) diarrhea or "the runs" NOTE It is derived from obrar (verb.) † dick NOTE ratazo = piece. (From the verb.it is pronounced "REE-flay". o obraderas (noun. (Mexican slang) ocho ochenta! (phrase) I do not care what you say! NOTE This is equivalent to a nonsense phrase. they also use it amongst themselves as an insult to a person of Mexican descent who has extremely dark skin. masc.

plural) diarrhea or "the runs" NOTE v vergallito (noun.) † masturbation of the penis NOTE (Mexican Spanish) Literally. Mexicans pretend to be a rooster jacking off. (Mexican slang) sombrero de Panama (phrase) condom NOTE (lit) Panama's hat.. "choking your chicken". (Mexican slang) chicken".86 - . (Mexican slang) tompeates (noun. (see also vergallito) vergallo (noun. (Mexican Spanish).) traveling prostitute NOTE This term is derived from the transitive verb taconear ("to fill / stuff").) diarrhea NOTE (lit) "looseness" or "freedom". masc.) † dumbass NOTE A general term applied to a combination of undesirable characteristics. masc.) a thief who robs your house and then shits in the floor NOTE (Mexican Spanish).) traveling career-prostitute NOTE It is pronounced "RUH-lay". (Mexican slang) ruletera (noun. (Mexican slang) s seguidillas (noun. z zorrero (noun. masc. masc.) traveling career-prostitute NOTE see also "rule". masc. The Alternative Nepali Dictionary m ma-chik-na (phrase) † Mother fucker NOTE Pronounced "mah-chick-nA" Very disrespectfull around women.. plural) † testicles NOTE (Mexican slang) subir al guayabo (phrase) † to have sex NOTE (lit) "to go up to the jelly". fem. lazy. (Mexican Spanish).. plural) † testicles NOTE (Mexican slang) trastero (noun. (Mexican slang) timbon (adj.) marijuana NOTE This term literally means "grass" or "herb". fem. plural) † testicles NOTE (Mexican slang) y yerba (noun. masc. (Mexican slang) tana (noun. zurramato (noun. and very ugly.) † anus NOTE (lit) storeroom. Often when describing this action to one another. It is quite an insult to call someone "soltura" in Mexico. masc. filiberto = penis. fem.) † masturbation of the penis NOTE (Mexican slang) (Mexican Spanish) Literally. masc.) prostitute NOTE It is pronounced "TAH-na". fem. It is pronunced "tah-co-NAY-rah". this word means sly or cunning. fem.) very fat NOTE It is pronounced "TeemBOHN". fem. It is often spelled "hierba" as well. masc. "jerking off your little soltura (noun.The Alternative Dictionaries rulacho (noun.) † self-masturbation of the penis NOTE (Mexican slang) t taconera (noun. p puti (noun) † vagina NOTE phonetic spelling The Alternative Norwegian Dictionary . (Mexican slang) tanates (noun. (Mexican slang) rule (noun. masc. (fig) asshole. (see also vergallon) vergallo (noun. such as stupid. (Mexican slang) sopladores (noun. As an adjective. (Mexican slang) tacuche de filiberto condom NOTE tacuche = man's clothing. masc..) † anus NOTE Its equivalent in English is "asshole".

Example IV: Ikke herp med puppene mine: Lay off my tits! Example V: Hjernen din er helt herpa: You're sick (/your brain is badly damaged).) drittsekk † shitbag NOTE Often translated to the elnglish expression: asshole..'live the king'). Literally means that something or someone has k Klitoriskost † Mustache (slang from Oslo) NOTE This word is a synonyme to connect the finer hair parts of a woman to the hairy part of a gents middle facial zones. Example II: Et virus herpa harddisken min: A virus damaged my hard disk. but survives in some idioms ('leve kongen' . bryster tits bryster breasts bægæэжх (noun. along with several others. Dra til helvete Go to hell NOTE (no further info i required here. klitt ‡ clitoris NOTE a females «love-button». hooker. Fomlepung Mess up everything NOTE Often used by people who mess up a lot!!! forhud foreskin NOTE That's right. Example III: LSD herper ditt syn på verden: LSD radically alters your perception.it's the movable cover at the tip of your pecker! forpult (adj. but not that strong expression.e She if a f. prostitued. bollingmoer (masc. Example: Forpulte hestkuk! g gessæl † provoking bastard NOTE (local dialect) Hedmark. been fucked so much it has been worn out. m. saying something is not right. slut NOTE (Generally used for many bad expressions) håndjager † hand-fighterairplane / handhunter NOTE An amusing way of saying «ronk» in norwegian Allmost the same as "go to hell". noun) ‡ extremely lazy. and fat person NOTE Very regional expression used in the Hundhammaren region outside Trondheim. (not your bed I hope!) Dra dit pepper'n gror go where the pepper is growing NOTE something NOTE A deviation of the noun "herpes". hestkuk ‡ horsedick NOTE Same strength as mother fucker hore ‡ whore. Example: Jeg herpa gitaren min med en saks: I customized my guitar with a scissor.The Alternative Dictionaries b bollemus ‡ bowl-mouse NOTE Mean the same as the norwegian «venusbeg». The subjunctive is extinct in Norwegian.87 - . i idiot idiot NOTE (same expression in both languages) j jubelidiot † cheer-idiot NOTE The same as norwegian «kronidiot» jævel devil NOTE Also common expression for "son of a bitch". Norway Gutta boys The boys from Sinsen (oslo) NOTE This expression was a slang from the 50ies and first used by the real gutta boys Arne and Harald ignorant. knulle † to fuck NOTE when somebody having sexual intercorse .. (often used when somebody is wery surprised) dæven steike [²dæːvən ²stɛɪkə] NOTE This expression. bitch.. and is commonly used in expletives similar to this one. h helvete † hell herpe (verb) screw up / alternate the appearance/use of d dass shithouse NOTE The place where u go to shit ..) ‡ overfucked NOTE Very useful all-purpose insult. the toilet. Derogatory. but here is the shape extremly curved. or to talk disrespectful about a female (i. shows the use of the subjunctive ('steike'). dæven steike satan friing NOTE very regular svearexpression.) † Stupid man. f faen [²fɑːən] † devil! NOTE Most common swear word fitte ‡ pussy (cunt) NOTE Used to refer to a female's vagina. stupid.ing cunt!).... n) ☺ Stupid animal bølgertaэжхфывąłża (noun.

) ‡ Stupid woman spyttslikker (masc. (i. .. pecker NOTE Common expression for a man's penis. mastrubate (males) NOTE (Don't try this yourself. shit NOTE Also in the phrases "Me fa cagar". erection NOTE Describes an erected cock/penis suppegjøk soup-geek NOTE The same as norwegian «sau».. boner..The Alternative Dictionaries kronidiot † crownidiot NOTE Describes someone that is extremly idiotic/stupid kuk † cock... t tispe † bitch.l (masc.You can get blind by doing it!!!) rævhøl ‡ asshole NOTE not as common as the english asshole.e. p pikk prick. svin pig (bastard) NOTE Used to speak patronizing about somebody. but a bit milder expression. (i.Also used as to describe people you don't like. etc. hence more effectful The Alternative Occitan Dictionary c cagar (verb.noun) † a servil person NOTE the same as 'spyttslikker' but a stronger expression. colhons interjection of surprise and/or anger NOTE It can also be used meaning 'testicles' m macar&egrave. You are stupid as a sheep) snøgge (noun. noun) † pimp. m morrabrød morning log NOTE The kind of erection one tends to wake up with in the morning. ponce NOTE the expression "Macar&egrave.noun) scrotum and testicles NOTE Regional expression from the Ålesund area. intransitive) defecate.because it is widely reckoned as a childish thing to say. Also used as an expression for "asshole" ronk ‡ jerk off.) o onanere ‡ mastrubate (females) NOTE Similar to the norwegian expression «ronk». "Me fas cagar".cock NOTE A man's penis. Used if you don't like someone's face.though it's not a very effective expression. f.. r rasshøl † asshole NOTE not as common as the english asshole. s sau sheep NOTE used to patronize people. noun) A servil person stille ANTON ‡ quiet Anton NOTE A more discrete way of saying «ronk» in norwegian stille ANTON † quiet Anton NOTE A more discrete way of saying «ronk» in norwegian ståkuk † hardon. You bloody pig/bastard. mus † mouse NOTE Means "pussy" when used in bad norwegian language.88 - .l!" is usually an expression of mild surprise. slut v venusberg † venus-hills NOTE Refering to how a female's pussy is shaped.. Directly translated to English:asshole-licker l luremus trick mouse NOTE You never got what you thought you would get. pikktryne † dickface NOTE May not sound as strong in English as it will be interpreted in Norwegian! Pule † fuck pupper tits pupper breasts pøngle (fem. (nice & curved in profile) w WALDO ‡ That's right: NOTE It's the name of my cock.e. dick. hence more effectful rævsleiker (masc.

but never used as an interjection. putan (fem. Maa Yave ‡ Mother Fucker NOTE Very common usage among truckers. c coon butt coonee † one who shares his butt cos † vagina m mader genduh ‡ mother f*cker mardekeh worthless man NOTE "marrd" means man maudar ghabe ‡ your mom's a bitch NOTE Lit. this indicates a boy who submits to pederasts pussy koce khor † pussy eater kut † shit NOTE No sure how used . v viech (masc. "Maa" is mother and the rest is self explanatory. m'an panat l'autò!". idiot bhehen chodh † sister fucker NOTE Common expression m Maa yave ‡ Mother Fucker NOTE Very common usage among truckers. Very common. noun) † whore NOTE Also used as an insult towards a woman. noun) † whore.89 - . noun) penis NOTE Old slang. The Alternative Panjabi Dictionary b bef koof † foolish.expletive? Please feel free to update. "donkey's cock") is used to express surprise or dismay: "Viech d'ase. 'mother bitch' g gooz fart h hasheri horny n nekbat dirty slut The Alternative Polish Dictionary . prostitute NOTE Same meaning as "putan". noun) bloody hell! NOTE An interjection whithout any real meaning. not very offensive.The Alternative Dictionaries p puta (fem. g gadha † donkey h harami † bastard The Alternative Persian Dictionary a ahn † shit kir † penis k kir khor † cock eater kiram tu coseh nanat ‡ my cock is in your mother's b bacha bawz (noun) † young pederast NOTE bacha = boy. The phrase "viech d'ase" (pronounced "biedaze") (literally. putan (fem.

testicles NOTE Same as jajka. cwel (m. verb: wycweliæ. dupcia little. krowa fat cow.. little pussy) NOTE can also mean 'a chick'--as in a young chicken. bang EG Danka zrob-co. noun) "commie". member of the Communist Party NOTE Used mostly by anticommunist oriented young people.) tit.: frahn-tsah) syphilis. however.: vulgar. gówniarz † a little bastard gówno † shit gównojad (male. little pussy). pron.noun) pecker.' kurwiec ‡ bastard kutas (m. Also a victim of homosexual rape c. jerk off NOTE selfexplanatory burdel whorehouse bydlak † bastard NOTE Relates the manners or behavior of a man to that of livestock i.. "Ty masz ma³y hujek (tee mash mawee huyek)"--you have a small little dick. Also: tassel EG nie bądź kutas don't be a jerk EG leci mu z kutasa his prick is d dać dupy † to get laid to give arse NOTE Normally. noun." cholernik † a fucker. bocian a tall.make someone a 'cwel'. fat pig (lit. jerk. jajka balls (testicles) jebać † to fuck jebaniec ‡ a fucker jędza † witch NOTE Often used to describe disobedient. long-necked person branzlować (się) (verb) masturbate. k kobyłka masturbation kociak ☺ chick little cat komuch (male. NOTE Enth. damn NOTE No direct translation possible. otherwise they'll fuck (Bay Area Rapid Transit) EG bartuję do Oaklanda I'm BARTing to Oakland NOTE From SF Bay Area slang to BART somewhere.: goov'noh-yad) † shit- eater . only a woman "daje dupy" / gets laid. Used when speaking about a pussy in the most of endearing terms . cock chujek [xujek] † little dick NOTE Pronounced 'huyek. pron: tsvel) † fagot. little ass NOTE Same usage as cipcia dupczyć (verb) ‡ fuck.90 - . do something. pansy NOTE passiv male homosexual. EG ale z niej franca she is a damned shrew/witch. you dupka ☺ little ass f franca (f.finally HE got laid. a person who accepts humiliations and contempt in order to receive some privileges/benefits. j jajca balls. criminals cycek. I have. It can also mean the disease "cholera. heard girls boasting about their conquests "Wreszcie dał dupy" .e. "To jest ma³y hujek (toh yest mawee huyek)"--this is a small dick (while pointing and laughing).Germ.noun. arse. also: shrew EG przypętała mi się jakaś franca I've contracted some kind of disease.' To make fun of someone's size say. asshole NOTE asshole is descriptive of the hole not the person. pox. cipa ☺ pussy cipcia ☺ pussy NOTE Diminutive of cipka (i. (undefined) sickness. .The Alternative Dictionaries b bartować / pobartować [barˈtɔvaʨ] (verb) to ride BART dupa ass. pron.:Dreckfresser) NOTE a toady. cow) kurwa † whore NOTE common kurwa mać ‡ Expletive NOTE Stronger than 'cholera jasna.e. cycki (pl. worthless children. (boot-licker.f. tits czarnuch nigger extemely black male g gówienko little shit EG ptasie gówienko bird's little shit.: French disease. noun. rather say. bastard chuj ‡ dick. fuck. "Ty masz hujek (tee mash huyek)"--you have little dick--does not mean anything. wycwelowaæ . Common use: prisoners." cholera jasna expletive NOTE Stronger than "cholera. bo cie zdupcz¹ Danka. c cholera shit.-) cipka ☺ pussy (lit.

to talk r ruchać fuck someone s siur ☺ pecker siurek ☺ a little pecker skurczysyn † bastard NOTE Similar to z kurwysyn but milder. spierdalać † to depart fast spierdalaj ‡ get the fuck away (command) spierdolony ‡ all fucked up NOTE Refers to an object. Stronger than kurwa mać. prosiak pig little pig NOTE Describes eating habits.) EG pierdolona suka a Stronger than spierdalaj. whore) skurwysyn ‡ bastard son of a whore. Sometimes it describes.to Los Angelize. pierdoła ☺ someone accident prone. to let someone have it. bastard big donkey p pedał faggot pierdoleniec ‡ a fucker pierdolę cię ‡ Expletive I fuck you NOTE Expresses extreme surprise.-) fucking bitch NOTE Usually refers to a person.) † all fucked up (adj. to beat up opierdzielać. something) oszczać to piss all over oślisko † dastardly idiot. to fuck (a little) EG popierdoliłeś to you fucked it up popierdolony (adj. opierdzielić † to curse out. to beat up osioł dunce donkey osiołek little imbecil little donkey NOTE Not a term of endearment. osrać † to shit all over (someone. moron pojebać † to beat up." opierdolić ‡ to curse out. an agile man (at anything). . fuck off (command) NOTE behind someone's back. opierdalać † to talk behind someone's back continously NOTE Implies a promise. a fuck up pierdołka ☺ accident prone child NOTE Could be a term of endearment. sracz shithouse sraczka diarrhea sraczka † shithouse NOTE Not considered very bad. spierdzielaj ‡ get the fuck away.91 - . ń odpierdol się ‡ fuck off NOTE This is the classic "fuck off. spierdzielać † to depart really fast NOTE More urgent than spierdalać. to talk behind someone's back. while drinking vodka.The Alternative Dictionaries running EG czapka z kutasem a cap with a tassel. pierdolić ‡ to fuck pierdolony (a. noun) ‡ bastard ETYM "kurwa" (pol. piździelec † bastard piździelec † idiot. NOTE I'm not sure of the exact spelling. transient want to fuck him up a bit pojebać † to fuck (a little) EG chcę ją pojebać I want to fuck her (a little) popierdolić † to fuck up. NOTE From SF Bay Area slang . skurwiel (male.) EG ten samochód jest popierdolony this car is all fucked up NOTE m małpa bitch a monkey małpka ☺ an overactive child little monkey NOTE Usually a term of endearment. srać † to shit suczka little bitch NOTE Term of endearment used when speaking of women in sexual terms with other guys. bastard NOTE Also a philandering husband. ł łachudra bum łajdak bum. to let someone have it. pierdzieć to fart EG kto pierdzi ten śmierdzi who farts- stinks l losandżelizować. łajza bum.e) ‡ fuckin' (adj. fool's cap. zlosandżelizować (verb) to smog over EG pizda † pussy pizdka † little pussy NOTE See 'cipcia' for usage. to fuck up EG chcę go pojebać I Rzadko tak się losandżelizuje Rarely does it smog over like this). with appreciation. Usually refers to an object.

biscate † bitch.) EG zajebany huj fuckin' dick. In Portugal means queue. line. corno s'one who has been 'fooled' by his wife NOTE in Portugal. See also vibrador and Braulio de borracha. Portugal bicha † homossexual male. to play a trick on EG zrobiłem jajca z niego I made fun of him (actually it ś świnia [ˈɕfʲiɲa] bastard pig t tryper (m. to overflow the toilet zasraniec † little bastard zboczeniec a pervert zrobić jajca z to make fun of. Foda-se! ‡ Fuck it! NOTE Common curse in Portugal. floosey NOTE Another word that has meaning very similar to bitch (puta) boceta † pussy. NOTE in Brasil. Braulio is a common first name and also a guy's name for his dick (like my Peter or my Willy). penis NOTE in Brasil. general for the situation w wiedźma † bitch. cu' asshole NOTE in Brasil. See also consolo and vibrador.) szczyny (f. cunt bosta shit NOTE in Brasil. szczele piss (n. comer can also be used in the same way as foder. wysrać to shit out that is not liked. Madeira. sperm c cabrao † +. chochota † cunt chupar † blowjob NOTE verb Colhoes † bollocks comer (verb) † to fuck NOTE Normally used as the verb 'to eat'. Braulio de borracha (noun) dildo NOTE BROW-lyo dey bo-HA-sha. cacete penis cagar † have a crap f filho da puta † son of a bitch NOTE in Brasil. witch witch NOTE I'm under the imression that women use this expression more often. means more like 'I made him look foolish in front of others).' You should know that this is only an indirect translation: all those 'little bastards' have shades of meaning to them. zasrać to shit all over. syf † dirt.pl. b Balalao Dumb.bastard NOTE (in Portugal only). NOTE Usually refers to a person. cona † pussy consolo (noun) dildo NOTE From the verb consolar. Literally rubber Braulio.noun) † piss. state of untidyness. Stupid Person NOTE Originally from Porto Santo Island.noun) clap EG zlapac trypra catch clap NOTE medical: gonorrhoea. sukinsyn † son-of-a-bitch NOTE "Syn" means son.92 - . . pimple on face szczać to piss szczel.The Alternative Dictionaries suka † bitch NOTE Just as in english the strength is determined by context. d dar o rabo † get asshole fucked e esporra ‡ cum. to console. The Alternative Portuguese Dictionary a aranha spider NOTE = pussy "dar um tapa na aranha" is like a fock a pussy camisinha Condom NOTE "small shirt" caralho † cock. urine NOTE self-explanatory z zajebaniec ‡ a fucker zajebany † fucking (adj. szczelec little bastard NOTE The best I can come up with for these kind of words is 'little bastard.

after an encounter. t transar to screw v Vai para a puta que te pariu! ‡ fuck you! (even stronger) NOTE (used in Portugal) vai tomar no cu fuck you (Brazil) vai tomar no cu fuck you NOTE in Brazil Vai-te foder ! ‡ fuck you! NOTE (used in Portugal) veado † homossexual male. Eu estou gozando=I'm coming! Grelho Clitoris (In English) s sacanagem (noun) something nasty or dirty NOTE sawcan-A-jeng the last syllable is very nasal. Gay slang. mustard. sacanagem (noun) something nasty or dirty NOTE sawcan-A-jeng the last syllable is very nasal.e. faggert (homosexual male) NOTE (in Portugal only. who farted? pinto cock.=Let's do something dirty. birth that we may baptize! NOTE Get on with it! Often only the first word is used and the rest understood: 'Accouche!!' . Puto is masculine Puta que pariu! ‡ Fuck it! (most common curse) NOTE (used in Portugal) puta que te pariu ‡ son of a bitch NOTE in Brasil. sperm NOTE in Brasil. Eu estou escrevendo uma historia sacana para voce. NOTE in Brazil.93 - . lit. The Alternative Quebecois Dictionary a accouche qu'on baptise! (verb + pronoun + verb) give Avoir des plans de negres † To have bad intentions or ideas NOTE That expression has racist tendencies even if the person who say it don't pretends to be one. porra semen. not often a serious question. sucked? NOTE A common joke in Brasil. Ele passou um cheque?=Did he pass you a check? Very camp i. saco scrotum purse NOTE in Brazil. penis NOTE in Brasil. See also consolo and Braulio de borracha. Literally means deer. Aii! quem peidou?=Ew. g gozar (verb) to come NOTE Also used as the verb 'to enjoy'. A bicha gosta de dar o cu' de frango assado. often used in a bath-house. Sacana is the adjective. The connection to english should be obvious here. The same as "veado" in Brasil passar um cheque (verb) ‡ to get shit on someones cock as the result of anal sex NOTE PA-sarr uhm SHEH-key.=The fag loves to give(make) his ass the baked chicken(to get fucked). Literally means bag. vibrador (noun) dildo NOTE vee-BRA-dorr. "wood" peidar (verb) to fart NOTE Pronounced PAY-darr. mais tarde (no later) which appears to be No.=Let's do something dirty.The Alternative Dictionaries foder † to fuck frango assado (noun/verb) † sexual position for gay queres que te chup (frase) NOTE sounds like "do you want ketchup" means also "do you want a blow job" queres que te chupe? (phrase) Do you want to be anal sex NOTE Literally baked chicken. from one friend to another. Vamos fazer uma sacanagem. m merda shit p paneleiro † queer.=I'm writing you a dirty story. q queca † a fuck NOTE (noun) x XANA PUSY xochota ‡ cunt (noun) NOTE Brasilian term. avoir la chienne to get scary NOTE to have great fear face to a very difficult situation. puta † bitch NOTE Puta is feminine. pau penis NOTE in Brasil. Manoel asks Maria -Queres que te chupe? which also sounds like Do you want ketchup and she answers -Nao. Vamos fazer uma sacanagem. this position has the receiver on his back with legs in the air.

gays. Translation: She looks like Jack's dog (bitch) this morning.bitch literal'female of dog' NOTE dog (bitch) NOTE This expression is used to describe someone (usually a woman or girl) who is not looking too clean or attractive. Just a bit rude. (Elle n'a jamais fait ses patatoumes.shitter or shitting place. noun) heap {old wreck of a car} NOTE Often used in the sarcastic sense. mini-grocery NOTE "Dépanneur" is a kind of mini-grocery. in appreciation of a really hot new car .. but mostly food and alcohol.The Alternative Dictionaries Avoir l'air de la chienne à Jacques Looks like Jack`s chienne (fem. Derogatory term for girl."Eye le cave!" . noun) † erect penis NOTE Literally .smoked meat. ben criss oh.) cochon pig.. NOTE Commonly used words for homosexuals.ya know too much alcool. (De la viande boucanee) . + noun) † big Corvette. A rather crude word.well boucane smoke (fem.the extended end of an object. It can also refer to sexual activity (il ferait n'importe quoi pour le boutte) The proper French spelling is 'bout' (the tail end of something). moumoune(f). go away. feminine.. noun) ‡ whore. petite quéquette (expression: adj. NOTE To say when someone is bothering you. b bazou (masc. Quite an acceptable term . There is almost everything there. plural) boobs NOTE Quebec girls are widely rumored to have nice sets of "boules" . when you're tired of that person. + noun) making love NOTE Used with a sense of humour. moune(f). The word is so used that even Anglo-Quebecers have assimilated it in his French form! e épais fat NOTE in sense of brainless f faire ses patatoumes (vb.. boutte (masc. probably should not be used in polite conversation. (Il est parti a chiotte. boules (noun. With reference to sexual activity the term is often 'bout de queue' (piece of tail). fourrer to fuck/ or / to make a mistake g gosses (fem. noun) mini-store. which is open from 7 AM to 11 PM.. noun) NOTE A Native-Canadian word incorporated into the Canadian-French vocabulary. guidoune (noun) prostitute NOTE (gueedoon). noun) outdoor privy NOTE From the English: backhouse. fife(m) (all nouns) They are synonyms of queer. becosse (fem. The word in parentheses refers to the gender. noun) NOTE Literally . mini-store that you can find on almost every street corner. in sense of cup crisse moi patience! (expression) † leave me alone. (Religion) NOTE It is better used by saying calisse de crisse de tabarnak d'ostie de ciboire de testament. calisse (noun) † Damn. avoir l'air simple make a fool of himself NOTE Local expression used in the Saguenay-Lake St-Jean area. Cette femme est habillee comme une guidoune c calisse † Damn. homosexual. Europeans learned this preservation technique from American (Canadian) natives. noun) ☺ testicles NOTE Literally: seed pods. use it with care !!! chiotte † toilet (fem. small dick NOTE To compensate your anatomy (unfavoured by nature) by material show-off. d dépanneur (masc. brosse (noun) to get drunk NOTE Usally used in the expression : "Prendre une brosse: It means to get "pissed".very lady-like. cave stubbornly stupid individual NOTE Used when frustrated about someone's obstinately contrary behavior. noun) † penis NOTE Definitely not used in a polite conversation. graine (fem. Elle a l'air de la chienne à Jacques c'matin.94 - . I.e. (Religion) NOTE It is better used by saying calisse de crisse de tabarnak d'ostie de ciboire de testament.and they can be grabbed as in "il lui a pogné les boules".) fifi(m). grosse Corvette..'un beau bazou ca'.

. noun) ☺ prostitute NOTE The English equivalent would probably be closer to 'tramp'. masc) This word design a person not exactly known for is abilities to understand quickly. picrelle (fem. or when speaking to a child. moumoune queer NOTE Noun. people rather use "faire des courses" or "faire du shopping" but in Quebec. which means "store". which has now begun to spread outside Quebec.. (Elle a de tout petits jos. Robine very bad quality alchool or alchool substitute NOTE Used by some homeless people s se bêcher to fall/ trip on something NOTE Often said when you want to make fun of someone who fell or triped (?). It is a rather nasty word that suggests one to be dirty and generally unkept.) pataclan (masc. no translation. in a way. a whimp. giving a blowjob when "le cap" has not been washed is therefore analogous. NOTE Notice that. n niaiseux (se) idiot. Not as neutral as queer. we'll god damn going to fuck the fuckin pussy!! ostie ‡ host NOTE The holy bread.a youg baby crying all the night 3. some type of venereal disease NOTE This expression is extremely vulgar and should not be used to describe one's health state to a family physician or nurse -. peau (fem.the symbolic representation of Christ's body unwashed foreskin NOTE it is well-known that what accumulates under the foreskin of uncut males has a strong smell of cheese. whereas European french say merde.skin. Quebecois say marde. Plotte dossée ‡ (Plowte doe-say)Vagina infected with l laisse faire forget it m magasiner (verb) to shop NOTE "Magasiner" derives from "magasin". The first is the genital of the women (used as a noun) the second is a qualificative of amoral woman. . pacter to be drunk. (J'aimerais donc la mettre. to grating a cheesy substance. noun) breast NOTE The pronounciation is 'djo' as it would be in English. Poutine is considered as a form of "fast food".Fem. can be compared to "tapette". or wear as a garment.95 - . noun) ☺ penis NOTE Usually used with a sense of humour. poutine (noun) A Quebec-invented food. mettre (verb) † have sex with NOTE Literally . plotte (qualificative. mange de la marde † eat shit. on va aller se farcir la criss de plotte làbas!!! translate: Hey. and don't. noun) ‡ prostitute NOTE Literally . "magasiner" is the correct verb and is widely used. slomeau (noun.especially at the emergency ward of the hospital.: Une vraie moumoune! Can also discribe someone who is a coward. or when speaking to a child. noun) † vagina/slut NOTE (pronunciation: plot)Two different definitions They're both associated with woman. smothered and melted together in a hot brown gravy. Ex.a bad toothache Used when a person has a tendency to speak to much. noun) ☺ penis NOTE Usually used with a sense of humour.personnal problems 2. [packtey] passer une nuit blanche have a sleepless night NOTE used when somebody can't sleep due to 1.The Alternative Dictionaries j jo (masc.) This is slightly rude. As in: "quin! tu t'es bêché!!!!" se crosser to wank Se fermer la trappe Stop talking or speak / Stay silent NOTE p pachipagi (masc. NOTE Thick french fries mixed together with cheese curd lumps. silly fool NOTE mildly reprobative: "Té ben niaiseux!" r râper le fromage à cap (verb phrase) to suck on an o on va se la farcir we'll god damn fuck her!! NOTE Exemple: Hey. and often enough mean it in a pleasant way.to put. . In France.

May incite to violence. The Alternative Romanian Dictionary {du-te-n} moaº-ta pe ghiaþã (locution) ☺ get lost NOTE ['doo-tenn 'mowash-tar pay 'gheea-tsuh] Literally: go sliding on ice to your midwife Usage: Used as a mild imprecation. NOTE [(foo-'tootsi) 'guh-tsee | 'goorah | peez-'dar 'muh-tee] Literally: fuck your mother's (throats | mouth | cunt) Usage: Used as such as a very strong imprecation {futu-þi} {Paºtile | Paºtele} ºi {Dumnezeii | Dumnescriºii} mã-ti (locution) † No English equivalent... a fuckin damn . The word seems to derive its nastiness from the mispronounciation of the word 'vierge'. "Celle-la. noun) ‡ virgin NOTE A rather nasty expletive .. {futu-þi} {giþii | gura | pizda} mã-ti (locution) ‡ No equivalent. the place where the Eucharist is kept in a Roman Catholic church. NOTE Use when you partyed too much: "jai viri une brosse hier" To get sick after drinking.96 - . she may well ask "Estce que tu me prend pour un trou de passage?" twit This word is use to describe a rather silly person....G. tapette poof. NOTE ['paash-tee-lay muh-'tee] Literally: your mother's Easter From the Latin pascha Usage: Unde paºtele mã-ti ai fost? (Where the hell have you .. fairy NOTE An (effeminate) gay man. Rosario and Tito). and their two sons. Your mother's Gods) Usage: Used as a very strong imprecation. E. NOTE ['foo-twotsi krees-'taw-shee shee doom-ne-'ze-ee | doom-'ne-'skreeshee | doom-ne-zayeeray muh-'tee ] Literally: your mother's Christs and Gods From the Greek Khristos and Latin pascha and Domine Deus Usage: Used as such as a strong imprecation. masc) This word is use to describe a rather silly person. swing la bacaisse dans l'fond d'la boite à bois swing the T'es un beau twit! fat lady at the bottom of the wood box NOTE often said when you see a big lady in a big party twit (noun. noun) NOTE fool. NOTE Quebec Family (Jumbo. The expression becomes much ruder when 'trou de cul de' is placed in front of it virrer une brosse (expression) To get drunk and get through NOTE This is a rather insulting way of describing a female with whom your relationship won't exactly be long term.." If your girlfriend feels you haven't been paying enough attention to her. c'est qu'un trou sick. masculine) ‡ A hole for passing u une calice de .an allusion to the Virgin Mary. NOTE [(foo-'tootsi) doom-ne-'zeee | doom-ness-'kree-shee 'muh-tee] Literally: Fuck your mother's Gods (abbrev. For further details. the Tabernacle. {Paºtile | Paºtele} mã-ti (locution) † No English English equivalent. see Elvis Gratton. Popa. NOTE ['foo- equivalent. {futu-þi} Christoºii ºi {Dumnezeii | Dumnescriºii | Dumnezeirea} mã-ti (locution) † No English No English equivalent. Alludes to limp-wristedness. Ostie de tata de crisse! tête de rubber Rubberhead NOTE Someone who's not brilliant trou d'cul ass hole NOTE more effective if you use ostie d'trou d'cul trou de passage (noun.The Alternative Dictionaries NOTE This word was created in honor of a well-known de passage. tata (masc.t v va chier go take a crap NOTE Also used in it's milder from: Va peter dans les fleurs. meaning "Go fart in the flower bed" viarge (fem. NOTE ex: T'es un beau twit! t tabarnaque/tabarnak! (interjection) † Goddam it! NOTE [ta'barnak] Literally. {futu-þi} {Dumnezeii | Dumnescriºii} mã-ti (locution) ‡ twotsi 'paash-tee-lay | 'pash-tay-lay shee doom-ne-'zeee | doom-nay-'skree-shee muh-'tee ] Literally: your mother's Easter and Gods From the Latin pascha and Domine Deus Usage: Used as such as a strong imprecation. as the literal sense is "flyswatter".

Bãi gãoazã (Hey. futaie) † S-a cã he shit himself EG Mã cac in gura ta I shit in your mouth EG Cãca-m-aº pe el I shit on him. equivalent of 'you don't know shit' cãcãnar [k@k@'nar] (masc. pl. futu-te-n {cur | git | gurã | narã} (locution) ‡ fuck your paddle EG Vorbeºti cãcat You talk shit EG Ce-i cãcatu' ãsta? What's this shit? EG Minca-mi-ai cãcatu' Eat my ass | throat | mouth | nostril NOTE [foo-'too-tenn 'kewr | guht | 'goo-ruh | 'nar-reh] Literally: ~ Usage: Futu-te-n cur de idiot (Fuck your ass~ idiot).The Alternative Dictionaries been?). pl. serpent or devil NOTE Used as such as a mild expletive. pl. EG Mãninci cãcat Literally 'you eat shit'. to shit. Futu-te-n git de parºiv (Fuck your throat~ you bastard). fututi gura! Fuck you! NOTE commonly used expression fututi pizda mati † fuck your motha' ! shit. arse ETYM Perhaps from sella curulis~ Roman term for official chair? EG Pupa-m-ai in cur Kiss my ass EG Futu-te-n cur Fuck your ass EG Ce curu' meu vrei? What the fuck do you want? EG Uite la ea cum dã din cur Look at her swinging her ass EG Cu curu-n douã luntri Swinging both ways EG ºterge-o cã-þi trag un ºut in cur Get lost before I kick your ass g gãoazã (fem. to b bagati-as pula-n git de poponar! ‡ fuck you down the polish the knob EG I-am dat la muie He sucked my cock EG I-a dat la muie She sucked his cock EG Nimeni nu dã muie ca ea No one sucks cock like her NOTE throat NOTE it literally addresses a homosexual but it is used widely for all kinds of persons bãşinar (masc. arsehole NOTE [guh-'wa-zuh] Literally: ~ Usage: Rupe-þi-aº gãoaza (I'll break your asshole). coaie) ball. intr. a [fu'te or 'fute] (v. noun.) † to fuck ETYM From the Latin futuo EG Mã fut in ea de maºinã Fuck this car EG Hai sã ne futem Let's fuck EG Am futut-o de s-a rupt patu' cu noi I fucked her till the bed broke under us. Futu-te-n nara ta de vagabond (Fuck your nostril. family jewel EG Dã-te la o parte sau iþi trag un ºut in coaie Get out of my way or I'll kick your balls cur (neutr. Futu-te-n gurã de parºiv (Fuck your mouth. noun. du-te dracului [du'te 'drakuluj] (locution) ☺ go to hell ETYM From Latin draco. pl. gãoaze) † asshole. you asshole!) . noun. but used as fuck {noun} ETYM From Latin futuo EG Ce futai! What a fuck EG Mi s-a acrit de futaiu' ãsta I've had enough of this mess fute. cãcat [k@'kat] (masc. -i) † shithead EG Eºti un cãcãnar You are a shithead NOTE From cãca.97 - . a [da la 'muje] (locution) † to suck cock.) to shit ETYM From Latin caco EG may you belong to the devil ETYM From Latin draco. pl. cururi) ☺ ass. futai | futere [fu'tu | fu'tere] (neutr. cãcaþi) shit EG Ai intrat in cãcat pin-la gat You're up the creek without a Many other imprecations (see below). pl. noun. NOTE From cãca. noun. coi [koj. Ce paºtile mã-ti vrei? (What the fuck do you want?). pl. a [da 'limbi] (locution) † to lick cunt to give tongue EG Se duce cu el ca sã-i dea limbi She goes out with him 'cause he licks her cunt. bãºine) fart EG Am tras o bãºinã I farted EG Cine s-a bãºit aici? Who Literally: to receive fellatio da limbi. d da la muie. kwa'je] (neutr. farted here? EG Nu face nici cit o bãºinã It's not worth a fart f fire-ai al dracului [fi'rej al 'drakuluj] (locution) ☺ go to hell c cãca. -i) farthead EG Unde-i bãşinaru' ãla? Where is that farthead? EG ºefu-i un bãşinar nenorocit Our boss is a bloody farthead NOTE [b@Si'nar] Literally: someone who farts From bãşinã (fart) băşină [b@'Sin@] (fem. serpent or devil NOTE Used as such as a mild expletive. a se ['k@ka] (v. noun. to shit. noun. you bum). you bastard). noun. intr. pl.

The Alternative Dictionaries

lindic (neutr. noun, pl. lindicuri or lindice) † clit, clitoris

Usage: Ce-a vrut poponaru' ãla? (What did that cocksucker want?) pula dick pulã (fem. noun, pl. pule or puli) dick, cock NOTE ['pooluh] Literally: ~ Usage: Ce pula mea? (What the fuck?). Unde pula mea te duci? (Where the fuck are you going?). Bãga-þi-aº pula-n gurã (Fuck your mouth). Bãga-þi-aº pula-n cur (Fuck your ass). Bãgami-aº pula-n el de calculator (Fuck this bloody computer). S-ar da ea la pulã de-ar putea (She'd like to get laid). pupa-ma-n cur † Kiss my ass NOTE Self-explanatory. It probably means that I don't care for what you have just said, or that I am not in agreement with you. At all!

[leen-'dick] Literally: ~ Usage: Lindicu' mã-ti de

ºofer timpit (Your mother's cliþ you stupid trucker). linge in cur, a (locution) lick someone's ass; suck up to

someone NOTE ['lin-djay 'koo-rool] Literally: lick
someone's ass From: Usage: Ia mãrit leafa pen' cã-l linge-n cur pe ºef (He got a raise because he licks his boss' ass).

piºa, a se (v. intr.) to piss NOTE [pee-'shar] Literally: ~ Usage: O sã mã piº in ºanþ (I'll piss in the ditch). Te piºi pe el de camion (This truck is good only for pissing on it; this truck is no good). Piºa-m-aº in gura ta (I piss in your mouth). S-a piºat pe el de fricã (He was so scared he wet his pants). Nu te mai piºa imprãºtiat (Stop pissing everywhere; also means 'stop talking rubbish'). piºat (masc. noun, plural piºaþi) piss {noun} NOTE [pee'shat] Literally: ~ Usage: Nu face nici cit un piºat (It's worthless). pizdã (fem. noun, pl. pizde) † cunt NOTE ['peez-duh] Literally: ~ Usage: Pizda mã-ti de nemernic (Fuck your mother's cunt~ you bastard). Vrei pizdã? (Do you want some cunt?). Nu mai sta cu pizda-n vint (Don't strut your stuff so much). Miroase-a pizdã (I smell a cunt). Also used in many imprecations~ such as futu-þi pizda mã-ti, etc. pizda ma-tti ‡ Your mother's cunt NOTE Truly abominable. The text before and after the expression is implied, and it is the worst anyone can imagine. A just cause for assault poponar (masc. noun, pl. -i) fag, pooftah, cocksucker

rahat (masc. noun) ☺ shit NOTE [rar-'khat] Literally: Turkish delight From Turkish rakhat. Usage: Used as a milder form of cãcat (q.v.)

suge {pula | pixul}, a (locution) † to suck cock NOTE ['soo-jay 'poo-lar] Literally: to suck (cock | ballpoint pen) From: Usage: Sugi pula! (You're a cocksucker). sulã (fem. noun, pl. suli) dick, cock NOTE ['soo-luh] Literally: ~ Usage: cf. pulã

trage pe sub mustaþã, a o (locution) ‡ suck my cock

[seh tseeaw trarg pay soob moos-'tar-tseh]

Literally: let me put it under your whiskers (moustache) Usage: Ce þi-aº mai trage pe sub mustaþa ta de poliþai (You cops can suck my cock). ţiţă (fem. noun, pl. þiþe) ☺ tit NOTE ['tsuh-tseh] Literally: ~ Usage: Ia sã-þi vãd þiþele (Let me see your tits).

[paw-paw-'naar] Literally: ~ From popou, behind.

The Alternative Russian Dictionary
byk, bychara ~ byk, bychara † redneck chernozhopyi ~ chernozhopyi † nigger or "person of dolboy'eb ~ dolboj'eb (masc. noun) ‡ dickhead NOTE Is close to "opesdol" and "raspizdey" but in common describes more block-headed person ebalnik ~ jebalnik (noun) ‡ a face NOTE see also "ebalo" ebalo ~ jebalo (noun) ‡ a face NOTE see also "ebalnik"

southern nation", e.g. Uzbek, etc. NOTE Literally:

- 98 -

The Alternative Dictionaries

ebalom sch'elkat' ~ jebalom sch'elkat' (noun) ‡ too look

gotten an aqute honorreia in his anus.Puts the conterpart way down. piz`dyulina ~ piz`dyulina † The thing that doesn't matter

blank NOTE see also "ebalo"
gol/uboy ~ gol/uboy (adj.) male homosexual, gay. NOTE Literally: blue. mudack ~ mudack (masc. noun) † dumbass,full NOTE is spelled like "moo-duck" , commonly used like "muthafucka" EX: "Poslushay ty, mudack" - "Listen you, muthafucka". opizdenet' ~ opizdenet' (verb, infinitve) ‡ see "okhuet'" osto'eblo ~ osto'eblo (verb, part of expression)) ‡ (it)

Chto eto za piz'dyulina? What the fuck is it? NOTE

Could be literally translated as "The thing from the cunt". pizda ~ pizda (noun, fem.) ‡ vagina, cunt NOTE Probably as bad as 'cunt' in Russian. pizdato ~ pizdato (adv.) † good (cf. pizdato) EG Kak dela? -Pizdato. How are things with you? -Fantastic.

bored (me) NOTE It's a part of expressions like "Mne
eto vs'e osto'eblo" - "All this fuckin' bored me" ostokhuitel'no ~ ostokhuitel'no (adv.) ‡ very good,

(Note that the Russian word is an adverb, while its English counterpart is an adjective).
pizdatyi ~ pizdatyi (adj.) † good (see also raspizdatyi)

excellent EG Kak vchera nazhralis'? - Ostohuitel'no. How did you drink yesterday? - Excellent. NOTE (see
also ohuitel'no). Note an extra root STO (hundred) used for amplification of the meaning. ot'ebis'! ~ ot'ebis'! (expr.) ‡ Fuck off! otmudohat' ~ otmudohat' (verb, inf, transitive) ‡ to kick

Smotri, kakaja pizdataja tachka Look, isn't it a swell

piz'det' ~ piz'det' (verb, intransitive, imperfect aspect) †

1. to chat; 2. to tell lies EG Poide"m popizdim Let's have a chat. Let's shoot the bull EG Zaebal uzhe,
khvatit piz'det' You've bored me to death, cut that crap

someone's ass, to beat someone NOTE synonym to
"dat' pizdy" but means more damage to victim; see also "otpizdit'". otmudohat' ~ otmudohat' (verb, inf, transitive) ‡ to kick

Ne pizdi! Come off it! Cut it out! NOTE The word

comes from the root pizda. Like any other Russian of the same origin this one can only be used among friends or with people whom you want to insult or don't care about. pizdetc ~ pizdetc (noun, male) ‡ fiasco, the end

someone's ass, to beat someone NOTE synonym to
"dat' pizdy" but means more damage to victim; see also "otpizdit". otpizdit' ~ otpizdit' (verb, inf, transitive) ‡ to kick

complete NOTE Means any kind of fatal outcome.This
is the one of the most capatious words in Russian slang pizdoi nakryt'sja ~ pizdoi nakryt'sja (verbal phrase) † go

someone's ass, to beat someone NOTE synonym to
"dat' pizdy" but means more damage to victim; see also "otmudohat". otsosi ~ otsosi † blow me padlo ~ padlo (n.,noun) (dirty) swine, scoundrel. NOTE Litt. cadaver. pedik ~ pedik (noun) ‡ someone who has been used as

out of whack, go out of kilter EG Moi pentjukh pizdoi
nakrylsja My Pentium went went out of whack. pizd'uk ~ pizd'uk (noun, male) ‡ bastard po khuy ~ po khuy (expr) † equal, the same NOTE "Mne po khuy" means something like "I don't give a fuck" podi ku'evo? ~ podi ku'evo? † It's good isn't it? EG Sotnya grina ni za khuy sobachy - podi khuevo? To

a female in jail NOTE Comes from the word pederast
("homosexual") perdet' ~ perdet' (verb) † to let a fart petuh ~ petuh (noun) † a male who's used a as female,

get $100 for nothing - cool, isn't it? NOTE Is used as a
comment to earlier discussed subject. poeben' ~ poeben' stuff that sucks NOTE see "piz'dyulina" po'imat' na konchik ~ po'imat' na konchik (expr.) to get

typically in army or jail NOTE the more common
meaning is rooster. careful when addressing males ex: 'hey you petuh, come here' pidar gnoinyj ~ pidar gnoinyj ‡ rotten faggot NOTE Mean expression used in the coal mines of Ukrainian Donbass. Literary means the passive gay who have

a honorreia EG Trakhnulsya po p'yani i po'imal na
konchik Was drunken, fucked some chick - and got

- 99 -

The Alternative Dictionaries

the Jack! NOTE Literally translation is "To catch a thing
by the end of your dick" po'iti posrat' ~ po'iti posrat' (expr) † to be lost or

shalava ~ shalava † slut (noun) NOTE can be used as bl'ad' styervo ~ styervo (n.,noun) † swine, crook, scoundrel,

damaged EG Mo'i otpusk posh'el posrat I've planned to have a vacation but my plans are accidentaly broken

bastard/bitch. (Litt:cadaver) NOTE see padl/o. This one
seems to be some stronger. Can be combined with an adjective or a participle; e.g. "Ty styervo ebannoye". sukin syn ~ sukin syn (noun phrase) † son of a bitch

is close to "pizdoi nakryt'sja " (see) but has more

wide usage poluchit' pizdy ~ poluchit' pizdy ‡ to get one's ass

nearly equivalent to its English counterpart.

kicked EG Vy'ebnulsya i tut zhe poluchil pizdy He bragged and then immediately was beaten NOTE see
also "dat' pizdy" pososi moyu konfetku ~ pososi moyu konfetku (expr)

svodit' posrat' ~ svodit' posrat' (expr) † to lose or

damage something NOTE It's a tranzitive expression EX: "Ya dal emy pri'emnik, a on svodil ego posrat'" - "I gave him a radio and he lost/broke/damaged it" it. See also "po'iti posrat'" svoloch' ~ svoloch' (noun, masculine) † bastard NOTE About as strong as its English counterpart. 'Ivan svoloch'.' "John is a bastard." trakhat'sya ~ trakhat'sya (verb, inf,non-transitive) To

suck my dick suck my candy
prissat' ~ prissat' (verb, inf) to scare NOTE The underlying meaning is "to piss into panties being scared"; see also "zassat'" proebat' ~ proebat' (verb, inf) ‡ to lose NOTE Used if the thing is lost or the game. (see "prosrat'") promudobl'adsksya pizdopro'ebina ~ promudobl'adsksya pizdopro'ebina (rare) ‡ no certain

copulate NOTE see also "trakhat'"
trimandoblydskiy pizdoproyob ~ trimandoblydskiy pizdoproyob ‡ has no translation NOTE Very emotional expression that shows the sense of offence (but not very strong). It can be used between friends. ubl'yudok ~ ubl'yudok (male, noun) bastard u'ebitsche ~ u'ebitsche (noun) ‡ freak, monster v pizdu ~ v pizdu (expr) † to hell NOTE Literally: "into the cunt". Just like "na khuy" used in expressions like: poshe"l v pizdu ("fuck off") vafl'a ~ vafl'a (female, noun) † flying dick NOTE The stress should be on tke last syllaby or it should be translated as "vafer". "vafl'a" is a mystic, fairy object. According to legend when someone stands with his mouth opened for too long it quickly flies into (see "lovit' vafly"). It's oftten used to name different flying objects, especialy zeppelins. vafli lovit' ~ vafli lovit' (expr) † see comments NOTE means "to stand and look blank not knowing what to do, maybe beeing in surprise". Literally means "to catch flying dicks". (see "vafl'a"); vyperdysh ~ vyperdysh (noun, male) the fart NOTE The underlying meaning is "to piss into panties It's an insult of a wide usage. vzdrochennyi ~ vzdrochennyi (adj) † 1) dishevelled 2)

translation NOTE It's a concentrate of explicit language.
Is used to stress that somethin' (or some one) has concentrated all negative features and things in itself propezdoloch ~ propezdoloch (noun) † a foxy person prosrat' ~ prosrat' (verb, inf) † to lose NOTE Used if the thing is lost or the game. raspeezdeyi ~ raspeezdeyi ‡ A slacker. Lit., "someone

cunting off." See notes. NOTE From the root word
'peezda.' It is interesting to compare this word, whose root is feminine, to the many, much milder English phrases using male masturbation as an analogy for the concept of 'wasting time.' raspizdatyi ~ raspizdatyi (adj.) † very good (see also

pizdatyi) EG Smotri, kakaja raspizdataja tachka. Look, isn't it a mighty swell car?
raz'yebuy ~ raz'yebuj (noun, masculine) ‡ A slacker

See also raz'yoba, raspizduy. Lit.: A guy who

fucks around, doing nothing useful. raz'yoba ~ raz'joba (noun, masculine) ‡ A slack, a lazy

person EG Ty doebal etu khuynu? - Net. - Raz'yoba ty! Have you finished with that shit? - No - What a slack!

(has the same meaning as raz'yebay, raspizduy,

but less offensive flavour). s'ebat'sya ~ s'ebat'sya (verb, inf.) ‡ to escape

abused NOTE The underlying meaning is that the

- 100 -

mess. muthafuckin' NOTE position. блядовать ~ bl'adovat' (verb) ‡ to be a prostitute NOTE Also means 'to fuck with everybody who wants ( maybe for free)' е ёб твою мать ~ ëb tvoju mat' ‡ 'fuck you' NOTE Literally 'I have fucked your mother. to be in unpleasant situation. intr. it is actually an imperative form of the verb 'zaebat'. This is probably the most offensive term in Russian. but made less strong by changing the preposition into "vo" and stressing this preposition. A complex of habits. Yeb vas ~ Yeb vas ‡ fuck off za'ebat' ~ za'ebat' (verb. Ty u menja dovye"byvaesh'sja skoro. though commonly used.disorder. выёбываться ~ vye"byvat'sja (v.. Is used to stress one's infantility. It isn't used if man gonna have sex with his girlfriend. Bad situation. to talk bullshit NOTE блядство ~ bl'adstvo (noun) ‡ See comments NOTE 1. zalupat' ~ zalupat' (verb. (It has a flavor of 'Stop bugging me or else!'). говнюк ~ govn'uk † bastard Is used to describe smth. (Though. Not used like its English counterpart. ёб твою мать ~ e"b tvoju mat' † fuck you! NOTE very common. it means something like 'Fuck till you're blue in the face. that (ore someone who) bored the one who's talking too much.. imperfect aspect) † to brag. disarray NOTE Most frequent use connected rather with untidiness than with prostitution. inf) to scare NOTE The underlying meaning is "to piss into panties being scared".101 - . the most used russian "dirty phrase" has the .The Alternative Dictionaries person looks like dick which was masturbated for a long time. The literally translation should be "evil-fuckin'" EX: "Suka ty zlo'ebuchaya" . 3. used in a funny way among friends встать раком ~ vstat' rakom (expr) To assume a doggy For example if someone cheated you or asked a too high price on the market: Ty zalupnul!: "you cheater!" (very strong) zasranetc ~ zasranetc † bastard NOTE literrally means "the one who's stinking shit.) † very good (cf. How's life ? -Good. Prostitution in common.. inf) † to cheat. etc.). The normal past tense of "ebat'" is "ebal. the word must considered an adverb. 2) To assume any unsuitable position. only older generations know this one блядки ~ bl'adki (noun) † fuck session NOTE The underlying meaning is that the person is gonna fuck with whores or with occasional partner (maybe he gonna find some chick in a bar) or with somebody he knows but who has low moral principals. see also "prissat'" zlo'ebuchy ~ zlo'ebuchy (adj.". zassat' ~ zassat' (verb.) ‡ to bore someone zaebis' ~ zaebis' (adv. блядь ~ bl'ad' † bitch NOTE often used like "well". show off NOTE The word comes from the root ebat'.bahr-dack') brothel д дать пизды ~ dat' pizdy ‡ to kick someone's ass NOTE see also "poluchit' pizdy" дерьмо ~ der'mo shit NOTE It's strength is close to it's English equivalent дрочить ~ dročitʹ (verb inf) to masturbate (literally). from the grammatical standpoint. pizdato) NOTE Kak pozhivaesh'? -Zaebis'."You're motherfucking bitch" б бардак ~ bardak (m. NOTE It means 1) to assume a dggy pose for havinf sex.noun. manners and also a way of life of a whore. but in the end of a clause бугор ~ bugor the boss NOTE Used in penitentiary for the men who control the criminals.) ‡ boring. бздёнок ~ bzdenok (masc. trans. zalupa ~ zalupa (noun) † dickhead NOTE It really means the head od a dick. misery etc. Translated literally. 2. ebala. в во пизду ~ vo pizdu (expr) to hell NOTE like "v pizdu".pron. If you keep on showing off like that you're gonna be in trouble. noun) ‡ little old man who farts frequently NOTE /bzdYO nok/. гандон ~ gandon (noun) † condom говно ~ govno † shit NOTE Used in literal reference only.' 'ëb' is an obsolete form of the past tense masculine singular. archaic. cos he used to shit in his pants".

Zho-pah. asshole NOTE pron. but a little bit more offensive.) ‡ Why?.full NOTE A little bit stronger than "mudack". noun) ‡ cunt NOTE "Pizda" (see) is more popular.noun) † ass-licker. shit!" ебло ~ jeblo (noun. for more see к каждый дрочит как он хочет ~ kazhdy drochit kak on khochet (proverb) NOTE Means "everyone does things by the way he used to". arse.f. a to jebnu" .) † (it's) a piece of cake NOTE Meaning. Proverb: Na bezptichyu i zhopa sol/ove'y = any port is good in a storm c. noun) cop NOTE Very commonly used. to kick someone's ass NOTE means serious damage to victim. trans.) ‡ to beat talking shit NOTE Literally translation is "The one who is chiming with his balls" someone."For fucking what?" . of course. inf. Used as a separate sentence. noun) † The one who is like Engl."To hell with him" Also used as apart of :Go to hell" EX : "Idi na khuy" . мент ~ ment (masc. neuter) ‡ A face NOTE almost equivalent to ebalo. boot-licker NOTE louse NOTE Often used to name any unknown insect. Literally translation "everyone masturbates by the way he likes" как два пальца обоссать ~ kak dva pal'tsa obossat' (expr."Da nu ego na khuy" . 'Brown nose' и играть на кожаной флейте ~ igrat' na kozhano'i fle'ite (expr) † to suck one's weiner to play on a leather flute измудохать ~ izmudohat' (verb. but don't say it to cop if he's not tied.) ‡ to hit something or м малофя ~ malof'a † sperm манда ~ manda (female. noun) † dumbass. EX . ебнуть ~ jebnut' (verb. "Manda" is interchangeable with "pizda" in expressions but not in words мандавошка ~ mandavoshka (female.102 - ."Get lost or I'll kick your ass" ж жопа ~ z*opa (fem. ебать-копать! ~ jebat'-kopat'! ‡ Exclamation (no certain курите мою трубку ~ kurite moju trubku † Suck my cock! NOTE Used in the same derogatory way as its counterpart in English. What is the reason NOTE English analog should be like . мудозмон ~ mudozvon (masc. Has a flavour of disdain and/or boastfulness: 'A eto smozhesh?' (What about this.The Alternative Dictionaries vide variety of meanings."Go to hell" на хую вертеть ~ na khu'ju vertet' ‡ to ignore someone or someone's opinion EG Da ya ego na khu'yu vertel! I don't give a shit about him! NOTE Literally translated as "To rotate someone on the top of your dick" на хуя? ~ na khuya? (expr. from "How do you do". z*opoliz жополиз ~ z*opoliz (m. муда ~ muda (or mud'a) † balls NOTE stress is on the last syllaby мудило ~ mudilo (masc. for mor see comments NOTE Also used as a part of expressions like "to hell with it". noun) ‡ genital someome NOTE (spelled with stress on the first syllsble) EX: "Oto'idi. see also "otpizdit'" н на фиг ~ na fig (expr) 1) far away.'Kak dva pal'tsa obossat'!' comments NOTE See "na khuy" на хуй ~ na khuj (expr) ‡ 1) far away. л лысого в кулаке гонять ~ lysogo v kulake gonyat' (expr.) to masturbate NOTE English analog is "to pet one's monkey".noun) † ass. that there can hardly be anything easier to do than that. to "Go to hell!" The actual meaning depends on the intonation ёбарь ~ yobar' (noun) † The man who fucks ебать ~ jebat' (infinitive) ‡ to fuck NOTE Variations of this word used about as much as its counterpart in English. can you do it?') . Literally translation is "To run bald dude throughover one's fist" sense) NOTE Like "Oh.

NOTE Answer if somebody says "kakaya raznitsa" ("what's the difference") опесдол ~ opesdol (male.) Can also mean. (proverb) † one fucks. inf) ‡ to fall down EG Vchera ya naebnulsya po p'yani na l'du Yersteday I с сиски ~ siski (noun) tits спиздить ~ spizdit' (verb) † steal. noun) bitch got drunk slipped on ice and fell down" NOTE Is used when the fall was unexpected and rather strong нахуячиться ~ nakhuyachit'sya (verb) ‡ to get stone cold drunk NOTE Very often it's explained what was drinken: "Nakhuyachilsya vodkoi" . EG Smotr'yu. "ni figa". kakaya raznitsa.) ‡ Very large NOTE Is used to describe smth. наебениться ~ na'ebenit'sya ‡ to get stone cold drunk NOTE Very often it's explained what was drinken: "Na'ebenilsya vodkoi" . drugoi draznitsya. Word 'figa' is used in expressions (see "na fig". I don't give a damn NOTE Telik pizdoi . The literally translation should be "unfuckable" ни за хуй собачу ~ ni za khuj sobachy ‡ 1. to con someone EG Menja vchera naebali na shtuku I was conned out of one thousand roubles yesterday. т траxать ~ trakhat' (verb. "ofiget'") comments NOTE ironic expression. другой дразнится. but thumb instead of being at the top of fist should be pushed between pointing and fucking fingers."Got drunk by the vodka". NOTE 2 in vain( and may be also in vain and accidentaly) EG Pomer ni za khuy sobachy Died in vain NOTE Literally translated as "for less than a dog's dick" ни хуя ~ ni khuja ‡ 1) No way! (disagreement)." Nothing. muthafucka NOTE Is used to sterss somebody's mental sickness hell with it. sneak NOTE common reason for the lack of commodities срать ~ srat' (infinitive) † to shit ссать ~ ssat' (infinitive) to piss NOTE quite vulgar сука ~ suka (female. Showing this figure to someone is equivalent to showing 'fuck' but is not so strong. what's х хапать ~ khapat' (verb) to steal NOTE Also used in expressions like "khapat' marikhuanu": to smoke marihuana хер с ним (ней) ~ kher s nim (nei) (noun phrase) † to the difference. Don't pretend you are dumber than you really are. the other one teases.) good NOTE contains the word khuy ("dick"). "Don't pretend you don't understand what I'm saying. perfect aspect) † to офигеть ~ ofiget' (verb) go nuts (a little) NOTE see also "okhu'et'" охуеть ~ okhuet' (verb) ‡ Go nuts. used as the counterpart of khuye"vo cheat. inf. a v butylke ni khuya net I found that there's alredy nothing in the bottle" ф фига ~ figa (noun) a figure made by one's fingers (see о обоссаться можно ~ obossat's'a mozhno (expr) † see comments) NOTE It looks like fist. see also "naebenit'sya" не ебет ~ ne eb'et ‡ It doesnt't matters EG Menya eto ne eb'et I don't give a fuck about it невебенный ~ nev'ebenny (adj. that impressed the one who's talking with its size.transitive) To fuck (someone) NOTE see also "траxаться" / "trakhat'sya" ты мне ваньку не валяй ~ Ty mne van'ku ne val'aj. какая разница ~ odin' ebe"tsya." ("Vanka" is the usual name given the village idiot in stories. transitive. see also "nakhuyachit'sya" наебнуться ~ naebnut'sya (verb.The Alternative Dictionaries наебать ~ naebat' (verb. noun) ‡ Dumbass. for nothing. means "Don't roll around like a Vanka. means "So fucking what?" Literally means "I'm so excited that I'll piss in my panties" один ебётся. 2) Literally."Got drunk by the vodka".103 - . get pissed off EG Da ty sovsem okuel! You're gone stone cold crazy man" охуйтельно ~ okhuytel'no (adj.

3 . male) ‡ No certain translation. The Alternative Sami Dictionary b battaraigi † asshole NOTE Used to discribe someone you don't like so very much.) † bad (cf.with + and "khuy" with ++.Kher s nim."kick". NOTE It's an insult of a wide usage. inf) ‡ No certain translation NOTE translation. It literally means "greedy one"."Remove this detail" хуй ~ khuj (noun) ‡ dick хуй пинать ~ khui pinat' ‡ to loaf NOTE Literally translated as "To kick dicks all around" хуйнуть ~ khujnut' (verb. NOTE It's an insult of a wide usage. хуем груши околачивать ~ khujem grushi okolachivat' ‡ to loaf NOTE Literlally translated as t"To shake pears from the trees by hitting their trunks with one's dick" хуеплет ~ khueplet (noun. male) ‡ No certain хуило ~ khuilo (noun. "kher" . хуёво ~ khujovo (adv. "throw" and more. The Alternative Scots Dictionary b bampot crazy or foolish person bollocks (noun) † Literally 'testicles'. Literally translated as "dickweaver"."Otkruti 'tu khu'in'u" . The "hren" stuff should be rated with '0'. Any word formed from "khuy" will sound offensive and isulting even if it has no sense. pizdatyi) NOTE Khue"vye den'ki nastali. This gives an ability to say the same things with different strength."On khu'ine'i stradaet". It depends on a fantasy of the one who speaks and the one who listens.somebody has nothing to do so he is strying to spit as far as he can for a half of an hour so we can say about him . (Note that the Russian word is an adverb. while its English counterpart is an adjective). The TV went out of whack. female) ‡ see comments NOTE 1 . -I don't give a damn хохол ~ khokhol (noun) † a Ukrainian NOTE Very insulting. There's a lot of insults in Russian which has no certain meaning.thing. to loaf NOTE As an example . (has also "forelock" as meaning) хрен ~ hren dick horse-radish NOTE In 90% of words an expressions "hren" is interchangeable with "kher" or "khuy" (see). e erse † buttocks NOTE Scottish equivalent of American 'nonsense'.Bad situation. see also comments to "khuilo' Is used as an alternative to verabs like "hit". pizdato) NOTE Kak dela? -Khue"vo. "Kak pivo? Khu'in'a" . 2 . trouble.The Alternative Dictionaries nakrylsja. хуиней страдать ~ khuine'i stradat' (expr) ‡ to do smth sensless."What would you say about this beer? Shit". NOTE Examples: What a load ay bollocks! f fud † pussy (vagina) . . хуиня ~ khu'in'a (noun.) † badly (cf. They are formed from the most used explicit words. (usualy a part of machinery). Bad days have come. Other meaning: "ass" or English "arse". How are things with you? -Terrible. хуёвый ~ khujovyj (adj.means something bad or usless.104 - .

it is usually reserved for offensively referring to Englishmen. Not a respectable word to use. reflexive) † fuck yourself NOTE pronounced "yebi say" This is a reflexive verb. If someone were to eat a lot of prunes. not in Glasgow. Used as an angry retort or as an insulting curse.pichka) ‡ cunt NOTE Used in common phrases such as jebem te picku materinu (kind of hard to translate but something like I am fucking your mother's cunt).105 - . s sassenach foreigner NOTE Although "foreigner" is its literal meaning. Comes from the English word tassel.feminine . p pederu jedan blady gay NOTE BY KENO no comments picka (noun . Trans) eggs jebem ti staru u supak I fuck your mother in her ass NOTE BY KENO When you feel to fuck your friends mother jou can say this jebi se (verb. crazy fool. obviously.The Alternative Dictionaries r radge wild. Common usage. The Alternative Scots Gaelic Dictionary p pog mo thoin † kiss my arse NOTE Used even by people who doesn't speak gaelic at all The Alternative Serbo-croat Dictionary h hocemo li se karat do you want to fuck with me NOTE BY KENO when see some nice girl kurac ‡ dick kurac (noun vulgar) cock NOTE Just a standard. which is an ornate dangling thing. kurvo razvaljena fucking bitch NOTE BY KENO when you don't like some girl k karam ti seku ☺ NOTE I fuck your syster j jaje † testicles NOTE (pron.) yae-yeh (lit. jedi govno (verb) † eat shit NOTE pronounced 'ýedi govno'. vulgar word for penis. podudlaj mi ga suck my dick NOTE BY KENO no comments . w Weedjie † slang word for Glaswegian (person from Glasgow) NOTE Used on the East Coast. you can be sure that later they would have a bad case of the "skitters". skitters † faeces NOTE This word applies only to really runny (or liquid) shit. NOTE Also spelt raj t tossel ☺ penis NOTE equivalent to peepee. y yah (noun) Arrogant English person with posh accent.

it is an expression similar to "Kiss my arse" in English. buttocks NOTE self explanatory The Alternative Spanish Dictionary a acabar (verb) to ejaculate or.106 - . It is pronounced "pushi kurats" The Alternative Slovak Dictionary h hovno (n. noun) ‡ a prostitute (slot. prick. j jebať (verb) ‡ to fuck NOTE 1.noun) † shit. manure NOTE used just like the English equivalent chuj (m. to call a person names. kurva (fem. Literally it means to finish.a (noun) disgusting person. Derived from gilipollas.. as expression of disappointment. its weaker version (as an insult of a female) could be "krava" (cow). DO NOT say it to a lady! Used in asquerosa asqueroso. dick) NOTE Denotes the organ itself but is often used as an insult in similar contexts as eg.noun) † cock. Both anatomical and chracterological sense. jerk. pronounced "AR-mah".: "You bastard" or "You son of a bitch" in English. fool NOTE In Spain. more general to have an phrases such as : "le comi la almeja" which means "I licked her cunt" arma (noun. rage etc. to have a sexual intercourse. bitch) NOTE Although the original meaning describes a female whore.una cosa orgasm NOTE Used in Argentina. estoy por acabar !! meaning Ohhh.Used only as an insult of a male. this means "weapon". It also can be used in the same way "Damn!". It's obvious when it's used. 2. Its alternative as both male and female insult is "kurva" (whore)(see the entry). fem. Often accompanied by an adjective like for example "pojebany'" (kokot jeden pojebany'). Ohhh. I'm going to have an orgasm !!. its female counterpart is r riť (f. fem. the same rules of usage. Also: idiot. swine NOTE "pic^a" (vagina) which can only be used as an insult of a woman."Shit!" or"Fuck!" are used in English. agilipollao (adj) stupid. asshole .) penis NOTE Literally.) ‡ vagina (cunt) NOTE Female counterpart of "kokot" (see the entry). 3. noun) ‡ penis (prick. it is often used also as an insult of a male too. not to give a damn (jebem na to . noun) † arse. The connotations of both expressions are that the person has bad moral qualities and/or is dumb. whore. Estas agilipollao almeja (noun) † cunt (direct translation= clam) NOTE A very strong word..The Alternative Dictionaries pus'i kurac † literally means "kiss my dick" NOTE Although it literally means "kiss my dick".I don't give a damn). Ex. disgusting . a traitor). arrecho † horny NOTE Used in Peru and Ecuador for "horny" arrima tu prima fuck the hell out of your cousin NOTE these are cool words around gentleman asqueroso (adjective) smth. suggesting that he is a bad person ( a rotter. usually imlying an encounter of a person in a position of power (a boss) and a helpless victim (who is being called names) p piča (noun.. k kokot (masc.

stinky poo NOTE equivalent to 'shit'.) crack (smokable form of cocaine) NOTE to have sex with his woman and doesn't do anything about it NOTE Literally.fem) † shit. this means "red flag". fem. noun) lesbian NOTE used in Venezuela. vamos a salir a buscar flete por ahi. bastard. masc. Translation: Hey man. Mexican. a very thin mashed fresh corn grilled cake/patty. idiot. Can also be used as a verb (Cachapear). France and Italy for the last two centuries. stayfree.The Alternative Dictionaries b bajar al pozo to eat pussy NOTE Cuban usage. caballo (noun) heroin NOTE Literally means "horse". The word "Jaco" has the same meaning. it means "horse". fem. Example: Oye chico. masc. noun) † cunt. first licking the external surroundings of it and afterwards having her/his tongue introduced into the rectum completely.) (adj. It can also mean faggot. Derived from the word cachapa. dishonest or treacherous person.. meaning) NOTE Widely used in expressions like "Vete al carajo" (Go to hell!).. buscar flete to hunt for pussy. bandera roja (noun. cuckold (fig. this widely used term means more than just bastard or bitch. etc. Central and basuco (noun.107 - . Example: Tremendo bollo!! (Nice cunt!!!). this word means billy-goat. as tradition is recovered.) † a man who allows another man Literally. This is a VERY rude term in Mexico. NOTE Literally. However. Central and South America. let's go out and look for some ass. cabron!" ("Fuck your mother. the head of the penis (fig. black kiss.) NOTE Used as an insult it means asshole.) billy-goat (literally). Ex: A Pedro le gusta bajar al pozo. see "tirar". "coger". and is widely documented in French and Spanish Erotic Literature. An example of its usage lies in this popular phrase: "Chingate tu madre.montar". not in a disrespectful way. It is a term widely known among promiscuous social stablishments in Spain. Spanish and French courtesans would appreciate the quality of a gentleman´s manners by the way he would perform it. cabron (noun. pussy NOTE used in western Venezuela. kotex. something like a bug or spider. It was considered as about the most pleasant act a female could do for a man. "Que carajo quieres?" (What the fuck do you want?) caray! Damn it! NOTE This is a general expression that is always used as an expletive. masc.. you fucking incompetent piece of shit who can't even get an erection!") cabron (noun. In South America it means a litle animal. Please note that in other areas of Venezuela it means 'mess' or 'trouble' so the same expression 'Tremendo bollo' would mean 'big mess' or 'deep trouble' in other areas of the same country. bicho (noun) Refers to the male penis NOTE It is commonly use in Puerto Rico to refer to the male penis. Rude only when used in this sense. Also. Nowadays.). but with a common street name. carajo (noun.) penis (falling into disuse with this ass NOTE Cuban slang. bollo (masc. masc. besides cuckhold. dook. Cachar ‡ to copulate NOTE Used in Perú. pronounced "baa-SU-co".) menstruation NOTE c caballo ‡ Maxi pad (i. go looking for a piece of Widely used as an insult meaning. NOTE Literally. "comer" cagada (noun. "cepillar" ".) NOTE South American Spanish) beso negro (noun) ‡ The act of having a woman or a man sucking someone´s anus (ass hole). but also known as an act of supreme and refined taste among aristocrats in Spain. masc. cachapera (fem.e. son of a bitch. you may say 'es la cagada' meaning 'it is the shit' capullo (noun.S. Example: Ellas se estaban cachapeando/ Ellas estaban cachapeandose (They were having lesbian sex). that is usually served in stacks like pancakes in U. it is becoming a fashionable act.) bud (literally) glans. For other countries. Its equivalent in . Translation: Pete likes to eat pussy.

see "cachar". So the original is concha. Colombia. masc. (adj. Can be used on its own or in a sentence as 'chinga tu puta madre'. stroppy.) cunt NOTE May be used as an interjection meaning surprise. For other countries. annoyance.. La concha tuya (your cunt). Ex: A Maria le gusta que le dan candela por el culo. or physical pain.. cunt (fig. or fem. Chupame la polla!!! ‡ Suck my dick NOTE Someone wrote Chupar Es Mi pinga.) balls. chingar to fuck NOTE Mexican Spanish. pl. Literally it means 'fuck your mother of a whore' and is used in the same sense as 'fuck you'.) cunt cholo (noun. dar por {el} culo to bugger you don't like (una cosa cutre) .) pimp NOTE (Mex. same meaning as: chachi. For example " hechar un casquete " to have a fuck. comemierda † (Insult.) cunt NOTE Has the same meanings in Spain as in Mexico. and Puerto Rican Spanish) This word is also used to mean half-breed / mixed race. Lit. culo (noun.montar".to fuck someone in the ass.) penis Coger ‡ to copulate NOTE Used in Argentina.) † black person NOTE This is Cuban slang for "nigger". Used throughout Spain and Mexico. culear ‡ to move the ass (lit). Translation: Pete's always fucking around with me. only poor kids are supposed to play with "chapas". masc. you could say 'Chupame mi pinga' or 'Chupame la polla' or 'Chupamela'. Spain) Petty drug dealer who smuggles hashish from Morocco to Spain by hiding it within his/her ass. cool (una tía dabuten: a great girl) NOTE especially used in Madrid. chichis (noun) † Tits NOTE Used to talk about "large" women. Chile. Quite rude so don't say it to a lady if you fancy a shag. "Este tio chochea" chocho. NOTE Cuban usage. rude for people over 50 Ex. Chinga tu madre Fuck your mother NOTE I think it speaks for itself.montar". masc. La chacon de tu madre should be read as La concha de tu madre (Your mother's cunt) chapero In Spain. Translation: Mary likes to take it up the ass. chocha (noun. see "tirar".108 - . You know what I mean.. chardo (noun. cipote (noun. conejo (noun. cojones (noun. For example " hechar un casquete " to have a fuck.. guay dar candela por el culo ‡ to take it up the ass. Example: Pedro siempre esta cojoneando conmigo. Shit!". Uruguay and Mexico.. fool. Mexico) unpleasant. testicles NOTE Also used as an interjection denoting surprise. La concha de tu madre (your mom's cunt) is a strong insult. Conchita (diminutive). "cepillar" ". derived from "de puta madre". Chupar Es Mi Pinga † suck my dick NOTE pronouncedchewpar s me peenga d dabuten (adj. or fem. masc. It is very commonly used comer † to copulate NOTE Used in Perú. masc. that doesn't make any sense. All of them are very rude. sth chacon (noun. fem) † cunt NOTE This come from the Argentinian lunfardo (slang) where many words are inverted by sillabes. Can be used as verb: "chochear". to fuck (fig) culero NOTE (noun. "tirar" concha (fem. "comer" cojonear ‡ to fuck around NOTE Cuban slang. Quite rude so don't say it to a lady if you fancy a shag. "cepillar" ". noun) † cunt NOTE Uruguayan slang. masc. Only the reflexive form has a sexual connotation. "coger". masc.) ass cutre (masc.) great. casquete † fuck (have a) NOTE to have a fuck.) rabbit (literally).) coño (noun. reflexive) to have an orgasm NOTE the intransitive "correr" means to run. "to eat". crica † pussy NOTE Used mostly in Puerto Rico. annoyance.The Alternative Dictionaries English would be "Oh. jerk. masc. correrse (verb. meaning that you are senile. shiteater) NOTE This word is commonly used bt cubans. chocho (adj. noun & adjective) idiot. Fuck!" or "Oh. casquete (verb) † fuck (have a) NOTE to have a fuck. masc. For other countries. "cachar". male homosexual prostitute NOTE Quite despective. Concha Peluda (hairy cunt) are other common uses of the word. Venezuela. Ecuador.

e: Hazme una cubana. (Mexican. Translation: I think Pete swings both ways. joder (verb. homeboy. to be bisexual. Vamos buscar tres jebas y hacer un cuadro. trans." It is pronounced "FOH-kin" exclamation NOTE used in spain huevos (guevos) eggs (lit) testicles i ir a botar el agua al canario to go take a leak. ese (noun. An example: "Oye ese! Que hay de nuevo?" ("Hey there. woman's breasts and use these to shake it up. trans. what's up?"). masc. and intrans. stupid NOTE used in spain grilla (noun. Ex: Yo creo que Pedro juega a los dos bandos. (Mexican and Guat. idiot. to bother. masc.) to fuck Jodete y aprieta el culo! ‡ Cuban slang. Example: Maria esta fleteando por las calles hoy. and intrans.) to fuck foquin (adj. Equivalent to Mexican "Chinga tu madre" lick a woman´s pussy (fig. trans.Chilean slang. slang) make a soup" . NOTE Literally. "Joto" is the Jack from a deck of cards. hacer la sopa (verb) to perform oral sex to a woman. j joder (verb. Example : Te voy a hacer la sopa ( I am going to suck your pussy) hacer un cuadro to make a daisy chain NOTE Cuban usage.) marijuana NOTE (lit) female cricket. yo me la facho" NOTE used in Venezuela falo (noun. fuck yourself! NOTE Need anything be said of this expression? joto Faggot.109 - .) † fucking NOTE This is a Puerto Rican parroting of the English "fucking. hacerse las punjetas [nj as in Espanja} † To masturbate hijo de puta son of a bitch hostia it means punch or hit also used as an f Fachar (verb) to fuck a woman "Esta buena.The Alternative Dictionaries del rejue (phrase) prostitute NOTE (Mexican and Guat. fem.) homeboy NOTE A very friendly term to refer to your amigo. Translation: I'm gonna go take a leak. (Mexican and Puerto Rican Spanish). Translation: Let's find three broads and make a daisy chain. Means: Go g gilipollas {adjective} dumb ass. so that the man can jerk off on them NOTE It is frequently used in Spain as to define the hottest act a woman may perform for a man. NOTE Cuban verbal expression. NOTE Cuban slang. Central and South American slang) güebo † cock NOTE noun used commonly in Santo Domingo instead of "pinga".to walk the streets NOTE verb used in Cuba to describe what streetwalkers do. especially in phrases such as "mama mi güebo" (suck my cock). to l La concha de tu madre ‡ Fuck your mother NOTE Argentine. The transitive form ("le hizo una paja a su amigo") means to masturbate somebody else.) to fuck.I. follar (verb. slang) del rejuego (phrase) prostitute NOTE variation of rejue. jugar a los dos bandos † to swing both ways. periphrasis) ‡ to place a man's pennis between e encular (verb) † to bugger NOTE To fuck by the asshole. Ex: Voy a botar el agua al canario. Translation: Mary is cruising the streets today.) NOTE Literally means " to . to piss. hazme una cubanita. a quarrel. and intrans. hacer una cubana (transitive and regular verb. Also "conche tu madre".) penis fletear to cruise. h hacer la {una} paja to masturbate NOTE The reflexive form ("hacerse una paja") means to masturbate oneself.

this is the same as saying "mother fucker".) male homosexual NOTE As an insult it has more or less the same meaning as "cabron" maricon de playa faggot {the worst kind} NOTE used in spain marimacha Lesbian. means "bad week". masc. leche (noun. It is a general term used in all Spanishspeaking countries. Used in Spain.. NOTE Not particularly offensive. Mexicans take their mother's very seriously! mal aire (adj. mico ‡ monkey (lit).) † son of a bitch NOTE Literally." NOTE examples: me cago en . masc. If you have a death wish. motorizar (verb.. and Puerto Rican Spanish) fuck in the ass NOTE Cuban slang. mainly in conversation between friends.The Alternative Dictionaries las zonas (noun.) to suck marico † homosexual NOTE (noun) maricon (noun." however.. Trans: I'm gonna fuck you doggie style. la leche. to fuck NOTE Literally: Dip the "churro" (spanish pastry). crack NOTE (Mex. Its literal meaning is 'mocus made of poo' mojar {el churro} (verb) † to screw. say "Oye! Tu madre!" on the streets of Mexico.110 - . (Mexican and Guat. masc) to fart NOTE Means "bad air".) milk (literally).. ... fem.. mamar (verb. me cago en . slang) murrda † SHIT! NOTE shit m madre (noun. masc. Used in medieval castillian. fem. Literally. cunt NOTE Costa Rica mierda español ‡ NOTE Persona que vive en españa minga (noun) Penis. this means "male nymph". masc.) cocaine. Los Manos The hands me cago en la tapa del organo y me revuelco encima de la mierda (phrase) ‡ Damn it. fem. fem.. crap NOTE Often used by the Spanish people living in South Woodford halls of residence.) NOTE As an expletive it translates roughly as Shit. specifically the glans penis NOTE noun used in Santo Domingo in phrases such as "macañema" (from "mascar": to chew) meaning cocksucker. it is quite an insult to Mexicans and South Americans. Spanish) ñ ñema † cock.) † homosexual NOTE Its equivalent in English is "faggot". masc. el obispo negro.) menstruation NOTE Literally. n nabo (noun.(San) Dios.) to smoke marijuana NOTE (Mexican. trans. la madre que te parió. pronounced "lass SOH-naas". which is a slightly stronger way of putting it. NOTE used when someone is nagging you or being bothersome. la virgen santa. It is pronounced "MA-la say-MAH-na". If you want to talk about your mother or someone else's mother in a friendly manner. literally "I shit on . Ex: Te la voy a meter de mira quien viene. trans. Used as a comeback or expletive meterla de mira quien viene ‡ to fuck doggie-style. fem) (noun. say "mama". plural) red light districts NOTE These are the areas in Mexican and Columbian cities where male and female prostitutes have sex with their clients inside of blanket partitions hung up on clotheslines. Fuck. maleton (noun.) turnip (literally). semen (fig. etc.) ninfo (noun... might be translated as "choad". this term appears to mean "you are a bad one. NOTE I suppose it's derived from Mari (Maria?) + Mach(o). ‡ fuck the . penis (fig.. shit NOTE Phrase used when things went wrong or had unexpected bad results me vale or me vale madre I don't give a fuck or "me vale Madre". mala semana (adj. Central and South American slang) muchachas putierrez prostitutes NOTE (Mexican and Guat. to ll llello (noun..) ‡ mother fucker NOTE In Mexico. masc. and intrans. los santos de Covadonga.) (noun. moco de caca shit.

trans. pl. pene penis pepita (noun. This term is used in Mexico. or what you call a misceivious person pelotas (noun. pechos (noun. noun) † lit. 'Agarrame el pito' (grab my dick). ‡ Like mother.) † blue daughter." It used only in jest with close friends. person who masturbates NOTE A car known in the US as the Montero is sold in some European markets as the "Pajero. picha (noun.) cocaine NOTE literally it means "the bird that talks too much": pronounced "pay-ree-co".Te voy a romper el orto (I'm gonna break your ass) pelotudo (masc.) penis NOTE As an adjective ("Un niño pijo" "Una tia pija") means snob. for example " ponerse en popa " which means " arse in the air" (ready to get fucked doggystyle) pringao low life NOTE used in spain puta (noun. 'Chupame el pito" (suck my dick). Only appropriate in guy-talk.) to defecate NOTE Also means "to perform" or "to build".. masc. Basically. piece. like papaya NOTE (Adj) Commonly used by Cubans. This is most commonly used in Mexico. fem. The term is based on the analogy between the fleshy and juicy fruit and the vagina. fig. Not as widely used as 'pito' or 'verga'. fem. plural) breasts pedazo (masc.. A chip off the old block. Pinga † dick NOTE pronounced.) pip. It should never be said to a female. Central and South America.) prostitute. Puta la madre. NOTE Common Spanish saying. It is an insult directed at males and female when they do something annoying.) pelotas michinados (noun. masc. fem. jackoff.) dumbass NOTE Common slang for someone who is careless. etc." a name which some of my Spanish and Portuguese friends find hilariously stupid. it refers to the vulva and vagina.A. It doesn't translate well into English.) perico (noun. mas) † ass NOTE Used in Argentina and Uruguay . (Argentina) in street quarrels pedo a fart NOTE when someone passes gas. noun) † masturbation NOTE Used in Colombia pajero (noun. fem. puta la hija.The Alternative Dictionaries o obrar (verb. clitoris (fig. adj. testicles (fig. nugget (literally). masc.111 - . pico † penis NOTE Spoken only in Chile. penis NOTE Uruguayan slang for penis.) balls (literally). such as cutting you off in traffic. So called because of the resemblance in shape to the clitoris. papayona or papallona † Being similar to the fruit used in Murcia. Central and South America. snooty. What it says is that a whoring woman is that way because her mother was also a whore. or fem. See also 'pedazo' and 'verga' polla (noun.) penis pijo penis. used as an insult and as an exclamation NOTE p paja (fem. its usage is quite strong. fem. noun) † penis NOTE Uruguayan slang for penis. masculine) † Jerk-off. pija (noun.) penis popa (noun) † arse NOTE not commonly used as arse: more commonly used to describe something to do with the arse . fem. orto (noun. balls NOTE pronounced "pay-low-tas mee-chee-nadoze. pedazo de pelotudo † fucking idiot NOTE Commonly used in B. you are calling the person a big vagina. masc. Pipote (noun) ‡ clitoris NOTE Literally: "big sunflower seed". Otherwise. adj. whore. in Madrid it means prepy boy pijo. papaya † The tropical fruit papaya NOTE (Noun) Used mainly by Cubans.. q que que serra .peen-ga piocitos english NOTE This is a medical term used in urine analysis. doesn't care much about what he does. In other parts of South America they say "Ocho y pico" like eightish. Used mainly in southern Spain. pito (masc.

Trans: Mary has a big juicy ass. monstrous monster. your whorish mother. to r rabo (noun. singar de mira quien viene ‡ to fuck doggy-style NOTE Cuban usage. Translation: Mary likes to fuck doggystyle. with no change of meaning. tener la mecha puesta to have the rag on. Ex: Maria es mas puta que las gallinas.) crossbar. tu chupas (phrase) you suck NOTE This is just the conjugated form of the verb chupar.montar".e.) regarse (verb. tomar por {el} culo to be buggered NOTE In the expression "A tomar por (el) culo" it means get stuffed. It comes from Greek and means 'the ugliest son of God' or 'how can ya be so f***ing ugly. Translation: She's a nymphomaniac. penis (fig. brothel NOTE It is pronounced "rays-bal-OHN".) NOTE Used to designate an unusually large penis.to be very promiscuous NOTE Cuban usage. Uruguay and Argentina. Venezuela. get fucked.) tail (literally). fem. sobarsela (sobarse la picha) ‡ to masturbate NOTE Costa Rica sofea Ugly. ugly monstrous monster NOTE This word can be written as 'Sofia' or 'sofia'.) raja (noun. Ex: Maria tiene los mangos bajitos. huge NOTE Also used as superlative: "tochisimo". (Mexican and Guat. fem. Trans: Mary has the rag on today. i. sobo. Translation: Mary has sagging teats. Ex: A Maria le gusta singar de mira quien viene. fem.) breast Tirar ‡ to copulate NOTE Used in Perú.) ☺ pussy. Only in central part of Spain (unknown in Andalucia). "cepillar" ". NOTE Cuban usage. "coger". Ex: Maria tiene el famban barretoso. It's found in Reus (Spain) and other parts of Tarragones province. see "cachar". She's got a hot pussy. . cunt tortillera (noun.112 - . penis s ser mas puta que las gallinas to be horny as they make 'em. have a juicy ass NOTE Cuban slang. tonto (noun. slang) menstruate NOTE Cuban slang. noun) ‡ i'm gonna cago en tu padre !") tu puta madre literally. masc.) lesbian tranca (noun. "comer" tocho (adjetive) big. Colombia. NOTE This is a catch-all expression which can be used in many contexts for added offensivenes. A popular spot for teenage male youth. teta (noun. Ecuador. For example. Chile. tu madre tiene un pene. beam (literally). SOLA VAYA! GOOD RIDDANCE! NOTE THIS IS A COMMON CUBAN SLANG EXPRESSION (fig. which means to suck. For other countries. NOTE very rude guys use this phrase when they want to eat her partner's cunt. note: the literal translation of bistec is steak. tener el famban barretoso † to have a big ass. stimulate your genitals by suckin' them. ‡ your mother has a dick NOTE good to cut some ass hole who is buggi'n you :) tu padre (madre) † fuck your father ! (short from of "me t tajarse (verb) to get pissed NOTE Used in spain. Translation: Mary is as horny as they make 'em. tener los mango bajitos to have sagging teats NOTE Cuban usage. masc. Ex: Maria tiene la mecha puesta.. te voy a comer el bistec (male. cunt (fig. Ex: Maria tiene la mecha puesta hoy. tener la mecha puesta † to have the rag on. mate?'. reflexive) to have an orgasm resbalon (noun) whorehouse.) slit (literally). pronounced ta-harse with an accentuated h. Ex: Ella tiene furor uterino. to be menstruating. tener furor uterino to be a nymphonmaniac NOTE Cuban usage. fem. instead of "chupamela" you could say "tu puta madre me la chupa".The Alternative Dictionaries quilombo (noun) whorehouse NOTE Used primarily in the River Plate. Translation: Mary has the rag on. monster.

"to trash". Example: "I wanna suck and chew your anus knot and taste your dried shit to make you horny. börsmoppe (noun) Porsche NOTE Literal translation: Stock exchange moped. fagot NOTE male homosexual bögslunga (noun) Handbag for men NOTE Literal translation: Fag-sling. and "to beat up". or any time there is a short period of waiting. brön (noun) † Tits NOTE Literal translation: Bread. m manyanga † cute. at crosswalks." It is a weaker substitution for "Vete al carajo!" This phrase is widely used in all Spanishspeaking countries. Han bryna' på'na (He fucked her ass). Orginates from the idea that homosexual men swing their handbag (as if heterosexual men doesn't). Eg. brass marijuana (n.. lines. Spanish) zurrar (verb. 'Chupame la verga" (suck my dick). noun.) ‡ piggish fucked-the-shit-out- of bitch NOTE Used frequently in Västerbotten in northern Sweden. this means "go to the devil. Originates from the 80's when it was a hausse on the stock market and almost all stockbrokers become millionaires over a night. b baconpugga (fem. bög (m. trans.The Alternative Dictionaries v Vaya al diablo! † Go to Hell! NOTE Literally. such as "to dress down". In Argentina. noun) gay.Satte du verkligen på den djävla baconpuggan?:. Its usage refers to its context.:.Did you really fuck that bloody piggish fucked-the-shit-out-of bitch? bajdyna (noun) † Bottom NOTE Literal translation: Shitcushion. Originates from the Swedish word for seatcushion (sittdyna). The Alternative Swahili Dictionary i ishia move.113 - . . proceed NOTE Used when telling someone to go. this means "English hay". See also 'pito' and 'pedazo' z zacate ingles (noun. See also: majja bryna på (verb) † have anal sexual intercourse NOTE Unknown origin. Unknown origin. Used about the active part. eg.. bakmusad back pussyed c cola (noun) Coke NOTE Cocaine. It is pronounced "sah-CAH-tay een-GLAZE". (Central American and Mex. adj. verga penis NOTE Common usage: "Mamame la verga" = "Suck my dick" verga (fem." Often used in fore play in Göteborg. masc. noun) ‡ penis NOTE Uruguayan slang for penis.) marijuana NOTE Actually. sexy girl The Alternative Swedish Dictionary a anustova (noun) anus knot NOTE Means a twisted knot of ass hair and shit keeping it together. "to have an accident".) to defecate NOTE This verb shares quite a few meanings.) NOTE Commonly used by teens. "silent but deadly"). zurrar means to fart noiselessly (or SBD.

Det stället har hala trappor. examina two weeks before one is to be elected leader of the Socialdemocratic Party and become the prime minister of Sweden NOTE Literal translation: To do a Persson. handjobb (n. Det rycker lite i hanen (my weener is snatching) helvete hell NOTE Used as in: Dra t helvete! Go to Hell! . Goastocken i köttarännan The big dick in the flesh-entry gummihatt (noun) rubber NOTE literal translation=rubber hat göka (verb) † Sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal) NOTE Unknown origin. Originates from the former vice prime minister Mrs Mona Sahlin's affair that caused her resignation two months before she was to become the prime minister of Sweden. flänsost dick cheese NOTE What you get when not had a shower for a long time. Used in 'Dra en handtralla'. fulla helvete (n. Unknown origin. h hala trappor (phrase) slippery stairs NOTE Refers to the snail-tracks that occur in some nightclubs... Used by male friends about questionable girls. flata (noun) Dyke NOTE Homosexual woman.) † fucking bitch.The Alternative Dictionaries cruel in the sky ‡ something really good NOTE The phrase are actually the name of a well known rockgroup from sweden.e g giftbrun ‡ toxic pussy NOTE Use when you want tell a male person to not touch a girl. † Anal entry NOTE Something to say to a person you don't like: -Ditt jävla dajmkryss!!:-you fucking anal entry!! ditt jävla såll you´re fucking behind my back DMFare ‡ a very positive word for a person(i. NOTE Literal translation: To do a Sahlin. Literal translation: Pussy-sauce. Lit. Eg. good-looking. ugly bitch d dajmkryss. Nowadays it's also used about a homosexual man who acts feminine. fjolla (noun) Gay NOTE The word originally means a foolish (silly) woman. especially doggystyle fittansikte † pussy face NOTE You don't need one.) NOTE Originates from a group of youngsters in Lund who had these traits. Flatan slog ner killen som bjöd upp henne (The dyke hit the guy who asked her to dance with him). hane hane (weener) NOTE It´s the thing that sometimes sticks out of your underwares when you think of Pamela Anderson's titts. a goose. fittslickare! † pussy licker NOTE Use when you want to insult a male person: -Din jävla fittslickare!Du är helt körd! -You fucking pussy licker!You are totally wasted! fittsås (noun) ‡ Secretion from hypogastrium NOTE [fitsauce] Mostly used as an interjectional swear-word.114 - . Eg. This is not polite. pussyfart NOTE The sound of air going out of her pussy during sex. and they were really really good. Originates from the Swedish minister of finance Mr Göran Person. cool etc. means (railway)trolley. f fan † devil NOTE used frequently as an equivalent for everything from "damn" to "shit": Vad fan gör du? What the hell are you doing? fesljummen fartlukewarm NOTE En fesljummen vodka A lukewarm vodka fingerpulla (verb) † finger fuck NOTE example: fingerpulla hon (fitta)/ finger her (pussy) fitta fitta † pussy fittafis (fittafis) † queif.) hand job NOTE also: masturbering handtralla to jerk off NOTE Archaic. nice. fladdermus A female bitch who fucks everyone NOTE Originates from the word mus=pussy Direct translation: A pussy that flies around and fucks anything. Whatch up! She have an toxic pussy = Akta dig hon är en giftbrunn! Its very insulting to say that word to an female. göra en Persson (phrase) To lie about one's academic intelligent. göra en sahlinare (phrase) To buy Toblerones and napkins with the government's credit card. That place has slippery stairs.

you´re just very. jump up and down or a movement back and forth. kuk † cock kukhuvud (noun) ‡ Dick head NOTE The word is used for glans or as an insult. Unknown origin. very horny l Lok (noun) Pederast NOTE Literal translation: Railway engine. Check out that babe. Originates from the incredible popular TV host Loket. Knulla Handen Fucking the hand NOTE Masturbating. parkera bussen (verb) fuck NOTE Literally meaning. kuksås (noun) ‡ Sperm NOTE Literal translation: Dicksauce kåt † horny NOTE It´s when you need to take your lady/man no reasons what. As example: "Fan. Unknown origin. pippa Sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal) NOTE Unknown origin. bop. mutta cunt j java (noun) Coffee NOTE Originates from Java where coffee is grown. jidder † crap. Parking the bus in the patty-kitchen.) marijuana NOTE Commonly used by teens. n noll-åtta † Bad word for a person from Stockholm NOTE Originates from the phonecode for Stockhom which is 08. refers to the deep pink color inside vagina m majja (n. Jag skulle inte satt på . Eg. nu pissar jag taggtråd igen. To fuck your own hand. lit. "pussy". Parkera bussen i pastejköket. bullshit. dick NOTE nickname for dick. c. jonna (verb) bike NOTE Old Stockholm-slang. pissa taggtråd (verb) To piss barbed wires. Victoria ‡ prostitute hynda † bitch/female bad dog NOTE Used mostly by males to express their disliking about a female. You say "noll" as written and "åtta" sounds like the first part of "Ottawa". jog. moron NOTE Used to describe a person who is extremely stupid. NOTE slang to describe what a "bullshiter" is shiting out. Example: -John is a noll-åtta! o orre Babe (good looking) NOTE kolla orren.) Stupid man. k klitta (noun) † Slang for clitoris knulla † fuck NOTE This word has only the meaning of the physical act. hövmäl (noun. "mouse" NOTE Used by both men and women. knöllare (knoellare) † fucker. like in: it itching on my fucker konkelbär NOTE See: anustova kronjon (noun) idiot. See also: brass mus † vagina. Ditt dumma kukhuvud! (You stupid dick head!) p packa skit (verb) Having anal intercourse NOTE Literal translation: Pack shit. "Rinkeby" slang. jucka (verb) † to fuck NOTE Old Swedish word for jolt. rock. Eg. jonne (noun) Bicycle NOTE Old Stockholm-slang. i innerfitterött Inner pussy red NOTE Shade of color.The Alternative Dictionaries Helvete † Hell Hon är inte helt ny She isn't very new NOTE If you are drunk and meet a the most beautiful girl and the morning after you realise: this bitch is a hundered years old! hora.115 - . NOTE Means that one has clamydia. Parking the bus. Ex.

timber NOTE nickname for dick. "Satans helvete!" SFCare ‡ Equivalent with "DMFare" NOTE Another group of youngsters. flow. skit crap NOTE Sounds like "shit" but only as strong as "crap". or a pussy with very much hair on. Ränn is dialect for rinna (run. stream etc. Stronger than "fan". Can also be used about persons. Eg. or a female person that's very horny(or prostituted) Snorbobba snot NOTE (Snoor-Bobba) Pronounced as two words The green and sticky version that's nearly impossible to get rid of sprutluder cum whore NOTE Sometimes used for describing a a worn-out horny whore leaving slimy snail tracks behind her. or in combination with other curses. r Rena Jurasic Park! † Fuckin' Jurasic Park NOTE A girl besides you after a nights heavy drinking."="Damn. I should not have made love to that darling". snaska kotte penis-sucking NOTE speaks for itself! snopp (noun) Dick NOTE Mostly used among children. damn it rövhål (noun) Anus NOTE Literal translation: Ass hole. after you fucked her up. spännbög ‡ strap faggot stjärt. and it feels like butter NOTE or like.² runka to jerk off rännskita (noun) † diarrhoea NOTE Literal translation: Running butt. which you address your bitch you picked up. Like: "Ditt jävla sprutluder".. Pälsbiff pussy NOTE Fur-steake. pugga (noun) Old homosexual male NOTE Mostly used among gay people. Used among pederasts. Rövskägg A furr of hair that´s hanging out of your butt. "Rinkeby" slang. ass NOTE Common word especially when you want say something to a girl named Victoria Stjärthål (noun) NOTE See: Rövhål stock (stock) log. e.. s satan † devil NOTE Used like "damn" or "fuck".or a very hairy pussy.) räpa (noun) ‡ bush bitch NOTE Equal to Jurassic Park. Unknown origin snoppfälla (snoppfällan) pussy NOTE dicktrap.) † Tit-fuck with chin-spray NOTE Abbreviation of Pattknull med haksprut. and threw a towel at her. Pojkros (noun) A young boy's ass hole NOTE Literal translation: A boy's rose. PKHS (abb. slyna † bitch NOTE -din djävla slyna! in case of need to insult girl/boyfriend or slow busdriver like:-Kör fortare din jävla slyna! Can be used also between near friends who like to call eachothers something else than their real surnames. pälsbiff (pälsbiffen) pussy NOTE Fur-steake.or a pussy with very much hair on.g.The Alternative Dictionaries räpan. now I am pissing barbed wires again. stolle-bocke-fjong (noun) giant hard on NOTE no need to make a comment. or what you might find there. plurret (noun) The sea/ocean/water NOTE Old Stockholm-slang. rumpa Butt. "I crap in what he says") / I don't care what he says Skitpackare ‡ Shit-packers NOTE Used to homosexual men. Unknown origin. See also ²Hon är inte helt ny.116 - . when you're having problems whith your digestives and you tryes to fart and somethings quite different than air comes out in your underpants . slatcha † fuck NOTE Killen slatchade bruden. The guy fucked the babe. rövsmör When you are hot in your pants. Han ar ett rövhål (He is an ass hole) rövskägg (buttbeard) A furr of hair that´s hanging out of your butt. pälsbiff (pälsbiffen) pussy NOTE Fur-steake. Han ramla' i plurre'! (He fell into the water). röv (noun) ass rövgöka mig för fan Get your cock up in my chocolate highway. Commanly phrase connected with the other female parts.. don't care NOTE Jag skitar i vad han säger (lit. skita (verb) crap. like: bend over bitch and taste my log stolle-bocke-fjong (noun) giant hard on NOTE no need to make a comment. Can be used alone as as interjection. Eg.

verb) † to fuck NOTE lit.example: if you think somebody is really crazy. noun) nonsense. The Alternative Swiss German Dictionary a ä chlapf {aff. so: 1 Borromini =1 lappä = 20 schnäggä brunz. Unknown origin. Originates from the family.böhndle (verb) † to fuck NOTE etym.The Alternative Dictionaries strumpa (verb) masturbate NOTE Strumpa really means stocking..to piss burghölzli (noun) house of the insane NOTE name of a psychiatric clinic.noun. maybe also others borromini (masc.. 'bock' (buck) ? böögg (noun) ☺ bogey (the green slimy thing up your c chabis (masc. Old Stockholm-slang.böckle. you say as a statement 'Burghölzli eifach!' (B.name of a famous homosexual. Also good for addressing men. for alcohol NOTE derived noun: 'alki' (an alcoholic).117 - . Used about the active part.chäib} haa (expr. Example: Jag gjorde en strumpa i morse. 'chabis useloo' (to let out cabbage) means to talk bullshit chabis (masc. sätta på (verb) † sexual intercourse (vaginal or anal) NOTE t tagg (noun) Cigarette NOTE Literal translation: Prickle. 'aff ' means 'ape'.only the verb is used with the 'bad' meaning b bisle (verb) ☺ to pee.siech. noun) abbrev. I did the stocking this morning stötarröv push butt NOTE Tjean Stötarröven! Hello Push butt! When you talk to someone and just want to call him/her something not so polite subba (fem. 'chabis' means 'cabbage' (german 'Kohl'). Har'u en tagg? (Can I have a cigarette. schnudernase . traskpadda (noun) swamp frog NOTE example: Håll kaften traskpadda trugpitt ? NOTE penis not gettin' inside (male butt) tulle ‡ Homosexual NOTE A very strong word. alk (masc.to piss NOTE 'papi.brunzen (masc. "You're a damn acid pussy (surfjas)". expressions used in the urban Zurich region. please?) tokjucka fuck crazily NOTE Tokjucka så skinkorna går i hundraåttio = Fuck crazily so that the cheeks of your butt goes in 180 km/h. Han satte på henne (He fucked her). ich muess go bisle! bocke. Literal translation: Put on. related expressions:'vom gälbe wägeli abgholt werdä' (to be picked up by the yellow little car) or 'em gälbe wägeli aalüütä' (to call up the small yellow car) bürschte (noun.verb) piss.. Used about male homosexuals. Torrjucka † Dry fuck NOTE Speaks for it self. 'to brush'. Eg. noun) 100-Franc-bill NOTE the name of the man shown on the bill. nose) NOTE synonyms: schnuder-böögg. tveksamma handleder (expression) Homosexual NOTE Literal translation: Doubtful wrists. one-way!).bullshit NOTE example. This can be used if you want to tell a friend how you fucked.) to be drunk NOTE lit 'ä chlapf haa' means 'to have a bang'. noun) † female breasts NOTE lit.using 'siech' or 'chäib' instead of 'chlapf ' is stronger. tuttar (noun) Tits NOTE Unknown origin. Eg. and refers to where you sprout your sperms when masturbating.noun.) Fat fucking bitch Sug min kuk! (phrase) Suck my dick! sur-fjas acid pussy NOTE Used for calling girls something bad.

'Föhn' is the warm wind coming from south fuer (fem. 'to fill the lamp' dä löffel abgäa (expr. If you dont.verb) cash. 'i understand only railway station!'.e. 'schönä chlapf !' (nice car !). it's all a mystery to me) gülle.money (noun) NOTE example: 'häsch gnueg chiis?' (do you have enough money?) chlapf (masc.verb) army gun (noun) NOTE an expression quite widely used in the army föhn.for nothing. derived from 'gopfertami'. 'chiis' means 'gravel' (german 'Kies') example: 'muäsch chiisä?' (are you going to throw up?) chiis. 'for the foxes' .) damned! NOTE etym. d d' lampe fülle (sent.) to look you see the problem? NOTE lit. g giggerig (adj. 'bang'.kid NOTE lit. 'to wear a cap'.example:'häsch e chappe aa ?' (are you drunk ?) en {suurä} schtäi machä (expr.unfriendly NOTE lit. example 'si hätt dä schniider' (she has got her days) drägg (noun.) † menstruation days NOTE lit.as in "Schiessdrägg" (a variant of the German "Scheisse". 'do you smell the motorbike?' synonyms: 'gsehsch de pögg?' (do you see the puck) 'tschäggs es?'.) get drunk NOTE lit.figgä (noun.used in a positive sense chiis.118 - .example: 'er hät die ganz arbet für d' füchs gmacht' (he did the entire work in vain) futz (masc. 'ä chlapf haa' (1. say: 'ich verschtoh nur bahnhof!' (lit.chiisä (noun. same meaning as 'schpitz' goof (noun) kid. noun) party NOTE (region Bern). having the kids at your neck. 'fuer' (pron fu-er'). 'cat'.child NOTE often used with a 'negative touch' example: 'd goofe am hals haa' (lit. 'to make a sour stone' ( lit. a normal occurrence in a town which has fed bears in a downtown pit for the last 900 years.cash NOTE lit.) to die NOTE lit.The Alternative Dictionaries chatz (fem. 'cuntlicker'.verb) fart (noun) föhn.verb) to vomit.) bottoms up ! (empty your glass in one go) NOTE there is also a verb 'exä' for this way of drinking . german 'einen sauren Stein machen') ex ! (expr.to throw up (verb) NOTE lit.) (sexually) hot.chiisä (noun.güllne (verb) to drink alcohol NOTE 'gülle' (noun) is the liquid part of from farm animals excrements which unhappy.) damned! NOTE etym. 2. noun) car NOTE lit. german 'fuder' normal meaning cn be translated as 'a load' example: 'wo isch ä fuer ?' (where is a party?) für d' füchs (expr) in vain. feminine) shit NOTE Usually used in conjunction with something else.to fuck FIGUGEGL (expr) abbrev for lit.the handy small-size dog that is sitting on Ladies knees all day long. But maybe derived from the stronger verb 'chotzä' (german 'kotzen') f figg.to vomit NOTE etym.föhnä (noun.verb) fuck. noun) a pretty lady NOTE lit. 'fondue is good and gives you a good mood' NOTE the abbreviation itself hs become a 'standing expression' now.keen NOTE example: 'du masch mi giggerig' (you turn me on.noun) money. 'to give away the spoon' (german 'den Löffel abgeben') dä schniider haa (expr.föhnä (noun. 'god-shalldamn-me'.with no use NOTE lit. example: 'das ich e chatz!' (what a lady!). 'chorb' (german 'Korb') means basket.verb) to fart (verb) NOTE etym. very short version : 'tami !' gopfertori! (sent. noun) † cunt NOTE same in german: fotze futzä-schläcker (noun) † a (small) dog NOTE lit.föhnä (noun. i. 'button' chörblä (verb) ☺ to throw up.) be drunk NOTE lit. 'to be drunk') chlöibi (n. you make me hot). 'to have the cutter'. shit) or in Bernese dialect "Bäredrägg" (bear shit). having to care for the kids) gopfertami! (sent. noun) child. 'tape' (region Zurich) example: 'bruuchsch chlöibi? chnopf (masc. gschmöcksch de töff? (expr) do you understand? do e e chappe aahaa (sent. used as a curse. the full text is 'fondue isch guät und git e guäti luunä' föhn. 'to have a car'.

The Alternative Dictionaries

the farmer brings out to the fields (in german 'Jauche'). Also the noun is sometimes used with the meaning of 'booze'. verb is more common (Basel/Zurich/Lucerne).example: 'geschter oobig simmer go güllne gsi' (yesterday eve we have been out drinking) gummi (masc.noun) condom NOTE synonym: 'pariser' guuge,güügele (fem. noun,verb) a bottle of beer

lappä (masc.noun) 100, 100 Franc-bill NOTE etym 'lappä' equals the german 'Lappen', a towel maybe used to clean the table or the floor examples: 'er hät uf de Autobahn zwee Läppe druff gha' (lit. he had on the highway 2 'lappä' (=200 km/h) lööli (noun) the sign for 'driving student' NOTE this sign is a white L on blue field lööli (noun) idiot NOTE example: 'bisch en lööli gsi!' (you have been an idiot!)

(noun),to drink acohol (verb) NOTE example: 'er
güügelet' (he is drinking 'around') the verb mæns drinking in a sense of 'drinking to be tipped'- always a little but never really drunk. the noun has also alot of other (different) meanings

pfupf,pfupfä (noun,verb) a fuck,to fuck NOTE the 'normal' meaning of the noun is 'punch,power' examples: 'do isch käi pfupf drii!' (there is no punch inside!) 'er hät si pfupft' (he fucked her) see also rudelpfupf pizza (noun) the result of vomiting NOTE 'ä pizza leggä' (lit. 'to put a pizza') means to throw up

hamburger (masc. noun) young soldier in his first

service after the basic service NOTE a common army
expression hödi (noun) the light motorcycles that teenies ride NOTE synon. 'töffli' etym. probably from the noise it makes. 'hödi-buebe' or 'töffli-buebe' (hödi-boys) are the teenies in the black leather jackets höhlä (verb) to empty (a bottle) NOTE derived from adj. 'hohl' (hollow). region Zurich huerä,nuttä (fem. nouns) † see above NOTE 'huerä' used as adj. in similar meaning like 'fucking' or 'damned'. example: 'huerä gueti schow!' (fuckin' good show!) huerä,nuttä (fem. nouns) prostitute,hooker

rüde,rüdä,rüdig (adv) very NOTE (pron with long ü) (region Lucerne only). etym. from german adj. 'räudig' which is an animals disease. example: 'rüde gross' (very big) rudelpfupf (masc. noun) † sex in a group NOTE etym. 'rudel' means 'group'

s chalb machä (expr.) to joke NOTE lit. 'to make the calve'. example 'machsch s chalb?' (are you kidding?) schafseckel (noun) ‡ sheeps testicals NOTE usage du bisch en schafseckel meaning you are an asshole schällä (fem. noun,verb) † testicals,balls NOTE expression for a kind of bell (german 'Schelle') example: 'a dä schällä chratzä' (to scratch the balls) the verb means just 'to ring' schiffe (verb) to piss,to rain NOTE etym. probably from 'schiff' (ship). example: 'ich mues go schiffe' (i have to go to piss) schiissi (fem. noun) † toilet NOTE etym. 'schiissä' (verb) (german 'scheissen') means to shit'. a rude expression for the toilet.

im fass haa (expr.) to understand, to know (by learning)

lit. 'to have in the barrel'. example 'häsch s im

fass?' (do you understand this?)

kackeria (noun) toilet NOTE like pizzeria,cafeteria,...

lämpä (noun, pl.) trouble,problems NOTE example: 'wottsch lämpä haa?' (are you lookin for trouble?)

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The Alternative Dictionaries

schlampae (fem. noun) † slut, bitch NOTE du bisch ae schlampae schnägg (noun) 5-Franc coin NOTE lit. ' snail'.example: 'gimmer en schnägg!' (gimme 5 Fr !) schnägg (noun) † pussy,cunt NOTE see above schnore (noun,verb) mouth, to chat NOTE examples: (noun) ' heb d' schnore zue !' (shut up !) (lit. 'keep the mouth closed!') (verb) 'er schnoret die ganz ziit' (he's chatting all the time) schoggi-schtooss (noun) † an ass-fuck NOTE lit 'chocolate-push' schpitz (adj) sexually hot NOTE related to german 'spitzig' (examples: 'du maschsch mi schpitz' (you turn me on) 'ich bin schpitz' (i am hot). schtäi,schtutz (masc. nouns) money,cash NOTE lit. 'schtäi' means 'stones'. used in pl. schtangä (fem. noun) glass of beer, normally 3 dl NOTE original meaning of 'schtangä' (german 'Stange')is 'pole'. But that is not important here! to order 2 more: 'no zwee schtangä bitte!' schtossä (verb) † to fuck NOTE lit. 'to push' (german 'stossen') schtute (fem. noun) a pretty lady NOTE lit. '(female) horse' (german 'Stute') schtützlisex (noun) coin-sex-place NOTE its simple: for 3 Francs/min you watch the striptease from your cabin trough a slot in the wall. etym: 'schtutz' (dimin. 'schtützli') a one Franc-coin. example 'in schtützlisex goo' (to visit a coin-sex-place) schwudi,schwuppel,schwuchtlä (nouns) † gay NOTE derived from 'schwul' (gay). schyss (masc. noun) shit, excrement schyssdrägg shit, piece of shit NOTE cognate of German "Scheissdreck," used of a person: signifies someone held in low esteem. Note also "schyssdräggzüegli", essentially meaning a campfollower but in the special context of the Basler Fassnacht refering to people who march in the Fassnach parade without belonging to one of the official local clubs. schysse! (expletive) Shit! NOTE Exact cognate of German Scheisse seckel (noun) † testicals NOTE etym. connected with sack (bag) saeckli (small bag) usage (noun) du bisch

en seckel (verb) ver-seckeln to betray, to cheat, to bullshit someone seich (masc. noun) piss NOTE usage (verb,noun): 'seichen' to piss, to rain 'so en seich !' what a shit ! siech (masc. noun) type,guy (noun) NOTE (pron: 'siech').etym: original old meaning of 'siech' was 'sick'; linked to german 'Seuche' (disease) usage 'du bisch en sibesiech' ('sibe'=7) (you can more than others) 'tumme siech !' (stupid asshole !) insulting in combination with various adj stink (masc. noun) shit NOTE excrement. not used as an expletive or insultingly. Frequenly used with children. "Hesch a Stink gmacht?" = "Did you make a mess?" süffel (noun) quick drinker, slammer NOTE examples:'bisch en süffel!' (you are a slammer !). there is a verb 'suufe' (german 'saufen')

tschäggsch es? (expr) do you understand? you got it?

etym. from english 'to check'.this expression is

widely used in the urban Zurich region tschau Sepp! (expr.) a way how to play cards NOTE lit. 'bye,Johnny!' tschugger (masc. noun) policeman,cop NOTE syn: 'schmiär-lappä' .the epression for police is 'tschuggerei' or 'd schmiär' . ('schmiäri' is the grease you use to lubricate machinery) tubel (noun) † a total ignorant, idiot NOTE etymology unknown. the word itself is probably very old

uufgschtellt (adj.)

open,optimistic,fresh,dynamic,interesting NOTE lit. 'putup' ( lit. german 'auf-gestellt'). used to characterize a person .(very common region Zurich) uuf-riisse (trans. verb) to pick up somebody NOTE lit. 'to tear open'. noun 'uuf-riss' example 'bisch uf em uufriss?' (are you trying to pick up somebody) 'er hät eini uufgrisse' (he has picked up a girl)

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The Alternative Dictionaries

warme, der (masc. noun) homosexual NOTE 'warm' (adj) means the same in english wichser,wixer (noun) wanker NOTE wichsen,wixen (verb) to wank,to masturbate

zäigä wo dä Bartli dä moscht hollt (sent.) † to show you

who is the boss-in-command NOTE lit. 'to show where
Bartli goes to get the cider'. Bartli is a name (dimin. of Bartholomy ?).example: 'ich zäig der wo dä Bartli dä moscht hollt !' (i am the boss here!)

The Alternative Tamil Dictionary
jamai (verb, ja-maai) enjoy, have fun NOTE Usually used in a congragulatory sense as in You've got a new job! "jamai"!!

The Alternative Telugu Dictionary
Chiluka beautiful girl NOTE two meanings: girl, parrot

denge bay † Fuck off NOTE Pretty commonly used phrase in all languages. "denge" means "fuck" and "bay" is slang and is equivalent to man

The Alternative TEST Dictionary
#asd### [###ː] (###) ### EG ### ### EG ### ### NOTE ### `ls` a cinquena prova NOTE sisena prova a asdasd NOTE h dsaas dlkj hjdsk js jk sdsa dshja h dsa dsa dask dsaj ak sdah sadkjh asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh sadkjh asdkjh asdkjh asd asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh asdkjh asd a vuitena prova (translation) a prova NOTE una altra prova a (adj.) tercera prova NOTE quarta prova a - NOTE setena prova(comment) Aåa junk translation NOTE comment a-&aelig;-&oslash;-&aring; ‡ xxx NOTE yyy aa - NOTE & & < > &amp; &lt; "haha" sdjkl aaa (dddd) ‡ bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb NOTE cccccccccccccccccccccccccc aaa ☺ bbb NOTE linje1 linje2 aaaaaaa ☺ aaaa NOTE aaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb NOTE cccccccccccccccccccccccccc abc def NOTE This is on one line. abc "abc" ABC (ABC) ‡ aaaa NOTE bbbb abcde fghij NOTE This is on more than one line.


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In the first "Va chier. However. it does not have as strong a negative connotation in French-Canadian.NOTE Used in the imperative. it has a connotation of "fuck you".NOTE a "ss" d asd asdasd NOTE asdasdasd asd asd asd "fgh" NOTE jkl "JKL" asd asd asd asdf (noun) kj NOTE Dette er en beskrivelse av ordet. Used only by men. Ex: Ayer me corte con vidrio ingles. chier to shit NOTE Can have two meanings. Trans: Yesterday I stepped in shit accidentally. room containing toilet(s) NOTE Very common nonstandard term. really fucked up! NOTE Very common Cuban saying. DETTE ER EN TEST! test diakritische Zeichen ** NOTE ÄÖÜäöüÇéâàåçêëèïîìÅÉæÆôòûùÿ¢ dummschwallen to talk nonsense b baggern (verb) to approach members of the oppsite sex NOTE synonym: anbaggern bla ‡ nada NOTE nope bumskopp - e embolsarse to shit in one's pants NOTE Common Spanish slang. meaning literaly "Go masturbate yourself!" Cuando el mal es de cagar no valen guayabas verdes. 'Ta din Asdf og gå' asdf asdf NOTE asdfasdf aXa - If you gotta go. Translated literally it says: As the mule eats that's the way he shits. Usually refers to room." fonnix (noun) .The Alternative Dictionaries æAhora si que se jode el maricon! ‡ Now everything's crosser † to masturbate NOTE Most commonly used as "Va t'crosser!". Not a flattering expression! Dattel a gay De acuerdo como come el mulo caga el culo. Trans: I don't like to shit in my pants. you gotta go.) † shitty NOTE used in Catullus--"Anales Volusius.". though it may refer to the toilet. fucké fucked NOTE An adpatation of the English "fucked". it means "stop kidding me" cortarse con vidrio ingles to step in shit accidentally NOTE f fg ‡ fffgggg NOTE ads dsa ads sadkj finger fuck (compound verb. NOTE Cuban proverb. You are what you eat. c cacatus (adj. related to English "caca" can (noun) restroom. NOTE Cuban proverb. dégosser † to run away NOTE Literal translation: "to cut the testicles off".". transitive) ‡ . Typical expression: 'dagadt disznó' or far pig. Ex: No me gusta embolsarme. NOTE May be used humorously to refer to an anal digital examination: "John likes getting finger fucked by his physician. Refers to the fact that when you feel like shitting you better do it fast. English equivalent would be "to take off".122 - . cr - . d dagadt fat NOTE Adjective. Common Cuban usage. cacata carta". when used as "Va donc chier. transitive) ‡ to stick one's finger into a vagina or a rectum.NOTE fonnicks (to phonics) fuck (verb. aht aht tr NOTE co 2 aht tr NOTE co 3 aht tr NOTE co 3 asd . the verb indicates that the speaker wants nothing to do with the direct objec: 'Fuck this exam!' 'Fuck this shit! Here 'shit' refers to anything that is disliked.

' k Klammeraffe.you' so whory but so terribly whory that in the womb of your mother you placed yourself in such a manner as to get fucked by your father. morue † whore morue † whore in sarcastic. Used about as much as 'can. Trans: I can keep a hard-on for three hours.The Alternative Dictionaries g graine † penis (the equivalent of "cock") NOTE Is the French word for "seed".) ‡ No ass! NOTE Very common Cuban exclamation. dough NOTE Non-count noun. Papnase?!" -. Nudlaug (neutr. Can be used in such expressions as "Tete ma graine!" (suck my cock). ord oversettelse NOTE Dette er en kommentar. der the at-sign (@) daughter NOTE Real name: Franzi l Le roncan los cojones! ‡ You're fuckin' A! You bet your o øØoblyadomudevshaya pizdoproushina (fem. Ex: Pedro fue a una fiesta y levanto un cadaver. fool NOTE Originates from Vienna. Also used as 'lovetta'.123 - . room containing toilet(s) NOTE Very common nonstandard term. Can be used between friends when talking about smth. "Dick"?!) paren{tes}t (test) tr NOTE co paren{tes}t (test) tr NOTE co pinguo heavy-hung. lg lg lóvé money. m make love to me test love mantener la bandera en alto to keep a hard-on. levantar un cadaver to pick up a broad (as in a bar. noun) jerk."What's up. Ex: Pedro es pinguo. Translation: Pete went to a party and picked up a broad. Tele van lóvéval means he's loaded with dough. grandisima punetera. "Dick". Pete is heavy-hung.por tener entre las putas de puta reputacion. † You're not a whore like h ha haha NOTE dette er en test! /()&? hestkuk horsedick NOTE sex with horse the ones who do it for fun. to p Papnase чмц ~ шиьхявсшчмц [asdæøå] (123чмц) ☺ jerk. que en el vientre de tu madre te pusiste de manera que te templara tu padre. asd asd asd ord oversettelse NOTE cc at a party) NOTE Cuban slang. Originally used by gypsies. or translation NOTE (see also trimandoblyadskiy pizdoproyob). asshole чмц чмц чмц ETYM чмц чмц чмц NOTE Literal: paper-mache nose Used amongst friends maintain an erection NOTE Cuban slang. noun) fiancé of Edmund Sackbauer's j johnэжхąłżæøå (noun) restroom.of feminine gender. Lit. . Literal translation: noodle-eye. well-endowed NOTE Cuban usage. expr.eres tan puta y putisima. or smb. tan putisima y ramera. teasing manner (Usage: "Wie geht's. Ex: Yo puedo mantener la bandera en alto por tres horas. (approx): an entrance to the vagina of a bitch tired of dicks. you fuckin' NOTE Cuban insult to curse out a whore. n No eres puta de las putas qye lo dan por aficion. but became popular in the whole of Austria. The translation into English hardly does it justice. Nudlaug (neutr.

ser un jodedor de carajo † to be a big assman. Ex: Maria es un central azucarero que solo muele bagazo. recchione † a gay man NOTE Mostly used in southern Italy jerking off a lot NOTE Cuban usage.The Alternative Dictionaries pogner la chienne to be scared NOTE Literal translation: "to grab the bitch" ponerle un cartucho en la cabeza de una mujer to put a who comes along. to be a flag over a woman's face and fuck for old glory NOTE Cuban usage. tener el bollo como un caimito ‡ to have a soft ripe pussy NOTE Cuban usage. A "caimito" is a kind of tropical fruit known in English as the "star apple. NOTE Cuban usage.var om de h&auml. or. Mary fucks like a bunny for anyone. Translation: Pete's hands are calloused from jerking off so much.Translation: Pete likes to goose women at parties. Translation: Mary has a soft ripe pussy. pungo (noun) † arse NOTE slang equivalent to 'postaj^o' cocksman. Translation: Mary is so ugly that you have to put a flag over her face and fuck for old glory. a fool NOTE More commonly used by the French in Eastern Ontario.r prickarna finns: ö ä å rascabuchear to goose. Ex: Maria tiene el bollo como un caimito. Translation: Pete is a real big assman. "Maudit sapé" would be "damned fool" Schmarrn bullshit NOTE Very common in the Bavarian area ser un central azucarero que solo muele bagazo ‡ to v várklubos maca a girl who is often in Várklub (a fuck with any guy who comes along NOTE Cuban usage. NOTE Cuban verb. the word "bollo" is the word for pussy. Ex: Pedro es un jodedor de carajo. t t13 t5 t6 t6 t7 t8 t9 tapette homosexual NOTE Would be equivalent to "fag" telletest a NOTE b telletest 2 tener callos en la mano ‡ to have calloused hands from q qq ‡ wer NOTE ciao venitemi a trovare!! fghfgh ghjghj qq ‡ wer NOTE ciao venitemi a trovare!! fghfgh ghjghj queres que te chup (frase) NOTE sounds like "do you want ketchup" means also "do you want a blow job" qwe ewq NOTE qweqweqwe ewqewqewq qwe2 ewq NOTE qweqweqwe ewqewqewq r r&ouml. Ex: Pedro tiene callos en la mano. to fuck a lot. Example: A Pedro le gusta rascabuchear las mujeres en las fiestas. to feel up. sapé an idiot.nka masturbate NOTE Pr&ouml. s salirse las plumas (un maricon) to come out of the closet (a queer) NOTE Cuban usage. Translation: Pete came out of the closet the other day.124 - . ." test (bui) ☺ fvdfvd NOTE fvdsfvsfvdfvd test test trans NOTE comment comment comment test test NOTE aaa Test asd NOTE asdc testa trou d'cul † asshole NOTE Is used to designate either the organ itself or as an insult to someone. Ex: A Pedro le salieron las plumas el otro dia. Translation: Mary fucks for any guy discothek in Budapest/Hungary) NOTE This is a kind of girl which you can easily fuck. In Cuba. Ex: Maria es tan fea que hay que ponerle un cartucho en la cabeza.

za. NOTE Pronounced doenmeh. Transliteration The Alternative Turkish Dictionary a abaza (noun) one not having sexual intercourse for a c çavuş (noun) † penis. phee{high} sha{high} sa{low} nyen{neutral} flesh NOTE A strong insult in Tibetan. But if you say gengli instead of gengri it means whore. Pronounced as chavoush. Pronounced in Central dialects.mkhan. {noun phrase} ‡ eater of father's given above is standard for written Tibetan.The Alternative Dictionaries w word (grammar) translation NOTE this is how it's used y ya muthafucka sdijsoidj NOTE wdasdcasd The Alternative Thai Dictionary g gengri potatocurry NOTE in thailand they pronounce r´s like l´s in some parts of the country. longtime NOTE naturally 'abazan ' from gypsy language. pronounced e es. Also referring to any person who changes their minds on an important issue. am (noun) ‡ vagina.sha.Mostly used as "abaza kalmak" meaning "keep on being .". NOTE Literally sergeant. NOTE Most common word used to signify vagina.ek † son of a donkey NOTE the 'g' isnt . This has I hayer Son of a bitch caused some big problems in restaurants and similar places. transsexual. amcık † you cunt NOTE [amdZu-k] ananI sikeyim ‡ i fuck your mother NOTE Dont use it! Ananin ami † Your mom's cunt NOTE It is often used to express disblief or discontent d do"nme † Male undergone sex change operation. i The Alternative Tibetan Dictionary p phai.. Pronounced ahm.125 - . Can be used anywhere the word penis is used..ekog^lues. b bok (noun) † shit NOTE Can be used to describe pretty much anything with a negative connotation.s.

Pronounced pushed. Etymology. Sexual intercourse with animals. NOTE Pronounced labounyah. Pronounced sick. Literally means contractor. o orospu (noun.The Alternative Dictionaries f fahis. factory. 2. . NOTE Fatma is a common female g genelev bordell NOTE Aids-Gefahr go"tu"nu" sikeyim ‡ I fuck your rear NOTE 'o' and 'u' are pronounced like the german 'ue' and 'oe' name. NOTE Common word used to signify penis. profit/production house in Persian. sikmek (verb) ‡ to fuck. is not uncommon in rural areas. Otuzbir cekmek To masturbate NOTE Literally it means: to pull 31 times h hayvan (noun) ☺ animal NOTE used as in i ibne (noun. Pronounced sikh-mac. Pronounced as orthabachak. NOTE Most common word used to signify intercourse. pronounced: pitch) † son of a bitch pust (noun) ‡ 1. female) † bitch orospu çocuğu ‡ son of a bitch ortabacak (noun) † penis. NOTE Literally middle leg. ~ gecmek: Act of slacking. Can be used anywhere the word penis is used.e ‡ whore. NOTE Pronounced mu(umlah)tah-hit. NOTE Pronounced care-hah-nay.ak (noun) † 1.taken from turkish m mu"tayit † Pimp. especially donkeys. In modern Persian. Pimp. NallI means hoofed. s saksafon blowjob NOTE literal translation. Testicle. NOTE Pronounced tashack. siktir git † fuck off NOTE greeks use the similar word. homosexual male NOTE Use especially in soccer games to insult referee (ibne hakem: [literally] gay referee) p pezevenk (noun) † pimp pic (noun. Watching a naked person. Mostly used as a direct insult. r ront (noun) Voyeurism. Passive homosexual male. wasting time. NOTE j jokey (noun) Person carrying drugs without knowing it. saxophone sik (noun) ‡ penis. 2. A courrier. male) gay. k kerhane {or karhane} (noun) † Brothel. t tas.126 - . prostitutes also NOTE stronger version of orospu n nallI Fatma (noun) † Allusion to donkeys used for sexual intercourse. NOTE After German physicist Ro l labunya (noun) ‡ Passive homosexual male.

asshole жопка ~ zhopka (noun) little butt NOTE Affectionate diminutive of 'zhopa'. anus NOTE (dialectal) See "zhopa". дупа ~ dupa (noun) † butt. The Alternative Ukrainian Dictionary ґ гівно ~ hivno (noun) ‡ shit. о обiсцяний ~ obisc'anyj (adj. кацап ~ kacap (noun) ‡ Russian NOTE Derived from 'cap' (billy goat). along with 'srach'. male) † dick head NOTE Is any comment really needed here? yarak kafa (noun. fucked NOTE Typical usage is 'idy na khuj!' (get fucked!).) † covered with shit. rude. к кака ~ kaka (noun) † crap. н на хуй ~ na khuj (phrase) ‡ on a cock. defecate NOTE The first syllable is accented. Etymology: from skombris. y yarak kafa (noun. crap NOTE eg 'kupa hivna' (pile of shit) The accent is on the last syllable. NOTE z zonta (noun) Unrefined. Accent is on 'cap'. For example 'na khuj ja pracuju?' (why the fuck am I working?) ж жлоб ~ žlob (noun) bumpkin. 'hivno' is a little less strong. male) † dick head NOTE Is any comment really needed here? v vurmak (verb) † 1. Greek. "sraka".127 - . 'na khuj' is a two syllable phrase with the accent on 'na'. To hit. hick.The Alternative Dictionaries u uskumru (noun) † Jigolo. boor жопа ~ zhopa (noun) † butt. 'kaka' is milder yet. but the term is used derogatively for any Russian. 'd'ermo' is probably the worst grade of shit. NOTE Literally a kind of fish. 2. з засраний ~ zasranyj (adjective) † shitty. literally (go on a cock). A newly emerging cultural phenomenon and subject of great debate. suitable even for small children. covered with shit . crappy NOTE Accent is on the first 'ka'. какати ~ kakaty (verb) † to take a dump. ill-mannered person. To get engaged in sexual intercourse as the active party. 'Tvoja zhopka meni podobajet'c'a' (I like your cute little butt). doodoo NOTE The firt syllable д дєрмо ~ d'ermo (noun) ‡ shit NOTE This always refers to the smelly product of defecation. Pronounced zontah.) † soaked in piss NOTE Derived from "ob" (surrounded by) + "sc'aty" (to piss) обкаканий ~ obkákanyj (adj. is accented. A stereotypical 'kacap' has a goatee beard. shit on. rear-end. NOTE Pronounced vourmakh. ass.

Regional hutsul expression. seresh. the Evil One. like the 't' in English 'feature' or the first 't' in 'astute'. possible a little stronger on the first 'si' сосати ~ sosaty (verb) † to suck (pussy or cock) NOTE eg 'sosy mene' (suck my dick) срака ~ sraka (noun) ‡ asshole NOTE See 'dupa' and 'zhopa'.) a female dog. The pronounciation is not standardized since this word doesn't appear in dictionaries. as in 'chort tebe bery' (the Devil take you!).. urine NOTE Accent is on 'pi' подонок ~ podonok (noun) † jerk NOTE Accent is on 'do'. сракати ~ srakaty (verb) † to shit NOTE Accent is on the first syllable срати ~ sraty (v. motherfuck NOTE The 't' followed by an apostrophe is pronounced soft. vagina NOTE Accent is on 'da'. I) † to shit NOTE conj: (seru. to fuck NOTE This is a euphemism for fucking. The Alternative Urdu Dictionary . NOTE Used alone as an interjection like 'hell' or 'damn' in English. Derived from 'chornyj' (black). etc. penis с сісі ~ sisi (plural noun) † tits NOTE Accent is almost equal on both syllables. Can be used as an epithet as in English. ф холера ~ kholera (noun used as interjection) † cholera. woman easy to fuck NOTE Accent is on the first syllable/ т трахати ~ trakhkaty (verb) † to bang. It literally means to poke. dick.) † bitch NOTE (lit.128 - . пісся ~ pissia (noun) † piss. like the 't' in (feature) or (astute) штуркати ~ šturkaty (verb) † to poke. knock on wood). . to fuck NOTE From 'trakh!' (bang!) тфу ~ tfu (interjection) ptui (the sound of spitting) NOTE Repeated three times in a row while looking over the left shoulder as an incantation to ward off the Devil. tfu tfu tfu' (I won't make any mistakes. you. хуй ~ khuj (noun) ‡ cock. Often combined with 'bery' (take) to mean the Devil take it. It is said only in great anger. a usually-fatal disease NOTE Used superstitiously to mean bad luck or damnation.The Alternative Dictionaries п пізда ~ pizda (noun) ‡ cunt. ю юб твою мать ~ jub tvoju mat' (imperative phrase) fuck у узни мене ~ uzny mene (phrase) ‡ kiss my asshole NOTE your mother. Hutsuls are Carpathian Ukrainians. equivalent to (Damn you!). Also combined with 'do' (to) as in 'do chorta' (to the Devil). God damn it NOTE This is something you wish on your worst enemy.i. as in 'ja skinchu bez pomilok.) сука ~ suka (n. pussy. ш шлюха ~ shl'ukha (noun) † slut. юбати ~ jubaty (verb) ‡ to fuck NOTE Sometimes pronounced 'jobaty'. penis чорт ~ chort (noun) the Devil... or with 'znaje' (knows) as in 'chort znaje' (only the Devil knows). Usage similar to English (knock on wood)... ч член ~ člen (noun) member. шлях трафуть ~ shl'akh trafyt' (phrase) ‡ may Fate strike it. The last 't' is pronounced soft. 'tfu tfu tfu'.

t-Nam war (1975) to comment on good quality of goods. x xi. fii' to urinate (v. Pronounced as [ kwa ] .The Alternative Dictionaries kabiel gondhu (com. chigliyaeg = my ass. chigliyaem = your ass.n ] .) f . The Alternative Welsh Dictionary b bwchio (verb) to fuck / to knob / to shaft NOTE Ydy hi'n wir fod Seimon yn bwchio Dafydd? Is it true that Simon is shafting David? c coc oen (compound noun) lit. daliif (n. lamb's cock.i.) penis duun' to defecate (v.n (adjective) cool. especially ones who don't realise that they are 'coc oen'. Pronounced just like English [ see.) NOTE chigliyaey = his/her/its ass. adjective) † literally.) NOTE Easily mispronounced as buun' ("Body odor"). nice.i. Big Faggot k NOTE ke saya kabiel gondhu (Hello there big faggot) The Alternative Uzbek Dictionary d djalyab ‡ bitch k kutagimny ye ‡ suck my cock NOTE Be very careful with.) d c chigliyaey † ass (n. durable (commodities) NOTE Appeared after the Vie^. as in good.129 - . mae o'n rel coc oen' = 'Jesus! he's a right idiot' The Alternative Yapese Dictionary b bun' † pubic hair (n. Example: 'Iesu. meaning asshole or idiot NOTE Usually aimed at men. kutingga skey † fuck your ass The Alternative Vietnamese Dictionary q qua (pronoun) I NOTE commonly used between friends to refer to onself.

e.g.The Alternative Dictionaries k keruw ☺ foreskin (n. I'm so sorry.noun) † whore.") Mang ea kam koel? ("What did you catch?"). q qathean ‡ clitoris (v. oy vey. "Senaa' ba boech ea babaay u Queen Bee. A constant source of word play among Yapese males . but in a humerous yet slightly rude way kush meer in tokhes † kiss my ass NOTE Basically telling someone to get lost. Listed as very strong.) s t tataay † vagina (n. muchgubil † "woman who goes around from house to house. Qathean. "Oy.) tuu' † erect (adj.) NOTE Fan raa' kea call nigeem ya kea makakaey.i.").i. Or. but it's all contextual (the stronger the emotion. oy vey ismier (interjection) ‡ anything you k kurva." ("It's probable that there is a lot of papaya/[pussy] at the Queen Bee bar & restaurant. ("Maybe he called you because he was horny. kurve (fem." siirsiir to masturbate (v. "Ga baqadag bineem ea babaay?" ("Do you like that papaya/[pussy] over there?").) NOTE "Dari ea keruw" ("You have no foreskin") is considered a serious insult among Yapese males. Ku gu waen nga fitaaq' fowngaan.130 - .) NOTE Also. filth o oy. especially from children.") mea' to fuck (v.) NOTE Ku gu tuu': "I have an erection. especially in Guam." "Oy vey." self explanatory Kush meer in toches † Kiss my ass NOTE Basically telling someone to get lost.) NOTE Rhymes with babaay ("papaya"). the name for a small fish. "eye of the breast. hooker. generally expressing a negative emotion NOTE Can express anything from tiredness to sadness to martyrdom to anger to annoyance and so on. three tests this week! What will I do?" "Your mother? Cancer? Oy vey ismier.) NOTE Tefaen ea muchgubil refers to a whorehouse or massage parlor. l laanmit ea thuuth nipple (n. but in a humerous yet slightly rude way p plotz (verb) fall down dead right now NOTE Usage: "oy. though. ("I went fishing last night.") thuuth breast (n. prostitute NOTE want. the more appropriate one of the longer forms is)..) NOTE Literally." m makakaey ‡ horny (adj. Foreigners may hear this frequently. The Alternative Yiddish Dictionary d dreck (noun) shit.) NOTE Gu bea laam naag nib mangil ni ngad mea' gow ("I think it's good if we two (inclusive of listener) fuck right now. after all that shopping I'm about to plotz" Or "Ham and . it's so hot outside." whore (n.

) drunk NOTE Common word for being drunk. penis NOTE As in. when at a fancy restaurant." Also see shikse for usage. putz (noun) dick. NOTE The sort of person who has soup spilled upon him by somebody else. It's not as offensive as it may sound. shikker (adj. Klutz. NOTE The sort of person who. Generally insulting to a woman's mental abilities. but it's mostly used among members of the same sex. s schmegma † vaginal discharge NOTE Generally used as a noun meaning unpleasant vaginal secretions. noun) ass. bottom tukhes oyfn tisch † "let's get down to brass tacks". shikse (noun) a ditzy. he'd plotz. shmuck (noun) † asshole NOTE Shut up shmuck shtup (verb) † fuck.131 - . As in. invariably spills his soup. A trait often associated with Gentiles. female NOTE Pronounciation is closer to SHIK-suh. happy sense. generally busty. FUBAR. This is the kind of word grandmothers use to describe the blonde boytoys that their teenage grandsons want to date. (see schlemiel) shlemiel (noun) clumsy oaf. I'm not sure of other uses.The Alternative Dictionaries cheese sandwiches? If your grandfather weren't already dead. "He's such a putz" or "I bet his putz is softer than a boiled carrot". shit faced NOTE It is good to be Vashnukad! . "You're dating ***HER***?? That shikse?? You want I should plotz?" shlemazle (noun) unlucky oaf. It may be familiar from American slang. v vashnukad drunk. bang t tokhes (m. "let's cut the crap" NOTE This literally means "ass on the table". though not in a positive.

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