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Similarities and Differences

KSSR aims to strengthen the command of Bahasa Malaysia and English among primary school pupils

Characteristic of KSSR
pupil centred fun and interactive less-exam orientation project and activity based creativity and innovation communication ICT literacy holistic critical thinking and reasoning skills independent learning

1) Main Basic Modules

2) Main Thematic Modules

3) Basic Elective Modules


Teaching and learning methods, as well as assessments For example, in KSSR, only 60% of a students marks will be derived from the UPSR exam, while another 40% will be based from the schools evaluation of each student from standard one to standard six Compulsory for children to learn an additional language Arabic, Tamil, Mandarin, Iban and etc...

No more Maths and Science in English

School Hours reduced by 120 minutes

Malay periods increased to 10 English periods increased from 2 to 5

Maths periods reduced from 10 to 6

Less Exam Oriented

Penmanship - Students are to be taught the right way to hold a pen or pencil properly

Students will be given a file for assignments throughout the year which must be checked, sign and return.

Teachers have to do internal assessments and evaluations

The changes
1) Curriculum Documentation - The Syllabus and Curriculum Specifications are replaced by Standard Document and the Content and Learning Standards. 2) Curriculum Organisation - Modular Structure is being introduced in KSSR. The three broad areas (World of Knowledge, World of Stories, World of Self) and the integration of skills that we have in KBSR are still retained.

3) Curriculum Content - KSSR would still focus on the four language skills. What we know as Sound System in KBSR would be replaced by a broader and more focused Basic Literacy with an emphases on Phonics. Apart from that, we would now have the Language Arts component and also penmanship. Grammar is still going to be taught in context.

4) Approach - For KBSR, we have the Whole Language approach. Under KSSR, it is going to be replaced by Phonics 5) Added value: Under KSSR, we would have Creativity and Entrepreneurship in addition to Educational Emphases.