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Microbiology ee 2007-2008 Catalog TANTRA ele tee La ne Pharmaceutical WHIRL PAK i Clinical Sample Bags elena) UE Te BAYA Sa te Maroy Mele Merial at pV er tiecod peti iw Cg enn Mf sericea eo Nuclear a cacy Food [Gon [oafe Chemical Entomology Marine Life iarai see page 2 Laboratory Sampling Products 1.800.558.9595 / NASCO-- FORT ATKINSON, WISCONSIN NASCO- MODESTO, CALIFORNIA Phone 920-563-2446. Fax 920-563-8296 E-Mall info@ellascocom Phone 209-545-1600 Fax 209-545-1669 E-Mail mo LS Ya dese New Size! Whirl-Pak® Black Bag New size black bay to protect samples. (See page 12/Tor mo BO1472WA sensitive information.) Write-on bag contains sterile, Whirl-Pak® Sponge Clip Guitace omabtaag wilh eootige attached to ster paste holder (See page 15 for more information.) BO1475WA no, sterile blender bag (See page 11 for more information.) Bola7awa NASCO Sponge Pole this adjustable pole holds a sterile sponge (See page 15 for more information.) BOl457WA Por eyan ly ry nen] een © NASCO Dry Depth Sampler oe’ Sample dry material at a specific depth with this, i00 adjustable pole. (See page 30 for more information. BOI476WA Ean») NE wratcocom eel AIS Eos seit, ) ec Pmodeiasthiicom (Fea py 20288-8296 KC Modesto, C8 VF 209-545-1669 1-800-558-9595 Water Veterinary Food Development of Whirl-Pak® Bags Developed almost 40 years/ago, American-made Whitl-Pak® bags were the fist ste milk haulers with a container for colleting samples of bulk produced milk, Whirl-Pak bags made possible the “ means that a single sample can be used for all tests required for quality control, product ¢ low-density polyettivlene, giving the bags two important chiaraeteristies rade from blended vir + Exceptionally clear film - easy to see through + Superior strength = unbreakable sample container ‘They may’ be used for taking samples of liquids, semi polyethylene, a high Proof Tabs’ Pak bags feature: IRE PROOF TABS.” This patented process extends the tape on the tab past the wire ends eliminating, te Sharp points which ‘could puncture the bags, scratch a person's hands, or puncture gloves. This important product feature is found only on Whirl-Pak®, making it easier and safer to use than any other laboratory sample bag! The “PUNCTURE PROOF TABS” process is patented under No, 5,18 Guaranteed Sterile Whirl-Pak® bags are not autoclavable + Ethylene Oxide Gas. Whirl-Pak® bags are sterilized with ‘ethylene omic gas by an independent, ISO certified sterit- ‘ation company. This saves valuable preparation time and eliminates concern about sample integrity. Only Whirt-Pak® bags go through this separate sterilization process after, manufacturing; if you are not using a Whirl-Pak® bag, ‘vow are probably using a bag that has not gone through this important sterilization procedure. + Sterility Documentation. Documentation of sterility is avait able from our website at we. or upon rerpuest {rom NASCO for each bax by individual tol number This documentation, provided by an independent ISO certified testing laboratory, verifies sterility for the entire load. + Look for the Whirl-Pak® Name. Each and every bag is clearly marked with “Whirl-Pak*” on the bag, If it doesn't say Whit-Pak® t's not our patented sterilized bag + If You Have to Go to Court — For your peace of mind, (as ‘well as following good laboratory practices), should you be challenged in court, always; use Whisl-Pak® bags. * Standard Methods Says — Standard Methods (18th edition 1992, section 90604, sample containers) states “For some applic tions, samples may be collected in pre-sterilized plastic bags. olds, or solids, Whitl-Pak* bags pending. The film thickness varies from 2.25 mil 057 nim) to 4 mil (102 mm) depend I thickness isnot required to achieve optimum strength Whirl-Pak® bags meet this description, (U.S.A.) Ce dat Lic) a Industrial Environmental Nuclear ample bags on the market. They were designed to provide versal sample system", whieh Vhirl-Pak> sample bags are nent, andl legal compliance, nd other patents High quality blended re patented under Patent No. 2,973,131 ng on the size and sisle. Because of th Reduced Storage Space + Whie-Pak tgs use ont 1095 oF ess space than other containers + aluable space savings inthe lb, veel, warehouse erin ecrirgy ox ping cons Ey disonel ater use Easy Identification +A felt marker ca be used to waite on the pain bags + Regular pens oF pencils ean be used on the special wrteon surface (se page 4) + Postive ID eliminates confusion and mistakes during testing und analy sis procedures Leakproof Closure By whirling o tightly folding the tab over three times, the Whit-Pak® ba becomes Teakproof contalner (see page 8), which Eliminates the loss of a valuable sample + Prevents impurities from entering the beg and contaminating the sample Importance of Sample Collection Proper sampling procedures are of vial importance, Laboratory finde ing are completely dependent on the quay of the sample colected: I is imperative Ut each sample he representative of the ot fom wh i came, and that it arrives atthe laboratory in the same condition was in AL the collection point Tere should be no change In chemical, physical, Gr biological character. Al! Whit-Pak® bags are made in the USA and to stow the excellent qualtes of these ngs, a free tral pack is inched side the back cover ofthis catalog. Use te samples for your ov til. ‘ou will enjoy the ease with which you ean tse the bog, ad be amazed by the strength of it as well. Most mmportant, see for yoursel the money saving advantages of NASCO's Whi Pak® sample bags eee Pe Unger erry ODE system certified to IS09001, except DOME AEE DW CCEA Oe MECC ZY require an additional processing step done outside of regular production. (Canada) 3