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Stool Culture

all thing in this color is done by me

‫وعين الصقر ميزانة‬
‫و سبحان من ل يخطأ‬
Stool or Rectal swab culture
*macConky plate (NLF)
*XLD agar (shigila→???/ salmonila→black)
*EMB agar → E - mythylen blue
*TCBS (y.colores) → vribo & cholera → yellow color
*alkaline peptone water (APW) → cholera
*selenite F broth
*selective media for campylobactor
(skirrow &blaser with suplements)
campylobactor microaerophilic (42C-O2 5%-
Co210%-N2 85%-48hr)
selenite F broth

For salmonila
suspectef organisms

1- E-coli (infant &NLF) it not a normal flora in


2- salmonella & shigella

jejuni most common human
pathogen indol&citrate (+)
urease (- )
oxidase (+)
nalidixic acid (S) s=

cephalo thin (R) r/

serogroup -01
catalse (+)
oxidase (+)
motile (+)
lactose (NLF)
sensitive to (dry – sunlight – acid pH)
TCBS (thiosulfate citrate
bile sucrose agar –yallow colonies)
Vibrio cholerae TCBS
The End