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Pathophysiology of Gastritis

Predisposing Factors:
Precipitating Factors:
Dietary Indiscretion (the person
eats food that is Overuse of aspirin and other non-
contaminated the disease steroidal anti-inflamatory drugs.
causing bacteria) Bile reflux
Excessive alcohol Intake Radiation Therapy
Ingestion of strong Acid or alkali
(more severe form; causes
mucosa to become

Gastric mucous membrane becomes edematous and hyperemic

(congested with blood and fluid)

Gastric mucous membrane undergoes superficial obstruction

Scanty amount of gastric juices is secreted with very little acid

but much mucus.

Superficial Ulceration

Signs and Symptoms

Diarrhea Anorexia
Nausea Abdominal discomfort
Vomiting Headache

If treated: If not treated:

Patient recovers within 24 hrs., GI bleeding

although the appetite maybe
diminished for an additional of 2-3