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bare knuckle boxing and street defense!

a technique adapted from a pugilism text published anonymously

in liverpool in 1825 (date according to the bodleian catalogue)

2. the defender slips his left arm around the defender's neck,
1. the pursuer (white shirt) accosts the defender, intending a and his left knee bhind the defender's right. this will allow
blackguardly assault upon him. him to sieze one or both of the defender's wrists and force
him down for a pummeling.

3. before the pursuer can complete his chancery hold, the 4. the defender stands up fully, enabling him to punish the
defender slips his right knee behind the pursuer's left, and pursuer's insolence with a hammer fist to the face &/or
straightens up, taking the opportuinity to catch hold of the body.
pursuer's right arm with his right.

a technique adapted from mendoza's lessons, published c.1790.

b.) the pursuer (black shirt) strikes a left c.) the pursuer launches a right at the defender's
a.) both come to scratch using mendoza's jab at the defender's face, who blocks it mark, which is defeated due to the defender's good
guard. with the hanging guard whilst barring his sense in barring that target with his left arm.

d.) the defender ripostes with the e.) the defender concludes the technique f.) a pair of rough villians
"chopper" or "mendoza" to the pursuer's with a left to the pursuer's mark, this or
face, "producing disagreeable sensations, being undefended. more reasons to practice
and causing the eyes to water".

an amusing slipping technique, which though simple can be

it may be a little too close to sitting down to be considered gentlemanly.
b.) the pursuer leads off with a left to c.) the defender makes the most of his
the defender's face. to his surprise and momentary advantage by delivering a
a.) both use mendoza's guard.
consternation, the defender avoids the solid blow to the mark.
blow by dropping to one knee.