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Dvr Stand-Alone t (Manual)

Dvr Stand-Alone t (Manual)

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Published by: Gabriel Antichan on Sep 24, 2011
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This tab provides system information, all
items are non-changeable and only for

In the Hard Disk State subsection you
can see information on the number of
available HDDs, their capacity, available
space and state (idle, writing, etc.).

The Channel State table provides detailed
information for each active channel
(1-4/8* depending on the model). You can
see whether the channel is in a recording
state, whether it has signal, the values of
its Main Bitrate (Kbps), and if there is a
Sub Stream for the channel, which Sub
value it possesses.

In order to keep up to date with the changing values, you can check the Automatic Refresh
options and the data will be refreshed every 5 seconds or, alternatively, you can press the

- 75 -

Refresh button to view the latest information only when you need to see the data renewed.

As with all other tabs in the Device Parameters window, you can also Restore Default
values by pressing the first button in the last row, Save the Parameters you just modified or
Exit the window without saving.

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