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Coming Into the Millennial Light

Coming Into the Millennial Light


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Coming Into the Millennial Light
Entering The Photon Belt given 1993-1995
Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.
Coming Into the Millennial Light
Entering The Photon Belt given 1993-1995
Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.

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Published by: richx7 on Oct 14, 2008
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"Good evening to you all. I am Paular from the constellation of Eurekar.


"There is a vast change taking place in your universe now. The vibration is calling for
the migration of souls. This is the first time that the solar flames of your sun have been
in direct contact with, what we call, the outer flare of the passing sun. Because of this it
is bypassing and causing a lot of tension to all living forms.

"The transmigration of souls is on every planet at this time in every living form. There is
a contact called the change. All souls are coming into the form of polarity. That is the
under- standing of their birth.

"For the longest time, here on your Earth, you have been going through a process of
deducing. It is really strange in your human mind, and I say human mind, that you have
been led astray. You have been, at most times, led to believe what is much more, as
you call it, appropriate for the time instead of being out in, what we call, the central field
of understanding.

"You are too homogenius in your thought forms here on Earth. You are holding onto old
concepts of religionality. You ought to be very careful here because of your intertwining
polarity caused by Neptune and Uranus in your month of May. The
superconscioiusness of the passing flare will be injected into the Earth and will be
polarized into the soul of mankind. At the same time there will be a unity of polarization
taking place with the other forms of light.

"You are, at this particular time, going through, what we call, the last re-entrant. What is
going to happen is that this polarization will cause the incoming of the fourth dimension.
It is of prime importance that mankind, at this time, is going through, what we call, the
classification of doubt. Mankind has the definition engraved upon him of trying to make
out through a physical revelation of a spiritual manifestation. It does not work this way,
for you cannot put spirit in reverse gear.

"It is because of this great re-entrant of light and polarization that, as of the start of May
(1993) on this Earth, you will find the transmigration of souls. Due to this, there will also
be a sifting down as to, what we call, the two belief system on this Earth.

"It is of prime importance that you stay close to, or try to get at times near the
mountains. It is also of great, prime importance that your food substance is going to be
of scarcity. Try to get into the dried processing of foods for survival.

"It has been drawn to the point of revamping the structure of your South and North
Poles because of the influx of the bulge in the center of the Earth. This is slightly pulling
your Earth off its axis.

"You are living through very historic times. The impregnation of walk-ins will be
significant in the fall of this year, who will bring the message. Also, those that will be


impregnated near high mountains will receive their orders as to how to help these
different souls that are going into migration.

"You see, every dispensation, when it comes to a close, will call in the vibrations of life.
In order for the surface and all your structures to be changed, the bowels of your Earth
will spew a lot of fire. This will cause changes to some of your land masses.

"There is a a great change coming in the summer months due to ultra-violet
impregnations. Mankind fears this extreme light . But this radiation is going to help to
reach and to alter the consciousness of man. It is the Earth people who think that this is
of grave consequences because of your ozone layer. This is all part of the plan for this
great change.

"It is of prime importance that all of you here are very fortunate to get this information
prior to it becoming a reality. There are three of you here who will be uplifted into an
altered consciousness starting in your June month. It is also important that you prepare
yourself and your body by becoming more attuned to listening to what we have to say.

"The light of your next, as we call it here, eclipse of the sun is of great importance. Be
careful not to look into the energy that is going to be dismissed from the planet Earth.
You will feel very listless at this time. Do not be afraid because many people will have
the tendency to get to a state where they can be very violent.

"It is of prime importance that the imbalance that is coming to the Earth is mostly to the
physical, not the spiritual. You have that in reverse at this particular time. This is why
some of you are wondering why things are so out of control in various areas of your

"There is going to be an undertaking and a big change in your Middle East. The antics
that will be displayed by your anti-christ will be very convincing. The energy that is here
and in your Middle East is where your fallen angels have taken supreme command.

"It is also important for every one of you to start to look at your water supply very
seriously. Some of you are doing this. Start to get to the point of your dehydration and
also of heating the water and purifying it to small containers. The ultra-violet change
will cause some problems to your water supply. This is why it is wise to change the
contents of this supply.

"The inter-magnetic flow that will be coming to these volcanic mountains is, what you
call, the healing energy that will be impregnated into many of your minerals. It is very
important that the definition and the way they have looked at crystals, the frequency
level will increase in your stones. Try to get as much jade as you possibly can.


Try to stick to as many, or as much, of your calcium bearing stones. Look very hard for,
what you call, tungsten. Also, your emerald will be a very highly charged stone for
healing. There will be a liquid emitted from the aura of your emerald stone that will be
very much of a healing ray for any of your cancers.

"It is also important too that you concentrate on your stones in the raw state. Do not
polish them. Have them be free to absorb their energy fields as much as they possibly
can. Those who have stones at this time that are more artificial, try to keep them out
into the sunlight as much as possible for the charging of their energies.

"It is important that there will be a changing of the guard soon and new space entities
will be taking command. It is also important that house spirits will be revitalized and
their energy fields will be changed. This way, those spirits who visit at night can be
polarized to a high state of awareness. At this time there are many recluses who are on
the face of this planet.

"I don't paint a vivid picture. I paint the picture of the arriving of, what we call, the
golden ray.

"I am not going to allow myself to be open for any questions because there will be
another entity who will come through. I say to you all, Alahoy."

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