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Coming Into the Millennial Light

Coming Into the Millennial Light


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Coming Into the Millennial Light
Entering The Photon Belt given 1993-1995
Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.
Coming Into the Millennial Light
Entering The Photon Belt given 1993-1995
Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.

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Published by: richx7 on Oct 14, 2008
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"Good day to you. I am Petron from Petomalie.

"I will be responsible for each and every one of you here to assist you in any way
possible to give your philosophy into the future. My job primarily, in the spacecraft I am
in, is to write. I am a journalist in my trade here. So you will find me just a little different,
although Space Commander Ackman is probably wondering why he has got this
mission to stop for the next little while on Priority A.

"There has been a lot of confusion, not only on the Earth itself, but on the original origin
of how planetary life is formed. We have studied the topography of your immediate
galaxy very closely on many occasions right from the time of formation up into the last
few minutes. To do a proper scan of the Earth and all of your planets in your galaxy, it
would take me approximately three hours of your Earth time. That would give me a
significant report on the entire surface and the life in most of your planets, other than in
the inner side, or in the inner portion of the center of each of those planets. Here, you
are very fortunate that you have life in all centers, or portions, of your planet.

"Interesting that your planet Mars has a direct infra-structure ray that allows the organic
substance of your Earth's core to be very magnetic. So therefore, the compliments of
Mars are very important to the Earth. The Martians who are there are mostly scientific.
Therefore, they are primarily interested in infra-structure. They are interested also in
the light ray that is permeated directly through the planet itself, which you soemtimes
have misconstrued as canals.

"The government on the planet of Mars is strictly totalitarian. In other words, it is ruled
by one person, one ideology, one government. It is classified as you have here,
although you have influences, as a civil type of government. Because the Martians live
in a much denser environment, that you would classify, than you would be here,
therefore their structure and their build are very big.

The average Martian, in your way of looking, as far as height goes, are I would say,
anywhere from nine to twelve feet high. Whereas, in comparison to Pluto, because of
the density which is lesser and hardly any light, because Venus supplies the light to
Pluto, so therefore, the Plutonians are anywhere from three to four feet tall.

"So there is a great influence that the Plutonians have because they are governed by
outer space entities that come form Acturia. So therefore, they have a more infinite type
of relationship than what you have here as a finite type of relationship.


"The philosophy to those kinds of entities is a lot different than to you because you are
a feeling human being and an infinite spirit combined. So therefore, you here on this
planet, are fed by two different food systems.

"So the energy field that is encompassing, or surrounding Earth, at this time, is of great
prime importance. It is because this energy field that has moved in is called the dark
forces. We are quite concerned because it has already imbalanced, not only the outer
forces of ozone, it also has created great damage just shortly beyond, which is
attracting a very strong comet of enormous size that is coming towards the Earth itself.

"We cannot change, at this time, the pattern of this comet because it is going to cause
excruciating heat as the planet has picked up on various parts of the Earth. However, it
also causes strong condensation which is producing an interlock of moisture which you
are also experiencing here on this Earth from your weather pattern at this time.

"So the heavy concentration now for you Earth people is to offset the journey of the
comet Dextras. Always continually think of this in your mind. However, we are tracking
this by its velocity and speed. The most dangerous time, and it is of maybe opposite
belief to you, the most dangerous time is from the year of 1996 to 1999 because it will
be coming in, what we classify, full magnetic force.

"So therefore, it has been foreseen by some of your adepts who were here on this
Earth, for example, Daniel and Nostradamus, and also John the Revelator in the
confusing book called Revelations. However, because people that cannot interpret this,
therefore people are not afraid, which is good to a certain extent.

"Those years are called the years of the rebuilding of the firmament. As you know, that
the heavens look up that the firmament has to be changed first. This will cause a dew
belt to be built around the Earth. So there will be, in certain areas, a lot of moisture
content that will be released. Again, as from the very beginning of the Earth, the same
comet came to produce the Earth and the Earth's surface in the beginning of its
formation, or its time.

"Oddly enough, the infra-ray and the different emanations that come from the comet are
so old that the carbon 14 test and your scientists do not know exactly how old this Earth
is. Oddly enough, the biblical version is more correct than what your scientists do when
they look into time.

"So I say that that is the beginning of the actual change of your Golden Age. That infro-
structure of the firmaments that will be changed therefore, will give this electro-
magnetic belt of constancy of sun ray. This will allow the Earth to be in stillness and
once again it will be dark and it will be light as defined in your biblical versions.


"However, that start of the Earth, from rotating on its core, gives it time for the
firmaments and the correct corrections, so that the tectonic plates and the Earth's core
will be reborn, or changed, so that there will be constant daylight for a number of years.

"So it is of prime importance therefore, that when the Earth is coming into these
changes, that it is set off course. When it is set off course, which it is in the second
pattern, as we call it now, of the axis of the Earth, it will cause the bulging effect where
you will have extreme winds. You will have no control of your weather pattern. The
interaction of the gravitational pull shall at times cause great accidents on water.

"When we look at all of these changes at the time the Earth was coming into form, at
the very beginning, the life forms of man could never have survived the severities of
nature. "Until these storms subside, as has been foreseen, unless these days be
shortened, flesh shall not survive on this Earth. So therefore, there are a lot of things
that are at work, at this particular time, where you have many of you people that are in
contact with the higher entities like myself, the God/Godesses, that are assigned to the
area, the angels, the dark forces. They are all intertwined for change.

"The complete cleansing is after the comet leaves. You will find then, at that particular
time, that the cooling down effect will take place. You will have extreme cold weather in
certain parts of the poles.

"When everything is in line, by the changing of the DNA within your bodies, and to
allow you to be able to attune to very high and knowledgeable entities, on certain parts
of the Earth, certain people will be evacuated and taken. Certain people will be taken
by death process.

The ones who are changing their DNA at this time, like yourselves in these groups of
vast knowledge, shall interchange with the higher entities in, what we call, the
polarization, which you at times get through a form of inoculation of high energy within
areas that will have apex, or vortex, formation.

"This is of vital importance because the energy is going to be very erratic. You will feel
the differences, not only in the pressure of your temples, your mind, your memory, but
you will feel it also in high emotionality. You will also feel as if you are losing gravity
and you wish to fly.

"The lightness of the bodies and everything is done in a slow process. The slow
process is the operation of your contact of the inner and the outer spirit. You always
ask the question, 'Why has it taken me so long and why is it taking so quickly for some
to come into the knowledge of this great change?

"Your time element is now of prime importance. The cleaning up of the Armageddon,
the cleaning process, is always the cleaning up as like after a flood. So the cleaning up


process, as we see the high explosion in the next two to three years in your Middle
East, is of prime importance to us. So, it is not only the United States of America that is
focusing its intention on one specific person, but are not wise to the new one who now
has taken on this miraculous form of being, the false messiah.

"It is also interesting to watch Libya. I say this too, that it is the four radicals who go
completely out of control that caused that nuclear explosion.

"Therefore, the energy that is working in a vast force field, as you see, because of the
effect of the comet on the human mind, is causing the mind to become completely
saturated by fear, greed and treachery and violence.

"The effect this time is on the Middle East, Bosnia and the Russia area. It will move
next more into the Roman, or into the Italian area and slowly it will filtrate and would not
last long, God bless you, in the United States and Canada.

"So it seems, because of your ideologies and because of the way you are conducting
yourselves in a fashion now to the awakening of these great changes, that you are
allowing the spirit within you its birth of the new horizon to the Golden Age. You are like
little sunlights. You are like little beam lights that are constantly creating through your
own minds.

"So the thought patterns which you develop and create in your own minds are also
assisting in the recreation of the Earth surface, also for protection and for many other
aspects of this great change.

"Energy fields of are prime importance. So we are looking very carefully because we
have spared this area here by reducing the vibratory rate of the St. Andreas fault. We
are managing to keep the certain areas at this time in, more or less, a safety zone
because we require that energy intention of the fault line so that we could reverse, or
change, its end result.

"This is confusing the scientists when they see a vibration and one that would cause a
lot of harm and when it doesn't do that, then they are fairly confused. Infusion and
confusion, implosion and explosion, has to be in its proper, as we cite it, in its proper
perspective from mankind's interpretation because mankind has for ages looked at
peace and destruction. You cannot mix that. This is why, when you look at your
scientists, your munitions, your wars, you are continually saying, 'we must have a war
to have peace'. You've got to change that way of thinking and say that in order to have
peace, you must have peace.

"There are a lot of things that are going to transpire in this next two years of your time.
What we are looking at seriously is, not only the rebirth of the spirit within to activate,


but also the coming of the philosophies eternally and internally are of vast importance.
This is what confuses mankind and his belief systems here on this Earth.

"So you will have a strong emanation and condemnation of new religiousity. Do not get
caught up in the lion's den. Watch very carefully because the Eastern philosophy has
been polluted. So watch very carefully the emanation coming from that area. It is not
hard to see that if the Saviour was there, therefore then, from that kind of religiousity
and thought, there would be peace there at this particular time.

"However, there is also infiltration coming from higher space, coming from, as we look
at it, Zeta One, Two and Three. So we have to look at this in great perspective because
you are going to be strongly infiltrated in the next two years. There will actually be
manifestations of this kind of saviour, or this kind of energy, that will be very deceptive
to mankind.

"So you see that when you are intuning yourself, it's a lot different than attuning
yourself. To intune yourself is when you receive this knowledge. To attune yourself is
when you will know the difference between the goodness and the badness of this
energy field. So you will be going through, in the next three to four years, what we
classify as, this strong indoctrination of philosophy, whether it be extraterrestrial, or
whether it becomes terrestrial.

"So you are in a great sign of this change happening now where you have your
confusion and your infusion, as you see here on this Earth. The next stage is the
implosion and the explosion. This is one where you will find that the treachery finally
comes to a head where it goes into explosion and disintegration.

"So sometimes, when we look at this, we feel that the explosion is bad. It is really not. It
is part of the cleansing which started two years ago, your Earth time. So for seven
years of vast inner inoculation of knowledge, you will find that these kind of changes of
intelligence, you so call it, boggle the mind and become very interesting and very
drawing and captivating to the human mind.

"The best way to fight a war, as you see it then, is by this method of, what you term
here on this Earth, the infiltration, the sabotage of the mind into the projection of looking
through a superiority, of some fancy, of a great god, or goddess, through a form of
philosophy intrusion, or implosion.

So until we learn to become the infinite structure, we are by the explosion into the New
Age. We clean house, or we become part of this Battle of Armageddon where we are
going into purification. The remnants of our thinking and the destructive ways of our
feeling have to be changed by an infinite infra-structure so that our minds do not
become a prey.


"We will go into slowly, as we said here, the DNA change of the electro-magnetic fields
of the cells within your body. It will be a combination of the changes coming from the
firmaments so that the balancing effect of these bodies will interrelate with the infusion
and the explosion of the spirit reality. This is where the truth shall set you free.

"So you are finding that, how does one select by choice? You did this yourselves. You
selected by choice to come here through the hell, to the heaven, of your own Earth.

"Now you are the builders for the millennial, as we see it, totality of peace on this Earth.
You have to go to different places at different times to be able to reach a good balance
in your physical and in the spiritual. Unless you place more emphasis on the spiritual,
then you are going to be more prone to the age of, what we call, the excruciating agent
of impolsion that takes place through, what we call, the greatest diseases which will be
cast upon the Earth at that time.

"By the changing of the DNA and allowing the spirit to interrelate and to pick up its
proper energy for the balance of the human body, you will allow yourself to go through
the period of famine. You will do so in a way in which the conditioning of the body could
survive with a very small amount of foodstuffs that the physical body will require. This
comet, through that heat ray, will cause certain areas to be like deserts.

"You are into the 250,000 years of Earth change. This means that your topography
must change because of the inner change of the structure of the Earth's core matching
up to the change of your firmament and its high energy fields.

"You will notice too that the intensity of your Northern Lights will intensify because they
are going more into a deflective ray.

"So to change therefore, some will be migrating from time to time from low areas to high
areas of elevation. Some will be moving to areas of lesser bodies of water. Some will
be moving to higher bodies of water. It depends on how fast the DNA changes and how
it draws you into the energy fields which are more stronger and compatible to your own

"Some of you, as we see it, as I said, will be taken. Some will be going into, what we
call, a new life form. Some will be rescued. Some will meet the complete change by
allowing their Christ Consciousness within them to have, what we call, the Second
Coming of this millennial light, to be able to work on this strongly, to be part of their
heaven here.

"It is of prime importance that most of you here at this time start to take the life forms on
Earth a little more seriously because of the child birth. Those who are coming now are
of prime importance. Already their DNA will be adjusted in the womb. So therefore, the


children will be of a higher density to begin with. You will see and notice the difference
in their human behaviour.

"Your jobs, as we look at it now, is to be in strong contact with your inner self to get the
kind of messages to be able to allow and to help and to cultivate this change so that it
will come in such a way that others will be receptive to the way you are thinking. You
probably will say to yourselves, but really people think we are totally imbalanced when
it comes to the mental body.

"That is so false because you are totally getting into balance. So therefore, the
extremities to people who are very stereotyped, only from the physical essence of
thought, will not understand you until 1996. But it's now the time to plant the seed.

"Petron will leave you now and say God be with you."

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