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Coming Into the Millennial Light

Coming Into the Millennial Light


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Coming Into the Millennial Light
Entering The Photon Belt given 1993-1995
Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.
Coming Into the Millennial Light
Entering The Photon Belt given 1993-1995
Every 26,000 years of earth time there is a cleansing that takes place and it is done in three cycles, or phases. Each phase has a significant energy that will change the vibrations in the solar plexus and in the consciousness of man.

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Published by: richx7 on Oct 14, 2008
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"Good evening, I am Dr See-ven.

"This attunement message is of great importance to the world. Not many of you, at this
particular time, are attuning yourselves to the high energy which is assisting us in
bringing in, what we call, the millennial light. Through your energies and through your
higher fields and through your dedication and through your strong devotion, we are
able to assist the light into energizing the consciousness, which is the oil that burns that
eternal light, or that enormous change.

"People do not understand that the changing of consciousness is a changing of
consciousness through time. That is setting the platform for this new age to grow into.
Actually, the process of the millennium is the growing into the light of awareness, into
what you call, perpetual time.

"Why is it a great thing to live for 1000 years in this new light density energy that will be
upon the Earth? You are, at this particular time, the people who are the light bearers, or
the light children, who are bringing in the schedule of events that will transpire during
the 1000 years of perpetual time.

"First of all, one must alter the consciousness within to be aware that this Heaven on
Earth can be brought to this Earth. At a specific time of dispensation there are other
changes, which we call, in the firmaments. There are also planetary changes that have
to submit to this kind of energy and therefore make the necessary change without a
great loss of life. But unfortunately, because of the structure and the setting up of the
drama and events, prior to the rescheduling, we call it, of the Earth's consciousness,
therefore, it takes on a solid mass, or change and form.

"Whenever you have this kind of change in the preparatory stages, you will find that the
change of heat and the change of light are all very important to the change of the
consciousness in totality. This is something that is hard to explain to the Earth people,


at this particular time, because of their conscious understanding. Because of man's
conscious understanding, the more intelligent he is on this Earth, with Earth
understanding, the harder it is for him to open up to the understanding of the millennial

"What is important, at this time, as you all understand, is that we are going through a
cross section of certain people who will be acceptable, at this time, to be the light
bearers in order to bring this millennial light into, what we call, introduction. Again,
during this time, it will be very difficult because once the Earth starts to go through the
changes due to the changes in fusion and fission, you have, what we call, an upgrading
of the Earth's inner consciousness. This will occur prior to allowing everyone who is on
the Earth's surface to be able to attune to this kind of consciousness and what you are
doing it in, in many forms. For example, you are, at this time, attuning yourselves into
an understanding of the balancing of the yin and yang and the many other forms which
it will take.

"At this particular stage, when the Earth's consciousness changes, it allows a
dimensional change in three very important facets. In order to give the spirit its
complete birth, or its complete awakening, into this consciousness, it becomes a duality
of understanding oneself.

"At this particular time, the human being is going through, what we call, tragic stages to
the awareness fulfillment. This is why, at this particular time, that as the Earth decides
to take on its changes in form, it brings about many other changes on the surface of the
Earth which are not exactly what you would call a good situation in many respects.

"To alter change and to give birth, it's like the womb itself when the child is in the womb
growing into its maturity to give itself life. That is what's happening in the form of, what I
said, duality. In other words, the consciousness of the Earth's womb, or center core,
whatever you wish to call it, will go through the millennial stages of, what we call,
growing within the womb. There is also the attachment of the consciousness of the
spirit within the center of the Earth. You see, here you have the duality of the Earth
also, as you have the duality of the physical human being which has the altering of its
spiritual consciousness.

So it is not necessary therefore, to actually put you into some kind of embryo so that
you are perpetually encased in some form of light waiting for the entire change to take
place. That is not the case. The case is that it all changes at the same time. In other
words, the firmament, the Earth and the bodies and the life that are on the Earth, at this
particular time, will all change at the same time.

"In order to alter this kind of consciousness we have to bring in, what we call, the team.
The team is the millennial light team that allows each and every one that is on this
Earth at this time, in this light form, to go through a cleansing, which we call, a


cleansing of understanding. This is why there are so many understandings at this time
as to what the purpose is and how we bring the balance of this millennial light in.

"As you noticed, there are many, as we call them, schools of thought which will all play
together the same music of the spheres when all of the adjustments are made and the
consciousness slips into birth from this embryo that we are talking about.

"Each form of light and consciousness comes through these different, if you wish to call
them, ideologies that are coming from the altering of the consciousness of yourselves.
This is called the growth period of the consciousness. Looking at everything on this
Earth right now, the way it is transpiring, it is going through, what we call, a phase of
death. In other words, you are quickly being ushered into the fall months of your reality
in order to get into the final preparatory stages which you call on this Earth, the rapture

"You see, there has to be a rapture of this cocoon, or this embryo, of the spirit when it is
reaching, or coming into, the Christ Consciousness. This is the rapture of the new body
into its complete stage which is going to be called the fifth dimension of understanding.

"Right now, on this Earth, you are moving quickly and rapidly into the fourth dimension
of understanding. This gives a lot of problems to the physical body because it is
causing a lot of tension, causing a lot of stress, a lot of headaches, a lot of stomach
changes and other things that will happen.

"During this great change you will have a period of, what we call, the period where we
have to take the strong, the weak, the weaker, and we have to put them through, what
we classify here as, a spiritual sifter. So not everybody makes it through this spiritual
sifter because the altering of this consciousness allows an enormous change in, what
we call, unison with the kundilini forces. These are the forces that are immediate from
the Earth's core change of consciousness and rebirth.

"A lot of things happen when this kind of change reaches into, what we call, a massive
dis-structure of the surface of the Earth. This massive dis-structure is the rezoning and
the re-boring and the reshifting of, not only your tectonic plates, but many other things.
This will bring everything into a position so that the rebirth of the spirit within will reach
a saturation point of its nine month period, or its ninth dimension of understanding. It
will then have its totality of understanding because you will reach that birth situation in
unison with the birth of the spirit of the Earth.

"There will be the completion, or the complete restructuring, as you are coming into the
totality of this millennial light on this Earth for, what we call, the perfect existence of the
consciousness of pure spirit birth. This will also occur within the bowels of the Earth
and also within the firmament.


"You can expect a lot of tremendous heat changes which will cause a lot of droughts on
this Earth. When you get this tremendous heat change, naturally yor storms will
increase in their greatest velocity. You will find there will be a tremendous great change
to the surface of the Earth, bringing it into the Christ Consciousness, the infancy of
purity of spirit. There is no interruption period between the physical and the spiritual
because the spiritual will live free of the physical because you will be completely

"This is the rapture of the new body. This is very important in the millennial light
because it allows constancy and flow on non-interruption. This is what you need in
order to live in this 1000 years of completeness. It is called the completeness of the
spirit in its manifest destiny.

"Dr See-ven will leave you now. God bless you."

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