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Realms of Joy Time of Life -Christopher Westra

Realms of Joy Time of Life -Christopher Westra


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Holographic time
Holographic time

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When I first read The Science of Getting Rich, I knew my life
was going to change. In fact, in the inner world, it had changed
already, and that was the source of my confidence!

I actually felt a “shift” or an “opening” in the universe. I’ve had
several more of these experiences since then, at moments
when I take massive action or make bold decisions.

I’ve provided The Science of Getting Rich for you along with
this book and encourage you to read it diligently. Read it over
and over. The book is simply written yet contains so much
depth and meaning that you will continually pull out gems from
additional readings.

This book is so powerful because it transforms who you are.
How much money you make is determined by who you believe
you are.

Millionaire T. Harv Eker said –

“Your income can only grow to the extent that you do.”

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How You Can Master Holographic Time

Harv Eker understands that your current financial situation
came about because of your current way of believing and
acting. If you want to change your income, you have to

You have to change your beliefs and the way you act. This
leads us to the Certain Way of acting that Wallace Wattles talks
about in the Science of Getting Rich.

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