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Realms of Joy Time of Life -Christopher Westra

Realms of Joy Time of Life -Christopher Westra


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Holographic time
Holographic time

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I learned about letting go of the story in a conscious creation
workshop I attended with my friends Tom and Ambre from
Hawaii. See their website
http://www.dimensionsinhealing.com for more info about
their work.

Your emotions are very real. If you are feeling angry, you are
really feeling that energy. But the reason you think you are
angry isn’t the real reason.

You know that you have times when almost nothing can bother
you, and that you have other times when every little thing is
irritating you and stirring up anger and blame. What we feel
depends on us, and not the situation.

The linear mind looks for causes. So when we already feel out
of sorts, it searches for all kinds of “reasonable” stories for why
we feel that way. It must be because of your spouse not
picking you up on time, or your child being disrespectful, or the
dog barking, etc.

Today, when you catch yourself in a negative emotion, do the

1) Write down the emotion – learn to identify and name it.

2) Write down the very brief story, and then let it go.

I put down a couple of simple examples to get you started.




Steve is thinking I don’t know anything about
Hurt & Angry He must not care about me – he didn’t call me.

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How You Can Master Holographic Time

Just identifying the supposed reason for your emotion as a
“Story” is so helpful. All of a sudden it’s not necessarily the
truth, but just a story.

I’ve had hundreds of people start thought and emotion journals.
We learn by seeing our “stories” written down in black and
white. When we write them down, we see the exaggerations
and distortions that come with linear time and causality. Allow
this exercise to become a ritual in your life and I promise that
you will be a more effective and a happier person.

Truly living in holographic time makes it easy to let go of the
story. If the present is all there is, then my emotions cannot be
caused in me by something in the past or future. We create our
emotions moment by moment.

Answer to the Review Question

The answer is e, all of the above. Holographic time helps us to
enjoy more positive emotions for all of those reasons.

© Christopher Westra – All Rights Reserved www.ICreateReality.com/time.html


How You Can Master Holographic Time

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