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Realms of Joy Time of Life -Christopher Westra

Realms of Joy Time of Life -Christopher Westra


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Holographic time
Holographic time

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Published by: MiBonitoGus on Oct 09, 2008
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Holographic creation always works. The laws of manifesting
physical creation through prior holographic (spiritual) creation
always work. You just have to learn the laws and practice the
methods. Learn more at www.ICreateReality.com.

Visualization sometimes has great results. When visualization
“works”, it’s because the individual is naturally and intuitively
including many of the elements of holographic creation. Their
results will improve by understanding the principles in a
conscious way.

Review Question

Holographic creation is more powerful than visualization

a) Visualization uses only part of the brain.

b) Visualization can’t be done by some people.

c) Holographic creation is a present, creative process.

d) Holographic creation uses technology.

e) Visualization uses ten dimensions.

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