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Published by: Nagesh Gadige on Sep 03, 2011
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These breads, called parathas, are flaky and somewhat more elaborate than
chapattis or rotis. The dough is rolled out and brushed with ghee or oil folded
and brushed with ghee or oil again and folded again to form a layered slice.
This is then rolled out again. This is then put on a hot griddle and brushed with
oil. The heat makes the layers of dough swell and puff, resulting flaky, pastry
like flat breads. They may also be used as snacks, lunch-box favourites, light
brunch items or travelling munching companions. Allow 1 or 2 per person.

2.5 cups chapatti flour
1 cup water at room temperature
1 cup chapatti flour
ghee for brushing the bread

Method to roll out the dough
Prepare Basic dough and allow to rest for 1 1/2 to 2 hours. To make triangular-
shaped parathas, divide the dough into peach-size balls. With a rolling pin, roll out
1 ball to a circle 5 inches in diameter. Brush the circle of dough with ghee, and fold
in half to from a crescent then brush again with ghee and fold into a triangle. Seal
the edges well. Dust the paratha with finely sieved whole wheat flour and roll into
a large, flat triangle or round paratha. Try to make the edges slightly thinner to
ensure uniform cooking. Rather than shaping all the parathas at one time, cook
each one as the next one is rolled out.

Method of cooking the paratha
Preheat a cast-iron tawa over medium heat. Place the rolled dough on the palm
of one hand and flip it over on to the tawa. When the colour changes on the top
and bubbles appear, brush ghee over the surface of the paratha and turn it
over. Repeat the process of brushing the paratha on the other side. Keep
flipping it over till both sides are browned and spots appear on the paratha.
With experience the paratha will puff on the tawa.
To keep the parathas warm as they are cooked, place them in a towel-lined
bowl and fold over the sides of the towel. Serve hot.



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