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System Administration Guide

System Administration Guide

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This chapter discusses the basics of using NFS. For more detailed information, refer to the following

22.4.1. Installed Documentation

• The man pages for nfsd, mountd, exports, auto.master, and autofs (in manual sections 5
and 8) — These man pages show the correct syntax for the NFS and autofs configuration files.

22.4.2. Useful Websites

• http://nfs.sourceforge.net/ — the NFS webpage, includes links to the mailing lists and FAQs.

• http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/NFS-HOWTO/index.html — The Linux NFS-HOWTO from the
Linux Documentation Project.

22.4.3. Related Books

Managing NFS and NIS Services by Hal Stern; O’Reilly & Associates, Inc.


Chapter 22. Network File System (NFS)

Chapter 23.


Samba uses the SMB protocol to share files and printers across a network connection. Operating
systems that support this protocol include Microsoft Windows, OS/2, and Linux.

The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 kernel contains Access Control List (ACL) support for ext3 file
systems. If the Samba server shares an ext3 file system with ACLs enabled for it, and the kernel on
the client system contains support for reading ACLs from ext3 file systems, the client automatically
recognizes and uses the ACLs.

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