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Ht Emerging World Order - The Khilafah State

Ht Emerging World Order - The Khilafah State

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Published by: Usama Imran on Sep 02, 2011
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According to New York Times polls conducted by The Gallup Organization found that,
Muslim women don't see themselves as oppressed. In an interview conducted face to
face in 8 predominantly Muslim countries suggests that, ‘a majority of the
respondents did not think adopting Western values would help the Islamic world's
political and economic progress.’

Emerging World Order: The Islamic Khilafah State 99

Moreover the survey found that, the Muslim women voiced concern about ‘general
decay of moral characteristics and degradation of women in the west’ as the
primary disliking factors. An overwhelming majority of the women polled in each
country cited "attachment to moral and spiritual values" as the best aspect of their
own societies. In Pakistan, 53% of the women polled said attachment to their
religious beliefs was their country's most admirable trait. Similarly, in Egypt, 59%
of the women surveyed cited love of their religion as the best aspect.
Moreover, when asked what they resented most about their own societies, a
majority of Muslim women polled said that, “a lack of unity among Muslim
nations, (western exported) violent extremism, and political and economic
corruption were their main concerns”. Indeed for all of these concerns western
secular democracy, colonialization, and capitalist economic system works as the
root causes. The return of Islamic Khilafah State will only solve the crisis.
Moreover, in 2010 Muslim women in Jakarta held a ‘Women International
Khilafah conference in Jakarta’ where more than 6,000 women professionals,
students, civil society leaders joined the conference and voiced support for change
in political process in Muslim lands. In the same year, Muslim women in ‘Ukraine’
arranged a large ‘Khilafah Conference’ where more than thousands women from
all walks of life have joined the conference. Moreover the call for Khilafah is
becoming louder amongst the women in Middle East, Pakistan, Africa, and also
amongst the muslimah living in the west.

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