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Global Cycle Chic

Global Cycle Chic

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A very easy, effective, global green movement with multiple rewards~
A very easy, effective, global green movement with multiple rewards~

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Published by: Suzanne de Cornelia on Aug 22, 2011
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Oui--it was Frenchmen--Pierre Michaux and Pierre Lallement who in 1864 perfected the bike; but it was

Cycle Chic from Copenhagen that started major a new global movement.

Dubbed The Sartorialist on two wheels and selected as one of the 10 best fashion blogs by The Guardian-- Copenhagen Cycle Chic is credited with the idea of looking fetching while burning calories instead of fossil fuel. Back in 2006, Mikael Colville-Andersen took a picture in Copenhagen of a group of bicyclists. A smartly dressed woman stood out in a manner that clarified how bicycling had been coopted as an elite sport that required expensive homogenized branded gear. Colville-Anderson wanted to rehumanize and reclaim it. Because the original blog permitted usage of its trademarked Cycle Chic for the idealistic purpose of bicycle advocacy there are now spinoffs in over 40-cities including Berlin, London, Paris, NYC, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Santa Barbara, Vienna, Denmark, Tokyo, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Vancouver, WDC, and more. Designers have hopped abroad with Chanel, Gucci, and Kate Spade producing designer bikes. Posh Shops like Adeline Adeline in Tribeca are featuring smart European handcrafted bicycles. Major cities are duplicating the successful Paris Vélib help-yourself racks of bikes that have logged more than 61-milion individual trips since the program s July 2007 inception. And even resorts like Santa Barbara have furthered the movement with events like their Bike Fashion Show. In major cities like Amsterdam and Copenhagen where commuter cycling is way of life--the high-ratio of bikes to autos often coincides with a high placement on most livable city charts. It s really quite simple to Cycle Chic by remembering that the ability to accessorize is what separates us from the pack. Find the bike that reflects your personality and style. Perhaps a red Schwinn Le Tour, a hip black Raleigh single-speed, or a vintage beach cruiser in sunny yellow or seafoam green. Add a saddlebag, bell, wicker basket anything that ups the ante on the cool quotient as you sail forth in your consignment-find vintage Gucci loafers. As reflected in the Cycle Chic Manifesto--choose Style over Speed to contribute visually to a more aesthetically pleasing landscape. Inspire others with your individual brand of grace and elegance without being

labeled a 'bicycle activist.' And, unless you're entered in the Tour de France--eschew cycle-wear. This is a terrific way to make the world a bit greener, braver, leaner, and more stylish--one bicycle ride at a time. A few smart pointers featuring a Dutch bike from: 'Let's Go Ride A Bike.' For More photos and live links to related information: http://www.frenchheart.com

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