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Table of Contents
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Tlhle H ulma n Tra nsponder Dimensional Weavilng , "

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Techniques ,.,..,

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[I creasi ngl the Force .., n
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Sacred Geometry

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N'eUlrollogic'al1 Tri gig ers, .. ,....,,,.. ,.... ,....,,.... ,.. ,....,,.... ,... ,....,,.... "..,,.... ,..5'9 Sexua I IPsydhic Seductiion ., ..., ...,, ..,",.., ...,, .., ..., ...,, .., ...,, ..., .65 ... . .. . .. . .
Appendix A - Hermeti C Princip les .,".,".., ...,".,".., ...'" ..... ,"67 . . Appendix 18- QUIa ntum Theory Appendix .,....,,... ,....,,.... ,...,,....,,.... ".. ,.... ,.. 6'9

'e - Chakrasi....

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Append ix [D - [Merkba .., ".., , , Appendix E- Sacred IGeomletry

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a loud noise. To do this we have to change the way you direct your thoughts. the smell of arose or a thnught impulse from your mind. Sexua] Psychic Seduction ] . .. direct them to the goals that you desire.. Your routine thinking has blinded you to' the rich psychic environment that surrounds you.s ConveJ["t. your thinking. eibook-conveJ[teJ[. Once you are aware of your thoughts. you have opened your mind '1..~J[. siignal~a television wave. l1ttll_J:/lwwrw.Introduction What is sexual psychicseduction? It Is about using the power of your mind 'to attract sexua] relations to you. Open yourmind and let the universe provide for youwhat youwant. You may never have seen these thiings but you know they are real and do exist. com Adobe Diq"i taj . E:dition. to. Awareness is an empowering concept. ~.ust because you can t see something uoesn t mean It doesn't exist. but that It does work .You may not know exactly the mechanics of you cell phone but that doesn't prevent you from using it to make your life better ..0 the reality of psychic phenomena. It's not as important to know how it works. surround yourself with the sexual relationships that you desire. everything that you currently are was created by the power of your mind.iinyour everyday UJe then you are aware of. . This book will provide you with mental tools to increase your psychic ablltty.. you will be able to. . What you win be able to do after reading this book is to increase ynur ability to attract sexual relations. By opening your mind to the existence of things that you can't see. There is much more around you . Have you ever seen a radio. Demo v~~sion. What youwear~ where you Iive. You create your own reality everyday with your mind..

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t~em ~owing It . Sexna] seduction is not trickery or making someone do something they don't want to . whether that be for a night or longer.£.ebook-col1lvelkt8J[ Jt-'.Q"'.Gfhe simple answer is no. '.o. secretly send ~Ie. that are real and that can be used to better your life.' messages ~' Y: ple l'lt.l Edltl.em6 VeJ[. The psychic message that you win be sending lis seduction. Everyone sends out non-verbal communique that others pickup on in a subconscious way. We want to harness the power of your mind to centro] the content of the vlbratlons you send to another. 1JO.s As we discussed in the introduction of this book.[nlCan. Instead of breaking down the obstacles that prevent bealthy sexual relations sexual psychic seduction passes j Sexua] Psychic Seduction 3 .Often Urnes a direct verbal approach win fall because of the social conscious barricade that has been instilled in us from children.·.In f. ItlJn.:..l. '. CIlV J[eJ[ . • rr i com· .Good Vibration. If radio signals can be picked up by radios and televlslon waves by TV sets then what would prevent your mind from sending out psychic vibrations at frequencles that another person could receive in their mind? Invislble frequencies or "vfbranons' are a normal part of our hfe. Seduction is defined as the allurtng of another Into a sexual relationship. What you will learn is how to control the message of those slgnals. there are thiings you can't see.. Adobe Is . Focusmg on the frequencies that another person can pick up on is our goal.' • lliri~ugfl your mIn~ wlffiou.. http: I jwwrw .

.es not always produce instant Adobe ~tta:lt '98b~.through them to the unconscious milld of another and lets that part of the person decide what they want. your power to influence events around you win increase.ftm§t M~~mne though. if's the reinforcement of these thoughts that materialize the very things you hope to avoid. The thoughts of their own in healtb feed upon themselves to eontinue the cycle of "II think I feel bad there for I do fee] bad.1:i~Q:fb'ineqH!f~. thought works it way through various circumstances to create what your goal was" As you take more control over your thoughts. You might not of been thinking of nosing your job when you did. but the actions from your thinking aUowed it 'to happen.P~fl:hgl{l. Thought = Energy = Power The circumstances of your Ilfe at this moment are the result of what you have attractedto you and let become a part of it.ght. You can then guide the way things happenas opposed to just waiting for it 'to come. If your awareness had been greater could you have prevented it from happening either through harder work or finding a dtfferent job to begin with? Everything that becomes a reality started off as a http: lthoogm. If this is true then negative things that have happened to you are the result of your own thlnldng. ~I Although negative thoughts are a normal part of the human thought process. This is a foreign concept for many people. Everyone knows someonewho is constantly complaining about their health and seem to aIways be sick. Sexua] Psychic Seduction .

It's the concept of visualizing. In the 4th dimension you simply think of flying and you are" no other constructs are needed. You need toO reach out to other person. touching them Sexua] Psychic Seduction . The mmd's eye is where you construct the reallty you wish to live in.unlnute. The mind does listen though. When you are using your mind power to seduce others. When you see your goal in your mind as if it was actually happening. day and year of your hfe. One of the keys to using ynur thoughts to manipulate your life and your life's events is to see It within ynu. com e Adobe Diq" i taLeDmilrig?Hat:iRgie&tmEtapKihmch~l)mmensiollls wtl] have a quicker and more powerful effect than would ones that are rooted in the 3rd dlmenslon. The reason that your thoughts more readily take shape in higher dimensions is that your thoughts are close to the same frequency as the higher dimensions. gllder etc. In the 3-dimensional world to fly you must physically enter a flying machine (atrplane. The 4th dimension you live in while you dream.). The higher the dimension the easier it is for your thoughts to take shape. l1ttll_J:/lwwrw. clarity of'thought is very important What you see in yourmind and the way you vlsualfzen must be as clear as you can get it. ynu are affecting your 4th dimensional awareness. ibook-conveJ[teJ[. hot air balloon. A photograph is an example of the 2nd dimension.Because of the jumble of thoughts going through your mind every second. Your physical reality is referred to as the 3rd dimension. most do not bring with them the power to reshape reality. hour.

'Ielepathic communication can be broken down into 3 basic forms. The etheric body is the invisible aura that surrounds every human.EinmniHrenoe t from their conscious mind.This type Of telepathy does not involve itself with physical manifestations at a base level such as sex: and money. When you are doing advanced sexual psychic seduction techniques you must have a calm. Instinctual telepathy picks up on another's thoughts naturallyandwithout any direction being given by the mind.with your mind. Mental telepathy is the conscious direction of thought directed http: 1~~rpMtHlgryotiTIhave a specific goal in which you Adobe ~ 1mIib·tm. There is even a special type of camera that can take a picture of this outer shell. this is an example of instinctual telepathy.en~mindtID~welwur. The third form of telepathy is caned Intultlona] telepathy. This is the type that results when the energy of one etheric body hits the etherie body of another.. Do not waste your mental energy by worrying or fearing that you will not obtain what you want. You are using your mind for arousal of another person which is a form of telepathic communieanon. 6 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . This type of mind power Is not the goal of this book. When you get involvedIn a close relationship with someone and you both have the same thought. Two ways to UmU your telepathic abtlities are to become obsessive about your goal and to let fear of failure cloud your thoughts. One way is calledinstinctual telepathy. A second form is calledmental telepathy. care-free mental attitude. This where you are receptive and able to communicate with higher things and purposes .Jdea or say something at the S81me time.

use it correedy and thenIet the power of your mind go to work. You can think about It from time to time but Iet the confidence of attitude c:arry the way. When you carry negative emotions into that link. it creates energy that repulses the original thought work. You will succeed if you have knowledge. When you are trying 'Eomake a mental thought based connection with someone" you are creating a non-physica] link between yourself and that person. Detach your intense desire when using this type of mental power and you will find quicker results" Sexua] Psychic Seduction 7 . At first you wll] be a little unsure of yourself Just http: 1~~bI'lc@nf~d:a::tbe. Reinforcement of your goal not fear of failure will guide you. s When you are doing advanced psychic seduction you must have a non-obsessive "I don't care" attitude. and then go on. you will have Incredible confidence within yourself that goes into effect even before you start the techniques. psychic techniques and when Adobe JllmgIi rlml1~rlIIlim:tlemutID~f\JBlf1tbmgJehre mll)lMilDg that your techniques are taking effect and working without your further attention needed. Do your techniques but don't put a huge amount of energy into wurrying about failure Dr success. these powerful emotions act Ilke a bnomerang and return back to you because there is more Oil' an energy ltnk un your side and less on the other persun ~ side. If you are worried about failure Dr not getting success. This is important and once you see that you can get anybody you desire.The right attitude is that of confidence and assurance ~ you do what you need to do.

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l1ttll_J:/·www. ec..·b..-s · .p ..l .: e an.s I.. ....:n.ur brainwave cyclewhen you want to.ur psychic seduction techniques on the perso... .. A key to sexual psychic seduction is the brain frequenTil J[SlDI geftijeen cps.. Your brain is capable of producing a wide variety of frequencies.•.. When you understand about the frequencies of the mind. tg . your thoughts are not.nge...-13~••. ·h.tweenth.h . ra.ond (c~... e optimum ·IS tlonlstate ranges between 6 . your mind win have easier access to change the environment.•.•). .eibQll)k-conveJ[teJ[. they are concrete and rea] and are actually having an affect in the environment.And yo..U.. ·.ur environmentwill assist this process. sexually arouse someone with your mind: 1) Your brain waves will become closer to the natural frequency of your envlronrnent.·· .' There are 3 main reason why you need to change yo. you "I] see how other people's thought waves can easlly get in sync with yo. 3 .Ubegin to apply yo.'t:.When you lower your brain wave cycle to a cycle that's closer to your environment.The Human Transponder When yo.. 2) When your brain waves are slower and your mind is more relaxed then your body will be more relaxed. er .justwhims in the mist... st...cies ~..e theta state :range.••. [Sexuarpsyc:hJlC seduc- ....••... s 15 •.com Adobel' l tal ...8 cps.T. 13.and theta.: ··...GltSnveJ[.ter 1 . Less blood Sexua] Psychic Seduction 9 .n yo.a .veen.Uare trying to win.ate ranges. Focusing and tuning in on the frequency that win project your sexua] desires to another person is what this book is geared towards. .· The alph..e.

iSJi any barrtersIn their way. You wHl be abIe to. your thoughts. Your awareness and your ability to use your mind will become easier and stronger. youwll] be in a relaxed. your brain . break http: l~:f:rom. Learndrigto use the brain frequency between the alpha and theta ranges is the first step to successful sexua] psychic seduction. the person in this state. When your brain state is at this rate. daydream like state without being asleep ... program. '[0 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .You can send your Adobe ~ CR'Oiil~·gh:dl£eanlldJlW:tl. Thiswill greatly effect an your SPSwork.Increasing your focus allows access to dtfferent parts and functions of your brain.~JtawEll:ar.Your brain is more nourished when you are relaxed. This means that your thoughts wll] h. When you are in this SPS state. Tuning your mlndlnto the SPS state is the key to mind manipulation and influence. 3) You can become more focused when your brainwaves are slower .t itrncbarFn~lJWrand~pace ..needs to be pumped to your body functions which allows more blood to pumped to.ave the ability to getmto the thoughts of someone else..

The word dlmenslonis just a name given to the concept of reality levels. When someone talks about moving up to another dimension. " . ' "'" nescnbe your c. The difference between dimensional worlds is their wavelength. Higher dimensions are up. The first thing you shouldrealize is that an dimensions are merged together. and every which way around and within you. Like a television. You have to change thewavelength ofwhat you are now to where you want to be.'. the movilng up does not mean gpilng up as in vertical up. Sexua] Psychic Seduction ]J . This means that you are within higher dimensions other than this 3rd dimensional world around you. What is the secret to tuning into different dimensions? Vlsualiztng in the SPS state is the keyl Visualtzlngis seeing something in your mind that you want to manifest in the world around you.urrent worto around vou.fnside.Dlmensinnal Weav:ing Understanding the concept of dimensions is very important for sexua] psychic seduction. The 3rd dimension is a name gilven to http: I twww . EdltlOltS Converter De:]fI[o erSl. Nor does it mean an upward change of awareness.j2ibook-converter. if you are watching channel 6. They are allmerged together Ilke the lngredlenrs in a mixing bowl. around. ~9I[j1 .on V Adobe Dlq"l tal You cannot see or experience other dimensions that you are not tuned into. then you are not tuned into channel 9.. Experiencing other dimensions works in exactly the same-way that a television or radio works. below.

Sexua] Psychic Seduction . speech. expressions that they use the most" hDWthey hold themselves." l . The same part of yourmind that takes care 'Ofal] YDur bodily functions knows how to interact with the higher dimensions around you.eW..-. etc) 'Only. If they are good with animals or Ilke to watch TV. features..p : I jwwrw Adobe . This is why you can fly in your dreams or dojust about anything else that you can think of. .: " . . ..' It. . You can use your sexual psychic seduction ability forwhatever sexual goals YDU have.'.nmpletmC8t~5pend a few days planning what to do.."L3. you can easily influence many different people. What you want is to. are all ~a~. . this is not important stuff to note.t:rnntbejCBrBlam.[ L " " '" "" " . ulL " . the clothes they wore that YDU enjoyed.b'Rthmm~-N:tvwdtihte person very well.. -:lJ. .When you are in a higher dimension it is your thoughts or the images that you create in yourmlnd that manifest around YDUinstantly.""" -.. A good strategy is a great advantage.. You want the stuff that strikes you and the stuff about their body (hair.". how they talk." -'. If you see something in your mind's eye (your imagination) your higher selfwill go about and manifest Hi for you Your mind willJl create your th oughts around yo u .!1. Make a journal of everything that is the essence of that person. make note of the most noticeable things SDwhen you do your SPS power work you win have an easier time visualizing them. You don't want information on their every move. Be carefulwith this practice because you are definitely not trying to. be a stalker. how they speak. and what their skin looks lfke. Keep a list of where YDU ~veseen them the most" their most noticeable features.. It is best to focus on 'One person at a time unti] YDUg:et the swing of things. . Once you have practiced a bit." .l.'.L _ u. 11t t.!1. depending 'Onwhat your hold in your mind's eye.

To start 'Outwith your surroundings must be free of drafts. use thespecfflc visualizing techniques. asIf they were in front of YDU.... you must have a quiet place to do this. The reason that YDUnote the place where you see them the most is that if your visualized image of them starts to fade and you can ~ seem to. Eventually YDUcan keep your eyes open (in public places] and your visualizing skill wil] be developed enough to do in the broad daylight. Obviously It's not possible to get rid of an the noises but do your best to close yourself away from most noise.:_~modrl. It is best ~Qi begln to learn to visualize wlththe ltghts out.Nothmg is more annoying when you are in a deep mind state and the telephone rings.YOU might thlnk that you can remember these noticeable features.p : lb~ t LQ~. hold what they 10Dkltke in your t mind you can simply imagine the place where you see them the most and then recreate their image before YDUtake them 11 t. see them as clearly as you can in YDur mind. EditioltS com Converter Demo Version Adobe Diq"ital When YDUuse visualization what you are doing is subconsciously implanting your desires into their thoughts. loud noises and other dlstractions . To effectively vlsualize. you willget better at vtsualfzing the person. or YDUhear the neighbors making noise. Sexua] Psychic Seduction ]3 .When YDUstart to. you will notice that your ability to visuallze wHl be ltmlted unti] YDUpractice .. It is better to do the vlsuahzlng whlle you are sitting . but when YDUget down to the work.. It might be hard for YDUto visualize the sound of their voice but it might be eatSy to you to visualize the way they do their hair . Your surroundtngs have ~Qi be quiet. you wHI want to.This is why ItIs good to have a whole bunch of characteristics ready. As YiOU practice.

.It can be an exotic tropical setting or in the back room of y'Our office.<IIlI... Sexua] Psychic Seduction .Also.. p!Wtc... You are now going to be visualizing the person that you've had you eye on.eo make litjust what you want..~lhJ. the ]person or pers'Ons you want to have a sexual relationshlp with.IDt:liIlu.rm:.You should also have a different place for each person you are using SPS on.lJU~anIlJlJJl!~' '"' jJ)"_'.The ]point is to get in a comfortable position so you can concentrate on yourmenta] seduction work instead of shifting frequently to g:et comfortable. This gives y'Our brain waves and their brain waves a chance to melt together so they win be ready for your influence. It can be where you see the person the most or an Imaginary place 'Ofyour own creation. just sit down and perhapslean aga. Wben Y'OU ready move your vlsuallzlng fnto your are own' place' for sexual relations . Take time to create this place linyour mind unrtl it feels like a place you are comfortable linand feel powerful in.imaging yourself linyour own bedroom or living room tends to keep your brain in a 'waking' state more than in a removed state.ii<J.This can be any place that Y'OU choose .That irs why sitting is good. http: IY~Rruhl)'oon~4mtthis. ~.inst the bed or a willl or whatever .-._:.. iJ.Oftenwhen you are Iying down Y'OU tO'Orelaxed and you get fan asleep . s . ~ .. Put the pers'On youwant in this visualized surrounding that you have created..This is because you want to remove your self are from what's around you as much as possible in yourvisuahzlng. . •• ~' first it is easier to visualize your inner realitywhen y'Our head is in the same vertical position that it is throughout your daily Ilfe . ""d" ~ ..¥1lIl1l:llJlJ!5.. 0.N!r1..tlL 1l~1 'f:I~ace newr ere Y'OU now . in £.. Closing your eyes and . _ ~ Your new 'place' created in your mind needs to be free from al] negative vibrations .1_ ttL 1l h Auobe 'iJu..

again.You are gping to want ~o spend at least three Urnes a week for a minimum of 20 minutes each session visualizing your sexual goal.The key ~o visualizing is to see something in your mind as if itis really happening. you do not see your face unless you visualize looking Into a mirror . puts your SPS ~o full force. justlike any situation you are in now . person.rto a high degree and can effectively vlsualfzewith your eyes open and in public you have to keep your expectations real. In your vlsualizlng. Even just seeing a person once. they might not drop everything and come running to you. Practice makes perfect. you won't be able to see your face.. top of your head and back. These are opportunitles. ormaybe they are going the opposite way. it's just the reality of the sltuatlon. If you visualize yourself walking down the street. l1ttll_J:/lwwrw.ibook-conveJ[teJ[.. They will think Sexua] Psychic Seduction ]5 .When you are in a crowded place and you use SPS techniques on a. They still might feel auracted to you but maybe they have to go. Because you dldn't g:et immediate attention from them does not mean that you were unsuccessful. To see something in your mind as if it is actually happening just Eakes practice. if you know you will see them. you wil] be able ~o look down and see your legs. Do not see yourself from a distance like you were watching a movie of yourself or floating above the situation.You must be In your imagination as you are in your daHy Ilfe . When you vtsualtzealways put yourself in the picture as if you were seeing it through your own eyes. There is a httle more advantagetf you are in a place where you have an epportunity to meet this stranger or if you know you might see them someplace again. arms and chest just like your "real" life.. com e Adobe Diq"i taE~wJ:mmylan~n~dh~~njfEBkills.

l1ttll_J:/lwww. It takes time to get this good but it can happen 'with practice. you can have most perSOll1S you frequently or casuajly Interact withReach for this goal if you want. more opportunity to influence them directly in front of them.. and youwlll have more opportunity to let them come to you. If your skill Is very fine tuned.about that first moment seeing you and then things will start ~o develop as they see you here and there again. If you are practicing on a person that you know quite well.eibook-converter. youwill see results much quicker. You win have more opportunity to see the signs. determination. creativityand patience . com Adobe Diq"ital EditioltS Converter Demo Version Sexua] Psychic Seduction .

.Ifi\. IDi6 V. the wavefront vibrationswould form a pentagram. this Incoming wavefront sets up a resonance or a vlbratlon in the sections of their cranial bone.iJ EdlUOn.teJ[.lslon. To gilve you an idea of the dlfference between doing SPS arousal work . l t." sta~e ana you ImagIne 1iie 1ouc1t . You can get success with your mlndln an ordinary wakingstate but your manipulation of the reality around you becomes more pronouncedwhen you are able to lower your braln state .. touching an Sexua] Psychic Seduction ]7 . II Here is how your thought waves getmto the mind of another persnn....s It is important that you be in a particular brain state in order for sexua] psychic seduction to be When you are in the SPS state the effect will be the most pronounced upon the mind of the person you are wanting to Influence. .'Dab.kcG:OI}.. jt""wP. if you were visualizing your fingers touching someonein an erotic waywhile in the Beta state. Setting up a resonance of these sections occurs when the wave front bounces around equally to the cranial sections.. .of your ngers on someone In an erotic fashlon. an If you made a cross section of the skul] as this event occurred and if you could see the resonance being established. Your thought waves arrive outside of the skul] of the person you are using SPS techniques on. the person http://wwweibOQ. .' .vef.vreel ()r.ilnyour normal waking Beta state versus the SPS state .HewIt Work. That is how rea] it win fee for them .q. From the outside of their skull..nse"nothJln~... the persnn would actually feel the touchas if your physical hand was actually touching them.. C' " IV J[te'~ ..'iOQWereJIll aSPS Adobe Dl'.Your thoughts wil] be able to g:et to them more clearly with more power.ld prD.

Just concentrate on Adobe ~aItfmloE. Uwith your mind. If you loose the http: l~~~pe~that is alright.netbmJ~on Using touch in your visualizing is the most important aspect arousa] and seducing. rough objects~ anything that can help you fine tune your sense or touch within your mind. When the person is firmly in your visualized place. In your practice session.Jce cubes. sharp objects.. Electrons are formed from this action and an electric pulse flows to the part of the brain that turns electrical impulse into thought.S sections of the cranium. When the SPS techniques you are using are perceived by the person they are gentle. with your .fing:ers. You must develop this reeling of touchmg more strongly that your ability to seewhile visualizing.~palms~ Sexua] Psychic Seduction . The most important aspect to your SPS work. natural and very arousing. imagine touching things Ilke a soft pillow. Your next step is to reach your hand out and touch them. The personjust experiences getting turned on in a naturalway. You don't want to see your self touching as much as you want to actually feel the touch.dJb. When you touch someone in yourvtsuehzing you are creating a tremendously powerful link to that person. It is this "magic touch' that win drive them into a frenzy and eventually draw them ~oyou. This skill must be developed and you should practice touching thlngsIn your mind so you can fee. Explore them.mchadY:~J*mr a. Use your visualfzed sense of touch to erotically caress themwith your hand. is the concept of touch. thus thought Is perceived by the perSDn your arelnfluencmg. imagine that they are naked.asjf It came from their own mlndl Depending on the sex" they will start getting wet or hard and physically arousedIn a natural way.

mouth. You create in yourmind what you are doing to them and what they are experiencing. start to visualize the person's reaction. qulverness. explore every If your are 'touching their genital area then explore their pubic hadr. If you are mentally touching someoneln their g:enltal area. tenderness. Let your fingers and hands explore different areas of their body such as thelr nlpples. knees. You will like to explore the person's body in somallY ways. Visualizing scenarios is the second part of this magilc touch. hardness. The personwfll begin to feel warmth.hands and take your time. hotness. etc. The longer you use this magic touch the excitement thatwill butld up in the person will be hard 'to resist and they http: 1~~. It should come only after you havementally touched the person. wetness and turned on feelings. hardness. tlngltng. you will create effects that may last severe] hours.ears. etc. Let yourimaginaUon sensation of 'touch on the person. Watch and make their body Sexua] Psychic Seduction . Look up at their face and see their reaction. 'l'bayew:tmoDt ~ '~. hair.f}I5t:rnngr@ittll~:UQn:dowards you (even If they don't Adobe kngKwjl](E'ID~. No other technique in your mental ablllty can compare to thts use of touch and there is no way for the person to avotd itJf you do itt for only about 5 minutes. softness" warmness. Remember this w:iill take a little practice but it will hit them even on the first try lila matter how slight Also remember to really feel the touch even if you cannot see it In you inner eye~ you can totally feel the sensatlon of touch aslf you were really doing it. wetness. flight these feelings because they are coming from deep inside of them "on their own" .dnner thighs.

' . you also create stronger feelings within the ream person... I. l '. The slower you do your vlsuallzlng scenario and your vtsuallzing touching.1'······· .em doim . laD . the more erotic it will be for them. Hear their voice..". " ollng ·th'· · '. I.' . ~ I. You're not trying to get off on this. When you begin to add fun visuahzing to yourmental touching. then keep centro] 20 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . If you get turned on while doing these vlsuallzatlons.. YDUcan see the thighs Adobe dngj}tuI. .0 . YDUcan see the back that your are touching. Hear the person'smoans along with your touch.'. IegIlvIlng.. Begin to visualize them in theway that you want to see them reacting to YDur touch an thewhile sHU feeling the caressing as if it was happening. If YDUadd to your vlsuallzlng some ora I movements on the person..I'rEEOmtJ3ssmg. Ie gllvllng ·th tc Vllsuallze th·... This creates a deep passion within the real person and it continually hones YDur concentration. Begin to make things get passionate but try to do th .·. If you do" your heart will start to beat faster and you'll start to come out of your SPS state. . Bring into your newly developed sense of hearing and tasting and talking within your mind.cM:a. Remember that you are doing the stuff to them and they are getting horny by it in your mind. By bringing in reactions..move and quiver under your touch.' . YDUare starting to create an entire scenario of passion and lust. more 0f' '. You want to focus on their arousal and stay away from a fantasy experience for your own pleasure. . you can http: I~Ee~lidi:hD12JOlJl]1U'eoMimulating. .. You might g:et aroused by this but try to stay in centro] and make sure do most al] of the giving.kertul]£!thattd~ becomes very aroused by this in your mind and especially make sure that they crave YDUand want you more and morel Try to avoid g:etting too fast with all of this.

You create the reality and the relatlonship you want as hi develops. And then thoughts of ynu come into their mdnd. had some links to certain people and then when they see those people in their dally life they become more aware of their attraction to them. Then they become aware that they are getting a Iltde turned on. then visualize this dally and sure enough theywill be thinking of you when they shower. the Urnes. It is better to establish a deepIoundation within the person's psyche. The powers of your mind can be so developed for what ever you want. This is howit might happenIn the person you are working on. First the physical sensation hits them without any awareness. when they get aroused by the thoughts of a certain person will come Into their conscious awareness. Thelr unaware mind has often. They might not Instantly think hot thoughts about you but their subconscious mind win beassoelating these arousal felUng to you and then itwillmanlfest as the person becomes more attracted to you. Sexua] Psychic Seduction 21 . make the person react the way you want them to react and this win manifest in the real 3rd dimensional world.and keep your eyes closed and channe] this sexual energy Into ynur vtsualtztng. Whatever you use your vlsualjzlng for. These thoughts may be very obvious to them and they will http: 1(l~l1~i¥ct:~~ddoKWoU or these thoughtswill be a Adobe bilit~ mortEdlreepem.rmin]tm~mtootIld:M&rnake more of the connection. If youwanted someone to get turned on by you whenever they had a shower by themselves.andctl. They might get a little turned on but are not really thlnklng about anybody spectfkally. As this attraction increases.

Their subconscious mind will seek you out only and will not think that these arousal feelings are coming from someone else.I:i~'El&edtID~oing 1 these techniqueswhile the person is sleeping then they will dream about you. 22 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . 11t t.So if you don't see any instant reactions. This won'ttake long. but try to explore your "place" again before you open your eyes. Both can be effective and both should be practiced. Influencing while the person is asleep is more effective than if the person is awake.eo:eeCD:1m. Remember. since this is a natural feeling that wil] be developing inside of them (as if U was under their own accord). Don't worry~ you will be continually imbedding deep passionate feelings within them and they will manifest quick. When you decide you've had enough of your session."h]th~MI:l-~~~Ied::~youin the same way you can be Adobe atigilid:Eed Ecm::ttJil.p : 11n. These feelmgs that you are vlsualizing upon them will last forever. keep your eyes closed and return your mind to to your lmaginary starting point You can still see that the person is lying down or wondering why you stopped. you probably will go through the usual motions like dating. getting to know each other and all that sort of stuff. Allow this to happen an you'Il see that the person will come to you eventually.. They will not feel turned on until the end of than if you went through the usual metlons wlthout using mind power techniques. don't worry because their subconscious mind will be programming their conscious mind to be drawn to you.

Waking 'Iechnlques Now for the techniques that can be put to use when you are near the person or are talkingto the person.. etc. At flrst. If yiQUproperly practice the touch sensations you don't need to. http: I jwwrw .] keep your mental thought on your touching and caressing of that person but do an added techniques and remove their clothes in your mind and try toimagine them behaving in your mlndIlke you want them to be (preferably becomlng turned on by yiQurtouching and caressIng). The more your mind is mentally worki!l1gon this the more SlPSwaves you 'Willbe producmg and the more of an effect this 'Willhave. until you get good at llve mental seduction" you can stick to just the toudli!Flgsensation. vlsuallze anything except the imaginary sensation of touch. As yiQUare doing whatever you are doing physically (walking. In time litwill be easier for you to visuahze nakedness and eroticism whine your eyes are open. Sexua] Psychic Seduction 23 . Your brain will sun produce SF'S waves because you are harnessing your imagination and it will beassoclated with yiQur SF'S visualizing when you are alone. do the same "megic touch" but yiQUdon 't have to close yiQur eyes to do it.e~~IGI:@:ID Adobe up their dress or down their ~a~koim:otd:l:Dmant1l:ert ]n~:m_nvmiBIi:l9xdiQ same finthe ger caresses and erotictouching that youwould do if it was really happening. Lets say the person is near you but they are not looking at you. Just experience the touch sensation in your mind Ilke in the visualizing werk explained in the previous chapter. You sun need to. sitting.

at least ltwlll be easier 'to Imagine touching them since that person is really near you. you will see many different things occurring.This is the most important thing even as your other skills become slowly developed. good that yuu can be in a public place with your eyes totally open yet can visualize something in such detal] that yuu loose focus of the 3. you will be able to see the effects. Don't forget the most important thingIs the feeling of touch as lf you were actually touching them . If the person is not in your presence~ you won't be able to notice certain silgns until you see them. Even though youwill have less time to employ techniques if the person is in your sight. Learnmg both win enable your different skills to coverage and allow you to better picture them when you are not near them and you win be able to better vlsuallze sexually when you are near them. In the first 241 S exua] Psychic Seduction .p : 1"'~lE~(mJMi"~ohiteI10~noorn.-dimenslonal world around you. Relax and enjoy the touch sensation plus the added confidence 'that will make your ability Incredible without ever having to muster upanywill power. Doing: Sexual Psychic Seduction techniques when you are near the person or doilng seduction techniques when the 11t t. Your mfndmust remadn relaxed and not In an intense will power type of concentration thatls m:ind drainlng. When yuu are touching someone sexually with your mind.. 'Get good at both areas of SPS and learn and develop both.converter Demo Version There are advantages and disadvantages of both. If the personls near you. This is where your focus and concentration should go.Jou are two dffferent sktllsthat Adobe JllmgJhav~ mllmA2!¥ekip.You want to hone yuur skills so..

~ fan8'\Ee~III1IiD~sv·ElJJh:iscw. they stlllmight be a little shy to approach you (especially if they don 't know you). you will become more and more motivated to do this work. If in a bar or in a relaxed place. If you have been working on them for a couple of weeks and you know that they must be feelilng some sort of deep attraction to you. Theywill probably sUU hide it in public to an extent.ea work place. or school theywil] probably keep hiding U. they will be drawn to you as their daily arousal keeps increaslng.stages of your tralnlng.JiU create a chance for a meetingto take place whdchwill increase the attracalon because now the lee has to them sooner or later and they win want to get to know you in whatever way they feel comfortable. If you don't see a reaction at flrst.1hl1lditJ. If this is the case.The signs show you just how you are progressing.. Eventuallylf you keep up the work on them. As youmentally caress them [especlally in the genital area) youwil] notice some of the following: Touching in the area you are Influencing. If in public area lilk. 'Once this occurs. don't despafr. or aim to Adobe Dti'~. It's very important for your development that you notiee these signs . The better you get the more of a reaction you get. it wil] g. the person betnginfluencedwlll start to get turned on but migbt not oonsctouslyassociate it with you. When the person is wlthin your silght~you will be able to see the effects of your mind control. It just takes a little practice and soon you will be seeing results. Of course. they will probably flirt or unconsciously flirt. scratching in Sexua] Psychic Seduction 25 . you should try and ease them http: l~g:Ib~edilflWEfuelin~~ saying the first "hl".

around and make eye contact (even if they are not consciously turning to look at you). com e Adobe Diq· i taTaka:iclai_'ie&d rJoltigenfEtbemennu:tti£u:lEi. If you are just practlclng. you might hear breathing changes" shifting noises. NEVER. Have confidence in yourself and your abilltles. If you are doing this while speaking to the person on the phone. conghdng. Remember that the effect is taking place even if . Sometimes the person will feel so turned on that they freeze up and try to [eave the room due to the strong excitemerit factor. If you do.~lld write them down for your study. changing topics and maybe even flirtlng. then thelr 'walls' might be too strong for you to break. change in voice. If you practice everywhere you can.different areas" heat/wetness/erection produced. laughlng and any movement that seems to be a reaction or cover-up from your influence. You. Sometimes the wil] fee] drawn to look. of course. then you are not trying to necessarily get someone turned on to you but rather you are trying to fine tune your skills and g:et reactions" You can sometimes get a great reaction by doing mental touching techniques on anybody you see. shifting position. you increase your experlencewlth different time lengths you have to work wlth. . 2B Sexua] Psychic Seduction .. l1ttll_J:/lwwrw. One of the besotthings you can do is to practice like crazy everywhere you can. If you are in a classroom or workplace. worried or puzzled expressions. ibook-conveJ[teJ[. lighting up a cigarette..iltis hard to nonce.Touching their halr. will never let them in on your secret. if you are inexperienced. arranging clothing. crosslng/urrcrossing their legs. then you have a longer opportunity to do these techniques. And you can even practice on the same sex (even if you are not gay). eating.

At first the personwll] become nicer to you and will become more talkative. If YDUare behind the person at any distant. them out for a moment then look away and do your 'touches".} Keep the macho talk for the people who don't know these secrets. YDUcan do other thilngs while you are doing your techrriques so you blendIn completely with the people around you. Adobe Diq"ital EditioltS Converter Demo Version The less you do fllirty type actions or conversations while you are doing mind power techndques. Make sure YDur conversations are fun. Eventually you will be able to mentally touch themeven while you are . YDUcan do these techniques. Cheek. at ease and take an interest in themwlthout any sign of direct fUrtilng. This won't cause any blockages in the other person as your mind seduction powers hit their mind through the back door. When you get good. without even looking directly at the person. Thelr attitude is changing. Rejection wll] also decrease after at couple of weeksif they have ever considered yout'not their type". you can look at them but you should be smart when you have eye contact with them. the person will probably feel drowsy a. Remember you want these techniques to be as secret as possible. so YDUnever hold yourself like you are some god with incredible powers emanating from your eyes.away from the person.In a public place. lot and be veryaffecSexua] Psychic Seduction 27 . Near the end. You will be able to earry on a conversation with them (not sexual in nature) at the same time your inner eye Is feelhttp: 1~~ro1lffih~r: pMtruoftheir body youwant. themore they will feel drawn to you on their own (since they think you are not provoking Dr trying to stimulate them with flirthig. more friendly. Glancilngils normal in social situations but staring may make the person uncomfortable.

tfu:hmuilJbh~rnmrn.mstttD~~ t mimdwiU never learn that lit was Adobe fin~Uya9Iumjffi.Just keep up withIt and youwill get that person so oner or later ..j~IG1~_jtqnthe rewards. These will begin from a few days after you start your work on them to when you flnally get them (romantically..p : ldlmng&'oo. If you keep 11 t. 28 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . Just because you might not see a lot of notleeable reactions does not mean that you are Ineffecnve with your methods . If you are prone to doing long intense visualizing sessions.Every person is different and every person takes their own time . Besides physical reactions that you can notice. sexually or both) . When this happens you should cease your mind power seduction and work on developing the relationship. there will be a host of behaviors] or overal] reactions to watch for .tlonate towards you. the person will have a brightness in their eyes and will also experience tiredness or insomnia.. These are signs of a person's changing attitude... Look for al] these clues because they show you that things are changing.

some use subllmlnal tapes and self hypnosis techniques. Any books you can g:et on mind power or psychic techniques can be useful and you can grab bits and pieces fromthese different sour-ces for your benefit. Your brainwaves..Tnterest Is a powerfu] milnd motivator that increases energy in and of itself. Sexua] Psychic Seduction . some try magick.Increasfngthe Force As you begin to understand and use these techniques in your Iife.jmd itwill increase your power~ but only get involved in things that you are interested in. l1tt]p:/lwww. First let's start with how to approach the Thetalevel of brainwave activity for SPS usegaFul] conscious Theta manipulation is a very advanced subject andIs onlyaccompllshed by a handful of people. com Adobe Di'9" tay(]tlj(fo:m(]dm:vrutOtdll~lomfiitotl\mr':llim!isuc training to i 1'1' use the SPS techniques discussed in this book. mere seduction will notinterest you. Once you learn to achieve this state. You can if you wlsh. eibook-conveJ[teJ[. To incorporate mental based seduction techniques with this theta brain stateis very easy to doin practice. some try Tantrlc Sexual Yoga. This should never become your choice of techniques since it is only an enhancer to your Alpha work (at good enhancer that is) . emit a Theta frequency at the moment just before sleep. The more you study things that are considered "occult" the more things you can find. some do Tal-Chl. Some practice Yoga. some do Pranayman (yogic breathing) ~some get into crystals. some use brain wave lnducing devices and the list goes on . Everybody finds their own ways of increasing their power to influence. you can move beyond the basic methods and expand them to generate more power. some implement Karate tralning.

Just do your vtsuallzlng and soon you'll be asleep . your Theta brain waveswill pass through those thoughts or visualizations and give them a g.. Thlswill happen at that moment if your vlsuahzatlon remains stable up 'to this pofnt. youwant to doit when you are :ii. butlet your vlsuallztng be the last thing in your thoughts . As stated in earlier chapters. I1's very simple. Adobe b5J~i1tiBg 1EcD:BJB~. you wil] remain vtsuahzlng until you reach the Theta state . b Make sure you are ready for sleep and you won't need 'to get up and set the alarm or whatever. just keep up ynur vlsualizlng as long as possible as ynu drift into. What usually happens in most situations is that just a fewminutes or so before you are about to fall asleep.g@~-p@M~d~p what you are doing [thinklng. If's like giving your visualizing a shot electricity at this moment of Theta. However with practice and self-programming. you cannot forcethis action and expect to consciously notice something.. After that you wil] stop visualfzing (because you are now asleep) but al] you need is that quick moment of Theta state the person you are workmg on will actually feel your mental touches as if a hand was really there. you http: 1( burst of energy. 30 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .n ed and ready for sleep . you won't be able to remember the exact moment that you fan asleep.The moment you do fall asleep.. Itwill be quick and instantaneous.. a sleep. Of course..::etciJl1Ti"or9madlYlicrlOJ1J!1tIi8mmremberwben this happens so it's hard to stop this.The procedure is to do your usual Alpha vlsualjzing but instead of doing It during the day or in an evening session. but It will have a great effeet especially since you wil] be doing Alpha work (deepAlpha) as you slowly drift into sleep.

g Adobe ~aillId.tiBgt:}EOU :IWitbmspOO1Qrlmproved health..' .. kn! . ()W.. " just visualize yourself asif you were all ready the way 11t t.p : ly'~Ybtfr~cmfih aquomotion~with a new car. Thls wlllquicken the results of your mind power seduction work because you are Iiterally molding yourself into becoming powerful at it as you do become powerful at it. (~.".. you will be In the perfect state to influence your own mind and hence your own realitywith other aspects of important things. This will give you greater power in the long run. It's up to you what you wool to develop within yourself other than mental abilities at seduction.illti'mrIlji~ uea.. Spend equal time using mind power techniques to accomphsh any goal and equal time using mind power techniques to develop knowing that you always get any person you want" or whatever. see other people being jealous of you because the opposite sex always fans for you~ see yourself in the way that you want yourself to be after practicing: mental seduction for a year. This way not only does your skin develop formenta] persuasion but yourself as a person develops ton. S.t'. etc. Sexua] Psychic Seduction 31 . " Since you are in an Alpha state when you visualize.·b·~ money" frllen.]..Ilhe \.~see yourself always with a g. ." memory~ ec . gettin.d. . I. 'I' .~ 1:'...' 1 ·.It is important that you glve some time to develop your own self by using your mind power skill.' t .d " t .. see yourself influencing people easily. ". Spend some time vlsualfzmg other things to enhance ".. One of the best things you can do that relates to mind power seduction is to spend time vlsualfzing yourself with tremendous powers of of seduction. . .110 . )_ your 1i. See yourself having easy success at it.llege.

as your awareness gr.d1tJ.You might think that it will enhance yourwork. Comblntng drugs and mind power win ensure that your brain and mind never develop naturally and you will usually get caught in thetrip' rather than focusing orr the seduetion. Your blood will be cleaner and this will nourish your brain and soul. A healthy diet is very important since the body uses a lot of energy for digestion. it won't be long before your visualizations become clearer and easier since your body is cleaning toxins and chemical additives out of your system.Your diet can greetly affect your mental powers. Avoid drugs when doing SPS. less junk food and more fruits and vegetables. Consuming a great amount of junk food and meat creates more work for your body. trained and practiced mind. You will gain more self-confidence. Some of the chemicals are deliberately added tc food http: 1~~~~pubtlitOn [but that's a whole other Adobe ~jJ-. energy that could better be spent on mind development. This type of a high you won't IDose. you experience false awarenesses that go away as you come down orwake up the next morning. Often with drugs.ton::mt~e\ndJdocBUm.ajusJ. discipline and a healthy heart and mind. but the 'enlightenment' you think you experience when you are high is chemically induced as opposed to the enlightenment YDUwUI experience from a developed. The toxins in meat and chemically created foods take their toll even though you probably won't want to admit it. 32 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .ows and changes your Iife. If you change your diet to that of Iessmeat.e~eNercise helps tremendously.

Wirthin .eBHc:inm~idJ:W'£~ tooh. the followlng principles: 1) Every human is a transmitter and receiver 'Of impulses that exist andIlve within at specific-wave length.Besides.. travelling to other dimensions..p : I jwwrw Adobe Diq"i tamnEliJia1:JtiD:ner9Bonv·ert·er emo Version D 4) Intuition is what y'Ou use to become receptive on this level. 2) These impulses can be detected by a trained mind . Sexua] Psychic Seduction 33 . source 'Of all consciousness). so here is the basic gist that will apply to yourmental powers.ol'Ographic duplicate 'Ofthe 11t t. you are requdred to do things that seem 'counter opposite' to what you normally do. To access the universal matrix (Cod.any phtlosophy] . out of body travelling to the past Dr whatever . if you ever learn to use your mind to llterelly take yourself into higher dlmenslons. your experience wil] be better than any drugl Any mind power work that you do whether it'sseduclng people..5) The ~"'fieeUngf knowing" transmits Ilke a radio o with this wavelength. Now these .. .you must have a little understanding of the Hermetic Philosophy" .. This philosophy embodies.5 prtnclplesmtght not be too clear to you at first sight and this stuff can get very in depth (like . 3) A human individual's subconscious mind is interconnected with the 'universal' subconscious .

your psychic touches you must feel it 100% and feel it as if it was happening in the present. Of course. andIt can be reasonably avallable to you. As long as the consciousmind wants something.Here it is in even clearer terms. Adobe Diq"ital EditioltS Converter Demo Version Since you subconscious only deals with the present moment. Hermetic principles only operate in the present. your consclousmlnd must cease to exercise the desire.Tf you want something in this materlal Srd dimensional world. any idea that is offered to it that is not in context with the presentmoment. that idea will be lgnored. you do this to the best of your ablllty and you will still g:et results even if you cannet feel the total present tense In your visualizing.Nnw here's that fine line .p : lQ~JbnpJ~-tftltunruhense in regard to fulflllment. The 341 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .... So the way that you apply this to your SPSwork is that you must 'see' your desire as if itis already satlsfled: as if you were doing itin the present.o make your desire successt fully reach ynur subconscious mind (connected with the universe). Your subconsciousmind will create your wishes only if the desire is transmitted properly to it from your conscious mind . you are visualizing the reality as if U already exists .. You must see and feel (with vtsualtzing) tbe scenario as if U is happening in the present.There is a fine line between the Idea 'Of hoping compared to imagining (or creating) . This htghHghts our previous discourse that when you do.If you hope for things you are implying an uncertainty and a desire in the future which bas yet to be fulfflledJf you imagine for things. The same goes for when you are domg seductionscenario' visualizing .. the very act 11t t.. al] you have to dois transmit that want to your subconscious mind..

You can do the same but don't stop the feellng . theygo back. Keep the inner smile on your face because you got to caress and seduce the person that you desire. a situation as if it were really happening in the present even though they are pretending to be someone else in someone else's sltnatlon.~yo:mmRlfbEfeehJfolMlB1imri_f you actually had touched or experienced something with that person.. Actors and actresses can do this very easily. to their lives . you can pretend to feel It untlllt starts to fee] real If you hold yourself as If it is happendngm the present moment (even though you are acting) you will find that real feeling of present awareness with your visualtzanon will come to you easier. seduction encounter with someone for real you would be thinking aboutit and remember it later wouldn't you? Do the same after your vlsualizing even if it is just a little bit.If you Sexua] Psychic Seduction 35 . The Hermetic process is difficult for most beginners to apply. You can trlck your subconscious mind if you can act or pretend. the quicker your results. And don't just feel http: l'OJWpf~n. It requires you to believe that a desired condition exists before it can be manifested in the physical world . They can fee..continue It unti] your visualizing becomes real.dJt~~pr'~. You are tralning yourself to not only visualtze the experience as if it was happeningbut you are training your self to live the experience as if it was a part of your life. If you have a hard time feelmg the 'presentness'.. Once the performance is done though.t tense In your visualizing.. If you had actually had a.more you feel and experience your visualization work as ff it were in the present moment. When Adobe JllmgmeJd'~.

or HO'PE that Itwill come to pass~ you are automatically thinklngin the FUTURE tense.p : 1~~llsdf{:y~.ha:d-ruwhat want." Don It hope liar your desire but live them and experience them as if they were happening.eadJ . you Adobe Diq·ital EditioltS Converter Demo Version Sexua] Psychic Seduction . and the want remains unfulfilled (on thls Srd dimension) your aspirations are centeredm the future and cannot be transmitted to the eternal now of the subconj scions.thus "Bllnd Trust" The mind is not capable of brlnglng anything to pass except when it is accomplished by the emotional counterpart of the idea" Feeling is the secret.WISH for a desired state. Hence.Do thlswith your vlsualizations and the way you carry yourself and fee] your thoughts throughout the day. You obtain your desire by 11t t. Your subconsclousls a force that awaits activation and response through knowingness and certainty . As long as you want something. "desire nothing and there is nothing you shall not realize.

conv. Perhaps the personls normally very religious or has a very reUg!iiousfamily .er Demo Version If this last 'One is the case.that person wil] probably suppress that they want to make love to you or avoid you because you come from a different religlous background.lJ'W:ingEtlp (}'0ith you might make them "Iook Adobe bi. Theywill feel turned 'Onby you or attracted to you with these techniques but they miight resist It for many reasons. By noticing reactions (good or bad) you will get a better idea of how to Sexua] Psychic Seduction 37 . If they are resisting" they may show fear.Resistance Don't let the mention of resistance worry ylOU.p : llaollwliloo'CandlSb.ert. You are creating the feellngs in the person and theywillmandfest in their own mind as if it was their ownldea...til talbsiItiffri. Perhaps you were not normally their type and they are now confused as to why they find you attractive . Signs or resistance are things that you should notice and write down as with all noticeable reactions. withdrawal or begln to reject you. A lot 'Or things might cause resistance and the person y'Ou are working on will try to suppress these new thoughts of desire for you.Or perhaps they have a lot of peer pressure on what a Iover should be 'Or 11t t. Perhaps theyare married or Iive far away from you and they are avoiding thinking about youiin these new ways.wldB.. You are not fercfng the feelings in the pers'On y'Ou are trying to seduce..The SPS techniques explained in this book are not of a direct dominationtype. they are probably not mature enough to want tQihave a relatlonshlpwlth you anyway.

§foor goal yet at the same tlme In Adobe JllmgIiWSuaddlW~l}fSl£ghMettbmn tberrm~er.. • l n .. '. While you visualize.'.h00te. AU It means Is that lit will take longer for the programming to work. this is al] on an unconscious level since they don't consclously know that YDUare using SPS techniques on them) . When the defenses go down. These pauses can be very effective because when you are holding off 'On your techniques for a few days" the unaware mind 'Ofthe person feels that the pressurels off and the person begins to let down their defenses. ..' tt . Condnue this stop and starting if the person stlll resists. 1". . 3.. Any noticeable sign should be considered proof that you are having an effect.''.'.' I . W'h your negms . . So here's how to deal wtth resistance completelywhich will further gt!Jarantee your success. .)You should cease doing your mlndpowerteehnlques for a few days and then start again with more force. . .'1' . n. ' . . . ... tad ...theeperson s min d" approach your specific SPS techniques. ~. ' . They just 'I'll.• ' . ~'. al] your .'nen visuauzmg 1l. 1) You can apply more intense and longer vlsuallzlng until the person's resistance breaks down. This can also break the person's resistance completely because their mind cannot understand this influence Dr how to solve it and therefore the person irswithout defense. I.'0 creep mto 4!-h' e person s rmnn.d luang arouDI un til an 'OpenIng tS rna' e :IlU 0'. make them want you and be SDeager to please you yet YDUblow them off and reject them. ' 38 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . This will boost your power even if the persDn is suppressing their feelings Dr ignoring you" They wil] learn that resisting youwill cause more vlsuallzing on your part (of course. 2) You can make a u-turn and vlsualtzethem very http: 11!DtWlh~llngoo~.' d·' ". intr u . .' mental Images are blocked" they don't fade away. Signs 'Ofresistance show you that things are starting to work.' . It does not mean that YDur efforts will not work.... . "t .

" ·0· '" .---.' .mind will give upif you keep up the work.A gentle touch is often needed and then you can slowly build up the visualizing to erotic... Ev. -~""-' ..111 beco -.ey know you but they are don't Adobe ~. they wi~~ --\.ery pers n Is dlffe re rrt and ev e ry sltua .'. The only problem is that youwon't be able to monitor their reactlons or signs of changed behavlor. :'.'Y- .~~~mt.JLIl'-.· Hn. - """"... Sooner or later.If the personIs resisting.5) If their unconSCIOUSmind can't hand le the load of your influence! the person may even trygettmg away from http: ly'wwT~~:aR~ ~ilfJ'tib... use your visuallzing to slow down the passion ... maybe laughing and playing and then put in the sexual scenarios when you have fully instllled the 'safe' scenarios . but that's okay because sparks should fly the next time they see you. '. .. This techniques is important if you are trying to get a person to fan in Ievewith yDU. the visualizing you have done just waits and accumulates until there is a clear opentng Into the mind (such as when their defenses are down).. And if you keep up with it durmg their move. 4) If the person is showing signs of being fearful about the new horny feelmgs YDUare creating in them.' • .. Be very alert of their signs so you can me the best technique.: rQ". theywll] begln to miss you like crazy.You first visualize them being happy and comfortable wilth you. intense levels. then work wlth orre or al] of these techniques.-.Visualize being friends at first and doing friend things (non-threatenlngl andthen work up to lustful things after a few weeks. 1- Sexua] Psychic Seduction .. If the person you are working on is resisting to some extent. Some people get Ill from energy/strength loss when trying towrestle against your influence.. .ttlMn~nm~:U~he'WJfiar the distance (the farther the better) since their defenses will go down and you can continue to do your work and yoUifinfluence will gain entry into their mind much y ours.._I[JII. . --". their subconscious.

e com Adobe Diq"i tal EditioltS Converter Demo Version 40 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . The next two chapterswill give you some ideas on some more ways to increase your ]power. One is radiondcs and the otheris neurological triggers and anchors. ibook-converter.tlon is different so enjoy this diversity because it wil] fine tune your mental abilities and give you weat experience at this type of work for future efforts. l1ttll_J:/lwwrw.

Sexua] Psychic Seduction 41 .tmtdf)you removed your limitanons on what you eyes can see. . LOTS~!The things you see around you (includtng people and especiallypeople) are not just physical in nature. The technologies this chapters refers to are mind-based. etherlc connecting representations and connectors This probably doesn't make much sense at this point but it soon wlll. hardware..g:l1ilrtallllmm~flang~iIlIttat ~\. you will need a refresher on the basics of our world reality. There are more levels..absolutely unlimited r This reference to "technologies'tis not to masslveelectronics..Tn order to understand these teclmologles. then you will see many other things other than yom physical surroundings. computers or billion dollar machines. than this third dimension" too m. the third dimensional level. They exist on other levels.H:idden Technolegtes There are many technologies that are kept hidden from the average person.. One thing about these Ievelsis that they all colncide or merge together like an the ingredients to make a pie merge together to form the completed pie. Theworld around you and £II[ the things in it are more than what you see. One level of existenceis on this physlcal world or more properly termed with the limitations of physical language. They an have physica] quallties but they also have other quallties as wen. The reason for this is that the potential that can be acquiredwlth these technologies Is unltmited . Your physical eyes can only see things http: 1~~I?!BnMd\m'~cDlrubec:ause of llmltatlons imposed Adobe n..any~in fact to count. Most people would think l'I'WeU what else is there to see?" The answer.

p : ltunlw Y~~D~lDllldJ mdl!Otthe only thing moving and Adobe ~rtg]MtirnnhMI-:bave~~imbJJdJ. smells and thoughts! Thoughts exist on higher levels such as the "etherlc" or astral and can actually be seen when you access these levels. neen ca d 111 '1'1 '1'1 '111 There are twelve overtones between levels (or dimensions or octaves). food and even things that you can't seewlth your eyes suchas music. books. Everything you see around you occupies higher levels other than this physical plane. Cars. This n astral plane" is where you first go to when you leave your physical body. practice and knowledge your thoughts can be seen on this physicalworld so you can make arr Image of something appear in front of people if you had the k.irrddimensional level. To get to..1 Jle' tlh e astral1 reve . The "etherlc plane'lls lower than this astrallevel being more near and connected with the 3Td dimenslon. The astra] leve] exists IOnthe first and second overtones of the -lth dimension.With regards to radlonlcs and other side technologies of the same family" the other level we are Interested in is what is commonly can the etheric level. but this is an English word associated wirth this level and soit has stuck. In actuality it is not caned how. tree. the physical world is IOn the th. Another level that YDU might of heard U II .Hminvisfble body that can be seen when you move up to higherlevels or train yourself to. vibrations. This might sound bizarre. '1'1 II 412 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .... An objects have an etheric body as wen as a physlca] body. Wirth skill. the point. As stated before. see this level with your physical eyes.I of L nas b . an physlcal objects and structures (including people) have an etheric struc11t t.. but you and everyone around you actually do this already in a slightly different way.

Take at-shirt for example . A radionie machine canmake a connection to the etheric body of a tree or to the thoughts (etherlc level) of a person. you have a physlhttp: 1(l~~dJluliJcooo€l'~l1JMila thought from the music.. it won't seem so far fetched and this is the first step for breaking down the ltmltattonsln y.all components from thoughts. Compare it to reading a map.. Whether It's the thought of how they wantit to sound exactly or the thought of maybe n I should try this to see how this sounds".our mind that you cannot "manifest things out of the blue II •• The music amusician creates first begins in their thoughts. And since you and your mind exist on an these levels at once.. from the etheric plane tn the physica] plane and visa versa.. It is really your mind that is doing' the 'work but with the help of the radloulc machine to make the connection between the non-physical world and the physical world.ou see around you once began as a thought. the Sexua] Psychic Seduction 43 . The chemistry of the inks or fiber structure in the shirt once began and was created by someone thinking about it: using their thoughts to designtt. When you look at this concept of making your thoughts appear in front of peoplein this sense. make the connection. the radlonic machine is really only helping your mind and awareness to. The machines that made the shirt first had to be thought of by someone (probabIy an engineer) who transferred their thoughts onto paper or computeras a new design.Every human-made thing: y. Radlonicsmakes the connection or the link. One way to do this is through radionics. Once the CD is pressed.The design for the t-shlrt began in someone's thoughts. This etheric level can be accessed in many ways from this physical level. to the Adobe mjt~tm(t)_e~@nrthecG3~Etotihe ~l m~ry to make the CD . Your mind Is really doing the work but it gets Us bearings wlth the help of the map.

.til is only helping your mind to sortand arrange lnformatlon in the correct way to get your bearings and give you dtrectton. Your mental link is a part of the machine often caned the "well". That Is 'why this knowledge is kept hidden from P eople.P'B&i:fll:C3m. run and are powered from a higher level al] cempletelylnvisfble from this physical wnrldl pa. they do not have to be DUnof compllcated physical components. Chi.l·st:iick Adobe '(yDurgoal).fl~}. The rate is a representation of a specific action that you wish to carry out. Since radionic machines are only mind/etlterlc connecting tools. This allows the flow of Prana. The h:i. It is just done by thoughts alonel Since your thoughts are real IOna higher level and not just some lnvlslblewtsp In your brain .you can create radlonicmachmes that exist.otion Sexua] Psychic Seduction . Radtonics works with settings that make links between thought waves to events and goals.elif~J<Sm~.ghestform of radionics require the use of no physical instruments or things at an (internal radlonlcs).. It is only helping YDur mind to sort and arrange information in the correct way to get your goal working in the right direction and the best way. life force from the radionic device to reach your target Dr goal http: I jwww. preventing earthquakes. The same applies with the radionic machine.~l.·&WyouestablishwUhthel.finding missing children. When you use radionic applications for the betterment 'Of humans and the planet (such as . maklng soil fertile in dry ThirdWork] countries) then the fun truth of radiontcs comes to you in time as a reward from the higher sources..

psionies is a way to amplify and trap energy by using conducive patterns . the possibilities of uses are unltmitedto what you can lmaglne. ill " Since radiontcs are tools and maclrlnes for your mind/etherlc functioning. huge radionlc setup that hovers above. and goes deep beneath our world. Sexua] Psychic Seduction 45 . someone In the physical world could pass through a component 'Ofan etheric radionlc machlne and never see or feel a thing . AU sorts 'Of designs can do this If YIOU know of which designs are inherently psionic. complicated. The advantage 'Ofpsionics is that you can use these energies for your own goals. . com e Adobe Diq" i taA .&DimpleH:di~!ltaIJJ~consideI1iHixp:siionic nature in because the circle emits certain vibrations. crhlarge YlOurgoalls In th ..rcerr ter. If someone pulled you out of YlOurbody to the etheric plane 'Or taugln you how to access this plane on your own. II l1ttll_J:/lwwrw. And since alllevels are existing together. ibook-conveJ[teJ[. II " " ' . For the scope of this book. A list Gould be endless in radtonic appljcations but hereis a list of just some 'Ofthe things you can do with a radlonic machine . Psionics have many different descriptions. you would be absolutely stunned at themassive..JII. slze. blendswith.m. A collection of circles creates even more energy and more ]power. Circular patterns generate a lot of " " can " energy an d YIOU" . theyare invisible to practically are everyone on this planet and they can be extremely complicated without having to fork nut any money to make them.There are many advantages to this: some being that YIOU not limited to. II.After you read this you'll see why radlonlcs is so secret.. The secret knowledge of Psionics" is used to help wlthradlonics.

Sexua] Psychic Seduction .Teleportatiom (moving your body around the globe with your thoughts alone) .Reading the mind of others . disease. -Remoteviewing choice). . -Personal protection.Healing yourself or others of ilhtess. . .Radlonlc Uses .Assistlngwlth creative artistic endeavors. -Wbeless. . etc.g. (invisible cameras inside places of your .invilsilble telephonic transmission. . pyramid stones) ..Removing pests firom your home without chemicals. -Removlng pests from crops without chemicals. Demo Version -Removal of aUenimpblnts in you body. .Levitation (raising physical objects iUEO the air e.Gaining secret knowledge.Telepathic communlcatlon between individuals.Mllitaryappllcatlons. http: I jP8y611~~vtf~awIOnder Adobe Diq"ital EditioltS Converter attack.Accessing other dimensions and realltles.

. U!. .. de ·t· music Dr Images. awareness . Sexua] Psychic Seduction 47 . .Dematerlallzatlon of physica] structures.°S .. ... o£m:onse:ii. .. It ·)['I..Transferring the energy of ancient power sources into psionic..J1. ... uJl.•.Invoking the Light. lI. -Programming water to have particular qualities to enhance personal development.Remote viewing... JU. . .. ..JO..·. This u .. . . .. The list could go on and on. the question of morals comes up withmany applications that are within your reach with radlonics .nd u·... . .l.Breaking down time/space grids around your house for truly multtdlmenslonal living. roar cas In... w.Youwill ::findthat any knowledge that comes to you on a higher level has to go through your conscious morals..Programming specific energy patterns into anything.. ...... As you see.:I LIL . 11t t...... .. radionic devices .ousnessand help from Converter Demo Version Adobe bilgJEaSU1Il1:tt:etiorts .Inducing brain states and altered states . . ° .:1 .. . .. . always on the Posltlve sid e ". Most people think.B·· .g . • .JO .p : li~:esBiht8dlighm'~ls. -Winning the lottery.Spreading love more creatively to anyone oranything... that because it is "higher knowledg e" a.E'.

nut so. Higher knowledge ca be used for both good and bad depending upon your choice. You can gP to higher levels of awarenesses and dimensions and be a totally evil person. The control structures on this planet have been set up and implemented by negative beings that reside on higher dimensions .. A rule to follow is to keep your radionic work centered around love always .. ~with no exceptions ..For example, use your radionic machine for remote viewing to find missing children but don't use .ilt. to watch your favorite actor/actress take a shower. Radtonics is a branch of psionics which uses instruments to analyze and transmit lnformatlon about and to etherlc fields. Themaln keyIn radionic work is what is know as the "rate", The rate is nothing more than a language for translating psychic (mental) impressions into numbers.
11t t.p : I jwwrw

.e~:rythin.geintMilsOOM::e can be converted into numeri~" l'~iIDyer)Ll1l~rngmbiln.ti£l:rnd._tW'E"n keep it simple. Think. back to your high school mathematics about the mathematical symbol caned "pi" ..If you remember, this pi notation starts with 3. '1.416 ..... and continues to infinity, . It never ends ..

What you math teacher didn't mention Isthat everything in existence is contained numerlcally wlthlngthe decimal places of "pi" .If you were to convert your name into numbe:rs,it would be found somewhere in pi. If ynuwere to convert your bodily cellular structure into numertcal notations, it would be found somewhere :ii.n Your car's license plate pi. could be found in pie. The time and date of you physicam death is wlthin pit. The memory and experience of a chlldhood trauma is within the p:ii. notation. Feelings; thoughts, emotions; memories, gpals.~dreams, purposes.~ whatever, can be converted Into numerical form and found somewhere in pit. The 418 Sexua] Psychic Seduction

amount of atoms youwill breath for the rest of your Iife can be found in pit.A radionic; vtsualrzatton can be convertedtnto numbers and be found somewherein pi You name It, it is somewhere In pi, That is why pi is such a sacredmathemadcal notation and the pyramids are all built from this notational formula.

'W'b' . your talo a n'I', rate n'I", In radtomcswhat you are rea-'1 , di .. ' "",',' , ,. ta ,,18 nen
,'(l"" " .

ly dcingls accessing this pii notation (and other things) on a
higher level: your mind Is converting your thoughts or etherlc structures into a numerics] form, YOiU don't need a calculator to do this. Your mind does it an since you are connected to all things on an unconscious Ievel. There are many dlfferem types of rates depending upon your radlonic use. If you were to. take a "contact" rate of a person for healing purposes~ then this rate or series of numbers places youin contact person's etheric body ..If the http: Iy'~'~m~~ct::Mte for a population of people, Adobe ~tbis m~.~i,~mfOl1Jm!he[SjJqdatles:,:fi:mrl:n contact with an the people's etheric bodies. If you were to take a contact rate for a television satellite :ii.n orbit around the earth, then this rate or series of numbers places youiin contact satellites ethertc body. The the contact will be maintained until you break iii, something ltke an .open phone line, Contact rates change each time youwish to getin touch with the structure, so there is no polru in recordfng them for future use. If you are trying to make a COinnectlon with something, then you would take a contact rate. A rate is done with the dials on the radionic machine .. "Analysts" rates are used when you want to analyze something or to. take a rate for something that w:ii.U change. not This rate never changes. and can be recorded and used for future use. Sexua] Psychic Seduction

Other types of rates are pattern rates, broadcast rates, balance rates.Hght rates, org:an:k;rates, telepathic rates, just to name a few out of hundreds ..Remember this field is very advanced and powerful. The more rates you take with your radionic use, the more intricate of a connection you willmake to the etheric energy and more success you will get with your radionic machine ..Eventually, when you get very skilled at Interne] radionlcs, rates can be takenin the thousands just by your thoughts alone and connectionswlll be made without you having to deal with any numbers. How could you possible do something like this auromatlcally? It's simple ....make a radionlcmachlne that win do it for you and tap into it whenever you need to deal with massive amounts of rates (being creatlve)] A rate can be taken wlth your radionic machine very simply; almost too simply to believe that it works ..It's done http: l~t~WIR-nf~Dknt'MfJJl as a "stick pad", A pendulum Adobe ~ ilrIls-n. b~ctiSei:baftec(S,rmm -pt;liliminarJf~8ttnne but the stick pad is just as good, This pad can be made from anything flat and smooth. Even though plastic and rubber are not natural, they work extremely well and that'swhy the top of a coffee can is sufficient. Copper and gold are the best. The procedure Is to pass or rub or stroke your right thumb on the flat surface with just enough pressure to move smoothly butwith some friction. When you make the numerical connection your thumb win seem to stick or stop on the pad. A "stick" is hard to describe but you will know it when you feel it; It's different for each individual. Essentlally the pad seems to "grab'tthe thumb and stop it. This is the connection.


S exua] Psychic Seduction

What is really happening is that you are consciously asking your subconscious mind to access the pi notation by g;ving a sample number to try. As you stroke the pad, your subconscious mind is determining if the number that you have asked to access is the correct number to use ..It if is not the correct number, your thumb will continue to pass over the pad as you stroke it, If itis the correct number, y.our subconscious mind responds by releasing minute amounts of etheric energy from y.ou thumb to "grab' the etherlc particles of the pad. You don't have to w.orry about thetechndcalules of this procedure. Your mind takes care of U all, Just the action of you rubbing; the pad slowly and asking your mind if U is the correct number, and knowing that your thumbwll] stick if it is the correct number.Js all you have to do. Your subconscious mind takes care of the rest. You know that when you eat something" the foodwill http: 19:~~-iu~mntdruand pass into y.our body but you Adobe ddl:gltlm!t,~dllDksa~ttbe almmimdr:B~gical~ neurological, physiologica] responses and mechanisms within your body to make this happen. You just eat and your subconscious mind takes care of the details, If your conscious mind says thatis how you will take a rate fer the numbers andwhatwill happen if the correct number is found, then leave U up to your subconscious mind to make U happen. Just rub the pad and your thumb will stick for you at the correct moment. Radtonics was one type or technology that was used in ancient cfvlllzatlons, except they were far more advanced than ours. The mind/machines were much different than current radionic machines ..Most were powered by natural earth grid energies and earth source energies found in crystals, stones, etc. They were also powered by thought" sacred geometry, Sexua] Psychic Seduction


tones. They have a great knowledge of sound and. fear and lower awareness Ievels.. music that penetrated al] physical structure . Medieval Urnes revealed different types aswell as some native aborigina] rituals (dancing. This might seem strange but wouldn't it be neat if your cilty was engulfed with music? Music that seemed to come from nowhere . Ieve Is and uses. harmonics and. This stuff can get very heavy duty and that is why it is rarely 11t t. many different types. harmonics and frequenciesworklwlde without using any electronics.sounds and more. Some research is imresUgating the broadcast of sounds.ano steps upon th e g~oun·.) were radionic in nature (much different than modern radtonics) . Imagine being awakened in the middle of the night to amazing music that filled the skies and then days later the 52 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . there are so.T-h-'" 1l .s Converter Demo Version If an this seems pretty far fetched... Radlonics have changed form and use throughout the ag:es. on tl d el nen beats -d the "numbers" to make the connection between their mind.. branches. Adobe Diq"ital Edition. Some people can move stone with just their voices..musicthat healed and got rid of disease. that' okay. use the Earth as a type of radionic machine and dance a certain way which is th err rate . gllvet·h em . you will be surprised at just how many people are involved in radionic research..p : 1~!J2oodlWhJ"~-p!mbah~ won't even believe In It. !'I' Their movement upo. But despite the rarity of this knowledge. art. !'I'. Radlonics isIlke languages. This is nature's way of ensuring only certain people get this knowledge.n the ground reflects sacred genmetry enablirrg them to generate even more power. voices and their intent. variations. etc. chanting.

Adobe Di'gi tal Edition. You could use radlonics for Sexual Psychic Seduction but once you see the unlimited power there is in radionies. Wa. Armageddon. etc.cko stuff eh? When the timing isright and the balance is centered.s Converter Demo Version Sexua] Psychic Seduction .) When your mind is raised to new levels. aliens coming to get you.U start to brilng people Into new awareness and a new world ln a positive way as opposed to the negative fearful ways (doomsday. seduction is just a lower http: l~tloche-tiiSCd~~8raduated from. your thoughts and use of your thoughts gain more ]power. Imagine images being "broadcast't lnto television sets an over the country that interrupted all channels and revealed the truth about things (via radiondc live cameras into the past).peoplein your city began physical and mental healing processes". Imagine 3rd world countries being engulfed with music and then days later" the Earth would begin to give food and growrhIn vegetation.. .It w:Hlhappen and it w:ii..

ibook-converter.l1ttll_J:/lwwrw. e com Adobe Diq"i tal EditioltS Converter Demo Version 541 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .

You probably remember learning about geometry in school. you can begin to understand how life works and how we all fit http: l~oomJt:ke~JdEv. They can even describe your cellular structure and your DNA if you know how to put them together. everything from music. to viruses. to trees. Everything is created using this geometric pattern. Geometry can be described mathernatlcally and in all things there is a mathematical equation. When you understand the geometry in everything.. The most Important image of sacred geometry is the Flower of Life becausewithin it contains an of creation. from the energy fields Mound the planet to the energy fields around your body. Ceometry can be found in everything in the universe and understanding of sacred geometry can give you the knowledge of all the universe . to dimensions.-eqrthing irs created in a certain . to language. The prominent aspect 'Ofsacred geometry is that everything (EVERYTHING) is a by-product 'Ofgeometry and everything is connected by geometry.D'NAsequencing. to computers. to nature.. tomusic. to language. "Sacred geometry" is a little different than the stuff they teach you in school.AU of these are the basic geometric shapes. They are often calmed the Platonic Solids.geoAdobe mH!Iiiitawa¥cmtdhas gemue'llr1txefJrDpmrti~nl)onn. tc ehemtcals. to atoms . These are the components of so many things in the universe. They even show exactly how the universe was created tf you know how to understand them. Thiswill not be readily Sexua] Psychic Seduction S5 . to bodily cells.Sacred Geometry Sowhat's the deal wlth sacred geometry? Sacred geometryis the language 'Ofeverything.

It's an a matter of how you view it and what you view ._ i~cihe :R:iW11lY0l111mtEll!'a. depicted in a 2D way on paper) . These are motions and formations in multiple dimensions .seen to you if you have never seen or studied sacred geometry.. 11 t. of course.. The Fibonacci spiral can be seen all throughout nature (rams horn.bIRHglDDl~IJtW!t[~ t Adobe Bible in It's original Hebrew text bmtg:idlis.. they all lay on this Flbonaccl spiral and stem from one partlcular point in Egypt. this the shape of our universe (in 3D.~e in sacred geometry. 56.. If you study the layout and placement of the ancient temples and structures. Even the ancient sites are laid out on one of the line spirals (caned the Flbonacct spiram).When they move in a certain way they can change form and create whatis called a Tube Torus. relatlonshtp of numbers depicting organic growth . For example. Sexua] Psychic Seduction . the Flower of Life is made up of a collection of spheres that are Interlocked.If you picked a certain section of this tube and rotated it around you could clearly see each letter of the English alphabet or even the Hebrew alphabet. nautilus shell.p : I jwwrw .. This Tube Torus also show the gravitationel force of the magnetic components of this planet. sunflower double spiral) and is the connection between music and the world around us. Remember that sacred geometry is not just nice images on paper. These 'symbols' occur everywherein the universe .eW. One of the things that is most interesting is that all alphabets of all languages can be found tn this image.hl~ mke.This is a mathematical spiral that comes from a certain .You cannot understand why aU this has been hidden from you because full knowledge of this can make you a very powerful and enlightened human.

There are many different types of grids around the planet and they have many different geometric shapes. Nikola 'Jesla [the Inventor of the radio) knew all about this stuff and designed some amazlng things (most of which youwill never read about) .. This is a free source of natura] power if you can tap tnto the grids. It'smteresting that these 'towers' would have to be placed at certain grid points coincidfng with sacredgeometric http: l~point-schh:trk.8 special generators [Iesla Cons) placed in certain positions on the planet. He was a genius at visuallzanon..kdImdiid:~bigdRIqJTevskmion the world though..He was able to see every invention in his mind perfectlyeven before he put lit on paper .However the best of his work has been carefully hidden from the public..De~sWlfething big but little became of this Adobe ~iDIn.That's why he got It right the very first timewhen manufacturing a prototype.. you are using blslnveatton (AC current).7 .The Earth has energy fields surrounding lit caned grids. Every time you plug something into your 160Hz outlet in the wall. So just how important is this lnformatlon? Wen sacred geometry can give you extraordinary abllrtles and can even give you the vehicle formovinginto other dimensions! Around your body is an energy field that consists of Sexua] Psychic Seduction 5. ..ln every home and every business ..One of hils biggest accomplishments that wasn't hidden from the publlcwas his ablljtyto broadcast electricity anywhere on the planet. A little bit of Tesla is everywhere . and he applied this for the good of all with his inventions . e could tap into these grid energies and the result h would be complete electrical power for the entire world. Ancient people knew about these grid lines or key lines as sometimes called.. With ..~i.

This image on a flat scale is also know as the Star of David (however the true knowledge of this image is sun pretty much secret)."c&h[tain visualization techniques and 'I I n Adobe ®.Igi\tmfo1Ed!lt:lliJ&n6VI~lHtmr Demo Version When you g:et this field spinning. This energy field is your own 'vehicle' for moving into higher dlmenstons. it bulges out ltke a disk and thus becomes your own consciousness driven vehicle forlnser-dlmensional travel. you will see the geometry of the double tetrahedron located at the "He-are Chakra . You can activate it though with very hidden techniques.Wben it htts a certain speed (0. 58 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . The one described above is an internal Merkaba and does not use electronics but rather cer11t t.p : 1~~:nthin§j~I1!tS.. This Merkabah field. On a full 3 dimensional away the secrer.aba). UFOs are the same thing except they are created with electronic (external Merk.what you do is you get this field spinning around Y0ul at a certain ratio (Fibonacci raUo). this image is at field of energy in the shape of two intetlocklng tetrahedrons caned a Merkaba or Merkabah. it bulges out to 55 feet.'9 speed of light).two interlocking tetrahedrons. If you look at any yogic or eastern chakra chart.Wltheut giv. You have this field around you however it's probably not activated. Is connected to your energy/chakra points.

Be careful no to rub your eyes to much. Try to keep the colorsin your mind and awareness as the colors appear. then continue to. If you can hold the colors in your mind liar more than 30 seconds. closed. Pause for a littleand repeat the entire procedure a few times. •. just a gentle massage. AU types of information is stored in your brain and these techniques win brilng this tnfonnetlon Instantly Into yourmind. do this movement for about 30 seconds. The key is not to try and see the colors for a long time. Ever heard of fuU spectrum lilghts?You can use these if you http: ld. Sexua] Psychic Seduction . As you hold these colors in your mind and you can "see" them with your eyes. the picand powerful in order clearer the picture. you will see.Neurological Trlggera These techniques go back hundreds of years and can give you very sharp and clear inner visions. The key is clarity' ln retalning what colors you see and themovement to and away from the sun. look "towards the sun. Give them plenty of practice and turesln your mind have to be very clear for yom SPS power to be effective.. Thiswil] produce lots of colors within your sight. the are actually expert- This first method will enhance your general elartty of your inner eye. do $10. move your head away and back towards the sun a few times. 'Go outside during the day when the sun is shining brilghtly. massage your eyes for the same amount of time {]5-30 seconds).EditioltS Converter Demo Version With your eyes sun closed and looking towards the sun.With your eyes closed. The easier it wil] he for you to feel as if you encmg your visuahzedgoal.~ ]~m~p~dElooktowardsthe sun for 15-30 Adobe ~.

Whatt you are doiJng is stlmulatlng the (Jones of your eyes which effect the direct intake ofmformatlongotng to your brain - thus giving you a more clear visualization ahlllty.. This wtl] give you weat strength in the [ens of your eyeswhich a!I1 1) This is win make it better to visualize. Next step back a ltttleandtry to read the text.. Keep this focusing up back and forth without straining.. The eye positions given now will open up hidden information in your brain aswell as strengthen your memory~ focus and [earning capacity. Practice this everyday going just a tad farther back each time.If you wear glasses.You just need to work with them to see for yourself. These are natural neurologieal triggers that 60 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .Practice daily fOT about 1 minute.. Stand as close as you need tom order to Dead the text.5m'J!D~Etha~:ronEmD1 mBad:riItDa wan at the same height as your eyes. The methods listed below may seem very basic but you should notunderestlmate the power they have. You must remain Do an relaxed. don't use them for these exercises . exercise for the lens of your eyes which will keep them flexible and willln turn enhance your powers ofvlsualizatlon Start by looking at a book. You only need to practice about 'I minute a day and remember with these exercises . when you visualize you are still using your eyes Gustin a dlfferent YJay) combined with yourfmagination. Remember. In this nextexercise you place a book as close to your face as lis possible for you to still be able to read U. com Adobe Diq·i ta:2)~. l1tt]p:/lwww. not strain your eyes. placed at a distance of 6 inches alNBlY form you and then Iook and focus on something far away (about 6 feet) . This can be a page of newspaper or magazine or whatever.. eibook-conveJ[teJ[. Read for a few seconds and then briing the book closer..

. it win become easier to access this Alpha seenariowhen you start to vlsualfzeand Iook up to the [:ilghtitobring thisplace into your Imaglnatlon. . f15'iJJ.)To recall or enhance your touch memory Dr touch visuallzlng. 2) To access hearing or sound memory you need tolook down and itothe left.Hold your eyes here for 25 seconds.Practice these m:ggers in your daily life while you remember the appropriate memory (touch). when you have created your imaginary Alpharoom for seduction.. IS a..' . Practice in the day for 1 minute Sexua] Psychic Seduction .~...Thls process... Over tlme. This can be important because adding sound to your vlsuallzlng can increase yourInfluence. .1h.mam time.. If you are in that Alpha place of yours.lLtl. You must do this when you are visuallzlng something that has sound.Listening itomusic while you do Alpha work can bring total http: 1(l~4D~OOS.~. lock itinto this trigger by looking up to the r1ght and telling yourself that your brain has now made atrigger connectlonwlth your Alpha place.0 me .t '.~ maybe visualize a CD. up t . '. this trigger coo access new vlsual formatlons. 1) To recall visual memories. Iook straight ahead and then up itothe left .stimulate certainparts of your brains electrical Impulses which creates speciflc results. . VJhHe vlsuellzlng..ngger. very Impo rt nt .an.. Adobe Diq"ital Edition. For-example. forces your mind to recall visual memories when you we wanting to remember them . to thatlocasionln yourvtsualtzmg and turn on the CD. Look.. player at the bottom left comer of your sight.Itwtll also strengthen your visual memoF)' (visuahzation) . When you visualize do these triggersjn your mind's eye and enhance the approprtate sensation.t . 'oorung: ."" 4) L l.s Converter Demo Version 3. Look down and to the left in your visualizing and your inner hearing will be more developed. practice looking down to the rig)1t.

The key in this . The most prominent triggers of this sort are linked to you high school years since this Is the flowering of 62 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . They are just physical movements or stimulus that creates a link to a specific psychological prooess~ feeling or experience. look straight and to the rtghtH you practice thisand use itin yourvtsuahzjng. These Adobe looisgrn ttRg~oorighlBsremndikEtarnJMiftol!f m~wH'hey have also been calledanchors or links.etc.00 oId lover. then you are probably not old enough yet. be accessed by looking straight down 6) To access new sound forms.5) Taste and smell coo.p : Igmata~~yamrml1aH!imi. recall the appropriate trigger (tastetouch. . This win open up your "third eye and U\Vin make yourvlsuallzetton penetrate the deep depths of your mind (the subconscious). n This whole procedure can take only 5 minutes but will 11t t. This is just a trigger that has been made between the physical hearing of song to a particular time in your past If you've never experienced this. 1) To recall audleorymemory.). you win open yourself up to all sorts of new sounds. . Even llstenlng to a song years later sttl] brings up the old memories or feelings you felt then. is to do an the movements in the order shown for about 20 seconds each. Have you ever listened to a song you haven't heard in years and when you listen to the song you can remember the time in your llfe when that song: WEllS prominent? You might not remember a specific moment but the song might be Ilnkedwlth a "great summer" or .after you practice theseexerclses and .on skill and creatlvity.Iook straight and tc the left.looklng up to the rightand create new visual images .

If you have a had a bad experience while in a high place you wlllassoclate those negative 15eeHngswilth a high elevation and thus . hands. the~cBm6dent feelings will come up . If every time when YDUfeIt very confldent and incredibly happy you gently squeezed one of your earlobes. maybe touch a certain two fingers together at this moment. (as most YDuth do).~~ Dr months. thenit won't be long when you can induce these Alpha waves just by applying the trigger. The point is that music can. You can use triggers to your advantage by creating your own neurological links with certain experiences or feelings. Even your basic Alpha state can be triggered to a discrete connection you make with your fingers. Sexua] Psychic Seduction . when you are around the person you can do this trigger that YDUhave created and your mind will emit all those vibrations and feelings that you were experiencing at the moment YDUprogrammed themfnto YDur trigger. all YDUhave to dois Adobe DJiJjdltthe em:~d:JtSmne ~t'l-a. If you keep this up each time. create a greatt trilgger within people but musicis not the onlytrigger. When YDUare in the height of your visualizing seduction scenario. you would be creating a "trigger. The same sort of "trigger has been createdwlth a1l1 sorts of things in people's lives whether fearing the boogie man under the bed tc a dlsllke of a particular food that gave you a badexperlence.mJ. ear lobes" or whatever. The effectwon't happen right away but if you keep up http: l_cf1nf. Sexual triggers are abo very powerfu] and the most common triggers occur when lookfng at a photograph and you remember or feel a past event.fear of heights..emotional awareness combined with listenlng to a lot of music. If you apply the exact same trigger every time you are in an alpha state.

You can also create triggers with physica] objects..This is grea.. visualize yourself reaching up to the shoulder of the person you are working on.. You can touch their shoulder qulcklym an non-intrudlngway if It's a quick 'reassurance' type of touch or if you want to pun up your sock or something and you need someone to lean on for a second.Youwill be activating a double trigger here .i1?bJMD_emJUc experience.just make sure that your trigger is the exact same when you are programming it and then applylng U.. If you repeat this for a few weeks in yom vtsualizlng.Whfle you are visualfzing your psychic touchlng. wait tin the person is in front of you and then qulckly place your real hand in the exact same quick way on their shoulder (as you did in your vtsuahztng) . You just link. 641 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . Triggers are only limited to your creativity. them with your experience over and over and soon you can just apply "the trigger to get into that experience. Place your hand on their shoulder gently for a quick second and then go back to yom sexual • 1-' Vlsua.t if you are in public places and you wish to induce Alpha brainwaves when you are active. It's up to you to figure out creative discrete ways t.your mental seductionAlpha influence and http: l~emID1D'WiHc:qt~~~e turned on because you have Adobe ~th1SL:itti~ todmra~amditw.o implement these ..llIZlng. Here's one creative trigger.

Sexual Psychic Seduction 1) The sensation of touch is the most important aspect of your visualization.p : I jwwrw and more creative because your beyond this book.) Never tell anyone that you are using Sexual Psychic Seduction techniques on them. 9) Flow the unlimited power of the universe through you to realize your goals. 7) Only use these skins for good ..ebmatM~~ttake:::ymu EditioltS Converter 11t t. 5) Try to becomemore .. Demo Version Adobe Diq"ital 6) Put your ideas down on paper so you won't forget them. 2) Feel it as :ifilt was happening in the present moment see ItasIf you wereIooklng at through your own eyes . 4) Use your powers to develop yourself at the same time. 3. 10) Confidence in yourself brings success that brings confldence In yourself. Sexua] Psychic Seduction . Sexual Psychic Seduction done right is not draining it is invigorating. 8) You willget the person. you want or someone better. so don't give up during your beginner stage.

e com Adobe Diq"i tal EditioltS Converter Demo Version Sexua] Psychic Seduction .l1ttll_J:/lwwrw. ibook-converter.

"h Ie ot er. '. _. The world carr be reduced to patterns of potentia. The dynamics of cellsare parallel to the dynamics of galaxies. Subatomic . I.iln!J CO. Adobe "~~~ r~Q'~~.ln··' ·. t h... 'Overtime the rhythms result In spiralmg shapes that characterize much of the universe.-.par. S) Rhythm .·\··." -. Themovement In one directionis compensated for by the return back.rn. . .··~.·.Ii'YP . connections among potential concentrations of metter/energy that might or might not come into form depending upon the introduction of consciousness. 2) CorresJPondence. The patterns of vlbratlon occur in all form . ~1t!~~tl1Jy~~g4P 4) Polarity . r 'l"V· . The basic forcein the universe is mental.o 'I.r rrmctptes 1) Mentalism . Sexua] Psychic Seduction .~Jt-. up and down" in and out.lf\~I@T~le·1C .hard rock to vaporous gas to the mental thoughts of humans".Things that seem to be opposite of each other are in fact two sides of the same coin.· iblf'tlltinm.~ other in every concentration of energy and mass in the unfverse.. I~ . ht llL t.Everything manifest itself in a pattern of back and forth. rth one canebe transmnter l t l I.AU such polarlties are only different vibrations of the same comlnuumand tsrrmted Into.. I.AU external realfty is based on ideas or concepts".lr_J • ..continualmotlon.).·. Hot and cold are but different aspects of the same temperature gradient .·.l~ .One can infer the nature of distant realms from local experience.'. Is. .Appendix A £I n rsermeuc p'.

The plus and minus aspect of the universe manifests. 'Only in recent Urnes has sctenttftcmeasurements caught up with and verlfled their validity. 1) Cender .16) Cause and Effect= Whacwe attrlbute to "chance' is usually an event whose beginning is not 1!rnown us. spirit -mind and consciousness. They can o]pen the ga~eways throughwhich a profound transformatlon of conscious life becomes possible. l1tt]p:/lwww. a corresponding cause. These seven prlnciples are simple keys to the mysteries of matter-energy. itself in all of creation.s Converter Demo Version 68 Sexua] Psychic Seduction . com Adobe Diq"ital Edition.. Every effect has to. The Hermetic Principle dates back. over five thousand years ago.Yin and Yang. eibook-converter. chaos and control an describe gender characteristic separate from the everyday human meaning of male and female.

•... ' . a future obser- Sexua] Psychic Seduction . nne. ..... wishing and desiring things is equivalent to applying a measurement. One theory Is that an object or outcome of a situation can be in many states at once (superposition) and the flna] outcome [determinatton) is dependent on the state being measured... it satisfles all possibilities.D~m~l.anaUon of why the Hermetic principles only operate in the present.. The act of looking at the cat forces it to be in one particular state..Wanting. because we P laced It m IDe DOX anve. . Quantum Theory says that the cat is In at superposition of two states . A eat is placedIn at box with a via.· . we .. For the purposes of SPS 'work.•. 1. .• [teJt.. observed o:r quanUfiediln some manner.Itis both dead and alive. it maybe alive it maty not beif it stepped orr the cyanide vial. of http: /. When we close the lid to the box we cannot see or measure the state of the cat. V~J[SlOn . ... Q'uantum Theory It's not in the scope ofthis book to' fully explain 'Quantum Theory but a basic understandlngls helpfu] to your .. what Quantum Theory provides lis an exp. and at that very moment the superposition disappears.s .. An example given of 'Quantum Theory is known as ''Scr1odinger's cat'.Con .linJoWllnIhal~l that the eat IS definitely m one parAdobe lq.Appendix B. S·'p·s·' 'worfi.L talEd~tlon.. J cnlar state..' • r. ..eiDouk-conv8J[teJr COWl. "1 Superposition occurs only when the known outcome has not been measured or observed. If the the state goes unmeasured then an possible outcomes exist.

3) Repeat step number one. Know what 70 YDU visualize is real and exlstsl Sexua] Psychic Seduction . com Adobe Di'gi tal Edition. I wound like to have it (future fulfillment). By acting as if your desired outcome already exists YDU are applying the Quantum Theory that indeed it does exist.eibook-converter. The mere act want:ii. Remember to use your SPS work in the following manner: 1) See It.sbing: desiring acts like and the reverse polarity of a magnet and continues to push your wants and desires further into the future. fe e] it~know it as if it exists now. 2) Let go of the desire and want of it.. n This may seem like a paradox . This paradox seems to be explained by Quantum TheoryDesire is both a future observation and a measurement . By "letting go of your desire you take away the measurement of wanting that is pushing it .vatlon.{l[way into some distance future.act if it exists but met want already exists with 'Quantum Theory that what youwant does exist as long as you don't measure it in some way then you have a working basis for your SPS work. of the desire for it.I don't have what I desire (measurement of the present). Desire forces a sftuatlonfrom being unknown which allowsfor an possibilities (including the one you really want) to a known measure which is the present (you don't have what you really http: l~) .s Converter Demo Version If YDU combine the Hermetic Principle of actlng as if what y.

.The Solar Plexus ehakrais related to digesUon.eneraUve and sexual functions.The Heart chakra is related to the-heart and circulation. .The Root and. BeUy ehakras is related to. .Appendix C Chskrss http: I jwww . especially thepituitary and]pineal glands. throat. Sexua] Psychic Seduction 71 . nose and. . -The Throat chakra is related to the lungs andthe voice includ ing the ears. Adobe Diq"i -The Crown ehakra is related to fhe brain. g.The Thinl Eye chakra is relatedto vjs~onandU!lepituUary gland.

l1ttll_J:/lwwrw..and have a larger physiologjcal component to their functioning. The four higher chakras are more related to our psychologjcal makeup: the heart.those of survival. providing the connection to the universe beyond. communication and knowledge .The chakras are energy transducers. They serve to lntegrate physical. emotional. throat and third eye chakras are more advanced and more mature. Generally speaking the three lower chakras (the root. belly and solar plexus chakras) correlate to basic primary needs . procreationend will . psychologlca] and splritua] facets of the human into a whole being. e com Adobe Diq"i tal EditioltS Converter Demo Version 72 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .. ibook-converter.The crown chakra is purely splrftnal. defining love.

1l blv . A tetrahedron is a 3-sided pyramidwhich with the base. .t acuvareu.Appendix D Merkb« Around your body is an energy field that consists of two interlocking tetrahedrons. ·t· . "d' h·owevernslt' prOuatll. Each of these 4 surfaces are Identlca] equUateral triangles. On a ful] 3 dimensiona] scale. You have this fleld around you . thisImage is a field of energy in the shape of two interlocking tetrahedrons caned a Merkaba or Merkabah. ". This image on a flat scale is also know as the Star of David (however the true knowledge of thtsImage is still pretty much secret]. i- Sexua] Psychic Seduction 73 . '.y no. . makes 4 sides. .

ibook-converter.l1ttll_J:/lwwrw. e com Adobe Diq"i tal EditioltS Converter Demo Version 741 Sexua] Psychic Seduction .

. color and sound. Sexua] Psychic Seduction 75 .. Everything is created us:~ng: this ge.ife The most Impcrtant jmege of sacred geometry is the Flower of LUe because within it contains aU of emaUon. t the physical level of consciousness.~onature .eblJ]JW1ding this s~en uses the same jrrnportione for each expanded chamber t~at~.severywhere the same .s added . to lang:uage. Nautilus shell The c[eatlJ]Jr. Crnwth follows a law w~id!l. everythi~g from music.~. Fllower of l. souls attach A through electromagnetic energy Wids which create the Illusion of sp~ce and tlmeand allow us to experience duality Fibonacci Spiraf T~is spiral is the classic shape of tfuJe Chambered. These unfversa] blueprints are a matrix of grid energy created from a central source which creates the realityin which we experience .. ..ometr~cpattern.Appendix E Everything in the universe follows the same blueprint or patterns created by geometric designs that repeat over and over Inan endless combination of'Ilght.