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Rhyming Dictionary

Merriam-Webster, Incorporated
Springfield, Massachusetts

A GENUINE MERRIAM-WEBSTER The name Webster alone is no guarantee of excellence. It is used by a number of publishers and may serve mainly to mislead an unwary buyer. Merriam-Webster™ is the name you should look for when you consider the purchase of dictionaries or other fine reference books. It carries the reputation of a company that has been publishing since 1831 and is your assurance of quality and authority.

Copyright © 2002 by Merriam-Webster, Incorporated

Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Merriam-Webster's rhyming dictionary, p. cm. ISBN 0-87779-632-7 1. English language-Rhyme-Dictionaries. I. Title: Rhyming dictionary. II. Merriam-Webster, Inc. PE1519 .M47 2002 423'.l-dc21 2001052192

All rights reserved. No part of this book covered by the copyrights hereon may be reproduced or copied in any form or by any means—graphic, electronic, or mechanical, including photocopying, taping, or information storage and retrieval systems—without written permission of the publisher.

Printed and bound in the United States of America 234RRD/H05040302

Explanatory Notes
is a listing of words grouped according to the way they rhyme. The words are drawn from MerriamWebster's Collegiate Dictionary. Though many uncommon words can be found here, many highly technical or obscure words have been omitted, as have words whose only meanings are vulgar or offensive.

Rhyming sound Words in this book are gathered into entries on the basis of their rhyming sound. The rhyming sound is the last part of the word, from the vowel sound in the last stressed syllable to the end of the word. This last stressed syllable may receive either primary or secondary stress. That is, a word may be listed at a given entry either because (1) the rhyming sound begins with the word's most strongly accented syllable or (2) the rhyming sound begins with a following syllable that is only somewhat accented. In this book, the rhyming sound may have one, two, or three syllables. One-syllable rhyming sounds are found in one-syllable words, as in wide Vwld\ (rhyming sound \Id\), and in words in which the primary or secondary stress falls on the final syllable, as in Dundee \,d3n-'de\ or passkey \'pas-,ke\, both with rhyming sounds \e\. Other words with one-syllable rhyming sounds are appeal \3-'pel\ (rhyming sound \el\), mongoose Vman,gus\ (rhyming sound \us\), and undergrad \'3n-d3r-,grad\ (rhyming sound \ad\). Two-syllable rhyming sounds are found in words in which the last syllable with primary or secondary stress is the next-to-last syllable in the word. For example, cola Vko-laX and remover Xri-'mu-varX have two-syllable rhyming sounds. For cola, the rhyming sound is \6-ta\, as in granola and Gorgonzola; for remover, it is \u-vsr\, as in louver and maneuver. Three-syllable rhyming sounds are found in words in which the third syllable from the end carries the stress. Mutable Vmyut-a-balX and frivolity \friv-'al-3t-e\ have three-syllable rhyming sounds. For mutable, it is \ut-3-bal\ as in suitable and inscrutable; for frivolity, it is \al-st-e\ as in jollity and equality. Main entries Main entries in this dictionary consist of an entry form (in boldface type), a pronunciation, and a list of words that rhyme, separated into syllable groupings. The entry form is the most common spelling of the rhyming sound shown in the pronunciation. To find a rhyme for a given word, then, you need to know only the spelling of the word and its rhyming sound. If, for instance, you wanted to find a word to rhyme with deep, you would look up eep, because that is the way the rhyming sound is spelled. At eep, you will find the following entry:

Explanatory Notes


eep \ep\ beep, bleep, cheap, cheep, clepe, creep, deep, heap, jeep, . . . If the word you wanted to find a rhyme for had been cheap, you might have looked up eap, and found the following cross-reference entry: eap \ep\ see eep When the same spelling is used for more than one rhyming sound, superscript numbers are used to alert users to all identically spelled entries. The user searching for a rhyme for give, for example, would look up ive and find the following entries: ive1 \iv\ chive, dive, drive, five, gyve, hive, I've, jive,. .. ive2 \iv\ give, live, sheave, shiv, sieve, spiv forgive,. . . ive3 \ev\ see eave 1 The rhyming sound in give is pronounced \iv\, so the second entry is the appropriate one. Since many words have more than one standard pronunciation, some words appear in more than one list, and not every word on every list will rhyme for every person. An explanation of the pronunciation symbols is found on page ix. Order of rhyming words The words that follow the boldface entry form and the pronunciation are separated into groups by number of syllables, from those with the fewest to those with the most, as shown in the following example. arten \art- 3 n\ Barton, carton, hearten, marten, martin, Martin, smarten, Spartan, tartan baum marten, dishearten, Dumbarton, freemartin, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten kindergarten Cross-reference entries Main entries in this book are supplemented by cross-reference entries. Like main entries, cross-reference entries have an entry form and a pronunciation, but in place of a list of rhyming words, cross-reference entries provide a note that directs the user to a main entry where the list of rhyming words can be found. The pronunciation in the cross-reference entry matches the pronunciation shown at the main entry.


Explanatory Notes

The following cross-reference entries, for instance, send the reader to the entry arten shown above: artin \art- 3 n\ see arten aarten \art- 3 n\ see arten If a cross-reference entry directs users to an entry that is one of several spelled identically, the superscript identification number ensures that users will find the correct entry: ieve1 \iv\ see ive2 ieve2 \ev\ see eave1 Unlisted rhyming words In order to save space, inflected forms of words have not been listed as entries or included in the lists of rhymes. Inflected forms are those forms that are created by adding grammatical endings to the base word. For instance, the base word arm, a noun, is made plural by adding -s to form arms, and the base word walk, a verb, forms its past tense by adding -ed to form walked. Users must go to entries for the base word in such cases. In some cases, both inflected and noninflected forms share the same rhyming sounds. For example, the uninflected forms lox and paradox share the same rhyming sound with the inflected forms docks and socks. In such cases, only the rhyming uninflected forms are listed, but an italicized note at the end of the entry indicates where the base words of the rhyming inflected forms can be found: ox \aks\ box, cox, fox,... —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns, and -s forms of verbs, listed
at OCk1

Such notes have been added whenever two or more rhyming words could be created by adding endings to the base words at the entry. (If only one such rhyme could be created, it has simply been added to the list.) Other rhyming words that may not be listed are derived words. Like an inflected word, a derived word is one to which an ending has been added; however, a derived word generally represents a different part of speech from its base word. For instance, when -ly is added to the adjective quick, the derived word, quickly, is an adverb; likewise, when -ness is added to the adjective glad, the derived word, gladness, is a noun. There is no entry for a rhyming sound if all the words that would be on the list are regular derived words formed by adding a suffix to words drawn from another list. For instance, there is no entry for arkly, because the only rhyming words, darkly and starkly, are adverbs formed by adding -ly to the adjectives found at the entry ark. If, however, any of the rhyming words are

Explanatory Notes


not derived forms, a complete list is given. The entry eanly1, for instance, is included because among the adverbs at the entry there is also the adjective queenly, and, for the purposes of this book, adjectives ending in -ly are not treated as regular derived forms. Editorial acknowledgments Merriam-Webster's Rhyming Dictionary is based on Merriam-Webster's Pocket Rhyming Dictionary and Webster's Compact Rhyming Dictionary, and thus on work done by the editors of those books. It was adapted by Jocelyn White Franklin, with assistance from Robert D. Copeland and Francesca M. Forrest.

would. sap day. all. big h i I j k. away yard. either ar a a a aii b ch d e e f fifty. lip red. phone. Faust baby. banish. mitten. few \'fyu\ ii v w y z zh \ 1 nat. acne . media rough t th th n 6 6 6i P r s sh un bon vin blonc \oe n -bo n va n -bla n \ sing \'sirj\. g go. \m\. and eaten. car.Pronunciation Symbols a 9 banana. easy. know. less shy. as in French table. nafure \'na-char\ did. book vivid. ri6 chin. ether then. gag. rarity source. fade. merger. buy. mute \'myut\ zone. machine. a/read tip. destroy pepper. . help fee. peck. deny job. caught coin. prisme. Buck lily. cue \'kyu\. aorta bother. loud. union Vyun-yanX. ink \'ink\ bone. special fie. finger Yfin-garX. raise vision. coofc. pool murmur. following \1\. give we. adder bet. azure Va-zhsrX slant line used in pairs to mark off pronunciations precedes a syllable with primary (strongest) stress precedes a syllable with secondary (medium) stress mark of syllable division k fcin. father now. gem. mission. own preceding vowel or diphthong is pronounced with the nasal passages open. late thin. as in French pull. as in battle. titre further. collide. judge German ich. \r\. beau saw. active site. cot. attack. dim no. 1 m n n ii rale. bird mat. fool. abut preceding \1\ and \n\.

Kostroma. paisa. grandma. Dumas. Borgia. Oujda. Libera. pieta. Galois. Lab. slab. podesta. tempura. Shangri-la. Degas. Oita. Shema. Utah. rufiyaa. scab. fellah. res publica. nah. viva. Utsunomiya Afars and the Isas. Ufa. brouhaha. pai-hua. voila. chamois. Isthmus of Panama. halvah. galah. haniwa. fa la. port de bras. flab. coureur de bois. baa. Machida. panama. Haleakala. agora. reseda. polenta. hispanidad. nab. pate de foie gras. coup d'etat. persona. ah. Malinois. ska. entrechat. Hama. pakeha. qua. sangfroid. crab. habdalah. ma-andpa. haha. Modena. tola. Quebecois. rah. tab . Ottawa. Marat. droit. selah. stab. menage a trois. bah. Makhachkala. mousseline de soie. grandpa. Casbah. sursum corda. drab. cab. Valois. Ra. gaga. mudra. orgeat. hurrah. moussaka. ayatollah. Accra. pas de trois. Vaudois. ma. je ne sais quoi. Nishinomiya.A a 1 \a\ aah. feria. lab. aloha. polynya. jab. Issa. hors de combat. markka. prutah. dab. exempli gratia. la. bourgeois. Kwa. schwa. shah. ulema. parashah. Para. Panama. con anima. Cumana. whoopla abaca. Armagh. Adana. Mardi Gras. gab. aha. pas. blah. tamandua Alto Parana.3 n\ see arten aas \as\ see OS1 aatz \atz\ see ots ab 1 \ a b \ see ob ab 2 \av\ see olve2 ab 3 \ a b \ blab. baccarat. huzzah. Aymara. Fra. Allah. Novaya Zemlya a 2 \ a \ see ay 1 a 3 \ 6 \ see aw1 aa 1 \ a \ see ah 3 aa 2 \ a \ see a 1 aachen \a-kan\ Aachen. pya. Oshawa. quinoa. foie gras. Luda. Katharevusa. pooh-bah. Parana. aba. opah. Alma-Ata. Delacroix. usquebaugh Ahvenanmaa. Chippewa. baklava. cervelat. Jah. Baha' Allah. blah-blah. fetah. ahimsa. pasha. la-di-da. Chang-sha. hoopla. na. hoo-ha. fa. ha. phenomena. Tokorozawa. Mab. assignat. spa a bas. dah. brava. Kashiwa. faux pas. Akita. picara. Chita. Bogota. supra. Omaha. San'a. patois. eclat. haftarah. lochan aag \ag\ seeog 1 aal1 \al\ see ail aal 2 \61\ see all aal 3 \al\ see al aam \am\ see om1 aan \an\ see an 5 aans 1 \ans\ see ance 2 aans 2 \anz\ see onze aard \ard\ see ard 1 aari \ar-e\ see ari1 aaron \ar-sn\ see aron 2 aarten \art. Tonghua. Hsia. grab. Karaganda. koruna. sola. bra. isba. caracara. pa.

dabble. minilab. Cantab. habile. scrabble bedabble. Punjabi abe 1 \ a b \ babe. rehab. gabby. djellaba. cabbalah parabola abalist \ab-3-last\ cabalist diabolist abard \ab-srd\ clapboard. yabber rehabber bonnyclabber abbess \ab-as\ abbess Barabbas abbet \ab-at\ see abit abbey \ab-e\ see abby abbie 1 \ab-e\ seeobby abbie 2 \ab-e\ see abby abbin \ab-an\ see abin abbit \ab-at\ see abit abbitry \ab-a-tre\ see abbittry abbitt \ab-at\ see abit abbittry \ab-s-tre\ B abbittry. babble. nobble. Sabah casaba. crabby. gabber. dabbler. crabber. drabber. rabbler. Moab. PABA. mabe. blabby. smackdab astrolabe. gabbler. scabbard. bobble. rabbitry 2 abbie 1 \ab-al\ bauble. scabby. Orizaba. Sorocaba jaboticaba Pico de Orizaba abah \ab-s\ see aba abala \ab-a-b\ cabala. rabble. Kabul. grabby. Saba. grabber. taxicab aba \ab-a\ Kaaba. gabble. nabe astrolabe abe 2 \ a b \ see ab abe 3 \a-ba\ see aba abel \a-bal\ see able aben \ab-an\ see obin aber 1 \a-bsr\ see abor aber 2 \ab-ar\ see obber abes \a-bez\ see abies abi1 \ab-e\ see obby abi 2 \ab-e\ see ubby abi 3 \ab-e\ see abby . clabber. stabber. hardscrabble psychobabble. tabby kohlrabi. stabbed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ab 3 abber 1 \ab-ar\ see obber abber 2 \ab-3r\ blabber. pedicab. Abby. Panjabi. cobble. technobabble abblement Xab-sl-mantX babblement. Rajab. tabard —also -ed forms of verbs listed at abber 2 abatis \ab-9t-as\ abatis. dabber. Labe. flabby. indaba Ali Baba. cabbie. wabble. obol. drabble. grabble. jabber. grabbler. wobble abbie 2 \ab-al\ Babel. confab.aba Ahab. habitus abbalah \ab-3la\ see abala abbard \ab-ard\ see abard abbas \ab-as\ see abbess abbat \ab-at\ see abit abbed 1 \ab-ad\ crabbed. scrabbler abbly \ab-le\ see ably abbot \ab-9t\ see abit abby \ab-e\ abbey. squabble. prefab. brabble. slabber. baobab. rabid abbed 2 \abd\ blabbed. shabby. gobble. hobble. rabblement abbler \ab-tar\ babbler.

Swabia Arabia Bessarabia Saudi Arabia abian \a-be-an\ Fabian. tabes —also -s. gaby. tribrachic amphibrachic acchus \ak-as\ see acas accid \as-sd\ see acid . inhabitant abitus \ab-3t-ss\ see abatis able \a-bal\ Abel. inhabit.3 abia \a-be-a\ labia. malacca. Sabra candelabra abre \ab\ see ob 1 abul \ab-al\ see abble 1 accid abular \ab-y9-lar\ fabular. gabled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at able ablis \ab-le\ see ably ably \ab-le\ chablis. unable. and -s' forms of nouns listed at aby abile \ab-al\ see abble 2 abilis \ab-9-bs\ obelus annus mirabilis abin \ab-9n\ cabin. stomachic. timetable. scabies. incunabulum aby \a-be\ baby. gabion Arabian Bessarabian abid \ab-ad\ see abbed abies \a-bez\ rabies. neighbor. gable. Gracchus Caracas acca 1 \ak-a\ see aca acca 2 \ak-s\ see aka 1 accent \ak-s9nt\ accent relaxant acchanal \ak-sn. -'s. scrabbly abola \ab-a-b\ see abala abolist \ab-9-bst\ see abalist abor \a-bar\ caber. jackrabbit abitant \ab-9t-9nt\ habitant cohabitant. retable. habit. sifaka portulaca Strait of Malacca acable \ak-s-b9l\ see ackable acao \6-k6\ see oco acas \ak-as\ Bacchus. worktable abled \a-bsld\ fabled. tabor belabor. zeitgeber aborer \a-b9r-9r\ laborer. labor. Froebel. von Weber. Malacca. rabbin abion \a-be-an\ see abian abit \ab-9t\ abbot. unstable. enable.3 l\ see aconal acchic \ak-ik\ bacchic halakic. sabbat cohabit. table disable. tabular vocabular acetabular abulous Xab-ya-lasX fabulous fantabulous abulum \ab-y9-l9m\ pabulum acetabulum. instable. saber. Mabel. label. pin-table. able. paca alpaca. rabbit. fracas. Babbitt. babbitt. drably. sable. stable. cable. Cabot. maybe crybaby. fable. rabbet. Dhaka. taborer abot \ab-9t\ see abit abra \ab-ra\ sabra. grandbaby ac 1 \ak\ see ack 2 ac 2 \ak\ see ock1 ac 3 \ 6 \ see aw1 aca 1 \ak-a\ see aka 1 aca 2 \ak-a\ Dacca. round table. Babel. turntable.

suitcase. ukase. lace. misplacement. spaceless. Grace. trace. aerospace. chase. biface. two-faced. unchaste. placement abasement. doughface. dough-faced. briefcase. thoroughpaced —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ace1 aceless \a-slas\ baseless. manes. bootlace. brace. interface. surbase. outrace. spaceman 4 acement \a-smant\ basement. gyrase. Thrace. someplace. erasable. graceless. scapegrace. Janus-faced. showcase. place. bass. haste. encasement. hard case. traceless aceman \a-sman\ baseman. faced. effacement. birthplace. bold-faced. space. Samothrace. lowercase. misplace. Quilmes. embrace. worst-case about-face. Mace. defacement. waste bald-faced. replace. erase. placeman. mayest. baste. stone-faced. straitlaced. apace. replaceable ineffaceable. wheelbase. poker-faced. staircase. embraceable. chaste. foreface. best-case. mace. carapace. prase. airspace. lightfaced. impaste. rad waste. lemures. vase abase. Jerez. unlace. white-faced aftertaste. waist. tenace. bouillabaisse. anyplace. encase. marketplace. dace. braincase. hatchet-faced. boniface. paleface. shirtwaist. taste. lightface. embracement. thoroughbass. disgrace. kilobase. superoxide dismutase litterae humaniores ace 2 \a-se\ see acy ace 3 \as\ see os 1 ace 4 \as\ see a s s 3 ace 5 \ach-e\ see otchy ace 6 \as-a\ see asa 1 aceable \a-s9-bal\ placeable. efface. debase. replacement self-effacement acence \as. boldface. enchase. footrace. contrabass. postface. emplace. geest. brazen-faced. bookcase. showplace.accio accio \a-che-6\ bocaccio. pace. straight-faced. lambaste. pillowcase. paste. moonfaced. Alsace. shamefaced. traceable displaceable. foretaste.3 ns\ see ascence 1 . pie-faced. persuasible. shoelace. smearcase. unbrace. carpaccio acco 1 \ak-a\ see aca acco 2 \ak-6\ see ako 2 acculus \ak-y3-las\ sacculus miraculous ace 1 \ a s \ ace. whey-face. half-space. retrace. effaceable. case. grace. Bocaccio. single-space. placeless. uppercase rarae aves beta-lactamase. res. debasement. posthaste. triplespace. doublefaced. laced. toothpaste. face. self-paced. milreis. footpace. displacement. everyplace. plaice. fireplace. laceless. whiteface. distaste. interlace. crankcase. faceless. outface. irreplaceable acean Xa-shanX see ation1 aced \ast\ based. thoroughbrace. firebase. in medias res Aguascalientes Goya y Lucientes. subspace. displace. headspace. backspace. watchcase. casement. enlacement. steeplechase. dogface. enlace. outplacement. pantywaist. typeface. blackface. slipcased. unplaced. outpace. millrace. workplace. ambsace. po-faced. subbase. emplacement. race. base. deface. snail-paced. slipcase. commonplace. tailrace. doublespace. notecase. null-space. barefaced.

quebracho achou \ash-ii\ see ashew achsen \ak-san\ see oxen acht \at\ see ot1 achtsman \at-sm3n\ see otsman achy \a-ke\ see aky acia \a-shs\ Dacia. spacewalking acey \a-se\ see acy ach 1 \ak\ Bach. subj acency acent \as. complacency. subjacent circumjacent. fascia. interracial. biracial. saugh Pesach. Croatia. dacha. tracer defacer. embraceor. subchaser steeplechaser acer \as-sr\ see asser acery \as-re\ tracery embracery acet 1 \a-sat\ hie jacet. replacer. complacent. interglacial. detached unattached semidetached —also -ed forms of verbs listed at atch4 acher \a-kar\ see aker 1 achet \ach-at\ see atchet achi \ach-e\ see otchy achial \a-ke-sl\ see acheal achian \a-shan\ see ation1 achic \ak-ik\ see acchic aching \a-kin\ see aking1 achio 1 \ash-6\ mustachio. racial. englacial. pistachio achm \am\ see am 2 achment \ach-m9nt\ see atchment achne \ak-ne\ see acne acho \ach-6\ muchacho. chaser. tacet. Dalmatia. ex gratia. embracer.3 nt\ nascent adjacent. facer. kwacha viscacha achary \ak-a-r-e\ see ackery 2 ache 1 \ak\ see ake 1 ache 2 \ash\ see ash 3 ache 3 \ach-e\ see otchy ache 4 \ach-e\ see atchy acheal \a-ke-al\ brachial. facet. spacer. primatial. placer. disgracer. palatial. glacial. pacer. complaisant. subglacial interfacial. spatial abbatial. pistachio achio 2 \ash-e-6\ mustachio.5 acency \as. geisha acacia. tracheal 2 1 acias ached \acht\ attached. bracer. effacer. bifacial. eraser. pibroch Offenbach Monchengladbach ach 2 \ak\ see ock1 ach 3 \ak\ see ack 2 ach 4 \ach\ see atch 4 acha \ach-a\ cha-cha. superjacent aceor \a-sar\ see acer 1 aceous \a-shas\ see acious acer \a-sar\ baser. racer. multiracial acian \a-shan\ see ation1 acias Xa-shssX see acious . tacit acewalking \as-wo-kirj\ racewalking.3 n-se\ adjacency. non placet acet 2 \as-at\ asset. Galatia prima facie exempli gratia acial \a-shal\ facial.

pugnacious. sidetrack. hatchback. capacious. quack. capacity. Sac. thwack.9s\ gracious. smack. mossback. crookback. predaceous. cheapjack. jet-black. Iraq. fastback. fireback. casing. mendacity. bootjack. loquacious. buyback. hardhack. cookshack. jampack. Arak. bootblack. fatback. cut back. Kazak. set back. six-pack. fullback. rollback. greenback. efficacious. pullback. Kodak. fall back. Ignatius. Balzac. humpback. setback. ceraceous. shoeblack. snack. saponaceous. payback. attack. coatrack. scire facias. come back. mordacious. Coalsack. halfback. champac. tenacious. Jack. Hasid. crustaceous. shack. flashback. laid-back. hijack. self-effacing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ace 1 acious \a-sb. linac. loquacity. tack. herbaceous. shoepac. salacious. backtrack. contumacious. play back. cretaceous. tenacity. holdback. fast-track. leaseback. half-track. wrack. blackjack. voracity efficacity. hack. outback. muntjac. claque. cossack. gripsack. guaiac. dieback. fallacious. whack. flak. shellac. hopsack. lacing. edacious. rapacity. pack. finback. jack. kickback. Mack. graywacke. flapjack. blue-black. roll back. sebaceous. sequacious. haystack. . flack. tracing catfacing. flaccid. sagacity. cognac. kayak. knapsack. sacque. Micmac. hardtack. vivacious. bushwhack. slack. ack-ack. testaceous. pitch-black. carbonaceous. incapacity overcapacity acive \a-siv\ see asive ack1 \ak\ see ock1 6 ack 2 \ak\ back. roorback. arenaceous. facing. hunchback. veracity. mac. Wac. crackback. vexacious. Interspacing. vivacity. shellback. jassid. crack. bodacious. drawback. Chasid. serac. rucksack. flareback. manpack. fugacity. fieri facias. ungracious. scatback. plaque. spacious audacious. plowback. calpac. vinaceous. pomaceous. setaceous. clack.acid acid \as-ad\ acid. rack. Mac. feedback. skewback. perspicacious. coriaceous. hayrack. sack. notchback. foliaceous. argillaceous. packsack. Anzac. antacid acie \a-shs\ see acia acient \a-shant\ see atient acier 1 \a-shsr\ see asure 1 acier 2 \a-zhar\ see azier acile \as-sl\ see assel 2 acing \a-sirj\ bracing. rickrack. callback. Horatius. tach. comeback. yak aback. track. quillback. rapacious. kulak. offtrack. racetrack. hogback. backpack. Dayak. Muzak. interfacing. ransack. voracious alliaceous. stercoraceous. racing. black. draw back. knickknack. disputatious. hardback. kyack. bareback. horseback. hold back. placid Abbasid. flirtatious. cutback. curvaceous. effacing all-embracing. fallback. spacing. gimcrack. stack. runback. plow back. sagacious. macaque. lampblack. fugacious. alack. man jack. mendacious. brushback. knack. farinaceous. amtrac. veracious. opacity. pertinacious. ostentatious. violaceous inefficacious acis \as-e\ see assy acist \a-ssst\ see assist acit \as-at\ see acet 2 acity 1 \as-te\ see asty 2 acity 2 \as-at-e\ audacity. pectinaceous. playback. lac. sac. lack.

applejack. whacker attacker. tieback. cracking. Syriac. ammoniac. counterattack. kayaker. trictrac. nymphomaniac. ransacker. birdyback. anorak. celiac. cracker. gunnysack. amnesiac. ladder-back. woolpack. cornerback. theriac. backpacker. retropack. biofeedback. hackmatack. snowpack. high-low-jack. wisecrack. hemophiliac. piggyback. Frontenac. kayaking. melancholiac. ipecac. crackerjack. Zachary gimcrackery acket \ak-3t\ bracket. pickaback. straitjacket yellowj acket ackey \ak-e\ see acky ackguard \ag-ard\ see aggard ackie \ak-e\ see acky acking \ak-irj\ backing. coprophiliac. nutcracker. touchback. tailback. Armagnac. sandarac. egomaniac. sumac. placket. blacking. throwback. Slovak. otomac. tenure-track. skyjack. sacroiliac. Kodiak. turtleback. bracken. slapjack. switchback. intracardiac. amberjack. Aniakchak. fiddleback. maniac. safecracker. tracker. slotback. stackable implacable acking ackage \ak-ij\ package. tie tack. Sarawak. necrophiliac. trackage prepackage. linebacker. moneyback. Cousin Jack. zodiac Adirondack. single-track. canvasback. dipsomaniac. sal ammoniac megalomaniac Cyrano de Bergerac ackable \ak-3-bal\ packable. hijacker. Pontiac. wetback. haversack. solonchak. camelback. coeliac. tokamak. snapback. running back. lacquer. simoniac. tacamahac aphrodisiac. slacker. Yurak. neophiliac. jacket. lumberjack. wisecracker simulacre counterattacker ackeray \ak-s-re\ see ackery ackerel \ak-rsl\ see acral ackery \ak-s-re\ flackery. celeriac.7 skipjack. minitrack. repackage ackal \ak-al\ see ackle acked \akt\ see act acken \ak-sn\ blacken. meatpacking. j acker. tombac. Sazerac. sweptback. whaleback. packing. racetracker. cardiac. Welsbach. stickleback. carryback. placable. firecracker. portapak. paranoiac. ticktack. whacking bushwhacking. thumbtack. fishyback. packer. zwieback almanac. racket bluejacket. pyromaniac. huckaback. smacker. umiak. sweepback. nunatak. snapper-back. medevac. cul-de-sac. tow sack. hydrocrack. knacker. slacken Arawakan ackened \ak-and\ blackened —also -ed forms of verbs listed at acken acker \ak-ar\ backer. razorback. woolsack. thornback. softback. demoniac. flacon. bivouac. tacker. shellcracker. quackery. elegiac. monomaniac. stacker. diamondback. unpacker. kleptomaniac. hacker. steeplejack. sacking. . Dionysiac. quarterback. Pasternak. bric-abrac. Arawak. smokejack. pedophiliac. tamarack. supplejack. packet. Rhodesian Ridgeback. insomniac. antiblack. throw back. linebacking. smacking. smokestack. mythomaniac. clacker. unpack. snap back. tarmac. hypochondriac. swayback. skyjacker. silverback. tracking. paperback. Skaggerak. sacker. bushwhacker. wingback. Monterey Jack. tripack. yashmak. iliac. Thackeray. leatherback.

crookbacked. crackle. underreact — also -ed forms of verbs listed at ack 2 actable \ak-ts-bal\ actable. cataract. inexact. mossbacked. unbacked abreact. tracked. surfactant interactant acte 1 \akt\ see ocked acte 2 \akt\ see act . underact. redact. gang-tackle. Hackney Arachne acned \ak-ned\ acned. enact. backed. hackney. lackey. subtract. vacuum-packed. exactly inexactly ackman \ak-m9n\ hackman. interact. extractable. fact. trackman ackney \ak-ne\ see acne ackneyed \ak-ned\ see acned acko \ak-6\ see ako 2 acksman \ak-sman\ see axman ackson \ak-san\ see axon acky \ak-e\ hackie. distractable. jackal. attractable. razor-backed. skyjacking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ack 2 ackish \ak-ish\ blackish. counteract. reenact. hackneyed aco \ak-6\ see occo aeon 1 \a-kan\ see aken 1 aeon \ak-an\ see acken aconal \ak-an. impact. hunchbacked. crackly. intact. tractable abstractable. nerve-wracking. safecracking. didact. epact. hackly abstractly. cross-react. infract. bract. coact. tract abstract. subcontract. overact. artifact. transact. contract. contractible. humpbacked. cracked. swaybacked. stacked. paperbacked. tact. refract. made. reactance actant \ak-tant\ attractant. chainreact. distract. quackish ackle \ak-al\ cackle. khaki. diffract.ackish nerve-racking. detract. attract. overreact. packman. contact. matter-of-fact. wacky ticky-tacky acle 1 \ik-al\ see ickle acle 2 \ak\ see ock1 acle 3 \ak-al\ see ockle acle 4 \ak-al\ see ackle acne \ak-ne\ acne. compact. tacky. protract. unshackle tabernacle ackly \ak-le\ blackly. sacral acre 1 \a-ksr\ see aker1 acre 2 \ak-ar\ see acker acrum \ak-r9m\ sacrum simulacrum act \akt\ act. compactly. Jacky. intractable actance \ak-t9ns\ attractance. brackish.3 l\ bacchanal diaconal archidiaconal 2 8 acque 1 \ak\ see ack 2 acque 2 \ak\ see ock1 acquer \ak-ar\ see acker acques \ak\ see ock1 acral \ak-ral\ mackerel. shackle. react. compactible. subcompact. tackle debacle. precontact. grackle. hackle. pact. semiabstract. spackle. entr'acte. ventifact autodidact. extract. rackle. Jackie. playact. halftracked. reactant. exact. packed. ramshackle.

contractional. syntactical actice \ak-tss\ cactus. malefactor. attractor. enactor. self-acting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at act action \ak-sh9n\ action. tumefaction dissatisfaction. protractile. prophylactic anaphylactic. tactual artifactual. detraction. extractor. diffraction. chiropractic. pterodactyl acting \ak-tirj\ acting exacting. taction. selfsatisfaction actional \ak-shn9l\ factional. tractional abstractional. putrefaction. satisfaction. impractical. distractive. rarefactional actious \ak-shas\ factious. didactic. extraction. tactile contractile. exactor. extractive. tactical didactical. refraction. protraction. reactor. petrifaction. unattractive radioactive actly \ak-le\ see ackly actor \ak-tar\ actor. inactive. -'s. fracture contracture . retroaction. attraction. refractory calefactory. infractor. exaction. tractor abstractor. impactive. subtracter. contractor. autodidactic. contraction. factual. transactional interactional. compactor. coaction. faction. anticlimactic. fractional. contractive. syntactic ataractic. distraction. retractile polydactyl. intragalactic. subcontractor bioreactor. transactor benefactor. interactive. phylactery. redaction. galactic. paratactic. coactive. fractious active \ak-tiv\ active. attractive. counteractive. reaction. practice malpractice cataractous actios \ak-tiks\ tactics didactics. detractive. chiropractor. impacted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at act acter \ak-tar\ see actor actery \ak-tre\ see actory actible \ak-t3-bal\ see actable actic \ak-tik\ lactic. satisfactory dissatisfactory. extragalactic. rarefaction. single-action. olfaction. impaction. overactive. putrefactive. impactor. psychoactive. traction abstraction. refractive. hyperactive. intergalactic. tactic atactic. stupefaction. manufactory. infraction.9 acted \ak-tsd\ fracted abstracted. detractor. refractor. syntactics phonotactics —also -s. liquefaction. subtraction. subtractive bioactive. retraction. fraction. g-factor. malefaction. redactional. counterfactual acture \ak-char\ facture. cofactor. protractor. and -s' forms of nouns listed at actic actile \ak-t 3 l\ dactyl. redactor. photoreaction. refractile. unsatisfactory actous \ak-tas\ see actice actress \ak-trss\ actress benefactress actual \ak-chal\ actual. retractor. factor. parallactic. tractive abstractive. inaction. bolt-action. interaction. compaction. reactive. counteraction. Campylobacter actory \ak-tre\ factory olfactory. proactive. acture overaction. transaction benefaction. stereotactic actical \ak-ti-ksl\ practical. climactic. retroactive.

Kaliningrad. Ponta Delgada. had. tad. sad. spacey. trad Akkad. persuadable biodegradable a'dah \ad-a\ see ada 1 adah \ad-a\ see ada 2 adal \ad. Trinidad. enchilada. brad. Volgograd Allahabad. Mashad. Ensenada. Haggadah. sadden Aladdin. olympiad.actus manufacture remanufacture actus \ak-tas\ see actice actyl \ak-t 3 l\ see actile acular \ak-y9-lar\ macular oracular. gelada. keypad. monad. Grenada alameda Avellaneda adable \ad-3-bal\ gradable. caudad. cephalad. Sierra Nevada ada 3 \ad-s\ Ada.3 nt\ cadent abradant. Veda armada. dad. clad. bladder. gonad. Tracy O'Casey prima facie. superadd. Stacy. granddad. spiracular. panada. pace. Baghdad.3 n\ gladden. lad. Belgrade. gad. Sulawesi. Troad armor-clad. bad. Kirovograd. tsade Agada. pad. chad. mediad. cicada. rad. forbade. chiliad. bade. racy. decadent add \ad\ see ad 3 adden \ad. Hyderabad. tentacular. Conrad. Jumada. maenad. comrade. Ibadan adder \ad-ar\ adder. vernacular tabernacular aculate \ak-y3-lat\ maculate ejaculate. shad. cad. degradable. precis. empanada. dorsad. Theravada aficionada. triad. fad. crawdad. undergrad.3 l\ see addle adam \ad-am\ Adam. scad. pentad. doodad. plaid. and -s' forms of nouns listed at adam adan 1 \ad-n\ see adden adan 2 \ad-n\ see odden adant \ad. evadable. nicad. naiad. add. heptad. dyad. Tracey. Aggada. notepad. horn-mad. tetrad. Sindbad. footpad. Gad. dryad. Vijayawada cascara sagrada. Veronese acyl \as-al\ see assel 2 ad 1 \a\ see a 1 ad \ad\ see od ad \ad\ ad. grad. wadable abradable. spectacular. Carlsbad. ennead. sadhe. madam macadam tarmacadam adams \ad-amz\ Adams —also -s. hispanidad. hamadryad. madden. Stacey. immaculate aculous \ak-y3-tas\ see acculus acy \a-se\ Basie. helipad. hexad. laterad. ironclad. Agade. gesneriad. posada. oread. farad. Upanishad Voroshilovgrad ada 1 \ad-a\ Dada aficionada 3 2 10 ada 2 \ad-a\ nada. aoudad. Pythiad. pleiad. madder stepladder —also -er forms of adjectives listed arad3 addie \ad-e\ see addy . nomad. egad. cicada. armada. bromeliad. -'s. Granada. Chad. Thad. thinclad. Galahad. ladder. glad. tradable. Nevada. seminomad. launchpad. mad. hebdomad. tostada autostrada. lacy. overplaid. triclad. Ashkhabad. Sinbad.

barmaid. maiden handmaiden. spade. Madison addle \ad. arcade. menhaden aden 2 \ad-an\ Aden Wiesbaden . plantigrade. shaddock addy1 \ad-e\ baddie. centigrade. twice-laid. downgrade. escapade. padding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ad 3 addish 1 \ad-ish\ see oddish addish 2 \ad-ish\ seeadish addison \ad-3-san\ Addison. custommade. limeade. paid. persuade. forebade. Belgrade. brocade. overpersuade. bastinade. unmade. stockade. cascade. straddle astraddle. invade. Wade abrade. torsade. blockade. crusade. cavalcade. marinade. shroudlaid. foresaddle. autocade. orangeade. repaid. souffleed. upgrade. saddle. paddock. rayed. mermaid. masquerade. laden.11 addik \ad-ik\ see odic addin \ad. hawser-laid. tailor-made. sidesaddle. sacheted. decade. chiffonade. esplanade. wade. bondmaid. bade. renegade. packsaddle. switchblade. unbraid. made. brigade. grant-in-aid. countertrade. unsaddle fiddle-faddle addler1 \ad-tor\ see oddler addler 2 \ad-tar\ saddler.3 n\ Aden. Cascade.n\ see adden adding \ad-irj\ cladding. escalade. inlaid. brocaded. corrade. cross-trade. granddaddy finnan haddie addy 2 \ad-e\ see ody1 ade 1 \ad\ aid. sea-maid. upbraid. outlaid. cliched. man-made. housemaid. pasquinade. self-made. ambuscade. pervade. skedaddle. Adelaide. cockaded colonnaded —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ade1 adefess \ad-las\ fadeless. scalade. gallopade. dairymaid. aggrade. trade. cade. Band-Aid. parade. nursemaid. eyeshade. palisade. staid. afraid. stockin-trade. navaid. degrade. sunshade. staddle. raddle. orthograde. laddie. barricade. gradeless. jade. braid. lade. charade.3 l\ addle. cannonade. 3 aden homemade. straddler skedaddler addo \ad-6\ see adow addock 1 \ad-ik\ see adic 2 addock 2 \ad-ak\ haddock. gonadal. caddy. daddy. everglade. fusillade. lemonade. handmaid. paddy forecaddie. blade. grenade. medicaid. unpaid. rodomontade ade 2 \ad\ see od ade 3 \ad\ see ad ade 4 \ad-a\ see ada 2 aded \ad-ad\ bladed arcaded. cable-laid. grade. caddie. shadeless adely \ad-le\ see adly aden 1 \ad. gasconade. handmade. paddler. suede. glissade. retrograde. cockade. evade. they'd. glade. unlade. motorcade. chambermaid. colonnade. faddy. low-grade. postpaid. shade. carronade. promenade. underlaid fanfaronade. overtrade. laid. plain-laid. aquacade. intergrade. fair-trade. waylaid accolade. stade. maid. marmalade. dissuade. fade. clade. raid. gainsaid. bridesmaid. pomade. twayblade. harlequinade. paddle. balustrade. milkmaid. aide. defilade. nightshade. ready-made. serenade. madding. enfilade. tirade.

Arcadian. Palladian adiant \ad-e-ant\ gradient. haggadic. cruzado. palladia adial \ad-e-al\ radial biradial interstadial adian \ad-e-9n\ Acadian. persuader masquerader. gladness. degrader. teredo. Everglades jack-of-all-trades —also -s. Orcadian. carbonado. radiant adic 1 \ad-ik\ Vedic tornadic adic 2 \ad-ik\ Braddock. circadian. Coronado. triadic Iliadic seminomadic adie \ad-e\ see ady . dyadic.3 l\ cradle. crusader. haddock. lading. stadium caladium. wader blockader. Akkadian. cheder. bastinado. credo crusado.3 nt\ see adant ader \ad-ar\ aider. maenadic. passado. Madge adger \aj-ar\ badger. dissuader. raider. grader. downgrading. madly. Bradley. Hades quaker-ladies ades 2 \adz\ AIDS. seder. paddock balladic. tornadic. camisado. arcadian. fader. -'s. braider. palladium. and -s' forms of nouns. arcadia. invader. evader. Canadian. tornado barricado. faddish. hexadic. strappado avocado. stoccado. strappado. zapateado aficionado. ladle. and -s forms of verbs. Arcadia. Glades Cascades antitrades. radish horseradish adison \ad-9-san\ seeaddison adist 1 \6d-ast\ broadest. spader. cadge. vanadium adle \ad. desperado. nomadic. gladly. Manado. listed at ade adge \ a j \ badge. wedel adley \ad-le\ see adly adly \ad-le\ badly. shading arcading. faradic. sadness ado 1 \ad-6\ bravado. trader. sawdust haggadist adist 2 \ad-ast\ see odest adium \ad-e-3m\ radium. dreidel. nadir. unfading —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ade 1 adir \ad-ar\ see ader adish \ad-ish\ caddish. sporadic. sadly comradely adness \ad-nas\ badness. bastinado. hajj. cadger adh \ad\ see od 1 12 adient \ad-e-ant\ see adiant adies \ad-ez\ see ades 1 ading \ad-irj\ braiding. El Dorado. Colorado. degrading. Llano Estacado ado 2 \ad-6\ dado. camisado. carbonado. Barbadian. gambado. shader. serenader ades 1 \ad-ez\ ladies. incommunicado. mikado. heder. madness. El Dorado fettuccine Alfredo ad he 1 \ad-a\ see ada 2 adhe 2 \ad-e\ see ody1 adia \ad-e-a\ stadia Acadia. tetradic. monadic.adent adent \ad. hacendado amontillado. desperado.

and -s'forms of nouns listed at ada ady \ad-e\ cedi. milady. shady forelady. strafe.3 l\ see eedle aedile \ed. safe. saleslady ae 1 \a\ see ay1 ae 2 \ e \ see ee 1 ae 3 \ i \ see y1 aea \e-a\ see ia1 aean \e-an\ see ean 1 aedal \ed. aery. landlady. faerie. Sadie. shadow foreshadow overshadow adrate \ad-rst\ see oderate adre \ad-re\ see adery adrian \a-dre-an\ Adrian.3 l\ see eedle aedra \e-dra\ see edra aegis \a-jss\ see ageous aegis \e-jas\ see egis ael \al\ see ail aeli \a-le\ see aily aelic 1 \al-ik\ see olic1 aelic \al-ik\ see allic aemon \e-man\ see emon 1 aen \a \ see ant n 1 2 2 1 aena 1 \a-na\ scena faena . Hadrian adrienne \a-dre-sn\ see adrian adt \at\ see ot 1 afe aena 2 \e-na\ see ina2 aenia 1 \e-ne-a\ see enia 1 aenia 2 \e-nya\ see enia 2 aens \a n s\ see ance 1 aeon \e-an\ see ean 1 aera \ir-a\ see era 2 aere 1 \er-e\ see ary 1 aere 2 \ir-e\ see eary aerial1 \er-e-9l\ see arial aerial 2 \ir-e-sl\ see erial aerie 1 \a-re\ aerie.13 ados \a-dgs\ see adus adow \ad-6\ Caddo. vouchsafe bathyscaphe afe 2 \af\ see aph adual \aj-sl\ see agile adus \a-dss\ Padus Barbados —also -s. glady. waif fail-safe. Adrienne. fairy aerie 2 \er-e\ see ary 1 aerie 3 \ir-e\ see eary aero 1 \er-6\ see ero 2 aero 2 \ar-6\ see arrow2 aeroe 1 \ar-6\ see arrow2 aeroe 2 \er-6\ see ero 2 aery 1 \a-re\ see aerie 1 aery 2 \er-e\ see ary 1 aesar \e-zsr\ see easer 2 a e s e \a-za\ see esa 2 aestor \e-star\ see easter aestus \es-tas\ see estis aet \at\ see ate 1 aetor \et-ar\ see eater 1 aeum \e-3m\ see eum 1 aeus \e-as\ see eus 1 af \af\ see aph afe 1 \af\ chafe. lady. -'s.

brag. swag. craft. camshaft. Taft. updraft. Kafir. stagecraft. ragtag. drafter. laughable affe \af\ see aph affed \aft\ see aft2 affer1 \af-ar\ see offer1 affer2 \af-ar\ chaffer. grafter. handicraft. sandbag. saddlebag. saga anlage. jag. rotorcraft. hag. polygrapher affia \af-e-a\ raffia agraphia affic \af-ik\ see aphic affick \af-ik\ see aphic affir \af-ar\ see affer2 affish \af-ish\ raffish giraffish affle1 \af-sl\ see afel affle2 \af-al\ baffle. ragbag. campcraft. watercraft antiaircraft aftage \af-tij\ graftage. crag. jaeger aft2 \aft\ aft. wigwag. nag. engraft. drag. Daphnis. snag. zigzag ballyrag. spacecraft. fag. washrag. gaffer. raga. kafir. ratbag. waffle falafel. strafer. rag. lollygag. mailbag. sprag. aircraft. woodcraft countershaft. snaffle affron \af-ran\ saffron Biafran affy \af-e\ chaffy. laughter. witchcraft. daft. drafty ag \ag\ bag. black-flag. fore-and-aft. schoolbag. flag. kingcraft. laugher. bullyrag. waft abaft. dirtbag. indraft. graft. thereinafter aftness \af-nas\ daftness. seabag. overdraft.afel afel \af-al\ offal. rijsttafel afer \a-fsr\ chafer. quag. tucker-bag aga 1 \ag-a\ quagga. waftage after \af-tar\ after. wafer cockchafer aff \af \ see aph affable \af-9-bal\ affable. scumbag. handbag. safer. scrag. draftsman. lag. Kaffir. rockshaft. stag. hereinafter. scoutcraft. scalawag. workbag. fleabag. seacraft. dafter. handicrafter. zaffer paragrapher. sag. haft. Hovercraft. chin-wag. understaffed. YAG. staffer. greylag. . vorlage 's Gravenhage aga 2 \a-ga\ Vega bodega. handcraft. dag. litterbag. raffle. daffy. draft. sleazebag. raft. pantofie. waft gemeinschaft. postbag. kraft. wag. slag. carpetbag. taffy afic \af-ik\ see aphic afir \af-ar\ see affer2 afran \af-ran\ see affron aft1 \aft\ toft. tag. rafter hereafter. scag. windbag. shaft. gesellschaft — also -ed forms of verbs listed at Off1 14 statecraft. thereafter fore-and-after. shag. omega rutabaga aga 3 \eg-a\ see ega 1 aga 4 \6-ga\ see auga agan \a-gsn\ see agin agar 1 \a-gar\ Hagar. halfness aftsman \af-sman\ craftsman. crankshaft. dishrag. gasbag. raftsman handcraftsman handicraftsman afty \af-te\ crafty. mag. gag. hangtag. zag beanbag. turboshaft.

dislodge. wageless agen 1 \a-gsn\ see agin agen 2 \a-gsn\ see oggin agenous \aj-3-nas\ see aginous a g e o u s \a-jas\ aegis ambagious. Ursa Major ager 2 \ag-sr\ see ogger 1 agey \a-je\ see agy agga \ag-a\ see aga 1 aggar \ag-ar\ see ogger 1 aggard \ag-ard\ blackguard. golden-ager. bragger. decoupage. mirage. wodge barrage. stageable unassuageable aged \ajd\ aged. potage. massage. onstage. mage. rage. forestage. cage. enrage. collage. Hegel. hodgepodge. Gage. laggard agged \ag-ad\ cragged. moulage. ossifrage. swaraj camouflage espionage counterespionage age \azh\ plage assuage. courageous. four-bagger. sage. nagger. Major. twobagger carpetbagger agary \ag-a-re\ see aggery agate \ag-at\ see aggot age 1 \ a j \ dodge.15 agar 2 \ag-ar\ see ogger 1 agar \9g-sr\ see ugger 3 1 agger ageable \a-j3-bal\ gaugeable. massage. front-page. lavage. Hermitage. curettage. j agger. Karaj. wage assuage. dragger. upstage disengage. fuselage. teenage. major. triage arbitrage. colportage. saxifrage. camouflage. encage. entourage. gage. sandbagger. outrageous. swagger. repechage. page. collage. plagal finagle. stodge. corsage. persiflage. wagger foot dragger. badinage. menage. lodge. space-age. frottage. engaged. swage. three-bagger. downstage. uncage. rite de passage counterespionage age 3 \ a j \ age. onebagger. contagious. maquillage. jagged. empennage. middleager. broadgauge. photomontage. barrage. outrage. rampage. cabotage. wager teenager Canis Major. presage. offstage. bon voyage. restage. umbrageous advantageous disadvantageous ager 1 \a-jar\ gauger. dressage. underage 2 age 4 \ag\ see eg1 age5 \azh\ see eige1 age 6 \ag-s\ see aga1 . haggard. engage. dagger. vernissage decolletage. backstage. overage. multistage. inveigle wallydraigle ageless \aj-las\ ageless. birdcage. lagger. gavage. enfleurage. gagger. stagger. ragged agger \ag-ar\ bagger. stage. gauged broad-gauged. bricolage. stager. rampageous. substage. greengage. sabotage. soundstage. treillage. sagger. raj. corsage. pager. garage. gauge. portage. assemblage. montage. Osage. unpaged middle-aged —also -ed forms of verbs listed at age 3 agel \a-gsl\ bagel. espionage.

swaggy agh \ a \ see a 1 agi 1 \ag-e\ see oggy 1 agi 2 \ag-e\ see aggy 2 agian \a-jan\ see ajun agic \aj-ik\ magic. snapdragon battlewagon agonal \ag-sn. lagan. galago. snaggy. lumbago. faggot. Calinago. raggle. vagary. shaggy. tragic choragic. virago Asiago. wagon bandwagon. nagging brown bagging. foot-dragging. staggery. plumbaginous. flagman. sphagnum agnus \ag-nas\ see agnes ago 1 \ag-6\ lago Chicago. seraglio agm \am\ see am 2 agma \ag-ma\ magma syntagma agman Xag-manX bagman. draggy. farraginous. mucilaginous. baggy. raging. jaggy. farrago. waggle bedraggle raggle-taggle aggly \ag-le\ scraggly. waggish aggie \ag-al\ draggle. plumbago. quaggy. scraggy. unflagging carpetbagging —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ag aggish \ag-ish\ haggish. swagman agna \an-ys\ see ania 1 agne \an\ see ane 1 agnes \ag-nss\ Agnes Albertus Magnus agnum \ag-nam\ magnum. gaggle. straggle. straggly. Reagan Copenhagen aginal \aj-an. oleaginous agion \a-jan\ See ajun agious \a-jas\ see ageous aglia 1 \al-ya\ see ahlia1 aglia 2 \al-ya\ see alue aglio \al-yo\ intaglio. staging unaging —also -ing forms of verbs listed at 16 aginous \aj-3-nas\ collagenous. gradual. haggle. maggot aggy 1 \ag-e\ see oggy1 aggy 2 \ag-e\ aggie. Pendragon. flagon. jolt-wagon.3 l\ paginal. braggy.aggery aggery \ag-a-re\ jaggery. fragile. waggery carpetbaggery aggie \ag-e\ see aggy 2 agging \ag-irj\ bagging. imago. craggy. ragi. pentagonal. lagging. hexagonal. virago solidago. vaginal imaginal aging \a-jirj\ aging. fagot. solidago ago 2 \a-go\ sago farrago.3 l\ agonal diagonal. heptagonal. flagging. tetragonal age3 . Tobago. galago. vagile agin \a-gan\ fagin. Santiago. San Diego Tierra del Fuego ago 3 \arj-go\ see ongo agon \ag-an\ dragon. pelagic agile \aj-al\ agile. pagan. sapsago. octagonal. viraginous cartilaginous. staggy. waggly aggot \ag-st\ agate.

pleiad aiad 2 \l-sd\ see yad ah \a\ baa. Hosea. Praha aham \a-9m\ see ahum ahd \ad\ seeod 1 ahdi \ad-e\ see ody1 ahdom \ad-9m\ see odom ahib \ a b \ seeob 1 ahl \al\ seeal 1 abler \al-9r\ see ollar . Las Vegas Simon Magus agy \a-je\ cagey. cattleya. vagrant conflagrant agster \ag-st9r\ dragster. piragua Aconcagua. Nicaragua ague 1 \ag\ see eg 1 ague 2 \ag\ see og 1 aguey \eg-e\ see eggy agus \a-ggs\ magus. Meghalaya aia 2 \I-a\ see iah1 aiad 1 \a-ad\ naiad. mayhem. Managua. fragrant. Noumea Himalaya.17 agora \ag-9-ra\ agora mandragora agoras \ag-9-rgs\ Protagoras. fragrance agrancy \a-gr9n-se\ flagrancy. nah pas de chat aha \a-ha\ Baja. Meiji. Tagus choragus. Mauna Kea. Isaiah. Pythagoras agot \ag-at\ seeaggot agrance \a-gr9ns\ flagrance. fragrancy. gagster agua \ag-wg\ majagua. Kilauea. Naha. stagy ah \a\ see a 2 1 1 aiad ahlia1 \al-yg\ dahlia passacaglia ahlia 2 \al-yg\ see alue ahlia 3 \a-le-a\ see alia1 ahma 1 \a-ma\ see ama 3 ahma 2 \am-a\ see ama 1 ahma 3 \am-a\ see ama 2 ahman 1 \am-an\ see ommon ahman 2 \am-an\ see ammon ahn \an\ see on 1 ahms \amz\ see alms ahnda \an-da\ see onda ahr \ar\ see ar 3 ahru \a-rii\ see aru aht \at\ see ot1 ahua \a-wa\ see awa 1 ahum \a-am\ Graham. Nahum Te Deum ahveh \a-va\ seeave 1 ai1 \ a \ see ay1 ai 2 \ e \ see ee 1 1 ah \ 6 \ see aw 3 ai 3 \I\ see y1 ai 4 \6i\ see oy ai 5 \a-e\ see aii a'i \ i \ seey 1 aia1 \a-a\ Freya Aglaia. vagrancy agrant \a-grgnt\ flagrant.

Mosaic. Hale. pigtail. deltaic. canaille. frail. Romaic. Judaic. fantail. flail. wail. full-scale. springtail. gale. whale. sale. formulaic. stale. folktale. headsail. detail. aic \a-ik\ laic alcaic. foresail. Incaic. handrail. foxtail. mosaic. shirttail. Chaldaic. stanzaic. tael. shale. Cyrenaic. Gale. Hebraic. exhale. retail. faradaic. spondaic. Sangreal. bale. skysail. hobnail. brail. greenmail. fail. female. Ptolemaic apotropaic. cattail. coattail. Altaic. they'll.aiah aiah \a-a\ see aia aias \a-as\ see ais 1 18 aiga \I-ga\ taiga Auriga aigh \ak\ laigh. Gael. archaic. tale. pharisaic. taille. staysail. Hallel. sail. portrayal. Gayle. Clydesdale. blacktail. percale. trail. doornail. inhale. prevail. dovetail. assail. Aramaic. derail. guardrail.3 n\ see aden aider \ad-ar\ see ader aiding \ad-irj\ see ading aido \I-do\ see ido1 aids \adz\ see ades 2 aiety \a-at-e\ see aity aif \af\ see afe1 aig \ag\ see eg 1 . sei whale. pail. bangtail. male. Glendale. kale. vail. Mishnaic. resale. impale. broadtail. bobtail. pale. paradisaic. quaich aight \at\ see ate 1 aighten \at. voltaic algebraic. ringtail. Tubuai aiian \a-yan\ zayin Hawaiian aijin \I-jen\ gaijin. bucktail. grail. bail. cocktail. Mithraic. pass-fail. jail. scale. surveil. trochaic. rail. rescale. ducktail. hale. ale. Braille. braille. lugsail. mail. Dale. fishtail. entail. hightail. Yale abseil. hygiene aik \Ik\ see ike2 aika \i-ka\ see ica1 ail \al\ ail. blackmail. hangnail. shavetail. spritsail. mainsail. snail. horntail. bewail. Longueuil. Ural-Altaic aica \a-3-k-a\ Judaica Cyrenaica aical \a-3-kal\ laical Pharisaical paradisaical aice \as\ see ace 1 aich \ak\ see aigh aiche \esh\ see esh 1 aicos \a-kas\ see ecas aid1 \ad\ see ade 1 aid 2 \ed\ see ead 1 aid 3 \ad\ see ad aida \i-da\ see ida2 aide 1 \ad\ see ade 1 aide 2 \Id-e\ see iday aiden \ad. quail. hail. small-scale. vale. horsetail. drail. regale. wale. pintail.3 n\ see aten 1 aightly \at-le\ see ately1 aign \an\ see ane 1 aigne \an\ see ane 1 aignment Xan-mantA see ainment aii \a-e\ Hawaii. broadscale. avail. oxtail. tail. rattail. nail. swale. prosaic. baal. curtail. photomosaic. Quayle. dale. E-mail. veil. contrail. airmail. pinwale. downscale.

veiling. Santa Fe Trail ailable \a-l3-bal\ bailable. salable. curtailer. malar. retailer. scaled. wagtail. trailer. bailie. whaler blackmailer. shaley. swallowtail. scalar. telltale. engrailed. wally Bareilly. countervail. romeldale. draggle-tail. scissortail. fingernail. nailed. mailer. hailer. montadale. timescale. trundle-tail. pigtailed. gaff-topsail. tailor. monorail. forestaysail. framer. tailing. ventail. self-mailing. resalable unassailable ailand \i-tand\ see ighland ailant \a-tont\ see alant aile \I-le\ seeyly ailed \ald\ mailed. aventail. defamer. jailer. loud-haler. wassailer. flickertail. Fort Lauderdale. Israeli. baler. martingale. Bareli. exclaimer —also -er forms of adjectives listed a? ame 1 aimless \am-tas\ see ameless . unveil. taffrail. unfailing parasailing. yellowtail self-betrayal. defrayal. shillelagh triticale. scaly. bailor. travail. swallow-tailed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ail ailer \a-lar\ alar. whaling boardsailing. Taylor. railing. entailer. wholesale abigail. wassail. unavailing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ail aille1 \al\ see ail aille 2 \l\ see y1 aille 3 \fl\ see ile1 aille 4 \a-ya\ see aya 1 aides \I\ see y1 ailleur \ a . treenail. hobnailed. mailing. betrayal. paling. retailing. Nightingale. flamer. tripletail.b r \ see ailer ailment \al-m3nt\ ailment. upscale. derailment. veiled detailed. paly. derailleur. whitetail. grayling. cottontail. nailer. prevailing. grayly. bailer. Abigail. sailor. wholesaler semitrailer —also -er forms of adjectives listed a/ail ailey \a-le\ see aily ailful \al-fal\ see aleful ailie \a-le\ see aily ailiff \a-laf \ bailiff. thumbnail. sailed. bristletail. entailment. ponytail. detailer. daily. tailer. sailing. tattletale. gamer. unveiled ponytailed. topsail. galingale. Bailey. mailable. farthingale. waler. overscale. Disraeli. Chippendale. impalement ailor \a-lar\ see ailer ails \alz\ see ales ailsman \alz-man\ see alesman aily \a-le\ bailey. inhaler. ring-tailed. scalable assailable. tamer declaimer. disentail. available. sailable. tailed.19 swordtail. nightingale. Corriedale. claimer. disclaimer. ukulele aim \am\ see ame 1 aima \i-ma\ seeyma aimable Xa-ma-balX see amable aiman Xa-marA see amen 1 aimant \a-m9nt\ see ayment aiment \a-mant\ see ayment aimer Xa-msrX blamer. unnail. Oregon Trail. trysail. wailer. caliph aimless ailing \a-lirj\ failing. sailer. toenail. gaily. bailment curtailment. scaler.

unrestrained —also -ed forms of verbs listed at 2 1 20 aininess \a-ne-nas\ braininess. restrainer. planar. trainer. ordainer. reins cremains. strainer. restrainable. stainless ainly \an-le\ mainly. mad-brained. coarse-grained. sustaining self-sustaining. paned. caned. sustainer. edge-grained. unrestraint ain't \ant\ see aint ainting \an-tin\ underpainting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at aint aintly \ant-le\ faintly. profanely. quaintly. detrainment. unfeigned featherbrained. gainful. cordwainer. complaint. -'s. swainish ainless \an-las\ brainless. rattlebrained. quaint. grained. scatterbrained. maned. enchainment. harebrained. attainment. selfcontainment aino \I-no\ see ino1 ains \anz\ Keynes. lamebrained. containable. gainer. crackbrained. coplanar. plainly. plaint. bloodstained. sustainable inexplainable ainder \an-dar\ attainder. painful disdainful . maintainer. distraint. closegrained. uncomplaining — also -ing forms of verbs listed at ane1 ainish \a-nish\ brainish. cross-grained. trainable attainable. impaint. and -s' forms of nouns. containment. strained. lupanar. seiner. entrainment. membraned. retrainable. refrainment entertainment. feint. veiner campaigner. vaned. listed at ane ainsman \anz-man\ plainsman. Danish. saint. stained. thegnly. ordainment. attaint. stainer. 'tain't acquaint. greasepaint. ungainly inhumanely ainment Xan-msntX arraignment. drainer. detainment. reinsman aint \ant\ ain't. pained. Great Plains. mayn't. maintainable. tearstained. complainer. saintly ane1 ainer \a-nar\ caner. remains —also -s. Trakehner entertainer —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ane 1 ainful \an-f9l\ baneful. remainder aine 1 \an\ see ane 1 aine 2 \en\ see en 1 ained \and\ brained. painless. explainable. retainer. bepaint. profaner. planer. detainer. and -s forms of verbs. preordainment. insanely. ingrained. Mains Plains. graininess aining \a-nirj\ veining complaining. constraint. vainly humanely. paint. veined birdbrained. feigner.am ain1 \a-an\ see ayan 1 ain \an\ see ane ain 3 \en\ see en 1 ain 4 \in\ see in1 ain 5 \In\ see ine1 ain 6 \a n \ see in4 aina \I-na\ see ina1 ainable Xa-na-balX stainable. self-contained. restraint unconstraint. drained. craned. faint. restrained. container. taint.

impaired. misleared. shorthaired. zany Allegheny ainz \inz\ see ines 3 aipse \aps\ see apes air1 \er\ see are 4 air2 \lr\ see ire1 aira \I-ra\ see yra aird \erd\ see aired aire \er\ see are aire \ir\ see eer aire \Ir\ see ire 3 1 2 1 4 2 aist unawares —also -s. glazing.21 ainy \a-ne\ brainy.3 ns\ see ascence 1 aisant \as. ferlie. unimpaired —also -ed forms of verbs listed at are 4 airer \er-ar\ see earer 1 aires \er\ see are 1 4 aires 2 \ar-es\ see ares 2 airess 1 \er-as\ see errous airess 2 \ar-as\ see aris 2 airie \er-e\ see ary 1 airing \er-irj\ see aring 1 airish \er-ish\ see arish airist \er-ast\ see arist airly \er-le\ fairly. -'s. house-raising. rarely. somewheres. haired. squarely aim \ern\ see ern 1 airo \I-ro\ seeyro 1 airs \erz\ theirs backstairs. nowheres. and -s' forms of nouns. Laius Isaias Menelaus ais 2 \ a \ see ay1 aisal 1 \a-zal\ seeasal 2 aisal 2 \I-S3l\ see isal1 aisance \as.a nt\ see acent aise 1 \az\ see aze 1 aise 2 \ez\ see ays 1 aisement \az-m3nt\ see azement aiser 1 \a-zar\ see azer aiser 2 \I-zar\ see izer aisian \a-zhan\ see asion aisin \az. grainy.9 n\ see ason 1 aist 1 \a-ast\ seeayest aist 2 \ast\ see aced aist 3 \ast\ see ost 1 aired \ard\ caird. meiny. downstairs. stargazing. and -s forms of verbs. upstairs 1 . long-haired. underprepared. veiny. hell-raising. hazing. rainy. hair-raising. laird fair-haired. listed at are 4 airy1 \er-e\ see ary 1 airy2 \a-re\ see aerie 1 ais 1 \a-as\ dais. trailblazing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at aze 1 aisle \I1\ see ile1 aisley \az-le\ paisley nasally aisne \an\ see ane 1 aisse \as\ see ace 1 aisson \as.3 n\ seeazon aising \a-zirj\ braising. phrasing appraising. fund-raising. prepared. unpaired wirehaired multilayered.

make. spontaneity. unslakable unmistakable akan1 \ak-an\ seeaken 2 akan 2 \ak-an\ see acken akar \ak-sr\ see ocker 22 ake 1 \ak\ ache. break. slake. caretake. grubstake. taka Lusaka. firedrake. handshake. blacksnake. gaiety. Trajan contagion. backache. extemporaneity aius 1 \a-as\ see ais 1 aius 2 \i-3s\ see ias 1 aiva \i-vs\ see iva1 aive \av\ see ave 2 aix \a\ see ay1 aize \az\ seeaze 1 aj \ a j \ see age 1 aja1 \a-ha\ see aha aja 2 \I-a\ see iah1 ajan \a-jan\ see ajun ajj \ a j \ see adge ajor \a-jar\ see ager 1 ajos \a-ss\ see ais 1 ajun \a-jan\ Cajun. strake. rake. headache. saltimbocca. Dhaka. makable. natheless aiti \at-e\ see aty aitian \a-shan\ see ation1 aiting \at-irj\ see ating aitly \at-le\ see ately1 aitor \at-sr\ see ator aitorous \at-3-rss\ see ateress aitour \at-ar\ see ator aitress \a-tras\ traitress. . spake. synchroneity diaphaneity contemporaneity. daybreak. friedcake. sheikh. paca. earache. pataca Mbandaka. clambake.3 n\ see aten 1 aiter \at-ar\ see ator aith \ath\ eighth. Drake. heartbreak. shakable mistakable. firebreak. crake. Wake awake. housebreak. Osaka. betake. intake. fake. bake. saithe. maraca. laity corporeity. snake. fruitcake. jake. waitress aviatress aity \a-at-e\ deity.aisy aisy \a-ze\ see azy ait1 \a\ see ay1 ait2 \at\ see ate 1 ait3 \It\ see ite1 ait4 \at\ see at 5 aite \It\ see ite1 aited \at-ad\ see ated aiten \at. scathe. forsake. Toyonaka Lake Titicaca Higashiosaka aka 2 \ak-s\ see aca 2 akable Xa-ka-balX breakable. earthquake. hake. Blake. steak. cake. medaka. brake. wake. shake. Jake. stake. lake. corncrake. drake. take. faith. Oaxaca. sake. quake. Pelagian. beefsteak. reagin ak1 \ak\ see ock ak2 \ak\ see ack aka1 \ak-a\ Dacca. cupcake. canebrake. flake. beefcake. hotcake. kaka. hoecake. Faith. cheesecake. wraith unfaith interfaith aithe \ath\ see aith aithless \ath-tas\ faithless. heartache.

patty-cake. homemaker. moneymaker. printmaker. housebreaking. groundbreaking. opaque. pancake. matchmaking. taken. shortcake. lapstrake. sunbaked —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ake 1 akeless \a-klas\ brakeless. johnnycake. mistaker. jawbreaker. listed at ake ake-up \a-kap\ break-up. laker. shakeup. sweepstake. undertaken aken \ak-an\ kraken Arawakan aker1 \a-kar\ acre. fakery akes \aks\ jakes cornflakes. mistake. lawbreaker. comaker. policymaker aker 2 \ak-ar\ see acker akery \a-kre\ bakery. heartbreaking. earthshaking. windbreaker. outtake. make-or-break. haymaker. toothache. boilermaker. merrymaker. . waker backbreaker. nacre. wideawake semiopaque ake 2 \ak\ see ack 2 ake 3 \ak-e\ see ocky aked \akt\ awaked. betaken. stomachache. shaker. uptake. keepsake. steelmaker. holidaymaker. mythmaker. snowflake. toolmaker. mapmaking. matchmaker. kingmaker. playmaker. breaker. rainmaker. -'s and -s' forms of nouns. undertake. Great Lakes. carmaker. halterbreak. pathbreaking. bookmaker. tiebreaker. youthquake bellyache. rewaken. filmmaker. caretaker. moviemaker. maker. lovemaking. partaken. make-up. shake-up. rewake. seaquake. pacemaking. newsbreak. troublemaker. tastemaker. dressmaking. Macon. sweepstakes —also -s. overtake. partake. oddsmaker. unmake. seedcake. take-up. waking bookmaking. phrasemaking. namesake. mythmaking. breakup. icebreaker. bellyacher. glassmaker. microquake. saker. caretaking. hatmaker. making. watchmaker. shoemaker. sheldrake. windbreak. breathtaking. undertaker cabinetmaker. Quaker. lawbreaking. wiseacre automaker. half-baked. overtaken. outbreak. pacemaker. mistaken. wapentake. and -s forms of verbs. wake-up akey \a-ke\ see aky akh1 \ak\ seeock 1 akh 2 \ak\ see ack aki1 \ak-e\ see ocky aki 2 \ak-e\ see acky akian \ak-e-an\ see ockian akic \ak-ik\ see acchic aking 1 \a-kirj\ aching. snowmaker. simulacre. put-and-take. heartbreaker. moonquake. Bacon. kittiwake. dressmaker. drugmaker. printmaking. muckraker. retake. trailbreaker. pat-a-cake. remake. papermaker. saltshaker. ringstraked. rattlesnake. peacemaking. shirtmaker. noisemaking. lawmaker.23 jailbreak. mandrake. shaken. wakeless aken 1 \a-kan\ bacon. strikebreaker. well-taken godforsaken. noisemaker. mapmaker. raker. waken awaken. earthshaker. peacemaker. Marsquake. taker. 2 aking phrasemaker. oatcake. leave-taking. stavesacre. makeup. housebreaker. Pan-Cake. give-and-take. painstaking. filmmaking. groundbreaker. faker. rainmaking. grubstaker. baker. platemaker. quaker. lawmaking. forsaken. glassmaking. muckrake. retaken.

snaky headachy al1 \al\ Bale. golem. Chagall. aerosol. grand mal. pastoral. cicala. loll. morale. Pascal. exhalent. tetravalent. moviemaking. stocktaking. pastoral. percale. timbale. mistral. bivalent. hamal. Neanderthal. flaky. narwhal. decal. petrol. watchmaking. wacko tobacco aku \ak-ii\ Bunraku. grand mal. pall-mall. chorale. calamine alan \al-an\ see allon alance \al-ans\ balance. Bhopal. sublittoral succes de scandale al 2 \el\ see el1 24 bacchanal. unbalance counterbalance. world-shaking merrymaking. papermaking. locale. rationale. vinal . Tlaxcala. corral. copal. pal. riyal. dal. undertaking cabinetmaking. toolmaking. Sol. valance imbalance. Heyerdahl. Wuppertal entente cordiale. moll. urial. covalent. pascal. toile Algol. olla. Allah. Valhalla. zarzuela ala 4 \al-a\ see allow alaam \a-lam\ Balaam. sal. Emmenthal. chorale. tical. musicale. salal. salary. Provencal. univalent alap \al-ap\ see allop 2 alar \a-lsr\ see ailer alary1 \al-re\ see allery alary2 \al-3-re\ calorie. Val banal. Baikal. Valerie. proces-verbal. jacal. Taal. outbalance. moneymaking. inhalant. pentavalent. tambala. Simmental. quetzal. trivalent multivalent. nunchaku akum \a-kam\ vade mecum shalom aleichem aky \a-ke\ achy. Walhalla ayotollah. femme fatale. doll. gagaku. rale. Hal. pedocal. chuckwalla. Douala. atoll. gal. fal-lal. quadrivalent. mescal. cabal. pastorale. La Salle. marsala. sol. serval. surveillant. Guatemala. pol. Natal. falderal. canal. laky. nal. braky. Mallory. halala. Seconal Guadalcanal. chaparral. folderol. kilopascal.aking snowmaking. protocol. moral. femme fatale. Valery kilocalorie al 3 \61\ see all al 4 \al\ Al. caracal. Gujranwala ala 3 \a-la\ ala. rial. nopal. gallery. nyala. Salem Winston-Salem alable \a-l3-bal\ see ailable alace \al-as\ see alis 2 alad \al-ad\ seealid 2 alam \al-3m\ see olumn alamine Xal-a-msnX allemande. real. Malory. overbalance alant \a-lant\ assailant. corolla. cantala. cakey. Shawwal. nopal. sublittoral ala1 \al-a\ a la. koala. austral. parasol. strikebreaking. Transvaal a cheval. policymaking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ake 1 aking 2 \ak-in\ see acking ako 1 \ak-6\ see occo ako 2 \ak-6\ shako. Laval. Chagall. tala. cabal. gala ala 2 \al-a\ Allah. gun moll. joual. retinal. wallah cabala. quetzal. pastorale. dahl. Kampala. Lingala. shaky. gala Venezuela. Chapala. col.

walled close-hauled. regalia. realia. keelhauled. gyrfalcon. glossolalia. overalled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at all aid 2 \61t\ see alt alder \61-dar\ alder. listed at ail ales 2 \al-9s\ see olis alesman \alz-m9n\ bailsman. balder. salesman. Lupercalia. so-called. chaldron ale 1 \a-le\ see aily ale 2 \al\ see ail ale 3 \al\ see al ale 4 \al\ see al ale 5 \al-e\ see oily ale 6 \al-e\ see ally4 alea \a-le-a\ see alia1 aleck1 \el-ik\ see elic2 aleck 2 \al-ik\ see allic aled \ald\ see ailed aleful \al-fgl\ baleful. and -s' forms of nouns.25 alas \al-as\ see alis 2 alate \al-at\ see allet 2 alia alends \al-anz\ see allans alent 1 \al-ant\ see allant alent 2 \a-lant\ see alant alep \al-3p\ see allop 2 aler1 \a-lar\ see ailer aler 2 \al-ar\ see ollar alerie \al-9-re\ see alary 2 alery \al-a-re\ see alary 2 ales 1 \alz\ sales. marginalia. Wales entrails. ribald. nostalgia ali1 \al-e\ see oily ali 2 \al-e\ see ally ali 3 \6-le\ see awly ali4 \a-le\ see aily alia1 \a-le-s\ dahlia Australia. vedalia. azalea. battalia. coveralled. piebald. Marseilles New South Wales. Westphalia bacchanalia. cauldron. genitalia. scald. kobold. Balder aldi \61-de\ Bartholdi. skald. grimalkin aid1 \61d\ bald. inter alia. sunscald Archibald. talesman alet \al-at\ see allet2 alette \al-at\ see allet2 aley \a-le\ see aily alf \af \ see aph alfa \al-fa\ see alpha alfness \af-nas\ see aftness algia \al-j9\ neuralgia. and -s forms of verbs. wailful aleigh 1 \al-e\ see oily1 aleigh 2 \61-e\ see awly alem \a-tam\ see alaam alement Xal-msntX see ailment alen \a-lsn\ see ollen5 alence \a-l9ns\ valence surveillance 2 . Prince of Wales cat-o'-nine-tails —also -s. paraphernalia alcon 1 \6-kan\ see alkin1 alcon \al-kan\ falcon. penetralia. -'s. caldron. Vivaldi Garibaldi aldron \61-drgn\ aldron. saturnalia Orientalia. dalesman. skewbald.

formality. bimodality. criminality. extrality. morality. mammalian. axiality. rationality. ephemerality. frivolity coequality. finality. optimality. communality. Pygmalion. bipedality. causality. callous. animality. commerciality. mutuality. unmorality. thallous. mentality. vitality. Pallas. integrality. personality. partiality. conviviality. primality. grammaticality. illogicality. generality. municipality. coevality. orthogonality. corporeality. emotionality. informality. mortality. colloquiality. sodality. carnality. Dallas. Uralian bacchanalian.alia alia 2 \al-ya\ dahlia battalia. topicality. reality. salad. seasonality. musicality. equivocality. illegality. bestiality. saturnalian Episcopalian. factuality. actuality. venality. Deucalion. fatality. punctuality. functionality. fictionality. rascality. natality. frugality. technicality. virtuality. banality. spaciality. cardinality. notionality. . nodality. rurality. Daedalian. lineality. palace. inequality 26 ality2 \al-9t-e\ anality. immorality. Hegelian. inhospitality. monumentality. extensionality. corporality. brutality. immortality. logicality. orality. geniality. liberality. Lupercalian. illiberality. commonality. atypicality. congeniality. materiality. centrality. whimsicality asexuality. ethicality. atonality. malice. polity. locality. modality. Corona Borealis alist \al-9st\ ballast. sodalist ality1 \al-3t-e\ jollity. conjugality. effectuality. exceptionality. plurality. impracticality. et alia passacaglia alian1 \a-le-an\ alien Australian. sexuality. regality. callused. sesquipedalian. conditionality. talus. connaturality. impersonality. quality equality. instrumentality. dimensionality. vocality abnormality. literality. principality. irreality. chalice. gallused cabalist. nationality. microtonality. farcicality. classicality. duality. bisexuality. totality. speciality. tonality. tatterdemalion alian 2 \al-yan\ see allion alic \al-ik\ see allic alice \al-as\ see alis 2 alid1 \al-sd\ see olid alid 2 \al-ad\ ballad. neutrality. triviality. gallus. phallus. fantasticality. externality. nasality. ideality. physicality. feudality. amorality. balas. subnormality. lexicality. thallus oxalis digitalis hemerocallis aurora borealis. internality. collaterality. directionality. conventionality. hospitality. irrationality. frontality. pallid. collegiality. comicality. ethereality. nuptiality. legality. temporality. originality. verticality. valid invalid alie \al-ya\ see ahlia1 alien \a-le-an\ see alian1 aling \a-lirj\ see ailing alinist \al-3-nast\ see olonist alinn \al-an\ see allon alion 1 \a-le-sn\ see alian1 alion 2 \al-yan\ see allion aliph \a-lsf\ see ail iff alis 1 \a-tas\ see ayless alis 2 \al-as\ Alice. essentiality. cordiality. callus. sociality. criticality. conceptuality. eventuality. unreality.

Norfolk. forestall. stalk. deadfall. unconstitutionality. Saul. outfall. footfall. footstall. psychosexuality. menthol. Sauk. talkie. pushball. crawl. drawl. drywall. downhaul. punchball. tomahawk alkan \61-k9n\ see alkin1 alker \6-kar\ balker. puffball. Koch. baseball. provinciality. individuality. potentiality. catchall. Baikal. territoriality. . nighthawk. four-ball. unconventionality. superficiality. line-haul. cornstalk. stalker. downfall. Riksmal. polytonality. boardwalk. sentimentality. transexuality. artificiality. intellectuality. lowball. spirituality. haul. guildhall. stalky. caulk. fast-talk. best-ball. highball. googol. Bokmal. walkie-talkie Winnipesaukee alkin1 \6-ksn\ Balkan. pawky. balk. yauld. hardball. unisexuality. sleepwalk. curveball. mothball. Swainson's hawk. hall. y'all. squawk. deerstalker. Gaul. miscall. moll. Paul. blackball. Nepal. ALGOL. oddball. football. pawl. yawl Algol. fastball. jaywalker. Black Hawk. awl. rial. meatball. ropewalk. heterosexuality. landfall. ungrammaticality. doubletalk. referentiality. wall. appall. trawl. cornball. befall. bradawl. dodgeball. pitfall. call. floorwalker. nightfall. constitutionality. at all. jayhawker. gnocchi. ashfall. squall. consequentiality. Gall. holdall. bookstall. inconsequentiality. walking racewalking. Salk. Metol. free-fall. scall. duckwalk. floodwall. cure-all. chalky. insubstantiality. eyeball. spall. mall. Hall. gadwall. hypersexuality. eyestalk. gawk. veridicality ambisexuality. talk. boxhaul. supranationality. catafalque. nightwalker. riyal. enthrall. hair ball. streetwalker. walk Bartok. tridimensionality. icefall. gawker. brawl. know-all. doll. headstall. install.27 pansexuality. paranormality. leafstalk. hawker. atoll. substantiality. Landsmal. stall. squawker. naphthol. ineffectuality. falcon. bawl. maul. chalk. gyrfalcon alkin 2 \al-k9n\ see alcon 2 all alking \6-kirj\ caulking. spacewalker. air ball. plimsoll. chalktalk. streetwalking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at alk alkland \6k-tand\ see auckland alky \6-ke\ see alkie all1 \61\ all. Cornwall. talky Milwaukee Handie-Talkie. tall. spacewalking. calk. gawky. triaxiality. COBOL. intersexuality. twodimensionality. ball. unidimensionality extraterritoriality alium \al-e-3m\ see allium alius \a-le-as\ alius Sibelius alk \6k\ auk. self-partiality. cakewalk. caul. nutgall. kraal. crosswalk. scrawl. jaywalk. recall. outhaul. pratfall. goofball. sweet-talk belle epoque. beanball. unsubstantiality exterritoriality. homosexuality. sidewalk. ropewalker. forkball. langue d'oc. fireball. catcall. Sol. confidentiality. footwall. handball. fall. malkin grimalkin. birdcall. uncongeniality. theatricality. heelball. argol. keelhaul. broomball. thrall. paradoxicality. rainsquall. sprawl. Suffolk. shoptalk. walker cakewalker. pub-crawl. AWOL. de Gaulle. shawl. catwalk. outtalk. Bengal. universality. trackwalker double-talker alkie \6-ke\ balky. bemock. hawk. grease ball. small. rainfall. caulker. skywalk. internationality. sleepwalker. pall. immateriality. goshawk. Mohawk. dewfall. circumstantiality.

Nembutal. rorqual. valor alles \I-9s\ see ias 1 allet1 \al-at\ see ollet allet 2 \al-9t\ ballot. snowfall. snowball. Saint Paul. Seconal. Pentothal. stonewall. free-forall. and -s' forms of nouns listed at allon allant \al-9nt\ callant. installer. whitewall. downfallen. faller. seawall. Senegal. stollen befallen. forestaller. alcohol. bucky ball. butterball. trawler fireballer. Mariupol. haute ecole. parasol. Parsifal. Vincent de Paul be-all and end-all all \al\ see al 2 1 28 allans \al-9nz\ calends. T-ball. withal. tell-all. sallet. Komsomol. phallic. methanol. coverall. palette.all rockfall. Gallic. overcall. footballer. overhaul. talent topgallant fore-topgallant alias \al-9s\ seealis 2 allasey \al-s-se\ see olicy allast \al-ast\ see alist alle 1 \al\ see al alle 2 \al-e\ see ally4 alle 3 \al-e\ see oily ailed \61d\ see aid allee \al-e\ see ally4 allemande Xal-a-msnX see alamine alien 1 \6-lan\ fallen. wherewithal cholesterol. Neanderthal. waterfall. speedball. spitball. thallic all 3 \al\ see al 4 alia1 \al-a\ see ala 2 alia 2 \al-a\ see allow4 allable \6-l3-bal\ callable. basketball. sidewall. Sevastopol. Tyrol. withdrawal. brawler. tarpaulin unfallen alien 2 \al-an\ see allon aller1 \6-lgr\ bawler. Costa del Sol. you-all aerosol. minie ball. three-ball. Montreal. gasohol. shallot. valet alley \al-e\ see ally4 alii \al-e\ see ally4 alliard \al-yard\ galliard. timolol. malic. paddleball. callet. Grand Guignol. Transalpine Gaul. sleazeball. overall. coverall. tetherball. barbital. volleyball. gallant. drawler. windgall. windfall. cannonball. jalousie allad \al-ad\ see alid 2 allage \al-3-je\ see alogy 2 allah1 \al-a\ see ala 1 allah 2 \al-a\ see ala allah 3 \al-a\ see allow4 allan \al-an\ see allon . salic. chapfallen. palate. racquetball. stoopball. caterwaul. Stendhal. halyard allic \al-ik\ Gaelic. Salic. crestfallen. girasole. Donegal. Demerol. spallable allace \al-ss\ see olis allacy \al-a-se\ fallacy. therewithal. squaller. pallet. carryall. hauler. short-haul. what all. -'s. save-all. tattersall. know-it-all. softball. buttonball. Lallans —also -s. screwball. slimeball. scrawler. chopfallen. mallet. entresol. protocol. disenthrall. trackball. shortfall. evenfall. knuckleball. stickball. Whitehall. superball. mauler. Massif Central. stonewaller knuckleballer aller 2 \al-9r\ caller. caller. pallor. Walsall.

listed at all allsy \61-ze\ see alsy alius \al-as\ see alis 2 allused \al-ast\ see alist ally1 \a-le\ see aily ally2 \al-e\ see oily1 ally 3 \6-le\ see awly ally 4 \al-e\ alley. intervallic. Vandalic. and -s forms of verbs. sallie. Valium ailment \61-m3nt\ enthrallment. callow. pally. Mexicali. prevocalic intervocalic allid \al-sd\ seealid 2 allie \al-e\ see ally4 ailing \6-lirj\ balling. Galla cavalla. and -s' forms of nouns listed at allow5 alls \61z\ Angel Falls Niagara Falls —also -s. tallish allit \a-lat\ see ollet allith1 \al-as\ see olis allith \al-st\ see ollet allium \al-e-sm\ allium. teocalli. bialy. Talinn. allyn \al-3iA see allon aim \ a m \ seeom 1 alma \al-m3\ Alma. drawling. Allan. tomalley dillydally. gaily. valley Aunt Sally. Allyn. fallow. Valhalla allow 5 \al-6\ aloe. hauling. Uralic. pallium. gallium. finale. thallium. challis. jalap. bally. Sally. shallow. Salop. falling. galop. name-calling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at all1 allion \al-y9n\ scallion. -'s. scallop. tallow unhallow allowed \al-6d\ hallowed unhallowed allows \al-6z\ gallows Allhallows —also -s. Nepali. tally. calling. hallow. lallan. rally. -'s. salep. crevalle. shilly-shally. vocalic genitalic. mauling. Pauling. halma allory1 \al-re\ see allery . stalling infalling. mallow. medallion. Allen. nonmetallic. stallion battalion. Death Valley. forestallment. rapscallion tatterdemalion allis 1 \al-as\ see alis 2 allis 2 \al-e\ see ally allis 3 \al-as\ see olis allish \6-lish\ Gaulish. metallic. installment alio \al-o\ see ollow1 allon \al-sn\ Alan. mandalic. dally. sallow. sally.29 cephalic. italic. gala. shallop escallop allor \al-sr\ see aller 2 2 alma allory 2 \al-a-re\ see alary 2 allot \al-at\ see allet2 allous \al-9s\ see alis 2 allow1 \el-6\ see ello allow 2 \al-a\ see ala 2 allow 3 \al-6\ see ollow1 allow 4 \al-a\ Allah. talon allop 1 \al-ap\ see ollop allop 2 \al-sp\ gallop. impala. mallee. ithyphallic. galley. galling. smallish. smart aleck. Great Rift Valley. Italian. medallic. and -s' forms of nouns. gallon. postvocalic.

Walt asphalt. mammalogist genealogist alogy 1 \al-a-je\ see ology alogy 2 \al-3-je\ analogy. alter. desalter. halter. volt. waltz alsey \61-ze\ see alsy alsy \61-ze\ ballsy. psalmist Islamist almody \am-ad-e\ see omedy almon \am-3n\ see ammon almoner \am-9-n3r\ see ommoner alms \amz\ alms. gault. salp. somersault pepper-and-salt alta \al-ta\ Malta. -'s. salt. vault. and -s' forms of nouns. Schwarzwald. gestalt. Great Salt. smalt. desalt. footfault. mammalogy. scalpel alpel \al-pal\ see alpal alpha \al-fa\ alpha alfalfa alque 1 \6k\ see alk alque 2 \alk\ caique. falter. scalp . stringhalt double-fault. exalt. Psalter. Psalms —also -s. Volta. vaulting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at alt altless \61t-las\ faultless. cobaltic. Walter defaulter. pole-vaulter altery \61-tre\ see altry alti1 \al-te\ Balti difficulty alti2 \61-te\ see alty altic \61-tik\ Baltic asphaltic. exalter. malt. tetralogy mineralogy alom \al-sm\ see olumn alon \al-3n\ see allon alop \al-ap\ see allop 2 alor1 \al-ar\ see ollar alor2 \al-ar\ see aller2 alorie \al-re\ see allery 1 1 alt \61t\ fault. Salta. default. salting. hypallage. salsa alse \61s\ false. basalt.almar almar \am-9r\ see omber 1 aimer \am-3r\ see omber 1 30 alpa \al-pa\ salpa catalpa Tegucigalpa alpal \al-pal\ palpal. listed at om almy \am-e\ see ami alo \al-6\ see ollow 1 1 aloe \al-6\ see allow 1 alogist \al-s-j9st\ see ologist alogist 2 \al-3-jast\ analogist. and -s forms of verbs. Brahms. saltless alorie 2 \al-a-re\ see alary 2 alory1 \al-re\ see allery alory 2 \al-9-re\ see alary 2 alousie \al-9-se\ see allacy alp \alp\ alp. halt. dialogist. salter. Yalta altar \61-tar\ see alter alter \61-tar\ altar. talc catafalque als \alz\ see ols alsa \61-sa\ balsa. Halsey. Gibraltar. systaltic peristaltic alting \61-tin\ halting. vaulter. palter. cobalt. palsy 5 almily \am-3-le\ see omaly almish \am-ish\ see amish 1 almist \am-3St\ palmist. assault.

psaltry alty \61-te\ Balti. Manama. subprogram. Hohokam. in personam. panorama. halve. cyclorama. tam-tam. thiram. valve bivalve univalve inequivalve alve 3 \av\ calve. salty. ideogram. cofferdam. pajama Alabama. logogram. disvalue. undervalue alus 1 \a-las\ see ayless alus 2 \al-as\ see alis 2 alve 1 \av\ see olve 2 alve 2 \alv\ salve. centigram. revalue. comma. dram. heliogram. mama. melodrama. Birmingham. Mount Mazama. Priam. pictogram. paralysis cryptanalysis. quondam. gram. drama. docudrama. Toy ama Atacama. skiagram. dithyramb. damned. cram. anadama. jamb. vaulty ama Annam. decagram. tram. mammogram. fluid dram. damn. Uncle Sam ad nauseam. histogram. cham.3 n\ Alton. dam. monodrama. nizam. wham. pram. Graham. cryptogram. jam. exam. Minicam. Boulder Dam. pajama. mamma da Gama. cam. momma. logjam. psaltery. malty. kilogram. Walton altry \61-tre\ paltry. Fujiyama. grama. pentagram. Kama. microprogram. scam. dalton. whim-wham. ham. docudrama. epigram. diagram. madame. lama. hologram. New Amsterdam. faulty. melodrama. drama. milldam. scattergram. monodrama. mailgram. Amsterdam. clam. ziram Abraham. misvalue. Dalton. SAM. Okayama. Matsuyama. deprogram. reprogram. Fukuyama. oriflamme. ashram. swam. gamma. Christogram. Lamb. Rotterdam. trigram. ma'am. sham. diaphragm. photodrama. Omar Khayyam parallelogram ama 1 \am-9\ Brahma. cyclorama. grandam. scram. dirham. lam. Calvin alvor \al-v9r\ see alver aly \al-e\ see ally4 alyard \al-yard\ see alliard alysis \al-s-s9s\ analysis dialysis. iamb. have. salvor quacksalver alvin \al-V9n\ Alvin. RAM. Surinam. Sam. selfanalysis am 1 \am\ see om 1 am 2 \am\ am. transvalue overvalue. metanalysis. tarn. program. tetradrachm. monogram. salve alver \al-var\ salver. drachm. sonogram. cardiogram. psychodrama altz \61s\ see alse alu \al-ii\ Yalu Tuvalu alue \al-yii\ value devalue. llama. Pam. Assam. Miami. anagram. nomogram. Suriname. Ham. Rama Bahama. yam . flam. goddamn. psychodrama. photodrama. Smithfield ham. Hoover Dam. milligram. Edam. Dalai Lama. ngram.31 alto \al-to\ alto contralto. ram. diorama. thank-you-ma'am. DRAM. slam. squama. Yokohama Fuji-no-Yama Puna de Atacama ama 2 \am-9\ Brahma. flimflam. gam. phonogram. panorama. cablegram. telegram. lamb. Wakayama. chronogram. rialto alton \61t. aerogram. diorama. hexagram.

scramble. hame. sambar. rambler. surname counterclaim. shameless. Zambia ambit \am-b3t\ ambit. chambray ambulant Xam-bya-tentX ambulant somnambulant amby \am-be\ crambe Dushanbe namby-pamby ame \ a m \ aim. blameless. disclaim. nameless. grandame. game. frame. Niflheim. blame. flame. prename. ramble. reclaim. scrambler unscrambler 2 32 ambo \am-bo\ crambo. mainframe. nickname. samba. defame. proclaim. acclaim. endgame. timbre liquidambar ambe \am-be\ see amby ambeau \am-bo\ see ambo amber 1 \am-bar\ see ambar 2 amber \am-ar\ seeammer ambia \am-be-9\ Gambia. place-name. jambeau. maim. gamble. gambler. Amber. kame. shameful amel \am-3l\ see ammel ameless \am-las\ aimless. wame A-frame.amable amable Xa-ma-balX blamable. Zomba Cochabamba viola da gamba ambar1 \am-bar\ see omber 2 ambar 2 \am-b3r\ amber. became. inflame. forename. overcame ame 2 \ a m \ see om 1 ame 3 \ a m \ see am 2 ame 4 \am-3\ see ama 1 ameable Xa-ms-balX see amable amed \amd\ famed. cross-claim. dame. gambol. enframe. quitclaim. shamble preamble. named ashamed. unscramble skimble. claim. forenamed unashamed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ame 1 ameful Xam-falX blameful. freezeframe. namely. nameable. tameless amely \am-le\ gamely. lame. mamba. gambit amble 1 \am-bal\ see emble amble 2 \am-b3l\ amble. framable. camber. melodramatist amba \am-b3\ gamba. exclaim. selfsame. sambo Ovambo ambol \am-bal\ see amble 2 ambray \am-bre\ see ambry ambry \am-bre\ ambry. declaim. tamely . bramble. misname. airframe. name. shame. claimable. byname. tamable irreclaimable amah \am-a\ see ama 1 aman 1 \a-m9n\ see amen 1 aman 2 \am-3n\ see ommon amant 1 \a-mant\ see ayment amant 2 \am-ant\ see ament 2 amas \am-as\ see amice amash \am-ish\ see amish 1 amateur \am-st-ar\ see ameter amatist \am-9t-9st\ dramatist epigrammatist. aflame. fame. tame. same. lamely. came.skamble ambler \am-bl3r\ ambler.

Tommy gourami. chlamys. and -s forms of verbs. Yemen examen. and -s' forms of nouns. drayman. salami. qualmy. Lammas amies \am-iks\ see omics amie 1 \a-me\ Amy. ceramic.33 amen 1 \a-man\ bayman. quamash schoolmarmish amish 2 \am-ish\ Amish. stamen. camas. chamfer ami1 \am-e\ balmy. examinant aminar Xam-a-narX see aminer 2 amine \am-an\ see ammon aminer1 \am-3-nar\ see ommoner aminer 2 \am-3-nar\ laminar gewurztraminer aming \a-mirj\ flaming. famish amist \am-ast\ see almist amity \am-at-e\ amity calamity amlet \am-lat\ camlet. ramie cockamamie. dynamic adynamic. qualmish. exogamic. sameness. swami. Bremen. cleistogamic. clamant amer \a-mar\ see aimer ames \amz\ James —also -s. listed at ame ameter \am-9t-ar\ amateur decameter. pastrami. heptameter. cryptogrammic. zamia Mesopotamia amic 1 \6-mik\ see omic 2 amic 2 \am-ik\ gamic Adamic. palmy. commie. gravamen. cycloramic. -'s. Jamie. tatami. phonogrammic. polygamic aerodynamic. hamlet. Mamie. biodynamic. -'s. lameness. tetrameter amfer \am-p9r\ see amper 1 2 amlets amice \am-3s\ amice. dioramic. hexameter. cockamamy amie 2 \am-e\ see ammy amil1 \am-al\ see ommel 1 amil 2 \am-3l\ see ammel amily \am-le\ family profamily. caiman. pentameter. panoramic. tameness ament 1 \a-mant\ see ayment ament 2 \am-9nt\ ament. diameter. Damon. Cayman. tsunami origami ami 2 \am-3\ see ama 4 ami 3 \am-e\ see ammy amia \a-me-a\ lamia. stepfamily amin \am-an\ see ammon amina \am-9-ri3\ lamina. hypothalamic. gaming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ame1 amish 1 \am-ish\ Amish. octameter. agamic. balsamic. Hamlet. flamen. Sagami. thermodynamic magnetodynamic . framing. shaman. highwayman amen 2 \am-an\ see ommon ameness \am-nas\ gameness. hydrodynamic. parameter. mommy. samlet amlets \am-tats\ Tower Hamlets —also -s. stamina aminal \am-an. layman. Haman.3 l\ laminal foraminal aminant \am-3-n9nt\ contaminant. ideogramic. and -s'forms of nouns listed at amlet amfer2 \am-f3r\ camphor.

decamp. camp. ramie. tampion ampean 2 \am-pe-an\ see ampion 2 amper 1 \am-par\ see omper amper 2 \am-par\ camper. enamor. unclamp afterdamp. hammy. trammel enamel ammer \am-ar\ clamber. squamous biramous. vamp blackdamp. clamorous. grammar. hammock. tamp. yellowhammer ammes \am-3s\ see omise ammie \am-e\ see ammy ammies \am-ez\ jammies —also -s. firedamp. famous. -'s. jackhammer. sledgehammer. samp. chokedamp.amma amma \am-s\ see ama 4 ammable \am-3-bal\ flammable programmable diagrammable ammal \am-sl\ see ammel ammany \am-9-ne\ see ammony ammar \am-3r\ see ammer am mas \am-as\ see amice ammatist \am-3t-ast\ see amatist amme \am\ see am 2 34 ammy \am-e\ chamois. scamper. mammy. examine cross-examine ammony \am-a-ne\ scammony. champ. gamin. slammer. lamp. rammer. shammy. mandamus ignoramus. glamour. guimpe. clammer. mammal. aide-de-camp. encamp. salmon backgammon. cramp. monogrammer. clammy. programmer. ninnyhammer. clamor. gammy. crammer. mammon. gammon. gamp. famine. glamorous amos \a-mas\ see amous amour \am-ar\ see ammer amous \a-mss\ Amos. on-ramp. lamber. clamp. and -s' forms of nouns listed at ammy amming \am-irj\ damning programming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at am 2 ammock \am-ak\ drammock. headlamp. dammar. Nostradamus amp 1 \ a m p \ see omp 1 amp 2 \ a n \ see ant 1 amp 3 \ a m p \ amp. Tammany . hammer. clamour. stamper. preamp. whammy Miami amn \ a m \ see am 2 amned \am\ see am 2 amning \am-in\ see amming amois \am-e\ see ammy amon 1 \a-man\ see amen 1 amon 2 \am-9n\ see ommon amor \am-3r\ see ammer amorous \am-ras\ amorous. fiimflammer. gammer. trip-hammer. stammel. Sammie. chamfer. damper. hamper. sunlamp. stammer. Tamil. shamus. Sammy. tamper amphor \am-fsr\ see amfer2 ammel \am-3i\ camel. shammer. stamp. jammer. off-ramp. yammer clawhammer. windjammer katzenj ammer. scamp. pamper. mammock ammon \am-an\ Brahman. C-clamp. revamp. tramp. ramp. gramp. damp. minicamp ampean 1 \am-pe-an\ pampean. Grammy.

vegan. Mann. wingspan. liftman. Van adman. G-man. ashcan. soutane. stuntman. pampean. Saran. Joann. lamster amsun \am-san\ Hamsun. chlordan. reedman. tan. newsman. cowman. Diane. birdman. scan. San. caftan. deskman. van. Diann. -'s. FORTRAN. frogman. ataman. fan-tan. Roseanne. Stan. also-ran. scalepan. milkman. Klan. Jan. madman. example. suntan. aidman. pan. deadpan. freeman. Joanne. pavane. merman. ape-man. Ann. glucan. Spokane. sample. caveman. plowman. legman. saucepan. postman. Tarzan. hardpan. inspan. foreran. freedman. reman. and -s' forms of nouns. he-man. japan. Luanne. Pan. sandman. unman. Mandan. rodman. Kazan. divan. leadman. Dan. Cruzan. claypan. bran. taipan. loran. kneepan. stickman. clan. Nan. dishpan. outran. bedpan. corban. preman. Thompson amulus \am-v3-tas\ famulus. automan. brogan. tisane. Saipan. trample ensample. Tristan. nan. soundman. ban. Fan. Georgeann. flyman. Roxanne. began. Chopin. anchorman. tampion ample \am-pal\ ample. man. Afghan. Ameslan. Northampton. and -s forms of verbs. Qur'an. pecan. cancan. sampan. pressman. allemande. panne. astrakhan. cooncan. sedan. Shan. Southampton Wolverhampton ampus \am-p3s\ Campos. boardman. Kurgan. Ruthann. attackman. stewpan. fibranne. Sudan. routeman. listed at am amson \am-san\ damson. captan. can. brainpan. scampi ams \amz\ Jams —also -s. clubman. campus. yardman. Milan. span. snowman. TACAN. schoolman. sideman. rampion. jazzman. Gosplan. trampler ampo \am-po\ see ompo ampos \am-pgs\ see ampus ampsia \am(p)-se-a\ eclampsia preeclampsia ampton \am-tsn\ Hampton Easthampton. Cayman. Grampian. Dianne. ran. grampus hippocampus ampy \am-pe\ campy. champion. oilman. Walkman. Marfan. rattan. propman. Astrakhan. Samson amster \am-star\ hamster. fan. Bhutan. yes-man Alcoran. Koran.35 ampi1 \am-pe\ see ompy ampi 2 \am-pe\ see ampy ampian \am-pe-an\ see ampion 2 ampion 1 \am-pe-an\ see ampean 1 ampion 2 \am-pe-9n\ campion. Queen Anne. cyan. Tman. toucan. hamulus amus 1 \a-mas\ see amous amus 2 \am-as\ see omise amy \a-me\ see amie 1 amys \am-ss\ see amice an 1 \a n \ see ant 1 an 2 \an\ see on 1 an 3 \ s n \ see un an 4 \arj\ see ang 2 an an 5 \an\ an. Bataan. Cheyenne. Andaman. Japan. caiman. chessman. doorman. capstan. gagman. Leanne. flan. stockman. Suzanne. ragman. Cohan. . Athelstan. iceman. spaceman. Cezanne. Dian. trashman. Anne. plan. dustpan. Susanne. oilcan. mailman. strongman. subsample counterexample ampler \am-pl9r\ sampler. Iran. trepan. trainman.

plainclothesman. panelist cryptanalyst psychoanalyst anan \an-an\ see annon anape \an-a-pe\ see anopy anary1 \an-re\ see anery anary 2 \an-re\ see annery 2 . Louisiana. gamelan. Dianna. ombudsman. radioman. hosanna. bogeyman. tallyman. cavalryman. fellowman. Indiana. Julianne.3 l-ast\ analyst. rewrite man. Maryanne. yataghan. Occitan. catamaran. Ludhiana. moneyman. Donna. Powhatan. everyman. Kana. tannage stage-manage micromanage anagh \an-a\ see ana 3 anah 1 \6-na\ seeona 1 anah 2 \an-a\ see ana 1 anal \an. sultana. bipartisan. donna. gymkhana. orangutan. cantilena. pattypan. Shantyman. Pakistan. Johanna. Susanna. countryman. pivotman. Omdurman. Baluchistan. Guyana. garageman. selectman. Shakespeareana. defenseman. piranha. Port Sudan. Anna. black-and-tan. Savannah. chicana. Tajikistan. tamarin. pozzolana. Monaghan. Rosh Hashanah. Isle of Man. Fermanagh. newspaperman. Kyrgyzstan. Ljubljana. salary man. Lana Africana. goanna. harmattan. annalist. teleman. caravan. catch-as-catch-can. partisan. weatherman. serviceman. Kurdistan. dairyman.3 l\ anal. Lincolniana. hiragana. poinciana. Shakespeareana. funnyman. Kazakhstan. Dona. counterman. Ghana. Belmopan. Victoriana ana \an-ya\ see ania 1 anacle \an-i-kal\ see anical anage \an-ij\ manage. Catalan. Diana. Hannah. Susannah Africana. expressman. Ku Klux Klan. cabana. Caliban. mafiana. superman. canna. jerrican. trimaran. Mahayana. jacana. nicotiana. Hindustan. Hamadan. exciseman. PoUyanna. man-for-man. cameraman. arriere-ban. triggerman. Montana. Marianna. Juliana. Ramadan. Hinayana. nicotiana. Turkmenistan. man-toman. Tijuana. ikebana. Ryazan. Victoriana Ciudad Guyana ana 2 \a-na\ ana. Juliann. fata morgana.an balmacaan. gymkhana. Santa Ana Americana. Lana. bartizan. Purana. savanna. epifauna. shovelman. Maryann. Anna. Haryana. signalman. Havana. iguana. repairman. Marianne. cattleman. Lana. lantana. overman. ruana. courtesan. colorman. boogeyman. banal analyst \an. Tirane. shandrydan. zenana 7 1 6 1 36 Africana. Civitan. businessman. Dana. workingman. mana Botswana. manna. Parmesan. bwana. Kalimantan. Guiana. counterplan. nirvana. prima donna. hotelman. French Guiana. teleran. minuteman. safetyman. Ghana. anna. Yucatan Afghanistan. overran. Madonna. Tatiana Americana. Rajputana. Mariana. Shakespeareana ana 3 \an-a\ ana. committeeman. handyman. deliveryman. Joanna. Guadiana. Peter Pan. spick-and-span. bandanna. middleman. garbageman. Teheran. Deanna. marijuana. fancy-dan. fauna. liana. nana banana. fata morgana. Uzbekistan an \an-ys\ see ania an \ang\ see ong an 8 \ant\ see ant 2 ana 1 \an-a\ ana. Toscana. Bantustan. turbofan. Lonna. belladonna. nagana. parmigiana. cornerman. Cartagena nicotiana.

seance a outrance. Provence. Vance advance. happenstance. lingua franca. branch. mischance. glance. merganser. dancer. refinance. lance. nonchalance. Romance. finance. romancer. side-glance. Lance. rhabdomancer ances \an(t)-sas\ see ancis ancet \an-sst\ lancet Narragansett anch 1 \anch\ seeaunch 1 anch 2 \6nch\ see aunch 2 anch 3 \anch\ blanch. complaisance. fer-delance. manse. contredanse. sconce brisance. bechance. smarty-pants. trans. outrance. cancer. sweatpants circumstance. dance. renaissance piece de resistance ance 3 \ans\ chance. underpants — also -s. faience. listed at ant 5 anceable Xan-sa-balX seeansible anced \anst\ canst circumstanced underfinanced anchy —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ance 3 ancel \an-sal\ cancel. rancher anchi \an-che\ see anchy anchion \an-chsn\ see ansion anchor \arj-ksr\ see anker anchoress \arj-krss\ see ankerous anchy \an-che\ branchy.37 anate \an-at\ see annet anative \an-at-iv\ sanative explanative anbe \am-be\ see amby anc 1 \a n \ see ant 1 anc 2 \arj\ see ang 2 anc 3 \arjk\ see ank anca \arj-k3\ Kanka barranca Casablanca. nuance. revanche anche 2 \anch\ see anch 3 anche 3 \an-che\ see anchy ancher 1 \6n-ch9r\ see auncher ancher 2 \an-chsr\ ceinture. Fort-deFrance. perchance. stance. Salamanca ance 1 \ a n s \ nuance. Ranchi Comanche . renaissance mesalliance. askance. necromancer. France. prancer advancer. enhance. handsel expansile. expanse. enhancer. enhancement ancer \an-sar\ answer. Port-au-Prince. ropedancer anticancer. chancellor vice-chancellor ancellor \an-star\ see anceler ancement \an-smant\ advancement. fer-delance. nonce. prance. Liederkranz. par excellence concours d'elegance piece de resistance ance \ans\ Hans. happenchance. and -s forms of verbs. precancel anceler \an-slar\ canceler. ordonnance. chancel. ensconce. lancer. -'s. Saint-Saens. free-lancer. ranch rebranch avalanche anche 1 \a n sh\ tranche carte blanche. response Afrikaans. complaisance. provenance. diligence. country-dance. geomancer. Blanche. entrance. glancer. romance. trance. and -s' forms of nouns.

rhabdomancy. contraband. blackland. lefthand. heartland. Lapland. NAND. Togoland. misbrand. crashland. Swaziland. firebrand. underhand. Krugerrand. Prince Rupert's Land. wasteland. wonderland. hand to hand. fatherland. southland. command. fourhand. disband. homeland. repand. Zululand analysand. washstand. cropland. fenland. duneland. bandstand. secondhand. kickstand. Dixieland. Samarkand. meadowland. unhand. backhand. free hand. band. Bechuanaland. benchland. hardstand. headband. nightstand. belly-land. tableland. Ferdinand. wetland. proband. spaceband. unmanned. handstand. summand. dockland. brushland. and -s' forms of nouns. ordinand. motherland. longhand. inland. Gotland. gland. bushland. Rio Grande. brand. Rand. confirmand. four-in-hand. thirdhand. multiplicand. land. broadband. fantasyland. trainband. Kokand. coastland. newsstand. lotusland. hinterland. offhand. expand. operand. overland. pineland. gangland. filmland. stagehand. grassland. Thailand. badland. timberland. marshland. sideband. outland. sand. farmland. Inland. backland. Nagaland. beforehand.ancial ancial \an-chal\ see antial ancis \an(t)-sas\ Frances. parkland. roband. rimland. right-hand. screenland. flatland. 38 Iceland. narrowband. bland. forehand. videoland. dockhand. rand. Sand. wildland. bottomland. Saarland. softland. saraband. and -s forms of verbs. no-man's-land. scabland. dreamland. panda . playland. bellyband. tideland. downland. sweatband. Queensland. noseband. cowhand. glad-hand. fancy. Sudetenland. headstand. stand strand armband. borderland. scrubland. hatband. grandstand. Witwatersrand Matabeleland Alice-in-Wonderland —also -ed forms of verbs listed at an 5 and 4 \an\ see on1 and 5 \ant\ see ant 2 anda 1 \an-da\ Ganda. understand. hydromancy. geomancy. demand. rangeland. firsthand. ribband. cloudcuckoo-land. Nancy unchancy chiromancy. overhand. quicksand. vacationland. hand-to-hand. reprimand. swampland. mainland. Rhineland. shorthand. hand. dryland. sycophancy oneiromancy and 1 \a n \ see ant 1 and 2 \and\ see ond 1 and 3 \and\ and. deckhand. outstand. behindhand. graduand. pyromancy. grand. fairyland. undermanned. manned. wristband ampersand. misunderstand. pastureland. waistband. cloudland. heathland. Francis Aransas —also -s. cabstand. freehand. remand. countermand. farmhand. canned. watchband. withstand. inkstand. northland. -'s. Talleyrand. seastrand. necromancy. Rheinland. Somaliland. listed at ance anck \ank\ see onk1 anco \arj-ko\ see onco ancolin \arj-ktan\ see anklin ancor \an-kar\ see anker ancorous \arj-kras\ see ankerous ancre \arj-ksr\ see anker ancrous \an-kras\ see ankerous anct \arjt\ see anked ancy \an-se\ chancy. forestland. Damavand.

mainlander. flatlander. heavyhanded. philander. salamandrine ande 1 \an\ see un ande \an\ see an 3 2 5 andid —also -ed forms of verbs listed at and 3 andel \an-d 3 l\ see andle andem Xan-dsrrA see andum andent \an-dant\ candent. gander. listed at andy andeur 1 \an-dsr\ see ander 3 andeur 2 \an-jar\ see anger 4 andhi \an-de\ see andy andi \an-de\ see andy andible Xan-da-balX see andable andid \an-dad\ see anded ande \an-de\ see andy ande 4 \and\ see and 3 ande 5 \an-da\ see onda anded \an-dad\ banded. handed. sandaled well-handled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at andle andall \an-d 3 l\ see andle andalous \an-dlas\ see andless andam \an-dam\ see andum andant \an-dant\ see andent andar \and-9r\ see under andarin \an-dran\ mandarin alexandrine. Alexander. pander. Leander. strander. slander. Luganda. grandstander. left-handed. blackhander. listed at ander andery \an-dre\ see andry andes \an-dez\ Andes —also -s. right-hander. and -s' forms of nouns. stranded backhanded. sander. germander. overhanded. meander. oleander. alexander. and -s forms of verbs. veranda jacaranda. red-handed. backhander. light-handed. inlander. ham-handed. single-hander —also -er forms of adjectives listed at and 3 anderous \an-dras\ see androus anders \an-darz\ Flanders Bouvier des Flandres. right-handed. cleanhanded. Miranda. threehanded. outlander. landed. shorthanded. demandable. hardhanded. grandeur. commander. dander. candid. bystander. Uganda. propaganda nomina conservanda anda 2 \an-da\ see onda andable Xan-da-balX mandible commandable. goosander. singlehanded. and -s forms of verbs. left-hander. underhanded . ironhanded. openhanded. Luanda. scrimshander. gerrymander. brander. pomander. expandable understandable andaed \an-dad\ see anded andal \an-d 9 l\ see andle andaled \an-d 3 ld\ handled. -'s.39 Amanda. Uitlander Africander. lander. high-handed. -'s. bare-handed. scandent demandant ander 1 \en-dar\ see ender ander 2 \an-dar\ see onder 1 ander 3 \an-dar\ bander. verandaed empty-handed. demander. coriander. expander. two-handed. gladhander. salamander. offhanded. unbranded. sure-handed. zander auslander. freehanded. golden alexanders —also -s. fourhanded. evenhanded. memoranda. and -s' forms of nouns. candor. branded. soft-lander. calamander. one-handed. forehanded.

Zane andment \an-mant\ commandment. mane. drain. Randy. blain. seine. Lane. wain. vandal footcandle. quean. Handy. Twain. Jayne. swain. sane. vane. Spain. chain. hardstanding. handler panhandler. wane. pachysandra andrea \an-dre-a\ see andria andrel \an-dral\ mandrel. Standish outlandish andist \an-dast\ contrabandist. grain. stickhandler andless \an-tas\ see anless andly \an-le\ see anly 2 40 andria \an-dre-a\ Andrea Alexandria andrill \an-dral\ see andrel andrine \an-drsn\ see andarin andros \an-drss\ see androus androus \an-dras\ Andros slanderous gynandrous. bane. handle. meandrous polyandrous andry \an-dre\ commandery. main. Cain. stane. Dwain. panhandle. stickhandle coromandel. slain. brain. propagandist —also -est forms of adjectives listed at and 3 and it \an-dat\ bandit. feign. skein. sandal. Maine. pandit andle \an-d 3 l\ candle. upstanding mind-expanding. mishandle. landsman andsome \an-ssm\ see ansom andum \an-d3m\ fandom. chandler. handy. disbandment ando \an-do\ Fernando. rein. pain. grandam. plain. Aisne. sain. Randall. Paine. deign. reign. Crane. pandy. vain. rain. Seine. Dane. sandy. ane. cane. unhandy Rio Grande modus operandi ane 1 \an\ ain. bandy. longstanding. sandhi. monandry polyandry ands \anz\ Badlands. Klansman. crane. vein. Lowlands Canyonlands andsel \an-sal\ see ancel andsman \anz-man\ bandsman. brandish. Coromandel andled \an-d 3 l\ see andaled andler \an-lar\ candler. mandrill. random. freestanding. spandrel andres \an-darz\ see anders 3 . clansman. Duane. sprain. candy. twain. tandem memorandum nomen conservandum subpoena ad testificandum andy \an-de\ Andy. scandal. strain. thane. gain. Dwayne. randy. outstanding. stain. understanding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at and 3 andish \an-dish\ blandish. fain. brandy. plane. Orlando andom \an-dam\ see andum andor \an-dar\ see ander andra \an-dra\ Sandra Cassandra Alexandra. Blaine. Brandy. lane. train. shandy jim-dandy. fane. notwithstanding. Sandy. Handel. dandle.anding anding \an-din\ standing commanding. pane. thegn. Jane. crossbanding. dandy. Wayne. manhandle. standish.

moraine. chilblain. chatelaine. cordwain. elecampane. Lake Pontchartraine. refrain. Touraine. grosgrain. Bahrain. gang. aquaplane. engrain. devein. clang. amain. mortmain. quatrain. deplane. dang. Hussein. simultaneous. retrain. porcelaneous. marchpane. frangipane. chatelain. lightplane. cellophane. Bloemfontein. paravane. de Montaigne. featherbrain. Moulmein. bloodstain. lo mein. transmontane. demimondaine. spontaneous coetaneous. Stanford ang 1 \arj\ seeong 1 ang 2 \arj\ bang. gangue. enplane. contain. instantaneous. enchain. tramontane. rattlebrain. coxswain. crackbrain. dogbane. Helaine. maintain. extraneous. Beltane. cowbane. remain. peneplain. volplane. unchain. Duane. Spanish Main. membrane. extemporaneous aner 1 \a-nar\ see ainer aner 2 \an-ar\ see onor1 anery \an-re\ granary chicanery anet \an-at\ see annet aneum \a-ne-3m\ see anium aney \6-ne\ see awny1 anford \an-fard\ Sanford. . windowpane Alsace-Lorraine. drivetrain. auf Wiedersehen. suzerain. constrain. ptomaine. preordain. consentaneous. humane. Fort Wayne. overlain. fleabane. Charlemagne. sea-lane. convertiplane. distrain. ingrain. seaplane. appertain. floodplain. Aquitaine. entertain. birdbrain. cocaine. tearstain. La Fontaine. domain. pertain. complain. Gawain. ang Tamburlaine. destain. succedaneous contemporaneous. romaine. fang. octane. Igraine. demesne. mundane. montane. lamebrain. terreplein. retain. checkrein. Lorraine. intermontane. terrain. explain. eyestrain. entrain. sugarcane. balletomane. Mary Jane. detrain. restrain. extramundane.3 l\ see annel anelist \an. distain. papertrain. Tamerlane. ascertain. floatplane. wolfsbane aeroplane. monoplane. Kwajalein. again. scatterbrain. neck-rein. airplane. sailplane. vicereine. triplane. ultramontane trichalomethane ane 2 \an\ see an 5 ane 3 \an-s\ see ana 1 ane 4 \an\ see on 1 anea \a-ne-3\ see ania 2 anean \a-ne-an\ seeanian 2 aned \and\ see ained anee \an-e\ see anny aneful \an-fal\ see ainful anel \an. Port of Spain. mise-en-scene. Ukraine. biplane. migraine. portwine stain. bhang. arcane. hyperplane. henbane. obtain. terrane. dumbcane. chow mein. insane. Champlain. seatrain. attain. warplane. hurricane. arraign. marocain. avellane. villein. shaggymane. inhumane.41 abstain. sustain. pang. Loraine. ordain. gyroplane. Novocain. purslane. Biscayne. hydroplane.3 l-sst\ see analyst aneous \a-ne-3s\ cutaneous. bugbane. Charles's Wain. Cockaigne. novocaine. house-train. neutercane. cinquain. foreordain. Montaigne. emplane. urbane. Helene. legerdemain. hang. Fang. Elaine. germane. edge-grain. detain. immane. inane. campaign. disdain. plain-Jane. profane. vervain. miscellaneous. champaign. champagne. counterpane. Bassein. chicane.

triangle. mangel. clangour. wangle. slang. interchange. straphang. languor. clanger. shortchanger interchanger anger 2 \arj-ar\ banger. clangor. strangle. downrange. clangor anger 4 \an-jar\ flanger. danger. shortchange counterchange. Pinang. Mount Wrangell. short-range. whizbang boomerang. spangle. wangler. siamang interrobang. dangle. range. hanger. outrange. wrangler entangler angles \arj-galz\ Angles. overhang. listed at angle anglian \an-gle-an\ Anglian. intangible. defang. probang. stang. hangar. tangible infrangible. untangle. pentangle. quadrangle. tangent anger 1 \an-jar\ changer. press-gang. orangutan ang \6rj\ see ong 3 2 42 anger 3 \arj-gar\ anger. slam-bang. estranger. meringue. exchanger. haranguer. straphanger paperhanger . charabanc. free-range.ang prang. mange. ganglion anga Xan-gaX see onga angar \an-ar\ see anger 2 ange 1 \a n zh\ blancmange. strangles —also -s. ranger. rightangled. unchanging. stranger bushranger. rang. Sanger. grandeur phalanger angi \arj-e\ see angy 2 angible \an-J3-bal\ frangible. omnirange Great Dividing Range ange 3 \anj\ flange phalange angel \an-g9i\ see angle angell \an-gal\ see angle angement \anj-m9nt\ arrangement. mustang. and -s forms of verbs. parang. wide-ranging —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ange 2 anging 2 \arj-irj\ hanging cliff-hanging paperhanging —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ang 2 angle \arj-g3l\ angle. shebang. disarrange. parasang. estrangement disarrangement angency \an-jan-se\ plangency. bangle. and -s' forms of nouns. mangle. -'s. melange ange 2 \anj\ change. manger. endanger. tang. twang. oldfangled. tangency angent \an-jant\ plangent. grange. j angler. orang. entangle. spang. derangement. estrange. jangle. mangier. ginseng. whang. strange arrange. rectangle. strangler. ganger. refrangible angie \arj-e\ see angy 2 anging 1 \an-jirj\ bushranging. granger. wrangle embrangle. derange. twanger cliff-hanger. wideangle disentangle angled \an-gald\ angled. sprang. yang cliff-hang. harangue. exchange. gearchange. sang. linsang. trepang. tangled newfangled. dangler. star-spangled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at angle anglement Xarj-gal-mantX tanglement embranglement. entanglement di sentanglement angler \arj-glar\ angler. long-range. tangle.

Romanic. pyromania. tawny afghani. panic. languorous angour \arj-sr\ see anger 2 angster \arj-star\ gangster. egomania. kleptomania. oceanic. dipsomania. Rumanian. tannic Brahmanic. fandango angor 1 \arj-ar\ see anger 2 angor 2 \arj-gar\ see anger 3 angorous \arj-3-ras\ clangorous. gangling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at angle anglion \an-gle-9n\ see anglian angly \arj-gle\ gangly. Hispanic. galvanic. quadriphony. maharani. Ruritanian. tangly ango \arj-go\ mango. Iranian. Koranic. slanguage metalanguage. Ronnie. Urania Acarnania. Transylvania balletomania. titania. theophanic Indo-Germanic. languish anguor \arj-ar\ see anger 2 anguorous \arj-3-ras\ see angorous angus \arj-gas\ Angus. Britannic. bonny. Aquitania. epiphanic. hypomania. volcanic aldermanic. Germanic. protolanguage angue \an\ see ang 2 anguer \arj-ar\ see anger 2 anical ania1 \an-ya\ Agana. Fulani chalcedony. Romanian. panicle. talismanic. titanic. fawny. firemanic. tango Durango. Mauretania. Rajasthani mulligatawny ani 2 \an-e\ see anny 1 . Mauritania. Ossianic. Spaniard anic \an-ik\ manic. mechanical. Kisangani. melanic. satanic. shamanic. inorganic. Hispania. Pomeranian. tympanic. megalomanic. Donnie. nymphomania. mythomania. Ukrainian. Pennsylvanian. mechanic. lasagna. Uranian. rangy angy 2 \arj-e\ tangy. Pomerania. prankster anguage \arj-gwij\ language. subterranean Indo-Iranian. Espana. Anglomania. vulcanian Lithuanian. Sudanic. Mediterranean aniard \an-yard\ lanyard. transoceanic anical \an-i-kal\ manacle. monomania. Dardanian. Alemannic. johnny. Nuristani. organic. collectanea.43 angling \arj-glin\ angling. Oceania. bibliomania. Connie. Catania. Lithuania. Turanian Araucanian anian 2 \a-ne-sn\ Albanian. jangly. Pennsylvania. suboceanic. Sassanian. preHispanic. Titania. paralanguage. Turanian. sanicle botanical. twangy Ubangi collieshangie anha \an-s\ see ana 1 anhope \an-sp\ see annup ani1 \an-e\ Bonnie. Titania Emilia-Romagna ania 2 \a-ne-a\ mania. tyrannical puritanical anguish \arj-gwish\ anguish. miscellanea. Rhaeto-Romanic. messianic. cyanic. malaguena Tripolitania —also words listed at ania anian 1 \an-e-3ii\ Kiwanian. Brangus angy \an-je\ mangy. councilmanic. megalomania ania 3 \an-ya\ Campania. Titania Aquitania. decalcomania.

sheepshank. vanity 44 humanity. flank. nonbank. pandanus. shank. dank. tank. tanka Sri Lanka anka 2 \arj-ka\ see anca ankable Xarj-ka-balX bankable. redshank. inanity. Frank. churchianity. shrank. blank. frank. thank. claybank. inhumanity superhumanity anium \a-ne-9m\ cranium geranium. ranid Sassanid aniel1 \an. tanked spindle-shanked. frankable anked \arjt\ shanked. brank. unanimous pusillanimous animus \an-3-mas\ see animous anion 1 \an-yan\ see onyon1 anion 2 \an-ysn\ banyan. canyon. outrank. planish. -'s. spanker. ganister anite \an-at\ see annet anity \an-st-e\ sanity. cankerous. canon. franker. Hells Canyon anis \an-as\ see anise anise \an-as\ anise. urbanity Christianity. Janis. titanous Scipio Africanus anish 1 \a-nish\ see ainish anish 2 \an-ish\ banish.3 l\ see annel aniel 2 \an-yal\ see anual anigan \an-i-gsn\ seeannigan anikin \an-i-kan\ see annikin animous \an-9-m3s\ animus magnanimous. canister. stank. ranker. rancor. vanish Pollyannish. canker. Rankine anker \an-ksr\ anchor. plank. snowbank mountebank. hanker. Spanish. Johnannes. flanker. banker. mannish. sandbank. lank. spank. Yank Burbank. greenshank. chancrous. outflank. and -s forms of verbs. chancre. prank. foreshank. gangplank. insanity. rank. fanion companion. franc. listed at anic anid1 \a-nsd\ ranid tabanid anid 2 \an-ad\ canid. stannous Johannes. crank. Janice. unanchor —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ank ankerous \arj-kras\ anchoress. riverbank clinkety-clank anka 1 \arj-ka\ concha. uranium succedaneum ank \ank\ bank. Judeo-Spanish anist \an-ast\ see onest anister \an-3-star\ banister. profanity. tanker. drank. yank. point-blank. pickthank. clank. clannish. hank. Grand Canyon. sacrosanct —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ank ankee \an-ke\ see anky anken \arj-kan\ flanken. embank. sank.anice anice \an-ss\ see anise anicle \an-i-kal\ see anical anics \an-iks\ annex mechanics —also -s. and -s' forms of nouns. swank. rancorous cantankerous ankh \arjk\ seeonk 1 ankie \arj-ke\ see anky ankine \arj-ksn\ see anken . thanker co-anchor. tannish.

panel. manor. scanner. lanky. Hindustani. colcannon annous \an-ss\ see anise anns \anz\ see ans 4 annual \an-ysl\ see anual annular Xan-ya-larX annular. spanner. manner. annulet campanulate annulet \an-ya-bt\ see annulate annum \an-9m\ see anum 2 annup \an-ap\ sannup. wanly aniy 2 \an-le\ blandly. granular annulate \an-ya-l9t\ annulate. Hannibal annic \an-ik\ see anic annle \an-e\ see anny annigan \an-i-gan\ brannigan shenanigan annikin \an-i-kan\ cannikin.l-3st\ see analyst annan \an-an\ see annon anne \an\ see an 5 3 3 anned \and\ see and annel \an. wanness an net \an-at\ gannet. granary. Shannon. kokanee. scrannel. hankie. Stanley Osmanli. Danny. planet pomegranate annexe \an-iks\ see anics annibal \an-3-bal\ cannibal. spaniel impanel English Channel annequin \an-i-kan\ see annikin anner \an-sr\ banner. tannery annes \an-as\ see anise anness \an-nas\ fondness.45 ankish \arj-kish\ Frankish. ca'canny. manless. granite. Channel. canon. vanner deadpanner. manikin. fanny.3 l\ channel. prankish ankle \arj-kal\ ankle. mannequin. planless anley \an-le\ see aniy2 anli \an-le\ see aniy 2 anny annery 1 \an-re\ ornery. unmanly ann 1 \an\ see an 5 ann 2 \an\ see on 1 anna \an-9\ see ana 1 annish \an-ish\ see anish 2 annon \an-sn\ cannon. granny. swannery annery 2 \an-re\ cannery. thrawnly. rankle ankly \arj-kle\ blankly. fanner. crankle. nanny afghani. dankly. cranny. flannel. frankly anks \arjs\ see anx ankster \arj-stsr\ see angster anky \arj-ke\ cranky. planner. hootenanny anna 2 \an-s\ see ana 3 annage \an-ij\ see anage annah \an-s\ see ana 3 annalist \an. swanky. manly. japanner caravanner . uncanny frangipani. Daniel. Janet. canner. cannular. Lanny. canny. tanner. stanhope anny \an-e\ Annie. lanner. Yankee hanky-panky anless \an-lss\ handless. grandly. Clackmannan. tannin Buchanan. pannikin annin \an-an\ see annon 1 aniy1 \an-le\ fondly.

aide-de-camp. Serrano. sirvente. daunt. Maupassant. battement. piedmont. stanchion expansion ansk \ansk\ Bryansk. sans. au courant. mono Chicano. taunt. mano. se tenant. mansard unanswered ansy \an-ze\ pansy. en passant. beurre blanc. idiot savant. gallant. courante. volcano ano \an-6\ Hispano. Piedmont. flaunt. savant. Gant arpent. want. Mont Blanc. can't. Chateaubriand. Marrano. riant. Fremont. denouement. Kano. Chateaubriand. bacchant. en banc. piano. wont avant. John of . sauvignon blanc ant 2 \ant\ aunt. soprano altiplano boliviano. vaunt. llano. mezzo-soprano Citta del Vaticano ano 2 \a-no\ ripieno. Mitterand. rapprochement. soi-disant. ci-devant. grandaunt. avaunt. and -s' forms of nouns. contretemps. vol-au-vent arrondissement. Balante. mezzo piano. gaunt. de Maupassant. debutant. romaunt. font. ransom. confidant. hansom.ano ano 1 \an-6\ guano. Rouen. Orleans. Clermont-Ferrand. trans Sextans —also -s. versant accouchement. dilettante. croissant. Vermont bon vivant. debutante. fount. canopy anor \an-ar\ see anner anous \an-as\ see anise anqui \arj-ke\ see onky ans 1 \ans\ see ance 2 ans 2 \anz\ see onze ans 3 \ans\ see ance 3 ans 4 \anz\ banns. Beaumont. complaisant. Rostand. detente. Hans. bouffant. revenant. commandant. mezzo-soprano anon 1 \an-an\ see annon anon 2 \an-yan\ see anion 2 anopy \an-a-pe\ canape. transom unhandsome anst XanstX see anced answer \an-sar\ see ancer answered \an-sard\ answered. bacchante. listed at an ans 5 \a n \ see ant 1 ansard \an-ssrd\ see answered ansas 1 \an(t)-sas\ see ancis ansas 2 \an-zas\ Kansas Arkansas anse \ans\ see ance 3 ansea \an-ze\ see anzy anser \an-ssr\ see ancer anset \an-sat\ see ancet ansett \an-sat\ see ancet ansible Xan-sa-bslX danceable expansible ansile \an-sal\ see ancel ansing \an-sin\ Lansing 3 46 —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ance 3 ansion \an-ch9n\ mansion. savant. brisant. roman. Perpignan. Gdansk. debridement. Saransk ansman Xanz-msnX see andsman ansom Xan-ssmX handsome. and -s forms of verbs. debridement. Romano. Nagano. piquant. -'s. piano. fortepiano. ressentiment. scansion. soprano fortepiano. Murmansk. entente. tansy chimpanzee ant1 \a n \ Caen.

polyanthus. scanty. scant. disadvantage antain \ant. canty. incant. perianth. intrigant. covenantor. formant. volante Belo Horizonte ante 2 \ant\ see ant 2 ante 3 \ant\ see ant 5 ante 4 \ant-e\ see anti1 anthus ante 5 \ant-e\ ante. extant. Asante. aunt. enchant. post-Kantian anteau \an-to\ see anto 2 anted \an-tsd\ disenchanted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ant 5 antel \ant. rampant. subdebutante Montcalm de Saint Veran sinfonia concertante ant 3 XantX see ont1 ant 4 \6nt\ see aunt 1 ant 5 \ant\ ant. can't. hierophant. Grant. levanter. chant. vigilante pococurante. infanta. and -s' forms of nouns. complaisant. vedanta Atalanta antage \ant-ij\ vantage advantage coign of vantage. Ashanti. descant. phantom antar \ant-sr\ see anter 2 antasist \ant-3-sast\ see anticist ante 1 \an-ta\ Bronte. Rhadamanthus . listed at ante 5 antey \ant-e\ see ante 5 anth \anth\ amaranth. shan't. pissant. hant. disenchant. slanty andanti. transplant adamant. discant. brant. enceinte. bezant. pyracantha anthemum Xan-tha-mamX chrysanthemum mesembryanthemum anther \an-thar\ anther. implant. manta Atlanta. infante non obstante. pourpoint. canter. planter. disenchanter antes \an-tez\ Cervantes —also -s. levant. implanter. plantar. amianthus. houseplant. recant. misanthropy. symbiont dicynodont. interplant. cantor. granter. replant. confidant. tragacanth antha \an-ths\ Samantha polyantha. corposant. explant. plainchant. -'s.47 Gaunt. instanter.3 n\ see anton 2 antal1 \ant. preplant. Asante. poste restante.3 l\ see antle antelet \ant-tat\ mantelet. restaurant. chantey. plant. transplanter. ailanthus. courante. dilettante. ranter.3 l\ see antle antam \ant-3m\ bantam. cant. pant. leadplant. chanter. banter. Levant. penny-ante. covenant. Kant. shanty. Dante andante. eggplant. cormorant. grantor. grant. gallant. Chianti. status quo ante antean \ant-e-an\ Dantean Atlantean. commandant. plantlet anter1 \ant-ar\ seeaunter 1 anter 2 \ant-ar\ antre. trochanter covenanter. panther anthropy \an-thrs-pe\ lycanthropy. savant. scanter decanter.9s\ acanthus. and -s forms of verbs. pantie. philanthropy anthus \an-tb. grandaunt. Corybant. supplant. gallivant.3 l\ seeontal 1 antal 2 \ant. rant. bacchante. displant. bacchant. nonchalant. demipointe. decant. coelacanth. sycophant anta Xant-aX anta. pieplant. dianthus agapanthus. slant aslant.

Vedantic corybantic.a l\ cantle.anti anti1 \ant-e\ Bronte. semanticist antid \ant-ad\ mantid Quadrantid —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ant 5 antie \ant-e\ see ante 5 antine \ant. quintal dismantle. bacchantic. Emanuel. unsubstantial supersubstantial antian 1 \ant-e-an\ see ontian antian \ant-e-9n\ see antean antic 1 \ant-ik\ see ontic antic 2 \ant-ik\ antic. monte. gantry. romantic. transsubstantial. panto coranto.3 n\ Anton. Stanton adamantine antor \ant-ar\ see anter 2 antos 1 \an-tas\ see antis antos 2 \an-tss\ Santos Propontis antra \an-tra\ tantra. substantial circumstantial. Santos Atlantis antish \ant-ish\ dilettantish. Scranton. Emmanuel. mantel. scantling dismantling anto 1 \an-to\ Squanto bel canto. spaniel Nathaniel anual 2 Xan-ya-walX annual.n\ see anton 3 2 2 anting 1 \ant-in\ anting. Canton. romanticist. portmanteau Esperanto Strait of Otranto antom \ant-9m\ see antam anton 1 \ant. semantic. pedantic. canting disenchanting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ant5 anting2 \ant-irj\ see unting antis \ant-ss\ cantus. Otranto. Monte. Asante. mantic Atlantic. Immanuel semi-annual Victor Emmanuel anuel \an-yal\ see anual 2 anular \an-ya-br\ see annular anulate \an-ya-tat\ see annulate anum 1 Xa-namX paynim arcanum antial \an-ch3l\ financial. Manuel biannual. Ashanti. vaunty andante. Toronto Esperanto anto 2 \an-to\ canto. sycophantish antle \ant.3 n\ see onton anton 2 \ant. sycophantic. bimanual. gigantic. overmantel determinantal antlet \ant-bt\ see antelet . insubstantial. geomantic. yantra antre \ant-ar\ see anter 2 antry \an-tre\ chantry. Monty. hierophantic. necromantic. plantain. manual. covenantal. canton. mantis. mantle. frantic. jaunty. quadrantal consonantal. transatlantic anticist \ant-a-s9st\ fantasist Atlanticist. pantry ants \ans\ see ance 3 antua \anch-wa\ mantua Gargantua antus \ant-9s\ see antis anty \ant-e\ see ante 5 anual1 \an-yslX Daniel. Chianti anti \ant-e\ see ante 2 5 48 anti ing \ant-lirj\ bantling. consubstantial.

earflap. frap. zap backslap. rattletrap. solanum anus 1 \a-nas\ see ayness anus 2 \an-ss\ see anise anx \arjs\ Manx. verb sap. dewlap. Kwanzaa Sancho Panza anza 2 \an-z9\ stanza. satrap. nappe. knap. entrap. scrap. Laos aotian \6-shan\ see otion aow \au\ see ow 2 ap 1 \ a p \ see op 1 ap 2 \ap\ see up ap 3 \ a p \ cap. wrap. catnap. slap. drapable. flatcap. shrink-wrap. unstrap. Yap. whitecap. blackcap. jockstrap. trap. incapable inescapable apal \a-pal\ see aple apas \ap-as\ Chiapas —also -s. redcap. kneecap. pap. snap. hap. and -s' forms of nouns. tap. chap. bootstrap. hubcap. wentletrap Venus's-flytrap apa 1 \ap-a\ grappa. map. backwrap. poppa. riprap. claptrap. Ponzi. flap. recap. enwrap. nightcap. shapable escapable. rap. strap. foolscap. nap. kidnap. -'s. mishap. livetrap. dognap. gap. verbum sap. phalanx —also -s. wiretap afterclap. rattrap. -'s. gingersnap. organza Sancho Panza extravaganza anzaa \an-za\ see anza 1 anzee \an-ze\ see ansy anzer \an-sar\ see onsor anzo \an-zo\ gonzo garbanzo anzy \an-ze\ bronzy. papa. Joppa. Kwanza. shiplap. madcap. giddap. clap. remap. handicap. yap. and -s forms of verbs. tapa Jalapa jipijapa apa 2 \ap-a\ kappa. heeltap. thanks Grand Banks. thunderclap.49 anum 2 \an-3m\ per annum. tapa Phi Beta Kappa apable \a-p9-b9l\ capable. sap. firetrap. stopgap. snowcap. mousetrap. zanza bonanza. skycap. mobcap. lagniappe. gape. crap. mayhap. nape. overlap. pinesap. Swansea ao 1 \a-6\ see eo 1 ao 2 \ 6 \ see ow1 ao 3 \au\ see ow 2 ao 4 \a-6\ Caliao Mindanao aoedic \ed-ik\ see edic 1 aoighis \ash\ see eche 1 aole \au-le\ see owly2 aone \6n\ see one 1 aori \aur-e\ see owery 2 1 apboard aos 1 \aiis\ see ouse 2 a o s 2 \a-as\ chaos. listed at ank any \a-ne\ see ainy any \en-e\ see enny anyan \an-ysn\ see anion 2 anyard \an-yard\ see aniard anyon \an-yan\ see anion 2 anz \ans\ see ance 3 anza 1 \an-za\ kwanza. and -s' forms of nouns listed at apa apboard \ab-ard\ see abard . mantrap. lap. unwrap. skullcap. Lapp. burlap. steel-trap. unsnap.

photomicrograph radiotelegraph electrocardiograph electroencephalograph aphael \af-e-sl\ see aphial aphe 1 \af\ seeafe 1 aphe 2 \af\ see aph apher \af-sr\ see after2 aphia \af-e-a\ see affia aphial \af-e-3l\ Raphael epitaphial aphic \af-ik\ graphic. cinematograph. demographic. staff. traffic digraphic. tipstaff autograph. Xeriscape audiotape. japery. vapor. behalf. serigraph. serafic. seismograph. edaphic. mimeograph. calligraphic. triaphic allographic. graph. drapy. barograph. chiffchaff. nape. wallpaper. shadowgraph. videotape ape 2 \ a p \ see ap 3 ape 3 \ap-e\ see oppy ape 4 \ap-e\ see appy aped \apt\ bell-shaped —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ape 1 apel \ap-al\ see apple apelin \ap-l9n\ see aplain apen \a-psn\ capon. radiograph chromolithograph. waterscape. holograph. encephalograph. escape. streetscape. polygraph. staph. vapory sandpapery apes \aps\ traipse jackanapes — also -s. riffraff. drape. spectrograph. epitaphic. typograph. telegraph. heliograph. Falstaff. scrapie 50 aph \af\ caff. landscape. understaff cardiograph. giraffe. taperer. gaffe. masking tape. half-staff. kenaf. cosmographic. gaper. chronograph. grapey. rape. ethnographic. pseudepigraph. waff agrafe. -'s. pictograph. sphygmograph. skyscraper. biographic. glasspaper. epigraphic. carafe. paper. flagstaff. half-and-half. cowlstaff. hectograph. napery. duct tape. homograph. grapy. pantograph. snowscape. seascape. daff. and -s forms of verbs. lithograph. shipshape. taper. tapir. gaff. sapphic. listed at ape 1 apey \a-pe\ crepey. shape. waveshape cityscape. townscape. shandygaff. gape. endpaper. stereotape. kymograph. kepi. chaff. undrape. quarterstaff. vapour curlpaper. cryptograph. chape. quaff. monograph. sandpaper. autographic. micrograph. scape. bathyscaphe. maffick. and -s' forms of nouns. photograph. broomrape. tape agape. horselaugh. mooncalf. epigraph. moonscape. calf. cartographic. draper. crape. choreograph. grape. crepe. vaporer apery \a-pre\ drapery. notepaper. transshape. hygrograph. logograph. scrape. ideograph. Waf. raff. phonograph. cryptographic. paraph. digraph. cloudscape. distaff. landscapes newspaper. paragraph. laugh. wastepaper run-of-paper aperer \a-par-9r\ paperer. jape. half. reshape. flypaper. sclaff. cenotaph. oscillograph.ape ape \ a p \ ape. shaper. shapen unshapen aper \a-par\ caper. . epitaph. thermograph. pikestaff. papery. cape. barographic. scraper. North Cape.

homolographic. gestapo. pornographic. historiographical aphics \af-iks\ graphics demographics. lapin. staple aples \a-p9lz\ Naples —also -s. tomographic. phonographic. petrographical. oceanographical autobiographical. -'s. cinematographic. orthographic. mappable recappable. oceanographic. crystallographic. iconographical. shrapnel apo \ap-6\ capo da capo. petrographic. sapid. cryptographical. cosmographical. logographic. ethnographical. chaplain. historiographic echocardiographic electroencephalographic aphical \af-i-kal\ graphical biographical. homographic. iconographic. supergraphics aphnis \af-nas\ see aftness aphora Xa-fs-rsX anaphora. stenographic. monographic. napless. choreographical. hagiographic. hagiographical. listed at aple apless \ap-l9s\ hapless. unflappable appalli \ap-9-le\ see opoly appe \ap\ see ap 3 apped \apt\ see apt appen \ap-9n\ happen. epigraphical. sapling aple \a-pal\ maple. micrographics. chaplin. geographical. pantographic. telegraphic. typographical bibliographical. xerographic bibliographic. choreographic. Serapis apist \a-p9st\ rapist escapist. mammographic. stereographic autobiographic. ideographic. cataphora api \ap-e\ see oppy apid \ap-sd\ rapid. hectographic. hydrographic. landscapist appen aplain \ap-l9n\ capelin. topographical. pictographic. and -s' forms of nouns. lexicographical. polygraphic. sapless. lexicographic. typographic. Mount Apo apolis \ap-9-bs\ Annapolis Minneapolis Indianapolis apon \a-p9n\ see apen apor \a-par\ see aper aporer \a-psr-9r\ see aperer apory \a-pre\ see apery apour \a-p9r\ see aper app \ a p \ see ap 3 appa 1 \ap-9\ seeapa 1 appa 2 \ap-g\ see apa 2 appable \ap-9-b9l\ flappable. lithographic. and -s forms of verbs. reprographic. papal. strapless aplin \ap-b-n\ see aplain aply \ap-le\ see aptly apnel \ap-n 3 l\ grapnel. rapine . cartographical. orthographical. paragraphic. topographic. photographic.51 geographic. vapid apie \a-pe\ see apey apin \ap-an\ see appen apine \ap-sn\ see appen apir \a-psr\ see aper apis \a-pgs\ Apis Priapus. stratigraphic.

snappy. ajar. sappy. Lar. relapse. trapping. bete noire. understrapper. zapper backslapper. barre. scrapper. snowcapped. unapt. raptor adapter aption \ap-shan\ caption adaption. star. wrapper. scar. wiretapper handicapper. bizarre. charr. pineapple antechapel apps \aps\ see apse appy \ap-e\ crappy. knee-slapper. inapt. czar. snippersnapper. sapper. recapture apular Xap-ya-larX papular. coapt. catnapper. boudoir. contraption aptive \ap-tiv\ captive adaptive maladaptive. Thar. elapse. napped. gnar. and -s forms of verbs. tzar. Bulgar. quare. slaphappy. parr. untapped periapt —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ap 3 apter \ap-tar\ captor. par. black-capped. briard. scapular apus \a-pss\ see apis apy1 \a-pe\ see apey apy 2 \ap-e\ see appy aq 1 \ak\ see ock1 aq 2 \ak\ see ack 2 aqi \ak-e\ see ocky aque 1 \ak\ see ake 1 aque 2 \ak\ see ack 2 aqui \ak-e\ see ocky ar1 \er\ see are 4 ar2 \6r\ see or1 ar3 \ar\ ar. haply. scrappiness. raptly inaptly. rapper. scrappily. yare Adar. all-star. noir. unhappy triggerhappy aps \aps\ see apse apse \aps\ apse. dapple. afar. char. traps collapse. perhaps. pappy. snapper. petnapper. time-lapse —also -s. chapel. dewlapped. spar. dapper. tar. strapper. tahr. carr. gar. . tsar. synapse. and -s' forms of nouns. zappy satrapy. strapping. didapper. happy. SPAR. tapper. lapse. taps. chapter. bar. snappiness unhappiness apping \ap-irj\ capping. serape. bazaar. beurre noir. attar. preadaptive aptly \ap-le\ aptly. boyar. scrappy. listed at ap apt \apt\ apt. nappy. guar. moire. our. jar. knapper.apper apper 1 \ap-ar\ see opper apper \ap-ar\ capper. mapping. bulbar. schnapps. prolapse. petnapping —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ap 3 apple \ap-al\ apple. whippersnapper appet \ap-at\ lappet. grapple. kidnapper. flapper. car. R. clapper. Saar. snappily unhappily appiness \ap-e-nas\ happiness. chaps. gappy. unaptly aptor \ap-tsr\ see apter apture \ap-chsr\ rapture enrapture. -'s. rapt 2 52 adapt. scrapple mayapple. enrapt. beaux arts. boxcar. far. are. sappiness. flappy. armoire. wrapping kneecapping. Bihar. mar. tappet apphic \af-ik\ see aphic appie \ap-e\ see oppy appily \ap-9-le\ happily. craps.

jacamar. Saralee aralee 2 \er-9-le\ see arily aran1 \er-9n\ see aron 1 aran 2 \ar-9n\ see aron 2 arant1 \er-9nt\ see arent 1 arant2 \ar-9nt\ see arent 2 araoh 1 \er-6\ see ero 2 araoh 2 \ar-6\ see arrow2 araph \ar-sf\ seeariff aras \ar-as\ see orris1 . parody arage \ar-ij\ see arriage aragon \ar-3-gan\ paragon. sirdar. cafe noir. pissoir. shofar. Svalbard. Mylar. streetcar. sonar. jack-tar. deodar. planar. devoir. sofar. paillard. Kandahar. unbearable inenarrable aracen \ar-a-s9n\ see arison aracin \ar-3-san\ see arison arad \ar-ad\ see arid araday \ar-ad-e\ faraday. cougar. shikar. Iyar. Krasnodar. Elgar. qintar. handlebar. Mudejar. quasar. Cote d'lvoire. Khowar. rent-a-car. coplanar. megabar. Laura. Lamar. pourboire. Bambara. clochard. Qiqihar. four-star. nightjar. sidecar. lodestar. memoir. daystar. Renoir.53 bursar. railcar. kilobar. superstar. volar. petard. catarrh. eschar. steak tartare. Hagar. spareable. escolar. Navarre. Mara. deciare. Gunnar. Ishtar. carbonara. drawbar. carob. reservoir. Loire. VCR. deodara. aide-memoire. commissar. Mizar. minicar. Gulf of Mannar. exemplar. crossbar. Kolar. plantar. Malabar. Timisoara ara2 \er-a\ see era 1 ara 3 \ar-a\ see arrow1 ara4 \6r-s\ see ora arab \ar-ab\ Arab. fulmar. subahdar. scarab Shatt al Arab arable \ar-a-bal\ arable. motorcar. tantara. unbar. tiara 1 aras capybara. Guanabara. crowbar. Veadar. scimitar. Pindar. canard. au revoir. radar. Dakar. megastar. simular. Connemara. tutelar. decare. samovar. jaguar. escritoire. voussoir. earthstar. gazar. Weimar abattoir. solar. saguaro. rebar. durbar. cigar. registrar. tramcar. hussar. Gomorrah. parable. Ahaggar. handcar. insofar. wearable declarable. acinar. sandbar. objet d'art. zamindar. disbar. sidebar. millibar. cultivar. Myanmar. montagnard. proseminar ara \ar-9\ Kara. Samar. lahar. Samara. peignoir. sitar. ricercar. Aligarh. solfatara. Dreyfusard. Ferrara. dinar. Kashgar. Cathar. Safar. tarragon arah1 \er-a\ see era 1 arah 2 \ar-a\ see arrow1 aral1 \ar-al\ see arrel 2 aral2 \9r-al\ see erral aralee 1 \ar-9-le\ Marilee. Ogasawara. Bolivar. scalar. pulsar. isobar. fivestar. Dunbar. Bukhara. repertoire. muscle car. pinot noir. Hoggar. couloir. Gemarara. Kathiawar. feldspar. Sagamihara. shareable. Zanzibar budgerigar. cinnabar. eyebar. begorra. jowar. polestar. bolivar. Camorra. tuatara Guadalajara. Tarahumara. trocar. kala-azar. bearable. seminar. Carib. lekvar. Issachar. avatar. samsara. fluorspar. vara Asmara. debar. caviar. horsecar. communard. Magyar. Nara. Hubli-Dharwar. flatcar. turbocar. guitar. para. chukar. Nicobar. Invar. conservatoire.

autarkic. monarchic. Marches archie \ar-kik\ anarchic. rhubarb arbel \ar-bal\ see arble 1 arber \ar-bsr\ see arbor arbered \ar-bard\ see arboard arbin \ar-bsn\ see arbon arble1 \ar-bal\ barbel. marble arble \6r-bal\ see orbel arboard \ar-bard\ barbered. carat. monarchical oligarchical archon \ar-ksn\ see arken archy \ar-ke\ barky. larky. garret. snarky anarchy. patriarchal archate \ar-kat\ see arket arche \arsh\ see arsh arched \archt\ arched. trierarchy hierarchy. monarchal hierarchal. preparative. matriarchy. oligarchy arck \ark\ see ark1 arco \ar-ko\ arco. tetrarchic hierarchic. march. subantarctic arctic 2 \art-ik\ see artic1 arcy \ar-se\ farcy. narco arct \arkt\ see arked arctic1 \ark-tik\ arctic. triarchy. carrot. squirearchy. Parsi area \ar-ks\ see arka 1 . harbor Pearl Harbor arc1 \ak\ seeock 1 arc \ark\ see ark arce 1 \ers\ scarce Nez Perce arce 2 \ars\ see arse 1 arcel \ar-sal\ see arsal arcener \ars-nar\ larcener. caret. frog-march countermarch archal \ar-kal\ darkle. monarchy. barbe. unbarbered arbon \ar-ban\ carbon. autarkical. Garrett. exarchy. Nearctic. barber. garb bicarb. larboard. darb. matriarchal. parched —also -ed forms of verbs listed at arch archer \ar-char\ archer. larch. declarative. garble.arass arass \ar-as\ see aris 2 arat \ar-at\ Barrett. Harbin arbor \ar-bar\ arbor. March. carb. parch. starboard astarboard. heptarchy. sparkle exarchal. preparator arb \arb\ barb. comparator. Antarctic. parrot disparate arate \ar-at\ see arat arative1 \er-9t-iv\ declarative. autarchy. menarche. dyarchy. pentarchy. Arctic antarctic. marcher departure arches \ar-chaz\ Arches. charqui. subarctic Palearctic. malarkey. autarky. oligarchic archical \ar-ki-kal\ autarchical. imperative arative 2 \ar-st-iv\ narrative comparative. tetrarchy. parcener coparcener 2 1 2 54 arch \arch\ arch. patriarchy. claret. eparchy. starch cornstarch. Holarctic. reparative arator \ar-at-ar\ barrator apparitor. karat. autarchic.

Clare. fare. jacquard. unbarred. barnyard. diehard. vizard avant-garde. junkyard. interlard. harden.a n\ see arden 1 ardoner Xard-narX see ardener ardor \ard-ar\ see arder 1 ardy \ard-e\ hardy. pardner. sordid. stardom superstardom ardon \ard. vanguard. stockyard. unguard. hard. bankcard. Lombardy. Scotland Yard. noholds-barred.55 ard1 \ard\ bard. ritard. foulard. unitard camelopard —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ar 3 ard2 \ar\ see ar 3 ard3 \6rd\ see oard ardant \ard. Hildegard. fireguard. tiltyard. arde \ard\ see ard 1 arded1 \ard-ad\ guarded mansarded. discard. switchyard. goliard. guard. Bernard. mansard. foreyard. Longobard. deeryard. Gordon. poularde. filmcard. Saint Bernard. shipyard. blare. eyre. dockyard. mudguard. scorecard. canard. ill-starred. fard. ere. warded —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oard ardee \6rd-e\ see ordy1 . unguarded —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ard 1 arded 2 \6rd-ad\ corded. brassard. lard. Kincardine arden 2 \6rd. farmyard.3 nt\ see ardant arder1 \ard-sr\ ardor. self-regard. undercard. Longobardic ardine \ard. Jordan. boneyard. courtyard. Dard. Sephardi are 1 \er-e\ see ary 1 are 2 \ar\ see ar 3 are 3 \ar-e\ see ari1 are 4 \er\ air. partner ardent \ard. tanyard. green-carder arder2 \6rd-ar\ see order ardi \ard-e\ see ardy ardian1 \ard-e-an\ guardian Edwardian. disregard. guarder. sard. lumberyard. postcard. spikenard. harder. brickyard. Beauregard. tardy foolhardy.n \ see arden 1 arding \6rd-irj\ see ording1 ardingly \6rd-irj-le\ see ordingly ardom \ard-9m\ czardom. rear guard. retardant are arden 1 \ard. bear. steelyard. milliard. churchyard. err. guardant regardant. retarded. swarded. warden churchwarden ardener \ard-nar\ gardener. nard. lardy. chare. e'er. Sephardic goliardic. Lombardian ardian2 \6rd-e-3n\ see ordion ardic \ard-ik\ bardic. fair. blackguard. Dardan. petard. chair.a nt\ ardent. bodyguard. Ayr. diehard. yard Asgard. card. Gerard. boatyard. dooryard. shard. Kierkegaard. Lombard. pardoner. backyard. larder discarder. pardon bombardon. Blair. noseguard. pard. bombard. hardener. retard. garden. boulevard.3 n\ Arden. Savoyard. dare. safeguard. barred. Dardic Lombardic. regard. placard. case-harden. lifeguard.3 n\ cordon. blowhard. rearguard. Dare. Langobard. carder. tabard. Midgard. Hardy. bare. graveyard. chard. Claire. leotard.

stepparent. tableware. tuyere. shorthair. parent aberrant. Venushair. neckwear. Sancerre. outstare. wheelchair. godparent. carfare. aware. charge d'affaires. deferent. Robespierre. Pierre. enclair. cultivar. Lake Eyre. glair. pied-aterre. son et lumiere. stare. footwear. creamware. commissionaire. zillionaire Cape Finisterre. horsehair. Terrance. spongeware. de la Mare. errant. wear. au pair. skiwear. premiere. hardware. they're. medicare. wirehair. giftware. vair. etagere. Mousquetaire. pare. Flaubert. plowshare. Terrence forbearance. welfare. sleepwear. unaware. Frigidaire. tare. forebear. decare. underwear. confrere. laquerware. impair. tear. disrepair. Ajmer. elsewhere. devil-maycare. outwear. prayer. glare. yare affair. afferent. maidenhair. midair. hare. billionaire. couturiere. thoroughfare. Khmer. overwear. where. transparent . willowware. there. Lake Saint Clair. questionnaire. spare. stair. dinnerware. pushchair. galere. corsair. beachwear. overbear. self-aware. transparence arence 2 \ar-sn(ts)\ see arents arent1 \er-ant\ daren't. menswear. fourragere. concessionaire. Delaware. solitaire. glassware. plein air. hectare. knight-errant. eyewear. longhair. chemin de fer. sederunt. stoneware. Basseterre. savoir faire. pair. Croix de Guerre. unswear. self-despair. somewhere. scare. derriere. potty-chair. silverware. bayadere. luminaire. doctrinaire. forbear. Mon-Khmer. declarant. sportswear. heir. snare. day-care. warfare. enamelware. their. porte cochere. riviere. lusterware. caneware. unfair. mohair. rear. Terence. Altair. loungewear. Herr. software. compare. delftware. declare. flare. cochair. foursquare. Camembert. dishware. prepare. portiere. meuniere. jasperware. vin ordinaire cordon sanitaire area \er-e-s\ see aria areable 1 \er-3-bal\ see earable 1 areable 2 \ar-3-bal\ see arable areal \er-e-al\ see arial arean 1 Xer-e-arA see arian 1 arean 2 \ar-e-an\ see arian 2 ared \erd\ see aired aredness \ar-3d-nas\ see aridness arel \ar-al\ see arrel 2 arely1 \er-le\ see airly arely 2 \ar-le\ see arlie arem \er-am\ see arum 2 arence 1 \er-ans\ clarence. square. memoriter. airfare. swear. crackleware. efferent. ironware. tinware. funfair. Santander. despair. cookware. Gruyere. ware. chinaware. coheir. inerrant. infare. repair. aglare. compere. bugbear. Clarence. otherwhere. eclair. Poor Clare. Moliere. apparent. nightmare. yellowware. life-care. rare. weir. kitchenware. workfare aftercare. trouvere. Baudelaire. boutonniere. lair. share. woodenware. unhair. armchair.area flair. air-to-air. cudbear. fieldfare. mare. stemware. anywhere. clayware. barware. antiair. metalware. slipware. nom de guerre. threadbare. millionaire. minaudiere. beware. knitwear. legionnaire. firmware. earthenware. ready-to-wear. quare. Kildare. beche-de-mer. courseware. flatware. ne'er. fanfare. outerwear. redware. ensnare. rainwear. laissez-faire. graniteware. mal 56 de mer. swimwear. vivandiere. vaporware. Voltaire. daymare. debonair. everywhere. hollowware. forswear. pear. deciare. playwear. Saint Pierre. torchere. bricklayer. grandparent. hair. Great Bear.

estuarial. take-charge. scarf arf2 \6rf\ see orph arfarin \6r-f3-rsn\ warfarin hematoporphyrin argain Xar-gsrA bargain. Bulgaria. Carpentaria. Marion. and -s' forms of nouns listed at arent 2 arer \er-ar\ see earer 1 ares 1 \erz\ see airs ares 2 \ar-ez\ Ares. gharial glossarial. sorry. sari. Margo. sergeant arger \ar-jar\ charger discharger. Imari. areal. enlarger. Carian. adversarial. Parian arez \ar-as\ see orris1 arf1 \arf\ barf. parian. scalare. Kalahari. certiorari. recharger supercharger. caries. margent. recharge. charge. largo. luminaria. curare. uncharge by and large. parge. declarant. burial. target nontarget argle \ar-gal\ gargle argle-bargle argo \ar-go\ Argo. safari. vicarial actuarial. secretarial prothonotarial arian1 \er-e-an\ Arian. kerria. daren't. targe discharge. parent apparent. sargent. listed at arry ares 3 \ar-as\ see orris1 aret \ar-at\ see arat areve \ar-va\ see arva arey \ar-e\ see arry arey \er-e\ see ary 2 1 1 3 anan argent \ar-jant\ argent. laari. tamari calamari. Cheboksary. sparge. transparent inapparent semitransparent aren't1 \er-ant\ see arent 1 aren't2 \ar-ant\ see arent 2 arents \ar-9n(t)s\ Barents. fritillaria. scarry. sanguinaria calceolaria.57 inapparent semi transparent arent 2 \ar-ant\ arrant. shikari. laminaria. Marge. surcharge. grandparent. godparent. hypercharge. militaria. -'s. notarial. Stradivari. zamindari ari2 \er-e\ see ary 1 ari3 \ar-e\ see arry 3 aria \er-e-a\ area. and -s forms of verbs. cineraria. Beria. feria. nares Antares Buenos Aires primus inter pares —also -s. Ariel. undercharge . Marian. starry Bihari. opera seria acetabularia aria I \er-e-al\ aerial. garget. varia Bavaria. overcharge. supercharge. turbocharger turbosupercharger arget \ar-gat\ argot. Samaria adularia. stepparent. Margot embargo supercargo argon \ar-gan\ see argain argot 1 \ar-gst\ see arget argot 2 \ar-go\ see argo arh \ar\ see ar 3 ari1 \ar-e\ Bari. Aryan. sarge. and -s' forms of nouns. planaria. subaerial. cargo. Fargo. large. gharry. hysteria. argot. malaria. Clarence —also -s. marge. -'s. jargon plea-bargain arge \arj\ barge. enlarge. litharge.

postlapsarian. variance covariance. primarily . carrack Amharic. Bavarian. sterily. lariat bivariate. carrion. Caesarian. prelapsarian. Bulgarian. multivariate. unitarian. cnidarian. communitarian. Hungarian. libertarian. Saralee. farad. Tocharian. Pindaric isobaric. valetudinarian disestablishmentarian arian 2 \ar-e-an\ Arian. Pierian. cesarean. platitudinarian. Bulgarian. Tractarian. proletarian. seminarian. jubilarian. Sabbatarian. premillinarian. sexagenarian. Sacramentarian. uniformitarian. millenarian. culinarian. contrarian. Rotarian. proletariat Judas Iscariot ariate \er-e-at\ see ariat1 arib \ar-ab\ see arab aric \ar-ik\ barrack. Tartarian. Bavarian. Unitarian. Tartarian. Trinitarian. Tartarean. Rastafarian Austro-Hungarian ariance \ar-e-9ns\ tarriance. documentarian. Ripuarian. vegetarian. humanitarian. necessitarian. Caesarian. Aquarian. ovarian. utilitarian. radiolarian. clarion. sectarian. Sumerian. Sagittarian. verily contrarily. nonagenarian. septuagenarian. lariat. barbaric.anan agrarian. octogenarian. nonsectarian. barbarian. Parian agrarian. parliamentarian. preparedness aried1 \er-ed\ see erried aried 2 \ar-ed\ see arried ariel \er-e-al\ see arial arier1 \er-e-sr\ see errier arier2 \ar-e-ar\ see arrier2 aries \ar-ez\ see ares 2 ariff \ar-af \ paraph. solitudinarian. ovarian. trinitarian. Balearic arice \ar-as\ see aris 2 aricide \ar-3-sid\ see arricide arid \ar-sd\ arid. vulgarian Indo-Aryan. Hungarian. hereditarian. Cancerian. Indo-Aryan. Austro-Hungarian. Tartarean. majoritarian. apiarian. veterinarian establishmentarian. Marion. lapidarian. grammarian. parian. variate bivariate. salariat. riparian. authoritarian. merrily. Tocharian. Khymerian. zoantharian abecedarian. postmillinarian. Wagnerian antiquarian. vicariate commissariat. Merrily. disciplinarian. rosarian. egalitarian. Megaric. salariat commissariat. vicariance ariant \ar-e-snt\ variant vicariant 58 ariat1 \er-e-at\ heriot. Vulgarian. Aryan. Presbyterian. totalitarian. Maid Marian. secretariat undersecretariat ariat2 \ar-e-at\ see aureate 1 ariat3 \ar-e-st\ chariot. frutarian. equalitarian. Marian. Megarian. scarily. rosarian. tariff aril \ar-ai\ see arrel 2 arilee1 \ar-a-le\ see aralee arilee 2 \er-a-le\ see arily arily \er-9-le\ Marilee. Aquarian. proletariat. caesarean. cesarean. latitudinarian. inegalitarian. semiarid aridin \ar-9-d a n\ see arridan aridness \ar-3d-nas\ aridness. Dinaric. librarian. barbarian. centenarian. futilitarian. predestinarian. Rastafarian. sanitarian.

vivarium cinerarium. Polaris disembarrass. parous. precarious. marc. polarity. Harris. irregularity. leprosarium. childbearing. imparity. peculiarity. samarium. hereditarily. burglarious. disparity. termitarium armamentarium arius \er-e-as\ see arious ark1 \ark\ arc. hilarious. dark. hilarity. unpopularity arium \er-e-am\ barium aquarium. Harrison. militarily. documentarily. literarily. familiarity. particularity. arris. secondarily. regularity. Garrison. denarius. wayfaring —also -ing forms of verbs listed at are 4 aring 2 \er-sn\ see aron 1 ario \er-e-6\ stereo Ontario arion1 \ar-e-an\ see arian 2 arion 2 \er-e-sn\ see arian 1 ariot \ar-e-st\ see ariat 3 arious \ar-e-as\ Arius. unfamiliarity.59 arbitrarily. voluntarily contemporarily. singularity. Clarke. vulgarity angularity. rudimentarily. Clark. guarnerius. pleinairist. Saracen. bark. ark. Paris. sarin. wearing cheeseparing. imaginarily. preliminarily. plaster of paris arish 1 \er-ish\ bearish. warison caparison. calcareous. embarrass. time-sharing. mercenarily. septenarius. scenarist apiarist —also -est forms of adjectives listed at are4 aritan \er-3t. lark. oceanarium. velarium. momentarily. customarily. vicarious multifarious. unnecessarily evolutionarily. contrarious. senarius. subsidiarily. omnifarious. tearing. various Aquarius. Stradivarius. marish. garish. perish. honorarium. Darious. raring. paring.3 n\ see eratin aritor \ar-9t-ar\ see arator arity1 \er-at-e\ see erity arity2 \ar-at-e\ carroty. sacrarium. terrarium. temerarious aris \ar-as\ see orris 1 1 ark aris 2 \ar-as\ arras. sporran. garrison. salutarily. Marc. hark. similarity. flaring. warren. rarity barbarity. popularity. fragmentarily. insularity. sanguinarily. solarium. herbarium. heiress. Bering. fairing. syllabarium. temporarily. solidarity complementarity. revolutionarily arin \ar-an\ florin. sanitarily. extraordinarily. cherish. harass. charity. gregarious. squarish nightmarish arish 2 \ar-ish\ garish. varus coheiress. extemporarily. carious. Lauren. involuntarily. elementarily. honorarily. nefarious. Clarice. vagarious. . Sagittarius. dissimilarity. columbarium. Warren Gagarin arinate \ar-a-nat\ see aronet arinet \ar-a-nat\ see aronet aring1 \er-irj\ airing. dietarily. millionairess Lewis with Harris. fairish. comparison arist \er-sst\ Marist. planetarium. exemplarily. parish arison \ar-9-san\ characin. unsparing. glaring. Orrin. herring. seafaring. sanitarium. querist aquarist. clarity. foreign. unitarily. sparing. unclarity. unerring. parity. necessarily. scarious.

supermarket arkey \ar-ke\ see archy arkian \ar-ke-an\ Graustarkian. and -s' forms of nouns. exarch. starless arlet \ar-lst\ charlotte. farl. Bismarck. shark. demark. unremarked —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ark1 arken Xar-kanX darken. tarlatan arlay \ar-le\ see arlie arle \arl\ see arl arlen \ar-lan\ see arline arler \ar-lar\ see arlor arless \ar-tas\ Carlos. embark. matriarch. Garland. ballpark. larker. skylark. Lamarckian. monarch. Karl. patriarchate. gnarl. pitch-dark. hallmark. Plutarch.ark mark. test-market. infarct ripple-marked. varlet arley \ar-le\ see arlie arlic \ar-lik\ garlic pilgarlic ark3 \ark\ see ork1 arka1 \ar-ka\ charka. Ozark. hypermarket. birchbark.3 n\ charlatan. Darla. narc. Carl. scarlet. cutty sark. Maria arlan \a-lan\ see arline arland \ar-land\ garland. Petrarch. quark. marl. parka anasarca Hamilcar Barca arka2 \ar-ka\ see urka1 arke \ark\ see ark1 arked \arkt\ marked chop-marked. jarl. pugmark. bookmark. starlet. newmarket. mass-market. soapbark. earmark. snarl ensnarl. Parker. parker. marque. parks —also -s. spark. disembark. Lake Clark. titlark. deutsche mark. oligarch. stringybark. ringbark. matriarchate. Mark. stark aardvark. quarrel. upmarket . debark. touchmark. pockmark. parlous. scarless. tetrarch. watermark heresiarch. sark. Remarque. parking loan-sharking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ark1 arkle \ar-kal\ see archal arks \arks\ Marks. Charlotte. patriarch. anarch. Monarchian arkic \ar-kik\ see archie arking \ar-kirj\ barking. minipark. trademark acritarch. telemark. -'s. Karla. futhark. footmark. airpark. reichsmark. endarch. marker. housecarl. skylarker nosey parker —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at ark1 arket \ar-kst\ market down-market. shagbark. meadowlark. symposiarch ark \6rk\ see ork 2 2 60 aftermarket. ironbark. landmark. pressmark. metalmark. sitzmark. parle. double-park. tidemark. carking. trierarch. birthmark. harlot. Graustark. and -s forms of verbs. Barking. sparker bookmarker. postmark. Denmark. remark. tanbark. Park. unsnarl Albemarle aria \ar-te\ Carla. remarque. seamark. hierarch. Joan of Arc. ostmark. hearken arker \ar-kar\ barker. Harland arlatan \ar-lat. listed at ark arky \ar-ke\ seearchy arl \arl\ carl. park. Lamarck. nark.

gnarly. starling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at arl arlor \ar-lar\ parlor. strong-arm. forearm.3 l\ see arnel arnate \ar-nst\ Barnet. charnel. parlay. charlie. harmer disarmer armer2 \6r-m9r\ see ormer 1 armic \3r-mik\ see ermic armine Xar-manX see arman arming 1 \ar-mirj\ charming. yarn carbarn. lucarne arn 2 \6rn\ see orn 1 arna Xsr-naX see erna arnal \arn. underarm arm 2 \ a m \ see om1 arm 3 \6rm\ see orm 2 arma1 Xar-msX dharma. unarm. Parma arma Xar-msX see erma arman \ar-m9n\ barman. yardarm overarm. carline. smarmy arn1 \arn\ Arne. Marlin. varmint debarment. farmer. charmer. poor farm. smarm alarm. disarming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at arm 1 arming 2 \6r-mirj\ see orming armint Xar-mantX see arment armless \arm-lss\ armless. garnet discarnate. Charlie. carmine. marly. gendarme. garner. quarreler. farming alarming. parley. sidearm. disarm. Marlyn arling \ar-lirj\ carling.61 arlie \ar-le\ barley. charm. farm. harm. Harlow arly \ar-le\ see arlie arlyn \ a . Darling. tarn. karma. Harley. snarly. rearm. darnel arner1 \ar-nar\ darner. marline. barm. harmless armoir \ar-m9r\ see armer 1 armon Xar-msnX see arman army \ar-me\ army. incarnate arne 1 \arn\ see am 1 arne 2 \ar-ne\ see amy arnel \arn. stiff-arm. barmy. yarely bizarrely arlin \ar-lsn\ see arline arline \ar-tan\ Arlen. Carmen. barn. darling.b n \ see arline arm \arm\ arm. Marne. Harmon armed \armd\ armed. Harlan. overgarment armer1 \ar-mar\ armor. yarner arner2 \6r-nar\ see orner arness \ar-nas\ harness bizarreness . darn. charmless.b t \ see arlet arlotte \ar-lat\ see arlet arlous \ a r .b s \ see arless arlow \ar-lo\ Barlow.3 l\ carnal. snarler arlos \ a r . tonearm. charmed unarmed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at arm 1 2 1 arness armen \ar-man\ see arman arment Xar-mantX garment. disbarment undergarment. straight-arm. gisarme. firearm.b s \ see arless arlot \ a r . marlin.

Charon. Harold arold 2 \er-9ld\ see erald arole \ar-al\ see arrel 2 arom \er-am\ see arum 2 aron1 \er-an\ Aaron. Charon. blarney. garron. harp. arol \ar-al\ see arrel 2 arold1 \ar-ald\ Darold. Jew's harp Autoharp. Sharon. Sharon. harper. sub-Saharan aronet \ar-9-nat\ baronet. Caryl. clarinet arous 1 \er-as\ see errous arous 2 \ar-as\ see aris 2 2 . barrel. tarp cardsharp. varnish arnum \ar-n3m\ Arnhem. tarpon arper \ar-psr\ carper. aril. vibraharp arp 2 \ 6 r p \ see orp arpen \ar-pan\ sharpen. Barnum arny \ar-ne\ Barney. raring. Carol. scarper. sharp. carinate. Sharron sierran rose of Sharon. baron. scarp. carrel. barny. barren. carny Killarney chili con carne aro1 \er-6\ see ero 2 aro 2 \ar-6\ see arrow 2 aro 3 \ar-a\ see ara 1 aro 4 \ar-6\ see orrow1 arob \ar-ab\ seearab arody \ar-ad-e\ see araday aroe \ar-6\ see arrow aroe \er-6\ see ero 2 2 1 2 62 arp1 \arp\ carp. tarnish. carol. Carroll. Erin. carrack arrage \ar-ij\ see 'orage arragon \ar-3-gan\ see aragon arral \ar-al\ see arrel 2 arram \ar-sm\ see arum 2 arrant1 \ar-ant\ see arent 2 arrant2 \6r-3nt\ see orrent arras \ar-ss\ see aris 2 arrass \ar-as\ see aris 2 arrative \ar-9t-iv\ see arative 2 arrator \ar-9t-ar\ see arator arre \ar\ see ar 3 arred \ard\ seeard 1 arrel1 \6rl\ see orl2 arrel2 \ar-al\ Aral. barrack. Sharron rose of Sharon. Carole. heron. parquetry arqui \ar-ke\ see archy arrable \ar-9-bsl\ see arable arrack1 \ar-ik\ see aric arrack2 \ar-sk\ arrack. garron. sub-Saharan aron \ar-an\ Aaron. perron. sharpie arque \ark\ see ark1 arquetry \ar-ka-tre\ marquetry. sharper cardsharper arpie \ar-pe\ see arpy arpon \ar-psn\ see arpen arpy \ar-pe\ harpy.arnet arnet \ar-nat\ see arnate arney \ar-ne\ see arny arnhem \ar-n9m\ see arnum arning \6r-nirj\ see orning arnish \ar-nish\ garnish.

married. Sarah. marinara. varier ballcarrier. double-barrel arrel3 \6r-al\ see oral1 arreler \ar-lar\ see arlor arrell \ar-sl\ see arrel 2 arsh arrison \ar-3-ssn\ see arison arro \ar-6\ see orrow1 arroll \ar-al\ see arrel 2 arron \ar-an\ see aron 2 arrot \ar-at\ see arat arroty \ar-at-e\ seearity 2 arrow1 \ar-a\ Clara. faro. Sara. parral. parrel apparel cracker-barrel. narrow. and -s forms of verbs. jarrah. carry. Harry. wheelbarrow arrowy \ar-a-we\ arrowy. Carrie. -'s. sparse arse 2 \arz\ see ars arsh \arsh\ harsh. marrow. harrier. Daryl. marry. Dick. Darrell. versal. marrowy arry1 \ar-e\ see ari1 arry2 \6r-e\ see ory arry3 \ar-e\ Barrie. Harrow.63 Darrel. marse. cascara. Gary. Carey. ours — also -s. taro. Karol. farce. parse. farrier. pharaoh. farrow. tarot. tiara capybara. gharry. sparrow. barrow. samara. spear-carrier arrion \ar-e-an\ see arian 2 arrior \6r-e-ar\ quarrier. miscarriage intermarriage. nary. mascara. Larry. and Harry arryl \ar-al\ see arrel 2 ars \arz\ Lars. marsh demarche arrely \ar-le\ see arlie arren1 \ar-sn\ see aron 2 arren 2 \6r-an\ see orin1 arren 3 \ar-sn\ see arin arrener \6r-3-nar\ see oroner arreness \ar-nas\ see arness arret \ar-st\ see arat arrett \ar-st\ see arat arrh \ar\ seear 3 arriage \ar-ij\ carriage. sorrier. and -s' forms of nouns. undercarriage arriance \ar-e-sns\ see ariance arricide \ar-a-sid\ parricide acaricide arridan \ar-s-d 9 n\ harridan cantharidin arrie \ar-e\ see arry 3 arried \ar-ed\ harried. harrow. Barry. tantara. listed at ar 3 arsal \ar-sal\ parcel. chary. harry. Point Barrow. marriage disparage. Santa Clara arrow2 \ar-6\ aero. Kara. tarsal metatarsal arse 1 \ars\ arse. Darryl. Mars. caracara. arrow. Tara Bukhara. safari. Sahara. Faeroe. miscarry. parol. yarrow handbarrow. Shari. Garry. intermarry. Stradivari Tom. Tamara. Faroe. warrior arris \ar-as\ see aris 2 . Cary. varied unmarried arrier1 \6r-e-ar\ see arrior arrier2 \ar-e-ar\ barrier. parry. hari-kari. shikari cash-and-carry. Darrow. carrier. tarry glengarry.

underpart. dishearten. cathartic. Sint Maarten kindergarten arter1 \art-9r\ barter.3 n\ see arten artan 2 \6rt. scart.3 n\ arson. Carson. Harte.9n\ see arshen artible \art-9-b9l\ partible. Marshall. Santa Marta. blackheart. start. heart-to-heart. Nearctic Palearctic artic 2 \6rt-ik\ quartic aortic article \art-i-k9l\ article. tart apart. charter. counterpart. Martin. Descartes. martyr. compart. kart. smart. Stuttgart. sweetheart. dogcart. outsmart. Earhart. jump-start. darter. Mozart. upperpart art2 \6rt\ see ort1 arta \ar-ta\ Marta.9l\ marshal. impartial artian \ar-sh. marten. greenheart. hearth Hogarth arti \art-e\ see arty1 artial \ar-sb. self-starter protomartyr —also -er forms of adjectives listed at art1 arter2 \6t-9r\ see ater 1 arter3 \6rt-9r\ see orter artern \6t-9rn\ see auterne artery \art-9-re\ artery. heartily artin \art. oxheart. dart. mart. redstart. Bonaparte. hearten. Sartre. partial court-martial.3 n\ see arten . cart. oxcart. mouthpart.3 l\ see ortal artily \art. Tarsus catharsis metatarsus art1 \art\ art. Martial. tipcart. hart. chart. impart. Carter. restart. particle microparticle artile \6rt. dispart. carter. tartan baum marten. startable impartible. restartable artic1 \art-ik\ arctic. martyry artes \art\ see art 1 artford \art-f9rd\ Hartford. Art. pushcart. heart. Hobart. Surakarta. Hertford arth \arth\ garth. rampart. Arctic antarctic. Spartan. Dumbarton. parson arsus \ar-sas\ arsis.3 l-e\ artily. flowchart. go-cart. martian arsi \ar-se\ see arcy arsis \ar-s9s\ seearsus arsle \as-9l\ see ossal arson \ars.9 n\ Barton. Chartres. applecart. yogyakarta artable Xart-a-balX see artible artan1 \art. tartar nonstarter. garter. martial. Marshal. Garth. forepart. carton. Saint Martin.arshal arshal \ar-shsl\ see artial arshall \ar-shal\ see artial arshen \ar-shsn\ harshen. upstart a la carte. martin. purpleheart. Antarctic. handcart. depart. Bart. fart. Sparta Jakarta Magna Carta. starter. smarten. street-smart.9 n\ see orten artar \art-ar\ see arter 1 arte1 \art-e\ see arty1 arte 2 \art\ see art1 arted1 \art-ad\ seeearted arted 2 \6rt-9d\ seeorted 64 arten \art. freemartin. part. tarsus. anti-art.

nonpartisan artist \art-ast\ artist. Cherry. cherry. varve arve 2 \ar-va\ see arva arvel \ar-val\ carvel. library. tartlet artly1 \art-le\ partly. Havarti Buonaparte commedia dell'arte arty2 \6rt-e\ see orty artyr \art-ar\ see arter 1 artyry \art-9-re\ see artery artz1 \6rts\ seeorts 2 ary artz 2 \arts\ see arts 2 aru \a-rii\ Bukaru Pakanbaru Johor Baharu arum1 \ar-9m\ larum alarum arum 2 \er-9m\ arum. costmary. nary. partlet.65 arting \art-in\ carting. merry. blackberry. ground-cherry. party. smartly. harem. aery. tartly artly \6rt-le\ see ortly artment \art-m9nt\ apartment. wary. bartizan. hairy. mulberry. bearberry. Gerry. Derry. Garry. partridge arts 1 \ar\ see ar 3 arts 2 \arts\ Hartz —also -s. Bradbury. Marva. vary. contrary. ferry. bury. Jerrie. serry. terry. prairie. fairy. clary. larval. cowberry. crowberry. knobkerrie. ex parte. airy. berry. cranberry. marry. bunchberry. Sheri. bayberry. deerberry. pokeberry. very. quaere. listed at art arture \ar-char\ see archer arty1 \art-e\ arty. Sarum Muharram harum-scarum arbiter elegantiarum arus \ar-9s\ seearis 2 arva \ar-va\ larva. bilberry. chary. hackberry. Kerry. inkberry. hegari. Chartist Bonapartist artizan Xart-a-zarA see artisan artless \art-las\ artless. Mary. cloudberry. Cary. hearty. department artner \art-nar\ partner kindergartner arton 1 \6rt. Burberry. kerry. and -s forms of verbs. carom. Jeri. parve. marvel arven \ar-van\ carven. equerry. parting. partisan bipartisan. dairy. and -s' forms of nouns. pareve arval \ar-val\ see arvel arve 1 \arv\ carve. Cherie. barberry. Jerry. Jere. chartist. smarty. Perry. wherry baneberry. scary. Juneberry.3 n\ see orton arton 2 \art. starve.3 n\ see arten artre \art\ see art 1 artres \art\ see art 1 artridge \ar-trij\ cartridge. Terry. chokeberry. Shari. skerry. gooseberry. glary. chokecherry. starting flowcharting. sherry. blaeberry. tarty Astarte. query. nondairy. Canary. Sherrie. . blueberry. Marvin Caernarvon arvin \ar-van\ see arven arvon \ar-van\ see arven ary \er-e\ aerie. heartless artlet \art-tat\ martlet. glairy. Gary. faerie. Merry. 's. Carey. charting. self-starting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at art1 artisan \art-a-zan\ artisan. canary. dewberry. compartment. karting. perry. Sherry.

millenary. tutelary. syllabary. judiciary. libationary. checkerberry. commissary. monastery. millinery. revisionary. emissary. medullary. transdisciplinary. exclusionary. boysenberry. subcontrary. fragmentary. vestiary. reflationary. valetudinary interdisciplinary. inflationary. proprietary. Rosemary. miliary. corollary. obituary. statuary. cemetery. axillary. strawberry. hereditary. limitary. sedentary. sanctuary. thimbleberry. certiorari. accretionary. vulnerary. ancillary. penitentiary. digressionary. phalanstery. epistolary. subversionary. farkleberry. Waterbury. mammillary. semicentenary. ossuary. tumultuary. lectionary. twinberry. legendary. itinerary. unwary. pigmentary. concessionary. urinary. cassowary. ordinary. temporary. February. consuetudinary. vocabulary. officiary. Tipperary. pupillary. formulary. bilmillenary. chartulary. reliquary.ary primary. calamari. consigliere. mortuary. textuary. veterinary. monetary. recessionary. youngberry actuary. dromedary. prebendary. dignitary. domiciliary. candleberry. apiary. presidiary. elocutionary. confectionery. aviary. serviceberry. tintinnabulary. mercenary. condottiere. semilegendary. quatercentenary. partridgeberry. sanguinary. silverberry. luminary. deflationary. scalare. huckleberry. unnecessary. wolfberry. constabulary. airy-fairy. extortionary. concretionary. January. milliary. incendiary. questionary. confectionary. provisionary. devolutionary. eleemosynary. insanitary. expeditionary. contemporary. elderberry. shadberry. rowanberry. cautionary. missionary. imaginary. necessary. voluntary. cartulary. expansionary. mandatary. topiary. cinerary. centenary. antiquary. dictionary. maxillary. whortleberry. stationery. intermediary. bestiary. paramilitary. conclusionary. adversary. presbytery. dingleberry. usufructuary. depositary. miserere. fritillary. rosemary. visionary. bicentenary. formicary. involuntary. reversionary. extraordinary. convulsionary. extraliterary. tertiary. salmonberry. intercalary. salivary. snowberry. discretionary. evidentiary. coronary. catenary. previsionary. winterberry ablutionary. superciliary. lamasery. functionary. subsidiary. beriberi. reactionary. extemporary. precautionary. beneficiary. capillary. electuary. apothecary. petitionary. traditionary. parcenary. stationary. plenipotentiary counterrevolutionary ary2 \ar-e\ see arry 3 ary 3 \ar-e\ see ari1 . ciliary. fiduciary. distributary. calamary. diversionary. lapidary. supernumerary. solitary. Pondicherry. sugarberry. Canterbury. dysentery. secretary. stipendiary. coparcenary. soapberry. voluptuary abolitionary. tercentenary. planetary. papillary. chinaberry. evolutionary. lingonberry. budgetary. plagiary. tilbury. sheepberry. teaberry. commentary. customary. termitary. sublunary. vagary. tributary. sanitary. summary. stagflationary. pecuniary. janissary. salutary. legionary. cavitary. disciplinary. unitary. intermarry. illusionary. delusionary. arbitrary. military. dietary. raspberry. literary. seminary. pensionary. preliminary. momentary. secondary. funerary. probationary. sumptuary. breviary. quaternary. Stradivari. coralberry. pulmonary. estuary. honorary. loganberry. antiphonary. sesquicentenary. cometary. disinflationary. subliterary. biliary. Tom and 66 Jerry. residuary. revolutionary. culinary.

fossa. rascal ascan \as-kan\ see askin ascar \as-ksr\ see asker ascence 1 \as. Tabasco ascon \as-kan\ see askin ascot \as-kat\ see asket a s c u s \as-kas\ Damascus. frosh. complaisance. hazel.3 ns\ nascence complacence. Hazel. gosh. Lhasa.67 aryan1 \er-e-an\ see arian 1 aryan 2 \ar-e-9n\ see arian 2 aryl \ar-al\ see arrel 2 as 1 \ash\ see ash 3 as \as\ see a s s a s \az\ see azz a s \a\ see a 5 4 1 1 3 2 3 ash ascence \as.9 nt\ nascent. Mombasa tabula rasa asa 2 \az-a\ see aza 1 asa 3 \as-a\ see assa asable 1 \a-z3-bal\ grazeable persuasible paraphrasable asable 2 Na-ss-bslX see acGable asal 1 \a-ssl\ basal. Landrace. renascence .a nt\ see acent asch 1 \ask\ see ask asch 2 \ash\ see ash 1 asch 3 \6sh\ see ash 2 aschal \as-kal\ see ascal ascia 1 \a-sha\ see acia ascia 2 \ash-a\ see asha 2 ascible \as-3-bal\ see assable ascicle \as-i-k3l\ see assical asco 1 \as-ko\ see oscoe a s c o 2 \as-ko\ fiasco. Ossa kielbasa. Mache. Velazquez ase 1 \as\ see ace 1 a s e 2 \az\ see aze 1 a s e 3 \az\ see oise 1 asel \az-al\ see ozzle ased \ast\ see aced a s e l e s s \a-slss\ see aceless aseman Xa-smarA see aceman asement \as-mant\ basement. Azazel asally \az-le\ see aisley asca \as-ks\ see aska ascal \as-kal\ paschal. cosh. staysail forestaysail asal 2 \a-zal\ basal. Kinshasa.3 ns\ nascence renascence ascent 1 \as. Basil. nosh. Basil. josh. 1 as \ash\ see ash 7 a s 6 \az\ see oise 1 a s \az\ see euse as \as\ see OS 8 1 as 9 \ 6 \ see aw1 asa \as-g\ casa. casement debasement bargain-basement aser 1 \a-sar\ see acer 1 aser 2 \a-zar\ see azer asey \a-se\ see acy ash 1 \ash\ bosh. Fosh. phrasal appraisal. passant renascent ascent 2 \as. glossa. nasal. gouache.

panache. thrasher gate-crasher haberdasher ashew \ash-u\ cachou. fascia. calash. wash awash. washer brainwasher. hash. diphasic multiphasic. Eurasia. mackintosh. crasher. succotash asha 1 \ash-a\ kasha. mashing. polyphasic . mishmash. clash. backwash. rainwash. rash. flashing. blackwash. lash. cohosh. swash. Foch. unlash. splash. squash. washy Funabashi. whitewasher asher 3 \ash-ar\ Asher. cashewash i1 \ash-e\ see ashy 1 ashi 2 \ash-e\ see ashy 2 ashing \ash-in\ crashing. quassia Falasha asha 2 \ash-a\ cassia. swash. trashy asi 1 \as-e\ see ossy 1 asi 2 \az-e\ see azi1 asi 3 \ash-e\ see ashy 1 asia \a-zha\ Asia aphasia. flash. whitewash. mouthwash. quash. Australasia. mishmash. Toyohashi. eyewash. outwash. slasher. mouthwash. hogwash. quash. smash. squashy. brash. nosher. squasher. sash. Iasi. eyelash. cash. galosh. dash. bash. wishwash hamantasch ash \ash\ ash. Mcintosh ash 2 \6sh\ Bosch. dasher. rehash. smashed unabashed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ash 3 ashen \ash-sn\ see assion 2 1 3 68 asher 1 \ash-3r\ josher. Balkhash. slash. fantasia. rainwash. musquash. backlash. midrash. panache. whitewash. pasha. splashy. goulash. wash awash. wishy-washy ashy 2 \ash-e\ ashy. mash. crash. Rasht. flashy. brioche. cache. flasher. stramash. kibosh. splasher. smashing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ash 3 ashion \ash-9n\ see assion asht \asht\ see ashed 2 ashy 1 \ash-e\ dashi. potash. gnash. ganache. Lubumbashi. backwash. dashing. Kashi. Siwash. plash. thrash. Dias. dishwasher. Chumash. encash. gosh. whiplash balderdash. soutache. brainwash.ash posh. thresh. wishwash hamantasch. backsplash. slapdash. gash. tongue-lash. Balkhash. fash. tosh. Malaysia Anastasia. basher. czardas. smasher. Kashi. swasher. downwash. Bydgoszcz. czardas. eyewash. slosh. goulash. masher. mustache. rasher. slashing. pash. calabash. blackwash. squash. Siwash. downwash. slosh. pasha ashan \ash-an\ see assion ashed \6sht\ sloshed stonewashed. moustache. phasic biphasic. euthanasia antonomasia asian 1 \a-shan\ see ation1 asian 2 \a-zhsn\ see asion asible \a-z3-bal\ see asable 1 asic \a-zik\ basic. brasher. trash abash. clasher. stash. unwashed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ash 2 ashed \asht\ dashed. washer dishwasher asher 2 \6sh-ar\ swasher. grosz.

dermabrasion. spasm chiasm.rasp enclasp. persuasive. last-gasp. casket. Tasman asn't \az. masque.3 n\ basin. bask. occasion. gymnasium asive \a-siv\ suasive abrasive. invasion. suasion abrasion. corrasion. Tarascan Athapaskan asking \as-kirj\ multitasking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ask asm \az-9m\ chasm. corrasive. masker. Eurasian. gasp. equation. masquer Madagascar asket \as-kat\ ascot. invasive. unclasp asper \as-par\ clasper. basket. wasn't aso 1 \as-6\ see asso 1 a s o 2 \as-6\ see asso 2 ason 1 \as. phantasma asman \az-m9n\ see asmine asmine \az-man\ jasmine. gaskin Alaskan. Athanasian. flask. dissuasive. task unmask photomask aska \as-ka\ Alaska. Caucasian. hasp. handclasp. assuasive. evasive. Rabelaisian overpersuasion asional \azh-nal\ equational. wastebasket. Basque. Great Basin. sarcasm chiliasm. chasten. iconoclasm asma \az-m9\ asthma. washbasin diapason.69 asid \as-ad\ see acid asie \a-se\ see acy asil \as-al\ see assel 1 2 aspirate asked \ast\ see ast 2 asker \as-kar\ lascar. Jason. Mason Foxe Basin. pleonasm blepharospasm. jasper. persuasion. Itasca. cask. mason. plasma chiasma. Jasper asperate \as-prst\ aspirate exasperate aspirate \as-prst\ see asperate asil 2 \az-9l\ see azzle asil \as-al\ see asal 3 1 asil 4 \az-sl\ see asal 2 asil 5 \az-sl\ see ozzle asin \as. clasp. casque. grasp. Pasch. pervasion Amerasian. mask. gasket breadbasket. Freemason. occasional asis 1 \a-sas\ basis. hasten.3 n\ see azon asp \asp\ asp. workbasket askin \as-kan\ gascon. stasis oasis asis 2 \as-as\ see assis 2 asium \a-ze-3m\ dichasium. caisson. stonemason. enthusiasm. Donets Basin ason 2 \az.a nt\ doesn't. miasma. pervasive noninvasive ask \ask\ ask. dissuasion. plasm.n\ see ason 3 1 asing 1 \a-sirj\ see acing asing \a-zirj\ see aising asion \a-zhan\ Asian. orgasm. ectoplasm. embracive. Nebraska Athabaska askan \as-k9n\ see askin 2 . evasion. phantasm. handbasket.

bunchgrass. landmass. subclass. teargas. grass. hardinggrass. irascible assail \as-al\ see ossal assailer \as-3-for\ see ossular assal \as-al\ seeassel 2 assant \as. passable. Alsace. Wakashan . ribgrass. bagasse. overpass. band-pass. gasser. pseudoclassic. weatherglass assa \as-a\ massa Manasseh Lake Nyasa assable \as-3-bal\ chasuble. Petras. crass. Liassic. semiclassic assical \as-i-kal\ classical. bypass. demitasse. jackass. trass. Troas. surpass. middle-class. sass. tace. bass. witchgrass biogas. plateglass. placer harasser antimacassar asset \as-at\ see acet 2 assia 1 \ash-a\ see asha 2 assia 2 \ash-a\ see asha 1 assian \ash-an\ see assion assible \as-9-bsl\ see assable assic \as-ik\ classic Jurassic. compassion. highclass. frass. switchgrass. fascicle postclassical. ryegrass. pass. underpass. strass. upper-class. Donbas. wrestle forecastle. hippocras. lower-class. Kuzbass. passion.asque asque \ask\ see ask asquer \as-kar\ see asker ass 1 \as\ see ace 1 a s s 2 \as\ see OS1 a s s \as\ as. en masse. first-class. passible impassable. Hallowmas. Drygas. class. glass. degas. eelgrass. vas. cut-grass. tassel. declass. cuirass. wiseass. tallgrass. gracile. refashion. spyglass. Nasser. crevasse. facile. underclass. lass. knotgrass. outclass. repass. peppergrass. sassafras. crabgrass. sandglass. Madras. Bass. groundmass. rubasse. trespass. bluegrass. ration Circassian. Kiribati. demiglace. vassal. outgas. palliasse. brass. tasse. hourglass. biomass. amass. Kassel. basil. alas. impassible. bromegrass. fiberglass. eyeglass. morass. wineglass. shortgrass. sunglass. has. Newcastle asser \as-ar\ crasser. ass. cordgrass. gallowglass. dispassion. isinglass. pampas grass. gas. gravitas. unclassical semiclassical assid \as-ad\ see acid assie 1 \as-e\ see assy assie 2 \as-e\ see ossy 1 assim 1 \as-sm\ see ossum assim 2 \as-3m\ passim sargassum assin \as. passel. avgas. mass. harass.nt\ see ascent assar \as-9r\ see asser 3 1 3 70 asse 1 \as\ see a s s 3 a s s e 2 \as\ seeos 1 assed \ast\ seeast 2 a s s e e \as-e\ see assy asseh \as-a\ see assa assel 1 \as-al\ see ossal assel 2 \as-sl\ acyl. thalassic. Plexiglas. fashion. hassle. impasse. impassion. castle. wrasse admass. lemongrass. superclass. Triassic neoclassic.3 n\ see asten 2 assion \ash-an\ ashen.

blast. halfmast.71 assional \ash-nal\ see ational 3 assis 1 aster repast. colorcast. glassy. headmaster. remaster. roughcast. racist contrabassist assive \as-iv\ massive. precast. Astor. makefast. miscast. ringmaster. chiliast. raster bandmaster. postmaster. colorfast. narrowcast. march-past. caster. Sargasso Bobo-Dioulasso a s s o \as-6\ Campo Basso Burkina Faso assock \as-ak\ cassock. last. shipmaster. bypast. simulcast. 2 . holdfast. Castor. chassis. fore-topmast. bombast. drillmaster. stasis Parnassus Halicarnassus assist \a-sast\ bassist. main-topmast. plastered aste 1 \ast\ seeaced aste 2 \ast\ see ast 2 asted \as-tad\ blasted. iconoclast. symposiast radiobroadcast —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ass3 asta 1 \as-ta\ seeosta asta 2 \as-ta\ Rasta canasta. hard-and-fast. newscast. linecaster. masted. glassless. Mount Shasta astable \at-3-bal\ see atible astard \as-tard\ bastard. forepassed. dastard. typecast. glacis. plaster. unasked. cast. harassment a s s n e s s \as-n9s\ see astness a s s o \as-6\ basso. broadcast. half-caste. oblast. massless assment \as-m3nt\ blastment amassment. gymnast. ghast. sand-cast. grassy. flypast. Picasso. steadfast. recast. clast. Belfast. enthusiast. wasteful distasteful asten 1 \as. offcast. disaster. lassie. paymaster. \as-e\ see assy a s s i s \as-as\ classis. handfast. trade-last. vast aghast. loadmaster. dicast. gassy. past. Jocasta. castor. piaster. radiocast. sandblast. pilaster. avast.3 n\ fasten assassin. lightfast. telecast. quizmaster. overcast. gaster. upcast. mizzenmast. plastid —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ast2 asteful \ast-fal\ tasteful. outcaste. fantast. choirmaster. cadastre. lasso El Paso. windblast acid-fast. pederast. weathercast ecdysiast. faster. sportscast. sargasso. passive impassive assle \as-9l\ see assel 2 a s s l e s s \as-las\ classless. pastor. shinplaster. mast. foremast. bushmaster. encomiast. gast. shamefast. massy. dynast. cineast. unfasten aster 1 \a-star\ taster. caste. waster aster 2 \as-tar\ aster. rebroadcast. bedfast. master. downcast. Tallahassee Haile Salassie ast 1 \ast\ see list1 ast 2 \ast\ bast. scoutmaster. glassie. topmast. broadcaster. hast. mainmast. sunfast. classy. flabbergast. hassock assum \as-am\ see assim 2 a s s u s \as-ss\ see assis assy \as-e\ brassy. sassy Malagasy.3 n\ see ason 1 asten 2 \as. forecast. schoolmaster. scholiast. fast. opencast. dismast. soothfast. contrast. outcast. mastered.

rallymaster. pastiness asting 1 \a-stirj\ basting. poetaster. orgiastic. weathercaster. toastmaster. enthusiastic. periphrastic. fantastic. lastly astment Xas-mantX see assment astness \as-nss\ crassness. Glacier. rasure erasure asure 2 \a-zhsr\ see azier asy \as-e\ see assy at1 \ a \ see a 1 at 2 \at\ see ot1 at 3 \at\ see ut1 at4 \6t\ see ought1 . catastrophe asty 1 \a-ste\ hasty. yardmaster alabaster. tasty asty 2 \as-te\ blastie. pederastic. pasty.astered sportscaster. pasty. Hudibrastic. fastness. three-master. plastic. vasty capacity. gastness. burgomaster. mastic. onomastic. monastic. contrasty pederasty angioplasty. dynastic. inelastic. quartermaster. taskmaster. paraphrastic. pastoral. ironmaster. wharfmaster. sarcastic. bepharoplasty. overcasting 2 72 —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ast 2 astion \as-chan\ bastion Erastian astle \as-al\ see assel 2 astly \ast-le\ ghastly. whoremaster. Zoroaster cotoneaster astered \as-tsrd\ see astard astering \as-t9-rirj\ overmastering —also -ing forms of verbs listed at aster astes \as-tez\ cerastes Ecclesiastes —also -s. concertmaster. gymnastic. nasty. spastic bombastic. elastic. wasting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at aced asting \as-tirj\ typecasting everlasting. superplastic ecclesiastic. gastral. overmaster. criticaster. interscholastic. spymaster. iconoclastic. plastral cadastral astre \as-tar\ see aster 2 astric \as-trik\ gastric nasogastric astrophe \as-tr9-fe\ anastrophe. narrowcasting. pastness asto \as-to\ impasto antipasto astor \as-tar\ see aster 2 astoral \as-trsl\ see astral astral \as-trsl\ astral. scholastic. overcapacity asuble \as-3-bsl\ see assable asure 1 \a-shar\ glacier. and -s' forms of nouns listed at asty 2 asthma \az-m9\ see asma astian \as-chan\ see astion astic \as-tik\ drastic. stochastic anelastic. -'s. semimonastic astics \as-tiks\ gymnastics. slimnastics astid \as-tad\ see asted astie \as-te\ see asty 2 astiness \a-ste-n9s\ hastiness. truckmaster. stationmaster. oleaster. osteoplasty.

hepcat. sprat. cat. Muscat. data. Sorata. ratable. expat. regatta. hellcat. Jehoshaphat. patent. apparat. latency dilatancy atant1 \at. vat all that. fiat. statant atant 2 \at. Surat. pro rata. drat. cantata.3 l-e\ see attily atally \at. Physiocrat. Hirakata. riata. inamorata. backchat.3 n-se\ blatancy. perinatal atalie \at. whinchat. meerkat. inflatable. caveat. meritocrat. tomcat. stat. begat. cravat. Paramatta persona grata persona non grata atable 1 \at-3-bal\ datable.73 at5 \at\ bat. natant. concordat. butterfat. slat. errata. matt. scat. Eurocrat. savate. photostat. dilatable. stonechat. polecat. pussycat. defat. circulatable. cervelat. SnoCat. Pat. non grata. sat. sonata. Automat. heliostat. rotatable. splat. frat. Carlotta. requiescat. Montserrat. Uniate. serenata. plat. mat. latent. firebrat. Hallstatt. potato. correctable. magnificat. locatable. thalassocrat proletariat. tit for tat. reata. bureaucrat. zeta . brickbat. persona grata. Kattegat. tat. regatta. non grata. jurat. strawhat. Niigata. gnat. at bat. theta. desiderata. marrowfat. gat. Ararat. doormat. gerontocrat. rat. pat. natally postnatally. assignat. comsat. dingbat. Maratha. fat. Cat.3 nt\ blatant. rat-a-tat. missa cantata. Mar del Plata. scaredycat. muskrat. eta. skat. Uspallata Basilicata. statable debatable. substrata. plait. strata. bullbat. Dixiecrat. whereat. cowpat. Laundromat. nonfat. kata balata. prenatally antenatally. Matt. wombat acrobat. spat. shtetl hiatal. bobcat. tomato.3 l-e\ fatally. high-hat. detonatable. semimatte. La Plata. Sadat. undebatable atable 2 \at-3-bal\ see atible atal \at. diplomat. peseta. mulatto. chert. ochlocrat.3 nt\ patent combatant noncombatant atany \at. hat. wildcat. thereat. that. Rio de la Plata medulla oblongata ata 2 \at-a\ beta. autocrat. pro rata. riata. pro rata. monocrat. rhatany atar \at-sr\ see otter atary \at-a-re\ see ottery atch 1 \ech\ see etch atch 2 \ach\ see otch ata1 \at-a\ cotta. prenatal antenatal. fermata. stand pat. secretariat at \a\ see ah 6 3 atch muleta. frittata. brat. thermostat. toccata caponata. theocrat. pas de quatre. tipcat.3 l-ast\ catalyst philatelist atan 1 \at-9n\ see aten 1 atari2 \at.3 l\ fatal. professoriat.3 n-e\ atony. mobocrat. viewdata paramatta. scatt. format. res adjudicata. combat. neonatally. reata. technocrat. confiscatable.3 n\ see atin2 atancy \at. flat. postnatal. blat. democrat. viewdata corona radiata ata 3 \at-a\ data errata. muscat. pit-a-pat. res judicata persona non grata. ziggurat aristocrat. chitchat. standpat. terracotta. pinata. plutocrat. translatable allocatable. copycat. neonatal. batt. matte. chat. perinatally atalyst \at. Rat. data. ratel. natal. Croat. Cassatt. habitat.

palpate. orate. book-match. bait. spicate. lactate. cheapskate. playmate. whitebait. faceplate. serrate. ratch. ligate. third-rate. mate. castrate. slate. narrate. cerate. lunate. cratch. gelate. workmate. bistate. crosspatch. flycatcher. grate. Kuwait. skate. disrate. arete. rematch. ornate. nitrate. debate. stellate. great. agemate. create. latch. adnate. scratchy Apache ate 1 \at\ ait. ablate. match. teammate. update. spectate. wait. doorplate. tailgate. ingrate. peltate. roommate. jailbait. restate. oblate. inflate. thatcher cowcatcher. inmate. caudate. latchet. breastplate. cremate. unweight. flatmate. downstate. firstrate. summate. fate. pate. vibrate. dispatch. instate. lustrate. makeweight. comate. clock-watcher. seatmate. fete. liquate. dictate. tollgate. pinnate. late. cross-hatching. plicate. hastate. hamate. patchy. uprate. Newgate. prorate. collate. eye-catching. squamate. saccate. translate. Sasquatch. mutate. plate. punctate. fellate. topnotcher atcher 2 \ach-ar\ batcher. substrate. agnate. makebate. plait. dispatcher. equate. lobate. soleplate. short weight. quoit. cordate. eight. tenth-rate. probate. ramate. flyweight. mandate. cognate. derate. rebate. ovate. strait. khanate. gnatcatcher oyster catcher atchet \ach-at\ hatchet. curate. Tebet. overmatch atcher 1 \ach-sr\ botcher. housemate. dogcatcher. ate. V-8. stalemate. nutate. tristate. detachment atchouli \ach-s-le\ see atchily atchy \ach-e\ catchy. ice-skate. locate. legate. gait. classmate. blate. haet. hate. bate. crate. ternate. aerate. frustrate. state. relate. catcher. donate. Kate. detach. airfreight. debaucher. shipmate. drawplate. deflate. truncate. prostate. checkmate. zonate . connate. hydrate. patch. elate. deadweight. gate. trait. prostrate. potlatch. vacate. magnate. rachet. date. upstate. palmate. floodgate. despatch. helpmate. snatch. vulgate. crenate. teth. testate. bookplate. patchouli atching \ach-irj\ back-scratching. prolate. await. airdate. spate. nonmatching —also -ing forms of verbs listed at atch 4 atchman Xach-msnX see otchman atchment \ach-mant\ catchment. scratcher. freight. pulsate. notate. cutrate. unlatch. thatch attach. striate. bedplate. sedate. conflate. nameplate. irate. alate. hatcher. filtrate. negate. berate. Cate. liftgate. klatch. rostrate. predate. Crosshatch. pupate. migrate. casemate. fixate. terneplate. batch. toeplate. phonate. sate. backdate. lych-gate. ratchet atchily \ach-a-le\ patchily. fishplate. kaffeeklatsch. headgate. portrait. stagnate. throatlatch. gestate. clavate. valvate. catch. schoolmate. eye-catcher. watcher bird-watcher. outmatch. chordate. vallate. Wasatch coffee klatch. sublate. delate. postdate. birthrate. messmate. gyrate. stature. rate. natch. hatch. sulcate. lightweight. rotate. innate. red-bait. dentate. straight. tinplate.atch atch 3 \6ch\ see auch 1 atch \ach\ bach. prate. hatchment attachment. dilate. quadrate. weight 4 74 abate. falcate. jugate. lyrate. nuthatch. placate. scratch. estate. baldpate. tractate. matcher. primate. misstate. sensate. virgate. bedmate. septate. cate. formate.

intraplate. adsorbate. decimate. cumulate. niobate. ambulate. irritate. incurvate. circulate. crepitate. activate. diplomate. bantamweight. aviate. nauseate. constipate. impetrate. cachinnate. cogitate. opiate. fractionate. ideate. intimate. innervate. arrogate. levigate. legislate. infiltrate. arcuate. detonate. numerate. antiquate. elevate. graduate. emirate. deaerate. inspissate. animate. automate. motivate. instigate. digitate. abnegate. perforate. paperweight. annotate. aggregate. postulate. federate. decorate. procreate. emigrate. dedicate. granulate. dislocate. invocate. adumbrate. mitigate. calculate. insolate. oscillate. mutilate. inculcate. recreate. isolate. imitate. innovate. acylate. desiccate. extricate. demarcate. apostate. approbate. macerate. levitate. nation-state. candidate. annulate. osculate. ate formulate. masticate. estivate. liquidate. overweight. out-of-date. consummate. carbon-date. commutate. patinate. expiate. defalcate. fluctuate. peculate. pullulate. operate. aggravate. magistrate. militate. bipinnate. objurgate. excavate. collimate. palliate. adulate. captivate. acerbate. micturate. duplicate. meditate. medicate. edentate. foliate. hebetate. hibernate. nictitate. glaciate. obligate. juniorate. derogate. celebrate. margravate. agitate. moderate. indurate. concentrate. antedate. imamate. consternate. reinstate. navigate. insulate. iodate. germinate. fenestrate. fumigate. citystate. featherweight. reclinate. penetrate. multistate. imbricate. pulmonate. constellate. jubilate. liberate. exculpate. pennyweight. implicate. apartheid. cavitate. explicate. fibrillate. extirpate. cantillate. estimate. abrogate. mediate. coronate. dissertate. ovulate. altercate. orchestrate. capitate. fustigate. remonstrate. cuneate. quantitate. incubate. amputate. cuspidate. iterate. correlate. re-create. middleweight. palpitate. inculpate. irrigate. hyphenate. meliorate. actuate. crenulate. bifurcate. indicate. hundredweight. absorbate. educate. paginate. increate. impregnate. fornicate. indagate. arbitrate. calibrate. fluoridate. marinate. eluate. elongate.75 abdicate. derivate. rabbinate. cucullate. exsiccate. predicate. miscreate. inundate. percolate. collocate. generate. relegate. perpetrate. desecrate. brachiate. radiate. personate. flagellate. obovate. lubricate. prorogate. intestate. corrugate. flocculate. counterweight. escalate. machinate. mithridate. acclimate. propagate. fascinate. cultivate. obfuscate. acetate. flabellate. modulate. delegate. deviate. ephorate. populate. discarnate. promulgate. incarnate. emulate. dissipate. nominate. maturate. denigrate. castigate. perennate. ordinate. catenate. exudate. carbonate. intonate. contemplate. obviate. billingsgate. immigrate. enervate. execrate. . fecundate. ministrate. hesitate. illustrate. microstate. immolate. carinate. marginate. reluctate. bombinate. laminate. caliphate. criminate. alternate. advocate. deprecate. menstruate. depredate. heavyweight. boilerplate. aspirate. laureate. circinate. distillate. Latinate. cruciate. litigate. compensate. permeate. conglobate. cupulate. imprecate. masturbate. littermate. decussate. divagate. insensate. regulate. commentate. herniate. interstate. emanate. cerebrate. gratulate. pollinate. neonate. allocate. consecrate. confiscate. dominate. designate. punctuate. cyclamate. geminate. fabricate. overstate. demonstrate. gravitate. lacerate. decollate. culminate. desolate. potentate. conjugate. copperplate. fulminate. defecate. complicate. deviate. profligate. relocate. fragmentate. Golden Gate. perorate. condensate. copulate. festinate. expurgate. devastate. coruscate.

dilapidate. variate. capacitate. dissimilate. coordinate. runagate. alleviate.ate renovate. accumulate. defibrinate. commemorate. irradiate. patriciate. interpellate. expectorate. homologate. asseverate. legitimate. exfoliate. vaticinate. tunicate. sequestrate. obnubilate. exterminate. agglutinate. peregrinate. habilitate. divaricate. mandarinate. intenerate. capitulate. stylobate. confabulate. sagittate. reprobate. salivate. eradicate. luxuriate. amalgamate. accommodate. inoculate. prefabricate. contaminate. titillate. undulate. obliterate. tripinnate. concelebrate. evaluate. ameliorate. invigilate. assimilate. enunciate. acidulate. ungulate. enumerate. violate. necessitate. supplicate. predominate. coagulate. incriminate. replicate. perpetuate. accelerate. stablemate. intoxicate. syndicate. intimidate. cooperate. evacuate. extravagate. attenuate. asphyxiate. conciliate. elucubrate. deliberate. elaborate. instantiate. invalidate. emarginate. inaugurate. episcopate. particulate. perambulate. suffocate. evaporate. triplicate. excoriate. terminate. elucidate. machicolate. circumvallate. separate. extenuate. transudate. expostulate. equilibrate. sibilate. fantasticate. scintillate. pontificate. rusticate. originate. decrepitate. ululate. tolerate. potentiate. degenerate. adulterate. gesticulate. annunciate. ingratiate. prenominate. underrate. hypothecate. tete-a-tete. sultanate. articulate. coelenterate. exaggerate. emaciate. etiolate. accentuate. elutriate. adjudicate. emancipate. precipitate. hallucinate. itinerate. approximate. vicarate. matriculate. electroplate. disseminate. retardate. trilobate. welterweight abbreviate. orientate. denominate. congratulate. trifurcate. administrate. emasculate. interpolate. affiliate. annihilate. extrapolate. simulate. sanitate. appreciate. calumniate. transmigrate. tribulate. de-escalate. tribunate. premeditate. self-portrait. exuberate. infuriate. ruminate. spoliate. expatriate. encapsulate. collaborate. noncandidate. corroborate. investigate. conglomerate. urinate. expatiate. inseminate. illuminate. ulcerate. eliminate. effectuate. communicate. devaluate. exasperate. titivate. certificate. subjugate. commiserate. depopulate. . manipulate. depreciate. subrogate. ingurgitate. consolidate. habituate. negotiate. decerebrate. officiate. catholicate. tablemate. ejaculate. edulcorate. excogitate. ventilate. anticipate. exonerate. exacerbate. stridulate. eviscerate. vegetate. matriarchate. appropriate. roseate. facilitate. vitiate. penicillate. strangulate. participate. invaginate. deconcentrate. desegregate. felicitate. confederate. Merthiolate. stipulate. invigorate. turbinate. vertebrate. deregulate. disintegrate. situate. incinerate. tabulate. interrelate. vaccinate. assassinate. equivocate. speculate. tessellate. concatenate. inactivate. preponderate. resonate. defribrillate. lanceolate. barbiturate. understate. agglomerate. desiderate. initiate. secondrate. sinuate. dissociate. validate. abominate. eventuate. vindicate. thirtyeight. discriminate. infatuate. uncinate. demodulate. domesticate. Watergate. alliterate. predestinate. debilitate. insinuate. patriarchate. inebriate. subulate. acculturate. decapitate. saturate. associate. expropriate. stimulate. vacillate. apostolate. retranslate. sublimate. campanulate. impersonate. alienate. syncopate. surrogate. inosculate. umbellate. satiate. incarcerate. excruciate. exhilarate. compassionate. humiliate. delineate. diaconate. intercalate. interrogate. valuate. venerate. 76 deconsecrate. consociate. bicarbonate. oxygenate. incorporate. rubricate. underweight. authenticate. italianate. segregate. seriate. dissimulate. indoctrinate.

repristinate. lithium niobate diammonium phosphate. underinflated. pileated. ratiocinate. carbonated. uncalculated. perforated. resupinate. differentiate. underestimate microencapsulate. disorientate. understated. variegate. multivariate. complicated. intoxicated. transvaluate. sextuplicate. reticulate. trabeated.3 l-ast\ see atalyst ately 1 \at-le\ greatly. recuperate. unmitigated. decaffeinated. reciprocate. decontaminate. disarticulate. repatriate. outdated. tergiversate. rejuvenate. quadruplicate. castellated. opinionated. capsulated. quintuplicate. superheavyweight. phosphoenolpyruvate peroxyacetyl nitrate ate 2 \at\ see at ate 3 \at\ see ot1 ate 4 \at-e\ see ati ate 5 \at\ see ut ated \at-sd\ gaited. uncelebrated. contraindicate. redecorate. recapitulate. stereobate. inebriated. unmediated. disrelated. vituperate. unarticulated. grateful. superordinate. reiterate. unabated. circumstantiate. configurated. ill-fated. three-gaited. lated. reverberate. redintegrate. disassociate. rehabilitate. sophisticate. discombobulate. calculated. misappropriate. renegotiate.3 l\ see atal ateless \at-las\ dateless. circumnavigate. interpenetrate. triangulate. proliferate. fimbriated. crenellated. excommunicate. procrastinate. pixilated. remunerate. related. unconsolidated. unsophisticated polyunsaturated. incorporated. truncated. addlepated. intermediate. individuate. hateful ungrateful atel1 \at. straitly innately. substantiate. retaliate. underpopulated. reeducate. incapacitate. reduplicate. recriminate. unsaturated. coordinated. disintoxicate. X-rated aberrated. revegetate. intercommunicate. reincarnate. superannuate. propitiate. pated. saturated. weightless atelist \at. reintegrate. syllabicate. inspissated. transliterate. regenerate. proportionate. vociferate beneficiate. ornately up-to-dately Johnny-come-lately ately 2 \at. stateless. hyperventilate. elevated. supersaturate. domesticated. resuscitate.3 l\ see ottle atel 2 \at. irately. uncomplicated. revaluate. free-associate. straightly. renominate. fenestrated. underappreciated —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ate 1 ateful \at-fal\ fateful. marginated. unbated. circumambulate. regurgitate. unsegregated unadulterated. refrigerate. unanticipated. scholasticate. undereducated. disproportionate. disambiguate. tessellated. deteriorate. subordinate. laminated. transilluminate.3 l-e\ see attily atem \at-am\ see atum 1 . superelevate. seventy-eight. prognosticate. mentholated.77 prevaricate. undissociated. carburated. somnambulate. floriated. domiciliate. interrelated. asteriated. disaffiliate. striated. repudiate. stately. foliated. pustulated. variegated affiliated. stated atem belated. uncreated. lately. animated. sophisticated. transubstantiate.

tailwater. straiten Keewatin aten 2 \at. polymath. footpath. bypath. slather forgather. tauter. floodwater. spathe. slaughter. rainwater. watery 78 ates 1 \ats\ Yeats Gulf States Papal States Persian Gulf States. cutwater. understatement aten 1 \at. traitorous atering \6t-9-rirj\ mouth-watering —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ater 1 atery1 \at-a-re\ see ottery atery 2 \6t-a-re\ cautery. sunbath. groundwater. path. Penates —also -s. wastewater milk-and-water. waterer dewaterer ateress \at-3-rss\ cateress. misstatement. breakwater. father. telepath naturopath. United States Federated Malay States United Arab Emirates —also -s. stepfather ather2 \9th-ar\ see other1 ather 3 \ath-ar\ blather. tidewater. rosewater.3 nt\ see atant 1 atent 2 \at. osteopath. -'s. meltwater. and -s' forms of nouns listed at aty atest \at-ast\ latest. wool-gather .3 n\ see atin2 aten 3 \at. lather. psychopath. quadrilateral. -'s. statist —also -est forms of adjectives listed at ate 1 atey \at-e\ see aty ath1 \ath\ see oth1 ath 2 \6th\ see oth 2 ath 3 \ath\ bath. rathe. stepdaughter.3 n\ see otten atent 1 \at. shearwater. footbath. blackwater. debatement. jerkwater. gather. grandfather. Mather. wrath birdbath. limewater. pother. hath. restatement overstatement. housefather. unilateral. freshwater. manslaughter. equilateral. Cather. and -s forms of verbs. warpath aftermath. collateral. ingather. water backwater. scathe. Euphrates. multilateral.3 nt\ see atant 2 ater1 \6t-ar\ daughter. underwater ater 2 \at-ar\ see ator ateral \at-a-ral\ lateral bilateral. rather forefather. self-slaughter. sociopath atha \at-a\ see ata 1 athe 1 \ath\ swathe enswathe. ventrolateral posterolateral aterer \6t-9r-ar\ slaughterer. and -s' forms of nouns. dishwater. lath. dorsolateral. math. lathe. granddaughter. strath. bloodbath. snath. ipsilateral. seawater. forequarter. springwater. dewater. unswathe athe 2 \ath\ bathe. rathe. godfather. laten. hindquarter. deepwater. bathwater. towpath. firewater.3 n\ greaten. saithe. straighten. listed at ate ates 2 \at-ez\ nates Achates. polywater. trilateral contralateral. goddaughter.atement atement Xat-mantX statement abatement. rather. reinstatement. swathe sunbathe. headwater. saltwater. unswathe athe 3 \ath\ see ath atheless \ath-las\ see aithless ather1 \ath-ar\ bother. Satan.

aerobatic. phatic. syntagmatic. aristocratic. . woolgathering —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ather 3 athi \at-e\ see ati athic \ath-ik\ empathic amphipathic. Kathy. Hakodate. logogrammatic. antistatic. biosystematic. physiocratic. astatic. dotty. lymphatic. pantisocratic. karate. Dotty. fungistatic. aquatic. getatable incompatible. psychosomatic. sylvatic. psychodramatic. Scarlatti. self-incompatible atic 1 \at-ik\ see otic1 atic 2 \at-ik\ attic. kerygmatic. gynecocratic. grammatical. piratical. theorematic. somatic. atical magmatic. thematic. sabbatical. gerontocratic. Hippocratic. enzymatic. fanatic. quadratic. ochlocratic. Socratic. stigmatic. wrathy allelopathy ati1 \at-e\ Ate. undogmatic. melismatic. spotty. coati. symptomatic. Eleatic. plasmatic. homeostatic. axiomatic. enigmatic. grotty. monodramatic. autocratic. traumatic. mobocratic. pragmatical. cinematic. chapati. chromatic. undemocratic. anabatic. pre-Socratic. schismatic. metate. prismatic. aromatic. monocratic. problematic. knotty. monogrammatic. erratic. systematic. plotty. fanatical. magistratical. psychopathic. automatic. operatic. emblematical. technocratic. Cathy. flokati. hepatic. schismatical autocratical. morganatic. pneumatic. sciatica. timocratic. neumatic. diagrammatic. acrobatic. schematic. emphatic. Marathi. undiplomatic antidemocratic. asymptomatic. numismatic. phonematic. epigrammatic. sciatic. Adriatic. meritocratic. bureaucratic. Attic. paradigmatic. idiopathic. pentathlon. Gujarati. charismatic. dalmatic. mathematical. monochromatic. programmatic. ecstatic. literati. ideogrammatic. sematic. melodramatic. pragmatic. rheumatic. idiomatic. comatic. naughty. leviratic. basmati. diplomatic. judgmatic. phlegmatic. Tol'yatti glitterati. dramatic. undramatic anagrammatic. batik. democratic. asthmatic. climatic. Kathie. Hanseatic. semiautomatic atica \at-i-ka\ Attica hepatica. telepathic homeopathic. spermatic. Dottie. self-compatible biocompatible. apothegmatic. sociopathic athlon \ath-l3n\ biathlon. decathlon. astigmatic. viatica atical \at-i-kal\ statical dogmatical. conglomeratic. diaphragmatic. Scotty. dogmatic. erratical. semiaquatic. manicotti illuminati ati2 \ate\ see atty ati3 \ats\ see ots ati4 \as\ see a s s 3 atia \a-shs\ see acia atial \a-shal\ see acial atian \a-sh9n\ see ation1 atians \a-shanz\ seeations atible \at-3-bal\ compatible. plutocratic. snotty. Dixiecratic. enigmatical. komatik. vatic agnatic. protatic.79 athering \alh-rirj\ ingathering. miasmatic. squatty Amati. potty. triathlon athy \ath-e\ Cathie. hieratic. Scottie. Austroasiatic. ochlocratical. villatic achromatic. emblematic. theocratic. dilemmatic. static.

damnation. potation. lady-in-waiting. libation. legation. relation. acceptation. patten. causation. bullbaiting. phonation. frustration. location. equation. foundation. laudation. inflation. cognation. nutation. mutation. self-rating calculating. paten. conflation. translation.3 l-e\ see attily atim \at-am\ see atum 2 atin1 \at. nation. prostration. dictation. grating. cremation. adaptation. substation. Powhatan lovastatin. gestation. predation. flotation. dramatics. acclamation. crustacean. workstation. systematical. psychosomatics —also -s. planation. starvation. pneumatics. filtration. negation. hydration. serration. novation. ungrammatical anagrammatical. striation. squamation. quotation. self-liquidating. furcation. ligation. actuation. gratin. somnifacient abortifacient atik \at-ik\ see atic 2 atile \at. libration. saltation. Croatian. elation.atics problematical. nauseating. epigrammatical. plating. zonation abdication. crenation. dogmatics. pragmatics acrobatics. admiration. -s. fixation. adjuration. accusation. plication. deflation. sublation.3 n\ batten. informatics. cetacean. pantisocratical atics \at-iks\ statics chromatics. stagflation. undeviating. gyration. activation. acclimation. donation. taxation. conation. temptation. platan. and -s' forms of nouns listed at atic atie \at-e\ see aty atiens \a-shanz\ see ations atient \a-shant\ patient impatient. ovation. formation. collation.3 n-3t\ concatenate. numismatics. pulsation. theocratical. vexation. flatten. frustrating. maid-inwaiting. tarnation. Neo-Latin atin 3 \at. enation. dilation. latten.3 n\ see otten atin 2 \at. oration. outstation. skating. bearbaiting. Latin. probation. migration. carnation. venation. dalmatian. stagnation. vibration. rotation. Alsatian. platen. rating. purgation. aberration. subordinating. Nation. notation. titillating humiliating. chrismation. plantation. gradation. vocation. systematics melodramatics. matin. operating. citation. summation. adoration. lactation. sedation. privation. Manhattan. ratton. self- 80 regulating. nonterminating. proration. illation. adulation. slumpflation. ration. unhesitating indiscriminating. vacation. pronation. reflation. truncation. slating abating. diagrammatical. creation. outpatient rubefacient. natation. oblation. Thracian ablation. Palatinate Rhineland-Palatinate ating \at-irj\ bating. stylization. uncalculating. cessation. timocratical. manhattan. mathematics. gustation.3 n\ see aten 1 atinate \at. salvation. lustration. abjuration. nitration. abnegation. duration. cunctation. station. castration. lancinating. fatten. mentation. . inpatient. sensation. Patton. satin cisplatin. agnation. rogation. self-replicating. Eurasian. lavation. self-incriminating —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ate 1 atinous \at-nas\ seeatness ation 1 \a-shsn\ Asian. Haitian. narration.

fibrillation. hibernation. assignation. lamination. habitation. expiation. encrustation. lamentation. fluoridation. botheration. lucubration. consultation. annexation. epilation. inspiration. indignation. conspiration. alternation. jactitation. limitation. desperation. constellation. concentration. altercation. declination. irrigation. contestation. aviation. consummation. commutation. angulation. convocation. equitation. incrustation. compensation. connotation. confiscation. annotation. fumigation. imprecation. distillation. aspiration. invitation. cuspidation. flagellation. culmination. emulation. depravation. consecration. demarcation. decoration. denotation. inundation. dissertation. complication. dissipation. demonstration. incantation. information. exhortation. detonation. expiration. laceration. approbation. extrication. legislation. cogitation. aggravation. castigation. compurgation. derogation. appellation. inhalation. conjugation. fenestration. hyphenation. imbrication. allocation. embrocation. dispensation. dislocation. liberation. brachiation. congregation. disinflation. cancellation. fomentation. Amerasian. desiccation. cachinnation. exculpation. incarnation. desolation. gemination. fulguration. automation. combination. estivation. defloration. infiltration. derivation. escalation. deputation. elongation. animation. defecation. estimation. granulation. copulation. domination. lacrimation. irritation. coloration. affectation. denigration. invocation. correlation. federation. destination. formulation. cupellation. defamation. immigration. carburation. deviation. devastation. depredation. emendation. graduation. depilation. inculcation. dilatation. disputation. affirmation. execration. fluctuation. cerebration. dedication. advocation. figuration. implication. exclamation. fabrication. delectation. elevation. implantation. carbonation. levitation. evocation. inclination. hesitation. fascination. consolation. immolation. conservation. condonation. duplication. emanation. desecration. explanation. allegation. exhalation. crenellation. litigation. exploration. detestation. indication. delegation. capitation. congelation. induration. degradation. conflagration. exultation. gravitation. blaxploitation. excitation. condensation. generation. indentation. expectation. computation. divination. deprivation. circulation. embarkation. fulmination. condemnation. intonation. indexation. expurgation. exploitation. importation. application. incitation. attestation. Appalachian. imitation. dehydration. incubation. arbitration. germination. disrelation. fornication. installation. filiation. declamation.81 adumbration. jubilation. augmentation. imputation. antiquation. calibration. confirmation. consternation. innovation. compellation. exaltation. degustation. literation. ideation. glaciation. alteration. denegation. infestation. instauration. collocation. extirpation. avocation. education. declaration. excavation. enervation. decimation. defalcation. corrugation. amputation. aggregation. confutation. celebration. deformation. claudication. commendation. insulation. inflammation. conversation. cybernation. insufflation. exportation. fermentation. calculation. assentation. liquidation. dubitation. . disclamation. isolation. explication. lineation. deportation. eructation. maceration. conformation. confrontation. exudation. insolation. illustration. Aurignacian. compilation. ation designation. coronation. coruscation. conjuration. fragmentation. annulation. constipation. cementation. foliation. iteration. emigration. contemplation. commination. lubrication. corporation. captivation. conurbation.

transformation. tribulation. perforation. coagulation. relaxation. presentation. congratulation. veneration. provocation. segmentation. obturation. tessellation. solmization. penetration. perspiration. perpetration. sustentation. procuration. tabulation. suspiration. variation. modulation. mediation. certification. consolidation. mastication. configuration. oscillation. canalization. accentuation. prolongation. pollination. vindication. suffocation. abomination. profanation. recordation. occultation. nomination. pagination. brutalization. toleration. capacitation. recitation. scintillation. ruination. urination. objurgation. articulation. subjugation. palliation. clarification. ovulation. maculation. alleviation. pixilation. numeration. cicatrization. recreation. reprobation. confabulation. navigation. vacillation. metrication. commiseration. speciation. afforestation. beautification. communication. sequestration. saturation. syncopation.ation machination. appreciation. adjudication. satiation. adulteration. meditation. annihilation. conglomeration. debilitation. refutation. barbarization. susurration. reclamation. validation. transmutation. sexploitation. salutation. assassination. melioration. analyzation. replantation. authorization. prelibation. agglomeration. agglutination. subrogation. mensuration. titillation. reformation. respiration. syndication. ulceration. registration. affiliation. crystallization. association. replication. relocation. perturbation. compartmentation. medication. separation. titivation. reservation. moderation. columniation. undulation. concatenation. sanitation. malformation. amortization. . publication. ordination. crustification. operation. proclamation. alienation. vegetation. amalgamation. appropriation. retardation. communization. transpiration. resignation. termination. vaccination. motivation. strangulation. predication. anglicization. conciliation. palpitation. revocation. administration. simulation. colonization. coordination. maturation. salivation. contamination. autoxidation. orchestration. pigmentation. masturbation. postulation. malversation. observation. cooperation. consociation. carbonylation. trepidation. reparation. revelation. ostentation. population. obligation. stimulation. actualization. asphyxiation. segregation. peroration. capitulation. corroboration. trituration. permeation. punctuation. sublimation. margination. anticipation. visitation abbreviation. speculation. complementation. transmigration. alliteration. restoration. approximation. osculation. reputation. preparation. ozonation. decapitation. accommodation. continuation. molestation. amelioration. canonization. radiation. annunciation. preformation. obfuscation. consideration. violation. 82 transplantation. stipulation. attenuation. commemoration. transportation. sternutation. propagation. menstruation. oxidation. asseveration. valuation. occupation. bastardization. cohabitation. centralization. protestation. ventilation. argumentation. assimilation. procreation. amplification. acculturation. usurpation. acceleration. coeducation. bowdlerization. scatteration. permutation. civilization. ministration. spoliation. regulation. structuration. confederation. patination. situation. translocation. ululation. accreditation. classification. accumulation. prorogation. deactivation. collaboration. re-creation.

necessitation. reciprocation. . ingratiation. fertilization. evagination. discoloration. labanotation. determination. glycosylation. disembarkation. evisceration. deglaciation. mollification. magnetization. maladaptation. disintegration. penalization. feminization. insemination. imagination. deification. ejaculation. itemization. machicolation. dissimulation. depopulation. despoliation. echolocation. expropriation. fortification. harmonization. inauguration. mongrelization. randomization. ratification. quantification. neutralization. negotiation. plasticization. ation indoctrination. fructification. optimization. evaporation. inebriation. ornamentation. instrumentation. manifestation. Finlandization. denomination. pontification. formulization. globalization. participation. petrification. refrigeration. notarization. examination. illumination. orientation. perambulation. jollification. preadaptation. facilitation. prognostication. deregulation. novelization. ratiocination. exercitation. investigation. extenuation. delineation. pulverization. latinization. interrelation. hallucination. emaciation. glorification. mystification. insinuation. elimination. documentation. discrimination. dilapidation. maximization. realization. excruciation. haruspication. polarization. devaluation. epoxidation. prettification. equalization. emancipation. humanization. glamorization. inoculation. fantastication. proliferation. recrimination. excoriation. matriculation. intimidation. perseveration. propitiation. legalization. evacuation. nullification. gentrification. pluralization. invigoration. organization. elucidation. exacerbation. degeneration. incarceration. inhabitation. reduplication. deliberation. divarication. multiplication. expostulation. hyperinflation. monopolization. localization. elicitation. depreciation. purification. enumeration. idolization. fossilization. precipitation. immunization. miscegenation. reforestation. internalization. irradiation. invagination. habituation. preregistration. emasculation. formalization. domestication. magnification. exasperation. pacification. defenestration. modernization. deforestation. exhilaration. patronization. falsification. masculinization. modification. paralyzation. implementation. impersonation. desegregation. gratification. exoneration. infatuation. enunciation. dissemination. pronunciation. disapprobation. perpetuation. justification. evaluation. redecoration. preoccupation. pasteurization. prefiguration. mortification. ramification. laicization. dissimilation. initiation. dramatization. normalization. improvisation. disinformation. equivocation. regeneration. extermination. diphthongization. recommendation. nationalization. elaboration. incrimination.83 decompensation. gasification. gesticulation. incorporation. personalization. qualification. moralization. denunciation. dissociation. intoxication. eradication. recombination. incineration. mobilization. extrapolation. mechanization. recuperation. naturalization. lionization. disinclination. edification. procrastination. factorization. hellenization. exaggeration. incardination. predestination. interpretation. notification. premeditation. ossification.

84 demystification. insubordination. mispronunciation. decasualization. underestimation. conceptualization. vituperation. photoduplication. trivialization. personification. unappreciation. diversification. vitalization. immobilization. disassociation. extemporization. reincarnation. verbalization. decimilization. renegotiation. electrification. autocorrelation. versification. tintinnabulation. solidification. triangulation. disqualification. radicalization. decentralization. hospitalization. subordination. decriminalization. alphabetization. popularization. subpopulation. solicitation.ation regimentation. automanipulation. beneficiation. identification. intermediation. delegitimation. allegorization. rationalization. stultification. generalization. lexicalization. experimentation. capitalization. socialization. ratiocination. revitalization. vinification. miniaturization. inconsideration. italicization. reverberation. federalization. sedimentation. transvaluation. urbanization. reification. prestidigitation. transfiguration. westernization. solemnization. vaticination. incoordination. scarification. vulgarization. intrapopulation. indetermination. retrogradation. overcompensation. rehabilitation. stratification. intermodulation. teleportation. visualization Americanization. commercialization. sophistication. deterioration. uglification. supplementation. codetermination. palatalization. subalternation. vilification. criminalization. familiarization. symbolization. maladministration. vocalization. traumatization. standardization. legitimization. terrorization. mathematization. disorganization. cross-examination. unsophistication. verification. dehumanization. specialization. reticulation. deStalinization. characterization. derivitization. synchronization. recapitulation. electrodesiccation. sanitization. subinfeudation. vandalization. indemnification. hyperventilation. misrepresentation. desulfurization. signification. miscommunication. decontamination. transliteration. misinterpretation. overpopulation. subsidization. Serbo-Croatian. republication. periodization. reconsideration. depersonalization. reafforestation. homogenization. specification. x-radiation acclimatization. reintegration. unionization. externalization. differentiation. reinterpretation. remediation. . tergiversation. ritualization. predetermination. syllabification. incapacitation. secularization. counterreformation. subvocalization. victimization. variegation. systemization. representation. sanctification. dehydrogenation. dolomitization. vociferation. militarization. noncooperation. velarization. immortalization. robotization. exemplification. institutionalization. disproportionation. vaporization. repudiation. automatization. containerization. misappropriation. consubstantiation. cryopreservation. megacorporation. circumnavigation. undervaluation. remuneration. disorientation. unification. sensitization. proselytization. indiscrimination. discombobulation. sterilization. regurgitation. decarboxylation. stabilization. derealization. Schrodinger equation. renunciation. idealization. transubstantiation. simplification. photoexcitation. reconciliation. nonproliferation. theorization. supererogation. reorganization. syllabication. excommunication. declassification. individuation. romanization. intensification. summarization.

limitative. limitational. segregationist. native. cumulative. inspirational. connotative. dissipative. congregational. convocational. invitational. conjugational. irrational. investigational. reformational. contemplative. computational.85 intercommunication. avocational. relations Lamentations. denominational. reorganizational interdenominational ational 2 \azh-n3l\ see asional ational 3 \ash-nal\ national. mutative. preservationist accomodationist. solatium atius \a-shas\ see acious ative \at-iv\ dative. migrational. innovational. observational. recreationist. copulative. improvisational. facultative. recapitalization. operational. consecrative. navigational. gravitational. supranational. fluctuational. internationalization. industrialization. explicative. conversational. interpretational. operative. passional. administrationist. progestational. multinational. organizational. representational nonrepresentational. carminative. telecommunication. irritative. liberationist. integrative. assimilationist. conservational. denotative. creative. imitative. educative. decorative. reindustrialization deinstitutionalization ation 2 Xa-zharA see asion ation 3 \ash-an\ see assion ational1 \a-shnal\ stational citational. conformational. corporative. ideational. summative. deindustrialization. germinative. transnational international. suprarational ative ationist \a-shn9St\ Salvationist. legislative. stative ablative. innovative. universalization biodeterioration. materialization. prevocational. intellectualization. educational. preservationist. derivational. narrational. nuncupative. educationist. iterative. gestational. generative. meditative. postradiational. pejorative. relational. rotative. associationist. rational binational. collaboration! st. confrontationist. spiritualization. applicative. palliative. procreative. pictorialization. penetrative. conservationist. vocational aberrational. irrotational. coeducational. federative. isolationist. implicative. cross-national. nominative. compensational. . agitative. vacationist annexationist. connotational. adaptational. pseudosophistication. impatiens. constative. operationist. generational. oversimplification. translative aggregative. consultative. informational. photointerpretation. separationist. particularization. Revelations United Nations Rhode Island and Providence Plantations atious \a-sh9s\ see acious atis 1 \at-9s\ seeatus 3 atis 2 \at-as\ see ottis atist \at-9st\ see atest atitude \at-a-tiid\ see attitude atium \a-she-9m\ Latium pancratium. commutative. confrontational. combinative. gradational. dilative. situational. emancipationist ations \a-sh9nz\ Galatians. orchestrational. transformational communicational. meliorative. recreational. cogitative. motivative. formational. integrationist. alterative. sensational. notational.

agitator. regulative. determinative. marcato. obbligato. quasi-legislative. collaborative. theater. postoperative. applicator. contemplator. crater. investigative. rotator. debater. Plato Orvieto. alligator. vituperative excommunicative. exhilarative. activator.3 n-e\ see atany ator \at-ar\ baiter. curator. uncommunicative atl \at.3 n\ seeatin 2 atony \at. potato.3 l\ see ottle atlas \at-lss\ atlas. translator. calculator. confiscator. castrato. multiplicative. designator. Decatur. buccinator. remunerative. elevator. decorator. spectator. illuminative. delegator. concentrator. dater. duplicator. commiserative. traitor. flatness platinous gelatinous ato 1 \at-6\ auto. aviator. authoritative. headwaiter. corporator. satyr. significative. pizzicato ato 2 \at-6\ Cato. equator. potto 86 annatto. grotto. ben trovato. hatless atless \ a t . desecrator. rattling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at attle atly \at-le\ flatly. regenerative. evaporative. replicative. qualitative. educator. deliberative. reverberative. vibrator actuator. sfumato. advocator. legato. noncooperative. justificative. corroborative. flatling. dumbwaiter. desecrater. Otto. associative. collator. Mercator. interpretative. recuperative. firstrater. pulsator. captivator. alternator. cooperative. creator. gator. commutator. rater. celebrator. lotto. dominator. moderato. continuative. rabato. staccato agitato. Crater. abdicator. cultivator. obliterative. communicative. adulator. exonerative. krater. escalator. separative. levator. rubato. premeditative. plater. delineative. terminative. consummator. glossator. semiquantitative. consecrator. mandator. grater. stator. tailgater. mater. allocator. alliterative. proliferative. third-rater. rattly atnam Xst-nsmX Machilipatnam. carburetor. donator. aspirator. otto. degenerative. accumulative. slater. commemorative. faitour. appreciative. motto. testator. dissipater. Bay Stater.atl propagative. discriminative. ostinato. speculative. Atlas. detonator. recreative. Vishakhapatnam atness \at-nas\ fatness. reciprocative. opinionative. congregator. skater. assimilative. depredator. cater.b s \ see atlas atli \at-le\ see otly atling \at-lirj\ fatling. emulator. circulator. blotto. agglutinative. later. compurgator. ridotto. narrator. administrative. vegetative accelerative. contaminative. . incommunicative. waiter aerator. excavator. freighter. demonstrator. locator. correlator. originative. dura mater. compensator. arbitrator. Guanajuato. estimator. gaiter. preoperative. animator. deviator. spiccato. hater. rebato. stater. tomato Barquisimeto atomist \at-a-rri9st\ atomist anatomist atomy \at-9-me\ atomy anatomy aton \at. tater. mulatto. pronator. annotator. commentator. dictator. quantitative. upstater. animato.

motivator. pia mater. numerator. secondrater. incinerator. improvisator. incubator. pacificator. and -s forms of verbs. interrogator. separator. indicator. resuscitator. alienator. nomenclator. obturator. dissimulator. hibernator. subordinator. discriminator. tabulator. pollinator. anticipator. subjugator. enumerator. adulterator. operator. coordinator. navigator. revelator. resonator. geriatric. syndicator. accumulator. physiatrist atrix \a-triks\ matrix cicatrix. administrator. formulator. psychiatric atrick \a-trik\ see atric atrics \a-triks\ theatrics pediatrics atted atrist \a-trsst\ geriatrist. mediator. consolidator. appreciator. refrigerator. -'s. intimidator. alleviator. depredator. emancipator. oxygenator. listed at at atsa \at-sa\ seeatzo 1 atsch \ach\ see atch 4 atsk \atsk\ Bratsk Okhotsk Petrozavodsk atsu \at-sii\ Shiatsu. moderator. annihilator. terminator. infiltrator. conciliator. ventilator. ejaculator. perpetrator.87 explicator. procrastinator. impersonator. extirpator. pediatric. accommodator. contaminator. inspirator. insulator. defibrillator. testatrix aviatrix. innovator. selling-plater. attenuator. congratulator. rats ersatz —also -s. propagator. delineator. generator. nominator.3 n\ see atin2 atte \at\ see at 5 atted \a-tsd\ superfatted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at at 5 . podiatric. fascinator. determinator. rehabilitator. cooperator. disseminator. dominatrix. liquidator. calumniator. appropriator. inhalator. oscillator. communicator. annunciator. fornicator. gladiator. theatric allopatric. expurgator. postulator. continuator. violator accelerator. redecorator. natron. exterminator. and -s' forms of nouns. literator. assassinator. extrapolator. procurator. illustrator. procreator. commemorator. respirator. valuator. mediatrix administratrix atron \a-tran\ matron. turbogenerator immunomodulator —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ate 1 atre1 \atr 3 \ pas de quatre coup de theatre atre 2 \at\ see at 5 atric \a-trik\ Patrick sympatric. denominator. lacrimator. eliminator. totalizator excommunicator. investigator. collaborator. simulator. equivocator. inseminator. regulator. eradicator. percolator. patron ats 1 \ats\ see ots ats 2 \ats\ bats. shiatzu Hamamatsu. evaporator. evaluator. predestinator. negotiator. corroborator. Takamatsu atsy \at-se\ seeazi 3 att1 \at\ see at 5 att2 \at\ see ot1 atta \at-a\ see ata 1 attage \at-ij\ see ottage attan \at. perambulator. regenerator. integrator. orchestrator. purificator. radiator.

wildcatter antimatter. rattly philately sal volatile atting \at-irj\ batting. self-flattery atti \at-e\ see ati 1 1 88 attle \at. matter. prattler. platter. latitude . flatter. nattily. supernature ature 2 \ach-ar\ see atcher 2 aturn \at-arn\ see attern atti2 \at-e\ see atty attic \at-ik\ see atic 2 attica \at-i-ka\ see atica attice 1 \at-as\ see atus 3 attice 2 \at-ish\ see attish attie \at-e\ see atty attily \at. verbatim ageratum. plaiter. 4-H'er magistrature. brattle. cattery. tatty Cincinnati atum 1 \at-am\ bottom. patty. scatty. satem erratum.9 l-e\ cattily. tatter backscatter. ratty. flat-hatter. clattery. datum erratum. clatter. Natalie. splatter. smattering backscattering. fatty. cattle.3 l\ battle. seminatural. chattel. Hattie. tattie. substratum seriatim atuous \ach-w3s\ fatuous ignis fatuus atur \at-sr\ see ator atural \ach-ral\ natural connatural. unflattering Rayleigh scattering —also -ing forms of verbs listed at atter attern \at-arn\ pattern. pomatum desideratum atum 2 \at-9m\ datum pomatum. tatting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at at 5 attish \at-ish\ brattish. fattish. mattery Cape Flattery. natty. tattle embattle. smatter. ultimatum corpus allatum.8 n\ see atin2 atty \at-e\ batty. transnatural. scatter. Saturn. latter. Patti. standpatter. pitter-patter attering \at-a-rirj\ nattering. supernatural ature1 \a-chsr\ nature denature. flattish attitude \at-9-tiid\ attitude. earth-shattering. chatty. catty. chattily. rattle.9 l\ see attle atten \at. blatter. batter. substratum. bespatter. Patty. unnatural preternatural. bratty. matting. spatter. rattler. fatter. datum. desideratum atum 3 \at-3m\ atom.attel attel \at. chatter.3 l-e\ see attily attly2 \at-le\ see atly atto 1 \at-a\ see ata 3 atto 2 \at-6\ see ato 1 atton \at. ratter. seriatim. Pattie. shatter. literatim. tattler attling \at-lirj\ see atling attly1 \at. selfflattering. corpus striatum. patter. slattern attery \at-9-re\ battery. natter. hatter. nomenclature. satyr.3 n\ see atin2 atter \at-ar\ attar. flattery. platy. Seattle tittle-tattle attler \at-tar\ battler. Nathalie. prattle.

matey. defraud. nimbostratus atute \ach-at\ see atchet atuus \ach-wss\ see atuous aty \at-e\ eighty. dawdle audative \6d-at-iv\ see auditive aude 1 \aiid-e\ see owdy aude 2 \6d-e\ see awdy aude 3 \aud-9\ howdah cum laude magna cum laude. whipsawed eisteddfod. raucous aucus \6-kas\ see aucous aud \6d\ awed. Katie. Katy. caudle. fraud. yeti 1080. laudable applaudable. glaucous. lantern-jawed. maraud. Claud. clawed. lattice.3 l\ caudal. Claude. tazza Hidatsa. belaud. jawed. Falkland aucous \6-kss\ caucus. gratis. quartersawed — also -ed forms of verbs listed at aw1 aud 2 \ad\ see od audable \6d-a-b9l\ audible. bawd. broad. meatus apparatus coitus reservatus atus \at-as\ see ottis atus \at-as\ brattice.89 atus 1 \at-as\ flatus. status. god. applaud. hiatus. Leyte. Maude. inaudible audal \6d. gaud. stratus afflatus. illaudable. slaty. dewclawed. Catawba aube \6b\ see obe 1 auber \6b-ar\ dauber Micawber auble \ab-al\ see abble 1 auce \6s\ see oss 1 aucer \6-sar\ see osser aucet \as-9t\ see osset . summa cum laude aude 4 \6d\ see aud 1 audible \6d-3-bsl\ see audable auding \6d-irj\ auding applauding self-applauding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at aud1 audit \6d-3t\ audit. baud. plaudit auditive \6d-9t-iv\ auditive. cirrostratus. stratus clematis altostratus. Maud. laud. laudative au 3 \au\ see ow2 au 4 \ 6 \ see aw 1 aub \ a b \ see ob 1 auba \6-ba\ carnauba. Haiti. Papeete atyr \at-ar\ see ator atz1 \ats\ see ats 2 atz 2 \ats\ see ots atzo 1 \at-sa\ matzo. gratis. weighty. apparatus. piazza atzo \at-so\ see azzo atzu \at-six\ seeatsu au 1 \ 6 \ see ow1 au \ii\ see ew 2 1 2 1 3 2 auditive auch 1 \6ch\ nautch. status. watch debauch auch 2 \ach\ see otch auche \osh\ see oche 2 auchely \6sh-le\ see ocially auckiand \6k-land\ Auckland. platy. yod abroad.

Onondaga auge \ a j \ see age3 augeable \a-j3-bal\ see ageable auged \ajd\ see aged auger1 \6-gsr\ see ogger2 auger2 \a-jar\ see ager1 augh1 \af\ see aph augh2 \a\ see a1 augh3 \ak\ see ach1 augh4 \ 6 \ see aw1 aughable \af-a-b9l\ see affable augham \6m\ see aum aughn \an\ see on 2 1 1 3 aughn \6n\ see on aught1 \at\ see ot1 aught \6t\ see ought 1 2 aultless \61t-bs\ see altless aulty \61-te\ see alty aum 1 \ 6 m \ gaum. Mississauga. zloty Michelangelo Buonarroti aughty2 \at-e\ see ati augre \6g-sr\ see ogger2 augur \6g-ar\ see ogger2 augury \6-gs-re\ see oggery2 . Maugham.3 l\ see audal audy \ad-e\ see ody 2 2 1 1 90 aui \au-e\ see owie auk \6k\ see alk aukee \6-ke\ see alkie aul \61\ see all aulay \6-le\ see awly auld1 \61\ see all auld2 \ 6 \ see ow1 auldron \61-drsn\ see aldron auled \61d\ see aid auler \6-tar\ see aller1 aulin \ 6 . Radom aum2 \am\ see om1 aun1 \an\ see on1 aun2 \an\ see un aun3 \6n\ see on 3 aun4 \aun\ see own2 auna1 \an-a\ see ana1 1 aughter \af-tsr\ see after aughter \6t-ar\ see ater 2 aughterer \6t-ar-9r\ see aterer aughty 1 \6t-e\ haughty.audle audle \6d. naughty.b n \ see alien auling \6-lirj\ see ailing aulish \6-lish\ see allish aulk \6k\ see alk aulker \6-kar\ see alker aulking \6-kirj\ see alking aulle \61\ see all1 aulm \6m\ see aum1 ault1 \61t\ see alt ault2 \ 6 \ see ow1 aulter \61-tar\ see alter aulting \61-tirj\ see alting 1 1 audy \6d-e\ see awdy auer \aur\ see ower auf \auf \ see owff auffeur \6-far\ see ofer auga \6-ga\ massasauga. haulm. qualm. shawm meerschaum.

porous. professoriat aurel \6r-al\ see oral1 auren 1 \ar-sn\ see arin auren 2 \6r-an\ see orin1 aurence \6r-3n(t)s\ see awrence aureus \dr-e-ss\ see orious auri \aiir-e\ see owery aurian \6r-e-an\ see orian auric \6r-ik\ see oric aurice 1 \ar-ss\ see orris1 aurice 2 \6r-as\ see aurus auricle \6r-i-kal\ see orical aurie1 \6r-e\ see ory aurie 2 \ar-e\ see ari aurous \6r-as\ see aurus aurus \6r-as\ aurous. Torres. scaup. jaunt. rencontre aunter 2 \6nt-ar\ gaunter. phosphorous. staunch auncher \6n-ch3r\ launcher. wont avant. Taurus. jaunty. Dolores. avaunt. haunter. paunch. tyrannosaurus aury \6r-e\ see ory aus 1 \a-as\ see ais 1 aunted \6nt-3d\ see onted aunter1 \ant-ar\ saunter. Boris. Horace. stanch. craunch. haunch. raunch. keeshond. torus canorous. maunder aunder 2 \an-dar\ see onder 1 aunish \an-ish\ see onish aunt \6nt\ daunt. loris. raunchy aund \6nd\ awned. raunch. taunter aunty \6nt-e\ flaunty. Morris. saunter. maund —also -ed forms of verbs listed at on 3 aunder 1 \6n-dar\ launder. vaunty aunty 2 \ant-e\ seeanti 1 aunus \an-as\ see onus 1 aup \ 6 p \ gawp. thesaurus allosaurus. commisariat aureate 2 \6r-e-at\ aureate. stegosaurus apatosaurus. deoch an doris. stanch Romansh aunch 2 \6nch\ craunch. decorous. yawp aupe \6p\ see ope auphin \6-f3n\ see offin aur1 \aiir\ see ower 2 aur \6r\ see or 2 1 1 . sorus. cranch. launch. stauncher aunchy \6n-che\ paunchy. Centaurus. haunt. taunter mishanter. paunch. whaup. chorus. flaunt. taunt. Delores. gaunt. orris. pelorus. want. Horus. launce aunch 1 \anch\ conch. stancher.91 auna 2 \6n-3\ see onna 1 aunce \6ns\ jaunce. romaunt John of Gaunt aunt 2 \ant\ see ant 5 aunt \ant\ see ant 3 2 1 aus aura1 \6r-a\ see ora aura 2 \ar-a\ see ara 1 aural \6r-al\ see oral1 aure \6r\ see or1 aurea \6r-e-s\ see oria aurean \6r-e-an\ see orian aureate 1 \ar-e-at\ baccalaureate. brontosaurus. Doris. sonorous. clitoris. laureate baccalaureate. morris. Norris. vaunt. Flores. doch-an-dorris. Maurice.

sauternes auternes \6t-9rn\ see auterne autery \6t-a-re\ see atery autic \6t-ik\ orthotic aeronautic. nauseous incautious auto 1 \6t-6\ auto. menopause. cause. fava. clausal menopausal postmenopausal ause 1 \6z\ Broz. cassava. yaws applause. grave. pause. sovkhoz aeropause. savant avarice \av-ras\ see averous ave 1 \av-a\ ave. gauze. Java. lava baklava. -'s. savage avan \a-van\ see aven 1 avant \av-ant\ haven't. lavalava. sauterne. piassava ava 2 \av-a\ java Ungava balaclava avage \av-ij\ ravage. ottava. because. Costa Brava. Santa Claus — also -s. clause. soave ausal \6-zal\ causal. hawse.3 n\ boughten. Giotto risotto auto 2 \at-6\ see ato 1 auve \6v\ seeove 2 auze \6z\ see ause 1 auzer \au-zar\ see ouser auzy \6-ze\ see ausey av 1 \av\ see olve 2 av 2 \av\ see alve 2 ava 1 \av-a\ brava. astronautic autical \6t-i-kal\ nautical aeronautical. tauten . Warszawa balaclava. Java.aus aus 2 \aiis\ see ouse 2 aus \6z\ see ause 3 1 92 auterne \6t-arn\ quartern. and -s forms of verbs. astronautical autics \at-iks\ seeotics aution \6-shan\ caution. kolkhoz. gauzy auss \aiis\ see ouse 1 aussie 1 \as-e\ see ossy 1 aussie 2 \6-se\ see ossy 2 aust 1 \aust\ see oust aust 2 \6st\ see ost 3 austen \6s-tsn\ see oston austin \6s-tsn\ see oston austless \6st-lss\ costless exhaustless austral 1 \as-tr9l\ see ostrel austral 2 \6s-tral\ see ostral 1 aut \ 6 \ see ow 1 1 aut 2 \aut\ see out 3 aut 3 \at\ see ot1 aut 4 \6t\ see ought 1 autch \6ch\ see auch 1 aute \6t\ see oat auten \6t. Bratislava. hawser ausey \6-ze\ causey. and -s' forms of nouns. groschen incaution. tawse. Jahveh. guava. clave. diapause. listed at aw1 ause 2 \ s z \ see euse 1 auseous \6-shas\ see autious auser \6-zar\ causer. precaution autious \6-shas\ cautious. kava.

savor. microwave contraoctave. conclave. rave. maven. photoengrave ave \av\ see alve 3 3 avity semiquaver demisemiquaver hemidemisemiquaver —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ave2 aver 3 \av-sr\ slaver cadaver. spokeshave after-shave. travel unravel aveless \av-las\ graveless. glaive. ravel. enslave. klavern. enslaver. architrave. unsaved —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ave 2 avel \av-al\ cavil. forgave. face-saver. Dave. knave. wave. claver. wavery unsavory avey \a-ve\ see avy avia \a-ve-a\ Moldavia. slave. shaver. enslavement aven 1 \a-vsn\ Avon. nave. cave. Great Slave. laver. timesaving laborsaving —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ave 2 avis \a-vas\ Davis. flagwaver. tavern averous \av-ras\ avarice cadaverous avery \av-re\ bravery. depravity ave 4 \av\ see olve 2 aved \avd\ waved depraved. haven. Cavan. gavel. traveling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at avel avement \av-mant\ pavement depravement. flavor. slavery. waive. margrave. gravel. favor. craving. grave. savin. palaver avern \av-arn\ cavern. Mavis rara avis avish 1 \a-vish\ knavish. graver. palsgrave. waveless aveling \av-lirj\ raveling. biconcave. favus. clave. knavery. quavery. graven. raven. Shavian Moravian Scandinavian avid \av-sd\ avid. gave. saving. craven. dissave.93 ave \av\ brave. save. pavid avie \a-ve\ see avy avil \av-sl\ see avel avin \av-sn\ Avon. raving. fave. stave. slavish avish 2 \av-ish\ lavish. engrave. outbrave. quaver. pave. haver. paving. shaven New Haven riboflavin Stratford-upon-Avon aven 2 \av-an\ see avin aven't \av-ant\ see avant aver1 \av-ar\ slaver palaver. savory. slaver. p-wave. crave. drawshave. waiver. windhover aver \a-var\ caver. trave. gravity concavity. octave. suavest Pan-Slavist avity \av-at-e\ cavity. enclave. ravin. mavis. shaving flagwaving. exclave. Moravia Scandinavia avial \a-ve-9i\ gavial margravial avian \a-ve-an\ avian. they've. Wave airwave. behave. shave. lifesaving. ravish avist \av-sst\ Slavist. concave. saver. raven. gravid. spavin aving \a-virj\ caving. shortwave. lifesaver 2 . waver disfavor. lave. deprave. raver.

scofflaw. dewclaw. Chickasaw. well-favored —also -ed forms of verbs listed at aver 2 avory \av-re\ see avery avus \a-vas\ see avis avvy \av-e\ navvy. pshaw. squaw. daw. slavey. Kiowa. Bravo centavo. Ichikawa.3 l\ see oddle awdle \6d. navy. Wichita. Ra. sister-inlaw Straits of Mackinac aw 2 \av\ seeolve 2 aw 3 \6f \ see off2 aw 4 \af \ see off1 awa 1 \a-wa\ Chihuahua. 1 94 mackinaw. catclaw. heehaw. haw. jackdaw. foofaraw. Chippewa. undraw. paw. raw. claw. outlaw. caw. Nassau. Utah. microgravity. shah. grandpa. tau. yaw backsaw. withdraw Arkansas. Okinawa Ahashikawa awa 2 \a-va\ see ava 1 awain \au-an\ see owan 2 awan \au-an\ see owan 2 awar \aiir\ see ower 2 awba \6-bs\ see auba awber 1 \ab-ar\ see obber awber 2 \6b-ar\ see auber awd \6d\ see aud 1 awddle \ad. overdraw. wiredraw. macaw. savvy avy \a-ve\ cavy. chaw. overawe. serjeant-at-law. son-in-law. Kanazawa. pipsissewa. la. flaw. ca. cumshaw.3 l\ seeaudal awdry \6-dre\ Audrey. braw. ripsaw. tussah. overslaugh. usquebaugh. lockjaw. taw. Ottawa. supergravity avl \av-al\ see ovel1 avo 1 \av-6\ bravo. coleslaw. gravy. Danelaw. Shaw. clapperclaw. faugh. bedstraw. hurrah. jigsaw. Davy. blaw. handsaw. daughter-in-law. relievo mezzo relievo avon 1 \a-van\ seeaven 1 avon 2 \a-van\ see avin avor \a-var\ see aver 2 avored \a-vard\ favored. jackstraw. Davey. scrimshaw. in-law. fretsaw. decree-law.avl antigravity. rah. craw. wavy aw \ 6 \ aw. seesaw. outdraw. forepaw. pasha. windflaw. jaw. declaw. Urawa Fujisawa. ricksha. padishah. flavored ill-favored. hawkshaw. Mackinac. cushaw. maw. whipsaw. Omaha. gaudy summa cum laude awe \ 6 \ see aw1 awed \6d\ see aud 1 aweless \6-las\ see awless awer \6r\ see or1 awers \6rz\ see oors . bylaw. Tarawa. panama. pa. williwaw. vizsla. cat's-paw. father-in-law. shavie. awe. ringtaw. guffaw. mother-in-law. tawdry awdust \6d-ast\ see adist 1 awdy \6d-e\ bawdy. windlestraw. pooh-bah. jinrikisha. law. hacksaw. thaw. southpaw. kickshaw. slaw. rickshaw. gnaw. Esau. old-squaw. bashaw. shaw. Warsaw. bucksaw. trishaw. draw. saw. spa. straw. octavo avo 2 \a-vo\ octavo. haugh. Yakima brother-in-law. oversaw. grandma.

-'s. parallax. wax addax. gravlax. -'s. cracksman awning \an-irj\ see oning1 awnly \an-le\ see anly1 . lawny. and -s' forms of nouns. fawny. smilax. tax. crawly. Macaulay awm \6m\ see aum 1 awn 1 \an\ see on 1 awn 2 \6n\ see on 3 awned \6nd\ see aund awner1 \6n-ar\ fawner. thorax. scrawny. offal god-awful. Halifax. and -s forms of verbs. listed at alk awkish \6-kish\ gawkish. banjax. coax. dolly. and -s forms of verbs. Laurence. praxis axman \ak-sman\ axman. battle-ax. Taney. panchax. Raleigh. climax. rax. minimax. poleax. spawner awner 2 \an-ar\ see onor 1 awney \6-ne\ see awny 1 axen \ak-ssn\ see axon axi \ak-se\ seeaxy axic \ak-sik\ ataraxic stereotaxic axis \ak-sas\ axis. lax. coffle.95 awful \6-fal\ awful. pretax. flax. listed at orrent awry \6r-e\ see ory aws \6z\ see ause 1 awse \6z\ see ause 1 awser \6-zar\ see auser awsi \au-se\ seeousy 2 awy \6i\ see oy awyer \6-yar\ lawyer. offaly unlawfully awing \6in\ cloying. sax. meat-ax. hyrax. Astyanax —also -s. unlawful awfully \6f-9-le\ awfully. Lawrence. scrawly. beeswax. Ajax. max. broadax. and -s forms of verbs. fax. galax. Torrence abhorrence. Max. drawing wappenschawing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at aw 1 awk \6k\ see alk awker \6-kar\ see alker awkes \6ks\ Fawkes —also -s. hawkish. anthrax. lawful. pickax. toadflax aftertax. listed at ack axant \ak-sant\ see accent awless \6-las\ aweless. sawyer ax 1 \aks\ see ox ax 2 \aks\ ax. relax. pax. storax. lawless awling \6-lirj\ see ailing awly \6-le\ brawly. surtax. lawfully. overtax. goner. flawless. borax. supertax anticlimax. earwax. -'s. squally Bengali. drawly. and -s'forms of nouns. pawner. syntax. Naxos. prawner. sawney. and -s' forms of nouns. tawny mulligatawny awny 2 \an-e\ see ani 1 awp \ 6 p \ see aup awrence \6r-9n(t)s\ Florence. mawkish awky \6-ke\ see alkie awl \61\ see all awler \6-lar\ see aller 1 axman awny 1 \6-ne\ brawny. styrax. Saint Lawrence —also -s.

Taipei. Niamey. alleyway. forte. bikeway. gangway. jete. blase. screenplay. croquet. day. doomsday. someway. Malay. inlay. horseplay. routeway. pray. quale. thruway. frappe. Gray. astray. outstay. Rene. array. highway. dey. all-day. leeway. pommee. braciole. Norway. foray. cahier.axon axon \ak-san\ flaxen. deejay. Bizet. gourmet. Jay. vide. dengue. lwei. footway. freeway. nay. ballet. flyway. mainstay. floodway. ae. walkway. Jackson. Monet. Vouvray. frise. skyway. dray. roadway. nee. Saxon. cafe. metier. sternway. wordplay. ole. waylay. X ray. attache. osprey. tray. Broadway. thoughtway. sideway. hallway. beret. beltway. Gay. folkway. guideway. manque. greenway. obey. caraway. nosegay. slipway. Ray. entree. defray. allay. whey. atelier. laneway. fray. jackstay. agley. doorway. quay. gamay. neve. subway. airway. cy pres. slay. parquet. weekday. sleigh. outweigh. slideway. Camaguey. yea abbe. gelee. A-OK. cliche. weigh. Mayday. prey. Marseilles. Faye. ne. Gaspe. Fay. byplay. DA. sluiceway. moire. may. franglais. Grey. fourchee. x-ray. spay. chambray. 96 Green Bay. crawlway. stairway. maguey. dossier. foyer. Agnus Dei. fley. relay. puree. Frey. fouette. he. someday. quai. hooray. crossway. fireclay. margay. four-way. OK. straightway. bombe. Cathay. meze. Tokay. downplay. tollway. inveigh. speedway. pay. frieze. Klaxon. Midway. fumet. passe. coupe. they. Carrier. sachet. gunplay. prepay. seme. melee. beurre manie. aweigh. Roubaix. gay. betray. essay. glace. soiree. donnee. distrait. hearsay. Angers. tempeh. in re. noonday. strathspey. vise. jay. moray. lei. tideway. Yaounde Adige. PK. bray. plie. boule. pave. piquet. say. bidet. aye. causeway. chasse. Hefei. birthday. sashay. Carrier. Augier. splay. sansei. headway. canape. pince-nez. bouchee. flambe. pulque. boucle. kouprey. cure. rose. blae. dragee. botonee. duvet. roue. ray. cachet. halfway. flay. outlay. forestay. Kay. spillway. touche. fairway. foreplay. cire. anyway. tramway. archway. Galway. veejay. unsay. buffet. short-day. j . Anhui. hay. gray. rosebay. soigne. Manet. Tigre. hey. masse. Cambay. breakaway. brae. survey. Cape May. workday. per se. Jaye. Ewe. soothsay. Millay. chalet. heyday. pathway. ballonet. taxi. re. kay. ombre. maxi. M-day. wireway. lame. pique. Skopje. embay. crochet. play. fey. cap-a-pie. display. cloque. Hubei. repay. purvey. swordplay. Torbay. fishway. godet. stay. corvee. file. Kobe. way. payday. breezeway. shay. allee. threeway. Hebei. forebay. oyez. midday. Pompeii. Beaujolais. souffle. lay. trey. mate. estray. parfait. trackway. man-day. bourree. gainsay. mislay. bustier. hae. stingray. stray. pe. coude. Sale. outre. ropeway. cube. cabaret. pate. runway. today. shipway. railway. portray. eh. saute. fay. daresay. Millet. parkway. PA. DJ. beignet. bewray. arrive. keyway. lifeway. fillet. formee. raceway. byway. gey. misplay. BHA. koine. spray. Lome. waxy ay1 \ a \ a . bouquet. Rae. backstay. role-play. assay. May Day. toupee. hatchway. shar-pei. plisse. issei. sei. Lough Neagh. dismay. epee. gley. waxen Port Jackson Anglo-Saxon axos \ak-sss\ see axis axy \ak-se\ flaxy. parlay. replay. V-day. bay. chaine. projet. Clay. Renee. airplay. windway. partway. decay. . ashtray. k. Biscay. risque. May. convey. cableway. bobstay. valet. benday. nisei. Bombay. driveway. unlay. away. applique. qua. filet. frae. sway. Kaye. homestay. Mande. clay. lycee. gateway. Hue. affray. seaway. conge. rappee. chez. Anhwei. spae. bey. delay. carriageway. Benet. belay. malgre. neigh.

diamante. matinee. divorcee. crudites. teleplay. patissier. papain. Sao Tome. ukiyo-e. Paraguay. taille Malaya Koshigaya aya2 \i-a\ see iah1 aya 3 \a-a\ see aia 1 ayable \a-3-bal\ payable. stowaway. Hogmanay. present-day. fiancee. walkaway. pousse-cafe. latter-day. cantabile. out-of-the-way. repartee. communique. Ulan-Ude. Uruguay. negligee. Venite. overplay. haulageway. retrousse. RNA. veloute. couturier. entranceway. interplay. superhighway. flageolet. marrons glace. castaway. day-to-day. debauchee. demode. foldaway. disarray. lackaday. decollete. roundelay. ouabain. overstay. underlay. giveaway. Charolais. fadeaway. yerba mate Alto Adige. rockaway. croupier. gratine. displayable. pis aller. sobriquet. roturier. taboret. Mayday. Morgan le Fay. degreeday. Malayan. underplay. Yenisey. Pompeiian Galilean. recherche. overlay. Guanabara Bay. entremets. rambouillet. Joliet. HLA. declasse. degage. thataway. hereaway. Rabelais. straightaway. Tempere. boulevardier. vertebra. papier-mache. San Jose. overweigh. protegee. Dies Irae. cutaway. underpay. Molise. IPA. standaway. video verite sinfonia concertante. tearaway. distingue. papier colle. Whitsunday. repousse. roman a clef. entryway. waterway. inter se. cloisonne. cinema verite. habitue. May Day ayden \l-d 3 n\ see iden . kyrie. lingerie. fiance. consomme. pourparler. expressway. poly (A). San Jose. Santa Fe. emigre. rechauffe. DNA. MIA. cDNA. laissez-passer. pikake. Port Philip Bay. Fiesole. lettre de cachet catalogue raisonne. gratinee. getaway. mezzo forte. fallaway. IRA. unsayable ayah \I-a\ see iah1 ayal \al\ see ail ayan 1 \a-an\ crayon Chilean. Galloway. throwaway. ayden costumier. Hugh Capet. Tenebrae. maya. Mandalay. photo-essay. playable. Georgian Bay. steerageway. Zuider Zee areaway. recamier. expose. felode-se. Harare. roche moutonnee. Hemingway. pret-a-porter. Dumfries and Galloway. devotee. photoplay. sommelier. faraway. Chippewa. gardemanger. macrame. chansonnier. holiday. right-of-way. Trentino-Alto Adige ay 2 \ e \ see ee 1 ay 3 \ i \ see y1 aya1 \a-ya\ ayah. guillemet. Lavoisier. motorway. underway. popinjay. runaway. faraday. Faraday. workaday. intraday. etoufee. coryphee. ratine. Table Bay. cafe au lait. verite. Kootenay. arriere pensee. everyday. semplice. Monterrey. taxiway. eglomise. cabriolet. virelay. vers de societe. pouillyfuisse. wellaway. Pompeian. piolet. Kutenai. muscadet. layaway. sine die. play-by-play. tarsier. hideaway. Thunder Bay. pas de bourree. resume. champleve. auto-da-fe. Massenet. Udine. Jubilate. engage. objet trouve. IgA. take-away. rondelet.97 cassoulet. Himalayan ayan 2 \I-an\ see ion1 aybe 1 \a-be\ see aby aybe 2 \eb-e\ see ebby ayday \a-da\ Ede. chevalier. flyaway. espalier. reconvey. Saguenay. sayable defrayable. divorce. bichon frise. disobey. Ponape. chardonnay. Pouilly-Fume. passageway. sub judice. protege. Petare. ricochet.

minelayer. Suez. purveyor. decayer. feyness. sprayer. payment. Mithraist —also -est forms of adjectives listed at ayA ayin1 \I-sn\ see ion1 ayin 2 \In\ see ine1 ayin 3 \a-yan\ see aiian aying \a-irj\ gleying. Uranus every dayness aynim \a-nam\ see anum 1 ay n't \a-ant\ see eyant ayo 1 \a-6\ see eo 1 ayo 2 \I-6\ see io1 ayon \a-an\ see ayan 1 ayor \a-ar\ see ayer1 ayou 1 \l-s\ see iah1 ayou 2 \T-6\ see io1 ayr \er\ see are 4 ays 1 \ez\ fez. soothsayer. Janus. essayist. Corona Australis ayling \a-lirj\ see ailing . fideist. Layton ayyid 1 \I-ad\ see yad ayyid 2 \ed-e\ see eedy az1 \az\ see azz ayed \ad\ see ade ayer \a-sr\ brayer. saying bricklaying. Hebraist. playing. clamant. talus. Fez. horseplayer. unsays creme anglaise. Geez. tracklaying —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ay1 ayish \a-ish\ clayish. gainsays. grayness. forayer. claimant. prez. tracklayer. raiment co-payment. delayer. gainsayer. bricklayer. doomsdayer. betrayer. gayness. sayer. bilayer. soothsaying. layer. embayment. grayish ayist \a-ast\ see ayest ayle \al\ see ail ayless \a-las\ rayless. prayer. Louis Treize Isthmus of Suez. inlayer.aye aye 1 \a\ see ay1 aye \I\ seey 2 1 1 98 aylor \a-lar\ see ailer ayly \a-le\ see aily ayman \a-ni9n\ see amen 1 ayment \a-mant\ ament. Vincente Lopez ays 2 \az\ see aze 1 aysia \a-zha\ see asia ay-so \a-so\ see eso 1 ayton \at. essayer. mayor. conveyer. Louis Seize. maying. crocheter. ratepayer. underpayment ayne \an\ see ane 1 ayness \a-nas\ anus. uranous. manus awayness. player. preyer. strayer ballplayer.9 n\ Clayton. wayless Morelos aurora australis. doomsayer. surveying. Inez. taxpayer. surveyor. holidayer — also -er forms of adjectives listed at ay1 ayered \erd\ see aired ayest \a-ast\ mayest. payer. obeyer. prepayment underlayment. sayest epeeist. says Cortez. taxpaying. yeasayer disobeyer. heinous. swordplayer. stayer. cardplayer. long-playing. inveigher. manslayer. portrayer. Dayton.

listed at ay aze 2 \az\ see oise 1 aze 3 \az-e\ see azi 1 azeable \a-z3-bal\ see asable 1 azed \azd\ unfazed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at aze 1 azel \a-zal\ see asal 2 azza azement \az-m3nt\ amazement. smaze. mazy stir-crazy witch of Agnesi azz \az\ as. gazer. trailblazer paraphraser free-electron laser azi1 \az-e\ quasi. Frasier. glaze. daze. hell-raiser. dispraise. razor appraiser. hazy. rasure. grazer. Louis Seize. ways ablaze. Swazi Benghazi Anasazi. glazer. mores. -'s. polyphase. measure. mazzard haphazard aze 1 \az\ baize. agaze. polonaise. Hays. slantways. weekdays anyways. hexenbesen azor \a-zar\ see azer azquez \as-kas\ see ascus azy \a-ze\ crazy. hair-raiser. and -s forms of verbs. blaze. chaise. lase. appraisement azen \az. rase. craze. terrazzo azon \az. liaise. fund-raiser. mayonnaise. lengthways. razer. upraise. Marquesan diapason. ukase. has. faze. emblaze. fraise. laze. praise. grazier. flatways. whenas. glacier. multiphase. razz Hejaz. mazer. malaise.3 n\ blazon. plaza piazza tabula rasa aza 2 \az-a\ plaza piazza azar1 \az-ar\ see ozzer azar 2 \az-ar\ lazar alcazar.99 az 2 \az\ see oise 1 az 3 \ats\ see Ots aza 1 \az-a\ Gaza. topaz. stargaze. foodways. overglaze. La Paz. deglaze. lazy. haze. phrase. amaze. vase. pleasure. leisure. overgraze. leastways. Belshazzar azard \az-srd\ hazard. feaze. patsy. endways. raze. single-phase. pj's. appraise. kamikaze azi 2 \az-e\ see azzy azi 3 \at-se\ Nazi. crossways. Daisy. breadthways. Louis Treize. laser. sideways. mazard. erasure azing \a-zirj\ seeaising azo \az-6\ diazo. raise. brazen. maser. whereas razzmatazz azza 1 \az-a\ see aza 2 azza 2 \az-a\ see aza 1 azza 3 \at-sa\ see atzo 1 . maze. treasure admeasure. raisin emblazon. underglaze —also -s. cornerways. maize. braze.3 n\ see azon azer \a-zar\ blazer. metaphrase. chrysoprase. Fraser. daisy. graze. braise. and -s' forms of nouns. hereways. stargazer. days. Patsy neo-Nazi azi 4 \at-se\ Nazi neo-Nazi azier \a-zhar\ brazier. lyonnaise. praiser. brazer. gainsays. glazier. paraphrase. gaze. jazz. Draize. nowadays. creme anglaise. phase. hazer. edgeways. embrasure. holidays. pizzazz. catchphrase.

frazzle bedazzle razzle-dazzle azzo 1 \at-so\ matzo palazzo. terrazzo paparazzo azzo 2 \az-6\ see azo azzy \az-e\ jazzy. dazzle. snazzy Ashkenazi 100 .azzar azzar \az-sr\ see azar 2 azzard \az-ard\ see azard azzle \az-al\ basil. Basil.

ped. embed. beech. bred. pinhead. hothead. ill-bred. bulkhead. thread. bridgehead. half-bred. phys ed. pithead. juicehead. schoolteacher eacherous \ech-ras\ see echerous eachery \ech-re\ see echery eaching \e-chirj\ see eeching each merit \ech-m9nt\ preachment impeachment . beebread. highbred. dumbhead. misread. instead. drumhead.9r\ bleacher. preachy. masthead. sleeken. fed. cowshed. outsped. flatbed. peach. dopehead. coed. bobsled. childbed. outspread. ea 1 \a\ see ay1 ea 2 \a-a\ see aia 1 ea 3 \ e \ see ee 1 ea 4 \e-a\ see ia1 eabee \e-be\ see ebe 1 eace \es\ see iece eaceable \e-s3-bsl\ see easable 1 each \ech\ beach. sped. Nietzsche. hophead. pled. disfeature. Ted. egghead. death's-head. Campeche eacle \e-kal\ see ecal 1 eacly \e-kle\ see eekly eacon \e-kan\ beacon. leech. beachhead. cathead. fled. daybed. bled. green-head. subdeacon Neorican ead 1 \ed\ bed. far-red. lunkhead. homestead. Red. lamed. impeach. crosshead. unteach overreach. breech. blockhead. sled. bloodred. reachable. Mohican. hotbed. zed abed. redd. bloodshed. lowbred. foresaid. Long Beach. dread. speech. said. ted. preacher. deacon. bonehead. screecher. Ed. leach. red. leachable. deadhead. practice-teach Huntington Beach eachable Xe-chs-balX bleachable. tread. meathead. peachy. spread. screechy caliche. teach beseech. lead. screech. forereach. fleech. Ned. pleach. chichi. forehead. bleach. behead. leacher. creature. dead. blackhead. bedspread. Fred. bullhead. Jed. outreach. homebred. each. preach. misled. stead. cokehead. bedstead. bread. breach. hogshead. inbred. godhead. jarhead. ahead. read. head. dispread. corn-fed. baldhead.E e 1 \a\ see ay1 e \ e \ see ee e 3 \a\ see U3 e \a\ see ay 1 2 1 eachy \e-che\ beachy. shred. nonsked. drophead. naled. packthread. crossbred. teachable impeachable unimpeachable eacher \e-cb. led. gainsaid. shed. reach. dogsled. hardhead. biped. light bread. longhead. bestead. med. crispbread. reacher. Gateshead. farmstead. fathead. deathbed. feature. wed. moped. weaken archdeacon. brown bread. ed. teacher defeature. bighead. airhead.

3 n\ see edon eading 4 \ed-irj\ see eeding 1 eadle 1 \ed. barrelhead. bufflehead. treader.9 l\ see edal 1 ead3 \ad\ see ud eadable 1 \ed-9-bal\ kneadable. leaden. wide-spreading —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ead 1 eading 2 \ed. sapheaded. seedbed. seeder. levelheaded. poppyhead. go-ahead. seabed. underbred. pleader. impeder. pleadable. feeder. headed bareheaded. knuckleheaded. thickheaded. featherhead. arrowhead. fire-engine red. white-bread.ead pothead. woollyheaded eaded2 \e-dad\ see eeded eaden \ed. cheerleader. succeeder copyreader. steading. threader. fiddlehead. newlywed. breeder. riverbed. soreheaded. sheepshead. loggerhead. toolshed. white-headed bubbleheaded. unbred. sorehead. wedding bobsledding. maidenhead. springhead. Reading. swellhead. chowderheaded. standardbred. lip-reader. clearheaded. . dragonhead. thoroughbred. stampeder. overspread. chucklehead. tedder. ceder. pinniped. colorbred. sleepyhead. pointy-head. speeder. thickhead. steelhead. softheaded. roadstead. interbred. featherbed. overhead. header.3 l-e\ headily. Saint John's bread. kneader. chowderhead. steading Armageddon eader 1 \ed-ar\ bleeder. West Quoddy Head parallelepiped ead \ed\ see eed 2 102 hotheaded. lowlihead. heading. woodenhead far-infrared. subheading. readily unsteadily eading 1 \ed-irj\ bedding. timberhead. sheep ked. hammerhead. unsaid. streambed. letterhead. weeder bandleader. retread. puzzleheaded. printhead. skinhead. pointy-headed. conceder. roundheaded. cedar. sweetbread. readable eadable 2 \ed-9-bal\ see edible eaded 1 \ed-ad\ bedded. untread. pinheaded. softhead. embedded. subhead. muddleheaded. showerhead. dunderhead. saphead. sledder. Roundhead. well-bred. eggheaded. towheaded. straight-ahead. newsreader. woodshed. unread. triple-header eadily \ed. swelled-headed. dunderheaded. bubblehead. toolhead. trailhead. chuckleheaded. roadbed. webfed. spearhead. Birkenhead. figurehead. infrared. swellheaded. slugabed. woodenheaded. purebred. unleaded. reader. bigheaded. straightbred. repleader. seceder. lunkheaded.3 n\ deaden. aforesaid. watershed. coolheaded. gingerbread. shewbread. premed. warhead. copperhead. shortbread. leader. redhead. widespread. whitehead. pigheaded. sickbed. sheetfed. woolshed acidhead. quadruped. wingspread. shedder. light-headed. nearinfrared. stockbreeder. longheaded. re-tread. thunderhead. chedar. cheddar. railhead. Samoyed. underfed. undead. farmsteading. hardheaded. nonreader. spreader. saddlebred. unthread.3 n\ see eaden eading 3 \ed. bullheaded. wellhead. featherheaded. interpleader eader 2 \ed-ar\ bedder. wellread. shredder. ringleader. knucklehead. snowshed. scarehead. proofreader. emptyheaded. towhead. fatheaded. hydra-headed. redden. fountainhead. wedder homesteader doubleheader.

Creek. reeky. steek. Greek. week. screak. piki. speaker. cliquish. grosbeak. gleek. relique. creak. dominique.103 eadle 2 \ed. speak. tweak. leaker. physique. freak. caique. Mozambique. heady. sleek. apeak. streaked eaked 2 \ekt\ beaked. sheikh. tiki . creek. pic. peaked. Martinique. Sikh. technique. creaky. workweek biunique. ecofreak. Chesapeake. self-seeking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eak 1 eaking 2 \a-kin\ see aking1 eakish \e-kish\ bleakish. eke. bezique. reek. sneaking. chic. Eddy. Bolshevik. weakish eakly \e-kle\ see eekly eaky \e-ke\ cheeky. reeker. leek. Teddie. weak. sneaky. cheek. leadsman eadsman 2 Xedz-msnX see eedsman eady 1 \ed-e\ Eddie. Belgique. unsteady gingerbready. cliquey. pique. streaked apple-cheeked —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eak 1 eaked 3 \ik-ad\ see icked1 eaken \e-kan\ see eacon eaker 1 \e-kar\ beaker. leady. Veronique electroweak. forepeak. hide-and-seek. meek. ready. doublespeak. halfbeak. steady. sneaker. teddy. meager beleaguer. clique. realpolitik eak 2 \ak\ see ake eak 3 \ek\ see eck eakable Xa-ka-balX see akable eake \ek\ see eak 1 eaked 1 \e-kad\ peaked. sneak. batik. streak. shriek. newspeak. seeker. speaking.9 l\ see eedle eadly \ed-le\ see edley eadsman 1 \edz-man\ headsman. boutique. seek. cleek. thready already. off-peak. unspeak. sic. rough-and-ready eady 2 \ed-e\ see eedy eaf1 \ef\ see ef eaf \ef\ see ief eafless Xe-flssX see iefless eafy \e-fe\ see eefy eag \eg\ see igue eagart \a-gsn\ see agin eager \e-gar\ eager. Belleek. screaky. nonpeak. peke. leaky. flic. squeak. critique. bleak. keek. muzhik. pip-squeak. self-seeker. Freddie. streek. Tajik. Menshevik. wreak antique. houseleek. eddy. squeaker loudspeaker. mystique. freakish. squeaky. oblique. teak. hairstreak. sheik. intriguer Xinjiang Uygur eagh \a\ see ay1 eagle \e-gal\ see egal eague \eg\ see igue eaguer \e-gar\ see eager eah Ve-s\ see ia1 eak1 \ek\ beak. peek. debeak. streaky. cacique. Lassen Peak. fenugreek. Teddy. Pikes Peak. unique. forespeak. freaky. pratique. geek. 2 eaky outspeak. freaked. perique. technic. misspeak. leak. bespeak. leaguer. peak. sunseeker doublespeaker —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at eak 1 eaker 2 \a-kar\ see aker eaking 1 \e-kirj\ freaking. semi-antique opera comique. verd antique. streaking heat-seeking. makeready.

deil. Manihiki eal 1 \e-al\ empyreal. real. megadeal. Arbil. concealer. reel. feeler. tahsil. steel. Irbil. skimobile. wheel. Mobile. Streel. glockenspiel. flywheel. unreel. self-heal. scene-stealer. difficile. repealer. eal \il\ see ill ealable Xe-la-balX peelable. unreal. cockatiel. realty eam 1 \em\ beam. reeler. Steele. Kurashiki. somedeal. stealth. commonweal. neem. anneal. teal. kneel. Ardabil. wheeler appealer. revealer. gleam. zealous cancellous. veal.eal daishiki. freewheel. thumbwheel. manchineel. trellis. three-wheeler. cogwheel. mobile. peal. Solomon's seal. she'll. bastille. Hellas. tuille. heel. scream. weal. spieler. pinwheel. Erbil. Bogomil. unappealable 4 . peeler. chamomile. pastille. keel. wealthy unhealthy ealty \el-te\ fealty. stelar. squealer. congealment. peel. revealable. dishabille. beau ideal. irreal. waterwheel automobile. Kiel. mercantile. genteel. seal. cartwheel. Camille. pimpmobile. piecemeal. jealous. spiel. bonemeal. ream. bloodmobile. eighteen-wheeler. unseal acetyl. deme. campanile. newsreel. varicocele eal 3 \al\ see ail 2 104 ealand \e-bnd\ see eland eald \eld\ see ield ealed \eld\ see ield ealer \e-lsr\ dealer. wealth commonwealth ealthy \el-the\ healthy. side-wheel. kneeler. surreal. inchmeal. four-wheeler. twowheeler double-dealer. squeal. Neil. seel. Tarheel. congeal. repealable irrepealable. Bastille. cochineal. down-at-heel. O'Neill. Nimes. healer. speel. handwheel. stealthy. stealable appealable. forefeel. reelable. cornmeal. scheme. industrially eally 2 \il-e\ see illy1 eally 3 \e-le\ see eely ealm \elm\ see elm eal merit \el-mant\ concealment. bream. revealment ealot \el-st\ see ellate ealotry \el-a-tre\ see elotry ealous \el-9s\ Ellis. snowmobiler. bookmobile. he'll. Cecile. velar. creel. oatmeal. heeler. bonspiel. cream. Kuril. singspiel. Lucille. vealer. allheal. side-wheeler. freewheeler. chiel. dashiki. misdeal. enwheel. stealer. ideal. Castile. wheeler-dealer ealie \e-le\ see eely ealing \e-lirj\ see eeling eally 1 \e-s-le\ leally ideally hymeneally. eel. reveal. Tajiki cock-a-leekie. dream. concealable. sealer. blastocoel. goldenseal. snowmobile. feel. chainwheel. leal. newsdealer. four-wheel. schlemiel. 18wheeler. wheal. nosewheel. Neal. pharmacopeial eal \el\ ceil. appeal. deal. stern-wheeler. stabile. ocellus ealousy \el-a-se\ see elacy ealth \elth\ health. bidonville. steal. heal. zeal aiguille. conceal. meal. chenille. we'll. Guayaquil. hymeneal. deem. thunderpeal. mime. airmobile. repeal. shiel. laryngeal apophyseal. ordeal.

Tupian apogean. meaner. misesteem. lemur. esteem. deanery. gleaner. stream. Manichaean. redeem. sidestream. circadian. seamless eamon \e-man\ see emon 1 eamster \em-st9r\ seamster. inseam. airstream. Galilean. regime. Aegean. Kuchean. lexeme. seme. daydreamer. millime. paean. sememe. beseem. Clytherean. Antaean. Herculean. femur. double-team. Atlantean. blaspheme. teem. Leon. enthymeme. wellmeaning earn 1 earner \e-mar\ creamer. spring-cleaning. Cerberean. theme abeam. Ian. midstream. misdemeanor. berseem. contravener. bloodstream. disesteem. peon. Chaldean. pampean. Mandaean. weiner. Ponce de Leon. supreme. toneme. Pythagorean. teamed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eaning ean 1 \e-an\ aeon. eon. unEuropean epithalamion. Caribbean. convener. zein Achaean. redeemer —also -er forms of adjectives listed ar earn 1 earning \e-mirj\ see eeming eamish \e-mish\ beamish. trireme. unseam. Tarim. epicurean. Gulf Stream. hornbeam. leaning. steam. demeanor. keener. seamer. Actaeon. unmeaning. trampoliner eanery \en-re\ beanery. wiener congener. teener. Indo-European. screamer. Archean. Odyssean. plebeian. Damoclean. dreamer. steamed. Tyrolean antipodean. kallikrein. phoneme. squeamish eamless \em-las\ dreamless. submariner. ice cream. screening housecleaning. Korean. Augean. Aramaean. extreme. preemie. proboscidean. downstream. mainstream. intervenor. creamy. morpheme. sunbeam. panacean.105 seam. upstream academe. dreamy. schemer. treponeme succes d'estime earn2 \im\ see im1 eaman Xe-manX see emon 1 earned 1 \emt\ see empt earned 2 \emd\ beamed. TupiGuaranian ean 2 \en\ see ine 3 ean 3 \6n\ see on 3 ean 4 \a-sn\ see ayan 1 eane \en\ see ine 3 eaner \e-nar\ cleaner. steamy polysemy . empyrean. paeon. Linnaean. onstream. seem. Laodicean. headstream. meaning. Sadducean. reamer. agleam. daydream. Mycenaean. European. streamer blasphemer. Chilean. Sisyphean. epigean. fourteener carabiner. hakim. bireme. scenery machinery turbomachinery ean id \e-3-nad\ Leonid Oceanid eanie \e-ne\ see ini1 eaning \e-nirj\ greening. Matthean. perigean. gleamy. monotreme. weaner. grapheme. protean. teamster eamy \e-me\ beamy. preener. terpsichorean. team. seamy. Typhoean. Jacobean. moonbeam. Hasmonaean. Fijian. centime. greenery. Maccabean. millstream. kilim. sunscreening. steamer. taxeme. self-esteem. cyclopean. slipstream. pygmaean.

smearer coherer. stretcher-bearer —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at are 4 earer \ir-ar\ cheerer. error. hearer. pallbearer. dog-eared. shearer. weanling. bat-eared. terror casebearer. furbearer. lopeared. mirror. standard-bearer.eanist overweening —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ine 3 eanist 1 \e-nast\ see inist2 eanist 2 \e-a-nist\ see ianist eanliness \en-le-nas\ see endliness eanling \en-lirj\ greenling. greenly. terrible. fearer. veneerer electioneerer —also -er forms of adjectives listed at eer2 earful \ir-fal\ cheerful. seafarer. cropeared. queenly pristinely. talebearer. uncleanness eannie \e-ne\ see ini eano \e-no\ see ino 2 1 106 earance 1 \ir-ans\ see erence 1 earance 2 \er-ans\ see arence earch \arch\ see urch earchist Xar-chsstX see urchless eard1 \ird\ beard. misleared. tearful earies \ir-ez\ see eries earing 1 \ir-irj\ clearing. cupbearer. weird afeard. uncleanly serpentinely eanly 2 \en-le\ see endly eanne \en\ see ine 3 eanness \en-nas\ cleanness. meanly. sharer. crossbearer. wayfarer color-bearer. declarer. bearer. tiered. shareable. trainbearer. carer. leanly. earring. graybeard. gearing God-fearing. engineered pre-engineered —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eer 2 eard 2 \ard\ see ird eare \ir\ see eer 2 earean \ir-e-an\ see erian 1 eared 1 \erd\ see aired eared 2 \ird\ see eard 1 earer1 \er-9r\ airer. live-bearer. routinely. yeanling eanly 1 \en-le\ cleanly. clearer. fearful. wearable unbearable. greenness. unwearable earable 2 \ar-a-bal\ see arable earage \ir-ij\ see eerage . torchbearer. earing. meanness betweenness. sheepshearer. bluebeard. earful. hard-of-hearing orienteering eanor \e-nar\ see eaner eanse \enz\ see ens 1 eant \ent\ see ent 1 eany \e-ne\ see ini1 eap \ep\ see eep eapen \e-pan\ see eepen eaper \e-par\ see eeper eapie \e-pe\ see eepy eapish \e-pish\ see eepish eapo \e-po\ see epot ear1 \er\ see are 4 ear \ir\ see eer 2 2 earable 1 \er-a-b3l\ bearable. sheepshearing fictioneering. eared. whitebeard chandeliered.

learnt. parted bighearted. stonyhearted. Lake Erie. lighthearted. sincerely cavalierly. proudhearted. insincerely. whigmaleerie Mount Dhaulagiri e a s \e-as\ see eus 1 easable 1 \e-s3-bsl\ peaceable increasable easable 2 \e-z3-bal\ see easible easand 1 \iz. ironhearted. yearling earling 2 \ar-tan\ see erlin early \ir-le\ clearly. sphery. tearless earling 1 \ir-lirj\ shearling. dreary. heavyhearted. softhearted. halfhearted. veery. merely. easel.a nd\ see easoned ease 1 \es\ see iece e a s e 2 \ez\ see eze eased 1 \ezd\ pleased diseased —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eze eased 2 \est\ see east 1 easel \e-zal\ bezel. dearly. greathearted. largehearted. gearless.3 l-e\ see artily eartless \art-tas\ see artless earty \art-e\ see arty1 eary \ir-e\ aerie. smeary. weren't earring \ir-irj\ see earing 1 earsal \ar-s3l\ see ersal 1 earse \srs\ see erse earser \ar-sar\ see ursor earst \arst\ see urst eart \art\ see art 1 earted \art-ad\ hearted. miserere. quaere. nearly. semiyearly early \ar-le\ see urly earn \arn\ see urn earned \9rnd\ see urned earner \3r-nar\ see urner earnist Xar-nastX see ernist earnt XarntX burnt. downhearted. wholehearted 2 1 easel brokenhearted. fainthearted. cheery. singlehearted. chickenhearted. eerie. uncharted. Erie. kindhearted. stouthearted. truehearted. severely. biyearly. query. fearless. deasil. hardhearted. beery. lionhearted. peerless. weakhearted. Valkyrie. weasel . Kashmiri. yearly austerely. peri. teasel. world-weary hara-kiri. freehearted. Peary. tenderhearted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at art1 earth 1 \arth\ see arth earth 2 \arth\ see irth eartha \ar-tha\ see ertha earthen \3r-than\ see urthen earthy \9r-ihe\ see orthy eartily \art. bleary. openhearted. measle. warmhearted. diesel. overweary. teary. good-hearted.3 n\ see ison 2 easand 2 \ez. weary aweary. leery. queerly.107 —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eer 2 earing 2 \er-irj\ see aring 1 earish \er-ish\ see arish 1 earl \arl\ see irl1 earle \irl\ see irl1 earler \ar-for\ see irler earless \ir-las\ cheerless. coldhearted.

measly. treason disseisin. greaser. increaser. greaseless easel ly \e-zle\ see easly easement Xez-mantX easement appeasement easer 1 \e-S9r\ creaser.3 n\ reason. treasonable unreasonable. batiste. measure. cheesy. north-northeast. unseasonable 108 easoned \ez. hartebeest. wildebeest —also -ed forms of verbs listed at iece east 2 \est\ see est easted \es-tad\ see ested easter \e-stsr\ Dniester. keister. seasonless easor \e-zgr\ see easer 2 east 1 \est\ beast. northeaster. pleaser. brainteaser. reest. tachiste arriviste. East. degreaser. east. squeezer. unreason diocesan easonable \ez-n9-bgl\ reasonable. weaselly eason \ez. yeasty easurable Xezh-ra-balX pleasurable. crowd-pleaser.3 nd\ weasand unreasoned —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eason easoning \ez-nirj\ reasoning. releaser. Far East. season. seasoning unreasoning eason less \ez. priest. Priestley. geest. geezer. sneezer. Easter. squeezable appeasable. queasy. creaseless. Middle East. defeasible.easeless e a s e l e s s \e-slas\ ceaseless. tweezer appeaser. misfeasor. timepleaser eash \esh\ see iche 2 easible \e-z3-bal\ feasible. greaser. southeast. easy. wheezy . dirigiste. off-season. least. leister. southeaster eastie \e-ste\ see easty eastly \est-le\ beastly. unceasingly easle \e-z9l\ see easel easly \ez-9-le\ easily. feast. artiste. Near East. unappeasable easil \e-z9l\ see easel easily \ez-le\ see easly easing 1 \e-sin\ leasing unceasing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at iece easing 2 \e-zirj\ pleasing subfreezing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eze easingly \e-sirj-le\ decreasingly. increasingly. two-piecer easer 2 \e-z9r\ Caesar. one-piecer. deceased. indefeasible. piste. seisin. teaser. treasurer easy 1 \e-ze\ breezy. greasy. treasurable immeasurable easure 1 \ezh-ar\ leisure. stripteaser. infeasible inappeasable. sneezy. pleasure. piecer degreaser. seasonable. yeast archpriest. priestly easty \e-ste\ beastie. modiste. triste. seizer. displeasure countermeasure easure 2 \a-zhar\ see azier easurer \ezh-3r-ar\ measurer. freezer. northeast. sleazy.3 n-l9s\ reasonless. pointillist. quaestor down-easter. fleeced. treasure admeasure.

wheaten browbeaten. Peter. Wall Streeter. maltreater. forcemeat. unbeaten. escheatable. pleat. receipt. upbeat. repeatable. Paraclete. afreet. mete.3 n\ eaten. peter. tweeter anteater. sweet. cleat. inbreathe. drumbeat. eat. Zambezi easy 2 \e-se\ see eecy eat 1 \et\ beat. deet. heartbeat. facete. cheater. bolete. tweet. worldbeater altimeter. Main Streeter. monteith underneath eath 2 \eth\ see eathe eathe \etji\ breathe. unsheathe. eggbeater. neat. mesquite. winding-sheet eat \at\ see ate eat 3 \et\ see et 1 eat 4 \it\ see it1 eatable \et-9-b3l\ eatable. lorikeet. downbeat. treatable depletable. cheat. enwreathe. seat. concrete. offbeat. buckwheat. rhetor. unmeet. treater. overheat. uneasy. propraetor. mincemeat. liter. gleet. heater. triathlete. Eaton. praetor. moth-eaten. semisweet. escheat. indiscreet. meter. clipsheet.109 pachisi. parakeet. Geat. sheeter. overeat. bittersweet. Keith. fire-eater. feat. seater. blue peter. pleated 2 1 eathe conceited. heath. Bradstreet. foresheet. excrete. treat. secretor. weet. pleater. marguerite. pentathlete. bedsheet. lotus-eater. teat. meet. drumbeater. keet. aesthete. disseat. backstreet. superheat. fleet. suite. volkslied. milliliter. superheated —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eat 1 eated 2 \et-ad\ see etid eated 3 \it-ad\ see itted eaten 1 \et. beefeater. compleat. lied. maltreat. Westmeath . unbeatable eated 1 \et-ad\ heated. taximeter —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at eat 1 eater 2 \et-ar\ see etter eatery \et-a-re\ see etory eath 1 \eth\ eath. bleater. meadowsweet. terete. Crete. vegete. Masorete. en suite. peat. Parcheesi. replete. helpmeet. repeat. Cretan. greet. progamete. neaten. self-conceit. sheath. deplete. conceit. bystreet. sheathe. Nayarit. effete. toadeater. backbeat. teethe. worm-eaten overeaten. regreet. entreat. retreat. crabmeat. teeter.a n\ see aten 1 eater 1 \et-ar\ beater. heatable. flowmeter. skeet. sweetmeat. unwreathe. sweeten. broadsheet. neath. browbeat. hadith. weather-beaten eaten 2 \at. Pete. heat-treat. maneater. repeated overheated. bequeath. complete. mistreat. decathlete. speakeasy. recheat. country seat. polychaete. seethe. esthete. deceit. wreath beneath. greeter. deciliter. meat. petite. skeeter. preheater. discreet. Demeter. groundsheet. overeater. Meath. beaten. bleat. slipsheet. discrete. backseat. centiliter. sheet. secretin. deadbeat. compete. incomplete. saltpeter. preheat. mainsheet. seedeater. wreathe bequeath. exegete. deep-seated. street. corps d'elite. delete. ill-treat. Eton. eater. millimeter. excreter. zizith aquavit. indiscrete. obsolete. windcheater. defeat. elite. hoofbeat. decimeter. Marguerite. repeater. ensheathe. cretin. wheat accrete. secrete. athlete. beet. centimeter. sleet. biathlete. unseat. fetor. Meath. cellulite. heat. plebiscite.

interleave. leaven. cleave. Maldive. South Devon eaver \e-var\ see iever eavers \e-v9rz\ cleavers. unweeting Sunday-go-to-meeting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eat1 eatise \et-ss\ see etus eatly 1 \at-le\ see ately1 eatly 2 \et-le\ see eetly eaton \et. shirtsleeve. Genevieve. meeting. fleeting. semibreve. conceive. deathless eathy \e-the\ heathy. receive. greave. motive. heathery. preconceive. peaty. man-eating. and -s' forms of nouns. peeve. scrieve. khedive. inweave. leathery eathing \e-thirj\ breathing. and -s forms of verbs. reave. underachieve Saint Agnes' Eve eave 2 \iv\ see ive2 eaved \evd\ leaved. bereave. unreeve. lethe. make-believe. lief. reeve. sweeting breast-beating. sweetie. sleety. Eve. weave. Tahiti Dolomiti. sleeve. levin. Tel Aviv. seating. treaty. qui vive. reprieve. Evan. ziti entreaty. sleave. drumbeating.3 n\ see eaten 1 eats 1 \ets\ Keats —also -s. sheeting. Nevin. Treves shirtsleeves eavey \e-ve\ peavey divi-divi eaward \e-ward\ see eeward eaze 1 \ez\ see eze . retrieve. achieve. interweave. wreathy eating \et-irj\ beating. aggrieve.eathean eathean \e-the-an\ lethean Promethean eather 1 \eth-ar\ see ether eather 2 \e-thar\ see either eathern \eth-arn\ see ethern eathery \eth-re\ feathery. ticket-ofleave. eating. fireeating. misbelieve. by-your-leave. naive. vivers eaves \evz\ eaves. misconceive. Steve. unweave. believe. bereaved. weve Abib. undeceive adam-and-eve. perceive. teething firebreathing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eathe eathless \eth-las\ breathless. eve. heave. sleeved aggrieved. listed at eat 1 eats 2 \ats\ see ates 1 eature \e-char\ see eacher eaty \et-e\ meaty. grieve. Sevin. disbelieve. Kevin. heaven. relieved —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eave 1 eavement \ev-mant\ see evement eaven \ev-sn\ devon. leave. shrieve. recitative. reive. spermaceti eau \ 6 \ see ow1 eaucracy \ak-rs-se\ see ocracy eauteous \ut-e-as\ see uteous eautiful Xiit-i-fslX see utiful eauty \ut-e\ see ooty1 eaux \ 6 \ see ow1 eavable Xe-va-balX see eivable eaval \e-val\ see ieval 110 eave 1 \ev\ breve. steeve. upheave apperceive. seven. thieve. sweven eleven. sheave. deceive. sheathing. Laccadive. Devon. replevin. relieve. -'s.

-'s. weka Rebecca. spiderweb eba \e-ba\ Chiba. pleb. fecal. Seabee caribe. web ardeb. Mecca. Laoighis. palpebral. grebe. Deneb. Debbie. secant e c a s \a-kas\ Turks and Caicos. Hebe. -'s. Horeb. vertebral ebrity \eb-rat-e\ celebrity muliebrity eche e b s 2 \ebz\ Debs —also -s. listed at eb ebt \et\ see et1 ebted \et-ad\ see etid ebtor \et-ar\ see etter ebus \e-bas\ Phoebus. Debby. meikle. obeisant e c e s \e-sez\ see ecies ech 1 \ek\ see eck ech 2 \sk\ see uck ech 3 \esh\ see esh 1 eche 1 \ash\ creche. Reb. Rebekah. mecca. Leix. zareba Curitiba ebate \ab-st\ see abit ebb \ e b \ see eb ebbie \eb-e\ see ebby ebble \eb-al\ pebble. seiche bobeche. fleche. maybe. deb. ebb. Johnny Reb. recency indecency ecent \es. freebie. recent indecent.3 n-se\ decency. Phoebe. Reba. tete-beche ebs1 \eps\ see eps . Zagreb. subdeb. cobweb. webby cobwebby ebe 1 \e-be\ BB. Zacatecas ecca \ek-9\ Decca. rebel. phoebe. zineb cause celebre. Sheba amoeba. and -s' forms of nouns.3 nt\ decent. reb. Rijeka eccable \ek-3-bal\ see eckable eccan \ek-9n\ see eckon e c c e \ek-e\ see ecky e c c o \ek-6\ see echo ecency \es. celeb. rebus ephebus ec 1 \ek\ see eck e c 2 \ets\ see ets eca \e-ka\ see ika1 ecal \e-ksl\ cecal. resh. and -s forms of verbs. treacle intrathecal bibliothecal ecan \ek-an\ see eckon ecant \e-kant\ piquant. cubeb. Galibi ebe 2 \ e b \ glebe. treble ebbuck \eb-ak\ kebbuck. and -s' forms of nouns listed at ebe 2 eble \eb-al\ see ebble ebo \e-bo\ see ibo ebral \e-bral\ cerebral.111 eaze 2 \az\ see aze 1 eazo \e-zo\ see izo1 eazy \e-ze\ see easy 1 eb \ e b \ bleb. plebe ephebe. sahib ebec \eb-9k\ see ebbuck ebel \eb-al\ see ebble eber \a-bar\ see abor e b e s \ebz\ Thebes —also -s. neb. rebec ebby \eb-e\ blebby.

trek. shekel. a la grecque. ringneck. species. Quebec. Toulouse-Lautrec eckable Xek-a-balX checkable impeccable ecked \ekt\ see ect ecker \ek-ar\ checker. rubberneck. pinchbeck. turtleneck. echo. treachery echie \ek-e\ see ecky echin \ek-an\ see eckon echo \ek-6\ deco. bodycheck. necking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eck ecklace \ek-lss\ see eckless eckle \ek-al\ deckle. trekker. Aquidneck. roughneck. three-decker. shipwreck. perithecium eck \ek\ beck. Paramecium. Mixtec. Uzbek. heck. foredeck. Czech. apothecium. demisec. Capek. discotheque. zoecium androecium. wreck Aztec. quarterdeck. Melchizedek. countercheck. Pont l'eveque. roll-neck. chequer. rebec. pecker. Madhya Pradesh. dreck. fleck. gynoecium. lek. Zapotec cinematheque. rubbernecker. wrecker exchequer. fore-check.eche Bangladesh Andhra Pradesh. deck. xebec afterdeck. freckle. flyspeck. treacherous echery \ech-re\ lechery. paycheck. bottleneck. secco El Greco. gooseneck. reck.spec. hacek. Steinbeck.sec. hatcheck. tenrec. samekh. speck. pec. peck. backcheck. gecko. Lucretius ecium \e-she-9m\ aecium lutecium. woodpecker dominicker. bedeck. hunt-and-peck. Uttar Pradesh Himadral Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh eche 2 \esh\ see esh 1 eche 3 \e-che\ see eachy eche \esh\ see esh 1 112 ecious \e-shas\ specious capricious. eweneck. decker. diesel ecil 2 \es-ai\ see estle 1 ecile \es-al\ see estle 1 ecily \es-s-le\ see essaly ecimal \es-3-m3l\ see esimal eciman Xes-msiA see essman 2 . littleneck. wryneck. crookneck. Chiang Kai-shek. biotech. theses prostheses. reecho echnical \ek-ni-k9l\ technical biotechnical. low-tech. spot-check. breakneck. exec. check. leatherneck. geotechnical echt \ekt\ see ect ecia \e-sha\ see esia 1 ecially \esh-le\ see eshly ecian \e-shan\ see etion1 ecibel \es-3-bal\ see essible ecie 1 \e-se\ see eecy ecie \e-she\ see ishi ecies \e-sez\ feces. neck. high tech. Yucatec. facetious. triple-decker ecking \ek-irj\ decking. Toltec. Baalbek. subspecies exegeses ecil 1 \e-sal\ Cecil. kopeck. technetium. double-decker. double-deck. heckle. henpeck. sneck. Lubeck. cross-check. triple sec. cusec. speckle kenspeckle eche \esh\ see esh 1 eched \echt\ see etched echerous \ech-ras\ lecherous. wreak. cromlech. limbeck. double-check. cheque.

injectable. detect. unaffected. deflect. projectable. rednecked. delectable. specked abject. reelect. defect. resect. inject. megaproject. aspect. porrect. retrospect. correct. prospect. indefectible ectacle \ek-ti-kal\ see ectical ectal \ek-t 3 l\ see ectile ectance \ek-tans\ expectance. select. prefect. perfect. deflectable. semierect semi-indirect —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eck ectile ecta \ek-ta\ dejecta. necklace. erect. re-collect. subject. other-directed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ect ecten \ek-tan\ nekton. preselect. detectable. traject. erectable. insect. architect. ejecta. vivisect aftereffect. pandect. perfecta. self-respect. self-selected. expectable. catalectic. apoplectic. synectic anorectic. affect. interject. stiff-necked. collect. collectible. grapholect. respect. self-affected. dialect. insectile. inspect. circumspect. double-decked. ewe-necked. misreckon. prelect. deject. dissect.reckless affectless ecko \ek-6\ see echo eckon \ek-an\ beckon. self-elected. recollect. projectile colorectal. connect. interconnect. bisect. eject. confect. hypercorrect. introspect. pecten. recce. dejected recollected. intersect. techie Shimonoseki econ \ek-an\ see eckon econd 1 \ek-and\ see ecund econd 2 \ek-ant\ seeeccant ecque \ek\ see eck e c s \eks\ see ex ect \ekt\ necked. reckon. redirect. protect. V-necked acrolect. introject. selfcollected. electable. refect. project. reflectance ectant \ek-tant\ expectant. infect. reject. disrespect. unselected inner-directed. transect. pectic cathectic. correctable. expect. resurrect. reflect. disinfect. trifecta ectable \ek-t9-bal\ affectable. inflectable. ring-necked. ej ectable. pectin fibronectin. intellect. eclectic.113 eckless \ek-las\ feckless. unexpected. neglect. convect. misdirect. dialectic ectical \ek-ti-kal\ spectacle dialectical ectile \ek-t 3 l\ sectile erectile. trisect. zechin Aztecan. humectant. injectant. perfectible. inflect. disaffect. elect. goosenecked. cathect. indirect. respectable disrespectable. collected. Toltecan Yucatecan ecks \ecks\ eks\ see ex ecky \ek-e\ Becky. effect. disconnect. checkless. incorrect. suspect. dialectal . idiolect. sect. object. Utrecht. undirected. ivermectin ecter \ek-tar\ see ector ectible \ek-t3-bsl\ see ectable ectic \ek-tik\ hectic. turtlenecked. direct. Deccan. Brecon. protectant disinfectant ectar \ek-tsr\ see ector ectarous \ek-tras\ see ectress ectary \ek-t9-re\ sectary insectary ected \ek-tad\ affected. genuflect. deselect. complected.

resurrectional. intersubjective ectless \ek-bs\ see eckless ectly \ekt-le\ abjectly. protectoral multispectral . vivisectionist 114 ective \ek-tiv\ advective. affection. ejector. deflective. infector. directional. directness. trisection by-election. perfective. redirection. advection. misdirection. infective. correctly. corrector. rector. retrospective cryoprotective. correctional. interjection. erectly incorrectly. selection. refection. directly. direction. detective. disaffection. intellection. election. self-respecting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ect ection \ek-shan\ flexion. inj ective. detection. selector. selective. imperfection. transection. interjectional. respective. subsection. protectionist. infection. vector bisector. defector. protector. connection. resurrection. recollection. objection. perspective. bisectional. bisection. prelection. protection. reflectional bidirectional. complexional. predilection. disconnection. selectionist introspectionist. intellective. vasectomy appendectomy. complexion. lection. indirectly ectness \ekt-nas\ abjectness. perfecter. imperfective. introjection. adjective. convection. preselection. introspection. specter. correction. prospective.ectin ectin \ek-tan\ see ecten ecting \ek-tirj\ affecting self-correcting. rejection. objective. projector. injection. dejection. collection. injector. erectness. circumspection. tonsillectomy clitoridectomy ector \ek-tsr\ hector. inflectional. reflection. retrospection. defection. inflection. convectional. subjective cost-effective. subjection. nondirective. affective. vivisectional omnidirectional. effective. C-section. selectness incorrectness. disinfection. resection. ejective. ejection. convector. collector. elector. projective. hysterectomy. vivisection antirej ection. connexion. genuflection. erector. directive. interconnection Cesarean section ectional \ek-shnal\ sectional affectional. deflection. confection. reinfection. dissector. trisector vivisector ectoral \ek-trsl\ spectral. retroflexion. crosssectional. perfection. prospector. nectar. introspectional. inspector. reflective. invective. proj ectional. correctness. projectionist. indirection. Hector. collective. erection. reelection. section abjection. director. lector. neglecter. corrective. introspective. dissection. midsection. inflective. bijective. insurrection. pectoral electoral. connective. unidirectional ectionist Xek-sha-nastX perfectionist. evection. convective. inspection. resurrectionist. hypercorrection. detector. intersection. connectional. indirectness hypercorrectness ecto \ek-to\ recto perfecto ecto my \ek-t9-me\ mastectomy. nonobjective. effector. deflector. sector. reflector. ineffective. objector. defective. projection. trajection. elective.

prospectus ecular Xek-ya-larX secular.115 ectorate \ek-t3-rat\ rectorate directorate.3 n\ see eaden eddy \ed-e\ see eady 1 ede 1 \ad\ see ade 1 ede 2 \ed\ see eed . meddle.3 n\ see eaden edder \ed-ar\ see eader 2 eddie \ed-e\ see eady 1 edding \ed-irj\ see eading 1 eddle \ed. microsecond. executive inconsecutive ed \ed\ seeead 1 e'd \ed\ see eed eda 1 \ed-a\ Freda. pedal. refectory. Frieda. electress. peddler intermeddler eddon \ed. prefectural architectural ectural 2 \ek-shral\ flexural conjectural architectural ecture \ek-char\ lecture conjecture. treadle backpedal. Vida Machida alameda olla podrida eda 2 \ad-a\ see ada 3 edal 1 \ed. Leda. trajectory ex-directory ectral \ek-tral\ see ectoral ectress \ek-tras\ nectarous directress. prefecture architecture ectus \ek-tas\ conspectus. peddle. second femtosecond.9 l\ see edal 1 eddler \ed-l9r\ meddler.3 l\ see eedle edance \ed. nanosecond —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eckon 1 ede ecutive \ek-st-iv\ consecutive. protectorate ectory \ek-ta-re\ rectory directory.3 ns\ see edence edar 1 \ed-ar\ see eader 2 edar 2 \ed-sr\ see eader 1 edator \ed-9t-ar\ see editor edd \ed\ see ead 1 edda \ed-a\ Jedda. specular molecular ecum \e-kam\ vade mecum subpoena duces tecum ecund \ek-and\ fecund. protectress ectrix \ek-triks\ rectrix directrix ectrum Xek-trarrA plectrum. medal. millisecond. intellectually ectural Xek-chs-ralX conjectural. medlar. soft-pedal intermeddle edal 2 \ed.3 l\ heddle. electorate. Vedda eddar \ed-ar\ see eader 2 edded \ed-ad\ see eaded edden \ed. spectrum electrum ectual 1 \ek-ch3-wal\ effectual ineffectual. bipedal. inspectorate. protectory. intellectual anti-intellectual ectual 2 \eksh-wal\ see exual ectually \ek-cha-le\ effectually ineffectually.

pedicle premedical biomedical.nt\ credent. straightedge featheredge. knife-edge. wedgie. tragedian ediant \ed-e-gnt\ see edient edible \ed-3-bai\ credible. paramedical edicate \ed-i-k9t\ dedicate. nutsedge. via media encyclopedia edial \ed-e-sl\ medial. edible. Diomedes edge \ e j \ dredge. hedger. predial remedial 1 a 3 1 116 edian \ed-e-an\ median comedian. inexpedience edient \ed-e-ant\ mediant expedient. precedent. submediant disobedient. pledger edgie \ej-e\ see edgy edgy \ej-e\ edgy. sedge. edit . sedgy. ledge. ledger.ns\ credence impedance. veggie. obedient. inexpedient ediment Xed-a-mantX pediment. twoedged. logaoedic. gilt-edge. pledge. precedence antecedence edent \ed. needn't decedent. spreadable incredible. wedge allege. predicable immedicable edical \ed-i-kal\ medical.3 n\ Eden. full-fledged. obedience disobedience. Reggie. ingredient. orthopedic encyclopedic edic 2 \ed-ik\ Eddie. Sweden Dunedin edence \ed. double-edged —also -ed forms of verbs listed at edge edger \ej-9r\ dredger. predicate edicle \ed-i-kal\ see edical edience \ed-e-9ns\ expedience. sortilege edged \ejd\ edged. wedgy Himeji edi \ad-e\ see ady edia \ed-e-a\ media. medic comedic paramedic. unfledged deckle-edged. succedent antecedent eder \ad-sr\ see ader eder 2 \ ed-ar\ see eader 1 e d e s \e-dez\ Archimedes. ledgy. leger. sediment impediment edin \ed. fledge. hedge. twoedged. hard-edge. wedged alleged. gilt-edged. frankpledge.3 n\ see eden eding \ed-irj\ see eeding 1 edious 1 \ed-e-ss\ tedious supersedeas edious 2 \e-jas\ see egis edist \ed-3st\ orthopedist encyclopedist edit \ed-at\ credit. inedible edic 1 \ed-ik\ comedic cyclopedic. samoyedic edic 3 \ad-ik\ see adic 1 edicable Xed-i-ka-balX medicable. veg. kedge. Media acedia cyclopedia.ede ede 3 \a-da\ see ayday edeas \ed-e-as\ see edious eded \e-dad\ see eeded edel \ad-gl\ see adle eden \ed. edge. edger. sledge.

unbe. sati. buckshee. ti. tutee. meadow. Tutsi. scotfree. Capri. banshee. lea. bougie. Lee. metis. Shanxi. allottee. to-be. whee. would-be. TV. draftee. vendee. flea. dihedral. e. . trainee. key. maquis. strophe. carefree. the. mame. glee. LP. dee. topee. Bangui. icosahedral. Jaycee. perdie. farci. Midi. free. Osee. see. Klee. spahi. ngwee. Ts. turnkey. marquee. etui. debris. libido. redly chance-medley edly \ed-le\ see edley edo 1 \ed-6\ credo. bootee. v. T-3. Brie. Parcae. IV. cowpea. muggee. curie. burgee. deep-sea. scree. passkey. puree. glacis. speedo aikido. latchkey. tetartohedral edro \a-dro\ Pedro Murviedro edulous \ej-a-l9s\ credulous. ski. grandee. vouchee. signee. decree. Dee. DP. Dundee. c. feoffee. ennui. Edom. appointee. sea. Sarpedon boustrophedon edouin \ed-wsn\ see edwin edra \e-dra\ Phaedra cathedra edral \e-drel\ cathedral. lee. precis. spree. bargee. must-see. li. ABD. ogee. be. predator coeditor. Tupi. croquis. Marie. tree. rooftree. OD. Bt. fee. Pawnee. bailee. pea. cee. off-key. Castries. cay. KP. he/she. discredit. Shawnee. RV. pardie. Chi-li. she. appellee. Volsci. he. tetrahedral dodecahedral. knock-knee. absentee. germfree. subeditor edium \ed-e-3m\ medium. rupee. p. dree. Lido. drawee. advisee. townee. grantee. alienee. emcee. d. adoptee. tea. Eden. procathedral. bee. aiguille. torpedo. quay. standee. t. me. vee. Horae. squeegee. polyhedral. Denis. Belgae. sycee. Shaanxi. amputee. pongee. donee. lido. subedit copyedit editor \ed-3t-ar\ creditor. plea. CB. Twi. vestee. tutti. jaygee. Bacchae. AMP. testee. PC. Dead Sea. mille-feuille. s/he. g. shri. CD. qt. ABC. mi. trustee. sri. bungee. degree. ye. trihedral hemihedral. editor. reedit. pledgee. tuxedo edo 2 \ad-6\ see ado 2 edo 3 \ed-s\ see eda 1 edo 4 \e-do\ Edo. jayvee. agree. sedulous incredulous edum \ed-am\ Edam. turfski. medley. Jiangxi. steading. lessee. Nancy. si. fusee. addressee. ambergris. pentahedral. raki. look-see. freedom. post-free. gee. octahedral. apres-ski. noncredit. Curie. per se. puttee. Yedo edom \ed-9m\ see edum edon \ed. alee. yen-shee abatis. trusty. spondee. chili. spadille. low-key. Chaldee. esprit. sightsee. foresee. ani. settee. bawbee. PG. TB. Cree. chick-pea. gree. razee. pree. zee agley. 3-D. GB. gie. squilgee. whangee. IC.117 accredit. tedium cypripedium edlar \ed-tar\ see eddler edley \ed-le\ deadly. three. Key. towhee. Tshi. knee. tee. sedum edure \e-jar\ besieger. Leigh. we. whoopee. twee. flee. heart-free. re. rushee. titi. ghee. z. grand prix. sirree. goatee. wee. suttee. Black Sea. thee.3 n\ bleeding. GT. MC. rani. bohea. Chablis. Toledo. procedure supersedure edwin \ed-wan\ Edwin bedouin ee ee \ e \ b. payee. confit. coedit. Yang-Tze. holohedral.

committee. delegatee. snickersnee. saddletree. patisserie. gaucherie. duty-free. bindweed. Simon Legree. Coligny. shivaree. parolee. mead. nominee. IgG. concede. Debussy. fancy-free. dischargee. HIV. internee. IgE. Uriimqi. manatee. facetiae. bourride. rapparee. greasy. Mead. bourgeoisie. deed. skiable agreeable. cede. seed. breed. counselee. returnee. debride. interrogee. fait accompli. keyed. chinoiserie. airspeed. blueweed. causerie. millidegree.ee arrestee. presentee. jamboree. bugseed. casus belli. jacquerie. warrantee Adar Sheni. murderee. batterie. HTLV-III. camporee. evacuee. obligee. Omega-3. expellee. heed. Agri Dagi. duckweed. DDE. divorcee. oversea. Sargasso Sea. cheerlead. minutiae. escapee. SST. Medici. 118 exuviae. need. disagree. guarantee. parti pris. conferee. evictee. plead. renminbi. specie Tbilisi AC/DC eed \ed\ bead. felode-se. breastfeed. bumblebee. consignee. Tennessee. point d'appui. dernier cri. swede. chimpanzee. . jaborandi. Southend on Sea communicatee. DDD. GTP. alienee. escadrille. legatee. thirty-three. DDT. franchisee. dedicatee. fricassee. Gemini. devisee. knead. Hawaii. charivari. lead. Sadducee. Mede. gleed. fantasie. distributee. Semele. epopee. chincherinchee. biographee. fedayee. attendee. she'd. designee. Galilee. relocatee. fairlead. birdseed. dungaree. coati. we'd. exceed. Reed. screed. BVD. debauchee. Kayseri. deportee. FAD. DMT. steed. IUD. deshabille. petitio principii ee 2 \a\ see ay1 ee \ a \ see ay1 eeable \e-9-bal\ seeable. piroshki. Tweed. crossbreed. honoree. potpourri. Reid. Rosemarie. peppertree. promisee. STD. weed accede. counterplea. Bede. covenantee. sangaree. repartee. chickaree. Swede. vaccinee. invitee. assignee. bonhomie. LED. bleed. ESOP. ESP. patentee. fortunately. Galilei. greed. flaxseed. Bahai. eau-de-vie. filigree. cap-a-pie. barley-bree. libelee. transferee. refugee. oversee. burweed. detainee. fantasy. Tupi-Guarani ignoratio elenchi. TNT. toile de Jouy. enrollee. bouquet garni. fleur-de-lis. vis-a-vis. feed. cudweed. brede. rede. licensee. San Luis. NAD. chickweed. foreseeable disagreeable eebie \e-be\ see ebe 1 e e c e \es\ see iece eeced \est\ see east 1 eech \ech\ see each eecher \e-chsr\ see eacher e e c h e s \ich-az\ see itches eeching \e-chirj\ breeching far-reaching —also -ing forms of verbs listed at each eechy \e-che\ see eachy eecy \e-se\ fleecy. speed. retiree. degreed. HTLV. taedium vitae. booboisie. departee. hydro-ski. undersea. referee. guarani. charcuterie. glede. valuefree. employee. formulae. treed. rejectee. praecipe. context-free. de Medici. selectee. dishabille. LSD. examinee. honeybee. creed. billi-bi. VIP. inductee. CCD. Savaii. retrainee. reliquiae. he'd. Danae. endorsee. meed. torii. Pasiphae. Sault Sainte Marie. Tenebrae. kneed. devotee. jus soli. garnishee. brasserie. reed. divorce. allseed. DME. interviewee. picotee. pedigree. brusquerie. tweed. verdigris. Jiamusi. diploe. enlistee. maitre d'. kidnappee. fireweed. RPV. Gide. prima facie. humble-bee. read. galilee. DBCP. LCD.

needle. recede. precede. needful eeding 1 \ed-irj\ bleeding. nosebleed. heedless. needless. preceding. silkweed. deedy. well-being heli-skiing. linebreeding. -'s. midweekly. breeding. witchweed. waterweed velocipede eedal \ed. succeed. outbreeding. misread. misdeed. reefy e e g e e \e-je\ see iji eeing \e-irj\ seeing. creedal. underfeed. pedigreed. riverweed. skiing farseeing. proceeds —also -s. jimsonweed. needy. stickweed. locoweed. pinweed. retrocede. crazyweed. horseweed. wheedle eedless \ed-las\ deedless. weedy eef \ef \ see ief1 eefe \ef\ see ief1 eefy \e-fe\ beefy. knapweed. pickerelweed. ill-being. leading. pondweed. reedy. weakkneed. pigweed. lip-read. weekly. and -s' forms of nouns. tweedy. off-speed. greedy. jetbead. spoon-feed. hayseed. turfskiing. ragweed.119 Godspeed. seedy. indeed. moonseed. proofread. knotweed. supersede. carpetweed. speedy. stall-feed. stickseed. copyread. Lake Mead. wormseed aniseed. bugleweed. beggarweed. gulfweed. silverweed. antecede. kneaded receded —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eed eeder \ed-ar\ see eader 1 eedful \ed-fal\ heedful.9 nt\ see edent eedo \ed-6\ see edo 1 eedom \ed-9m\ see edum e e d s \edz\ Leeds. centipede. weakly. tickseed. Jamshid.9 l\ see eedle eeded \e-dad\ beaded. intercede. ten-speed. hawkweed. newsweekly. cottonseed. leafy. and -s forms of verbs. needs Beskids. linseed. interplead. pokeweed. half-breed. cottonweed. rapeseed. jewelweed. sight-seeing. overfeed. daedal. waterskiing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ee 1 eek 1 \ik\ see ick eek 2 \ek\ see eak 1 eeked \ekt\ see eaked 2 eeken \e-kan\ see eacon eeker \e-kar\ see eaker 1 eekie \e-ke\ see eaky eeking \e-kirj\ see eaking 1 eekly \e-kle\ bleakly. smartweed. bitterweed. Ganymede.3 n\ see edon eekly eedle \ed. hand-feed. Port Said. lipreading. reading. Siegfried. stampede. oilseed. millipede. sight-read. seaweed. milkweed. reeding inbreeding. credal. beadle. seedless eedn't \ed. chicly. speed-reading —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eed eeding 2 \ed. implead. sleekly. impede. thimbleweed. Runnymede. pumpkinseed. reseed. treacly biweekly. rockweed. deeded. butterweed. self-feed. ironweed. listed at eed eedsman \edz-m9n\ beadsman.a l\ aedile. stinkweed. seedsman eedy \ed-e\ beady. proceed. highspeed. speed-read. interbreed. secede. bottle-feed. snakeweed. rosinweed. inbreed. tumbleweed. mislead. sneezeweed. triweekly semiweekly .

neap. heap. steepen eepence Xap-ansX see uppance eepenny \ap-ne\ see openny eeper \e-par\ beeper. contumely. jeep. teens Grenadines. . reap. monostele. dustheap. bookkeeper.eeks eeks XeksX see ixe1 eeky \e-ke\ see eaky eel \el\ see eal 2 eelable Xe-la-balX see ealable eele \el\ see eal 2 eeled \eld\ see ield eeler \e-lar\ see ealer eeley \e-le\ see eely eelie \e-le\ see eely eel in \ e . housekeeper. seepage eepen Xe-panX cheapen. weeper barkeeper. self-dealing. barkeep. peep. freely. deepen. gamekeeper. seep. housekeep. reaper.b n \ see el in eeling \e-lirj\ ceiling. shieling. peeling. wheeling appealing. upkeep. doorkeeper. stele. streaming redeeming unbeseeming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at earn 1 eemly \em-le\ seemly supremely. unfeeling double-dealing. sleep. dealing. greenkeeper. upsweep overleap. syli. bopeep. eely. vealy. really. keeper. Isle of Ely. steelie. sneap. groundskeeper. lockkeeper. Philippines. leap. unappealing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eal 2 eelson \el-san\ see elson eely \e-le\ Chi-li. threap. creep. snowmobiling. sweep. touchy-feely eem \em\ see earn 1 eeman Xe-manX see emon 1 eemer Xe-marX see earner eemie \e-me\ see eamy eeming \e-min\ seeming. self-revealing. goalkeeper. innkeeper. beekeeper. seely. smithereens eenwich \in-ich\ see inach eeny \e-ne\ see ini1 eep \ e p \ beep. freewheeling. sleeper. steely. crowkeeper. leaper. gatekeeper. Ealing. creeper. steep. Greeley. dele. cheep. cheap. peeper. Jeep. sheep. minesweeper. clepe. mealie. weep asleep. feeling. Dnieper. sweeper. neep. self-sealing. self-feeling. knee-deep. surreally. Ely. keep. unseemly een 1 \in\ see in1 een 2 \en\ see ine 3 e'en \en\ see ine 3 eena \e-na\ see ina 2 eene \en\ see ine 3 eener \e-nar\ see eaner eenery \en-re\ see eanery eening \e-nirj\ see eaning eenling \en-lin\ see eanling eenly \en-le\ see eanly1 e e n n e s s Xen-nssX see eanness 120 e e n s \enz\ Queens. bleep. Swahili campanile. deep. skin-deep. mealy. veep. oversleep Lakshadweep Louis Philippe eepage \e-pij\ creepage. Darjeeling. wheelie scungilli.

Vanir. seer. Cape Fear. water-skier eer \ir\ beer. privateer. conventioneer. animalier. destrier. bookkeeping. disappear. boutonniere. hear. fere. overseer. killdeer. austere. balladeer. chocolatier. summiteer. arrear. Dunbartonshire. Windermere. understeer. pontonier. Zaire atmosphere. Robespierre. man-year. keeping. uprear. jeer. steer. veneer. lightyear. belvedere. Ellesmere. rear. halberdier. chevalier. rehear. Carmarthenshire. musketeer. wheatear. Staffordshire. Berkshire. year adhere. mutineer. sloganeer. Radnorshire. Bedfordshire. cavalier. weeping beekeeping. Oxfordshire. laveer. cassimere. Caernarvonshire. auctioneer. inhere. dear. Kashmir. weepy eer 1 \e-ar\ freer. pistoleer. chimere. here. fictioneer. brassiere. biosphere. voir dire. foreseer. lavaliere. cashmere. Revere. interfere. Lear. fusilier. fear. endear. oversteer. blacktailed deer. pickeer. cohere. Cardiganshire. Goodyear. mishear. cannoneer. besmear. Clackmannanshire. grenadier. cashier. commandeer. monsieur. cuirassier. nadir. profiteer. black marketeer. tepee. sphere. sonneteer. spear. seer. gadgeteer. Izmir. near. . reindeer. sleepy. leafleteer. Worcestershire. souvenir. racketeer. Shakespeare. stockkeeper. decreer. mir. sincere. Ymir. blear. zaire. sear. career. mere. redear. we're CBer. spier. drear. engineer. bayadere. headgear. Saint Pierre. Cheshire. sheepish eeple \e-pal\ see eople eepy \e-pe\ cheapie. Tyr. ensphere. Pierre. haltere. compeer. Cambridgeshire. cere. budgeteer. buccaneer. bandolier. mountaineer. puppeteer. Buckinghamshire. minesweeping. footgear. Nairnshire. Empire.121 peacekeeper. storekeeper. schmear. Gloucestershire. gasolier. gear. Morayshire. Fifeshire. safekeeping. santir. bier. tear. fourdrinier. Rutlandshire. queer. ecosphere. severe. white-tailed deer. brigadier. gondolier. premiere. cameleer. premier. bombardier. Meyerbeer. chiffonier. appear. timekeeper. charioteer. carabineer. Guinevere. missileer. Pembrokeshire. sere. seepy. clavier. scrutineer. zookeeper honeycreeper —also -er forms of adjectives listed ateep eepie \e-pe\ see eepy eeping \e-pirj\ creeping. deer. slick-ear. timekeeping —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eep eepish \e-pish\ cheapish. fleer. sweepy. speer. Selkirkshire. portiere. emir. Elzevir. Perthshire. domineer. junketeer. pier. tipi. Yorkshire. volunteer. Hertfordshire. Wiltshire. leer. dog-ear. housekeeping. Herefordshire. creepy. Ayrshire. skirr. financier. Warwickshire. skier. Eskisehir. IJsselmere. tier. Monmouthshire. tapir. overhear. sneer. gambier. scorekeeper. electioneer. hemisphere. Pamir. persevere. Glamorganshire. corsetiere. revers. free-marketeer. weepie. eyrir. veer. Hampshire. Fafnir. Dumfriesshire. sightseer overseer. Aesir. Derbyshire. pioneer. gatekeeping. shopkeeper. Asir. yesteryear acyclovir. muleteer. marketeer. pamphleteer. clear. ambeer. Tyne and Wear. eer revere. vizier. menhir. Shropshire. kerseymere. diapir. Ajmer. peer. sheer. kefir. gazetteer. chandelier. frontier. mouse-ear. insincere. Lanarkshire. Lancashire. smear. Bedivere. ear. peacekeeping. rocketeer. Denbighshire. we're. chanticleer. cheer. jardiniere. stratosphere. Trier. shear. out-year. Mount Ranier. Flintshire.

discreetly. peewee. effetely bittersweetly. f.e'er harquebusier. Leeward. threesome eest 1 \ast\ see aced eest 2 \est\ see east 1 eesy \e-ze\ see easy 1 eet \et\ see eat 1 1 eerless \ir-las\ see earless eetah \et-a\ see ita2 eete \at-e\ see aty . tone-deaf emf. discretely. concretely. Brezhnev. Kishinev eerer \ir-ar\ see earer eeress \ir-as\ see erous eerful \ir-fal\ see earful eerie 1 \ir-e\ see eary eerie 2 \e-re\ see eirie eering \ir-in\ see earing 1 eerist \ir-ast\ see erist eerly \ir-le\ see early 1 eersman Xirz-msnX steersman frontiersman eerut \ir-at\ see irit eery \ir-e\ see eary e e s \ez\ see eze e e s e \ez\ see eze eesh \esh\ see iche 2 eesi \e-ze\ see easy 1 eesia \e-zha\ see esia 2 e e s o m e \e-sam\ gleesome. deaf. steerage arrearage eered \ird\ see eard 1 2 122 eeten \et. Northamptonshire. Invernessshire. thievish eeward \e-ward\ leeward. fleetly. teff aleph.9 l\ see etal eetly \et-le\ featly. lev. seaward eewee \e-we\ kiwi. ref. enfeoff. Huntingdonshire. Montgomeryshire. neatly. ef. Kincardineshire. Kiev. clef. indiscreetly eety \et-e\ see eaty ee-um \e-am\ see eum 1 eeve \ev\ see eave 1 eeved \evd\ see eaved e e v e s \evz\ see eaves eevil \e-v3l\ see ieval eevish \e-vish\ peevish.3 n\ see eaten 1 eeter \et-ar\ see eater 1 eethe \eth\ see eathe eether \e-thar\ see either eething \e-ihin\ see eathing eetie \et-e\ see eaty eeting \et-irj\ see eating eetle \et. stone-deaf. sweetly completely. HF. incompletely. pewee eewit \ii-9t\ see uet eez \ez\ see eze eezabie \e-z3-bal\ see easible eeze \ez\ see eze eezer \e-zsr\ see easer 2 eezing \e-zirj\ see easing 2 eezy \e-ze\ see easy 1 ef1 \ef\ chef. Nottinghamshire Merionethshire e'er \er\ see are 4 eerage \ir-ij\ peerage.

Heidegger thousand-legger eggie \ej-e\ see edgy eggio \ej-e-6\ Reggio arpeggio. solfege e g e 2 \eg\ see eg 2 e g e 3 \ e j \ see edge e g e 4 \eg\ see igue e g e 5 \ig\ see ig eged \ejd\ see edged egel \agal\ see agel egent \e-J9nt\ regent. sejant allegiant. vegan Mohegan e g a s \a-gss\ see agus ege 1 \ezh\ barege. yegg blackleg. jake leg. reference cross-reference eferent \ef-rant\ deferent. lefty eg \ag\ Craig. weft bereft efty \ef-te\ hefty. left. malefic eficence \ef-3-sans\ beneficence. Gregory egger \eg-sr\ beggar bootlegger. leggy. gleg. eagle. skeg. vague stravage. dreg. cortege. legal. leg. dogleg. keg. klepht. quadriplegia egian \e-jan\ see egion . reg. plaguey Carnegie egia \e-ja\ Ouija aqua regia. Craig. egg. manege. Gregg. Greg. eggy. peg. theft. referable eference \ef-rans\ deference. referent eff \ef\ see ef1 effer \ef-sr\ see ephor efic \ef-ik\ Efik benefic. bowleg. redleg. heft. nutmeg. preference.123 ef2 \ a \ see ay1 ef3 \ef\ see ief1 efanie \ef-a-ne\ see ephony efany \ef-a-ne\ see ephony efe \ef-e\ see effie eferable Xef-rs-bslX preferable. paraplegia. Liege. renege. The Hague eg 2 \eg\ beg. solfeggio e g g s \egz\ see egs eggy \eg-e\ dreggy. eft. foreleg. paralegal medicolegal egan \e-g9n\ Megan. jackleg. plague. Tuareg. deft. spread-eagle. aquilegia. Peggy. roughleg. bootleg. vice-regent eger \ej-ar\ see edger egg \eg\ see eg 2 eggar \eg-sr\ see egger eggary \eg-a-re\ beggary. unpeg Winnipeg mumblety-peg eg 3 \ e j \ see edge ega 1 \eg-a\ omega rutabaga ega 2 \a-ga\ see aga 2 1 egian ega 3 \e-gs\ see iga1 egal \e-gal\ beagle. muskeg. viceregal extralegal. regal illegal. egal. maleficence efik \e-fik\ see efic efsk \efsk\ Izhefsk Prokopyevsk eft \eft\ cleft. porbeagle.

regnant impregnant. and -s forms of verbs. unpregnant egnly \an-le\ see ainly egno \an-yo\ see eno 1 ego \e-go\ chigoe.a l\ see idal eidi \Id-e\ see iday eidon \Id.egiant egiant \e-jant\ see egent egiate \e-jat\ collegiate. region collegian. daddy longlegs —also -s. mythopoeic onomatopoeic eich \ek\ see ei1 eiche \ash\ see eche 1 eickel \i-kal\ seeycle eid 1 \at\ see ate 1 eid 2 \lt\ see ite eid 3 \ed\ see eed eidel 1 \ad-al\ see adle eidel 2 \id. superego e g o 2 \a-go\ see ago 2 egory \eg-a-re\ see eggary e g s \egz\ sheerlegs yellowlegs butter-and-eggs. elegit intercollegiate egic \e-jik\ strategic paraplegic. impetigo. Norwegian. tedious egregious egit \e-jat\ see egiate egm \em\ see em 1 egn \an\ see ane 1 egnant \eg-nant\ pregnant. Regis. egis.b s \ see ateless eights \lts\ see ights eighty \at-e\ see aty . subregion egious \e-jas\ see egis egis \e-jas\ aegis. quadriplegic egie \eg-e\ see eggy egion \e-jan\ legion. -'s. Vigo amigo alter ego. skeigh ei \ a \ see ay 2 1 1 1 124 ei 3 \I\ seey 1 eia 1 \e-9\ see ia1 eia 2 \I-9\ see iah1 eial \e-al\ see eal 1 eian 1 \e-3n\ see ean 1 eian 2 \a-an\ see ayan 1 eic \e-ik\ oleic epigeic. listed at eg egular \eg-tar\ see egler eh 1 \a\ see ay1 eh 2 \ a \ see ah ehen \an\ see ane 1 ehner \a-nar\ see ainer ei \ek\ dreich. logorrheic.3 n\ see iden eier \ir\ see ire1 eifer \ef-ar\ see ephor eige \azh\ beige assuage eiger \i-gar\ see iger eigh 1 \a\ see ay1 eigh 2 \ e \ see ee 1 eighbor \a-bar\ see abor eight 1 \at\ see ate 1 eight 2 \lt\ see ite1 eighter \at-sr\ see ator eightless \ a t . and -s' forms of nouns. ego.

and -s forms of verbs. Rheims —also -s. listed at earn ein1 \an\ see ane1 ein2 \e-9n\ see ean1 ein \en\ see ine 3 3 .125 eisel gn \an\ see ane1 gner \a-nsr\ see ainer i \a\ see ay1 ian \a-an\ see ayan1 ji \a-je\ see agy k \ek\ see eak 1 1 ein4 \In\ see ine1 eine1 \an\ see ane1 eine2 \en\ see ine3 eine3 \I-ns\ see ina1 eine4 \en\ see en1 eined \and\ see ained einer1 \a-nsr\ see ainer einer2 \e-nsr\ see eaner eing \e-in\ see eeing einie \I-ne\ see iny1 kh \ek\ see eak 11 \al\ see ail 1 \el\ see el 3 4 2 1 2 kle \e-ksl\ see ecal 1 \el\ see eal 1 \fl\ see ile 1 eining \a-nirj\ see aining einous \a-nas\ see ayness 1 la \e-b\ see ela eins \anz\ see ains einsman Xanz-manX see ainsman eint \ant\ see aint einte \ant\ see ant5 einture Xan-chsA see ancher2 einy \a-ne\ see ainy eipt \et\ see eat1 eir \er\ see are4 eira \ir-s\ see era2 eird \ird\ see eard1 eiress \ar-as\ see aris2 eiric \I-rik\ seeyric eiro \er-6\ see ero2 eirs \erz\ see airs eis1 \as\ see ace1 eis 2 \e-9s\ see eus1 eis 3 \Is\ see ice1 eisant \es-ant\ see ecent eise \ez\ see eze eisel \i-zal\ see isal2 1 led \ald\ see ailed ler \I-tor\ see ilar ling \a-liri\ see ailing ling2 \e-lir)\ see eeling II \el\ see eal2 llance \a-lsns\ see alence llant \a-bnt\ see alant lies1 \a\ see ay1 lies2 \alz\ see ales M \a-le\ see aily y m1 \am\ see ame1 m \Im\ see ime 1 n 2 1 1 mer M-marX see imer1 ms \a s\ see ance ms \emz\ Reims. and -s' forms of nouns. -'s.

Danielle. dumbbell. perceivable. bluebell. Boswell. . Cromwell. gromwell. el. synchroneity diaphaneity. kapellmeister eister 2 \e-stsr\ see easter eisure Xe-zharX see eizure eit1 \e-9t\ fiat albeit. Hel. eel. either. Blackwell. howbeit eit 2 \it\ see it1 eit \et\ see eat eit 4 \lt\ see ite1 eited \et-ad\ see eated 1 eiter1 \it-ar\ see itter eiter 2 \I-tar\ see iter1 eith \eth\ seeeath 1 either \e-lh9r\ breather. cowbell. retrievable 3 ekel \ek-al\ see eckle ekh \ek\ see eck eki \ek-e\ see ecky ekker \ek-ar\ see ecker ekoe \e-ko\ see icot ekton \ek-tan\ see ecten el 1 \el\ bel.eisen eisen \Iz. seizure ejant \e-jant\ see egent eji \ej-e\ see edgy ejo \a-6\ see eo 1 ek \ek\ see eck eka 1 \ek-a\ see ecca eka 2 \e-ka\ see ika1 ekah \ek-a\ see ecca eke \ek\ see eak 1 1 eissen \Is. cartel. snell. belle. expel. tell. inhomogeneity eivable Xe-va-balX cleavable achievable. incorporeity. spontaneity.3 n\ see izen1 eiser 1 \I-sar\ see icer eiser 2 \i-zar\ see izer eisha \a-sha\ see acia eisha 2 \e-sha\ see esia 1 eisin \ez. conceivable. they'll. gazelle. swell. carvel. bridewell. cadelle. farewell. unbelievable. smell. hell. eggshell. neither. shell. cormel. Giselle. relievable. botel. inconceivable. cell. yell Adele. excel. sell.n\ see ison eist 1 \a-ast\ see ayest eist 2 \ist\ see ist1 eister 1 \I-star\ shyster. believable. cornel. instantaneity contemporaneity. bell. duxelles. gel. echelle. cupel. befell. homogeneity. knell. gabelle. fell. bombshell. heterogeneity. mell. dwell. tryster concertmeister. dell. boatel. spell. dispel. Estelle. receivable. ell. 1. clamshell. jell. quell. irretrievable. extemporaneity. barbell. well. artel. corral. compel. sel. foretell. teether eitus \It-9s\ see itis eity \e-9t-e\ deity velleity corporeity. unconceivable eive \ev\ see eave 1 eiver \e-var\ see iever eix \ash\ see eche 1 eize 1 \az\ see aze 1 eize 2 \ez\ see eze eizure \e-zhar\ leisure. deceivable. chandelle. diel.n\ see eason e i s s \Is\ see ice 3 1 1 3 1 126 imperceivable. Bell. doorbell. Ardell.

windbell Annabelle. chaparral.b r \ see ealer elate \el-at\ see ellate elatin \el-at. saurel. upheld. selah. ne'er-do-well. creme caramel. correlative. kiss-and-tell. held. pedicel. sheila. pellmell. Nobel. harebell. repel. Philomela. Elbert Mount Elbert elch \elch\ belch. damozel. Camberwell. Seychelles. nouvelle. Vila Braila. misspell. Mont-Saint-Michel. spirituel. chanterelle. rappel. welder eldom \el-dam\ beldam. villanelle.b \ Gila. Isabelle. indwell. retell. soft-shell. propel. prelacy elagh \a-le\ seeaily elah \ e . asphodel. Orwell. spinel. motel. pixel. impel. morel. barbicel. Michelle. danegeld. clientele. self-propelled unparalleled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at el1 eld 2 \elt\ see elt elda \el-d9\ Zelda eldam \el-dam\ see eldom elder \el-dar\ elder.3 n\ seeeleton elative \el-at-iv\ relative appellative. tequila. lapel. muscatel. hard-shell.b \ see ela 1 eland \e-tand\ eland. nacelle. organelle. Michele. pointelle. Isabel. Cozumel. pimpernel. Sheila. Zealand New Zealand elanie \el-s-ne\ see elony elar \ e . carousel. withheld jet-propelled. unwell. Melba elbe \el-ba\ see elba elbert \el-bart\ Delbert. quenelle. show-and-tell. VLDL antiparallel. mademoiselle.127 handbell. lampshell. Azazel. Leila. maxwell. scalpel. Weldon eldt \elt\ see elt ele 1 \a-le\ see aily ele 2 \el\ see el ele 3 \el-e\ see elly ele . seldom hoteldom eldon \el-dsn\ Sheldon. mangonel. BAL. Maxwell. oat-cell. caramel. maitre d'hotel. geld. hotel. personnel. bagatelle. nutshell. rebel. candela. oversell. pastel. tortoiseshell. shelled. stela. marcel. handheld. lenticel. Thompson's gazelle. squelch. pall-mall. Neufchatel. presell. respell. AWOL el 2 \al\ see ail ela 1 \ e . fare-thee-well. cascabel. citadel. meld. Welch eld 1 \eld\ eld. caravel. T-helper cell. Orel. T4 cell. Rochelle. refel. cockleshell. materiel. speedwell. sinsemilla. welch. rondel. antipersonnel. Parnell. inkwell. decibel. Jezebel. hardshelled. micelle. au naturel. irrelative elba \el-ba\ Elba. sequel. solgel. parallel. zinfandel Aix-la-Chapelle. Elbe. demoiselle. weigela Coahuila. Philomel. fontanel. aquarelle. weld beheld. outsell. nonpareil. APL. riel. Weddell. Ravel. immortelle. rakehell. jurel. seashell. petronel. pennoncel. Lela. brocatelle. Charles Martel. stairwell. upwell. Tutuila ela 2 \a-ta\ see ala 3 ela 3 \el-a\ see ella elable \el-9-bal\ see ellable elacy \el-9-se\ jealousy. William Tell. Leland. noel. undersell. Moselle. bechamel. unsell.

ele ele 4 \e-le\ see eely eled \eld\ see eld eled 2 \eld\ see ield elen \el-an\ see elon elena \el-3-na\ Elena, Helena elens \el-anz\ Saint Helens Mount Saint Helens —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns listed at elon eleon \el-yan\ see elian 2 eletal \el-9t- 3 l\ pelletal, skeletal eleton \el-at- 3 n\ gelatin, skeleton eleus \e-le-as\ see elious elf \elf\ elf, Guelf, pelf, self, shelf bookshelf, herself, himself, itself, myself, nonself, oneself, ourself, topshelf, thyself, yourself mantelshelf do-it-yourself elfish \el-fish\ elfish, selfish unselfish elhi \el-e\ see elly eli \el-e\ see elly elia 1 \el-ya\ Delia, Lelia, Shelia Amelia, camellia, Camellia, Cecilia, Cornelia, Karelia, lobelia, obelia, Ophelia, Rumelia, sedilia, stapelia psychedelia, seguidilla elia 2 \il-e-9\ see ilia1 elial \e-le-al\ Belial epithelial elian \e-le-an\ Melian, Pelion abelian, Karelian, Mendelian elian 2 \el-yan\ anthelion, aphelion, carnelian, chameleon, cornelian, Mendelian, parhelion perihelion Aristotelian, Mephistophelian elian 3 \el-e-an\ see ellian
1 1

128 elible \el-3-bal\ see ellable elic 1 \e-lik\ parhelic autotelic elic 2 \el-ik\ melic, relic, telic angelic, Goidelic, smart aleck archangelic, autotelic, philatelic, psychedelic elical \el-i-k9i\ helical, pellicle angelical double-helical, evangelical elier \el-yer\ see elure el in \e-tan\ shieling, theelin elion 1 \el-e-an\ see ellian elion 2 \el-ysn\ see elian 2 elion 3 \el-e-an\ see elian1 elios \e-le-ss\ see elious elious \e-le-as\ Helios, Peleus Cornelius contumelious elish \el-ish\ see ellish elist \el-ast\ cellist, trellised Nobelist, pastelist elius 1 \a-le-as\ see alius eli us 2 \e-le-ss\ see elious elix \e-liks\ Felix, helix double helix elk1 \elk\ elk, whelk elk 2 \ilk\ see ilk ell \el\ see el1 e'll \el\ see eal 2 elia \el-9\ Celle, Delia, Ella, fella, fellah, stella, Stella Benguela, candela, Capella, Estella, favela, Gisela, glabella, lamella, Luella, Marcella, Mandela, novella, paella, patella, prunella, quiniela, rubella, sequela, umbrella, vanilla a cappella, Cinderella, citronella, columella, fraxinella, Isabella,

129 mortadella, mozzarella, panatela, salmonella, sarsaparilla, subumbrella, tarantella, villanella valpolicella ellable \el-9-bal\ fellable, gelable compellable, expellable, indelible ellah \el-a\ see ella ellan \el-an\ see elon ellant \el-9nt\ gellant appellant, flagellant, propellant, repellent water-repellent ellar \el-sr\ see eller ellas \el-as\ see ealous el late \el-at\ helot, pellet, prelate, zealot appellate, flagellate, haustellate, lamellate, scutellate ellative \el-at-iv\ see elative elle \el\ see el elle 2 \el-a\ see ella ellean \el-e-sn\ see ellian elled \eld\ see eld1 ellen \el-an\ see elon ellent \el-anf\ see ellant eller \el-ar\ cellar, dweller, feller, heller, Keller, seller, sheller, smeller, speller, stellar, teller, yeller best-seller, bookseller, compeller, expeller, foreteller, glabellar, impeller, indweller, lamellar, ocellar, patellar, propeller, rathskeller, repeller, rostellar, saltcellar, tale-teller cerebellar, circumstellar, columellar, fortune-teller, interstellar, Rockefeller, storyteller elles 1 \el\ see el elles 2 \elz\ see ells ellet \el-at\ see ellate

el low elletal \el-9t- 3 l\ see eletal elley \el-e\ see elly elli \el-e\ see elly ellia \el-y9\ see elia ellian \el-e-an\ Chellean Boswellian, pre-Chellean, Sabellian, triskelion Machiavellian, Pantagruelian ellicle \el-i-kal\ see elical ellie \el-e\ see elly elline \el-an\ see elon elling \el-irj\ belling, selling, spelling, swelling, telling bookselling, compelling, indwelling, misspelling, tale-telling, upwelling fortune-telling, self-propelling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at el1 ellington \el-irj-tan\ Ellington, Wellington beef Wellington el I Ion \el-yan\ hellion rebellion ellis \el-as\ see ealous ellised \el-sst\ see elist ellish \el-ish\ hellish, relish disrelish, embellish elllst \el-ast\ see elist ello \el-6\ bellow, Bellow, cello, fellow, Jell-O, mellow, yellow, Yellow bargello, bedfellow, bordello, duello, hail-fellow, Longfellow, marshmallow, morello, niello, Othello, playfellow, schoolfellow, yokefellow Pirandello, punchinello, ritornello, saltarello Robin Goodfellow, violoncello ell-o \el-6\ see ello ellous \el-as\ see ealous ellow 1 \el-a\ see ella

el low ellow 2 \el-6\ see ello ells \elz\ Welles Dardanelles —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns, and -s forms of verbs, listed at el ellum \el-3m\ blellum, skellum, vellum postbellum, rostellum antebellum, cerebellum ellus \el-as\ see ealous elly \el-e\ belly, Delhi, deli, felly, jelly, Kellie, Kelly, Nellie, shelly, Shelley, Shelly, smelly, tele, telly, wellie New Delhi, nice-nelly, potbelly, rakehelly, sowbelly Boticelli, nervous Nellie, underbelly, vermicelli Machiavelli Dadra and Nagar Haveli ellyn \el-an\ see elon elm \elm\ elm, helm, realm, whelm overwhelm, underwhelm elma \el-ma\ Selma, Velma elmar \el-msr\ see elmer elmer \el-mar\ Delmar, Delmer, Elmer elmet \el-mst\ helmet, Helmut, pelmet elmut \el-m9t\ see elmet elo \e-lo\ see ilo2 elon \el-gn\ Ellen, Ellyn, felon, Helen, melon avellan, Magellan, McClellan, muskmelon, vitelline Mary Ellen, watermelon Strait of Magellan elony \el-3-ne\ felony, Melanie elop \el-ap\ develop, envelop redevelop overdevelop elopment Xel-ap-mantX development, envelopment redevelopment overdevelopment elos \ a - b s \ see ayless elot \el-at\ see ellate elotry \el-a-tre\ helotry, zealotry


elp \elp\ help, kelp, skelp, whelp, yelp elsea \el-se\ see elsie elsie \el-se\ Chelsea, Elsie Kensington and Chelsea elson \el-ssn\ keelson, nelson, Nelson elt \elt\ belt, celt, Celt, dealt, delt, dwelt, felt, gelt, melt, pelt, Scheldt, smelt, spelt, svelte, veld, welt black belt, flybelt, forefelt, greenbelt, heartfelt, hot-melt, jacks melt, Krefeld, self-belt, snowbelt, snowmelt, Sunbelt Bielefeld, Roosevelt, shelterbelt elte \elt\ see elt elted \el-tad\ bias-belted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at elt elter \el-tar\ belter, melter, pelter, shelter, skelter, smelter, spelter, swelter, welter helter-skelter eltered \el-tard\ earth-sheltered —also -ed forms of verbs listed at elter elting \el-tirj\ belting, felting, melting, pelting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at elt elure \el-ysr\ velure hotelier elve \elv\ delve, helve, shelve, twelve elves \elvz\ elves, ourselves, themselves, yourselves

131 —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns, and -s forms of verbs, listed at elve elvin \el-van\ Elvin, Kelvin, Melvin, Melvyn elvyn \el-van\ see elvin ely \e-le\ see eely em 1 \em\ Clem, creme, em, femme, gem, hem, m, mem, phlegm, REM, Shem, stem, them ad rem, ahem, AM, Arnhem, Belem, bluestem, condemn, contemn, FM, idem, in rem, item, mayhem, millieme, modem, poem, problem, pro tern, proem, Shechem ABM, anadem, apothegm, apothem, Bethlehem, diadem, exanthem, ibidem, IgM, meristem, OEM, SAM, stratagem ad hominem, carpe diem, creme de la creme, ICBM post meridiem, star-of-Bethlehem, terminus ad quern em \am\ see um
2 1

emian December, dismember, November, remember, September disremember emble 1 Xam-bslX wamble ensemble emble 2 \em-bsl\ tremble assemble, atremble, dissemble, resemble disassemble em bier \em-blar\ temblor, trembler assembler, dissembler emblor \em-blar\ see embler embly \em-ble\ trembly assembly disassembly, self-assembly, subassembly erne1 \em\ see em 1 erne 2 \em\ see earn 1 emel \a-msl\ see emile emely \em-le\ see eemly emen 1 \e-man\ see emon 1 emen 2 \em-an\ see emon 2 emen 3 \a-man\ see amen 1 emer \e-mar\ see earner emeral \em-ral\ femoral ephemeral emery \em-re\ emery, Emery, Emory, memory emesis \em-a-s9s\ emesis, nemesis emi \em-e\ see emmy emia \e-me-a\ anemia, bohemia, Bohemia, leukemia, toxemia academia, septicemia, thalassemia hypoglycemia, hypokalemia beta-thalassemia emian \e-me-sn\ anthemion, Bohemian

ema \e-ma\ bema, Lima, Pima, schema Colima, eczema, edema diastema, emphysema, Hiroshima, Iwo Jima, Kagoshima, Matsushima, terza rima, Tokushima ottava rima emacist \em-a-s3st\ see emicist eman \em-an\ see emon
1 2

eman 2 Ne-manX see emon 1 emane \em-3-ne\ see emony emanence \em-3-nans\ see eminence emanent \em-3-nsnt\ see eminent ematis \em-3t-9s\ see emitus ematist \em-3t-3st\ see emitist ematous \em-3t-9s\ see emitus ember \em-b9r\ ember, member

emic emic 1 \e-mik\ emic anemic, graphemic, morphemic, lexemic, phonemic, taxemic, tonemic epistemic emic 2 \em-ik\ chemic alchemic, endemic, pandemic, polemic, sachemic, systemic, totemic academic, epidemic, epistemic emical \em-i-kal\ chemical alchemical, polemical academical, biochemical, epidemical, petrochemical biogeochemical emicist Xem-a-ssstA polemicist, supremacist emics \e-miks\ graphemics, morphemics, phonemics, proxemics emile Xa-malX Emile, Memel eminal \em-an- l\ geminal, seminal eminate \em-3-nat\ geminate effeminate eminence \em-3-nans\ eminence, remanence preeminence eminent \em-3-n3nt\ eminent, remanent preeminent eming \em-irj\ Fleming, Heminge, lemming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at em 1 eminge \em-irj\ see eming emini \em-3-ne\ see emony eminy \em-a-ne\ see emony emion \e-me-an\ see emian emis \e-mas\ see emus emish \em-ish\ blemish, Flemish emist \em-ast\ chemist polemist biochemist

132 emitist \em-3t-ast\ Semitist systematist emitus \em-3t-3s\ clematis, fremitus edematous emlin \em-lan\ gremlin, kremlin emma \em-9\ Emma, gemma, lemma, stemma dilemma

emme \em\ see em1
emmer \em-ar\ emmer, hemmer, stemmer, tremor condemner, contemner emming \em-irj\ see eming em my \em-e\ Emmy, gemmy, jemmy, phlegmy, semi, stemmy emn \em\ see em 1 emner \em-3r\ see emmer emnity \em-nat-e\ indemnity, solemnity emo \em-6\ demo, memo emon 1 \e-man\ demon, freeman, Freeman, gleeman, Piman, seaman, semen Lake Leman, pentstemon, Philemon cacodemon, Lacedaemon emon \em-an\ Bremen, leman, lemon, Yemen emone \em-9-ne\ see emony emony \em-s-ne\ Gemini, lemony anemone, bigeminy, Gethsemane, hegemony emor \em-ar\ see emmer emoral \em-ral\ see emeral emory \em-re\ see emery emous \e-mas\ see emus emp \emp\ hemp, kemp, temp

133 emperer Xem-par-arX emperor, temperer emperor Vem-psr-srX see emperer emplar \em-pl3r\ Templar exemplar emple \em-p3l\ semple, temple emps \a n \ see ant 1 empt \emt\ dreamt, kempt, tempt attempt, contempt, exempt, preempt, undreamed, unkempt tax-exempt emptable Xem-ta-balX attemptable, contemptible emptible Xem-ta-balX see emptable emption \em-shan\ exemption, preemption, redemption emptive \em-tiv\ preemptive, redemptive emptor \em-tsr\ tempter preemptor caveat emptor emptory \em-tre\ peremptory, redemptory emulous \em-y9-tas\ emulous, tremulous emur \e-mar\ see earner emus \e-mas\ Remus in extremis, Polyphemus, polysemous emy \e-me\ see eamy en 1 \en\ ben, Ben, den, en, fen, gen, glen, Glen, Glenn, Gwen, hen, ken, Ken, Len, men, n, pen, Penn, Rennes, Seine, sen, Sten, ten, then, wen, when, wren, Wren, yen, Zen again, amen, Ardennes, Big Ben, Cayenne, Cevennes, Cheyenne, Chosen, Dairen, doyen, doyenne, Duchenne, hapten, hymen, Karen, La Tene, moorhen, peahen, pigpen,

enate Phnom Penh, playpen, RN, Touraine, Tynmen, somewhen Adrienne, Debrecen, DPN, five-andten, FMN, julienne, Kerguelen, La Fontaine, LPN, madrilene, mise-enscene, samisen, Sun Yat-sen, TPN carcinogen, comedienne, equestrienne, tamoxifen, tragedienne, Valenciennes en 2 \en\ see ine 3 en 3 \a n \ see in4 en 4 \ s n \ see un en 5 \ a n \ see ant 1 ena 1 \a-na\ see aena 1 ena 2 \a-na\ see ana 2 ena 3 \an-ys\ see ania 3 ena 4 \e-na\ see ina 2 enable \en-3-bal\ tenable amenable, untenable enace \en-as\ see enis 1 enacle \en-i-kal\ see enical enae \e-ne\ see ini1 enal \en- 3 l\ penal, renal, venal adrenal, vaccinal duodenal enancy \en-9n-se\ tenancy lieutenancy, subtenancy enant \en-ant\ pennant, tenant lieutenant, se tenant, subtenant sublieutenant, undertenant enary \en-s-re\ hennery, plenary, senary, venery centenary, millenary bicentenary, bimillenary, quincentenary, tercentenary quatercentenary, semicentenary, sesquicentenary enas \e-nss\ see enus 1 enate \en-at\ see ennet

superintend —also -ed forms of verbs listed at en 1 enda \en-ds\ Brenda. expendable. downtrend. Venda addenda. comprehend. commensal. emend. subtend. extensile. tend. french. bitter end. year-end adherend. mensch. henchman encia \en-cha\ see entia encil \en-S9l\ mensal. impend. attend. girlfriend. portend. amend. tensile blue-pencil. trench. tench. unbend. ascend. ascendable. residency nonresidency end \end\ bend. luftmensch. end. upend. prehensile. compend. quench. repetend. Damavend. vendible amendable. dead end. contend. missend. low-end. discommend. defend. stencil. misspend. blench. reprehend. wrench entrench. drench. Mendel. outspend. unbendable comprehendable. propend. fend. subtrahend. Land's End. weekend. workbench Anglo-French Mariana Trench enchant \en-chant\ see entient enched \encht\ trenched unblenched —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ench encher \en-ch9r\ see enture enchman Xench-manX Frenchman. stipend. befriend. boyfriend. bookend. mend. South Bend. closed-end. dead-end. pencel. descend. condescend. expend. overextend. wench. spend. extendable. recommend. unkenned. Wendell prebendal. dependable. dividend. Wend 134 addend. rear-end. utensil intercensal encon \en-san\ see ensign ency \en-se\ Montmorency. spendable. red-pencil. forfend. commend. protend. commendable. defendable. Glenda. scend. rend. pudendal endall \en-d 3 l\ see endal endance \en-dans\ see endence endancy \en-dsn-se\ see endency endant \en-dant\ see endent ende 1 \end\ see end ende 2 \en-de\ see endi . wend. depend. perpend. extend. minuend. send. apprehend. clench. hacienda. shend. trend. unclench. pudenda corrigenda. referenda definienda endable Xen-da-bslX lendable. agenda. recommendable endal \en-d 9 l\ Grendel. pitchblende. French. uptrend. pretend.enator enator \en-9t-sr\ see enitor enQal \en-sal\ see encil ence 1 \ens\ see ense ence 2 \a n s\ see ance 1 ence 3 \ans\ see ance 2 encel \en-sal\ see encil enceless \en-slas\ see enseless encer \en-sar\ see ensor ench \ench\ bench. Big Bend. append. descendible. suspend. hornblende. Kendall. lend. resend. godsend. stench. distend. blend. retrench. offend. vend. blende. augend. overspend. Provencal. mendable. misapprehend. intend. transcend. pencil. friend. vilipend hyperextend.

ending. attending. unending unpretending uncomprehending —also -ing forms of verbs listed at end endium \en-de-9m\ compendium antependium endless \end-tas\ endless. innuendo diminuendo endor \en-dsr\ see ender endous \en-dss\ horrendous. intender. splendent appendant. splendor. splendid befriended. pending. surrender. blender. fencemending. defender. pendent. auslander. lender. self-surrender endi \en-de\ bendy. pudendum corrigendum. tailender. friendliness uncleanliness. impendent. tendency ascendancy. transcendency independency superintendency endent \en-dant\ pendant. Mende. agendum. friendly uncleanly. sending ascending. fender. defendant. attendant. unfriendliness endly \en-le\ cleanly. hellbender. attendance. referendum definiendum endy \en-de\ see endi ene 1 \a-na\ nene. sene ene 2 \en\ see en 1 ene 3 \en-e\ see enny . mind-bending. engender. dependent. friendless endliness \en-le-nas\ cleanliness. contender. trendy. moneylender. ascendant. unbending. commender. Independence superintendence endency \en-dan-se\ pendency. goaltending. offender. expender. render. attender. heartrending. rhododendron ends \enz\ see ens 1 endum \en-dam\ addendum. resplendence. spender. mender. bartender. stupendous. unfriendly loop of Henle endment \en-mant\ amendment. descender. intendment endo \en-do\ kendo crescendo. emender. weekender double-ender. extender. overspender. resplendency. stringendo decrescendo. descendant. unfriended double-ended. intendant. ascender. tremendous endron \en-dran\ philodendron. undescended —also -ed forms of verbs listed at end endible Xen-ds-bslX see endable endid \en-dad\ see ended ene endel \en-d3l\ see endal endell \en-dal\ see endal endence \en-dans\ tendance ascendance.135 ended \en-dad\ ended. dependency. open-ended. respendent. transcendent independent superintendent semi-independent ender \en-dsr\ bender. Wendy effendi modus vivendi ending \en-dirj\ bending. slender. vendor amender. pretender. gender. fork-tender. independence. tender. goaltender. intendance. suspender. sender. transcendence condescendence.

Panhellenic. regeneracy enerate \en-rat\ degenerate. gardenia. Essenic. Stonehenge engi \erj-ge\ dengue.ene ene 4 \e-ne\ see ini1 ene \en\ see ine 5 3 136 engthen \erj-than\ lengthen. cryptogenic. pathogenic. pfennig. menial. Encaenia. -'s. Icenian. Tigrinya enial \e-ne-al\ genial. strength full-length. phrenic. Slovenian. sengi english \in-glish\ English. hypoallergenic enical \en-i-kal\ cenacle arsenical. cryogenics —also -s. Edenic. irenic. scenic enic 2 \en-ik\ fennec. calisthenic. eugenic. photogenic. and -s' forms of nouns listed at enic enie 1 \en-e\ see enny enie 2 \e-ne\ see ini1 ene 6 \an\ see ane 1 enel \en. Magdalenian enic 1 \en-ik\ genie. regenerative neurodegenerative eneris \en-3-ras\ mons veneris sui generis enery 1 \en-a-re\ see enary 2 enery 2 \en-re\ see eanery enet 1 \en-st\ see ennet enet 2 \e-nat\ see eanut eng 1 \arj\ see ang 2 eng 2 \arj\ see ung 1 enge \enj\ venge avenge. schizophrenic. mutagenic. half-length. Ruthenia. Saracenic. euphenics. telegenic carcinogenic. euthenics. venial congenial enian \e-ne-3n\ Fenian Armenian. Hellenic. androgenic. autogenic. Essenian. regenerate unregenerate enerative \en-rat-iv\ generative degenerative. hygienics calisthenics. galenical ecumenical enice \en-as\ see enis 1 enicist \en-a-sast\ eugenicist ecumenicist enics \en-iks\ eugenics. hygienic. Tyrrhenian Achaemenian. hygienic. chromogenic. sthenic arsenic. schizophrenia enia 2 \e-nys\ Armenia. asthenic. wavelength understrength industrial-strength ength 2 \enth\ see enth . transgenic allergenic. Eugenia. cryogenic. strengthen engue \erj-ge\ see engi enh \en\ see en 1 enia 1 \e-ne-a\ taenia Slovenia sarracenia.3 l\ see ennel eneous \e-ne-as\ genius homogeneous heterogeneous ener \e-nar\ see eaner enerable Xen-rs-balX generable. revenge. cariogenic hallucinogenic. splenic. sirenian. Yinglish engo \erj-go\ marengo camerlengo ength 1 \erjth\ length. venerable regenerable eneracy \en-ra-se\ degeneracy.

denizen. henna. and -s' forms of nouns listed at enny ennig \en-ik\ see enic 2 ennin \en-sn\ see ennon ennis \en-as\ see enis 1 ennist \en-ast\ see enist ennit \en-st\ see ennet ennium \en-e-am\ biennium. jennet. postmillennial. Dennis. genet. senna antenna. centennial. rennin. fenny. Denys. tenet ennett \en-at\ see ennet enney \en-e\ see enny enni \en-e\ see enny ennial \en-e-al\ biennial. genus. pennon. Venice summum genus enis 2 \e-nas\ see enus 1 enison 1 \en-a-ssn\ benison. perennial. sennet. duenna. sesquicentennial. Denny.137 enience \e-nysns\ lenience convenience. kennel unkennel enner \en-ar\ see enor 1 ennery \en-a-re\ see enary 2 ennes \en\ see en 1 ennet \en-at\ Bennett. Benny. sienna.a l\ crenel. senate. quadrennial. Vienna ennae \en-e\ see enny ennant \en-ant\ see enant enne 1 \en\ see en 1 enne 2 \en-e\ see enny 1 enny enne 3 \an\ see an 5 en nee \en-ik\ see enic 2 enned \end\ see end ennel \en. proscenium enius \e-ne-3s\ see eneous enizen \en-3-zsn\ see enison 2 enn \en\ see en 1 enna \en-s\ Glenna. quinquennium. premillennial. prevenient enim \en-3m\ see enom enin \en-an\ see ennon enior \e-nyar\ senior monsignor enis \en-as\ Denis. quadricentennial ennies \en-ez\ tennies —also -s. -'s. decennial. fennel. vicennial bicentennial. bimillennial. venison enist \en-ast\ tennist euthenist enitive \en-at-iv\ genitive. tenon antivenin enny \en-e\ any. quadrennium. . decennium. quinquennial. venison enison 2 \en-a-zan\ benison. provenience inconvenience enient \en-yant\ convenient. lenitive philoprogenitive polyphiloprogenitive enitor \en-3t-sr\ senator progenitor primogenitor enity \en-at-e\ see entity enium \e-ne-9m\ hymenium. Dene. triennium ennon \en-an\ Lenin. tercentennial semicentennial. sennit. rennet. tennis. blenney. septennial. benny. quincentennial. millennial. Tennyson. benne. millennium. menace. tenace. triennial. Gehenna.

Na-dene. penny. recompense. sixpenny. Providence. gens. frankincense. gens. prehension. offense. condensable. indispensable. lens amends. and -s' forms of nouns. -'s. Jennie. dense. low-tension. tension abstention. intension. penni. many.ennyson genie. subsequence coincidence. listed at en e n s 2 \ens\ see ense ensable \en-s9-bal\ see ensible ensal \en-s9i\ see encil ensary \ens-re\ see ensory ensch \ench\ see ench e n s e \ens\ cense. pence. reprehensible. nonsense. plenum. confidence. incense. extensible. nonresidence. tenner. flense. dimension. extension. twopenny lilangeni. pinchpenny. tense. expense. locum tenens —also -s. consequence. and -s forms of verbs. senseful suspenseful e n s e l e s s \en-slas\ fenceless. propense. weekends sapiens definiens. ego-defense. invention. insensible. Jenner. selfevidence enseful \ens-fal\ menseful. jenny. recension. posttension. thence. whence commence. prevention. Laurentian. self-defense. dissension. defensible. nondefense. spinning jenny ennyson Xen-s-sanX see enison 1 eno 1 \an-yo\ segno dal segno jalapefio eno 2 \en-6\ steno ripieno eno 3 \a-no\ see ano 2 enoch \e-nik\ see inic1 enom \en-sm\ denim. sixpence. tenpenny. spence. residence. New Providence. detention. senseless defenseless. catchpenny. inconsequence. pretension. diffidence. providence. fence. commonsensible. ostensible apprehensible. distension. indefensible. intention. attention. indention. dispense. comprehensible. threepenny. multisense. immense. sense. contention. commonsense. venom envenom enon \en-an\ see ennon enor 1 \en-ar\ Brenner. . pretense. suspense. offenseless ensem \en-sam\ see ensum enser \en-sar\ see ensor ensian \en-chan\ see ension ensible \en-s3-bai\ sensible compensable. ascension. evidence. incondensable. halfpenny. declension. defense. self-confidence. 2 138 intense. Kilkenny. pension. mense. prepense. convention. distensible. twopence accidence. descension. supersensible incomprehensible ensign \en-san\ ensign alen§on ensil \en-s3i\ see encil ensile \en-sal\ see encil ension \en-chan\ gentian. mention. Penny antennae. beam-ends. condense. missense. tenor. tenour countertenor. hence. truepenny. antisense. heldentenor enor \e-nar\ see eaner enour \en-ar\ see enor 1 enous \e-nas\ see enus 1 ens 1 \enz\ cleanse. dispensable. sequence. retention. Jenny.

dissent. censor. segment. overextension. evident. vent. ostensive. assent. Trent. multisensory. intensive. present. devilment. invent. inoffensive. hell-bent. quitrent. anent. misapprehension. discontent. detent. conventional. reinvent. supersensory ensual 1 \en-chsl\ see ential ensual 2 \ench-wal\ see entual 1 ensum \en-S3m\ sensum per mensem ent ensurable \ens-r3-bal\ censurable. compliment. provident. portent. torment. sustention. Premonstratensian ensional \ench-nal\ tensional ascensional. extensional. fragment. fencer. comprehensive. low-rent. resent. Advent. president. Vincentian. mordent. photosensitive. dispenser. mensurable commensurable. labor-intensive ensor \en-sar\ censer. well-meant. chimkent. coextensive. condescension. tridimensional. represent. spencer. argument. hypotension. nonevent. outspent. intensity. cent. inexpensive. relent. Stoke on Trent. tent. suspensory extrasensory. sent. suspension. unbent. sediment. lament. forspent. compartment. augment. hent. defensive. Kent. sklent. dent. docent. frequent. extent. leant. prevent. ornament. hypotensive. intensional. oversensitive. besprent. malcontent. extensor. dimensional. ferment. declensional. immensity. rent. diffident. Jack-a-Lent. tensor commencer. complement. expensive. sequencer. underwent atense . pigment. loment. sprent. Ghent. instrument.139 subvention. circumvention. went absent. supersensitive ensity \en-sst-e\ density. Spenser. condenser. outwent. heaven-sent. attentional. aliment. precensor. dissensus amanuensis ent 1 \ent\ bent. confident. reprehensive. nonintervention. represent. tensity extensity. event. unidimensional ensioner Xench-narX see entioner ensis \en-sss\ see ensus ensitive \en-s3t-iv\ sensitive insensitive hypersensitive. Spencer. consent. meant. Waldensian Albigensian. selfcontent. immensurable incommensurable ensure \en-char\ see enture e n s u s \en-s3s\ census consensus. accent. regiment. supplement. scent. sensor. forewent. spent. concent. indent. Lent. reprehension. contravention. inattention. suspensor biosensor —also -er forms of adjectives listed ensory \ens-re\ sensory dispensary. intentional unconventional. convent. Brent. intent. Tashkent. salientian incomprehension. lent. Occident. wisent accident. orient. percent. Gwent. circumvent. offensive. gent. comment. ascent. selfdefensive counteroffensive. protensive. implement. suspensive apprehensive. hypertensive. propensity ensive \en-siv\ pensive. comprehension. reinvention. extensive. tensive ascensive. apprehension. foment. cement. descent. subsequent. pent. document. content. hypertension. resident. repent.

instrumentalist. sedimentable entacle \ent-i-kal\ see entical entage \ent-ij\ tentage. nonjudgmental. preventative argumentative.3 ns\ sentence repentance . testamentary integumentary. sentimental. unfrequented unprecedented overrepresented. tomenta irredenta impedimenta entable \ent-a-bal\ fermentable.a l-ast\ gentlest. complimentary. presentable. experimental. temperamental. managemental. complemental. disorient. regimental. excremental.3 ns\ see entence 140 entary \en-tre\ gentry. transcendental. incrementalist. self-contented. uncomplimentary. dental. developmental. dentil. presentative. representative misrepresentative ente 1 \en-ta\ al dente lentamente ente 2 \ent-e\ see enty ente 3 \ant\ see ant 2 ented \ent-ad\ tented augmented. lentil. transcendentalist environmentalist. biparental. governmental. Lenten. sacramentalist. subentry alimentary. Trenton entence \ent. privatdocent. experiment. rudimentary. tenementary. ferro-cement.3 l-n9s\ see entleness entance \ent. sacramental. experimentalist ental n e s s \ent. mentalist documentalist. occidental. preventable documentable. Quentin. misrepresent. sedimentary. self-evident ent 2 \ant\ see ant 2 ent 3 \a n \ see ant 1 enta \ent-a\ menta. interdepartmental. Denton. judgmental. oriented. fundamental. sentimentalist. documental. subcontinental. documentary. environmental. orientalist. representable. parental. momenta. Kenton. nonresident. elemental. complementary. unparliamentary semidocumentary entative \ent-at-iv\ tentative augmentative. monumental. intergovernmental. compartmental. oriental.3 n\ Benton. fermentative. firmamental. placental. segmented. governmentalist. grandparental. condimental. fundamentalist. underrepresented —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ent1 enten \ent. reentry. inconsequent. continental. polenta. incremental. sentry passementerie. semigovemmental entalist \ent. ornamental. vestamental coincidental. segmental accidental. uniparental intercontinental. presentimental. detrimental.ent coincident. adjustmental. placenta. untented battlemented. ventage percentage ental \ent. apartmental. lamented. contented. dentin. demented. malcontented. frequentative.3 l\ cental. yenta magenta. instrumental. tegmenta. filamentary. supplementary. mental. rudimental. fragmental. rental cliental. incidental. gentle. departmental. parliamentary. elementary. transcontinental. supplemental.

tenter. frequenter. sentential. essential.3 n\ see enten enting \ent-irj\ dissenting unrelenting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ent 1 ention \en-ch9n\ see ension entionable Xench-ns-balX mentionable. demential. conferential. cementer. identic inauthentic entical \ent-i-kal\ denticle. self-centered body-centered —also -ed forms of verbs listed at enter enterie \en-tre\ see entary entful \ent-fsl\ eventful. expedential. tangential. preferential. evidential. strength. residential. jurisprudential. nonessential. resentful uneventful enth \enth\ nth. repenter. enter. credential. pensionable unmentionable entional \ench. transferential. tentacle conventicle. subcenter. existential. preventer. well-intentioned —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ension entioner \ench-nar\ mentioner. indenter.nal\ see ensional entioned \en-chand\ aforementioned.141 enter \ent-sr\ center. pensioner. inferential. eventual. tormentor documenter. inessential. multipotential. referential. consensual. insentient. crescentic. fermenter. equipotential. supplementer experimenter. influential. potential. renter. venter assenter. pestilential. sciential. sentient. experiential. providential. hypocenter. entioner intelligential. authentic. metacenter. inconsequential. deferential. tensioner . torrential componential. concenter. Florentia. precentor. hundred-percenter entered \en-tsrd\ centered face-centered. inventor. stentor. reverential. prudential. incenter. consenter. tenth creme de menthe enthe \enth\ see enth enthesis \en-tha-sas\ epenthesis. unessential circumferential. exponential. mentor. sententia. confidential. presidential. trenchant dissentient. sequential. representer. reenter. differential. rack-renter. presentient entil \ent. parenthesis enti \ent-e\ see enty entia \en-chs\ dementia.3 l\ seeental entin \ent. identical nonidentical. epicenter. pentacle. penitential. dissenter. augmentor. in absentia ential \en-ch3l\ cadential. Valencia differentia. interferential. self-identical entice \ent-as\ see entous enticle \ent-i-kal\ see entical entient \en-ch9nt\ penchant. consequential. reminiscential entialist Xen-cha-lastX essentialist existentialist entian \en-chan\ see ension entiary \ench-re\ century penitentiary plenipotentiary entic \ent-ik\ lentic argentic.

obscenity. dissentious. topocentric anthropocentric. egocentric. senti. pretentious. front-bencher. presentment. unpretentious entis \ent-as\ see entous entist \ent-ast\ dentist cinquecentist. pimento. twenty . divertimento. venturer adventurer enturess \ench-ras\ see enturous enturous Xench-rssX venturous adventuress. portamento. areocentric. self-contentment ento \en-to\ cento. incentive. licentious. trecento cinquecento. pimiento. Papiamento. lenity amenity. debenture. trencher. mentum cementum. momentous. misventure misadventure. wencher adventure. per centum. eventual entual 2 \en-chal\ see ential entum \ent-9m\ centum.9 l-nas\ gentleness accidentalness entment \ent-mant\ contentment. identity. selenocentric entrice \en-tras\ see entress entry \en-tre\ see entary ents \ents\ gents events dollars-and-cents —also -s. conventual. backbencher. self-identity entium \ent-e-9m\ jus gentium unnilpentium entive \ent-iv\ adventive. filamentous. denture. polycentric. momentum. attentive. ventral subcentral dorsiventral entress \en-tras\ gentrice inventress 142 entric \en-trik\ centric acentric. pendentive.3 n\ see enten entor \ent-ar\ see enter entOUS \ent-as\ prentice apprentice. tendentious conscientious. disincentive. contentious. tenty. drencher. seicento. androcentric. preventive. sente. resentment discontentment. Europocentric. nonentity. geocentric. and -s forms of verbs. concentric. retentive argumentive. heliocentric. quatrocento. ligamentous non compos mentis in loco parentis entral \en-tral\ central. portentous compos mentis. inventive.3 l\ see ental entleness \ent.entious entious \en-chss\ abstentious. phallocentric. tomentum argumentum enture \en-char\ bencher. Sacramento aggiornamento. dicentric. Trento memento. -'s. ethnocentric. sententious. censure. venture. serenity coidentity. lento. indenture. Christocentric. peradventure enturer \ench-rsr\ censurer. adventurous entury \ench-re\ see entiary enty \ent-e\ plenty. tegmentum. listed at ent entual 1 Xen-cha-wslX sensual accentual. eccentric acrocentric. risorgimento pronunciamento enton \ent. theocentric. inattentive entle \ent. Eurocentric. and -s' forms of nouns. argentous. irredentist entity \en-9t-e\ entity. consensual.

laypeople. Bulawayo. step. shepard. yep Alep. instep. strep. silenus intravenous enus \en-as\ see enis eny \a-ne\ see ainy enys \en-as\ see enis enza 1 \en-za\ Penza cadenza. newspeople. Quirinus. Maecenas. doorstep. spokespeople. shepherdess eople \e-pal\ people. unpeople. one-step. areolate. freon. Vicenza Piacenza eo 1 \a-6\ mayo. overstep. crowstep. Venus Campinas. steeple craftspeople. stepby-step Gaziantep eparable Xep-ra-balX reparable. tribespeople. schlepp. rep. twenty-twenty Deo volente dolce far niente enuis \en-y9-wss\ see enuous enum \en-am\ see enom enuous \en-ya-w9s\ strenuous. licente cognoscente. tradespeople. demirep. urceolate eoman \6-m9n\ see oman eon \e-an\ see ean 2 1 1 1 2 1 eph eopardess \ep-9rd-as\ leopardess. workpeople anchorpeople. unstep corbiestep. credenza influenza enza 2 \en-sa\ Polenza. prion eonid \e-3-nad\ see eanid eopard \ep-ard\ jeopard. leopard. irreparable epard \ep-ard\ see eopard epe \ a p \ see ape 1 epee \e-pe\ see eepy eper \ep-ar\ see epper eperous \ep-ras\ leprous obstreperous epey \a-pe\ see apey eph \ef \ see ef1 eon \e-an\ eon. cicisbeo. two-step. lenis. venous. steppe. peppered. pipal. salep. skep. shepherd . businesspeople. sidestep. prep. lockstep. misstep. tenuous ingenuous disingenuous enus 1 \e-nss\ genus. tenuis. quickstep. goose-step. pep.143 aplenty. zapateo Montevideo e o 2 \e-6\ see io2 eoff1 \ef\ see ef eoff2 \ef\ see ief1 eoffor \ef-ar\ see ephor eolate \e-9-tat\ triolet alveolate. salespeople. penis. dispeople. paseo. congresspeople eopled \e-psld\ unpeopled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eople eordie \6rd-e\ see ordy1 eorem \ir-9m\ see erum eorge \6rj\ see orge eorgian \6r-jsn\ see orgian eorist \ir-sst\ see erist1 eoul \61\ see ole 1 e o u s \e-as\ seeeus 1 ep \ e p \ hep. townspeople. Mayo cacao. Delphinus. rodeo aparejo. neon. separable inseparable. footstep.

upswept. stepped. microcephaly ephen \e-v9n\ see even epherd \ep-grd\ see eopard epherdess \ep-9rd-9s\ see eopardess ephone \ef-a-ne\ see ephony ephony \ef-9-ne\ Stefanie. sidestepper eppy \ep-e\ peppy. concept.epha epha \e-fa\ ephah synalepha. intercept. pepper. contraception. Stefany Persephone. dyspeptic. susceptible imperceptible. . inept. listed at ep epsis \ep-sas\ skepsis prolepsis. transept. epilepsy. pepo el cheapo epp \ e p \ see ep eppe \ep\ see ep epped \ept\ see ept epper \ep-9r\ hepper. forceps. triceps quadriceps 144 editio princeps —also -s. feoffor. conceptive. Culpeper. perception. adept. subreption apperception. and -s' forms of nouns. precept. enkephalin acanthocephalan ephaly \ef-a-le\ anencephaly. exception. preconception. ephor. interception. deceptional. self-concept —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ep eptable \ep-t9-bal\ see eptible eptacle \ep-ti-kal\ skeptical conceptacle. deception. exceptional unexceptional eptive \ep-tiv\ acceptive. self-conception. unacceptable eptic \ep-tik\ peptic. brachycephaly. nympholeptic eptical \ep-ti-kgl\ see eptacle eptile \ep-t a l\ see eptal eption \ep-shan\ conception. Ipo. receptacle epter \ep-tar\ see eptor eptible \ep-t9-b9i\ acceptable. nympholept. and -s forms of verbs. percept. narcoleptic. perceptible. syllepsis omphaloskepsis epsy \ep-se\ catalepsy. sylleptic antiseptic. yclept high-concept. trepid intrepid epo \ep-6\ see epot epot \ep-6\ depot. insusceptible. stepper Colepeper. telephony ephor \ef-9r\ deafer. preppy orthoepy eprous \ep-ras\ see eperous e p s \eps\ biceps. backswept. -'s. zephyr hasenpfeffer ephrine \ef-ran\ epinephrine norepinephrine epht \eft\ see eft ephyr \ef-ar\ see ephor epi \a-pe\ see apey epid \ep-ad\ tepid. deceptive. sept. epileptic. proleptic. wept accept. skeptic aseptic. exceptive. slept. reception. incept. septic. synaloepha ephalin \ef-a-bn\ cephalin encephalon. cataleptic. swept. windswept. except. narcolepsy. kept. leper. selfperception eptional \ep-shnal\ conceptional. overslept. misconception. nympholepsy ept \ept\ crept. heifer. eupeptic. inception.

Santa Clara era 2 \ir-s\ era. verbalist hyperbolist erbally Xsr-bs-leA verbally hyperbole. proverb. deferrable. and -s forms of verbs. Halmahera. kerb. cordillera. receptor intercepter. inferable. Riviera. verb acerb. gerbil. curb. lira. Madeira. FitzGerald eraph \er-af\ see erif erapy \er-ald\ therapy chemotherapy. Pyrrha. serai. mbira Altamira erable Xar-a-balX thurible conferrable. perceptive. interceptor eptual \ep-chal\ conceptual. spheral. preceptive. verbal de verbal. gerah. Jerrold Fitzgerald. sequent infrequent equer \ek-ar\ see ecker er1 \a\ see ay1 er 2 \er\ see are 4 er \ar\ see eur 3 1 erbet chimaera. Cerberus erberus Xar-bar-ssX see erberis erbet \9r-b9t\ see urbit er 4 \ir\ see eer 2 era1 \er-s\ era. receptive. perceptual eptus \ep-tas\ conceptus textus receptus epy \ep-e\ see eppy epys \eps\ Pepys —also -s. prequel. herb. Sheraton Samaritan erative \er-at-iv\ see arative1 eraton \er-9t. Jerold. feral. sequel coequal. Hera. pro-verb. imperceptive eptor \ep-tar\ scepter accepter. Sara. Vera. Rivera. preceptor.3 n\ see eratin erb \ s r b \ blurb. adverb. superb erbal Xsr-balX burble. susceptive apperceptive. chronotherapy aromatherapy eratin \er-at. inceptor. sequency infrequency equent \e-kwant\ frequent. Jerald. hetaera. -'s. nonverbal. sierra. unequal eque \ek\ see eck equel \e-kwal\ see equal equence \e-kwans\ frequence. terra caldera. chimera. Serb. contraceptive.3 n\ keratin. deferrable. suburb. lempira. ciguatera. herald. transferable erah \ir-a\ see era 2 eral1 \ir-al\ Cyril. sclera. nonverbally erber \9r-bsr\ see urber erberis Xar-bar-asX berberis. Harold. reverb. Sarah. guayabera. habanera. virile eral 2 \er-al\ see eril eral 3 \ar-3l\ see erral erald \er-ald\ Gerald. sirrah. preferable. herbal.145 inceptive. potherb. listed at eep equal \e-kwsl\ equal. perturb. wirra . exurb. disturb. sequence infrequence. pre verbal erbalist Xar-ba-bstX herbalist. acceptor. subsequence equency \e-kw3n-se\ frequency. tiara aloe vera. riviera. sera. and -s' forms of nouns.

perseverance ercel \sr-s3l\ see ersal 1 ercement Xar-smantX amercement. herder murder self-murder. pursy gramercy controversy . girder. sheepherder erderer Xard-ar-arX see urderer erdi1 \ar-de\ see urdy erdi2 \er-de\ Verdi Monteverdi erd in \3rd. interference. proverbial erbid Xsr-badX see urbid erbil \9r-bsl\ see erbal erbium Xar-be-amX erbium. appearance. terbium ytterbium erbole \ar-b3-le\ see erbally erbolist Xsr-ba-tastA see erbalist erby \sr-be\ derby. inertial controversial. Urdu erdue \ar-du\ see erdu erdure Xar-jarX see erger ere 1 \er\ see are 4 ere 2 \er-e\ seeary 1 ere 3 \ir\ see eer 2 ere 4 \ir-e\ see eary ere 5 \ar\ see eur 1 e're \e-ar\ see eer 1 ere \er\ see are 4 ereal \ir-e-sl\ see erial ereid \ir-e-ad\ see eriod erek \erik\ see eric1 erely \ir-le\ see early1 erement \er-9-m3nt\ see eriment erence 1 \ir-ans\ clearance adherence. uncommercial semicommercial ercian Xsr-shanX see ertian ercible Nar-sa-balX see ersible ercion Xar-zhsnX see ersion 1 ercis \ar-s3s\ see ersus ercive \ar-siv\ see ersive ercular Xar-kya-larX see ircular ercy \ar-se\ Circe. perdue. disbursement reimbursement ercer \9r-sar\ see ursor ercery \ars-re\ see ursary erch \arch\ see urch ercia Xsr-shaX see ertia erciai \9r-shal\ Herschel. Kirby ercal Xar-kalX see ircle erce \ars\ see erse erce \ers\ see arce 1 146 erd \ard\ see ird erde 1 \erd\ see aired erde 2 \ard\ see ird erde 3 \ard-e\ see urdy erder Xsrd-arX birder.3 n\ see urden erding \ard-irj\ wording sheepherding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ird erdu \ar-du\ perdu. Hershel commercial. inherence incoherence. herby. coherence. Percy. Derby. mercy.erbia erbia \ar-be-3\ see urbia erbial \ar-be-3l\ adverbial.

coherent. Toggenburg. porphyria. Konigsberg. exergue.147 erence 2 \ar-3ns\ see urrence erence \er-ans\ see arence erency 1 \ir-an-se\ coherency. insurgency counterinsurgency ergent \sr-J3nt\ see urgent ergeon \ar-jin\ see urgeon erger \3r-jsr\ merger. collyria. Inselberg. scourger. vicegerency erency \er-an-se\ see errancy erent 1 \ir-snt\ gerent adherent. dramaturgic. asteria. Harrisburg. beta-adrenergic ergid \ar-jid\ see urgid ergne 1 \arn\ see urn ergne 2 \ern\ see em 1 ergo \9r-go\ ergo. Tilburg Drakensberg. Egeria. wisteria cafeteria. theurgic demiurgic. emergence. Wiirttemberg Johannesburg. purgative erge \ s r j \ see urge ergeant \ar-jant\ see argent ergen \ar-gan\ Bergen Spitzbergen ergence \3r-jans\ convergence. cryptomeria. plumeria. detergency. insurgence. immergence. divergence. Magdeburg. Siberia. Gutenberg. Pietermaritzburg. Rube Goldberg. Syria Algeria. heresy ereth \er-at\ see erit ereus \ir-e-as\ see erious erf \srf\ see urf erg \arg\ berg. Newburg. sederunt. Assyria. iceberg. verger deterger ergh \srg\ see erg ergic \sr-jik\ allergic. synergic. Lindbergh. Yekaterinburg Roodepoort-Maraisburg 2 3 eria ergative \sr-g9-tir\ ergative. Lemberg. Illyria. Strasbourg. Limburg. bacteria. Luxembourg. latimeria. criteria. urger. Boksburg. Hapsburg. thaumaturgic alpha-adrenergic. von Hindenburg Baden-Wiirttemberg. sansevieria. inherent. submergence ergency \3r-jsn-se\ urgency convergency. Styria. Hamburg. hamburg. perjure. Virgo ergue \arg\ see erg ergy \sr-je\ see urgy eri1 \er-e\ see ary1 eri2 \ir-e\ see eary eria1 \ir-e-a\ feria. Petersburg. divergency. Venusberg. Liberia. vicegerent incoherent erent 2 \er-snt\ see arent 1 eren't1 \arnt\ see earnt eren't 2 \sr-3nt\ see urrent ereo \er-e-6\ see ario ereous \ir-e-ss\ see erious erer \ir-ar\ see earer 2 eres 1 \erz\ see airs eres 2 \ir-ez\ see eries eres 3 \ars\ see ers eresy \er-3-se\ clerisy. burg. purger. Pittsburgh. Wallenberg. erg Augsburg. Salzburg. Nuremberg. homburg. washateria . franseria. St. Sandburg. resurgence. svedberg. opera seria. Nigeria. diphtheria. emergency. verdure.

hemispheric. mesmeric. serial arterial. Mullerian. derrick. ulterior Lake Superior —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at eary eriot \er-e-at\ see ariat1 . vizierial immaterial. spheric. listed at eary erif \er-af\ seraph. Mousterian. spherical. chimeric. ferrule. peril. serif. venereal. Erik. ferric. choleric. pyrrhic. managerial. -'s. -'s. Merrill. generic. Aterian. empiric. teraph sans serif eriff \er-af\ see erif erik \erik\ see eric1 erika \er-i-ka\ see erica eril \er-al\ beryl. Erica. Erika America esoterica. querulous glomerulus eriment \er-3-mant\ cerement experiment gedankenexperiment erin \er-an\ see aron 1 ering \ar-in\ see aring 1 eriod \ir-e-9d\ myriad. Illyrian. Hesperian. sheriff. Iberian. ministerial. and -s' forms of nouns. Eric. inferior. Assyrian. satyric atmospheric. Hyperion. spiracle empirical hemispherical erich \erik\ see eric1 148 erics \er-iks\ sferics hysterics —also -s. criterion. stratospheric erica \er-i-ka\ erica. Cheryl. ferial. North America. xeric aspheric. cereal. climacteric. bacterial. presbyterial erian1 \ir-e-an\ Adlerian. Sherrill. cleric. esoteric alphanumeric eric 2 \ir-ik\ lyric. ethereal. Terrell. Valerian.eria eria 2 \er-e-a\ see aria erial \ir-e-al\ aerial. Spencerian. interior. Shakespearean. exterior. xeric aspheric. nereid. Terrill imperil chrysoberyl erilant \er-9-lsnt\ see erulent erile \er-al\ see eril erilous \er-3-las\ perilous. miracle. Cimmerian. funereal. South America Latin America erical1 \er-i-k9l\ clerical chimerical. Herrick. Nereid. Spenglerian. empyreal. cholesteric. Wagnerian Hanoverian. feral. sidereal. ferule. Pierian. Derek. satiric. chimeric. period photoperiod erion \ir-e-an\ see erian 1 erior \ir-e-ar\ querier anterior. Errol. pyric. and -s' forms of nouns listed at eric1 eried \ir-e-ad\ see eriod eries \ir-ez\ Ceres. entheric. numerical anticlerical erical 2 \ir-i-k9l\ lyrical. Sumerian. Erich. superior. congeneric. and -s forms of verbs. sterile. Beryl. dysenteric. posterior. Homeric. panegyric. Hutterian. numeric atmospheric. Sheryl. valerian. Presbyterian Thraco-Illyrian erian 2 \er-e-an\ see arian 1 eric 1 \er-ik\ Berwick. series dundrearies miniseries —also -s. material. magisterial. imperial.

verist careerist panegyrist — also -est forms of adjectives listed ateer2 erist 2 \er-9st\ see arist erisy \er-9-se\ see eresy erit \er-at\ ferret. Thurman. Turki Albuquerque. criterium. hydrothermal.149 erious \ir-e-9s\ cereus. herma. determent. deferment. conferment. Nereus. perky. rarity. Sirius cinereous. verity asperity. thermal nonthermal. endothermal. ferrety. interment. terra firma ermal \9r-m9l\ dermal. imperious. merlon. collyrium. Mount Hermon cousin-german. dexterity. impermanent semipermanent ermann \9r-m9n\ see erman ermary \9rm-re\ see irmary erment \9r-mgnt\ averment. legerity. inherit disinherit Shemini Atzereth eritable \er-9t-9-bgl\ heritable. hypothermal erman \9r-m9n\ ermine. merit. merman. surgery microsurgery. vermin determine. Irma scleroderma. serious. prosperity. heritor inheritor erity \er-9t-e\ ferity. extermine. transdermal ectodermal. germen. Merlin. Herman. german. subdermal. sermon. neurosurgery erk \grk\ see ork1 1 erment erker \9r-kgr\ see orker1 erkin \9r-kgn\ see irkin erking \9r-kirj\ see orking erkly \gr-kle\ clerkly berserkly erky \gr-ke\ birkie. theorist. predetermine Tibeto-Burman ermanent \9rm-n9nt\ permanent determinant. sincerity. jerky. purlin. posterity. Guarnerius. yearling erling \9r-lirj\ see urling erlon \gr-l9n\ see erlin erlyn \9r-tan\ see erlin erm \9rm\ see orm 1 erma \9r-nti9\ dharma. turkey. preferment disinterment . veritable inheritable eritor \er-9t-9r\ ferreter. smirky. imperium. German. epidermal. delirium. terret demerit. severity. Merlyn. hypodermal. Tiberius deleterious eris 1 \ir-9s\ see erous eris 2 \er-as\ see errous erist \ir-9St\ querist. Turkey. Sherman. mysterious. Erma. exothermal. subsidiarity erium \ir-e-9m\ Miriam bacterium. temerity insincerity ambidexterity. psalterium atmospherium. celerity. herky-jerky erle \grl\ see irl1 erlie \er-le\ see airly erlin \9r-tan\ merlin. Hermann. delirious. magisterium archaeobacterium erius 1 \er-e-9s\ see arious erius 2 \ir-e-9s\ see erious erjure \9r-jgr\ see erger erjury \9ij-re\ perjury. murky.

verminous conterminous. concernment. subterminal erminant Xarm-nsntX see ermanent ermine Xar-manX see erman ermined Xar-mandX ermined determined self-determined overdetermined erminous Xar-ma-nasX terminus. maternal. kermis. sterna. kernel. sempiternity ernment Xarn-msntX adjournment. fraternal. Bern. discernment. attornment. quaternity coeternity. modernity. Pitcairn. journal. Kermit. Ygerne art moderne ern2 XarnX see urn 150 erna Xsr-naX dharna.ermer ermer Xar-marX see urmur ermes Xsr-mezX Hermes. confraternity. kirmess. hern. sempiternal semidiurnal ernary Xar-na-reX fernery. nocturnal. fraternity. terminal preterminal. squirmy. internment ernum Xar-nanA see urnum . Ernest internist ernity Xar-nat-eX eternity. infernal. Thermit ermon Xsr-msnX see erman ermos Xar-masX see ermis ermy Xar-meX fermi. thermos endodermis. moderne. thermic geothermic. endothermy. ternary. external. supernal coeternal. taxidermy ern1 \ern\ bairn. maternity. Sauternes. sternal. eternal. wormy diathermy. cairn. quaternion. Earnest. internal. Myrna. turnery quaternary erne1 \ern\ see em 1 erne2 \arn\ see urn erned \arnd\ see urned ernel \arn. germy. coterminous erminus Xar-ma-nasX see erminous ermis Xar-mssX dermis. Verna cisterna ernal \3rn.3 l\ see ernal erner Xar-nsrX see urner ernes1 \ern\ see em 1 ernes2 \arn\ see urn ernest \ar-nast\ see ernist ernia \ar-ne-3\ hernia Hibernia ernian \ar-ne-9n\ Hibernian. Saturnian ernible Xar-na-bslX see urnable ernie \ar-ne\ see ourney1 ernier \ar-ne-3r\ see ourneyer ernion \ar-ne-3n\ see ernian ernist Xar-nastX earnest. hypodermic. taxidermic electrothermic ermin Xar-manX see erman erminable Xarm-na-balX terminable determinable. kermes ermi Xar-meX see ermy ermic Xar-mikX dharmic. Nairn Auvergne. interminable indeterminable erminal Xarm-nslX germinal. vernal diurnal. paternal. hibernal. exodermis ermit Xar-matX hermit.a l\ colonel. paternity. epidermis.

ranchero. zero subzero antihero. sombrero. serried. taro. deferrer. inerrancy . pharaoh. varier bullterrier —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at ary 1 errill \er-al\ see eril errily \er-9-le\ see arily erring1 \ar-irj\ see aring1 erring2 \ar-irj\ see urring erris \er-as\ see errous errol \er-al\ see eril errold \er-ald\ see erald erron \er-an\ see aron1 erous \ir-9s\ cerous. deferral. preferrer. Faroe. hero.151 erny \sr-ne\ see ourney1 ero \e-ro\ giro. Madero. cruzeiro. referrer. gyro. scirrhous. cero. zero primero erod \er-9d\ Herod out-Herod. referral. Hero. viverrid erold \er-9ld\ see erald eron \er-sn\ see aron 1 1 erron errand \er-and\ errand. novillero banderillero. faro. torero. demurral. serous erp \arp\ see urp erpe \ar-pe\ see irpy erque \ar-ke\ see erky err1 \er\ see are4 err2 \ar\ see eur1 erra \er-a\ see era1 errable Xar-a-balX see erable errace \er-as\ see errous erral \ar-3l\ bharal. seeress. Pyrrhus. Eris. carabinero. inferrer. coherency. demurrer. primero. gerund errant \er-ant\ see arent1 erre \er\ see are4 errell \er-al\ see eril errence1 \ar-3ns\ see urrence errence2 \er-sns\ see arence errent Xsr-antX see urrent errer \ar-3r\ burrer. scurrile. transferrer erret \er-at\ see erit erreter \er-9t-ar\ see eritor erria \er-e-a\ see aria errible \er-9-bal\ see earable1 erric \er-ik\ see eric1 errick \er-ik\ see eric1 errid \er-ad\ see erod errie \er-e\ see ary1 erried \er-ed\ berried. vaquero burladero. Duero. montero. Mescalero. terrier. caballero. pampero. stirrer conferrer. embarcadero Rio de Janeiro ero 3 \ir-6\ giro. hero. cirrus. superhero ero 2 \er-6\ aero. Faeroe. Herero. transferal errance \er-sns\ see arence errancy \er-an-se\ errancy aberrancy. guiro. squirrel conferral. tarot bolero. deterrer. peeress. varied —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ary 1 errier \er-e-ar\ burier. bracero. Guerrero. gyro. Nero.

detersive. dispersion. conversable. introversion. draftsperson. and -s forms of verbs. immersible.error error \er-ar\ see earer 1 errous \er-9s\ derris. hers somewheres Voyageurs —also -s. averse. reverse. excursionist ersity 1 \ar-s3t-e\ adversity. dispersive. perversive. emersion. salesperson. seroconversion ersion 2 Xar-shanX see ertian ersional Xarzh-nalX versional conversional. terrace nonferrous millionairess errule \er-al\ see eril erry \er-e\ see ary 1 ers 1 \arz\ furze. Bursa vice versa ersable Xar-sa-bslX see ersible ersal 1 \ar-S3l\ bursal. rehearse. eversible. aversive. parous. stressverse. thyrse. version aspersion. diversion. and -s' forms of nouns. reconversion. spokesperson. asperse. terce. disburse. excursive. cutpurse. Eris. transversal. perversion. subversion ambiversion. transverse. nonperson. reimburse. houseperson. worse adverse. rehearsal. discursive. eversion. businessperson. Erse. amerce. immerse. traversal universal ersal 2 \ar-sal\ see arsal ersant \srs. purse. converse. terse. submerse.3 nt\ versant conversant ersary \ars-re\ see ursary erse \ars\ birse. perverse. craftsperson. recursive. aversion. perse. weatherperson erst \arst\ see urst . diversity multiversity. traverse intersperse. subversive extroversive. sesterce. inversive. reversal. nurse. diverse. gentleperson. coerce. Nez Perce. newsperson. reversible. immersion. commerce. conversion. listed at eur ers 2 \ a \ see ay1 ersa \ar-sa\ bursa. submersion. incursion. inverse. jersey. burse. inversion. obverse. MacPherson. re versional ersionist Xsrzh-nastX diversionist. traversable incoercible. kersey. ferrous. recursion.3 n\ person. curse. coercion. Mersey New Jersey erschel Xar-shalX see ercial ershel Xar-shalX see ercial ersial Xar-shalX see ercial ersian Xar-zhanX see ersion 1 152 ersible Xsr-sa-bslX coercible. extroversion. introversive erson \ars. retroversion animadversion. -'s. excursion. tercel. irreversible semisubmersible ersion 1 W-zhsnX Persian. universe ersed \arst\ see urst erser \3r-ssr\ see ursor ersey \ar-ze\ furzy. university biodiversity ersity 2 \ar-ste\ see irsty ersive \ar-siv\ cursive ambersive. reversion. interspersion. dispersible. disperse. worsen chairperson. versal dispersal. hearse. submersible. coercive. unperson anchorperson. verse. Jersey.

feverwort. figwort.a ns\ advertence inadvertence ertent \art. pennywort. subverter controverter —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ert 1 ertes 1 \art-ez\ certes Laertes ertes 2 \srts\ see erts ertford \art-fsrd\ see artford erth \arth\ see irth ertha Xsr-thsX Bertha. Saint-John'swort. lousewort. redshirt. perverted. Burt. stertor converter. Kurt. thoroughwort. chert. ribwort. insertion self-assertion ertible Xart-s-balX convertible. seagirt. curtain. butterwort. spurtle. versus excursus ersy \ar-se\ see ercy ert1 \srt\ Bert. dissert. interconvert ert2 \er\ see are 4 ert \at\ see at 3 5 ertinent ert1 — also -ed forms of verbs listed at ertedly Xart-ad-leA assertedly. pervertedly ertence \art. lungwort. Murcia inertia ertial Xsr-shalX see ercial ertian Xar-shanX Mercian. Burton. Blackshirt. frankfurt. myrtle. squirt. pervert.9 n-3ns\ pertinence. stonewort. divert. wort advert. tertian assertion. desert. revertant inadvertent erter \srt-3r\ blurter. inexpert. moneywort.9 nt\ advertent. turtle cross-fertile. impertinence ertinent1 \9rt. ungirt ambivert. vert. Roberta ertain \art. spurt. inert. T-shirted extroverted. fleawort. bellwort. pilewort. disconcert. outskirt. concertedly. shirt. Cistercian. convert.3 n-snt\ pertinent appurtentant. overskirt. concert. expert. liverwort. invert. quirt. exert. inconvertible incontrovertible. bladderwort. sweatshirt. girt. interconvertible ertile \srt. exsertile. controvert. miniskirted. spiderwort. desertion. T-shirt. hurt. reconvert.153 ersted \sr-st3d\ oersted. spearwort. sturt. preconcert. impertinent erta \art-3\ Gerta Alberta. curt. milkwort. assert. spleenwort. blurt. inverter. undershirted . undershirt. worsted kilooersted ersus Xsr-sasX cercis. certain.3 nt\ see ertent erted \art-3d\ skirted concerted. kirtle. evert. mitrewort. overt. invertible controvertible.3 n\ burton. overshirt. madwort. alert. wert. Schubert. glasswort. flirt. revert. introvert. stitchwort. swallowwort. birthwort. underskirt animadvert. pettiskirt. colewort. thyrsus. infertile interfertile ertinence \grt. toothwort. insert. squirter. exsert. Merton uncertain ertant \art. exertion. avert. hurtle. nightshirt. dessert. soapwort. brownshirt. skirter. Cape Vert. subvert. sandwort. pert. fertile. saltwort. ragwort. Myrtle. Eartha ertia Xsr-shaX Mercia. skirt. extrovert. covert.a l\ curtal. hoopskirt. dirt. purtenance appurtenance. hornwort. miniskirt. malapert.

unswerving —also -ing forms of verbs listed at erve ervitor W-vat-srX servitor conservator ervor \ar-v9r\ see erver ervous Xar-vasX see ervice ervy \sr-ve\ see urvy erwick \er-ik\ see eric1 erwin Xar-wanX Irwin. timeserving. self-serve. megahertz —also -s. incurve. disserve. serum erund \er-and\ see errand erunt \er-ant\ see arent 1 erval \9r-vsl\ see ervil ervancy \ar-v3n-se\ see ervency ervant \9r-vant\ fervent. reserved underserved. swerve. pulverulent erulous \er-3-las\ see erilous erum \ir-9m\ theorem. kilohertz. semiconservative ervator Xsr-vat-arX see ervitor 154 erve \arv\ curve. and -s forms of verbs. Sherwin ery1 \er-e\ see ary1 ery 2 \ir-e\ see eary . in-service. deserve. MIRV. unassertive erton \art-n\ see ertain ertor \art-3r\ see erter erts \arts\ certes. servile ervile Xar-valX see ervil erviness Xar-ve-nasX nerviness topsy-turviness erving \sr-virj\ Irving. observe. hertz. -'s. hors d'oeuvre. serve. timeserver ervice \sr-v9s\ nervous. self-service interservice ervil Xsr-vslX chervil. server deserver. unnerve unreserve erved \srvd\ nerved decurved. deserved. subserve. preserve. unreserved — also -ed forms of verbs listed at erve ervency Xar-van-seA fervency conservancy ervent Xar-vantA see ervant erver \ar-var\ fervor. observant ervative \ar-v3t-iv\ conservative. manservant. self-serving. recurved. full-service. listed at ert1 erty \sr-te\ see irty ertz \arts\ see erts erule \er-al\ see eril erulent \er-3-lant\ sterilant puberulent.ertinent ertinent 2 Xart-nsntX see irtinent erting \art-irj\ shirting. observer. preserver. nerve. serving deserving. verve conserve. preservative archconservative neoconservative. and -s' forms of nouns. self-asserting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ert1 ertion Xar-shanX see ertian ertisement Xart-as-mantX advertisement. nerts weltschmerz gigahertz. divertissement ertium Xar-shsnA see urtium ertive \art-iv\ furtive assertive self-assertive. service disservice. servant maidservant. skirting disconcerting. serval. reserve.

Crescent candescent. intumescent. iridescence. luminescent. efflorescence. fluorescence. effervescence. prepubescent. prescience escive \es-iv\ see essive e s c o \es-ko\ alfresco e s c u e \es-kyu\ fescue. immesh. concrescence.3 nt\ bezant. liquescent. fluorescent. fresh. turgescence. tete-beche Bangladesh. putrescence. Marrakech . decrescent. virescent acaulescent.3 n\ see eason esant \ez. defervescence. senescent. detumescence. opalescence.155 eryl \er-sl\ see eril erz \erts\ see ertz es 1 \a\ see ay1 e s 2 \as\ see ace 1 e s 3 \az\ see aze 1 e s 4 \es\ see ess e s 5 \ez\ see eze e's \ez\ see eze esa 1 \a-sa\ mesa. Theresa esa 2 \a-za\ presa impresa. and -s' forms of nouns listed at esa 2 e s c e \es\ see e s s e s c e n c e \es. deliquescence. evanescence. refresh. adolescent. senescence. rescue ese 1 \es\ see iece e s e 2 \ez\ see eze e s e 3 \a-se\ see acy e s e n c e \ez. peasant. parfleche. presa omasa. fleche. quiescence. rufescent. arborescent. coalescence. 1 esh luminescence. intermesh. detumescent. mesh. efflorescent. putrescent. viridescent antidepressant. -'s. canescent. irridescent.3 nt\ crescent. frutescent. increscent. presence omnipresence e s e u s \e-se-as\ Theseus Tiresias esh 1 \esh\ creche. marchesa Bel Paese Maria Theresa e s a g e \es-ij\ see essage esan 1 \az. acquiescent. caleche. present unpleasant omnipresent e s a s \a-zas\ Marquesas —also -s. excrescence. pleasant.a n-se\ excrescency. Teresa. pheasant. flesh. inflorescence. concrescent. convalescent. Mesa. obsolescence. decalescence. effervescent. quiescent.3 n\ see azon esan 2 \ez. excrescent. florescence.tumescent. arborescence. Gilgamesh. quintessence. tumescence. incandescent. incessant. phosphorescent. incandescence.3 ns\ pleasance. pubescent. pearlescence. virescence acquiescence. inflorescent. opalescent. depressant. coalescent. suppressant. thresh afresh. pubescence. juvenescence. recrudescent.3 ns\ essence candescence. horseflesh. creme fraiche. turgescent. pearlescent. convalescence. juvenescent. enmesh. preadolescent escible \es-3-bal\ see essible escience \esh-ans\ nescience. bobeche. incessancy escent \es. evanescent. gooseflesh. prepubescence preadolescence escency \es. adolescence.

tmesis ascesis. catechesis. frambesia. Indonesian. psychokinesis. exegesis hyperkinesis. catachresis. vesicant esidency \ez-3d-sn-se\ presidency. vice-presidency esident \ez-ad-3nt\ president. Melanesian. Dionysus. Madhya Pradesh. Austronesia. Micronesia. Holstein-Friesian. magnesia. resident nonresident. specially especially eshment \esh-mant\ fleshment enmeshment. vigesimal duodecimal. Sexagesima Septuagesima esimal \es-9-mal\ centesimal. mimesis. Uttar Pradesh Himachral Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh e s h 2 \ash\ see eche 1 esh 3 \ash\ see ash 3 eshed \esht\ fleshed. Peloponnesus. Indonesia. prosthesis anamnesis. Frisian. Micronesian. Silesia. trespass espis \es-pas\ see espass espite \es-pat\ see espot espot \es-pat\ despot. say-so e s o 2 \es-6\ see esso e s p a s s \es-pss\ Thespis. cohesive self-adhesive esk \esk\ see esque esley \es-le\ see essly eslie \es-le\ see essly e s n e \en\ see ine 3 eso 1 \a-so\ peso. planetesimal. vice-president esima Xes-a-maX Quinquagesima. Melanesia. sexagesimal infinitesimal esin \ez. respite esias \e-se-as\ see eseus esicant \es-i-k9nt\ see esiccant . Polynesia. Magnesia. lesion adhesion. etesian. freshly. telekinesis amniocentesis esium \e-ze-am\ see ezium esive \e-siv\ adhesive. Salesian Austronesian. rafflesia. residency nonresidency.esh Andhra Pradesh. Moesia Letitia. Lucretia. anesthesia. thesis. millesimal. Tunisia analgesia. refreshment esi 1 \a-ze\ see azy esi 2 \a-se\ see acy esia 1 \e-sha\ geisha. cohesion. esthesia. synesthesia esial \e-ze-9i\ mesial ecclesial esian \e-zhan\ Friesian.3 n\ resin muezzin oleoresin esion \e-zhan\ see esian 1 e s i s \e-S9s\ Croesus. Cartesian. meshed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at esh 1 eshen \esh-3n\ see ession eshener \esh-nsr\ see essioner esher \esh-ar\ see essure eshly \esh-le\ fleshly. Phoenicia alpoecia esia 2 \e-zha\ freesia amnesia. Polynesian esian \e-shan\ see etion 2 1 1 156 esiccant \es-i-ksnt\ desiccant. esthesis. askesis.

coatdress. press. unsuccess. picturesque. freshen. redress. obsolesce. effloresce. obsession. undress. possessedly self-possessedly essel \es-9l\ see estle 1 e s s e n \es. Bunyanesque. confessedly. copydesk.3 nt\ see escent e s s e 1 \es\ see e s s e s s e 2 \es-e\ see essy e s s e 3 \es-a\ Hesse Odessa. confess. obsess. nevertheless e s s a \es-s\ see e s s e 3 essable \es-3-bal\ see essible e s s a g e \es-ij\ message. jess. insuppressible. largess. profess. inexpressible. expression. retrogress. window-dress another-guess. otherguess. cess.157 esque \esk\ desk burlesque. presage expressage essaly \es-s-le\ Cecily. digress. compress. yes abscess. irrepressible e s s i e \es-e\ see essy essile \es-al\ see estle 1 ession \esh-an\ cession. grotesque. Hesse. unless. outguess.3 n-se\ see escency essant \es. SS. tress. effervesce. chess. moresque arabesque. clothespress. Inverness. ness. recrudesce. convalesce. Kafkaesque. lessen. professedly. procession. sundress. session accession. lesson. phosphoresce. nonetheless. regress. cress. . access. guess. Rubenesque. pennycress. stress. caress. nightdress. inverness. mess. repossess. finesse. expressible. sculpturesque. oppression. putrescible. depress. CS. oppress. sidedress. shirtdress. second-guess. GR-S. hessian. pantdress. Wessex essful \es-fal\ stressful distressful. prestress. aggress. handpress. humoresque. overdress. IHS. processible. excess. picaresque. Meknes. compression. depressible. decompress. gentilesse. possess. impressible. winepress ABS. acquiesce. dress. messan delicatessen e s s e n c e \es. repress. confession. DES. incandesce. profession. noblesse. re-press. Thessaly essamine Xes-manX see essman essan \es. derepress. coalesce. headdress. successful unsuccessful essian \esh-an\ see ession essible \es-3-bsl\ decibel accessible. precess. egress. impression. ingress.3 n\ Essen. reprocess. success. ingression. ess. possession. Vanessa e s s e d \est\ see est essedly \es-ad-le\ blessedly. SOS. duress. evanesce. less. luminesce. statuesque churrigueresque e s s \es\ bless. aggression. express. address. baroness. fess. recess. politesse.3 n\ see essen ession e s s a n c y \es. housedress. suppressible inaccessible. minidress. assess. impress. discretion. distress. concession. dispossess. sweaterdress. top-dress. progress. princess. digression. deliquesce. intumesce. loess. Junoesque. plateresque. process. precession. egression. suppress. depression. preprocess. Romanesque. letterpress. compressible. prepossess. watercress. s. confessable. gigantesque. incompressible. in-process.3 ns\ see escence esser \es-ar\ see essor e s s e x \es-iks\ Essex. Lyonnesse. transgress. addressable.

behest. interest. pest. egest. repressor. assessor. self-expression. self-confessed. intercession. Trieste. excessive. . west. headrest. trapnest. low-pressure. suppresssor. Mae West. protest. empty-nest. successor. compressive.3 n\ see essen 158 essor \es-ar\ dresser. appressed. imprest. digressive. low-test. jessed. celeste. supersession essional \esh-nal\ sessional accessional. depressor. hard-pressed. secession. misimpression. t-test. expressive. Brest. jest. confessor. dispossession. nest. aggressor. concessive. indiscretion. possessory intercessory essure \esh-ar\ pressure impressure. rinderpest. hest. pretest. regressive. redbreast. guest. possessional. compressor. introgression. pressor. undressed. impressionist. inquest. dispossessor. gabfest. attest. divest. oppressive. congest. digest.essional progression. lest. pressman expressman. processional. ingest. Wesley expressly essman Xes-manX chessman. suppression. reimpression. hillcrest. processor. repossession. Budapest. refreshen. depressive. possessive. transgressive inexpressive. impressive. refresher acupressure. jessamine. compressed. suppressive. retrogression. northwest. footrest. beau geste. slugfest. decongest. ingressive. armrest. caresser. unstressed almagest. request. semiprofessional essioner \esh-nsr\ freshener concessioner essionist \esh-nast\ expressionist. chest. regressor. field-test. quest. progressional. unblessed. palimpsest. retest. West. predigest. stressor addresser. expressor. transgression decompression. revest. hairdresser. succession. intersession. precessional. Midwest. prepossession. bird's-nest. Lesley. secessionist essity \es-te\ see esty essive \es-iv\ crescive aggressive. disinfest. obsessional. dressy. vinedresser antecessor. self-addressed. breast. houseguest. overpressure e s s y \es-e\ Bessie. multiprocessor essory \es-a-re\ pessary accessory. southwest. caressive. conquest. Celeste. successive. recessional. infest. crest. unrest. Jessie. successional preprofessional. flight-test. lesser. predecessor. bequest. posttest. repression. repressed. intercessor. north-northwest. incest. tressed. anapest. guesser. repossessor. regression. wrest. professed. manifest. specimen essment Xes-mantX see estment e s s o \es-6\ gesso espresso e s s o n \es. subprofessional paraprofessional. professional. test. messy est \est\ best. prest. professor. selfconfession. concessional. secondguesser microprocessor. gest. vest. devest. selfpossession. transgressor. congressional. galley-west. arrest. retrogressive. invest. diagressional. recessive. geste. suggest. recession. molest. disinvest. reinvest. Jesse. oppressor. degressive. expressional. zest abreast. Bucharest. detest. unexpressive manic-depressive essly \es-le\ Leslie. repressionist. secondbest. obsessive. contest. backrest. progressive. rest.

suggestive decongestive estle 1 \es-3l\ Bessel. ingestive. empty-nester. vestal estan \es-tan\ see estine estant \es-tent\ arrestant. semester. uninterest. south wester. festival estive \es-tiv\ festive. predestine esting \es-tirj\ cresting. nester. sou'wester. quaestor. forestial estible Xes-ta-balX testable comestible. selfquestion. vesting. Hephaestus estival \es-ta-v9l\ estival. nested. nester. detester. manifestant este \est\ see est ested \es-tad\ bested. egestion. Nestor. infester. pester. crested. siesta Zend-Avesta estable \es-ta-b9l\ see estiblG estae \es-te\ see esty estal \es-t 3 l\ crestal. Preston Avestan. yester. wrestle Indian-wrestle estle 2 \as-al\ see assel 2 estle 3 \as-3l\ see ustle est ester \es-tar\ Chester. decile. majestic anapestic. Hester. quester. robin redbreast. tester. wester. protestant. cuesta. ester. detestable. jester. vested time-tested barrel-chested. Rochester. clandestine. pestle. Esther. suggestible incontestable. arrester. cross-question. Cecil. questor. catachrestic esticai \es-ti-kal\ see esticle esticle \es-ti-kal\ testicle catachrestical estimate Xes-ts-matX estimate. indigested. asbestos. pestle. tested. digestive. indigestion. Winchester arbalester. self-possessed. nestle. digester. underinvest thirty-second rest —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ess esta \es-ta\ cesta. infestant. ingestion. zester ancestor. testa. contester. ingesta. Sylvester. digestible. indigestible estic \es-tik\ gestic domestic. polyester esti \es-te\ see esty . digestion. suggestion decongestion. fiesta. vessel. hairy-chested. disinterest. monoester. sessile. Lester. sequester.159 self-interest. westing arresting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at est estion \es-chsn\ question congestion. egestive. Manchester. double-breasted. singlebreasted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at estle estial \es-te-al\ celestial. investor. Leicester. restive congestive. northwester. fester. supraprotest. Protestant decongestant. molester. trestle. trimester. Vesta Avesta. vesta. celesta. testis Alcestis. contestant. intestine. disinfestant. selfsuggestion autosuggestion estis \es-tss\ cestus. guesstimate estinate \es-t3-nat\ festinate predestinate estine \es-tan\ destine. investable. unprofessed autosuggest. suggester. sweatervest. egesta. ingestible.

presto manifesto eston \es-tan\ see estine estor \es-tar\ see ester e s t o s \es-t9s\ see estis estra \es-tr9\ fenestra. ret. cassette. courgette. Jeannette. regret. roulette. gazette. raclette. clarinet. alphabet. zesty necessity. Yvette aiguillette. coset. calumet. en brochette. egret. pallette. stet. fret. corselet. boneset. vedette. heavy set. sestet. vet. burnet. yet abet. nonet. sextet. get. lanneret. Bernadette. curvet. jet. soubrette. Juliet. thickset. Jeanette. pedestrian estrous \es-tras\ see estrus estrum Xes-trsnA estrum sequestrum estrus \es-trss\ estrous. preset. octet. daleth. canzonet. Babette. reinvestment esto \es-to\ pesto. godet. kismet. fenestral. tempestuous esture \es-cb. beset. epaulet. flannelette. asset. met. piquet. outset. outlet. cermet. consolette. Nanette. nymphet. Barnet. cigarette.9r\ gesture. trijet. brunet. kitchenette. crepe suzette. Nannette. banquette. Lynette. Syrette. Barnett. terrestrial extraterrestrial estrian \es-tre-an\ equestrian. baguette. dinette. campestral. pipette. cadet. paillette. lorgnette. saw-whet. motet. headset. jaconet. musette. twinset. dragnet. noisette. sweat. dragonet. Brett. Lett. whet. palaestra Clytemnestra estral \es-tral\ estral. burgonet. moonset. cornet.estless estless \est-las\ crestless. upset. testy. tonette. Antoinette. etiquette. let. vesture estus \es-tas\ see estis esty \es-te\ chesty. cellarette. subset. coquette. guillemet. avocet. landaulet. Annette. maquette. fishnet. gillnet. Tibesti e s u s \e-sss\ see esis 160 et1 \et\ bet. aigrette. debt. fan-jet. forget. estrus ancestress estry \es-tre\ vestry ancestry estuous \es-cha-was\ incestuous. semestral estrel \es-tral\ see estral estress \es-tras\ see estrus estrial \es-tre-9l\ semestrial. beget. impressment. unset. banneret. vignette. farmerette. ramet. quickset. inlet. revet. quintet. layette. brevet. castanet. featurette. burette. Marquette. rocket. palmette. orchestra. toilette. divestment. ink-jet. sublet. duet. set. stylet. backset. Tibet. orchestral. brochette. threat. spinet. Tet. chemisette. poussette. cuvette. planchette. anchoret. mind-set. Leatherette. investment disinvestment. bobbinet. falconet. Osset. et. well-set. frisette. georgette. pet. quartet. Colette. Paulette. net. corvette. flechette. pesty. Janette. restless estment \es-m9nt\ vestment arrestment. onset. grisette. wet. curette. electret. epithet. rosette. Claudette. roomette. typeset. flageolet. septet. anisette. Lafayette. tacet. hard-set. assessment. res gestae. coronet. corselet. handset. briquette. diskette. bayonet. sharp-set. palet. . barrette. lunette. croquette. launderette. inset. testae. coquet. andouilette. bassinet. offset. blanquette. kestrel ancestral. sunset. barquette. barbette. briolette. Georgette. Bret. moquette. Juliett. basinet. reset.

oubliette. solleret. marquisette. wagonette analphabet. excretal etal 2 \et. handbreadth. breath. lecher. microcassette. suffragette. pirouette. stretch. Marie Antoinette.3 l\ beetle. catcher.3 n\ see eaten 1 etch \ech\ catch. minaret. stretchy. sermonette. outstretch etched \echt\ teched farfetched 1 eth —also -ed forms of verbs listed at etch etcher \ech-ar\ etcher. vinaigrette. sketcher. dogcatcher. serviette. retch.3 l\ see ettle etan 1 \et. mignonette. photoset. flycatcher. Elizabeth eth 2 \as\ see ace 1 eth 3 \at\ see ate 1 . Samoset. towelette. Hospitalet.3 n\ Breton.a l\ see etal etely \et-le\ see eetly eteor \et-e-ar\ meteor confiteor —also -er forms of adjectives listed at eaty eter \et-ar\ see eater 1 etera \e-tra\ see etra eterate \et-3-rat\ see eterit eterit \et-3-r9t\ preterit inveterate etes \et-as\ see etus eth 1 \eth\ Beth. betel. fletch. usherette. paupiette. maisonette. Somerset. videlicet audiocassette. thermoset. drum majorette. fletcher. sketch. Macbeth Ashtoreth. Tibetan etan 2 \et. hailfellow-well-met. micropipette. bachelorette. lech. vetch. soviet. saith. kvetch. spinneret. photo-offset. snath daleth. death. parapet. statuette. fetch. superjet. sobriquet. musique concrete. threaten Cape Breton. fetcher. rondelet. marmoset. videocassette et 2 \a\ see ay1 et 3 \at\ see ate 1 et 4 \es\ see e s s eta 1 \at-a\ see ata 2 eta 2 \et-s\ see etta eta 3 \et-a\ see ita2 etable \et-9-bal\ see ettable etable 2 \et-9-bal\ see eatable etal1 \et. underlet. martinet. megadeath. etch. caulifloweret. isopleth. ketch. eye-catcher. tricolette. tetchy ete 1 \at\ see ate ete 2 \et\ see et1 ete 3 \et\ see eat 1 ete 4 \at-e\ see aty ete \at\ see ate 1 eted \ad\ see ade 1 etel \et. letch. swimmeret. Olivet.161 luncheonette. fletching —also -ing forms of verbs listed at etch etchy \ech-e\ sketchy. somerset. breadth. wretch backstretch. novelette. Fletcher. gnatcatcher etching \ech-irj\ etching. stretcher cowcatcher. hairbreadth. taboret. homestretch. miquelet. stockinette. marionette. silhouette. majorette. quodlibet. trebuchet. shibboleth Elisabeth. satinet. electrojet. fetal decretal. minuet. Seth. scilicet.

-'s. diphyletic. homiletic. nether. ferrimagnetic. theoretical atheoretical. ontogenetic. pathogenetic. phyletic. phonetic. phenetic. epithetical. kineticist cyberneticist etics \et-iks\ aesthetics. bathetic. leather. weather. get-together 162 nomothetic. geomagnetic. synthetic. cytogenetics immunogenetics —also -s. parenthetic. poetics. reticle aesthetical. athletics. together. telekinetic. docetic. apologetic. arithmetical. antipoetic.3 n\ see eaten 1 ether2 \3th-ar\ see other ethic \eth-ik\ ethic erethic ethral \e-thral\ urethral bulbourethral ethyl \eth-al\ bethel. tonetics cybernetics. docetic etic 2 \et-ik\ etic. genetics. sympathetic. kinetics. parasympathetic. epithetic. monophyletic. geodetical. heterogametic. hypothetical. heather. empathetic. synesthetic aeromagnetic. epexegetical eticist \et-3-sast\ geneticist. bellwether. frenetic. pathetic. cosmetic. diabetic. optokinetic. tether. parenthetical. antimagnetic. whether aweather. dietetic. sweated indebted parapeted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at et 1 etin \et. peripatetic. pinfeather. copacetic. kinetic. thetic aesthetic. analgetic. prophetic. hermetic. cyanogenetic. ethyl. wether. fretted. limnetic. prosthetic. antipathetic. poetic. heretical. paretic. thermomagnetic aposiopetic. geodetic. energetic. hydromagnetic. epigenetic. pyretic. methane nitromethane dichloroethane ethe \e-the\ see eathy ether 1 \elh-ar\ blether. hyperkinetic. balletic. paramagnetic. antithetic. psychokinetic. genetical. morphogenetic. methyl triethyl eti1 \et-e\ see eaty eti 2 \at-e\ see aty etia \e-shs\ see esia 1 etian \e-shsn\ see etion1 etic 1 \et-ik\ thetic acetic. anesthetic. psychotomimetic. catechetical. phylogenetic. splenetic. diuretic. phonetics. and -s' forms of nouns listed at etic etid \et-ad\ fetid. palingenetic. Ibiza ethane \e-than\ ethane. syncretic. unapologetic onomatopoetic etical \et-i-kal\ metical. untether altogether. athletic. feather. mimetic. hydrokinetic. Venetic alphabetic. dietetics. gametic. electromagnetic. apathetic. parthenogenetic. cybernetic. polyphyletic. . gyromagnetic. emetic. Ethel. asyndetic. Masoretic. ferromagnetic. antipyretic. genetic. Ossetic. cybernetical. synergetic. phonetical antithetical. exegetical. tonetic. noetic. homiletics apologetics. Heather. phrenetic.eth eth 4 \et\ see et1 etha \e-ths\ Aretha. magnetic. isomagnetic. epexigetic. electrokinetic. ascetic. syndetic. digenetic. homogametic. eidetic.

Melanesian.3 n\ see eaten 1 etor1 \et-ar\ see etter etor 2 \et-ar\ see eater 1 etory \et-9-re\ eatery decretory. telemetric. geta. librettist. barometric. suppletion. -'s. Etta. Phoenician. Tahiti an Austronesian. Diocletian. geometrical. diametric. repletion. secretive. wetland etment \et-m9nt\ abetment.163 etion 1 \e-shsn\ Grecian accretion. tetra etcetera etra 2 \e-tra\ Petra Kenitra etral1 \e-tral\ petrel. dissymmetric. dekametric. suppletory 2 etta etous \et-ss\ see etus etra1 \e-trg\ Petra. completion. Ossetian. sociometric etrical \e-tri-kal\ metrical obstetrical. concretion. hypsometric. curettement. repetitive uncompetitive anticompetitive etium \e-she-am\ see ecium etius \e-shss\ see ecious etive \et-iv\ accretive. raison d'etre etrel1 \e-tral\ petrel. symmetric asymmetric. Steinmetz pantalets. depletive. Polynesian Taracahitian etion \esh-an\ see ession etious \e-shss\ see ecious etis 1 \et-as\ see etus etis 2 \et-as\ see ettuce etist \et-9St\ cornetist. vignettist clarinetist. psychometric. rillettes. retral etral2 \e-trgl\ see etrel1 etre \etr 3 \ fete champetre. feta. secretory. amperometric. operettist —also -est forms of adjectives listed aret 1 etitive \et-9t-iv\ competitive. secretion. and -s' forms of nouns. barometrical. retral etrel 2 \e-tral\ see etral1 etric \e-trik\ metric obstetric. revetment eto 1 \at-6\ see ato 2 eto 2 \et-6\ see ito1 eton \et. Sosnowiec —also -s. solonetz. unsymmetrical etrics \e-triks\ obstetrics geometries. geometric. Greta. decretive. decametric. and -s forms of verbs. besetment. suppletive etl1 \at. depletion. completive. listed at et1 etsk \etsk\ Donetsk. Kuznetsk.3 l\ see atal etl 2 \et. petrol. volumetric acidometric.3 l\ see ettle etiand \et-bnd\ Shetland. optometric. exegetist. symmetrical asymmetrical. diametrical. isometric. Lipetsk Novokuznetsk ett \et\ see et1 etta \et-a\ betta. Capetian. isometrics. sabermetrics etrist \e-trsst\ metrist belletrist etrol \e-tral\ see etrel1 ets \ets\ let's Donets. deletion. Quetta . excretion.

shtetl bimetal. Thetis. Loretta. metal. equisetum etus \et-as\ Cetus. spaghetti amoretti.ettable biretta. galleta. Rossetti. getter. onsetting. gill-netter. Henrietta. cabaletta. vendetta anchoveta. Serengeti. spermacetti. fianchetto. Admetus. Valletta. sinfonietta ettable \et-3-bal\ retable. typesetter. libretto. cavalletti. nonmetal. nettlesome ettling \et-lirj\ fettling. fetus. pinsetter. whetter abettor. wettish coquettish novelettish ettle \et. petal. Donizetti. poinsettia. Lettish. larghetto. bonesetter. newsletter. sweaty. settling unsettling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ettle etto \et-6\ ghetto. Rosetta. wettable forgettable. pancetta.3 l\ fettle. typesetting thermosetting phototypesetting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at et 1 ettish \et-ish\ fetish. Reuben. Kazan Retto. gunmetal. vignetter carburettor —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at et1 ettered \et-ard\ fettered. pacesetter. petit. Marietta. setter. trendsetter. mozzetta. vaporetto ettor \et-ar\ see etter ettuce \et-as\ lettuce. netter. jet-setter. coitus. stiletto. libretti. Nettie. fetter. teakettle. letter. treatise acetous.3 l-S3m\ mettlesome. zucchetto allegretto. amoretto. lettered unfettered. yeti brown Betty. unlettered ettes \ets\ see ets ettia \et-s\ see etta ettie \et-e\ see etty1 ettier \it-e-ar\ see ittier ettiness \it-e-nas\ see ittiness etting \et-irj\ netting. pettish. Thetis Hymettus ettus \et-as\ see ettuce etty1 \et-e\ Betty. begetter. regrettable unforgettable ette \et\ see et1 etter \et-ar\ better. sweater. petty. palmetto. confetti. kettle. bettor. debtor. Tintoretto. netty. unfetter. setting bed-wetting. regretter. cappelletti. bloodletting. lazaretto. vaporetti etty 2 \it-e\ see itty etum \et-3m\ pinetum arboretum. cabretta. operetta. in petto. go-getter. quietus diabetes etzsche \e-che\ see eachy euben \u-ban\ Cuban. unsettle Citialtepetl Popocatepetl 164 ettlesome \et. tetter. machete. wetter. rhetor. stretto cavetto. Ruben von Steuben euce \iis\ see use 1 euced \u-sad\ see ucid eucey \ii-se\ see uicy euch \iik\ see uke . gogetting. arietta. jetty. settle. cavetti. nettle. enfetter. amaretto. falsetto. boletus. redletter. mettle.

curr. cri de coeur. epigeous. his/her. purr. Alpheus. buhr. burr. litterateur. liqueur. no-see-um. stir. voyageur arbitrageur. colosseum. hauteur. mausoleum eum 2 \a-am\ see ahum eum \iim\ see oom 3 1 euse shirr. masseur. fur. for. Chryseis. skirr. entrepreneur. because. amateur. prosateur. your. slur. jongleur. force majeure. cross-refer. prefer. concur. recur. refer. fir. du jour. franctireur. secateur. Burr. transfer. chauffeur. outdoes. sir. pasticheur. occur. longspur. Pasteur. rapporteur. colporteur. de rigueur. 'cause. auteur. Micheas. chirr. poseur. whir. bestir. saboteur. voyeur accoucheur. fuzz. aver. inter. him/her. defer. monseigneur. carillonneur. . confer. Aggeus. Linnaeus. coz. frondeur. seigneur. millefleur. were. 'twere. uraeus coryphaeus. raconteur. flaneur. restaurateur conglomerateur agent provocateur eur 2 \ u r \ see ure 1 eure \ar\ see eur 1 eurial \ur-e-al\ see urial1 eurish \ar-ish\ seeourish eurs \arz\ seeers 1 eury \ur-e\ see ury1 eus 1 \e-as\ Aeneas. chasseur. sandspur. claqueur. per. connoisseur. regisseur. incur. 'twas. scarabaeus prelate nullius Duque de Caxias. danseur. coliseum. douceur. blur. cur. larkspur. underfur. disinter. friseur. Te Deum athenaeum. Arius. nonconcur. curvature. deter. Piraeus. you're as per. churr. knur. sandbur. museum. Judas Maccabaeus e u s 2 \ u s \ see use 1 euse 1 \az\ buzz.3 l\ see oodle eudist \iid-3st\ see udist1 eudo \iid-6\ see udo eue \ u \ see ew1 euer \u-sr\ see ewer 1 euil \al\ see ail euille \ e \ see ee 1 euk \iik\ see uke eukin Xii-karA see ucan eul 1 \al\ see ull eul 2 \arl\ see irl eulah \u-la\ see ula eulean \u-le-an\ see ulean eum 1 \e-3m\ geum lyceum. thir. murre. spur.165 euchre \u-kar\ see ucre eucid \u-sad\ see ucid eud 1 \iid\ see ude eud 2 \6id\ see oid1 eudal \ud. infer. farceur. cocklebur. her. undoes overdoes e u s e 2 \us\ see use 1 e u s e 3 \iiz\ see use 2 euma \u-ma\ see uma eume \tim\ see oom 1 eumon Xu-marA see uman eumy \u-me\ see oomy eunice Yii-nasX see ewness eunt \iint\ see unt1 eunuch \ii-nik\ see unic eur1 \ar\ birr. coiffeur. err. myrrh. astir. was abuzz. per diem. does. cubature. hypogeum. odeum. provocateur. demur.

whencesoever. dishevel. whatever. bereavement underachievement even \e-van\ even. devil. daredevil. qiviut evice \ev-ss\ clevis. Sevres Negev alia breve eve 2 \ev\ see eave 1 evel \ev-9l\ bevel. previous evis 1 \ev-ss\ see evice evis 2 \e-vas\ see evus evity \ev-at-e\ brevity. revel baselevel. forever. revelry evin \ev-3n\ see eaven evious \e-ve-as\ devious. Trevor dissever. Steven breakeven. splitlevel entry-level eveler \ev-lsr\ leveler.3 n-ast\ see utenist euve \sv\ see ove 1 euver \u-var\ see over 3 eux \ix\ see ew1 ev 1 \ef\ see ef1 ev \6f\ see off eva \e-v9\ see iva2 eval \e-vsl\ see ieval evalent \ev-9-bnt\ see evolent evan 1 \e-van\ see even evan 2 \ev-an\ see eaven eve 1 \ev\ breve. levelly. whenever. levity longevity evo \e-vo\ in vivo. reveille 2 2 2 166 evement \ev-mant\ achievement. soever. bedevil. wheresoever. reveler evelly \ev-9-le\ heavily. never. relievo. Kesteven. leverage everence \ev-r9ns\ reverence. Neville. Genevan. go-devil. ring-alievo . severance disseverance. whosoever whithersoever ever 2 \e-var\ see iever everage \ev-rij\ beverage. whensoever. rev.3 n\ see utan eutonist \ut. however. level. reverie eves \evz\ see eaves eviate \e-ve-3t\ deviate. whichever. uneven eventh \ev-9nth\ seventh eleventh ever 1 \ev-ar\ clever. bi-level. howsoever. Stephen. aggrievement. sever. lever. crevice Ben Nevis evil \e-vsl\ see ieval eville \ev-al\ see evel evilry \ev-al-re\ devilry. live-forever. ever. break-even. whatsoever. whichsoever. irreverence every \ev-re\ every. wherever.eusel eusel 1 \u-ssl\ see usal 1 eusel \u-zal\ see usal eut \iit\ see ute euter \ut-ar\ see uter euth \iith\ seeooth 2 eutian Xii-shanX see ution eutic \ut-ik\ see utic eutical \ut-i-kal\ see utical eutics \iit-iks\ toreutics hermeneutics. whoever. whosesoever. therapeutics eutist \ut-ast\ see utist euton \ut. whomever cantilever. whomsoever. endeavor.

fou. crew. babassu. knew. roux. Montague. venue. unglue. top-heavy ew 1 \ii\ blue. battu. tinamou. succes fou. bijou. hereto. Ouagadougou. nevus longevous redivivus Saint Kitts and Nevis evsk \efsk\ see efsk evus \e-vas\ see evous evy \ev-e\ bevy. rendezvous. ensue. thumbscrew. sous. construe. coup. Kwangju. shoe. fordo. karoo. through. malevolent evor \ev-ar\ see ever1 evous \e-vas\ grievous. lieu. review. thitherto. snafu. foreknew. gnu. kangaroo. Sue. two. marabou. renew. Nevis. clew. virtu. me-too. Ren Crew. withdrew.167 alto-relievo. cue. cockatoo. kung fu. thereto. overgrew. airscrew. soft-shoe. yew. Ignacu. peekaboo. Montesquieu. PDQ. pew. Gifu. thirty-two. Karoo. smew. threw. adieu. Kathmandu. overstrew. coypu. preview. unscrew. lean-to. Ryukyu. Peru. xu. muumuu. Makalu. walk-through. Jew. skew. pooh. jackscrew. Baku. how-to. misknew. misdo. glue. revenue. boo. snowshoe. sandshoe. Chonju. surtout. cachou. Gentoo. Sioux. Xanadu Aracaju. chew. slue. switcheroo. shampoo. Chongju. flew. strew. pas de deux. Cebu. moue. ingenue. avenue. mezzorelievo. honeydew. overflew. goo. too. malevolence evolent \ev-3-lant\ prevalent benevolent. caribou. ooh. tattoo. old-shoe. parvenue. catechu. jabiru. overthrough. who's who. phew. imbue. billet-doux. pursue. clue. horseshoe. ado. barley-broo. outdo. ew Hutu. undo. non-U. Matthew. battue. kinkajou. poilu. milieu. queue. taboo. untrue. loup-garou. gumshoe. shoo. thro. thank-you. callaloo. black-and-blue. fondue. miscue. teleview. follow-through. kazoo. CQ. whew. gardyloo. caoutchouc. beshrew. make-do. burgoo. askew. q. runthrough. slew. wellto-do. corkscrew. Port du Salut. subdue. skiddoo. basso-relievo. parvenu. mu. detinue. hitherto. Masaru. leadscrew. undue. outgrew. derring-do. hairdo. clerihew. Hugh. Ningxia Huizu. breakthrough. Taegu. coo. mildew. to. prau. revue. manitou. counterview. ewe. endue. vertu. spew. bugaboo. overshoe. wallaroo. vindaloo. one-two. barbecue. hullabaloo. debut. rough-hew. do. due. K2. moo. worldview apercu. bamboo. sou. brand-new. Shih Tzu. slough. Gansu. levee. eschew. flue. sprue. flu. loo. overdo. stew. IQ. ragout. sue. feverfew. cockapoo. HQ. too-too. aircrew. few. heavy. shrew. Kansu. Vanuatu . Honshu. levy replevy. didgeridoo. twenty-two. you. view halloo. wherethrough. Jiangsu. w. Waterloo. guru. new. talking-to. zoo accrue. thew. set-to. revocable irrevocable evolence \ev-9-l9ns\ prevalence benevolence. redo. brew. mew. pirarucu. whereto. ormolu. Lou. wahoo. trou-deloup. hew. view. ballyhoo. drew. bedew. who. piu. au jus. perdu. whoop-de-do. u. rue. Corfu. boubou. residue. Shikoku. interview. recitativo Antananavivo evocable Xev-a-ka-balX evocable. deja vu. hue. Port Salut. Brian Boru. tu-whit tu-whoo. buckaroo. screw. Guangxi Zhuangzu. can-do. overview. true. Anjou. purview. woo. to-do. Nehru. IOU. overdue. retinue. span-new. ecu. Timbuktu. floor-through. Cheng-du. Wu. thereunto. Telugu. vatu. bestrew. dew. Khufu. seppuku. doux. nu. anew. imbrue. canoe. vendue. see-through. Richelieu. setscrew. passe-partout. Cotonou.

duplex. interviewer. screwer. undoer. ex. desex. evildoer. chewy. snowshoer. Tunis askewness ewpie \u-pe\ see oopy ewry \ur-e\ see ury1 ews \iiz\ see use 2 ewsman Xiiz-manX bluesman. buoy. Port Louis ratatouille. lex. gooey. skewer. hex. complex. suer. waterzooi ex \eks\ dex. hewer. wrongdoer barbecuer. Hewish Jewish. shoeless. sloughy.3 n\ see utan ewy \ii-e\ bluey. skewness. revenuer. fewer. Dewey. Eunice. convex.ew Daman and Diu. sewer. mildewy. flex. specs. misdoer. newish. shrewish aguish ewl \ul\ see ool1 ewless \u-lss\ clueless. doer. dewar. newsman ewsy \xi-ze\ see oozy ewt \iit\ see ute ewter \ut-ar\ see uter ewterer Xiit-sr-arX see uiterer ewton \iit. shampooer. ibex. newness. cortex. viewy chop suey. newie. spewer. dewy. televiewer —also -ex forms of adjectives listed a?ew 1 ewer 2 \iir\ see ure 1 ewer 3 \6-sr\ see oer 4 ewerage \ur-ij\ see oorage 1 ewery \iir-e\ see ury1 ewey \u-e\ see ewy ewie \ii-e\ see ewy . sex. you're horseshoer. Louis. fourplex. rouille. crewless. hooey. rex. phooey. ewer. Kota Baharu. DX. gluey. viewless ewly \u-le\ see uly ewman \u-man\ see uman ewment Xu-mantX strewment accruement ewn \iin\ seeoon 1 e w n e s s \u-nas\ blueness. steward ewd \iid\ see ude ewdness \ud-nas\ see udinous ewe 1 \ 6 \ see ow1 ewe 2 \ii\ see ew1 ewed \ud\ see ude ewee \e-we\ see eewee ewel \u-9l\ see uel 1 eweled \iild\ see ooled ewel I \u-sl\ see uel1 ewer 1 \u-ar\ brewer. wooer. index. screwy. dewless. dueness. flooey. x annex. tattooer. carex. me-tooer. apex. queuer. viewer. ilex. sewage ewal \u-al\ see uel1 ewar \u-sr\ see ewer1 eward1 \iird\ see ured 1 eward 2 \u-ard\ Seward. previewer. Rex. culex. vex. codex. Nova Iguacu ew \ 6 \ see OW 1 2 1 1 168 ewing 1 \6-irj\ see oing1 ewing 2 \u-in\ see oing 2 ewis \ii-3s\ see ouis 2 ewish \ii-ish\ bluish. Louie. chewer. ewable \6-3-bal\ see owable ewable 2 \u-3-bal\ see uable ewage \ii-ij\ brewage. reviewer. renewer.

nexus. undersexed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ex extant \ek-stant\ extant. multiplex. vexed context. urtext ciphertext. plaintext. Lastex. inflexed. listed at eck exas \ek-s9s\ see exus exed \ekst\ see ext exedly \ek-s9d-le\ vexedly perplexedly exer \ek-ssr\ flexor. haruspex. intersexual. Perspex. and -s forms of verbs. simplex. -'s. psychosexual. mirex. circumflex. retroflex. bisexual. vertex. transsexual ambisexual. Middlesex. perplexity exor \ek-sar\ see exer ext \ekst\ next. hexer duplexer. narthex. MX. pollex. cross-index. sexed. telex. murex. snideness cockeyedness eyeless \I-bs\ see ilus eyelet \ i . scolex. silvex. unisex videotex —also -s. TexMex. PBX. vortex analects. intersex. reflexed. sext. convexity. spinifex. and -s' forms of nouns. googolplex. unsex. teletext. belowdecks. surveillance reconveyance eyant \a-snt\ mayn't abeyant. hypersexual. sociosexual anti-intellectual exural \ek-shral\ see ectural 2 exus \ek-sas\ lexis. conveyance. nonlexical exion \ek-shsn\ see ection exis \ek-sas\ see exus exity \ek-sat-e\ complexity. text. plexus. pontifex. perplexed. parasexual. effectual. Rx. reflex. sexy apoplexy ey 1 \a\ see ay1 ey 2 \ e \ see ee 1 ey 3 \ i \ see y1 eya 1 \a-a\ see aia 1 eya 2 \e-a\ see ia1 eyance \a-ans\ abeyance. sextant exterous \ek-strgs\ dexterous ambidextrous eyen extrous \ek-stras\ see exterous extual \eks-chal\ textual contextual. homosexual.b t \ see ilot eyen \ln\ see ine1 . Malcolm X. triplex. silex. remex. subtext. indexer multiplexer demultiplexer exia \ek-se-a\ dyslexia anorexia exic \ek-sik\ dyslexic anorexic exical \ek-si-kal\ lexical indexical. latex. Pyrex. subindex. Texas Alexis exy \ek-se\ prexy.169 Kleenex. pretext. pansexual. purveyance. subtextual exual \eksh-wal\ sexual asexual. spandex. texas. surveillant eyas \I-as\ see ias ey'd \ad\ see ade 1 eye \I\ seey 1 eyed 1 \ed\ see eed eyed 2 \Id\ see ide1 eyedness \Id-nss\ eyedness. biconvex. oversexed. perplex. unisexual heterosexual. deflexed.

sword of Damocles muscae volitantes. trapezium ezzle \ez-sl\ bezel embezzle . overseas. Javanese. sneeze. Androcles. betise. ferromanganese. antifreeze. Sophocles. d. jeez. Aragonese. Philoctetes. Hunanese. trapeze. she's. pentagonese. Hermes. gourmandise. Socrates. Burmese. Japanese. Portuguese. Cervantes. wheeze Andes. Cyclades. sharp-freeze. Elise. freeze. Chersonese. lees. journalese. Lisa. cheval-de-frise. Denise. Balinese. striptease. res. litotes. tease. Cantonese. Annamese. Chinese. cheese. diocese. marquise. fasces. Castries. disseise. ease. Themistocles. -'s. Indo-Chinese. soubise. legalese. quick-freeze. visa mestiza lespedeza eze \ez\ bise. Heracles. archdiocese. federalese. computerese. Hippocrates. feaze. headcheese. Congolese. Hebrides. seize. expertise. Great Pyrenees. listed at ee ezel \e-zal\ see easel ezi \e-ze\ see easy 1 ezium \e-ze-am\ cesium magnesium. breeze. camise. bona fides. Dodecanese. Deep-freeze. officialese. please. sociologese. nates. governmentese. Kirghiz. unfreeze. Pyrenees. Ganges. Diogenes. heartsease. Brooklynese. Hippomenes. chemise. Pekinese. Lou Gehrig's disease.'s. Sinhalese. telegraphese. Pleiades. genovese. appease. frieze. Aristophanes. Silures. Faeroese. Hodgkin's disease. Aries. Vietnamese Alcibiades. deep-freeze. Maltese. Tabriz. Lake Louise. and -s' forms of nouns. Nipponese. Sammarinese. cerise. Damocles. educationese. displease. Pisa. Assamese. and -s forms of verbs. Siamese. Hercules. antipodes. Pisces. squeeze. Ramses. Pillars of Hercules —also -s. disease. Euripides. nephritides. Kanarese. degrease. he's. Sporades Albigenses. sleaze. Eloise. Averroes. Florida Keys. Thales. Gaucher's disease. manganese. 170 menses. tweeze. Mephistopheles. bureaucratese. Louise. superficies. Pericles. reprise. Johnsonese.t.eyer eyer 1 \a-sr\ see ayer1 eyer 2 \Ir\ see ire1 eyes \Iz\ see ize eying \a-irj\ see aying ey'll1 \al\ see ail ey'll2 \el\ see el1 eyn \in\ see in1 eynes \anz\ see ains e y n e s s \a-nas\ see ayness eyor \a-ar\ see ayer1 eyre \er\ see are 4 ey're \er\ see are 4 eyrie \Ir-e\ see iry1 eys \ez\ see eze eyser \I-zsr\ see izer eyte \a-te\ see aty ey've \av\ see ave 2 ez 1 \ez\ see ays 1 ez 2 \a\ see ay1 ez 3 \as\ see ace 1 eza \e-za\ Giza. Eumenides. fauces. Hesperides. feeze. Erinyes. Pekingese. unease. Hyades. Thucydides. Belize. Xerxes Amboinese.

Thalia Hezekiah. unfalsifiable iable 2 \e-3-bal\ see eeable iacal \I-3-kal\ dandiacal. idea. Nehemiah. egomaniacal. peripeteia iah 2 \e-a\ see ia1 ial1 \i-al\ dial. Latakia. tortilla Banranquilla. gonorrhea. satisfiable. reliable certifiable. Nabatea. Santeria. zodiacal ammoniacal. papaya. 1 2 1 qualifiable. playa. Zechariah. Chaldea. Manzanilla. via Aglaia. Rhea. cascarilla. Baile Atha Cliath. mythopoeia. Nicaea. Leah. hypochondriacal. Iphigenia. kea. Galatea. viable deniable. seguidilla. inviable. Medea. Nicosia. flyable. Cytherea. pariah. camarilla. onomatopoeia Joseph of Arimathea ia \I-a\ see iah ia3 \a\ see a 1 iable \i-3-b9l\ dryable. megalomaniacal iad \i-ad\ see yad iah1 \I-a\ ayah. buddleia. rectifiable. mens rea. Sofia. liquefiable. Parousia. rhea. paradisiacal bibliomaniacal. maniacal. panacea. fantasia. Ikaria. sabadilla. Judea. mantilla. bougainvillea. cattleya. Hialeah. maya. Kaffiyeh. Omiya. stria. Oriya. Hygeia. theriacal. Morea. via Achaea. ohia. cabrilla. Eritrea. classifiable. identifiable. rya. hamartia. Tanzania. Crimea. verifiable emulsifiable. ratafia. pliable. liable. specifiable. Apia. heliacal. pacifiable. Marian. prosopopoeia Diego Garcia. logorrhea. Sophia. justifiable. notifiable. pharmacopoeia. Euboea. Bahia. unifiable. pyromaniacal. messiah. quantifiable. dyeable. sinfonia. Maria. Praia. Ave Maria. althaea. Ismailia. peripeteia. Obadiah. undeniable. Maya. simoniacal dipsomaniacal. diel. barathea. echeveria. Zephaniah Atchafalaya. latakia. Korea.i1 \ e \ see ee 1 i \I\ see y 2 1 i3 \a\ see ay1 ia1 \e-a\ Gaea. elegiacal. granadilla. Caesarea. nympomaniacal. Idumea. dulcinea. Surabaja. pial redial ial2 \il\ see ile1 ialer \I-tar\ see ilar ially \e-s-le\ see eally1 iam \i-am\ Priam per diem ian1 \e-sn\ see ean 1 ian 2 \i-an\ see ion1 . Jicarilla. Mia. sapodilla. Kampuchea. rupiah. triable. Sangria. mausolea. Andalucia. trattoria alfilaria. monomaniacal. ouguiya. Cassiopeia. Jeremiah. Andalusia. friable. jambalaya. spirea. pizzeria.

defiant. Sibyl ibbler \ib-br\ dribbler. lib. gib. fibber. Gibbon. dribble. ribby . Lias. jib. priory iary2 \ir-e\ see iry1 ias \I-3s\ Aias. Elias. client. kibble. bias. Tobias Ananias. hypochondriasis. libel. riant affiant. inhibit. Jeremias. nibble. Roncesvalles.lance iance \I-ans\ science affiance. compliance. Messias. Pius Abdias. psychiatry iaus \aus\ see ouse 2 ib1 \ib\ bib. schistosomiasis iat1 \e-at\ see eit1 iat2 \I-3t\ see iet iate \I-at\ see iet iath1 \I-3th\ Wyeth Goliath 1 172 iath2 \e-a\ see ia1 iatry \I-3-tre\ podiatry. giant. eyas. alliance. describable indescribable ibal \i-bal\ bible. Sophonias. dais. Zacharias Mount Saint Elias ias 2 \e-as\ see eus 1 ias 3 \ash\ see ash 1 iasis \I-3-s3s\ diesis. crib. Malachias. fribble. sibyl. Laius. gibber. appliance. ribber ibbet \ib-9t\ gibbet exhibit. amebiasis. ascariasis. satyriasis elephantiasis. ribbon inhibin ibby \ib-e\ Libby. compliant. dibber. corncrib. Bible. sahib memsahib ib 2 \ e b \ see ebe 2 ib 3 \ev\ see eave 1 iba \e-ba\ see eba ibable M-ba-balX bribable ascribable. helminthiasis. drib. bilharziasis. sib. nibbler. pliant. self-reliant. reliance mesalliance. scribal. tribal ibb \ib\ see ib1 ibband \ib-an\ see ibbon ibbed \ibd\ bibbed rock-ribbed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ib1 ibber \ib-ar\ bibber. bibb. supergiant iao \aii\ see ow2 iaour \aur\ see ower 2 iaper \I-par\ see iper iar \ir\ see ire1 iary1 \I-3-re\ diary. gribble. fiery. quibble. prohibit flibbertigibbet ibbing \ib-irj\ cribbing. diocese archdiocese. misalliance iancy \I-3n-se\ pliancy compliancy ianist \e-t-nist\ pianist Indo-Europeanist iant \I-ant\ Bryant. rib. glibly ibbon \ib-sn\ gibbon. ribbing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ib1 ibble \ib-al\ dibble. glibber. cribber. nonscience. Nehemias. scribble. nib. psoriasis acariasis. defiance. squib ad-lib. jibber. ghibli. reliant incompliant. scribbler ibbly \ib-le\ dribbly. quibbler. pious. midrib. leishmaniasis. fib. glib.

rise. imprecise. tibia Namibia ibin \ib-an\ see ibbon ibit \ib-9t\ see ibbet ibitive \ib-at-iv\ exhibitive. and -s' forms of nouns. subscriber. redescribe. listed at ib ibular \ib-v3-tor\ fibular mandibular. device. superscribe oversubscribe ibe 2 \e-be\ see ebe 1 ibel \I-b9l\ see ibal iber \i-bsr\ briber. gybe. gneiss. prescriber. scriber. thrice. riblet ibli \ib-le\ see ibbly ibly \ib-le\ see ibbly ibo \e-bo\ Ibo. fice. brideprice. fyce. pica. conscribe. excise. siccative affricative. inscriber. fiber. giber. tribe. distributive. retributive redistributive ibutor \ib-9t-ar\ see ibitor ibyl \ib-al\ see ibble ic1 \ik\ see ick ic 2 \ek\ see eak 1 ica 1 \i-ka\ mica. trice. describe. slice. vestibular infundibular ibute1 \ib-yat\ tribute attribute. predicament ican \e-kgn\ see eacon icar \ik-ar\ see icker1 icative \ik-at-iv\ fricative. Tiber describer. gibe. lyse. concise. proscribe. kibe. proscriber. spica. Kibo gazebo iboly \i-a-le\ see ybele ibrous \i-bras\ fibrous. contribute. price. vise advice. allspice. splice. vibe ascribe. inscribe. transcribe circumscribe. edelweiss. explicative. cockatrice. precise. subscribe. deice. pice. diatribe. pasticcio ice 1 \Is\ Bryce. spice. vice. twice. merchandise. nibs spareribs —also -s. imbibe. Brandeis. Micah. Spica Formica. scribe. overprice. inhibitor ACE inhibitor ible M-bslX see ibal iblet \ib-bt\ driblet. entice. lorica balalaika ica 2 \e-ks\ see ika1 icable \ik-3-bsl\ despicable. and -s forms of verbs. prescribe. jibe. transcriber ibi \e-be\ see sbG ibia \i-be-a\ Lybia. contributive. pika. indicative. cut-price. explicable. . rice. extricable inexplicable. nice. vindicative multiplicative iccative \ik-at-iv\ see icative iccio \e-cho\ capriccio. lice. hybris ibs \ibz\ dibs. Khyber. plica. syce. prohibitive ibitor \ib-3t-ar\ exhibitor. inextricable icah \i-ka\ see ica1 ical \ik-sl\ see ickle icament \ik-3-mant\ medicament. distribute redistribute ibute 2 \ib-at\ see ibbet ice ibutive \ib-y9t-iv\ attributive. giblet.173 ibe 1 \Ib\ bribe. mice. dice. -'s. suffice beggars-lice. ice.

interstitial. corniche. insufficient. delicious. beneficial. judicial. official. self-sufficient icinable Xis-ns-balX see istenable icinal \is. cost-efficient. sneesh baksheesh. cantatrice iche 2 \esh\ fiche. vaticinal icing 1 \I-sirj\ icing. leash. comitial. proficient. sacrifice. sufficer sacrificer self-sacrificer ices \I-sez\ Pisces Anchises Polynices Coma Berenices icety \I-ste\ see eisty icey \I-se\ see icy ich 1 \ich\ see itch ich 2 \ik\ see ick ichael \I-kal\ see ycle1 iche 1 \e-cha\ ceviche. proficiency. auspicious. sacrificial. nicer. capricious. maxixe. splicing self-sufficing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ice1 icing 2 \I-zirj\ see izing icious 1 \ish-as\ vicious ambitious. omniscient. simplicial. pricer. hashish. slicer. initial. underprice imparadise. point-device. surficial artificial. inefficient. schottische. splicer deicer. liken proteoglycan 1 5 174 ichen 2 \ich-sn\ see itchen ichener Xich-narX see itchener icher \ich-ar\ see itcher iches \ich-az\ see itches ichi1 \e-che\ see eachy ichi 2 \e-she\ see ishi ichment \ich-mant\ see itchment ichore \ik-re\ see ickery ichu \ish-ii\ see issue 1 icia1 \ish-a\ see itia icia 2 \esh-9\ see esia 1 icial \ish-al\ altricial. efficiency.ice paradise.3 n-9l\ vicinal medicinal. seviche Beatrice. . priceless icely \is-le\ see istly iceous \ish-9s\ see icious1 icer \I-S9r\ dicer. Dreiser. solstitial. sufficient coefficient. nouveau riche iche 3 \ish\ see ish1 iche 4 \ich\ see itch iche \e-che\ see eachy ichen \I-kan\ lichen. pastiche. cicatricial. prejudicial. quiche. self-sacrifice ice 2 \e-cha\ see iche 1 ice 3 \es\ see iece ice 4 \I-se\ see icy ice 5 \Iz\ see ize ice 6 \et-za\ see itza1 iceless \I-slas\ iceless. unleash microfiche. officinal. ricer. factitious. sufficiency inefficiency immunodeficiency icient \ish-snt\ deficient. superficial ician \e-shan\ see etion1 icience \ish-ans\ omniscience insufficience iciency \ish-an-se\ deficiency. fictitious. efficient.

nutritious. click. undertrick. slapstick. volcanicity aromaticity. seditious. biopic. Menshevik. eccentricity. fiddlestick. pigstick. moujik. drop-kick. avaricious. cowlick. firebrick. topkick. dominick. seasick. simplicity. adventitious. concentricity. endemicity. trick. slick. explicit. snick. bootlick. matchstick. double-quick. boychick. ergodicity. propitious. duplicitous. Reykjavik. outslick. participant icit \is-st\ licit complicit. hemistich. thick. complicity. domesticity. sericeous. goldbrick. sacahuiste ick \ik\ brick. subreptitious. multiplicity. plasticity. conicity. solicitor icitor2 \is-tar\ see ister icitous \is-3t-as\ complicitous. organicity. creek. politick. computernik. meretricious. rick. dabchick. canonicity. cyclicity. brainsick. Tajik. nonstick. impudicity. flagstick. nick. sicken. theocentricity icken aeroelasticity. pathogenicity. carsick. duplicity. mick. specificity. infelicity. impolitic. malicious. placekick. Dominic. seismicity. misty. taperstick. KWIC. lovesick. lunatic. candlestick. prejudicious. overtrick. meters tick. uptick. Mauritius. spasticity. Dick. felicitous. Bolshevik. epidemicity. lipstick. bluetick. wristy Corpus Christi. pneumaticity. triplicity atomicity.175 flagitious. chopstick. judicious. pic. hydrophobicity. anthropocentricity. inauthenticity. twisty. lubricious. sic. mendicity. synchronicity. suppositious. hydrophilicity. rubric. self-stick. wick airsick. detick. homesick. aperiodicity. lubricity. solicitous infelicitous icity1 \is-9t-e\ basicity. planet-stricken poverty-stricken . elicit. periodicity. politic. prick. ethnicity. shashlik. dipstick. implicit. automaticity. tick. iconicity. chick. inelasticity. broomstick. nightstick. illicit. ethnocentricity. ecumenicity. rhythmicity. carcinogenicity. publicity. Nick. nitpick. tonicity. Watson-Crick arithmetic. officious. tic. historicity. injudicious. heretic. solicit inexplicit icitor1 \is-at-9r\ elicitor. quicken. sick. quick. candlewick. dead-stick. elasticity. toxicity. crabstick. handpick. chronicity. authenticity. singlestick. strick. unstick. crick. catholicity. sidekick. drumstick. pinprick. kick. superstitious. flick. homoscedasticity quasiperiodicity icity 2 \is-te\ christie. toothpick. joystick. electricity. egocentricity. redbrick. quadruplicity. pernicious. ellipticity. nutpick. felicity. stick. unpick. shtick. slipstick. causticity. sphericity. hick. pumiceous. muzhik. EBCDIC. surreptitious excrementitious. carrot-and-stick. greensick. Christie. wicked icked 2 \ikt\ see ict1 ickel \ik-al\ see ickle icken \ik-an\ chicken. polyptych. Dominick. thicken awestricken panic-stricken. stricken. supposititious icious 2 \e-shss\ see ecious icipal \is-3-bal\ see issible icipant \is-9-p9nt\ anticipant. suspicious adscititious. pick. yardstick bailiwick. peacenik. expeditious. kinnikinnick icka \e-ka\ see ika1 icked 1 \ik-sd\ picked. hayrick. inauspicious. dik-dik. heartsick. centricity. lick.

sickness. ticked addict. snickery. thickety pernickety. prickle. and -s forms of verbs. and -s' forms of nouns. dropkicker. slickly impoliticly ickness \ik-nss\ lychnis. unlicked benedict. snicker. slicker. seasickness icksy \ik-se\ see ixie icky \ik-e\ dickey. pickle. icker. big-ticket ickett \ik-9t\ see icket ickety \ik-at-e\ rickety. Dickens. highsticking. inflict. fickle. chicle. edict. picker. -'s. whicker. wicket Big Thicket. tricker. stickit. Pickett. strickle. restrict. nickel. quickly. afflict. nit-picking cotton-picking. flickery. sticky. constrict. predict. prickly. sickly. Pict. retrodict eggs Benedict —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ick ict 2 \It\ see ite1 . depict. Vicky doohickey icle \ik-sl\ see ickle icly1 \ik-le\ see ickly icly2 \e-kle\ see eekly ico \e-ko\ see icot icope \ik-a-pe\ see icopy icopy \ik-a-pe\ wicopy pericope icory \ik-re\ see ickery icot \e-ko\ fico. thickness airsickness. icicle. placekicker. quickie. pickings —also -s. interdict. vehicle pumpernickel ickler \ik-tar\ stickler. delict. pricker. lipsticked. dicker. wicker billsticker. Vicki. trickle 176 bicycle. ragpicker dominicker. politicker —also -er forms of adjectives listed at \ck icker2 \ek-sr\ see ecker ickery \ik-re\ chicory. maledict. mickle. tricky. spigot. nitpicker. hickory. pigsticker. convict.ickens ickens \ik-anz\ dickens. slickness. ticket. sicker. evict. sickle. flat-picking. derelict. kicky. pot likker. hickey. tical. picky. conflict. trickish ickit \ik-at\ see icket ickle \ik-al\ brickie. tickle. finger-picking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ick ickings \ik-anz\ see ickens ickish \ik-ish\ hickish. tickler bicycler. liquor. pekoe. sickish. Vickie. Popsicle. spectacle. lovesickness. homesickness. particular ickly \ik-le\ fickly. flea-flicker. bootlicker. wicking brain-picking. listed at icken icker1 \ik-ar\ bicker. quickness. sticker. persnickety ickey \ik-e\ see icky icki \ik-e\ see icky ickie \ik-e\ see icky icking \ik-irj\ ticking. Mickey. pricket. Benedict. sickie. picot. strict. tricycle. picket. tricot Tampico Puerto Rico ics \iks\ see ix1 ict1 \ikt\ picked. contradict. flicker. ticker. kicker. trickery Terpsichore icket \ik-at\ cricket. nicker. obstacle. stickle. vicar. rickey. icky. heartsickness. thicket.

177 ictable Mt-a-balX see itable1 ictal \ik-t l\ fictile, rictal edictal icted \ik-tad\ conflicted, evicted, restricted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ict icter \ik-tar\ see ictor ictic \ik-tik\ deictic, panmictic amphimictic, apodictic ictile \ik-t l\ see ictal ictim \ik-t9m\ see ictum iction \ik-shan\ diction, fiction, friction, stiction addiction, affliction, confliction, constriction, conviction, depiction, eviction, indiction, infliction, nonfiction, prediction, reliction, restriction, transfixion benediction, contradiction, crucifixion, dereliction, jurisdiction, malediction, metafiction, valediction ictional \ik-shn9l\ fictional, frictional nonfictional jurisdictional ictionist \ik-shnast\ fictionist restrictionist ictive \ik-tiv\ Active addictive, afflictive, connective, constrictive, inflictive, restrictive, vindictive nonrestrictive ictment Mt-mantX see itement ictor \ik-tar\ lictor, stricter, victor constrictor, depicter, evictor, inflicter contradictor vasoconstrictor ictory \ik-t9-re\ victory benedictory, contradictory, maledictory, valedictory ictual \it- 3 l\ see ittle ictualler \it- 3 l-ar\ see italer
3 3

id ictum \ik-t3m\ dictum, victim obiter dictum icture \ik-char\ picture, stricture ictus \ik-tas\ ictus, rictus Benedictus icula \ik-y3-ls\ auricula, Canicula iculant Xik-ya-lsntX gesticulant, matriculant icular1 \ik-y3-lar\ spicular acicular, articular, auricular, canicular, clavicular, curricular, cuticular, fascicular, follicular, funicular, lenticular, navicular, orbicular, ossicular, particular, radicular, reticular, testicular, vehicular, ventricular, vermicular, versicular, vesicular appendicular, perpendicular extracurricular, extravehicular, intraarticular, supraventricular icular2 \ik-lar\ see ickler iculate \ik-v3-tat\ articulate, denticulate, geniculate, particulate, reticulate, straticulate, vermiculate inarticulate iculous Xik-ya-lasX meticulous, pediculous, ridiculous iculum \ik-y9-lam\ curriculum, reticulum diverticulum icuous \ik-ya-w3s\ conspicuous, perspicuous, transpicuous inconspicuous icy \i-se\ dicey, icy, pricey, spicy id1 \id\ bid, chid, Cid, did, fid, gid, grid, hid, id, kid, Kidd, lid, mid, quid, rid, skid, slid, squid, SQUID, whid amid, backslid, bifid, El Cid, equid, eyelid, forbid, grandkid, Madrid, nonskid, outdid, resid, schoolkid, trifid, undid katydid, ootid, overbid, overdid, pyramid, underbid tertium quid, Valladolid

id id2 \ed\ see eed I'd \Id\ see ide
1 1 1

178 iddish \id-ish\ kiddish, Yiddish iddity \id-at-e\ see idity iddle \id- 3 l\ diddle, fiddle, griddle, middle, piddle, riddle, twiddle unriddle paradiddle, taradiddle iddler \id-tar\ diddler, fiddler, middler, riddler, tiddler idd ling \id-lirj\ fiddling, middling, piddling, riddling iddly \id-le\ diddly, ridley, tiddly iddock \id-ik\ see idic iddur \id-sr\ see idder iddy \id-e\ biddy, giddy, kiddie, middy, midi, skiddy, widdy ide1 \Id\ bide, bride, chide, Clyde, eyed, fried, glide, guide, hide, I'd, pied, plied, pride, ride, side, slide, snide, stride, thighed, tide, tried, wide abide, allied, applied, aside, astride, backside, backslide, bankside, beachside, bedside, beside, bestride, betide, blear-eyed, blindside, blowdried, blue-eyed, broadside, bromide, bug-eyed, Burnside, cleareyed, cockeyed, cold-eyed, collide, confide, courtside, cowhide, crosseyed, curbside, dayside, decide, deride, divide, dockside, doe-eyed, downside, downslide, dry-eyed, elide, fireside, fluoride, foreside, four-eyed, freeze-dried, glass-eyed, graveside, green-eyed, hagride, hawkeyed, hayride, hillside, horsehide, inside, ironside, joyride, kingside, lakeside, landslide, lynx-eyed, misguide, mooneyed, nearside, nightside, noontide, offside, onside, outride, outside, pieeyed, poolside, pop-eyed, preside, provide, quayside, queenside, rawhide, reside, ringside, riptide, roadside, seaside, sharp-eyed, shipside, shoreside, Shrovetide, sloe-eyed, snowslide, springtide, squint-eyed, stateside, statewide, storewide,

ida \ed-a\ see eda

ida 2 \I-ds\ Haida, Ida, Vida idable1 Md-a-bslX guidable decidable, dividable subdividable idable 2 \id-3-bal\ see iddable idal \Id- 3 l\ bridal, bridle, idle, idol, idyll, seidel, sidle, tidal unbridle Barmecidal, fratricidal, fungicidal, genocidal, germicidal, herbicidal, homicidal, intertidal, lunitidal, matricidal, parricidal, patricidal, septicidal, spermicidal, suicidal, viricidal, virucidal bactericidal, infanticidal, insecticidal idance \Id- ns\ guidance, stridence abidance, misguidance idas \Id-as\ Midas, nidus iday \id-e\ Friday, Heidi, tidy, vide alcaide, man Friday, untidy mala fide idays \Id-ez\ see ides 1 idd \id\ see id1 iddable \id-3-bal\ biddable formidable iddance \id- 3 ns\ riddance forbiddance idden \id- 3 n\ bidden, chiden, hidden, midden, ridden, stridden, swidden backslidden, bedridden, bestridden, forbidden, outbidden, unbidden overridden idder \id-sr\ bidder, gridder, kidder, siddur, skidder consider, forbidder reconsider, underbidder iddie \id-e\ see iddy

179 Strathclyde, streamside, subside, tailslide, Tayside, tongue-tied, topside, trackside, trailside, untried, upside, vat-dyed, walleyed, waveguide, wayside, wide-eyed, wild-eyed, worldwide, yuletide alkoxide, almond-eyed, alongside, Argus-eyed, Barmecide, bleary-eyed, bona fide, chicken-fried, Christmastide, citified, citywide, classified, coincide, countrified, countryside, countrywide, cut-anddried, cyanide, deicide, demand-side, dewy-eyed, dignified, double-wide, Eastertide, eventide, feticide, formamide, fratricide, fungicide, genocide, germicide, gimlet-eyed, glassy-eyed, goggle-eyed, googlyeyed, harbor-side, herbicide, homicide, Humberside, humified, matricide, Merseyside, misty-eyed, miticide, monoxide, mountainside, nationwide, Naugahyde, open-eyed, override, overstride, parricide, Passiontide, patricide, pesticide, planetwide, qualified, rarefied, raticide, regicide, riverside, Riverside, set-aside, silverside, sissified, slickenside, spermicide, starry-eyed, subdivide, suicide, supply-side, trisulfide, underside, verbicide, vermicide, viricide, waterside, Whitsuntide, wintertide acrylamide, antimonide, borohydride, dissatisfied, formaldehyde, infanticide, insecticide, interallied, Jekyll and Hyde, preoccupied, rodenticide, selfsatisfied, thalidomide, Trinitytide, tyrannicide, uxoricide monoglyceride, overqualified, parasiticide —also -ed forms of verbs listed at y ide 2 \ed\ see eed idean \id-e-sn\ see idian ided \Id-sd\ sided lopsided, misguided, one-sided, slabsided, two-sided many-sided, sobersided

idgen —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ide1 ideless \id-las\ idlesse, tideless iden \Id- 3 n\ guidon, Haydn, widen Poseidon idence \Id- a ns\ see idance ideness Md-nssX see eyedness ident \id- 9 nt\ strident, trident ideon \id-e-an\ see idian ideous \id-e-as\ see idious ider1 \Id-sr\ bider, cider, eider, glider, guider, hider, rider, slider, spider, strider, stridor abider, backslider, confider, decider, derider, divider, insider, joyrider, misguider, outrider, outsider, presider, provider, resider, rough rider, TopSider subdivider, supply-sider supercollider —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ide1 ider2 \id-ar\ see idder ides 1 \id-ez\ Fridays Aristides —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns, and -s forms of verbs, listed at iday ides 2 \Idz\ ides besides, burnsides silversides, sobersides —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns, and -s forms of verbs, listed at ide idge \ i j \ bridge, fidge, fridge, midge, ridge abridge, Blue Ridge, browridge, drawbridge, footbridge, Oxbridge, teethridge idged \ijd\ ridged unabridged —also -ed forms of verbs listed at idge idgen \ij-sn\ seeygian

idget \ij-at\ Brigitte, digit, fidget, midget, widget double-digit idgin \ij-sn\ seeygian idi \id-e\ see iddy idia \i-de-9\ Lydia basidia, chlamydia, Clostridia, coccidia, conidia, glochidia, nephridia, Numidia, oidia, peridia, Pisidia, presidia, pycnidia, pygidia antheridia, enchiridia, hesperidia, miricidia, ommatidia idian \id-e-sn\ Gideon, Lydian, Midian ascidian, Dravidian, euclidean, Floridian, meridian, obsidian, ophidian, quotidian, viridian enchiridion, non-euclidean idic \id-ik\ piddock acidic, bromidic, Davidic, druidic, fatidic, fluidic, Hasidic, nuclidic idical \id-i-kal\ druidical, fatidical, juridical, veridical pyramidical id ice \id-9-se\ Chalcidice, Eurydice idiem \id-e-am\ idiom iridium, presidium, rubidium post meridiem ante meridiem iding \Id-irj\ riding, Riding, siding, tiding abiding, confiding, East Riding, joyriding, West Riding law-abiding, nondividing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ide1 idiom \id-e-am\ see idiem idious \id-e-ss\ hideous fastidious, insidious, invidious, perfidious idity \id-9t-e\ quiddity acidity, aridity, avidity, cupidity, fluidity, flaccidity, floridity, frigidity,

180 gelidity, gravidity, hispidity, humidity, hybridity, limpidity, liquidity, lividity, lucidity, morbidity, rabidity, rapidity, rigidity, sapidity, solidity, stupidity, tepidity, timidity, torridity, turbidity, turgidity, validity, vapidity, viridity, viscidity illiquidity, insipidity, intrepidity, invalidity idium \id-e-am\ see idiem idle \Id- 3 l\ see idal idlesse \ld-las\ see ideless idley \id-le\ see iddly idney \id-ne\ kidney, Sidney, Sydney ido 1 \id-6\ dido, Dido, fido Hokkaido ido 2 \ed-6\ see edo idol \Id- 3 l\ see idal ids 1 \idz\ Beskids, rapids Grand Rapids —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns, and -s forms of verbs, listed at id ids 2 \edz\ see eeds idst \idst\ didst, midst amidst idual1 \ij-wal\ residual individual idual 2 \ij-al\ see igil idulent \ij-9-lant\ see igilant idlllOUS \ij-3-las\ stridulous acidulous idus \Id-3s\ see idas iduum \ij-3-w3m\ triduum residuum idy \id-e\ see iday idyll \Id- 3 l\ see idal ie 1 \ a \ see ay1 ie 2 \ e \ see ee 1

181 ie 3 \I\ see y1 iece \es\ cease, crease, fleece, grease, Greece, kris, lease, Nice, niece, peace, piece apiece, Bernice, Burmese, camise, caprice, cassis, cerise, chemise, Chinese, Clarice, Cochise, codpiece, coulisse, crosspiece, decease, decrease, degrease, Denise, Dumfries, earpiece, Elise, eyepiece, Felice, fieldpiece, grandniece, hairpiece, headpiece, heelpiece, increase, Janice, lend-lease, Matisse, Maurice, mouthpiece, nosepiece, obese, onepiece, pastis, pelisse, police, re-lease, release, seapiece, shankpiece, showpiece, sidepiece, stringpiece, sublease, surcease, tailpiece, Therese, timepiece, toepiece, two-piece, valise, workpiece afterpiece, altarpiece, Amboinese, Annamese, Assamese, Balinese, Brooklynese, Cantonese, centerpiece, Chersonese, chimneypiece, diocese, directrice, ex libris, expertise, Faeroese, frontispiece, mantelpiece, masterpiece, Nipponese, Pekinese, Pekingese, Portugese, predecease, rerelease, S„o Luis, Siamese, Sinhalese, timed-release, verdigris archdiocese, computerese, Dodecanese, officialese, telegraphese, Vietnamese educationese iecer \e-ssr\ see easer 1 ied1 \ed\ see eed ied 2 \et\ see eat 1 ied 3 \id\ see ide1 ieda \ed-s\ see eda ief1 \ef\ beef, brief, chief, fief, grief, kef, leaf, lief, reef, sheaf, thief belief, debrief, endleaf, enfeoff, flyleaf, loose-leaf, massif, motif, naif, O'Keefe, relief, sharif, sherif, shinleaf bas-relief, cloverleaf, disbelief, handkerchief, leatherleaf, neckerchief,

ieler leitmotiv, misbelief, overleaf, unbelief, waterleaf aperitif, Capitol Reef, Vinson Massif Great Barrier Reef Santa Cruz de Tenerife ief2 \ev\ see eave 1 iefless \e-flss\ briefless, leafless ief ly \e-fle\ briefly, chiefly ieg 1 \eg\ see igue ieg 2 \ig\ see ig iege 1 \ e j \ liege, siege besiege, prestige iege 2 \ezh\ see ige1 ieger \e-jar\ see edure iek \ek\ see eak 1 iel1 \el\ see eal 2 iel2 \I-al\ see ial iela \el-a\ see ella ield \eld\ bield, field, keeled, shield, weald, wheeled, wield, yield afield, airfield, backfield, brickfield, coalfield, cornfield, downfield, Enfield, four-wheeled, Garfield, goldfield, grainfield, infield, Masefield, midfield, minefield, outfield, playfield, Sheffield, Smithfield, snowfield, Springfield, subfield, unsealed, upfield, wellheeled, windshield, Winfield battlefield, broken-field, chesterfield, Chesterfield, color-field, Huddersfield, track-and-field, unaneled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eal 2 ielder \el-dsr\ fielder, shielder, wielder, yielder infielder, outfielder ields \eldz\ South Shields —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns, and -s forms of verbs, listed at ield ieler \e-lar\ see ealer


182 ierial \ir-e-sl\ seeerial ierian \ir-e-9n\ seeerian1 ierly \ir-le\ see early1 ierre1 \ir\ see eer 2 ierre2 \er\ see are4 iers \irz\ Algiers, Pamirs —also -s, -'s, and -s' forms of nouns, and -s forms of verbs, listed at eer
iersman \irz-man\ see eersman

ieless \I-l9s\ see ilus ieling \e-bn\ see elin ieling2 \e-lirj\ see eeling iem1 \e-am\ see eum1 iem2 \I-3m\ see iam ien \en\ see ine3 ience \I-9ns\ see iance iend \end\ see end iendless \en-tas\ see endless iendliness \en-le-n9s\ see endliness iendly \en-le\ see endly iene \en\ see ine3 iener1 Xe-narX see eaner iener2 \e-ne\ see ini1 ienic \en-ik\ see enic2 ienics \en-iks\ see enics ienie \e-ne\ see ini1 ienist \e-nast\ see inist iennes \en\ see en
1 2 1

iery \I-9-re\ see iary1 ies1 \ez\ see eze ies 2 \e\ see ee 1 ies 3 \es\ see iece iesel1 \e-zal\ see easel iesel2 \e-sal\ see ecil1 ieseling \ez-lirj\ see esling iesian \e-zhan\ see esian1 iesis \I-9-s3s\ see iasis iesling \ez-lirj\ see esling iest \est\ see east1 iester \e-stsr\ see easter iestley \est-le\ see eastly iestly \est-le\ see eastly iet \i-at\ diet, fiat, quiet, riot, striate, Wyatt disquiet, unquiet ietal \I-3t-3l\ parietal, societal, varietal ieter \I-3t-9r\ dieter, quieter, rioter proprietor ietor \I-9t-9r\ see ieter iety \I-9t-e\ piety anxiety, dubiety, impiety, nimiety, propriety, satiety, sobriety, society, Society, variety

ient \I-9nt\ see iant ieper \e-par\ see eeper ier \ir\ see eer
2 1 2 1

ier \e-ar\ see eer ier \ir\ see ire
3 1

ierate \ir-9t\ see irit ierce \irs\ Bierce, birse, fierce, pierce, Pierce, tierce transpierce iere1 \er\ see are4 iere2 \ir\ see eer 2 iered \ird\ see eard1 ieria \ir-e-9\ see eria1

fever. right-tolife. reprieval. receiver. enfever. kif. Wycliffe anaglyph. upheaval ieve 1 \iv\ see ive2 ieve \ev\ see eave 2 1 ieved \evd\ see eaved ievement \ev-mant\ see evement iever \e-var\ beaver. sniff. syph. prolific. leaver. soporiferous. reliever. khedival. midlife. goodwife. whole-life. triglyph. skiff. sniffler. sniffle. sniffy. transceiver cantilever. life. medieval. reiver. griever. drawknife. Pacific. miff. shrieval. magnific. pocketknife. loosestrife. believer. midriff. inebriety. deceiver. primeval. somniferous. impropriety. retrieval. insobriety. Plovdiv. whiffle. upheaver school-leaver. weaver achiever. whiffler iffness \if-nas\ stiffness. jiffy. luminiferous. quiff. weevil coeval. whiff Er Rif. jiff. salutiferous. knife. Fife. tiffin iffish \if-ish\ sniffish. seminiferous. iff. unbeliever overachiever. lactiferous. pro-life. splendiferous. bindle stiff. Liffey. hippogriff. misbeliever. febrific. lowlife. penknife. true-life. wifeless iter \i-far\ see ipher iferous \if-3r-as\ coniferous. spiff. nightlife. nurse-midwife. griffon. terrific. hieroglyph. stiffen. riff. floriferous. notoriety ietzsche \e-che\ see eachy ieu \xi\ see ew1 ieur \ir\ see eer iev \ef \ see ef 1 2 ific ife2 \ef\ see ief ifeless M-ftasN lifeless. cliff. vociferous carboniferous. spiffy ific \if-ik\ glyphic calcific. retriever. logogriph. sudoriferous iff \if\ biff. luciferous. misconceiver. oldwife. pacific. flickknife. Duncan Phyfe.183 contrariety. if. rife. what-if. conceiver. cleaver. pestiferous. horrific. odoriferous. specific. petroglyph iffany \if-a-ne\ see iphony iffe \if\ see iff iffed \ift\ see ift iff en \if-an\ see iff in iffey \if-e\ see iffy iffian \if-e-an\ Riffian Pecksniffian iff in \if-9n\ griffin. tiff. stiffish iffle \if-sl\ piffle. glyph. Riff. reaver. salvific. strife. Yellowknife 1 . swiftness iffon \if-an\ see iff in iffy \if-e\ iffy. vivific ievable \e-v3-bal\ see eivable ieval \e-val\ evil. Wiffle iffler \if-lar\ riffler. disbeliever. perceiver. underachiever ievish \e-vish\ see eevish ievo \e-vo\ see evo ievous \e-vas\ see evous ieze \ez\ see eze if1 \if \ see iff if2 \ef\ see ief1 ife \If \ fife. wildlife afterlife. antilife. stiff. wife alewife. spliff. half-life. skiffle. wakerife. jackknife. cliffy. riffle. strifeless. housewife. fishwife.

Great Rift. unshift. swift. stifle. LD 50 ig \ig\ big. pig. Grieg. shifty. calorific. shift. soporific. tigon igan 2 \ig-an\ see iggin igand \ig-and\ brigand. Vega. shoplifter ifth \ith\ see ith2 iftness \if-nas\ see iffness ifty \if-te\ drifty. brig. vigor. colorific. square-rigger thimblerigger iggered \ig-ard\ see iggard iggery \ig-a-re\ piggery. jig. vig. sudorific. vigour ditchdigger. gig. rej igger. spoondrift. spindrift. piggin. snifter. festschrift. trig.ifical anaglyphic. grift. jury-rig. omnificent ifle \i-fsl\ rifle. rigger. forklift. omega. gearshift. lime-twig. priggery. downshift. unrig caprifig. redshift. dig. beatific. gift. outrigger. thrift adrift. digamy polygamy igan 1 \i-gan\ ligan. viga Antigua. infra dig. WYSIWYG. Swift. rigor. swifter sceneshifter. refrigerant cobelligerent iggan \ig-an\ see iggin iggard \ig-ard\ niggard. Whig. shape-shifter. wifty fifty-fifty. snigger. bagwig. Whiggery iggie \ig-e\ see iggy iggin \ig-an\ biggin. twig. whirligig. prig. jigger. fifty. zig. shindig. wigan balbriggan . scientific. fig. shrift. face-lift. thrifty. ligand igas \i-g3s\ seeygous igate \ig-at\ see igot1 ige 1 \ezh\ siege prestige noblesse oblige ige 2 \ e j \ see iege 1 igel \ij-9l\ see igil igenous \ij-3-nas\ see iginous igeon \ij-an\ seeygian iger \I-gsr\ tiger braunschweiger igerent \ij-rant\ belligerent. wigged bewigged. hieroglyphic. wig. sift. hedgepig. thimblerig. uplift. frigorific. chigger. felicific. frameshift. squiffed. Zagazig thingamajig iga \e-ga\ Riga. rig. snowdrift. swigger. triggered —also -ed forms of verbs listed at igger igged \igd\ twigged. pontifical ificate \if-i-kat\ certificate. spendthrift. pontificate ificent \if-9-sant\ magnificent. lift. cat-rigged. sprig. trifle if ling \I-flirj\ rifling. bushpig. renege. tenebrific prescientific ifical \if-i-kal\ magnifical. bigwig. airlift. periwig. grig. square-rigged periwigged —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ig igger \ig-ar\ bigger. stifling. makeshift. earwig. trifling ift \ift\ drift. quadriga iga 2 \l-gs\ see aiga igamous \ig-9-m3s\ bigamous polygamous 1 184 igamy \ig-3-me\ bigamy. digger. honorific. shoplift. rift. swig. blueshift. trigger. upshift —also -ed forms of verbs listed at iff ifter \if-tar\ drifter. nifty. reneger.

jiggle. Rhode Island Staten Island Prince Edward Island ighlander \i-lan-d3r\ highlander. island. titan. Golan Heights —also -s. listed at ite1 ightsome Mt-ssnA lightsome delightsome ighty \It-e\ see ite2 igian \ij-9n\ see ygian igid \ij-sd\ Brigid. unsightly. Triton. tightly. tighten. wiggle. finitely. mightiness almightiness ighting \It-irj\ see iting ightless \it-tas\ flightless. lightener. farsighted.3 n\ brighten. despiteful. outrightly. sharp-sighted. weeknights Dolomites. spiteful. tritely. foresightful. rightly. sniggle. triton. knightly. sprightful delightful. united unrequited —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ite1 ighten \It. foresighted. lighten. houselights. priggish. forthrightly. wriggler iggy \ig-e\ biggie. benighted. whitener ightening \It-nirj\ see ightning ighter \it-ar\ see iter1 igilant ightful \It-f3l\ frightful. uprightly eruditely. shortsighted. sprightly. strigil. %. and -s' forms of nouns. Titan. Thailand Long Island. lightless. higgle. whited attrited. reconditely ightment Mt-msntX see itement ightning \It-nirj\ lightning. sighted. squiggle. politely. higgler. Highland.3 nt\ see itant ighton \it-9n\ see ighten ights \Its\ lights. nightly. sightless ightly \It-le\ brightly. ighlands \Manz\ Highlands Virgin Islands ighly \Me\ see yly ighness \i-nas\ see inus 1 ight \It\ see ite1 ightable Mt-a-balX see itable1 ighted \it-sd\ blighted. sightly. lightly. tights footlights. chitin. islander '%. nights. tightening belt-tightening —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ighten ightn't \lt. longsighted. whiten enlighten ightener \It-nsr\ brightener. Brighton. -'s. slightly. insightful ightie \lt-e\ see ite2 ightily \it. frigid. niggler. wriggle iggler \ig-tar\ giggler. frighten. Whiggish iggle \ig-al\ giggle. twiggy igh \I\ see y1 ighed \Id\ see ide1 ighland M-lsndX highland. clear-sighted. skylighted. piggy. sigil. rigid igil \ij-al\ Rigel.3 l-e\ flightily. wiggler.. tightener. nearsighted. fortnightly. impolitely. whitely contritely.185 iggish \ig-ish\ biggish. niggle. and -s forms of verbs. heighten. vigil residual igilant Xij-a-lantX vigilant acidulent . midnightly. piggish. chiton. mightily ightiness \It-e-nas\ flightiness. rightful.

realignment . prestigious. intrigue. religious irreligious igit \ij-3t\ see idget igitte \ij-at\ see idget iglet \ig-lat\ piglet. frigate. confinement. epigrapher. serigrapher igraphist \ig-ra-fsst\ calligraphist. consignment. Cygnus ignet \ig-nat\ see ygnet igning \I-nin\ see ining ignity \ig-nst-e\ dignity indignity.igine 186 ignon \in-yan\ see inion ignor \e-nyar\ see enior igo 1 \I-go\ Sligo prurigo vitiligo igo 2 \e-go\ see ego igoe \e-go\ see ego igon \I-gan\ see igan1 igor \ig-ar\ see igger igorous \ig-ras\ rigorous. fatigue. prodigious. epigraphist. Grieg. wiglet igm1 \im\ see im1 igm 2 \Im\ see ime1 igma \ig-ma\ sigma. indigenous. malignancy ignant \ig-nant\ benignant. vigorous igot1 \ig-at\ bigot. exiguous unambiguous igured \ig-ard\ see iggard ii \ i \ seey 1 iing \e-irj\ see eeing ija \e-js\ see egia ijah \I-ja\ Elijah steatopygia iji \e-je\ Fiji. polygraphist igraphy \ig-ra-fe\ calligraphy. squeteague wampumpeag iguer \e-gar\ see eager iguous \ig-y9-was\ ambiguous. stigma enigma. squeegee ijl \I1\ see lie1 igine \ij-a-ne\ polygyny aborigine iginous \ij-s-n9s\ caliginous. enshrinement. malignity ignly \In-le\ see inely 1 ignment \In-m3nt\ alignment. kerygma igment \ig-mant\ figment. malignant igned \Ind\ see ind1 igneous \ig-ne-as\ igneous. assignment. contiguous. garigue. league blitzkrieg. indignant. polygynous. vertiginous igion \ij-an\ see ygian igious \ij-as\ litigious. ligneous igner \i-nar\ see iner1 igness \ig-nss\ bigness. colleague. polygrapher. epigraphy pseudepigraphy igua \e-gs\ see iga1 igue \eg\ gigue. pigment ign \In\ see ine1 ignable M-na-balX see inable ignancy \ig-nan-se\ benignancy. gigot. fuliginous. spigot igot 2 \ik-at\ see icket igour \ig-ar\ see igger igrapher Xig-ra-fsrX calligrapher. refinement nonalignment.

wifelike. winglike berrylike. prooflike. hilar. styler. Vandyke. turnpike. Frederica. bifilar. mike. unlike. -'s. Tanganyika bibliotheca ika2 \I-ka\ see ica1 ike1 \I-ke\ crikey. thunderstrike. piked. motorbike. profiler. suchlike. ten-strike. spiky ike2 \ik\ bike. handspike. mislike. eureka. sike. businesslike. belike. sheaflike. Psyche. gilbert. miler. pike. and -s' forms of nouns. flier. stylar. Viking shunpiking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ike2 ikker \ik-ar\ see icker1 iky \I-ke\ see ike1 il1 \il\ see ill il2 \el\ see e a r iia1 \il-a\ see ilia iia2 \ e . Fredericka. dislike. freestyler. and -s forms of verbs. dike. hiker. listed at ike ikey \I-ke\ see ike1 ikh \ek\ see eak 1 iki1 \ik-e\ see icky iki2 \e-ke\ see eaky iking \I-kirj\ liking. marlinespike. restrike. fly-strike. silage ilah \i-ta\ see iia3 ilament \il-9-mant\ filament habiliment monofilament ilar \I-lsr\ dialer. piker. strike.b \ see ela 1 iia3 \ I . striking. Gilbert ilby \il-be\ trilby astilbe ilch1 \ilk\ see ilk . marlinspike. ladylike. trike. haik. smiler. stockpiler ilary \il-a-re\ see illary ilate \I-bt\ see Not ilbe \il-be\ see ilby ilbert \il-bart\ filbert. filar. Dominica. garpike. machinelike. workmanlike unsportsmanlike iked1 \ikt\ liked. Klondike. godlike. spike. defiler. shrike. soundalike. scalelike. Nike. striker disliker. womanlike. shunpike. rampike. Tyler beguiler. Topeka Costa Rica. psych. minibike. catlike. hike. look-alike. tyke alike. spiked vandyked —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ike2 iked 2 \I-kad\ see ycad iken \I-ksn\ see ichen1 iker \I-kar\ biker.187 ijn \In\ see ine1 ijssel \I-S3\ see isal ik1 \ik\ see ick ik2 \ek\ see eak ika1 \e-ks\ pika. homelike. hitchhike. theca areca. duiker. warlike. push-bike. compiler. shunpiker minibiker ilch ikes \Iks\ yikes —also -s. childlike. like. paprika. spiker. lifelike. clocklike. oiticica. caique. rottweiler. Mike. diker. fatherlike.b \ Lila Delilah ilae \i-le\ see yly Mage \I-lij\ mileage. Scafell Pike. pealike. hitchhiker. rubberlike. fyke. tiler. Updike.

wile abseil. upbuilder bodybuilder. sectile. viol. Wilder ilding \il-dirj\ building. retrial. ensile. homophile. vibratile. audiophile. refractile. labile. roil. audile. fluviatile. worthwhile afebrile. reptile. wildly ile1 \fl\ aisle. boatbuilder. while. retractile. Miles. Western Isles ileum \il-e-3m\ see ilium iley \I-le\ see yly ilford \il-fard\ Milford.ilch ilch 2 \ilch\ filch. nucleophile ile 2 \il\ see ill ile 3 \e-le\ see eely ile 4 \el\ see eal 2 ile 5 \il-e\ see illy1 Mead \il-e-ad\ see iliad ileage \I-lij\ see ilage ileal \il-e-al\ see ilial1 ileless \Il-l3s\ guileless. self-denial. senile. compile. discophile. flexile. scissile. vial. style. I'll. awhile. epistyle. anile. piled. bibliophile. pantiled. woodpile. stepchild —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ile1 ild2 \il\ see ill ild3 \ilt\ see ilt ild4 \ild\ see illed ilda \il-ds\ Hilda. milch. habile. amphiprostyle. 1 188 pensile. reconcile. otherwhile. motile.b r \ see ealer iler2 \I-lar\ see ilar iles \Ilz\ Giles. beguile. Kabyle. servile. low-profile. sandpile. utile. penile. life-style. crocodile. pedophile. Francophile. infantile. Rothschild. mercantile. man-child. juvenile. hilding abuilding. puerile. erectile. phial. wilder bewilder. rile. percentile. stockpile. schoolchild. interfile. decile. zilch ild \Hd\ mild. peristyle. tilde. genial. Wilda ilde1 \il-da\ see ilda ilde 2 \Hd\ see ild1 ilder 1 \il-dsr\ builder. virile. Slavophile. extensile. guile. stile. revile. chamomile. jerry-builder ilder 2 \Il-dar\ milder. fictile. lisle. Kyle. technopile. smileless Her1 \ e . denial. stabile. mile. espial. quartile. pulsatile. xenophile ailurophile. typestyle. tile. contractile. fragile. resile. shipbuilding bodybuilding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at illed ildish \Il-dish\ childish. Nile. isle. Anglophile. Argyll. Wilde brainchild. gentile. quintile. grandchild. thermopile. axile. febrile. hog-wild. shipbuilder. erstwhile. mildly. airmobile. meanwhile. Lyle. vile. gracile. mobile. Gallophile. Wilford . unpile. trial. prehensile. projectile. file. protractile. smile. pileless. wild. exile. nubile. urostyle. Italophile. docile. domicile. Germanophile. vagile. ductile. guilder. wildish ildly \fld-le\ childly. wilder. turophile. bile. fissile. gilder. tactile. hairstyle. spile. endostyle. halophile. faille. sessile. dial. aedile. turnstile. argyle. condyle. Blue Nile. Carlyle. mistrial. versatile. Niles Wade-Giles British Isles. spermophile. enisle. textile. de Stijl. agile. gilding. heterophile. cross-file. tensile. sundial. pantile. godchild. oenophile. freestyle. pile. erewhile. redial. futile. electrophile. self-styled. profile. defile. hypostyle. outbuilding.

cilia Cecelia. fragility. forgeability. necrophilic. lability. playability. scurrility. gracility. leachability. suability. imbecility. drinkability. countability. mailability. gullibility. incivility. flexibility. miscibility. laudability. civility. Cecilia. packability. juvenility. exilic. idyllic. docility. piling. sensibilia memorabilia ilia2 \il-ya\ Brasilia. cutability. gentility. equability. notability. drillability. spiling. pedophilia. coprophilia. allylic. basophilia. ileal familial. crocodilian. nobility. indocility. supercilious ilip \il-ap\ see illip ilitant \il-3-tant\ militant rehabilitant ility \il-at-e\ ability. brushability. meltability. sectility. tiling hairstyling iling 2 \e-lirj\ see eeling ilion1 Xil-yarA see illion ilion 2 \il-e-an\ see ilian1 ilious 1 \il-e-9s\ punctilious supercilious materfamilias. humility. hemophilia. postexilic. vespertilian ilian2 Xil-ysrA see illion ilias \il-e-9s\ see ilious1 iliate \il-e-st\ ciliate affiliate ilic \il-ik\ killick acrylic. legibility. reptilian Abbevillian. silicon. pedophilic. breathability. durability. Iliad balm of Gilead ilial \il-e-al\ filial. inutility. curability. preexilian. formability. disability. stability. frangibility. hostility. tranquility. futility. drapability. liability. senility. credibility. motility. nubility. plausibility. culpability. disutility. virility actability. fallibility. Massilia Anglophilia. styling. immobility. inability. portability.189 ili1 \il-e\ see illy1 Hi \e-le\ see eely ilia1 \il-e-a\ Celia. capability. Cyrillic. changeability. necrophilia. friability. erectility. infertility. tactility. Lillian Basilian. sensibilia memorabilia ilia3 \el-ys\ see elia iliad \il-e-ad\ Gilead. debility. arability. agility. instability. Ilian. infantility. fertility. livability. anility. facility. utility. paterfamilias ilious 2 \il-yas\ bilious atrabilious. feasibility. likability. neophilia. bearability. crossability. . dyeability. mobility. fiammability. unfilial ilian1 \il-e-an\ Gillian. affability. ductility. possibility. fishability. sterility. edibility. placability. contractility. coilability. sedilia bougainvillea. zoophilic bibliophilic ilica \il-i-ks\ silica basilica ilican \il-i-kan\ see ilicon ilicon \il-i-kan\ Millikan. hemophilic. biddability. sibylic amphiphilic. juvenilia. Anglophilic. mutability. audibility. movability. dactylic. spillikin basilican ferrosilicon ilience \il-yans\ see illiance iliency Vl-yan-seA see illiancy ilient \il-ysnt\ brilliant resilient 2 ility iliment Xil-a-msntX see ilament iling1 \I-lirj\ filing. vagility.

equitability. contractibility. printability. deterrability. applicability. insensibility. impeccability. transportability. penetrability. treatability. openability.ility potability. cultivability. prehensility. survivability. invincibility. educability. divisibility. permissibility. palatability. maintainability. perishability. viability. merchantability. formidability. transferability. accessibility. measurability. tolerability. presentability. improvability. responsibility. collapsibility. tenability. damageability. solvability. testability. excitability. contemptibility. trafficability. erasability. expendability. volatility. explosibility. deniability. destructibility. machinability. renewability. visibility. suppressibility. incredibility. solubility. manageability. reversability. confirmability. admirability. fashionability. violability. advisability. irascibility. ineffability. refundability. resistibility. demonstrability. corruptibility. dissolubility. suggestability. dispensability. inflexibility. permeability. compatibility. infeasibility. respectability. controllability. availability. fatigability. exportability. appealability. reasonability. accountability. comparability. detachability. believability. impassability. modulability. tunability. sewability. washability. impossibility. reputability. dissociability. amenability. implacability. traceability. approachability. reliability. negligibility. infusibility. acceptability. risibility. decidability. stainability. immiscibility. combustability. supportability. illegibility. adorability. salability. amicability. invisibility. convertibility. usability. habitability. puerility. 190 extractibility. dependability. inductibility. corrigibility. perdurability. navigability. sustainability. computability. separability. agreeability. operability. admissibility. impressibility. vulnerability. fissionability. preservability. weatherability . distensibility. wettability. sociability. susceptibility. translatability. reusability. knowledgeability. assumability. preferability. pregnability. infrangibility. digestibility. impassibility. performability. dilatability. roadability. indelibility. employability. shareability. compressability. exchangeability. desirability. erodability. inflammability. vendability. detonability. spreadability. immovability. irritability. unthinkability. amiability. inaudibility. insolubility. attainability. serviceability. impalpability. enforceability. marketability. infallibility. wearability. perceptibility. nonflammability. opposability. punishability. filterability. versatility. sensibility. transplantability. defensibility. repeatability. retrievability. automobility. processibility. severability. unflappability. variability. squeezability. salvageability. immutability. affectability. detectability. extrudability. untouchability. implausibility. extensibility. expansibility. electability. deductibility. distractibility. conceivability. readability. transmissibility. pleasurability. practicability. compensability. excludability. adoptability. alterability. workability absorbability. insurability. impregnability. improbability. defeasibility. exhaustibility. conductability. perfectibility. adjustability. programmability. delectability. preventability. disposability. stretchability. probability. adaptability. eligibility. incapability. intangibility. heritability.

recoverability. whippoorwill. impermeability. cranesbill. ineluctability. molehill. irreproachability. indefatigability. incorrigibility. communicability. invariability. inapplicability. enumerability. incontrovertibility. de Mille. impracticability. handbill. spadille. milium. till. uphill. negotiability. irresistibility. incontestability. stockstill. indivisibility. landfill. sheathbill. hill. winter-kill. distill. til. illimitability. ilk. crossbill. decomposability. thill. irresponsibility. incommensurability. indubitability. hawksbill. incommunicability. silk buttermilk. deskill. undesirability. waybill. gristmill. indomitability. unreal. inconvertibility. Melville. swill. deshabille. irretrievability. foothill. roadkill. playbill. irreducibility. reprehensibility. Brazil. inalienability. sawmill. Knoxville. disrespectability. irreversibility. T-bill. invulnerability. windowsill. Bill. irrevocability. still. incomprehensibility. fulfill. Jacksonville. spoonbill. daffodil. sild. inconceivability. irrepealability. Granville. escadrille. irreformability. mil. goodwill. quadrille. refill. silky ill \il\ bill.191 alienability. comprehensibility. drill. Francophil. overkill. codifiability. downhill. waxbill. inevitability. Jill. insociability. Evansville. ill. dullsville. fiberfill. Hooverville. verticil. chill. treadmill. unacceptability. Churchill. irreplaceability. sidehill. mudsill. Catskill. grille. indefinability. reproducibility. nill. distinguishability. Seville. inadvisability. indispensability. substitutability. inadmissibility. incombustibility. kill. sill. recognizability. inaccessibility. Nashville. doorsill. milch. biodegradability. standstill. inheritability. frill. commensurability. irrepressibility. ileum. run-of-the-mill . inextricability. Yggdrasil acidophil. stabile. incompatibility. shoebill. understandability. intelligibility. differentiability. Phil. verifiability biocompatability. irrefutability. Nizhni Togil. indigestibility. unaccountability. pill. impenetrability. ivorybill. freewill. duckbill. insusceptibility. indefensibility. imponderability. gill. ilium. prill. hypnotizability. milker ilky \il-ke\ milky. Will anthill. indefeasibility. dunghill. assimilability. inexhaustibility. de Toqueville. inexpressibility. rill. insatiability. until. grill. irremovability. windchill. impermissibility. overspill. ineligibility. will. backfill. trillium beryllium penicillium ilk \ilk\ bilk. trill. deliverability. incompressibility. Huntsville. incalculability. shrill. indestructibility. mill. chlorophyll. krill. self-will. dill. razorbill. intolerability. irreconcilability. inexplicability. dishabille. Louisville. incorruptibility. lambkill. bluegill. quill. rectifiability. imperishability. milk. manille. storksbill. spill. squill. no-till. inseparability. exceptionability. shill. incomparability. vill. ineradicability. impressionability. indistinguishability. Libreville. thrill. rototill. overfill. hornbill. analyzability. minoxydil. windmill Brazzaville. interoperability. twill. skill. discriminability. liebfraumilch ilker \il-kar\ bilker. limekiln. inalterability. Ilium. polarizability. indissolubility. manipulability. nil. mille. fill. interchangeability. espadrille. vaudeville. minimill. ineffaceability. sigil. instill. tormentil. maneuverability. irreproducibility ill ilium \il-e-am\ cilium. brill. dentil. ineducability.

chiller. scintilla. cascarilla. guerrilla. Camilla. drilled. willful unskillful illi1 \il-e\ see illy1 illi2 \e-le\ see eely illian1 \il-e-9n\ see ilian1 illian2 \il-yan\ see illion illiance \il-yans\ brilliance resilience illiancy \il-y9n-se\ brilliancy resiliency illiant \il-y9nt\ see ilient 1 2 illain \il-sn\ see illon illar \il-ar\ see iller illary \il-a-re\ Hilary. rillet. filler. twilled. spoonbilled. skilled. distillery illes \il-ez\ see illies illet \il-at\ billet. sabadilla. gild. potentilla. millet. miller. overbuild. squilla. cedilla. Miller. schiller. tillable disyllable. megillah. papilla. refillable. rebuild. willet distillate illful \il-fal\ skillful. Lesser Antilles Netherlands Antilles ille \el\ see eal illea \il-y9\ see ilia2 illed \ild\ build. wergild jerry-build. fillet. Priscilla. Aquila. sarsaparilla ilia3 \e-a\ see ia1 ilia4 \el-ya\ see elia ilia5 \e-l9\ see ela 1 illable \il-3-bal\ billable. Hillary. monosyllable. pillage. goodwilled. vanilla camarilla. perilla. sapodilla. hiller. distiller. gold-filled. Willa ancilla. flotilla. tillage. griller. skillet. Attila. unbuild. upbuild. Antilles Greater Antilles. tiller. syllable. granadilla. fillable. Rototiller —also -er forms of adjectives listed at\\\ illery \il-re\ pillory artillery. guild. swiller. thriller. willed .I'll I'll \I1\ see ile1 ilia \e-ys\ barilla. pillar. painkiller. polysyllable hendecasyllable illage \il-ij\ grillage. village no-tillage. manila. spillable. villa. phyllary codicillary i I late \il-9t\ see illet ille1 \il\ see ill ille \ e \ see ee 3 2 illick \il-ik\ see ilic illie \il-e\ see illy1 illies \il-ez\ willies Achilles. Manila. axilla. engild. gorilla. Scylla. chinchilla. quesadilla Ilia2 \il-9\ scilla. self-willed. driller. killer. fulfiller. trisyllable decasyllable. millage. unskilled. octosyllable. giller. von Schiller caterpillar. semiskilled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ill illedness \il-ngs\ see ilness illein \il-an\ see illon iller \il-ar\ biller. spiller. spillage. drillable. lady-killer. gilled. triller axillar. cuadrilla banderilla. pralltriller. dilled. permillage Greenwich Village illah \il-a\ see ilia 2 1 192 Brynhild.

Willie. Chile. reptilian. lily. Caerphilly. nonillion. willing fulfilling. -'s. tredecillion. drilling. peccadillo. postilion. sexdecillion. willowy ills \ilz\ Black Hills. sextillion. novemdecillion.193 —also -s. phyllo Iloilo ilom M-larrA see ilum iloquence \il-3-kwans\ grandiloquence. twilling. schilling. chilly. million. vermilion crocodilian. armadillo. spine-chilling. tamarillo illo2 \e-6\ see io2 illon \il-9n\ billon. dilly. killing. tornillo Amarillo. hilly. undecillion. hillbilly piccalilli. Castilian. illy. Millie. stillness illo1 \il-6\ billow. toubillion. illness. civilian. villous. decillion. Milo. chili. quindecillion. frilly. septillion. skilling. and -s' forms of nouns listed at illy1 illikan \il-i-kan\ see ilicon illikin \il-i-kan\ see ilicon illin1 \il-3m\ see ilium illin2 \il-an\ see illon illing \il-irj\ billing. zillion caecilian. unwilling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at\\\ illion \il-ysn\ billion. Maximilian. octodecillion. pillowy. and -s forms of verbs. Lily. villein tefillin penicillin amoxycillin illory \il-re\ see illery illous \il-as\ see illus illow1 \il-a\ see ilia2 illow2 \il-6\ see illo1 iloquy illowy \il-3-we\ billowy. Scilly. Lillian. cotillion. Lillie. shilling. really. octillion. stilly iln1 \il\ see ill iln2 \iln\ kiln. Philip illis \il-9s\ see illus illium \il-e-9m\ see ilium illness \il-n9s\ chillness. vigintillion duodecillion. quadrillion. magniloquent iloquist \il-9-kwast\ soliloquist. milling. guidwillie. willow Negrillo. Willis bacillus. stilly. Dylan. gillie. shrillness. quintillion. pillion. and -s' forms of nouns. centillion. trillion. vespertilian. fusilli. cigarillo. no-frills Alban Hills —also -s. filling. rockabilly. silly. vaudevillian. modillion. filly. willy-nilly illy2 \il-le\ shrilly. magniloquence iloquent \il-3-kwant\ grandiloquent. pillow. Quintilian. preexilian. billy. lapillus amaryllis toga virilis illy1 \il-e\ Billie. listed at ill ilium \il-3m\ chillum vexillum illus \il-as\ Phyllis. ventriloquist iloquy \il-a-kwe\ soliloquy. coyotillo. -'s. Uilleann. silo ilo 2 \e-lo\ helo. Milne ilne \iln\ see iln2 ilo1 \I-16\ milo. ventriloquy . Willy bacilli. phyllo. villain. septendecillion quattuordecillion illip \il-ap\ fillip. daylily. pavilion. kilo. jillion.

thimble. inbuilt. uptilt carvel-built. milty. wimble imbo \im-bo\ bimbo.3 n\ Hilton. clinker-built. bloodguilt. eponym. xylem asylum ilus \i-las\ eyeless. whim bedim. symbol. nim. jilt. Kim. shim. limb. grime. underbrim ad interim. prim. Milton. heteronym . kiltie. tieless ily1 \i-le\ seeyly ily \il-e\ see illy 2 1 194 im 2 \em\ see earn 1 I'm \Im\ see ime1 ima \e-ma\ see ema imable M-ma-balX climable sublimable. tzimmes image \im-ij\ image. synonym. gilt. climb. mim. lime. silt. gym. paronym. islet. skim. scrim. dim. unclimbable imace \im-as\ grimace. clime. unbuilt. phylum. passim. gimbal. toponym. timber sawtimber. whimbrel imbus Xim-bssX limbus. guilt. disme. marimba imbable M-ma-balX see imable imbal \im-bal\ see imble imbale Xim-balX see imble imbed \imd\ limbed. vim. forelimb. timbal. custombuilt. dime. limn. milter. tilth iltie \il-te\ see ilty Mton \ilt. nimble. prelim. lilt. limbo akimbo gumbo-limbo imbral \am-brsl\ see ambrel imbre \am-bar\ see ambar 2 imbrel \im-br3l\ timbrel. stilt. glim. pilus. paradigm. Brunhild. Grimm. seraphim. swim. grim. milt. im1 \im\ bream. grilse. hilt. Jim. anonym. kilt. hilum. him. dislimn. hymn. homebuilt. stylus. spilth. nimbus ime 1 \Im\ chime. antonym. scrimmage self-image afterimage iman Xe-marA see emon 1 imate \i-mat\ climate. wilt atilt. tautonym. purpose-built ilter \il-tar\ filter. rim. Purim. Wilton ilty \il-te\ guilty. philter off-kilter Mth \ilth\ filth. crime. slim. pilot. homonym. whilom. snapbrim acronym. primate acclimate imb1 \im\ see im1 imb 2 \im\ see ime1 imba \im-ba\ limba kalimba. trim. pseudonym. silty bloodguilty ilum M-bmX filum. Tim. Nils ilse \ils\ see ils ilt \ilt\ built. Sikkim. kilter. brim. rebuilt. timbale. tilt. stylet copilot autopilot.ilot ilot \i-lat\ eyelet. Pontius Pilate ils \ils\ fils. rimmed clean-limbed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at im1 imber1 \im-bar\ limber. unlimber imber 2 M-marX see imer1 imble \im-bal\ cymbal. quilt. metonym. Stilton. slim-jim. Pilate. I'm.

mealtime. lysozyme. pastime. primer. downtime. sypersymmetry imian \im-e-an\ Simeon.195 mime. peacetime. enzyme. -'s. old-timer. simian Endymion. unanimity pusillanimity imitz \im-its\ see imits . Mannheim. magnanimity. Anaheim. Christmastime. Simon imeon \im-e-9n\ see imian imeous M-mssX see imis imer1 M-marX chimer. kiimmel imeless \Im-las\ rhymeless. prime. foretime. sometime. gimmal. liminal subliminal supraliminal iminal2 \im-n9l\ see ymnal iminy \im-9-ne\ see imony imis \I-mas\ primus. rhymer. perimeter. meantime. synonymical. sometimes betweentimes. timely untimely imen M-manX flyman. wintertime nickel-and-dime ime 2 \em\ see earn 1 imel \im-9l\ gimel. springtime. toponymical imicry \im-i-kre\ gimmickry. limiter. schooltime. tachymeter imetry \im-3-tre\ symmetry gravimetry polarimetry. limen. thyme. listed at ime imes 2 \em\ see earn 1 imitz imeter \im-3t-ar\ dimeter. timeless imely \Im-le\ primely. double-time. mimicry imilar \im-3-l9r\ similar dissimilar imile \im-9-le\ simile. dinnertime. anytime. old-time. summertime. mimer. inimitable imitar \im-9t-9r\ see imeter imiter \im-9t-9r\ see imeter imits \im-its\ limits. lunchtime. monorhyme. sublimity anonymity. begrime. stime. timer. sublimer. space-time. playtime. beforetime. and -s forms of verbs. overtime. noontime. equanimity. ragtime. trimer full-timer. halftime. Maytime. longtime. two-timer wisenheimer imer2 \im-3r\ see immer imerick \im-rik\ see ymric imes 1 \Imz\ times betimes. quicklime. twotime. untimeous imitable \im-at-3-b3l\ imitable illimitable. wartime aftertime. timeous imprimis. longanimity. paradigm. part-time. Jotunheim. Hymen. trimeter altimeter. Lyman. hymen. delimiter. seedtime. all-time. uptime. thymus. sublime. small-timer. slime. rime. harvesttime. metonymical. climber. onetime. daytimes. prosimian imic \im-ik\ see ymic2 imical \im-i-kal\ inimical. swimmily facsimile iminal1 \im-9n. birdlime. bedtime. teatime. synonymity. nighttime. Nimitz imity \im-9t-e\ dimity proximity. scimitar.3 l\ criminal. flextime. time airtime. dreamtime. rhyme. oftentimes —also -s. smalltime. maritime. daytime. dimer. lifetime. big time. and -s' forms of nouns. pseudonymity. pantomime.

tailspin. step-in. guimpe. sharkskin. fin. hasbeen. shoo-in. tie-in. Nankin. look-in. herein. capeskin. live-in. lead-in. linn. lobefin. fill-in. kidskin. tholepin. limey. akin. Berlin. Corinne. simply impy \im-pe\ crimpy. whimsy imulus \im-ya-tas\ limulus. check-in. woolskin. Jilin. limner. shimmy. buckskin. inn. sidespin. tuned-in. Boleyn. bin. write-in immickry \im-i-kre\ see imicry immily \im-9-le\ see imile immy \im-e\ gimme. krimmer. Kerin. wyn. Benin. foreskin. deerskin. trade-in. Chongjin. threadfin. slimsy. skin. in. no-win. Finn. chagrin. teach-in. shrimper. imp. cave-in. kingpin. hin. stand-in. lambskin. sit-in. saimin. agin. duckpin. love-in. take-in. ruin. run-in. grin. shut-in. twin. sin. cut-in. shin. crimp. Lynn. thin. Shin. built-in. gimp. whimper imping Njm-panX seeympan impish \im-pish\ blimpish. limp. swimmer. Pekin. scarfpin. tiepin. snakeskin. pinyin. Guilin. spin. close-in. tap-in. pimply. unpin. chimp. rimy. break-in. slimy. simper. fade-in. doeskin. limmer.imm imm \im\ see im1 immable \im-a-b9l\ dimmable. gin. primer. simple. tin. thymy old-timey in1 \in\ been. throw-in. munchkin. limby. limy. wineskin. coonskin. wimp impe \imp\ see imp imper \im-par\ limper. skimmer. wherein. pimple. walk-in. pigskin. tip-in. begin. stymie. lived-in. lie-in. pushpin. shimmer. phone-in. burn-in. win. wimple oversimple imply \im-ple\ dimply. swanskin. stimulus imus M-masX see imis imy \I-me\ grimy. toe-in. impish . wimpy imsy \im-ze\ flimsy. yin. jimmy. clothespin. plug-in. linchpin. slimmer. tenpin. simp. limply. shrimp. moleskin. bowfin. blin. backspin. drive-in. zin again. hairpin. trimmer —also -er forms of adjectives listed at im1 immes \im-as\ see imace immick \im-ik\ see ymic 2 196 imple \im-pal\ dimple. calfskin. simmer. chin. shrimpy. headpin. bearskin. within. all-in. set-in. dimmer. dustbin. locked-in. turn-in. Gwyn. swimmy imn \im\ see im1 imner \im-ar\ see immer imo \e-mo\ primo sentimo imon Xi-msnX see imen imony \im-a-ne\ simony niminy-piminy imothy \im-3-the\ timothy. whin. gimpy. crankpin. pin. oilskin. stickpin. kin. Lynne. Timothy polymathy imp \imp\ blimp. din. scrimp. skimpy. scrimpy. pimp. therein. sleepin. primp. goatskin. swimmable immage \im-ij\ see image immal \im-3l\ see imel imme \i-me\ see immy immed \imd\ see imbed immer \im-3r\ brimmer. ninepin. skimp. drop-in. weigh-in. Harbin. glimmer. scarfskin. sheepskin. sealskin.

South Carolina ina2 \e-ns\ Deena. since. platina. tinselly incer \in-ch3r\ see incher inch \inch\ chinch. spinally matutinally inary \I-na-re\ binary. Taormina. flinch. Ha-erh-pin. plena. shinsplints Port-au-Prince ince 2 \ans\ see ance 3 incely \in-sle\ princely.197 candlepin. trinal. euglena. Christina. definable. javelina. novena. serin coq au vin. Poland China North Carolina. grinch. final. Carolina. spinal. semolina. penny-pincher Doberman pinscher inching \in-chirj\ unflinching . Teresina. vena. Tina. piscina. salina. Filipina. Kristina. prince. Chianina. Angelina.3 l-e\ clinally. Petain. finally.3 l\ see enal inally \In.3 l\ clinal. vina arena. Ina. concertina. fontina. retsina. underspin. Rodin. shechinah. verbena Agrippina. cavatina. inclinable indeclinable. moulin. marina. onionskin. kamaaina. wincher affenpinscher. Mickey Finn. patina. rhinal. Heine. Ho Chi Minh. Medina. Edwina. sonatina. evince. Shina. nandina. ballerina. lyncher. angina. Dena. Shechinah. salina. hyena. catilena. Lohengrin. clinch. sestina. Messina. catena. squinch. kachina. Regina. Carolina. Rowena. Wilhelmina Herzegovina. Indochina. signorina. pincer. casuarina. Marina. unclinch incher \in-chsr\ clincher. vinca Mandinka incal \in-k9l\ see inkle incan \irj-kan\ Incan Lincoln ince 1 \ins\ blintz. piscina. Dina. chintz. Gauguin. Dinah. cantina. violin. officinal. hawfinch. corvina. Strait of Messina inable M-na-balX minable consignable. amberina. corbina. vinyl matutinal. pinch. flincher. Lena. doyen. serotinal inal2 \en. Vietminh. Argentina. Tianjin. maximin. Inca. Mazarin in5 \an\ see un1 ina1 \I-na\ china. underpin. palanquin. greenfinch. winch bullfinch. trinary inas 1 \I-nas\ see inus1 inas 2 \e-nas\ see enus 1 i native \in-9t-iv\ see initive inc \irjk\ see ink inca \irj-ka\ Dinka. fleur de coin. vagina Cochin China. rinse. Saint Helena. inch. mince. nandina. quince. Nina. medina. catechin. indefinable n inching inach \in-ich\ Greenwich. subpoena. pincher. semifinal. cinch. Pallas Athena. Palestrina. Katerina. czarina. kina. lynch. Regina. finch. Athena. mandolin. Catalina. quarterfinal. mynah Aegina. farina. Lucina. whipper-in canthaxanthin in 2 \en\ see ine 3 in3 \an\ see an 5 in \a \ Chopin. wince convince. coup de main. lying-in. Pasadena. declinable. coquina. China. ocarina. goldfinch. Georgina. mina. spinach inah1 \e-na\ see ina2 inah 2 \I-na\ see ina1 inal1 \In.

precinct. grind. instinctive indistinctive incture \in-ch3r\ cincture. stem-winder. downwind. evil-minded. humankind. find. prescind. netminder. nonaligned. weak-minded absentminded. extinction contradistinction inctive \irj-tiv\ distinctive. finder. tinder indful \In-f3l\ mindful remindful. mastermind. toughminded. Melinda Samarinda indar \in-dar\ see inder 2 inded 1 \in-d9d\ minded. principle. hoodman-blind. mincing convincing unconvincing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ince1 incipal Xin-sa-balX see incible incipie \in-s3-bal\ see incible inck \irjk\ see ink incky \irj-ke\ see inky incoln \irj-k9n\ see incan inct \int\ linked. upwind. exscind. unwind color-blind. hinder. rescind. narrow-minded. smallminded. civicminded. behind. confined. long-winded. right-minded. hinder. vincible evincible. reminder. tincture ind1 \Ind\ bind. succinct. tender-minded —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ind1 inded 2 \in-dad\ brinded. unaligned. extinct. spellbinder. minder. wynd affined. whirlwind. faultfinder. sand-blind. streamlined. ring binder. strong-minded. unbind. night-blind. blind. unmindful ine1 . spined. crosswind. Pindar. socialminded. well-defined. wind. like-minded. stone-blind. rinded broad-minded. undersigned. highminded. simpleminded. double-blind.incible penny-pinching —also -ing forms of verbs listed at 198 ind 2 \ind\ finned. soft-finned. Sind. self-binder. winder bookbinder. blinder. single-minded. Ind. inclined. snowblind. rewind. unlinked indistinct inction Xirj-shsnX distinction. unkind. purblind. tamarind —also -ed forms of verbs listed at in inch incible \in-s3-bal\ principal. gavelkind. in-kind. viewfinder organ-grinder —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ind1 inder2 \in-dar\ cinder. highbinder. womankind —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ind \int\ see int inda \in-d9\ Linda Lucinda. refined. spellbind. spiny-finned. low-minded. instinct. fair-minded. hind. bloody-minded. large-minded. gravel-blind. invincible inconvincible incing \in-sirj\ ginseng. feebleminded. wind buckskinned. pathfinder. kinked. extinctive. signed. rind. short-winded broken-winded —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ind2 inder1 \In-d9r\ binder. grinder. thin-skinned. kind. sidewinder. skinned. open-minded. mind. thick-skinned. tinct distinct. remind. single-blind. tined. woodwind Amerind.

lindy. straight-line. waistline. pontine. carmine. leonine. hairline. feline. spine. in-line. sunshine. resign. gregarine. repine. dragline. dwindle. ensign. bovine. interline. cytokine. plotline. divine. old-line. branchline. clandestine. shine. shindy. windy Rawalpindi ine1 \In\ bine. supine. rind. buntline. Rhein. guideline. landline. hard-line. faultfinding. longline. time-line. strandline. Main. towline. trine. dine. touchline. compline. driveline. cervine. tie-line. kindness purblindness. reline. streamline. . spline. earthshine. kine. monkeyshine. endocrine. syndic indie \in-de\ see indy inding \In-dirj\ binding. Johannine. setline. sideline. define. chine. rapine. shrine. fineness. finding. dateline. kindle. jawline. Bernstein. cutline. crystalline. outline. outshine. Hindi. refine. eiswein. zayin. pine. shoreline. brine. Pauline. Pennine. pathfinding. spineless indling1 \in-lsn\ pindling. recline. enshrine. calcimine. deadline. countersign. vulpine. Sabine. lang syne. airline. Angeline. androgyne. piscine. swindle enkindle indless \In-bs\ kindless. kindling indling 2 \ind-lirj\ dwindling. alkaline. Stein. intertwine. Holstein. affine. condign. off-line. ferine. fescennine. colubrine. zebrine aerodyne. lupine. muscadine. spindle. Rhine. redline. Byzantine. Sixtine. entwine. tramline. roofline. ursine. quinine. trotline. catarrhine. mindless. gantline. headline. assign. anticline. stem-winding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ind1 indlass \in-bs\ see inless indie \in-d 3 l\ brindle. unkindness loving-kindness indowed \in-dad\ see inded 2 indus \in-das\ Indus. opine. thine. nine. propine. subline. spellbinding. untwine. falconine. coastline. design. eyen. fine. Pindus indy \in-de\ Cindy. Catiline. turbine. hipline. hemline. baseline. porcine. Frankenstein. tine. topline. fraulein. clothesline. confine. ethyne. indie. anodyne. midline. tumpline. combine. canine. lifeline. disincline. mine. vespine. Liechtenstein. fact-finding. Einstein. eglantine. whine. Caroline. incline. concubine. mainline. decline. self-winding. Line. me beeline. byline. Cisalpine. twine. infantine. corvine. cline. truckline. balkline. celandine. malign. dyne. centerline. sign. line. opaline. bustline. syne. breadline. frontline. taurine. stein. iodine. saline. vine. moonshine. grapevine. Jain. benign. cisalpine. ovine. consign. calamine. anserine. carbine. caprine. potline. columbine. alkyne. borderline. Holbein. alpine. auld lang syne. exocrine. Constantine. trapline. strychnine. Columbine. align. pindling. woodbine. equine. Petrine. bloodline. pipeline. skyline. winding bookbinding. moline. countermine. wine A-line. bowline. asinine. ridgeline. kindling.199 indhi \in-de\ see indy indi \in-de\ see indy indie \in-dik\ Indie. swine. syncline. trephine. soft-line. Sindhi. aquiline. Pontine. bottomline. argentine. indign. spindling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at indie1 indly1 \in-le\ see inly indly2 \m-le\ see inely1 indness \fn-n9s\ blindness.

Carlene. indigene. between. silkaline. guillotine. Jolene. citrine. takin. shin. porcupine. careen. Darlene. riverine. baleen. Essene. Jeannine. Colleen. mousseline. holstein. saccharine. Holstein. Eugene. nicotine. sheen. Josephine. Miocene. Borodin. naphthene. gadarene. palatine. Justine. cotquean. organzine. magazine. Jean. Ladin. beguine. clean. legatine. unclean. Geraldine. celandine. convene. Tolkien. Kristine. lien. umpteen. subalpine. Constantine. messaline. melamine. Rubenstein. vulturine. Deane. serpentine. Byzantine. margravine. tontine. wheen. moreen. 200 on-screen. Charlene. galantine. glean. eighteen. duvetyn. barkentine. intervene. Lorene. undine. zechin Aberdeen. Bernadine. praline. tureen. underline. preteen. fourteen. carotene. Racine. fascine. amaranthine. Nicene. skean. dasheen. seventeen. gyrene. Gene. langoustine. keen. Angeline. fukerene. latrine. fanzine. ravine. epicene. alexandrine. percaline. valentine. eglantine. Halloween. lean. Ilene. dry-clean. Philistine. columbine. caffeine. Hermine. Eocene. plasticine. grenadine. riverine. almandine. Pliocene. Imogene. Szczecin. pristine. Jacqueline. reserpine. viperine. estaurine. brigantine. gabardine. tween. Helene. dean. chopine. gasoline. quinine. Nazarene. overseen. libertine. Rembrandt van Rijn. Jeraldine. bovine. bengaline. argentine. Argentine. Stelazine. Jeanne. yestreen. saltine. haute cuisine. demesne. gaberdine. Sistine. psittacine. yean Aileen. Maxine. Pleistocene. Christine. pelerine. Ernestine. Lublin. Cathleen. tangerine. sin. ratteen. Francine. skene. queen. windscreen. wean. Pauline. mezzanine. Beguine. Ghibelline. San Martin. philhellene. Marlene. figurine. offscreen. Palestine. palanquin. Jeanine. fluorine. gene. adulterine. poteen. protein. Arlene. quarantine. Gretna Green. marine. vitrine. patine. Frankfurt am Main. peen. carbine. realign. Kathleen. demean. Benin. peregrine. obscene. khamsin. Hippocrene. screen. codeine. Doreen. terrene. tambourine. kerosene. gangrene. nineteen. Florentine. taurine. mean. bombazine. siren. crystalline. buckbean. dauphine. propine. Dexedrine. turpentine. nectarine. jean. Theatine. vaccine. Irene. unseen. passerine. morphine. elephantine. evergreen. subroutine. contravene. Nadine. brilliantine. chlorine. Sharlene. nongreen. mien. Holocene. Medellin. sapphirine. glassine. Saladin. uterine. San Joaquin. houseclean. soybean. sixtynine. Green. turnverein. . serene. waterline. sateen. spalpeen. cuisine. moline. dudeen. green. saccharine. Kalinin. sapphirine. histamine. saline. redesign. mesne. brigandine. undermine. dentine. shagreen. nankeen. limousine. zibeline accipitrine. serpentine. Dean. plasticene. sibylline. Evangeline. opaline. scene. machine. supervene. Rabin. Yibin. malines. endocrine. Coreen. spleen. horsebean. seen. Noreen. hoatzin. greene. Ursuline. terrine. Capitoline. Sakhalin. strychnine. gobetween. clandestine. shebeen. lateen. Hellene. dene. fescennine. redefine. mangosteen. timberline. sunscreen. e'en. Maureen. vespertine. sardine. schizophrene. boreen. quean. damascene. gamine. canteen. crepe de chine. Schleswig-Holstein nonoxynol-9 ine 2 \e-na\ fine wahine ine 3 \en\ bean. ween. Pontine. preen. sixteen. Ml6. carrageen. adamantine. Eileen. submarine. thirteen. Bernstein. piscine. chorine. subteen. Augustine. fifteen. Claudine. colleen. scalene. routine. Methedrine.me palatine. saturnine. Salween. teen. Slovene. hygiene. spean. Dramamine. in-between.

byliner. liner. pentamedine. moonshiner. pinery. shoestring. mainspring. trampoline. . anything. ding-a-ling. unstring. carbon 13. patrilineal. General San Martin. Mary Magdalene. felinely. incliner. Winfield ing \irj\ bring. Vaseline. transmarine. cosigner. headspring. aligner. thing. bowstring. Benedictine. recliner. headliner. O-ring. finely. Ursa Minor iner2 \e-nar\ see eaner inery1 \in-re\ finery. double-ring. redwing. sting. handspring. travertine. leukotirene. confiner. offspring. forewing. bi-swing. zing backswing. diphenhydramine. Paoting. Oligocene. Tridentine. wingding. Evangeline. earring. unkindly inely 2 \en-le\ see eanly 1 inement Mn-mantX see ignment ineness Mn-nasX see indness ineous \in-e-ss\ gramineous. polybutadiene alpha-fetaprotein. sling. miner. hairspring. unsling. and -s forms of verbs. wind-wing. fortyniner. showring. lapwing. plaything. hardliner. baseliner. heartstring. buckminsterfullerene. internecine. Shriner. doxycycline. G-string. Ursuline adamantine. bitewing. shiner. cling. fling. Ming. sideliner. listed at ine1 inest M-nastX see inist1 inet \in-9t\ see innet inew \in-yii\ see inue infield \in-feld\ infield. Canis Minor. purblindly. hamstring. whiner airliner. oleomargarine ine 4 \in-e\ see inny ine 5 \e-ne\ see ini1 ine 6 \an\ see un inea \in-e\ see inny ineal \in-e-al\ finial. Xining a la king. wellspring. winery refinery inery 2 \en-re\ see eanery ines 1 \en\ see ine 3 ines 2 \enz\ see eens ines 3 \Inz\ Mainz Appenines —also -s. party-liner. mujahideen. wing. drawstring. string. ing designer. upspring. signer. Baoding. ignominious iner1 \I-n9r\ briner. condignly. nouvelle cuisine. unilineal ined \Ind\ see ind1 inee \I-ne\ see iny1 ineless \in-tas\ see indless inely1 \In-le\ blindly. definer. finer. Nanning. spring. long-liner. methylxanthene. streamliner Asia Minor. bromocriptine. sing. repiner. D ring. whitewing. niphedipine. swing. latchstring. bullring. and -s' forms of nouns. NC-17. lineal matrilineal. alexandrine. wintergreen.201 Theatine. kindly affinely. combiner. apolipoprotein. first-string. aquamarine. amphetamine. everything. king. Ching. ping. benzoapyrene. ling. upswing. downswing. greenwing. diner. one-liner. Kunming. ding. tricothecene. clearwing. Chongqing. superliner. jetliner. King. elephantine. ultramarine antihistamine. diviner. eyeliner. minor. soft-liner. tourmaline. -'s. bedspring. Beijing. Nanjing. refiner. vinery. equinely. buck-and-wing. ring. sanguineous consanguineous. velveteen. wolverine. wring. twiner. Paleocene. lacewing.

teeny. singer. swingletree ingli \irj-gle\ see ingly inglish \irj-glish\ see english ingly \in-gle\ jingly. stingy inh \in\ see in1 ini1 \e-ne\ beanie. Carolingian. tingly. forefinger. sheeny. tingle atingle. Athene. listed at ing ingue \arj\ see ang 2 inguish \irj-wish\ distinguish. stringing. single. swinger ingery \inj-re\ gingery. constringent. pingo flamingo. jingle. Liaoning. contingency ingent \in-J9nt\ stringent astringent. innerspring. Zwingli ingo \irj-go\ bingo. Eugenie. stringer. stinger. ringlet. pigeonwing. genie. extinguish ingy 1 \irj-e\ clingy. upbringing . mingy. syringa inge \inj\ binge. syringe. left-winger. martini. swinging folksinging. hinge. ringer. meany. singe. whinge impinge. dingo. right-winger mastersinger. fringe. mudslinging. springe.mya 202 —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ing ingit Xin-kstX see inket ingle \irj-gal\ cringle. wringer. Mandingo Santo Domingo ings \irjz\ Kings. malinger ladyfinger inger 3 \in-jar\ ginger. Bellini. Kriss Kringle. dingle. injure. refringent inger1 \irj-sr\ bringer. Mycenae. Mazzini. infringement ingency \in-jan-se\ stringency astringency. winged net-winged —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ing ingement Xinj-mantX impingement. flinger. contingent. stringed. immingle. injury inghy \irj-e\ see ingy1 ingi \irj-e\ see ingy1 ingian \in-jan\ Thuringian Carlovingian. springs eyestrings. rappini. and -s forms of verbs. Meistersinger. djinni. winger. linger five-finger. springer. Hot Springs Colorado Springs —also -s. zinger folksinger. gunslinger. surcingle intermingle ingler \irj-glsr\ jingler. gunslinging. spleeny. Ginger. mudslinger. pinger. shingle. greeny. jinni. springing. and -s' forms of nouns. shingly. -'s. swinge. Bikini. bikini. weeny. Jeanie. meanie. springy. jingo. mingle. tinge. commingle. stringy. Merovingian inging \irj-irj\ ringing. dinger. swingy. cringe. Jeannie. Bernini. dinger. Cabrini. winglet ingletree \irj-gsl-tre\ singletree. Meany. Puccini. unhinge inged \irjd\ ringed. humdinger. underwing inga \irj-ga\ anhinga. singer. twinge. weanie. lingo. linguine. infringe. shingler inglet \in-l3t\ kinglet. dinge. minnesinger inger 2 \irj-gsr\ finger. Cellini. swinger. zingy shilingi ingy 2 \in-je\ dingy. dinghy. wienie Alcmene. free-swinging. singly. handwringing. Mbini. superstring.

Argentinian. distelfink. trampolinist initive \in-at-iv\ carminative. Socinian Apollinian. Lavinia. feminity. scaloppine. plink. sanguinity. tetrazzini. Maeterlinck. triclinium condominium injure \in-jar\ see inger 3 injury \inj-re\ see ingery ink \irjk\ blink. kink. refinish inist 1 \I-nast\ dynast. swink. inclining. Darwinian. Sardinian Abyssinian inis \in-as\ finis. shining declining. groupthink. unkink bobolink. tahini. vicinity. think. crystallinity. kitchen-sink. Mytilene. mandarinic. opinion. inconcinnity.203 Rossini. muscarinic. rethink. Finnish. drink. pinnace Erinys inis 2 \I-nas\ see inus1 inish \in-ish\ finish. West Virginia inial \in-e-3l\ see ineal inian \in-e-an\ Arminian. mink. Finnic platinic. magazinist. sink. countersink. rabbinic Jacobinic. definitive. rinky-dink inka \irj-ka\ see inca ine inion \in-yan\ minion. wink. Gdynia. concinnity. Mussolini. Orleanist Byzantinist. snowblink. pinnacle dominical Jacobinical inican \in-i-ksn\ see inikin inikin \in-i-kan\ minikin Dominican inim \in-9m\ minim Houyhnhnm ining \I-nirj\ lining. pinion. finest inist 2 \e-nast\ hygienist. clink. bovinity. clandestinity. stink. malihini. infinitive inity \in-3t-e\ trinity. Virginia Abyssinia. Augustinian. outthink. chewink. spaghettini. doublethink. femininity. cross-link. shrink. wahine. divinity. misogynic. slink. fink. zucchini fantoccini. prink. zinc bethink. iceblink. undesigning —also -ing forms of verbs listed at 1 inka champignon. preshrink. skink. longlining interlining. latinity. lip-synch. pinon . fettucine. dink. gink. cynic. Trinity affinity. eyewink. cynical. rink. ink. Sardinia. Latinian. nicotinic. dominion. brink. jink. link. felinity. machinist. gloxinia. mining. chink. Carolinian inian2 \in-yan\ see inion inic1 \e-nik\ Enoch nicotinic inic 2 \in-ik\ clinic. salinity. thinnish diminish. clinical. tortellini ini2 \in-e\ see inny inia \in-e-3\ zinnia Bithynia. masculinity. interlink. aquitinity. minyan. kundalini. Sardinian. hoodwink. virginity alkalinity. Selene. nota bene. finical. Justinian. saccharinity inium \in-e-am\ delphinium. misthink. teenyweeny. designing. pink. infinity. consanguinity. sync. parafinic inical \in-i-kal\ binnacle.

inner. thinner. Rip van Winkle inkling \irj-klirj\ inkling. spinney. inning. spinet inney \in-e\ see inny inni \e-ne\ see ini1 innia \in-e-a\ see inia innic \in-ik\ see inic2 innie \in-e\ see inny inning \in-in\ ginning. tinny. dinky. pinkly. twinkle. skinless. pinko inks \ins\ see inx inky \irj-ke\ dinkey. spinner. sinner. tinkle. ninny. guinea. winner beginner. inky. slinky. whinny. ginner. prizewinning underpinning —also -ing forms of verbs listed at in innish \in-ish\ see inish innity \in-at-e\ see inity in now \in-6\ minnow. shrinkage. shinny. micromini Papua New Guinea Equatorial Guinea ino 1 \I-no\ lino. spinless. twinkling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at inkle inkly \in-kle\ crinkly. tinker.inkable inkable Xirj-ks-bslX drinkable. unblinking. breadwinning. Guinea. winkle. spinor. pinny. kinky. Malinke inland \in-land\ Finland. spindly. squinny. skinner. clinker. unsinkable. tinkly. mini. trinket inkey \irj-ke\ see inky inkgo \irj-ko\ see inko inki \irj-ke\ see inky inkie \irj-ke\ see inky inking \irj-kirj\ freethinking. unthinking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ink inkle \irj-kal\ crinkle. stinky. winker diesinker. wrinkle besprinkle periwinkle. headshrinker inket \in-kat\ Tlingit. Minnie. Vinland inless \in-lss\ chinless. thinkable undrinkable. winning beginning. pinkie. inland. wino albino . Taino. breadwinner. freethinker. sprinkling. pinky. ginny. zincky Helsinki. Winnie ignominy. inkle. rhino. stinker. thinly McKinley Mount McKinley inn \in\ see in1 innace \in-as\ see inis1 innacle \in-i-kal\ see inical inned \ind\ see ind2 204 inner \in-ar\ dinner. sinkage inke \irj-ke\ see inky inked \int\ see inct inker \irj-kar\ blinker. skinker. unthinkable inkage \in-kij\ linkage. wrinkly inko \irj-ko\ ginkgo. pinner. winnow topminnow inny \in-e\ cine. twinkly. pinker. sinless. windlass inley \in-le\ see inly inly \in-le\ inly. finny. skinny. drinker. minute. prizewinner money-spinner innet \in-3t\ linnet. sprinkle. sinkable. sinker. hinny. spinning. grinner. Pliny. tinner.

midwinter.3 n\ see inton intal1 \int. San Marino.9 l\ see antle integer \int-i-jar\ integer. Winton badminton ints \ins\ see ince inty \int-e\ flinty. skinflint. tinter. Westminster Kidderminster int \int\ bint. reprint. Flint.3 l\ see intal1 into1 \in-to\ pinto. terebinth inthia \in-the-a\ Cynthia Carinthia inthian \in-the-3n\ Corinthian labyrinthian inthine \in-than\ hyacinthine. remint. in-print. kolinsky. whereinto inton \int. wunderkind Septuagint 1 intz intage \int-ij\ mintage. linty. minter.3 l\ lintel.3 n\ Clinton. mezzotint.3 l\ see intal1 inter \int-ar\ hinter. merino. leno. labyrinth. Zeno bambino. print. Nijinsky. Clint. maraschino. squinty pepperminty intz \ins\ see ince . concertino. vino. sprinter. photoprint. cuckoopint. preprint. imprint. casino. catmint. quintal Septuagintal intal2 \ant. mint. teleprinter intery \int-9-re\ printery. pecorino. sinter. linter. printer. zecchino andantino. splintery inth \inth\ plinth. vintage intager \int-i-jar\ see integer intain \int. calamint. footprint. quint. thumbprint. offprint. labyrinthine inting \int-irj\ imprinting. overprint. squinter. reprinter overwinter. chino. Stravinsky inster \in-star\ minster. largeprint. unstinting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at int intle \int. hint. fino. lint.205 ino \e-no\ beano. monotint. Angeleno. sordino. flint. skint. synt helminth colocynth. cioppino. sopranino Cape Mendocino. keno. voiceprint aquatint. suint. hoofprint. forint. fingerprint. Shinto. newsprint. campesino. vintager intel \int. San Bernardino ino 3 \e-na\ see ina2 inon \in-ysn\ see inion inor \in-sr\ see inner inor2 \i-nar\ see iner1 inos \I-nas\ see inns inot \e-no\ see ino2 inous \I-n3s\ see inus1 inscher \in-char\ see incher inse \ins\ see ince inselly \in-sle\ see incely inseng \in-sirj\ see incing insk \insk\ Minsk Dzerzhinsk Semipalatinsk insky \in-ske\ buttinsky. splint. handprint. splinter. Bardolino. cappuccino. tint blueprint. pintle. Pinot. stint. spearmint. palomino. quintain. dint. winter imprinter. horsemint. glint. minty. squint. spinto into 2 \in-tii\ thereinto. spinster Axminster. ladino. sprint. gunflint. Filipino. peppermint.

Bisayan. externship. ladyship. kingship. battleship. headship. Trujillo cigarillo. trip. lordship. whiny. piny. township. scion. Quirinus Antoninus Pontus Euxinus inus \e-nss\ see enus inute \in-9t\ see innet inx \irjs\ jinx. slip. Sion. chieftainship. landslip. minus. sip. kip. fellowship. lightship. Violet inviolate ultraviolet near-ultraviolet 2 1 206 iolet 2 \e-9-bt\ see eolatG ion 1 \I-an\ ayin. grip. dealership. courtship. shiny. chip.inue inue \in-yii\ sinew continue discontinue inuous \in-y3-was\ sinuous continuous discontinuous inus 1 \I-nss\ dryness. queenship. half-slip. spinous. clio. tip. authorship. flip. outstrip. Gaza Strip. ocotillo iocese \I-3-sas\ see iasis iolate \I-9-l9t\ see iolet1 iolet1 \I-3-lst\ triolet. gyp. gamesmanship. pip-pip. Clio. snip. guildship. heinie.3 l\ see inal1 inys \in-as\ see inis1 io1 \I-6\ bayou. hardship. censorship. wardship. friendship. violate. Rio. Visayan counterion. round-trip. wryness Aquinas. Ryan. chiefship. liny. Krio. tiny. nonslip. Zion Amphion. equip. gunship. lynx. whip. saintship. Minos. thaneship. zip airship. horsewhip. kinship. lion. helmsmanship. quip. inclip. sheep-dip. Cleo. Negrillo. filmstrip. princeship. con brio. trio caudillo. Manzanillo. tornillo. Minas. atrip. spiny. Leo. cowslip. links. churchmanship. brinkmanship. vinous. oxlip. bullwhip. winy enshrinee. anion. airstrip. sunshiny iny2 \in-e\ see inny inya \e-nya\ see enia 2 inyan \in-yan\ see inion iny I \m. grantsmanship. nip. viny. hip. coverslip. Q-ship. . flagship. pip. sphinx hijinks. ion. scrip. Lyon. zwitterion ion 2 \e-9n\ see ean 1 ion 3 \e-an\ see eon 2 ior \Ir\ see ire1 iory \I-9-re\ see iary1 iot \i-9t\ see iet ioter \I-3t-sr\ see ieter iouan Xii-aiA see uan ious \I-3s\ see ias ioux \ u \ see ew1 ip \ip\ blip. cyan. rip. violet. warship airmanship. horsemanship. deanship. Hermosillo. fingertip. echinus. yip. Ohio io 2 \e-6\ brio. shyness. draftsmanship. reship. Bryan. guyot. sideslip. strip. spaceship. transship. Orion. Io Lucayo. slyness. troopship. fieldstrip. methinks tiddledywinks iny1 \I-ne\ briny. highness. Ixion. steamship. judgeship. unship. skip. harelip. dandelion. dip. drip. Mayan. chaplainship. unzip. sinus. finis. biochip. handgrip. twiny. chairmanship. Delphinus. clerkship. bio. ego-trip. internship. Brian. minx. lip. ship. catnip. grippe. clip.

Linotype. sniper. logotype. one-upmanship. calotype. hornpipe. type. stipe. ripe. oarsmanship. speakership. viewership. prototype. standpipe. gripe. bipartisanship. skinny-dip. professorship.207 leadership. swipe. guardianship.9 l\ basipetal. recipient impercipient . stenotype. wiper bagpiper. downpipe. stipend iper \i-par\ diaper. pinstripe. stovepipe. studentship. receivership. lifer. upmanship. haplotype. bicipital. overslip. stripe. landownership. stewardship. blowpipe. tintype. championship. viper. overripe. cross-ownership. seamanship. microchip. salesmanship. sideswipe. citizenship. electrotype. percipient. treasurership ambassadorship. librarianship. nonpartisanship. hype. entrepreneurship. striped pin-striped —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ipe ipend \I-pand\ ripened. liripipe. riper. unripe. rifer decipher. stereotype anti-idiotype iped 1 \I-ped\ biped parallelepiped ipient iped 2 \Ipt\ stiped. protectorship. pipe. Teletype daguerreotype. readership. griper. dictatorship. membership. wipe bagpipe. containership. relationship. companionship. workmanship assistantship. ownership. marksmanship. attorneyship. directorship. snipe. listenership. ridership. centripetal. showmanship. solicitorship interrelationship ipal \e-pal\ see eople ipari \ip-re\ see ippery ipatus \ip-9t-as\ see ipitous ipe \Ip\ Cuyp. secretaryship. panpipe. partnership. p-type. occipital ipety \ip-9t-e\ snippety peripety serendipity iph \if\ see iff iphany \if-9-ne\ see iphony ipher \I-f9r\ cipher. scholarship. guttersnipe. pro-lifer right-to-lifer iphery \if-re\ see ifery iphon \I-f9n\ seeyphen iphony \if-9-ne\ tiffany. swordsmanship. sponsorship. underlip. premiership. hosepipe. survivorship. instructorship. musicianship. rareripe. tripe. epiphany. outdoorsmanship. polyphony ipi \e-pe\ see eepy ipid \ip-9d\ lipid insipid ipience \ip-e-9ns\ incipience. n-type. rulership. windpipe archetype. percipience impercipience ipient \ip-e-9nt\ excipient. incipient. goodfellowship. drainpipe. slype. laureateship. Dutchman'spipe. sportsmanship. piper. hyper. penmanship. associateship. encipher. sandpiper candy-striper stereotyper iperous \I-pr9s\ seeypress ipetal \ip-9t. chancellorship. pogonip. statesmanship. leadpipe. Tiffany antiphony. lectureship. monotype. striper. trusteeship. governorship. touchtype. proprietorship.

clipper. tripoli. Lipari. grippy. gallinipper. midships amidships. flipper. pluripotent. Yom-Kippur double-dipper. yippie. dripping. nipping. dripper. stripper. yips eclipse. sipper. stripling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ipple ipment Xip-mantX shipment equipment. skinny-dipping —also -ing forms of verbs listed at IP ippingly \ip-irj-le\ grippingly. apocalypse —also -s.iping iping \I-pirj\ piping. skinny-dipper ippery \ip-re\ frippery. nippingly. nipper. skipper. lady's slipper. tipple. slippery ippet \ip-at\ pipit. precipitous serendipitous ipity \ip-at-e\ see ipety iple \ip-al\ see ipple iple 2 \i-pal\ seeypal ipless \ip-l9s\ dripless. hippie. tippy. drippy. kipper. dipper. striping blood-typing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ipe ipit \ip-st\ see ippet ipital \ip-3t-al\ see ipetal ipitance \ip-3t-sns\ see ipotence ipitant \ip-at-3nt\ see ipotent ipitous \ip-3t-ss\ peripatus. thrips. nipple. zippy Xanthippe Mississippi ips \ips\ snips. ripple. and -s forms of verbs. Calypso . -'s. tippet. ripper. whipper. lippy. gripper. slipper. dippy. flippy. Tripoli Gallipoli ippin \ip-an\ see ippen ipping \ip-in\ chipping. whippet ippety \ip-at-e\ see ipety ippi \ip-e\ see ippy ippie \ip-e\ see ippy ippily \ip-9-le\ nippily. fish-andchips. lipless. stipple. zipless ipling \ip-lirj\ Kipling. trippet. zipper 1 208 blue-chipper. shipping double-dipping. athwartships. ripping. snippy. tidytips. sippet. precipitance ipotent \ip-at-ant\ omnipotent. tipper. plenipotent. lipping. snipper. whippy. hipper. trippingly ipple \ip-sl\ cripple. pippin ipper \ip-sr\ chipper. triple participle ippur \ip-ar\ see ipper ippy \ip-e\ chippy. listed at ip ipse \ips\ see ips ipso \ip-so\ dipso calypso. ellipse. transshipment ipo \ep-6\ see epot ipoli \ip-9-le\ see ippily ipotence \ip-3t-3ns\ omnipotence. and -s' forms of nouns. day-tripper. slippy. precipitant ippe 1 \ip\ see ip ippe 2 \ip-e\ see ippy ippe 3 \ep\ see eep ipped \ipt\ see ipt ippee \ip-e\ see ippy ippen \ip-sn\ lippen. hippy. snippet. Lippi. nippy. clipping. shipper. tripper. yippee. mudskipper. trippy.

cowherd. obliquity. cussword. transcription circumscription. decrypt. proscriptive iptych \ip-tik\ seeyptic ipular \ip-y3-lar\ stipular manipular ipy \I-pe\ stripy. herd. typey stenotypy daguerrotypy. encryption. ripped. lyrebird. catbird. viral irant \I-rant\ spirant. harelipped. nonprescription iptive \ip-tiv\ ascriptive. engird. blackbird. oilbird. potsherd. iniquity. lipped. retirant irate \ir-at\ see irit irby \ar-be\ see erby irca \ar-k9\ see urka1 irce \sr-se\ see ercy irch \arch\ see urch irchen 1 Xar-chanX see urchin irchen 2 Xsr-kanX see irkin ircher Xar-chsrX Bircher. tubercular semicircular ird \ard\ bird. tight-lipped. proscription. lurcher. surd. byword. headword. inscription.209 ipster \ip-stsr\ hipster. stereotypy iquant \e-kant\ see ecant ique \ek\ see eak 1 iquey \e-ke\ see eaky iquish \e-kish\ seeeakish iquitous \ik-wat-3s\ iniquitous. conscription. . crossword. Cape Verde. buzzword. password. word absurd. begird. description. prescriptive. jaybird. swivelhipped —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ip ipter \ip-tar\ scripter lithotripter iptic \ip-tik\ seeyptic iption \ip-shan\ ascription. tipster ipsy \ip-se\ see ypsy ipt \ipt\ crypt. burred. spiral. curd. nerd. gyral. conniption. filter-tipped. typescript eucalypt. subscription. bellbird. jailbird. goatherd. hipped. heard. desirable. script. subscript. tyrant aspirant. cowbird. rescript. transcript. bluebird. postscript. ubiquitous iquity \ik-wat-e\ antiquity. descriptive. lovebird. inscriptive. catchword. encrypt. loanword. ubiquity iquor \ik-ar\ see icker1 ir1 \ir\ see eer 2 ir2 \ar\ see eur 1 ira1 \ir-a\ see era 2 ira2 \i-ra\ see yra irable M-ra-balX wirable acquirable. decryption. manuscript. nondescript. superscript. tipped conscript. spurred. kingbird. prescription. Egyptian. third. prescript. gird. furred. quipster. respirable undesirable iracle \ir-i-kgl\ see erical 2 irae \fr-e\ see iry1 ird ira I \i-ral\ chiral. nurture irchist Xar-chastX Birchist researchist ircon \3r-ksn\ see irkin ircuit \9r-kst\ circuit trifurcate microcircuit ircular Xar-kya-lsrX circular opercular.

snakebird. squire. attire. dire. fire. sire. reword. tire. rectifier. backfire. denier. wireless ireman Mr-manX fireman. gunfire. gyre. prior. umpire. tightwire. Second Empire —also -er forms of adjectives listed aty'1 ire2 \ir\ see eer 2 ire3 \I-re\ see iary1 ire4 \Ir-e\ see iry1 ire5 \ar\ see eur ired \Ird\ fired. sunbird. blowdryer. swearword. fly-by-wire. ire. conspire. unheard. intensifier. grandsire. greenbrier. empire. identifier. sanctifier. retrofire. vampire. choir. suspire. retire. pyre. respire. rapid-fire. seabird. Blantyre. liar. ricebird. Biedermeier. mire. wireman irement Mr-msntA environment. highflier. undergird. zaire acquire. Shropshire. bonfire. versifier a 210 down-to-the-wire. signifier. require. satire. admire. sapphire. brier. songbird. testifier. spired. siren environ ribavirin irge \arj\ see urge irgin \ar-j9n\ see urgeon irgo \ar-go\ see ergo iri \ir-e\ see eary iriam \ir-e-3m\ see erium iric \ir-ik\ see eric 2 irile \ir-sl\ see eral1 irin \I-ran\ see iren irine \I-rsn\ see iren iring \fr-in\ firing. qualifier. wire. magnifier. cedarbird. weaverbird. ungird. whirlybird —also -ed forms of verbs listed at eur1 irder \srd-9r\ see erder irdie \srd-e\ see urdy irdle \srd. shorebird. textured. lyre. afire. compiler. prior. requirement. yardbird afterword. gyron. riflebird. bemire. aspire. hot-wire. flytier. fortifier. balefire. quantifier.irder railbird. wired hardwired. squirish . ovenbird. samphire. nullifier. Myron. haywire. nitrifier. expire. esquire. outlier. shire. surefire. hellfire. Speyer. spire. trier. tailorbird. wiring retiring —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ire irious \ir-e-9s\ see erious iris \T-r9s\ see irus irish \Ir-ish\ Irish. butterflyer. hummingbird. wildfire amplifier. overheard. Altair. flier. lammergeier. retirement iren \i-ran\ Byron.l\ see urdle irdum Xard-amA dirdum reductio ad absurdum ire1 \ir\ briar. multiplier. dollybird. Sigurd. desire. tier. drumfire. wattlebird. barbwire. tyer. tired. byre. spier. surfbird. spitfire. classifier. transpire. watchword. sweetbrier. pacifier. retired —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ire1 ireless \ir-las\ tireless. rimfire. bushfire. snowbird. inquire. swineherd. modifier. ladybird. brushfire. pismire. mockingbird. fryer. hire. drier. Empire. rainbird. defier. bowerbird. inspire. perspire. redbird. thunderbird. barbed wire. quire. cease-fire. quagmire. entire. catbrier. misfire. friar. butcher-bird. prier. Tyre.

zircon Gelsenkirchen irky \sr-ke\ see erky irl1 \arl\ birl. knurl. girn.211 irit \ir-at\ Meerut. pearler. churl. thirl. salesgirl. virl. whirl. dirl. skirl. curl. merle. gridiron iron2 \I-ran\ see iren ironment Mr-mantX see irement irp \arp\ see urp irps \arps\ stirps. uncurl. swirl. earl. tirl. pas seul. impearl. whirler irley \9r-le\ see urly irlie \ar-le\ see urly irling \3r-lirj\ see urling irlish \ar-lish\ see urlish irly \ar-le\ see urly irm \ s r m \ see orm1 irma Xar-maX see erma irmary \3rm-re\ spermary infirmary irmess Xsr-masX see ermis irmity Xsr-mat-eA furmity infirmity irmy Xar-meA see ermy irn1 \irn\ firn. hurl. girl. syrupy irrus \ir-9s\ see erous irry \ar-e\ see urry irs \irz\ see iers irsch \irsh\ see irsh . and -s' forms of nouns. Earl. Earle. twirl. turps —also -s. Pearl. skirk irk2 \ark\ see ork1 irker \ar-k9r\ see orker1 irkie \ar-ke\ see erky irkin \ar-kan\ firkin. listed at urp irpy \ar-pe\ chirpy Euterpe irque \ark\ see ork1 irr1 \ir\ see eer 2 irr2 \ar\ see eur 1 irra \ir-a\ see era 2 irrah \ir-s\ see era 2 irrel1 \arl\ see irl irrel2 \sr-3l\ see erral irrely \ar-le\ see urly irrer \ar-9r\ see errer irrhous \ir-as\ see erous irring \ar-irj\ see urring irror \ir-ar\ see earer 2 irrup \sr-3p\ chirrup. spirit dispirit. purl. -'s. emirate. skirl irler Xar-larX birler. burl. squirrel. twirler. thurl. whorl aswirl. awhirl. flatiron. pearl. cowgirl. inspirit. gherkin. pirn irn2 \grn\ see urn iro1 \ir-6\ see ero 3 iro2 \e-ro\ see ero 1 iro3 \I-ro\ seeyro 1 irsch iron1 \Irn\ iron andiron. furl. vizierate irium \ir-e-sm\ see erium irius \ir-e-as\ see erious irk1 \irk\ birk. environ. curler. playgirl. unfurl mother-of-pearl irl2 \irl\ dirl. stirrup. syrup irrupy Xar-s-peX chirrupy. jerkin. and -s forms of verbs. showgirl. schoolgirl. Merle.

impuissance 212 . shirty. trysail isal 2 \I-Z9l\ Geisel incisal. Thisbe isbee \iz-be\ see isbe isbon \iz-bgn\ Brisbane. down-to-earth. kirsch irst \arst\ seeurst irsty \sr-ste\ thirsty bloodthirsty irt \art\ see ert 1 irted \grt-9d\ see erted irter Nart-arN see erter irth \arth\ berth. Lisbon isc \isk\ see isk iscable \is-k9-b9l\ confiscable. miry. rotavirus papillomavirus irv \arv\ see erve irving \9r-virj\ see erving irwin \9r-wan\ see erwin iry \ir-e\ eyrie. worthful irthless Xsrth-tasX mirthless. mirth.3 l\ see ertiile irtually \arch-le\ see urchly irtue \9r-chs\ see ercha irty \9rt-e\ dirty. Wordsworth afterbirth. revisal. Eliza isabeth \iz-9-b9th\ see izabeth isable \I-z9-bgl\ see izable isal1 \I-s9l\ Faisal. iris. Perth.irse irse 1 \irs\ see ierce irse 2 \srs\ see erse irsh \irsh\ girsh. skysail. venire praemunire anno hegirae is 1 \is\ see iss 1 is 2 \iz\ see iz1 is 3 \ e \ see ee 1 is 4 \es\ see iece is 5 \ish\ see ish1 i's \Iz\ see ize isa 1 \e-z9\ see eza isa 2 \I-Z9\ Lisa. worthless irtinent Xart-nsntX pertinent appurtenant. wiry expiry. sisal. papyrus lentivirus. parvovirus. Iris. earth. unearth. impertinent irting \9rt-irj\ see erting irtle \3rt. reprisal. friary. firth. dearth. thirty irus \I-r9s\ Cyrus. Osiris. Ijssel.3 ns\ puissance dehiscence. worth childbirth. Liza Elisa. girth. pennyworth irthful \9rth-fal\ mirthful. episcopal iscan \is-kgn\ see iskin iscate \is-k9t\ see isket isce \is\ see iss 1 iscean 1 \I-se-9n\ Piscean Dionysian iscean 2 \is-ke-gn\ Piscean saurischian ornithischian iscean 3 \is-e-9n\ seeysian 1 iscence \is. virus desirous. spiry. Epirus. selfworth. rebirth.3 n\ see isten isbane \iz-b9n\ see isbon isbe \iz-be\ Frisbee. Skyros. Fort Worth. surprisal paradisal isan \is. birth. QWERTY. stillbirth. inquiry.

butterfish. cuttlefish. shellfish. Morisco San Francisco iscopal \is-k3-bal\ see iscable iscous \is-kas\ see iscus isha \ish-a\ see itia iscuit \is-kat\ see isket iscus \is-kss\ discus. crawfish. garfish. kingfisher. pipefish. damselfish. swish. lionfish. flyfishing. kingfish. ratfish. archerfish. fish. rockfish. Mishnah ishnah \ish-na\ see ishna isht \isht\ see ished . sawfish. whish. Irtysh. sunfish. impuissant indehiscent. candlefish. filefish.213 indehiscence. tilefish. reminiscence. whitefish angelfish. well-wishing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ish1 ishioner \ish-nar\ see itioner ishna \ish-na\ Krishna. reviviscence iscent \is. globefish. bonefish. John Bullish. fissure. starfish. microfiche. silverfish. wish blackfish.3 nt\ puissant dehiscent. well-wisher ishery \ish-re\ fishery. spearfish. sailfish. viscous. despisement. finfish. viscus hibiscus. monkfish. pigfish. flysch. paddlefish. sportfishing. anglerfish. reviviscent isces \T-sez\ see ices ische \esh\ see iche 2 ischian \is-ke-an\ see iscean 2 iscia \ish-a\ see itia iscible \is-3-bal\ see issible iscience \ish-9ns\ see icience iscient \ish-snt\ see icient iSCO \is-ko\ cisco. squish. lungfish. Jalisco. jellyfish. whisht —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ish1 isher \ish-sr\ fisher. ribbonfish. Nis. swisher ill-wisher. goosefish. surgeonfish. codfish. weakfish. flatfish. catfish. crayfish. overfish. lumpfish. triggerfish ish 2 \esh\ see iche 2 ished \isht\ dished. goldfish. unwish. chastisement. dogfish. specie maharishi ishing \ish-irj\ bonefishing. disguisement advertisement. enfranchisement disenfranchisement ishable \ish-3-b3l\ fishable justiciable iser \I-zar\ see izer ises \I-sez\ see ices isht ish 1 \ish\ dish. meniscus ise 1 \es\ see iece ise 2 \ez\ see eze ise 3 \Is\ see ice1 ise 4 \iz\ see ize ised 1 \ist\ see ist1 ised 2 \Izd\ see ized isel \iz-sl\ see izzle iseled \iz-ald\ see izzled iseler \iz-tar\ see izzler isement \Iz-m9nt\ advisement. bluefish. knish. needlefish. fiche. swordfish. blowfish. stonefish. pish. disco Francisco. Tishri shellfishery ishi \e-she\ chichi. ladyfish. disfranchisement. devilfish. redfish. reminiscent. muttonfish.

Dionysia isia 2 \e-zha\ see esia 2 isian 1 \izh-an\ see ision isian 2 \e-zb. prevision. divisive. Gaullism. fishy.ishu ishu \ish-ii\ see issue 1 ishy \ish-e\ dishy. collision. Maoism. lyrism. Hobbism. disk. fauvism. precisian. decision. derisive. rescission. frisket iskey \is-ke\ see isky iskie \is-ke\ see isky iskin \is-kan\ siskin Franciscan isky \is-ke\ frisky. divisive isk \isk\ bisque. division. baalism. casteism. whiskey island M-landX see ighland islander M-lsn-darX see ighlander islands \I-tonz\ see ighlands isle \il\ see ile1 isles \Ilz\ see iles islet \I-l3t\ see ilot isling \iz-lirj\ brisling. decisional. excisional. charism. brisk. previsional. swishy isi1 \e-ze\ see easy 1 isi 2 \e-se\ see eecy isia 1 \izh-s\ baptisia artemisia. frisker. compact disc. invisible indivisible isin \i-zan\ see ison 2 ising \I-zirj\ see izing ision \izh-an\ fission. . cubism. brisket. Dionysian. Nazism. Grecism. ism. holism. nudism. Mahdism. inquisitive isitor \iz-9t-ar\ visitor acquisitor. whisk lutefisk asterisk. revisit isite \iz-9t\ see isit isitive \iz-at-iv\ acquisitive. faddism. purism. cultism. czarism. Chartism. recision. provision. sadism. disc. television isional \izh-nsl\ visional collisional. leftism. imprecision. autism. elision. priggism. squishy. tamarisk videodisc isker \is-kar\ brisker. laserdisc. rightism. pliskie. indecision. revision circumcision. Marxism. Klanism. misprision. Birchism. subdivision. chrisom. risker. divisional. chemism. concision. risk. envision. obelisk. Orphism.9n\ see esian 1 isible \iz-3-bal\ risible. inquisitor isive 1 \I-siv\ visive 214 decisive. frisk. whisker isket \is-kat\ biscuit. Buddhism. baptism. Ramism. provisional isis \I-S3s\ crisis. lysis. blastodisc. risky. fascism. vision abscission. prism. schism abysm. incisive indecisive isive 2 \iz-iv\ visive derisive. mutism. incision. monism. classism. deism. derision. excision. quisling isly \iz-le\ see izzly ism \iz-3m\ chrism. Jainism. fisc. Isis. dwarfism. elysian. centrism. precision. visible divisible. racism. odalisque. supervision. nisus Dionysus stare decisis isit \iz-at\ visit exquisite. scission. bossism. basilisk. Frisian.

chauvinism. fideism. pauperism. sciolism. Parsiism. fairyism. nativism. biblicism. locoism. spoonerism. dirigisme. highbrowism. gallicism. stoicism. terrorism. blackguardism. atavism. catechism. dogoodism. theism. defeatism. nomadism. pantheism. hybridism. hirsutism. Hussitism. giantism. Krishnaism. greenbackism. mesmerism. die-hardism. dynamism. Quakerism. fogyism. feudalism. morphinism. Hasidism. pragmatism. criticism. Brahmanism. verism. Ku Kluxism. careerism. jingoism. Tantrism. Adventism. narcissism. luminism. legalism. dandyism. solipsism. gourmandism. eunuchism. familism. tenebrism. Semitism. talmudism. archaism. paganism. grangerism. plagiarism. erethism. standpattism. solecism. landlordism. Shiism. pugilism. Hebraism. ism Ibsenism. mysticism. Essenism. oralism.215 Saivism. pointillism. Mormonism. mongolism. classicism. realism. Arabism. synchronism. melanism. tectonism. extremism. Caesarism. ergotism. organism. Fidelism. syllogism. heathenism. meliorism. pleinairism. hipsterism. sophism. imagism. Yahwism absurdism. hermitism. prosaism. tarantism. Byronism. Gothicism. kaiserism. pietism. Bahaism. monarchism. onanism. moralism. paroxysm. endemism. colorism. Pyrrhonism. statism. Castroism. Irishism. localism. gradualism. simplism. druidism. Latinism. Hitlerism. scapegoatism. Sufism. heroism. Briticism. sapphism. hispanism. tropism. me-tooism. Spinozism. foreignism. Mendelism. synergism. puerilism. Pan-Slavism. elitism. Thomism. botulism. transvestism. Toryism. albinism. Donatism. nationalism. quietism. genteelism. occultism. barbarism. spiritism. sexism. Spartanism. Taoism. privatism. rigorism. journalism. populism. tachism. laicism. Germanism. etatism. centralism. reformism. rabbinism. passivism. Shintoism. Judaism. euphemism. gangsterism. Leninism. Whiggism. Southernism. Shaktism. amorphism. expertism. socialism. egoism. Don Juanism. John Bullism. cabalism. tourism. Stalinism. animism. Orangeism. skepticism. nepotism. concretism. Benthamism. Marcionism. humanism. cataclysm. syncretism. Gongorism. laconism. mullahism. communism. . methodism. Scotism. Lamaism. futurism. cretinism. Montanism. activism. atheism. altruism. royalism. hoodooism. alarmism. aphorism. hypnotism. phallicism. neutralism. idealism. pacifism. masochism. Darwinism. dimorphism. lobbyism. rheumatism. Rousseauism. Hellenism. asterism. formalism. symbolism. mechanism. Menshevism. Junkerism. Galenism. hedonism. exorcism. cronyism. globalism. mammonism. pluralism. escapism. Titoism. anglicism. scientism. erotism. tokenism. snobbism. pessimism. aneurysm. Scotticism. conformism. specialism. totalism. traumatism. Shamanism. hermetism. totemism. anarchism. gigantism. bolshevism. Jansenism. Catharism. Platonism. galvanism. Islamism. pianism. Docetism. speciesism. racialism. de Gaullism. dualism. hucksterism. new dealism. optimism. euphuism. Prussianism. truism. dadaism. Romanism. rowdyism. Shakerism. Teutonism. Puseyism. schematism. mannerism. atomism. mentalism. cynicism. monachism. satanism. rationalism. presentism. Calvinism. lyricism. modernism. atticism. feminism. Turkism. Plotinism. boosterism. Lollardism. hoodlumism. nihilism. Hinduism. robotism. gnosticism. savagism. titanism. egotism. bourbonism. magnetism. helotism. alpinism. fatalism. embolism. ostracism. chimerism. despotism. Mohockism. monadism. Lamarckism. Sikhism. dogmatism.

didacticism. immanentism. doctrinairism. alcoholism. sansculottism. Magianism. automatism. messianism. legitimism. volcanism. virilism. immobilism. gutturalism. commensalism. eremitism. epicurism. historicism. nominalism. vanguardism. literalism. vorticism. impressionism. eudaemonism. libertinism. Pantagruelism. warlordism. salvationism. asynchronism. Pharisaism. refugeeism. officialism. Huguenotism. freneticism. voodooism. factualism. exoticism. essentialism. yahooism. astigmatism. sensualism. sardonicism. conservatism. initialism. Fabianism. ethnocentrism. objectivism. opportunism. insularism. absolutism. Confucianism. biracialism. Lysenkoism. physicalism. ritualism. vulgarism. infantilism. parallelism. relativism. mercantilism. mandarinism. pacificism. perfectionism. euhemerism. regionalism. adventurism. Zionism. Peeping Tomism. nonconformism. antagonism. atonalism. favoritism. anabaptism. witticism. aestheticism. catastrophism. Africanism. negativism. Vedantism. provincialism. Eleatism. monasticism. fraternalism. charlatanism. liberalism. unionism. eroticism. anachronism. revisionism. amateurism. organicism. vocalism. paternalism. hooliganism. verbalism. romanticism. erraticism. Cartesianism. Fourierism. epicenism. Freudianism. Fenianism. creationism. patriotism. Slavophilism. obstructionism. ecumenism. indifferentism. commercialism. iotacism. abstractionism. know-nothingism. proselytism. Bonapartism. irredentism. urbanism. Trotskyism. minimalism. bureaucratism. capitalism. primitivism. Jesuitism. vulcanism. behaviorism. neuroticism. militarism. ruffianism. mutualism. mosaicism. pragmaticism. Italianism. exclusivism. bipedalism. polytheism. constructivism. serialism. monetarism. McCarthyism. tritheism. personalism. Australianism. parasitism. evangelism. neologism. utopism. corporatism. metamorphism. illusionism. vampirism. cavalierism. dilettantism. Protestantism. Yiddishism. adoptionism. misoneism. henotheism. eclecticism. naturalism. diabolism. egocentrism. hypocorism. voyeurism. Wahhabism. expressionism. obscurantism. idiotism. invalidism. pastoralism. Wellerism. welfarism. animalism. inflationism. pseudomorphism. Big Brotherism. Ishmaelitism. do-nothingism. funambulism. postmodernism. 216 functionalism. nicenellyism. flagellantism. protectionism. athleticism. expansionism. plebeianism. feuilletonism. neo-Nazism. probabilism. Jacobitism. zombiism absenteeism. empiricism. amoralism. Colonel Blimpism. Yankeeism. Vaishnavism. epigonism. cannibalism. sectionalism. necrophilism. monotheism. secularism. illiberalism. malapropism. puritanism. clericalism. Lutheranism. medievalism. progressivism. polyglotism. alienism. Arianism. separatism. consumerism. scholasticism. agnosticism. Atlanticism. Indianism. factionalism. externalism. recidivism. vitalism. hermeticism. Naziritism. revivalism. reductionism. collectivism. secessionism. fifth columnism. gallicanism. metabolism. veganism. . credentialism. restrictionism. poeticism. rationalism. Keynesianism. avantgardism. lesbianism. communalism. Anglicanism. diffusionism. bilingualism. illuminism. Sadduceeism.ism tribalism. biologism. Catholicism. Jacobinism. Hispanicism. radicalism. vandalism. federalism. fanaticism. positivism. psychologism. ultraism. determinism.

apocalypticism. anticlericalism. pococurantism. vernacularism. anthropomorphism. humanitarianism. Episcopalianism. individualism. neo-Expressionism. sacramentalism. industrialism. representationalism. neocolonialism. Wesleyanism. Stakhanovism. operationalism. Pre-Raphaelitism. subjectivism. hyperurbanism. Occidentalism. neorealism. Monarchianism. universalism. conventionalism. mongolianism. cosmopolitanism. workaholism. Socinianism. constitutionalism. ecclesiasticism. surrealism. Zoroastrianism Aristotelianism. vigilantism. millennialism. latitudinarianism isma \iz-ma\ charisma. teetotalism. experimentalism. voluntaryism Albigensianism. sycophantism. governmentalism. introspectionism. sovietism. Rosicrucianism. structuralism. immaterialism. Rastafarianism. Machiavellianism. spiritualism. indeterminism. internationalism. Monophysitism. confessionalism. vagabondism. transsexualism. bicameralism. colloquialism. ecumenicalism. sentimentalism. cosmopolitism. anti-Semitism. Muhammadanism. systematism.217 solidarism. ventriloquism. associationism. melisma ismal \iz-msl\ see ysmal isme 1 \im\ see ime1 . orientalism. ceremonialism. emotionalism. fundamentalism. conceptualism. volunteerism. imperialism. intellectualism. neo-impressionism. hermaphroditism. isolationism. corporativism. Hamiltonianism. unitarianism. Tractarianism. Sabbatarianism. homoeroticism. egalitarianism. Peripateticism. analphabetism. collaborationism. agrarianism. Malthusianism. pseudoclassicism. professionalism. isme Postimpressionism. ecumenicism. selfdeterminism. utilitarianism establishmentarianism. Congregationalism. exceptionalism. photoperiodism. triumphalism. territorialism. Uncle Tomism. utopianism. libertarianism. sensationalism. sectarianism. particularism. Victorianism. ultramontanism. irrationalism. esotericism. somnambulism. Palladianism. existentialism. sadomasochism. manorialism. Evangelicalism. Pelagianism. Arminianism. reactionaryism. autoeroticism. hypercriticism. vocationalism. bibliophilism. phenomenalism. reconstructionism. middle-of-the-roadism. vegetarianism. Pythegoreanism. Sybaritism. bohemianism. voluntarism. anthropopathism. epicureanism. neo-conservatism. multilingualism. biculturalism. Pan-Americanism. Tammanyism. Nestorianism. parochialism. assimilationism. sacerdotalism. operationism. Neoplatonism. Augustinianism. neoclassicism. pictorialism. traditionalism. Hegelianism. biloquialism. environmentalism. hyperrealism. theocentrism. barbarianism. instrumentalism. Trinitarianism. pedestrianism. Americanism. Manichaeanism. parajournalism. incrementalism. Zwinglianism abolitionism. predestinarianism. Europocentrism. supernaturalism. antiquarianism. authoritarianism. bipartisanism. millenarianism. expatriatism. transcendentalism. institutionalism. autoerotism. exhibitionism. theatricalism. interventionism. republicanism. colonialism. incendiarism. Swedenborgianism. photojournalism. trilateralism. evolutionism. materialism. suprematism. academicism. deviationism. Presbyterianism. Pentecostalism.

remiss. protist. mizzen. submissive. Narcissus ISSy \is-e\ hissy. bliss. reminisce. submiss ambergris. cis. cyst. tryst. hyson. Dis. enlist. kist. Tok Pisin. overissue issue 2 \ish-a\ see itia issure \ish-ar\ see isher issus \is-as\ byssus. persist. kisser 218 issible \is-3-b9l\ kissable. delist. resist. wist. fist. sissy ist1 \ist\ Christ. emissive. handlist. miss. Meissen streptomycin Aureomycin. entwist. whizzer issue 1 \ish-ii\ fichu. permissive. erythromycin ison 2 \iz. inadmissible issile \is-al\ see istle ission 1 \ish-an\ see ition ission 2 \izh-an\ see ision issionable Xish-na-balX fissionable conditionable issioner \ish-n9r\ see itioner issive \is-iv\ missive admissive. Swiss. dismiss. weasand. backlist. insist. list. Chris. mist. blacklist. desist. black-a-vised. this. visored isory \Iz-re\ advisory. koumiss.3 ns\ see iscence issant \is. twist. playlist. vibrissa issable \is-3-bai\ see issible issal \is-al\ see istle issance \is.3 nt\ see iscent isse 1 \is\ see iss isse 2 \es\ see iece issed \ist\ see ist 2 issel \is-sl\ see istle isser \is-ar\ hisser. poltergeist —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ice1 ist 2 \ist\ cist. gist. Rehnquist. verdigris issa \is-a\ abscissa. hit-or-miss. whist. municipal. untwist . iwis. transmissive issome \is-am\ lissome alyssum issor \iz-ar\ scissor. heist. sis. Orissa. mantissa. uprisen isor \i-zsr\ see izer isored \I-zard\ guisard. omissible. subsist. lisp. Liszt. Mrs. kiss. imprison. schist. grist. provisory. wis abyss. remissible. amiss. feist. checklist. dismissive. hiss. narcissus. prison.9 n\ bison. vis. hit-and-miss.3 n\ dizen. exist. prissy. hist. immiscible.isme isme 2 \iz 3 m\ see ism ismo \ez-mo\ machismo. wrist assist. encyst. LISP. Melissa. transmissible impermissible. wisp will-o-the-wisp isper \is-psr\ crisper. issue. revisory supervisory isp \isp\ crisp. consist. shortlist. cuisse. derisive. permissible. tissue reissue Mogadishu. lisper. coulisse. piso isom \iz-9m\ see ism ison 1 \Is. wizen arisen. missus. wispy isque \isk\ see isk iss \is\ bis. verismo caudillismo iSO \e-so\ miso. miscible admissible. risen. tryst Zeitgeist Antichrist. whisper ispy \is-pe\ crispy. missy. dehisce.

veristic. Calvinistic. crosslinguistic. consistent. nonexistence. faunistic. pistil. consistence. amoristic. truistic. Catharistic.3 n\ christen. Crystal. statistic. clyster. subsistent coexistent. vista arista. fetishistic. eulogistic. fistic. insistency. ham-fisted. fatalistic. sadistic. euphuistic. dadaist. listen.219 catechist. nonresistance. haggadistic. glister. inconsistent. existent. fabulistic. juristic. nonpersistent. cubistic. feministic. fascistic. anarchistic. intertwist. . stepsister. wistful isthmus Nis-masX see istmas isti \is-te\ see icity2 istic \is-tik\ cystic. resistant. sister. alchemistic. persistency inconsistency istic istent \is-tant\ distant assistant. holistic. fideistic. Taoistic. preexistent ister \is-tsr\ bister. Nisan istenable Xis-ns-baiX listenable medicinable istence \is-tsns\ distance assistance. essayistic. linguistic. animistic. lister. preexist love-in-a-mist —also -ed forms of verbs listed at iss ist 3 \est\ see east 1 ista 1 \e-sta\ turista camorrista. belletristic. touristic. two-fisted. sophistic. insistence. aphoristic. dualistic. exorcist. logistic. puristic. exorcistic. hubristic. heuristic. ballista sacahuiste istaed \is-tad\ see isted istal \is-t 3 l\ Bristol. crystal. cladistic. distich. centralistic. communistic. egoistic. feudalistic. mystic artistic. transistor istery \is-tre\ see istory istful \ist-fal\ tristful. distal. wholistic. unlisted. euphemistic. mister. Fidelista ista 2 \is-ta\ crista. dadaistic. klister. familistic. ballistic. persistent. atheistic. twister resister. nonexistent. hardfisted. coexist. enlisted. blister. existence. stylistic. preexistence istency \is-tan-se\ consistency. inexistence. casuistic. Hebraistic. patristic. floristic. Lister. futuristic. catechistic. atavistic. phlogistic. resistance. dyslogistic. Yahwistic activistic. listel. resistor. whitelisted ironfisted. subsistence coexistence. formalistic. unassisted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ist2 istel \is-t a l\ see ist 2 isten \is. archaistic. chauvinistic. equidistant. limp-wristed. simplistic. insistent. solicitor. inexistent. nonresistant. monistic. gongoristic. autistic. egotistic. glisten. inconsistence. cabalistic. altruistic. outdistance. vistaed closefisted. hedonistic. atomistic. untwisted. eristic. eucharistic. tightfisted. pistol istan \is-tan\ see iston istance \is-tsns\ see istence istant \is-t9nt\ see istent iste 1 \is-te\ see icity2 iste 2 \est\ see east 1 iste 3 \is-ts\ see ista 2 isted \is-tad\ twisted. agonistic. theistic. meristic. Thomistic. persistence.

expressionistic. voyeuristic. ritualistic. imperialistic. Postimpressionistic. pessimistic. Romanistic. eristical. metalinguistic. melanistic. adventuristic. methodistic. linguistics. egoistical. functionalistic. realistic. novelistic. sociolinguistic. anomalistic. unrealistic. materialistic. melioristic. missal. vandalistic. voodooistic. Zionistic absolutistic. negativistic. recidivistic. jingoistic. inartistic. deterministic. gristle. opportunistic. humanistic. logistics. atheistical. nepotistic. statistics. immanentistic. shintoistic. sophistical. missile. mercantilistic. behavioristic. extralinguistic. whistle abyssal. ultraistic. Mahayanistic. monopolistic. theistical alchemistical. collectivistic. polytheistic. monotheistical. narcissistic. thistly sweet cicely istmas \is-mas\ Christmas. pianistic. journalistic. exhibitionistic. reductionistic. solecistic. sociolinguistic. oligopolistic. mentalistic. Lamaistic. pluralistic. Jansenistic. polytheistical istich \is-tik\ see istic istics \is-tiks\ ballistics. pointillistic. isthmus Kiritimati . onanistic. misogynistic. indeterministic. revivalistic. nihilistic. liberalistic. introspectionistic. totemistic. synergistic. pantheistical anomalistical. naturalistic. pugilistic. mechanistic. commercialistic. rationalistic. humoristic. -'s. irrationalistic. Platonistic. characteristic. literalistic. existentialistic. sensationalistic. anachronistic. dismissal. traditionalistic individualistic istical \is-ti-kal\ mystical deistical. nativistic. sensualistic. pantheistic. nationalistic. animalistic. neologistic. sadomasochistic. epistle penny whistle istler \is-br\ whistler. terroristic. fundamentalistic. spiritualistic. Hinayanistic. patristics. impressionistic. eudaemonistic. thistle. euhemeristic. pietistic. fissile. shamanistic. and -s' forms of nouns listed at istic istie \is-te\ see icity2 istil \is-t 3 l\ see istal istin \is-tan\ see iston istine \is-tan\ see iston istle \is-al\ bristle. totalistic. synchronistic. optimistic. modernistic. verbalistic. antagonistic. imagistic. gristly. hypocoristical. contortionistic. syncretistic. emotionalistic. violinistic. logistical. Deuteronomistic. linguistical. urbanistic. utopistic. separatistic. monistical. idealistic. scissile. secularistic. exorcistical. socialistic. propagandistic. probabilistic. hypocoristic. populistic. dickcissel. legalistic. masochistic. casuistical. sciolistic. egotistical. ekistics. expansionistic. Judaistic. statistical. Whistler epistler istless \ist-las\ listless resistless istly \is-le\ bristly. stylistics futuristics criminalistics —also -s. specialistic. moralistic. mediumistic. vitalistic. monotheistic. solipsistic. evangelistic. quietistic.istical Hellenistic. somnambulistic. syllogistic. plagiaristic. voluntaristic 220 colonialistic. physicalistic. cannibalistic. capitalistic. militaristic. paternalistic. symbolistic. relativistic. surrealistic. psycholinguistic. patristical. ventriloquistic.

fit. itch. extraditable itable 2 \it-9-bal\ see ittable itae \It-e\ see ite 2 itain \it-n\ see itten ital1 \It. backbit. indictable copyrightable. armpit. wit. two-bit. pitch. bushtit. mitt. godwit. piston. split. Bonita. eta. lit crit. zeta Akita. Tristan Philistine. recital. intravital. dittany. recommit. Brit. git. toastmistress istrophe \is-tra-fe\ antistrophe. requital. Lolita. hitch. sandpit. outfit. obit. fleapit. candlelit. tidbit. turnspit.3 n-e\ Brittany. Rita. incognita. history. fitch. megahit. pulpit. vitalist recitalist itan \it. ditch. refit. spit. senhorita. twilit. backfit. arboreta. gaslit. incitant. Dewitt. Greta. twit. overcommit jack-in-the-pulpit it2 \ e \ see ee 1 it3 \et\ see eat 1 ita1 \it-9\ vita baryta amanita ita2 \et-a\ cheetah. remit. nontitle. Anita. Brigitte. bonito. sprit. taskmistress. commit. frit. dimwit. well-knit baby-sit. demit. switch-hit. renitent itany \it. cesspit. counterfeit. benefit. permit. niche. Prakrit. bitt. slit. kit. pinch-hit. tomtit. house-sit. excreta. intermit. unfit. titbit. transmit. sinistrous. sunlit. margarita.221 isto \is-to\ aristo. submit. litany itch \ich\ bitch. flitch. cockpit. casita. glitch. . vital detrital. hypocrite. teat. subtitle disentitle. writ. Split. victualler belittler. sit. knit.a n\ see ighten itant \It. phlogiston amethystine istor \is-tar\ see ister istory \is-tre\ blistery. theta. zit acquit.3 nt\ mightn't excitant.3 l\ title. unknit. lickety-split. postmistress. vita. tit. befit. omit. flit. senorita Bhagavad Gita itable1 \it-9-bal\ citable. quit. half-wit. misfit. lit. grit. nitwit. a itch intromit. it. schoolmistress. manzanita. starlit. prehistory istral \is-tral\ mistral sinistral istress \is-trss\ mistress headmistress. culprit. admit. snit. Juanita. Pitt. whit. moonlit. Suita amanita. emit. mishit. entitle. pit. tight-knit. bowsprit. writable excitable. legit.3 l-ar\ whittler. Sanskrit. partita. snakebit. skit. hit. retrofit cost-benefit. brit. nit. Granita. peewit. kitsch. Hospitaler italist \It.3 l\ see ittle italer \it. supravital ital2 \it. epistrophe istrous \is-tras\ see istress isty \is-te\ see icity2 isus \I-S3s\ see isis iszt \ist\ see ist 2 it1 \it\ bit. manumit. mystery consistory. Callisto istol \is-t l\ see istal iston \is-tan\ Kristin. dit. chit. Nita. henbit. close-knit. outwit. feterita.3 l-9st\ titlist. pita.

homesite. rich. foresight. Kimberlite. daylight. Israelite. illite. Shemite. deadlight. aright. moonlight. muscovite. droplight. all right. fast-twitch. appetite. spaceflight. torchlight. Dwight. impolite. fight. enrich. witch backstitch. topstitch. lily-white. wheelwright acolyte. earthlight. Bakelite. switcher enricher. pyrite. gesundheit. Josephite. lighttight. headlight. birthright. bleacherite. highlight. Minorite. on-site. taillight. richen itchener \ich-nar\ Kitchener. pitcher. Semite. which. graphite. copyright. Sunnite. airtight. lamplight. Fahrenheit. rite. Hamite. bobwhite. lignite. stitch. Hepplewhite. extradite. such. skylight. lyddite. shipwright. half-light. Amorite. stoplight. localite. snitcher. typewrite. wite. Ammonite. sleight. sidelight.itchen quitch. Hitlerite. playwright. dogfight. Moabite. downright. expedite. richer. night. featherlight. catamite. . Hussite. lite. switch. Carmelite. gaslight. night-light. disunite. Melchite. outright. rushlight. featherstitch. Michener itcher \ich-ar\ hitcher. jacklight. handwrite. respite. finite. anchorite. eyesight. searchlight. byte. black-and-white. twi-night. stitchery. hemstitcher Lubavitcher. gelignite. snakebite. trite. flashlight. dite. offwhite. antiwhite. tight. weeknight. Jacobite. pitchy. spotlight. Gadite. riches Dutchman's-breeches —also -s. sticktight. infight. fright. enrichment itchy \ich-e\ bitchy. leukocyte. Levite. Wright. wright. hindsight. plight. backlight. unite. dynamite. sight. manganite. Nazirite. despite. in-flight. hemstitch. chalcocite. kitschy. insight. whipstitch czarevitch. firelight. Canaanite. safelight. kite. water witcher itchery \ich-a-re\ bitchery. Lucite. partite. overnight. invite. frostbite. Wight. ghostwrite. snow-white. wainwright. bright. cockfight. cellulite. erudite. gigabyte. jadeite. light. Birchite. malachite. write affright. uptight. and -s forms of verbs. twilight. microswitch itchen \ich-an\ kitchen. Benthamite. indict. recite. all-night. aconite. slight. mite. requite. unhitch. dight. overflight. forthright. delight. backbite. skywrite. blatherskite. slow-twitch. outsight. Mennonite. twitch. apartheid. smite. hug-me-tight. contrite. 222 fanlight. incite. blight. might. miswrite. speedlight. excite. flight. smectite. Ishmaelite. listed at itch itchman \ich-man\ pitchman. bewitch. tonight. Luddite. Gunite. Leninite. upright. termite. height. hoplite. floodlight. midnight. slow-pitch. White. and -s' forms of nouns. witchery bewitchery. switchman itchment Xich-mantX bewitchment. white. alight. starlight. eyebright. bipartite. disinvite. sprite. site. Marcionite. Servite. Hashemite. quite. limelight. wight. bullfight. cross-stitch. anthracite. fleabite. twitchy. cite. millwright. unsight. ignite. knight. sunlight. off-site. spite. polite. out-ofsight. campsite. indite. streetlight. hight. lockstitch. castroite. -'s. kyte. right. lowlight. Shiite. Cushite. Himyarite. Masonite. laborite. overbite. penlight. obituary itches \ich-az\ britches. amosite. snitch. Hittite. firefight. bedight. krait. gastight. itchy. fistfight. lintwhite. gunfight. prizefight. bombsight. skintight. trothplight. albite. bite. witchy it'd \it-ad\ see itted ite1 \It\ bight. fly-by-night. fortnight. stitcher.

3 nt\ see itant iteor \et-e-ar\ see eteor iter1 \It-ar\ blighter. grith. quadripartite. scythe. sith. whitesmith. stalagmite. righty. stalactite. urbanite. lithe. littoral sublittoral. Wahhabite. -'s. swith. kith. therewith. underwriter teletypewriter —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ite1 iter2 \it-ar\ see itter iter3 \et-ar\ see eater 1 iteral \it-3-rsl\ clitoral. typewriter .223 oversight. microlith. speechwriter. arborvitae. transfinite. sorites. Sybarite. anthophyllite. pyrrhotite. states righter. lighter. songsmith. pith. watertight. fighter. neolith. metalsmith. scriptwriter. silversmith paleolith ith 3 \et\ see eat 1 ith4 \eth\ see eath ithe1 \Ith\ blithe. troglodyte. lamplighter. socialite. Puseyite. one-nighter. overwrite. literal. sodalite. geir^tlichkeit. Granny Smith. cosmopolite. Wycliffite. recondite. postliterate. whity almighty. monolith. goldsmith. Thersites —also -s. and -s' forms of nouns listed at ite2 ites 2 \its\ see ights itey \it-e\ see ite2 ith \ith\ fifth. tinsmith. satellite. ultralight. Venite Aphrodite. tunesmith. locksmith. braillewriter. Almighty. parasite. plebiscite. multipartite. fly-by-nighter. frith. hermaphrodite. suburbanite. titer. tithe. reunite. underwrite. myth. forthwith. Gastarbeiter. lignum vitae ite 3 \it\ see it1 ite \et\ see eat 4 1 ithee copywriter. nail-biter. incitement. prizefighter. Stagirite. Goldsmith. screenwriter. tripartite. preliterate. presbyterate. withe blacksmith. indictment iten \It. wordsmith coppersmith. Trotskyite. withe. subliterate semiliterate ites 1 \It-ez\ barytes. with. niter. proselyte. first-nighter. songwriter. miter. aqua vitae. sodomite. writhe ithe 2 \ith\ see ith2 ithe 3 \ith\ see ith1 ithee 1 \ith-e\ see ithy2 ited \lt-sd\ see ighted iteful \it-fal\ see ightful itely \It-le\ see ightly item \it-9m\ item ad infinitum itement Mt-mantX alightment. smith. Smith. time-of-flight. mighty. shergottite. gunsmith. McCarthyite. excitement. sportswriter. wherewith. herewith. expediter.3 n\ see ighten itener Mt-narX see ightener itent \it. exciter. yesternight adipocyte. Hammersmith. writer all-nighter. theodolite Areopagite. perovskite. Pre-Raphaelite Great Australian Bight ite 2 \it-e\ flighty. exurbanite. IndoHittite. transvestite. triliteral iterally \it-ar-le\ see itterly iterate \it-9-rst\ literate illiterate. nonliterate. megalith. kithe. eolith. nightie.

granitic. dendritic. political analytical. exciting. somewhither itherward Xith-sr-wardX thitherward. freewriting. Galicia. paralytic. typewriting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ite1 ition \ish-an\ fission. Jesuitical. prizefighting. hermaphroditic. whitherward ithesome Mth-sairA blithesome. stalagmitic. eremitic. cognition. wither. withy ithy2 \ith-e\ mythy. Patricia. ambition. supercritical geopolitical. clinician. Shemitic. edition. Mysia. Sanskritic. hither. emission. catalytic. Jesuitic. prithee.3 n\ see ighten iting \It-irj\ biting. graphitic. crystallitic. Domitian. newswriting. cockfighting. flyting. trithing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ithe1 ithmic \ith-mik\ seeythmic ithy1 \ith-e\ prithee. comitia. episcia. meteoritic. attrition. apolitical. lighting. mission. hycian. parasitical. audition. enclitic. sodomitical. granolithic. infighting. Cilicia. diacritic. bullfighting. thallophytic. cenobitic. condition. Titian addition. nowhither. dynamitic. commission. proclitic. jaditic. eremitical. electrolytic. song writing. Jacobitical. demission. critic arthritic. dither. whiting. slither. beautician. Phoenicia Dionysia itia2 \e-sha\ see esia 1 itial \ish-9l\ see icial itian1 \ish-an\ see ition itian2 \e-shsn\ see etion1 itiate \ish-at\ initiate. pithy. analytic. Semitic. sports writing. -'s. lithesome ithia \ith-e-s\ see ythia ithic \ith-ik\ lithic ornithic batholithic. novitiate uninitiate itic \it-ik\ clitic. and -s' forms of nouns listed at itic itid \it-ad\ see itted itimati \is-m9s\ see istmas itin \it. titian. parasitic. Hamitic. withy iti \et-e\ see eaty itia1 \ish-a\ Lycia. dialytic. Letitia. megalithic. copralitic. writing backbiting. Eolithic. smithy. prewriting. bronchi tic. monolithic. dentition. sybaritic. thrombolytic. contrition. hypercritical. Himyaritic. meteoritical sociopolitical itics \it-iks\ Semitics analytics meteoritic s —also -s. Monophysitic psychoanalytic 224 itical \it-i-kal\ critical Levitical.ithee ithee 2 \ith-e\ see ithy1 ither \ith-ar\ blither. cither. diacritical. hypercritic. zither come-hither. Sinitic anaclitic. troglodytic cryptanalytic. anchoritic. admission. Mesolithic. pruritic. indicia. inviting. hypocritical. daylighting. thither. cenobitical. coition. sodomitic. ethician. skywriting. frostbiting. militia. impolitical. rachitic. dismission. stalactitic. neolithic Paleolithic ithing \I-thirj\ tithing. wisha Alicia. handwriting. swither. . mephitic. whither.

tuitional. supposition. oppositional.9 l\ see ittle itment \it-msnt\ fitment commitment. manumission. pneumonitis. suppositional. interposition. extradition. omission. requisition. recondition. redefinition. attritional. preposition. endocarditis. electrician. deposition. tendinitis. gastritis. optician. hepatitis. enteritis. repetitional. skittish itius \ish-ss\ see icious itle \It. tuition. parturition. folliculitis. nutritional. prepositional. exhibitionist. bursitis. transmission. presuppositional itioner \i-shs-nar\ missioner commissioner. dietitian. positional. Heracleitus. exhibition. disposition. apposition. vaginitis appendicitis. precondition. sedition. parishioner. petitioner. Hermaphroditus. diagnostician. laryngitis. nursepractitioner itionist \i-sh3-nast\ nutritionist. prohibitionist itious \ish-9s\ see icious1 itis \it-as\ situs. traditional. arithmetician. mastitis. permission. patrician. decomposition. transition. musician. definitional. partition. disinhibition. cystitis. tonsillitis. malpractitioner. diverticulitis. Phoenician. repetition. volitional itment apparitional. imposition. prostatitis. Dionysian. sinusitis. demolitionist. propositional. definition. punition. juxtaposition. erudition. onomastician. coalitionist. presupposition. opposition.9 l\ see ital1 it'll \it. decondition. nutrition. malnutrition. politician. depositional. tactician. conditioner. obstetrician. aesthetician. premonition. admonition. mathematician. proposition. meningitis. compositional. pharyngitis. appositional. ammunition. petition. rhetorician. metaphysician. cosmetician. intuition. neuritis. dialectician. gingivitis. physician. air-condition. ileitis. expedition. geometrician. peritonitis analysis situs. colitis. retinitis. remitment recommitment overcommitment . technician. expositional. spondylitis. geriatrician. unconditional juxtapositional. detritus. micturition. intromission. decommission. indisposition. superstition. submission. theoretician superimposition itionable Xish-na-balX see issionable itional \ish-nal\ additional. semiotician. malposition. transitional. coalition. mortician. linguistician. demolition. cognitional. disquisition. competition. botrytis. bronchitis. inquisitional. transposition academician. rendition. perdition. phonetician. precognition. remission. nephritis. statistician. prohibition.225 fruition. encephalitis. iritis. lenition. partitionist abolitionist. phlebitis dermatitis. poliomyelitis itish \it-ish\ British. inhibition. coitional. inquisition. acquisition. apparition. partitioner. Titus arthritis. conditional. logician. ignition. Ordovician. volition abolition. intuitionist. suspicion. transpositional. oppositionist. monition. mechanician. tradition. magician. logistician. munition. gastroenteritis. submunition. urethritis. conjunctivitis. recognition. intermission. pediatrician. practitioner exhibitioner. composition. exposition. endometritus. position.

witness earwitness. half-witted. hitter. unfitted uncommitted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at it ittee \it-e\ see itty itten \it. listed at it it's \its\ see its itsail \it-sal\ see itzel itsch \ich\ see itch itschy \ich-e\ see itchy itsy \it-se\ see itzy itt \it\ see it1 itta \it-a\ shittah. grits. literally ittern \it-arn\ bittern. its. Whittier.3 ns\ see ittance ittent \it. thick-witted. sanbenito ito 2 \et-a\ see ita2 iton1 \it. vitta ittable Xit-a-bslX committable. flitter. slowwitted. quitter. burrito. quits. quick-witted. Whitney Mount Whitney ito \et-6\ keto. -'s. unbitted. witting . twittery ittie \it-e\ see itty ittier \it-e-ar\ grittier. dim-witted. snakebitten. litten. twitter aglitter. written backbitten. twitterer itterly \it-9r-le\ bitterly. embitter.3 ns\ pittance. kitten.n\ see ighten itoral \it-9-ral\ see iteral itra \e-tra\ see etra 2 itral \i-trsl\ mitral. sitter. quittor.itness itness \it-nas\ fitness. and -s forms of verbs. wittier itting1 \it-irj\ fitting. smitten. titter. spitz Chemnitz. witted committed. mosquito. prettiness. Great Britain. hairsplitter. and -s' forms of nouns. quittance acquittance. switch-hitter. counterfeiter. teated. mitten. spitter. intromitter itterer \it-3r-sr\ fritterer. nitrile itrile \I-tral\ see itral its \its\ blitz. Leto. nitid. knitter. ditz. shipfitter. skitter. Miskito. bed-sitter. hard-bitten. litter. rewritten. skittery. remittable. remittance. Saint Kitts slivovitz —also -s. wittiness 3 2 3 1 226 ittany \it. Lytton. fitter.3 n-e\ see itany itte \it\ see it1 itted \it-ad\ fitted. graffito. Tito. magneto. remitter. critter. New Britain. jittery.3 nt\ remittent intermittent.3 n\ see itten iton \it. witting. no-hitter. transmitter benefiter. steamfitter. outfitter. jitter. emittance. flea-bitten. Britten. intromittent itter \it-ar\ bitter. Negrito Hirohito. slitter. gittern ittery \it-3-re\ glittery. Briton. unfitness itney \it-ne\ jitney. splitting. cittern. sharp-witted. transmittable inhospitable ittah \it-a\ see itta ittal \it. Fritz. Britain. unwritten ittence \it. prettier. glitz. veto bonito. eyewitness. rail-splitter. glitter. littery. fritter. habitable. immittance. pitted. Quito. hospitable. it'd. emitter. sitting.3 n\ bitten. incognito. litterer. chitter. it's. admittance. atwitter. transmittance intermittence ittiness \it-e-nss\ grittiness.l\ see ittle ittance \it.

unremitting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at it1 itting2 \it. spritsail Wiener schnitzel itzi \it-se\ see itzy itzy \it-se\ bitsy. hard-hitting. arrival. shrive. Shiva. rive. victual. equivalent unambivalent ivan \iv-sn\ see iven ivance \I-vans\ connivance. survivable ivable 2 \iv-3-bsl\ livable forgivable ival \I-val\ rival archival. skittle. Siva. fence-sitting. unwitting. formfitting. whittle. ritzy. pretty. Salt Lake City. schizy iu \ u \ see ew1 ius 1 \e-as\ see eus 1 ius 2 \I-3s\ see ias 1 iv1 \iv\ see ive2 iv2 \ef\ see ief1 iv3 \if\ see iff iv4 \ev\ see eave iva1 \I-va\ Saiva gingiva. little. Walter Mitty Ho Chi Minh City itual \ich-3-wsl\ ritual habitual ituary \ich-3-re\ see itchery1 itum \It-am\ see item itus \It-3s\ see itis ity1 \it-e\ see itty ity2 \It-e\ see ite2 itz \its\ see its itza1 \et-sa\ pizza czaritza Chichen Itza. viva geneva. jive. it'll. subcommittee.3 l-ar\ see italer ittol \it. committal. embrittle. hospital. spittle. self-pity. transmittal noncommittal. skive. glitzy. earsplitting. kiva. house-sitting.227 befitting. Godiva. ditty. pity. kitty. city. supercity. sidesplitting. kittle. five.l\ brittle. revival. saliva iva 2 \e-va\ diva. genitival. gyve. megacity. yeshiva iva 3 \iv-a\ Shiva. Mitzi. wive . Siva ivable1 \I-v3-bal\ drivable derivable. resitting. live. tittle. tittie. drive. strive. belittle. thrive. Geneva. witty committee. spital. Kitty. hive. hairsplitting. revivable. survivance ivative \iv-at-iv\ privative derivative ive 1 \Iv\ chive. recommittal ittler \it. Katowice itza \it-sa\ czaritza tamburitza 2 3 ive itzel \it-s9l\ schnitzel. I've. Eva. itty-bitty. survival adjectival. gritty. Kansas City. wittol acquittal. lickspittle. contrivance. nitty-gritty.3 l\ see ittle ittor \it-ar\ see itter ittoral \it-s-r9l\ see iteral itts \its\ see its itty \it-e\ bitty. substantival infinitival ivalent \iv-9-bnt\ ambivalent. conjunctival. unfitting. siva.3 n\ see itten ittish \it-ish\ see itish ittle \it. dive. remittal.

aggressivity. forgiving. thriven forgiven menu-driven iver1 \I-var\ diver. live. directivity. shivery delivery ives \ivz\ fives. arrive. captivity. derive. giver. expressivity. river. collectivity. nativity. Ives —also -s. misgiving. receptivity. testdrive forty-five. -'s. infectivity. endive. univocal unequivocal ivol \iv-3l\ see ivel ivor \i-var\ see iver1 . power-dive ive 2 \iv\ give. swivet. upriver Guadalquivir ivers 1 \I-varz\ divers. unlive underactive ive 3 \ev\ see eave 1 ivel \iv-al\ civil. contrive. conductivity. declivity. forgiver. connive. screwdriver. retentivity. conniver. downriver. shiv. beehive. effectivity. riven. thanksgiving —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ive2 ivion \iv-e-sn\ Vivian oblivion ivious \iv-e-9s\ lascivious. quadrivial 2 228 ivid \iv-ad\ livid. motivity. Sivan. revive. activity. sheave. radioactivity ivium \iv-e-3m\ trivium quadrivium iviut \e-ve-at\ see eviate ivo \e-vo\ see evo ivocal \iv-3-k9i\ equivocal. and -s' forms of nouns listed at iver1 ivers 2 \e-varz\ see eavers ivery \iv-re\ livery. deriver. swivel iven \iv-an\ driven. subjectivity. compulsivity. spiv forgive. outlive. sensitivity. contriver. transitivity distributivity. living almsgiving. vivers —also -s. productivity. and -s forms of verbs. hyperactivity. pivot. striven. archive. rivet.ive alive. overdrive. adaptivity. survive. sieve. hives. reviver. survivor iver2 \iv-ar\ flivver. emissivity. resistivity. nosedive. deprive. oblivious ivir \iv-ar\ see iver2 ivity \iv-at-e\ privity acclivity. free-living. retroactivity hypersensitivity. expansivity. insensitivity. frivol. privily uncivilly ivily \iv-a-le\ see ivilly iving \iv-in\ giving. exclusivity. shiver. vivid ivil \iv-al\ see ivel ivilly \iv-a-le\ civilly. -'s. progressivity. ogive. driver. creativity. cognitivity. primitivity. lawgiver. perfectivity. privet. Argive. permittivity. Olivia ivial \iv-e-3l\ trivial convivial. skin-dive. relativity. trivet ivi1 \iv-e\ see ivvy ivi \e-ve\ see eavey ivia \iv-e-a\ Bolivia. reactivity. positivity. fiver arriver. negativity. impassivity. selectivity. deliver. aquiver. divot. affectivity. quiver. connectivity. reflexivity. coercivity. listed at ive1 ivet \iv-at\ civet. overactivity. proclivity absorptivity. perceptivity. self-drive. drivel. snivel. additivity. destructivity. inactivity. shrivel. exhaustivity. sliver almsgiver. emotivity. diffusivity. relive. festivity. and -s' forms of nouns. cabdriver. given. susceptivity. liver. misgive.

Dix. eighty-six. commix. civvy. crucifix. deep-six. -'s. affix. gizzard. his. analyzable. panmixia ixie \ik-se\ Dixie. show biz iz2 \ez\ see eze iza1 \e-za\ see eza iza 2 \e-tha\ see etna izabeth \iz-3-bath\ Elisabeth. listed at ick ix2 \ e \ see ee 1 ixal \ik-sal\ pixel affixal. and -s' forms of nouns. blanc fixe. nix. Livy. cognizable. Styx admix. vaporizable computerizable. Nixie. generalizable. tricksy ixion \ik-shan\ see iction ixir \ik-sar\ see ixer ixit \ik-sat\ quixote ipse dixit ixon \ik-san\ see ixen ixote \ik-sat\ see ixit ixt \ikst\ see ixed ixture \iks-char\ fixture. commixture intermixture iya \e-a\ see ia1 iyeh \e-s\ see ia1 iz \iz\ biz. fix. 'tis. pulverizable. pixie. prix fixe. magnetizable. fizz. postfix. twixt betwixt. mixed. and -s' forms of nouns. uncompromisable izar \I-Z9r\ see izer izard \iz-ard\ blizzard. listed at eak ixe 2 \iks\ see ix1 ixe 3 \esh\ see iche 2 ixed \ikst\ fixed. frizz. prefixal. mixture admixture. quiz.. cicatrix. whiz. suffix. vizard. exercisable. infix. inadvisable. mechanizable. mixer elixir izard ixia \ik-se-s\ asphyxia. and -s forms of verbs. and -s forms of verbs. granivorous. lizard.229 ivorous \iv-ras\ carnivorous. politics. pyxie. privy. unfix antefix. devisable. Elizabeth Port Elizabeth izable \I-z3-bal\ sizable advisable. phiz. izzard. mix. recognizable. prolix. Ms. subfix. -'s. is. hypnotizable. wizard . excisable amortizable. wiz gee-whiz. skivvy tantivy divi-divi ivy \iv-e\ see ivvy iwi \e-we\ see eewee ix1 \iks\ Brix. nixie. intermix. suffixal ixe1 \eks\ breeks prix fixe idee fixe Macgillicuddy's Reeks —also -s. fertilizable. superfix geopolitics RU486 —also -s. well-fixed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ix ixel \ik-sal\ see ixal ixen \ik-san\ vixen. prefix. pyx. criticizable. localizable. premix. divvy. six. dramatizable. memorizable. immix. transfix. omnivorous insectivorous ivot \iv-at\ see ivet ivus \e-vas\ see evous ivver \iv-ar\ see iver2 ivvy \iv-e\ chivy. Nixon Mason-Dixon ixer \ik-ssr\ fixer. six-o-six.

bowdlerize. alchemize. winterize. anesthetize. dogmatize. agonize. enfranchise. wise abscise. satirize. Judaize. customize. utilize. franchise. Islamize. disguise. burglarize. erotize. ionize. terrorize. urbanize. anywise. grecianize. disprize. robotize. streetwise. jeopardize. thermalize. authorize. simonize. Stalinize. elegize. reprise. syllogize. signalize. demise. pulverize. nasalize. midsize. man-size. barbarize. creolize. glamorize. syncretize. low-rise. oversize. digitize. slenderize. victimize. penalize. worldly-wise accessorize. magnetize. likewise. pennywise. excise. stigmatize. anatomize. sinicize. patronize. lionize. randomize. edgewise. formulize. vaporize. allegorize. anthologize. vandalize. plasticize. sodomize. bolshevize. earthrise. apprise. premise. stabilize. apologize. size. brutalize. communize. prussianize. scandalize. chastise. formalize. paradise. totalize. lengthwise. metricize. exercise. twin-size. rise. catechize. etherize. memorize. notarize.ize 230 improvise. westernize. gallicize. mechanize. crabwise. neutralize. finalize. methodize. schismatize. sloganize. misprize. vocalize. pauperize. catalyze. tantalize. laicize. strategize. socialize. monetize. supervise. moisturize. stylize. carbonize. cauterize. heathenize. disfranchise. devise. moralize. humanize. mesmerize. surmise. ghettoize. atomize. energize. classicize. annualize. synopsize. revise. temporize. cicatrize. womanize. cognize. factorize. slantwise. merchandise. crystalize. clockwise. mongrelize. hierarchize. apostatize. verbalize. endwise. optimize. pocket-size. obelize. texturize. sonnetize. comprise. crosswise. idolize. melanize. suffice. melodize. mobilize. demonize. fantasize. actualize. life-size. anticlockwise. unitize. schematize. motorize. sanitize. amortize. specialize. latinize. feudalize. germanize. solarize. fossilize. assize. immunize. paralyze. uprise advertise. euphemize. polemize. unionize. remise. rubberize. eulogize. otherwise. despise. plagiarize. civilize. piecewise. traumatize. modernize. advise. bestialize. concertize. polarize. gothicize. teutonize. hypnotize. bastardize. vernalize. prize. theorize. localize. novelize. globalize. aphorize. downsize. oxidize. liquidize. synchronize. Christianize. fascistize. scrutinize. animalize. balkanize. exorcise. autolyze. tenderize. weatherize. concretize. moonrise. sermonize. systemize. equalize. acclimatize. Levi's. channelize. aggrandize. sensitize. poetize. enterprise. feminize. minimize. alphabetize. sympathize. valorize. tranquilize. quantize. ize \Iz\ guise. tyrannize. legalize. grecize. gormandize. recognize. weather-wise. martyrize. capsulize. fragmentize. anglicize. emprise. hellenize. king-size. breadthwise. tetanize. . colonize. sunrise. gourmandize. high-rise. normalize. cartelize. pidginize. itemize. pasteurize. leastwise. vitalize. rhapsodize. prise. baptize. symbolize. fraternize. privatize. caramelize. publicize. odorize. emphasize. standardize. pressurize. apprize. fanwise. fertilize. criticize. arabize. analyze. sterilize. paganize. analogize. empathize. organize. romanize. vulcanize. Actionize. deputize. synthesize. full-size. surprise. incise. outsize. pint-size. canonize. maximize. vulgarize. compromise. antagonize. harmonize. narcotize. dramatize. galvanize. Platonize. mythicize. canalize. centralize. ostracize. summarize. pluralize. subsidize. eternize. hybridize. circumcise. realize. capsize. ironize. hebraize. nowise. journalize. botanize. dialyze. televise. arise. marbleize.

immaterialize. computerize. mineralize. dizen. compartmentalize. cannibalize. reorganize. listed at y ize 2 \ez\ see eze ized \Izd\ sized advised. denaturalize. intellectualize deinstitutionalize —also -s. disorganize. and -s' forms of nouns. totalizer. stabilizer. literalize. spiritualize. greisen bedizen. federalize. colonialize. desalinize. hypothesize. externalize. modularized.3 n\ bison. cryptanalize. self-sufficing. characterize. decentralize. dehumanize. Europeanize. euthanatize. secularize. demagnetize. deionize. romanticize. aromatize. internalize. depolarize. liberalize. varisized. commercialize. geologize. legitimize. capitalize. suburbanize. organizer. deodorize. atomizer.3 n\ see ison 2 izer \i-zar\ Dreiser. fictionalize. unsurprising self-sacrificing. riser. oxidizer. universalize constitutionalize. theologize. baby blue-eyes. evangelize. traditionalize. sizar. criminalize. internationalize. monopolize. bureaucratize. horizon spiegeleisen izen 2 \iz. formularize. undersized. indigenize. digitalize. depersonalize. generalize. fertilizer. eternalize. and -s forms of verbs. individualize. departmentalize. macadamize. decriminalize. enterpriser. disenfranchise. militarize. dematerialize. tyrannizer. exerciser. idealize. industrialize. exteriorize. communalize. proselytize. desexualize. cosmeticize. uncompromising —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ize1 izo 1 \e-zo\ sleazo chorizo. izy psychoanalyze. -'s. Hispanicize. conveyorize. sovietize. unadvised. immortalize. apotheosize. outsized ergotized. de-emphasize. Sanforized. immobilize. demoralize. demobilize. wiser adviser. containerize. self-actualize. synthesizer. democratize. popularize. categorize. conservatize. miniaturize. trivialize. parenthesize. visor. subjectivize. politicize. homogenize. fanaticize. counterclockwise. energizer. epoxidize. mythologize. nationalize. Indianize. depoliticize.3 n\ see izen1 izy \it-se\ see itzy . impersonalize. materialize. hospitalize. lobotomize. catholicize. subvocalize. pearlized. temporalize. demilitarize. conceptualize. equalizer. philosophize. politicalize.231 apostrophize. well-advised elasticized. sizing uprising appetizing. vaporizer complementizer. arabicize. illegalize. metastasize. unexercised immunocompromised —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ize1 izen 1 \Iz. ideologize. sexualize. visualize Americanize. deodorizer izing \I-zirj\ rising. sentimentalize. gelatinize. eroticize. de-energize. enterprising. economize. incisor appetizer. particularize. initialize. ventriloquize. editorialize. naturalize. mestizo izo 2 \e-so\ see iso izon \Iz. tranquilizer. emotionalize. epitomize. ill-advised. transistorize. italicize. legitimatize. underutilize. contrariwise. kaiser. destabilize. regularize. merchandising. metabolize. familiarize. desensitize. lysogenize. systematize. miser. geyser. contextualize. prizer. revitalize. supervisor. decolonize. extemporize. divisor.

grizzle. drizzle.IZZ 232 izzled \iz-sld\ chiseled.3 n\ see ison 2 izzer \iz-ar\ see issor izzical \iz-i-kal\ seeysical izzie \i-ze\ see izzy izzle \iz-3i\ chisel. grizzly. pizzle. grizzled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at izzle izzler \iz-lsr\ chiseler. swizzle . tizzy tin lizzie izz \iz\ see iz1 izza \et-sa\ see itza 1 izzard \iz-ard\ see izard izzen \iz. sizzle. frizzle. fizzy. swizzler izzly \iz-le\ drizzly. grisly. dizzy. fizzle. mizzly izzy \iz-e\ busy. sizzler. mizzle. frizzy.

homey. approach. loamy. koa. waygoing Eskimoan. poach. irreproachable. reproach. roach abroach. coach. combing. floored. protozoan oan 2 \6n\ see one 1 oaner \6-nar\ see oner 1 oaning \6-nirj\ see oning 2 oap \ 6 p \ see ope oaper \6-psr\ see oper oapy \6-pe\ see opi oar \6r\ see or1 oard \6rd\ board. Balboa. Sinaloa Guanabacoa. moa. poacher encroacher oad 1 \6d\ see ode oad 2 \6d\ see aud 1 oader \6d-ar\ see Oder oadie \6d-e\ see ody 2 oady \6d-e\ see ody 2 oaf \6f\ loaf. witloof sugarloaf oafer \6-far\ see ofer oagie \6-ge\ see ogie oah \6-a\ see oa 1 oak \6k\ see oke oaken \6-kan\ see oken oaker \6-k9r\ see oker oakum \6-k3m\ see okum oaky \6-ke\ see oky oal \61\ see ole 1 oalie \6-le\ see oly1 oam 1 \6-am\ seeoem 1 oam 2 \6m\ see ome 1 oamer Xo-marX see omer 1 oaming \6-mirj\ coaming. Goa. stoa aloha. coacher. chord. cored. jerboa. Noah. encroach. ford. cloture. Samoa Krakatoa. brooch. Joao Pessoa oa 2 \ 6 \ see ow1 oable \ii-3-b9l\ see uable oach \6ch\ broach. proa.o 0 1 \ii\ see ew1 0 2 \ 6 \ see ow1 oa \6-s\ boa. Mauna Loa. Salome oan 1 \6-an\ Owen. balboa. Shenandoah. unapproachable oacher \6-char\ broacher. gourd. loach. gloaming Wyoming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ome 1 oamy \6-me\ foamy. Samoan. qoph meatloaf. rowan Minoan. Naomi. cord. roan. oaf. Ford. bored. . cockroach. stagecoach oachable \6-ch3-b3l\ coachable approachable inapproachable. show-me Dahomey. caroche.

reward. note. haute. fingerboard. bungee cord. harpsichord. steamboat. greatcoat. pored. surfboat. shuffleboard. footboard. whaleboat. Lord. headboard. discord. bluecoat. four-poster roller-coaster. wrote afloat. overboard. whole note. chipboard. chessboard. Sukkoth. flashboard. motorboat. concord. endnote. redingote. blackboard. roller coaster oasty \6-ste\ see osty oat \6t\ bloat. Sukkot. lord. floorboard. snowboard. papillote. leeboard. tugboat. rote. asymptote. buckboard. untoward. splashboard. landlord. Hohhot. dashboard. rubythroat. untoward. word-hoard. lapboard. outboard. moat. catboat. sward. float. goat. bareboat. U-boat. freeboard. petticoat. scoreboard. hoarsen. pressboard. devote. billboard. fiberboard. throwster. disaccord. moldboard. . boat. emote. patchboard. Ward aboard. paddleboard. paddleboat. pasteboard. surfboard. toward. longboat. ferryboat. afford. ward. duckboard. baseboard. stoneboat. garbord. sword. rewrote. poured. powerboat. cote. Rajkot. tailboard. clapboard. centerboard. hardboard. pompadoured. slumlord. washboard. promote. half note. gloat. wainscot. scapegoat. award. fistnote. unquote. turncoat. workboat anecdote. vote. coyote. matchboard. towboat. teeterboard. Shabuoth. entrecote. punchboard. clavichord. clipboard. storyboard. quarter note. headnote. whoreson oarsman \6rz-m3n\ oarsman outdoorsman oart \6rt\ see ort1 oary \6r-e\ see ory oast \6st\ see ost 2 oastal \6s-t 3 l\ see ostal 1 oaster \6-star\ coaster. overlord. antidote. breadboard. houseboat. keelboat. soundboard. wallboard. cardboard. flatboat. kickboard. record. smallsword. one-note. demote. springboard. topcoat. rowboat. stoat. shoat. roaster. footnote. fjord. rearward. smorgasbord. sailboat. onboard. riverboat. horde. weatherboard misericord. keynote. creosote. paperboard. Gaylord. eighth note. longsword. checkerboard. tote. Q-boat. skateboard. coat. plasterboard. packboard. whipcord aboveboard. sheepcote. airboat. broadsword. raincoat. pinafored. bumboat. signboard. remote. capote. denote. switchboard. Huhehot. overcoat. motherboard. connote. toaster billposter. seaboard. oared. oat. greensward. quote. poster. dovecote. housecoat. mortarbord. lifeboat. accord. mote. smote. backboard. pegboard. tetrachord. speedboat. sailboard. compote. iceboat. throat.oarder hoard. tailcoat. woodnote. gunboat. dote. cutthroat. sideboard. whitethroat. warlord. pigboat. inboard. keyboard. particleboard —also -ed forms of verbs listed at or1 oarder \6rd-sr\ see order oarding \6rd-irj\ see ording1 oared \6rd\ see oard oarer \6r-9r\ see orer oaring \6r-irj\ see oring oarious \6r-e-as\ see orious oarish \6r-ish\ see orish1 oarse \6rs\ see orse 1 234 oarsen \6rs. corkboard. redcoat. groat. shipboard. backsword. showboat. chalkboard.3 n\ coarsen. fireboat.

speedboating. Punjabi. Skibobber. corncob. slobbery. heartthrob. blob. Bob. table d'hote. microbe. macabre. throated devoted. bobby. toter. demob. Punjab. memsahib. lob. oater. noted. Micawber. snobby. gloater. gob. Hammurabi obe 1 \ 6 b \ daube. stob. robe. floating free-floating. and -s' forms of nouns. and -s' forms of nouns. sailboater. squabbler. yob bedaub. slobber. nawab. claustrophobe. conglobe. coating. scapegoating. kabob. hobnob. knob. Job. strobe bathrobe. pulmotor. Ob. keynoter. listed at ob Obbet \ab-at\ gobbet. boater. gobbler. voter houseboater. robbery. sailboating. motorboater oath \6th\ see owth oathe \6th\ see othe oathing \6-thirj\ see othing oating \6t-irj\ boating. iceboater. knobby. earlobe. throb. hoax —also -s.n\ see oton oater \6t-ar\ bloater. wainscoting motorboating. yellowthroat thirty-second note oate \6-at\ see oet 1 oated \6t-ad\ coated. squab. swab. cob. undercoat. nobby. slob. daub. job. rotor. symbiote. throbber hobnobber. caber. jojoba algaroba. clobber. -'s. hobby. lobby. probe. undercoating —also -ing forms of verbs listed at oat oatswain \6s. sixteenth note. wobbly. stockjobber obbery \ab-re\ bobbery. cobber. listed at oke Ob1 \ a b \ Ab. nob. snobbish obble \ab-al\ see abble 1 Obbler \ab-lsr\ cobbler. skibob shish kebab thingamabob 3 obe ob 2 \ 6 b \ see obe 1 oba \6-b9\ arroba. hob. wobbler Obbly \ab-le\ knobbly. swabbie Mesabi.235 Sialkot. and -s forms of verbs. cobby. homophobe. glob. Manitoba obably \ab-le\ see obbly obal \6-bal\ see oble Obally \6-ba-le\ globally primum mobile obar \6-bsr\ see obGr obber \ab-ar\ bobber. sugarcoat. doorknob. nabob. globe. Bobby. promoter. robber. enrobe. disrobe. snob. probit obbie \ab-e\ see obby obbin \ab-an\ see obin obbish \ab-ish\ slobbish. coater. doter. scoter. Wobbly obby \ab-e\ Bobbie. dobby. tailcoated petticoated —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oat oaten \6t. trimotor locomotor. Francophobe.3 n\ see osin oaty \6t-e\ see ote 1 Oax \6ks\ coax. fob. hobbler. mob. negrophobe. globby. xenophobe ailurophobe. motor. noter. probably. jobber. Wahhabi Abu Dhabi. nobbier. lobe. jobbery. floater. tiltrotor. computerphobe . bob. sob. rob. and -s forms of verbs. snobbery corroboree obbes \abz\ Hobbes —also -s. wardrobe Anglophobe. swabber. -'s.

morocco. homophobia. vocative evocative. Fukuoka. provocative occa \ak-s\ see aka 1 occer \ak-ar\ see ocker OCCie \ach-e\ see otchy occhi \6-ke\ see alkie OCCO \ak-6\ socko. yokel bifocal. Kobe. hobo. oculus . mobile. homophobic. guanaco. Robyn round-robin Obit1 \6-bat\ obit. sirocco occule \ak-yul\ floccule. local. tapioca ocable \6-k9-bal\ smokable. obeah. unvocal OCally \6-k9-le\ locally. obi. vocal. Morocco. Nairobi Okeechobee obyn \ab-sn\ see obin oc 1 \6k\ see oke OC2 \ak\ see ock1 OC3 \6k\ see alk oca \6-ka\ coca. kobo. scirocco. taco cheechako. Anglophobia. xenophobia agoraphobia triskaidekaphobia obic \6-bik\ phobic aerobic anaerobic. claustrophobic. lobule Oby \6-be\ Gobi. trifocal. noble airmobile. hydrophobia. oboe adobo oboe \6-bo\ see obo obol \ab-sl\ seeabble 1 oboree \ab-a-re\ see obbery obot \6-bat\ see obit1 2 236 obra \6-bra\ cobra. Robin. Toby adobe. oca Asoka carioca. algophobia. immobile San Cristobal obo \6-bo\ gobo. claustrophobia. robin.obe obe 2 \6-be\ see oby obeah \6-be-a\ see obia obee \6-be\ see oby obelus \ab-3-bs\ see abilis ober \6-b9r\ lobar. ignoble. lobular obule \ab-yxil\ globule. phobia acrophobia. ennoble. socle. mandioca. loculus. dobra obster \ab-star\ lobster. Shizuoka. mobster obular Xab-ya-larX globular. toby. graben. mocha. photophobic. global. xenophobic obile 1 \6-ba-le\ see obally obile 2 \6-bal\ see oble obin \ab-an\ bobbin. dobbin. sober October obi \6-be\ see oby Obia \6-be-s\ cobia. Tobit post-obit obit \ab-at\ see obbet oble \6-bal\ coble. vocally ocative \ak-at-iv\ locative. technophobia. locule occulent Xak-ya-bntX flocculent inoculant OCCUlus \ak-y3-tas\ flocculus. negrophobia. hydrophobic. subvocal. photophobia. Obie. lobo. vocable evocable ocage \ak-ij\ see ockage ocal \6-kal\ focal. goby. Grenoble.

frock. bemock. hollyhock. epoch. rhebok. blackcock. flintlock. slick rock. smock. antilock. warlock. Bialystok. Hancock. duroc. bitstock. Kazakh. Sirach. precocious Theodosius ock ock 1 \ak\ Bach. Tarlak. unsociable indissociable. o'clock. clock. hemlock. precocial. Balzac. steenbok. bedrock. nock. Arawak. rock. laughingstock. floe. sock. firelock. billycock. Kanak. roc. petcock. bangkok. Jacques. livestock. loch. mock. Ayers Rock. croc. traprock. bock. monadnock. Nisroch. caroche. John Hancock. Anahuac. forelock. bloodstock. shylock. unsocial antisocial ocile \as-sl\ see ossal OCiOUS \6-shas\ atrocious. alpenstock. padlock. chockablock. baroque. Sheetrock. debacle. gamecock. process colossus. ad hoc. jock. crock. rowlock. rootstock. hock. breechblock. electroshock. kapok. headlock. van Gogh. sotto voce oche 2 \6sh\ cloche. oarlock. cock. flock. matchlock. dock. wristlock. chock. woodcock. Pontianak. foreshock. Inupiaq. Slovak. wedlock. skosh brioche. feedstock. Locke. Comstock. mantlerock. caprock. Mohock. schlock. ferocious. ticktock. gemsbok. Antioch. manioc. havelock. burdock. Bangkok. post doc. roadblock.3 nt\ docent. Arak. pock.237 oce \6-che\ see oche 1 ocean \6-sh3n\ see otion ocent \6s. bibcock. Kazak. hammerlock. haycock. block. Vladivostok . Offenbach. yock acock. tarok. Hickock. lovelock. gauche. Languedoc. antiknock. coldcock. stock. yak. deadlock. negotiable. weathercock Czechoslovak. fetlock. spatterdock. defrock. Mach. wok. insociable. Rostock. amok. fatstock. proboscis och 1 \ak\ see ock1 och 2 \6sh\ see ash 2 och 3 \6k\ see alk ocha \6-ka\ see oca ochal \ak-al\ see ockle ochan \a-kan\ see achen oche 1 \6-che\ Kochi. picklock. nostoc. doc. Little Rock. bois d'arc. Dvorak. springbok. brock. blesbok. earlock. gridlock. kneesock. backblock. veloce mezza voce. lough. Ragnarok. moc. poppycock. bawcock. turkey-cock. Iraq. pibroch. dry dock. dissocial. dissociable. stopcock. buttstock. lakh. peacock. shuttlecock. rimrock. gunlock. Bartok. shamrock. Sochi penoche. renegotiable OCial \6-shsl\ social asocial. Brecknock. Rorschach. lady's-smock. Otomac. sherlock. interlock. knock. post hoc. lock. bloc. zwieback aftershock. nocent o c e s s \as-as\ Knossos. pinchcock. Sarawak. penstock. guilloche oche 3 \6-ke\ see oky oche 4 \6ch\ see oach oche 5 \6sh\ see ash 2 ochee \6-ke\ see oky ocher \6-ksr\ see oker ochi \6-che\ see oche 1 ochle \sk-3l\ see uckle ochs \aks\ see ox ochum \6-k9m\ see okum ocia \6-sha\ see otia1 ociable \6-sh3-bal\ sociable associable. Jacque. shock. en bloc. jazz-rock. headstock.

socle debacle. crocket. theocracy aristocracy. sprocket pickpocket. jockey. smocking. Kawasaki. rumaki jabberwocky. gerontocracy. beta-blocker. landlocked entoproct —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ocks \aks\ see ox 238 ocky \ak-e\ blocky. entr'acte. knickerbocker ockery \ak-re\ crockery. locus . schlocky. hockey. stocking bluestocking. mocker. locker. hypocrisy. Locofoco. ocular binocular. socket. cocoa. Procne ocko \ak-6\ see occo OCUS \6-kss\ crocus. epochal ockney \ak-ne\ cockney. docker. shocking. Nagasaki. focus. socage ocke \ak\ see ock1 ocked \akt\ blocked. stockish OCkle \ak-9i\ coccal. meritocracy. retro-rocket ockett \ak-at\ see ocket ockey \ak-e\ see ocky ockian \ak-e-an\ Comstockian. locket.lockage. makar. proctor concocter oculant Xak-ya-lsntX see occulent ocular \ak-y3-lar\ jocular. enokidake ocle \6-kal\ see ocal ocne \ak-ne\ see ockney OCO \6-ko\ coco. loco. rocket. Orinoco poco a poco ocoa \6-ko\ see OCO ocracy \ak-r9-se\ autocracy. hocus. brockage. rockiness. democracy. Crockett. knocker. mockery. Ontake. stocker footlocker appleknocker. slavocracy. poco Bioko. silk-stocking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ock1 OCkish \ak-ish\ blockish. rocky. Okazaki. docker. bureaucracy. rocker. stockiness ocking \ak-in\ flocking. locular. Yaqui Abnaki. decoct. gynecocracy. cocky. shocker. dockage. Miyazaki. pocky. skyrocket out-of-pocket. Iraqi. soccer. decoction octor \ak-tar\ doctor. technocracy. plutocracy. crocked concoct. thalassocracy ocre \6-kar\ see oker ocrisy \ak-rs-se\ see ocracy ocsin \ak-san\ seeoxin oct \akt\ see ocked OCtion \ak-shsn\ concoction. cocker. sake. halfcocked. monocular intraocular ocule \ak-yul\ see occule oculus \ak-y3-bs\ see occulus ocum \6-k3m\ see okum ock1 OCker \ak-ar\ blocker. rococo creme de cacao. Rocky. sukiyaki. docket. pocket. teriyaki Amagasaki.ock ock 2 \6k\ see alk ockage \ak-ij\ blockage. cockle. mobocracy. hocker. iroko. Slovakian Czechoslovakian ockiness \ak-e-nas\ cockiness. rockery OCket \ak-at\ brocket. stocky. peacocky.

rode. Fahd. prosauropod. impastoed. waddle remodel mollycoddle Oddler \ad-tar\ coddler. forebode. carbonnade. dry-shod. trodden downtrodden. prod. inroad. episode. Nimrod. Kozhikode. rhapsode. trod. Novgorod. mod. encode. road. Rhoda. synod. upload a la mode.3 n\ sodden. antipode. byroad. squaretoed. plod. tripod accolade. Faisalabad. promenade. aubade. Nesselrode. commode. geode. planeload. enfilade. bowed. Cape Cod. model. nod. sal soda odal \6d. discommode. sarod. palinode. goad. modder. pagoda. pomade. defilade. modeler. strode. off-load. epode. goldenrod. yodel cathodal intermodal odden \ad. electrode. crossroad. load. Allahabad. fanfaronade. octopod. highroad. ballade. nodal. jihad. busload. rod. boatload. trainload. bestrode. croustade. hod. toddler. slipshod.3 l\ coddle. swaddle. lycopod. cartload. nodder. ramrod. toed. scrod. lingcod. degringolade. ornithopod. gaud. Spode. erode. odder. peasecod. goddess demigoddess Oddish \ad-ish\ cloddish. Beograde. torsade. two-toed. scalade. fodder. Comstock Lode. gastropod. shipload. freeload. Arad. railroad. fade. refocus. Riyadh. toad. squad. toddle. facade. Bacolod. khaddar. god. twaddler. amphipod. tightwad. Belgrade. decode. tomcod. code. quad. incommode. noload. shod. pseudopod Ahmadabad.3 l\ Godel. wad Akkad. arthropod. soda Baroda. implode. pod. twaddle. Upanishad Nizhni Novgorod od 2 \ 6 \ see ow1 od 3 \6d\ see ode Od4 \ud\ see ood 1 od 5 \6d\ see aud 1 o'd \ud\ see ude oda \6d-a\ coda. embowed. postcode. fusillade. ode. lode. clod. mode. modal. oeillade. esculade. explode. esplanade. prodder. Scheherazade. demigod. solder. noddle. soft-focus hocus-pocus ocused \6-kast\ see ocust ocust \6-kast\ locust unfocused ocutor \ak-yat-3r\ prolocutor interlocutor Od1 \ad\ bod. bipod. displode. couvade. roughshod. rodomontade. cod. Islamabad. outmode. sod. caseload. woad. truckload. chiffonade. hexapod. plodder. wadder glissader. odd. glissade. Novi Sad. Ashkhabad. kaddish oddle \ad. ephod. waddler mollycoddler oddly \ad-le\ see odly oddy \ad-e\ seeody 1 ode \6d\ bode. bigarade. gallopade. hot-rodder promenader —also -ex forms of adjectives listed atotf oddery \ad-re\ see awdry o d d e s s \ad-ss\ bodice. eigenmode. monkeypod. pigeon-toed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ow1 . saccade. fantod. cephalopod.239 prefocus. seedpod. tod. tie-rod. roulade. wood abode. quod. overrode. carload. threnode. unload. Ibadan ode Odder \ad-ar\ dodder. od. corrode. node. payload. hot-rod.

decoder. disembody. malodor. melodeon nickelodeon OdiC \ad-ik\ zaddik cathodic. stodgy mystagogy. railroader.3 n\ see oden odious \6d-e-as\ odious commodious. Sodom odor \6d-sr\ see Oder odsk \atsk\ see atsk Odular \aj-3-lar\ modular. sodium Odius \6-de-as\ see odious odless \ad-las\ godless. methodic. freeloader. underbody . busybody. nobody. roger. homebody. podium. nodule ody 1 \ad-e\ body. and -s forms of verbs.l\ see odal odeler \ad-lar\ see oddler oden \6d. quadrate immoderate o d e s \6dz\ Rhodes —also -s. custodian. modest haggadist. theodicy odeum \6d-e-3m\ see odium odge \aj\ see age 1 odger \aj-9r\ codger. aperiodic. spasmodic. prosodical. Mahdi.odeine odeine Xod-e-anX see odian odel \6d. Roger Jolly Roger Odgy \aj-e\ dodgy. blackbody. rodless odling \ad-lirj\ codling. Oder. Woden odeon \6d-e-an\ see odian Oder \6d-ar\ coder. synodic. embody. odor breechloader. dodger. monodic. periodical odice \ad-ss\ see oddess odicy \ad-9-se\ see odesy odie \6-de\ see ody 2 odin \6d. melodious. -'s. threnodic episodic. lodger. Irrawaddy. unloader middle-of-the-roader oderate \ad-rat\ moderate. prosodic. loader. pedagogy Odian \6d-e-sn\ Cambodian. odium. rhapsodic. everybody. dogsbody. noddy. upanishadic quasiperiodic 3 240 Odical \ad-i-kal\ methodical. waddy. Methodius incommodious Odity \ad-3t-e\ oddity commodity incommodity odium \6d-e-am\ odeum. periodic antispasmodic. synodical episodical. and -s' forms of nouns. wadi anybody. Odin. rhodium. podgy. listed at ode Odest \ad-ast\ Mahdist. melodic. wide-body antibody. sadhe. immethodical.3 n\ loden. immodest —also -est forms of adjectives listed afOd1 Odesy \ad-a-se\ odyssey geodesy. monodical. godling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at oddle odly \ad-le\ godly. gaudy. oddly ungodly odo \6d-6\ dodo Komodo Quasimodo odom \ad-3m\ shahdom. shoddy. somebody. cloddy. toddy. nodular odule \aj-ul\ module. ergodic.

gofer.b s \ seeolus o e l e s s 2 \ii-bs\ see ewless oem 1 \6-am\ poem. proem jeroboam oem 2 \6m\ see ome 1 oeman \6-m3n\ seeoman oena \e-n9\ see ina 2 oentgen 1 Xen-charA see ension oentgen 2 Xan-chsnX see uncheon oepha \e-fa\ see epha oer 1 \6r\ see or1 oer 2 \u-ar\ see ewer 1 oer 3 \ur\ see ure 1 off oer 4 \6-ar\ blower. gopher. churchgoer. shroff. toff carafe. coif. Ophir.a nt\ see asn't oest \ii-9st\ see ooist o e s u s \e-s9s\ see esis oet \6-at\ poet inchoate. winegrower concertgoer. lower. filmgoer. protozoal oeless 1 \ 6 . doff. mindblower. snowblower. whistleblower. sower beachgoer. knower. cook-off. quaff. introit o e t e s s \6-9t-3s\ coitus. snowthrower. Jodie. toady polypody odyssey \ad-a-se\ see odesy odz \iij\ see uge 1 oe 1 \ 6 \ see ow1 oe 2 \6-e\ see owy oe 3 \ e \ see ee 1 oea 1 \6i-9\ see oia oea 2 \e-s\ see ia1 oeba \e-ba\ see eba oebe \e-be\ see ebe 1 oebel \a-bsl\ see able oebus \e-bss\ see ebus oed \6d\ see ode oehn \9n\ see un oeia \e-a\ see ia1 oeic \e-ik\ see eic oek \iik\ see ook1 oel \6-9l\ Joel. loafer. shofar Off1 \af\ boff. Wroclaw Romanov . Noel bestowal Baden-Powell. foregoer. taw. scoff. flamethrower. poetess oeuf \af\ see uff oeur \ar\ see eur 1 oeuvre \arv\ see erve oey \6-e\ see owy of1 \av\ see olve 2 of2 \av\ see ove 1 Of3 \6f\ see Off2 ofar \6-far\ see ofer Ofer \6-far\ chauffeur. theatergoer o'er \6r\ see or1 oes 1 \az\ see euse 1 o e s 2 \6z\ see ose 2 o e s 3 \iiz\ see use 2 oesia \e-shs\ see esia 1 oesn't \az. kaph. shower. Jody. roadie.241 ody 2 \6d-e\ Cody. Lowell. pilaf. sewer. forgoer. moviegoer. cinemagoer. prof. mower. operagoer. goif.

turnoff. one-off. Chekhov. hog. theologue. soft. catalog.off off2 \6f\ cough. gauffer. toffee offer1 \af-sr\ coffer. defog. Rostov. dauphin. offer. sandhog. travelogue. prog. mummichog. exogamy. nog. troffer reoffer Offer2 \6f-ar\ goffer. leapfrog. theologue. cooling-off. payoff. leadoff. Khrushchev. analogue. apalogue. pollywog. rake-off. catalog. sinologue. Nabokov. Pribilof beef Stroganoff. hangdog. jog. brush-off. bulldog. shutoff. yellow-dog ideologue og 3 \6g\ see ogue 1 oga \6-ga\ toga. Kirov. analogue. defog. mystagogue. drop-off. off. loft. pickoff. frog. beg off. jump-off. show-off. smog backlog. coydog. Pavlov. pollywog. toft aloft. Khartov. bandog. monogamy . hands-off. tipoff. Taganrog. checkoff. rip-off. sinologue. fog. apologue. demagogue. offer. quaffer. philosophe. spin-off. layoff. shog. underdog. eclogue. warthog. prologue. antilog. putlog. castoff. warthog analog. flog. golliwog. overdog. damping-off. scoff. monologue. scoffer. dog-eat-dog. roll-off. Molotov. homologue. misogamy. Rolvaag. sawed-off. monologue. prologue. groundhog. waterlog og 2 \6g\ bog. die-off. tap-off. firedog. exogamous. Tagalog. send-off. quahog. takeoff. log. cook-off. play-off. monogamous heterogamous ogamy \ag-a-me\ endogamy. soffit nonprofit not-for-profit ofle \u-fal\ see ueful Oft \6ft\ croft. hotdog. well-off. quag. sell-off. Lvov. Prague. bullfrog. decalogue. sandhog. proffer. backlog. mummichog. jog. synagogue. footslog. goof-off. pettifog. write-off better-off. goffer. standoff. dialogue. bird-dog. clog. prophet. hedgehog. waterlog. decalogue. clog. stalag. trough Azov. slog. Rachmaninoff Rimsky-Korsakov offal1 \af-al\ see afel offal2 \6-fal\ see awful offaly \6f-a-le\ see awfully offee \6-fe\ coffee. befog. smog. nouvelle vague. blast-off. sheepdog. tog agog. eclogue. log. pick-off. doff. far-off. epilogue. hog. seadog. falloff. troffer reoffer Off in \6-f9n\ coffin. grog. eggnog. bullfrog. Tambov. photog. dialogue. homogamy. lapdog. kickoff. fog. gulag. groundhog. oft. trade-off. cog. lift-off. duologue. softy toplofty og 1 \ag\ bog. cutoff. face-off. frog. semilog. dog. yoga Conestoga ogamous \ag-3-m3s\ endogamous. Wolof. watchdog analog. knockoff. setoff. quahog. Gorbachev. runoff. pedagogue. soften uncoffin off it \af-3t\ see of it offie \6-fal\ see awful of it \af-3t\ profit. taw. hayloft undercroft —also -ed forms of verbs listed at Off2 1 242 Oft2 \aft\ see aft1 often \6-f9n\ see offin ofty \6f-te\ lofty. cast-off.

roentgenologic. gerontologic. cataloger. toggle boondoggle. hydrologic. pettifogger oggery 1 \ag-re\ toggery demagoguery ogic oggery 2 \6-ga-re\ augury. ethnologic. slogger Ahaggar. pedagogic. logger. phonologic. pedologic. Hoggar. ornithologic.243 ogan \6-gsn\ brogan. analogic. goggle. nosologic. ecologic. cryptologic. soggy ogh 1 \6g\ see ogue 1 ogh 2 \6k\ see oke ogh 3 \ak\ see ock1 ogh 4 \ 6 \ see ow ogi \6-ge\ see ogie ogian \6-jan\ see ojan ogic \aj-ik\ logic choplogic. ontogeny. phylogeny heterogeny oger 1 \aj-ar\ see odger oger 2 \6g-ar\ see ogger 2 o g e s \6zh\ see oge 2 ogey 1 \6-ge\ see ogie ogey 2 \iig-e\ see oogie oggan \ag-9n\ see oggin oggar \ag-ar\ see ogger 1 ogger 1 \ag-ar\ agar. horologic. hematologic. prerogative interrogative oge 1 \ 6 j \ doge gamboge horologe oge 2 \6zh\ loge Limoges oge 3 \6-je\ see oji o g e 4 \iizh\ see uge 2 ogel \6-gsl\ see ogle 1 ogenous \aj-3-nas\ androgynous. logger. geologic. slogan Mount Logan ogany \ag-s-ne\ see ogony ogative \ag-st-iv\ derogative. proctologic. chronologic. monogynous heterogenous ogeny \aj-a-ne\ progeny androgeny. maugre. footslogger agar-agar. flogger. yagi demagogy oggy 2 \6g-e\ foggy. dogger. smoggy. endocrinologic. pharmacologic. monogyny. immunologic. sociologic. psychologic. . pettifogger ogger 2 \6g-ar\ auger. jogger. hotdogger cataloger. cytologic. etiologic. theologic. toxicologic. dogger. misogyny. hagiologic. volcanologic bacteriologic. technologic. joggle. illogic anagogic. groggy. doggery oggin \ag-an\ noggin toboggan Copenhagen oggle \ag-sl\ boggle. foggy. zoologic dermatologic. augur. homogenous. teleologic. erogenous. autogeny. serologic. hornswoggle synagogal oggy 1 \ag-e\ boggy. histologic. lager. shogun. moggy. demagogic. quaggy. teratologic. ophthalmologic. virologic. petrologic. soggy. sauger defogger. meteorologic. paleontologic. dendrologic. oncologic. physiologic. neurologic. jogger. defogger. mythologic. ideologic. pathologic. gynecologic. homogeny. ogle. biologic. laager. dialogic.

genealogical. mythological. ogle ogle 2 \ag-al\ see oggle oglio \61-yo\ see olio1 ogna 1 \6-ns\ see ona ogna 2 \6-ne\ see ony1 ogna 3 \6n-ys\ see onia 2 ogne \6n\ see one 1 ogned \6nd\ see oned 1 ogo \6-go\ go-go. enological. mahogany. eschatological. cinematographer. necrological. oceanographer. physiological. topological. lithographer. autography. geographer. hoagie. demographer. logy. meteorological. Logo. pogy. phrenological. fogy. sedimentological. etiological. virological. theogony ographer \ag-r9-far\ biographer. symptomatologic epidemiologic ogical \aj-i-k9l\ logical alogical. stenographer. primatological. embryological. entomological. scatological. etymological. chronological. roentgenological. numerological. toxicological. immunological. mineralogical. cryptological. thanatological. serological. psephological. biological. terminological. petrological. teratological. pedological. cartography. typographer bibliographer. epistemological. paleontological. typological. chronography. gemological. volcanological 244 bacteriological. ethological. horological. dermatological. hematological. photographer. phonographer. hydrological. dialectological. hagiological. phonological. penological. criminological. dogie. ethnographer. bogie. phenomenological. methodological. parasitological. histological. pharmacological. symptomatological epidemiological. geomorphological. sociological. Mariological. ophthalmological. pathological. discographer. ichthyological. dendrological. philological. stogie. vogie. limnological. neurological. yogi pirogi ogle 1 \6-gal\ Gogel. extralogical. geological. pornographer. seismological. zoological abiological. tautological. endocrinological. phycological. graphological. cardiological. gerontological. logo. sinological. choreographer. teleological. psychological. phraseological. ecclesiological. ethnological. ufological. proctological. cacography. gynecological. technological. historiographer ography \ag-ra-fe\ aerography. morphological. iconological. selenological. chorography.ogical parasitologic. lexicographer. nomological. herpetological. climatological. Christological. anthropological. cosmological. cosmography. hagiographer. ornithological. oncological. iconographer. . archaeological. theological. Togo a-go-go ogony \ag-a-ne\ cosmogony. pedagogical. chorographer. biography. cartographer. cryptographer. demonological. biogeographer. analogical. mythographer. characterological. gastroenterological ogie \6-ge\ bogey. sedimentologic. paleographer autobiographer. mycological. illogical anagogical. chromatographer. futurological. heliographer. ideological. musicological. ecological. cytological. semiological.

hagiography. Joyce. venography. void android. Jonson Wisconsin ohr \6r\ see or1 oi 1 \ a \ see a 1 oi 2 \6i\ see oy oia \6i-9\ cholla. planography. paranoia oian \6i-an\ see oyen oic \6-ik\ stoic azoic. bibliography. aneroid. pictography. thermography. pogrom ogue 1 \6g\ brogue. rhomboid. tabloid. xylography angiography. trochoid. pornography. discography. Royce. heliography. colloid. physiography. progress ogrom Xag-rsnA grogram. nomography. toroid. devoid. keloid. paleography. schizoid. Negroid. metallography. cuboid. lithography. vogue. amoeboid. asteroid. echoic. anthropoid. psychobiography electroencephalography ogress \6-gras\ ogress. photography. geography. fungoid. choreography. cherimoya. voice devoice. Australoid. filmography. sigmoid. hypnoid. topography. crystallography. Veddoid. Floyd. cycloid. Du Bois. Paleozoic oice \6is\ choice. toea Nagoya. ethnography. typography. prismoid. autobiography. chromatography. holography. encephalography. vetinoic antiheroic. radiography. demography. conoid. unvoice sailor's-choice oiced \6ist\ see oist oicer \6i-sar\ choicer. . prorogue disembogue ogue 2 \ag\ see og 1 ogue 3 \6g\ see og 2 oguery \ag-re\ see oggery 1 oguish \6-gish\ roguish. Cenozoic. Goya. stenography. orthography. collogue. drogue. phonography. roentgenography. carcinoid. rhizoid. voguish ogun \6-gsn\ see ogan ogynous Xaj-a-nssX see ogenous ogyny \aj-a-ne\ see ogeny oh \ 6 \ see ow1 oha \6-a\ see oa 1 ohl \61\ seeole 1 ohm \6m\ see ome 1 ohn \an\ see on 1 ohns \anz\ see onze ohn's \onz\ see onze oid ohnson \an-S3n\ Johnson. Freud. Mesozoic. tomography. iconography. reprography. spheroid. globoid. hydrography. crannog. xerography. togue. scombroid. deltoid. percoid. thalloid. lexicography. rejoicer oid 1 \6id\ Boyd. voicer pro-choicer. historiography. Sequoya atemoya. avoid. toxoid. lymphography. hypsography. yogh. prochoice. pirogue. sequoia. cardiography. oceanography. heroic anechoic. thyroid. aortography. cinematography. mucoid. invoice. Hoya. olla. dendroid. mythography. bistroic. steroid. mock-heroic.245 cryptography. typhoid. rejoice. alkaloid. styloid. videography arteriography. hydroid. viroid adenoid. sonography. ovoid. mammography. discoid. chancroid. factoid. arachnoid. pygmoid. rogue.

cinquefoil. nucleoid. foil. oily. conjoin. celluloid. soft-boiled. trapezoid. embryoid. toroidal adenoidal. oil. recoil. loyal. saccharoidal. airfoil. non-oil. myeloid. Stalinoid. tinfoil. crystalloid. disloyal. overjoyed. carotenoid. hemorrhoid. joiner oines \6in\ see oin1 oing 1 \6-in\ bowing. charbroil. glassblowing. asteroidal. broil. Royal. emulsoidal. oiled hard-boiled. subsoil. quatrefoil. thoroughgoing. royal. planetoidal. langue d'oi'l. foin. metalloid. broiler. soil. eicosanoid. going. oceangoing. easygoing. hemorrhoidal. disjoin. ingrowing. rheumatoid. tuberculoid. Free-S oiler. Polaroid. turmoil counterfoil. choroidal.3 l\ chancroidal. trapezoidal paraboloidal oider \6id-ar\ broider. noil. gargoyle. retinoid. philanthropoid. toiler charbroiler. seagoing. sewing. planetoid. obovoid. moil. hoyle. spoil. foregoing. Mongoloid. parboil. subsoiler Oiling \6i-lin\ boiling. rowing. roil. showing churchgoing. entoil. topsoil. ongoing. embroil. ellipsoid. assoil. rejoin. waygoing concertgoing. sainfoin. well-oiled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oil Oiler \6i-lsr\ boiler. hydrofoil. Isle Royal. theatergoing. colloidal. knowing. deep-going. rhyme royal. subjoin tenderloin Assiniboin oin 2 \a n \ see in4 oine \an\ see on1 Oined \6ind\ conjoined. helicoid. cuboidal. meteoroid. gumboil. cycloidal. coil. uncoined —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oin1 oiner \6i-nsr\ coiner. spoiler. surroyal. Doyle. osteoid. voider avoider. hominoid. recoin. despoil. voile aboil. milfoil. metalloidal. solenoid. pennyroyal. hard-boil. nautiloid. quoin adjoin. conchoidal. spoilage oile 1 \al\ see al . essoin. operagoing. eunuchoid. spheroidal. underemployed Neanderthaloid —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oy oid \a\ see a 2 1 246 oile 2 \6il\ see oil Oiled \6ild\ foiled.oid Caucasoid. purloin. unalloyed. groyne. groin. enjoin. paranoid. opioid. moiler. humanoid. Des Moines. free-flowing. potboiler. discoidal. spoilsman oilus \6i-l9s\ see oyless oily \6i-le\ doily. despoiler. Burgoyne. oiler. outgoing. roily oin 1 \6in\ coin. hysteroid. ellipsoidal. mind-blowing. uncoiled. eloign. moviegoing. supercoil oilage \6i-lij\ soilage. sirloin. join. trefoil. moiling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at Oil oilless \6il-las\ soilless recoilless oilsman \6ilz-m3n\ foilsman. loin. Boyle. unemployed cannabinoid. toil. embroider reembroider oie \a\ see a 1 oif \af \ see off1 oign \6in\ see oin1 Oil \6il\ boil. whistleblowing oidal \6id. garboil.

aroint. point adjoint. pointer anointer ointing \6in-tin\ finger-pointing —also -ing. doing. undoing. listed atd? Oise 2 \6iz\ hoise. noise. and -s' forms of nouns. noisy cramoisie oing 2 \ti-ir)\ bluing. disjoint. forms of verbs listed at oint1 ointment Xoint-mantX ointment anointment. Lamaze. hoist. ballpoint. pourpoint. conjoint. bourgeoise. Noyes. Shiraz vichyssoise Afars and the Issas —also -s. checkpoint. disappoint. well-appointed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at Oint1 ointer \6int-3r\ jointer. poison empoison oist \6ist\ foist. poise turquoise counterpoise. pinpoint. -'s. wrongdoing evildoing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ew1 oing 3 \6-an\ see oan 1 o-ing \6-irj\ see oing1 oings \6-irjz\ outgoings —also -s. and -s' forms of nouns.247 to-ing and fro-ing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at OW 1 oisy oir 4 \6r\ see or1 oire 1 \ar\ see ar 3 oire 2 \6ir\ see oyer oire 3 \6r\ see or1 ois 1 \ a \ see a 1 ois 2 \6i\ seeoy ois 3 \6-ss\ Lois. appoint.3 n\ foison. roister oisterous \6i-stras\ see oistress oistral \6i-stral\ cloistral. -'s. moister. -'s. Ewing misdoing. and -s forms of verbs. nonpoint. cloistress. eyepoint. midpoint. tuck-point. pointed lap-jointed. coistrel oistrel Xoi-strslX see oistral Oistress \6i-stras\ boisterous. outpoint. bluepoint. petit point. standpoint. oyster. anoint. moist. was Ahwaz. equipoise avoirdupois —also -s. roisterous oisy \6i-ze\ Boise. listed at oy oise 3 \oi-ze\ see oisy oison \6iz. and -s forms of verbs. drypoint. gunpoint. and -s' forms of nouns. voiced unvoiced semimoist —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oice oister \6i-star\ cloister. needlepoint. loose-jointed double-jointed. 'twas. Powys ois 4 \6is\ see oice oise 1 \az\ poise. viewpoint counterpoint. vase. silverpoint oint 2 \ant\ see ant 5 ointe \ant\ see ant 5 ointed \6int-9d\ jointed. appointment disappointment oir \Ir\ see ire 1 1 oir2 \ar\ see ar 3 oir3 \6ir\ see oyer . knifepoint. listed at oing Oint1 \6int\ joint. and -s forms of verbs. joist.

heatstroke. stockbroker mediocre okey \6-ke\ see oky oki \6-ke\ see oky oking \6-kirj\ broking. equivoque. Loki. free-spoken. hoke. windbroken oker \6-kar\ broker. yolked okee \6-ke\ see oky okel \6-kal\ see ocal Oken \6-kan\ broken. hokum. hokey. exploit maladroit. herrenvolk. woke. sidestroke. housebroke. fairspoken. poke. workfolk artichoke. housebroken. yogh. trochee. folk. upstroke. broke. invoker. oak. oaken. coke. yolk ad hoc. pawnbroker. token. bespoken. plainspoken. pokey. droit. unbroken. thunderstroke. troche. smoky. menfolk. stoker. spoke. kinfolk. Roanoke. oke. downstroke. cowpoke. Detroit. shoji anagoge. joke. womenfolk Mount Revelstoke oke 2 \6-ke\ see oky oke 3 \ 6 \ see ow1 oke 4 \ u k \ see ook1 Oked \6kt\ stoked. Coke. soak. chain-smoke. slowpoke. heartbroken. bespoke. provoke. outspoken. backstroke. sunstroke. spoken. sunchoke. softspoken. kinsfolk. stroker chain-smoker. joker. loiter exploiter reconnoiter oitus \6-3t-as\ see oetess oivre \av\ see olve1 oix 1 \a\ see a 1 oix 2 \6i\ see oy oiz \6is\ see oise 2 ojan \6-jan\ Trojan theologian oje \6-je\ see oji oji \6-je\ Moji. uncloak. betoken. croaky. soaker. smoke. breaststroke. karaoke Okefenokee ol1 \61\ seeole 1 . Hachioji ok1 \ak\ seeock 1 ok 2 \ak\ see uck ok 3 \6k\ see alk oka \6-ka\ see oca okable \6-k3-bal\ see ocable oke 1 \6k\ bloke. revoker. stoke. ocher. keystroke. smoker. fisherfolk. yolky enoki. unyoke. foretoken. yoke. Polk. Massasoit oit 2 \at\ see ate 1 oit 3 \6-at\ see oet 1 oit 4 \ a \ see a 1 oite \at\ see ot1 oiter \6it-9r\ goiter. choker. toke. gentlefolk. woken awoken. evoke. croak. well-spoken. poker. choking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at oke1 oko \6-ko\ see oco okum \6-k3m\ Bochum. quoit adroit. roque. oakum Oky \6-ke\ choky. masterstroke. folkie. choke. okeydoke. soke. she-oak. poky. convoke. awoke. 248 townsfolk. presoak. provoker. revoke. moke. cloak. locum. outspoke.oit oit1 \6it\ doit. invoke. toque. croaker. stroke. Great Smoky hokeypokey. short-spoken. baroque. injoke.

ole. fold. petioled. pinfold. scaffold. billfold. handhold. bowled. mole. toll. plugola. shoal. freehold. roothold. heliolatry. braciola. Pole. wold acold. viola. toolholder officeholder. unmold. Viola acerola. stronghold. scold. . troll. molding hand-holding. dole. stallholder. ayatollah. Mariolater olatrous \al-3-tras\ idolatrous bibliolatrous.b n \ see olon oland \6-bnd\ see owland olander Xal-an-darX colander. beanpole. hold. stroll. throttlehold —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ole 1 old 2 \61d\ see aid oldan \61-dan\ see olden olden \6l-d3n\ golden. scroll. Cole. mold. souled. pole. fanfold. borehole. shareholder. bolthole. gladiola. heliolatrous olatry \al-3-tre\ bardolatry. stakeholder. coal. granola.soldan beholden. stole. soled. Victrola. dhole. Hispaniola. slaveholding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at old1 oldster \61-star\ see olster oldt \6lt\ see olt1 oldy \6l-de\ moldy. soul. prole. smolder beholder. molder. Osceola. manifold. pergola. Gorgonzola. hole. roseola Savonarola olable \6-b-b3l\ see ollable olace \al-ss\ see olis olan \ 6 . stockholder. oversold. toehold. role. folder. gondola. Zola Angola. iconolatry. blindfold. cola. uphold. blowhole. statolatry. idolatry. atoll. shoulder. titleholder policyholder —also -er forms of adjectives listed or old1 older 2 \ad-ar\ see odder oldi \61-de\ see aldi oldie \61-de\ see oldy olding \6l-dirj\ folding. whole armhole. roll. skoal. twicetold. Kola. told. untold. cold. Mariolatry Old1 \6ld\ bold. thole. tole. olden. threshold. bowl. foothold. droll. cuckold. sole. behold. zoolatry bibliolatry. marigold. stadtholder. scolder. holder. Canola. householder. unfold. gold. bedroll. household. vole. controlled. stranglehold. withhold 3 ole centerfold. stone-cold. placeholder. infold. boffola. landholder. mould. poll. polder. potholed. age-old. knoll. foal. tola. payola. kohl. Seoul. sold. idolater bibliolater. cardholder. old. bankroll. goal. Jullundur olar1 \6-l9r\ see oiler olar2 \al-ar\ see ollar olas \6-fos\ see olus olater \al-3t-sr\ bardolater. Lola. embolden Older1 \6l-dar\ boulder. foretold. leasehold. Kohl. polled. sheepfold. boll. fingerhold. gatefold. hemiola. ahold. slaveholder. holden. jobholder. ice-cold. Cotswold. oldie Ole1 \61\ bole. moviola. copyhold. scagliola. whole-souled. holding. cole. enfold. inholding. mandola. bondholder. landholding. manyfold. sol. multifold. severalfold.249 012 \al\ see al1 01 \61\ see all Ola \6-ls\ bola. Espanola.

Seminole cholesterol. frolic. pinhole. Creole. melancholia Inner Mongolia. wormhole amatol. Hollis. flagpole. drumroll. hellhole. farandole. solum olem 2 \a-tom\ see alaam olemn \al-am\ see olumn oleon 1 \6-le-9n\ see olian1 oleon 2 \61-yan\ see olian2 oler 1 \ 6 . frijol. cabriole. bannerol. redpoll. touchhole. turnsole. cajole. Rolf Adolph. banderole. eolian. squalid. bucolic. metabolic. anabolic. pothole. systolic alcoholic. Creole. thumbhole. vitriolic. taphole. maypole. escarole. Mongolic. decontrol. wholesome . melancholic. Walpole. Gaelic. control. knothole. top-hole. sotol. solace. pitchpole. kneehole. carbolic. Sheol. Rudolph Lake Rudolf Olf2 \slf\ see ulf olfing \6f-irj\ see offing Olga \al-ga\ Olga. eyehole. inscroll. outsole. parabolic. buttonhole. caracole. petiole. foxhole. protocol. casserole. soleus oley \6-le\ see oly1 olf1 \alf\ golf. Volga oli \6-le\ see oly1 Olia \6-le-s\ Mongolia. rigmarole. camisole. symbolic. Demerol. condole. grand guignol. payroll. loophole. soulful olely \6-le\ see oly 1 250 o l e s s \6-las\ see olus oleum \6-le-3m\ see olium oleus \6-le-3s\ coleus. innersole. enroll. girandole. simoleon. napoleon. stokehole. posthole. oriole. rollick Aeolic. tadpole. cubbyhole. Wallasey olid \al-9d\ solid. catabolic. hyperbolic. Mongolian. aureole. charcoal. Mongol. embolic. pistole. keyhole. peephole. fumarole. pigeonhole. Outer Mongolia olian \6-le-an\ aeolian. catchpole. porthole. apostolic. pesthole. midsole.ole bunghole. Napoleon. console. torticollis olem 1 \6-l3m\ golem. carmagnole. tallith. pick-and-roll. sinkhole. ridgepole. Costa del Sol ole 2 \6-le\ see oly1 ole 3 \61\ see all olean \6-le-an\ see olian1 oled \6ld\ see old1 oleful \6l-fsl\ doleful. resole. Randolph. ensoul. barcarole. workaholic Olic2 \6-lik\ colic fumarolic bibliopolic olicking \a-lik-irj\ frolicking. washbowl. Tyrolean Anatolian olic 1 \al-ik\ colic. polis. insole. logroll. pignolia Anatolia. rollicking olicy \al-a-se\ policy. manhole. Huichol. Folsom. unroll.b r \ see oiler oler 2 \al-ar\ see ollar olery \6l-re\ see ollery olesome Xol-sanA dolesome. Nicole. croquignole. stolid olin1 \al-an\ see ollen5 olin 2 \ 6 . parole. Aeolian. fishbowl. capriole. patrol. Wallace. extol. chuckhole. diabolic. methanol. oversoul. Wallis Cornwallis Manizales.b n \ see olon Olis \al-as\ braless.

trailer bankroller. dolor. patroller. Maryknoller. Neapolitan megalopolitan olity \al-at-e\ see ality1 olium \6-le-am\ scholium linoleum. cajoler. droller. premolar. collar. Smollett. Eurodollar. poler. controller. holler. logroller. dolor. megapolitan. metropolitan. Lollard. solar. steamroller antisolar. pollard ole1 ollins \al-3nz\ collins. hollered. pigeonholer ollery \6l-re\ drollery cajolery ollet \al-3t\ collet. brass-collar. poller. white-collar Emmentaler. scholar.251 olish \al-ish\ polish abolish. thaler blue-collar. extoller. molar. stroller. wallet whatchamacallit ollett \al-at\ see ollet olley \al-e\ see oily1 Ollick \al-ik\ see olic1 ollicking \a-lik-irj\ see olicking ollle \al-e\ see oily1 ollin \al-sn\ see ollen5 oiling \6-lirj\ bowling logrolling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ollah 3 \9l-9\ see ullah1 ollands \al-anz\ see ollins Ollar \al-sr\ choler. choler.b n \ see olon ollen 2 \al-3\ see ullah1 ollen 3 \al-9n\ see ullen ollen 4 \6-lan\ see alien ollen 5 \al-an\ Colin. uncontrollable ollack \al-9k\ see oloch ollah \6-la\ see ola ollah \al-9\ see ala 2 2 1 1 1 olio Oiled \6ld\ see old1 ollee \6-le\ see oly1 ollege \al-ij\ see owledge ollen 1 \ 6 . Mahler. collered. Rollin Nordrhein-Westfalen Oiler \6-lsr\ bowler. half-dollar. trifolium olivar \al-3-vsr\ see Oliver oik1 \elk\ see elk1 oik 2 \6k\ see oke oik 3 \alk\ see ulk oik4 \6k\ see alk olked \6kt\ see oked olkie \6-ke\ see oky olky \6-ke\ see oky oil \ol\ see ole Oil2 \al\ see al1 Oil3 \61\ see all olla1 \al-a\ seeala 2 olla 2 \6i-a\ see oia Ollable \6-b-b3l\ controllable inconsolable. Hollands Tom Collins ollis \al-as\ see olis ollity \al-3t-e\ see ality1 olio 1 \6l-yo\ imbroglio arroz con polio . petroleum. collard. polar. petrodollar Ollard \al-srd\ bollard. buttonholer. haler. squalor. roller. comptroller. pollen.3 n\ cosmopolitan. taler. dollar. loller. demolish apple-polish Olitan \al-3t. tallith.

brolly. teratologist. epistemologist. volcanologist bacteriologist. embryologist. phonologist. zoologist anthropologist. numerologist. climatologist. dermatologist. ufologist. Nepali. Halle. neurologist. lolly. petrale. tamale melancholy. polo. phraseologist. nephrologist. enologist. typologist. kolo. collie. enzymologist. ethologist. swallower. urbanologist. semiologist. polyp. gerontologist. toxicologist. cosmetologist. pedologist. poly. quale. cetologist. Raleigh.olio olio 2 \o-yo\ yo-yo criollo olio 3 \al-6\ see ollow1 ollop \al-ap\ collop. solo Barolo Marco Polo oloch \al-ak\ Moloch. dolmen patrolman olmen \61-man\ see olman olmes \6mz\ Holmes —also -s. limnologist. phycologist. topologist. listed at ome olo \6-lo\ bolo. archaeologist. Mollie. martyrologist. endocrinologist. criminologist. Indologist. epidemiologist. teleologist. otolaryngologist . nematalogist. teocalli oily 2 \6-le\ see awly olm \ 6 m \ see ome 1 Olman \6l-m3n\ dolman. Holly. sinologist. scallop. Svengali. Polly. osteologist. etymologist. -'s. gastroenterologist. ontologist. oologist. hematologist. lexicologist. Mali. mythologist. ideologist. neonatologist. chronologer. planetologist. escallop Ollow1 \al-6\ follow. nolo. cardiologist. roentgenologist. wallop codswallop. morphologist. Kigali. molly. folly. horologer. methodologist. immunologist. Somali. ecologist. diabetologist. colly. trolley. ophthalmologist. seismologist. horologist. conchologist. parasitologist. herpetologist. hollow. pharmacologist. oncologist. biologist. kremlinologist. serologist. liturgiologist. ornithologist. wallow Apollo. cryptologist. penologist. lollop. gemologist. Pali. scollop. phrenologist. psychologist. loblolly. hydrologist. volley Denali. necrologist. jolly. mixologist. geologist. cytologist. 252 cosmologist. sexologist. dolly. escapologist. rowlock ologer \al-a-J9r\ astrologer. papyrologist. golly. paleontologist. Ollie. primatologist. fetologist. and -s forms of verbs. speleologist. futurologist. phenomenologist. and -s' forms of nouns. genealogist. virologist. mineralogist. holly. mycologist. pathologist. ichthyologist. Egyptologist. dialectologist. thanatologist. finale. pollack. oceanologist. Molly. wallower ollster \6l-st9r\ see olster Oily1 \al-e\ Bali. physiologist. Cali. graphologist. pastorale. meteorologist. robalo Leoncavallo ollow 2 \al-s\ see ala 2 ollower \al-3-war\ follower. gynecologist. dollop. philologist. Lally. histologist. trollop. petrologist. rheumatologist. musicologist. hollo. sedimentologist anesthesiologist. dendrologist. ethnologist. sociologist. entomologist. swallow. mythologer ologist \al-9-jast\ anthologist. technologist. audiologist.

physiology. threecolor. ecclesiology. teleology. anthropology. serology. sedimentology. endocrinology. oldster. mineralogy. enzymology. conchology. Casals olsom \61-s3m\ see olesome olster \6l-star\ bolster. narratology. hymnology. thanatology. archaeology. methodology. codicology. etymology. sinology. dialectology. histology. stolon. deontology. petrology. Christology. nephrology. dullard bicolored. kremlinology. Stalinist olor1 \al-3r\ color. entomology. parasitology. myology. museology. sexology. Indology. phenomenology. phonology. ethology. neonatology. virology. holster. ethnology. speleology. paleopathology. lithology. tautology. horology. futurology. opthalmology. phrenology. zoology angelology. herpetology. off-color. periodontology otorhinolaryngology Olon \6-lan\ bowline. cetology. roentgenology. ideology. oncology. Colin. discolor. otolaryngology. symptomatology anesthesiology. philology. volcanology. typology. immunology. gastroenterology. muller. neurology. culler. onomatology. axiology. semiology. cosmetology. rose-colored varicolored olp \ 6 p \ see ope olpen \6-p9n\ see open olph \alf \ see olf Ols \alz\ hols. haplology. dactylology. Nolan. vulcanology bacteriology. sociology. swollen eidolon semicolon olonel \arn. morphology. iconology. stollen. olster teratology. hematology. paleobiology. cryptozoology. pollster upholster . micromorphology. cohomology. fetology. geology. biology. sculler bicolor. climatology. limnology. demonology. tetralogy. phraseology. musicology. cryptology. etiology. stolen. rheumatology. liturgiology. embryology. seismology. homology. colon. penology. mythology. chronology. urology. pedology. bryology. lichenology. epistemology. dendrology. hydrology. criminology. symbology. psychology. parapsychology. watercolor olor 2 \6-for\ see oiler olor 3 \al-ar\ see ollar olored \sl-9rd\ colored. ethnomu sicology. gerontology. Egyptology. primatology. meteorology. microbiology. metapsychology. paleontology. trichology. radiology. martyrology. tautologous heterologous ology \al-3-je\ anthology. tricolor Technicolor. reflexology. doxology. lexicology. craniology. epidemiology. gemology. Mariology. phlebology. toxicology. cardiology. ecology. proctology. gynecology. phycology. planetology. chronobiology. ornithology. cosmology. laryngology. terminology. genealogy. nosology. audiology. cytology.3 l\ see ernal olonist \al-3-nast\ colonist.253 ologous \al-3-gas\ homologous. pharmacology. necrology. mycology. pathology. astrology. eschatology. oceanology. topology. apology. sumerology. ufology. graphology. scatology. enology. osteology. numerology. theology. cruller. solon. oology. escapology. urbanology. ontology. ichthyology. technology. dermatology. mixology. nematology.

gaum. dissolve. Songnam. Oklahoma glioblastoma. wellthought-of olvement Xalv-mantX evolvement. bombe. rhabdom. anole. Tacoma carcinoma. dive-bomb. revolver oly \6-le\ goalie. dissoluble. irresoluble olum \6-l9m\ see olem olumn \al-9m\ column. prom. sitcom. convolve. unholy guacamole. unheard-of. imam. jolt. ringbolt. palm. EPROM. involver. holt. revolve coevolve Olve2 \av\ grave. involve. aplomb. cheongsam. Zouave Tishah-b'Ab. electroless. dolt. seram. melanoma. gladiolus. unbolt thunderbolt Olt2 \61t\ see alt olta \al-ta\ see alta olter \6l-tsr\ bolter. frijole. au poivre. intercom. suave. doltish Oluble \al-y3-b9l\ soluble. firebomb. Coulomb. noncom. bolus. solve absolve. Uncle Tom. resoluble indissoluble. mom. becalm. slalom. calm. involvement noninvolvement olvent \al-vant\ solvent. coma. holy. H-bomb. coulter Oltish \6l-tish\ coltish. dissolver. slowly. psalm. mole. pollee. waw moshav. glaucoma. tamtam. pinole. devolve. ROM. wigwam cardamom. napalm. grande dame. revolt. toeless Coriolis. evolvable. solemn Malayalam olus \6-las\ bolas. of. insoluble. Pom. solely 1 254 aioli. sarcoma. ashram. snowless. Slav. therefrom. qualm. wherefrom. Vietnam Dar es Salaam. tom-tom. rhomb. dissolvent olver \al-var\ solver absolver. logomachy . neurofibroma omac \6-mik\ see omic 2 omace 1 \am-as\ see omise omace 2 Xam-asX see ummous omach \9m-3k\ see ummock omache \am-9-ke\ see omachy omachy \am-3-ke\ Andromache. Ceram. nizam. Roma. revolvable irresolvable Olve1 \alv\ salve. solus. granuloma. holus-bolus olvable Xal-vs-bslX solvable dissolvable. torn A-bomb. pom-pom. from. Peeping Tom. pram. holey. taw. soma aroma. voluble. amole.olt olt1 \6lt\ bolt. Humboldt. volt eyebolt. lowly. thereof. bomb. Islam. salve. colt. moly. pogrom. molt. poult. diploma. kingbolt. evolve. reclame. roly-poly oly 2 \al-e\ see oily1 olyp \al-ap\ see ollop om 1 \am\ balm. cannoli. Omar Khayyam om 2 \ 6 m \ see ome 1 om 3 \ u m \ see oom 1 om 4 \am\ see um1 om 5 \ u m \ see um 2 om6\6m\seeaum1 oma \6-m9\ chroma. coulomb. smolt. malm. resolve. ravioli. glom. Guam. Long Tom. diatom. embalm. resolvable. insolvable. phenom. whereof. salaam.

comb. motordrome. omen. thrombus ome 1 \6m\ brougham. sholom. catacomb. home. vomit ometer \am-3t-ar\ barometer. down-home. cyclometer. nome. astrodome. misnomer omer 2 \9m-9r\ see ummer ornery Xam-a-reA see ummery omet \am-3t\ comet. omer. om. palindrome. Nichrome. shalom. stay-at-home. gnomon. foam. seadrome. ogham. roamer. Styrofoam ome 2 \6-me\ see oamy ome 3 \am\ see urn1 omedy \am-3d-e\ comedy. hecatomb. Rome. cognomen. chrome. coulomb. gastronome. showman. honeycomb. ombre ombre 2 \am-b3r\ see omber 2 ombre 3 \am-bre\ see umbery ombus \am-b3s\ rhombus. palmar. psalmody tragicomedy omely Xam-leA see umbly2 omen \6-m9n\ see oman omenal \am-3n. gloam. ohm. monochrome. snowman. yeoman agnomen. chromosome. . Palmer dive-bomber. nomen. homily anomaly oman \6-m9n\ bowman. Rom. tome airdrome. doubledome. sambo 3 1 ometer ombo 2 \3m-bo\ see umbo ombre 1 \am-bre\ hombre. mome. gnome. stomal prodromal chromosomal omaly \am-3-le\ balmily. Reaumur. calmer. somber omber \6-m9r\ see omer ombic \6-mik\ see omic 2 ombical \6-mi-k3l\ seeomical 2 ombie \am-be\ zombie Abercrombie ombing \6-mirj\ see oaming ombo 1 \am-bo\ combo. foamer. currycomb. palmer. mambo. chronometer. longbowman. embalmer fighter-bomber omber 2 \am-b9r\ ombre. bichrome. Jerome. Lag b'Omer. vomer beachcomber.255 omal \6-mal\ domal. poem.3 l\ see ominal omene \am-3-ne\ see ominy omer 1 \6-mar\ comber. foeman. dome. Sertoman omany \am-3-ne\ see ominy omas \am-9s\ see omise omathy \am-3-the\ chrestomathy. loam. coxcomb. Stockholm. combe. grommet. cockscomb. metronome. hippodrome. crossbowman. stichomythy omb 1 \ 6 m \ see ome 1 omb 2 \iim\ see oom 1 omb 3 \ a m \ see om 1 omb 4 \3m\ see urn1 omba \am-b9\ see amba ombe 1 \6m\ see ome 1 ombe 2 \um\ see oom 1 ombe 3 \am\ see om 1 ombed \umd\ seeoomed omber 1 \am-ar\ bomber. roam. ribosome. praenomen. syndrome aerodrome. pome. at-home. halidrome. Roman. sambar. defoam. homer. Homer. holm.

rheometer. barometry. gastronomical. prominent predominant. taxonomic. chronometry. metronomical. prenominate omine \am-9-ne\ see ominy ominence \am-nans\ see ominance ominent \am-nant\ see ominant oming 1 \9m-irj\ coming. tragicomical heroicomical. photometer. pedometer. phenomenal epiphenomenal ominance \am-nsns\ dominance. plumbing becoming. Romany Melpomene anno Domini. domical agronomical. kilometer. up-and-coming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at urn1 oming 2 \6-mirj\ see oaming omini \am-3-ne\ see ominy ominous \am-3-nss\ ominous prolegomenous ominy \am-3-ne\ hominy. monochromic. shamus. microeconomic socioeconomic omic 2 \6-mik\ gnomic. subdominant semidominant. Islamic. superdominant ominate \am-9-nat\ innominate.3 l\ nominal abdominal. and -s' forms of nouns listed at omic 1 omily \am-3-le\ see omaly ominal \am-sn. magnetometer alcoholometer ometry \am-3-tre\ astrometry. hygrometer. -'s. odometer. ergonomics macroeconomics. thermometer anemometer. sociometry. electrometer. cytometry. tachometer. coelomic. promise. eo nomine omise \am-9s\ pomace. tectonics bionomics. Islamics. cognominal. seismometer. psychometry. photometry. physiognomic. Thomas Saint Thomas doubting Thomas omit \am-at\ see omet . physiognomical omical 2 \6-mi-k3l\ domical coxcombical 256 omics \am-iks\ atomics. subatomic. gastronomic. audiometer. economics. seismometry. shortcoming. heroicomic. oncoming. upcoming unbecoming. economical. geometer. pulsometer. astronomical. seriocomic macroeconomic. homecoming. tragicomic Deuteronomic. palindromic omical 1 \am-i-kal\ comical. rhizomic catacombic. pyrometer. gasometer. incoming. optometry. diffractometer. atomic.ometry drunkometer. tsunamic agronomic. anatomic. oghamic Potomac. trigonometry omey \6-me\ see oamy omi \6-me\ see oamy omia \6-me-a\ peperomia. spectrometer. anatomical. forthcoming. shammes. economic. metronomic. Utsunomia omic 1 \am-ik\ comic anomic. polyatomic. hydrometer. autonomic. isometry. micrometry. thermometry craniometry. prominence predominance ominant \am-nant\ dominant. manometer. speedometer. ergometer. microeconomics —also -s. geometry. ergonomic. micrometer. antinomic.

lepton. boron. archon. canton. Shan. agon. maun. trommel ommel 2 \9m-al\ pommel. micron. coupon. hogan. chiton. mon. prostomium omma 1 \am-a\ see ama 2 omma 2 Xsm-aX see umma ommel 1 \am-sl\ pommel. Gosplan. kurgan. tramp. bouillon. Jon. crepon. chon. Freon. clip-on. drawn. Kanban. agone. Milan. Anshan. ommon \am-an\ Amon. neuron. crampon. Porno. alencon. Don Juan. homo. con. Garonne. Inchon. chiffon. gone. Dear John. don. chaconne. Hunan. whomp omp 2 \amp\ see ump ompany Xamp-neA company accompany intracompany ompass \am-pss\ compass. Dacron. ancon. bon ton. hazan. Kerman. pawn. cistron. Multan. Memnon. Como. dewan. chrismon. muon. Gibran. flacon. Vaughn. lauan. Luzon. Kashan. chignon. blouson. barchan.257 omium \6-me-9m\ chromium. guidon. Golan. pan. bonbon. anon. mod con. baton. Brython. intron. boson. clomp. come-on. shaman. Ivan. on. John. wan. exon. common. Ron. Jinan. argon. Donn. nephron. natron. Massan. stomp. -'s. and -s' forms of nouns listed at omper . far-gone. swan. Argonne. Akan. doggoned. icon. holmium encomium. chomp. conn. macron. caisson. atman. Bonn. eon. Jamil. Calgon. Don. Avon. Brahman. promo Oromo majordomo omon \6-m9n\ see oman omp 1 \amp\ champ. koan. Dogon. yawn. add-on. axon. rumpus encompass gyrocompass omper \am-par\ romper. kaon. romp. bygone. guan. Fujian. meson. Rommel. Hainan. pummel Beau Brummell ommet \am-at\ see omet ommie \am-e\ see ami 1 on ompey \am-pe\ see ompy omplement Xam-pla-mantX complement. Khoisan. stamper. Aswan. Henan. phon. spawn. stamp. Chiron. swamp. Fan. foregone. fawn. tromp. yamen Roscommon Tutankhamen ommoner Xam-a-narX almoner. comp. Kurgan. gnomon. compo ompous \am-p3s\ see ompass 1 ompson \am-san\ see amsun ompt \aunt\ see ount 2 ompy \am-pe\ Pompey. swampy omythy \am-3-the\ see omathy on \an\ ban. log on. dawn. stomper. dead-on. Leon. Medan. crouton. commoner gewurztraminer ommy 1 \am-e\ see ami 1 ommy 2 \am-e\ see urn my omo \6-mo\ bromo. prawn. cordon. moron. fronton. cretonne. faun. doggone. Kirman. Huainan. Han. compliment ompliment Xam-pta-mantX see omplement ompo \am-po\ campo. liman. Anton. capon. pomp. khan. mouton. yon aeon. Ceylon. Amman. codon. hadron. neon. gluon. crayon. krypton. Kazan. swamper wafflestomper ompers \am-p9rz\ Gompers —also -s.

t'ai chi ch'uan. negatron. Ramadan. uhlan. Tian Shan. impawn. put-upon. soupgon. hereon. Lake Huron. dipteron. toucan. nylon. Gabon. slip- . chaconne. Avalon. nonagon. Stefan. Ulsan. tisane. head-on. gueridon. balmacaan. Simplon. Genghis Khan. dimetrodon. Balaton. metencephalon. etymon. Yukon. fawn. pavane. marzipan. Shingon. fourgon. phyton. Suleiman. bonne. harijan. python. ostracon. pteranodon. amazon. biathlon. woebegone. cabochon. tzigane. spawn. polygon. won. Tetuan. prothalamion. myrmidon. Miquelon. macedoine. septentrion. gone. positron. diencephalon. Puchon. talkathon. Irian. walk-on. bildungsroman. himation. virion. Saskatchewan. brawn. Marron. omicron. Shaban. pecan. gargon. Basilan. demijohn. amnion. Culiacan. carillon. Parmesan. yuan. recon. outgone. photon. Amazon. pylon. odds-on. thereupon. Percheron. wonton. tachyon. telamon. clip-on. undergone. Ganelon. San Juan. helicon. odds-on. logion. 258 Procyon. organon. colophon. drawn. Tainan.on neutron. trigon. Aragon. limagon. Rajasthan. betatron. Barbizon. proton. Mazatlan. Rubicon. Acheron. upsilon. maun. Ilion. Sean. Mellotron. outgone. Palawan. Lipizzan. oxymoron. Parthenon. lorgnon. Yerevan. celadon. deuteron. put-on. agon. pantheon. piton. doggone. Mbabane. Bakhtaran. Marathon. bouillon. dawn. soupgon. Oran. Abijan. whereupon. baton. sine qua non. nucleon. mesencephalon. Dawn. Pakistan. snap-on. Oman. Babylon. shaitan. salon. marron. Phlegethon. heptagon. Diazenon. Agamemnon. Yunnan. walkathon. parton. Schumann. archenteron. Szechuan. morion. Wonsan. thereon. pinon. solon. toyon. echelon. spermatozoon. far-gone. Kazakhstan. autobahn. mesenteron. pompon. torchon. bygone. decathlon. millimicron. liaison. Zahedan abutilon. Toulon. hands-on. Fujisan. Bonn. moufion. Oregon. plankton. paragon. kakiemon. Kherson. paeon. Tucson. follow-on. Pathan. Azerbaijan. whereon. encephalon. Dijon. decagon. baryon. parmigiana. Isfahan. mastodon. shaman. upon. fermion. faun. hopping John. ninon. Kyrgyzstan. automaton. Bantustan. prawn. soutane. calutron. magon. Szechwan. Grand Teton. goings-on. San Miguel de Tucuman on 2 \ 6 n \ fond. Xiangtan. pluton. taipan. Teheran. myelencephalon kyrie eleison. epsilon. Pusan. Taiwan. on. Villon Aubusson. tampon. Ahriman. arriere-ban. run-on. Kublai Khan. phenomenon. xenon. Tetouan. Typhon. prosencephalon. Suwon. ultramarathon epiphenomenon. telethon. witan. chorion. lawn. yawn add-on. Oberon. feuilleton. lexicon. yaupon. bourguignon. prion. zircon Abadan. Lyons. telencephalon. begone. cyclotron. ferrosilicon. electron. Tristan. Michoacan. gonfalon. carrying-on. Xi'an. asyndeton. protozoon. run-on. Qur'an. pawn. indrawn. Lebanon. dodecagon. elevon. Laocoon. West Irian anacoluthon. interferon. silicon. slip-on. Bellerophon. dead-on. Sjoelland. flacon. graviton. ephemeron. prolegomenon. pion. Vaughn. teston. rhyton. taxon. Quezon. aileron. papillon filet mignon Saint Emilion on 3 \6n\ awn. Huascaran. octagon. hexagon. Orion. leprechaun. Tucuman. come-on. foregone. Yvonne. stolon. rayon. pentagon. radon. Vientiane. triton. marathon. carryon. noumenon. Phaethon. Phaethon. put-on. Teflon. peon. Taklimakan. Saint John. agone. ton ballon. Wuhan. frisson. Saipan. trogon. Taiyuan.

beyond. goings-on. Ronal onald \an. demimonde. Rwanda. rhonchus onco \arj-ko\ bronco. sonde. upon. donative one \arjk\ see onk1 once 1 \ans\ see ance 2 once 2 \ans\ see unce onch \arjk\ see onk 1 1 3 2 3 ondent oncho \an-cho\ honcho. whereupon. correspond. hormonal baritonal. Pamplona. hereupon. millpond. kimono. tonal. Ramona. persona. fond. trona Ancona.a l\ clonal. slough of despond —also -ed forms of verbs listed at on 1 ond 2 \ 6 n \ see on 2 ond 3 \6nt\ see aunt 1 onda \an-d9\ Lahnda. Bologna. krone. respond allemande. Ruanda. towmond. Rhondda. fondle. Barcelona. Shona. Eurobond. withdrawn bourguignonne. rancho onchus \arj-kas\ bronchus. wiredrawn. follow-on. Verona Arizona. neoned. polyclonal.l\ Donal. put-upon. bologna. fishpond. Leona. poncho. Franco ond 1 \and\ blond.ld\ Donald. rondel ondence \an-dsns\ despondence correspondence ondency \an-dan-se\ despondency correspondency ondent \an-dsnt\ fondant despondent. Gironde. coronal. Gond. Wanda Golconda. Nona. Dona. wand. pond. frond. despond. woebegone carrying-on on 4 \6n\ see one 1 on 5 \an\ see un ona \6-ns\ dona. carryon. undergone. walk-on. gourmand. madrona. Campo Grande ondam \an-dam\ see ondom 1 ondant \an-dant\ see ondent onday \an-de\ see undi ondays \sn-dez\ see undays ondda \an-da\ see onda onde \and\ see ond 1 ondeau \an-do\ see ondo ondel \an-d 3 l\ condyle. Ronald MacDonald onant \6-nant\ see onent onas \6-nas\ see onus 2 onative \6-nat-iv\ conative. thereon. thereupon. Mona. semitonal onal \an. corona. snap-on. polytonal. turnedon. Rona. pair-bond. Rhonda. bond. Trobriand. cinchona. Uganda anaconda. Bellona.259 on. looker-on. vagabond radiosonde. Luganda. rand. Ronda. haut monde. whereon. yond abscond. Jonah. beau monde. Rhona. Trebizond. hanger-on. Armand. Taejon. correspondent onch 2 \anch\ see aunch 1 oncha \arj-ks\ see anka . zonal atonal. Desdemona in propria persona ona 2 \an-a\ see ana 1 ona \6n-ya\ see onia 3 onachal \an-i-kal\ see onical onae \6-ne\ see ony1 onah \6-na\ see ona onal 1 \6n. respondent corespondent. microtonal.

secondo. Rhone. misknown. grindstone. wheelthrown. homegrown. Shoshone. pinbone. maunder. anglophone. hormone. Asuncion. halftone. wishbone. won. Barbizon. headstone. Gijon. oilstone. eau de cologne. saxophone. cologne. capstone. limestone. turnstone. groan. yonder. high-flown. rallentando. Gladstone. whetstone. outgrown. norethindrone. cogon. ponder. phone. sown. tritone. barbitone. gemstone. Darby and Joan. overblown. cornerstone. trone. ritardando accelerando ondom 1 \an-d9m\ condom. atone. daimon. clone. postpone. chinbone. condor. lone. scherzando. Sierra Leone radiotelephone one 2 \6-ne\ see ony1 one 3 \an\ see on1 one 4 \an\ see un one 5 \6n\ see on 3 . earphone. Leon. sewn. homophone. roan. shone. soapstone. tone. sine qua non. Tyrone. collarbone. hipbone. enthrone. prone. dethrone. tondo forzando. Yellowstone anticyclone. shoon. mellophone. ironstone. unknown. outshown. Ramon. videophone Ponce de Leon. overthrown. moan. shade-grown. Conception. diaphone. flyblown. Hondo. epigone. brownstone. knucklebone. loan. pinyon. Dictaphone. 260 ingrown. hailstone. zander absconder. gramophone. twelve-tone. milestone. undertone. aitchbone. backbone. whalebone. Bayamon.onder onder \an-dar\ bonder. francophone. Picturephone. glissando. flagstone. quondam ondom 2 Xan-dsmN see undum ondor \an-dsr\ see onder 1 ondrous Xsn-drssN see underous ondyle \an-d 3 l\ see ondel one 1 \6n\ blown. Gaborone. leone. touchstone. gallstone. rondeau. zone agon. cheekbone. herringbone. impone. mesocyclone. bred-in-thebone. cortisone. freestone. headphone. handblown. silicone. marrowbone. condone. stone. wander. hone. curbstone. own. lentando. radiophone. lodestone. Saone. propone. rezone. gravestone. Joan. mown. stepping-stone. cherrystone. thighbone. microphone. speakerphone. intone. peon. pone. rondo. overtone. minestrone. pinon. debone. free-fire zone. thrown. throne. transponder —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ond 1 onder 2 \an-dar\ see under ondly \an-le\ see anly1 ondness \an-nas\ see anness ondo \an-do\ condo. rhinestone. cuttlebone. Canal Zone. responder. birthstone. alone. known. barytone. crone. parlando. pinecone. Nuevo Leon. megaphone. well-known. xylophone. sousaphone. Mon. Toreon. cone. Tbone. drone. millstone. unthrone. shinbone. flown. breastbone. bombardon. two-tone. tombstone. vibraphone. full-blown. trombone. colon. Blackstone. grown. inkstone. Mount Mayon. Cologne. anklebone. semitone. overgrown. tailbone. sone. rottenstone. Yangon allophone. scone. moonstone. cobblestone. disown. ozone. polyphone. shacklebone. overflown. Touch-Tone. jawbone. chaperon. cyclone. sacaton. none. testosterone. bone. drystone. squander. keystone. monotone. telephone. sandstone. shown. methadone. depone. brimstone. sforzando allargando. windblown. microtone. fieldstone. Colon. bemoan.

dingdong. nightlong. Nanchang. Vietcong. MahJongg. headlong. cradlesong. Hanyang. disownment. cantonment. erelong. zoner condoner. Hengyang. yang Anyang. Sturm und Drang. Haiphong. dethroner. Tonga Kananga. yardlong. Zamboanga Bucaramanga onge \ s n j \ see unge onged \6nd\ pronged. and -s forms of verbs. thonged multipronged —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ong 2 oney \an-e\ see unny oney 3 \u-ne\ see oony . barong. rhinestoned. biltong. droner. biltong. dethronement. mridanga Alba Longa. Vietcong ong 3 \an\ see ung1 ong4\ung\seeung2 onga \arj-ga\ conga. prong. Palembang. donor. Zhenjiang billabong. sonorous o n e s \6nz\ Jones. singsong. Liaoyang. plainsong. and -s' forms of nouns. proponent bicomponent oneous \6-ne-9s\ see onious oner 1 \6-nar\ boner. toneless onely \6n-le\ lonely. Mekong. ylang-ylang ong 2 \6rj\ bong. Hong Kong. groaner. hong. kampong. Guiyang. deponent. Huang. honer. headstrong. oneness rotundness onent \6-n3nt\ sonant component. nones sawbones Davy Jones. Mahayanist oney \6-ne\ see ony 2 1 1 onged ong 1 \arj\ Chang. landowner. Pyong-yang. along. satang. daylong. loner. gong. doneness. dong. sarong. enthronement o n e n e s s Xan-nssX dimness. Kaesong. dugong. birdsong. long. oolong. souchong. shipowner telephoner oner 2 \6n-9r\ see awner 1 onerous \an-9-ras\ onerous. endlong. belong. lifelong. Chittagong. Fang. Padang. chaise longue. part-song. moaner. toned cologned. prong. evensong. monthlong. tong. high-toned. intoner. Malang. sidelong. scuppemong. liang. -'s. Armstrong. toner. panga. throng. Shijiazhuang. Shandong. stoner. pre-owned. kiang. Wollongong Heilongjiang. only. strong. dugong. furlong. song. gong. livelong. thong. Geelong. Ujung Pandang. barong. Tang. Zhejiang. stoned. tong. Shenyang. opponent. wrong agelong. sing-along. yearlong billabong. prolong. pronely onement \6n-m3nt\ atonement. Semarang. two-toned cobblestoned —also -ed forms of verbs listed at one1 oned 2 \an\ see on 1 oneless \6n-las\ boneless. listed at one onest \an-ast\ honest dishonest Hinayanist. diphthong. ping-pong. lazybones skull and crossbones —also -s. Wuchang. Shang. tagalong. exponent. tonga. loaner.261 onean \6-ne-an\ see onian 1 oned 1 \6nd\ boned. scuppemong. Da Nang. rawboned. weeklong. so long. oblong. Chittagong. Ping-Pong. summerlong.

onger onger 1 Xsrj-gsrX hunger. Estonian. monger. Jacksonian. tithonia. cyclonic. veronica. Hamiltonian. pharaonic. mahonia. Arizonian. nonionic. Patagonia New Caledonia onia 3 \6n-ya\ dona begonia 262 onial \6-ne-9l\ baronial. harmonic. Byronic. newsmonger. strongish ongo \arj-go\ bongo. Catalonia. sardonic. plutonic. Caledonia. bionic. Clactonian. Bologna. gorgonian. scaremonger. stereophonic extraembryonic onica \an-i-ks\ Monica harmonica. pneumonia. ironmongery ongful \6n-f9l\ wrongful. Slavonia. daimonic. isotonic. megaphonic. zirconia Amazonia. Macedonia. monophonic. quadraphonic. Congo. Estonia. carbonic. japonica. Shoshonean. valonia. Neoplatonic. macaronic. Sony a ammonia. congou. Laconia. calypsonian. Slavonic. chameleonic. Saronic. wordmonger costermonger. mongo Niger-Congo. supertonic. Macedonia onia 2 \6-nya\ Konya. valonia anhedonia. gnomonic. Ionic. geotectonic. plutonian. sermonic. favonian. planktonic. Puranic. tectonic. pneumonic. clintonia. Babylonian. diachronic. hedonic. Chalcedonian. zirconic catatonic. dornick. benthonic. ironic. laconic. phonic. Pago Pago ongous Xsn-gasX see ungous ongue 1 \arj\ see ung 1 ongue 2 \6n\ see ong 2 ongued \arjd\ lunged. supersonic. matrimonial. demonian. tonic Aaronic. testimonial onian 1 \6-ne-3n\ chthonian aeonian. Veronica Thessalonica . Kongo. fishmonger. chthonic. Polonia. embryonic. Polonia. ultrasonic architectonic. electronic. hydroponic. fashionmonger. Brythonic. phrasemonger. Caledonia. Philharmonic. colonial ceremonial. songful ongin \an-jan\ see ungeon ongish \6rj-ish\ longish. draconic. Masonic. synchronic. monotonic. Salonika. Etonian. Baconian. Livonia. ionic. euphonic. hegemonic. Devonian. agonic. Antonian. scandalmonger onger 2 \9n-jsr\ see unger 1 ongery \arj-gre\ hungry fellmongery. Babylonian. mnemonic. bubonic. paulownia. histrionic. atonic. tithonia. telephonic. warmonger. parkinsonian onian 2 \6-nysn\ Zonian Estonian Amazonian. platonic. rumormonger. Solomonic. Macedonian onic \an-ik\ chronic. canonic. ironmonger. polyphonic. symphonic. electrotonic. Brittonic. microphonic. Sonja. diatonic. Apollonian. draconian. Sonia. Teutonic. Oxonian. demonic. Ionian. cryonic. Slavonian Amazonian. cardiotonic. disharmonic. gossipmonger. homophonic. inharmonic. conic. Samsonian. semitonic. tongued ongy \an-je\ see ungy onhomous \an-3-mas\ see onymous oni \6-ne\ seeony 1 onia 1 \6-ne-a\ bignonia. Snowdonia. younger fellmonger. sonic. whoremonger. Pythonic. thermionic.

warbonnet . demonical. symphonious acrimonious. tectonics avionics. histrionics. and -s' forms of nouns listed at onic onika \an-i-ks\ see onica oniker \a-ni-kar\ see onnicker oning 1 \an-irj\ awning couponing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at on 1 oning \6-nirj\ loaning jawboning. sonnet bluebonnet. fauna megafauna. -'s. ironical deuterocanonical onicals \an-i-kalz\ Chronicles canonicals onicker \a-ni-ksr\ see onnicker onicle \an-i-kal\ see onical onicles \an-i-kalz\ see onicals onics \an-iks\ onyx. bronc. disharmonious. inharmonious. astonishment onium \6-ne-9m\ euphonium. conquer. sanctimonious Marcus Antonius. yanqui onless \9n-las\ see unless only \6n-le\ see onely onment \6n-m9nt\ see onement onn 1 \an\ see on1 onn 2 \6n\ see on 3 onna 1 \6n-a\ donna. unceremonious onis 1 \6-nss\ see onus 2 onis 2 \an-as\ see onus 1 onish \an-ish\ donnish. sardonyx. Pandemonium onius \6-ne-as\ see onious onja \6-nya\ see onia 2 onjon \9n-jan\ see ungeon onjure \an-J9r\ conjure. Ovonics. felonious. sunbonnet. wonky. Planck. astonish. monachal. rondure onk1 \arjk\ ankh. hydroponics. plonk. cryonics. ceremonious. zonk honkytonk onk 2 \srjk\ see unk onker \arj-ksr\ conker. premonish leprechaunish 2 onnet onishment \an-ish-mant\ admonishment. euphonious. conch. honk. conk. harmonium. nucleonics. radionics. landowning —also -ing forms of verbs listed at one 1 onion \3n-yan\ see union onious \6-ne-as\ erroneous. mnemonics. honker onkey 1 \arj-ke\ see onky onkey 2 \arj-ke\ see unky onkian \an-ke-an\ conquian Algonkian onky \arj-ke\ conkey. microphonics. supersonics. parsimonious. quadriphonics. prima donna onna 2 \an-a\ see ana 1 onnage \an-ij\ see unnage onne 1 \an\ see on 1 onne 2 \an\ see un onne 3 \6n\ see on 3 onner \an-ar\ see onor1 onnet \an-at\ bonnet. thermionics architectonics —also -s. Franck. plutonium pandemonium. conical. phonics bionics.263 onical \an-i-kal\ chronicle. Suetonius. monish admonish. monocle canonical. donkey. harmonious. Polonius. clonk. Donna. photonics. electronics.

grunt. lunt. waterfront ont 2 \ant\ see ant 2 ont 3 \6nt\ see aunt 1 on't \6nt\ don't. honor. astronomy. shorefront. monicker. runt. outfront. goner. up-front. forefront. storefront. trillionth. shunt. breakfront. hunt. toponymy Deuteronomy.a l\ see untie ontan \ant. manhunt. kimono. taxonomy. wanner. sponsor onsul \an-s3i\ consul. Vedantic orthodontic anacreontic \anz\ see onze ons \ 6 n \ see on 2 .n \ see onton ontas \ant-9s\ see ontus onte 1 \ant-e\ see anti1 onte 2 \an-ta\ see ante 1 onted \6nt-9d\ vaunted. housefront. ergonomist.onnicker onnicker \a-ni-kar\ donnicker. twelvemonth ontian \ant-e-an\ Zontian post-Kantian ontic \ant-ik\ ontic deontic. confront. yawner dishonor. wonted undaunted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at aunt 1 onter \snt-3r\ see unter onth \snth\ month billionth. weimaraner onor 2 \6-nsr\ see oner 1 onorous \an-a-ras\ see onerous onquer \arj-kar\ see onker onquian \arj-ke-an\ see onkian ons 1 2 2 264 onsil \an-s9l\ see onsul onsin \an-san\ see ohnson onson \an-ssn\ see ohnson onsor \an-sar\ panzer. Lipizzaner. want. taxonomist Deuteronomist onomous \an-9-m9s\ see onymous onomy \an-a-me\ agronomy.3 l\ pontil. teleonomy onor 1 \an-ar\ Bonner. antonymy. swell-front. eponymy. bowfront. economist. taphonomy. won't ontal 1 \ant. gastronomy. O'Connor Afrikaner. makimono ono 2 \6-na\ see ona ono 3 \an-6\ see ano 1 onocle Xan-i-kalX see onical onomer Xan-a-msrX monomer astronomer. autonomist. quantal horizontal periodontal ontal 2 \ant. millionth. marathoner. punt. stunt. brunt. witch-hunt battlefront. synonymist. beachfront. fontal. strunt. pawner. gastronomist. lakefront. shirtfront. spawner. riverfront. diseconomy. heteronomy. pawnor. bunt. metonymy. homonomy. pro bono kakemono. tonsil ont 1 \snt\ blunt. wont affront. synonymy. front. oceanfront. comonomer onomist \an-3-ni3st\ agronomist. seafront. fawner. doniker. economy. moniker onnie \an-e\ see ani 1 onnish \an-ish\ see onish onnor \an-ar\ see onor1 onny 1 \an-e\ see ani 1 onny \sn-e\ see unny ono 1 \6-no\ phono cui bono. autonomy.

mascarpone. matrimony. wanion onyon 2 \9n-yan\ see union onyx \an-iks\ see onics onze \anz\ bonze. homonymous. chalcedony. telephony. fatwood. and -s' forms of nouns. should. would. wanton Lahontan ontra \an-tra\ contra. onus. ceremony. palimony. pons long Johns. childhood. greenwood. and -s forms of verbs. Ruby ooch 1 \uch\ brooch. coney. padrone. yod basswood. greasewood. Toni. mantra. rigatoni. blackwood. Tony. do-good. cordwood. boxwood. pseudonymous. wood. Benoni. alimony. parsimony. fruitwood. autonomous. -'s. girlhood. colonus ony 1 \6-ne\ bony. agrimony. testimony. ruby. stood. tantra per contra ontre \ant-sr\ see aunter 1 ontus \ant-ss\ Pontus Pocahontas onty \ant-e\ see anti1 onus 1 \an-as\ Cronus. provolone. Faunus Adonis onus \6-nas\ bonus. cannelloni. yoni baloney. conversazione. solitons islet of Langerhans —also -s. Oenone. sanctimony. looby. bologna. Cronus.n-ant\ continent incontinent. . feelgood. bentwood. dramatis personae ony 2 \an-e\ see ani 1 onya \6-nya\ see onia 2 onymist \an-3-mast\ see onomist onymous \an-3-m3s\ bonhomous 3 ood anonymous. pooch. slowness Adonis. prosthodontist onto \an-to\ see anto 1 onton \ant. deadwood. brushwood. pepperoni. driftwood. dogwood. tony. zabaglione con espressione. bronze. pud. subcontinent supercontinent ontis \an-tss\ see antos 2 Ofitist \ant-ast\ Vedantist orthodontist. acrimony. colophony. pony.265 ontil \ant. canzone. Elwood. mooch. Marconi. Jonas. Ellwood. patrimony. smooch capuche scaramouch ooch 2 \6ch\ see oach oocher \u-char\ see uture oochy \u-che\ smoochy Baluchi. antimony. penuche. spumoni. falsehood. rudd. Ponzi 00 1 \ii\ see ew1 0 0 2 \ 6 \ see ow1 oob \iib\ see ube oober \u-bsr\ see uber ooby \ii-be\ booby. minestrone. antonymous. phony. listed at on onzi \an-ze\ see onzy onzy \an-ze\ bronzy. Saint John's Afrikaans.3 n\ ponton. macaroni. stony. hooch. Moroni.3 l\ see ontal1 ontinent \ant. crony. hood. eponymous. godhood. synonymous heteronomous onymy \an-9-me\ see onomy onyon 1 Xan-yanX ronyon. tortoni abalone. firewood. Vespucci Kawaguchi ood 1 \ud\ good.

hot-blooded. sainthood.a l\ boodle. Tartuffe oof3 \6f\ see oaf oof4 \iiv\ see ove 3 oofah \u-fa\ see ufa oofer 1 \u-fsr\ proofer. sonhood. wormwood arrowwood. kloof. forehoof. fireproof. wooded hard-wooded. hoody. knighthood. hardwood. woof aloof. roof. servanthood. opera bouffe. understood. shatterproof. roofer. likelihood. poof. scattergood. toddlerhood. doodle. Wedgwood. statehood. wifehood. gumwood. unhood. cedarwood. shadoof. woodman oodoo \ud-ii\ doo-doo.ood groundwood. red-blooded. disproof. redwood. rosewood. monkshood. stinkwood. widowhood. Rudy. foolproof. monkhood. fatherhood. -'s. voodoo OOds \udz\ backwoods. and -s forms of verbs. pure-blooded. Tartuffe. brotherhood. womanhood misunderstood. buttonwood. maidhood. moody. Talmud. full-blooded. kingwood. noodle. plywood. woof forehoof. withstood. proof. spoofy. Trudy OOdy2 \ud-e\ cuddy. candlewood. unlikelihood. twofer waterproofer oofer 2 \uf-ar\ hoofer. motherhood. unroof bulletproof. Sherwood. livelihood. tulipwood. spinsterhood. Judi. feudal. waterproof. woody goody-goody oody 3 \ad-e\ see uddy1 ooer \u-ar\ see ewer 1 ooey \u-e\ see ewy oof1 \uf\ goof. weatherproof oof \uf\ hoof. strudel caboodle. goody. manhood. sandalwood. warmblooded —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ud1 ooded \ud-ad\ hooded. star-studded. bachelorhood. dry goods piney woods —also -s. poof. widowerhood ood 2 \6d\ see ode ood 3 \ud\ see ude ood 4 \ad\ see ud ooded 1 \ad-ad\ blooded cold-blooded. ombudsman OOdy1 \iid-e\ broody. neighborhood. pouf. roof. sisterhood. Mount Hood. Judy. behoof. paludal Yankee-Doodle 2 266 oodman \ud-man\ goodman. listed at ood oodsman \udz-man\ woodsman backwoodsman. halfblooded. hardihood. sunroof. Robin Hood. teakwood. nationhood. Cottonwood. woofer oofy \u-fe\ goofy. pulpwood. Judie. selfhood. personhood. Hollywood. hoodoo. spoof. softwood. ironwood. Sufi ooga \u-ga\ see uga o o g e \ u j \ see uge 1 ooger \ug-ar\ see ugur . pinewood. maidenhood. and -s' forms of nouns. unhooding oodle \ud. soundproof. poodle. priesthood. soft-wooded ooder 1 \iid-ar\ see uder ooder 2 \ad-ar\ see udder ooding \ud-in\ pudding do-gooding. flapdoodle. kudu. no-good. parenthood. rustproof.

rookie. preschool. and -s' forms of nouns. handbook. fool. ghoul. songbook. chook. gook. palooka. billhook. whirlpool Barnaul. cesspool. reticule. overtook. voodooist —also -est forms of adjectives listed arew 1 OOk \iik\ book. rookery OOkie \uk-e\ bookie. skyhook. schnook. graticule. uncool. tool. spool. Chinook. majuscule. pul. curule. hooky. groupuscule. pothook. molecule. boulle. overlook. mewl. betook. Cook. monticule. Windhoek. scrapbook. sukkah ooke \iik\ see ook1 ooker \uk-ar\ booker. promptbook. snook. Leeuwenhoek. -'s. felucca. undertook. inglenook. Blackpool. vanpool. look. and -s forms of verbs. drool. pool. and -s' forms of nouns. Liverpool. overbook. ampoule.267 oogie \iig-e\ bogey. yearbook buttonhook. cook. copybook. cookbook. retool. stool. tanuki ooky 2 \uk-e\ see ookie 0011 \ixl\ boule. Mosul. looker. Banjul. passbook. crux. listed at like ooks 2 \uks\ Brooks. carpool. Kabul. Hooker. partook. donnybrook. you'll. synfuel. Brooke. rook. outlook. cooking good-looking. rooky Takatsuki. fascicule. cooker. fishhook. toadstool. Poole. Innsbruck. self-rule. school. water-cool biomolecule 0 0 1 2 \ i i l \ see ill oola \u-ta\ see ula OOle \ul\ see OOl1 . logbook. walkie-lookie OOking \iik-irj\ booking. befool. minuscule. cool. saluki. nook. schoolbook. poohpooh ooi \ix-e\ see ewy ooist \u-ast\ doest tattooist. spooky bouzouki. Toluca. vestibule. cookie. hangul. zooks deluxe. babul. matchbook. hook. hooker. gul. gerenuk. onlooking —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ook1 OOklet \uk-tat\ booklet. hornbook. Kurnool. checkbook. brooklet. stook. misrule. mule. took bankbook. gadzooks —also -s. joule. pule. hooklet ooks 1 \iiks\ deluxe. tomfool. Pembroke. verruca Juan de Fuca ookah \uk-s\ hookah. brook. crook. snooker good-looker. listed at ook1 ooky 1 \ii-ke\ kooky. playbook. tenterhook. forsook. chapbook. mistook. Elul. cooky. boogie boogie-woogie oo-goo \u-gii\ see ugu OOh \ii\ see ew1 ooh-pooh \u-pii\ hoopoe. sketchbook. hymnbook. unhook. shook. fuel. buhl. psalmbook. -'s. tulle. yule air-cool. lenticule. footstool. Kobuk. Volapuk gobbledygook ook 2 \uk\ see like ooka \u-ks\ yuca bazooka. overrule. Mount Cook. workbook. faldstool. rule. and -s forms of verbs. onlooker 1 oole ookery \uk-a-re\ crookery. Hartlepool. gallinule. guidebook. notebook. caoutchouc. Kabuki. Istanbul. storybook. brookie. studbook. retook. textbook. luxe. pocketbook. gadzooks —also -s. ridicule.

schoolroom. barroom. classroom. poltroon. doubloon. khoum. croon. rockoon. mulish pound-foolish oolly \u-le\ see uly oolly \ul-e\ see ully 2 2 1 268 oom 2 \iim\ see urn2 oomed \iimd\ groomed. patroon. glume. monsoon. toom. platoon. maroon. immune. showroom.oolean oolean \u-le-an\ see ulean OOled \iild\ bejeweled. untune. witches'broom oon2 \6n\ see one1 . coon. noon. cwm. high schooler. barracoon. unschooled vestibuled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at OOl1 ooler \u-lar\ cooler. quadroon. Neptune. legume. moon. jejune. dessertspoon. room. ballroom. wombed well-groomed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oom 1 oomer Xii-marX see umer oomily Xii-ms-leA gloomily contumely ooming 1 Xii-msnX see uman ooming 2 \ii-mirj\ see uming oomlet Xiim-latX boomlet. broadloom. forenoon. combe. spittoon. ruler carpooler. oppugn. simoom. rheum. houseroom. jibboom. Torun. toon. gular. bathroom. spume. greenroom. repugn. entomb. foredoom. Pashtun. mudroom. gloom. Khartoum. baboon. gaboon. typhoon. honeymoon. darkroom. taproom. balloon. gloomy. subsume. Kowloon. puccoon. inhume. grade-schooler. Brigadoon. workroom anteroom. inopportune oom 1 \ u m \ bloom. watercooler oolie \ii-le\ see uly oolish \ii-lish\ coolish. stockroom. boomy. smoke-filled room. buffoon. June. cardoon. foolish. importune. elbowroom. triune. plumy. proofroom. nom de plume. locker-room. flume. courtroom. preschooler ridiculer. ratoon. roomy. tablespoon contrabassoon. Targum. jargoon. dune. pressroom. cartoon. enwomb. Gudrun. opportune. gadroon. macaroon. harpoon. Saskatoon. soupspoon. prune. saskatoon. tomb. saloon. ghoulish. fume. illume. swoon. whom. lune. strewn. Cameroon. tribune. festoon. picayune. loom. fine-tune. lampoon. relume. premune. pontoon. costume. legroom. fumy. dayroom. perfume. miniboom. plumed. storeroom. coatroom. resume. stateroom. spoon. octoroon. heirloom. shalloon. homeroom. half-moon. bridegroom. headroom. goon. zoom abloom. dyer's broom. Calhoun. spumy costumey oon 1 \ u n \ boon. boom. checkerbloom. checkroom. tearoom. raccoon. sickroom. womb. backroom. broom. tune aswoon. lunchroom. bedroom. cloakroom. Walloon afternoon. brougham. wardroom. bassoon. attune. rough-hewn. Kunlun. mushroom. plumelet oomy \u-me\ bloomy. shoon. assume. picaroon. lardoon. galloon. washroom. demilune. guardroom. neume. rune. spontoon. plume. hewn. loon. toolroom. lagoon. dragoon. doom. impugn. vroom. impostume. cocoon. playroom. exhume. poolroom. boardroom. tycoon. presume. rheumy. consume. rigadoon. doomy. brume. teaspoon. newsroom. tuchun. puler. soon. salesroom. Boone. commune. pantaloon. groom. Hume.

Cowper. soup. group. listed at oon oony \u-ne\ gooney. gadrooning —also -ing forms of verbs listed at oon1 oonish \u-nish\ moonish buffoonish. stoop. importuner. hoop. loupe. stupor. swooper. Moonie. recoup. swooner. scoop. woundless o o n s \iinz\ lunes. puny. regroup. out-group. pruner. cartoonish picayunish oonless \un-l9s\ moonless. trooper. stoup. oops. super-duper ooping \ii-pirj\ grouping. Cooper. Moorish. paratrooper. grouper. Zuni Mulroney OOp \xip\ bloop. tuner harpooner. droopy. pooperscooper. whoop age-group. paratroop. Kewpie. poop. stupe. looper. oppugner honeymooner. moony. cartooning. Guadalupe.3 l\ see unal oone \iin\ see oon 1 oorman O-op \iip\ see OOp1 OOped \upd\ looped —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oop oopee \ii-pe\ see oopy OOper \u-par\ blooper. troop. whoopee oor 1 \6r\ see or1 oor 2 \iir\ see ure 1 oorage 1 \ur-ij\ moorage sewerage oorage 2 \6r-ij\ see orage2 oore 1 \6r\ see or1 oore 2 \ur\ see ure 1 oored \6rd\ see oard oorer \6r-sr\ see orer oori \ur-e\ see ury1 ooring 1 \6r-irj\ see oring ooring 2 \ur-irj\ see uring oorish 1 \ur-ish\ boorish. poltroonery oonery \u-na-re\ see unary ooney \u-ne\ see oony oonie \u-ne\ see oony ooning \ii-nin\ nooning ballooning. nincompoop. trooping. lampooner. -'s. zounds eftsoons afternoons —also -s. snooper. scooper. roup.269 oona \u-na\ see una oonal \un. cock-a-hoop. drupe. puisne. droop. trouper party pooper. cooper. groupie. troupe. lacunar. sooner. T-group alley-oop. woops oopy \u-pe\ croupy. sloop. muni. Tupi. and -s' forms of nouns. loopy. loony. snoop. goop. semilunar oonery 1 \iin-re\ buffoonery. luny. loop. Guadeloupe. soupy. coop. subgroup. in-group. swoop. lampoonery. super. poorish oorish 2 \6r-ish\ see orish1 oorly \ur-le\ see urely oorman \6r-msn\ see orman . dupe. lunar. duper. whoops. supergroup 2 oop oopoe \u-pu\ see ooh-pooh o o p s \ups\ hoops. schooner. and -s forms of verbs. croup. spoony. tuneless. crowner. snoopy. trouping —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ooner \ii-nar\ crooner.

Blackfoot. muted. tollbooth. Ruth. deep-rooted. selcouth. withoutdoors Louis Quatorze —also -s. juiced. crwth. sooth. outdoors underdrawers. kaput. untruth. Proust. duckfooted. sawtooth. candle-foot. pantsuited. couth. Truth. suited abluted. gingerroot.oors oors \6rz\ Bors. ruth. uproot acre-foot. surefooted. outfoot. web-footed. orrisroot. fleet-footed. indoors. Root. scutage ootage 2 \ut-ij\ footage. snakeroot. input. drawers. Booth. deep-rooted. soothe. vermouth snaggletooth oothe \ u t h \ see ooth1 oothed \iitht\ toothed gap-toothed snaggletoothed oothless \uth-tas\ see uthless oothly \iith-le\ soothly uncouthly oothy \u-the\ couthie. half-truth. light-footed. voluted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ute OOted2 \ut-ad\ footed barefooted. uncouth. root. tooth OOth2 \uth\ booth. rootage 270 OOted1 \ut-ad\ booted. splayfoot. bitterroot. yours Azores. forsooth. routh. tooth. fruited. putter shot-putter pussyfooter ooter 2 \ut-ar\ see uter ooth 1 \iith\ smooth. bird's-foot. slow-footed. truth. taproot. eyetooth. soot afoot. Duluth. and -s forms of verbs. shot put. forefoot. arrowroot. output. clubfooted. clubfoot. hotfoot. jackbooted. crow's-foot.a l\ see utile . bigfoot. and -s' forms of nouns. underfoot oot 2 \ut\ see ute OOt3 \at\ see ut1 ootage 1 \iit-ij\ fruitage. wing-footed cloven-footed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at OOt1 OOter1 \ut-ar\ footer. four-footed. -'s. rootage. sleuth. toothy OOtie \ut-e\ see ooty1 ooting 1 \ut-in\ footing off-putting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at OOt1 ooting 2 \ut-irj\ see uting ootle \ut. Rajput. flatfoot. roost langouste. pussyfoot. produced self-induced. withindoors. barefoot. throughput. scouth. enroot. cajeput. tenderfoot. youth bucktooth. splayfooted. Zlatoust —also -ed forms of verbs listed at use 1 oosy \ii-ze\ see oozy OOt1 \ut\ foot. put. listed at or oorsman Xdrz-manX see oarsman oort \6rt\ see ort1 oosa \u-ss\ see usa 1 oose 1 \iis\ see use 1 o o s e 2 \iiz\ see use 2 ooser 1 \u-ssr\ see ucer ooser 2 \u-zsr\ see user oosey \ii-se\ see uicy oosh 1 \iish\ see ouche oosh 2 \ush\ see ush 2 OOSt \iist\ boost.

hip-hop. soft-soap. taupe. hop. booty. clopclop. tabletop. top. hilltop. isotope. mountaintop. joypop. and -s forms of verbs. calliope. redtop. tutti ooty \at-e\ see utty oove \iiv\ see ove 3 oover \u-var\ see over 3 OOVy \u-ve\ groovy. tightrope. pop. Vaduz shoot-the-chutes —also -s. table-hop. backdrop. Susie. grope. treetop. soap. shop. workshop agitprop. gantlope. newsy.271 OOtless \ut-las\ bootless. sop. high-top. coin-op. borescope. overtop. grogshop. downslope. clip-clop. tope. co-op. envelope. stereoscope opean \6-pe-3n\ see opian opee \6-pe\ see opi open \6-pan\ holpen. tiptop. Ethiop. woozy Jacuzzi op 1 \ap\ bop. cutie. whistle-stop. periscope. Pope. outcrop. hope. swap. sweetshop. wide-open opence \ap-3ns\ see uppance . firestop. mop. nonstop. soursop. dramshop. open reopen. cartop. opal. chop. mom-and-pop. -'s. coup. and -s' forms of nouns. Good Hope. turboprop. Djibouti Funafuti. ESOP. eardrop. ope. double-crop. stope. techno-pop. strop. 3 opence hockshop. towrope antelope. teenybop. bellhop. airdrop. flop. dewdrop. horoscope. lop. window-shop Babelthuap op 2 \ 6 \ see OW1 opa \6-pa\ opa. drop. fruity. f-stop. stonecrop. myope. boozy. bookshop. countertop. nightscope. eavesdrop. Dunlop. Hope. desktop. rooty. sooty. heavy-duty. floozy. phalarope. chap. scop. dope. Ethiope. crop. tutti. maintop. bebop. footy. kaleidoscope. bakeshop. nopal. estop. hooty. chronoscope. grassroots. kinescope. stop. sweatshop. barhop. rooftop. tootsie OOty1 \iit-e\ beauty. flip-flop. cantaloupe. ripstop. plop. sniperscope. milksop. clop. unstop. radarscope. shortstop. Clootie. double-stop. fruitless OOtlet \ut-fot\ fruitlet. nope. oozy. fluty. sandsoap. pope. chop-chop. flattop. interlope. malaprop. snooperscope. gyroscope. cootie. mope. housetop. ragtop. raindrop. elope. hedgehop. snooty. fop. rootlet OOtS \iits\ boots firstfruits. backstop. barbershop. lope. carrottop. duty. lollipop. persecutee. glop. carhop. knop. cooktop. skin-pop. opah Europa opah \6-pa\ see opa opal \6-p9l\ copal. gantelope. sooty. slyboots. antipope. pawnshop. op. gumdrop. slope. choosy. doorstop. scope. sharecrop. atop. island-hop. misanthrope. listed at ute ootsie \ut-se\ footsie. zooty agouti. Opal Simferopol Constantinople ope \ 6 p \ cope. hardtop. prop. epitope. telescope heliotrope. slop. rope. one-stop. scop. pop-top. tutti-frutti OOty2 \ut-e\ rooty. foretop. whop Aesop. snowdrop. pyrope. holp. stethoscope. teardrop. microscope. trope aslope. slipslop. movie ooze \uz\ see use 2 oozer \ii-z9r\ see user oozle \u-zal\ see usal 2 oozy \ii-ze\ bluesy. cop. blacktop.

psychotropic opical \ap-i-kal\ topical. Neotropical. loper. stereoscopic opic 2 \6-pik\ tropic myopic Ethiopic. gyroscopic. dystopian. trophy opi \6-pe\ dopey. subtropical microscopical. theophany heterophony. zoophagous anthropophagous ophagy \af-3-je\ coprophagy. sloppily duopoly. Ethiopian opic 1 \ap-ik\ topic. necrophagous. misanthropic. homophonous ophony \af-9-ne\ cacophony. esophagus. catastrophic ophic \6-fik\ strophic. homophony. macroscopic. semitropic. geophagy anthropophagy ophe 1 \6-fe\ see ophy ophe 2 \6f\ see off2 opher \6-far\ see ofer ophet \af-at\ see ofit ophic \af-ik\ strophic antistrophic. Hopi. myopia. sarcophagus. toper eloper. apostrophic. monopoly. soft-soaper interloper opera \ap-rs\ see opra opey \6-pe\ see opi oph \6f\ see oaf ophagous \af-9-g9s\ coprophagous. sophy. sinopia. cosmopolis. stereophony ophy \6-fe\ Sophie. philanthropical. topee. moper. groper. anthropic. ectopic. cyclopean. tropic Aesopic. periscopic. ropy. tropical anthropical. philanthropic. megalopolis Florianopolis opolis 2 \ap-las\ see opless opolist \ap-3-last\ monopolist bibliopolist opoly \ap-3-le\ choppily. subtropic Ethiopic. soaper. semitropical oplar \ap-br\ see oppler ople \6-pal\ see opal opol \6-p9i\ see opal opolis 1 \ap-3-tas\ propolis acropolis. trophic atrophic ophical \af-i-ksl\ philosophical. theosophical ophie \6-fe\ see ophy ophir \6-far\ see ofer ophonous \af-9-nss\ cacophonous. twopenny oper \6-par\ coper. colophony. roper. telescopic kaleidoscopic. topi 2 1 272 opia \6-pe-s\ dystopia. Utopian cornucopian. vox populi oligopoly Tiruchchirappalli oppa \ap-a\ see apa 1 opped \apt\ see opt oppel \ap-al\ see opple . stethoscopic. Ethiopia opian \6-pe-an\ Aesopian. metropolis. mopey. doper. no-hoper. monophony. hygroscopic. necropolis Heliopolis. floppily. Utopia cornucopia. microscopic. soapy.openny openny \ap-ne\ threepenny. strophe.

cropper. copse. core. hopper. copper. frore. showstopper. knopped. crore. improper. swapper. fore. kopje. tops beechdrops. necropsy . dioptric opula \ap-y3-b\ copula. lopper. shopper. Ops. hoppy. photocopy opra \ap-ra\ copra. stopple. floppy. sloppy. four. whopping clodhopping. foppery oppet \ap-3t\ moppet. name-dropping. topple estoppel oppler \ap-lar\ Doppler. sharecropper. popper. treehopper. chopper. Nahuel Huapi. okapi. poppet oppily \ap-a-le\ see opoly oppiness \ap-e-n9s\ choppiness. stroppy jalopy. for. co-opt. corps. crappie. Soppiness. copy. ornithopter optic \ap-tik\ Coptic. gloppy. sopping. sloppiness opping \ap-irj\ hopping. whopper. topper. eyedropper. populate overpopulate opuli \ap-9-le\ see opoly opulous \ap-v3-tas\ see opulace opus \6-pas\ opus Canopus magnum opus pithecanthropus opy 1 \6-pe\ see opi opy 2 \ap-e\ see oppy oque 1 \6k\ see oke oque 2 \ak\ see ock1 oque 3 \6k\ see alk oquial \6-kwe-9l\ colloquial ventriloquial or1 \6r\ boar.273 opper \ap-ar\ bopper. opera ops \aps\ chops. co-option optric \ap-trik\ catoptric. drawer. flopper. eyepopper. job-hopper. poplar oppy \ap-e\ choppy. populous opulate \ap-y3-lat\ copulate. teenybopper. and -s' forms of nouns. op1 opple \ap-al\ popple. soppy. pinedrops. opt. topped adopt. outcropping —also -ing forms of verbs listed at or opt \apt\ Copt. Bohr. windowshopper oppery \ap-re\ coppery. floor. bore. proper. and -s forms of verbs. cyclops. dropper. rockhopper. leafhopper. biopsy. door. -'s. Optimist Soroptimist option \ap-shan\ option adoption. optic panoptic. eavesdropper. close-cropped. grasshopper. endstopped —also -ed forms of verbs listed at op1 opter \ap-tsr\ copter adopter helicopter. joypopper. eye-popping. Boer. namedropper. hedgehopper. stopper. eyedrops. woodchopper table-hopper. listed at op opse \aps\ see ops opsy \ap-se\ dropsy autopsy. chore. scopula opulace \ap-ya-l9s\ populace. Pelops. mopper. synoptic electro-optic optimist \ap-t3-mast\ optimist. Gore. topping. sundrops muttonchops triceratops —also -s. skin-popper. jobhopping. serape microcopy. yapper clodhopper. gore. poppy.

Dora. uproar. hadrosaur. oracle orage 1 \ar-ij\ barrage. out-of-door. condor. rapport. smoothbore. ashore. therefore. Timor. donor. coral. Baltimore. o'er. stertor. de Pompadour. anymore. manticore. bezoar. or. whore. Lenore. eyesore. hackamore. porridge orage 2 \6r-ij\ borage. sagamore. implore. forscore. backdoor. threescore. snore. Eleanore. Tuscarora Lomas de Zamora orable \6r-9-bal\ horrible. nearshore. floral. your. spore. adore. vendor. alongshore. claymore. senhora. meteor. brontosaur. balmoral. guarantor. shore. sororal oral2 \6rl\ see orl2 . Juiz de Fora. outwore. cuspidor. seashore. sora. door-to-door. binaural. Elinor. en rapport. footsore. Moore. More. lore. ichthyosaur. stevedore. kor. Labrador. troubador. menorah. anaphor. tyrannosaur. mentor. ichor. savior. omnivore. hereinbefore. tore. Eleanor. woodlore albacore. Exmoor. tug-of-war. pompadour. hoer. peroral. gemara. centaur. two-by-four. picador. petit four. confessor. lobster thermidor Talleyrand-Perigord or 2 \sr\ see eur 1 ora \6r-s\ aura. monaural. swore. Nestor. therefor. camorra. furthermore. spoor. actor. consignor. nor. laurel. sorrel aboral. memoir. esprit de corps. pandora. bookstore. porridge. seafloor. Lenora. fetor. angora. sensor. decor. evermore. heretofore. commodore. semaphore. restore. storage orah \6r-s\ see ora oral1 \6r-3i\ aural. millepore. herbivore. turgor. before. torr. pinafore. immoral. Pandora. deplore. humidor. more. theretofore. San Salvadore. outsoar. rhetor. choral. soar. quarrel. Beardmore. ore. Mount Rushmore. mora. ankylosaur. Thor. Coral. hardcore. tor. ambassador. auroral. pterosaur. lessor. stressor. signor. feoffor. sehor. Corregidor. forswore. dinosaur. wherefore. temblor. flora. Minotaur. bailor. hora. dime-store. sycamore. subfloor. war. hellebore. mirador. Simchas Torah. candor. Nora. drugstore. vavasor. lakeshore. stegosaur. ephor. store. elector. indoor. deplorable. Ecuador. franchisor. Theodore. bedsore. Ulan Bator administrator. forage. amoral. mor. comprador. afore. tensor. Masora. seignior. sefiora. settlor. wore. remora. legislator. pore. onshore. sore. Laurel. underscore. fedora. Torah Andorra. downpour. Flora. CD4. outpour. floorage. Salvador. nevermore. sophomore. reservoir. Indore. oar. Cora. pour. promisor. predator. bora. Laura. uncalled-for. storable adorable. aurora. sector. Lora. Aurora. inpour. pourable. stentor. offshore. captor. El Salvador. Sonora grandiflora. forage. trapdoor. louis d'or. Lahore. explore. forebore. devisor.or hoar. forevermore. man-ofwar. moral. plesiosaur. archosaur. senhor. Coimbatore. pastor. restorable orace \6r-as\ see aurus oracle \6r-9-kal\ coracle. yore. encore. closed-door. conquistador. either-or. insectivore. you're abhor. psywar. Barrymore. Fillmore. score. Seymour. galore. 274 Salvatore. corridor. stridor. Singapore. Gomorrah. and/or. oral. roar. Realtor. metaphor. Leonora. carnivore. matador. signora. bandore. inshore. begorra. raptor. Bangalore. outdoor. conservator. rancor. Mysore. poor. borage. ignore. Gwalior. folklore. splore. superstore. restoral. toreador. warrantor alienor.

ordered —also -ed forms of verbs listed at order orders \6rd-arz\ Borders —also -s. corbel. rewarder. restorative oray \a-re\ see urry orb \6rb\ forb. orchid cryptorchid. desorb. rewardingly ordion \6rd-e-an\ accordion. lording recording. Sorb absorb. concordant. Edwardian ordist \6rd-3St\ recordist clavichordist. order. torch blowtorch.3 n\ see arden 2 ordure ordancy \6rd. Minorca Palma de Mallorca orcas \6r-kss\ Dorcas. and -s forms of verbs. discordant orde \6rd\ see oard orded \6rd-ad\ see arded 2 ordent \6rd. resorb orbate \6r-bst\ see orbit orbeil \6r-bal\ see orbel orbel \6r-bal\ corbeil. hoarding. warder awarder. hoarder. reorder. keyboarder. adsorb. scorch.9r\ scorcher.275 oram \6r-9m\ see orum orate \6r-at\ seeoret orative \6r-9t-iv\ explorative. border. forcer discourses enforcer reinforcer —also -er forms of adjectives listed at orse 1 orch \6rch\ porch. sunporch orcher \6r-cb. skateboarder.3 nt\ see ordant order \6rd-ar\ boarder. corder.3 n-se\ mordancy discordancy ordant \6rd. harpsichordist ordon \6rd. rewarding. warble orbent \6r-b3nt\ absorbent immunosorbent orbet \6r-bat\ see orbit orbit \6r-bat\ orbit.3 nt\ mordant. recorder. sorb. sorbet adsorbate ore \6rk\ see ork2 orca \6r-ka\ orca Majorca. monorchid orchis \6r-kas\ see orcas ord1 \6rd\ see oard ord 2 \ard\ see ird ord 3 \6r\ see or1 ordan \6rd. skateboarding weatherboarding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at oard ording 2 \ard-irj\ see erding ordingly \6rd-irj-le\ accordingly. listed at order ordial \6rd-e-al\ exordial. -'s. and -s' forms of nouns. disorder. orchis orce \6rs\ see orse 1 orced \6rst\ see orst1 orceful \6rs-fsl\ see orseful orcement \6r-sm3nt\ see orsement orcer \6r-sar\ courser. mordent accordant. primordial ordid \6rd-ad\ see arded 2 ording 1 \6rd-irj\ boarding. pejorative. torture orchid \6r-kad\ forked. surfboarder made-to-order ordered \6rd-srd\ bordered. orb.3 n\ see arden 2 ordure \6r-jsr\ see orger .

gorger. scourge disgorge. morgan. explorer —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at or1 ores 1 \6r-as\ see aurus ores 2 \6rz\ see oors oreson \6rs. corporeal. South Glamorgan. gorge. pictorial. adorer. Victoria.ordy ordy1 \6rd-e\ Geordie. memorial. Pretoria. reforge Olduvai Gorge orger \6r-jsr\ bordure. pourer. ordure orgi \6r-ge\ see orgy orgia \6r-ja\ Borgia. oriel.3 n\ see oarsen orest \6r-ast\ see orist orester \6r-9-st9r\ see orister oret \6r-9t\ floret. roarer. sponsorial. Peoria. authorial. tonsorial. censorial. soarer. noria. snorer. Gloria. sororate oreum \6r-e-3m\ see orium oreward \6r-ward\ see orward 1 2 1 276 oreword \6r-wsrd\ see orward orey \6r-e\ see ory orf \6rf \ see orph org 1 \6rg\ morgue cyborg org 2 \6r-e\ see ory organ \6r-gan\ gorgon. sorer abhorer. horror. armorial. deplorer. engorge. Georgia Strait of Georgia orgian \6r-jsn\ Georgian Swedenborgian orgon \6r-gsn\ see organ orgue \6rg\ see org orgy \6r-ge\ corgi. organ Glamorgan Demogorgon. tutorial. marmoreal. sartorial. scoria centaurea. Vitoria phantasmagoria orial \6r-e-al\ boreal. West Glamorgan orge \6rj\ forge. whoredom orehead \6r-ad\ see orrid oreign \ar-an\ see arin oreign 2 \6r-an\ see orin1 oreigner \6r-3-ngr\ see oroner orem \6r-am\ see orum oreman Xor-marA see orman orence \6r-3n(t)s\ seeawrence oreous \6r-e-as\ see orious orer \6r-ar\ borer. raptorial. vectorial ore 3 \ar-3\ see orough 1 . oriole arboreal. George. uxorial. sensorial. factorial. cantorial. floorer. schnorrer. Lloyd George. proctorial. euphoria. Mid Glamorgan. cursorial. porgy ori \6r-e\ see ory oria \6r-e-a\ gloria. rectorial. praetorial. auctorial. manorial. drop-forge. Lordy awardee ordy 2 \ard-e\ see urdy ore 1 \6r-e\ see ory ore \iir\ see ure ore 4 \6r\ see or1 oreal \6r-e-al\ see orial orean \6r-e-9n\ see orian oreas \6r-e-as\ see orious ored \6rd\ see oard oredom \6rd-3m\ boredom. scorer. corer. fossorial. forger. seignorial. Morgan. victoria.

piscatorial. scriptorium. laborious. sensorium oric \6r-ik\ auric. propriatorial. extracorporeal. gubernatorial. forest. rip-roaring —also -ing forms of verbs listed at or1 oring \ar-irj\ see urring oriole \6r-e-9l\ see orial orious \6r-e-as\ aureus. Black Forest. paregoric. historic. allegorical. warren. rhetorical ahistorical. glorious arboreous. immemorial. priority. roaring. preceptorial. prehistoric. inglorious. Victorian dinosaurian. reforest allegorist Petrified Forest —also -est forms of adjectives listed at or1 orister \6r-3-star\ chorister. forester ority \6r-at-e\ authority. poorish. choric. Orrin. phosphoric. vainglorious. sophomoric aleatoric. flooring. plethoric. meteoric. categorical. emporium. folklorist. dysphoric. hyperborean. praetorian. reportorial. Warren cyclosporine cephalosporin orin 2 \ar-sn\ see arin orine \6r-sn\ see orin1 oring \6r-irj\ boring. Oratorian. uxorious. minority. saurian. Gregorian. legislatorial. monsignorial. shoring inpouring. longshoring. toric Armoric. Doric. florin. outpouring. metaphorical. Taurean aurorean. notorious. territorial ambassadorial. Lauren. natatorial. valedictorian oriant \6r-e-ant\ see orient oriat \6r-e-9t\ see aureate 2 orium orin1 \6r-an\ chlorine. censorious. gladiatorial.277 conductorial. interiority. dictatorial. prosecutorial extraterritorial. pyloric anaphoric. directorial. improvisatorial oriam \6r-e-9m\ see orium orian \6r-e-an\ Dorian. Orient euphoriant . foreign. Nestorian. metaphoric. posteriority. Forrest. sartorius. superiority orium \6r-e-9m\ castoreum. euphoric. sporran. conspiratorial. senatorian. clitoric. caloric. historian. whorish folklorish orish 2 \ur-ish\ see oorish 1 orist \6r-sst\ florist. deforest. victorious meritorious oris \6r-9s\ see aurus orish 1 \6r-ish\ boarish. transhistorical sociohistorical orics \6r-iks\ see oryx orid \6r-ad\ see orrid oriel \6r-e-al\ see orial orient \6r-e-snt\ orient. equatorial. cataphoric. folkloric. pastorium. seniority. sonority apriority exteriority. editorial. purgatorial. majority. ciborium. stentorian. sorest afforest. imperatorial. janitorial. conservatorial. procuratorial. uproarious. senatorial. professorial. consistorial. inquisitorial. terpsichorean salutatorian. phantasmagoric orical \6r-i-ksl\ auricle historical. prehistorian. incorporeal. inferiority. oratorical. Boreas. monitorial. combinatorial. curatorial.

lurk. lurker. norm. Kirk. needleworker. sandworm. salesclerk. Perm. handiwork. clockwork. woodworking wonder-working —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ork1 orky \6r-ke\ corky. hayfork. herm. paintwork. dockworker. screwworm. Southwark. woodworm angleworm. tearjerker. patchwork. quark. metalworker. casework. Burke. mi 11 work. stickwork. porker. armyworm. torque. reconfirm angiosperm. therm. quillwork. futhorc. long-term. Dunkirk. wageworker. inchworm. glowworm. housework. world dreamworld. worker berserker. bookworm. bridgework. torquer orkie \6r-ke\ see orky orking \sr-kirj\ hardworking. netherworld. zerk artwork. woodworker 1 278 autoworker. groundwork. flatworm. capework. germ. sperm. overwork. ductwork. spadework. firestorm. underworld —also -ed forms of verbs listed at irl1 orled \srld\ see orld orm1 \srm\ berm. timework. lugworm. confirm. hailstorm. pitchfork. jerk. Yorkie orl1 \arl\ see irl orl2 \6rl\ schorl. lukewarm. whorled. stork. soda jerk. clerk. short-term. stonework. Selkirk. ringworm. uncork orked 1 \6rkt\ corked. New York. Cape York. old-world demiworld. natatorium. Gorky. quirk. falsework. dorm. laquerwork. cirque. dirk. wonderworker orker2 \6r-kar\ corker. chirk. topwork. tapeworm. webwork. paperwork. worm affirm. Cork. otherworld. landform. formwork. guesswork. de Klerk. busywork. tearjerking. pachyderm. knurled. knee-jerk. brainstorm. platform. plasterwork. Delorme. North York. caseworker. roundworm. forker. swarm. deform. breastwork. form. ironworker. meshwork. framework. kirk. deworm. New World. teamwork.ork auditorium. footwork. headwork. brightwork. shirker. inform. budworm. midterm. journey work. earthworm. . masterwork. handworker. steelwork. pinworm. outworker. brushwork. life-form. presswork. piecework. storm. stirk. fancywork. roadwork. porky. echinoderm orm 2 \6rm\ corm. murk. York bulwark. conform. lungworm. dorky. schoolwork. legwork. lifework. perk. waxwork. steelworker. rework. work. donkeywork. berserk. openwork. whorl ceorl orld \arld\ burled. outwork. Dirk. silkworm. infirm. caddis worm. flatwork. disaffirm. forky. free-form. homework. hookworm. disconfirm. L-form. woodwork basketwork. earthwork. forked uncorked orked 2 \6r-kad\ see orchid orker Xsr-karX jerker. needlework. in memoriam. moratorium. ironwork. fieldworker. deperm. smirk. hornworm. pieceworker. gymnosperm. brickwork. fork. perm. fieldwork. heartworm. make-work. crewelwork. microworld. cutworm. shirk. firm. network. sudatorium ork1 \ark\ burke. crematorium. wonderwork cabinetwork ork2 \6rk\ cork. perform. irk. barnstorm. firework. Turk. dork. term. warm aswarm. yerk. hackwork. handwork. squirm. pork. coachwork. planform. goldwork. sanitorium.

reformist nonconformist ormity \6r-m9t-e\ conformity. shopworn. longhorn. performative. boxthorn. fungiform. wind-borne . heartwarmer. leghorn. torn. subnormally paranormally. supernormal ormally \6r-ma-le\ formally. normally. dendriform. unformed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at orm 2 ormer1 \6r-m9r\ dormer. uniformity ormless \6rm-las\ formless. disciform. warmer barnstormer. soilborne. subnormal paranormal. performance nonconformance ormant \6r-mant\ dormant. shipborne. heartwarming. stormy ormy 2 \ar-me\ see ermy orn1 \6rn\ born. unworn. formerly. preform. althorn. triform. Mormon. broomcorn. careworn. gormless ormon Xor-marA see orman ormy1 \6r-me\ dormie. transform. outworn. microform. sandstorm. suborn. brainstormer. staghorn. blackthorn. porn. timeworn. formant informant ormative \6r-mat-iv\ formative. transformative orme \6rm\ see orm 2 ormed \6rmd\ formed. nonperforming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at orm 2 ormist \6r-msst\ warmest conformist. reborn. hawthorn. benchwarmer. inkhorn. trueborn. lorn. deformity. conformal. lovelorn. tricorne. informally. reform. supernormally orman \6r-man\ corpsman. thunderstorm. malformed. former. baseborn. popcorn. letterform. bighorn. swarmer. re-form. performable. dehorn. freeborn. reformer. highborn. rainstorm. scorn. Norman longshoreman Anglo-Norman ormance \6r-m9ns\ conformance. worn acorn. shorn. uniform. wellborn. funnelform. unborn. pronghorn. bicorne. lowborn. reformative. foresworn. dentiform. stinkhorn. shorthorn. foreborn. informal. bullhorn. nonconform. sworn. normed informed. firstborn. foreman. krummhorn. corn. twice-born. adorn. forlorn. stillborn. forewarn. earthborn. mourn. snowstorm. horn. transformer ormer 2 Xar-marX see urmur ormerly \6r-m9-le\ see ormally ormie \6r-me\ see ormy1 ormily \6r-m3-le\ see ormally orn orming \6r-mirj\ brainstorming. firethorn. foghorn. inborn. performer. semiformal. housewarming habit-forming. windstorm chloroform. informer. bourn. seaborne. warn. cruciform. transformable ormal \6r-m9l\ formal. morn. greenhorn. stormily abnormally. vermiform ormable Xdr-ma-balX formable conformable. hartshorn. borne. Norn. fusiform. conformer. skyborne. multiform. einkorn. doorman. Dearborn. normative informative. Cape Horn. normal abnormal. enormity nonconformity. newborn. airborne. alphorn. Christ's-thorn.279 postform. thorn. wayworn. Hawthorne. wellworn. buckthorn. shoehorn. forworn. tinhorn.

foreign-born. dwarf. warp Australorp. thorough Gainsborough. burro. morph Diisseldorf anthropomorph orphan \6r-fsn\ orphan endorphin beta-endorphin orpheus \6r-fe-as\ Morpheus. metamorphic. warning aborning orn is \6r-nas\ see ornice ornment Xarn-mantX see ernment orny \6r-ne\ corny. pseudomorphic anthropomorphic orphin \6r-fsn\ see orphan orphous \6r-f9s\ amorphous isomorphous orphrey \6r-fre\ orphrey. Warner Cape Horner. curragh. waterborne. Yarborough Edinburgh. thorp. waterworn. weatherworn. endomorphic. suborner ornery \an-re\ see annery 1 orney \sr-ne\ see ourney 1 ornful \6rn-f9l\ mournful. tourney oro \ar-3\ see orough 2 1 1 280 orough 2 \ar-6\ see urrow1 orous \6r-9s\ see aurus orp \ 6 r p \ dorp. Matterhorn. dehorner. Scarborough. gorp. porny. peppercorn. Mindoro Rio de Oro oroner \6r-9-n3r\ coroner. kookaburra. Roxborough. furrow. Krugersdorp. Greensboro. winterbourne orn 2 \3rn\ see urn ornament \6r-n3-mant\ ornament. Capricorn. ore. Peterborough Soke of Peterborough Huntingdon and Peterborough 1 . Golden Horn. Oglethorpe orpe \6rp\ see orp orper \6r-p9r\ dorper. tournament orne \6rn\ see orn 1 orned \6rnd\ horned. barleycorn. Orpheus orphic \6r-fik\ orphic ectomorphic. mourning. octothorp. horny. foreigner. burrow. fliigelhorn. torpor orph \6rf\ corf. thorny. porphyry orphyrin \6r-f3-ran\ see arfarin orphyry \6r-fre\ see orphrey orpoise \6r-pas\ see orpus orpor \6r-par\ see orper orps \6r\ see or1 orpsman \6r-m3n\ see orman orpus \6r-p9s\ corpus. ornice notornis orning \6r-nirj\ morning. warrener orough \9r-a\ borough. mesomorphic.orn alpenhorn. scornful ornice \6r-nas\ cornice. burgh. porpoise habeas corpus orque \6rk\ see ork2 orquer \6r-kar\ see orker 2 orr \6r\ see or1 orra1 \ar-a\ seeara 1 orra2 \6r-s\ see ora oro \6-ro\ Chamorro. thorned unadorned —also -ed forms of verbs listed at orn 1 orner \6r-nar\ warner. unicorn.

Whitehorse.3 n\ see erson orser Xar-sarX see ursor orset \6r-sat\ corset. hobbyhorse. morrow.281 orrader \ar-3d-ar\ see orridor orrah1 \6r-a\ see ora orrah2 \ar-s\ see ara 1 orran1 \ar-an\ see arin orran \6r-sn\ see orin 2 1 orsted orrow2 \ar-a\ see ara 1 orry1 \ar-e\ see ari1 orry2 \ar-e\ see urry ors \6rz\ see oors orsal \6r-s9l\ see orsel orse 1 \6rs\ coarse. course. torrent. morris. Norseman orsement \6r-smant\ deforcement. divorce. resourceful orsel \6r-sal\ dorsal. perforce. taro Pizarro. endorsement. claro. packhorse. orris Banaras. gorse. tomorrow Catanzaro Kilimanjaro. unhorse. endorse. sorrow. corse. stalking-horse. stringcourse. remorse. sawhorse. racecourse. watercourse orse 2 \ars\ see erse orseful \6rs-fal\ forceful remorseful. Jurez. post-horse. force. discourse. Mohenjo-Daro 2 2 orridor \ar-9d-ar\ corridor. enforce. Polaris Ciudad Juarez orris 2 \6r-as\ see aurus orro \6-ro\ see oro 2 orror \6r-ar\ see orer orrow1 \ar-6\ borrow. extrorse. warrant abhorrent orrer \6r-sr\ see orer orres \6r-as\ see aurus orrest \6r-ast\ see orist orrible \6r-a-bal\ see orable orrid \6r-ad\ florid. concourse. midcourse. horrid. horst —also -ed forms of verbs listed at orse 1 orst 2 \arst\ see urst orsted \sr-st9d\ see ersted orrence \6r-ans\ see awrence orrel \6r-al\ see oral1 orrent \6r-ant\ horrent. Benares. Norse. recourse. deforce. nonrecourse. intercourse. torrid orridge 1 \ar-ij\ see orage 1 orridge \6r-ij\ see orage orrie1 \ar-e\ see ari1 orrie2 \6r-e\ see ory orrier \6r-e-ar\ see arrior orrin1 \ar-en\ see arin orrin2 \6r-an\ see orin1 orris1 \ar-ss\ charas. Norris. resource. Crazy Horse. retrorse. forrader . war-horse. Dorset orsey \6r-se\ see orsy orsion \6r-shan\ see ortion orst 1 \6rst\ forced. morsel orseman \6r-sman\ horseman. workhorse charley horse. tour de force. telecourse. Morris. divorcement. horse. source clotheshorse. Morse. introrse. hoarse. saguaro. racehorse. Maurice. enforcement reinforcement orsen \ars. reinforce.

contortionist. portal. comport. retort. bellwort. exportable. cohort. transporter —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ort1 orteur \6rt-ar\ see orter orth1 \6rth\ forth. ultrashort. distortion. backcourt. porter. supportable. extorsion. assort. exporter. headquarter. gosport. report. Saint-John's wort. passport. teleport. proportionate disproportionate ortionist \6r-shnsst\ abortionist. torte. wort abort. airport. quart. effort. reapportion antiabortion ortionate \6r-shn3t\ extortionate. life-support. bistort. extorter. ripsnorter. worthy airworthy. contort. disport. sport. downcourt. extort. retortion disproportion. seaport. homeport. athwart. apportion. Galsworthy. north. Stockport. wart. aport. nonsupport. export. fort. praiseworthy. pennywort. bort. portative assortative. spoilsport. short. sort.l\ chortle. quarter. ort. Porte. trustworthy creditworthy ortic \6rt-ik\ see artic 2 ortical \6rt-i-k9l\ cortical. contortion. snort. distorter. resorter. Newport. foursome orsy \6r-se\ gorsy. Bridgeport. blameworthy. halfcourt. thwart. court. underreport ort2 \6r\ see or1 ort 3 \art\ see ert ortable \6rt-9-b9l\ portable deportable. fourth. mort. lambs-quarter. Oort. newsworthy. resort. reportedly orten \6rt. mortal. shorten foreshorten orter \6rt-ar\ mortar. Porter. transport bladderwort. tort. spaceport. forte. proportion. torsion abortion. noteworthy. crosscourt. Forth. frontcourt. cavort. proabortion. purport. forecourt. ragwort. exhorter. amort. extortion. snorter. exhortative orte 1 \6rt\ see ort1 orte 2 \6rt-e\ see orty orted \6rt-ad\ warted assorted. worrywart pianoforte. colporteur. colewort. reportable. thwarter aborter. Shreveport. re-sort. reporter. extortionist . North thenceforth Firth of Forth orth 2 \arth\ see irth orthful \3rth-fsl\ see irthful orthless Xarth-tasX see irthless orthy \ar-the\ earthy. quartile immortal ortar \6rt-sr\ see orter ortative \6rt-st-iv\ hortative. presort. deport. transportable insupportable ortage \6rt-ij\ portage. port. glasswort. davenport.3 n\ quartan. distort. horsey ort1 \6rt\ boart. birthwort. exhort.orsum orsum \6r-s3m\ dorsum. consort. shortage colportage ortal \6rt. escort. ill-sorted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ort1 3 282 orted ly \6rt-ad-le\ purportedly. outport. milkwort. importable. vortical ortie \6rt-e\ see orty orting \6rt-irj\ sporting self-supporting ortion \6r-shan\ portion. sorter. support. seaworthy. swart. importer.

regulatory. ambulatory. contortive. observatory. shorty. escalatory. invitatory. Montessori. oratory. sports undershorts —also -s. consolatory. masticatory. depilatory. exculpatory. inspiratory. vibratory. cacciatore. annunciatory. millefiori. saury. prefatory. excitatory. laboratory. gustatory. damnatory. unfortunate orture \6r-char\ see orcher orty \6rt-e\ forty. outlawry. compensatory. supplicatory. copulatory. dory. mortise. disportment ortoise \6rt-as\ see ortis orton \6rt. sporty. Tory. obligatory. extortive ortle \6rt. contributory. and -s' forms of nouns. exploratory. forum. expletory. divinatory. offertory. lavatory. exclamatory. vainglory a priori. premonitory. desultory. clerestory. deportment. sanctum sanctorum. persecutory. castratory. purgatory. promontory. indecorum. category. Goteborg. amendatory. expurgatory. depository. annihilatory. and -s forms of verbs. approbatory. a posteriori. performatory. conservatory. statutory. Laurie. hortatory. overstory. shortly. satori. masturbatory. feudatory. aleatory. lorry. applicatory. promissory. salutatory. retributory. obfuscatory. repertory. Karakoram. a fortiori. gory. yakitori accusatory. exhortatory. lory. thwartly ortment \6rt-m9nt\ assortment. celebratory. decretory. commendatory. crematory. combinatory. revelatory. territory. predicatory. prohibitory. schola cantorum orus \6r-as\ see aurus orward \6r-ward\ forward. explanatory. Norton. comportment. glory. undulatory adjudicatory. quorum decorum. laudatory. condemnatory. preparatory. listed at ort ortunate \6rch-n9t\ fortunate importunate. judicatory. vomitory. expiratory. allegory. admonitory. sorry. Wharton OrtS \6rts\ quartz. quarry. repository. appreciatory. excusatory. mandatory. amatory. denigratory. transitory. understory. stipulatory. expiatory. dilatory. exhibitory. expository. dispensatory. monitory. Mizoram ad valorem. informatory. incantatory. variorum pons asinorum. probatory. innovatory. sudatory. memento mori. rigor mortis ortise \6rt-3s\ see ortis ortive \6rt-iv\ sportive abortive. sortie.a n\ Morton. explicatory. derogatory. fumitory. respiratory.3 l\ see ortal ortly \6rt-le\ courtly. inventory. confiscatory. dedicatory. -'s. John Dory. circulatory. hoary. inflammatory. minatory. defamatory. corrie. Lake Maggiore. modulatory. incubatory. foreward. nori. nugatory. indicatory. cockalorum. adulatory. confirmatory. anticipatory. Lori. declamatory. reformatory. warty mezzo forte pianoforte orum \6r-am\ foram. signatory. predatory. story.283 ortis \6rt-3s\ fortis. designatory. gyratory. Ruwenzori. declaratory. shoreward henceforward carryforward ory \6r-e\ Corey. portly. transmigratory. zori ory centaury. jorum. auditory. dormitory. hunky-dory. shorts. . tortoise aquafortis. inundatory. cosignatory. migratory. con amore.

varicose. Broz. adipose. recommendatory. Paros. Samos. peplos. Madras. toss Argos. fructose. demos. fosse. plumose. cellulose. vadose. virtuosa anorexia nervosa osa 2 \6-za\ mimosa. participatory. pharos. intrados. supposal osan \6s. viscose adios. cymose. mythos. Ellas. underboss. cosmos. Reynosa curiosa. clothes. Thanatos. ejaculatory. globose. spinose. Melos. denunciatory. ventricose inter vivos. roscoe. hose. proposal. congratulatory. maltose. crustose. Laplace. spectroscopy sigmoidoscopy ose 1 \6s\ close. mythos. Rose . dross. tuberose. metamorphose. kaross. dose. supererogatory immunoregulatory oryx \6r-iks\ oryx Armories combinatorics orze \6rz\ see oors 05 1 \as\ boss. morose. bugloss. sucrose. mucosa. rugose.a n\ see osin osch \ash\ see ash 2 oschen 1 \6-shan\ see otion oschen 2 \6-sh9n\ see aution oscible \as-a-b9l\ see ossible o s c o \as-ko\ see oscoe o s c o e \as-ko\ Bosco. overdose. rose. interrogatory. discriminatory. doss. investigatory. verbose. Eros. Logos. renunciatory. chose. improvisatore. nose. triose. microscopy. nonpros. Roscoe fiasco oscopy \as-ks-pe\ arthroscopy. losel deposal. tripos coup de grace. granulose. cloze. reredos. lactose. strigose. megadose. gross.oryx assimilatory. froze. pappose. bathos. close. intimidatory. chaos. superimposable osable 2 \u-z3-bsl\ see usable 284 osal \6-z3l\ hosel. pilose. Lesbos. omphalos. Delos. reposal. extrados. cosmos. reconciliatory. scapose. improvisatory. superposable indecomposable. Eos. Spinoza. Sukkoth. disposal. glucose. propitiatory. stoss. diagnose. pentose. overcompensatory. religiose inter alios o s e 2 \6z\ brose. mimosa. volte-face 05 2 \ 6 \ see ow1 0 5 3 \6s\ see ose 1 o s 4 \ 6 s \ see oss 1 osa 1 \6-sa\ Xhosa Formosa. erosible. kudos. floss. circumlocutory. prose. calvados. Lemnos. lachrymose. otiose. grandiose. pathos. jocose. joss. Hyksos. bellicose. kvass. semigloss. topos. sub rosa curiosa. Lagos. comatose. Shabuoth. mannose. benthos. reverberatory. hallucinatory. virtuosa. racemose. opposable. nodose. Chios. recriminatory. ribose. doze. nol-pros. Carlos. schistose. depreciatory. viola d'amore amelioratory. rhamnose. gloze. setose. pross. confabulatory. os arkose. gloss. ethos. Helios. serosa. pose. emboss. demitasse. deescalatory. Zaragoza osable 1 \6-zs-b3l\ closable disposable. epos. classificatory. dextrose. engross. Maas. concilliatory. pathos. ramose. telos. os. ringtoss. explosible. isogloss. erose. reclosable. supposable decomposable. gravitas.

coccidiosis. unclosed indisposed. rosily osin \6s. diagnosis. underexpose —also -s. discloser. supposing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ose2 osion \6-zhan\ plosion corrosion. superimpose.285 Ambrose. psittacosis. prognosis. heterosis. psychosis. tuberculosis mononucleosis immunodiagnosis. silicosis. bluenose. bulldoze. thrombosis brucellosis. rockrose. orthosis. -'s. stenosed. narcosis. exposer. aros. letters close. disclose. hard-nosed. composer. pussytoes. underclothes anastomose. exposit osit 2 \6-zat\ prosit. viscose. dextrose. autohypnosis. diagnose. explosion. shovelnose. fructose. predispose. interposer photocomposer oser 2 \u-zar\ see user oset 1 \6-zst\ see osit 2 oset 2 \az-at\ see osit1 oset 3 \as-at\ see osset o s e y \6-ze\ see osy osh 1 \6sh\ see ash 2 osh 2 \6sh\ see oche 2 osit oshed 1 \asht\ sloshed galoshed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ash 1 oshed 2 \6sht\ see ashed 1 oshen \6-shan\ see otion osher \ash-ar\ see asher 1 osia \6-shs\ see otia1 osible \6-za-bal\ see osable 1 osier \6-zhar\ see osure OSlly \6-zs-le\ cozily. nosily. interpose. disposer. erosion. opposer. Mosan pocosin OSing \6-zirj\ closing. symbiosis anaplasmosis. imposer. overexpose. imposing. counterpose. unclose. enclose. listed at O W o s e 3 \uz\ see use 2 OSed \6zd\ closed. tuberose. snub-nosed. psychoneurosis. and -s forms of verbs. primrose. dermatosis. propose. hardnose. opposed. brownnose. Burroughs. dozer.3 n\ boatswain. proposer decomposer. deposit. plainclothes. decompose. pug-nosed. expose. recompose. necrosis. sclerosis. compose. superpose. supposed. bulldozer. repose. hyperhidrosis. neurofibromatosis osit 1 \az-at\ closet. metamorphose. displosion.9 n\ chosen. appose. shovel-nosed. bedclothes. toffeenosed. pettitoes. cyanosis. foreclose. proser brownnoser. frozen quickfrozen lederhosen oser 1 \6-zar\ closer. depose. nightclothes. uprose. neurosis. well-disposed —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ose 2 o s e e \6-ze\ see osy osel \6-zal\ see osal osen \6z. transpose. poser. glucose. implosion o s i s \6-s3s\ gnosis hypnosis. dispose. wind rose Berlioz. nosed composed. halitosis. oppose. pediculosis. and -s' forms of nouns. presuppose. indispose. impose. juxtapose. quickfroze. posit composite. roset . nosing disclosing. osmosis. scoliosis. suppose. exposed. discompose.

strenuosity. fossil. kouros. precocity. preciosity. grandioso. outcross. tuberosity. tortuosity. floss. double-cross. spiritoso. moss. gloss. pomposity. nebulosity. vigoroso o s o 3 \u-so\ see usoe osophy \as-a-fe\ philosophy. crisscross. bellicosity. intercross. topcross. expositor osius \6-sh9s\ see ocious OSive \6-siv\ plosive corrosive. dossal. pathos. colossal. Ross. Kinross. rebozo arioso. throstle. was sailer . voluminosity impecuniosity ossly \6s-le\ costly. reciprocity. explosive. lacrosse. crossly OSSO \6-so\ see OSO1 o s s o s \as-9s\ see ocess ossular \as-9-l9r\ grossular. indocile isoglossal OSSe1 \as\ see OS1 o s s e 2 \as-e\ see ossy 1 OSSe3 \6s\ see oss 1 o s s e d \6st\ see ost 3 osser \6-S9r\ Chaucer. saucer double-crosser o s s e t \as-at\ cosset. crosse. sensuosity. Mato Grosso. vigoroso.osite osite \az-at\ see osit1 OSitive \az-9t-iv\ positive appositive seropositive OSitor \a\z-3t-ar\ compositor. generosity. bugloss. luminosity. spiritoso. semigloss OSS2 \6s\ see ose 1 o s s 3 \as\ see OS1 o s s a \as-a\ see asa 1 ossable \as-3-bal\ see ossible 286 ossal \as-al\ docile. porosity. uncross albatross. autocross. gracioso. embossable. sinuosity. virtuoso concerto grosso 050 2 \6-zo\ bozo rebozo furioso. ferocity. erosive. hideosity.s-3-b9l\ possible cognoscible. tassel. depositor. velocity. sauce. religiosity. glossal. toss across. emboss. motocross. loss. jostle. furioso. Osset. varicosity. mafioso. warsle. viscosity. animosity. implosive. applesauce. grandiosity. faucet. gibbosity. crosser. cross. monstrosity. callosity. scrupulosity. purposive osk \ask\ mosque kiosk abelmosk 050 1 \6-so\ proso maestoso. theosophy anthroposophy osque \ask\ see osk OSS \6s\ boss. grandioso. wassail apostle. ringtoss. gracioso. impossible ossic \as-ik\ see ossick ossick \as-ik\ fossick isoglossic ossil \as-9l\ see ossal ossity \as-9t-e\ atrocity. posset Samoset OSSible \a. curiosity. zygosity adiposity. oloroso. virtuosity impetuosity.

hostly. gatepost. fingerpost. ante-post. passim. sternforemost. star-crossed holocaust. prognostic diagnostic ostile \as-t 3 l\ see ostel OStle \as-al\ see ossal ostly 1 \6st-le\ ghostly. costrel. sannyasi o s s y \6-se\ Aussie. signpost. hithermost. lost accost. coast. rearmost. permafrost —also -ed forms of verbs listed at OSS1 3 2 osure ostal 2 \as-t 3 l\ see ostel ostasy \as-ts-se\ apostasy. headmost. mossy OSt1 \ast\ sol-faist Pentecost. roster Double Gloucester oster 3 \6-stsr\ see oaster ostic \as-tik\ Gnostic acrostic. sternpost. undermost. easternmost. roast. lowermost. seacoast. crosier. doorpost. inmost. utmost aftermost. dassie. coast-to-coast. southernmost. innermost. possum opossum o s s u s \as-as\ see ocess ossy 1 \as-e\ Aussie. Foster. Ivory Coast. paternoster. westernmost OSt \6st\ cost. pasta OStal1 \6s-t 3 l\ coastal. bedpost. compost. farthermost. glossy. quasi dalasi. isostasy OSte \6st\ see OSt2 ostel \as-t 3 l\ hostel. sternmost. endmost. rudderpost. goalpost. frost. milepost. Foster.287 ossum \as-9m\ blossom. foremost. impost. osier OSt4 \sst\ see USt1 OSta \as-ta\ costa. uppermost. Kumasi. posse. upcoast. roster impostor. bossy. flossy. toast almost. northernmost. nethermost. rostral. toasty osure \6-zhar\ closure. bottommost. bossy. Likasi. rostral ostral2 \as-tral\ see ostrel ostrel \as-tral\ austral. post. Gold Coast. most. teleost —also -ed forms of verbs listed at OS1 OSt2 \6st\ boast. topmost. ghost. uttermost. Boston Godwin Austen ostor \as-tar\ see oster 1 ostral 1 \6s-tral\ austral. exhaust. mostly ostly 2 \6s-le\ see ossly ostomy \as-t9-me\ ostomy colostomy enterostomy OSton \6s-tsn\ Austin. agnostic. oast. Milquetoast. lossy. host. riposte. outmost. outpost. defrost. piaster Double Gloucester. hoarfrost. guidepost. midmost. headforemost. nostril. foster. hostile Pentecostal oster 1 \as-tar\ coster. wastrel colostral ostril \as-tral\ see ostrel OStrum \as-tram\ nostrum. Pentecost. outermost. furthermost. hindmost. upmost. rostrum colostrum OSty \6-ste\ ghosty. snollygoster oster 2 \6s-tar\ foster. provost. postal bicoastal intercostal . drossy.

dogwatch. scattershot. chott. Inupiat.3 l\ dotal. sacerdotalist otamus Xat-a-masX see otomous otany \at. kyat. mosey. boite. cachalot. teetotal anecdotal. trypot. deathwatch. yacht allot. Korat. subtotal. robot. motmot. blot.3 n-e\ botany. feedlot. baht. swatch. Scot. what. jackpot. cannot. posy. ergot. squat. bullshot. Shebat. shallot. hotchpotch. botch. despot. pot. counterplot. Scott. lota. tin-pot. quota. sheepcote. forgot. topknot. clot. Willemstadt. Dakota. antidotal. kumquat. ikat. diddley-squat. lotte. patriot. tot. cachepot. watt. rosy ring-around-a-rosy osyne \as. fylfot. prothonotary Otas \6-t9s\ see otus Otch \ach\ blotch. dot. dashpot. tommyrot. jot. begot. one-shot. exclosure. Sadat. wyandotte compatriot. sunspot. immunoblot. slingshot. garrote. got. Gujarat. disposure. hotshot. total immotile. knot. upshot. Toyota Minnesota. astronaut. ocelot. fusspot. whitehot. ascot. nightspot. overshot. marplot. foreclosure discomposure overexposure.osy composure. carry-cot. boycott. half-knot. Crockpot. Nouakchott. Shabbat. terawatt. quotable Otage \6t-ij\ dotage. subplot. aquanaut. buckshot. watch bird-watch. motte. swot. lot. touch-me-not. not. hot. rot. hotch. potshot. wainscot. argonaut. coffeepot. Wyandot. eyespot. paraquat. stinkpot. cottony monotony otarist \6t-9-r9st\ motorist. besot. potable. highspot. notch. culotte. sot. scrotal. kilowatt. fleshpot. rota biota. slungshot. apparat. wot. grot. Lakota. grapeshot. whatnot. sandlot. Connacht. spot. debauch. gunshot. polka dot. guillemot. underexposure osy \6-ze\ cozy. disclosure. nosy. scot. caveat. ghat. cot. have-not. . red-hot. calotte. skat. votarist Otary \6t-9-re\ coterie. flota. crotch. doodleysquat. Rabat. apricot. scotch. earshot. khat. escot. big shot. South Dakota otable \6t-9-b9l\ notable. undershot. gavotte. fiat. Osee. naught. jat. Camelot. loquat. Pequot. oszcz \6sh\ see ash ot \at\ aught. aliquot. hotchpot. teapot. woodlot aeronaut. mascot. motile. Lancelot. Scotch. underplot. dozy. tosspot. pelota. sexpot. sansculotte. Huguenot. dreadnought. rotary. requiescat Johnny-on-the-spot Ot2 \ 6 \ see ow1 ot 3 \6t\ see oat ot 4 \6t\ see ought1 6t \ 6 \ see ow1 Ota \ot-s\ bota. cosmonaut. votary locomotory. bowknot. snot. eyeshot. shot. samizdat. flotage anecdotage Otal \6t. Lot. snapshot. Watt. swat. North Dakota. somewhat. bot. gallipot. iota. megawatt. splotch.3 n-e\ Euphrosyne. long shot. hopscotch. trot. prosy. flowerpot. firepot. slot. fox-trot. slipknot. peridot. bergamot. exposure. enclosure. crackpot. sacerdotal Otalist \6t-3l-9St\ teetotalist anecdotalist. Mnemosyne osz \6sh\ see ash 1 2 2 288 microdot. bloodshot. stockpot. Penobscot. polyglot. forget-me-not. Hottentot. plot.

robotic . nother.n \ see oton oter \6t-ar\ see oater oterie \6t-9-re\ see otary 3 Other1 \9th-9r\ brother. huarache. Karachi. symbiotic antibiotic. bibliotic. Visigoth Oth 2 \ 6 s \ see ose 1 oth 3 \ 6 t \ see oat oth 4 \ 6 t h \ see owth othal \ 6 t h .a d \ see oated Otem \ 6 t . quixote ote 2 \ 6 t \ see oat Ote3 \ a t \ see ot 1 otea \6t-e-a\ protea. loincloth. Naboth. osmotic. homeotic. sclerotic abiotic. semiotic. rather. homoerotic. anecdotic.e \ see ote 1 oti 2 \ 6 t . behemoth. smother. foremother. stopwatch. Huguenotic. watchman Otchy \ach-e\ blotchy. robotic.t o \ see oto 1 oti 1 \ 6 t .s l \ see othel othe \6th\ clothe. wroth betroth. chayote. rochet Otchman Xach-msnX Scotchman. necrotic. mother. sloth. floorcloth. macrobiotic Otic2 \6t-ik\ lotic. biotic. breechcloth. wrist watch butterscotch Otchet \ach-at\ crotchet. Ostrogoth. troth. splotchy hibachi. top-notch. facecloth. swath. neurotic. melanotic. southerly grandmotherly othes \ 6 z \ see ose 2 Othesis \ath-a-S3s\ prothesis hypothesis Othic \ath-ik\ gothic neo-Gothic. epiglottic. floaty. vivace mariachi ote 1 \6t-e\ dhoti. godmother. erotic. roti. throaty cenote. embryotic. Nilotic. asymptotic. scotia oted \ 6 t . chaotic. huisache. Scotia agnosia. froth. Visigothic Othing \6-thirj\ clothing. Ostrogothic. aprotic. coyote. housemother. dishcloth. sackcloth. cheesecloth. photic aphotic. loathing underclothing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at othe Otho \ 6 . oilcloth. tother another.e \ see aughty Otia1 \6-sh3\ scotia. stepmother other 2 \ath-sr\ see ather 1 otherly \3th-sr-le\ brotherly. botchy. motherly. hypnotic. peyote. moth. despotic. exotic. washcloth Alioth. broadcloth. grandmother. cloth. quixotic. demotic. unclothe Othel \6th-9l\ brothel betrothal otic 1 \at-ik\ Scotic aquatic. dichotic. loathe betroth. Goth. Nova Scotia otia 2 \6t-e-s\ see otea otiable No-sha-bsA see ociable otiant \6-shant\ see otient Oth1 \ath\ broth. stepbrother. sailcloth. other. tablecloth. posthypnotic. patriotic. narcotic. idiotic. sansculottic. autoerotic.a m \ see Otum Oten \ 6 t . boccie. loti. dystocia Cappadocia. psychotic. compatriotic.289 otic Sasquatch.

wattage Ottal \at. plottage. squatness Oto \6-to\ koto. Spaatz. and -s' forms of nouns. -'s. hots.otic otic 3 \6t-ik\ see autic Otica \at-i-ka\ erotica.3 n-9s\ see otonous 1 Otion \6-shan\ Goshen. serotinous otonous 2 \at-nas\ see otness otor \6t-ar\ see oater otorist \6t-3-rsst\ see otarist otory \6t-a-re\ see otary ots \ats\ Graz.3 l\ see Otal oting 1 \6t-irj\ see oating oting 2 \at-irj\ see otting otinous \at-nas\ see otness otinous 2 \at. in toto. motion. con moto. Laotian. -'s. promotional unemotional Otis \6t-as\ see otus OtiSt \6t-sst\ protist. devotion. emotional. Lesotho. swats ersatz. telephoto otomous \at-3-mas\ dichotomous hippopotamus Oto my \at-3-me\ dichotomy. Sotho 3 1 290 Basotho. verboten Otonous 1 \at. groschen. Sesotho Kumamoto.3 l\ see ottle Otte1 \at\ see ot1 otte2 \6t\ see ought1 Otted \at-sd\ knotted.3 n-as\ rottenness monotonous. listed at Ot otsk \atsk\ see atsk Otsman \at-sm9n\ Scotsman. exotica otice \6t-as\ see otus Otics \at-iks\ robotics astronautics. lotion. Scotist anecdotist Otive \6t-iv\ motive. bibliotics —also -s. demotion. Kyoto. ocean. yachtsman Ott \at\ see Ot1 Otta \at-a\ see ata 1 Ott age \at-ij\ cottage. de Soto. emotion. Scots. and -s forms of verbs. notional devotional.3nt\ quotient negotiant Otile \6t. hotly. promotive automotive. and -s' forms of nouns listed at Otic1 otid \at-sd\ see otted Otient \6-sb. Galati —also -s. proglottid polka-dotted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at Ot1 ottement Xat-mantX see otment . locomotive Otl \at. pottage. lobotomy tracheotomy episiotomy oton \6t. Jotun. votive emotive. motley otment \at-m3nt\ allotment. Mosotho. ballottement otness \at-nas\ hotness. lots. potted. potion commotion. slowmotion locomotion Otional \6-shnal\ motional. spotted carotid.3 l\ see ottle otle \at. promotion. oaten Lofoten. photo. ex-voto.3 n\ croton. roto. notion.l\ see ottle Otley \at-le\ see otly Otly \at-le\ Atli.

watery ottic \at-ik\ see otic1 ottid \at-ad\ see otted ottie \at-e\ see ati ofting \at-irj\ jotting wainscoting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at Ot ottis \at-9s\ glottis clematis epiglottis. rainwater. ill-gotten misbegotten. Potter. backwater. bluebottle. wattle . tottery. Pelotas oty \6t-e\ see aughty 1 otyl \at. wastewater alma mater. blackwater. Nahuatl Aristotle. headwater. dotter. ratton. otter. tailwater. guncotton. totter.a n\ cotton. teeter-totter. dishwater. Otis denotice.3 n-3s\ see otonous 1 Otter \at-ar\ blotter. scrotum. plotter. sottish sanculottish Ottle \at. garroter. cutwater. seawater. limewater. shearwater. gratin. deepwater. literatus ottische \at-ish\ see ottish Ottish \at-ish\ hottish. bathwater. imperator. sea otter. Qatar. jerkwater. ratel. pinspotter. troubler oubly \ab-le\ see ubbly oubt \aut\ see out 3 oubted \aut-ad\ see outed oubter \aut-ar\ see outer 2 ouc 1 \ii\ see ew1 ouc 2 \iik\ see uke ouc 3 \ u k \ see ook1 ouce \iis\ see use 1 oucester 1 \as-tar\ see oster 1 oucester 2 \6s-tar\ see oster 2 ouch 1 \ixch\ see ooch 1 ouch 2 \iish\ see ouche ouch 3 \gch\ see utch1 Ottery \at-a-re\ lottery. mottle. potter. Tatar. Tatary. rotter. notice.3 l\ bottle. cotter. meltwater. forgotten. floodwater. sandlotter. throttle. firewater. flyswatter. rotten. schottische. goddaughter. swatter. rosewater. dottle. granddaughter. spotter. freshwater. saltwater. trotter. water alotter. shotten au gratin. polywater. daughter. gotten. begotten. totem factotum. knotter. underwater —also -ex forms of adjectives listed <2f Ot 1 ouch atlatl. sauerbraten ottenness \at. boycotter. globetrotter. springwater. breakwater. groundwater. squatter. dewater. Scottish. pottery. rotl. epiglottal. glottal. pottle. monocotyl Quetzalcoatl otto 1 \at-6\ see ato 1 otto 2 \6t-6\ see auto 1 ottom \at-am\ see atum 1 otty \at-e\ see ati Otum \6t-3m\ notum. teetotum otun \6t.291 often \at.3 l\ see ottle OU1 \ 6 \ seeow 1 ou 2 \xi\ see ew1 OU3 \au\ see ow2 oubled \3-bald\ see ubbled ouble \ab-3l\ see ubble oubler \3b-tar\ bubbler.3 n\ see oton oture \6-char\ see oacher OtUS \6t-as\ lotus. milk-andwater. tidewater. doubler.

ruche. forethought. shroud. handwrought. juggernaut. fraught. pouch. louche. crowd. aquanaut. enshroud. stroud aloud.3 n\ seeauten oughty \aut-e\ doughty. lotte. loud. grouch. Lewis. aforethought. taut. dot. kurus. trouty oughy 1 \6-e\ see owy oughy 2 \u-e\ see ewy ouie \ii-e\ see ewy ouille \u-e\ see ewy ouis 1 \ii-e\ see ewy ouis 2 \u-as\ lewis. highbrowed. whoosh barouche. onslaught. thought. astronaut.ouch OUCh4 \auch\ couch. droughty. self-taught. dreadnought. cosmonaut. cloud. unthought aeronaut. purseproud. thundercloud —also -ed forms of verbs listed at OW2 ou'd \iid\ see ude ouda \iid-3\ see uda oudy \aud-e\ seeowdy oue \ii\ see ew 1 2 292 ougham 2 \um\ see oom 1 oughed \aiid\ see oud 2 oug hen \af-an\ see uff in ougher \sf-9r\ see uffer oug hie \af-e\ see uffy oughish \sf-ish\ see uffish oughly \af-le\ see uffly oughs \6z\ see ose 2 ought 1 \6t\ aught. ouch. proud. argonaut. gouty. pouchy. unbowed overcrowd. brought. slouchy oud 1 \iid\ see ude oud 2 \aud\ boughed. pouty. swoosh. slouch. sought. Red Cloud. fought. nought. caught. crouch. naught. tarboosh scaramouch ouchy 1 \ach-e\ see uchy ouchy \au-che\ grouchy. farouche. debouch retort pouch. bought. Louis. highwrought. afterthought. capuche. ghat. overwrought ought 2 \aiit\ see out 3 oughten \6t. becloud. bowed. ought. taught. scrouge ough 1 \ 6 \ see ow1 ough 2 \ii\ see ew1 ough \au\ see ow 3 ouki \u-ke\ see ooky1 oul 1 \61\ see ole1 oul 2 \iil\ see ool1 oul 3 \aul\ see owl2 ould 1 \61d\ see old ough 4 \ak\ see ock1 ough 5 \af\ see uff ough 6 \6f\ see off ougham 1 \6m\ see ome 1 . Luis Port Louis. overbought. scaramouch OUChe \iish\ douche. Saint Louis ouk \uk\ see uke 2 ouf \uf \ see oof1 ouffe \iif \ see oof1 oug \ag\ see ug ouge 1 \iij\ see uge 1 ouge 2 \iizh\ see uge 2 ouge 3 \auj\ gouge. wrought besought. storebought. house-proud. cartouche. snouty. debouch. squoosh. distraught. vouch avouch.

strikebound. astound.3 l\ see uminal oun 1 \aun\ see own 2 oun 2 \ u n \ see oon 1 ounce \auns\ bounce. round. fairground. eastbound. newshound. swound. trounce announce. sound. turnaround. enounce. shouldest. weatherbound. rebound. pronounce. expound. spellbound. aground. compound. foot-pound. northbound. resound. pound. fogbound. swound. stormbound. flounce. yearround aboveground. wound abound. stound. jouncy viscountcy ound 1 \iind\ stound. housebound. icebound. deskbound. greyhound. wouldest Talmudist ouldn't \ud. earthbound. inbound. deerhound. wouldn't oule 1 \u-le\ see uly oule 2 \ul\ see ool1 ouled \6ld\ see old1 oulee \ii-le\ see uly ouncement \aun-smsnt\ announcement.3 nt\ shouldn't. coonhound. homebound. outbound. stone-ground. crowned. musclebound. outward-bound. newfound. chowhound. dachshund. rockbound. playground. all-around. elkhound. unbound. softbound. impound.293 ould 2 \ud\ see ood 1 oulder \61-dar\ see older1 ouldered \61-dard\ bouldered. belowground. battleground. well-found. wolfhound. go-round. campground. square-shouldered —also -ed forms of verbs listed at older1 ouldest \ud-ast\ couldest. pronouncement ouncer \aun-sar\ bouncer announcer ouncil \aiin-s9l\ see ounsel ound ouncy \aun-se\ bouncy. ground. pounce. all-round. hound. Pound. decompound. superabound also -ed forms of verbs listed at own . snowbound. shouldered round-shouldered. pot-bound. paperbound. confound. jounce. background. westbound. ultrasound. foreground. hardbound. bloodhound. surround. foxhound. runaround. go-around. denouncement. southbound. propound. redound. found. denounce. wraparound merry-go-round. hidebound. black-crowned. Puget Sound. ounce. wound —also -ed forms of verbs listed at oon1 ouleh1 \u-b\ see ula ouleh 2 \ii-le\ see uly ouli \ii-le\ see uly oulle \ii-le\ see uly ouling \au-lin\ see owling2 oulish \u-lish\ see oolish ou'll1 \iil\ see ool1 ou'll2 \iil\ see ul1 oulle \iil\ see ool1 oulli \ii-le\ see uly oully \au-le\ see owly2 oult \6lt\ see olt1 oulter \61-tar\ see olter oum \ u m \ see oom 1 oumenal \u-m9n. around. flouncy. profound. underground. renounce mispronounce ound 2 \aiind\ bound. mound. horehound. hellhound. white-crowned.

rounder. sounder all-rounder. discount. rockhounding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ound 2 oundless 1 \un-tas\ see oonless oundless \aun-las\ groundless. listed at ound oundsel \aun-ssl\ seeounsel oundsman Xaunz-manX see ownsman ounge \aunj\ lounge. unbounded. surmountable insurmountable. hounder. demount. groundling oundly \aund-le\ roundly. viscount catamount. founder. groundsel ount 1 \ant\ see ant 2 ount 2 \aiint\ count. remount. county. Riding Mountain ountcy \aun-se\ see ouncy ounter \aunt-ar\ counter. high-sounding. fount. zounds inbounds Barren Grounds. mount account. foundry ounds 1 \iinz\ seeoons ounds 2 \aunz\ hounds. tantamount. unaccountable ountain \aunt. demountable. dumbfounder. -'s. rencounter ountess \aunt-as\ countess viscountess ountie \aunt-e\ see ounty ounting \aunt-in\ mounting accounting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ount 2 ounty \aiint-e\ bounty. Mountie viscounty oup 1 \ 6 p \ see ope oup 2 \ii\ see ew1 oup 3 \iip\ see oop 1 oupe 1 \6p\ see ope . soundless oundlet \aun-tat\ see ownlet oundling \aun-lin\ foundling. and -s' forms of nouns. scrounger ounger 2 Xarj-garX see onger 1 ounker Xan-karX see unker ounsel \aun-sal\ council. recount. dismount. scrounge chaise lounge 2 294 ounger 1 \aun-jsr\ lounger.3 n\ fountain. miscount. seamount. pounder. compounder. recounter. high-count. flounder. counsel. amount. confounder. soundly oundness \aun-nas\ roundness unsoundness oundry \aun-dre\ boundary. tenpounder ounding \aiin-dirj\ grounding. mountain transmountain cat-a-mountain. roundel oundary \aiin-dre\ see oundry ounded \aun-dad\ rounded confounded. out-of-bounds —also -s. well-founded.oundal oundal \aun-d 3 l\ poundal. discountable. paramount. mounter discounter. encounter. backgrounder. undercount ountable \aunt-9-bal\ countable accountable. sounding astounding. unfounded. well-grounded oundel \aun-d 3 l\ see oundal ounder \aun-dsr\ bounder. and -s forms of verbs. rediscount. surmount. grounder.

showerer deflowerer.3 l\ see ernal ournament Xor-na-msntX see ornament ourne \6rn\ see orn1 ourney 1 \ar-ne\ Bernie. discourage. tourney attorney ourney 2 \6r-ne\ see orny ourneyer \ar-ne-3r\ journeyer. vernier ournful \6rn-f9l\ see ornful ourning \6r-nirj\ seeoming 1 ou're 2 \u-ar\ see ewer1 ou're 3 \iir\ see ure 1 ou're 4 \sr\ see eur 1 oured \6rd\ see oard ourer \6r-ar\ see orer ourer \ur-sr\ see urer 2 1 ournment Xsrn-mantX see ernment . devourer —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ower 2 ourg 1 \ur\ see ure 1 ourg 2 \arg\ see erg ourge 1 \arj\ see urge ourge 2 \6rj\ see orge ourger \9r-jar\ see erger ouri \ur-e\ see ury1 ourier1 \ur-e-ar\ courier couturier. sourly ourn 1 \6rn\ see orn1 ourn 2 \arn\ see urn ournal \arn.295 oupe 2 \ixp\ see oop 1 ouper \u-par\ see ooper oupie \ii-pe\ see oopy ouping \ii-pirj\ see ooping ouple \ap-9l\ see uple1 ouplet \ap-bt\ see uplet1 oupous \u-pas\ see upus oupy \u-pe\ see oopy our1 \6r\ see or1 our 2 \ur\ see ure 1 our 3 \aiir\ see ower 2 our 4 \ar\ see ar 3 our 5 \sr\ see eur 1 oura \ur-a\ see ura ourable \6r-3-bal\ see orable ourage \sr-ij\ courage demurrage. encourage ourbon 1 Xar-banX see urban 1 ourbon 2 \ur-ban\ see urban 2 ource \6rs\ see orse 1 ourceful \6rs-fsl\ see orseful ourcing \6r-sirj\ outsourcing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at orse 1 ourd \6rd\ see oard ourde \iird\ see ured ou're \6r\ see or 1 1 1 ournment ourer 3 \aur-ar\ flowerer. Ernie. journey. ferny. hourly. couturiere. nourish amateurish ourist \ur-ast\ see urist ourly \aiir-le\ dourly. flourish. gurney. vaunt-courier ourier 2 \ar-e-3r\ see urrier ouring 1 \6r-irj\ see oring ouring 2 \iir-irj\ see uring ourish \ar-ish\ currish. scourer.

Westinghouse o u s e 3 \auz\ blouse. cathouse. bunkhouse. springhouse. bowse. coffeehouse. hothouse. flophouse. warehouse. mouser. lighthouse. icehouse. gashouse. customhouse. chouse. dollhouse. inhouse. schoolhouse. farmhouse. and -s forms of verbs. warehouse —also -s. teahouse. scouse. espouse. degauss. and -s' forms of nouns. doghouse. Klaus. houser. firehouse. deckhouse. wowser carouser. Bauhaus. overblouse. -'s. clubhouse. trouser. rehouse. -'s. louse. meetinghouse. lobscouse. espouse. powerhouse. tollhouse. bathhouse. mouse. chiaus. Mickey Mouse. bouse. outhouse. madhouse. and -s forms of verbs. poorhouse. chophouse. dormouse. greenhouse. clearinghouse. statehouse. douse. 2 . gatehouse. drowse. birdhouse. storehouse. souse. pilothouse. listed at o w e r ours 4 \ur\ see ure 1 ourse \6rs\ see orse 1 oursome Nor-ssnA seeorsum ourt1 \6rt\ see ort1 ourt2 \iirt\ see urt1 ourtesy \9rt-3-se\ courtesy. porterhouse. douse. roadhouse. Strauss baghouse. nuthouse. carousal ousand \aiiz. spousal. house-to-house. Manaus. doss-house. titmouse. henhouse. roughhouse. bughouse. wheelhouse. house. treasurehouse. guardhouse. summerhouse. slaughterhouse.3 n\ see ozen 1 ousinage \sz. espouser. Gauss. courthouse. penthouse. dowse. sugarhouse. whorehouse. rousing rabble-rousing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ouse 3 ousle 1 \u-z3l\ see usal 2 ousle 2 \au-z3i\ see ousal o u s s e \iis\ see use 1 ousal \au-zal\ housel. mouse. washhouse. delouse. curtesy discourtesy ourth \6rth\ see orth1 ourtier \6r-char\ see orcher ourtly \6rt-le\ see ortly oury \aur-e\ see owery ous 1 \ii\ see ew1 o u s 2 \us\ see use 1 ousa 1 \ii-sa\ see usa 1 ousa \u-za\ see usa 2 2 2 296 glasshouse.3 n-ij\ cousinage. workhouse boardinghouse. cookhouse. delouse. tousle arousal. grouse. house. browse. schnauzer. and -s' forms of nouns. Laos. longhouse. jailhouse. spouse. listed at O W ouse 4 \iiz\ see use 2 ousel \au-zsl\ see ousal ouser \au-zar\ dowser. touse arouse. blockhouse. cozenage OUSing \au-zirj\ housing. spouse. playhouse.3 n\ see owson ouse 1 \iis\ see use 1 o u s e \aus\ blouse. roundhouse. warehouser rabble-rouser ousin \9z. roughhouse.ours ours 1 \6rz\ see oors ours \arz\ seears ours 3 \aiirz\ ours after-hours —also -s. White House. carouse. rouse. smokehouse. countinghouse.

runabout. fallout. whiteout. copout. redoubt. word-ofmouth outherly \3th-ar-le\ see otherly outhey \au-the\ see outhy outhful \uth-fal\ see uthful outhie \u-the\ see oothy outhly \iith-le\ see oothly OUthy \au-the\ mouthy. spouter. wipeout. printout. freeze out. spinout. falling-out. hereabout. stretch-out. scouth. rouseabout. lights-out. dugout. tout. shoot-out. putout. Southey outi \ixt-e\ seeooty 1 outing \aut-irj\ outing. shouter. knockabout. sauerkraut. fiameout. sold-out. lookout. spout. handout. drought. throw out. knout. foldout. grouter. freak-out. stressed-out. all-out. pullout. out1 out3 outish \aiit-ish\ loutish. router. readout. bailout. joust. blowout. rainspout. out-and-outer —also -er forms of adjectives listed at out 3 outh 1 \uth\ seeooth 2 outh 2 \auth\ mouth. fade-out. psych-out. trout ablaut. cutout. checkout. standout. cookout. washout. loudmouth. scouter. phaseout. gout. walkabout. glout. full-out. wiggedout. without. stout. workout. routh. outer. out. blissed-out. goalmouth. wayout. downspout. about. motormouth. breakout. oust. rollout. turnout. snout. umlaut. knockout. carryout. grout. stakeout. breechclout. veg out. shout. burned-out. layout. brownout. handto-mouth. setout. thought-out. roust —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ouse 2 oust 2 \ust\ see oost ouste \ust\ see oost ousy 1 \aii-ze\ see owsy ousy 2 \au-se\ mousy Firdawsi out 1 \ii\ see ew1 out 2 \iit\ see ute out 3 \aut\ bout. sellout. kraut. strikeout. sprout. dropout. closeout. roustabout. holdout. flout. down-and-out. devout. waterspout oute 1 \iit\ see ute oute 2 \aiit\ see out 3 outed \aut-ad\ snouted. flouter. hideout. scouting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ousseau \u-so\ see usoe oust \aust\ Faust. dishclout. spouted undoubted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at out 3 outer 1 \ut-ar\ see uter outer 2 \aut-ar\ doubter. shutout. clapped-out. gadabout. cottonmouth. tryout. thereabout. roundabout. force-out. hangout. eelpout. rout. far-out. diner-out. wornout. flat-out. layabout. groundout. sick-out. straight-out. burnout. walkout. throughout. ice-out. pitchout. snoutish outre \ut-ar\ see uter outrement Xu-tra-mantA see utriment . payout. touter come-outer down-and-outer. scout. whacked-out.297 outrement and-out. washed-out. pouter. lout. misdoubt. blackout. shakeout. takeout. pout. spaced-out. turnabout. speak-out. doubt. zonked-out all get-out. punch-out. clout. gross-out. time-out. stirabout. south bad-mouth. route. lockout. poor-mouth blabbermouth.

improver. thereabouts. Hoover. Grover. turtledove. novel antinovel. slipover. reprove disapprove ovel 1 \av-al\ grovel. re-cover. windhover undercover over 2 \6-var\ clover. lover. mangrove. once-over. improve. stover. grove. spillover. ringdove. Vancouver disapprover over 4 \av-ar\ see aver1 overable Xav-rs-balX discoverable. walkover. prove. plover. Strait of Dover over \u-var\ groover. of. treasure trove ove 3 \iiv\ groove. pullover. glove. crossover. Dover. stove. holdover. woodstove Garden Grove. love. mauve. wellthought-of hereinabove ove 2 \6v\ clove. takeover. recoverable irrecoverable overly Xav-ar-leA loverly Sir Roger de Coverley ouyhnhnm \in-9m\ see inim ouzel \u-zal\ see usal 2 ov 1 \af \ see off1 OV2 \6f \ see off2 ova \6-va\ nova Craiova. plover bedcover. removable irremovable ovah \6-vs\ see ova oval \u-val\ approval. slipcover. cookstove. runover. cove. throve. leftover. going-over. makeover. strikeover. over. turnover. hereof. hove. drove. ins and outs. hovel. shovel ovement \uv-mant\ movement improvement oven 1 \av-an\ coven. rover. whereof ladylove. Jove. cutover. flashover. reprover. interwove. immovable. wove alcove. behove. flopover. Yaroslavl Ovel2 \av-al\ grovel. warmed-over carryover. flyover. sloven oven 2 \6-v3n\ cloven. woven Beethoven. prover earthmover. whereabouts outy \aiit-e\ see oughty ou've \uv\ see ove 3 ouver \u-var\ see over 3 OUX \ u \ see ew1 ouy \ e \ see ee 1 298 approve. dove. Casanova. recover. dustcover. Moldova bossa nova. uncover. move. Passover. discover. Hannover. coven. mover. changeover. hangover. hardcover. trove. remove. disprove. commove. disprovable. Jehovah. rove. improvable. you've . unheard of. trover allover. glover. foxglove. voiceover. oven. crossing-over. removal disapproval ovat \sv-3t\ see ovet ove 1 \av\ dove. handwoven interwoven over 1 \av-3r\ cover. hover. softcover. Czestochowa. pushover. kid-glove. stopover.outs outs \auts\ hereabouts. strove. maneuver. popover. remover. fauve. layover. rollover. moreover. Hanover. louver. Kemerovo. provable approvable. light-o'-love. thereof. shove above. supernova ovable \u-va-b9l\ movable. truelove. romanfleuve. behoove. drover.

Jinzhou. jim crow. Petropavlovsk ow 1 \ 6 \ beau. hullo. windrow. sloppy joe. O. fro. dynamo. crow. Kwangchow. snow. Jericho. blow. Hounslow. mojo. Chou. mucro. bordereau. Pavlovian. CEO. Marlowe. chassepot. rodeo. ho. oxbow. buteo. modulo. kayo. Zhangzhou. airflow. gateau. Angelo. dataflow. shew. alow. Roseau. folio. forego. massicot. hollo. tow. by-blow. picaro. Monroe. low. cachalot. genro. Diderot. throe. Jane Doe. embryo. ovolo. forgo. ratio. quid pro quo. froe. proximo. Cicero. pompano. Paot'ou. reseau. hetero. comme il faut. counterflow. regrow. Po. trow. Guangzhou. jo. escrow. rococo. joe. foreknow. hedgerow. Zhengzhou. heigh-ho. polio. deco. Gounod. furbelow. dough. low-low. overgrow. barrio. tiptoe. recovery ovet \sv-3t\ covet. mow. Eskimo. curacao. maillot. barlow. schmo. crossbow. though. floe. Bamako. Rochambeau. heave-ho. Soho. Quanzhou. picot. Mexico. frow. Hangzhou. sunbow. alpenglow. Defoe. saddlebow. Thoreau. so-so. Hankow. cornrow. cameo. no. extrados. owe. de novo Porto Novo ovost \av-ast\ see avist ovsk \6fsk\ Dnepropetrovsk. flow. Day-Glo. stow. sourdough. Bushido. Meursault. Chi-Rho. olio. raree-show. curio. indigo. Trudeau. NCO. status . Papago. comedo. pro. Bilbao. Jo. pow. entrepot. ow matelot. chateau. chapeau. misknow. Clemenceau. backhoe. flyblow. sow. bestow. skid row. serow. sideshow. trousseau. Fuzhou. van Gogh. KO. throw. long-ago. Delano. audio. HMO. gigolo. gigot. manteau. bungalow. unsew. doe. bon mot. Zhuzhon. domino. hammertoe. Stowe. woe. whoa. calico. Pierrot. nouveau. PPO. mot. Mario. mahoe. galop. airglow. so-and-so. outflow. Navaho. Pernod. hello. overflow. de trop. centimo. heel-and-toe. Zibo afterglow. outgrow. glow. Pamlico. dayglow. mho. shadblow. latigo. Carlow. plateau. no-show. merlot. Curacao. uh-oh. cheerio. backflow. macho. go-slow. bibelot. tableau. although. repo. rondeau. Lanzhou. Monaco. Bergamo. haricot. Erato. Watteau. Rousseau. curassow. daimyo. upthrow. oh. Suzhou. Xuzhou. semipro. medico. up-bow. longbow. nuncio. fabliau. oleo. fricandeau. sew. No. calo. morceau. rho. piccolo. Baotou. Maceio. no-no. down-bow. hallo. pronto. John Doe. Richard Roe. bro. deathblow. standing O. kakapo. strow. radio. fencerow. apropos. cogito. do. elbow. bow. grow. tonneau. hoe. SRO. reflow. peridot. salchow. Idaho. below. Manchukuo. yo aglow. Prospero. so. overt overy \sv-re\ discovery. sloe. guacharo. cockcrow. Navajo. know. toe. foe. show. mudflow. rondo. roe. mistletoe. nightglow. bateau. patio. buffalo. Poe. Bordeaux. self-sow. inflow. lovat ovey \a-ve\ covey lovey-dovey ovian \6-ve-9n\ Jovian Markovian. cembalo. rainbow. rouleau. gung ho. Shantou. Borneo. bandeau. outgo. row. Varsovian ovie \u-ve\ see oovy OVO \6-vo\ Provo ab ovo. Holy Joe. lo. danio. cachepot.299 overt \6-vart\ covert. escargot. fogbow. dosi-do. Joe. Taizhou. Miro. Kosciuszko. flambeau. slow. overthrow. Moho. Moscow. Pinot. go-no-go. portico. scarecrow. Scorpio. sabot. sapsago. art nouveau. Romeo. bravo. go. Baguio. ago. Buffalo. art deco. pomelo. aikido. windthrow. Sapporo. jabot. Comoro.

Callao. Mindanao Guinea-Bissau. Sarajevo. centesimo. thou. Lucknow. highbrow. Curasao. sewable unknowable owable 2 \au-9-b9l\ plowable allowable disavowable owage \6-ij\ flowage. ticktacktoe. touraco. tangelo. middlebrow. bow. continuo. subito. Pelau. hoosegow.ow quo. get-upand-go. snowplow. internuncio. erenow. rowan. con spirito. cow. enow. prow. tremolo. DMSO. Etobicoke. pow. presidio. slowdown owdy \aud-e\ cloudy. to-and-fro. Jungfrau. Zhangjiakou. tau. luau. La Rochfoucauld. lowbrow. sough. tic-tac-toe. touch-and-go. studio. lothario. towage owal 1 \6-al\ see oel owal 2 \aul\ see owl2 owan 1 \6-an\ see oan 1 owan 2 \au-sn\ Gawain. Taranto. vertigo. tit-tat-toe. wow. avow. in vacuo. showdown. portfolio. Niihau. scow. Rosario. Fernando Poo. fortissimo. milesimo. know-how. eyebrow. nohow. undertow. pianissimo. summa cum laude owe \ 6 \ see ow1 owed 1 \6d\ see ode owed 2 \aiid\ see oud 2 owedly \au-9d-le\ allowedly. Dou. simpatico ab initio. disendow. chow chow. Krakow. TKO. cacao. Qing-dao. stereo. meow. virago. landau. stowage. chow. ex nihilo. tupelo. somehow. fellatio. magnifico. prestissimo. bowwow. Arapaho. plow. ultimo. lowdown. Hankow. cahow. now. oratorio. endow. Moscow. Haikou. undergo. zydeco Antonio. politico. powder gunpowder five-spice powder —also -er forms of adjectives listed atoud2 owdown \6-daiin\ blowdown. scenario. Paramaribo. vireo. dhow. jow. miaow. dowdy. Howe. rose of Jericho OW \aii\ bough. Quintana Roo. tournedos. tuckahoe. UFO. brow. disallow. duodecimo. Marianao holier-than-thou OW3 \6v\ see off2 2 300 owa \6-va\ see ova owable 1 \6-3-bsl\ knowable. rowdy cum laude. kowtow. howdy. Belau. punctilio. dow. avowedly owel \aul\ see owl2 oweling \au-lirj\ see owling2 owell 1 \aul\ see owl2 . Donau. Cracow. fantastico. oregano. gangplow. ciao. braggadocio. Veneto. slough. Tokyo. lentissimo. tallyho. rowen Bandar Seri Begawan oward1 \6rd\ see oard oward 2 \aiird\ see owered owd 1 \ud\ see ude owd 2 \aiid\ see oud 2 owdah \aud-a\ see aude 3 owder \aud-sr\ chowder. Guantanamo. disavow. hao. curagao. quo warranto. generalissimo. how. mow. gowan. New Mexico. powwow. stop-and-go. hereinbelow. impresario. howe. in utero. row. Macao. Bissau. Zwickau anyhow. sow. Dow. malapropos. chiao. Yao allow. Geronimo. chowchow. vibrio. Queretaro. Lao. pandowdy magna cum laude. haymow. prau. Davao. archipelago. Tao. vow. tombolo. Frau. hausfrau. ow. ex officio.

howler. our. down. overpower. dowry. off-hour. vower avower. willpower candlepower. clampdown. Down. disendower. growl. seafowl. foul. fowl. embowel.301 owell 2 \o-al\ see oel owen \au-sn\ see owan owen \6-an\ see oan ower 1 \6r\ see or1 ower 2 \aiir\ bower. dower. sweetand-sour. Poland. tour. towered high-powered ivory-towered. floury. power. moonflower. watchtower. lower. thundershower. Freetown. devour. firepower. flowered. tower. town blowdown. towel. biofouling. owl. flowery. owing \6-in\ see oing1 . flour. wildfowl disavowal. facedown. glower. womanpower ower 3 \6-sr\ see oer 4 owered \aiird\ coward. underpowered —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ower 2 owerer \aur-sr\ see ourer 3 owerful \aur-f9l\ flowerful. hour. gown. bringdown. powered. Schopenhauer. cauliflower. powerful owering \au-rirj\ lowering nonflowering —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ower 2 owery \aiir-e\ bowery. drawdown. boomtown. Howell. person-hour. plowman ow-me \6-me\ see oamy own 1 \ 6 n \ see one 1 own 2 \aiin\ brown. superpowered. howling. toweling antifouling. high-power. repower. crackdown. lown. kauri. befoul. disembowel. Bridgetown. deflower. foreknowledge owler1 \o-lar\ see oiler owler 2 \au-l3r\ growler. flower. waterfowl OWland \6-land\ lowland. Peshawar. cowman. vowel. clown. frown. countdown. sour. prowl. waterfowling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at owl2 owlock \al-ak\ see oloch owly 1 \6-le\ see oly1 owly 2 \aii-le\ foully. crown. yowl avowal. growling. closedown. Capetown. scowler waterfowler owless \6-tas\ see olus owline \6-lan\ see olon owling 1 \6-lirj\ see oiling owling 2 \au-lin\ cowling. scowl. dowel. rowel. giaour. scour. passionflower. trowel. safflower. comedown. embower. downtown. knowledge acknowledge. gaur. Roland owledge \al-ij\ college. plower. zowie 2 1 1 2 own owl1 \61\ see ole 1 owl 2 \aul\ bowel. noun. howl. man-hour. Maori. drown. sunflower. pasqueflower. showery owff \auf\ howff langlauf owhee \6-e\ see owy owie \au-e\ Maui. cauri. cower. jowly owman 1 \6-m3n\ see oman owman 2 \au-m9n\ bowman. Eisenhower. crosstown. empower. embrown. shower. prowler. dour. Brown. cornflower. jowl. wildflower. cooldown. wallflower. superpower. peafowl. waterpower. cowl. growly. mayflower. breakdown. batfowl.

tumbledown. renown. workbox. dreadlocks. heterodox.3 n\ thousand advowson owster \6-star\ see oaster owsy \au-ze\ blousy. godown. saltbox. pillar-box. homeobox. Jamestown. blowsy. troth. Charlottetown. jukebox. shakedown. hotbox.ownded Georgetown. doughy. slowdown. gearbox. dressing-down. Fort Knox. fox. intergrowth. soapbox. redox. thumbs-down. downy. lookdown. hoedown. letdown. groundsman. pronoun. hand-medown. stand-down. hometown. touchdown. sundown. loath. Fox. musk-ox. lousy owth \6th\ both. ox. rubdown. meltdown. upgrowth Alioth. Joey. equinox. towhee echoey kalanchoe owys \6-ss\ seeois 3 OX \aks\ box. volvox. sit-down. unbox. downer. Greek Orthodox. clownish own let \aun-l9t\ roundlet. loth. outfox. wroth betroth. Von Braun. sandbox. smallpox. scale-down. hatbox. postbox. broken-down. splashdown. joey. cowpox. pox aurochs. bandbox. frowner sundowner o w n e s s \6-nas\ see onus 2 ownia \6-ne-a\ see onia 1 ownie \aii-ne\ see owny owning 1 \6-nirj\ see oning 2 owning 2 \au-ning\ Browning —also -ing forms of verbs listed at own 2 ownish \au-nish\ brownish. Xerox chatterbox. Knox. lox. buttondown. gravlax. unorthodox neoorthodox . outgrowth. browny. lockbox. tie-down. Youngstown Allentown. Orthodox. Chinatown. pillbox. eiderdown. growth. write-down. step-down. paradox. orthodox. jack-in-thebox. drowsy. lowdown. townsman owny \au-ne\ brownie. mailbox. Southdown. matchbox. nightgown. rundown. witness-box econobox. knockdown. watereddown man-about-town ownded \aun-dad\ see ounded ownding \aun-din\ see ounding owned 1 \6nd\ see oned 1 owned 2 \aund\ see ound 2 owner 1 \6-nar\ see oner 1 owner 2 \ii-nar\ see ooner owner 3 \au-nar\ browner. oath. sweatbox. quoth. Germantown. strongbox. overgrowth. snuffbox. cox. turndown. showy. gox. pastedown. stripped-down. putdown. reach-me-down. phasedown. firebox. markdown. crowner. uncrown. pax. icebox. uptown. shantytown. phlox. Skinner box. pushdown. detox. townie owper \u-par\ see ooper owry \aiir-e\ see owery owse \aiiz\ see ouse 2 owser \au-zar\ see ouser owson \auz. upside down. shutdown. top-down. shadowbox. skybox. tinderbox. George Town. townlet 302 ownsman \aunz-m9n\ gownsman. sloth. lockdown. undergrowth owy \6-e\ blowy. Chloe. snowy. toolbox. showdown. boondocks. roundsman.

houseboy. redeploy. linkboy. bullyboy. plowboy. viceroy Adonai. Troilus oyment \6i-mant\ deployment. hoi polloi. postboy. troy. flamboyance oyancy \6i-an-se\ buoyancy chatoyancy. Quemoy. Tolstoy. fly-boy. convoy. Troy ahoy. teapoy. newsboy. lowboy. buoy. batboy. employable oyal 2 \6il\ see oil oyalist \6i-9-lsst\ loyalist. busboy. foxy. listed at OCk oxen \ak-s9n\ oxen Niedersachsen oxer \ak-sar\ boxer. envoy. koi. Khoikhoi. playboy. doughboy. Niteroi. attaboy. hoy. reemploy. Goyen Iroquoian oyer \6ir\ coir. Joy. moire caloyer. destroy. moxie. corduroy. pak choi. viceroyalty oz oyance \6i-ans\ buoyance. annoy. cowboy. highboy. footboy. McCoy. employment. goy. choirboy. Boxer bobby-soxer oxie \ak-se\ see oxy oxin \ak-s3n\ coxswain. killjoy. royalist oyalty \6il-te\ loyalty. Tinkertoy Helen of Troy oya \6i-a\ see oia oyable \6i-3-bsl\ deployable. clairvoyance. callboy. poi. Leroy. flamboyant oyce \ois\ see oice oyd \6id\ see oid1 oyden \6i-d 9 n\ Croydon. hautbois. bellboy. deploy. alloy. Roy. royalty disloyalty. foyer. borzoi. clairvoyant. enjoy. flamboyancy oyant \6i-snt\ buoyant chatoyant. tallboy. proxy epoxy orthodoxy. foy. tocsin.303 dementia praecox —also -s. Orthodoxy heterodoxy neoorthodoxy oy \6i\ boy. overjoy. Illinois. ploy. Rob Roy. doxy. potboy. Amoy. charpoy. chatoyance. Hanoi. soy. mycotoxin oxswain Xak-ssrA see oxin oxy \ak-se\ boxy. destroyer oyes \oiz\ see oise 2 oying \6irj\ see awing oyle \6il\ see oil oyless \6i-tas\ joyless. decoy. tomboy. enjoyment unemployment oyne \6in\ see oin1 oyo 1 \6i-6\ boyo arroyo oyo 2 \6i-a\ see oia O-yo \6-yo\ see olio2 oyster \6i-st9r\ seeoister oz 1 \gz\ see euse 1 oz 2 \6z\ see ause 1 oz 3 \6z\ see ose 2 oyal1 \n\ see ile . joyance annoyance. copyboy. Iroquois. and -s' forms of nouns. po'boy. Saint Croix. toxin dioxin afiatoxin. bok choy. and -s forms of verbs. maccaboy. hoyden oydon \6i-d 9 n\ see oyden oyed \6id\ see oid1 oyen \6i-3n\ doyen. oxy. travois. employ. paperboy. schoolboy. joy. -'s. carboy. Savoy. cloy. coy. sepoy. strawy. toy.

3 n-ij\ see ousinage ozer \6-zsr\ see oser 1 . dozen cater-cousin ozen 2 \6z. schnozzle ozen 1 \az. nozzle.oza oza \6-za\ see osa 2 oze \6z\ see ose 2 304 ozily \6-za-le\ see osily OZO1 \6-so\ see OSO1 ozo 2 \6-zo\ see oso 2 ozy \6-ze\ see osy ozzer \az-ar\ rozzer alcazar ozzle \az-al\ Basel. Basil. cozen.3 n\ seeosen ozenage \az.a n\ cousin.

flubdub. tuba Aruba Santiago de Cuba ubal \u-bal\ Jubal. slubbing landlubbing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at Ub ubble \ab-3l\ bubble. shrubby. slubber. nubbly. drub. dub. club. rubble. Lao-tzu ua1 \u-3\ skua Karlsruhe. doable. flashcube. doubly. flub. scrubby. stub. snub. Siouan. lubber. ruble. nub. grubber. clubby. grubbily ubbin \ab-3n\ dubbin. viewable accruable. doubled. tubber . stubby. haboob. shrubbery ubbily \ab-3-le\ bubbly. slub. grub. and -s' forms of nouns listed at euben liable \u-a-b9i\ chewable. washtub overdub Beelzebub uba \u-ba\ Cuba. troubled redoubled ubbler \3b-tar\ see oubler ubbly1 \ab-le\ bubbly. nubby. scrub. scrubber. Quechua Timucua ua \ a \ see a 2 1 2 landlubber. Danube. double. clubber. rub. undouble hubble-bubble ubbled \sb-9ld\ bubbled. suable. drubber. nubbin ubbing \ab-irj\ drubbing. nightclubber money-grubber ubbery \9b-re\ blubbery. lube. stubble. cube. renewable ual \u-3l\ see uel1 uan \u-sn\ bruin. rubbery. pub. nubile. tube blowtube. hubby. nightclub. stubbly ubbly 2 \sb-3-le\ see ubbily ubby \sb-e\ chubby. hubbub. grubby. chub. lehua. shrub. snubby. dubber. tubal uban \u-b9n\ see euben ubbard \ab-srd\ cupboard Mother Hubbard ubber \ab-sr\ blubber. hub. rubber. -'s. yuan uancy \u-sn-se\ see uency uant \u-ant\ see uent uart \urt\ see urt1 lib \ s b \ blub. redouble. rube. construable. rubbing.u u 1 \ u \ see ew1 U \a\ Chang-de. scuba. jujube hypercube uben \u-ban\ see euben ubens \u-banz\ Rubens —also -s. snubber. nubble. ruin. trouble abubble. tubby ube \iib\ boob. tub bathtub. Rabi. juba. cubby. chubbily. cub. sub.

looser adducer. salubrious insalubrious ubris \u-bras\ hubris tuberous ubtile \at.3 l\ see uttle ubus \u-bas\ see ubis uby \ii-be\ see ooby uca \u-ka\ see ooka ucal \u-ksl\ ducal. producible. inducible. protrusible . producer. kuchen. inducer. protuberant uberous \u-brss\ see ubris ubic \u-bik\ cubic. pubic cherubic ubile Xii-balX see ubal ubious \u-be-ss\ dubious. touchy archduchy ucia \u-sha\ see utia ucial \u-shal\ crucial fiducial ucian \ii-shan\ see ution ucible \u-s3-bal\ crucible deducible. educible. rubious ubis \u-bas\ pubis.3 ns\ nuisance translucence ucer \u-sar\ juicer. Tubman ubric \u-brik\ lubric. rubus Anubis uble \u-bal\ see ubal ublic \ab-lik\ public republic ublican Xab-li-karA publican republican ubman Xsb-marA clubman. reproducer UCh1 \ich\ see itch uch 2 \ u k \ see uke UCh3 \sch\ see utch1 uchal \u-kal\ see ucal uche 1 \ii-che\ see oochy uche 2 \iich\ see ooch 1 uche 3 \iish\ see ouche uchen \ii-kan\ see ucan ucher \u-char\ see uture uchin \u-sh9n\ see ution uchsia \u-sha\ see utia uchy \ach-e\ duchy. smutchy. goober. transducer introducer. Bull Mooser. Lucan interleukin ucat \ak-at\ see ucket ucca \ii-ka\ see ooka ucca 2 \ak-3\ see ukka 1 306 uccal \sk-3l\ see uckle ucci \u-che\ see oochy UCCO \sk-6\ see ucko uccor \ak-3r\ see ucker uccory \ak-re\ see uckery ucculence Nak-ys-lansX see uculence uce \iis\ see use 1 uced \ust\ see oost ucement Xii-smantX inducement. tuber uberance Xii-bransX exuberance. limejuicer. protuberance uberant \u-brant\ exuberant. cuber. seducement ucence \us.uber uber \u-bar\ Buber. nuchal archducal ucan \u-kan\ glucan. rubric ubrious \ii-bre-3s\ lugubrious.

Sukkoth ucky \ak-e\ ducky. chuck. reproducible irreproducible UCid \u-sad\ deuced. woodchuck geoduck. usufruct. sucker. moonstruck. ductile UCtance \ak-tans\ conductance. Nantucket uckle \ak-9l\ buccal. mukluk. buckle. plucker. Buck. muktuk. ineluctable. sawbuck. sapsucker. guck. mucky. yech. suckle. Puck. succor. turnbuckle. eruct. bushbuck. huck. nip and tuck high-muck-a-muck uck2 \iik\ see ook1 ukar \ak-3r\ see ucker ucker Xak-arX bucker. shelduck. Habakkuk. Keokuk. puck. construct. duck. deduct.307 irreducible. tucket gutbucket. Canuck. reconstructible uctile \ak-t a l\ see uctal ucting \ak-tirj\ ducting semiconducting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at uct . ducat. stucco uckold \ak-3ld\ see uckled uckoo \ii-ku\ cuckoo Maluku ucks \sks\ see ux1 uckus \iik-3s\ ruckus. deductible. unlucky happy-go-lucky uco \u-ko\ pachuco osso buco ucre \ii-kar\ euchre. potluck. starstruck. stagestruck. instruct. luck. stuck. knuckled bare-knuckled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at uckle 1 ucting uckler \9k-lsr\ buckler. pluck. swashbuckle. sunstruck. Kalmuck. cluck. ruck. knuckle. plucky. caducity ucive \u-siv\ see usive uck \ak\ buck. Seleucid ucifer \u-s9-far\ crucifer. conduct. obstruct aqueduct. pucker. truckle Arbuckle. schmuck. megabuck. reconstruct. light-struck. yuck amok. induct. Truk. tuck. muck. unbuckle honeysuckle uckled \ak-9ld\ cuckold. chuckle. trucker. yucky Kentucky. Lucifer UCity \ii-s3t-e\ abstrusity. dumbstruck. pinochle. unstuck. roebuck. adduct. reluctance uctible \3k-t3-bal\ conductible. deconstruct. upchuck. snuck. lucky. bare-knuckle. seersucker uckery \ak-re\ puckery. mucker. constructible. inductance. chukar. suck. lucre UCt \akt\ duct abduct. shucker. reedbuck. destructible indestructible. lucid pellucid. ducker. cruck. succory ucket \ak-9t\ bucket. shuck. destruct. lame-duck. suckling swashbuckling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at uckle ucko \ak-6\ bucko. tucker bloodsucker. struck. awestruck. chukker. muckamuck. truck. viaduct —also -ed forms of verbs listed at uck1 uctable Xak-ts-balX see uctible UCtal \sk-t 3 l\ ductal. knuckler swashbuckler uckling \ak-lirj\ duckling. parbuckle.

uction UCtion Xak-sharA fluxion. inductive. mood. extrude. studding —also -ing forms of verbs listed at Ud1 udding 2 \ud-irj\ see ooding Uddle \ad. you'd allude. finitude. exude. cuddle. constructive. quaalude. prelude. conclude. wood. buddy. conduction. eduction.3 l\ buddle. reconstruction. rosebud. etude. muddy. studly uddy1 \ad-e\ bloody. crowd. amplitude. rudder. thud coldblood. ruction. . instructive. transude. redbud. aptitude. stewed. productive. instructor. extrudable. Judah Barbuda. halfblood. oud. intrude. deduction. lewd. seafood. shrewd. production. includable includible udah \iid-a\ see uda udal \ud. Jude. obtrude. oxblood. crassitude. selfdestructive counterproductive uctor \sk-t3r\ abductor. dude. mud. preclude. disbud. Dudley. puddle. scud. dud. rood. eductor. crude. suction abduction. consuetude. seduction deconstruction. conductive. adduction. destructive. subdued. reproduction photoreproduction UCtive \9k-tiv\ adductive. wud. cuddy. rude. remuda barracuda. cruddy. inductor. shudder. spud. Judd. adductor. prude. rudd. full-blood. denude. collude. include. lifeblood. who'd. muddly. deductive. postlude. Buxtehude Gautama Buddha udable \ud-9-b3l\ excludable. duddie. destruction. construction. effluxion. destructor. pseud. sudd. warmblood stick-in-the-mud Ud2 \ u d \ see ude ud 3 \iid\ see ood 1 uda \ud-a\ Buddha. fast-food. feud. reduction.3 l\ see oodle udas \ud-ss\ Judas Santa Gertrudis udd1 \iid\ see ood 1 udd 2 \ad\ see ud udded \ad-3d\ see ooded 1 udder \ad-ar\ budder. udder udd ha \ud-a\ see uda uddhist \ixd-3st\ see udist1 uddie \ad-e\ see uddy1 308 udding 1 \ad-irj\ budding. stud. hued. flooder. certitude. flood. muddle. fud. Buddy. induction. superconductor UCtress \9k-tras\ conductress. unglued altitude. delude. obstructor deconstructor. Quaalude. truculence ucy \u-se\ see uicy ud1 \ad\ blood. introduction. food. crud. instructress. obstruction. Bermuda. instruction. conductor. exclude. ruddle befuddle uddly \ad-le\ cuddly. reproductive. seductive reconstructive. bud. seductress uculence Xak-ya-lansX succulence. pood. protrude. fuddle. huddle. Gouda. study fuddy-duddy. cud. understudy uddy 2 \iid-e\ see oody 2 ude 1 \iid\ brood. reconstructor semiconductor. judder. attitude. occlude. reductive. nude. seclude. snood. elude. ruddy. hotblood. desuetude. Gertrude. constructor.

inexactitude verisimilitude ude 2 \iid-a\ see uda udel \ud. smudgy udi \ix-de\ see oody1 udible \ud-3-bsl\ see udable udie \ii-de\ see oody1 udinal \ud-nal\ altitudinal. correctitude. deluder. misjudge. fudge. feudist. incertitude. platitudinal udinous \ud-nas\ crudeness. exactitude. magnitude. latitude. platitude. aptitudinal. preluder —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ude 1 1 ue udging \9j-irj\ drudging. plentitude.3 nt\ prudent. multitudinous. pulchritudinous udis \iid-3s\ see udas udish \ud-ish\ dudish. longitudinal. latitudinal. Judson udu \iid-u\ see oodoo udy1 \ii-de\ see oody1 udy 2 \3d-e\ see uddy1 ue 1 \ii\ see ew1 ue 2 \ a \ see ay1 Udge \ s j \ budge. servitude. smudge. lewdness. obtruder. shrewdness altitudinous. similitude. quietude. nudge.3 l\ see oodle udence \ii-d 3 n(t)s\ Prudence. negritude. multitude. prejudge udge 2 \iij\ see uge 1 udgeon \aj-sn\ bludgeon. gratitude. forejudge. lassitude. inquietude. drudge. promptitude. sludge. solitude. Matsudo. Tudor concluder. vicissitude dissimilitude. intruder. turpitude. students imprudence jurisprudence udeness \ud-nas\ see udinous udent \ud. scudo escudo. inaptitude. rectitude. prudish udist 1 \vid-3St\ Buddhist. interlude. pulchritude. begrudge. trudge adjudge. sludgy. gudgeon curmudgeon udget \aj-3t\ budget fussbudget udgie \aj-e\ see udgy . infinitude. excluder. habitude. ineptitude. rudeness. testudo udor \ud-sr\ see uder udsman Xudz-manX see oodsman udson \9d-S3n\ Hudson. pudgy. pseudo. longitude. solicitude. judge. mansuetude. platitudinous. decrepitude. plenitude. hebetude.309 fortitude. dudgeon. nudity udley \ad-le\ see uddly udly \ad-le\ see uddly udo \iid-6\ judo. nudist —also -est forms of adjectives listed at ude 1 udist 2 \ud-ast\ see ouldest udity \ud-at-e\ crudity. seminude. grudge. attitudinal. grudging —also -ing forms of verbs listed at udge 1 udgy \aj-e\ budgie. vastitude beatitude. kudo. plenitudinous. ingratitude. student imprudent jurisprudent udents \u-d 3 n(t)s\ see udence uder \iid-ar\ brooder. extruder.

snuff.3 n\ see urden uerile \ur-al\ see ural ues \uz\ see use 2 uesman Yiiz-manX see ewsman uesome \u-sam\ gruesome. refuel. tuffet uffin \gf-9n\ muffin. influent incongruent uer \u-ar\ see ewer 1 uerdon \ard. earmuff. muff. slough. stuffy. buff. dual. tuff dyestuff. congruence. intuit uette \et\ see et1 uey \ii-e\ see ewy Ufa \u-fa\ loofah. toughen ragamuffin uff ish \9f-ish\ huffish. cuff. chuff. snuffer. rougher. sough. huff. duffer. duff. effluence. toughie ufi \ii-fe\ see oofy . truant affluent. roughen. confluence. truancy affluency. renewal Pantagruel uel 2 \iil\ see ool1 uely \u-le\ see uly uement \u-msnt\ see ewment uence \u-ans\ affluence. rebuff oeil-de-boeuf. puff. ruff. suffer candlesnuffer —also -ex forms of adjectives listed at uff uffet \af-9t\ buffet. truffle kerfuffle. scruff. Jewell.ued ued \ud\ see ude ueful \u-fal\ raeful pantofle ueghel \u-gal\ see ugal ueil \ai\ Arauil Argentueil uel1 \u-sl\ crewel. tuft candytuft —also -ed forms of verbs listed at uff uffel \af-9l\ see uffle1 uffer \9f-9r\ bluffer. overstuff uffa \u-fa\ see ufa uffe1 \uf\ see oof1 uffe2 \uf\ see oof2 uffed \aft\ chuffed. Newell accrual. stuff. ruffle. puffin. gruel. snuffy. shuffle. confluent. cruel. fluffy. effluent. rough. twosome uesy \u-ze\ see oozy uet \ii-9t\ bluet. duel. puffy. peewit. suint. enough. scruffy. congruency. nonfluency ueness \ii-nas\ see ewness uenster \gn-st9r\ see unster uent \u-ant\ fluent. snuffle. Jewel. scuffle. suet conduit. cruet. puffer. refluence incongruence uency \u-an-se\ fluency. buffer. roughly. gruffly. jewel. reshuffle. stuffer. shuffler. muffle. tufa opera buffa 310 Uff \af\ bluff. newel. handcuff. foodstuff. luff. pursuance. ruffly uffy \9f-e\ chuffy. chough. tough. fluff. influence. huffy. congruent. roughish Uffle1 \9f-9l\ duffel. eschewal. scuff. guff. ruffed. unmuffle uffle2 \ii-f9i\ see ueful uffled \9f-9ld\ truffled unruffled —also -ed forms of verbs listed at Uffle1 uffler \9f-br\ muffler. snuffler uff ly \gf-le\ bluffly. gruff.

Tortuga Chattanooga ugal \u-g9i\ Brueghel. ugly plug-ugly ugn \iin\ see oon 1 ugner \ii-nar\ see ooner ugric \u-grik\ tugrik. mugger. stooge deluge centrifuge. goo-goo ugur \ug-ar\ booger. chugger. nugget uggie \ag-e\ see uggy uggish \ag-ish\ sluggish. hug. shrug. bugger. Doug. ladybug. kludge. scrooge. lugger. luggie. frugal. fuggy. fugle. debug. Jamnagar. scrouge. unplug antidrug. ugh. vug bedbug. lug. mealybug. thug. refuge Baton Rouge ugel \u-gsl\ see ugal u g e s \uzh\ see uge 2 uggaree \ag-re\ see uggery 1 1 uiceless uggery 2 \ug-re\ see ugary ugget \ag-3t\ drugget. Cayuga. thuggery skulduggery 1 2 . doodlebug. Rufus uft \aft\ see uffed ufti \af-te\ mufti. litterbug. fireplug. jug. gamboge. Ugli. slug. Srinagar hugger-mugger. smug. chugalug. snuggery. tufty ufty \sf-te\ see ufti ufus \u-fas\ see ufous ug \sg\ bug. mug. snug. smuggle. druggie. snuggle. stinkbug. drug. jitterbug. Ugric Finno-Ugric ugrik \ii-grik\ see ugric ugu \u-gii\ fugu. luge. rug. Kaluga. goldbug. Sevruga. firebug. billbug. muggy ugh 1 \ag\ see ug ugh 2 \ii\ see ew 1 ughes \iiz\ see use 2 ugle \u-gal\ see ugal ugli \9-gle\ see ugly uglia \ul-y9\ see ulia ugly \ag-le\ smugly. kugel conjugal ugar \ug-ar\ see ugur uge 1 \ixj\ huge. trug. tug. druggy. fug. slugger Bavagar. rugger. shutterbug uga \u-ga\ beluga. Navanagar ugger \ug-ar\ see ugur uggery \sg-re\ buggery. plugger. pug. Lodz. subterfuge uge 2 \iizh\ Bruges. lovebug.311 ufous \u-fas\ rufous. chug. earplug. juggle. thuggish uggle \3g-al\ guggle. rouge deluge. plug. struggle uggler \9g-lar\ juggler. struggler uggy \ag-e\ buggy. fugal. humbug. sugar uhe \u-a\ see ua Uhl \ul\ seeool 1 uhr1 \ar\ see eur 1 uhr2 \ur\ see ure 1 iihrer \ur-ar\ see urer1 ui1 \ a \ see ay1 ui2 \ e \ see ee 1 uice \us\ see use 1 uiced \iist\ seeoost uiceless \u-slas\ see useless ugger \sg-ar\ bugger. smuggler. bugle. puggaree. dug.

assiduity. sprucy Brancusi. Arginusae. perpetuity. continuity. fluid uidable Md-s-balN see idable1 uidance \id. circuity. superfluity discontinuity uity2 \ut-e\ see ooty1 uk1 \ u k \ see uke uk2 \iik\ see OOk uk3 \ak\ see uck ukar \3-kar\ see ucker . pewterer uiting \ut-irj\ see uting uitless \ut-lss\ see ootless uitlet \ u t . looseygoosey uid \ii-id\ Clwyd.3 ns\ see ucence uisard \I-z9rd\ see isored uise 1 \iiz\ see use 2 1 3 312 uise 2 \Iz\ see ize uiser \u-zar\ see user uish \ii-ish\ see ewish uisne \u-ne\ see oony uiste \is-te\ see icity2 uit1 \u-at\ see uet uit2 \iit\ see ute uitable \ut-3-bal\ see utable uitage \ut-ij\ see ootage 1 uite \ut\ see ute uited \iit-3d\ see ooted 1 uiter \iit-3r\ see uter uiterer \ut-9r-ar\ fruiterer. druid. congruity. juicy. vacuity ambiguity. fortuity. gratuitous uits \uts\ see oots uittle1 \ut. incongruity. ingenuity.3 l\ see utile uittle2 \at. fortuitous.3 n\ see iden uiker M-ksrX see iker uild \ild\ see illed uilder \il-dsr\ see ilder uilding \il-dirj\ see ilding uile \I1\ see ile1 uileless \Il-tas\ see ileless uiler \I-lar\ see ilar uilleann \i-l9n\ see illon uilt \ilt\ see ilt uimpe \ a m p \ see amp uin \ii-an\ see uan uin 2 \an\ see un uin 3 \a n \ see in4 uing \ii-irj\ see oing 2 uint \u-ant\ see uent uir \ur\ see ure 1 uirdly \ur-le\ see urely uis \u-9s\ see ouis 2 uisance \us.uicer uicer \u-sar\ see ucer uicy \xi-se\ goosey. contiguity.b t \ see ootlet uitor \iit-ar\ see uter uitous \u-9t-9s\ circuitous. promiscuity. conspicuity. fatuity. gratuity. sluicy. Lucy. annuity. Watusi acey-deucey.3 l\ see uttle uity1 \ii-at-e\ acuity.3 ns\ see idance uide \Id\ see ide 1 uided \Id-9d\ see ided uider \id-ar\ see ider1 uidon \id.

John Bull. houseful. pipeful. basketful. outpull. Bull. souk. bellpull. mouthful. tubful barrelful. chock-full. -'s. puke. tuque. earful. you'll armful. caoutchouc. stickful. fistful. nuke. gulf. refulgence ulgence 2 \ul-jsns\ effulgence. full. bellyful. yeuk archduke. and -s' forms of nouns. teaspoonful dyed-in-the-wool. trayful. trunkful. wool. Hexateuch. glassful. juke. cerulean uled \iild\ see ooled ulep \ii-tap\ see ulip uler \ii-br\ see ooler ulity ules \ulz\ Jules —also -s. brimful. tankful. earful. shelfful. eyeful. tinful. pula. handful. roomful. Pentateuch uki1 \ii-ke\ see ooky1 uki2 \u-ke\ see ookie ukka \ak-9\ chukka. Gulf engulf Beowulf Saronic Gulf ulgar \3l-gsr\ see ulgur ulge \9lj\ bulge divulge. mulch ule1 \u-le\ see uly ule 2 \iil\ see ool1 ulean \u-le-an\ Boolean Acheulean. rackful. gulch. garrulity. sedulity incredulity . Fula. and -s forms of verbs. duke. cupful. spook. canful. jarful. jugful. gook. spoonful.313 uke \iik\ cuke. tulip ulish \ii-lish\ see oolish ulity \u-lst-e\ credulity. pailful. topful. listed at OOl ulet \al-3t\ see ullet1 uley 1 \ii-le\ see uly uley 2 \ul-e\ see ully2 Ulf \slf\ golf. rebuke Heptateuch. refulgence ulgent Xsl-jsntX fulgent indulgent ulgur \sl-g3r\ bulgur. panful. trainful. potful. Baruch. vulgar Ulhas \al-9s\ see ullus uli \ul-e\ see ully2 ulia \iil-y9\ Julia. shul. tabbouleh Ashtabula San Pedro Sula ular \ii-tar\ see ooler ulcent \3l-ssnt\ see ulsant ulcer \3l-sar\ see ulser ulch \slch\ cultch. Mamluk. suq. pull. capful. tablespoonful ul2 \ul\ see ool ul3 \al\ see ull1 ula \ii-la\ Beulah. push-pull. plateful. indulgence. forkful. scoopful. sackful. moola. Chinook. uke. Puglia Apulia Friuli-Venezia Giulia ulie \ii-le\ see uly ulip \u-lap\ julep. snook. bagful. cheekful. pukka. leg-pull. Luke. skinful. fluke. Tula ampulla. kook. drawerful. hula. indulge overindulge ulgence 1 Nal-jansX divulgence. Kirkuk. bulbul. chestful. yucca felucca ukkah \uk-s\ see ookah ukker \ak-ar\ see ucker ukkoth \uk-as\ see uckus uku \u-kii\ see uckoo Ul1 \ul\ bull.

cullet.9 \ see ulla ullan \sl-3n\ see ullen ullard \al-3rd\ see olored u I late \al-at\ see ullet1 ulle \iil\ see ool 1 3 1 1 314 ullitt \ul-st\ see ullet2 ullman \ul-msn\ fulmine. dully. occulter ultery \al-tre\ see ultry ultor \9l-tar\ see ulter ultry \al-tre\ sultry adultery ullein \al-an\ see ullen ullen \al-3n\ mullein.ulk ulk \alk\ bulk. compulsion. woolly ulmine \ul-msn\ see ullman ulp \alp\ gulp. impulsive. trull annul. skulk. stull. portcullis Cape Agulhas ully1 \al-e\ cully. ullage ullah1 \al-3\ Gullah. dull. sully ully2 \ul-e\ bully. scullion slumgullion ullis \9l-ss\ see ullus . expulse. convulse. repulse ulser \3l-sar\ pulser. mullah. muley. exultancy ultant \alt. tumult catapult antepenult ultancy \9lt. occult. puli. result. penult. propulsive. Choiseul. insulter. convulsive. numskull. convulsion. hull. gully. repulsion. pulse avulse. null. Bullitt. hulk. propulsion. pullet ulley \ul-e\ see ully2 ullion \3l-yan\ cullion. impulse. pulley. gull.3 n-se\ consultancy. Pullman ullus \al-3s\ Dulles Agulhas. evulsion. indult. expulsion. gully. lull. skull. yolk ulky \al-ke\ bulky. scull. revulsion ulsive \al-siv\ compulsive. multihull. mullet cucullate ullet 2 \ul-at\ bullet. mullah. fully. ulcer ulsion \9l-shan\ pulsion avulsion. Sitting Bull. resultant ultch \alch\ see ulch ulter \al-t9r\ consultor. sullen Lucullan uller1 \ul-ar\ fuller.3 nt\ consultant. nullah medulla ayatollah ullah 2 \ul. sulk. emulsion. impulsion. insult. Catullus. consult. pas seul monohull. mullion. exult. puller uller2 \sl-ar\ see olor1 ulles \sl-3s\ see ullus ullet1 \9l-at\ culet. pulp insculp ulsant \3l-sant\ pulsant convulsant. sulky Ull \al\ cull. emulsive. demulcent ulse \als\ dulse. Hull. Solihull Kingston upon Hull ull2 \ul\ see ul1 ulla \ul-a\ bulla. mogul. stollen. repulsive ult \slt\ cult adult. gullet. exultant. Sulla ampulla ulla2 \u-la\ see ula ulla \al-a\ see ullah ullage \al-ij\ sullage. mull. expulsive. incult.

outnumber. viniculture arboriculture ulty \al-te\ see alti1 ulu \u-lii\ lulu. coolly. albumin. hum. dim sum. tom-tom. coolie. duly. Thule. renumber disencumber. plum. procumbent. truly. rhumb. vulture subculture agriculture. outcome. crumb. chum. subsumable inconsumable umage \3m-ij\ see ummage uman \u-msn\ blooming. horticulture. superhuman umanist Xu-ms-nsstA see umenist umanous Vi-ma-nasX see uminous umb \am\ see um1 umbar Xam-baA see umber1 limbed \amd\ green-thumbed. subhuman antihuman. sugarplum hop-o' my-thumb um 2 \um\ cum. lumen. benumb. inhuman. pneuma. presumable. succumb. Truman. Honolulu ulunder Xsl-an-darX see olander ulva \3l-va\ ulva. stoolie. strum. Tom Thumb. become. mariculture. Yuman acumen. apiculture. subgum. some. them. therefrom. humdrum. numen. ho-hum. Reynolds number Avogadro's number umber2 \am-9r\ see ummer umbered Xam-bardX unnumbered unencumbered —also -ed forms of verbs listed at umber 1 umberland Xam-bar-lsndX Cumberland Northumberland umberous Xam-brssX see umbrous umbery \sm-bre\ ombre.315 ulture \3l-char\ culture. puma satsuma Ancohuma. numb. protohuman. overcome. unduly. degum. lumbar. lumber. aviculture. groom. boule. dumdum. rum. silviculture. slumber. slum. scum. thumb alum. consumable. aplomb. Montezuma umbery umable Xu-ma-bslX assumable. sum. panhuman. umber cucumber. swum. Julie. dumb. multure. counterculture. Qom Targum mare librum um 3 \um\ see oom 1 uma Xii-maX duma. yumyum bubblegum. newly. drum. coulee. illumine. guayule. scrum. number. vulva ulvar \3l-var\ see ulver ulver \3l-v9r\ culver. patchouli. glum. unplumbed umbel \3m-bal\ see umble umbency Xam-ban-seA incumbency. aquaculture. albumen. Zulu Bangweulu. cum. vulvar uly \ii-le\ bluely. tabbouleh. lum. gum. recumbent superincumbent umber1 Xam-barX cumber. tule Bernoulli. plumb. wherefrom. come. monoculture. kettledrum. slumbery . ichneumon. from. mum. floriculture. ghoulie. Humber. unruly ultima Thule um 1 \am\ bum. encumber. recumbency umbent Xam-bantX decumbent. Sulu. muley. catechumen. income. incumbent. human. bitumen. Newman. ruly. puli. crewman. eardrum. thrum.

summa . slumberous ume XixmX see oom 1 umed XumdX see oomed umedly Xii-mad-leX consumedly. tumble. unassuming —also -ing forms of verbs listed at oom 1 uminist Xu-ma-nsstX see umenist uminous Xu-ma-nssX luminous. glumness. groomer. jumble. tumbler umbling Xam-blirjX rumbling. rumor. bituminous. costumer. umbel rough-and-tumble umbler Xam-blarX bumbler. scumble. grumble. crumble. roomer. humbler. tumbling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at umble umbly1 Xsm-bleX crumbly. aluminous. illuminate umine Xu-manX see uman uming \u-mirj\ blooming consuming everblooming. mumble. humor. numbness alumnus umbo Xam-boX gumbo. humbly. perfumer. fumbler. mumbler. mumbly. momma. grumbly. humble. time-consuming. numinous albuminous.a l\ luminal.umbing umbing \3m-irj\ see oming umble Xam-balX bumble. summon umin 2 Xii-manX see uman uminal \u-m3n. humoral. stumbler. quadrumanous. Bloomer. rumbly umbly Xsm-leX comely. tumid umin1 Xam-anX cumin. leguminous. numeral umerous Xiim-rasX see umorous umerus Xiim-rasX see umorous umey \u-me\ see oomy umf XamfX see umph umi Xii-meX see oomy umice Xam-asX see ummous umid Xii-msdX humid. voluminous umma Xam-aX gumma. rumbler. presumer. stumble. illuminist. numbly umbness Xam-nasX dumbness. schussboomer umeral Xiim-rslX humeral. dumly. tumor consumer. luminist ecumenist. Sumer. presumedly umelet Xiim-latX see oomlet umely Xii-ma-leX see oomily 2 316 umen Xii-manX see uman umenist Xii-ma-nsstX humanist. jumbo. grumbler. fumble. rumble. umbo Colombo mumbo jumbo umbra Xam-braX umbra penumbra umbral Xsm-bralX see umbril umbria Xam-bre-aX Cumbria. phillumenist umer Xii-marX bloomer. umbral penumbral umbrous Xam-brasX cumbrous. noumenal uminate Xu-ma-nstX acuminate. dumbly. Umbria Northumbria umbril Xam-bralX tumbril. exhumer.

scummy. slummy. rumply umps \sms\ dumps. summary. tumorous innumerous umous \u-m3s\ brumous. mummer. overtrump umper \3m-par\ bumper. plump. summer latecomer. sump. ump. midsummer. hummer. and -s' forms of nouns. mummy. consumption. jump. presumption. frump. humorous. newcomer overcomer. pump. plumper. lummox. clomp. tump. Sumner columnar umner Xam-narV see umnar umptious umness Xam-nasX see umbness umnus \3m-nas\ see umbness umor \ii-mar\ see umer umoral Xiim-ralX see umeral umorous \um-res\ humerus. mump. summery Montgomery ummet \am-3t\ grummet. stump. plummy. listed at ump umption Xsm-shanX gumption assumption. dummy. plumply. chump. subsumption umptious \am-sh9s\ bumptious. up-and-comer —also -er forms of adjectives listed arum 1 ummery \3m-3-re\ flummery. rumple umply \3m-ple\ crumply. stumper. humph galumph. summit consummate ummie \am-e\ see ummy ummit \am-9t\ see ummet ummock \am-9k\ hummock. strummer.317 ummage \3m-ij\ rummage West Brumage ummary1 \am-re\ see ummery2 ummary2 \3m-3-re\ see ummery1 ummate Xsm-atA see ummet ummel Xam-slX see ommel2 ummell Xam-alX see ommel2 ummer Xam-srX bummer. plummet. plumpish umpkin Xarj-ksnX see unken umple \3m-pal\ crumple. tummy. crummie. frumpish. pumper. thumper tub-thumper Bible-thumper umph \amf \ bumf. hummus. crump. stomach ummon \am-3n\ see umin1 ummoner Xam-nsrX see umnar ummous Nam-asX gummous. and -s forms of verbs. gummer. whump mugwump. flump. humus. harrumph umpish \sm-pish\ dumpish. jumper. mummery. clump. numerous. plumber. hump. drummer. crummy. pomace. rummy. slummer. dump. lumper. hummocks. mommy. dumper. comer. tub-thump callithump. lump. slump. no-trump. trump. gummy. pumice ummox \gm-3ks\ flummox. grump. yummy umnar Xsm-narX summoner. rump. resumption. -'s. spumous posthumous ump \amp\ bump. thump. lumpish. rummer. scrumptious presumptuous . comp. mumps —also -s. stomachs ummus \3m-3s\ see ummous ummy \3m-e\ chummy.

begun. unction . Balzacian. lumpy. lunch. dumpy. fen. blowgun. homespun. ton. spun. vicuna Tristan da Cunha una 1 \u-na\ see una una 2 \un-ya\ see unia unal \un. popgun. crunch. consumptive. Xiamen Acheron. hunch. punchy uncial Xan-se-slX uncial internuncial uncle Xan-kalX nuncle. Hun. six-gun. stepson. tribunate unc \ank\ see unk uncan Xan-ksnX see unken 318 unce \ans\ dunce. shun. truncheon uncher Xan-charX cruncher. monsoonal. done. junco. clumpy. godson. Chaplin. won A-l. allemande. oneon-one. uncle carbuncle. keypuncher counterpuncher unchy \an-che\ bunchy. jumpy. son. Chang-chun. and -s' forms of nouns. Poona. cumulus. luncher. gun. fun. hon. Luna. outdone. rerun. frumpy. outgun. tabun una \u-na\ Buna. one-to-one. one. tun. Lushun. machine-gun. firstrun. peduncle unco 1 \9rj-ko\ bunco. finespun. bunch. forerun. maun. chaconne. munch. lacuna. allor-none. kahuna. and -s forms of verbs. pun. Donne. defunct. puna. outrun. twenty-one. furuncle. stumpy umulous \u-my9-bs\ see umulus umulus Xu-mya-lasX cumulous. Bunche. muncher cowpuncher. nun. crunchy. handgun. once —also -s. PL/1. sun. undone. megaton. unco unco 2 \srj-k9\ see unkah unct \arjt\ trunked adjunct. jejunal. tommy gun. sublunary superlunary unate \u-nat\ unit lacunate. humpy. searun. presumptive umptuous 1 Xam-chssX sumptuous presumptuous umptuous 2 \9m-shss\ see umptious umpus \9m-p9s\ see ompass 2 umpy \am-pe\ bumpy. underdone. hit-and-run. hard-won. dun. lagoonal. laguna. stun. Sally Lunn.3 l\ communal. disjunct —also -ed forms of verbs listed at unk unction Xarj-shanX function. Cunha. Algonquin. caruncle. tribunal unar \u-nsr\ see ooner unary \u-ns-re\ unary festoonery. tonne. grumpy. puncheon. shotgun. kiloton. none. grandson. foehn.umptive umptive \am-tiv\ assumptive. scrunch keypunch ploughman's lunch unche \anch\ see unch uncheon Xan-chsnX luncheon. tuna Altoona. underrun alexandrine un 2 \ u n \ see oon 1 un 3 \iin\ Fushun. junction. -'s. conjunct. sunn. flashgun. tumulus umus \u-m3s\ see umous umy \ii-me\ see oomy un1 \an\ bun. listed at ont unch \anch\ brunch. run. overrun. granduncle. V-l. jun. pressrun. well-done. scattergun. overdone. long run. punch.

wonder asunder. Kaifeng. low-slung. underfund —also -ed forms of verbs listed at un1 und 2 \und\ bund dachshund und 3 \iint\ see unt1 und 4 \aiind\ see ound 2 unda \sn-d9\ Munda. malfunction extreme unction unctional Xarj-shnalX functional. peduncular unculus Xarj-kya-lasX homunculus. far-flung. floribunda undae \an-de\ see undi1 undant Xan-dantX abundant. sunder. lung. orotund. fund. redundant superabundant unday \sn-de\ see undi1 undays \an-dez\ Mondays. puncture conjuncture. sung. Mrs. overhung. junctional dysfunctional unctious \3rj-shas\ compunctious. rubicund. carbuncular.319 compunction. pudibund. rundle. Sunda osmunda. strung. profundity. dysfunction. Bay of Fundy. dung. hereunder. Sunday Whitmonday. tongue. pung. rotundity moribundity. flung. rung. Grundy. disjuncture acupuncture uncular Xarj-kya-larX avuncular. highstrung. unsung. Whitsunday barramundi. thunder. thereunder underous \sn-dras\ plunderous. swung. -'s. well-hung adder's-tongue. trundle unbundle undness Xan-nssX see oneness undum Xan-damX corundum ad eundem. and -s' forms of nouns listed at undi undem \3n-dam\ see undum under \9n-d9r\ Bandar. clung. triple-tongue. salmagundi coatimundi undi 2 \iin-de\ Burundi Ruanda-Urundi undies Xan-dezX see undays undity Xsn-dat-eX fecundity. hung. under. Young among. orotundity. plunder. blunder. slung. gunned defund. unstrung. underslung . bee-stung. rambunctious unctory \arj-tre\ emunctory. perfunctory uncture Xsn-charV juncture. tung. stung. ranunculus und1 \and\ bund. double-tongue. conjunction. overstrung. wrung. undies —also -s. young. rotund. thunderous. sundae. sprung. jaguarundi. disjunction. refund. double-hung. Sundays. wondrous ung undi1 \an-de\ Monday. rubicundity undle \an-d 3 l\ bundle. obtund. Carborundum undy \sn-de\ see undi1 une \iin\ see oon 1 uneau \ii-no\ see uno uneless \un-tos\ seeoonless uner \u-iK>r\ see ooner unes \iinz\ see oons ung 1 \arj\ bung. injunction. rotunda barramunda. secund cummerbund.

stunk. mungo ungous \arj-gas\ fungous. flunk. funky. Dadong. listed af unk unky \arj-ke\ chunky. pumpkin. spunky unless \an-las\ runless. skunk. junker. monk. lunker.ung ung 2 \urj\ Jung. Hunky. punchdrunk. trunk chipmunk. punk. impunity importunity. Hamhung. plunker. Dunkard. quidnunc unkah \an-ka\ punkah. fungal. spunkie. trunnion Paul Bunyan unis Xii-nasX see ewness unish 1 \an-ish\ Hunnish. dunk. monkey. and -s' forms of nouns. grunion. immunity. Dandong. thunk. Kao-hsiung. plunger. Bandung. sponger expunger unger2 \arj-gar\ see onger1 ungible \an-ja-bal\ fungible inexpungible ungle \arj-gal\ bungle. Sung Antung. junk. Kung. clunker. Zigong Nibelung gelandesprung Gotterdammerung ungal \an-gal\ see ungle unge \anj\ lunge. shrunk. opportunity European Community unk XarjkX bunk. flunky. clunk. tunic unicate \ii-ni-kat\ tunicate excommunicate unich \\i-nik\ see unic union \an-yan\ bunion. spunk. donkey. hunker. drunkard. Punic. and -s forms of verbs. sunken unker \arj-kar\ bunker. Bunker. plunk. unitive unity Xii-nat-eX unity community. sonless. shrunken. sponge expunge unged \arjd\ see ongued ungeon \an-jan\ donjon. spongin unger 1 \an-jar\ lunger. Munich. debunk. junkie. clunky. slunk. punky. drunken. hunk. punish unish 2 Xii-nishX see oonish unit Xii-natX see unate 320 unitive \u-nat-iv\ punitive. dungeon. plunge. pungle ungo Xarj-goX fungo. -'s. onion. hunkered unked \arjt\ see unct unken \arj-kan\ Duncan. ronyon. Tatung. younker debunker. unco unkard \arj-kard\ bunkered. sunk. funk. gunky. chunk. punkie. disunity. Podunk. spelunker unkie \arj-ke\ see unky unkin \an-kam\ see uncan unks \arjs\ hunks quincunx —also -s. fungus humongous ungry \an-gre\ see ongery ungus \arj-gas\ see ungous ungy \an-je\ grungy. hunky. spongy unha \u-na\ see una uni \ii-ne\ see oony unia Xiin-yaX petunia. flunker. punker. drunk. jungle. Dunker. sunless . junky. runic. vicuna unic Xii-nikX eunuch. gunk.

hang-up. gunrunner. grunter. gruntle confrontal. gunwale. screwup. cleanup. sonny. toss-up. stepped-up. line up. setup. touch-up. shake-up. tonnage megatonnage unned \and\ see und1 unnel \sn. blowup. stunning —also -ing forms of verbs listed at un1 unnion Van-yanX see union unnish Xan-isbA see unish 1 up untie \ant. bang-up. step up.3 l\ funnel. letup. eggcup. shunner. frame-up. teacup. shunter confronter. stickup. scup. cutup. bunter. jam-up.3 l\ see unnel unx \srjs\ see unks uny \u-ne\ see oony unyan \9n-yan\ see union uoth \u-ss\ see ewess uoy 1 \ii-e\ see ewy uoy 2 \6i\ see oy uoyance \u-ans\ see oyance uoyancy \6i-sn-se\ see oyancy uoyant \6i-snt\ see oyant up \ap\ cup. sup. yup backup. roadrunner. made-up. beat-up. brush up. unny \an-e\ bunny. markup. gunnel. shoot up. breakup. pasteup.a l\ frontal. honey. punch-up. holdup. flare-up. fill-up. shack up. scunner. hookup. push-up. dustup. punster unt1 \unt\ dachshund. catch-up. crack-up. kickup. tunnel unner \an-3r\ cunner. rumrunner unnery \sn-re\ gunnery. foxhunter. balls-up. Dortmund exeunt unt 2 \ant\ see ont1 untal \ant. money. start-up. pileup. sign up. hup. pup. front-runner. thumbs-up. head-hunting. pickup. mug up.a l\ see untie unter \ant-ar\ blunter.321 unn \ s n \ see un unnage \an-ij\ dunnage. re-up. witch-hunter unting \ant-irj\ bunting foxhunting. kingcup. dial-up. dried-up. cock-up. smashup. punter. speedup. runny. change-up. pothunter. run-up. mixed-up. trunnel. dup. sum-up. stand-up. lash-up. lay-up. gunny. buildup. shape-up. built-up. gunner. heads-up. mop-up. het up. foul-up. louse up. sunup. shook-up. send-up. makeup. runner. Juneau. hoppedup. one-up. lockup. nip-up. slipup. sit-up. grown-up. pinup. nunnery unness Xan-nasX see oneness unning \sn-irj\ cunning. pop-up. stuck-up. chin-up. giddap. take-up. put-up. mock-up. linkup. funny. runnel. headhunter. disgruntle contrapuntal unty \ant-e\ punty. running. chunter. close-up. tunny Ballymoney uno \ii-n6\ Bruno. trumped-up. slap-up. getup. runty unwale \sn. mix-up. checkup. roundup. hepped up. Juno numero uno unster Xan-starX Muenster. eyecup. hunter. witchhunting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ont1 . tie-up. stunner. lookup. tonner forerunner. pull-up. matchup. jack-up. up. lead-up. scaleup. fry-up. sunny. call-up. faceup. tup.

upa tune-up, turnup, walk-up, warm-up, washed-up, washup, windup, wisedup, workup, wrap-up, write-up belly up, buttercup, button-up, coverup, follow-up, higher-up, hurry-up, pick-me-up, pony up, runner-up, seven-up, shoot-em-up, summing-up, up-and-up, wickiup, winding-up Johnny-jump-up, sunny-side up upa \u-pa\ pupa, stupa upas \u-pas\ see upus upboard Xab-ardX see ubbard upe \iip\ see oop 1 upel \u-p3l\ see uple 2 upelet \ u - p b t \ see uplet2 uper \u-par\ see ooper upi \ii-pe\ see oopy upid \u-pad\ Cupid, stupid upil \u-pal\ see uple 2 uple 1 \ap-3l\ couple, supple decouple uple 2 \u-pai\ cupel, duple, pupil, scruple quadruple, quintuple, sextuple uple \iip- l\ supple quadruple, quintuple, sextuple uplet \ap-bt\ couplet gradruplet, quintuplet, sextuplet uplet 2 \u-ptat\ drupelet quadruplet uplicate Xii-pli-kstX duplicate quadruplicate, quintuplicate, sextuplicate upor \u-par\ see ooper uppance \ap-3ns\ threepence, twopence comeuppance upper \ap-3r\ crupper, scupper, supper, upper stand-upper
1 3 3

322 uppie \ap-e\ see uppy upple 1 \iip-3i\ see uple 3 upple 2 \9p-al\ see uple1 uppy \ap-e\ cuppy, guppy, puppy, yuppie upt \apt\ abrupt, corrupt, disrupt, erupt, irrupt developed, incorrupt, interrupt —also -ed forms of verbs listed at up upter \9p-tar\ corrupter, disrupter interrupter uptible \3p-t3-bal\ corruptible, eruptible, irruptible incorruptible, interruptible uption \3p-shan\ abruption, corruption, disruption, eruption, irruption interruption uptive \ap-tiv\ corruptive, disruptive, eruptive, irruptive interruptive upus \u-p9s\ croupous, lupus, upas uq \ u k \ see uke uque \uk\ see uke ur1 \6r\ see or1 ur2 \iir\ see ure 1 ur3 \ar\ see eur 1 ura \ur-s\ dura, durra, Jura, sura, surah Agoura, bravura, caesura, datura, Madura, tamboura, tempura aqua pura, Arafura, Bujumbura appoggiatura, Bonaventura, coloratura, Telanaipura Anuradhapura, camera obscura urable \ur-3-bal\ curable, durable, thurible endurable, incurable, insurable, perdurable uracy \ur-a-se\ curacy obduracy

323 urae \ur-e\ see ury1 urah \ur-s\ see ura ural \ur-sl\ crural, jural, mural, neural, plural, puerile, rural, Ural caesural commissural, extramural, intramural uralist \ur-9-l3st\ muralist, pluralist, ruralist uran \u-rsn\ see urin2 ura nee \iir-9ns\ durance assurance, endurance, insurance coinsurance, reassurance, reinsurance urate \ur-at\ curate, turret obdurate barbiturate urative \ur-a-tiv\ curative, durative urb \arb\ see erb urban1 \sr-bsn\ bourbon, Durban, rurban, turban, turbine, urban, Urban exurban, suburban interurban urban2 \ur-ban\ bourbon, Bourbon, rurban urber \9r-bar\ Berber, Ferber, Thurber disturber urbia \ar-be-3\ Serbia exurbia, suburbia urbid \9r-bad\ turbid, verbid urbine \3r-ban\ see urban 1 urbit \ar-b3t\ burbot, sherbet, turbit, turbot urble \ar-b9l\ see erbal urbot \9r-bst\ see urbit urcate \3r-kat\ see ircuit urch \arch\ birch, church, Church, curch, lurch, perch, search, smirch besmirch, Christchurch, research, unchurch urchin \9r-chan\ birchen, urchin


urchly \srch-le\ churchly, virtually urcia \ar-sha\ see ertia urd1 \iird\ see ured 1 urd2 \ard\ see ird urdane \ard- a n\ see urden urden \ard- 3 n\ burden, guerdon, lurdane, verdin disburden, unburden overburden urder \ard-3r\ see erder urderer Xsrd-ar-arX murderer, verderer urdle \srd- 3 l\ curdle, girdle, hurdle engirdle urdu \sr-du\ see erdu urdum Xard-arrA see irdum urdy \ard-e\ birdie, sturdy, wordy hurdy-gurdy, Mesa Verde, Monteverdi ure1 \iir\ Boer, boor, bourg, cure, dour, ewer, fewer, lure, moor, Moor, Moore, Muir, poor, pure, Ruhr, sewer, skewer, spoor, stour, sure, tour, Tours, your, you're abjure, adjure, Adour, allure, amour, Ashur, assure, brochure, ceinture, cocksure, coiffure, conjure, contour, couture, demure, detour, dirt-poor, endure, ensure, Exmoor, faubourg, Fraktur, grandeur, gravure, guipure, hachure, immure, impure, insure, inure, kultur, land-poor, langur, ligure, manure, mature, mohur, obscure, parure, perdure, procure, secure, siddur, tambour, tandoor, tenure, Uighur, unmoor, velour, velure amateur, aperture, armature, blackamoor, carrefour, carte du jour, coinsure, commissure, confiture, connoisseur, coverture, cubature, curvature, cynosure, debouchure, embouchure, epicure, filature,

forfeiture, garniture, geniture, greenmanure, haute couture, immature, insecure, ligature, manicure, overture, paramour, pedicure, plat du jour, portraiture, prelature, premature, quadrature, reassure, Reaumur, reinsure, saboteur, sepulture, sequitur, signature, simon-pure, sinecure, soup du jour, tablature, temperature, troubadour, white amur, vavasour, Yom Kippur candidature, caricature, discomfiture, distemperature, divestiture, entablature, entrepreneur, expenditure, imprimatur, investiture, literature, miniature, musculature, nomenclature, nonsequitur primogeniture ultraminiature ure 2 \ur-e\ see ury1 urean \ur-e-an\ see urian ureau \ur-6\ see uro ured1 \urd\ gourde, Kurd, urd assured, steward underinsured —also -ed forms of verbs listed at ure 1 ured 2 \ard\ see ird urely \ur-le\ buirdly, poorly, purely, surely cocksurely, demurely, impurely, maturely, obscurely immaturely, insecurely, prematurely urement \ur-m9nt\ allurement, immurement, inurement, procurement, securement uren \ur-9iA see urin2 ureous \ur-e-as\ see urious urer \ur-ar\ curer, fiihrer, furor, furore, juror, lurer, tourer abjurer, assurer, insurer, manurer, procurer, tambourer coinsurer, reinsurer —also -er forms of adjectives listed at ure 1 urety1 \ur-at-e\ see urity urety2 \urt-e\ see urti urey \ur-e\ see ury1


urf \arf\ kerf, scurf, serf, surf, turf enserf bodysurf urfy \ar-fe\ Murphy, scurfy, turfy urg \arg\ see erg urgative \ar-g3-tiv\ see urgative urge \arj\ dirge, merge, purge, scourge,serge, splurge, spurge, surge, urge, verge converge, deterge, diverge, emerge, immerge, resurge, submerge, upsurge dramaturge urgence \ar-j9ns\ see ergence urgency Xar-jan-seA see ergency urgent Xar-jantX urgent assurgent, convergent, detergent, divergent, emergent, insurgent, resurgent preemergent urgeon Xsr-jsrA burgeon, sturgeon, surgeon, virgin urger1 \sr-g3r\ burgher, turgor cheeseburger, hamburger, Limburger urger 2 \ar-j3r\ see erger urgery \arj-re\ see erjury urgh1 \ar-a\ see orough 1 urgh 2 \ar-6\ see urrow1 urgh 3 \arg\ see erg urgher Xar-garX see urger1 urgic \ar-jik\ see ergic urgical Xar-ji-kalX surgical liturgical, theurgical dramaturgical urgid \ar-jad\ turgid synergid

325 urgle \3r-gsl\ burgle, gurgle urgor \sr-gar\ see urger urgy \sr-je\ clergy dramaturgy, metallurgy uri \iir-e\ see ury1 urial1 \ur-e-9l\ curial, urial, Uriel mercurial, seigneurial, tenurial entrepreneurial urial2 \er-e-al\ see arial urian \ur-e-9n\ durian, Hurrian Arthurian, centurion epicurean uriance \ur-e-sns\ see urience uriant \ur-e-ant\ see urient urible1 \ur-3-bal\ see urable urible2 \3r-9-bal\ see erable uric \ur-ik\ uric mercuric, sulfuric urid \ur-ad\ lurid, murid urie \ur-e\ see ury
1 1 1

urlish urion \ur-e-an\ see urian urious \ur-e-as\ curious, furious, spurious incurious, injurious, luxurious, penurious, perjurious, sulfureous, usurious uris \ur-as\ see urus urist \ur-sst\ purist, tourist manicurist, pedicurist caricaturist, chiaroscurist, miniaturist —also -est forms of adjectives listed at ure 1 urity \ur-at-e\ purity, surety futurity, impurity, maturity, obscurity, security immaturity, insecurity, prematurity urk \ark\ see ork1 urka1 \3r-ka\ charka, circa, Gurkha mazurka urka2 \ur-ka\ Gurkha mazurka urke \ark\ see ork1 urker Xsr-ksrX see orker1 urkey \ar-ke\ see erky urkha1 \ur-ka\ see urka 2 urkha2 \ar-ka\ see urka1 urki \ar-ke\ see erky urky \9r-ke\ see erky url \arl\ see irl1 urled \arld\ seeorld urlew \arl-u\ curlew, purlieu urlieu \arl-u\ see urlew urlin \3r-ton\ see erlin urling \ar-lirj\ curling, hurling, sterling —also -ing forms of verbs listed at irl1 urlish \ar-lish\ churlish, girlish

uriel \ur-e-al\ see urial

urience \ur-e-ans\ prurience luxuriance urient \ur-e-ant\ esurient luxuriant, parturient urier1 \er-e-ar\ see errier urier2 \ur-e-9r\ see ourier1 uriere \ur-e-ar\ see ourier1 urin1 Xar-arA burin, murrain urin2 \ur-an\ burin, Huron, urine Belgian Tervuren urine \ur-an\ see urin

uring \iir-irj\ during, mooring, touring —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ure1

urly urly \ar-le\ burley, burly, curly, early, girlie, hurly, knurly, pearly, squirrely, surly, swirly, twirly, whirly hurly-burly urman Xar-manX see erman urmity Xar-mat-eA see irmity urmur Xar-msrX firmer, murmur, termer, wormer infirmer urn \arn\ burn, churn, curn, earn, erne, fern, kern, learn, pirn, quern, spurn, stern, tern, terne, turn, urn, yearn adjourn, astern, attorn, casern, concern, discern, downturn, epergne, eterne, extern, heartburn, intern, lucerne, nocturn, nocturne, outturn, return, sauternes, secern, sojourn, sunburn, unlearn, upturn, U-turn, windburn Comintern, overturn, taciturn, unconcern urnable Xar-ns-balX burnable discernible, returnable indiscernible urnal \arn- 3 l\ see ernal urne \arn\ see urn urned \arnd\ burned, durned concerned, unearned, unlearned, well-turned, windburned —also -ed forms of verbs listed at urn urner \ar-nar\ burner, earner, turner discerner, returner afterburner urnery Xar-ns-reA see ernary urney \ar-ne\ see ourney 1 urnian \sr-ne-3n\ see ernian urnish \9r-nish\ burnish, furnish urnt \arnt\ see earnt urnum Xar-namX sternum alburnum, laburnum, viburnum uro \ur-6\ bureau, duro, euro enduro, maduro politburo chiaroscuro uron \ur-an\ see urin2 uror \ur-sr\ see urer1 urore \ur-ar\ see urer1 urous \ur-as\ see urus


urp \ s r p \ burp, chirp, slurp, stirp, twerp usurp urphy \ar-fe\ see urfy urple \ar-pal\ purple empurple urplice \ar-pl9s\ see urplus urplus \3r-plas\ surplice, surplus urps \arps\ see irps urr \sr\ see eur 1 urra1 \ur-s\ see ura urra2 \ar-9\ see orough 1 urrage \sr-ij\ see ourage urragh \ar-s\ see orough 1 urrain \ar-9n\ see urin1 urral \9r-9l\ seeerral urrant \ar-3nt\ see urrent urray \ar-e\ see urry urre \ar\ see eur 1 urred \ard\ see ird urrence \ar-3ns\ concurrence, conferrence, deterrence, incurrence, occurrence, transference countertransference urrent \ar-ant\ currant, current, weren't concurrent, crosscurrent, decurrent, deterrent, occurrent, recurrent, susurrant

327 countercurrent, undercurrent, supercurrent urrer \sr-3r\ see errer urret \ur-st\ see urate urrey \ar-e\ see urry urrian \ur-e-9n\ see urian urrie \ar-e\ see urry urrier \ar-e-3r\ courier, currier, furrier, hurrier, worrier —also -er forms of adjectives listed at urry urring \sr-irj\ furring, shirring, stirring skioring —also -ing forms of verbs listed at eur 1 urrish \ar-ish\ see ourish urro1 \sr-3\ see orough 1 urro2 \ar-6\ see urrow1 urrow1 \ar-6\ borough, burgh, burro, burrow, furrow, thorough urrow2 \ar-3\ see orough 1 urry \sr-e\ blurry, burry, curry, flurry, furry, dhurrie, gurry, hurry, Moray, Murray, murrey, scurry, slurry, spurrey, surrey, Surrey, whirry, worry hurry-scurry ursa \ar-s3\ see ersa ursal \9r-sal\ see ersal 1 ursar \9r-sar\ see ursor ursary \srs-re\ bursary, cursory, mercery, nursery anniversary urse \ars\ see erse ursed \arst\ see urst ursement Xar-smanfA see ercement urser \ar-s9r\ see ursor ursery \ars-re\ see ursary ursion Xar-zharA see ersion 1


ursionist Xsrzh-nastA see ersionist ursive \ar-siv\ see ersive ursor \3r-sar\ bursar, cursor, mercer, nurser, purser, worser disburser, disperser, precursor, rehearser, reverser, traverser ursory \ars-re\ see ursary urst \srst\ burst, cursed, durst, erst, first, Hearst, thirst, verst, worst, wurst accursed, airburst, Amherst, athirst, cloudburst, downburst, emersed, feetfirst, groundburst, headfirst, outburst, sunburst liverwurst, microburst —also -ed forms of verbs listed at erse ursus Xar-sssX see ersus ursy1 \ar-se\ see ercy ursy 2 \as-e\ see ussy urt1 \iirt\ yurt Erfurt, Frankfurt Betancourt urt2 \art\ see ert 1 urtain \art- 3 n\ see ertain urtal \art- 3 l\ see ertile urtenance \art- 3 n-3ns\ see ertinence urtenant Xart-nantX see irtinent urter \art-3r\ see erter urtesy \art-3-se\ see ourtesy urthen Xar-thsnX burthen, earthen urther Xsr-tharX further, murther urti \urt-e\ pretty, surety Trimurti urtium Xar-shamX nasturtium, sestertium

urtive urtive \srt-iv\ see ertive urtle \art- l\ see ertile urton \srt- 3 n\ see ertain urture \3r-char\ see ircher uru \ur-u\ guru, kuru Nauru urus \ur-as\ urus, Arcturus, mercurous, sulfurous Epicurus, sui juris tinea cruris urve \srv\ see erve urved \srvd\ see erved urviness Xar-ve-nssX see erviness urvy \ar-ve\ curvy, nervy, scurvy topsy-turvy ury1 \iir-e\ curie, Curie, fleury, fury, houri, Jewry, jury, Kure, Urey Bhojpuri, de jure, Missouri, tandoori lusus naturae ury2 \er-e\ see ary 1 urze \arz\ see ers urzy \ar-ze\ seeersey US \as\ bus, buss, crus, cuss, fuss, Gus, Huss, muss, plus, pus, Russ, suss, thus, truss, us airbus, concuss, cost-plus, discuss, nonplus, percuss, railbus, untruss autobus, blunderbuss, microbus, minibus us 2 \ii\ see ew1 us 3 \iis\ see use 1 us 4 \ush\ see ouche us 5 \iiz\ see use 2 usa 1 \u-sa\ Sousa Azusa, Medusa Appaloosa, Gebel Musa, Jebel Musa usa 2 \u-za\ Sousa, Susa Medusa Arethusa
1 9

328 usable \u-z3-bal\ fusible, losable, usable abusable, diffusible, excusable, infusible, reusable, transfusible inexcusable, irrecusable usae \ii-se\ see uicy usa I1 \u-sal\ streusel occlusal usal 2 \ii-z9i\ foozle, fusil, ouzel, snoozle, streusel accusal, bamboozle, occlusal, perusal, refusal use \ask\ see usk uscan \3s-ksn\ buskin, Ruskin, Tuscan Etruscan, molluscan uscat \as-k3t\ see usket usele \as-3l\ see ustle uscular Xss-kys-larN muscular corpuscular, crepuscular, majuscular USCUle \as-kyul\ crepuscule, opuscule use 1 \iis\ Bruce, crouse, crus, cruse, deuce, douce, goose, juice, loose, moose, mousse, noose, nous, puce, rhus, ruse, Russ, schuss, sluice, spruce, truce, use, Zeus Aarhus, abstruse, abuse, adduce, Arhus, Atreus, burnoose, caboose, Cayuse, Cepheus, ceruse, conduce, couscous, deduce, diffuse, disuse, educe, effuse, excuse, footloose, induce, Lanus, misuse, mongoose, Morpheus, negus, obtuse, Orpheus, papoose, Peleus, Perseus, prepuce, produce, profuse, Proteus, Purus, recluse, reduce, refuse, retuse, reuse, Sanctus, seduce, Tereus, Theseus, traduce, transduce, unloose, vamoose Belarus, Betelgeuse, calaboose, charlotte russe, introduce, massproduce, Odysseus, Prometheus, reproduce, self-abuse, Syracuse, Typhoeus

329 hypotenuse Sancti Spiritus use 2 \iiz\ blues, booze, bruise, choose, cruise, cruse, Druze, flews, fuse, Hughes, lose, Meuse, muse, news, ooze, roose, ruse, schmooze, snooze, trews, use, whose abuse, accuse, amuse, Andrews, bemuse, berceuse, chanteuse, chartreuse, coiffeuse, confuse, contuse, danseuse, defuse, diffuse, diseuse, disuse, effuse, Elbrus, enthuse, excuse, ill-use, infuse, masseuse, misuse, perfuse, peruse, recluse, recuse, refuse, reuse, suffuse, Toulouse, transfuse, vendeuse Betelgeuse, disabuse, interfuse, mitrailleuse, Newport News, p's and q's, Santa Cruz, Vera Cruz Goody Two-shoes used \uzd\ used confused underused —also -ed forms of verbs listed at use2 useless \u-slas\ juiceless, useless user \u-zar\ boozer, bruiser, chooser, cruiser, doozer, loser, snoozer, user abuser, accuser, amuser, diffuser, excuser, infuser, peruser multiuser ush 1 \ash\ blush, brush, crush, Cush, flush, gush, hush, lush, mush, plush, rush, shush, slush, squush, thrush, tush airbrush, bulrush, bum's rush, hairbrush, hush-hush, inrush, nailbrush, onrush, paintbrush, sagebrush, toothbrush, uprush bottlebrush, Hindu Kush, underbrush ush 2 \ush\ bush, Bush, mush, push, shush, squoosh, swoosh, tush, whoosh ambush, rosebush, thornbush Hindu Kush ushabel Xa-sha-balX crushable, flushable

usion usher 1 Xash-aA blusher, brusher, crusher, gusher, musher, rusher, usher four-flusher, goldrusher —also -er forms of adjectives listed
at USh1

usher 2 \ush-ar\ pusher ambusher ushi \ush-e\ see ushy 2 ushing \ash-in\ onrushing, toothbrushing, unblushing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ush 1 ushu \u-shii\ Kyushu Kitakyushu ushy 1 \ash-e\ brushy, gushy, mushy, plushy, rushy, slushy ushy 2 \ush-e\ bushy, cushy, mushy, pushy, sushi usi \ii-se\ see uicy usian \u-zhan\ see usion usible 1 \u-s3-bal\ see ucible usible 2 \u-z9-bal\ see usable usic \ii-zik\ music Tungusic usie \ii-ze\ see oozy usi I \u-zal\ see usal 2 using \9s-irj\ busing, trussing antibusing —also -ing forms of verbs listed at US1 usion \u-zhsn\ fusion affusion, allusion, Carthusian, collusion, conclusion, confusion, contusion, delusion, diffusion, effusion, elusion, exclusion, extrusion, illusion, inclusion, infusion, intrusion, Malthusian, obtrusion, occlusion, perfusion, prelusion, profusion, prolusion, protrusion, reclusion, seclusion, transfusion, Venusian Andalusian, disillusion, malocclusion autotransfusion

combust. musky usly \as-le\ pussley. thrust. unitrust. well-adjusted —also -ed forms of verbs listed at USt1 \iis\ see use \ss\ see us 1 1 ussant \ss. Russian concussion. piecrust. tusk subfusc usker \ss-k9r\ busker. sea puss. Stardust. repercussion USSive \as-iv\ jussive. muskie. conclusive. inclusive. percussive repercussive ussle \as-3l\ see ustle ussley \ss-le\ see usly ussy \as-e\ fussy. percussion Belorussian. illusionist. must. illusory. gust. mussy. husky. prolusory usque \ssk\ see usk USS1 \ u s \ puss. sourpuss glamour-puss. conducive. moondust. platypus uss uss 2 3 330 ussell \as-9l\ see ustle usset \9s-at\ gusset. rusk. hussy. prelusive. reclusive inconclusive usk \ask\ brusque. pursy. tussive concussive. allusive. dost. russet decussate USSia \ash-3\ Prussia. extrusive. thusly uso \ii-so\ see usoe USOe \u-so\ trousseau. Russia Belorussia ussian Xssh-arA see ussion ussing \ss-irj\ see using ussion \3sh-3n\ Prussian. Russ. adust. pussy USt1 \ast\ bust. delusive. tusker usket \3s-kat\ muscat. distrust. collusive. husker. encrust. upthrust antitrust. rust. trust. intrusive. wast adjust. exclusionist. obtrusive. musk. exclusive. diffusive. lust. discussion. octopus. entrust. musth. august. mistrust. dust. dryasdust. just. mustard —also -ed forms of verbs listed at uster USted \3s-tad\ busted disgusted maladjusted. occlusive. robust. degust.3 nt\ mustn't discussant ussate \ss-3t\ see usset u s s e \iis\ see use 1 ussel \as-9l\ see ustle . illusive. schuss chartreuse. cusk. dusk. amusive. crust. effusive. musket uskie \as-ke\ see usky uskin Xss-karA see uscan usky \as-ke\ dusky. perfusionist usity \u-sat-e\ see ucity usive \ii-siv\ abusive. elusive. wanderlust —also -ed forms of verbs listed at US1 USt2 \as\ see us 1 ust 3 \iist\ see oost ustable Xas-ta-balX see ustible ustard Xas-tardX bustard. husk. protrusive. disgust.usionist usionist \uzh-nast\ fusionist diffusionist. custard. whoso Caruso Robinson Crusoe usory \us-a-re\ delusory.

combustible incombustible ustin \as-t3n\ Justin Augustine ustine \as-t9n\ see ustin ustic \as-tik\ fustic. incommutable. Russell. likuta. putt. scut.3 nt\ see ussant UStom \as-t3m\ custom. rebut. rustle. offcut. sodbuster. Luton. rut. peanut. strut. undercut. suitable commutable. woodcut butternut. mussel. tut. industrious UStrous \3S-tras\ blustrous. duster. frustum accustom disaccustom ustor \9s-tar\ see uster ustrious \as-tre-3s\ illustrious. crosscut. locknut. clear-cut. cutch. rustic ustion \3s-chan\ fustian combustion UStiOUS \ss-ch9s\ robustious. gusty. such. computable. lustrous UStule \9s-chiil\ frustule. scrutable. trusty usy \iz-e\ see izzy Ut1 \at\ but.a n\ cutin. slut. soot. hutch. cobnut. Custer. lusty. deluster. grutch. touch nonesuch. gluten. groundnut. beechnut. Jack Russell ustn't \9s. smut. uncut. dusty. luster. glut.331 USter \9s-tgr\ bluster. dutch. indisputable. hazelnut.3 nt\ mutant disputant. immutable. nut. rotgut. butt. blockbuster. rumbustious ustive \as-tiv\ adjustive. much. musty. Dutch. catgut. gut. cluster. hut. haircut. hustle. scuttlebutt. congregate. buster. walnut. shortcut. irrefutable. pollutant utative \ut-9t-iv\ putative commutative. ut.3 l\ see utile utan \iit. prosecutable. statutable executable. crepuscle. thruster adjuster. inscrutable. combustor. mutt. substitutable utage \ut-ij\ see ootage 1 utal \ut. crusty. valuta utable \ut-9-b9l\ mutable. mutine. somewhat. rusty. pustule ustum \9s-t9m\ see ustom ustus \9s-tss\ Justus Augustus utch USty \as-te\ busty. fusty. filibuster UStful \ast-f9l\ lustful. chestnut. recut. cockshut. uppercut open-and-shut Ut2 \ u \ see ew1 ut 3 \iit\ see ute ut4 \ut\ see oot Uta \ut-s\ Baruta. scutch. thrustful. retouch double-clutch. jut. muscle. trustbuster antitruster. muster. tut-tut. combustive maladjustive UStle \as-3l\ bustle. clean-cut. gangbuster. crutch. trustful distrustful usth \ast\ see ust1 ustian Xas-chanX see ustion ustible \as-t3-b9l\ adjustable. smutch. rambutan. overcut. tussle corpuscle. shut. trestle. pignut. incomputable. Teuton Laputan. Rasputin highfalutin Utant \ut. cut. imputative Utch1 \9ch\ clutch. disputable. Newton. fluster. overmuch . lackluster. permutable. what abut.

minute. luteous uter \ut-sr\ cooter. depute. bute. hirsuteness absoluteness. shooter. volute absolute. nonsuit. bandicoot. boilersuit. jute. gingerroot. sharpshooter. pood. bumbershoot. mute. permute. Saint Lucia utian \u-shsn\ see ution . bloodroot. scute. diluteness. tracksuit. Aleut. transmute. truthful. dispute. chute. execute. overshoot. two-suiter. butte. trapshooter. Uther uther 2 \a-ther\ see other1 uthful \uth-fal\ ruthful. constitute. cloot. cahoot. kashruth. compute. peashooter. six-shooter. neuter. dilute. saluter. restitute. arrowroot. suit. recruiter. confuter. muteness. pollute. loot. crapshooter. swimsuit. diluter. commuter. moot. elute. freebooter. hooter. Asyut. router. souter. brut. uproot. cute. birthroot. bodysuit. autoroute. executor. destituteness. crapshoot. astute. putsch utcher \ach-9r\ scutcher retoucher utchy \ach-e\ see uchy Ute \ut\ boot. fluter. suiter. grapefruit. hardboot. Beirut. disrepute.3 n-ast\ lutenist. suitor. route. refute. astutely. institute. offshoot. imbrute. Hardecanute. soot. prostitute. glutinous. pantsuit. snowsuit. persecute. troubleshoot. revolute. reconstitute uted \iit-9d\ see ooted 1 Utee \ut-e\ see ooty1 Utely \ut-le\ cutely. solute.utch Utch2 \uch\ butch. youthful untruthful uthless \uth-las\ ruthless. jumpsuit. rout. convolute. scooter. breadfruit. Inuktitut. troubleshooter microcomputer. Paiute. glout. destitute. Asyut. suite. prostitutor. minutely absolutely. en route. attribute. butut. clubroot. bitterroot. persecutor. salute. pursuit. playsuit. glutenous. impute. toothless uti \ut-e\ see ooty1 utia \u-sha\ fuchsia minutia. prosecute. Denver boot. toot. ut. freeboot. dissolute. subacute. outshoot. brute. enroot. root. parachute. malamute. snoot. substitute. evolute. deaf-mute. Canute. gluteus. prosecutor. computer. sunsuit. confute. tout. taproot. mutinous acuteness. flute. Ute acute. hoot. bruit. instituter. qiviut. pewter. kiwifruit. looter. undershoot electrocute. coot. jackboot. mutely accutely. resolute.3 n\ see utan uteness \ut-nas\ cuteness. disputer. scoot. rooter. shoot. dissolutely irresolutely uten \ut. tooter. seaboot. minicomputer superminicomputer —also -er forms of adjectives listed at Ute utes \iits\ see oots uteus \ut-e-as\ see uteous uth1 \ut\ see ute uth 2 \iith\ seeooth 2 uther1 \u-thar\ Luther. hirsute. beetroot. recruit. zoot-suiter coadjutor. cheroot. dissoluteness irresoluteness 332 Utenist \ut. jackfruit. newt. commute. galoot. Root. tutor accoutre. Bute. Jute. lute. fruit. lawsuit. irresolute. folkmoot. Teutonist utenous \ut-nas\ see uteness uteous \ut-e-as\ beauteous. duteous. involute. repute.

evolutionist. propaedeutic. circumlocution. gluttony Ascutney Uto \iit-6\ Bhutto. Vutish Utist \iit-ast\ chutist.n \ see utan utor \ut-ar\ see uter utriment Xu-tra-mantX nutriment accoutrement uts \sts\ see utz utsch \uch\ see utch 2 utsi \ut-se\ see uzzi2 Utsk \utsk\ Irkutsk. Confucian.3 n\ see utan utine \iit. flutist absolutist. dissolution. revolutionary utionist \u-shn9st\ devolutionist. gutless Utler \9t-br\ butler. Maputo. footle. therapeutic Utical \ut-i-k9l\ cuticle hermeneutical. Aleutian. evolution. cuittle. cornuto. Butler. consecution. tenuto sostenuto uton \iit. diminution. toreutic hermeneutic.333 Utic \iit-ik\ maieutic. destitution. scrutiny Ution \u-shsn\ Lucian ablution. restitution. luting. exsolution. elution. convolution. pollution. devolution. mutinous utinous 2 \iit-nas\ see uteness Utiny \ut. reconstitution. parachutist. nutlet utment \3t-mant\ hutment abutment utney \at-ne\ chutney. sutler utless \at-bs\ see utlass Utlet \9t-bt\ cutlet.n\ see utan Uting \ut-irj\ fluting. substitution antipollution. putto Basuto.3 l\ brutal. electrocution. prosecution. scorbutic. redistribution 3 utt utionary \u-sha-ner-e\ illocutionary.b s \ cutlass. Rutland Utlass \ s t . persecutive. resolution. attribution. locution. tootle. sharpshooting. solution absolution. elocutionist. trapshooting —also -ing forms of verbs listed at ute utinous 1 \ut. dilution. Pluto. suiting hip-shooting. prostitution. execution. contribution.3 n-e\ mutiny. utile inutile Kwakiutl utin \iit. revolutionist redistributionist utish \ut-ish\ brutish. elocution. therapeutist —also -est forms of adjectives listed at Ute utive \ut-iv\ dilutive constitutive. Rosicrucian. dutiful Utile \ut. distribution. retribution. lilliputian. klutzy Utt \at\ see ut1 . futile.a n-as\ glutinous. allocution. irresolution. revolution. pharmaceutical uticle \ut-i-kal\ see utical utie \ut-e\ see ooty1 Utiful \ut-i-fal\ beautiful. involution. persecution. substitutive utl \u-t 9 l\ see utile Utland \9t-bnd\ Jutland. constitution. institution. cutler. maldistribution. comminution. Yakutsk utsy \at-se\ gutsy. capuchin. parachutic.

gutty. aflutter. fluttery. putty.3 l\ cuittle.3 n\ button. flutter. haircutter. future. muzzle. and -s forms of verbs. sputum uture \u-chsr\ blucher. flux. effluvium. pricecutter.l\ see uttle utte \iit\ see ute uttee \at-e\ see utty Utter1 \3t-ar\ butter. strutter. aw-shucks. and -s forms of verbs. nuzzle. lux. colluvium. stutter. rutty. unbutton leg-of-mutton uttony \at-ne\ see utney utty \st-e\ butty. splutter. diluvial. -'s. puttee. scuzzy . Vesuvian postdiluvian antediluvian uvion \u-ve-9n\ see uvian uvium \u-ve-9m\ alluvium. nutty. reflux Benelux —also -s. muzzy. deluxe. utter abutter. scuttle. and -s' forms of nouns.uttack uttack \9t-ak\ see uttock uttal \at. diluvian. scutter. mutton. puzzle uzzler \3Z-lar\ guzzler. influx. putter. and -s' forms of nouns. cutter. suture uty \iit-e\ see ooty1 utz \sts\ futz. smutty utum \ut-9m\ scutum. colluvial. stonecutter. subtle rebuttal utto \ut-6\ see uto uttock \3t-sk\ buttock. klutz. clutter. eluvial uvian \ii-ve-9n\ alluvion. gutter. shutter. eluvium ux1 \aks\ crux. Peruvian. sluttish uttle \3t. vesuvian. spluttery utti1 \ut-e\ see ooty1 utti2 \ut-e\ see ooty 2 utting \ut-irj\ see ooting1 Uttish \at-ish\ ruttish. -'s. futtock utton \at. tux afflux. rebutter. Sutton keybutton. jutty. Cuttack. nuts blood-and-guts —also -s. mutter. listed at ut 3 334 utzy \at-se\ see utsy uu \ii\ see ew1 uvial \u-ve-sl\ fluvial. shuttle. sputter. woodcutter utter2 \ut-ar\ see ooter 1 Uttery \st-a-re\ buttery. unclutter. puzzler gas-guzzler uzzy \9z-e\ fuzzy. lutz. listed at uck ux 2 \uks\ see ooks 2 uxe 1 \iiks\ see ooks 1 uxe 2 \uks\ see ooks 2 uxe 3 \aks\ see ux1 uxion \ak-sh9n\ see uction uy \T\ see y1 uygur \e-gar\ see eager uyot \e-6\ see io2 uyp \Ip\ see ipe uz1 \iits\ see OOtS uz 2 \uz\ see use 2 uze \iiz\ see use 2 uzz \az\ see euse 1 uzzi1 \ii-ze\ see oozy uzzi 2 \iit-se\ Tutsi Abruzzi uzzle \az-9l\ guzzle. subtile. glutton. nutter. moocher. pluvial alluvial. conflux. efflux. redux.

goldeneye. dye. damnify. awry. stupefy. pinkeye. tongue-tie. Iceni. Mordecai. shanghai. argufy. res gestae. stultify. small-fry. spry. deny. rye. Uruguay. beatify. classify. ally. undersupply. rely. glorify. calcify. phi. fry. medfly. dissatisfy. deacidify. sky-high. hexerei. deify. occupy. samurai. piece-dye. pop eye. peccavi. goggle-eye. drip-dry. aye. two-ply. sine die. dry. cut-and-dry. thy. signify. overlie. reliquiae. rarefy. mortify. deep-sky. syllabify. hog-tie. Thai. stratify. reunify. fish-eye. dragonfly. Delphi. lie. re-try. transmogrify. birds-eye. descry. shut-eye. mummify. Paraguay. nazify. uglify. decry. alkali. dobsonfly. chi. cry. stand by. whitefly. edify. lithify. thereby. shy. nisi. Panay. bulls-eye. lay-by. cat's-eye. sly. gentrify. titi. sky. panfry. eye. bonsai. prophesy. solemnify. walleye. alibi. resupply. demystify. mollify. Lorelei. i. multi-ply. blue-sky. beautify. Veneti. disqualify. July. a priori. gadfly. basify. sigh. Helvetii. hereby. untie. overbuy. anti. Katmai.Y y 1 \I\ ai. die. I. testify. detoxify. deadeye. citify. supply. Bottai. wellnigh. Guy. bye. objectify. swing-by. typify. lignify. nitrify. buckeye. Malachi. fly. ay. versify. acidify. Eli. ultrahigh. magpie. underlie. liquefy. satisfy. tie. exemplify. caravanserai. bi. corpus delicti. dandify. shoofly. notify. Dioscuri. belie. intensify. pi. agley. quasi. vitrify. codify. clarify. preachify. overfly. mystify. Shanghai. fortify. banzai. wry. declassify. amplify. blow-dry. semi. ossify. Sendai. Levi. mooneye. Gemini. sty. psi. high. terai. rigidify. grisaille. Belgae. serai. horsefly. justify. Kaui. fancify. wise guy. Tenebrae. hi. comply. vivify. damselfly. jai alai. RBI. forby. vie. GI. rectify. elhi. scarify. potpie. terrify. lullaby. semidry. test-fly. frenchify. nigh. by-and-by. pigsty. firefly. imply. solidify. bye-bye. denazify. magnify. lye. standby. watcheye. crucify. bigeye. quantify. Lanai. electrify. butterfly. hi-fi. PPI. Moirai. passerby. indemnify. Sinai. rabbi. cross-eye. verify. frogeye. assai. Versailles. nearby. red-eye. blowby. saponify. Molokai. thigh. greenfly. decertify. dignify. ratify. preoccupy. barfly. botfly. apply. buy. humidify. Chou Enlai. Hawkeye. deerfly. fie. cockeye. DIY. rocaille. espy. spy. air-dry. falsify. Olduvai. facetiae. stir-fry. Haggai. specify. bugeye. pry. whereby. prettify. dehumidify. catchfly. necktie. Brunei. speechify. guy. wye. revivify. diversify. pacify. blowfly. Masai. petrify. gallfly. certify. Haggai. sanctify. do-or-die. purify. lanai. bone-dry. modify. rough-dry. Y aby. by. sei. why. personify. defy. Dubai. ex . tiedye. vox populi a fortiori. canaille. freeze-dry. scythe. multiply. reply. qualify. densify. gratify. Kenai. mao-tai. sockeye. unify. Russify. Tai. worms-eye Adonai. nullify. Sakai. good-bye. Altai. ramify. xi. ply. reify. housefly. gasify. Maracay. outbye. Madurai. Baha'i. pie. Bacchae. cockneyfy. vinify. fructify. tigereye. hie. outcry. Parcae. simplify. deep-fry. applepie. Po Hai. gun-shy. identify. Qinghai. blackfly. cockshy. zombify acetify. try. my. aye-aye. knee-high. flyby. sci-fi. vilify. putrefy. horrify. oxeye.

epicycle. oversimplify amicus curiae. motorcycle. wigeon religion callipygian. unicycle. curriculum vitae.y hypothesi. smidgen. hemizygous. dyad. hemicycle. sayyid. modus operandi y 2 \ e \ see ee 1 ya \e-9\ see ia1 yable \I-9-b9l\ see iable1 yad \I-9d\ dryad. Cantabrigian. nolle prosequi. irreligion ygiene \i-jen\ see aijin ygma \ig-m9\ see igma ygnet \ig-nst\ cygnet. Exercycle. Wanne-Eickel ycle 2 \ik-9l\ see ickle ycler \ik-lar\ see ickler . homozygous steatopygous ygrapher \ig-r3-fsr\ see igrapher ygraphist Mg-ra-fsstA see igraphist ygyny \ij-9-ne\ see igine yant \i-9nt\ see iant yatt \I-at\ see iet ybe \Tb\ see ibe 1 ybele \ib-9-le\ Cybele ambiboly yber \I-bar\ see iber ybia \i-be-g\ see ibia ybris \I-br9s\ see ibrous ycad \I-k9d\ cycad. modus vivendi. naiad. jeremiad yan \I-9n\ see ion 1 336 yd \u-id\ see uid yde \id\ see ide1 ydia \i-de-a\ see idia ydian \id-e-sn\ see idian ydice \id-9-se\ see idice ydney \id-ne\ see idney ye \ i \ seey 1 yeable \l-9-b9l\ see iable1 yed \ld\ see ide1 yer \Ir\ see ire1 yeth \I-9th\ see iath1 yfe \If\ see ife1 yfed \9r-ad\ see oved yg \ig\ see ig ygamous \ig-9-m9s\ see igamous ygamy \ig-9-me\ see igamy ygia \I-J9\ see ijah ygian \i-J9n\ Phrygian. kilocycle. pidgin. stygian. Michael recycle Calvin cycle. signet ygnus \ig-nas\ see igness y g o s \I-g9s\ seeygous ygous \I-g9s\ gigas azygos callipygous. spiked yean \I-k9n\ see ichen1 yce \Is\ see ice1 ych 1 \ik\ see ick ych 2 \Ik\ see ike2 yche \I-ke\ see ike1 ychnis \ik-n9s\ see ickness ycia \ish-9\ see itia1 ycian \ish-9n\ see ition ycin \Is. triad hamadryad.a n\ see ison1 ycle 1 \I-k9l\ cycle. pigeon.

cyma yman \I-m3n\ see imen ymathy \im-3-the\ see imothy ymbal \im-bal\ see imble ynch ymbalist Xim-ba-lastN cymbalist. Wyley. trying high-flying. symbolist ymbol Xim-balX see imble ymbolist Mm-ba-tasfX see ymbalist yme \Im\ see ime1 ymeless Mm-lasX see imeless ymen M-manX see imen ymer \I-m9r\ see imer1 ymic 1 \I-mik\ thymic enzymic ymic 2 \im-ik\ gimmick. underlying yke \ik\ see ike2 yked \Ikt\ see iked1 yl \el\ see eal 2 ylan \il-9n\ see illon ylar \I-br\ see ilar yle \fl\ see ile1 ylem \I-bm\ see ilum yler \I-l9r\ see ilar ylet \i-bt\ see ilot yley \I-le\ see yly yli \e-le\ see eely ylic \il-ik\ see ilic ylie \I-le\ see yly yling \I-lirj\ see iling1 yll \ n \ see ile1 ylla \il-a\ see ilia2 yllable \il-3-bal\ see illable yllary \il-g-re\ see illary yllic \il-ik\ see ilic yllis \il-9s\ see illus yllium \il-e-9m\ see ilium yllo 1 \e-16\ see ilo yllo 2 \I-lo\ see ilo1 ylum M-bmX see ilum ylus \I-l9s\ see ilus yly \i-le\ dryly. undying nitrifying. matronymic. wryly life of Riley ym \im\ see im1 yma M-maX Chaima. toponymic ymical \im-i-k9l\ see imical ymie \I-me\ see imy ymion \im-e-9n\ see imian ymity \im-at-e\ see imity ymmetry \im-9-tre\ see imetry ymn \im\ see im1 ymp \imp\ see imp ymph \imf\ lymph. flying. smiley. maile. mimic bulimic acronymic. homonymic. antonymic. low-lying. nymph ymric \im-rik\ Cymric. highly. patronymic. limerick ymus \I-m9s\ see imis ymy \I-me\ see imy yn \in\ see in1 ynah \I-n9\ see ina1 ynast \I-n9st\ see inist1 ynch 1 \inch\ see inch . lying. outlying.337 ying \I-irj\ crying. shyly. wily. terrifying. Philae. metonymic. slyly. eponymic. synonymic. riley. Wiley.

naira bell-lyra. styptic. Gypsy. hetaira. typo ypress \i-prss\ cypress. holotypic stereotypic yping \I-pirj\ see iping 1 338 ypo \i-po\ hypo. hegira.ynch ynch 2 \irjk\ see ink yncher \in-ch3r\ see incher ynd \Ind\ see ind yne \In\ see ine1 y n e s s \i-nas\ see inus1 ynia \in-e-a\ see inia ynic \in-ik\ see inic2 ynical \in-i-kal\ see inical ynn \in\ see in1 ynne \in\ see in1 ynth \inth\ see inth ynthia \in-the-a\ see inthia ynx \irjs\ see inx yon \I-an\ see ion1 yone \I-3-ne\ see yony yony \I-a-ne\ bryony Alcyone yp \ip\ see ip ypal \I-p9l\ typal disciple archetypal. triptych ecliptic. elliptic apocalyptic ypy \i-pe\ see ipy yr \ir\ see eer 2 yra \I-rs\ Ira. palmyra spirogyra yral \I-ral\ see iral yrant \I-rant\ see irant yre \Ir\ see ire1 yreal \ir-e-sl\ see erial yria \ir-e-a\ see eria1 yriad \ir-e-ad\ see eriod yrian \ir-e-an\ see erian 1 yric1 \i-rik\ pyric oneiric panegyric yric 2 \ir-ik\ see eric 2 yrical \ir-i-k3l\ see erical2 yrie1 \ir-e\ see eary yrie 2 \I-re\ see iary1 yril \ir-9l\ see eral1 yrist \ir-sst\ see erist1 yrium \ir-e-am\ see erium yndic \in-dik\ see indie . siphon yphic \if-ik\ see ific yphony \if-3-ne\ see iphony ypic \ip-ik\ typic philippic genotypic. Cyprus. tipsy ypt \ipt\ see ipt yptian \ip-shan\ see iption yptic \ip-tik\ cryptic. Myra. viperous yprus \I-pr3s\ see ypress ypse \ips\ see ips ypso \ip-so\ see ipso ypsy \ip-se\ gypsy. Lyra. prototypal ype \Ip\ see ipe yper \i-par\ see iper ypey \I-pe\ see ipy yph \if\ see iff yphen \i-fan\ hyphen. diptych.

tyro yro 2 \ir-6\ see ero 3 yron \ir-sn\ see iren yros \i-ras\ see irus yrrh \ar\ see eur 1 yrrha \ir-s\ see era 2 1 ythy ysmal Xiz-mslX dismal abysmal. gyro. Scythia forsythia stichomythia ythian \ith-e-9n\ Pythian. catechismal yson \Is. eurythmic logarithmic ythy \i-the\ see ithy yrrhic \ir-ik\ see eric 2 yrrhus \ir-as\ see erous yrse \ars\ see erse yrsus \sr-s3s\ see ersus yrtle \art. Cairo. Scythian ythmic \ith-mik\ rhythmic arrhythmic. Gyro.3 l\ see ertile yrup \ar-9p\ see irrup yrupy \ar-3-pe\ see irrupy yrus \I-r9s\ see irus ysail \I-ssl\ see isal ysch \ish\ see ish1 y s e \Is\ see ice1 ysh \ish\ see ish1 ysia 1 \ish-a\ see itia ysia 2 \izh-a\ see isia ysian 1 \is-e-an\ Piscean Odyssean Dionysian ysian 2 \ish-an\ see ition ysian 3 \izh-an\ see ision ysian 4 \I-se-9n\ see iscean 1 ysical \iz-i-kal\ physical.339 yrna \ar-na\ see erna yro \I-ro\ biro. quizzical metaphysical ysis \I-s3s\ see isis ysm \iz-9m\ see ism 1 . baptismal cataclysmal.3 n\ see ison1 y s s \is\ see iss 1 yssal \is-al\ see istle yssean \is-e-9n\ see ysian 1 y s s e u s \ish-as\ see icious1 yssum \is-3m\ see issome y s s u s \is-9s\ see issus yst \ist\ see ist2 ystal \is-t 3 l\ see istal yster 1 \is-tar\ see ister yster 2 \I-star\ see eister 1 ystery \is-tre\ see istory ystic \is-tik\ see istic ystical \is-ti-kal\ see istical ystine \is-tan\ see iston ysus 1 \e-s9s\ seeesis y s u s 2 \I-s9s\ see isis yta \It-9\ see ita1 yte \it\ see ite1 yterate \it-9-r9t\ see iterate ytes \It-ez\ see ites ythe 1 \i\ see v ythe 2 \ith\ see ithe ythia \ith-e-9\ lithia.

ytic 340 ytic \it-ik\ see itic ytical \it-i-kal\ see itical ytics \it-iks\ see itics yting \Tt-irj\ see iting ytis \I-t9s\ see itis ytton \it.n\ see itten 3 yve \Iv\ see ive1 yx \iks\ see ix1 yxia \ik-se-s\ see ixia yxie \ik-se\ see ixie yze \iz\ see ize .

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