1) I wasn't reading the book. 2) You weren't working last night. 3) She wasn't in Miami last August.

4) He wasn't a good student when he was in College. 5) We weren't dancing together. 6) You weren't living in a big house. 7) They weren't celebrating their graduation. 8) It wasn't rainning yesterday. 9) Mark wasn't sitting in front of me. 10) Rose wasn't my best friend. 2) Where were you last night? Where were the cats last week? Where were Edgar and Emilly yesterday? Where were my glasses yesterday morning? Where were you and your parents last year? Where were we last month? Where were they three days ago? Where were the roman people living in 205 B.C? Where were my cars 4 years before? Where were you, Emilly, Harry, Bill and Susan last night?