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Your Questions Answered of 7

Your Questions Answered of 7

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Published by: MubahilaTV Books & Videos Online on Aug 15, 2011
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Islam is supposed to be a simple NATURAL religion. Why then does it have 2500 plus
laws? I do understand that all the laws are not for one person. But why for each simple
case there are ten laws regarding it? For example in, the case for Mayyit (according to the
Masael of Agha Seestani) there are laws about the three types of ghusl to be given to a
dead body. fine, this is understood. But what follows is about Jabirah, then followed by a
sequence of Tayammum for a simple change in condtions, then comes about the Kafan
and its rules then burial and its rules. So, in general an aspect like death has involved
about 25 pages i.e 120 plus masaels. Why?

A: When you would become as old as I am, you will find that the rules of jabirah and
tayammum are extremely necessary especially in this age when various types of accidents
break and disfigure the bodies. You yourself have admitted that all the laws are not for one
person. Then why object on the shari'ah's comprehensiveness? Or, do you want to say
that Islam should have merely said: “Wash the dead body, wrap it in a cloth and bury it.” It
would not have taken more than one line!!
It will be of interest to you that nowadays a lot of European Christians are entering the fold
of islam, precisely because the Islamic shari'ah contains guidance for every conceivable
eventuality. What you think is a defect of Islamic shari'ah is a highly appreciated virtue in
those Europeans' eyes.

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