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Your Questions Answered of 7

Your Questions Answered of 7

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Published by: MubahilaTV Books & Videos Online on Aug 15, 2011
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A)Suppose a Muslim girl marries a non-Muslim, say a Hindu or so, can she still be
called a Muslim?

A. If she still believes in the tenets of Islam, she will be called a Muslim, though one is
committing a capital sin.

B)Is it a sin if she does so? Why?

A. Yes. It is a capital sin. Marriage of a Muslim girl with a non-Muslim boy is not valid; it is
no marriage at all. And every time they sleep together, they will be committing the sin of
'Zina' (fornication). God says in the Qur'an:
“and marry not your women to idolator men until they believe; a believer slave is better
than an idolater (free) man even though he may allure you.” (Qur'an 2.221). And He says:-
“The fomicatress and fornicator, you scourge each of them with a hundred stripes, and let
not pity for them keep you away from enforcing the sentence of God.”(Qur'an, 24:2)

C)Is going against parents for this reason a sin or only a misbehaviour?

A. Yes. It is another capital sin.

D)Can this thing be possible. Or is it a sin which is unforgivable?

A. So long as one persists in any sin, that sin is unforgivable.

E)What if pure love exists between such two people, should they ignore it and ruin

their life?

A. Well, if it is a "pure" love, then why not remain separate and follow the commandments
of Allah? 'Pure love' does not demand sexual intercourse. And it is better to "ruin" your life
in this world, rather than ruining it in the hereafter.


What is the proper way to divorce a wife who is a Christian? The marriage was performed
according to Christian rites when both husband and wife were Christian. Now the husband
has become Muslim but the wife does not want to follow him into the fold of Islam.

(Asked by an American Shi'a)

A. According to Shi'a Shari'ah if a Jew or Christian is married to a wife of the same faith,
and the husband becomes a Muslim but the wife does not convert to his religion and

retains her religion, then the marriage continues; there is no need for divorce. Of course,
he should bring up the children in Islamic faith and should not leave them to become Jew
or Christian. Also, he should make the wife abstain from liquor and pork.
I hope this explanation solves your problem.
Of course, in the opposite case when the wife becomes Muslin and the husband remains
Christian or Jew, the wife will separate from the husband at once, and start an 'Iddah of 3
months. If within this period the husband becomes converted to Islam the couple may
rejoin and the previous marriage remains valid.If he does not become a Muslim in this
period then the wife, at the expiry of these 3 months, may marry another man.

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