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Your Questions Answered of 7

Your Questions Answered of 7

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I am not exactly sure about Qibla in Peterborough, U.K. But we were told by Sunni
Muslims that we should take the North as on 26 and then take N.E. as our Qibla, Also,
during Ziyarat which way should we turn?

A. Here is a relatively simple method of finding the direction of Qibla. Draw a straight line
on the map from your place to Mecca and another straight line from North Pole to your
place. Then look at the angle and notice how many degrees it is from North. Then you may
turn the some number of degrees from North to face Qibla.
If you find this complicated then you may act as the Sunnis do; because they have been
there longer than you and they must have come to that conclusion after having done some
As for Ziyarat: Every Ziyarat may be recited facing the Qibla.
Alternatively, you may resort to calculations (as described in the case of Qibla) by drawing
lines to Karbala and Mashhad.


Suppose I were to fly to the Moon. Whilst on the Moon or on the way to it, which direction
will be my Qibla for prayers?

A. According to "Fatwas" of some Mujtahids, the Qibla of a space-traveller is the Earth.
You will face the Earth during your prayer

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