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Dil Bilgisi 1

Turkish Grammar 1

A Turkish grammar book for beginner level students www.demyayincilik .com

DL BLGS 1, Turkish Grammar 1 can be used for both self-tuition and study with a teacher. Learners can also use the book as a workbook to Turkish course book and a reference book to Turkish easy readers. The content of the book mainly includes word level, sentence level and clauses level.

DL BLGS 1 covers a wide range of useful units nouns & adjectives, suffixes (to, at, from), verb to be, quantity, commands, definite object, present progressive tense, possession, ability, past verb to be, past progressive tense, past tense, after & before, adverbs, reporting statements, verbals, future tense, conditionals, suggestions, offers, obligation, adjective clauses, infinitive of purpose, necessity, introduction to clauses and other forms that learners need for beginner level.

DL BLGS 1 is a
Turkish grammar workbook, therefore the learners only deal with exercises, work in other words, rather than long and boring grammar explanations. However, there are enough explanations and examples to teach the form to the learners.

Most common types of exercises in the book are filling in the blanks . . .

Rewriting words with the suffixes . . .

Rewriting sentences . . .

Questions and answers . . .

Combining sentences and other types of exercises. ..

DL BLGS 1, Turkish Grammar is the part of the beginner set. The other books in the set are Talebe (Turkish Grammar), Okuma 1 (Turkish Easy Readers) and Kelime 1 (Turkish Vocabulary Developers).

DL BLGS 1, Turkish

Level Beginner Size A4 Pages 165 pages Color Black & white Answer Key Available Audio CD Available ISBN 978-605-89268-2-0

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