TEDxRedmond is a TEDx, or independently organized TED event (TED is the prestigious non-profit and annual conference in California

), created by youth, for youth. TEDxRedmond¶s organizing committee is completely comprised of teens and tweens, and all of our speakers will be under 20. Early confirmed speakers include Birke Baehr (twelveyear-old sustainable farming and nutrition activist), whose speech at TEDxNext Generation Asheville received over 350,000 views on YouTube; Roberto Granados (twelve-year-old classical, flamenco, and rock guitarist), who has played at events including the Democratic National Convention; and Talia Leman (founder of RandomKid, which has raised millions for charitable causes). Our target audience of students attend completely for free, because our goal isn¶t to make money. We evaluate our success based on attendee responses, and students of all ages have given us amazing answers to the question ³Why do you want to attend TEDxRedmond?´
Nine-Year-Old I went to TedxRedmond last year when I was only 8. I was inspired to write goals for myself. I learned that just because I'm a kid, doesn't mean I can't do certain things. So I learned how to surf, even though I was scared, and I am kind and considerate to all kids. I ran an 8 minute mile, and I've been saving my allowance and sponsoring people on Kiva who work with recycling. I hope I can come again this year and learn what I can't learn in school. Eleven I really, really enjoyed TedxRedmond last year. I loved that everyone there is trying to make the world a better place. Since last year I have been very busy trying to do the same. I have been volunteering my time with the Riverview Youth Council, I am the youngest in the group, most of them are in High School and I'm 11. We work on teen suicide prevention, preventing tobacco use, and other healthy choices. I also have been volunteering to serve food at tent city and helping the local women's shelter and sponsoring people on Kiva. But the biggest thing I have been working on is anti-bullying. I am working to help create a safe and bully free school. My dream is to be standing on a stage one day at TED talking about how I made a difference and inspiring someone like me to do the same. Twelve Like any other kid, I've always known that we weren't given as many chances as others. But especially after watching Adora's amazing speech, I was inspired to make a change, and it didn't matter if I was 12 or 21. So now, after hearing about TEDxRedmond, it would be a dream if I could attend. I have many ideas for the future and more, and I was hoping the speeches from TEDxRedmond could help me form my ideas into something bigger. Ever since I The TEDxRedmond Organizing Committee

heard of TEDxRedmond, I thought it was a great idea, letting kids hear others their age speak. Also, Adora's speech is one of my favorites from TED, especially because I can relate so much to it. I love writing, expressing myself, and dreaming big. Thirteen I think of myself as a 'learner.' I constantly ponder over issues that affect my world and, thereby, me. TEDxRedmond is the perfect forum for young learners like myself. I wish to share in the intellect, the views, and the questioning spirit that makes TED so significant to our generation and beyond. I would like to be a part of the larger objective of creating an aware and accountable epoch in our world. Fourteen I saw your article in Focus on Redmond and found the TED website through yours. After watching a couple videos I was hooked. I have never seen anything with the abundance and diversity of ideas and the ease of sharing them with the world that TED has. And the TEDx program greatly multiplies this, providing a place to discuss not only ideas for the US or the world but locally specific ideas or ideas for a specific field through customized events all over the world. And the biggest benefit of TEDx is that it makes it so that anyone can attend a TED event. That, combined with the power of TED's website and those of individual TEDx events, truly makes these amazing ideas accessible to the world. One no longer has to read countless scientific journals or travel the world listening to countless speeches to receive this diversity of ideas, but to merely attend a single convention or website. This is an amazing concept. I am very glad that Redmond has its own TEDx event, especially one so supportive of kids (something far too lacking in our society). I am a big proponent of allowing kids to be more involved in their society and I think that giving kids a platform on which to share their ideas with the world is a huge step in doing this. That's why I want to attend TEDxRedmond.

These enthusiastic responses make us all the more dedicated to making our second TEDxRedmond event as inspirational as it can be. However, because we are a free event, we have faced challenges in event costs like speaker travel (Roberto, Birke, and Talia are all flying in from out of state, and each will need a parent to fly with them as well). We have received a huge amount of support from the community for spreading the word about TEDxRedmond, with coverage in local media, interest from national media, and (last year) two tweets about our event from Chris Anderson, curator of TED with over 1 million followers; we simply need funding to help keep our event going. Sponsors help bring inspirational speakers and performers to TEDxRedmond and see meaningful results of that inspiration evidenced in community action. Sponsors also gain meaningful media coverage as a result of affiliating with such a unique youth event. Our nonprofit 501(c)3 partner is Generation YES (www.genyes.org); ³YES´ stands for Youth and Educators Succeeding. Generation YES empowers students to use modern technology to solve problems in their schools and communities. They have been a partner of TEDxRedmond since we started in 2010. Because Generation YES¶s work focuses on empowering students and using technology to solve problems, they are an ideal partner for our conference. Thank you for your time! We hope to hear from you. -Adora Svitak, TEDxRedmond Curator

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