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Published by: Shany Qory Guevara Chapilliquen on Jul 26, 2011
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The main goal of this work was to manufacture blueberry vinegar

(Vaccinium corymbosum L.) using press cake residues from elaboration of

concentrated juice process. By this way an additional value and an affective use

of the residues was proponed.

Microorganisms from Acetobactereace family, that are the acetic

fermentation initiation bacteria, were isolated from regional vinegars and


Growth and metabolic characteristics on several cultivation media were

investigated as well as biochemical (catalase, oxidase, gram and indol) and

physiological (growth on etanol, ketonic compounds formation from glycerin; 2,5

ketogluconic acid formation from glucose and acetate oxidation capacity) tests.

By these means was confirmed the bacteria belonged to Gluconobacter spp.

genus presenting a viable number higher than 1x107

UFC/mL on a standar

growth media. The growth rate was from 0.0702 to 0.1089 h-1 and the lethality

rate was from 0.0737 to 0.083 h-1.

The ethanol concentration and air supply volume showed that 8%v/v and

0.8 vvm of air, the process yield was 95% and acetification rate was 0.210g/Lh

in a 96 h period, being the best sensory evaluated treatment.


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