Alamat Jl Tarum Timur Kecamatan Simpar Kabupaten Subang

EVALUASI BELAJAR SEMESTER TAHUN PELAJARAN Mata Pelajaran Kelas : Bahasa Inggris : III ( Tiga ) Nama :««««««««««

I Chose the correct a, b, or c, to answer the questions! 1. Look at the picture! What is that? a. That is a window 10. is this a pencil ? b. That is a white board a. No, This is a pencil c . That is a table b. No, that is not a pencil c. No, This is not a pencil 12345 2. Look at the picture! What is that? a. This is bag 11. I «««a spinach b. This is pencil a. like c. This is ruler b. likes c. likely 3. Using ³ an ³ «««««for the following word ! a. Eraser 12. ««.like a cabbage b. Table a. She c. Window b. They c. I 4. Look this book ! How much this book ? BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK BOOK 13. Bird in Indonesian is«««««.. a. Kelinci a. Eight teen b. Burung b. Eight c. Kuda c. eighty 14. That is my father. 5. 21-5 = «« «««.is my father . a. Nineteen a. He b. Eighteen b. She c. Seventeen c. We

6. (26 ) It is number ««««« a. Twenty four b. Twenty six c. Twenty seven 7. White in Indonesian is ««« a. Merah b. Putih c. Hitam 8. This is a spinach . Please translate into Indonesian«.. a. Ini adalah bayam b. Ini adalah wortel c. Ini adalah kubis 9. Is that a bag ? a. Yes, that is a bag b. Yes, this a bag c. Yes, that is not a bag

15. There are Santi and Ani ««.are my friend. a. She b. I c. They II Fill in the blank with right word ! 1. This ««««a black board. 2. ««.It is number six teen 3. There are ««« pineapples.

4. What is that? ««is an avocado 5. ««.. is my sister 6. ««. Animal is this? 7. How ««« you ? 8. Is that a chili ? no , «««.. 9. I am«««««.I want drinking milk. 10. He is«««««..he want eating noodle.

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