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tis also notable that evo other states, Connecticut and Hawaii, are alse holding constitutional convention referenda this year. Itis useful to compare Illinois” loquacious referendum question tothe versions being used in two other states, Hawaii's question is formatted as follows: STATE OF HAWAII CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION QUESTION Shall there be a convention to propose revision of or amendments to the Constitution’? CConnectict’s question is similarly brief: SHALL THERE BE A CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION TO AMEND OR REVISE ‘THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE? Conn. Const. Art 13, See. 2 ‘Tae examples ofthese two states shoul strate that there no practical impediment 0 choosing a bref, concise question format when submitting a constitutional convention referendum othe public. Given the exterediference in length and complexity between Ulinois* proposed constitutional convention question, and the concise questions in Hawai and Connecticut, its apparent that referenda on ealing coasttational conventions do aot need ‘verbosity, linois' proposed question, besides violating the sate Becton Code, appears needlessly complex when compared to ther state” practices. For this andthe other aforen tioned reasons, the current wording should be abandoned. Bart IV - Remedy In sum, petitioner requests thatthe Secretary of State, pursuant to his explicit and exclusive powers under Article XIV See, 1(b) ofthe Illinois Constitution, revoke the certification ofthe question of whether to call a constitutional convention that is scheduled to appear on the November, 2008 General Election ballot and substitute in its place a question that conforms to 7 Accessed at www hawall.govielections; see Appendix. un the express requirements of Section 16-6 ofthe Election Code and ofall relevant Federal and state constitutional guarantees. Specifically petitioner requests thatthe constitutional convention ‘question forthe November, 2008 General Election be subrnited as follows: For the calling - ‘of Constitutional ‘Convention, ‘Wherefore, petitioner respectfully requests respondent grant the relief set forth above for the reasons discussed herein, Respectfully Submited, Ed Rucon Pat Quinn, Lieutenant Governor I, Sean Vinck, affirm that today, September 15, 2008, at 4:57 PM, [submitted an ‘administrative petition regarding the wording ofthe November, 2008 Ilinois constitutional convention referendum on behalf of Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn tothe General ‘Counsel to Secretary of State Jesse White, Ms. Irene Lyons, in accordance with Section '552-10(e) ofthe Ilinois Administrative Code, Hear Vouk ‘Sean Vinek ‘State of Iinois County of Cook Nowy: AZo