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How to cite references: APA style

What is APA style?

American Psychological Association (APA) style is an editorial style that many of the social and behavioral sciences have adopted to present written material in the field. Citation of references includes: -- In text citation: the last name of the author and the year of publication are inserted in the text. -- Reference list: contains all the items you have made a direct reference to in your

research paper (by using in-text citations)

How to cite references in APA style? In text citation: A single gene controls the restriction of the compound to the leaves and stems (Barham, 1953). References:
Book Brown, S. D., & Lent, R. W. (Eds.). (2000). Handbook of counseling psychology. New York: Wiley. Book Chapter Coleman, P. C. (1999). Identity management in later life. In R. T. Woods (Ed.), Psychological problems of ageing: Assessment, treatment and care (pp. 49-72). New York: Wiley. Conference Paper Tian, C. S., & Kok, L. P. (1991). Parent adolescent communication in Singaporean families. In Psychiatry in the 90s: ASEAN perspectives: Proceedings of the 3rd ASEAN Congress on Psychiatry & Mental Health (pp. 315-320). Kuala Lumpur: Malaysian Psychiatric Association. Journal Article Boey, K. M. (1998). Social network and the subjective well-being of the elderly in Hong Kong. Asia Pacific Journal of Social Work, 8 (2), 5-15. Newspaper article Wong, S. M. (2004, February 3). Forgotten souls of Woodbridge. The Straits Times, p. H1. Web Site American Psychological Association. (1998). Eating disorders: Psychotherapy's role in effective treatment. Retrieved January 28, 2004, from


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