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EDI 856 ASN Definition

856 Advance Ship Notice is a standard ASC X12 EDI version. It is a shipping notification that is generally send electronically, from a supplier to a retailer/buyer, to give advance notice of what products are being shipped from a purchase order. It is a printed packing slip that tells a buyer how a supplier has packed items for shipment. The 856 document is a carton-level receiving document, which means the ASN tells retailers exactly whats in each box, how the shipment is configured, and what carrier will bring it.

Why ASN is used?

The point of an ASN is to tell your customers in advance, what will be arriving and when, so the customer can be prepared to receive the order and shipment. The ASN is used to list the contents of the shipment of goods and additional information relating to the shipment such as: Order information Product description Type of packaging Carrier information Physical characteristics Configuration of goods within the transportation equipment.

(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6)


Most ASN follows either standard pack / pick and pack guidelines. PICK and PACK STRUCTURE EXAMPLE:

The following side diagram detail the structure required in this document. Failure to adhere to this structure will cause the 856 data to be incompatible with Receiving applications; therefore, this structure is considered mandatory.

In this Pick and Pack Structure example, the shipment contains two orders. The first order has two cartons. The first carton contains three items. The second carton contains one item. The second order contains one carton with 6 items in the carton. Each box represents one hierarchical level (one HL segment followed by data segments). The number in each box (top left corner) is the hierarchical sequence number (the number in HL01). The number in the top right is the parent ID (HL02).




Name Interchange Header Functional Group Header Transaction Set Header Beginning Segment for Ship Notice

Req. Des. Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory

Loop Repeat

Detail Shipment
Seg. HL TD1 TD5 TD3 REF PER DTM N1 N3 N4 Name Hierarchical Level Carrier Details (Quantity & Weight) Carrier Details (Routing Seq. / Transit Time) Carrier Details (Equipment) Reference Identification Administrative Communications Contact Date / Time Reference Name Address Information Geographic Location Req. Des. Mandatory Mandatory Optional Optional Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Loop Repeat 1

Detail Order


Name Hierarchical Level Purchase Order Reference Carrier Details (Quantity and Weight) Reference Identification Name

Req. Des. Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory

Loop Repeat 1

Detail Item
Seg. HL LIN SN1 Name Hierarchical Level Item Information Item Detail (Shipment) Req. Des. Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Loop Repeat 1

Seg. CTT Name Transaction Totals Req. Des. Mandatory Loop Repeat

Seg. SE GE Name Transaction Set Trailer Functional Group Trailer Req. Des. Mandatory Mandatory Loop Repeat

Hierarchical Structure:-

EDI X12 856 ASN File Sample

ISA*00* *00* *01*SENDERID1*01*SUPPTEST1 *990413*1259*U*00401*000000045*0*P*' GS*SH*SENDERID1*SUPPTEST1*990413*1259*45*X*004010 ST*856*450001 BSN*00*123456*19990413*1259 DTM*011*19990413*1229*ET HL*1**S MEA*PD*G*68*LB TD1*PLT94*1 TD5*B*2*CETR*LT TD3*TL**654321 REF*BM*S0000093 N1*MI**1*99999 N1*SU**1*1987654 N1*ST**1*99999 HL*2*1*O LIN**BP*EDIPART1*PO*PO1111*EC*EC111 SN1**33*EA*33 HL*3*2*I CLD*2*100*BOX71 CTT*1*0 SE*19*450001 GE*1*45 IEA*1*000000045