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Articles A, An, and The

Articles: A, An and The

1. We use a for word that begins with a consonant sound such as: a girl, a tree, a dog, a toy 2. We use an before a word that begins with a vowel sound or silent h such as: an apple, an eagle, an ice-cube, an owl, an umbrella, an hour, an honest boy

_____ prisoner

_____ actor

_____ elephant

_____ tyre

_____ baby

Khirol Azuddin

Articles A, An, and The

How to use a and an:

1. Before a singular noun (Countable Nouns) a plate, a bus, a book 2. Use with occupations or professions a teacher, a doctor, an engineer 3. Use in expressions 30 kilometres an hour, RM10 a box 4. Use in exclamations What a busy day! , What a shock! REMEMBER! a and an is NOT USED with uncountable nouns, and plural nouns. A sugar WRONG! A birds WRONG!

How to use the:

1. Use to refer to a particular thing The house near the lake. 2. Use before the only nouns the Sun, the Moon, the Earth 3. Use before superlatives the biggest, the most beautiful, the slowest 4. Use before the names of seas and rivers The Pahang River, The Pacific Ocean 5. Use before the names of places The Palace of Golden Horses 6. Use before certain countries like: The United Kingdom, The United States of America REMEMBER! We DO NOT use any articles (a, an and the) when: 1. Before names of towns, states, and most countries We say in Segambut, in Kuala Lumpur, in Malaysia 2. Before names of games I play hockey, He plays badminton, We like watching them playing football 3. Before names of diseases diabetes, heart attack, flu

Khirol Azuddin