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Zambian Diaspora Survey Report - 2011

Zambian Diaspora Survey Report - 2011

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Published by: Chola Mukanga on Jul 13, 2011
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The past decade witnessed an increasing recogniton of the link between migraton
and development in the global agenda. Today, there is growing awareness among
countries, both of origin and destnaton, that properly managed migraton brings
numerous benefts. There has been a sizeable shif in outlook from the traditonal
negatve percepton of migraton to an appreciaton that it could and should be
managed as a tool for achieving developmental goals.

It is in this context that IOM began implementng its Migraton for Development
in Africa (MIDA) projects more than 10 years ago. Migraton for development
is one of the main cross-cutng themes in IOM’s work, outlined in its eforts to
mobilize the fnancial and non-fnancial contributons of migrants and the diaspora
towards home-country development. MIDA projects have registered much success
in helping to increase African countries’ capacites to redress the skills gap resultng
from “brain drain”. Notable examples of such projects include MIDA Ghana, which,
since 2003, contnues to engage expatriate Ghanaian health professionals from
Europe in the development and strengthening of hospitals and other public and
private health insttutons through temporary assignments. MIDA Ghana has also
been instrumental in broadening the collaboraton between insttutons in Ghana
and migrants’ destnaton countries. The MIDA Great Lakes Programme (Burundi,
the Democratc Republic of the Congo and Rwanda) supports capacity-building in
health care, educaton and rural development by matching skills shortages with
available expertse among the Great Lakes diaspora in Europe.

Like many countries in the contnent, Zambia has long been characterized
by high levels of migraton for the purpose of employment. In the context of an
increasingly global labour market, many skilled Zambian natonals are recruited to
work overseas. This labour migraton tlts the benefts of migraton in favour of the
receiving countries, leading to skills shortages in the country that afect especially,
but not only, the health care and educaton sectors.

The tme has come for Zambia to reverse the situaton and begin to beneft from
the human and fnancial resources of its diaspora. The GRZ recognizes that Zambians
in the diaspora have the right and the enormous potental to contribute to natonal
human and fnancial capacity-building, through the sharing of knowledge, skills and
experience and the transfer of fnancial resources via remitances. In line with this,
the GRZ is currently taking steps to reach out to and efectvely engage members of
the diaspora in natonal development eforts.

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Zambian Diaspora Survey Report Feeding into the Development of a Diaspora Engagement Framework for Zambia

IOM is pleased to be part of this process and assist the GRZ in its eforts to engage
the Zambian diaspora, drawing on its MIDA expertse and experience in other
countries. This study is the result of a collaboratve efort between IOM and the GRZ
within the MIDA framework. The fndings and way forward contained in this study
are intended to guide and inform policy formulaton as well as practcal interventons
aimed at ensuring the diaspora’s partcipaton in Zambia’s development.

I trust that this study will be of use to all stakeholders, including members of the
Zambian diaspora, who seek to ensure the partcipaton of the Zambian diaspora
in natonal development eforts.

Andrew Choga

Chief of Mission
IOM Zambia

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Zambian Diaspora Survey Report Feeding into the Development of a Diaspora Engagement Framework for Zambia

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