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The Hypnotic Seduction Manual
By Dr. Robert Jacobs,MSD,CHT

DR.MOJO'S MAN-I-FESTO Sexism?-Utter Nonsense! You See, the reason so many Men find they have difficulties in meeting women these days is the fact that they have been "brainwashed". For so many years the media has brow-beaten Men, and have given them what I call a "guilt complex". The media has placed beautiful women on a pedestal, at the expense of the Male's Nature and sense of identity. Sex roles (1 of 5) [11/19/2002 4:07:42 AM]


were obfuscated. Aren't you absolutely sick of feminist trying to label you a "Sexist" simply because of your Natural, Inherent Sexual Desires towards beautiful women? Men have been conditioned to be "trained robots" be at the beckoning call of any damsel in distress. Men have also been led to believe their own sexual desires are anti-women and sexist. Ridiculous! The way to combat and counter-act this type of media conditioning is to re-program yourself with new beliefs...To re-discover the beauty within yourself-As A True Man-Without Apologies! Some Men begin a great campaign to help Men, only to Wuss out and cow tow to the status quo! NotDr. Mojo! No Help For Men Have you ever noticed that most bookstores have sections totally devoted to women. Women's health, women's sexuality, women's guide to divorce and getting alimony. I had to ask myself, "Where are the books and tapes to help Men?" There were none. And I searched for many, many years. Lets face it. It isn't Politically Correct to be Male in America! Comming soon to Your Cunt-ry...If not already there! That's why I decided to develop this Manual! You Are An Endangered Species! The Law of Evolution is to Survive! To Pro-Create! To find a suitable mate to bear your offspring. If the feminist have their way, The Male will become obsolete. They are (2 of 5) [11/19/2002 4:07:42 AM]


telling women to become pregnant in sperm banks. They would rather mate with a test tube than a Man! Even the U.S. Post Office has quite a campain of selling postage stamps to increase awareness of breast cancer, and donates money to finding a cure. What about Prostate Cancer...which is much more prevalent? Any stamps for that? NADA! Nothing! How many times have you dreamed of finding the right woman, the one who would unconditionally love and respect you, only to discover that she only wanted to be your friend, while wanting to bang the Harley riding, chain smoking, booze hound gardener? So between the children of complete losers, and test tube fertilization, what is the future of the human race? Are you tired of the double-speak. Are you tired of seeing women viewing you as only a "friend" or a "meal ticket"? Do you want to be able to flip the tables on women and regain your proper place in the Universe-to accept your birthright-Your Supreme Glorious Position As A Man!!! NOW YOU CAN!!! Within this Manual You will find New Concepts in the Evolution of Hypnosis and Human Consciousness. We are moving forward towards New Possibilities and a Boundless Future through technology. The basis of the Hypnotic Seduction System shows how to develop Your Own Inner Self Confidence. It is a lack thereof which causes Men difficulties in attracting women. It also increases your natural intellectual abilities. However (3 of 5) [11/19/2002 4:07:42 AM]


once you learn the secrets, these amazing techniques can be applied in any area of your life!!! DR. MOJO

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STATE ELICITATION STAGE HYPNOSIS CHAPTER 10 CONVERSATIONAL HYPNOSIS CHAPTER 11 ADVANCED SET UP PHRASES Welcome to Hypnotic Seduction. Since you are reading this book, I am assuming that your luck with women has been less than you have desired it to be. Well the secrets which are about to be revealed to you will change your love life forever. You will finally have the ability to get any girl you desire, easily and naturally, after applying the simple techniques found in this book. You have made the first step in proving to yourself that you in fact have the ability to change your life because you have already made the first step. That shows that you have the power to make decisions and act on them to improve your life.
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The Hypnotic Seduction Manual
HYPNOSIS There have been many attempts to describe the phenomenon know as hypnosis. Through the centuries, there have been many individuals who have used hypnosis even though not calling it hypnosis. Witchdoctors have used it for healing patients as they use their mysterious dances and movements to lull their sick patients into a trance by flailing their hands and bodies about. Many religions use meditation which like hypnosis, is in fact an altered state. Many religious leaders have used the powers of suggestion to create wonderful feelings in their followers, or even have gone as far as creating mass hysteria. Plays, movies, television, all of which create a trance like altered stated. Why is this so. Because anything that you are not consciously aware of at any given time is from the unconscious mind. When you watch TV, generally you are not aware of your surroundings. Someone may say something to you, and yet you may be so engrossed in the program that you don’t even hear them. This is what is called a deep trance (1 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:43 AM]


phenomena. Have you ever sat your keys down on the table, then went to get something, came back looked on the table, but the keys weren’t there anymore. Or so you may have thought until you ask someone where your keys are and they were on the table all along. This is another example of altered states. Or while driving, does your mind ever drift, you drive for 100 miles, then boom your at your destination and have no idea of how you got there? This is yet another example of how your already realizing how hypnosis occurs everyday in everyone. BRAIN WAVES When we are fully awake and aware our brains are producing waves which are relatively rapid. These waves are known as beta waves. This is your conscious state. When we sleep our brains are emitting brain waves. In the sleep state, there known as delta waves. This is your unconscious state. These are very slow brain waves indicating slow brain activity. Just before falling asleep or just upon awakening, your brain waves are still slow but not as slow. During this time, your brain produces what are known as alpha waves. That is why most people grab for that morning cup of java. Its a dreamy trance like state. Its a semi-conscious state where the conscious beta brain waves aren’t filtering out things. This alpha state is what we will be concentrating on as this is where all hypnotic (2 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:43 AM]

meditative.5 .5 cycles per second) . Your brainwaves are measured much in the same way on the same frequency daydreaming BETA (14 . DELTA (0.5 . What a person thinks they are is in the conscious mind. Just stop for a moment and remember the smell of a turkey baking in the oven. It stores your entire life. like radio waves are from about 88 to 108 in the MHZ (mega hertz) range.30 cps) . It is also the part of the mind that houses the ego.13 cps) .html (3 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:43 AM] . and suggestions can just slip right on into a persons mind. visual. It records all feelings and emotions. smells and tastes you have ever had in your entire life.7 cps) . If it http://www.very deep sleep without dreaming THETA (3.introduction phenomena occurs.a1hypnosis.the moment just prior to sleep ALPHA (7 .wide awake and engaged in activity CONSCIOUS MIND The conscious mind is what you are using to read this book. It is the part of the mind that you make decisions with like what you will have for lunch. almost like a video tape recorder which never stops. Brain waves. THE UNCONSCIOUS MIND The unconscious mind is the part of the mind which is responsible for what you are not currently aware of. auditory. This is the state where the conscious beta waves are out of the way.

html (4 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:43 AM] . or reality. Possibly you remembered a Thanksgiving meal you had with family. Either way. But there’s Well before you call me a sexist. Now. what happened? If you remembered the scent of a turkey being cooked. He liked to count how many cc’s of saliva poured out of a dog’s mouth when shown food. a realistic fantasy.introduction helps stop reading and close your eyes for a minute while you do this. So he showed a dog food and out came saliva.a1hypnosis. this is a fine example how stimulus can cause memories to come back to the consciousness. but the importance of the work of a Russian scientist named Ivan Pavlov. then you were just in that alpha state. Big deal you say. Pavlov studied how dogs react in the presence of food. I am not comparing women with dogs. PAVLOV’S DOGS You may be wondering what dogs have to do with seducing women. This is why my method of Hypnotic Seduction is so powerful as you will soon discover. Pavlov then started to ring a bell at the same time as http://www. Perhaps you even remembered a Thanksgiving as a child. The unconscious mind dosen't discriminate between a dream. it was brought to your conscious awareness and there you were. Your conscious mind stopped for a moment and dove down into the unconscious to search for a time where you smelled a turkey baking. When that memory was recovered.

Guess what. FRANZ ANTON MESMER Credited as the founding father of modern hypnotism was Franz Anton Mesmer. He ran a very fashionable clinic in Paris at the time. Well Pavlov found out yes indeed humans did the same thing.a1hypnosis. After a few times doing He found that he could produce the same results by simply passing his hands in the same sweeping motions as he did with the magnets. He rang the bell later with the same results. Pavlov just rung the bell without food.introduction showing the dog his meal. Well it means that if it can be done with dogs. The dogs started salivating as if the food was there.html (5 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:43 AM] . What does this mean. He had clients with all sorts of nervous problems which he treated with his technique he called “Animal Magnetism”. Mesmer was forced to http://www. Another woman went into convulsions after Mesmer pointed at her. Later Mesmer refined his work and stopped using the magnets. Mesmer used these motions along with powerful suggestions to create these dramatic altered states in his patients which became known as Mesmerism. He would wave magnets all around a persons body until she fell into a sleep like state. Mesmer lived in the 18th century. Still counting the saliva. He believed that magnets could help get the magnetic fluids in a persons body in proper order and eliminate mental illness in the process. can this be done with humans. Sadly.

Freud found some success with hypnosis in treating nervous conditions. If he was a fraud. Well ever since. a person would feel better. People would walk into his office and Milton would start to tell a story. so he starting to tell people to relive their problems over and over and over hoping that after reliving it enough.introduction stop practicing his craft as he was accused by the French government of seducing women as well as being a fraud. In Freud’s early days. No magnets. none of the famous media induced “Look Deeply Into My Eyes”. He was very successful with treating mentally ill patients. He must have been on the right track. psychiatry went in one direction and hypnosis went in another. Well I doubt that. MILTON ERICKSON Milton Erickson was a medical doctor as well as a hypnotist. why was he so good at seducing women. Freud was not a very good hypnotist.a1hypnosis. http://www. Within a few moments. the person was in a total hypnotic trance. He is considered by many to be the greatest hypnotist of this (6 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:43 AM] . SIGMUND FREUD Sigmund Freud is known as the father of modern psychiatry. he used the techniques of Mesmer’s which became known as hypnosis. Well heck.

CLICK HERE FOR http://www. or metaphors to induce trance in people who were not responsive to traditional hypnosis techniques.introduction Milton used stories. wouldn’t you. most often you would think that is too direct. the unconscious will pick up on them and act on them as if nothing was happening out of the normal. Joe. to mark out the embedded command so to speak. Im wondering if you are already beginning to realize how these embedded commands can help you to seduce beautiful women. a little baby knows how to relax completely in his mother’s If Milton.” or “a tomato plant can feel really comfortable as it grows. The thing to remember here is that when Milton used an embedded command. When cleverly hidden within any “normal” sounding conversation. He would say something like: “You know. or anybody told you to feel really comfortable or relax completely directly. he would alter his voice tone downward. These sentence fragments are known as embedded commands. weren’t you? Hummmm. But If Milton were to tell you a story about a person who could become totally relaxed now then you may become totally relaxed now and not even realize you were just hypnotized.html (7 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:43 AM] .” What is it that stands out in the above sentences? The statements relax completely and feel really comfortable. (8 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:43 AM] .introduction TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www.

He could do with his words what a thousand men couldn’t do with their money.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 2SEDUCTION DON JUAN Look at Don Juan. lulling women into a trance and effectively programming them for seduction. strength. Which is the secret of this course. MY VACATION Let me for a minute stop and tell you about a vacation I took recently. He would very elaborately describe beautiful and wondrous fantasies with his seductive tone of voice. I took a wonderful trip to a tropical paradise.html (1 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:53 AM] . Well the answer is surprisingly simple. or power put together. With his voice and words used in such a hypnotic way. He was a great story teller. I can remember how beautiful it was there as I http://www. Don Juan was able to capture a woman’s imagination. women couldn’t resist his magnetic charm. He was hypnotically Why was he able to be so success full with women.

picture the mist dancing off the gentle waves now. you created in your mind your own subjective experience based totally on my words. There were people sailing on boats which I can remember seeing off in the distance. Did you begin to feel like you were taking a bit of a vacation as you were reading about my trip? Did you notice any embedded commands. I can even remember how good it felt to have my feet in the warm sand.introduction become aware of the feeling of the warm breeze blowing gently across my body. remember how good it felt . And as I did.a1hypnosis. all of these things can cause me to feel very relaxed and comfortable as I think about them. I’ll mention a couple. nor when. I can picture the mist dancing off the gentle waves now. and can even now remember the wonderful smell of the salty sea air. Try and find as many as you can. I could hear the sound of the ocean gently flowing in and out as I watched the seagulls gracefully sailing on the wind. I gave no specifics.html (2 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:53 AM] . I didn’t tell you where I went.imagine the feeling of the warm breeze. I know you had many images come to your mind. Hear the sound of the ocean . Now as you were reading that story about my vacation. Yet how much solid information did I give you. Hummm. and feeling the warmth of the sun penetrating my skin which caused me to feel very relaxed. I basically vividly described my subjective experience. None. There were many.

..and the beating of your heart..... You take Mary to a very quiet restaurant.your mind can start to have fantasies about someone that can cause you to feel so totally comfortable....introduction SEDUCTION TECHNIQUES the rhythm of your breathing ..html (3 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:53 AM] . And I feel that you are a person who can notice certain details. This will cause her to notice that your eyes are profound inside this person.. Then you have her attention on your eyes and as she is focused on your eyes you begin saying : “Mary.. You begin by looking at Mary with an intensity in your eyes. All of these things are causing Mary to go into the state where you want her to be.... The relaxed state of alpha we discussed in the previous this is a very special and magical thing to begin to feel totally aroused ... And tell her that she has very deep eyes.... but she won’t tell you that probably right away. with soft music in the background. The place is dimly lit by candle light.. you can begin your process of hypnotic seduction..and as you notice these things... Providing there are no distractions around.a1hypnosis. I know that there are some people who can look very deeply into someone’s eyes. Perhaps she is having a glass of wine.and when a person http://www..... Lets suppose you have a date with Mary. lets talk about putting this information to use... and truly see something so deep.

and I think that you are the kind of person who can have very strong feelings of attraction..causing you to feel an incredible passion.a1hypnosis...and I find that when that happens this place and at this special time.html (4 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:53 AM] with me............that when a person can surrender.and all these things can create a feeling of connection.its like a feeling of ecstasy when you realize you have met someone who can fill that space deep inside your a flood of wondrous feelings coming from a place so deep inside...almost as if destiny brought you to this person..with me its like all these sensations can begin to spread through out your entire body.a wonderful feeling that words can not express.on a deep level...these things can sometimes lead to an incredible sense of as they do can start to notice a sense of growing attraction.. with me....and not even be aware that they have these intense feelings for this person.and even at night when you dream and sleep.........with me....when they begin to realize that they really want to be with this person.......and let go of all inhibitions......... it is very interesting how people can become totally fascinated .....introduction starts listing carefully.........and sometimes people can have dreams of being with one special person.and begin to notice certain wonderful things about this person.........its like for mysterious reasons.....that thoughts of this person just starts to http://www..

This is very. If you tell a woman a story about an incredible sexual experience you had... so make sure you really want the woman your out with because you will get her using this type of hypnotic language... they have to follow along by making images and sounds and feelings in their mind to understand you. That paragraph was written in trance language. The thing to remember here is that any time you tell a story to someone.. a person becomes aroused instantly!” This is typical of the Ericksonian form of indirect hypnosis. she will automatically recall one she had.and something which can cause you to realize that you know that you want something more..... It is also a form of conditioning with http://www..introduction penetrate your whole being.. she will start becoming very excited just like Pavlov’s dogs getting excited when they heard the bell and began salivating..a1hypnosis.. very powerful language patterns. And when you use terms such as “a person can feel horny” a woman won’t reject this statement or “Sometimes.html (5 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:53 AM] .you may even find your self going inside and telling passionately so deeply.. If you tell the story in a very arousing tone of voice.and you want it . Very vague but very descriptive hypnotic languaging designed to put a woman right into the state where she will want to go home with you and sleep with you and she won’t even know that you’ve hypnotized her at all.with me that’s how I see Mary..I want it now..

com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter2. Please look for them and study them and soon you will be able to create your own sentences and language patterns for hypnotic seduction. You talk about something and the person has to experience it because words are to humans what the bell was to Pavlov’s dogs. Can you imagine how good she must have felt now. and always use a seductive tonality while remembering to mark out the embedded. And always remember to set the stage for success. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. You may find many embedded commands in the preceding paragraph. Have you ever began to feel so totally in love with someone that your heart jumps with excitement.introduction language.a1hypnosis. I remember how close we felt when we were making love all night long. Stimuli. She told me that she would have multiple orgasms when ever a man just even http://www. Use subdued lighting.” Another example of a hypnotic story goes like this: “I was talking to a girl friend of mine who told me that she gets really horny when a man is kissing her stomach. STORIES Using the same techniques as above.html (6 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:53 AM] . For example you could tell Mary: “I can remember a time when I was really in love with someone. you can disguise your embedded commands within stories to make them even less consciously noticeable.

For example if you have gotten a woman into a very horny and aroused state through the use of the hypnotic seduction..html (7 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:53 AM] .. but I think a touch on the hand or the knee would be better. The next time you see Mary and want to get her horny.. the best thing to do to cause her to go back into that state easily is to create an anchor.NOW!” In the above to examples the hypnotic embedded commands have been marked out for you.introduction looked at her stomach because she started to picture how it would be if this man were to kiss her ever so softly on her stomach. So if you have gotten Mary very hot and bothered. Just use your http://www. simply touch her firmly on her right knee and you have re-activated her “horny anchor” Many other states can be anchored as well. and she told me that all these fantasies caused her to become really hot and very wet. Perhaps a bell could be useful here. When the anchor of the bell was rung. The baking turkey you remember smelling in the previous chapter was an anchor for you to remember a Thanksgiving in the past. the dogs began remembering the food and started salivating. then give her a firm touch on her right ANCHORS Anchors are basically the same idea as the bells for Pavolv’s dogs.. Anchors are very useful in seduction.a1hypnosis.

html (8 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:09:53 AM] .a1hypnosis. Mabe you are making love to Mary and she is at the height of ecstasy. Then take Mary to the shopping mall and fire off the ear lobe anchor and watch as she starts smiling and turning red because you know she is having imagination. Just squeeze an earlobe. CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www.

html (1 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:10:01 AM] . You will notice as your brain waves slow from waking beta to relaxed alpha. there are 3 brain wave states. As you get more familiar with this state. you should pay attention to the way your state changes as you are falling asleep. Hypnosis occurs in the alpha state. try to catch yourself before you fall asleep.a1hypnosis. In addition. you must first become familiar with this alpha state. To use my method of psychic seduction.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 3PSYCHIC SEDUCTION PSYCHIC SEDUCTION As mentioned in chapter 1. when a person is in the alpha state. and imagination abilities are increased. http://www. you will start feeling that dreamy "day dream" state before sleep. In order to do this. This is where you will begin your psychic seduction work. you should use your imagination skills to picture as vividly as possible the type of woman you desire. they are more relaxed and calm. When in the reverie state of

you can create a connection with a woman and cause her to want to come and meet you without you saying anything. To do this. Within a few days.html (2 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:10:01 AM] . Then proceed to vividly imagine how it will feel to touch her body. you first go into a mild trance state. Imagine yourself talking to her and her enjoying talking to you. Then you clearly imagine you have http://www. Then imagine you and her making passionate love. you will begin to get urges and promptings to go to places which you do not normally go to. There you will be pleasantly surprised that you will find this exact woman and she will respond to you with all the warmth and passion you would expect from her. You ask the universe that you will meet this exact woman and will have that very same experience with her. Visualize as clearly as you can and make her as real as The physical characteristics as well as her personality. Watch as she gets aroused. feel what it will feel like. Put your hands on her body and explore. TELEPATHY With this method.a1hypnosis. Next begin to imagine a spiral of light surrounding the both of you as you send this request out to the universe. and hear her how she would sound if it were really happening now. See what you would see.

Picture in your mind that you are touching the woman’s neck and you will find that she will start touching her neck or playing with her hair in the same area.html (3 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:10:01 AM] . she will notice you in a major way. Its very technical to explain here. At this point. With your psychic hands. and notice her skin becoming red and her breathing increasing even more Begin using your psychic hands down rubbing her clit. it is transmitting the alpha waves along with the natural energy patterns of the earth itself. hence making this type of mental telepathy possible. This works because when your brain is in the alpha state. if she hasn't already. reach out and caress her breasts and notice how the woman’s breathing rate increases and her nipples will become erect. and will have a total burning desire to meet you. Next move to her breasts.introduction a set of psychic hands which you can use to reach out and touch the woman you desire. move down to the clitoris. Your target woman will now come to you and from there you can use the other skills you have mastered from the http://www. Next. Finally. but the alpha waves roughly correspond to the energy fields hz level. send her the message "come to me now" and send this message psychically about 3 or 4 times while you are still in your altered state.

CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS (4 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:10:01 AM] .introduction rest of this manual.

...just a's like it seems predestined....and completely sence of enchantment...and you start to allow yourself to remember a time when you felt completely in love with someone..that can awaken instantly.a1hypnosis...deep I find thats when i can become totally excited http://www...with the feeling that this is right.......html (1 of 6) [11/19/2002 4:10:09 AM] ......have you ever wondered what its like when you feel totally comfortable......for quite some if you have come to a point that your attention can just become rivited on whats right in front of you right you wonder what it was that drew you to this very place...something mysterious.....introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 4USE THE INTERNET FOR SEDUCTION The following paragraph is another example of how you can use the languague of Hypnotic Seduction to attract women via Internet Personals and E-mail: If you were to imagine what it would be like to find yourself becoming totally facinated with someone..even though you haven't even met to the point where its like you've already known this person...someone who made you feel so warm inside.

. Sometimes when people meet........ It is rare in this world.its something infinate.spread down....its beyond the limitations of this to The following letter was sent by e-mail and used to set up a second date with a babe using Hypnotic Seduction: Dear ________...something that just begins to penetrate your entire being with that special fire that just can begin to the diner.this feeling that just transcends words.. I just wanted to write you a little letter to let you know that I really enjoyed our evening a rainbow.a1hypnosis...with me......html (2 of 6) [11/19/2002 4:10:09 AM] .and that energy can intensify and become like a radiant beam of light.......and fuse into one bright central point.with me that is an incredible feeling..inside...... As I remember how it felt when I first looked into your eyes..I mean its like you've just if the sun through a prism.....that is beyond words......that people can http://www.there’s like this a point...and pondering on us holding each other and kissing so the point where you may find yourself feeling the energy between them just come up...its almost as if there was a timeless connection..a.burning fire..introduction and allow myself to feel wonderfull........can you feel that would be a wonderful. and our talk over the heart..........that feels like you have always a flame.

..with me that is a wonderful feeling to have.. Another Example Letter: What's it like when you begin to allow yourself to let go..instantly.......and it was like we didn’t even have to say one you allow the bond to grow....would be an incredible experience.....when you really listen have to stop..yet I find that when that special person comes......but knew...and act immediately....down....more and more intently....introduction feel so incredibly fascinated with someone..and its like other things in life seemed less important as you can begin to imagine the infinite possibilities.......a you remember all those magnificent feelings..making you feel completely alive.but I believe that.....feeling this overwhelming sense of no one else can fill that space inside them.. And when someone that moves you so much does enter into your aura..or it will be lost forever.. And as those feelings wash over you like a gentle mist.html (3 of 6) [11/19/2002 4:10:09 AM] ...when you just open your mind just the right time..and start to fantisize http://www............anything is possible through the infinite powers of the universe...its like you can become lost inside your own thoughts..and excited right now...which cause things to happen in a special may even find that you can remember our incredible time together..inside could be awakened suddenly. Most people feel a lifelong longing..that sometimes those feelings deep.a1hypnosis.can you feel that ..

.introduction about certain things..with me..its ok to indulge in my wildest fantisies.and open your mind completly... Another Setup E-mail Letter: I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the phone...and together.have you ever had so much in common with someone that it made you...and you may find yourself imagining what that first kiss is going to be like.........i this way...its like you can really let go.............i feel that we have so much in's like a warmth that just comes.....with me. and online.........what it was that has brought new the point where you can just feel really comfortable with these new ideas.......and feel really comfortable around find that when i feel so totally connected to someone i've recently me . its like you've known you begin to find yourself really opening up your mind....something experiences.......and dreams..and say to yourself.i mean........from that persons if you have always known what you like you can start to think things in a different....and begin to want to fulfill all your wildest fantises....html (4 of 6) [11/19/2002 4:10:09 AM] .and begin to suddenly become totally turned on... begin to wonder.that is when i find you can feel totally aroused.and the warmth makes you feel so incredibly alive..........mmmmm isn't that an incredible thought to ponder on right now....

Have you ever read The Celestine Prophecy?? I have experienced many spiritual brushes and this book pulled it all together for me.after the connection was solidified...can just begin to spread down.....and feel his body.with me.and want to fuse together as one soul.. http://www.against mine... Your letter has touched me in a place that has been asleep for a very long time.....i really feel incredibly wonderful around this person....thats when you can really look back and think to yourself ..I had almost forgotten what intense energy feels like........and looking forward to a time......and then you know instantly your body.... i think that is the most perfect feeling..that the warmth of this connection .into your mind. A reply from a very horney woman: Dear__________... I must admit I spent the better part of today with my mind on your e-mail and not so much on my work..........with me........and you begin to feel so incredibly aroused..can you feel that now..introduction this person for years.on my have.... Meshing with another soul is something beautiful and rare..a1hypnosis.....deep into your soul.........his breath..html (5 of 6) [11/19/2002 4:10:09 AM] ...your whole being becomes filled with that penetrating warmth... but I feel the connection.even as you are reading this letter you might find your self pondering over this.feeling totally fulfilled...and become enraptured in his eyes..and maybe even you will find that your hearts are beginning to beat as one..

.... Will you close your eyes and open your arms to join me? Somewhere between Heaven and earth.introduction I know of a place where dreams of whispered promises come true...a1hypnosis.. Where when two bodies touch they become one.html (6 of 6) [11/19/2002 4:10:09 AM] .com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter4.. CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www.. completely.. A place where we can linger and bathe in the light that is us. And where gentle brushes and soft caresses are more important than any spoken words.

This intensely powerful look is called the Power Gaze. The area between the eyes.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 5-THE EYES THE POWER GAZE The importance of using your eyes in the proper manner can not be over emphasized here. or the very top of the bridge of the nose between the eyes is the most effective area to focus your gaze and your intent. that quite soon.html (1 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:10:17 AM] . http://www. And some practice with looking at people in this spot will assure. Best to never tell anybody about your new found skills. but how you say it where hypnotizing someone is concerned. It is not only what you say. you will also begin to receive thoughts and concealed messages from others that will put others in disbelief. She will feel as though you are able to read her keep them a secret and practice daily. You will have a very powerful air about you. and the female you are hypnotizing will fall into your spell much much more quickly when you look at this spot as opposed to directly into her eyes. it is imperative to not look directly into her eyes. While you are engaging a woman in a hypnotic conversation.

SUBMODALITIES During the course of modeling successful individuals. NLP was developed during the 1970’s by Dr. people http://www. dress. NLP discovered that everyone uses the AVK process. using the NLP modeling method. walk. Richard Bandler and Dr. They surmised that if one person could be a success in any area of life. Meaning. act. then the process by which they became successful could be modeled.html (2 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:10:17 AM] . Thus NLP has been applied to everything from business to seduction to any subject in which a person desires to model you would therefore study individuals who are or were incredible seducers. John Grinder.introduction NLP One of the most important discoveries in psychology during the 20th century is the science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). To put it simply.a1hypnosis. Together they studied the various behavior patterns of highly successful people. How did they talk. you may want to read the book “Unlimited Power” by Anthony Robbins. Find out how they were able to seduce women successfully. even think about things. For a deeper understanding of this process. if you want to become an incredible master of seduction. Find out what they had in common. Using this model. AUDIO-VISUAL-KINESTHETIC. anybody could be taught how to become successful in the same way.

They may say. That FEELS like the right thing to do. They may say. and this process of RAPPORT is called LEADING. Listening to and watching people will help you determine what SUBMODE they are in. That is CLEAR to me. then you would reply using the same type of words in your communication. That SOUNDS like a good idea. Can you PICTURE that? An AUDITORY person using their hearing primarily and tends to look to either side towards their ears when thinking. they tend to have bright looking eyes. If a person process their world mainly in a VISUAL mode. I SEE what you are saying.html (3 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:10:17 AM] .a1hypnosis. NLP states that like attracts like. All you have to do is match their inner experience by using THEIR style of processing words. look upward while thinking. You are entering her “map of the world” by matching her VISUAL submodality. A KINESTHETIC person generally talks slower than the AUDITORY or VISUAL person. http://www.introduction represent the world around them using one of these main submodalities primarily. They tend to look downwards when thinking. He is rather ABRASIVE. That RINGS a bell. I get your POINT. and talk using VISUAL processing words. For example. Then you will easily come into RAPPORT with If the woman you are seducing is using VISUAL processing words.

they're either remembering or constructing sounds. they're visualizing. When they look horizontally to the left and right. You can tell what they're doing inside. Not what they think. when people look up.) In the process of creating NLP. they're accessing their feelings.html (4 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:10:17 AM] . you could tell HOW they think. The chard above is for a "normal" right handed person.a1hypnosis. And when they look downward and to our right. Vr http://www. they're talking to themselves (Auditory Digital). Bandler and Grinder discovered that by looking at someone's eyes. When they look downward and to our left.introduction (This is how they look when you're facing but HOW they think. Based on observations by Bandler and Grinder. Many left-handed people and some ambidextrous people will have eye movements that are reversed.

introduction Visual Remembered (Visual Recall) . QUESTION: "What color was the room you grew up in?" "What color is your bedroom now?" "What does your coat look like?" Vc Visual Constructed (Visual Created) .Images of things that you have never seen before. QUESTION: "What would your room at home look like if it were blue?" "What would your dog look like if it had the head of an elephant?" (In addition. When this happens. some people access visually by defocusing their eyes. you are using Visual Constructed. the eyes will usually stay in the center. recalling things you're have seen before.a1hypnosis.) Ar Auditory Remembered (Auditory Recall) .com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter5.Seeing images from the memory.html (5 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:10:17 AM] . When you are making it up in their head.Is when you remember sounds or voices that you've heard before or things that you've said http://www.

For example QUESTION: "What would I sound like if I had Donald Duck's voice?" "What would Swan Lake sound like if it were played on bagpipes?" K Kinesthetic (Feelings. When you ask someone. Sense of Touch) . QUESTION: "Can you remember the sound of your mother's voice?" Ac Auditory Constructed (Auditory Created) .a1hypnosis.html (6 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:10:17 AM] .You generally look in this direction when you're accessing your feelings. they typically look in that direction.This is where your eyes move when you're to yourself before. QUESTION: "What does it feel like to touch that rug?" Ad Auditory Digital (Talking to Yourself) .Is making up sounds that you've not heard before. "What was the very last thing I said.

for example. The mind and body are absolutely interconnected. (If you're watching someone access Visual You can use a person's key words to influence them to do just about anything. Perhaps you have corresponded with her before. "Im wondering how Fun it will be when we meet for the first time. and Caring". As these thoughts are coming from her subconscious. She won't believe how much you seem to understand her. you will see them move their eyes upward and to your right.html (7 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:10:17 AM] . "Fun. For example. Let's say you are composing a letter in which you want to seduce a woman. you will reply in your letter using those words. They will just think you naturally really understand them. and they won't even have a clue as to what you are doing. You can ask her some simple questions which pertain to what you want from her. every time we access our brain. QUESTION: "Can you recite the Pledge of Allegiance?" Typically. notice her key words and simply use them in your next letter to her. we move our eyes in that particular direction which facilitates our using that part of our neurology." or "I find it so wonderful when you feel as if you can really Trust someone http://www. we move our eyes upward and to our left. Trust. "What is important to you when you want to meet someone special?" She may say something like.a1hypnosis.) KEY WORDS Personal Key Words are important when creating a personal letter. Let me give you an example of how this works. You can use this amazing process for any type of personal letter.introduction having internal dialogue. Study her previous letters. so each time we access our Visual Memory.

.. as men typically do. When you begin to use them. you must keep this distinction in mind. You are probably already aware of this. Women may want a stereo (X) because they can listen to a song that reminds her of a past love (Y).televisions.. cars. commitment.just X. they will think you are very sensitive and romantic. and think in terms of relationships.a1hypnosis. To be able to easily manipulate a woman's mind.. relationship. romance. How X relates to Y. men tend to talk in terms of objects: i.. Women may say they like their car (X) because they can go to the shopping mall with their friends (Y). naturally.. Hence the many communication breakdowns during interactions between the sexes. Women tend to talk. When used as a noun. but not about the thing known as performance (X)... adventure.stereo systems. but are actually verbs.html (8 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:10:17 AM] . These words are known as "nomializations" because they are used as nouns.computers. and before long you will understand the process by which they make decisions. Women eat this up because they use these types of words all the time. CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www. Begin to look for and notice this pattern in women. They may talk about their car.and so on. excitement.. A man may like a stereo (X) because of watts (X) or power (X).introduction to the point where it develops into a sense of real Caring. it really grabs a woman's attention. Other words in this category which you can use are: love.things. They don't speak the same language. I am writing this chapter to tell you something very important about the difference between men and women..

you will notice that your MENTAL IMAGES http://www. Then think about something that you could use improvement in. Beliefs are basically what define you. I invite you to notice how you feel when you think about something you are totally confident in. The problem is that as we grow up.a1hypnosis. and do very well.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 6THE HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION PROCESS BELIEFS You have finally come to what is probably the most important and powerful chapter in this entire manual. If you believe you destined to be what we shouldn’t do. or anybody. or I. we are taught what we can’t do. you will be.html (1 of 7) [11/19/2002 4:10:23 AM] . You are about to learn a secret so powerful. If you believe you will become an incredibly powerful seducer of women. What ever you believe will tend to create itself in reality. You can already find examples of this in your own life. Something you know that you can do. Even as you think about those two things. yet so simple a child already knows how to do it. These negative teachings become beliefs. you are. The power of beliefs can not be underestimated.

)Now I would like you to take the belief that you are very attractive to women and put that image in the same location as the image of your strong belief then notice how much differently you begin to feel. About 5 times is enough. (Note: I am not talking about looking like you stepped out of GQ. Remember when as a child you could be anything you wanted to be. The power of Act As If is so incredibly powerful and simple that you may wonder why you never thought of it before. What http://www. THREE MAGIC WORDS Since we are dealing with the Mind which is the creator of your reality anyway. a pilot. Do this several times and it will become a strong belief. Well I would like you to stop now and see where that belief is. but it was “trained” out of you. I will give you three magical words that will change your life forever. Perhaps you have a belief that you are not very attractive to women. Now I would like you to create the belief that you are very attractive to women.introduction (Your internal mental “snapshots”) of them are not in the same location. a policeman. Close your eyes and point to it. a race car driver.a1hypnosis. Use the power of moving your mental images around to change any limiting belief and notice incredible changes that will automatically occur in your life. Well you did as a child.html (2 of 7) [11/19/2002 4:10:23 AM] . An but an confident attitude which is really what women are looking for anyway. ACT AS IF.

Don’t dream.html (3 of 7) [11/19/2002 4:10:23 AM] . Don’t imagine they said.introduction happened. The first part of your statement will be a set up. This is the POWER of Act As If. HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION INDUCTION PHRASES In this chapter we are going to discuss ways in which to practice and remember the process of delivering embeded commands through your language when seducing women. If you simply Act As If ANYTHING is true. You simply lost your ability to imagine and create. you will develop a belief that you are successful with It will sound normal. Teachers. This is a handy “flow chart” of the necessary elements of Hypnotic Seduction. And as you notice all the successes you have with this new attitude. The proof you get from your new successes with women. We will start with the set up phrase “You might find yourself”. IT BECOMES SO. This http://www. That’s OK because I will now show you how to regain these incredible powers. Religious Leaders told you that you should do this and not that. Parents. you can achieve. however it will help you to easily insert any embed that you find necessary. If you Act As If you are incredibly powerful with women. What ever you can conceive. Use this in every area of your life and notice how much more success and influence you will have as you practice this incredible secret. you will be.a1hypnosis. the stronger your beliefs will become.

a1hypnosis.” Notice how after the setup is the embeded command “having certain thoughts”? Now this is a very vague statement. having certain fantisies.introduction phrase is very hypnotic but sounds like normal conversational languague. falling in love quickly. noticing increndible sensations in your body. http://www. “You may find yourself/having certain thoughts. yet in the right context. The following are some fine examples: SETUP PHRASE You might find yourself You may find yourself You might find yourself You might find yourself You may find yourself You might find yourself You may find yourself You might find yourself You might find yourself You might find yourself EMDEDED COMMAND thinking of me tonight. getting aroused. desiring to be with someone in a special way. having exciting new or spoken in a seductive tone. wanting to make love with someone tonight. it can have many different meanings to the woman. becomming attracted to someone. The process is simply: You may find yourself/(insert your embed).html (4 of 7) [11/19/2002 4:10:23 AM] . becoming very horny.

The embedded command in this statement is underlined. Now reading the words on this page doesn’t actually cause you to do This pattern is known as cause and effect wherefore X describes something occurring in the woman at the present moment that you can easily notice and Y being the desired state or outcome you wish for her to do. but it sounds like it is believable.html (5 of 7) [11/19/2002 4:10:23 AM] . the unconscious mind acts on the suggestion easily. bookmark the site. Another example would be: Breathing slowly causes you to become CAUSE AND EFFECT The basic linguistic formula for this pattern is X causes Y.introduction You might find yourself wanting to visit www. You can say to a woman: Talking with me can cause you to feel comfortable. Once again breathing slowly doesn’t necessarily cause anybody to become relaxed. so it happens.mojojones. Driving to work can cause you to remember our wonderful evening together Taking a shower may cause you to have certain fantasies.a1hypnosis. Watching a romantic movie may cause you to imagine you and I being together in http://www. Now lets apply this formula to seduction. For example: Reading the words on this page causes you to wonder how many women you will seduce today. . but because it sounds logical and believable. and come back often to check for new amazing products.

THE SEDUCTION PROCESS WRAP-UP http://www.introduction a special way. PRESUPPOSITIONS In hypnosis. If I were to ask you: How much have you enjoyed reading this manual? There are two presuppositions in this question. Taking a warm relaxing bath causes you to become incredibly aroused. Drinking a glass of wine can cause you to loosen up. ANYTHING CAN CAUSE ANYTHING. yet they are a bit different. Damn. Now if you were to apply this to seducing a woman you could say: I’m wondering how much fun we will have when we go out together. One is that you are reading this manual.html (6 of 7) [11/19/2002 4:10:23 AM] . Thinking of me can cause you to feel an incredible sense of passion. The presuppositions in this statement are that we will go out together and it will be fun. I’m wondering how excited you will be as you find yourself thinking of us being together in a special way after we have connected on a deeper doesn’t it? USE YOUR IMAGINATION AND CREATE WONDERFUL STATES IN WOMEN USING THIS PATTERN. I’m assuming both things and presupposing that both have occurred. and the other is that you have enjoyed it. presuppositions are the linguistic equivalent to assumptions. There are so many presuppositions in this one I will let you figure it out.a1hypnosis.

and by using your voice to tone downward to mark out embedded commands. 2. 5. ect. Her telling you that description requires them to re-experience it and therefore to go into that state instantly. 3. passion. CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www. You go up to a woman and casually describe some particular state of mind you want her person to experience. such as driving her car. You can also anchor that state with yourself. sitting at her desk at ect. for example romance. by suggesting that she imagine some future date at which her current state is being re-experienced by anchoring it to recurring situations in the subject's environment. You then amplify that state by describing it more vividly.html (7 of 7) [11/19/2002 4:10:23 AM] . Finally. arousal. curosity.introduction 1. Once the woman is in the state you want her to be in fully. 4. you anchor it with some touch or phrase or gesture that you make. by using embedded commands and gestures. extend the state through time.a1hypnosis.

a1hypnosis. however this is a closely guarded secret in the world of The process of hypnotizing a person involves a few steps. you will recall how he used his hands to control and influence his patients’ “animal magnetism”. Now most modern hypnotists will not admit to using these powerful techniques that Mesmer used. In Taoism and other eastern religions. This fundamentally prepares the person for what is about to happen. it focused their attention on him so that his suggestions would be received easily.html (1 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:10:28 AM] . there is a belief in the universal life force known as Chi. whether they are aware of it consciously or not. Not only did it tire the patients eyes. First is what is known as the Induction. Some hypnotists of yore swung pocket watches in front of their patients’ eyes as an induction.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 7INDUCTIONS AND THE HYPNOTIC PASS If you will remember from the earlier chapter on the work of Franz Anton Mesmer. Mesmer used the motion of his hands as an induction. Some used the spinning vortex. Chi is a mental or psychic energy that every http://www.

com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter7. and our selves as well. It may feel like heat or warmth.html (2 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:10:28 AM] . we begin to have incredible powers over other people. You will have the mental thought “you want to be with me now” and imagine sexual images of you and her together in that way. Children are vampires of Chi. but DON’T tell her. seduction. It may tingle. you will notice this energy field. For a moment I would like you to put your palms facing eachother about 2-3 inches apart from eachother. influencing others as well as many psychic phenonomona. In Hinduism is known as Prana. Your personal energy signature. Have you ever been in a room with small children playing and noticed how it didn’t take very long before you were worn out and tired just by watching the kids play. you can slowly begin to use The Pass on her. this energy becomes stronger or weaker. If you begin to notice and become aware of your own Chi Energy. Now when you have a women in a comfortable position whom you are seducing.introduction one possess. Just take your hands and pass them http://www. Modern day scientists have decribed finding electro-magnetic fiends or EMFs surrounding humans as well as other animals and plants. this is your Chi. Either way. They will drain your energy field and use this energy for their own.a1hypnosis. When we learn to harness this energy through either hypnosis or meditation. They noticed that depending on one’s mood. You will in fact soon develop amazing powers of thought projection. As they are in this position.

html (3 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:10:28 AM] . or was it a special way he made you feel (kenestetic).words. This is subliminal hand gestures... then subtly gesture to yourself as you do.... By using these questions. keeping your hands about 1-2 inches away from her You will have anchored her to you in a very powerful romantic way. This will cause the romantic feelings to be linked to you... You can also ask "What was it about him that caused you to be really attracted to him.a1hypnosis. Women really like this kind of stuff anyway. You may find yourself having wonderful sensations as I am reading your Chi. Tell her you are feeling her vibes. Ask her "Have you ever really found your self becoming incredibly attracted to someone?" This causes her to go into a romantic state. Have fun with this..... Say “Im feeling your vibes and have noticed that you are a very relaxed person. The simplest way to do this is talk in a soft voice... or was it something that you saw in him (visual). SUBLIMINAL HAND GESTURES One way to use subliminal suggestion in the process of seduction is to put a woman into a romantic state...between.. Just continue to pass your hands over various parts of her body. Pause. http://www.. Use embeds which you should remember those from previous chapters..introduction over parts of her body while using “pillow talk”... Very soon she will become incredibly horny... was it the way he spoke to you (auditory). Then subtly point to yourself when you see she's think romantic thoughts.... you can determine what her primary submodality is and feed it back to her.” She will never know that you are subliminally programming her to get turned on.

com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter7.a1hypnosis.html (4 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:10:28 AM] .introduction CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www.

They believe that they are confident Therefore a powerful and mighty full grown elephant will never even try to leave its' area because it believes it is tied down. such thoughts are learned. However. Or that you are nervous around beautiful women. Because they think they are attractive. it quickly learns to walk. it has learned that it can't wander off. The baby elephant tries and tries to pull its leg away from the rope keeping him from wandering off. one of its' hind legs is tied to a metal pole anchored into the ground. Therefore.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 8AFFIRMATIONS You have seen unattractive men with incredibly hot girlfriends and have probably had the same response that I used to have. The baby elephant tries for many years. by the time the elephant is full grown. For example. Why is this so. Baby elephants have a tendency to wander off.html (1 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] . "What the hell does she see in that ugly SOB?" I finally found the answer to that question in the course of my intensive studies of psychology. When a baby elephant is born. Some ugly men are very successful with beautiful women. The only thing keeping this elephant from running away and destroying a lot of things in its' path is his belief that he is tied to that rope. Well this same form of "brainwashing" occurs in humans too.a1hypnosis. when the baby elephant is very young. if you have a belief about yourself that you know is not true such as perhaps you are not attractive to women. by that time. however. the rope has been completely removed.

When making your affirmations. then there is hope. it is important to say "You" instead of "I". The way to get rid of old programs in your subconscious is to install new programs so that your autopilot sends you on a course towards terrific relationships with beautiful sexy women. Now this is not a conscious understanding. Say it in a way that makes you feel totally confident and resourceful in every way.html (2 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] . When you get around a gorgeous woman. Next. Usually it takes about 21 days for the subconscious to learn and implement a new program.a1hypnosis. This is a formed in the subconscious at an early age. write a list of affirmations. It only acts like a computer guiding an airplane on the pre-programmed course. First begin by getting a tape recorder. Affirmations are positive statements which you will record in your own voice and replay to yourself. The subconscious doesn't care if a belief helps you or hurts you. and your conscious mind won't reject the suggestions. don't think "she'll never go for me". "Im not sure if that's true. Your false beliefs came about due to false programming by family. Garbage In Garbage Out. Notice your self talk. just like the belief of the elephant. For example "You are confident and relaxed when around women. therefore they are. then it's coming from an external source. friends. You will notice the changes within one month. while becoming much more attractive to http://www." If you say "I". Any belief of this sort is something like a airplane on autopilot. These affirmations when recorded for about 20 minutes. say to yourself "YOUR ASS IS MINE". If your subconscious autopilot is sending your plane on a crash course of disaster with women. will change your life." But if you say "You". and even yourself. then your conscious mind says. You will notice yourself feeling much more confident and in control of your life. and listened to every day. Now its time to program yourself for total success with women. Just like with a computer. so is your subconscious.introduction around women.

Stop and notice what you can about the woman. She sees you and smiles at you. http://www. You want to get to know her She begins to walk over to you. What do you feel now? Do you feel the desire for her growing? She asks you for the time.introduction women. Try This! Even the photographs of the women on this page automatically cause you to notice your own sexual desires. Notice the feelings you get as you see the sultry expressions on the women's faces. undeniably true! If they don't have that effect on you. Look at photo of the girl on right side of this page. Look at them carefully. You may be reading the wrong book. They grab your attention. Are You Nervous? Tense? If you notice even the slightest hint of hesitation. and they are as natural as breathing. The entrancing curvatious hot bodies that you are naturally attracted to.. They captivate You. What do you do? How do you feel at this moment. Now imagine. And pretty soon you will find that you can easily talk to and attract women easily.html (3 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] .a1hypnosis. You are shopping at Your Local shopping mall and you notice this woman from a distance. This is proof that what I am telling you is absolutely. Being that these are your feelings. I want to share something with you.

html (4 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] . http://www. use these affirmations as guidelines to create your own. This is where the Power of the Conditioning and Affirmations Come into Action. You can use affirmations to program into your mind the ability to be absolutely confident in your ability to get the girl! It makes it so easy that once you see an opportunity to meet a woman. Women desire you Women want to be with you You attract women easily You are confident around women Women seek you out Women notice you You arouse women sexually You seduce women naturally You are calm and easy going You attract women like a magnet Women love you Your voice is arousing to women You are lovable You notice women are growing more and more attracted to you each day When you make your tape.introduction then you are begining to see how the process works. Most men would tell the woman the time. You reach out and grab the opportunity-instantly-with no fear what-so-ever! HERE IS A LIST OF POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS USED TO MAKE YOUR SEDUCTION you act immediately. then think about what he should have said to get her to go out with him for the rest of the day.a1hypnosis. (5 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] . #8 I am comfortably drifting down into a relaxed peaceful state. You will also notice how I used the same processing words as them. As you are reading these chats. (Take a deep breath with each count) #9 With each breath that relaxation is doubling.. and directly influence the subconscious through suggestions..a1hypnosis. I also used embeded commands liberally to create states of curiosity and arousal.very nice MESMERX: Yes it is Mary: where did you have it taken? http://www. To begin just pick a spot on the ceiling and stare at it while you count down from 10-1.introduction The whole idea with the process of s/a (self administered) hypnosis is to bypass the conscious mind... it is best to relax oneself.... MESMERX: Hello Mary: hello there MESMERX: I had just recieved your email Mary: and i have received yours Mary: that's an unusual picture. i. You say to yourself #10 I am relaxing the muscles in my body. To do this.all the way down to #1 The suggestions that I am about to hear will become a total and complete part of me. INTERNET CHAT SEDUCTION The following are Instant Message Chats that I had with various women to give you an idea of the unlimited possibilities of using the Hypnotic Seduction Techniques.e. I have only changed the names of the girls.. At this point press play on your affirmation tape and just close your eyes and listen... Audio Visual or Kinesthetic. This is easy to do. you will notice how I matched each girl’s “map of the world”..

.... what is your b-day? Mary: mine is june 19th MESMERX: April.well????? MESMERX: Are you asking Mary: aha.. have the soundtrack too Mary: know both by heart MESMERX: Me 2 MESMERX: Have the CD Mary: i've been loking for the cd but so far only found the tape MESMERX: Its very passionate...a dedicated fan. one of my favorites Mary: i have it on tape.. isn't it? Mary: yes.. got disconnected MESMERX: aol will do that MaryMary: anyway.. sometimes MESMERX: I like 91/2 weeks too...... Im an Aries.sure am Mary: where do you live? MESMERX: Well perhaps you might be able http://www. i see.. MESMERX: April Mary: oops..:o0 MESMERX: And you? Mary: may i ask when is your b-day? MESMERX: You may Mary: :o). MESMERX: Gemini right Mary: yep.html (6 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] .introduction MESMERX: A friends house Mary: is your friend a photographer? MESMERX: Yes my friend is a photographer.:o) MESMERX: I special ordered the CD from Europe Mary: oh......a1hypnosis..

I mean what type of guy would really cause you to go out of your way for this Man Mary: out of my way? Mary: in what sense? MESMERX: Im curious as to how do you know you really like someone.graduated from Randallstown HS Mary: Rouen RD MESMERX: Small world MESMERX: Mary.. i hear his voice in the music i listen to..a1hypnosis.) Mary: where in baltimore? MESMERX: Randalstown and you Mary: pikesville MESMERX: Close Mary: i used to live in randallstown....i just might be too fast for YOU Mary: hehe MESMERX: .... Baltimore Mary: keep up with you?. may I ask you a question Mary: sure.just listen to his heart beating next to mine and i'm in heaven MESMERX: Im wondering if you were to meet http://www.html (7 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] . or just a way they speak to you. Mary: i know if i like someone when he is the only thing on my mind night and day.ask away MESMERX: What is it that you would really like to find in a Man. i see his face in a movie character Mary: i don't have to talk to him when we are together to connect.. i dream about to keep up with me since your a Gemini... perhaps its a certain way this person looks at you...

as opposed to just existing MESMERX: I find that all those wonderous feelings can sometimes just naturally begin to occur. Mary Mary: what do you think on this subject? Mary: what if it was you ? MESMERX: and as you are picturing that image of this ideal connection.. when you look at it in a way that you begin to realize how many new and fun things you can experience with this person..introduction a guy like means i'm alive and feeling something. MESMERX: And if it were me.. and I were to meet someone who could create a sense of passion. Mary: i feel his breathing on my cheek and my heart skips a beat Mary: and every time i hear his voice i get a smile on my face..... like me..really truly in love can be very painful Mary: but i don't mind the pain.. isn't it interesting how you can begin to realize that it is possible that you can truely connect with someone on a truely deep level. I find that when I am really attracted to (8 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] ..Mary.a1hypnosis.... Mary. I http://www....... and feel so comfortable as we open up to that part deep inside . Mary that sparks a certain feeling inside.. Something.did i paint a good picture for you? MESMERX: Yes...... Mary: it's the best thing ever created and the worst at the same time.. now and start to have these sort of feelings which begin to come over you.because being in love.. when I really pay attention.

. It can... and http://www.introduction agree that love is something that can be painful..may i call u? MESMERX: Funny how time is like this.i'll call you tomorrow?.? I've never done this before! MESMERX: me neither..... A NEW AGE BABE MESMERX: yes and SALLY: and.i was so mesmerised by what you were saying i forgot what time it was Mary: gotta get to bed Mary: nice talking to you... I have to get to bed.. me I would enjoy hearing your voice Mary: ok. Mary MESMERX: If you so MESMERX: however love is simply a 4 letter word isn't it? Mary: sometimes it can be many other letters. MESMERX: Busy day tomorrow Mary: me too actually. SALLY: How did you know I was online? MESMERX: I saw you SALLY: In a vision?! .....a1hypnosis.. SALLY: So tell me about yourself.... and I wish you pleasant dreams tonight.... or how? MESMERX: I have been feeling a very powerful energy today.... Mary....:o) MESMERX: Yes Mary. Mary: romance passion lust companionship = love MESMERX: It has been nice chating with you Mary.....what time is good for you? MESMERX: Around 1:00 would be good.html (9 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] ..

introduction what is your name? MESMERX: An ancient Hebrew tradition says that one shouldn't tell their real name until their friends.. SALLY: Those are some of life's greatest and sweetest moments! MESMERX: Yes they are as you become aware of the connection with that which causes you to feel the intensity of the feelings of your own heart with that of anothers.....the power of the life force that spreads from deep within to the very escense of the beauty of divine spirit within us now.....sometimes these kind of feelings can seem scary.. MESMERX: I feel that which I do is on a very deep level. and feel the same ..It's as if you can become aware of The Energy... fair enough I suppose. or something mundane leading up to something a little deeper. or with a group of friends. outdoors... and I have to admit can be a little scary! MESMERX: Yes I (10 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] . that is special. Music can be a great expression of the soul! MESMERX: I agree..either a lone. SALLY: Okay..traditional instruments from Zimbabwe for the last six years.. MESMERX: I often play the drums in the outdoors where I feel the oneness of the universal what do you do for work.. So tell me about yourself .yet I believe that there is a part of us that can sometimes feel http://www.. SALLY: Great... SALLY: That's nice..... I have been playing marimba and mbira ...a1hypnosis.... SALLY: Yea..

on a deeper level that truely desires to make that connection..Now to me it is a very spiritual journey right next to the escense of who you truely are. but I have yet to go there..a1hypnosis.. SALLY: Sounds I will admit that I am a little guarded in these areas through past experiences.. Have a great day! Bye..... SALLY: well said... Nice chatting with you! Let’s chat later. MESMERX: I agree and as you think about our conversation today.. I do feel it can be quite a spiritual experience to feel that love with someone .. perhaps you'll will want to chat some more later as I have some things that need to be done..introduction really comfortable with these sensations when one begins to realize fully that there is a part of us...... if you can meet each other..Sally MESMERX: May the peace of the Universe be upon you today! Bye.@ CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www.... I understand.html (11 of 11) [11/19/2002 4:10:38 AM] .

com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter9. you will elicit those feelings from the girl you are seducing. They go and spend all of their money on them.a1hypnosis. You do this. Later fire off the anchor and watch the "glow" come right back. The point is not what she says. simply by talking about a situation where she has had those feelings before will tend to link those feelings to you. You can ask her "How do you realize when you are falling in love with someone new?" Then let her remember. but notice when she gets that "glow". Watch for that "glow". That when you reach out and gently touch her hand and say "I know that feeling to. you presence will always evoke those wonderful states.html (1 of 5) [11/19/2002 4:10:50 AM] . A really easy way to do this is to simply ask her if she can remember a time when she was totally in love with someone. Because she felt that way around you. you have set that as an anchor." Because she was in that state known as "love" when you touched her hand. This is amazing. "What is http://www.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 9STATE ELICITATION ASKING QUESTIONS The Basic Idea of Hypnotic Seduction is when ever you casually describe a process. it's wonderful isn't it. set your anchor. All a woman really wants is to experience incredible feelings. This is straight Pavlovian Conditioning. Then you would continue to let her remember and let her speak. The way to give it to them is ask them about when they have felt that way before. So many men have so little idea as to how to make a woman feel good. then change the subject for a little bit. such as getting sexually aroused or falling in love.

Can you picture the ocean. and will be insulted." Using imagine forces them to go inside and imagine what you are talking about. causes them to have a little bit of that experience. or visualize.html (2 of 5) [11/19/2002 4:10:50 AM] . here is the single most powerful and hypnotic word in the English language. You can use PICTURE as well...introduction the feeling of having great sex?" I think you get the idea here. wouldn't you too." In the previous sentence you are using the word imagine as an embedded command in a self referring context. When women here this sophomoric word salad stuff like "Can you feel this hap-PENIS deep inside". The trick is to be much more sneaky and covert. They followed him around the streets trying to get phone numbers of women. One so called "Seduction Guru" was actually shown on TV for the fool he is."I wonder if you can IMAGINE how incredible it would feel if you were to have multiple orgasms when we have sex. That word is... THE SINGLE MOST HYPNOTIC WORD Finally.therefore it is very hypnotic. Imagine laying on a beach." or. "Can you IMAGINE how great it would be if we were to make love tonight. You could say to a woman. but slapped and almost If you were a woman.IMAGINE! Remember that what ever you can get a person to imagine. They know god damn well what is going on. "Can you picture us making passionate love in a romantic island paradise?" "How good would it feel as you IMAGINE that now?" There are some "trainers" that think using words that sound like something else will turn a woman on. He didn't get anything. See how it works.a1hypnosis. Think about it. one can install incredible states of http://www. Now lets put this to use in seduction.. picture. Through subtle Hypnotic techniques.. "I can only IMAGINE how nice it would be if we took a romantic vacation.

I would NEVER advise telling a woman "I think that is BeLOW me". Perhaps a movie star. You BECOME the man of every woman's desires. or a rock star. pick up Cosmopolitan. and the woman will never realize anything." This will cause a woman to feel and imagine wonderful states. You literally model pieces of men women find incredibly attractive. as with any skill.. http://www.a1hypnosis. I guarantee that you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. he is considered a wimp and a Mama's boy. How childlike. You know. The inherent problem with dating today is that women have no idea what they want. I's not always easy being a Seduction Artist.introduction wanton desire in a woman. Reinvent yourself. That is what I have gained from reading Cosmo. with very few words. I have found some amazing ways to get around all this nonsense and get to the heart of the issue of the so called "Battle of the Sexes". But then want a sensitive jelly fish. They say they want a strong guy. Women have make-overs to attract men. One must. Even the dumbest blond will see through that. However if you are totally dedicated to study and practice. Where I could describe how going to a beautiful vacation spot can create a sense of excitement and adventure where one can open up those special parts of them where you can really connect with deeper parts of your mind (pronounced-your mine). and it works. or in NLP terms Isomorphic if you really want to read something horrifying. However if a man shows tears.. It literally trains women to be heartless bitches.whatever. However. practice diligently. I like to use metaphoric language.html (3 of 5) [11/19/2002 4:10:50 AM] .

There is a little "ham" in everybody. he invites them on stage. The members picked from the audience become part of the act.a1hypnosis.html (4 of 5) [11/19/2002 4:10:50 AM] . Simply being on a stage for most people will put them into a trance state. then that person does it.introduction Why can't it work for men? It does. Please remember this. Fabricate a new style of clothing for yourself. There are no failures. According to studies. Change your image. STAGE HYPNOSIS I get a lot of questions about stage Once the hypnotist sees the "good subjects". That why they have the audience do things like have them stick their hands together and not be able to get them apart. That is what the Stage Hypnotist counts on. Meaning. They know that it is a show. Trust Me. Morph yourself into having the elements that drive women wild with extacy. and are expected to perform. a lot of people are not comfortable on a stage. The Hypnotist knows this and uses it to his http://www. That comes quite naturally to lots of people. or imagine big balloons lifting their arms up. at least mentally. So when the hypnotist says "quack like a duck" or something to that effect. These are the people Stage Hypnotists are looking for in an audience. Consider your past "setbacks" as learning experiences and go from there. I never found it necessary to put someone into a trance to make people do stupid stuff. therefore go into a natural trance while there anyway. they expect something to happen out of the ordinary. to try to escape the experience. You see. and how to make people do stupid stuff with hypnosis. about 20% of individuals are what hypnotists call "very suggestible". They are looking for that 20% who respond well to suggestions. When up on stage. The rest is them going along with the show. they will respond to suggestions quickly and easily.

a1hypnosis.html (5 of 5) [11/19/2002 4:10:50 AM] . Sort of like Sunday Morning Preachers. shout at the person "healed". It's really the same thing. The person expects to be transformed by the Preacher's power. The preacher will lay his hands on someone. and it happens. CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www. and they will begin to roll around on the floor in a "spiritual fit" of some sort. on the stage of the advantage.

com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter10. you can have a conversation with any woman. You can say "I saw you standing there. We are going to explore a very powerful NLP tool known as conversational hypnosis. in NLP this is known as a Pace. say you met a woman that you want to get to know better. But you will be putting her in a trance and embedding commands all the way. with this form of subtle. and was wondering how nice it would be to meet you. covert hypnosis. You see.a1hypnosis. Everything you have read in this manual so far has been designed to give you an understanding of the basic principles of Hypnosis and NLP so that you can begin to use this powerful method of seduction and persuasion. For instance. Stay away from opinions. First notice something about her that you can comment on. and she will have no idea what the heck is going on. A Pace is when you say something that is true and verifiable by the individual you are influencing. alone.html (1 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:11:00 AM] . Politicians do http://www." You see.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 10CONVERSATIONAL HYPNOSIS In This Chapter.

If you. This is simple. which sounds logical.. Mention three facts..html (2 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:11:00 AM] ...introduction this all the time.. and it made me wonder how nice it would be to meet you. For example. a politician may say "Taxes are too high. That's the Magic of Pacing and Leading. for example want to get her phone number and go out for coffee at a later time.a1hypnosis. The first three statements were paces. Part II Now after you have successfully Paced and Lead your target. Joe Blow for Senate(Lead)..And that's why you need to vote for Me." Now the Paces "standing there" "filling your nails" and "by yourself". Industry is closing all over(Paces).. and that you were by yourself.. lets get back to the woman. You have set them up. The opinion becomes true in the other person's however you must know your desired outcome before you do this. then an opinion.. this is how you would do it. you will next structure your language to plant hypnotic suggestions into her mind. They tend to Use several Paces... then what is known as a Lead.. The Lead becomes True. but really makes no sense at all. The last part was a Lead.. "I noticed you standing there. and I saw you filing your nails. Now. The Lead was "It would be nice for us to meet". My name is. Start http://www. Crime is on the rise. or facts.

"I was wondering how much fun we would have if you were to (pause here) MEET ME FOR COFFEE THIS WEEK... it becomes hypnotic. "What Would It Be Like If. "I'm Wondering.. Then drop your tonality.she has to give you her number when she answers the question! Now lets get a bit more advanced.. "What Would It Be Like If.. You are Wondering." or I was just Wondering".introduction with the self referring statement. Passionate Love All Night Long?" When you say something like this to a woman. when would be a good time for me to call you?". Let me give you a few examples how powerful this phrase is.. she has to imagine it happening. because it's OK for you to wonder anything you want. and takes the pressure off her.a1hypnosis.html (3 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:11:00 AM] . So it will register into her subconscious mind.. and anything you say after it becomes an embedded command. MEET ME FOR COFFEE THIS WEEK...... Now use a presupposition like. That is why you pause before saying it. Here is a phrase that you can use in almost any situation. This makes you look innocent. You aren't TELLING her to imagine it. and mark off the embed." The last part of the sentence is an embedded command. http://www... Notice I didn't ask for her number...We Were To Make Mad. Therefore." This is one of the most powerful set-up phrases known in NLP.

. Later this week?" When you ask "What Would It Be (Or Feel) Like..Someone Were to Make Love To You in such a way that You Have Multiple Orgasms?" Or "What Would It Be Like If. I will show you now so you can see for yourself the power of this technique. What would it be like if you Put the Juicy Lemon into your mouth.. Juicy Lemon.We Were to meet for coffee. you could smell the Lemon Scent. The person has to go inside... CLICK HERE FOR TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www.. What would it taste like. What Would It Be Like If You took Juicy Slice of Lemon. and imagine the scene you are describing. this Tart. Is it Bitter? Are you beginning to salivate yet? I Am.. and having a terrific time. and feel the juice squirt out?..html (4 of 4) [11/19/2002 4:11:00 AM] . as the juice pours into your mouth. What Would It FEEL Like If.a1hypnosis... That is Hypnosis.introduction You're not a pervert. you could see the juice flowing from the Lemon.

. As an example. A further detailed discussion as to how these powerful structures work in NLP terms follows the list.. the predicate that heads the list below can be fused onto a tailing phrase as follows: 'Are you curious about why your feet are on the floor?' The listener may or may not have been curious before the question was put. Such suggestive predicates as these...a1hypnosis.. Erickson in his seminal work on conversational hypnosis.that they have to audit the position of their feet in order to make the question meaningful: the question thus unobtrusively directs the listener's attention at their feet. http://www. but one thing is for certain now . After you come to.html (1 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:11:20 AM] . After you' The suggestion proper will ordinarily immediately follow any of the given predicates. the purpose of the latter being to 'set up' the structure for the words that follow. were one original technique developed by Dr Milton H.introduction The Hypnotic Seduction Manual CHAPTER 11ADVANCED SET UP PHRASES Suggestive Predicates The following list comprises a group of predicates designed for use in the construction of suggestive sentences.

Can you visualise. How do you feel when. Can you. Do you remember when..... Are you curious about.... I know you are curious....... .. I don't want you to be. Have you. How would you feel if...introduction And the more you (X)...... Do you.. As you..the more you (Y) And as you. Can you imagine. Before you think.. I saw someone do this in minutes once.. Can I ask you to... Have you ever. Could I want you to learn....... Are you aware that...... http://www. As you hear these words they... Have you noticed that.. Are you still interested in.then.... Do you think that... Do you ever. I don't know how soon....a1hypnosis.... Has it ever occurred to you that. Have you ever wondered.. I wonder could you.. How do you know that... Can you remember... Be aware of what you can sense.... I wonder if.......... Don't think of..... As you consider this..html (2 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:11:20 AM] .

. Will you.. People can loosen up easily... It is useful that..... Would you... If you could.then. What would happen if. Perhaps you are..... Perhaps you could.. Perhaps you're wondering.introduction I would like to suggest that.... You are learning to anticipate..... In my experience.......... You come to.... It's useful that... I'm wondering. I'd like you to pretend that... When you notice. . Is it possible. Is it that you are. Perhaps you can... which is it. It's as if... I'm curious to know.... I want you to become aware..a1hypnosis... It's not important that.. It's good to know that......... I can remember. Is it that you have..html (3 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:11:20 AM] . This can be learned easily... It's impossible... It's just like. Is it that there is.. What's it like to.... What do you think would happen if.. It's good that....... It's either (A) or (B). I want you to bear in mind.

When a particular type of sentence is constructed one of these such phrases.. a sentence which refers to the immediate environment of the listener (especially to the physical being or ongoing activities of the listener). You know about these things. single..introduction You can become aware suitably constructed sentences with suggestive predicates can present a system of complex verbal signals AND both a pace and lead http://www. it can offer communication on more than one level since there is: a) an apparently 'normal' abstract word string that requires decoding and interpreting in the ordinary manner of everyday oral communication b) a non-ordinary content of the word string referring to immediate. You will use of content that refers to the obvious BUT AN 'OBVIOUS" THAT THE LISTENER IS DIRECTED INTO VERIFYING BY NON-VERBAL MEANS ..html (4 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:11:20 AM] . and the author of this paper found this difficult to comprehend at first. an astute operator can use such a sentence to pace . ongoing events that demands attention and verification in modalities other than the auditory (Ai) Accordingly. The Effect of Suggestive Predicates in a Live Environment A 'set up phrase' is a predicate that sets up the material that immediately follows it as a powerful suggestion.or to lead.and subtle suggestions are all that is needed in order to get the thought train rolling.a1hypnosis. by directing by means of subtle suggestion the non-verbal attention in a given direction of the operator's choice . Additionally.

The basic sentence to be explored is: Example 1: 'Are you aware that/your foot/is resting on the floor?' Breaking this down into the three constituent parts we have: 'Are you aware that. Words are checked for context. syntax. the listener must become (kinesthetically) aware of the foot. Let us examine a couple of examples of this dark resting on the floor?' (query about what is obvious.your foot.' (reference to a physical part) '. The processing might be viewed thus: i) listener has to carry out normal linguistic processing on the sentence to determine the basic meaning. and what they might mean in the present setting. ONE THAT IS VERIFIED http://www...introduction simultaneously. such is their power.a1hypnosis. and since the foot is a priori resting on the floor as the operator knew. In number 1..html (5 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:11:20 AM] .com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter11. basic meaning. that there is a foot. to the operator) This appears to be such a trivial question. but it really causes the listener to work hard and fully process it in order to understand what is going on. Additionally.and anyone else who cares to notice.. and determine what it is currently doing. ii) listener has to process the meaning in depth. the implication by the operator that the foot is resting on the floor is a very subtle pace.. Does he/she have a foot? Which foot is it (the original question was ambiguous in that it didn't specify)? Where is that foot (feet)? Am I aware of what it is doing? In order to actually process the meaning as in ii) above..' (the suggestive predicate) '.. it is assumed that the listener has both feet resting on the floor and that this fact is obvious to the operator .

. to the operator) The end result of this question is that the listener becomes aware of .. it is a powerful pacing question that simultaneously contains a covert kinesthetic lead: the listener has to 'respond' or work in Ai and K modes together in terms to make sense of what is going on..' (convolute the predicate into an ongoing process) '.html (6 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:11:20 AM] ... In addition to the lead caused by the search for verification .has their attention directed towards .introduction KINESTHETICALLY AND IS THUS ACCOMPANIED BY LEADING ATTENTION INTO KINESTHETIC MODALITY It is no ordinary question that is being put in those eleven innocent sounding words. Again there is a pace (the listener is blinking).you can become aware being suggested .' (the suggestive predicate) '.you are blinking?' (statement of the physically obvious. and they don't have a lot of choice in the matter..something that was ongoing yet previously outside their awareness.. Once they are aware of the left hand they will find it occur in a trice as the operator enunciates the sentence and the listener will probably miss it.another pace. and a lead (the listener was made aware of the fact by the question).a1hypnosis.. Example 3: 'I want you to become aware of the process that takes place when you become aware of your left hand' This puts the listener in an almost impossible position since the process ..this time in V and/or K modalities the more complex question structure "how does one process if one is aware that one can become aware?" is immediately resolved in the performance of the act itself .. Example 2: 'Are you aware that/ you can become aware that/ you are blinking?' 'Are you aware that...

becoming aware of becoming aware . The suggestion that follows the phrase will have to be processed by the listener in order to make sense out of it. if they are made to refer to a particular mode.which is awareness of the left hand. if it is said in terms of a certain physical sense or modality.introduction impossible to become unaware of it and start again (any attempt to do so will have them trying to be aware of how a awareness arises of the left hand . HYPNOTIC SEDUCTION PRACTICE MEDITATION TO DEVELOP YOUR CHI ENERGY AND PSYCHIC POWERS EVERY DAY! CLICK HERE FOR Once again the complex word form . Example 4: 'Has it ever occurred to you present along with the kinesthetic lead to the left hand and the pace indicating that a process of becoming takes place. In other words whatever is said. they will become immediate self-fulfilling prophecies insofar as the listener is concerned and.' Whatever follows this phrase may or may not have occurred to the listener: one thing is for sure.a1hypnosis..html (7 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:11:20 AM] . If pacing statements are made.. it is going to occur to them now. they will lead in that mode. An astute listener could observe how awareness of some other body part comes into being of course). will lead the listener in that modality whether they like it or not.

com/Manuals/TheHypnoticSeductionManualSecretWebsite/chapter11.introduction TABLE OF CONTENTS http://www.html (8 of 8) [11/19/2002 4:11:20 AM] .a1hypnosis.