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Published by: Gyímesi István on Jul 01, 2011
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Formatting the Card

The card is new.
The card was formatted by a different camera or a computer.
The card is full with images or data.
A card-related error is displayed (p.209).

Execute [Format] in the following cases:

About Low-level Formatting

Do low-level formatting if the card’s recording or reading speed seems


Since low-level formatting will erase all recordable sectors in the card, the
formatting will take slightly longer than normal formatting.
You can stop the low-level formatting by selecting [Cancel]. Even in this
case, normal formatting will have been completed and you can use the
card as usual.

When the card is formatted or data is erased, only the file management
information is changed. The actual data is not completely erased. Be aware
of this when selling or discarding the card. When discarding the card,
execute low-level formatting or destroy the card physically to prevent the
data from being leaked.

The card capacity displayed on the card format screen might be smaller
than the capacity indicated on the card.


The LCD monitor can display the shooting settings screen, menu screen, image, etc.

Displayed when the camera is turned on.
When your eye nears the viewfinder
eyepiece, the display-off sensor
(p.17, 138) turns off the LCD monitor
automatically. This prevents the bright
LCD monitor from interfering with
your view. The LCD monitor turns on
again when your eye leaves the
viewfinder eyepiece.
While the menu screen or image is displayed as shown below, you
can instantly return to the shooting settings screen (shown on the
left) by pressing the shutter button halfway.
Pressing the <B

> button turns the display on or off.

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