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: I ve included the IV50 Codec installer and this must be ran before you can fully u se the Micro Expression Training Tool. If Your using an Operating System above Windows XP (Vista or Windows 7) right cl ick on the "iv5setup.exe" (IV50 Codec installer), go to "properties", click the "Compatibility" tab, and set Compatibility mode to "Windows XP (service pack 2)" You will also need to do the above with "METT-Program-Player.exe" so that the vi deos play properly. I ve also included other materials to help aid in the learning process. List of Things Included: 1. Micro Expression Training Tool (METT CD) 2. Facial Action Coding System (FACS CD) <-- A must for Micro expression Trainin g (more in depth info) 3. David Lieberman - Never Be Lied To Again Part's 1&2 <-- (mp3 version of the b asic's of expression detection) 4. Emotions Revealed <-- (PDF of Dr. Paul Ekman's book) 5. Unmasking the Face <-- (Also a PDF of Dr. Paul Ekman's book) 6. Telling Lies <-- (Also a PDF of Dr. Paul Ekman's book) 7. Frogs Into Princes: Neuro Linguistic Programming <-- (A PDF of a book by Rich ard Bandler) 8. The Truth About Liars <-- (A documentary about how and why people lie)