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Recipes - Desserts

Recipes - Desserts

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  • Pineapple Chiffon
  • Chocolate Chip Chiffon
  • Lemon Chiffon
  • Spice Chiffon Cherry Chiffon
  • DOUGHNUTS (Margaret Hein)
  • CREAM PUFFS (Margaret Hein)



- 2 cups cake flour. - 1 tsp. baking powder. - 1 tsp. baking soda. - 2 tsp. cinnamon. - 1 tsp. salt. - 1 ½ cups sugar. - 2 cups salad oil. - 4 eggs (one at a time). - 2 cups grated carrots. - ½ cups walnuts. - mix sugar, oil and eggs. - add dry ingredients. - add grated carrots and nuts. - bake in 2 tube pans at 325F. for 40 minutes. Cream Cheese Icing: - 1 box icing sugar. - 8 ounces cream cheese. - 1 stick butter. - 1 tsp. vanilla. - mix above ingredients until smooth. - spread on cooled cake.

APPLE PIE FILLING Mix: 2 lbs. apples peeled and sliced. ½ cup sugar. ½ cup brown sugar. 1 tbsp. corn starch. 1 tsp. cinnamon. dash nutmeg. butter cream. - use Crisco or Tenderflake pie crust recipe. - add above filling. - Bake 400F. for 15 minutes and then 350F. for 40 minutes until golden.

2 BOW TIES 3 eggs. ¼ cup sugar. 3 tbsp. butter. 1 tbsp. lemon rind. 3 tbsp. orange juice. dash of salt. 3 cups flour. - mix together eggs, sugar, butter, lemon rind, orange juice and salt. - add flour by stirring and kneading. - then refrigerate for 15 minutes. - roll out thin on floured board. - cut into 2” x 4” strips. - make slit and bow knot and fry. - drain on paper towels. - dust with icing sugar.

SNOWBALLS ½ cup butter. ½ cup shortening. 1 tsp. vanilla. 2 cups flour. 1 cup ground nuts (pecans or walnuts). icing sugar. - cream butter and shortening. - add vanilla. - add flour and nuts. - refrigerate. - roll into very small balls. - bake on ungreased cookie sheet at 325F. for 8 to 10 minutes. - let cool, then roll in icing sugar.

3 OATMEAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES 1 cup butter. 1 ½ cups brown sugar. 2 eggs. 1 tsp. vanilla. 1 ½ cups flour. 2 1/3 cups rolled oats. 1 tsp. baking soda. 1 tsp.salt. ½ - 1 tsp. cinnamon. 1 cup raisins. 1 package semisweet chocolate chips. - mix butter, sugar and eggs until creamy. - add the remaining ingredients. - mix until well blended. - drop by tsp. onto cookie sheets. - bake at 350F. for 12 to 15 minutes.

PEPPY APPLE-CHEESE BREAD 2 cups flour. 2/3 cups sugar. 1 tsp. baking powder. ½ tsp. baking soda. ½ tsp. salt. ½ tsp.shortening. 2 eggs. 1 ½ cups pared, shredded apples. ½ cup shredded cheddar cheese. ½ cup walnuts. - combine flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, salt, shortening and eggs. - stir in apples, cheese, walnuts. - mix well. - bake at 350F. for 1 hour. - cool before slicing.

4 PRUNE JAM - cover prunes with water and soak overnight. - pit them next day. - add soaking juice and lemon juice. ( 1 lb. prunes use ¼ to ½ cup lemon juice). - cook slowly in oven or top of stove for several hours or at 300F for oven method. - add more water if still chunky, cook longer. - add sugar if desired and cook a little longer. - jar them with sealing wax. COOKED CREAMY FROSTING ¼ cup cornstarch. ¼ cup sugar. 1 ¼ cup milk. 1 cup butter. 3 tbsp. icing sugar. - mix above ingredients together until creamy. - cook on stovetop and then cool. before frosting cake. Variations: 1) add 3 tbsp. instant coffee. 2) add 1 egg yolk, 2 ounces of semi-sweet chocolate and ½ cup cocoa. 3) add 1 tsp. vanilla sugar and ½ vanilla. CARMEL CORN 1 cup packed light brown sugar. ¼ cup light corn syrup. ¼ cup butter. ½ tsp. salt. ½ tsp. vanilla. ¼ tsp. baking soda. - mix above ingredients on low heat. - in a large bowl pour over 8 cups of plain popped corn. - place caramel corn on cookie sheet and bake until set.

cook in waffle iron. 2 cups milk. . 1 tbsp. ½ tsp. baking powder. stiffly beaten . milk. sugar 1 tsp. flour. . . 2 egg whites. baking soda . 1/3 cup oil. 2 cups all purpose flour. baking powder ½ tsp. baking powder.1 egg white stiffly beaten .mix above ingredients.fold in egg whites.fold in egg white.mix egg yolks. in large bowl. LIGHT AND CRISP WAFFLES 2 egg yolks. . .may also freeze cooled waffles. salt. salt ¼ tsp. salt and oil. .5 RICH BELGIUM STYLE WAFFLES 1 egg yolk 1 cup sour cream ½ cup milk 3 tbsp. melted butter 1 cup flour 2 tsp.serve with favourite toppings.

. butter 1 large cream cheese ( 8oz.mix all together at slow speed. . 1 package semisweet chocolate. chopped walnuts. 1 tsp.refrigerate.bake in 325 oven.mix in 1 cup ground nuts. . vanilla. . . . 1 lb.melt chocolate and ½ slab wax slowly. .form into ball and refrigerate. 4 tsp. cut into squares and fill with prune jam or nut mixture. . jar peanut butter ½ lb.6 CHOCOLATE FINGERS 1 lb. .3 beaten egg whites.¾ cups sugar (beat until stiff). melted butter. chopped dates. Nut Mixture: .take ½ of dough and roll out. CREAM CHEESE KIFLES ½ lb.) 1 egg yolk 2 ½ cups Monarch Cake Flour . 2 cups icing sugar.mix the above ingredients with hands and mold into “fingers”. . .dip date fingers into chocolate mixture and place on wax paper covered cookie sheets. use lots of flour. ½ slab wax.

bake at 350 until golden. . brown sugar. SOUR CREAM COFFEE CAKE 1 cup butter 2 cups sugar 2 eggs fold in 1 cup sour cream 2 cups flour 1 tsp. .¼ cup chopped nuts.sprinkle with nuts. .7 BANANA CAKE 2 ½ cups flour 2 tsp. salt 1 ½ cups sugar 1 ¾ cups oil 4 eggs 4 mashed bananas nuts .bake in 350 oven for 1 hour. baking powder 1 tsp. baking powder 1 ½ tsp. .2 tbsps. . (may double nut mixture if desired). cinnamon ¾ tsp.½ tsp.pour half of above into bundt pan. vanilla . NUT MIXTURE: .pour in cake pan. baking soda 1 tsp.sprinkle with nut mixture and add rest of batter.mix above ingredients. . . . cinnamon.

½ tsp.oven 325 F. 1 tsp. cloves . cheese and sugar. vanilla.icing sugar. . 1 cup sugar.mix above ingredients together. . . ¼ tsp.. . grated lemon rind. and egg whites or milk. .cream shortening.top with desired sprinkles. salt. 13 ounces cream cheese.beat in egg yolk. . baking soda 1 tsp. 1 tsp. .8 SNOW FLAKES 1 cup shortening. . almond or vanilla flavouring. HONEY COOKIES 1 cup butter ¾ cup brown sugar 1 cup honey 2 eggs ½ cup sour cream 5 ½ cups flour 1 tsp.oven 350 F. 1 egg yolk.roll into balls. Glaze: . cinnamon . vanilla. 2 ½ cups flour.gradually blend in flour. cinnamon 1 tsp.350 F. . salt and cinnamon. lemon rind.press through cookie press onto greased cookie sheets.mix and brush on cookies.

. then roll in pecans.roll into 1 inch balls.drizzle with melted chocolate and oil mixture. flour.oven 350F. egg yolk. . vanilla 1 cup flour 12 caramels 2 tbsp. . . add chocolate. .meanwhile melt caramels with milk.swirl the two mixtures together with a knife.9 CHOCOLATE CARMEL COOKIES ½ cup butter 2/3 cup sugar 3 squares semi-sweet chocolate (melted) 1 egg (separated) 1 tsp. vanilla until smooth. for 40 minutes. .cream butter. sugar. . eggs.pour ½ tsp. add sugar. vanilla. .wrap in plastic.use wooden spoon for dents.mix cake like brownie as directed. .spoon remaining brownie batter in spots over the top. chill 15 minutes. . cream cheese 5 tbsp. .pour half of brownie batter into greased pan. milk 1 cup finely chopped pecans 2 squares semi-sweet chocolate 1 tsp. vanilla 1 tub frosting or your own favorite frosting. . flour ¾ tsp.soften cream cheese and butter. dip in egg whites. .bake at 350 F. flour. .beat together. . . . . MARBLE BROWNIES 1 package brownie mix 3 oz.pour all the cream cheese mixture over the brownie layer.bake 10 to 12 minutes. caramel into cookies dents.cool and frost brownies. . oil. butter 1/3 cup sugar 2 eggs 2 tbsp.

. . salt . .use favorite apple filling recipe. APPLE SQUARES Dough: 2 ½ cups flour ¾ cup shortening or butter 3 tbsp. in 9 x 13 pan for 1 hour. . .mix ingredients together.10 APPLE CAKE 3 eggs 1 ½ cup sugar 1 cup oil Mix: 2 cups flour 1 tsp.divide into two loaves. sugar lemon rind if desired . .peel and slice 5 tart apples. cinnamon ½ tsp.let rest a few minutes.mix all ingredients.add to previous ingredients and mix together. Mix: 3 rounded tbsp.fold into above mixture. baking soda ¼ tsp. sour cream 3 egg yolks . .add ½ cup of raisins if desired. allspice 1 tsp.bake at 325 F. .

knead dough until smooth.form into walnut size balls.press with hot waffle iron. UNBAKED CHEESE CAKE 2 packages (8 oz) cream cheese ¾ cup sugar 6 -7 tbsp.beat Rich Whip until stiff.cream all together. . . . .rub in butter until fine in texture.top with cherry pie filling if desired. .pour mixture into cracker crust. vanilla 2 cartons Rich Whip . . . anise 2 cups flour . . except Rich Whip. .11 ANISE WAFFLES 3 eggs ½ cup sugar ½ cup butter 2 tsp.prepare graham cracker crust.mix flour and sugar in larger bowl. . .add unbeaten egg and anise. cinnamon 2 tsp. lemon juice ½ tsp.slowly add cream cheese mixture. .refrigerate or freeze.

mix flour. . . cinnamon. ground cloves ¾ cup butter or shortening 1 cup brown sugar 1 egg ¾ cup molasses 1 cup sugar (for rolling cookies) . ZUCCHINI CAKE 2 small zucchini 1 cup chopped walnuts ¾ cup brown sugar ¾ cup white sugar 1 cup oil 4 eggs 1 tsp. . ground nutmeg ½ tsp.place balls 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. baking soda ½ tsp.in large bowl beat butter or shortening until creamy. makes 3 dozen.bake at 305 F. allspice finely grated lemon peel . salt ¼ tsp. . . . baking soda. for 50-60 minutes.shape dough into 1 ½ inch balls and roll in granulated sugar. baking soda 1 tsp. ginger.oven 350 F. vanilla 2 ½ cups flour 1 ½ tsp. ground ginger 1 tsp.12 OLD FASHIONED GINGERSNAPS 3 cups flour 2 tsp. . baking powder ½ tsp. cinnamon ½ tsp.wrap dough in plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm enough to handle – about 1 hour. .stir flour mixture into butter mixture. . salt ½ tsp. cinnamon ½ tsp.mix all ingredients and pour batter into two angel food cake tins. egg and molasses until blended.add brown sugar. salt and cloves.

orange extract ¼ tsp. QUICK & EASY RICE PUDDING 2 ½ cups milk ¼ cup sugar 3 egg yolks 3 tbsp. baking powder ½ cup chopped nuts .place in microwave and cook on high for 8 minutes stirring 3 times during cooking until mixture has thickened.13 LIGHT ZUCCHINI BREAD 3 eggs 3 ¼ cups oil 1 ½ cups sugar 1 tsp. vanilla 2 cups grated zucchini 2 ½ cups flour ¾ tsp. .bake at 350 F. (6 servings) .let stand 5 minutes before serving. .pour into two loaf pans.remove from microwave and stir in rice and raisins. cinnamon ¼ tsp. lemon peel ½ tsp. cinnamon 2 cups cooked rice ¼ cup raisins . egg yolks. soda 2 tsp. . salt ½ tsp. cornstarch 1/8 tsp.mix ingredients.in 1 quart microwave-safe bowl. ginger 1 tsp. for 1 hour. . sugar. whisk together milk. . cornstarch and cinnamon.

Drop spoonfuls of pie filling over batter.D. .spread in large cookie tray.sprinkle with ground walnuts (optional).serves 10 -12. melted 3 pkgs ( 250 g. * . . crumbs and butter.cool and refrigerate overnight for best results.combine almonds. . . Beat in eggs. .14 BERRY CREAMY CHERRY CRANBERRY CHEESECAKE 1 cup ground almonds 1/3 cup graham wafer crumbs ¼ cup butter. each) cream cheese 1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk 3 eggs 1 can E. . cocoa powder . .pour mixture into pan. Smith Cherry Cranberry Pie Filling ( 1 cup reserved) .mix all ingredients. . swirl through to marble.spread with icing.cream ingredients and add a few drops of milk. . * ICING: 2 cups icing sugar ½ cup softened butter maple or rum flavouring 4 tbps. for 45-50 minutes. . SHORT BREAD SQUARES 2 cups butter 2 cups brown sugar 2 egg yolks 2 tsp.bake at 325 F. press onto bottom of 9” springform pan.serve with reserved pie filling and garnish as desired. . gradually add Eagle Brand.bake 300 for 30 minutes or until slightly golden. vanilla or maple 5 cups all purpose flour .beat cream cheese until fluffy.

sprinkle with chocolate chips. . .press down firmly.oven 350 F. . cinnamon ¼ tsp.mix above ingredients.melt butter in 13” x 9” dish . . or 235 F. .bake approximately 10 minutes or until golden. . .preheat oven 350 F. .makes 24 bars. . . QUAKER’S BEST OATMEAL COOKIES 1 ¼ cups butter ¾ cup brown sugar ½ cup sugar 1 egg 1 tsp. for glass dish. baking soda 1 tsp. vanilla 1 ½ cup flour 1 tsp.15 MAGIC COOKIE BARS ½ cup butter 1 ½ cups graham crumbs 1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk 1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips 1 ¼ cups flaked coconut 1 cup chopped nuts (optional) .cool well before cutting.pour Eagle Brand Milk over crumbs. then coconut and nuts. nutmeg 3 cups Quaker Oats chopped nuts optional raisins optional . .Bake 25 to 30 minutes until lightly browned.sprinkle graham crumbs over butter and mix together and press into pan.drop by spoonfuls on cookie sheet.

salt 1/3 cup plus ½ of a 1/3 oil 3 mashed bananas 1/3 cup plus ½ of a 1/3 brown sugar 2 eggs ¾ cup sour milk ( use drops of vinegar in milk) 3 tbsp.ice as desired. . . brown sugar and eggs. .16 BANANA BRAN MUFFINS 1 ¾ cups plus 1/8 cup flour ¾ cups Quaker Oats ¾ cups Natural Bran 1 ½ tsp.use poppy seed and milk mixture instead.fill 2 cup measuring cup with a little over 1 cup of poppy seed and the rest with milk. .spoon into large muffins tins. . . . molasses ¾ cup raisins 1/3 cup chopped nuts (optional) .stir until moistened.combine flour. . . for 20 minutes or until golden.bake as directed. baking powder. bran.stir in mashed bananas. POPPY SEED CAKE 1 white cake mix 1 plus cup of poppy seed 1 cup milk . .proceed with cake mix. .let stand a while. . milk and molasses. . oats.do not use liquids in cake mix.add raisins and nuts. baking powder 1 ½ tsp baking soda ¼ tsp.add liquid ingredients to dry ingredients.bake at 375 F. . soda and salt.mix oil.

.cover frying pan with oil.chill until set.combine 7 squares chocolate. shiny peaks form. .carefully fold chocolate mixture into egg white mixture.blend in liquor.pour into plastic wrap lined 4 cup bowl.stir in 2 cups of poppy seed and 1/3 cup sugar. . . . CHOCOLATE MOUSSE 7 squares semi-sweet chocolate melted 3 eggs 2 tbsp. mix well. 1 whole egg and 2 egg yolks.add ½ cup milk and ½ tsp.beat 2 egg whites until foamy.add icing sugar and beat until stiff.remove plastic wrap. whipped stiff 1 square semi-sweet chocolate grated icing sugar . . .serve warm.fold whipped cream into egg whites.17 POPPY SEED NOODLES . your favourite liqueur 3 tbsp. . . .add cooked noodles. . at least 3 hours. . .simmer. vanilla.unmould onto serving plate. . . icing sugar 1 cup whipping cream.decorate with grated chocolate and icing sugar. .

. vanilla pudding powder . Cream: ¼ cup butter 3 tbsp. until brown.fill with apple. NANAIMO BARS In heavy skillet combine: ½ cup butter ¼ cup sugar 1 egg slightly beaten ¼ cup cocoa . cherry or blueberry filling. . .heat on very low until mixture thickens.place remaining crumble mixture on top.mix ingredients. .place half in buttered dish.mix and press into 9” pan. .cool in refrigerator. .bake at 325-350 F.blend with spoon and spread over chilled mixture. .spread over 1st mixture and chill. .18 OATMEAL CRUMBLE 2 cups rolled oats 1 ½ cups flour 2 tsp. butter . .take off stove and add: 2 cups graham cracker crumbs 1 cup coconut flakes ½ cup chopped nuts . baking powder 1 cup brown sugar 1 cup butter . milk 2 cups icing sugar 2 tbsp.store in refrigerator.in small heavy sauce pan melt slowly: 4 squares semi-sweet chocolate 2 tsp.

stir in cinnamon.sift flour. then whip egg whites with cream of tartar – fold with mixture.combine milk with eggs and vanilla and add to flour mixture . .stir until moistened add blueberries gently.pour in lined pan and bake for 10 minutes. vanilla 2 cups fresh or frozen blueberries .bake 30 – 35 minutes at 350 F. .mix egg yolks.line pan with wax paper. ground cinnamon ¾ cup milk 2 eggs 1 ½ tsp. . . .cut in butter until it is in tiny pieces .fold walnuts into mixture.remove ¾ cup of this mixture to a small bowl.oven at 325 F. salt and baking powder. salt 1 tsp. rum 1 cup sugar 1/3 cup water ¼ tsp. baking powder 1 cup butter ½ tsp. .combine flour with sugar and baking powder in bowl.. . cream of tartar .19 NUT LOG ROLL CAKE 1 ¼ cups sifted cake flour 1 cup fine ground walnuts 4 eggs 1 tsp. Cool before removing. . maple flavouring 1 tsp. . reserve.sprinkle each with the reserved cinnamon/crumb mixture. BLUEBERRY STREUSEL MUFFINS 2 ½ cups flour 1 ¼ cups sugar 1 tbsp. baking powder ¼ tsp. .separate eggs. . . flavourings and sugar into sifted mixture and water (as needed).spoon batter into 12 large muffin cups (lined or greased). . .

press evenly into prepared pan. . . remove from pan and peel off foil. sugar 1 cup flour ½ tsp. in a bowl mix the remaining ingredients together to form a pudding. . . blueberries. baking powder 1 egg 1 cup milk . etc…) 2 tbsp. .oven 325 F. . makes 36 bars. raspberries.cut into bars. cover and simmer for 15 to 20 minutes over low heat.bring the berries and sugar to a boil over medium heat in a large saucepan.meanwhile. . GRANOLA BARS 3 cups rolled oats 1 cup any chopped nuts 1 cup raisins or chopped dried fruit 1 cup sunflower seeds 1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk ½ cup melted butter .bake 25 to 30 minutes or until golden brown.Serves 4. . .line 15 x 10 inch pan with foil. salt 2 tsp. grease.in large bowl combine all ingredients.20 BERRIED TREASURE 4 cups berries (strawberries.pour the pudding mixture over the berries. mix well. .cool slightly.

dissolve 2 packages of Jello -O (170 g) in 2 ½ cups of boiling water.in a medium bowl cream butter and sugar. vanilla until light and fluffy. . baking powder. . . JELL-O JIGGLERS .add dry ingredients alternately with sour cream to creamed mixture.21 APPLE STREUSEL CAKE ½ cup butter 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 tsp. . butter whipped cream .spread batter in greased 9 x 13” pan. . cinnamon 3 tbsp. . for 35 – 40 minutes. . .chill 3 hours. .cut into desired shapes.pour into pan.combine topping ingredients and sprinkle evenly over batter. . baking soda ¼ tsp.combine flour.add eggs. vanilla 2 cups flour 1 tsp.bake at 350 F. salt 1 cup dairy cream 2 cups chopped peeled apples topping: ¾ cup each: chopped pecan and brown sugar. 2 tsp. soda and salt.fold in apple. baking powder 1 tsp. .

. . for 15 – 20 minutes.flour dough lightly and roll into circle between two sheets of wax paper. cold water Double Crust: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp. . for remainder.flip into pie plate. for 10 minutes.for baked pie shell recipes heat oven to 425 F. .bake at 425 F. . .divide dough as required. one tablespoon at a time.mix flour and salt in medium bowl.cut in Crisco using pastry blender until pea-size chunks. salt ½ Crisco stick or ½ cup Crisco shortening 3 tbsp. then at 350 F. . then reduce to 325 F. . cold water .sprinkle with water.bake according to desired pie selections. for 10 to 15 minutes or until lightly browned. . cold water 9 inch deep dish double crust or two 10 inch double crust: 2 2/3 cups all purpose – flour 1 tsp. .prick bottom and sides with fork to prevent shrinking. salt ¾ stick Crisco stick or ¾ cup Crisco shortening 5 tbsp. BAKING HOME MADE FROZEN PIES Apple Pies: bake uncovered at 425 F. salt 1 cup Crisco shortening 7 to 8 tbsp.fold edge under and flute edges. . . . .toss lightly with fork until dough will form ball. Pumpkin Pies: bake at 400 F.22 CLASSIC CRISCO PIE CRUST Single Crust: 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour ½ tsp. for remainder.spoon flour into measuring cup and level.for unbaked pie shell recipes follow directions on selected recipe.

23 DOUBLE CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE crust: filling: 1 cup crushed chocolate wafers 3 tbsp. Let cool completely before removing sides. press firmly onto bottom of 9” springform pan. for 10 minutes.blend cream cheese and sugar. OATMEAL CHEWS ½ cup butter 1 cup brown sugar 1 tsp.mix ingredients and press into pan. vegetable oil . for 10 minutes.35 minutes longer or until center of cake is just barely firm. spread evenly.bake at 350 F. reduce heat to 250 F. . To remaining batter. Using back of spoon draw lines along surface of glaze. Bake at 425 F. cream cheese) ¾ cup sugar 3 eggs 1 tsp. raspberry or orange liqueur (optional) 3 squares semi-sweet chocolate melted 6 squares semi-sweet chocolate ¼ cup butter 2 tsp. until golden. spread evenly. Add vanilla. vanilla 3 squares white chocolate melted 2 tbsp. Bake at 350 F. glaze: crust: filling: glaze: . mixing well after each addition. melted butter 3 packages (@ 8 oz. vanilla 2 cups rolled oats . Bang rack several times to smooth glaze. If desired garnish with chocolate curls. and bake 30 .melt chocolate with butter and oil over hot water stirring until smooth. one at a time. Place cake on rack over waxed paper. Pour glaze over entire cake. Pour dark batter into crumb-lined pan. Stir in melted white chocolate and liquor into this portion. Add eggs. . Spoon white batter carefully over top. .combine crumbs and butter. blend in melted semi-sweet chocolate. Remove from oven and run knife around sides. Remove ½ of the batter to another bowl.

. . baking powder ¼ tsp. MERINGUE SPICE CAKE 2 cups flour 3 tsp.combine flour.makes about 5 dozen cookies. .beat 1 egg white stiff and add ½ cup brown sugar. cloves ½ cup shortening 1 cup brown sugar 2 eggs and one yolk (or two) ¾ cup milk chopped nuts .gradually beat in flour mixture.let stand 2 minutes before removing.bake for 9 – 11 minutes or until golden brown.drop by tablespoons onto greased baking sheets.spread on cake batter and sprinkle with chopped nuts.mix ingredients for cake batter. baking soda 1 tsp. M & M pieces . . softened ¾ cup sugar ¾ brown sugar 1 tsp. .24 M & M COOKIES 2 ¼ cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp.stir in M & M’s. sugars and vanilla in large bowl until creamy. . for 45 minutes or until golden. . salt 1 cup butter.beat butter.add eggs one at a time. salt 1 tsp. . . cinnamon ½ tsp. .oven 375 F.bake at 350 F. baking soda and salt in small bowl. vanilla 2 eggs 2 cups or 12 oz. . . .

.spoon cherry pie filling over batter.set aside ½ cup of the mixture.stir flour and sugar in bowl. salt 2 tsp. . baking powder 3 tbsp. . ZUCCHINI MUFFINS 2 cups flour ¾ tsp. yogurt and lemon rind in small bowl.sprinkle with reserved crumbs mixture. . mace 2 tbsp. baking soda ½ cup chopped nuts 1 egg 1 cup plain yogurt 1 tsp. baking soda and nuts to remainder of mixture. cinnamon 1 tbsp. for 25-30 minutes or until done. grated lemon rind 1 can cherry pie filling . .bake at 350 F. . baking powder ½ tsp.drop remaining batter by small spoonfuls over filling.mix all ingredients.add baking powder. . sugar . .place cups on baking sheet.bake at 350 F. sugar 1/8 tsp.add to dry ingredients. . .25 CHERRY CRUMBLE CAKES 2¼ cups flour ¾ cups sugar ¾ cups butter ½ tsp.spread 2/3rds of batter into 8 greased custard cups. . .mix beaten eggs.cut in butter until mixture crumbly. . butter 1 cup zucchini 1 egg ½ cup milk ½ tsp.

.26 DARK ZUCCHINI BREAD 3 eggs 1 cup oil 2 cups brown sugar 3 tsp. molasses 4 cups flour 1 tsp.mix all ingredients.fry until golden brown. cinnamon 1 tbsp.drain on paper towels.pour into two loaf pans. milk. sugar. for 1 hour. salt 1 tsp. . grated orange rind ¼ cup oil ½ cup milk ¼ cup orange juice 1 egg . nutmeg or mace 1 tsp.combine flour. pumpkin pie sauce ½ cup chopped nuts . baking powder. . . salt 1 tsp.bake at 350 F. . orange juice. and orange rind.add oil.stir with fork until mixed. into hot oil. . baking powder 2 tsp. baking powder 1 tsp.heat oil for frying.roll warm donuts in cinnamon and sugar mixture. . egg. spices. cinnamon 1 tsp. salt. baking soda ¼ tsp.drop by tsp. . . . CINNAMON ORANGE DONUT DROPS 2 cups flour ¼ cup sugar 3 tsp. vanilla 3 cups grated zucchini 1 tbsp.

.combine wafer crumbs. vanilla ½ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips . sugar and butter.roll our and cut into shapes.(250 g) cream cheese. evaporated milk. egg.drizzle remaining chocolate mixture over top. . flour and vanilla and smooth. .pour vanilla mixture next.melt chocolate chips.draw a knife through batter to swirl. .27 CHOCOLATE RIPPLE CHEESCAKE SQUARES 1 cup graham wafer crumbs 3 tbsp.stir ½ cup of vanilla mixture into chocolate. for 10 minutes or until golden. .press onto bottom of an 8” square pan. flour 2 tsp. .blend cream cheese.bake at 300 F. for 40-45 minutes or until set. . sugar ¼ cup melted butter 1 pkg. .cool then chill before cutting. SUGAR COOKIES 2 sticks softened butter 1 cup sugar 1 egg 1 ½ tsp. . baking powder . vanilla 3 cups flour 1 ¼ tsp. .mix together. softened ¾ cup 2 % evaporated milk ½ cup sugar 1 egg 2 tbsp.bake at 350 F. 3 tbsp. .drizzle half of chocolate mixture over crumb crust. . . ½ cup sugar.

egg yolks and lemon rind.add apple mixture. .28 SHORT BREAD COOKIES 1 cup softened butter ½ cup sugar 2 (1/2) cups flour . salt 2 egg yolks (use egg whites for brushing crust) ½ cup sugar ½ cup milk 1 cup butter ¼ tsp. . butter 1 cup sugar 1 tsp. until golden . .place ½ of rolled pastry on bottom of 13 x 9 pan.bake at 350 F. .bake 350 F. . . .press into pan. apple mixture: 12 peeled and sliced apples 1 cup sugar 2 tbsp.brush with egg whites and bake at 350 F.add milk.press into pan. cinnamon ¼ cup dry bread crumbs.mix flour. top with remaining rolled pastry. MAISIE’S SHOIRTBREAD COOKIES 1 lb. APPLE SQUARES 3 ½ flour ¼ tsp.mix together. graham crumbs or a little corn starch to absorb apple juices. lemon rind . sugar and salt and cut in butter. salt 4 cups flour .mix together. . . for 15-20 minutes. for 15 to 20 minutes.

roll out 1/3 of dough at a time to ¼ “ thickness cut with cookie cutters.chill one hour. . . . .spread tsp. place 2” apart on ungreased baking sheet. on top of each cookie.for topping combine carmels and milk in microwave . salt 28 carmels 2 tbsp. over carmel.mix and form into balls.mix into creamed mixture. PEANUT BUTTER SNOWBALLS 1 cup peanut butter 1 tbsp.place chocolate chips in bowl and microwave until melted. butter 1 cup icing sugar ½ cup chopped nuts 1 cup corn flakes flaked cocnut . .combine flour. bag semi-sweet chocolate . vanilla 4 to 5 cups flour 1 ½ tsp baking soda 1 ½ tsp. cream of tartar and salt. baking soda. add vanilla.make thin icing. . milk 3 cups pecan halves 1 6 oz.cool. .place three pecan halves around edge of carmel.beat in eggs one at a time.bake 5-6 minutes until edges are slightly golden . add milk.drop by tsp.cream Crisco and sugars together. milk 3 eggs 1 tsp. roll balls in icing and then into coconut.29 CARMEL PECAN TURTLES 1 cup Crisco 1 ½ cups sugar ½ cup brown sugar 1 tbsp. cream of tartar 1 tsp. . .remove to cooling rack. . . . .

. for glass pan. . or 325 F.beat at medium speed for 2 minutes until frothy. vanilla 1 ¼ tsp.line baking sheets with parchment paper. . .melt butter in 13 x 9 pan. . . . .mix together and press into pan.drop unto baking sheets by spoonfuls or use pastry bag.oven 250 F.in large bowl beat egg whites. salt and cream of tartar.beat egg white mixture until stiff peaks form (10 min) .bake 25 minutes or until lightly browned. . coca powder .30 TRIPLE LAYER BARS ½ cup butter 1 ½ cups graham wafer crumbs 1 pkg.increase speed and slowly add sugar. . then rotate baking sheets and bake for an additional 20-25 minutes or until meringues are dry.melt chocolate chips and peanut butter. .decrease speed and add coca powder.sprinkle crumbs evenly over butter. cream of tartar 1 cup sugar 2 tbsp.bake for 30 minutes.cool and then cut into bars MOCHA MERINGUES 2 tsp. .mix thoroughly. . instant coffee 4 egg whites ¼ tsp.add vanilla and coffee mixture.in small bowl combine vanilla and coffee. semi sweet chocolate chips ½ cup creamy peanut butter .oven 350 F. etc… . . . . .top evenly with coconut then Eagle Brand. flaked coconut 1 can Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk 1 pkg.spread over bars. .

. sugar 2/3 cup peach yogurt For each variation: in blender puree together ingredients until smooth. PAVOLA 3 large egg whites 6 oz. sugar ½ tsp.Cool. vinegar 1 tsp. fold in remaining ingredients. got 1 hour. corn flour meringue: egg whites and sugar. and build up sides. spread on wax paper placed on baking sheet.31 TRIO OF SMOOTHIES Very Berry Smoothie: 1 cup milk ¾ cup each frozen strawberries and raspberries 1 tbsp. .bake at 300F. vanilla ½ tsp. sugar ½ cup vanilla yogurt Banana Split Smoothie: ½ cups chocolate milk 1 large frozen banana 1 cup frozen strawberries Blueberry Smoothie: 1 cup milk 2 cups frozen sliced peaches ¾ cup frozen blueberries 1 tbsp. .Peel off wax paper .

Spread evenly in wax paper lined 8 inch square pan. Chill 2 hours or until firm. Makes 4 dozen candlies. Stir in remaining ingredients. peel off paper and cut into squares. Microwave for 2 minutes. adding slowly When stiff add: 1 cup ground nuts 1 cup wafer crumbs . NUT WALNUT KISSES 2 egg whites.form into balls and press chopped nut into each. CHOCOLATE PEANUT CLUSTERS 1 package semi-sweet chocolate chips 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk 2 cups oven roasted rice cereal 1 cup peanuts In microwave: combine chips and Eagle Brand in a 2 quart glass measure. Stir in remaining ingredients. . for 15 minutes. Chill 2 to 3 hours or until firm. Stir until chips melt and mixture is smooth. Turn fudge onto cutting board. ½ cup sugar. beaten. Drop by small spoonfuls onto wax paper-lined baking sheets.place on cookie sheet and bake at 250 F. . Microwave for 2 minutes.32 SUPER CHOCOLATE FUDGE 1 package semi sweet chocolate chips 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 1/4 cups icing sugar pinch salt ½ cup chopped nuts In microwave: combine chips and Eagle Brand in a 2 quart glass measure. Stir until chips melt and mixture is smooth.

vanilla 2 eggs 4 squares semi-sweet baking chocolate. Roll into balls. butter. sugar ¼ tsp. butter 2 tbsp. (8 oz each) cream cheese ½ cup sugar ½ tsp. vanilla 4 squares semi-sweet chocolate ¾ cup chocolate or vanilla wafer crumbs.33 TRUFFLES ROYALE 1/3 cup whipping cream 2 tbsp. add vanilla and chocolate. Stir until melted. . melted 1 Oreo pie crust (6 oz) preheat oven 325F. mix until blended. cool. Stir in melted chocolate. Combine cream. Drop by tsp. sugar and vanilla in large bowl with electric mixer on medium speed until well blended. Pour into crust. Makes 2 dozen truffles. Remove from heat. bring to b oil over medium heat. CHOCOLATE LOVER’S CHEESECAKE 2 pkg. Store in chilled airtight container. add eggs. Chill mixture until firm enough to handle about 3 to 4 hours. into desired coating. beat cream cheese. Refrigerate several hours or overnight. Bake 40 minutes or until center is almost set. toasted coconuts. sugar.

Gradually blend in flour and icing sugar. . icing sugar Cream Crisco. Prick well with fork and chill 30 minutes. etc…) .mix all ingredients. apricots. . Beat cream cheese. raspberries.Brush over fruit to glaze. ¾ cup milk 1 package cream cheese. cinnamon ¼ tsp.bake at 350 F. .pour into muffin tins. baking soda ½ tsp. mandarin oranges. peaches. Bake crust 9 to 12 minutes or until golden.34 GOLDEN SUMMER FRUIT FLAN Shortbread Crust: ½ cup Golden Crisco 1 cup flour 3 tbsp. Spread evenly over baked crust. . lemon juice ½ cup whipping cream 3 cups fresh or canned fruit (eg. Combine jam and lemon juice until smooth. pears. BRAN MUFFINS 2 ½ cups flour 1 tbsp. . Work dough with hands until smooth and press on bottom and sides of 9 inch flan pan. grapes. strawberries. icing sugar and lemon juice together until smooth. kiwi. Makes 2 dozen. softened ¼ cup icing sugar 2 tbsp. Preheat oven to 425 F. Filling: 1 package lemon instant pudding (4 serving size). Beat in prepared pudding. Chill. . allspice and salt 1 cup brown sugar 1 ½ cups Natural Bran 2 cups All Bran Cereal 2 eggs ½ cup oil ¼ cup molasses 2 cups sour milk .Arrange fruit attractively over filling.Prepare pudding according to package using only ¾ cup milk.Whip cream until stiff and fold into cheese mixture. Cool thoroughly.

Bake at 425F for 12-15 minutes or just until set. mix well. slightly beaten 1 tsp. Bake at 350F for 10 minutes . Don’t overbake. salt ¾ cup raisins prepare Crisco Pastry for double-crust recipe roll out thinly into 4 inch rounds. vanilla ¼ tsp. Place into muffin tins. Filling: combine all ingredients except raisins.35 THE ULTIMATE BUTTER TART Crisco Pastry for tart shells Filling: ½ cup lightly packed brown sugar ½ cup corn syrup ¼ cup Golden Crisco 1 egg. salt 1 pkg. onto greased baking sheet. brown sugar and egg. Semi-sweet chocolate chips Beat butter. Fills 2/3 cup syrup into each pastry shell. Put raisins into pastry shells. Stir in remaining ingredients. Drop by tsp. DOUBLE CHOCOLATE OATMEAL COOKIES ½ cup butter ½ cup Golden Crisco 1 ½ cup brown sugar 1 egg ¼ cup water 2 cups quick-cooking rolled oats 1 cup all purpose flour 1/3 cup cocoa powder ½ tsp baking soda ½ tsp. Mix well.

Shape into 2 loaves. for 1 hour and 5 minutes or until center is almost set. sugar 3 tbsp. Spray bread and bowl with Pam. Loosen cake from rim of pan. Place dough in oven for ½ hour. Spray 2 loaf pans and place dough inside. 1 cup sugar. then eggs. melted 5 pkgs. butter. Beat: cream cheese. (8 oz) each cream cheese. softened 1 cup sugar 3 tbsp.36 NEW YORK CHERRY CHEESECAKE 1 cup graham crumbs 3 tbsp. . Let set for 10 minutes before serving. Add water if necessary. vanilla 1 cup sour cream 4 eggs Garnish: 1 can cherry pie filling. Bake at 325F. Press firmly onto bottom of 9 inch springform pan. HOWARD’S BREAD Oven: 150F. for 10 minutes. – 200F. Add sour cream. sugar and melted butter. Pour over crust. Cover and let rise 15 minutes Bake at 350F for 20-25 minutes. Refrigerate 4 hours before or overnight. cool before removing rim. Chocolate curls. Mix: 3 cups flour ½ cup steel cut oats 2 tsp. flour and vanilla. Bake at 325F. Take out and knead. quick-rising yeast Stir: ¼ cup honey ½ cup hot water Add lukewarm water to make 1 2/3 cups total Pour into dry ingredients and mix until if forms a ball. Mix well. Mix crumbs. Spread cherry pie filling over cheesecake and garnish with Chocolate curls just before serving. Brush with butter. flour 1 tbsp.

In a large mixer bowl. sliced. Garnish: fresh strawberries and toasted sliced almonds. Serves 10 . Garnish with more strawberries and almonds. Stir And spoon out in small mounds.12. 1 pkg. cover with plastic and chill 1 hour. . Fold in whipped cream.37 STRAWBERRIES AND CREAM 1 can Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk 1 ½ cups cold water. beat well. Add pudding mix. ending with pudding mixture. (4 serving size) instant vanilla pudding mix 2 cups whipping cream. Chill 4 hours or until set. 1 pkg. CHOCOLATE COCONUT BALLS 2 cups icing sugar 2 cups flaked coconut ¼ cup soft butter ¼ cup evaporated milk 2 squares unsweetened chocolate 4 squares semisweet chocolate 1 square inch piece of paraffin wax Combine sugar. pound cake. ½ cup strawberry jam. half the jam and half the remaining pudding mixture. half of the strawberries. cubed 4 cups fresh strawberries. Cover cookie sheet with wax paper. Form chilled coconut mixture into small balls. Spoon 2 cups pudding mixture into 4 quart round glass serving bowl. Repeat layering. drop fresh nuts into it. Melt squares of chocolate and wax in double boiler. Top with half of the cake cubes. combine Eagle Brand and water. whipped. Refrigerate. Chill until set. coconut and butter in bowl. Dip each ball in warm chocolate. If you have chocolate leftover. Stir in evaporated milk. Retrieve with fork and place on cookie sheet.

brown sugar. . baking powder and salt. . Cool 10 minutes. eggs. baking powder ½ tsp. . Vanilla 1 package (12 oz) chocolate chips . 1 cup raisins 3 eggs 1 cup corn syrup 2/3 cup brown sugar 1/3 cup butter – melted Pinch salt Press pastry into muffin tins.Make a well in center of dry ingredients: add milk mixture and stir to Combine.In another bowl combine: milk. Pour liquid mixture into each muffin tin.Combine in large bowl: flour.Preheat oven 400F.Spoon into greased muffin cups. butter and salt. sugars. FESTIVE BUTTER TARTS Crisco pastry dough. Remove from tins. . corn syrup. Bake at 375F for 20-25 minutes or until set. Cool before removing from tins. Makes 12 tarts.38 CHOCOLATE CHIP MUFFINS 2 cups flour 1/3 cup brown sugar 1/3 sugar 2 tsp. Combine eggs. . bake for 15-20 minutes or until knife comes out clean. Stir in chocolate chips. salt 2/3 cup milk ½ cup butter – melted 2 eggs 1 tsp.butter and vanilla until blended. Sprinkle raisin over the bottom of each tart.

fold both mixtures together gently. baking powder . .Substitute one can of pineapple with juice instead of water.bake at 325F.Use lemon flavouring. .1 tsp. lemon rind.beat 8 egg whites with ½ tsp. .Add 2 tsp.2 tbsp. Spice Chiffon .½ tsp. vanilla .Use above ingredients except omit the nuts.(½ cup crushed pineapple).Use above ingredients except omit the nuts .2 tsp. lemon juice. . orange juice . . Chocolate Chip Chiffon . butterscotch or vanilla flavouring ¾ cup cold water or more.Add semi-sweet chocolate chips. cloves .½ cup finely chopped maraschino cherries.Use vanilla flavouring. orange rind . . 6 egg yolks . cream of tartar. Lemon Chiffon . 2 tsp. . molasses . 3 tsp.mix above ingredients until fluffy. cinnamon . 1 tsp. then add 1 ¾ cup brown sugar cup finely chopped walnuts. .pour into two ungreased angel food tins.Use all white sugar Cherry Chiffon . maple. salt . .Add: 1 tsp.Use above ingredients except omit the nuts. VARIATIONS: Pineapple Chiffon .Use above ingredients except omit the nuts . .Also use all white sugar.¼ cup maraschino cherry juice . nutmeg .39 NUT CHIFFON CAKE 2 ¼ cups Swansdown Cake flour .½ tsp.Also use all white sugar.1 tsp. 40-45 minutes.Add 1 tsp.Use above ingredients except omit the nuts. ½ cup oil .

Start with 8 cups of flour and add remaining reserve flour as needed. May freeze cream puffs. Bake at 425F. melted Add to yeast mixture. Add 3 unbeaten eggs (one at a time) using hand mixer. for 20 minutes. Turn onto floured surface and roll out ½ at a time. covered in warm place. Add liquids to flour. Then 325F.40 DOUGHNUTS (Margaret Hein) Mix together: 3 pkgs. Cut with bottom of glass. Place 8 cups of flour in large bowl. Let rise covered ½ hour. Plus 2 cups of flour on reserve. sugar 1 ¼ cup warm water . Secret: must be beaten for a long time. Add 4th egg if it is not smooth. . CREAM PUFFS (Margaret Hein) In saucepan mix: 1 cup water (let boil) ½ cup butter Add: I cup flour and stir with plastic spoon Until it comes clean away from sides of the pan. Drop dough by tsp. Mix well. yeast 3 tsp.let rise in a small bowl for 10 minutes. Let rise 2 hours. Mix together using plastic spoon. Split in half when cooled and fill with whipped cream (sweetened). for 15-20 minutes. Take off heat. onto greased cookie sheet. Mix together: 2 cups milk (warm) ½ cup sugar Salt ½ cup butter. Deep fryer. Makes 40 to 50 doughnuts depending on size. Roll in sugar.

Pour over pie. gently spread to cover top of pie. divided ¼ cups sugar ¼ cups butter 1 pkg. divided 1 pkg. Cool completely. Bake 12 minutes or until lightly browned. finely grind. Refrigerate at least 2 hours. chocolate. remaining whipping cream. place 2 cups pecans in food processor. . semi-sweet chocolate ¼ cup icing sugar ½ tsp. sprinkle over pie. In saucepan – cook and stir over low heat. Microwave: caramels and 1/3 cup whipping cream in bowl on High for 3 minutes or until caramels are melted. vanilla preheat oven 350F. . . stirring after each minute. Kraft carmels 2/3 cups whipping cream. icing sugar and vanilla.41 CHOCOLATE CARMEL PECAN PIE 3 cups pecan pieces. Mix with granulated sugar and butter. Press into 9 inch pie plate.Chop remaining pecans.pour into pie crust.

Mix. Beat egg yolks slightly and add part of hot mixture. vanilla 2-3 bananas mix flour. stir in butter and vanilla. Bake at 325F for I hour and 15 minutes or until set. Cover pie crust edges with aluminum foil if necessary. toasted ¾ cup semi-sweet chocolate chips prepare favourite pastry crust. Place 2-3 sliced bananas on bottom of baked pie crust. Gradually add milk and stir until smooth. Add pecans. Stir well. Stir together butter. butter 1 tsp. vanilla and salt in large bowl. sugar. Fit into 9 inch pie plate. Pour filling into pie crusts. Cool. vanilla ¼ tsp. Cook over medium heat until mixture is thick. corn syrup. Cook until mixture bubbles. . Remove from heat. Pour mixture into baked pie crust. Cool completely before serving. Blend and return to saucepan. eggs. coconut and chocolate chips. salt 1 ½ cups pecan halves 1 cup sweetened flaked coconut. BANANA CREAM PIE 1 baked Pastry crust 1/3 cup flour 1/3 cup sugar Pinch salt 2 cups milk 2 egg yolks beaten 1 tbsp. sugar and salt in saucepan.42 TOASTED COCONUT-CHOCLATE CHUNK PECAN PIE 1 Pastry crust 1/3 cup butter 1 cup sugar 1 cup light corn syrup 4 eggs 1 tsp. Decorate with additional sliced bananas (dipped in lemon juice). Remove from heat.

vanilla extract 1 lb. pound cake. . salt 3 tbsp.Bake at 375F. butter 2 tsp.Beat egg whites and vanilla at high speed until foamy.Spread meringue over pudding.Add sugar mixture and beat 2 to 3 minutes or until stiff peaks form and sugar dissolves. Remove from heat. . cubed 4 large ripe bananas. . .Combine sugar and salt. . egg yolks. sugar. salt 4 egg whites ¼ tsp. .43 BANANA PUDDING POUND CAKE 4 cups half-and-half 4 egg yolks 1 ½ cups sugar ¼ cup cornstarch ¼ tsp. . for 15 minutes or until golden brown.Whisk together half-and-half. vanilla extract . Meringue: ¼ cup sugar ¼ tsp.cover pudding and chill 6 hours. . sliced Pudding: . and half of pudding mixture in 3 quart round baking dish. cornstarch and salt In saucepan over medium-low heat. Repeat layers.stir in butter and vanilla.layer half of pound cake cubes. half of bananas. Cook and whisk constantly until Thickened (13-15 minutes).

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