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Parliament U.K Government

-Decides the laws and make The UK government is normally

decisions on running the UK formed by the leader of the party that
wins the most seats in the general
election. All actions by the government
-and particularly its proposals to
amend or create laws –

Who runs the U.K?

-The British government runs the UK. The leader of the government is the Prime

David Cameron
Parliamentary democracy

Great Britain (UK) is a parliamentary democracy with a constitutional Monarch as

Head of State.

The principle behind British democracy is that the people elect Members of Parliament
(MPs) to the House of Commons in London at a general election, held no more than five
years apart. Most MPs belong to a political party, and the party with the largest
number of MPs in the House of Commons forms the government

The british parliament

What is Parliament? What is the job of Parliament is made up
Parliament? of three parts:
Parliament is where
politicians (MPs) The main functions of 1. The Queen
meet to decide laws Parliament are:
and make decisions
for the United • To pass laws
Kingdom. It is not • To provide the
the same as the means of 2. The House of
Government (which carrying on the Lords
runs the country). work of
One of the jobs government
Parliament does is to • To scrutinise
check that the government 3. The House of
Government is policy and Commons
running the country administration
properly. • to debate the
major issues

General election Making laws

A UK Parliament has a maximum A proposed new law is called a bill.

duration of five years. At the end of the Bills must be agreed by both Houses
five year or before, a general election must of Parliament and receive Royal
take place so new members of parliament Assent from the Queen before they
can be elected by the people. can become Acts of Parliament
which make our law.
Make your own Venn
Diagram summarizing
what you have read

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