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     !Jeffery Berger, Andrew Mook, Curtis Michael, Jillian Perry, James Savage,
Mayor Walter Reed, Dale Cahn, Dolores Moyer and Chief Gill

The regular meeting of the Hughesville Borough Council was called to order by Council President Jeffery Berger
followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

"  #

Joan Falls, Mark Muroney (Sun-Gazette)

 April 25, 2011 Mook moved, seconded by Michael. Motion passed.

 April 11, 2011 Correction as follows pump stations 102 & 103 have contact lines completed; 101
should be finished soon. Michael moved, seconded by Mook. Motion passed.

 Gill said the FCC license is updated and that phase 1 of 2 of the transfer to narrow banding.
Civil service requirements have been met by Rodney Smith; would like him to be approved as fulltime effective May 1,
2011. Mook moved, seconded by Michael. Motion passed. Smith¶s rate is $18.13 hr.

Cahn said that street cleaning started today and that crews will start picking up tree branches
this week.

'  ()*    Operating Fund Ck# 7039-7046 $ 5,211.60
Michael moved, seconded by Perry. Motion passed


A letter from Family Practice Group requesting that the Borough make Oak Alley 1-way; the alley is narrow and
there are times when they believe there is too much traffic. There are also some parking concerns. The Streets
Committee does not feel there is a need to make a change at this time but will reconsider if there are additional


%*+$!Smith/Mook ,-.. +± Michael/Perry '*$++*' ±Mook/Smith

/ 0- ',+*1± Michael/Savage $2+$*-+'± Savage/Smith +$'2..+0 ± Perry/Mook

* First name on each Committee serves as Chairman

 455Michael moved, seconded by Mook. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted,

Dolores Moyer
Borough Secretary