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"I bow to him the Sadguru who is the embodiment of the bliss of Brahman, the bestower of Supreme happiness, the
absolute, and the personification of pure knowledge, who is beyond duality (as pleasure and pain). He is all pervasive
like the sky. He is the final goal of the Vedic dictum "Thou art that!" He is one eternal. Pure, Steadfast and the
witness of all thoughts, abiding ever beyond all modifications of mind and body and attributes of the three gunas -
Raja, tama and sattva (all the three qualities of passion, ignorance and excellence).

Sadgurus or Perfect masters are in reality, the seers who

have realized the Absolute or have reached the highest
realm of spiritual attainment, are present for ever in the
whole universe whether in an embodied or in an un-
embodied state. They can operate in gross, subtle, or mental
world. They have been actually chosen to execute the Divine
Mission and for that, free from individual ego, work together
for the execution of the Divine Mission.

A Sadguru is the one who leads the created to the creator.

Their actions are universal in nature cutting across religions,
nations and all divisions of society. In fact the descent of the
Divine in human form is to create conditions for the human to
ascend to his Divine essence. Everything that happens is but
the expression of the Divine Will and the descent of the
Divine energy and the ascent of the human aspiration are
mutually complementary.

Jagat Guru, the preceptor of the Universe Shri Krishna has

made it abundantly clear in Bhagavad Gita (IV. 7-8), that
"Whenever there is decline in righteousness and rise in
unrighteousness, O Bharata, then I send forth Myself.
For the protection of the good and the destruction of the
evil and the establishment of righteousness, I come into
being from age to age".

Shri Krishna recommended, we should approach the wise

Teacher "Learn THAT (Eternal Truth, the Brahman) by
humble reverence, by inquiry and by service. The men of
wisdom who have seen the Truth will instruct you in that

Sadgurus are infinite existence, infinite knowledge and infinite bliss.

The form of Guru is the root of meditation,

The feet of the Guru are the root of worship,
The teaching of the Guru is the root of all hymns and
The Grace of the Guru is the root of salvation.

The Sadgurus or perfect masters are born at different times in different places and with different cultural backgrounds.
Strangely enough their external situations may be widely variant but their actions in their embodied stages display a
common theme and common approach to solve the human problems.

While Lord Dattatreya was the primal manifestation in the Guru tradition, the other ‘Guru’ incarnations in this tradition

1. Shri Dattatreya
2. Sripaad Vallabha
3. Shri Nrisimha Saraswati
4. Swami Samarth of Akkalkot
5. Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi 12-01-2011