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&Kinesio Tape

Pregnancy is a special time in the life of a

woman, characterized by many changes in
the body of the mother Hormonal, structural
and energy level changes are the foundations
for the growth of new life.
Due to the nature of KT - as thin, as better adjustment to the new situation
Constant changes light and as elastic as skin, one of its main (pregnancy) and can help avoid strain and
due to the enlarging effects is the passage of "positive sensory tearing (stretch marks).
of the mother's information" over the skin and its receptors.

abdomen very The fact that, after a short time using

Lumbo-Sacral Problems
In many pregnant women, structural
often lead to over KT, the "supporting" (uplifting, pulling) changes and continuing strain lead to pain
straining of the sensation is no longer noticed, and one can in the L-S region.
abdominal and shower, bathe and work with no negative
limitations on normal living, means it will Here I use a classic application of a muscle
back muscles, and be well accepted by expectant mothers. "tightening" (supporting?) technique and a
consequently to ligament stabilization technique. Through
problems in the The multi-colored KT stripes focus the
eye on the activity and surroundings of the
these techniques, positive sensory impulses
will pass through the receptors in the sacral
Lumbo-Sacral pregnant woman and do not symbolize region to the pelvic region. Taping the abd
region. Hormonal "illness" as many support garments and muscles at the same time as the back muscles,
reIaxation of compression stockings can. in many cases produces optimum results.

the abdominal Supporting the Abdominal Muscles

structures in Through application of the KT from
preparation for muscle origin to insertion one can increase
the muscle tension functioning; application
the birth can lead from insertion to origin suppresses the
to irritation of the muscle tension.
Sacroiliac region.
As the therapist moves the skin in the
abdominal area, the woman can get a Muscle supporting and ligament stabilizing technique
Lymphadema in the legs is often the result
of constricted lymph flow in the pelvic area feeling for which application direction is
best at that time. In the event that these basic techniques
which leads to changes in the venous and
are not effective, then additional broader
lymph systems. In addition, lack of activity
ligament techniques (small of the back)
during the last stages of the pregnancy can
can be used.
lead to reduced (lymph) flow function.

The use of medication is not possible due

to the potential for passing it to the baby.
Compression stockings and support under
garments are, for many expectant mothers,
not a desired solution in their "special
Technique for the rectus and oblique abd muscles

Since KT shares many characteristics with

Rectus, oblique and transverse abdominal Taping across small of the back.
skin, it is a simple and acceptable solution
muscles can be taped with KT, thereby
to the above-mentioned problems.
changing the condition of the muscles and Ilio-Sacral Problems
stance for the better (thereby improving the Stretching and strain in the iliosacral region
condition of the muscles and posture). can lead to difficulty in movement when
the previously mentioned pain moves to the
Supporting the Skin in the adjacent iliosacral region and structures.
Abdominal Regione
In addition, better control and functioning Two overlapping fan-cuts are the potential
of the abd muscles as well as a distinct application here. This application will, on the
improvement in metabolism (circulation?) one hand provide improved lymph flow, and
in the region of the Kinesio Taping will on the other hand symbolize and produce
support the stretched and extended the stability of criss-cross (interlocking) fans
Technique for the abd rectus muscles skin of the abdomen. This leads to a as in a half-timbered house.
The base of the sagittal fan tape must be A pregnant patient had a "side pain" when Use of KT after the Birth for
applied low enough so that most of the she was sitting and also problems breathing. Rehabilitation of the Abd Skin
cross over with the horizontal fan will be at By using both a fasciai technique taping in and Muscles
the height of the sacroiliac region. the area under the ribs, as well as a dorsal Here we usually use the previously
"diaphragm application" the problems were described muscle (application) techniques
almost completely alleviated. for the entire abdominal region. Takehana,
on the other band, always promotes this
regenerative process through the use of
two techniques on each side of the body,
which spirai counter-clockwise around the
navel. With this, the skin and the muscles
are assisted during convalescence, the inner
organs supported and the overall metabolism
Sagittal and horizontal fan cut taping (circulation) in the region increased.
Dorsal diaphragm application
The base of both fans should begin at the
opposing sacroiliac region so both areas Increased Milk Production
move in the same way. After the Birth
The Japanese physiotherapist and KTI
Circulation Problems Emiko Takehana uses Kinesio Tape on
the woman's breasts to improve milk
production and also to help prevent
swelling, inflammation and blockage of
milk flow.
Spiral application in counter-clockwise direction
The increasing size of the breasts and the
effects of gravity can lead to compression Summary
of the blood and lymph tissues around the KT is undoubtedly a no-risk, and by many
milk glands. expectant mothers, an accepted method of
support during and after pregnancy.
The application of several double X-shaped
Kinesio Tape cuts results in a slight lifting of Pregnancy and the time after the birth will
the breast and thereby reduces the effects be more pleasant for the mother, with more
of gravity. With the use of these mechanical positive thoughts, feelings and energy that
enhancements as well as the generally are not only transferred to the growing life
improved circulatory function from the in her belly, but continue especially to the
Spirai lymph taping technique KT, Yakehana has seen increased milk time after the birth for her and the baby.
production, less visible congestion and less
As an application technique, I have applied hardening in the breast region and reduction The contentment of the baby, the mother
the KT in a spirai around the leg, from in other common painful problems. and the entire family during and after
proximal to distai, with only a slight stretch the pregnancy is the reward for our
(10-20%). Minimizing the tearing (stretching) of the the rapeutic efforts.
collagen structure of the breast will also
Example Cases leave the breast in better cosmetic condition Siegfried Breitenbach
when nursing has ended. Physiotherapist
Sports Physiotherapist of the German
Triathlon National Team
Member of the German Olympic Medical
Team in Sydney and Athens

Please consult a physician before attempting

any of these procedures.
Fascial application technique Application technique