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Effective Strategies of Teaching

Effective Strategies of Teaching

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Published by: Tariq Ghayyur on Apr 28, 2011
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To fill out our picture of an effective teacher, more than five general keys to
effective teaching are needed. You also need behaviours to help you implement the five


key behaviours in your classroom. Let’s consider some additional behaviours that can be
thought of as catalytic or helping behaviours for performing the five key behaviours.
Research findings for helping behaviours, although promising, are not as strong
and consistent as those that identified the five key behaviours. There is general agreement
on the importance of these helping behaviours, but the research has not been so
accommodating as to identify explicitly how these behaviours should be used. Nor has it
linked these behaviours to student achievement as strongly as the key five. This is why it
is suspected that helping behaviours need to be employed in the context of other
behaviours to be effective, making them catalysts rather than agents unto themselves.
These catalytic behaviours include:
1.Using student ideas and contributions
5.Teacher affect

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