Here is just a sample of the many daily lunch special throughout the week!

Old English Style Fish & Chips** Large tender fillets of Icelandic cod, breaded with our special beer batter and fried golden brown $7.99 Main Street Chicken** Tender marinated breast of chicken coated with Italian breadcrumbs and slivered almonds. Grilled and served with a side of mustard sauce. $8.99 Chicken Delight Grilled breast of chicken served with cottage cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. $7.99 Burger Delight ½ pound ground beef served with cottage cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers. $7.99 Hot Roast Beef Diner Style, thinly sliced Black Angus beef, nestled between two slices of bread with mash potatoes and gravy. $6.99 Soup and ½ Sandwich Choice varies daily $6.99 Farm Fresh Omelet Chef’s choice of the day! $7.99 Pasta Lunch Specials Choice varies daily Price varies We also offer a fresh catch of the day, everyday!
Pan-fried Perch Broiled Whitefish Broiled Salmon **Also a dinner favorite!! $9.99 8.99 8.99