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MEC 207 Fluid Mechanics

Assignment 2

Q.1 Determine the force acting on one side of a 2.5m high* 1.2m wide concrete
form used for pouring a basement wall. It may be presumed that freshly
poured concrete exerts a hydrostatic force similar to a liquid of equal weight.
The specific weight of concrete may be taken as 23.6KN/m3.

Q.2 A triangular plate of base 3m and height 3m is immersed in water in such a

way that plan of the plate makes an angle of 60 degree with free surface The
base of plate is parallel to water surface and at a depth of 2m from water
surface. Make calculations for total pressure and depth of centre of pressure on
the plate.

Q.3 An object which has a volume of 0.2 m 3 requires a force of 250N to keep it
immersed in water (sp. Wt. 10KN/m3). If a force of 150 N is required to keep
it immersed in another liquid, calculate specific gravity of object and that of

Q.4. State and explain the conditions that should be fulfilled for stable equilibrium
of body.

Q.5. Specific weight of water in ocean may be calculated by using the relation
W = wo +8k*(square root of h)
Set up an expression for pressure at any point H meters below surface and
work out pressure at a depth of 1.5Km.Given height h is in meters, k =8.5*10-5
And wo=10.3kN/m3.