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Project HAARP

Project HAARP

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Project HAARP: Overview

The Pentagon's provocative plan to superheat the earth's ionosphere The HAARP phased-array transmitter zaps the earth's ionosphere with high-frequency radio waves. In an Arctic compound 200 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska, the Pentagon has erected a powerful transmitter designed to beam more than a gigawatt of energy into the upper reaches of the atmosphere. Known as Project HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program), the $30 million experiment involves the world's largest "ionospheric heater," a prototype device designed to zap the skies hundreds of miles above the earth with high-frequency radio waves. Why irradiate the charged particles of the ionosphere (which when energized by natural processes make up the lovely and famous phenomenon known as the Northern Lights)? According to the U.S. Navy and Air Force, co-sponsors of the project, "to observe the complex natural variations of Alaska's ionosphere." That, says the Pentagon, and also to develop new forms of communications and surveillance technologies that will enable the military to send signals to nuclear submarines and to peer deep underground. 60 Greatest Conspiracies first reported on HAARP more than a year ago. Since then, inquiring Internauts have blamed the peculiar project for everything from UFO activity to major power outages in the Western United States, to, most recently, the downing of TWA Flight 800. (The Pentagon maintains that the HAARP array has been inactive since late last year.) Some have dubbed it the "Pentagon's doomsday death ray." Though many of these theories are, well, creatively amplified, an assortment of more grounded critics--environmentalists, Native Americans and Alaskan citizens among them--argue that the military does indeed have Strangelovian plans for this unusual hardware, applications ranging from "Star Wars" missile defense schemes to weather modification plots and perhaps even mind control experiments. The HAARP complex is situated within a 23-acre lot in a relatively isolated region near the town of Gakona. When the final phase of the project was completed in 1997, the military had erected 180 towers, 72 feet in height, forming a "highpower, high frequency phased array radio transmitter" capable of beaming in the 2.5-10 megahertz frequency range, at more than 3 gigawatts of power (3 billion watts). HAARP Hyperlinks -- Warm, Fuzzy HAARP The U.S. Navy's soothing, feel-good PR Web site devoted to HAARP reassures us that the project is entirely benign. Angels Don't Play This HAARP Excerpts from the book that posits a connection between the work of suppressed scientist Nikola Tesla and Project HAARP. Alternative HAARP Page Overview of facts and speculation swirling around the Gakona, Alaska, project. The Eastlund-ARCO Patent Outlines Eastlund's vision for a HAARP-like project drawing upon the inspiration of Nikola Tesla.

Put another way.." the patent states. the ARCO subsidiary contracted to build HAARP. According to the patent. In fact. Eastlund's invention would heat plumes of charged particles in the ionosphere.According to the Navy and Air Force." If Eastlund's brainchild sounds like a recipe for that onetime Cold War panacea. "Weather modification. a series of patents owned by the defense contractor managing the HAARP project suggests that the Pentagon might indeed have more ambitious designs. Inc. "not only. The key document in the bunch is U. an effort to combat the bad press the project has generated). Per the patent text. selectively "disrupt microwave transmissions of satellites" and "cause interference with or even total disruption of communications over a large portion of the earth.. the physicist's "method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere" would also: "cause confusion of or interference with or even complete disruption of guidance systems employed by even the most sophisticated of airplanes and missiles". Held by ARCO Power Technologies. this patent describes an ionospheric heater very similar to the HAARP heater invented by Bernard J. when plans for high-tech missile defense systems were still all the rage. considered by HAARP critics to be the "smoking raygun. downplays both the environmental impacts of the project and purported offensive uses of the technology.686.605.. known amount of energy into a specific ionospheric layer" anywhere from several miles to several tens of miles in radius.. Patent number 4. "is possible by. "pick up communication signals of others for intelligence purposes". (APTI). However. Eastlund. or confusion" by lifting large regions of the atmosphere "to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction or deflection of same. the Strategic Defense Initiative (AKA "Star Wars"). facilitate "missile or aircraft destruction. The APTI/Eastlund patent was filed during the final days of the Reagan administration. Eastlund was just warming up.S. one of those patents was classified by the Navy for several years during the 1980s. but [also] take advantage of one or more such beams to carry out a communications network at the same time. for starters. HAARP "will be used to introduce a small. In the patent-subsequently published on the Internet by foes of HAARP--Eastlund describes a fantastic offensive and defensive weapon that would do any megalomaniacal James Bond super villain proud." But like his hopped up ions. But Eastlund's blue-sky vision went far beyond the usual Star Wars prescriptions of the day and suggested even more unusual uses for his patented ionospheric heater. Not surprisingly. making it possible to. a Texas physicist. Navy and Air Force PR (posted on the official HAARP World Wide Web Internet site. interfere with third-party communications." so to speak. deflection. it's probably no coincidence. altering upper atmospheric wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by . what is used to disrupt another's communications can be employed by one knowledgeable of this invention as a communications network at the same time".

" As a result. Not surprisingly. Judging from the APTI patent. developed hundreds of patents during his lifetime. ARCO sold APTI to E-Systems. is currently owned by Raytheon. an artificially heated could focus a "vast amount of sunlight on selected portions of the earth. and is often credited with developing radio before Marconi. Of course. mainstream science has never fully acknowledged Tesla's contributions. For starters. holder of the Eastlund patents. Mr. APTI. among a host of other firsts. Whenever. a giant in the annals of Conspiratorial History. airplane motors would be melted at a distance of 250 miles. intersect the earth in Alaska. dated September 22.. a defense contractor known for counter-surveillance projects.. During the summer of 1994. he said. Eastlund also contradicts the official military line. then 84 years old. which extend to desirable altitudes for this invention. fringe science and conspiracy theory have made Tesla something of a patron saint. Two of the sources documented by Eastlund are New York Times articles from 1915 and 1940 profiling Nikola Tesla. the Times story continues: "This new type of force. The first New York Times article." APTI also rates Alaska as an ideal location given its close proximity to an ample source of fuel to power the project: the vast reserves of natural gas in the North Slope region--reserves owned by APTI parent company ARCO. What's more. and could be generated . 1940. And in the May/June 1994 issue of Microwave News. one of the world's largest defense contractors and maker of the SCUD-busting Patriot missile. Eastlund suggested that "The HAARP project obviously looks a lot like the first step" toward the designs outlined in his patents. would operate through a beam one hundred-millionth of a square centimeter in diameter. so that an invisible Chinese Wall of Defense would be built around the country. in turn. Tesla was a major inspiration for Eastlund ionospheric heater." HAARP officials deny any link to Eastlund's patents or plans.constructing one or more plumes of particles which will act as a lens or focusing device. E-Systems. a brilliant inventor and contemporary of Edison. "stands ready to divulge to the United States Government the secret of his 'teleforce. and his later pronouncements (he vowed that he had developed a technology that could split the earth asunder) have left him straddling that familiar historical territory where genius meets crackpot. But several key details suggest otherwise. Tesla said. Eastlund's patent really trips into conspiratorial territory in its "References Cited" section. reports that Tesla. one of the APTI/Eastlund patents singles out Alaska as the ideal site for a highfrequency ionospheric heater because "magnetic field lines. All of which suggests that more than just simple atmospheric science is going on in the HAARP compound. references to governmentsuppressed "Tesla Technology" are sure to follow.' with which." Quoting Tesla. talk radio buzz or Internet discussion turns to alleged government experiments to cause earthquakes or modify weather. Tesla. He told National Public Radio that a secret military project to develop his work was launched during the late 1980s. continues to manage the HAARP project.

000 and would take only about three months to construct. dated December 8. but if it quacks like a duck and it looks like a duck." The similarity of Tesla's ideas to Eastlund's invention are remarkable." The second New York Times story.The government will say it isn't so. Apparently.. As he told one journalist/conspiracy pathfinder: "HAARP is the perfect first step towards a plan like mine. 1915.from a special plant that would cost no more than $2. Tesla's--ideas seriously. and by extension the overlap between Tesla and HAARP technology is downright intriguing." . a transmitter that would "project electrical energy in any amount to any distance and apply it for innumerable purposes. both in war and peace. APTI and the Pentagon are taking Eastlund's--and by extension. . describes one of Tesla's more well-known patents. there's a good chance it is a duck..000. Eastlund seems to agree.

. HAARP can do that. most forms of wireless communications. loudspeakers and more. That much is not controversial. using this method. That is. my friends. Tesla may have been a mad scientist. the wireless transmission of electricity. . HAARP sends controlled and tuned bursts or streams of high frequency (HF) radio energy at Earth's ionosphere. So here's the significance of the "Earthquake Machine". all at once? Then you need HAARP. I think that technology has been around for a while now. HAARP is capable of extremely deep earth tomography: basically "x-raying" the earth.Tesla's Earthquake Machine . Wanna create an EMF blast to wipe out all electronics in an area? HAARP can do that. etc. to create "non-lethal" effects on huge areas of people." So why don't you know about him? Because certain people don't want you thinking about free energy.. Well.. Nikola Tesla is arguably the greatest inventive genius of the modern age. "Tesla's inventions and discoveries also formed the basis of modern robotics. not the only thing HAARP can do. then what would it take to vibrate an existing fault enough to cause it to give out? Well. radar. HAARP can manipulate weather patters by heating land. but he beileved he could literally split the earth in two.HAARP If you're like most people. That's because he invented most of the technology we depend on every day. Few of these breakthroughs are credited to the inventor. radio. It's called HAARP. or the "death ray". you're not sure who Tesla is. but won't damage structures? Wanna put up a "missile shield" over your country? What else? Wanna send down some of the extensively researched psychoactive and biophysically active frequencies. The enormous amount of energy added to the ionosphere creates a tuned vibration which then is directed around the globe on the jetstreams. Where ever this enormous vibration ends up it creates extremely low frequency (ELF) waves which travel down to the earth. of course. like alternating current electricity. VHF. which then causes the fault to give way? I'm not alone in believing this is entirely possible. HAARP can do that. what if they tune it to resonate with the geological features of a fault line. xray. even today. It makes perfect sense. UHF) Using this method. How about an EMF blast that will kill all living creatures. Wanna know how to steer a hurricane? Heat the water along its path. It has a range of applications. If a six pound pneumatic device can cause a large steel building to quake and an enormous bridge to vibrate rythmically and consistently throughout. causing a violent vibration. weather control. Wanna shoot a giant bolt of electricity at a target. It is apparent that many of Tesla's inventions and discoveries were developed far after his death and are still being developed and expanded upon today. air and sea. as well as by changing pressure levels in the upper atmosphere. HF. (It can also send down LF..

One of the best kept secrets of our time. do some research before you dismiss it. It's no joke.That's why HAARP is so dangerous. . If you don't believe HAARP is capable of these things. Watch "Holes in Heaven: HAARP and the Advancement of Tesla technology".

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