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Published by: Faraz Haider on Apr 10, 2011
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Mullah Mohammed Taqi Ba’ghani (Maqtal writer) writes in his book Majalis-al-
Mutaq’een (Majlas-e-Sabih-ashar) the whole episode of the wedding. Even Mohammed
Hussain Dhakko (lanatullah) has accepted the status of Mullah Mohammed Taqi
Ba’ghani in a book written by Molana Nehmat Ali Sidhu Qummi called Tofah-e-
Shaykhia, Published Faisalabad by his own writing on pages 11-13.

Furthermore Shaykh Abbas Qummi (Author of Mifateh) has written in his book “Nafs-al-
Mahmoom” pg 171 (Persian) that “In our views there should not be any reason to reject
the wedding”. Even Mullah Hussain Kashfi in his book “Rozatul Shuhada’ wrote on the
issue. Mullah Kashfi who was a very well known scholar of Hirat and lived in the time of
the Wazir Mir Ali Sher, who had a very large collection of books, which were not found
in other places.

There have also been both sunni and shia researchers, who have recorded this happening
of this ceremony from the tradegy of Kerbala. For instance, in the book “Ghaib-e-
Wasail”, it has been written that on the 21st of Rabi-al-Awwal 1255 AH, Abul Fateh
Mohiddeen Adil Mohammed Ali Shah saw Hz Zainab (as) in his dream and she was
reciting the following elegy “Oh Qasim (son in law), congratulations on the wedding”.
From this dream the Imambargha Hussain Abad in Lucknow started to carry out the
Mehndi Ceremony and the organizer Hakeem Abu Ibrahim Faizabadi gained fatwa’s
from all leading Marja’s, which is all recorded in Tarikh of Lucknow, Vol 2, Pg 150.

Qasim Ibn al-Hassan’s (AS) Marriage

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The famous poet Tamna Matufi 1332 always used to read about the wedding of Hz
Qasim (as) infront of all Ulema and Mujtahideen. Here is an example : “Rukh sai sar
kaya sehrahai Qasim noshah nai bas kai pir janat kai podo sai hava anay ko hai”

Even Agha Darbandi Mujtahid who died while reading the elegies of Kerbala used to
read about the ceremony of Hz Qasim (as) infront of people may they be Arab, Turk or
Persian and no one rejected or challenged on what he said (Asrar-e-Shahadat, Pg 307).
Even today you will find a room in the remembrance of the ceremony of Hz Qasim (as)
in Kerbala called “Hujlah-e-Qasim” and has been their throughout the years of many
leading Shia Scholars, who have even themselves used to go their to pray. This proves
the case that it is their to remember and grieve the great son of Imam Hasan (as).

The following are some references of Shia Scholars who have endorsed the wedding of
Hz Qasim (as). Thus being ;

1. Mullah Syed Ali Naqi Lucknowi, Maqalaat-e-Syed-al-Ulema, pg 224-230, Published
Karachi, Pakistan.
2. Mullah Mohammed Hussain She’hrabi, Tareek-al-Baqa’, pg 73, Vol 1, Published Iran.
3. Mullah Syed Baqir Kanjavi, Maza Mir-al-Awliyah, pg 262-263, Published Iran.
4. Mullah Shaykh Jafar Shostari, Majalis Waiz-wa-Aza’, pg 114-116, Published Iran.
5. Mullah Shaykh Fakhruddin Tareehee’ Najafi, Al-Muntakhab Tareehee’, pg 373,
Published Iran. (To further endorse this person, please also refer to the book ‘Roza tul
Jannat’ by Agha Khonsari Mujtahid, Vol 5, pg 350, Published Iran).
6. Dr Kalbe Sadiq, Science aur Ghaiba-e-Islam, pg 186.

This is only a brief analysis and I hope this helps to remove any doubts on the ceremony
of Hazrat Qasim (as).

After this there should not be any objections about the Mehndi Ceremony, which is
associated with the remembrance of the Aqd of Hz Qasim (AS) with Hz Kubra (AS). It is
a propoganda from india which has raised its voice that this aqd never happened, another
trick to divide shiaism.

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