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The Barbados Association of Records and Information Management (BARIM),

was officially launched on 27 October 2004 at the Amaryllis Beach Resort, Christ
Church, Barbados, by Senator Lynette Eastmond, former Minister of Commerce,
Consumer Affairs & Business Development for Barbados. Originally, the Association
was formed in May 2004 when a group of records professionals and practitioners
met at Cable & Wireless Barbados, Windsor Lodge, St. Michael to discuss the idea
of having a records and information association established in Barbados. It was
spearheaded by Ms. Vera Iyatunde Forde, who is currently the Records and
Information Corporate Administrator at Cable & Wireless Barbados Limited. The first
committee was established with founding members who put together ideas on
establishing the Association.

The bi-monthly general meetings (last Wednesday of that month) promote sound
records and information management by various presentations and encourage the
participation of all members so that the wealth of information can be shared.

The objectives of the Association are as follows:

1. to promote and advance the improvement of records and information

administration and management and related fields through study, education
and research.
2. to advance professional knowledge and techniques by sharing and
exchanging experience and information related to the field of Records and
Information Management.
3. to develop and advance standards of professional competence in the field of
records and information management

BARIM has, since its inception successfully launched several workshop/seminars as

well as other activities promoting the field of records and information management.

BARIM presently has on less than the required 100 fully paid-up ARMA members
(less than the minimum required for ARMA Chapter recognitions) and is therefore on
a membership drive to encourage greater participation from the wider Barbadian
community and business sector.

Contact Information

Address: BARIM
c/o The Archives and Records Management Programme
University of the West Indies
Cave Hill Campus
Cave Hill, St. Michael

Telephone Number: 246-417-4052

Email Address:

Online Communities:

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