COUNTRIES Philippines (Philippine National Police) Commissioned officers 

Director General (DGen.) - General Deputy Director General (DDG) - Lieutenant General Director (Dir.) - Major General Chief Superintendent (C/Supt.) - Brigadier General Senior Superintendent (S/Supt.) - Colonel Superintendent (Supt.) - Lieutenant Colonel Chief Inspector (C/Insp.) - Major Senior Inspector (S/Insp.) - Captain Inspector (Insp.) - Lieutenant

Non-commissioned officers 

Senior Police Officer IV (SPO4) - Senior Master Sergeant / Chief Master Sergeant Senior Police Officer III (SPO3) - Master Sergeant Senior Police Officer II (SPO2) - Technical Sergeant Senior Police Officer I (SPO1) - Staff Sergeant Police Officer III (PO3) - Sergeant Police Officer II (PO2) - Corporal Police Officer I (PO1) - Private First Class

THAILAND (Royal Thai Police) 

Police General (phon tamruat ek)

Indonesia (Indonesian National Police) 

Police General / Jenderal Polisi (Jend. Pol.) - equivalent General in the army

Hong Kong (Hong Kong Police Force) 

Commissioner [CP]

South Korea (Korean National Police Agency) 

Commissioner General

Malaysia (Royal Malaysian Police) 

Inspector General of Police [IGP]: National Chief Police.

Singapore (Singapore Police Force) 

Commissioner of Police