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Assignment 1

CAP 208

Introduction to Computer organization

And Architecture
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Amit Arora Anjilee Verma




Q1. Starting from initial value of R=11011011, determine the sequence of binary
values in R after a logic shift left followed by circular shift right, followed by a
logical shift right and a circular shift

Ans :

Initial value of R= 11011101

Logical Shift left=10111010
Circular shift right=01011101
Logical shift right=00101110
Circular right shift=01011100

Q2. What are Multiplexer and Demultiplexers? Construct a 64-to-1 multiplexer

using 4 x 1 MUX.

Q3. Explain Bus and memory transfers – three state bus buffers


Q4. Explain the working of Binary incrementer by taking a suitable example.

Q5. Register A holds the 8 bit binary 11011001. Determine the B operand and the
logic micro operation to be performed in order to change the value in A to (a)
01101101 (b) 11111101

Ans : Using 01101101

A 11011001

B 10110100

A A+B 01101101

Using 1111101

A 11011001

B 11111101

A Av B 11111101

Q6. Determine the micro operation that will be executed in the processor when
following 14 bit control words are applied

(a) 00101001100101

(b) 00000000000000

1) 00101001100101

SelA selb seld opr

r1 r2 r3 sub

Micro operation = r3 r1 – r2

SelA sel b seld opr

Input input none tsfa

Micro operation

Output input